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#what is their ship name anyway
ellieb3andrawssometimes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I just think they should kiss sometime 😤
I read kaiju no. 8 and I would lay down my life for these two
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majestic-barn-owl-02 · a year ago
Castlevania season three: *warns me about sexual content*
Me: "LMAOOOOhellyeahOOOO OH SHIT. *starts chanting* Trevor and Sypha! Trevor and Sypha! Trevor and Sypha!"
Castlevania season three: *actually gets to the sex scenes*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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xdramarenamed · a year ago
Not to be "that guy" but jiang chengs requirements for a partner are
naturally beautiful
Graceful and obedient
Hardworking and thrifty
Comes from a respected family
Cultivation level not too high
Personality not too strong
Not too talkative
Voice not too loud
Must treat Jin Ling nicely
Like... That is literally Nie Huaisang. I dont even ship it but jfc dude jiang cheng should consider his cultivstion partner being male.
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heresyourcheeseomelette · 11 months ago
Balam Sicirue likes to make observations. His friend, Naberius Kalego, is an obvious subject of interest.
Otherwise known as "Balam Sicirue has noticed something about Kalego, and their long-time friendship makes it easy for him to voice out what it is."
I wrote some fanfiction for Balam and Kalego! I really want to contribute to this fandom and if you ship them like I do, then please enjoy. 
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fiery-mullet · 2 years ago
Hey beautiful! Sending this as anon cos I know ppl will hunt me down for it. on Discord we talked about AdaKiss so I wanna request it for your ship asks. Your blog is keithtastic btw!
Ahaha “Keithtastic” tho xD Love it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing there’s someone else who ships my guilty pleasure xD And no worries, I totally know what that side of the fandom is capable of. I know what they said about our Keith zine in their little servers and how they told other people not to support it. :-/ Anyhoo, let’s not ruin the mood~
* who hogs the duvet
Keith. Adam doesn’t mind. He even makes sure to always have extra blankets ready because he knows Keith gets cold very easily.
* who texts/rings to check how their day is going
Mother hen Adam. Nuff said.
* who's the most creative when it comes to gifts
Keith. Adam gives such practical and useful things, it’s almost predictable. (Once he gave Keith a toaster and gift card for their usual bakery because Keith has a habit of skipping breakfast. And Adam is one of those “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” believers)
* who gets up first in the morning
Adam. He makes it a point that breakfast is ready by the time Keith wakes up just so Keith would have no choice but to eat. He knows that Keith is too much of a sweetheart to waste other people’s effort and takes full advantage of that.
* who suggests new things in bed
Both. Adam may be overprotective in all other aspects of Keith’s life, but in bed his desire is unquenchable. Keith on the other hand is quiet most of the time, but in the bedroom he knows what he wants and makes sure to let Adam know exactly how to please him.
* who cries at movies
Neither. It’s a question of who falls asleep faster.
* who gives unprompted massages
Adam. Keith is very good at hiding his condition until he collapses from exhaustion. And what worries Adam more is how Keith does this unconsciously, simply because he had been all alone ever since his father died. He has becomes so used to taking care of himself and not being surrounded by someone to take care of him, so Adam is helping him re-learn that it’s okay to rely on others when he needs to, and to let those who want to be there for him do so.
* who fusses over the other when they're sick
Mother Hen Adam.
* who gets jealous easiest
Neither. Adam is the kind who zooms in on the person who catches his eye, and Keith is oblivious to everything else other than his dream to become a pilot.
* who has the most embarrassing taste in music
Both. It’s a question of who is more embarrassing xD Their taste in music was actually what brought them to each other. Adam had pretty much concluded the younger generation all had poor taste in music... until one time, when he went to the rooftop for lunch, he heard Keith humming his favourite song. The younger pilot was happy to finally find someone he could talk to about his father’s vinyl record collection, and share his joy with.
* who collects something unusual
Adam. He finds the Blades’ curiosity about Earth quite adorable, so he teaches them a lot about another passion he shares with Keith- archaeology.
* who takes the longest to get ready
Adam. Only because Keith’s wolf snatched his glasses all the time. (The lil guy thinks
they’re playing xD)
* who is the most tidy and organised
Keith. Even Adam is impressed.
* who gets most excited about the holidays
Adam. He looooves seeing Keith so happy and relaxed with Krolia, so he has made it his life’s mission to plan their vacations on the extremely rare times they do get the chance to rest.
* who is the big spoon/little spoon
Adam is the big spoon. Keith is the power bottom.
* who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
Both. If there’s one thing Adam can get very stubborn about, it’s his desire to always look cool in front of Keith. Keith, on the other hand, is just naturally athletic.
* who starts the most arguments
Adam, mostly because of Keith’s recklessness and his inability to prioritize his health
* who suggests that they buy a pet
Neither. Adam wants to devote what little time he has outside of being a Galaxy Garrison top flight instructor to Keith- as the boy also has very little time to himself, juggling former Paladin leader and Blade leader duties.
* what couple traditions they have
On the rare times they do have fights, they make sure to resolve it before going to bed. Their experiences in the battlefield has taught them well that life could be gone before you know it. So they make sure to spend every hour, every second with each other without regrets.
* what tv shows they watch together
Nothing. They spend what little spare time they do have camping and stargazing.
* what other couple they hang out with
Adam likes to hang out with the Blades when they have the chance to, but as it is, the couple barely has time to even see each other
* how they spend time together as a couple
Camping. Keith loves the outdoors and Adam loves being able to read by the lake while listening to Keith’s laughter and his wolf’s antics while playing outdoors.
* who made the first move
Adam. When he almost lost Keith in the battle for Earth, he finally gave up on keeping his feelings to himself and swore to protect him.
* who brings flowers home
Both. Adam for Krolia and Keith for his mother.
* who is the best cook
Mother hen Adam. He loves Keith and Krolia’s happy expressions when they eat, so he always goes all out to make them happy.
Other Keith ship asks HERE
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i-need-a-doctor-run · 2 years ago
If anyone ever wants to talk about the Ant Man movies, Hope Van Dyne or Scott x Hope, feel free. I have way too many feelings to get off my chest
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lesbirdan · 2 years ago
dedue deserves the world & i just want him to be Cherished ... he’s so surprised, caught off-guard, a little wary, in all his C supports where someone first reaches out to him (mercedes, annette, ashe, sylvain ... byleth) and i want! him to know! that he is beloved! i want him to know how much he means to the Lions, how important he is to all of them -- i want him to have more than two people he believes he can trust and rely on. i need him to believe his life has meaning for its own sake, for what he means to the people around him, to his friends, not just for his role as protector.
(even felix. god i wish they had an a-support where felix apologizes for treating him like that. felix? apologize? never in a thousand years but STILL.)
it’s like. it’s the major draw to dedue/dimitri for me because it’s so, so plain that all of the trust & faith that dedue places in dimitri is returned with interest. "never throw your life away again.” “maybe you believe that i am someone special, but i believe the same of you. you are irreplaceable. cherished.” the scenes in Dedue’s paralogue -- Dimitri asking if Dedue wants to explain the Tragedy, or if it’s too difficult a subject, and accepting without a word Dedue’s affirmation that no, this is his to explain. “you will call me your friend, again and again! no matter how many hardships i must endure ... ” / “to be your friend ... is what i have always wanted.”
there is just ... so much softness and love between them, so much gently reciprocated respect and care, so much devotion freely given and returned -- the dedication to each other that comes from truly shared ideals and goals, from unity of purpose
and to return to my original point -- dedue finally allowing himself to be loved? finally believing that he is so, so loved? irreplaceable, and cherished?
it means the world to me and i care about this so much 😭
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sorcerermicahs · 2 years ago
the best part of season two was when adora mispronounced things for an entire episode to sound smarter in front of bow’s dads
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innerempireeee · 2 years ago
Type's aware that the freshies in the soccer team refers to Techno and he as the parental figures of the club. While sweet, pure-hearted Techno may be the captain, he's definitely not a disciplinarian. He fusses and worries over the younger ones like a mother hen would, backing them up whenever he thinks Type and Champ are being too hard on the kids. Techno doesn't have it in him to punish them when they're late for practice or if they skip a session without a valid reason, always letting them get away with just a warning which doesn't contain any heat to it.
That's where Type steps in.
(Or, in which, Type's certain that Techno is his to care and love for)
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herbaelogist · 2 years ago
☄ (hannah banana)
send “☄” for a new year’s kiss from Nev! | not accepting | for @pridcful!
           New Years Eve at The Leaky Cauldron was truly an event unlike any other.
           Everywhere you looked there was someone whose cheeks were rosy and whose arms were slung around a friend’s shoulder as they sang merry tunes and knocked their mugs of beer together.   Laughter filled the air as loud as the stench of alcohol did, but Neville didn’t mind.  Seeing such merry behavior caused him to chuckle from his seat at the bar.  He crinkles his nose when someone dancing atop a table splashes fire whiskey in his direction.  While normally he’d perhaps get up and shuffle off to get a new shirt or yell out in embarrassment, tonight Neville simply laughed and cheered the dancing man on.  
          For on this night, Neville was intoxicated, too.
          Not as much as those dancing and singing were, though.  He didn’t have a desire to hop on a table or hug a stranger.  However, his cheeks were rosy and a happy, warm buzz had settled over him.  Perhaps this was why when the clock struck midnight and everyone cheered their loudest, Neville leaned across the bar and planted a kiss on Hannah’s lips.  No doubt it was probably a little sloppy and he probably tasted of honey wine, but Neville was pleased with it.  Hopefully tomorrow he wouldn’t awaken and avoid Hannah out of fear he’d made things awkward.
Tumblr media
                 “Happy New Year!” Neville calls merrily to the young woman, eyes twinkling with delight.  “Kisses are s’posed to give us good luck, aren’t they?  Hopefully mine’ll give you at least an ounce o’luck.  I’ve never been quite lucky— You remember my clumsiness in school?”
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yourlesbianmama · 3 years ago
Skylor X Harumi
Anyone? Am I really the only one who ships them?
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tearsandfandom · 3 years ago
A ship where a person with supernatural powers falls in love with a gruff hunter.
Am I talking about Dean and Cas or Kaia and Claire?
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artanisartworks · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
We bleed different colors... ...yet we both bleed.
Hello, I’m Àrtanis and this is my favorite DBH ship in a nutshell. Also, I’m total shit at drawing hands, but I tried my best.
Love what you have in common, but love your differences even more.
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popping-greenbean · 7 months ago
Your genshin art is really nice!! Do you take requests? If so, could you do a xiaoxventi or a ningguangxbeidou?
Tumblr media
two drunkards with too much strength and their unwillingly patient high-standing others because i did not want to decide (*・∀-)☆
anyway confused unicorn thing and also everyone who might see this post i hope you have a good day :)
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