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#what's an anon
hansoeii · 4 hours ago
Excuse me ma’am, but why am I obsessing over a middle aged white man in a dull brown suit? How did this happen?? What have you done to me???
Listen, I went from obsessing over these ethereal beings
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
to committing my life to this funky little dude
Tumblr media
I'm the wrong person to ask, I don't know how this happened either.
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green-blue-heller · 8 hours ago
so cockles truther here and I saw a hater on twt mentioned that cockles can't be a thing because their never spotted with fans or seen together and am like ......Because if your relationship is a secret you would be very careful not be spotted and in the back of your mind you would be second guessing everything even tho you're not outing yourselves. like j/2 their relationship is an open book because they have zero to hide they are always spotted with fans and at fbbc together. with Jenmish its totally opposite.
Love your blog 💙
First off… Aww. Thanks! 🥰
But yeah. You’re totally right.
Someone mentioned this before, in an ask, but it’s definitely worth repeating!
Jensen himself told a fan at a con, when asked why he hadn’t been seen much floating around the con. (I guess they’re often seen roaming halls…)
He basically told them that if they aren’t seen, it’s because they don’t want to be. That security helps keep them out of the public eye. And when they are seen, it’s because that’s basically when they want to be accessible to fans.
But the thing is, they have been seen, albeit rarely, together.
There’s a photo of the two of them in Italy with a fan.
There’s also a photo of them at the airport with a fan. In Italy. Days after JIB. Because Misha had to stick around a couple extra days because he had a JIBLand panel. And Jensen stayed too!
I believe a fan also got a pic of them at a restaurant together, but don’t quote me on that. Because I might be remembering that wrong.
Although, we do have stories from Jensen and Misha themselves, talking about very date-like dinners.
The three least ordered items story. I mean, come on! Look at Misha’s face when he realizes what story Jensen is telling!
The pepper story, where Misha and Dee ate the ate hot peppers at some restaurant and Jensen was like nope.
And… for the cherry on top… the Vatican.
In the beginning, the story was told as though it were a group of people. Then J/2 stans we’re convinced it was just the two of them who went. But, we later found out in a 2017 EW interview that it was just Jensen and Misha. And even Clif confirmed in an interview, podcast, or something, that it was just Jensen and Misha who went.
So yeah. They keep a lot of things they do under wrap. And most of the time, we only find out years later about things that they’ve done.
Such as leaving Vancouver together to go to LA to visit their friend in the hospital and see her newborn baby… 🥺
Also… I know this isn’t part of your ask, buuuut… I love driving this point home… Colorado is a big state. Yet, Jensen and Dee chose this tiny spec that is barely on the map to move to. This tiny spec of a place that just so happens to already be the home of some of Misha’s closest friends (including his personal assistant)… 🤷‍♀️
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plumb1tes · 2 hours ago
Don't worry, I kept forgetting to do that on my first playthrough too, lmao.
I played through the Black Eagles route first, and in every subsequent playthrough after that I always made sure to get the green-haired sleepy bisexual, blue-haired Sir Screams-a-lot, and the ball of Purple Anxiety.
i wish the game had more mlm and wlw options for byleth, bc the fact that you can marry sothis who looks like a child and is related to you but you cant marry manuela as f. byleth is sooooo much bullshit
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shig-a-shig-ah · 3 hours ago
Shy Tomura crushing hard on someone. Like around everyone else he’s his normal self, but when they come around he’s quieter. Nervous about weirding them out somehow. Super self conscious about everything about himself. So when you look at him, smile at him, TOUCH HIM (even if it’s just brushing against his arm or something). COMPLIMENT HIM??? Omg he’s ascending
Dabi of course notices, and will subtly tease the hell out of him.
(Probably super OOC, but I just love the idea)
Oh man, I always love the idea of Shig with a crush. Being all weird cuz he doesn't know what to do about it. I can kind of see it being out of character, because in canon he's pretty blunt about what he wants and how he's feeling, and I could definitely see that extending to an interest in someone.
But at the same time, I like to think there's definitely potential for him to be shy and awkward in that specific area of life. Romance is so far removed from anything he would have experienced or thought about under AFO's upbringing, that it's easy for me to picture him being confused by the feelings. Not getting at first why he's self-conscious or nervous around you, or why his pulse speeds up when you smile or get close. Not understanding the competing impulse to lean into your touch or abruptly flee it.
Then when he finally did figure it out, I think he'd be thrown. He never had any interest in that beyond maybe finding a warm hole to stick his dick in, and even then I imagine he would've mostly considered that an unnecessary waste of time and energy. It'd be like one of his puzzles, something for him to untangle to understand, and then strategize on how to deal with. Does he like you? Why does he like you? What's he actually supposed to do about it once he figures it out?
I'm just so soft for a Shig who's inept at romance, and I do really feel like giving him a couple huge blind spots in his otherwise very observant and calculating personality just adds a little more depth to him.
Plus, look at this guy:
Tumblr media
You can't tell me that man doesn't get bashful around people he’s into. 
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neversetyoufree · 3 hours ago
I read the vanitas manga it's feels like queer bait to me, so many straight kisses but no gay ones? Vanitas & noe dancing is just more bait, Luna is a genderless vampire (non human) and that's it, everything else is bait just like the creator's last work
I've seen other blogs getting similar asks, so to be honest, I suspect that this isn't being sent in good faith. However, on the off-chance that this is a genuine question, or that anyone reading this has similar concerns, I'll try my best to answer this properly.
1. VnC is still a work in progress. Literally anything could happen before the ending, including canon queer people, and given the subtext we've seen so far, there's a part of me that's hopeful for it. If there were ever a shonen manga with a chance to give us legitimate rep among major characters, I feel this could be the one. I'm not going to say that just because a series so far hasn't had any explicit queer relationships, it never will.
I mean hell, just look at the show Hannibal. It's a gay love story, but the main characters spend the first season and a half getting romantically involved with a woman. One of them even gets straight married. These things happen, y'know? And even if we never see a kiss or anything, that doesn't mean something can't still be rep in a meaningful way.
2. As I've said before, even if we never do get more explicit representation than we have right now, this series will still be a very welcoming one to queer people in a way that I think is important. There is a lot of casual, subtle homophobia in the world of fiction, and VnC has had every opportunity to fall into those tropes, but it never does, and I think that's worth something in itself.
I think it’s valuable that we get to see a woman flirting with other women, and the joke isn’t “haha gay girls, that’s weird.” The only joke is how flustered the girls she flirts with get, because Domi is charming and forward. I think it’s valuable that we can see a couple of dudes dancing together, and nobody makes a thing out of it. There’s no commentary about how it looks gay. Neither guy is uncomfortable. They just. ballroom dance, and it’s fine. This may be hard to articulate well, but even if we never get Vanoé romance, and there’s nothing gay about that scene, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still feel queer. I think the more we get to see that kind of casual same sex intimacy, whether it ends up romantic or platonic, the more welcoming the world becomes to actual gay people, because it does a lot to normalize that kind of interaction. So while you may disagree, I think that scene has a lot of worth.
3. I don’t know where you’re from, anon, but personally, I am pretty uncomfortable accusing MochiJun of queerbaiting, because I come from a wildly different cultural context. I am a whole-ass American, and though there are some especially obvious cases that I’ve joked about in the past, I am not qualified to try and have an actual educated discussion about queerbaiting in Japanese media. I’m not educated enough about gay rights and culture there. I don’t know what actual Japanese queer people would and would not consider good rep. I don’t know what issues people there are concerned with.
Plus, like, queerbaiting is a marketing tactic more than anything else. The issue comes from when you try to lure in an audience by signaling that your work is queer, then double back on that promise. It is entirely possible, though rare, perhaps, for an author to write something full of goddamn subtext without fully intending to do that. For a famous example, just look at the original Sherlock Holmes (the books, not the BBC show). A lot of people have read queerness in Sherlock and his relationship with Watson over the years (and funnily enough, Noé and Vani were conceived of as a Holmes and Watson relationship), but I’m not about to accuse Arthur Conan Doyle of queerbaiting, y’know? I’m not convinced that Mochijun has ever tried to hook people in under a false promise/suggestion of rep, which is what the real issue would be.
So like, without a better knowledge of Japanese queer culture/representation and a closer understanding of Mochijun’s own intentions with this series, “bait” is not an accusation I feel either of us should be making, anon.
4. It’s been a while since I last read the series, so perhaps I’m forgetting something, but I am legitimately racking my brain trying to figure out what in Pandora Hearts you’d consider queerbait, and I am coming up empty. The series doesn’t really have any representation in it, but it never tried to suggest that that wouldn’t be the case, and I cannot remember anything that ever toed the line of getting gay. If you’d like to tell me what exactly you mean when you say “just like the creator’s last work,” please feel free, because I am genuinely rather confused.
And if this was, in fact, a bad-faith ask rather than someone legitimately concerned or confused, then it is at this point I’d like to ask you to politely fuck off and please stop messaging people. As I said, I’ve seen at least one other person get a very similar message to this, which makes me suspect that you, anon, might be the same asker, which is honestly quite sad. Do you genuinely have nothing better to do with your time than try to make random strangers on the internet feel bad about the things they like? Is making ill-informed accusations of queerbaiting fun for you? Get a hobby bud.
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butwhatifidothis · 20 hours ago
It's not serious because it ISN'T played in a serious manner. One look through Dorothea and Edelgard's support makes it pretty obvious.
"Dorothea: Edie. I'm telling you I'm fine. If you push me any further, I'll write an opera about you. I'll do it right here and now. And then I'll sing it in your face!
Edelgard: Settle down, Dorothea, I can take a hint! If you insist, I'll drop the subject. Whatever you do, don't write more opera lines about me. My cheeks are probably still red from your last performance."
So yeah, it's not some deep "Edelgard is censoring operas for giving info about the war" so much as it is "Edelgard's bans her friends play where she's the main character because she's embarrassed by the way she'll be depicted."
Hell, you can't even go "she's censoring it because she doesnt want to be potrayed negatively" because she's potrayed positively in said play. It's not serious because it isn't POTRAYED seriously.
My guy I don’t know how to tell ya this but censorship is literally always serious. There’s no “haha this person of high authority disallowed the public from producing [x piece of art here] because they’re just a silly goose” there is almost only ever “this person of high authority disallowed the public from producing [x piece of art here] because they are abusing their power over the people.” Edelgard literally passed a law saying the company couldn’t make the play before she even saw it. I cannot stress this enough: that is serious, because that is censorship, and censorship is bad 99.99% of the time because it holds back the arts and disincentives people from engaging in artistic drives lest their works be deemed illegal and they as artists put in danger of being arrested for breaking the law of “don’t make art this one person who’s in charge doesn’t like.” 
Like!! “you can't even go "she's censoring it because she doesnt want to be potrayed negatively" because she's potrayed positively in said play” except she banned it before she saw it, so she can’t even know for a fact that she was portrayed either positively, negatively, in a serious light or a light-hearted one, in an action piece or a political drama, whether there’s romance in the forefront or as a central focus or even present at all - she knows zero, zilch, nada about this play except for it was made by the Mittelfrank Opera Company and so maybe Dorothea had a direct hand in actually writing it, and that was enough for her to make an official decree that banned the company from performing this play. 
I’m going to be serious and transparent here, I am not understanding how “no, she didn’t ban the play for political reasons, or because it shows her in a bad light, but because - despite it (in all likelihoods) being something that shows her in a good light - it was about her at all, and so she banned it and made a decree saying this company isn’t allowed to make or perform this play in front of the public, and is only convinced otherwise because of favoritism” is any better at all. You said in the previous ask that this never said that all plays about the war are banned, “just” this one, but be honest with me! How on earth is this not indicative of something larger when any and all plays about the war must have Edelgard as the main character nearly without exception? When she’s already shown a penchant of censoring things she doesn’t want others knowing during the war? Edelgard is the face of the war, by her own want, so unless you are specifically detailing the life of one specific person that isn’t Edelgard (or Byleth or Hubert, because they are attached to Edelgard’s hips and thus must also heavily feature her) you just can’t make a play about the war, you can’t make one of her at all, whether or not it’s positive or negative, unless you’re a very close friend of hers that can convince her otherwise. 
Edelgard getting flustered about Dorothea writing a play about her is all cute and funny and okay and something I literally have zero problems with up until she spreads and forces the people to comply to not do that with a decree that actively disallows them from doing so. At that point it is no longer just her getting haha embarrassed about her friend writing something about her. That is her, as an authority figure responsible for thousands of people, showing that she is willing to throw around her power to stop people from making, apparently, literally harmless art about her, all because she’s too childish and insecure and she’s letting her emotions heavily influence her decisions that affect thousands of people, not just her personal circle of friends.
Because that is what their supports are referring to. Edelgard asking one friend to not write anything about her (or at least not saying what they wrote to her face). You’ll notice a distinct lack of any mention of “I will actively legally ban plays where I am the main character” in their supports, because their supports are not in reference to Edelgard actively legally banning plays where she is the main character. That that is what ends up happening in their ending despite its light-hearted tone should be very worrying.
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noteguk · an hour ago
Oh my god I can totally see oc being a big brat to Jungkook like look it's a greeting card that says happy birthday daddy, should I get it for you?? Or buy a tshirt that says daddy's little girl and wear it out on a date to mess with him 😂😂😂
compilation of Jungkook’s soul leaving his body #631
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fallout-lou-begas · 21 hours ago
I deadass thought this entire time that Agnes was an actual canon character and not your Courier OC I was all like "oh no I haven't met this character yet I'm gonna scroll past to avoid spoilers" but.... this entire time...... I've been a fool........
I'm losing my mind this is the funniest thing i've ever heard anon but in a way it's also a phenomenal compliment.
Like, I mean, she's canon in my fancomic @ikroah! lmao
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hoesontour · 22 hours ago
how dare he sing about watermelon sugar then go and pick the driest most bland watermelon out there
Tumblr media
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rorygilmoregf · an hour ago
Random question but what music do you think jess and rory would be nowadays, like which of the bands, singers from nowadays they would be into.
ksjdkffj this is such a hard ask bc i feel like i personally don’t listen to that much popular modern music at all. umm i feel like rory would be into artists like lucy dacus, molly burch, angel olsen, charlotte day wilson, UMI, elah hale, lizzy mcalpine, and maybe bands like HAIM. they probably both dig charlie burg & i feel like jess would like modern baseball (your graduation/tears over beers), beck, the growlers & the wallows maybe, but I think they mostly just listen to older stuff from the 90s and early 2000s—blur, mazzy star, the pixies, the cure, fiona apple, pj harvey, the stone roses, the strokes, weezer, ivy, belle & sebastian, sonic youth, the cranberries, radiohead, pavement, etc. also older stuff like TVU, bowie, the smiths and all that.
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prophet-9 · 6 hours ago
Imagine an elf is given a job to do at a human institution. The humans think elves don’t need bathroom breaks, since they know they can hold it for days, but this elf has been traveling to reach their job, and has already been holding it to the point they are in pain. They ask for a break, but their job is important and time sensitive, so they admit they can still hold it when asked. After a full day of work, the elf tries to reach the bathroom in time, but they were never told where it is.
What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little bear fucker? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Singasteinn Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Suttungr's lair, and I have over 900 confirmed kills. I am trained in gandr warfare and I'm the top mistletoe sniper in the entire Æsir armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on Miðgarðr, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me via SQUIRREL MESSAGES? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the crooked roots and your fylgja is being traced right now so you better prepare for the Fimbulwinter, maggot. The storm that heralds the doom of man and gods. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over nine hundred ways, and that's just with my one bare hand that a wolf DIDN'T bite off. Not only am I extensively trained in one-armed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Ásgarðian Emergency Einherjar Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable áss off the edge of the Earth, you little soon-to-be-Jörmungandr's-shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" ask was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue; I FEEL LIKE THERE'S A POEM THAT COVERS THIS FREQUENTLY. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now Skuld is on the way, you goddamn idiot. I will shit poetry all over you and you will be terrible at it. You're fucking dead, kiddo
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runnyeggsnham · 2 hours ago
"because this is real, and the debate is real, and the opening up to care is real."
Oh, Runny, I am back with another anon ask because your metas are chocolate for my brain.
This line of yours here "this is real", do you know what this harkens back to? Loki's conversation with Sylvie on the train about "a would-be princess or would-be prince". The kind of conversation Loki had with Mobius is the foundation of a fun and deep friendship, which honestly is where romantic relationships should begin.
I love the way Tom and Owen played this scene. They were talking about jetskis but also /weren't/ exactly. The subtext was "what in life is worth fighting for?" and buttoned-up Mobius picks an object that represents fun and pleasure, freedom and recklessness--things a God of Mischief (or a D. B. Cooper) should be all about.
And what does Loki do later? He takes Mobius to Pompeii, where Loki demonstrates all these things with glee. When they return to the TVA, whatever joyful emotions Loki has just rubbed off on him. Mobius is giggly and excited. Like his work was given a fresh breath of air.
I honestly wish we had a few more episodes like #2 before the Roxxcart separation. I got the sense that intelligent/deeply personal conversations were hard for Loki to come by in a warrior society like Asgard. AND, something important, Loki took from this conversation Mobius's value of order, to protect others for the greater good even at expense of your own personal wants or impulses. Loki tells Sylvie, "This is bigger than us." How did Loki arrive here? It's not an accident.
You're also right: Loki takes all the kindness and wisdom he learned from Mobius and mirrors it back to Sylvie. But Sylvie hasn't had a low point like Loki has, so she wasn't ready to receive his love. Despite that, Loki loved Sylvie because he saw elements of himself in her and qualities unique to her he wished he had. In a way, he is like Mobius with Sylvie: I don't doubt Loki has qualities Mobius wish he had, too.
The difference is Mobius possesses a healthy amount of trust in Loki and Loki knows this. Which makes Loki searching for Mobius in all the spots they've spent time in that much richer. Every conversation they had in the cafeteria or the library had a great deal of trust. And the library... Loki slept there. Mobius complimented Loki there. They had a breakthrough together there. And let's not forget Mobius went there because a part of him trusted Loki more than Ravonna.
Aghghgh you're too kind, thank you so so much 🤗 I love talking like this about them, it's been a delight!
Yes, you're absolutely right about the train! I wasn't thinking that specifically when rambling but yes, definitely. The theme of what's "real" or not recurs constantly for Loki inside and outside the show and it's so integral to his growth, the incidents of it can't be viewed independently. And when you add them all up, imo, a lot of it just go right back to his time and connection with Mobius... Honestly, I cannot stop thinking about how Tom said several times that Loki and Mobius' friendship is "real" in that tomblr q&a. There's other way to succinctly describe them, episode 2 onward.
In that scene, their relationship really crosses that line into real and mutual care--and "deep", too, I love that word, very apt! Loki reaches and Mobius also drops the barriers to meet him as an equal and a friend, not a superior. They're both taking a chance. (And I agree with your romance comment too, and how much trust they have. It's great that we the audience get to see it build up.) Which yeah, Tom and Owen played it perfectly! I mean, before the Pompeii sequence, Mobius couldn't have been so self-revealing to Loki without there being a high possibility of being hurt. I think the tie scene is a great example of this: Loki is trying to manipulate him, and Mobius is obviously affected by the closeness but he quite literally bites it back, because it's annoying that it's not real and he mustn't give any cracks for Loki to chip away at.
That Pompeii sequence really is just peak Lokius though! Mobius trying to maintain order, but gosh he's loving it, and Loki leaning into his mischievous side in a completely harmless and giddy way! "Like his work was given a fresh breath of air" I love that so much, it's so true. Loki's good-natured mischief just draws out Mobius' own, gives him the space for as much personal enjoyment as he's willing to take. Their whispering at the top is absolutely adorable, the way Mobius mimes the explosion with his hands and they're jittery on their feet, and it just immediately reveals so much about Mobius, love it!
It's these lines too, they're perfect: "Imagine, all that volcanic ash!" "I know, but we don't want to get too giddy." "Oh come on. It's cool!" "No, it is cool, it's just- it's just not in good taste."
We get these little glimpses like here, and end of episode 4 when they mend their relationship, and even episode 5 I'd argue, of how in sync they can be. And so easily. They bring out such good facets of each other, and temper the others. It looks very natural. I wish we got more of these types of episodes, too, it was so wonderful to see Loki relaxed! I think that's an apt observation of Asgard, too, and just goes back to his closeness with Frigga, and makes another parallel between Mobius and Frigga's understanding of Loki.
You know, that's a great point--"Loki took from this conversation Mobius's value of order"--and adds so well to how Loki, when they're at different impasses in the convo later, concedes with lines like "fair enough; you believe it's real" and pivots, his questions prompting Mobius to think about the TVA and explain this or that. It's a completely mutual back-and-forth rapport. And again, I think your point is so right; that would be the moment if there is any one where Loki took in that perspective, wouldn't it be?
Also, Mobius doesn't seem like he has any idea there how unique his instincts are within the TVA, does he? I think it's important that this is before that bit at Roxxcart, where he intercedes with that other Hunter's aggressiveness -- "they're about to die, they should be scared." "hey, not of us."
He operates from like a guardian perspective with compassion and a greater good "the ends justify the means" ideal, and believes that everyone else there is too, and it's so interesting how Loki catches onto that and tries to get Mobius to distinguish himself from the TVA. It's that line "in a way, you and I here at the TVA, we're the only ones who are actually free" that just...kills me.
With Loki taking that value of order from Mobius, it just makes how Mobius took the value of freedom from Loki here that much more beautiful. I'm so glad you pointed that out! For Mobius, it's that part, where Loki takes out the hyperbole of the TVA's party line and reduces it to: if everything's written, no one has free will. And Mobius struggles with that and is like "well, that's- that's an over-simplification." That bothers him. And he's definitely thinking of it later, when Loki makes him question everything with the variant reveal; how could he not?
With regards to Sylvie, I think the low point idea is accurate, too. May I further add: I don't think Sylvie has had a low point, before the finale, that was from the consequence of her own bad choice. It goes to that elevator scene, when she asks what her nexus event was, and Ravonna says she doesn't know. That devastates Sylvie. Her 3 lowest points, that we see, are 1) when she's first abducted to the TVA, 2) when the Time Keepers are revealed fake, and 3) when her first ally is pruned in front of her. In all these points, she's stuck in a position of reacting. Her entire life is that pattern, her running and reacting and surviving with this plan that takes ages to execute, in the hopes of finally getting vengeance, finally being on the offensive.
So, it does make sense that she sees Loki not wanting to kill Kang as another moment of the rug being torn out from underneath her. She can't trust him because she can't trust anyone not be taken from her, betray her, or at least follow their own agenda first. Sylvie's been driven by her mission for so long and been deprived of the catharsis of...freedom, I think is the best word. So yeah she wasn't ready to receive that love and imo a lot of that's because it's unfathomable to her, the pressure inside of her to defeat whatever Big Bad disrupted her entire life has built up too strongly for too long inside of her. She just couldn't let that go, couldn't compromise with love.
That's why-- there's a comment that went around, I think it was the director? Who said Sylvie's story probably wouldn't return, and I wouldn't be surprised. I love the complexity of her character and her being gone makes me really sad, but I had a sinking feeling in my gut that they wrote an intentionally finite tragic arc, with the way that last fight between her and Loki went. She got a chance to make a different choice, multiples times, and rejected it. I tried to find the trope for this, I think I've seen it before, but here's a close one: Last-Second Ending Choice. She could've changed course right there and started fresh-ish, despite everything she had done before, but she was too consumed by her path, so she didn't. But here’s hoping she does return!
Sorry, that was a really long answer that got away from me at times, I hope you don't mind 😅
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yourlocalsewerdragon · 19 hours ago
No sword you're too clumsy
My clumsiness has nothing to do with my need to stab
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classynm · 6 hours ago
Not a request or anything but just imagine…brooken 23
Tumblr media
More notes on this cus I have a castle brain and these people are taking up The Corner of the ballroom.
Ben 23 would tottally make fun of prime when he found out initially about Prime's crush on Rook Prime, and then would proceed to freak out when he gain's his own on Rook 23. Rook 23 (my edition there's a more in depth idea for a au story thingy I made here)would probably have less of the uniformity of Rook Prime has because he,
1). never went to plumber school 2). wasn't around his dad as much because his dad got mind controlled and so he didn't have as strict of an upbringing in that part of his life, which was clearly a big deal to Rook Prime So Rook 23 would also probably show emotions in a more enerjetic way than Rook Prime because he didn't have those giant parts of character development. He'd just have different character development B)
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pebellemare · 3 hours ago
here's what I'm thinking - we all chip in a few bucks, we buy vgk and we just simply end this team. like we regret to inform you that this organization no longer exists. I don't think they have a place in the nhl and are literally the most ridiculous team to have ever existed. if all goes well, we're going after Chicago next. we ride at dawn, pass it on
bestie i love how your brain works
i’ll drive the car, who else is coming?
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legend-of-a-savior-if · 15 hours ago
new mom sounds and looks so cool! but I too would pass on her but only for the fear of angst that her unavoidable death will bring... mc suffered enough :( yes I'm pessimistic but can you blame me lol
😂😂 you know, that's fair. I love how you think it's an unavoidable death too aksksksks
Thank you!!
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