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#what the heck what the heck what the heck what the heck
dilfyoda · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
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a-perplexing-puzzle · 11 hours ago
uhhhh the only ad tumblr is showing me rn is a hand covered in bugs and I'm about to log out???
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peppermintquartz · 13 hours ago
continuation of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Joe gives it a couple of days before he texts Finn to come over to his dojo. Finn doesn't respond to the text, but he shows up at the time Joe sets, his handsome face uncharacteristically stern.
"If this is about Roman," he begins as he takes off his sneakers, "I'm not interested."
Joe shrugs. "Nah. Just needed some decent sparring. Stafa's good, but he's not you."
"No one is." Finn gets Joe to help tape up his hands before he removes his shirt. "Just a spar?"
"Yeah. I just wanna stay sharp."
They exchange a few jabs and blocks, warming up as they dance about the room. It's early, for them - not even noon - so they have the dojo to themselves. The tension around Finn's mouth disappears as the thrill of impending violence takes over.
Finn rushes him, going in low. Joe grabs and tosses Finn over his hip, but the younger man hooks his ankle with both hands and trips him up. Landing on his back with a grunt, Joe rolls and pivots, grinning as he gets to his feet, feeling his own urge to wreck and destroy rise to the fore. Finn's eyes are bright now, focused, and he's smiling like a devil that's found an innocent soul to corrupt.
"Ready for more?" Joe asks, shifting his stance.
"Hell yeah." Finn licks his lower lip, and hunkers down, fingers flexing.
The fight isn't as brutal as it could have been, but by the end they're both sore and sweaty, Finn trapped by Joe in a kami shiho gatame, his head below Joe's knee on the mat and his waistband in both of Joe's big hands.
"You wanna just pull my pants down and blow me?" Finn asks, chuckling, and yelps when Joe nuzzles his flat belly and licks into his belly button instead. "Hey! Quit it, jerk!"
Joe lets go of Finn and allows him to sit up. "Thanks for the exercise."
"You're welcome," says Finn, and then flops onto his back on the mat. "Alright. I know this is about Tyler and Roman. Tell me whatever you want to tell me." His voice is wistful, almost petulant.
"You're an idiot."
"Short and sweet. Not bad."
Joe kicks Finn's hip with the side of his left foot. He doesn't hide the fondness in his voice as he says, "Tyler came to you when he was hurting and frightened. You took care of him. We took care of him. Now there's someone who wants to care for him even more than we do, and you want to stamp your foot and throw a tantrum about how Tyler's yours?"
Finn makes a rude noise.
Joe huffs through his nose and shifts until he's lying down next to Finn. The ceiling needs to be repainted, he notices. "Finn. It's time to let go of the brat."
"He's mine."
"He is your submissive, and nothing is gonna change that. But you have to come in second place now." Gently, Joe pulls Finn towards him, until the younger man is pressed up next to him, damp and warm. "If you keep throwing your weight about like that, Tyler might leave you."
Finn tenses. "Tyler wouldn't dare."
"Listen to yourself." Joe levers himself up onto an elbow and peers down at his old friend. "You acting this way... That's not who Tyler loves. Roman is his boyfriend, and I bet you see what I see: that what they have? It's serious. Roman is serious about Tyler. He's not gonna let you run roughshod over their relationship."
Finn's blue eyes are snapping with irritation, his lips pressed together in a thin, angry line. Joe doesn't look away, though.
Eventually, Finn pouts. "I don't like Roman biting our brat."
"But the brat likes it," Joe says in counterpoint, "and he knows enough about rough play to take care of any wound."
The Irishman isn't mollified. "If they want to play rough, then I want Roman to learn some basic aftercare tips."
Joe grins. "Fair enough. I'll teach him. And you'll back off about wanting Tyler to get permission for what they do in bed?"
Though he looks mutinous, Finn nods, the merest dip of his head.
"Right then, you stubborn Irish bastard." Still grinning, Joe bends down and kisses him. "Do I need to ask permission to fuck you?"
Finn rolls his eyes, before a cheeky smile curves his lips, making him look a lot like his brash younger self. "Say pretty please, and I'll even let you do it twice."
Joe laughs. "Pretty please."
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Tumblr media
A red flag... for WHAT exactly?
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kinderes · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
finally, this boy is done!! a rotoscope of everyone’s favourite prince, roman!! and thus all four main boys have been done! (don’t worry, I’ve got plans to do deceit as well c;)
previous roto gifs: virgil (x) logan (x) and patton (x)
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kurohaai · a year ago
※This comic contain a very self-indulgent Charlastor. Please use discretion. Read right to left ( ← )
"Oh, Al! Let me... help..."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Basically I was just thinking "hey she has this big daddy issue already, seemingly intentionally repressing her demon side, plus she's part succubus from her mother she might be unconsciously into some pretty screwed up shit". That's part of the self-indulgent warning.
The rest of the warning of course for Al's fashion here lol give me more sharp-dressed demon goddammit. Oh, and for the underlying D/s dynamic probably....?
Might do a follow up comic but not sure when I could do it.
Bonus: Oblivious Charlie.
Tumblr media
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