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#whatever im hilarious like that

i become sorry this is tmi but i become so emotional at the tail end of my period like the first few days are just incandescent, all consuming rage and then the brunt of it goes and im just like a pile of soup laughing erratically or perhaps half crying with an avocado tostada (no toast cuz we got no bread) in my mouth reading some dumb ass nile/booker fic like oh my god they’re falling in love……………….. everybody is seeing it……….. after all the hurt……. [starts sobbing]

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I didn’t even notice, but apparently I reached 419 followers and that’s like. crazy ??!! I know to a lot of u might sound like a small number but if I have to picture 400+ actual PEOPLE reading the crap I occasionally post (and some even my fics but that’s a whole other story don’t get me started or I’ll cry-) my jaw literally drops. Thank u to every single one of u, I never even thought I would post anything on this blog in the first place - I opened Tumblr in like, 2015 and for a solid ¾ years I was a “ghost user”, allow me the term - let alone I’d end up interacting with people from other CONTINENTS acknowledging my existence and WRITING things that yall actually READ and at times ENJOY this is straight up  c r a z y  to me. I never thought I’d have the “skills” to do any of this and all of u only fueled me to keep doing this. T H A N K Y O U ❤️💗💓💕💖💛💙💜💚💞💘💝

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#time to 'talk' whatever that means oh no, #wish me luck this is probably abt school, #they're pissed i wanna drop a useless class bc im gonna fail it either way so theyre having like some fuckin intervention style bullshit, #its almost fuckin funny sfvdgvghvgng, #like god if ud have told my ocd ass last year that i was dropping a class w/o batting an eye they would've lost it worse than my parents rn, #but we have therapy so thats some growth, #i know dropping a class doesnt seem like growth from the outside which is probably why my parents r losing their shit, #but i am having some priorities and getting shit done one thing at a time, #and oh my god if i didnt have therapy for the past several months before this school year began?? not even gonna talk abt that alternative, #like man do u want ur kid to drop one useless class or do u want no kid. these are the options, #sorry to get morbid like damn but seriously therapy?? what the fuck man i can actually function now w/o having panic attacks every other, #assignment sdvfbvhbvbv, #anyway wish me luck and hope that i dont blatantly laugh in my parents faces while they try to be serious oh no, #it shouldn't be funny to me but it kinda is honestly like, #theyre taking school more serious than me for once and thats fucking hilarious and kinda sad tbh, #used to be so high strung abt this shit and now im trying not to be but theyre both still stuck on it, #like im glad their anxiety isnt getting to me like i was worried it might but i almost feel bad for them, #like if they werent trying to guilt trip me id feel bad but bc of that fact i just. dont pity them, #alright im actually going now. may or may not update this if anything happens oh no, #time to overshare on tumblr, #fuckit: broadcast mental illness, #dumbass thots, #ocd tag, #death mention, #suicide tw, #<- just vague past allusions. just to be safe
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