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idk who you are but I’ve been here consistently for the past year and I changed my url a few months ago. this message is coming off in a kind of condescending way, like that’s how it sounded in my head so I’m trying to not be like uber bitch defensive… but like lol, why would I not be here?

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We are deep in the Vocaloid AU over here.

I always loved Len’s outfit, so when the opportunity presented itself, I knew I had to dress Luna in it!

This was soooooooo much fun to make! I enjoyed every step of the way. Maybe I should draw more Vocaloid related stuff. We’ll see.

I worked almost the entire day on this piece, but it was worth it. I’m really pleased with the end-result.

(btw, in binary it says “Luna is Len” over and over again.)

Credit to @kyril-hphm that came up with the whole idea of the Vocaloid AU in the first place.

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