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phil-dwyer-stan-account · 4 months ago
I'm new to tumblr dot com. Why do you add a tag about queues to your posts saying what would the volturi queue? Is it tumblr etiquette and I just don't get it ??
Out of the goodness of your heart. Help.
Hi! Welcome to tumblr!
Basically you can queue posts (if you want me to explain how let me know and I will!) so that you don’t automatically get reblogged to your blog but they will at at later date/time! It’s helpful if you’re taking a break and want your blog to stay active or if you want to avoid spamming people or if you just want something to show up later! Most(but not all!) people add a tag letting people know this is from their queue either by just tagging “queue”/“queued” or coming up with a little phrase (ex: what would the volturi queue) But it’s totally not necessary!
I personally keep a queue running cause I take a lot of accidental breaks but I like for people to still be able to see new stuff on my blog! It’s kind of like I’m here even when I’m not! I hope this helped and if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!
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littlenosferatu · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
The soft exclamation was returned; bracing himself for an expected embrace, the warmth of his compassionate sister as comforting as ever. His arms wrapped around her familiar frame, finding his head leaning into his shoulder as he took a moment to appreciate her presence. ( Being away from any of them had been difficult but her absence had been particular torture. ) There was something special about Gabriella. She reminded him of a certain bushy-haired best friend he would forever grieve for. Yet if recent events had taught him anything, it was the tragic truth that returning to the wizarding world would be a mistake. Risky enough that they suspected he’d never perished. He’d scanned the latest headlines in defeat just that morning. Tracking down remaining rogue Death Eaters in secret had come at a cost. It had only been a matter of time when some adventurous news reporter for the Daily Prophet had jumped to conclusions and put two and two together, making four. If anything he should have been surprised it had taken them this long. ( It wasn’t like many would have had the guts to target those once in You-Know-Whos inner circle and bring their crimes to light. ) Sirius was right; there was both light and dark inside others but it hadn’t been fair to see some not even receive a slap on the wrist.
‘Hey, hey. I’m okay. I know I’ve been gone a while. I never expected to be gone half as long.’ Soothing her he found himself now more than a little sheepish; well aware of their worries for his wellbeing. He had been very vague regarding his return when leaving, not entirely sure how long it would take to pursue them. He doubted he’d barely scratched the surface and yet, for now at least, he’d done all he could. ( What he needed to do was lie low; let the chips fall where they may. ) Once that had become clear, he hadn’t hesitated to come home. There was nowhere else he rather be than back with those he considered family. Hopefully, in time they would forgive him. 
‘It’s complicated, Gabby. There was something I needed to do and I couldn’t risk my calls being intercepted. Call me paranoid but I believed it was a possibility…’ Queue, a wince. He had never gone into huge detail about the wizarding world, but they had their own enemy. ( The Volturi forever breathing down their necks; checking in and trying to persuade them to join their cause. ) This hadn’t been the Cullen’s fight. Just something he needed to do alone.
Tumblr media
‘I’m home now, and I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I’ve missed you so much.’
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fixeddawn · a year ago
Boy do I love this blog so, so much.
Was there a New Moon in the AU? Or did Bella put a stop to that nonsense immediately.
(Spoilers for the story Clotho (The Moirai Saga) ahead, beware!)
Edward: "Okay so what had happened was-"
-Bella and Alice appear, shoving him out of the way with a squeak-
Bella: "I- ugh, I tore him a new asshole when he told me he didn't actually love me, and he got me FUCKED up, but he still left. It was rough, especially when my powers started acting up and I started having panic attacks and meltdowns. The wolf pack over here is a bunch of different families, all somewhat Irish, they're descendants of the people of Ossory. Jakes grand-dad immigrated here in the 60's. Actually, OI, JACOB-"
-Jacob shoves into the room, but knocks his head on the doorframe on the way in.-
Jake: "FUCK. Finally man, the Boyz can talk!
Bella: "Eagan (Embry) Got you saying that now too, huh?"
Jake: "Ye, it's funnier. Anyway, shit happened WAY different than in the original plot line. Bella and I still got to be friends, and she hung out with my fam a lot, we have massive bonfires cause my dads the youngest of eight kids.
I helped her find her own place actually! My auntie had a 2 bedroom 2 bath house for rent cheap and she took it on the promise of painting it and shit. Of course then she got mixed up in all of our chaos, especially with the pub my dad runs in town, we got the Blacks, and the O'Clearys and the Udys, three old bloodlines. Bella actually found out about the pack by accident, I uh...I had a massive crush on her and she wasn't ready and stuff got tense and I just...poof, y'know?"
Bella: -makes exploding hand gesture- "Poof."
Jake: "Paul didn't like it at first but she became a member of the pack, we don't really imprint like...romantically, it's super rare, but mostly we imprint familial-y, Bella kept helping Emily cook and clean up and deal with a bunch of rowdy guys. (we got put to work too, don't worry) And she just meshed. She also became our field medic. It got so bad that if we weren't at The Farm, we were probably sprawled out on Bella's living room couch and floor, passed out.
Bella: "It was like snow white and the 7 goofy werewolves, it was great. Leah disliked me at first, but she still went through that thing with Sam, so she was struggling. We actually bonded over the whole "Fuck having a supernatural Ex" thing. Girls gotta support each other, you know? She and Emily also made up with a little time. When I was having my nightmares, facing all the shit that was going down alone and helpless, I told her about them. She's a professional kickboxer! She's fucking badass!! I begged her to train me and kept shoving cash at her until she let me hire her. I was USELESS at first, but she ran me hard, and eventually I could even hold my own in a fight against (human) Seth! All the while, Jake here was finding it hard to keep it in his pants, but he was really my rock, I tried to do everything I could to support him through his change and the aftermath, but it...well. You know who I married. -she cringes, Jake puts an arm around her shoulder for a rough squeeze and a small smile, obviously forgiving-
Jake: My crush was hard man, it still is low-key, (J: 👀 B: 😑) but...well, her panic attacks were still coming. And one night we were dancing, and I...well..."
Bella: "We kissed, I was so desperate to move on, feel something else, but I panicked. It wasn't right."
Jake: "She bolted from the party, ran into the woods, I remember screaming, and then this awful earsplitting sound, and a shockwave.
Bella: "....I kinda, blew down like 30 square feet of the forest around me. Thats when I realized all the popping lightbulbs and shaking surfaces weren't earthquakes...but, well, me. It was the worst panic attack I've ever had. So now, my vampire Bf dumped me, my best friend is a werewolf, and I can fuck shit up with my mind on accident when I'm highly emotional. Queue complete mental breakdown."
Jake: "...Then the redhead showed up."
Bella: "Victoria...she killed my coworker, my friend, horribly, gave him the same injuries James did to send the message. We realized she would start going after the people I was close to if she couldn't get to me. I pretty much hunkered down at The Farm after that, the pack did rounds and tried to protect so much land...I was terrified someone was going to get hurt. When she attacked The Farm, we were blindsided. She caught Seth around his chest and almost crushed him. I was terrified, I managed to use one of my "Bubbles" to blow her away from both of us so I could get him to safety and reset his ribs."
Alice: "And all 𝘐 saw was victoria closing in on Bella from above for a third of a second, when she let out her bubble, so, ofc, I thought she was dead and immediately bolted back to Pullman. Everyone else came too, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper... We were so shocked Victoria went after her and 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘦𝘥 𝘶𝘴.
"We found out, when we arrived at her apartment and she was still alive and being guarded by werewolves, that it was because my dumbass brother never gave her my goodbye letter, and lied to both sides about his intentions for what happened that day in the woods. He told the family he was going to tell her the truth, that he was going to take himself away from the situation and see if she couldn't move forward, if she couldn't have a human life. Not that he was going to lie to her that he "found out it was infatuation and not love" or whatever the fuck the Drama-King decided made sense. -steps hard on Edward, he squeaks mournfully-
"Emmett and Jazz were about ready to hunt him down for not giving her a way to contact the family, Esme was devastated that Bella thought we'd just abandoned her, Rose was...well, rose, and Carlisle and I were dissapointed, (mine was more on the murder side tho.)
Bella: "We really didn't think it could get much worse, but Edward's creative."
Alice: "Rose calls him to tell him Vicky killed Bella, because EMMETT NEVER FUCKING CALLED HER. Edward flies into a fucking rage tantrum and ofc, goes to italy. When I told her what was happening, Bella was 𝘱𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘥, like, walls shaking, lightbulbs popping pissed, and tbh I kinda wanted to see her kick his twink ass."
Bella: "...The emotions were wild. Rage, betrayal, relief, fear, it was such a jumble. When we got there, saved him, and got passed the volturi, we stayed overnight- well, over𝘥𝘢𝘺 in one of the dorm room things. I was still in my funeral dress and nylons and had lost my shoes, so they let me shower and sleep. First however, I laid into Ed. I wasn't going to carry the weight of "if I accidentally die, I'm gonna be the fuckin reason Edward is taken from his family too." Especially not as a Human. I informed him he was going to come home, apologize, take his lumps, and cope. He was a grown ass man and he needed to act like one and clean up the mess he made."
Edward, from the floor, muffled: "Safe to say, I learned my lesson. My self flagellation and pity-party was immature at best, destructive at worst. I apologized to Bella and my family, and did not yet ask for forgiveness, just for the opportunity to prove that I 𝘩𝘢𝘥 learned something from all of this."
Bella: "...We didn't get back together at first. I couldn't trust him, and he obviously did not trust me or my feelings. But I still loved him. When he was there for me and recognized/supported my autonomy, over a little bit of time I was able to trust him again. I think we both grew a LOT during the experience, and while it sucked the whole time, it was also a catalyst for better things to come. Jake was upset, at first, but we had a long and hard talk. Honestly about what I was able to give to a friendship and if it would be enough for him. He eventually decided, that it was. We still bro's. He even made friends with Edward."
Jake: -Grins and steps on Edwards head. Edward growls and rolls over to drag him to the ground. The boys play-wrestle in the background, though it looks less playful than others. Growling, gnashing, and the word 'fuck' is heard often from the fray.-
Alice: "Idiots."
Bella: "The Cullens and the wolves actually bonded as Esme and Sam strategized about the newborn war. We're not "natural enemies" after all, just smelly to alert the other we're in the area. So Jake and the pack and I are still close as ever. "
"Sorry if this was long winded, but it deserved an explanation! I'm gonna go break the boys up now, thanks for your question!"
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twilightt-fantasy · a year ago
Hello, how are you? In your opinion how would react and act the three Volturi king (as a poly or not, what you prefer) with a s/o who is a single mother with a very young kid (like 2-3 y/o). They would accept the baby? They would think about him/her as theirs? If yes, when the baby calls them "dad" what woul be their reaction? Sorry if it's too much. Thank you for your time.
in the queue!
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volturicangetit · 2 years ago
S.U- Imprint
Tumblr media
Summary: You, Aro’s child, join your father for the battle against the Cullen clan. What you didn’t expect is for a wolf to imprint on you. 
Request: YES/no Anon: Omg, could you write about Aro's adopted daughter and Sam Uley imprinting on her? Like they're on different sides when the fight with Volturi over Nessie happens. And she's just fearless and he falls in love the minute he lays his eyes on her. It can also be for Jacob Black/Paul Lahote, if you don't feel comfortable writing for Sammy. Thanks! ✨
A/N: Writing for Sam is not problem! I love him. 
Warnings: swearing, mention of Sam being naked
Wordcount: 1041
Partaking in a standoff is the last thing you wanted to do today, be these are the kind of things that come along with being in the Volturi. Most of the witnesses that are here for the Volturi keep their distance from the three kings, trying to be respectful. Not you though, no. You're standing next to Aro, you're father, right at the front of the group. You keep your head up and chest forward. You aren't afraid of a fight, you know you could easily win against a coven like the Cullens. Sure, they had some members with extraordinary gifts, but they didn't work as a team all that well, constantly bickering and questioning their own strength. You didn't do that. You know what you're capable of and what your limits are.
" She's born not bitten, " Bella explains from across the field. She shouts, forgetting that we all could hear her even if she whispered. Her newness to the whole vampire lifestyle is apparent. It's quiet for a bit. The three kings look at each other, silently discussing what they should do next. " She grows every single day. ". Your father clearly has enough of the chit-chat, wanting some action he gives Jane a glare. On queue, she looks at Edward who immediately falls onto his knees, screaming in pain. All of a sudden a group of werewolves come running from behind the coven as if they are called by his bloodcurdling scream. You look over them. Some of the wolves are clearly younger. Their bodies are smaller and way less muscular than the others. One wolf stands out though, the big black wolf who stands a bit in front of the pack. Everything about him screams alpha. His eyes are focussed on you. Something in the look in his eyes doesn't suit you well. Edwards screams stop, however, you didn't hear your dad call Jane off. You look over at the Cullens again. Bella's gaze is focused on Edward. You can feel the energy radiating off her. To most, it would go unnoticed, but not to you. You had a gift, not a useful one in your opinion but one none the less. You could sense gifts. You can feel it in the energy around them.
" She's a shield, " you say softly to which your father nods. Aro lifts his hand and Jane stops. You look at the child again. Renesmee, such a weird name. " I can hear her heartbeat, " you say, this time a bit louder. This comment causes the other members of the Volturi to gasp.
" Are you sure? " Marcus asks. You look over at him, the everlasting sad glare present in his eyes. You nod. Your father holds his hand out and you grab it. The black wolf immediately lets out a low growl. You look at him again, eyes still fixed on you. " What the fuck is his problem? " you say as you glance over at Edward. His eyes grow wide as he turns around to look at the wolf.
" Really, Sam? " he asks. Sam, yeah that suits him. You glance between Edward and Aro, confusion is written all over your face. " He imprinted on her. ". At the comment, your dad grips her hand harder. " What! " Caius yells. You shake your head, letting go of your father's hand and throwing your hands in the air.
" Hell no! That fucking dog imprinted on me? Disgusting! ". You and werewolves did not get along. You were livid that they are actually here right now, but you saw it coming considering it was the Cullens you were supposed to fight. " What am I supposed to do with him? Play fetch and be a happy dog owner? Nope. I'm out, this is too much. ".
You turn around and start making your way through the witnesses standing behind you. The dog imprinted on you? That was the last straw, you're going home. You didn't feel like a fight anyway. " You can't leave him. He needs you now. " Bella says. In response, you stick up your middle finger in the air. Sam feels hurt, of course, his imprint rejected him. But at the same time, he is even more drawn to you. You have wit, sass and are not afraid of saying whatever comes to your mind. You didn't even make it far into the woods before the wolf starts running after you. You can hear his heartbeat coming closer and closer so you slow down your running and come to a halt. Sam quickly changes back into his human form. Now standing in front of you is a man, not a fury wolf anymore. " What? " you ask.
" I'm Sam, " he says. He's breathing heavily, chest bouncing up and down. " Look, I know that you don't like. ". You nod to his comment. " But I think we can work this out. Please. ". You sigh, rolling your eyes.
" Look mister hotty pants, here's what's going to happen. " You quickly move so that you're now standing in front of him. You give his chest a small jab with your pointer finger. " I'm going to go home and wonder what in the ever-living fuck I did to deserve being imprinted on by a dog. Then you're going to get desperate and come visit me, which by the way, very bad choice. And then, maybe, I might just tolerate you enough to even consider being in a friendship with you. Yeah? ". He nods happily. Did he like the situation? Not a single bit. He hated vampires, couldn't stand the sight of them. But he knew that he also couldn't live without his imprint. A smile still appears on his face, though. He loves the sass in you. You’re full of life. For being a vampire, you aren’t all that bad. 
You give him a quick smile and start to walk away from him further into the woods again. You give him a last look over your shoulder. " Oh, and by the way, " you say, " You're not wearing clothes. ". His eyes widen at your comment as he immediately covers his private parts. You snicker softly before running off again, leaving him alone and a blushing mess.
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sunshine-tea · 2 years ago
One of my favorite things, among many awesome and hilarious things, in the Twlight fandom here are the hashtags. The play on queue is agh *chefs kiss*
Examples off the top of my head:
-where have queue been loca
-what would the volturi queue
-how long have queue been seventeen
Please add to this list, I NEED to see more!!!
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feuilly-cakes · 2 years ago
Twilight - review
I'm now revealing myself to be twilight trash, but let's talk about it! In this review you'll find the good, the bad, and the ugly (in list form even!) I know this story like the back of my hand, and this is a reread, so although I've only read this particular book once before, I can't be unbiased here. I am a more critical reader now than I was at 14 though, so hopefully this review counts for something. There will be a warning before the section with the spoilers if you haven't yet given in to the curiosity.
Tumblr media
I loved it. I gave it 4*. I also found certain parts offensive. Some parts were very funny, and others just as dramatic as you'd expect from a book published for teens in 2005. The love story was, dare I say it, good. It's an enemies to friends to lovers, with a very quick progression on those last two. Both Bella and Edward acted just like regular teens around each other, and if there wasn't a vampire aspect involved it wouldn't have been criticised too heavily on the relationship front. I pretty much sped through the book, even with life getting in the way and pausing every 5 minutes to stick annotation tabs in. We are given a good amount of information about vampires, the history of the characters, and also the kinds of people these characters are. Aside from the offensive/insensitive parts, the entirety of which I will be listing below as I picked up on them, there are only a few moments of genuine real life creepiness not related to the Port Angeles scene right up until the epilogue, which made me very uncomfortable for reasons I shall be explaining. As a random note, I noticed 9 obvious instances of foreshadowing. She must have known where she was going with this series, or else that was a strange coincidence. The rest of this review will contain spoilers Let's begin with how this differs from the movie, since pretty much everyone has seen the movie. First and foremost, there are the characters - Bella and Edward specifically. Bella in this book is a typical teenager with a strong personality. As a child she had tantrums over going to Forks, saying she 'hadn't made a secret of [her] distaste for Forks.' She has a fierce temper, but she is also kind, frowning upon Jessica Stanley's judgement of Esme for adopting kids because she can't have any biologically. She's not vain but she cares about her looks, fussing over her skin being paler once she got to Forks - 'My skin could be pretty' 'I had no color here.' Sarcasm is her thing, and she despairs that none of her new classmates seem to get her sense of humour. She's friendly though an introvert, smiling and waving at everyone who greets her after a week of school while not knowing all of their names. She loves girls nights, and finds being around other girls 'invigorating'. She's independent and won't let Edward question that: "No, she did not send me here. I sent myself." However, she notices she has a very strong crush on Edward that is almost obsessive and finds it 'pitiful' and 'pathetic'. At least she's self aware. 
Bella is very funny at times, especially when referencing her clumsiness (I won't spoil this because humour should never be spoiled). Bella is very smart and resourceful, but not in the obvious way. Schoolwork is a breeze for her because she's done most of it at her old school, but she's smart in other ways. It's Bella who figures out about Edward's mind reading abilities and questions him about it, and who flirts with Jacob Black to get information about the Cullens and why they aren't allowed on the reservation. It's Bella who tells Edward that men and women should be equal or as close to equal as they can, each saving each other the same amount of times. It's also Bella who feels that Mike Newton understands her, because they both were new in Forks at one point, and both lived in sunny places and probably both experienced the chain link fences and metal detectors that Bella was shocked were not at Forks High School. (Personally that threw me for a loop too, that schools could have metal detectors.) Edward is closer to the movie characterisation, but acts more like a typical teenage boy. He's moody but charming, awkward at times but also mischievous. At one point he cuts Bella off in the school car park and then deliberately stops his car to wait for his siblings, causing a queue behind them and giving Tyler Crowley the opportunity to ask her to the dance. He does all this to anger Bella, and it was absolutely hilarious. He flip flops between cheerful and broody, and finds Bella utterly fascinating. He is constantly relearning boundaries and ways to make Bella and himself feel more comfortable. An interesting aspect of his character that was definitely unintentional and handled poorly was the way he was coded as demi-sexual. He states that he has never wanted anyone before Bella, and his adoptive mother Esme thought there was something missing in him. As this is offensive I'll be bringing it up again later. Back to some positives, he likes to sing under his breath in a very fast speed that looks like his lips are trembling, and finds the heat of Bella's hands very pleasant. I thought this was cute, and I had to tab it for future reference. A not so cute thing is how he can 'dazzle' Bella by being close to her face and breathing on her. She describes this as her mind going blank, after which we see her agree to whatever he says while she is in this state. It's a bit creepy but he doesn't take advantage of it at first after being made aware of it, he only does so towards the end, which we shall get into later. He also hears the minds of others as a background hum that he can then focus in on, which I found interesting. Now, onto actual plot things that differed, we have Bella never buying that book on Quileute legends, instead simply flirting with a 15 year old Jacob to get his information and then combining that with a google search, and coming to her conclusions that way. Next, we have the Volturi being mentioned but not by name, firstly on vampires a-z in the section: 'Stregoni benefici: An Italian vampire, said to be on the side of goodness, and a mortal enemy of all evil vampires.' and then in a scene that wasn't a part of the film at all, wherein Edward and Bella are in Carlisle's office, talking about his history, and they are brought up simply as Carlisle's artistic friends from Italy. They are named but the word Volturi is nowhere in this book. In a similar vein, several backstories are revealed in this book that we didn't really get to see until later in the series. Bella gets some meaningful interactions with Jasper, who actually sits next to her and touches her to calm her down in the hotel. It's also implied somewhere in those chapters that Alice possibly knew about Bella planning to sneak off and let her go anyway. Finally, Bella is awake after the venom gets sucked out. This is important because she tells them that the venom is gone and thanks Edward before passing out. She was awake and aware the whole time, though in incredible pain. Another difference happens but I'll be discussing that with the other creepy things. Next, I would like to discuss a few things we learn about Vampires. Did you know that despite their physical perfection, a hungry vampire looks like they are recovering from a nose job? The bruises are very prominent, and likely not pretty to look at. Did you also know that they a venomous in the true sense of the word? Alice tells Bella that the venom is to incapacitate victims with the pain, and becoming a vampire is just a side effect, not the true function of the venom. The pain is there for a reason, and that reason is to torture victims with the burning sensation so they can't get away. These vampires may sparkle, but they aren't cute. I will never get the image of snake fangs out of my mind in conjunction to twilight vampires. Am I the only one who didn't realise the inherent creepiness of that because there's no mention of it in the films? Alright, now onto the offensive/ creepy stuff. I'll be bullet pointing these with elaboration where needed. -Bella refers to herself as an albino simply because she is pale. This one just didn't sit right with me, for reasons I can't explain. Stick with me here, it gets worse. -A casual comment about suicide: 'I guess he considered me old enough now not to shoot myself by accident, and not depressed enough to shoot myself on purpose.' This one is tricky, because everyone has made jokes like that, but it made me personally uncomfortable and didn't need to be in there considering the tone of the rest of the book. -Upon Edward talking to her again after the car park incident, Bella says this: "Do you have multiple personality disorder?" This needs no elaboration. Buckle up, it gets worse. -Jacob. He tells Bella his people's legends after she flirts with him, all the while telling her he didn't believe them himself. Then he asks her: "So do you believe we're a bunch of superstitious natives or what?" As someone who is not native american, I can't give a personal perspective here, but I don't believe this is something she should have had a native character say. Stephenie Meyer is a white woman and had no place essentially calling the people she culturally appropriated a bunch of superstitious natives. It was jarring to read that line knowing that it's not her culture and she has no right to say that, only someone from the culture has the right to say that. As I said, I'm not native american and I haven't looked deeply into what exactly she stole and changed, but I know she did it, so that can of course be a pretty major offence to many people. -She compares her clumsiness to being 'almost disabled'. Gross. -The watching her while she sleeps thing. Let's talk about it. She guesses he's been spying on her when he knows where the key is after the meadow date, and he says he's been watching her sleep. It's undoubtedly creepy, but Bella isn't concerned about that. Oh no, she's concerned about what he heard while she was sleep talking. She actually seems unbothered by the stalking aspect, which is why I think these actions flew under the radar for so many people. If Bella thinks it's fine then it must be fine, right? This should have been handled differently. -The Aphobia. Edward tells Bella that Esme was 'afraid that there was something missing from [his] essential makeup'. This is really harmful, but it wasn't intentional. I have no doubt that Stephenie Meyer had no clue and perhaps still has no clue that asexuality is a thing and that she accidentally made Edward demisexual, by simple fact of him being interested in no one before Bella. Nonetheless, it needs to be warned for. -There are heavy implications of p*dophilia here, by choice of language. Regarding Bella's class, full of people her age. Edward calls them a 'class full of children' then on the next page calls Bella 'an insignificant little girl' and then a few chapters down he calls jacob a 'child' to which Bella responds that he is not much younger than she is and Edward cheerfully replies that he knows. It's beyond creepy and I wish it wasn't there, because if it had gone the opposite way of Edward making old man jokes it could have been funny and not horrifying to think about. -Lastly though not leastly, the epilogue. All throughout the book Bella has under no circumstances wanted to go to prom. She is tricked into going to prom. Alice sees the future, Edward reads minds, they knew she wouldn't want to go but bamboozled her into going anyway, and when she starts shouting and crying, Edwards tells her "Don't be difficult". This is creepy and horrifying, that they are taking away her agency and treating her like a child when she tries to refuse. Although she goes and has a goodish time, it still wasn't right to force her into that position. Thus concludes this review, and I leave you with the knowledge that if you read this you get to see the part where Charlie Swan tells Bella that Carlisle Cullen is very attractive. Good day.
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julia-cmoon · 3 years ago
Stories I am currently working on that have covers (Yes there are others that don’t have covers yet)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aro Volturi Fanfic
"I am able to see your victims, I am able to see and feel their pain"
Eve is the youngest addition to the Cullen family, she has the gift to be able to see those who died. Still human she goes with her sister and Bella to save Edward from revealing himself. In which led her to meet someone she had no idea would be linked to her.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zero Kiryu x OC
What if Shizuka Hio had a child with Rido Kuran? what would the child be like...? Her hair, dark as raven wings and her eyes that are able to look deep into his soul.
This is a rewrite of the story somethings have changed however I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Marcus Volturi X OC
"Marcus, be patient your fated one will be with you" "Aro, it has been centuries, do you think she will just pop right out of the sky?" And on queue, a blue-haired bride had landed in his arms.
Belladonna a runaway bride from a man who she knew was not right for her and was not the kindest had managed to gain a new husband on the same night. Who knew all you had to do was run up 6 flights of stairs and jump into the arms of a vampire.
Tumblr media
Snowman x Oc
Calypso, half human, half vampire. Blade took her in when he found her protecting a human woman from being attacked by a man. Interested by the fact she only feeds off of disgusting humans. He brought her under her wing and trained her how to fight and how to control her "gift".
However when a group of vampires asks Blade to help them hunt down some reapers. Calypsos heart starts to flutter when she is near a certain silent vampire
Tumblr media
Thranduil X OC
The children of the night, powerful beings created by the dark lord Sauron. There was once six, but now there's only one.
(A Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit fanfic story)
Tumblr media
Balem x Fem OC
Persephone has the gift of healing and is wanted by not only her fellow Earthlings but by others that are not from Earth. She has been chased, kidnapped and then traded and now belongs to Balem Abrasax.
Handsome yes but too bad this very old man acts like a brat.
Tumblr media
Thranduil x Oc story
Andromeda Black a California witch who is wishing for more in her life along with a better love life. Seems like these non-magic boys aren't cutting it. Maybe taking a classic fairytale portal to another world will satisfy her need for adventure.
For a mature audience due to language, and other mature content
Tumblr media
Peter Pan x Oc
"You see Harley, Peter Pan never fails," he said with a grin. "And you see Pan, Harley Jinx always wins"
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like-rain-or-confetti · 4 years ago
Mental Visitor (Volturi x Reader)
Mental Visitor (Volturi x Reader)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The chill that ran down your spine just as the cold air hit your skin told you that you weren't safe. This was then reinforced by the the tall men dressed in a dark grey and cloaked approaching you, Bella and Edward. The three men spoke borderlining confrontational when you jumped as Alice opened the door behind you with a grin which was quickly washed away when a much younger looking blonde girl dressed in black headed down the hall. Ironically she looked the most threatening and your heart pounded in your chest, which didn't go unnoticed. "Aro sent me to see what is taking so long." The blonde said before turning expecting them to follow and with a push to both Bella and yourself by Alice, you all complied. "Just do as she says..." Alice locks eyes with Bella who turned to look at her with uncertainty. Something told you that you didn't want to look into the blonde girls mind. Some minds looked more welcoming than others and her mind was certainly not welcoming. The disadvantage to your gift was that some were more aware of your presence inside their head than others, it was like poking a bear and no one liked being accompanied in their own mind. You thought about the tall dark haired man behind you. He looked a lot more promising than the blonde girl did.
It felt like zoning out, a daydream and soon you felt like a visitor, or perhaps wearing a costume. That's when you knew it had worked. You were startled, it was like being surrounded by starving lions as they eyed up their next meal. That next meal being Bella. It made your stomach turn, you could feel their hunger but you were so much more aware of how wrong it felt. You didn't time to prod around as you were in an elevator so you immediately focused getting back into your body which you successfully did, just in time for the elevator doors to open.
You knew this was dangerous but you were dangerous. You stated at Aro who openly wondered what to do with both you and Bella with the responses of his brothers to kill you both. You didn't waste anymore time and pushed, your eyes fluttered and suddenly you were no longer staring at Aro but instead watching Edward, Alice and Bella. You heard Aro talk as though it was yourself speaking. You concentrated just as Aro muttered "Felix..." And Edward jumped into action with protest and a full blown fight ensued.
You tried to contain your fear. 'What if they were to change her? That would be a happy ending that would last forever.' Felix yanked Edward to Aro waiting for Aro to pull off Edwards head just as Bella began to protest. 'They must be serious about one another to go through such bother.' It must have been working as Aro seemed to be postponed in the execution as Bella began screaming which got Aro's attention as he raised a hand signalling for Felix to wait. You stayed silent in Aro's head being very cautious and luckily Alice's interuppting sweetened the deal. Both of you would be changed, starting with Bella. You felt relief before you panicked again, Edward and Alice were tugging your body to walk out the door, without you. You panicked and Aro inhaled sharply as Edwards jaw clenched. 'No! No!' You darted out of Aro's head and the doors were closing, a blonde guard stepped in the way of you and your body which was quickly blocked by the door as it shut. You found yourself in his head. His name was Afton and you swallowed hard. Afton felt a sudden unease, and scratched his head slightly before going still. You terrified. You're body was being walked away from you. The further it got, the more difficult it would be to return to it and you couldn't let any of them know you were here, or what you could do. You travelled to Jane's body and felt the Alec's hand securely holding Jane's. It wasn't comfort meant for you but you took it because right now, you needed it more than anything.
Even leaving the throne room, Alec's hand didn't leave Jane's. You had buried yourself in the darkest, furthest place of Jane's mind, huddled into a ball.
"Are they going to be okay?" Bella whispered eyeing your still form. Edward nodded. "I think it's the shock, Bella. We'll get them checked over by Carlisle once we land."
"You've gone quiet, sister. Are you alright?" Alec tilted his head, sitting in front of a crosslegged Jane. "Are you still angry about that human?"
"Yes," Jane said stiffly. "but that isn't bothering me as much as this rather odd feeling I keep getting."
"What feeling?" Alec took Jane's hand.
"I kept feeling rather...stressed for brief moments and I don't know why, like fear."
"You have nothing to be afraid of, Jane." Alec assured her.
She didn't, but you did and you couldn't contain the feeling of panic for a moment clenching your eyes shut. "I know." Jane snapped before shaking her head. "I'm sorry, brother. I'm not sure what has been wrong with me the past few hours. It'll pass."
Your body was back in America, you knew it because the further it got, the worse this crawling feeling got. You didn't feel like yourself anymore, you felt drained and just wanted to cry. It had clearly affected Jane, who after another few hours was alone and lying on her bed. She hadn't done so in decades and acknowledged something was very wrong but insisted it would pass. She was laying curled up on her side.
Your condition had gotten worse since you landed. Alice was slowly walking you to the car after explaining to airport security that you weren't feeling very well after a rough flight and she was taking you home to rest. Edward noted you were still very quiet and that your eyelids had begun to droop as though you were tired. Your steps taken looked more like you were dragging your feet. They tried talking to you but eventually gave in as you looked right through them.
Reunions were cut very short when the Cullen's got home. Edward took Bella home your body was left behind with the Cullen's. Carlisle shone a light in your eyes, your pupils had no response in dilation and you didn't react to any kind of sound. Your eyes were nearly shut, fluttering open briefly for a second. "Are they okay?" Esme looked at Carlisle. Carlisle turned to Esme and shook his head. "No. Alice and Edward were worried that perhaps (Y/N) was in shock or scared but this is purely medical." As though on queue, your body gave out, suddenly slumping bit quickly caught by Carlisle before you could hit the ground.
'Please, help me.' You sobbed feeling completely trapped and weak within Jane's head. You were almost as startled as her when she suddenly sat up in alarm, her eyes darting around the room. She sniffed. She was the only one here. You knew it was a mistake but you didn't care anymore. You knew something had just happened to your body.
"Who's there!?"
'You won't see me. Please, i need your help. I'm stuck and- and I need you to go to America so I can get to my body!'
"Where are you?"
'You need to stop talking, I'm in your head! Say it in your mind! You sound crazy!'
'Are you why I've been feeling strange?'
'Ive been trying to keep out of your way but they took my body back to America and the longer I stay away the worse the situation will get. I can't stay out there for too long.'
'Youre that other human...' Jane's eyes narrowed with accusation.
'Please, please, help me! I promise you'll never see me again if you help me!'
'As delightful as that offer is, I can't just get up and travel to America.'
'First of all, I need to show you to Aro.' Jane smirked before wincing at the sudden horror that you felt. 'No no please!'
'Im one of the most treasured and permanent guards of the Volturi. I have responsibilities and I can't just get up and leave!' Jane ignored your further protests. Aro was excited by Jane's claims which sounded more of a bizarre story of a child than anything else. That was until he took Jane's hand and noticed that she was infact, not alone in her own head. "Oh my..." Aro looked up from Jane's hand.
"I don't understand, their symptoms lead to a coma, but there is no explanation as to why." Carlisle looked at you as you lay on the bed, now connected to different fluids. It had been a few days since you collapsed and he was no closer to finding out what caused your state.
"I told you, I would go in the morning." Jane said very aggravated. "If you ask me one more time, I assure you that you will be returned to your body so I can torture you and then kill you!"
'Im sorry...' you said meekly. 'im just really cold and I don't feel well.'
Jane paused. "because of me?"
'No. It's because I've been so far from my body for too long. It's weird being in here- no offense. It's always alien to be in someone else's head.'
'I imagine so.'
'Can I ask you something?'
'That depends on the question.'
'I wanted to know more about you and your brother...'
'You don't have to answer, I could just use something to keep my mind off this awful feeling.'
Jane sighed after a period of silence. 'We were accused of witch craft and burned at the stake.'
'Woah, why?'
'We were twins, a rarity which were considered witches and as we grew older, it became clear that we weren't normal. We were outcasted from our village. I was attacked by a boy in the woods, one of the children of the village. That was the last straw and then Aro saved us.' You didn't push Jane for the minor details. You were grateful to have been distracted as well as hear her story from her personally.
'You and your brother are very close...'
"Were all we had." Jane confirmed.
'I wish I had a bond like that.'
"Do you have any siblings?"
'No... not many friends either. I never really fit in much. I kind of got used to getting along with everyone but never really making any real connections. It gets rather lonely some times.'
"Yes...I'm lucky I have Alec."
'For what it's worth... I'm sorry that happened to you, you didn't deserve it.'
Jane didn't seem to take your words too kindly. "Shut up."
The twins clearly felt an invasion of privacy as the two sat silently in discomfort, very aware you could hear them.
'What time is it?'
"10:52pm." Jane said quickly. You thanked her before muttering to yourself about keeping it together. "Are you alright?" Jane asked and Alec lifted his head.
'Im fine... just a little light-headed. I'm just gonna...curl up here.'
"Are they okay?" Alec asked and Jane gave him an uncertain look. "What happens if we don't get you back?"
'I don't know and to be honest, I don't want to know.' Jane didn't feel well in that moment and so wanted to keep you distracted and alert. "Tell me, where's your favourite place in the world?" Alec understood what his twin was doing and so added his own input. "Perhaps we've been there?"
Jane heard you chuckle. 'You definitely haven't been there.'
"Well how would you know?" Jane pushed.
'If I tell you, you can't laugh.'
"We won't laugh."
'In all honesty, my favourite place in the world is my bed.'
"You're being funny." Jane deadpanned before turning to face her twin. "They said their favourite place is their bed."
"I don't know if I should be worried but I'm more dumbfounded than anything..." Alec said. "I mean, they were right, we haven't been there."
'hey! If there is a place that treats me better than my own bed then that will be my favourite but until then-!' you huffed.
As the night continued, you were distracted by the awful dull feeling you felt by Jane and Alec who had begun to become more of friends than acquaintances, the ice falling away.
As promised Jane went to America but you had also gone very quiet, she was alone for most of the journey. Jane was greeted by the unnerved Cullen's. Eventually, they believed Jane and let her see you.
Jane looked down at your body. You were softly breathing, your heartbeat stable, but there was no other sign of life, not even the flicker of eye movements behind your eyelids. It was bizarre, dare she say difficult to see you like this when you were so filled with life when talking that night. In all honesty, Jane had grown worried for her little human friend. You had went quiet. she wasn't sure what was happening and could only assume the worst which was being too late. She lightly touched your hand and got no response. A few moments later your lips parted and you took a deeper breath before turn your head to the side. After a few minutes, your eyes opened and greeted Jane with a smile.
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Hey, so I reached 1.5k followers, and wanted to do something special for you guys. So, I thought maybe doing ships would be a cool thing?
What You’ll Get:
A cute gif of the person I ship you with
Why I think you’d be a good match with said person
Various random headcanons
General Notes:
You can send me your appearance and such,  but I’m going to be basing it much more on your personality/interests tbh. 
You can send in more than one ask if it runs over (or use the submissions box), but please be reasonable
If you want to be shipped with a character from a particular group (Cullens, Volturi, Quileutes), let me know :). 
If you want a particular gender (male or female ship), please add in that detail too :). 
Also, I’ll tag them all as: Rebecca Ships, if you want to blacklist that. I’ll try to space them out in my queue for once a day/every other day, so they don’t eat up anyone’s dash. 
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Tumblr media
I posted 1,298 times in 2021
102 posts created (8%)
1196 posts reblogged (92%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 11.7 posts.
I added 533 tags in 2021
#what would the volturi queue - 223 posts
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Longest Tag: 132 characters
#and it’s not important because i say it is. i’m nobody. but it’s important because i’ve seen how much applying this actually changes
My Top Posts in 2021
“You don’t know a thing about his soul”
. . . Bella less than a year ago he almost killed hundreds of students just to be able to drink your blood in biology class. Even ten minutes ago he was totally fine with the idea of letting a whole town get slaughtered for looking at him sparkle. Please reevaluate.
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Forgive me if someone else has already thought of this. But fuck the Breaking Dawn trial. I don’t want to see them stand around and talk. I DONT want to see Alice’s vision of them fighting in the movie. I want to see a huge baseball game between the Cullens + the witnesses vs the Volturi. If the Cullens win they’re innocent and if they lose they’re guilty.
Everyone including the volturi wear baseball uniforms but the volturi’s have black capes.
Supermassive black hole plays in the background.
Renasty is the baseball.
My heart is content.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bernie has more important things to watch than the inauguration
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When Jacob asks Bella if she would still be his friend if he couldn’t fix the bikes and she validates him and explains that she’s spending time with him because she wants to not because she gets anything out of it
Tumblr media
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Would you be bothered if someone made a "keeping up with the pack" type of thing?
This one is trickier. I mean, obviously I don’t have any copyright here. Twilight isn’t my intellectual property and I don’t own the images from the DVDs. I’m figuring this is a ‘fair use’ situation under parody but I have no legal standing and I know that. It’s called “Keeping Up with the Cullens” because that sounded the best, with the same same hard C/K sound as Kardashians, not because it’s only about them. The episodes cover the books, so the humans, the pack, Volturi, other vampires etc appear when they do in the books/movies. And the “asks” are all driven by what kind of asks I get and if I can think of a funny answer for them (I have 950 in the queue I haven’t gotten to yet as well :X). So the Pack are already featured here; it would feel a little weird if someone were doing the same thing with just the Pack characters, but I couldn’t really do anything about it.Maybe if it were based on a specific fanfic instead of the books/movies? Then it would be kind of its own thing? And a link back as credit for inspiration would be nice, too. I’d also warn someone who wanted to do such a Pack-centric project that there just aren’t as many interviews/screencaps (at least of them in character) to work with for the pack actors as there are for the vampire ones. That limits how much you can do with them and that’s another factor as to who gets ‘screentime’ on the blog.
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phil-dwyer-stan-account · 2 years ago
Probably a lot honestly
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