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yourplayersaidwhat · a month ago
Player 1: Tell me where your boss is.
Bad guy: If I do will you let me leave without issue?
*Player 1 looks at player 2 and 3 who nod.*
2&3: Fine.
BG: Ok, we have a deal. Well if I know my boss, he’s long gone. He doesn’t do violence.
P1: So you don’t even know where he is?
BG: Probably took a speed boat to somewhere else. *Player 1 shoots him*
P3: (Player 1)???
P1: Let him go my ass… we pulled over to try to help him when we thought he was a stranded guy with car problems, then he kidnapped us and left us for fucking dead, THEN when we stumble upon him again he immediately tries to kill us and have all his lackeys kill us, and THEN he has the balls to try to make a deal and not even have the info we asked for? He’s lucky I didn’t put the bullet through his skull.
P2: Goddamn, I thought you were a doctor…
P1: I have a PHD in Physics and you don’t need to take the Hippocratic Oath for that one. Keep up.
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mayabr · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My desk situation
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manicpixiescreamgrl · 3 years ago
Homebrew Highlights
On the first night of my DnD campaign (With me as DM), the party chopped a guys hands off and then fed him to a beast they affectionately named Manny.
Sometimes a family is just two Tieflings, a half-elf barbarian, and their gigantic stolen dungeon beast.
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soracities · a day ago
What do you do as a career/for a living? Seeing you say that you didn’t go to college gave me hope because I want to make a living and still be able to work, I guess, without forcing myself to continue higher education, but I’m not sure what path to take or what jobs are available to someone like me. I like to read and write, if that helps!
i think knowing what you enjoy doing can be important but i've also learnt a lot that passions or the things you like don't necessarily need to be the basis of whatever job (or jobs) you pursue -- when i was younger and wanted to be a journalist one of the most important things i was told was simply "don't study journalism": how to write an article or edit an interview wasn't necessarily something that needed to be taught to you; what mattered a lot more was having something important to you that you could write that article about or focus that interview on (or how to give a good interview which really is just down to learning how to be with people which you absolutely don’t need a degree for), and these things happened outside of a journalism degree. i think i tend to take the same approach now with how i look at the things that interest me most for the future: i love literature and i always will, but if i think about pursuing a degree or a “career” at some point, i don't know anymore if i would do so for literature. sometimes it helps a bit more to ask yourself not just what you like doing, but what matters to you in terms of your values: do i want something with a lot of social interaction? why? do i want flexibility or stability? why? what do i care about in my own life, in my community, in what i give to others? how do i want to contribute that, and how i can i contribute to that? what am i curious about, what are the things i want most to improve on or get better at, and how can i go about this? and then finding what aligns with this or will allow you to begin answering those questions by giving you the experience you need. to me, other things answered those questions far more pertinently than literature, even though literature is one of the most profoundly important things to me.
if you’re not sure of what your values are or how to answer any of these then i think the next best thing to do is to immerse yourself in situations that will allow you to learn what these are by teaching you more about yourself as you navigate them. i’m speaking from my own experiences here so they may not be relevant to yours and if not that is okay, but i think it may help you to take advantage of the time you will have when not enrolled in higher ed to explore various avenues you have not been exposed to so far, not necessarily with the idea of “this will be my career” (because i think this puts too much pressure on you, especially if it becomes an experience you realise you don’t enjoy), but more “this is what i’m going to learn through right now”. we’re all expected to know what we want off the bat, but this very, very rarely happens, and i think that’s chiefly down to the fact that you have to let life happen to you first: even the worst or most profoundly boring job will teach you something. if you’ve lived the first 18 years of your life in an incredibly structured environment with relatively little room for you to navigate your own desires and interrogate and develop your own values and aspirations beyond that setting, then of course there is going to be whole landscapes to yourself, and the world, that you haven’t had the chance to consider yet. i think the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself in order to get some clarity on where you want to go is to let yourself explore this as much as you can, and not just in terms of work; i say this a lot but i do genuinely believe that if there are any local organisations or volunteer groups near you with a cause you’re passionate about or want to learn more about then you should absolutely volunteer if you are able to, in whatever way is most feasible. the more people you interact with -- the more varied the people you interact with -- the more your understanding grows in that life is endless in its variations and experiences and there is no right path or wrong path. it will also show you the meaning of community, compassion, and organisation on a level that matters more because you are experiencing the impact of it, and your own actions, directly.
in general i really do think there are a whole range of things that will be available to you, it will just depend on what skills you want explore and / or improve and also what values you want to prioritize and work with and expand at a given time. but i think it’s really important to remember that it won’t necessarily be a fixed thing, nor does it need to be: circumstances change, interests change, values change - you change, over and over again, endlessly. five years ago i thought the only thing i would ever want to work with was literature; now i know better, and what draws me most has hardly anything to do with literature nor is it what i ever would have imagined for myself back at 19. but it is, however far more honest and true to me as a person and what means most to me. and in a way and by extension, it has also become profoundly true for what i hold literature to mean, if this makes sense? again, i can only speak from my experiences and how you go about this will obviously depend on your own circumstances, where you are, what you have access to and various other factors like financial and personal freedom. i think it’s also worth remembering, though, that higher ed is not limited to college -- there are so many courses and diplomas you can do within a far more informal, or at the very least infinitely less stressful environment, and without the full-time commitment of a four year degree. i’m not saying you need to apply to these immediately, or even at all, but they are there for you if, at whatever point you find yourself in the future, they are something you feel ready for at that current point in your life.
university really is not the end all and be all, nor is spending a good few years (or decades) away from it to focus on other things or to simply get your bearings and figure out if it’s even something you want. what matters more, in my view at least, is prioritizing your own curiosity and your own personal circumstances in how you navigate the various paths you want to explore for yourself. there is no right or wrong way to go about this, i promise x
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hyperfixation-hideout · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I love Team ARSON
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hee-blee · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
was thinking about introversion vs. extroversion and cooked this up in my brain oven this morning. rb + tag with your (or a/some characters’) alignments, I’m very curious abt this
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22hildaboulevard · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
don’t know if you can tell, but i’ve been listening to tma
#tma au #fanart #art #my art #fantasy high #d20 #dimension 20 #adaine abernant #gorgug thistlespring #fig faeth #riz gukgak #tw blood #tw scopophobia #tw eye strain #tell me if anything else needs tagged!! #anyways i have THOUGHTS about this. many thoughts. #adaine is Lonely marked and aligned. #growing up in a big house that’s full of people who Should love her but don’t. knowing she will see everyone she loves die before her. #knowing she was alone before and she’ll be alone again and what’s the point of connecting when they’re just going to die in a few decades? #gorgug is obviously Slaughter aligned. full of rage and violence. #Buried marked!! growing up big in a house too small!! a world too small!! being claustrophobic as hell!! THE TUNNELS!!! #alright fig is 100% Stranger aligned. the identity issues? all the disguises and masks and false selves?? yeah #but also. Not! Fig. literally what happened in the nightmare forest cmon #riz is Eye aligned. reckless thirst for knowledge. obsession. paranoia. delicious. #but i think he’s Lonely marked. he’s a weird kid who‘s been alienated for so long he’s convinced himself he likes it better alone #and ends up isolating himself. idk riz just strikes me as a Lonely type. #fabian and kristen are a little tougher #but i think fabian might be marked by the Vast #(expectations so big he can never hope to fulfill them. the big empty ocean. FALLING. insignificance.) #kristen might be Dark aligned? idk but if you have any thoughts!! tell me id love to hear them!!
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essektheylyss · a month ago
I just think that narrative analysis is more fun the moment you decide that you're not dealing with morality anywhere morality isn't relevant. Like, there's way weirder and more interesting analysis to do.
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winepresswrath · 7 months ago
I remain astonished at people who apparently believe that Madame Yu or JFM, upon watching one of their kids have a sobbing breakdown in front of everyone and Sect Leader Yao, would angrily demand who made them cry and offer cranky comfort(okay JFM might for WWX). Jin Ling is loved unconditionally and knows it! He believes jiujiu arriving in a bad situation will automatically improve things in some way! He's not always right but jiujiu tries his best
In my old age I'm becoming fond of Madame Yu but honestly remember that time Jiang Cheng got down on his knees and begged her not to hurt Wei Wuxian and she had her handmaidens hold him back but he broke through anyway... honey. I don't know! I really cannot imagine Jin "my uncle will hear about this" Ling sadly confiding in anyone that Jiang Cheng doesn't like him and wishes he had a different nephew.
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malicemanaged · 4 years ago
Was going to hand in a quest, but the npc was asleep when I got there. So, naturally, I proceeded to steal anything that wasn't nailed down, as you do, and then woke the dude up and got paid. Like a boss.
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georgeliker · 9 months ago
hi!! what you said about george being polite in his ad really made me wanna elaborate bc he just is so polite, isn't he? i feel like he's an enigma of a person and it takes a while of watching him to figure him out but one of the first things i noticed about him was how polite he is and it just stuck with me. when he's on streams of people he's not extremely close with like the chess tournament or even wilbur's geoguessr stream he's always more calm and behaves as appropriately as possible, no matter how much his friends egg him on. he thanks them and says goodbye to them at the end the same way he does to his audience when he gets subs or ends stream, like five times in a row bc he might not be good with words but repeating them is enough to show how much he means them. he turns off donos when he can't thank them & always answers the ones he can see in the nicest way possible no matter how weird they are, it shows when he's playing among us with people he doesn't know super well and when he listens to chat for every tiny thing. not that any of his friends are doing anything wrong but a lot of them often get mad at chat (rightfully so) and take over places with their loud personalities and are very direct even with people they don't know well and george always comes off as extremely polite and it's sweet!
my point is just that george has very good manners and i hope you don't mind my ramble about it :))
i’m so sorry i’m replying to this so late but i wanted to give you a proper answer because your ask is truly lovely, my comment in the tags was offhand but oh my god yes yes yes and i’ve thought abt his kindness a lot
you’re completely right that he is so polite + nice to anyone he meets, he sticks around in calls to talk to others and gets along with them no matter how long he’s known them and i’ve missed mcc lately exactly for this reason, the conversations he’s had post-tournament have been some of my favourite parts of the streams because he’s just such a friendly guy? and there’s something genuinely lovely abt seeing him linger in a call filled with other people some of which he’s met for the first time, enjoying their presence and just earnestly having a good time...even if he gets a little quieter without his friends or people he properly knows he’ll still laugh!! and contribute, he’ll still offer up his time and presence and be sociable and that’s so likeable of him
i couldn’t agree more that he’s the sweetestt to his audience i think ppl don’t pick up on, or more like it’s not a thing to mention how kind george is to his fans because as usual he isn’t particularly loud abt it but it’s in the many little accommodating things he does, exactly like you mentioned w the donos and how gentle he is when answering and caring about fan input so much and also not to mention how he writes down ppls names to check their art/dms and genuinely does check
and not to sound repetitive at this point but he really is especially kind and considerate w us, i totally get what you mean abt streamers snapping at their audience and hey i’m not gonna act like they’re not in the right sometimes but i’ve actually talked to someone about this before and as much as i understand putting viewers in their place i think when dealing with a younger audience a certain amount of care is needed there? and george, i’m sure being aware of his age demographic has never been overly harsh w us and he mostly takes things in stride, addressing stuff if he has to w the utmost patience, maturity and understanding and it’s something i really do admire
george is very good-mannered and just a lovely kind soul all round and i really loved reading what you had to say so thank you for your thoughts so much! <3
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yourplayersaidwhat · a month ago
“How on earth is the devil-worshipper the moral voice of reason in this party?!”
-the warlock, shortly after the rouge decided to drown a town guard in broad daylight.
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shinjaeha · 7 months ago
ipytm ep 1 (thoughts + spoilers)
so it’s been SUCH a long time since i last did one of these thoughts/recaps posts but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god, i’m just so happy that ipytm is HERE. FINALLY. it’s felt like forever, but it’s so wonderful to have our boys back again, and to be continuing on with their story :’) even though i know we’re all in agreement that this won’t be an easy journey for the two of them (or us).
the usual ‘this is not a proper analysis’ disclaimer here. i’m literally just rewatching the whole thing and getting all my thoughts out here (so idk if this is even considered a proper recap but oh well). just whatever comes to mind so it’s as unstructured as always.
SO. we start off with teh and oh-aew playing rock, paper, scissors over having to do something they both clearly don’t want to do. it seems that we all had the same thoughts on this bc as they were playing, all i could think was “imagine if they’re doing this to buy condoms” only, low and behold, for it to ACTUALLY be true 😂 but good to know that our boys are practicing safe sex, i’m so happy for them :’) chaste/virgins no more!!!!! teh being as awkward and fidgety about this as always (I’VE MISSED THIS SO MUCH). they’re just so cute and i’ll never shut up about it!!!!! watching the last ep of itsay was like me exhaling and finally getting to relax a little, but i know that now ipytm’s started i’m gonna have to start holding my breath all over again. so i will def try to enjoy as much of the fluff as i can. i’m never taking that for granted ever again!!
one thing i really love is how itsay ended with them at promthep cape during the sunset as a new couple, and now ipytm’s opened at night, the both of them on the beach in the moonlight, as proper boyfriends. the contrasting images we get at both these scenes is so poetic and beautiful. just seeing their clothes strewn on the hammock is enough to bring all those memories rushing back.
they already kind of set the tone for how both boys, particularly oh-aew, were going to feel with ‘last twilight in phuket’, so it’s not altogether surprising to see oh-aew’s reluctance to leave phuket, and teh’s excitement to go to bangkok. this also makes a lot of sense in terms of their personalities. teh has always been the one that was the more ambitious of the two, so of course anything that brings him a step closer to his goals will excite him, and uni in bangkok has been the first major goal since the very beginning. oh-aew, on the other hand, has never been quite as decided or sure in terms of his goals and aspirations as teh, which would certainly make him feel a lot less enthused about leaving the comfort of home. he’s always been more cautious and careful, where teh tends to be the more impulsive one, so naturally he’s the one that feels more worried about this change while teh’s basically counting down the days till they can leave, not a care in the world.
the contrast between phuket and bangkok is already so jarring from the beginning. where phuket was so relaxed and sleepy, so many open spaces where there was no one else but the two of them...our first shot of bangkok is busy and bustling, cars and skyscrapers everywhere. the two shows are obv connected, but with this new setting, this is a completely different story. we’re (literally) in new territory!!
SO HAPPY TO SEE TEH’S FAM AGAIN!!!!! i’ve missed them too (esp hoon!!!!!). i love it so much that his mum just KNEW. and that she let him know that she knew in the most thoughtful way too. in a way where she was looking out for oh-aew as well :’) it’s interesting how i was genuinely expecting that they would focus a little more on teh struggling to be out in public, but it looks like that that was the main obstacle of itsay, and they’re looking to tell a different story now. he’s so much more comfortable with himself and it really shows. the one person that teh always wanted approval from was his mum (i mean, the initial reason that he wanted to become an actor in the first place was bc she told him how much he looked like yongjian), so once he realised that she knew about him and oh-aew (and they had her blessing), it’s like that’s all he needed. just that acceptance from the person that he respects the most in the world. it reminds me so much of that time he cried to hoon about liking oh-aew and how he was afraid that he wouldn’t be accepted bc he liked boys, and hoon was so clear about how he was okay with it no matter what. teh’s family are always showing him how much they truly love and care for him, and it’s so beautiful. just another weight off his shoulders now that he’s finally free to be himself and to love oh-aew out loud in public and not care about anything else. i’m glad that they got that out of the way so early on so we know that it’s likely not going to be one of the conflicts for the two of them in ipytm at least.
anyway, i’m so happy that they’re finally communicating directly to one another now that they’re a couple...hopefully, no more passive aggressive ig stories pls 😂also, the way safe zone starts playing the moment they see each other!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder if nadao will also has sad acoustic/piano instrumental versions of safe zone on hand that’ll make me cry like they did with skyline........
FIRST BANGKOK DATE IN THE AQUARIUM!!!!!!!!! the cinematography is just a+++++ but then we knew it would be. i love that shot of them in the aquarium with the fish as their backdrop. it’s just SO stunning. 
the voice recording was SO SWEET. and the way that oh-aew was so touched by teh’s mum’s approval. it’s a weight of his shoulders now too. one less thing to worry about for the future. it’s prob esp emotional for him bc hearing her talk about coming home to phuket to have a meal together must make him feel so incredibly homesick too.
“your mum is romantic, isn’t she?” and then teh really one ups his mum by KISSING OH-AEW IN PUBLIC. it’s the romance for me!!!!!!!!! with the fish in the background...like saying there are so many fish in the sea but you’re the only one for me...sorry, i’m a sap but i just love them so much okay ;;; i live for teh referring to the both of them as a couple/boyfriends and oh-aew pretending like he doesn’t absolutely love that and teh teasing him about it. he’s grown so, so much since the very first ep of itsay. even since ‘last twilight in phuket’ when he was too shy to kiss oh-aew on the cheek and now, in an even bigger city, he’s kissing him on the cheek AND the lips in public like it’s nothing. like it’s the easiest thing in the world. remember back when bas was confessing to oh-aew in their chinese class and teh had his breakdown bc it was so easy for bas yet it was something he couldn’t do?????? LOOK AT HIM NOW. WE’VE COME SO FAR. the character development makes me feel like a proud parent, and i’m SO happy that he’s happy and proud to be with oh-aew. and most importantly, proud to be himself. he really went through so much to get to this point 😭
ANYWAY, this kiss is everything. the contrast between their first kiss, when they were both underwater hidden from view, and now, still surrounded by water, still in their own little space, but on land this time. out in the open. no longer hiding. how you can hear everyone around them speaking in the background, but then when teh leans in, all the sounds fade away bc they may be surrounded by other people, but it’s still just the two of them. their underwater kiss was beautiful, but it always left me with this sadness bc of how restricted they were. this one is so much more satisfying now that they can love each other uninhibited like this. out loud. i really, truly just love them with every beat of my heart ;;;
teh talking about how one day he’ll be on that movie poster reminds me of when they were kids watching ‘sword over the moon’ and he jumped up and told the gang that he wanted to be an actor when he grew up (oh-aew was the only one who didn’t laugh at him back then too). he’s still that same boy, young and idealistic :’) and it’s also so nice seeing how confident teh is now about the two of them both being the male protagonists. like back when oh-aew originally brought it up (and asked if two male protagonists would be okay), he could barely nod his head in response, and now here he is boldly proclaiming that the both of them will be protagonists (a real couple) on movie posters, in different series’ and movies together. although we know the naiveness of this, and that things will prob not work out as smoothly as they’re imagining it will at this moment, it’s still very sweet. they’re just so young and in loooove.
teh spending his first night in bangkok at oh-aew’s place!! first thought, damn oh-aew’s place is real nice...so different from the dorm that teh’s sharing with his roommate. second, they could not be anymore adorable :’))) third, teh leaping out of bed in panic the second he heard what time it was was me yesterday morning after staying up half the night watching ep 1 and realising i was late for work...itsay/ipytm being relatable as always haha.
i like how from the get go they show you how different school in phuket and uni in bangkok is. teh was late a bunch of times in itsay too, and would sneak in without any of his teachers realising...but here he’s late and gets reprimanded on his very first day. anyway, must be nice to have a boyfriend surprise you by preparing milk for breakfast for you (well, i guess unless you’re lactose intolerant like i am hah).
i got soooooooo excited the second i saw goy (and oab!!)...i love the both of them so i really can’t wait to get to know more about their characters (as well as the rest of the new cast of characters) throughout this. it’s one of the things that i’ve been most looking forward to them exploring in this series. but yeah, teh fanboying over top?? i agree with kim. super cute. anyway, i’m already esp intrigued by jai...i was leaning towards him just being a senior/mentor for teh initially (which i still think will be the case), but i also get ~vibes from him that there’s something more to that (though i’m just speculating for now). he’s mysterious, and i have no doubt that there’s more to the story than meets the eye js.
all the tables and chairs at this restaurant are blue and red (as well as their uni ties)...they really gave us our official itsay/ipytm colours whenever possible 😂 in all seriousness though, i feel so sad for oh-aew. when teh asks how his first day was and he’s just like “i have the most fun being here with you now” and then you can see the sudden concern in teh’s face and voice when he’s like “why’s that?” that hurt :( seeing oh-aew sad is the worst...he’s just such a sweetheart. and just like in itsay where teh’s confusion and struggle in accepting his sexuality was such a relatable experience, oh-aew’s difficulty in adjusting to uni and life away from home is too. i totally understand where he’s coming from, and it fucking sucks. making friends in uni (ESP when you have no other friends that went with you to the same uni, and everyone else already seems to know one another) is so. damn. hard. i’ve been in this position so many times before...i’ve gone to unis and gone semester after semester without making ANY friends. it’s such a different experience from high school, and the transition can be really, really difficult. that plus the culture shock of being in an entirely new city with barely any support. i’m actually really glad that ipytm is delving into this experience a little bc i don’t think a lot of shows do tbh.
it also makes me think about how when you’re in high school, getting into uni seems like the end goal a lot of the time (the way the admission exam was always their main goal in itsay), but then you get to uni and you realise that it’s just another step. there’s so much more life once you get in. and that sometimes it’s really not all that it’s cracked up to be.
that sequence of teh progressively waking up earlier and earlier as the sky also gets progressively darker (and taking all sorts of different methods of transport) to get to class on time made me feel so bad for him. working on the play until almost midnight and then having to wake up at like 5am every morning (and not even being able to do fun things like teach oh-aew chinese at 4am anymore?)...the poor kid ;;;
i love plays/musicals but tbh i know next to nothing about how anything backstage works, so i really do love that we’ll get to learn more about that in this series. kind of like how the itsay/ipytm documentaries teach me so much more about how the acting/filming process works behind the scenes. i’d never even really thought about how the stage crew would have to adjust their eyes to the darkness in order to rearrange the props on stage, so that was fascinating to me. it’s such a visual and symbolic aid for the show itself too.
i get the feeling that teh and kim will become a lot closer, and i can’t wait to see how their relationship develops. it’s so great that teh has all these new seniors that he can learn from. just like the blindfold helps him adjust to the dark, having them there to guide him through makes it so much easier for him to adjust to this new city and this new stage of his life.
i knew that oh-aew telling teh to sleep at his dorm was coming bc poor teh was running himself ragged, and oh-aew’s always been so accommodating of teh. he’s always been able to understand...but he’s having so much trouble adjusting, and he’s SO lonely and homesick, it makes my heart ache for him. all these little things tend to build up over time. they’re still in the sweet, honeymoon period of their relationship so it doesn’t seem like a big deal now. but when life gets busy, it becomes increasingly easy to grow apart from someone without even truly realising it (and it’s the same for any type of relationship or friendship).
the emptiness of oh-aew all alone in his huge place :((( like although teh might not particularly like his roommate, he’s basically never alone like this, even in his dorm. he’s homesick and when everyone else is busy with their own lives, it can also feel like you’re being left behind.
yes, they’re playing pp’s new ost!!!!!!!!
FINALLY we meet oh-aew new group of friends!! they seem so sweet. also, why is oh-aew saying his own name like the cutest thing in the world to me :’) i was smiling about how glad i was that he finally found a new gang of friends and then my poor boy started CRYING...but then they basically adopted him into their group and it made me feel more at ease again. i constantly want to hug and reassure oh-aew this whole ep. q making him bingsu to give oh-aew something as close to the taste of home as he could was soooooo lovely. he really needs a friend atm, and i’m glad that he found a bunch of them.
i was so afraid that teh was gonna drop the prop as he was waving to oh-aew haha. that interaction?? adorable. then again, it’s teh/oh-aew, so of course they are. also wondering if there was any significance to that glance between jai and oh-aew bc i know this crew never just puts things in this show randomly hmmm.
aaaaand i was waiting for the first real crack to appear, so when kim was saying they were gonna have to keep fine tuning the play for the contest, i was like OF COURSE. i have no doubt that teh would give up working on the play if oh-aew told him too, but we all know that oh-aew would never ask him to do that. it would be like teh relinquishing his place all over again. and oh-aew knows how goal oriented and driven teh is. this is one of the minor conflicts that has been brewing since the start of itsay, but i think that it’s going to become a much bigger deal now that their actually adults and there are new goals they’re striving towards. the both of them have pretty much always had the same goal, but what happens when this changes...
“but i’ve given so much of our time to other people already” they had to hurt me with that one huh.
but also, the “text me once you arrive at your condo” is a special one for me bc to me that text in itsay was the moment when oh-aew realised that teh might have feelings for him...and i feel real nostalgic about it.
if you think about it, in regards to his aspirations, oh-aew has always been pushed or motivated by teh in some part. when oh-aew was yongjian in the play when they were kids, teh helped him remember his lines, and this in turn made him want to become an actor. when they fell out the first time, one of the reasons oh-aew was so driven to succeed was bc he wanted to prove to teh that he wasn’t going to quit. teh tutored him in chinese so he could get into uni. the first time they ran to the cape, he almost gave up if it hadn’t been for teh motivating him to keep going. he nearly didn’t sit the admission exam until teh relinquished his spot which then spurred him to keep studying so he could get in on his own accord. in oh-aew’s own words, teh has basically always been his biggest rival and inspiration. and even now that they’re in phuket, oh-aew’s been so dependant on teh bc he’s been so lonely...and doesn’t have anyone else in bangkok with him (up until he met his new friends).
originally, i’d speculated that while itsay focussed on teh’s journey of discovery and self-acceptance, ipytm was going to focus more on oh-aew’s journey of discovery and self-growth. and i think based on this ep, it does seem to be heading in that direction? i just get the feeling that oh-aew’s going to learn to become more independent throughout the course of this series. he’ll grow and change, and as a result that may mean they grow apart, but i also think it’s a necessary and healthy thing for the both of them. and just bc you grow apart doesn’t meant that you can’t grow back together again eventually, you know?
but yeah, still doesn’t mean it’s not going to pain me to watch the angst we all know is coming. when teh gave the flowers back to oh-aew, that made my heart ache too. and it felt even more symbolic after watching pp’s mv for ‘hold me tight’ where the sunflower seems to represent oh-aew himself (always turning towards the sun...but what about during the night??). when oh-aew closed his eyes, opened them, and couldn’t see teh on the stage?? it’s both kind of like he’s imagining some sort of future where teh isn’t there with him AND that he’s realising that maybe the stage might not be for him anymore. the passion isn’t there...just darkness. like it was signalling a new chapter starting for oh-aew...and everything in this ep up to this point was just the set up for this realisation.
in the end, what i really want is for the both of them to be happy. that’s always been what i’ve wanted from the start. but i also really want to see how they mature and grow through this experience. watching this ep felt bittersweet in a way bc of that underlying angst that was threaded throughout (even in their happier moments). i only expect that to get heavier with the upcoming eps, but i’m also weirdly a lot more at peace with this than i was during itsay. maybe bc i think it’s arguably even more important and necessary for them to grow as individuals, than as a couple (as much as i want to see them together). i genuinely do believe that they’ll find each other again in the end though.
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sanstropfremir · 2 months ago
What are your thoughts on lis* from blpk? Like in terms of dancing and stage presence? And even her solo bc im actually confused why so many people think she's an incredible revolutionary dancer?? Like her dancing is good but I can never immerse myself in it and it feels like she's just going thru choreo very well but that's about it. It feels very trained if that makes sense. I thought about this bc of your post on the creative stuff and I remember lis* chose the song money and had input for her solo and imo it wasn’t... good. I feel like she would have been much better off if something gave her a concept and music rather than her choosing. Idk.
Tumblr media
as much as it would hurt some fans to hear, a lot of their meow meows just have bad ideas. people do not realize how much work and training it takes to learn how to have good ideas and generate good concepts. because you DO have to learn it. it is a skill, just as much as dancing is a skill. i harp on it all the time but there is a reason why historically, these have been two separate disciplines. you think idols are out there learning colour theory and basic spatial design principles and basic fashion design principles and how to research and how to build a reference catalogue and how to synthesize like visuals on top of incredibly strict and physically labourious schedules and dance rehearsals??? some of them on their own time, if that's their interest, sure, but that still doesn't guarantee that they're going to be good at it either. statistically it's just not possible. my graduating cohort of designers in undergrad was seven people and maybe 2.5 of us are actually good designers; and this is for people who did four years of school specifically for design. you think every actor is writing all their lines??? making their own costumes??? i feel like a broken record but really it is very normal and okay and honestly probably better if idols have concepts and songs handed to them, because it means that there's someone behind the scenes that's designated for that job.
idols having choice and/or input on decisions isn't always a bad thing, but it is the job of the designer/creative director to guide those choices, because more often than not they will be bad. and as a designer you should never let an actor or a performer totally steer the ship, you should work with them to achieve the final product. bad design choices happen from designers losing control of the helm to a performer's star power, or to just plain apathy. if you want an example, see the 2017 live action beauty and the beast film.
ok this will be unpopular, but i've never got the blackpink hype. it's not that the girls are bad performers, because they're perfectly fine, probably above average, but they've just been releasing the same song over and over again and their choreography isn't that compelling. to be completely fair, i was never really a fan of the yg style in the first place, but in a similar vein to bts - blackpink are at the point where they're so big that everything they do has this perfect money polish to it that it becomes aesthetically bland. i think they need a better creative director and a better producer and a better choreographer; they have the ability (and the funds) to push much farther than they do and it's disappointing. in a way i kind of applaud lisa for taking more of a risk with some like a traditional thai styling in lalisa but whoever they have as creative director is just garbage at their job and nothing about that mv and styling makes any logical or aesthetic sense. as far as her as a dancer? she's not untalented, but i don't see the kind of intuitive spark that i see in other top tier idol dancers. i agree with your point of how she looks very 'rehearsed,' it goes back to something i said a while ago about how idols are very good at mimicking and repeating choreography, but don't have the same kind of fluid body understanding as a professional dancers. which again, not a problem, because she's a perfectly fine performer, but there isn't a lot that draws me personally to her performances. it's one thing to be good at the motions, but it's another thing to be good at fully embodying those motions, and that's a lot more nebulous and subject to personal opinion.
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ankhlovebot · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Why are we talking about drive now
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ribbondraws · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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skunkes · 2 months ago
have u ever done, like, sculpture? i kno several ppl who were artists but felt rly bad abt it and then like switched mediums (to sculpey or ceramic or stained glass or wire or woodcarving) and found one that just made them happy. i dunno, maybe making things different ways will light u up somehow! :o
oh boy....sculpture and ceramics were my least favorite classes when i had to take them in college!! i dreaded them and had to figuratively exit my body to let something else drag me to em...
sculpture made 0 sense to me. i dont know how to do abstract stuff and its very difficult to make non-abstract stuff. also i am not good at visualizing things in 3D actually 😭
in my last ceramics class (a higher level one) I wld just sculpt extremely wonky crooked duckies, and we didnt even have fun glazes/colors to play with (or ig we did but. not explained to us how to use em) to elevate em either :/
i see people doing cute ceramic work now and wagh wish i cldve done stuff like that in school! now its like. completely unaccessible lol
im also usually very bad with "you have to spend hours on it and MAYBE itll come out good :)" media. so sculpting, painting etc...i like quick work so i can move on. not "this took hours and its still so sucks and now it takes up physical space and i cant just throw it away, thats a waste" i did throw away a good chunk of all my school assignments though
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thedreadvampy · 8 months ago
hmmm so like on the one hand I think it's. pretty understandable that queer men, especially trans men and transmascs, are pretty prickly about being talked about as The Enemy and not extended the same solidarity as non-masc queer people
I gotta say when you're putting post after post about how she/hers are annoying and unpleasant and you're sick of women and trans women have it so much easier than trans men and ugh everyone is Good and Valid except she/hers bc they're so dominating and angry and shrill uhhhhhhh
buddy I think that's just a good old fashioned misogyny I am not gonna lie to you.
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bluehairedspidey · 4 months ago
had a dream that another twink i was attracted to turned out to be a trans woman and made me question my sexuality,,, by talos this can't be happening again,,,,,
#blog #to clarify the first instance was very much not a dream she came out in like june and i love her very dear friend <3 #THIS person is not out as a trans woman in real life tho #yet ;) #gotta hit em with the beam™ #to be fair i Think they use he/they pronouns so idk if theyre exactly a cis man either #but yeah in the dream it was like we were at a party and like i knew it was them but idk if they knew me/knew it was me #and i think we were like flirting and about to hook up? #(which is fucking hilarious ofc its a dream ive never had casual sex in my life) #but then i think i like. idek but i was somehow given the knowledge that i think they were a lesbian #(again not true in real life as far as i know) #and i was like hold up. i know youre a girl and im fine with probably having to reevaluate my status as a gay man if we go thru with this #do You know im Not a girl and are you okay with that? #and then i either woke up or the dream changed idk but that part of the dream ended so idk what happened after that 😔 #but anyways. it is. a little funny at this point the amount of trans women and like not male aligned enbys ive possibly been attracted to #like its not a LOT #especially considering theres multiple people where its like theyre not Actually out as trans women but like #theres some Signs so it might be a possibility yknow #but like #its ENOUGH #i feel like its definitely confounded tho by the fact that like #am i Attracted to you #or do i just think youre pretty and nice and like the gender youve got going on and feel closer to u bc of trans solidarity and all that #so yeah at this point who knows #especially since i also havent remotely tried to pursue any relationships with any of them and am not completely sure if i want to or not #oh well #at least queer and gay as umbrella terms will always be there for me 👍 #hjklkjhgdsdfghj this got really long lmao
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tyrannuspitch · 5 months ago
really fucked up that every day i have to wake up and be dysphoric about both masculinity and femininity all over again
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