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You ever just chilling in the shower and then you get out and think aw cool I have no boobs but then you realize you do have boobs and you’re just like ah its fine and then you start spiraling and you think about how cool it would be to be a boy but you can’t because you want to be a girl and magic isn’t real so you cant switch between the two and then you get side tracked by Brooklyn 99 and ice cream but once thats over youre right back to it and youre worried that if you shared these thoughts that your dad wouldnt entirely accept you because hes lowkey transphobic and homophobic like when you came out as like pansexual or something he said that he accepts you but he doesn’t accept other people but not to the point where he would hurt them hes just confused and doesnt think its right and its not really helping your situation with your little brother because he wont stop using the word gay as a rude term even though it offends you but youre a bit proud because hes been doing good and you cant tell him about these thoughts because youre worried he wont get it and he wont accept you either and even though your relationship is good its not great because hes a bully and you cant tell your mom because she wont understand and shell want you to tell your father and you cant really trust her with a secret like this because she lowkey told your dad that you were pansexual or something while you where on vacation and you and your dad weren’t ready to talk about it and you cant tell the one cousin you tell everything to because she has a lot on her plate and you  know you should talk to a school counselor or a therapist but online school isnt helping and you dont know how to tell people your problems and you cant go to therapy because you dont want to your parents to pay for this because somehow you see it as you see gifts and your just scared. You ever just wish you could be a boy and then a girl and maybe even neither.  

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So I was jotting down some ideas an illustrations about the Rokushi superheroes AU and stuff. I know I want chapters that are a sit-com of sort where the previous chapter isn’t really related to the next one except for the characters and some development. So I was thinking of changing villains every chapter and I didn’t know how, but then I thought….

People getting Norted.

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People making jokes like “omg 2 months ago I was saying ACAB but actually Harry styles playing a cop is soooo sexy haha I love cops ✨” is actually not funny you’re embarrassing

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how are you gonna talk about people w bpd and say “they’re highly sensitive and vulnerable and crave deep connection” and then spend the rest of the podcast bashing them? make it make sense

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