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#what is happening

I have been having exclusively Johnny Lawrence dreams for like a week and a half now. Sometimes it’s young Johnny, sometimes it’s current age Johnny. Usually they’re pretty run of the mill but the weirdest one I had was after I finished Bly Manor. We were trapped in the house, trying to find a way out, and for some reason I remember stepping on a cactus or something and he pulled all the needles out of my foot.

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I’m from Sweden. Today Amazon lunched a Swedish site. Everything is machine translated. This means that products with cock were not translated as the animal, you might see the problem there. Products with rapeseed are not translated as the flower. We got a lot of products with rape. And for som reason we got a razor for the cornea.

Then we have the problem with them translating the names of the companies. I rather not you translated electronic arts. And honestly, stop translating the names of the video games.

Lastly we have to recognize the fact that when you choose which countries shop you want to use, Sweden for some reason has Argentina’s flag. Someone already working at the company would probably be able to fix that.

Someone said the Amazon launched this years humor site and honestly, they’re not wrong.

Oh, I forgot, a vibrator is apparently a children’s toy,

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Okay so I’ve gained like seven followers in the past week as opposed to my usual zero, so um hello? Welcome to my humble little corner of tumblr. I don’t know why you’re here but it’s nice to have you. I’m Tea, I try to keep a generally positive vibe but sometimes I can be a little too harsh imo so I’m working on that. Hope y’all enjoy your stay here???

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I just,,, I just- I gotta know, I just need to know what is actually going to happen on November 4th. Revolution? Anarchy? Civil War? Captain America? Uprising? Boogaloo? Big Luau? Giant Orgy featuring Naked Athena? National Food Fight? Eating the rich? Insurgence? Coup? Paintball Wars? Hands Across America? Destroying the patriarchy? November Fools? What? Please just somebody tell me I need to prepare

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Look at this through my lense: I had 10 followers 2 weeks ago, I now have 70 and these people that show up on my dash with hundreds of notes are following me. Why are y'all here? Is it my snark? Quotes’ demands? What has possessed y'all to do this? You run for vice president one time and now all of China knows you’re here!

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oh god I fell in love with txt way too fast. I just watched blue hour and then immediately got on amazon and ordered their album…………….

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ok so-

I woke up at like 6 am (it’s 11:13 rn) and my dream was interesting to say the least

so, seonghwa is my bias (if you didn’t already know) and recently hongjoong has been fucking with me + he may join Seonghwa as my bias

and when I say that I literally had a wet dream about him, I mean it

explanation/drabble under the cut :’)) @vocalyunho imma tag you because you might want to see this and as I was listening to precious, I now have a desire for hongjoong to call me precious

ok have fun reading :))

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