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sainttwenty · 44 seconds ago
What Are You Holding Onto?
What Are You Holding Onto?
Daily yoga practice has me taking everyday inventory of the things I need to let go; a pillar of the practice is rooted in releasing negativity from the energetic body. Releasing is one of the healthiest, healing habits a person can have. You have no idea how much is pent up until you approach it with intention. Yin yoga really made me aware, as you have to maintain positions for lengthy periods…
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sewersceneredux · 2 minutes ago
aki and angel devil are getting to me again
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harryandmegsussex · 3 minutes ago
Like, even saying he's an EX is really funny and a reach to me. They were 13 lol that's barely a relationship
Literally. There’s no dates or anything like that, it’s basically just a boy you hold hands with 😭
It was summer camp. And they didn’t even go to the same school, so I doubt they saw each other much if they did continue to hang out after camp.
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deadpanwalking · 3 minutes ago
i know you don't watch spn but why drag richard siken into this
I kinda wanna remind you that Google is free...but also, if you don't know that Richard Siken was/is an upstanding member of the Wincest community, I don't wanna be the one to break your heart.
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altermel · 3 minutes ago
a lot of you idiots takes are on who can crack the most smartass joke to make themselves the better man in the situation instead of actually. you know. giving a shit about people? it literally takes 0 cents and 0 seconds to be kind to someone regardless of your opinions on them. and you shouldn’t have opinions that are unkind to a group of people who are doing nothing to harm anyone and are only living their best lives and being happy for any reason anyway. full stop.
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coolmomdean · 4 minutes ago
Crobby birthday
you’ve misunderstood
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sunshyngal · 4 minutes ago
this is a really hard anon to write but i feel like i need to do this. i had no intentions of ever visiting your blog or reading any of your stories ever again but it here and this is important.
please, i beg you, please put RAPE in big bold letters in the warnings of your werewolf jungkook fic right beside the dub con warning. i thought that the consent warning was referring to maybe some non consensual groping or non consensual kissing but rape? as an assault survivor, it triggered a mental breakdown. i've tried my best to collect myself and write this ask for you. as i've mentioned above, this is really hard for me, i read that story in the afternoon and have been trying to write this ask for 4 hours now but it needs to be done. i don't care how long it takes. please. put. the. right. warnings. this is not fair. and the fact that oc just skims over it? it took me 4 years in court to get justice. 4 exhausting, tough years. and all she takes is a sorry? do you think rape is something that people just get over? no matter how accepting you are, no matter how much you were expecting it, now matter what the circumstance are. rape. mentally. physically. sexually. absolutely. fucking. destroys. you. i wasn't able to face my assaulter in the court or the police station for months and she wakes up the next morning and simply accepts an apology. i swear if you use the 'he was drunk excuse' --- i can't do this. just please. put the right warning. and stop portraying unrealistic assault scenarios. you can't just do this.
Are you from a first world country?
I'm from a country where marital rape is legal. Your husband can rape you and that's his right and you cannot file charges against him over this.
When you say that what I wrote is unrealistic, you are invalidating hundreds of thousands of women in my country who go through marital rape with exactly the same attitude as op.
I was one of them.
One night , I said no. He did not listen. He wasn't drunk. He just didn't listen. I didn't physically fight him or make a scene.... I just accepted it because he was my husband and I thought I couldn't say anything else.....And guess what ....I did forgive him.
He didn't even say sorry. Because as far as he's concerned he didn't do anything wrong....
I'm sorry about what happened to you. But my warnings are clear.
You're a rape survivor?
Extremely dubious consent is plenty enough to keep you away.
It should be.
The only reason it isn't labeled as non con is because neither of them consider it is. My husband didn't think he was raping me. I didn't think he was raping me either. But after three years and learning more about consent I know that's what happened.
The abo universe which is an alternate non existent universe is modelled after the world I grew up in. Its a place where consent is a grey area.
Hence the warning : genre related consent issues.
If you have such a serious trigger , why on earth would you assume something and just start reading?
You could have taken a second to message me and ask me what the warning meant.
I would have told you.
It took you four hours to write this took me four years to write that scene down without losing my mind over it. To acknowledge that what happened was rape.
Its not unrealistic.
It happened to me.
And I'm still married to the man .
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jtsworks · 4 minutes ago
A Cluster of Self-Criticism.
“They asked me if I had awareness for the ruins stuck on my lips.
Like crawling nails on skin, the wind came unannounced
with no ringtone, or a slam of the door; only me and the moon, up at night.
Yes, I notice the wooden walls of this cabin, burgendy wine, 
and blue’s. The clock’s arms trail and tick in the den where
golden flakes reside, amplify over time.
I am the recipient of secrets, flip-flopping on a kitchen skillet,
chocolate pancakes, a melted stick of butter and bedtime 
journals. I do write. Not with colored, slippery pens,
but with skipping fingers until written words, metaphors
are vocal, filled with stutter. At four in the morning,
I am left as a dark mist, critiquing my last steps
with permanent purple bruises, so afraid of blue.”
- JTR.
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deviousdoctor · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
‘I deserve an iced coffee,”
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kessicasrps · 4 minutes ago
I wait patiently for you, excited to see what you were wearing. I was feeling really nervous for the show tonight, wanting to perform at my absolute best. This show was such a huge deal for us and I wanted everything to go smoothly. “Of course, my love. Am I ever not honest with you?,” I ask, eager to see you. “Show me, Princess,” I smile, running a hand nervously through my hair.
I came out in the outfit I had decided to wear for the show, and I had dressed the band in all black suits to coordinate with what I was wearing. “How do I look?” I asked as I bit my lip nervously. It felt so weird to be doing a show since we hadn’t done a lot of shows since we had kids, but I was glad to be doing this. This show was huge and could change our lives from what we were told. “Now you said you’d be honest, and my stretch marks are a bit noticeable, but I want you to tell me what you really think,” I say.
I had changed for the Golden Globes after-party, only really attending because I knew you’d be there and I was eager to see you. We hadn’t seen each other in person in a few months and I had definitely been thinking about you a lot lately. I was instantly bored as some random actor was flirting with me and I scan the room for you, smiling when I saw you. I meet your eyes, trying to communicate that I wanted you to come here and save me from this boring guy.
I was dressed for the Golden Globes after party, and I was hoping there would be a chance that I would run into you. I was walking around the after party until I noticed you and seeing someone pestering you and that you were not intrigued. I walked up to you and smirked. “Is this man bothering you?” I asked with a smirk and cocking my eyebrows. 
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amadgirlwithabox21 · 4 minutes ago
hmm. So probably I should not drink black tea in the evening because then I enter a mental state in which it physically hurts to think about besides Tony Kushner’s Masterpiece of American Theater Angels in America
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ultranos · 4 minutes ago
In the Paperweight AU, are Mai and Ty Lee hanging out with Azula as she runs around the world trying to fix things? Are they in on the big secret(even if they're screwing around with their own lives and not with Azula)? I guess if Azula nicely asked them, Mai is probably with Azula(because it's less boring than whatever her parents would want her to do), but Ty Lee might still be at the circus. I am attracted to the idea of "Ty Lee and Mai help Azula do diplomacy," though.
So, I kind of place both Ty Lee and Mai leaving not that long after Zuko’s banishment. Based on that, in the Paperwork AU, Ty Lee is at the circus and Mai is going along with her parents to whatever assignment her dad gets by the time Ozai kicks the bucket.
I think, without the need to recruit Ty Lee and with just how busy she’d be, Azula might have a quiet internal conflict, but ultimately let Ty Lee stay where she is. And maybe wouldn’t tell her what’s really going on (she’d say that it’s because she doesn’t count on Ty Lee keeping her mouth shut, but the truth is that Azula thinks that if Ty Lee was aware of things, she’d probably do something ridiculous like leave her dream the circus behind to come back)
Mai is a different story. Mai is a politician’s daughter and she knows the double-speak and can read between the lines. It pretty much only takes two letters that sound extremely bland and casual and Mai knows something is Very Wrong in the capital. I can’t decide if Mai manipulates her parents into getting them to send her back or if she yells on paper at Azula to call her back so Azula stops being an idiot.
In any case, Mai gets back to the Caldera, takes one look at Azula, calls her an idiot to her face, and quickly becomes Fire Sage Koga’s favorite person by essentially becoming Azula’s personal assistant (which is also a combination of bodyguard and cat herder). Mai gets to have great fun in being able to stare down stuffy old men who need to retire already while playing with her knives openly.
Ty Lee figures out something happened when Mai’s letters suddenly start coming from the Palace and usually contain at least five paragraphs about how Azula, for all she calls Zuko a dumb-dumb, is the world’s most brilliant idiot. Then the circus starts being attended by a lot more soldiers on their way home, and she’s pretty sure Azula Did Something. So when she hears that the Fire Princess’s army is passing nearby (on the Epic Diplomacy Tour), Ty Lee leaves the circus to catch them.
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holidehg · 5 minutes ago
when you're in anguish but have no real outlets for it
Tumblr media
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idekwtf-is-happening · 5 minutes ago
It doesn’t matter that you thought they were cute together. It doesn’t matter that he’s supposedly with someone a week after the divorce. It’s none of your business. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s suspicious. It has nothing to do with you. You don’t know the situation. Quit acting like you do and that you are entitled to all the information. These are people’s lives and it doesn’t matter if they’re famous. You aren’t privy to the facts because they don’t know you and they owe you nothing.
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