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#what the fuck is happening to me

my mom actually believes ‘antifa’ is going to come through our neighborhoods and rip white people out of their homes and kill them based on pure speculation she read on FACEBOOK and i-

antifa is an ideology. it literally means ‘anti-fascist.’ to be against antifa is to be pro fascist. antifa is not an organization. it’s never been an organization.

i actually cannot fathom the stupidity.

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Hey, so. A lot is happening right now and this might not be completely relevant, but as someone with what is/essentially started out as a Ding Dong fan blog, I feel like I have to address the things DD himself has been saying on Twitter. I’ll keep it brief and just say that internet personalities are people, and he in particular is a very private person. Stalking, harassing, doxxing, bothering his family etc. is absolutely despicable and something you obviously should never do. To anyone. He’s not a goofy cartoon character, he’s a real person behind the avatar and deserves respect and privacy.

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I can’t stop thinking about the fact that literally all of the cullens probably have living relatives. (idk if any of the cullens have canon siblings but they all had parents at LEAST who may have had siblings) Like Emmett was only turned in 1935 he could’ve had a baby brother who was still alive (albeit in his 70s) during twilight. Do they look into their families or do they just leave it alone because it’s better not to know if you can’t see them anyway?

Like none of them are THAT old but Edward’s in constant existential turmoil over his unending existence while his 6th cousin once removed is just playing COD somewhere in Illinois

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soft headcanons and maybe some aesthetics who knows

  • dei’s hair is super thick. like obviously, thick and cloud like, but only manageable when it’s long and that is why it’s nearly never worn short. when it’s short, it’s hard to style and won’t lay down and all in all, a nightmare to do. ponytails are nearly impossible on their hair when it’s cut short and deidara doesn’t know how to braid or twist or anything useful to save a l i f e
  • someone’s asked him if he could eat using the mouths on his hands before, among more vile questions. such questions were answered with violence and an untimely death. don’t ask them stupid shit like that.
  • speaking of the mouths on his palms!!! they’re usually showed open with the tongues hanging out, but they do close. they can also smile and frown and show other mouth-related expressions
  • deidara was actually a decent child growing up. i mean, getting into a few scrapes was bound to happen, but when you’re dealing with the people of iwa, the most stubborn fuckers on the planet, you learn how to and how not to piss people off and suffer the consequences. had they come from a softer, more lax village, yes i’m looking at you konoha, dei most likely wouldn’t have become a terrorist.
  • say it’s because he comes from a land of stubborn pricks, but deidara knows how to hold a grudge, and they know how to hold it WELL. there’s no forgive, no forget. you wrong deidara, you get marked assuming you don’t die effective immediately
  • he knows how to kill, but everyone knows he knows that. more importantly, he knows how to not kill, and he knows how much harder it is to restrain himself when it comes down to not killing someone. he had to relearn fighting to remember the ways of knocking someone the fuck out without ending their life
  • with that being said, using explosions is a go-to, but it’s not the only trick up his akatsuki sleeve. deidara does know hand to hand combat, and doesn’t have noodle arms. don’t try forcing him into close combat and expect to win because he will stab you, break your nose, and steal your dignity. then walk away laughing to himself.
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