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#what their conflicts are etc
One more thing, why wasn’t Taylor the one Buck was talking to about all this?? Like, this would have been a great opportunity to expand on the maturity and depth of their relationship, by having her emotionally support Buck and give him advice during a difficult time. Yet they had him go to Eddie, the same way they gave us a Buck/Eddie scene in the hospital when it would have made more sense for Ana to be there. I straight up forgot Buck has a girlfriend during this episode.  
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zeta-in-de-walls · 7 days ago
Hey, hey. Some friends were discussing how there’s quite a lot of fan art from season 2 of the SMP featuring Tommy wearing Wilbur’s Pogtopia coat. Nowadays you might read it as a mark of Wilbur’s and Tommy’s character’s closeness but actually the origin is more interesting than that! 
It actually stems from the same place as drawing Tubbo with Ram’s horns, another popular fanart design that continues to be really popular. That one is linking Tubbo with Schlatt.
So, shortly before Tommy was exiled in S2, Tommy and Tubbo were in conflict. There were both angry as exiling Tommy to appease Dream was being contemplated. And that’s where Tommy quite literally told Tubbo not to turn into another Schlatt and Tubbo’s reply was that he wouldn’t turn into Schlatt if Tommy didn’t become another Wilbur. Quite an explicit parallel was being drawn. 
And yeah, this was a significant part of each of their character arcs over season 2 as Tubbo unhappily ruled over New L’Manburg while slowly being abandoned by his citizens as he planned another festival. Meanwhile Tommy was growing depressed in his exile which ultimately lead to him living with Techno and giving in to the idea of destroying L’Manberg and giving up on all his old friends.
Both of them seemed doomed to follow this same path right up until the festival where they both finally rejected these parallels with Tommy deciding to defend L’Manburg instead and Tubbo standing up to Quackity and refusing to execute the treacherous Ranboo before also joining Tommy to defend their home, fighting together, their friendship finally restored.
So that brings me on to the art - the art was depicting Tommy in Wilbur’s coat (and sometimes beanie too) and Tubbo with Schlatt horns and a suit as a visual representation of their conflict and struggle over this season. It can capture in a single image what’s going on. Which is pretty cool! Adding these physical symbols to represent a character’s internal struggles and motivations is always really appealing to me. 
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icecurse · 3 months ago
something really fascinating about konoha is that, canonically, the Will of Fire is more like a religion than a philosophic mantra.
the manga explicitly states that in konoha they worship the hokage and their predecessors rather than gods.
Tumblr media
i think that makes perfect sense for the specific type of nationalism and exceptionalism konoha runs on.
it also changes how we must view hashirama’s set up of hokage-ship and how he styled his throne of fire —
Tumblr media
— as well as shikamaru’s final words to hidan.
Tumblr media
not only is he saying he now owns hidan’s entire ass, he is performing an act of worship. his revenge is enacted in the name of konoha’s version of ancestor worship for asuma.
additionally, it contextualizes konoha’s generational commitment not to question the previous generation and therefore to repeat the past. even to the “non-religious,” this is a belief that has bled into konoha’s culture and social mores — which explains why even naruto, someone with every reason to want to restructure konoha, winds up buying into, supporting, and firming up the same rhetoric he rebelled against as a child.
although there is no doubt that kishimoto did not mean for this to be a point of criticism, there is something really powerful buried in all of this if you look at the entire series : idealizing the past threatens the present and stymies the future. your ancestors and elders are not always right. some beliefs and traditions SHOULD be questioned, interrogated, and changed in light of new knowledge; the refusal to do so poisons the entire system, and a system, once corrupted, is nearly impossible to save.
#naruto meta#konoha#kishimoto’s biggest failing in naruto was his backing away from change. he basically positioned naruto as a revolutionary and then realized#naruto needed to buy back in or else the ninja system would have to end. it’s why IMO naruto as a series is not and will never be satisfying#between the softening of naruto’s ideals and the random inclusion of Uber Uchiha Storylines and Aliens (which removed us from the characters#we spent like 10 years growing with and pegged randoms as ‘causing all the problems’ when in reality#the ending of naruto should have been a reckoning — a civil war that paralleled the many wars etc In naruto’s history#it should have been a war between the new revolutionaries (naruto etc) and the old vanguard (proponents of the village system who can’t#envision change bc they’ve lived this life so long; like KAKASHI) with sasuke’s side as a third party#this would have brought the themes of naruto to a head AND given us complex conflict between people we loved. naruto vs sakura vs sasuke#all of them believing they are in the right and that they’re fighting for the greater good#it would have forced characters into emotional places and made them change or double down#imagine neji fighting with konoha before sasuke says something about konoha’s injustices and neji switches sides maybe. and other villages#having to find their place in all of this (if they’re still involved which tbh they wouldn’t need to be until sasuke says he wants to kill#all the kage lol). anyway I just think it’s insane that kishi; a Japanese history lover; shied away from the major themes from Japanese#history that his world was based in because he didn’t want anyone to do anything complex#instead we have a clan that was ‘born evil’ and nefarious aliens forcing people to be bad#rather than saying ‘what if the people we loved made harmful choices we now have to live with?’#I wish mangaka worked with professional writers ehdhdhdbdbs like HIRE ME DUDE#ok to rb#❛ HEADCANONS.
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marklikely · a month ago
no sorry but like
1. losing glenn means they can't get the van back so the entire driving thing was for a moot plan
2. they still have no way of getting the bracelets on any of the o-dads so that plan might never pay off
3. the big bad can still choose to undo 3 more failed saves which is. a LOT. especially bc thus far willy has almost never failed a check so his bonuses are probably insane
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murple · 4 months ago
thinking abt the lore implications there would be if the tma bit wasn’t cut from the newest wtnv episode.....
#tma#wtnv#wtnv 190#i ASSUME it was cut bc of lore reasons#this episode already does a LOT for the Podcast Cinematic Universe#a world where night vale actually exists is weird enough#a world where both night vale AND the entities exist would be too much#(notice how all the podcasts featured are nonfiction - they all follow the same laws of the universe)#(which are now messed up by night vale)#(but still)#basically tma dream logic follows a pattern and wtnv's doesn't so they wouldn't be lore-compatible#also the tma entities and the wtnv gods (huntokar glow cloud distant prince etc.) would have interesting effects on each other#would the wtnv gods be part of the entities or would they be separate?#if they're separate how would the tma ppl react to finding out that there's non-fear-based higher powers out there?#ones that genuinely try to be good?#and how would the fears interact with night vale?#a place that has so much horror and yet no one's ever really scared by it#what would this mean for the night vale alternate timelines and the tma alternate universes? would the be the same? would they conflict?#what would be the tma-lore explanation for night vale's weirdness?#would it be a place like hill top road? a crack in the universe? i think that would fit rlly nicely with the huntokar arc#but then where does huntokar come in? this brings us back to the tma entities vs. wtnv gods question#also if night vale just. started existing in our world. and tma was part of the podcasts reacting to it...#...that means that tma also exists in our world#(i almost typed that jonathan sims also exists in our world which. isnt wrong.)#or at least exists in this alternate world#where all those other podcasts also exist#so.... looking at the bigger picture here......#all those podcasts plus tma already exist when night vale suddenly appears.#does this mean there's a criminal episode abt robert montauk? a lore episode abt that desolation ritual circle in scotland?#ANYWAYS
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mcmoth · 9 months ago
Can't stop being sad about Fundy and Tommy,,,,
Like, they have so much in common;;;
Abandonment issues, daddy issues, lack of respect from the rest of the server, getting betrayed, missing Wilbur, being seen as a child, Wilbur again, trauma, etc.....
If only Tommy hadn't interrogated him :""))
Look at him, Tommy, you ruined a perfectly good potential friendship,,,
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5 parts into the daleks and im thinking about format and pacing
#'dimitri are you mayhaps a little bored'#Maybe So#no offense#to#uh whats this one called#the expedition#but i May be a Little Bit bored#and im thinking about like#the structure of one of those parts vs the structure of the larger story#the structures and tension curves we're used to as film and tv audiences in 2020#and like how you need to keep an audience coming back every week after a 20-25 minute part of a story#where are the peaks of the tension and conflict etc#idk i dont really have coherent thoughts yet but it's interesting to think about how the format of stories teaches us how to interpret them#what to expect from them#and how those expectations change over time but kinda almost imperceptibly?#maybe sometimes something gets made that makes a splash and gets copied and changes the landscape that way#but i think most of the time it's just that technology changes. it's all mostly practical concerns probably#we need viewers bc we need money to keep going etc#i just think it's interesting#also related to this are my thoughts about how the acting style we're used to changes#like you can identify when something is acted/scripted even when it's really really well acted because the way people speak in tv is not#like how they speak spontaneously in real life and we're Really good at picking up on that#and im thinking about how this 1960s acting seems a little stilted to me but 2020s acting feels very natural#well. very. like. depends you know. i know it's acting. you know what i mean#but then in another 60 years 2020 tv will sound just as stilted probably#but you never really hear the language change in real time you know?#idk i just think it's interesting
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unproduciblesmackdown · 6 months ago
speaking of rue. the other week i was like heheh when i thought about how kraehe is always trying to embrace her role / the power that she can access by leaning into it and Creating Drama for the story but like, in the middle of her peak theatrical villainy someone will just be like "hey :/ what's wrong :(" and she has to leave
#like of course does she not only think this is the only role she can have and that#for her to be able to do anything she has to Accept That Role; but like. of course the way she approaches this is by navigating The Story#and playing along with its rules and that Drama and Conflict are encouraged around here lmao#but also! her Antagonists here are people with tragic fates while....unclear if kraehe herself has a Story(tm) counterpart....#but it's like. keep setting up Conflicts and turning the story gears b/c tutu will vanish and the knight will die#but obviously rue is not Really happy like this; and that whole theme about like#hope vs despair and loving someone vs trying to control them#where kraehe's argument being like. ''you don't have a choice but to be with me b/c you're the prince and i'm the princess''#plus ''also you Have to b/c i'll do whatever it takes to make sure it happens even if you try to choose otherwise'' don't win the day...#fakir not always having a world of success just confronting kraehe head on as that villain lol like#also the issue of ''he's not going to have that much success trying to accept his own role as the knight'' etc etc The Themes#but if you're like ''hmm are you okay. are you Some People Are Theatrical Villains....To Cope rn''#she's like well. g2g#like classic incidence when she was just really dramatically inciting yet another Group Confrontation lmao and like#using mytho as a physical shield when fakir goes for the sword attack and mytho's just like#in the middle of this entire thing like Whoa Hey. kraehe what's wrong :/#and she still has every Advantage here / really no reason to bail but she sure just leaves like nvm!!! lol#princess tutu#then fast forward like 15 eps when mytho goes from all ''i hope you die i hope we both die'' or w/e that lyric is back to ''damb :/ what's
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togrutano · 11 months ago
what i really enjoyed this episode were all of the implications that were going on with baby yoda. the little one asked politely for some cookies but when he didnt get those he started using the force. not to harm anyone of course, but he didnt simply accept a “no”. add that to the fact that he’s basically being raised by a bounty hunter and constantly seeing death ... idk, force sensitive children being raised that way certainly does have its risks
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icecurse · 3 months ago
- i have two potential founders era verse ideas. there are two ways this verse could be structured:
the standard route = haku is born in the founders era and a leader of the nomadic yuki tribe in snow country. for some reason their half of the fearsome tribe would travel outside snow country into the other elemental nations and drama would ensue. since haku would take the place of their great x2 grandmother tsukimono’s role, they would either possess her Oracular powers OR they would have reached the fullest potential of their own skills as a demon summoner. either way they’re dope yet completely removed from the pressure of developing the villages. they could provide an outside, indigenous perspective to all the crazy shit going on in the elemental nations, if asked, but more than likely they wouldn’t be. bonus points if we capitalize on the stark differences and startling similarities between the uchiha clan and the yuki tribe because listen, the yuki are quite literally the yin to the uchiha’s yang.
the non-standard route would be the TIME TRAVEL ROUTE! during their ungaikyō period, haku gets lost in the mirror world and somehow falls into the founders era (or any era really, it’s pretty flexible) with no way to get home. telling people they time traveled sounds like a pretty good way to get burned as a witch or some shit, so haku has to try their damndest to fit in without giving themself away or getting caught. however, haku would have traveled back in time AFTER the fourth shinobi war, so haku has heard about ALL of these motherfuckers and has to avoid spilling the beans. however, this could also be a great opportunity to change the course of human history and stop the war from ever happening, so they’re balancing a delicate line between nudging the powers that be to get along for gods’ sake without getting caught and, like, burned alive or some shit.
idk folks. thoughts? comments? cries of outrage?
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xcziel · a month ago
the eternal conflict between the admiring reblog of a gorgeous dress, outfit, or piece of clothing
and the resentful refusal to reblog because nothing like that is ever made for someone like you to wear
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chamerionwrites · 8 months ago
Disney’s business practices are so evil and the creative decision-making behind most of its Star Wars stuff so blatantly cynical that at this point I leave most of it to people who can enjoy it, but I will say that the choice to look at Rogue One and go everybody gets a Vader hallway scene! (Maul and to a lesser extent Ahsoka in TCW S7, Luke and arguably Ahsoka again in The Mandalorian) would be extremely fun in the hands of more committed storytellers. Like yes, please tell me more about how all Force-wielders regardless of Jedi/Sith creed have something a tiny bit uncanny horror about them
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damianogender · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
comment i saw on ig under a post that basically said that both sides are guilty and there are no unbiased sources. i found the highlighted part very helpful as it is informative and easy to grasp so asked the owner for permission to share it.
#the last sentence is also important but i forgot to highlight it#free palestine#palestine#gaza#savesheikhjarrah#gazaunderattack#edit: i realized that the tone of the text might be a bit.. confusing? so id like clarify a few things#this in no way justifies or lifts the blame from israel even a little bit. it just means that this all started bc of england#and englands role doesnt end with what is mentioned in the text. england -and the us- are the ones who birthed & fed this war. they still do#i dont think a holocaust survivor could imagine approving of israels actions. what happaned was imperialist powers inflicted conflict +#between palestinians and newcomer jewish people through lies propaganda etc which eventually started working resulting in the sides getting+#more and more polarized and radicalized. palestinians didnt want to lose their country & jewish people didnt want to be opressed again.#and when you stop listening to the other side and start believing they want you dead etc you've got a war in your hands#(speaking for the majority of the people) the sides having different religions and cultures didnt help ofc#then you know what happened after that. same as whats happening today like imperialist powers funding and supporting israel etc etc#so maybe when the war first started the israel side wasnt fully zionist and maybe some or majority of them were misguided#but if you are still on israel's side you are a zionist. no exceptions. israel was in no way entitled to that land and they still arent
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