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What Should We Expect?🙄💭❓❄🍃

So, we’ll all be staying home…. for a while. Mentally prepare yourself to be as comfortable as you can, inside. The mainstream news constantly reminds us, what trouble we may get into, if we dare break these rules. So fresh air has become it’s own currency, that’s becoming out of reach. I hate to say that, but it’s true. The weather has been amazing for this time year, no ice, sleet or snow to…


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Has anyone else watched WandaVision yet? What do you all think? My head is literally spinning with new theories (all my previous ones were proven wrong already) and now I have SO many more questions. So, I’m curious to see how it all plays out and ties it all in.

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I don’t know if I should be relived from the sart of 2021 or be horryfied, beceause of what to expect. 🥲🙂

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Sometimes I really want to read a short summary of what to expect from a game with a very particular description that CATER to my OWN SPECIFIC interests, so here we go.

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what to expect from A MORTICIAN’S TALE (part of the justice bundle)

  • a small (under 2 hours) game where you play as a mortician
  • the game is: receive email with job, read the emails, accept job, follow the instructions to prepare bodies for the funerals (I think there are 5 bodies in total)
  • then you can attend the funeral where you can listen to the other guests and what they say about the deceased (very short comments, anger, denial, sadness, indifference)
  • the game gives you instruction for everything
  • tw for blood and death
  • at one point the game will give you a trigger warning for suicide, and you can decide to not take the job if it is a triggering thing for you
  • as you can imagine, this game is extremely sad and bittersweet
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Sometimes I really want to read a short summary of what to expect from a game with a very particular description that CATER to my OWN SPECIFIC interests, so here we go.

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what to expect from KULT: HERETIC KINGDOMS

  • you play as Alita, an Inquisitor in training in a world where the god has been killed and the Inquisition has been created to stop any religion
  • isometric rpg, mostly combat (no pause, no turn based), minimal choices
  • about 15 hours of game to complete it, but pretty fun as it’s usually 2 dollars on steam
  • the plot is minimal: you have to find the Godslayer sword that has been stolen, it’s pretty linear with a few secondary quests
  • there is no real tutorial in the game, and by the end I still had to learn how to learn new spells
  • you can learn ~4 spells for each element (ex. Fire, Air, Earth etc) and attune your weapons to one element (you can change the element by paying a wizard)
  • You can buy two houses!
  • infinite potions, but to properly heal yourself you will have to sleep
  • minimal plot twists
  • there is some humor in the game, in particularly Alita can be pretty sarcastic
  • most quests only have one ending, only a few have different choices
  • not a lot of secondary characters
  • you play alone, no companions, and there are only about 3 recurring characters
  • 3 main endings (the choice at the very end, it’s a dialogue choice)
  • the best part of the game is the Dreamworld. Clicking on the button, Alita can phase into the Dreamworld. Phasing out you can then ambush enemies (some enemies can be in both worlds, some are only in the dreamworld)

plot? Alita is a inquisitor (anti religion) looking for the stolen Godslayer sword. She will find out about her own origins and the prophecy that surrounds her. Surprising ending tho!
gameplay? Classic combat (a la Divine Divinity) and some dialogue choices
characters? Mostly Alita, the protagonist. Carissa and your teacher are other secondary characters that have some kind of meaning
sadness level? so so low

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Sometimes I really want to read a short summary of what to expect from a game… and thankfully people can also submit their summaries of games they played and help me (and others) find games that cater to their interests!

submitted by @lairofsentinel

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what to expect from LONE WOLF (HD remastered) (by lairofsentinel)

  • Visual Novel based on choices. It has simple puzzles.
  • Artistic design is a pleasure despite being an old game. 
  • Joe Dever wrote an enormous collection of books based on Dungeons & Dragons called “Lone Wolf”. This game is based on one of those.
  • It’s an interesting story, but it doesn’t stand out from the standard ones found in DnD. It’s quite linear
  • It has no plot twists
  • Combat system may end up being boring.
  • It has a “leveling” system that you can’t pick in which stats you want to spend your points. At the end of every chapter, all your decisions will be recounted and will cause Lone Wolf’s statistics or other abilities to increase by the game itself.
  • You meet wolves who join your fights and you can call them any time during the encounters <3.
  • It’s a short game (around 10 hrs). 

——- Plot? ——-

You, The Lone Wolf, find yourself in a town that was destroyed. You meet some survivors after a long exploration of the place and go to an unknown temple in order to look for the answer of this tragedy, finding new secrets. 

——- Gameplay? ——- 

Basically is a visual novel which allows you to pick an option in the resolution of situations. Depending on  the skills you chose during your Lone Wolf char creation, some of them may or may not be available. There are also parts in which you must fight, and the gameplay changes radically, becoming more a “clicking” combat style. There are also parts in which you need to open locks with pick locking tools and solve simple cube-puzzles.

——- Happy ending? Deaths? ——-

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Sometimes I really want to read a short summary of what to expect from a game with a very particular description that CATER to my OWN SPECIFIC interests, so here we go.

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what to expect from DISCO ELYSIUM

  • isometric rpg set in a modern-like looking world that is supposed to be the game version of a post Russian revolution/communist revolution where foreign countries intervened to squash it, and stop it from developing
  • you are a detective who arrives to the city to investigate a murder and you join forces with detective Kim (your companion through the whole game)
  • the game uses days, so at different times of each day or on different days various characters will be doing different things (ex. the library is closed, someone moves etc.) but most characters will be stable in one place 
  • You start with no memories (because you got drunk) and through the game you also investigate yourself
  • in particular why you felt the need to drunk yourself out of existence
  • during the game you also internalize specific thoughts that defines your personality (ex. pro-communism, feminist, racist  etc.)
  • you put points into various abilities and these skills talk to you during the game, you can have dialogue with them and reach breakthrough, level up, understand more about your main character 
  • while the game has a time limit (I think 10 days), there is plenty of time to investigate all you need to investigate within 5/7 days
  • the game is about 15/20 hours
  • the map is pretty small but I still felt like I was missing a fast travel
  • while you investigate the main murder, you can also take other secondary quests, from finding cryptids, to finding lost husbands, to needing to sing karaoke
  • talking with characters is the main game mechanics
  • you discover clues for the murder, clues for who you are and your past and clues for the world around you 
  • because of how different skill points give you different dialogues, the game has some high replayability
  • failing is absolutely an option and can give you some interesting results
  • just amazing
  • great music too
  • the game is mainly humorous but it keeps a good balance between drama and humor
  • I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much for a videogame, and if I think back on it now I’ll just start crying again

plot? You play as an alcoholic amnesiac detective hired to investigate a murder alongside your assigned companion and detective Kim Kitsuragi.
gameplay? Dialogue choices and exploring are definitely the mechanics, with different skilles giving you different ways to reach similar conclusions or different conclusions
characters? Mostly the protagonist detective and Kim, but there are interesting secondary characters scattered in the games
sadness level? medium high
death? under cut for spoiler 

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Sometimes I really want to read a short summary of what to expect from a game with a very particular description that CATER to my OWN SPECIFIC interests, so here we go.

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what to expect from BLACKWELL LEGACY (game series)

  • a series of adventures (point and click) pixel art games. Each game is pretty short (~2 hours, the last one is a bit longer)
  • the puzzles are definitely not impossible and are investigation-based
  • the order of the games is: The Blackwell Legacy; Blackwell Unbound;The Blackwell Convergence; The Blackwell Deception; The Blackwell Epiphany 
  • There is a coherent overall story that has a satisfying ending. 
  • Each game is a separate case to investigate.
  • You play as Rose, a medium who ends up with a bound with the ghost Joey Mallone and has to embrace her new role as a medium who helps ghosts move on after their death
  • You also discover the story of Rose’s aunt and Rose’s family who always had Joey passed on generation after generation
  • Only in the second game you play as Rose’s aunt, Lauren. This game is a prequel, and important for the overall plot and series
  • The mechanics of the games are mostly talking with characters, putting together clues, asking questions and using both Rose (or Lauren) and Joey (a part from the first game where you can only use Rose)
  • Using Joey lets you pass through doors and basically do stuff ghosts can do

plot? You play as Rose Blackwell, her aunt recently died after being non verbal and sick for years, the only word he used to say was Joey. You soon find out that Joey is a ghost bound to the Blackwell family, and that Rose’s role is helping ghosts pass on to the afterlife.
gameplay? Dialogue choices and puzzles (picking up items and using them), putting together clues and re-asking questions
characters? Mostly Rose and Joey, as their friendship is the main focus of the game. Rose’s aunt too, and other secondary characters (a couple are recurrent in all the games)
sadness level? medium high
death? under cut for spoiler 

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The universe finds ways to throw you for a loop. Retrograde motion means a planet looks as if it’s traveling in the opposite direction of the rest of the planets in the sky, which also means that the energy of the planet reverses. Every year is different  and not all retrogrades are created equal, but just remember that they don’t always have to be negative. Using a chart, you can be better prepared to tackle each retrograde and use it to your advantage. Don’t let anything stop you. 

Retrogrades in 2021

Mercury in Retrograde: The most dreaded of all retrogrades, this affects communicating, travel, and technology. This can make you more likely to make mistakes, for your laptop to suddenly severely bug out, or lose something important like your passport. So take extra care to focus on things not affected by mercury.

  • January 30 - February 21
  • May 29 - June 22
  • September 27 - October 18

Venus in Retrograde: This may bring recklessness in appearance or trouble communicating to partners or potential partners. resolve any problems lingering in the relationship, gain closure with an ex, or leave the relationship altogether if that feels right. Please refrain from impulsive tattoos.

  • December 19 - January 29, 2022

Mars in Retrograde: Since this is the planet of action, competition and passion, prepare for a recession in that. You may lose ambition in your projects or want to avoid decisions. The universe may even delay giving you what you want out of life at this time. Practice patience and improve your physical self.

  • No retrograde in 2021

Jupiter in Retrograde: This is time when optimism, enthusiasm, and outward excitement will fade, though it will still be present. Make sure to fully reflect on a situation before rushing forward or making hasty judgments. Maybe pick up an interest or venture that you abandoned in the past. Ponder on the inner self.

  • June 20 - October 18

Saturn in Retrograde: Tired of your job? During this retrograde you should decide if this is the best profession for you and what to do about it. Do not, however, start applying. Wait for the retrograde to end to take action. A lot of unwanted obligations may come up, but its crucial to finish them to move forward.

  • May 23 - October 11

Uranus in Retrograde: Rebellion, revolution, and thought is the theme of this retrograde. You may find yourself looking at things at a different angle or suddenly wanting to take up humanitarian efforts. Just make sure to have reason and logic behind your new perspective. Remove people that hinder your progress.

  • August 15, 2020 - January 14
  • August 20 - January 18, 2022

Neptune in Retrograde: Pay attention to your dreams, they may be trying to tell you something. This retrograde asks you to dig into your subconscious or spiritual self. You could focus on creative paths like music, art, or expression. Just know when you are sacrificing too much or have unhealthy confidence.

  • June 25 - December 1

Pluto in Retrograde: To put it simply, this retrograde is here to help illuminate what needs to be adjusted or transformed in your life. Delve in to the dark, murky depths of yourself, remove unwanted energy within as well as in your environment. Make certain you are not being overpowered or that you are not the one doing the overpowering. Power is an ever shifting creature.

  • April 27 - October 6

Happy planning

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Sometimes I really want to read a short summary of what to expect from a game with a very particular description that CATER to my OWN SPECIFIC interests, so here we go.

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what to expect from VERDANT SKIES (this is from the justice bundle!)

  • You play as a genderless character (no character say anything about your gender, you can choose different physical features, and it is implied that you can use any pronouns)
  • You crashed on a planet where a new human colony has started and you need to advance the small colony
  • You mainly manage resources: find seeds, cut trees, cut rocks, start farming, mix genetics of seeds and animals, create things
  • The more you create, the more you unlock to advance the colony
  • You can talk with characters every day and advance your friendship with them
  • There are 12 characters to unlock (other people working in the colonies)
  • There is also an asexual character, a nonbinary character and some polyamorous characters
  • The characters will give you small quests and small cut scenes where you can talk with them
  • Advancing enough will give you the chance to romance them (all 12, some are polyamorous, some are not) or turn the relationship into good friendship
  • You can get married and adopt a baby
  • Technically the story ends when you have unlocked everything, but then you can continue playing forever
  • Basically this is the game: farming, mixing genes of seeds, finding new seeds, unlocking machines, pottery, find dna from animals, mixing them, create animals, cooking products, cutting woods, finding ruins, mining
  • The game world is pretty small

plot? You are a new colonist in a planet and you have to start upgrading the colony
gameplay? managing resources, exploring
Characters? 12 

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After watching the last episode of The Mandalorian I have been thinking a lot about the season 3 and what might happen next. I have created my own theory of the events in season 3. I am not that deep into the Star Wars universe so mind me when I make a mistake or don’t know all the details.

(1)    There will be no immediate time jump in season 3

I believe season 3 will kick-off where season 2 left off. I think Din has to come to terms with Grogu being gone and him being alone again. During the time before Grogu he was very used to being alone all the time, but that has completely changed now. He cannot be a bounty hunter anymore as he has betrayed the gild, he lost is own ship and he cannot really go back to the old Mandalorian cult ways as he has sort of betrayed them as well. So the question will be for him what to do next and from a story telling point of view this is the most interesting development for Din yet.

(2)    Din has to come to terms with his Mandalorian religion

When looking back at season 1 where everything was very strict and clear for Din, things have changed now in season 2. The lines between the different ways are becoming blurry and we see Din struggling with the rules of the Mandalorian cult that he has sworn to. In season 1 we had two very distinct moments where he refused to take the helmet off: First when he met this woman in the village. They shared a connection but still Din would not let himself go and take the helmet off. Second during the last episode where he is badly wounded he would not even have the robot see his face. His believe are tested when he meets Bo-Katan and their believes. It seems Din did not even know about their existence and was completely unaware that different kinds of Mandalorian ways are possible. This climaxes when he decides to take his helmet off the first time. You see him ponder about that a bit before he does. The second time he does not seem to think about it anymore and shows his face to Grogu. I believe in season 3 we will see a continuation of that storyline especially since Din will need to go back to his cult and report that he has solved the task he was given. Also when asked the question again, if someone saw his face he will now need to respond differently. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the priest.

(3)    Din has to come to terms with his Mandalorian religion part 2

Another important aspect is when Grogu touches his face. In the first season we learn that no living thing has seen Din without his helmet since he swore to the creed. As we know after the death of his parents Din was raised by the Mandalorians. As I don’t know when a child can swear to the creed I would assume when he is of age, possible when he turns 16. As Din was raised by them we can assume that he swore to the creed as quickly as possible trying to repay his debt and support the creed. In other words no living thing has seen him without his helmet for at least 20 years. Also since his parents died and since he has sworn to the creed no living thing has touched his face for at least 20 years. The fact that he let Grogu touch his face is huge.

(4)    Din will not continue to follow the Creed of the Mandalorian cult

As mentioned before Din will need to come to terms with his creed and the Mandalorian way. I believe the events that have taken place as well as him learning about Bo-Katan will lead to Din not following the very strict creed anymore. Especially when he needs to return and has to admit that he showed his face even though it is forbidden. He may even encounter some problems when he is revealing this to his cult members. I can imagine he will be kicked out and even attacked when this comes to light. Nevertheless I don’t think that he will change from one minute to the other. Even if he is kicked out he will continue to the follow the way especially he knows nothing else and this was the way he was raised as a child. But he may not be as strict about the single rules anymore and I could imagine that especially among his companions he would be willing to take his helmet off more often.

(5)    Mando will help Bo-Katan free Mandalore

I believe as Din has nothing else to do he will help Bo-Katan to free Mandalore. If my assumptions from before are going into the right direction: Din has no own ship anymore, he has no job and he cannot return to the creed. I think Bo-Katan knows that and will ask him for his support also in an effort to stay close to the Darksaber.

(6)    Din has no interest to become the Lord of Mandalore

He may have the Darksaber now but I don’t think that Din has any interest of becoming the Lord of Mandalore. As we have seen throughout the seasons Din knows nearly nothing about the Star Wars history and everything that was going on before. This is very refreshing but it also indicates to me that he has no interest in becoming the new Lord of Mandalore. He has shown no interest in the saber and would have returned it to Bo-Katan immediately if possible. He will also help Bo-Katan to free Mandalore possibly to find a way to get rid of the saber.

(7)    Nothing happens without a reason

I believe this is an important aspect when watching the show. Why did they focus so much on Din putting his jetpack down after confronting Boba Fett? To underline why he could not rescue Grogu when he was kidnapped. In that sense everything that happens and everything that is said on the show is of importance. I think it is important for season 3: that Mayfeld is alive and free, that Jedi Ahsoka Tano was introduced and she is getting along well with Grogu and Din, that Grogu actually saw the face of Din, that Grogu gets along well with R2 D2.

(8)    We will see Grogu again

Grogu and Din are the center of the story of the Mandalorian I don’t think that they will take that away. The series is called THE MANDALORIAN and focusses on Din, so why change that focus now and talk about something else completely? What we have also learned from Hollywood and the money making machine it is: Never change a winning team! This show and that relationship between these two characters is what has made The Mandalorian so successful and has brought many viewers to Disney paying for the access to their channel in order to watch the Mandalorian. So why change that? I believe that 95% of season 3 will focus on everything on the things mentioned above. In the beginning we will not see Grogu again, maybe we will have a Din who is wondering if he is okay, but nothing else. Din believes that this was the last time he has seen Grogu and he will have to go on with his life without him. But as I said earlier nothing happens or is said without a reason. Remember the time when Ahsoka Tano told Din that Grogus attachment to him was strong. So strong she did not want to train him. I believe Grogu will stay connected to Din through the usage of the force. Maybe he will keep track on what Din is doing and where he is going. I think that in the very last minute of the last episode of season 3 Grogu will return. Why? If everything happens the way I believe it will in season 3 Bo-Katan and Din will get to the point where they have to fight over the saber. I think Bo-Katan will nearly kill Din or wound him badly in order to win the saber back. This will be the moment when Grogu returns and saves the life of Din.

(9)    The timeline in season 3 will span across a couple of months

I think that everything that will happen in season 3 will span over a couple of months. In this way Grogu will have enough time to train with Luke. Possibly in his school and at the very beginning of the existence of the school. I think that the connection between Grogu and Din will hold Grogu back in his development. Especially when he really is keeping an eye on his father and realizes that he might be in danger, I think that he will do everything in his power to save his life. I think Grogu will run away from the school to get to Din. Maybe he even gets some help from his friends: Ahsoka Tano or R2 D2. If the suggestion is correct and Grogu will be at the school at the same time as Ben Solo/Kylo Ren maybe Grogu even gets saved another time before Keylo Ren can kill him. Maybe even Mayfield comes into play and will bring Grogu back to Din. We will see. Nevertheless I think a little trained Grogu will return to Din after all in the end of season 3 and will continue to stay with him. Maybe together they will try to find Ahsoka Tano in order to continue the training after Luke has vanished.

Altogether this my theory for season 3 and I am so excited to see what will be going on next and how the story will continue. I am a little said that we will need to wait for one year in order to know more but lets push through that year as quickly as possible.  

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my aesthetic: punk, winter cities, neon urban glow, cursed images, weapons, goblincore, mist, tattoos and piercings, hot women men and thems, liminal spaces, futuristic metallic stuff, smudged eyeliner, abandoned places, ugly floral vintage decor, water photography, eldritch/arcane art

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I’m currently planning out a story but I doubt it’s gonna be completed anytime soon. It’s still in its planning phase and with school and procrastination I haven’t really worked on it all that much lately. So for now except only OC artwork and possibly fan art (I just finished TOH and Animatics so you might see some fan art in the near future)

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This is mainly going to be a sides blog but I’ll occasionally do Sanders’ Sides Incorrect Quotes and Fan Art.

My Sides are:

- Passion = Ashley (Ashe)

- Compassion = Amora

- Law = Smith

- Impulse = Izzi

- Deceit = Dolus

- Anxiety = Phobe

I made a Fanders Sides ask game.  It would be amazing if you gave me an ask and everyone else who I tagged on it and those who’ve re-blogged it.


I’m open for Art Trades!  I’ll draw your OC’s if you’ll draw mine (My Sides)!  If you want to do an Art Trade with me, send me a reference pic or description of your OC and I’ll send you one of mine!


Also open to Art Improvs!


Other Fanders Sides Blogs to Follow:











If you have a Fanders Side blog or Fanders sides you want to share in general and you don’t see your blog listed above, send me a message saying you’d like to be added to the list! ;)

I know quite a few Fanders Sides blogs, I just haven’t gotten permission yet from all of them to put their blogs on my master list.

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A big hello to all of my patrons and possible patrons! This is the monthly post to let you know what to expect in October over on! 


  • 5 PARTS FOR LAST WEEK + MOODBOARDS(best friends try to make their way through a post apoc. world on the most incredible road trip they’ve ever had; $5+ tiers)


The goal is to do at least five short stories and six pieces of art ALONG WITH the patreon requested art and stories! 





(pdf + books are paired with the other goodies for your tier!)

If you like monsters, the power of wishes, dandelion, and incredible illustrations, this is the book for you!


Tier info below!

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it is the pain of knowing and not understanding what to say eats off on your hearts health.

When you know, feel it inside that no matter what you say or do or show wont hold any grounds when things go south..its all your fault and suddenly you would also feel so.

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Wait if Shia labeouf was supposed to have the role and now Harry does I can’t imagine what the role is like

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