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#what was missing

have sum marceline gifs cuz i have nowhere else to put them

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so… marceline singing about her Deep Feelings in front of a big door was the final straw that broke them up as seen in obsidian and then in what was missing it was the catalyst that started to bring them back together……

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he’s just. he’s just sitting there

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Do you like this?

This is what was missing!


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<div> —  “Five Men Who Broke My Heart” by Susan Shapiro </div><span>That was the problem lately - everything led back to what was missing.</span>
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Honestly, the fact that tumblr has been a goddamn mess though this episode just made things that much more fun. We EARNED our Bubbline, damn it! This was the Dark Souls of liveblogs! We fought our way though spurrious content flags, hide and seek updates, and @loreweaver-universe flipping the food script on me to get here!

It was also a nice milestone for me since Just Your Problem was more or less the first clip of Adventure Time I’d ever seen, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the time when I finally caught up with that episode.

Plus it was just… a really good episode. We got two great songs, Ooo’s number one prep-goth couple, and a nice bit of character development for everyone involved. I’d call that a good day!

We’ll be back with more Adventure Time tomorrow. Cya then!

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You know you love it, Marcy.

(PB’s shirt turned pink. She thought we wouldn’t notice. We did.)

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I don’t know why this picture of Marceline is so funny, but it is.

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I have so many feelings about Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen, and I am this close to bursting because FEELINGS. It’s like looking into the sun, its too pure, and it shines too brightly. When Bubblegum is wearing Marceline’s shirt in complete privacy, she inhales the scent of it so deeply, it emotionally feels like there is no way that she could not scent Marceline’s entire existence in that one sniff. “I never said you had to be perfect!” But if someone’s very existence is perfection to you? Perfection is subjective, after all.  “What Was Missing” breaks my heart every time.

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Today’s Theme: “What Was Missing”

It’s been 7 years since this episode aired, and gave us our first big hints of things to come.

Here’s to many more years of Bubbline! <3

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Marcy blushed when she found out after all this time PB kept the shirt she gave her. Even PB was a little flustered when she grabbed her shirt from Jake

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Choosing just one episode is super tough, but “What Was Missing” is a classic and probably the episode I remember well the most. This may as well also be Rebecca Sugar appreciation post.

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