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#what we do in the shadows fx
somethingscarlet13 · a day ago
I love how everyone loves Guillermo. People who’ve watched What We Do In The Shadows? They love Guillermo. People who’ve never watched What We Do In The Shadows? They also love Guillermo. Love is stored in the Guillermo.
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wintersteves · 2 days ago
Nandor will see a MILF and ask “is anyone gonna fuck her?” and not wait for an answer.
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nandormo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
hes my chap, hes my baby, hes my bugga boo, hes my soft little bean
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nandor actually looked so hot this episode, the little booty shorts, the 80s shirts and his haircut are so iconic and sexy
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orderlyhouse · 23 hours ago
i see people wonder why guillermo still lives in his old room when he could've taken the big blue room upstairs and like, it's a very valid concern but isn't his room considered to be a closet? so he's basically living in a c- 😳🤔 in a clo- 🤔🤔 that is to say, when he finally moves out it'd mean that he'd exit the closet and he will, so to speak, come out of the clo- 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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bastardbeewoman · a day ago
I love how the entirety of the wwdits and nandermo tag is full of people 10000% losing their minds and going "im normal about this show, im normal abt this show, im normal abt th
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i feel like i glossed over the fact that every day for a month straight guilllermo held nandor (doll) in his arms and was probably dying from insomnia and anxiousness
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justashippr · 2 days ago
WWDITS S3E8 spoilers:
This episode gave us soooooo much. But the most important to me is that Guillermo De la Cruz just pulled his master around by his hand and the said master didn’t even resist. It is very important to me and it should be, to you too. WWDITS is trending on Tumblr as it should. Have a good fucking day.
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