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#whatever you want draco malfoy
dorthyanndrarry · 10 days ago
Whatever You Want, Draco Malfoy -12-
Tags: alcohol use, marijuana use, cigarettes, smoking, reckless behaviour, lack of self preservation, anxiety issues, chronic illness, deportation, racism, the fucking Tories, ptsd, super unhealthy coping mechanisms, Down and out Draco who’s friends with muggles, various OC’s, enemies to lovers, angst, mentions of throwing up/vomit
suggested rating: Mature
Part 1 (contains links to all parts) <- Part 11 || Part 13 ->
Draco went straight from the back of the building, up the stairs, to Elle’s flat. His mind was only on one thing, or several things, or several bottles waiting for him. His hand shook as he raised it to knock.
Draco squeezed his eyes shut.
It was too much. It was so much. And he just wanted it to stop, just stop for a little while.
He tried to tell himself it was just Potter, just stupid fucking Potter. The last thing he was supposed to care about was what scar-head said. There was just something- something about the way Potter stood, the- his fists- Draco’s breathing stuttered in his chest- the way he threw the money, like a voice in his head saying, foolish boy.
Draco shuddered, his knuckles brushing against the wood.
The door swung open and Draco jumped back with a startled laugh.
“Fucking hell, Draco!” Elle chided and laughed, “You scared the shit out of me!”
Draco wobbled backwards until his back pressed against the railing.
“Looking for something?” Elle teased. “Like a pillow?”
“Right,” Draco nodded, “My pillow.”
“It got pushed under my dresser,” Elle frowned and stepped close. “Draco?” She touched his shoulder lightly.
Draco jumped, his whole body feeling like a live wire, he tried to laugh again, but it came out forced.
“Sorry,” Elle said, pulling her hand back.
“It’s fine,” Draco said. “It’s fine.”
“I can tell that it’s not,” Elle said, “Can I help?”
“I ...I don’t know,” Draco managed.
“Let’s walk,” Elle said.
“What?” Draco said, confused.
“It helps. It feels like running away,” Elle smiled ruefully, “A little bit. But a little bit is enough.”
Elle grabbed a rolling cart from inside her apartment and quickly shut and locked the door. When she headed down the stairs, Draco followed her.
“Is it- Are you okay to be out?” Draco asked.
“I feel good today,” Elle said, “So I wanted to do some shopping. Grocery deliveries are all well and good, but they can’t pick out the perfect colour of toothbrush or the fluffiest bath towel.”
Draco nodded silently.
“The thing is, my health gets worse every year,” Elle said, her tone deliberately light. “There’s this saying, ‘live like you’re dying’ well, I live like I’m deteriorating. Someday, I won’t be able to go out like this. Someday, I may not be able to live on my own, but until that day comes, I want to do anything and everything that I can, while I can still do it.”
“That’s...” Draco trailed off.
“Don’t say ‘brave’,” Elle laughed, “It’s just realistic. And I’ve cried plenty over it. Anyone would. It’s a shitty thing, what my body is doing to me.”
“I wasn’t going to say brave,” Draco said.
“I wasn’t sure what I was going to say,” Draco said.
Elle laughed. She slowed down so they could walk side by side.
“So?” Elle said.
“So, you look a bit worse for wear,” Elle said. “Did you have a rough night?”
Draco smiled faintly to himself, “I wish. I’m a bit... sober at the moment.”
Elle hesitated, “That’s… is that good?”
Draco laughed.
“You’ve never tried to sober up before,” Elle said.
“It’s for a lark mostly,” Draco said.
“That’s not something you do on a lark,” Elle said, “Does it have anything to do with that bloke who stole your rent hanging around?”
Draco scowled.
“Uhuh,” Elle said.
“We made a deal,” Draco said, “He wants to make up for all the shit he’s done.”
“And that includes being sober?” Elle said, “Because from what I know of you, that seems more like a punishment than help.”
“Potter thinks he can save me,” Draco said. “I’m not supposed to fuck around either. Literally.”
Elle wrinkled her nose, “What do you get out of this?”
“A place to stay.”
“I was happy to give you that,” Elle said.
“You weren’t any trouble. And I mean that,” Elle said.
“Well… I felt bad about it,” Draco said.
Elle gave him a look.
“What?” Draco said defensively.
“You’re always helping us, but it’s like pulling teeth trying to do even the smallest favour back,” Elle said.
They stopped at the corner, waiting for the lights to change. The traffic was growing steadily heavier as they got closer to the shopping centre.
“So, what are you getting out of this? Because it seems like it’s just… more trouble for you,” Elle said.
“It’s- Well… when you put it like that-”
Elle snorted.
“It’s complicated,” Draco said.
“Ooo, do tell,” Elle said.
Draco laughed.
They crossed the street, and Elle headed towards a small discount shop Draco had never been in before.
“We went to school together. Same year, different houses,” Draco said.
“You were the rich brat, and he was scholarship student-” Elle said, with an airy voice.
“It sounds like the start of a million kids books. Very cliché,” Elle said.
“Potter might dress like he fell out of a wheely bin, but from what I’ve heard, his parents left him quite an inheritance,” Draco said.
“He’s an orphan?”
“A tragic orphan?” Elle asked conspiratorially.
Draco rolled his eyes, “Yes.”
“I’m afraid that makes up for the secretly wealthy bit,” Elle said, “Still cliché.”
Draco frowned.
“So? Tell me more.”
Draco remained silent.
“Come on,” Elle cajoled.
“You’re going to laugh,” Draco said.
Elle grinned, “That only makes it better.”
Draco sighed, “...We were rivals.”
“Of course you were!” Elle laughed.
“You’re lucky I needed to go shopping, as well,” Draco said, grabbing one of the plastic baskets next to the door.
“What else, what else?” Elle asked.
“You’re the worst,” Draco muttered.
“Were you footy rivals too?” Elle asked.
Draco didn’t respond.
“You were, weren’t you!?”
Elle cackled with delight, completely indifferent to all the people staring at them. Draco spotted an aisle with toothpaste and headed down it. He frowned at the toothbrushes and picked out a two-pack, decorated with bright neon colours and a suction cup on the bottom to stick to the sink.
“I like those too,” Elle said, joining him, “They’re for kids, but the bristles are softer, and it’s smaller. I hate how big normal toothbrushes are. I have a very small mouth.”
“Seems like a very big mouth to me,” Draco said, putting the toothbrushes into his basket and moving down to the toothpaste.
“Ouch,” Elle said lightly, “I hit a nerve, huh?”
“I’ve lived my whole life without the knowledge that my childhood was some sort of cliched nonsense, and then you come along-”
“Sorry! Sorry!” Elle said. “I was just teasing!”
Draco frowned at the stupid amount of different kinds of toothpaste and picked a random box with a lot of sparkles on it.
“You don’t talk about yourself much,” Elle said, “Except the cult thing, which is pretty… amazing on its own but, I mean, it’s nice to talk about other stuff.”
“You’re fine,” Draco said, “I’m...I’m just not used to teasing.”
“Your friends never teased you before?” Elle asked.
“They did, sometimes,” Draco frowned to himself, “Not often. My father commanded a lot of respect.”
“Your father did? Not you,” Elle said.
“It was the cult thing,” Draco said, “Most of my friends were the kids of other people in the cult or scared of who my father was or… yeah.”
Elle put an arm around Draco’s back and gave him a squeeze.
“What’s that for?” Draco asked.
“No reason,” Elle said, “What else do you need to buy?”
Draco gave her a suspicious look. “A razor and shaving cream. Something to wear that isn’t… this,” he gestured down at himself.
“I wasn’t going to say anything….” Elle said.
“I know,” Draco said.
“Teasing again,” Elle said.
Draco rolled his eyes, “What else do you need?”
“A new towel and a bra, some other clothes, maybe some socks if they have some that are really soft and fuzzy,” Elle said.
Draco nodded, “Then perhaps you can explain how bra sizing works.”
Elle snorted, “You think I know?”
“You wear them, don’t you?” Draco said.
“Yeah, but I figured out my size by trial and error. And half the time, it’s different depending on the brand and material it’s made of,” Elle said.
“That’s ridiculous,” Draco said.
“Yup. I usually just wear sports bras, but I like to have a few nice ones. They’re my going out bras,” Elle said.
Draco grinned.
“I’m glad I ran into you,” Elle said, “Shopping is always more fun with someone else.”
Draco nodded, “Yeah, it is.”
Draco returned late in the afternoon, after spending most of the day Elle. They shopped for several hours and then dawdled in a fast food place for a while before making their way back to the building.
“You can come back and stay with me,” Elle said as they walked back up the street.
“I know,” Draco said, pulling Elle’s rolling basket behind them, both their bags piled into it.
“Are you even friends with- with Potter now?” Elle asked.
“No. Definitely not,” Draco said.
“You never said what you were getting out of staying with him,” Elle said.
“Danish,” Draco said.
Elle looked up at him in confusion.
“He bought me danish and made me some sub-par coffee,” Draco said.
“That’s it?” Elle said.
“No...” Draco said.
“I’m thinking.”
“Draco, you can just move back in with me. I haven’t even moved my furniture back yet,” Elle said.
Draco grimaced, “...I can’t.”
“We made a deal… I quit drinking and sleeping around, and he gives me everything I want,” Draco said.
“Like danish.”
“And terrible coffee,” Draco said with a nod.
Elle raised her eyebrows.
“He gave me the money to go shopping as well.” Draco said, “And it’s only been a day.”
Elle puffed out her cheeks and blew out a raspberry.
Draco laughed in surprise.
“I just have a bad feeling about it. You don’t have a great history with the guy,” Elle said.
You have no idea, Draco thought and very much didn’t say.
“And I don’t just mean when you were in school,” Elle went on, “He took your rent money so that you lost your flat. Because he thought you stole it. And now he’s trying to fix you? It just feels... icky.”
“It’s not like that,” Draco said.
Elle made a face.
“And I can leave at any time,” Draco said, “Besides, he’s going to break first.”
“He promised me ‘whatever I want!’ That’s ridiculous! Being sober is… fucking atrocious, to be honest, but it’s the only difficult part of my side of the deal,” Draco said.
“You’re not in school anymore, Draco,” Elle said sharply, “You don’t have to compete with him. You don’t have to win.”
“You should put you first,” Elle said. She frowned and repeated stubbornly, “I really think you should put you first.”
Their pace slowed as they stepped through the archway leading into the courtyard.
Draco frowned to himself.
Elle let out a huge sigh and waved her hands emphatically, “You don’t have to do anything I say. It’s your life. Don’t let other people control your life.”
Draco blinked.
“That said, I care about you, and I’m worried, and I want you to be safe,” Elle looked up at him, “Does that make sense?”
Draco nodded, “It does.”
“Okay,” Elle said. “Good. Today was great. I’m glad we got to hang out.”
“I am as well,” Draco said.
Elle smiled faintly, “You should have this Potter bloke buy you a cell phone, so we can go out again the next time my traitorous body lets me.”
“It couldn’t hurt to ask,” Draco said.
Elle grinned, “Now, if you don’t mind, would you help me carry my bags upstairs?”
“Of course,” Draco said.
💜 Next update will be tuesday pst 💜 I’m working on a Liar’s Department halloween special for the week halloween falls onto. I’m excited 😁 I hope y’all like it
Tags below v (I don’t have a permanent tags list. All tags are of the wonderful people who left messages on the previous 2 parts.)
💜 @pain-changes-everything thank you so much!!!!! 💜
💜 @slyther-ink smoothing sailing is no fun lol :D  💜thank you!!!!! 💜
💜 @cats-extra-tails thank you! 💜
💜 @devilrising draco is such a little shit :D  💜thank you so much!! 💜
💜 @shadowybook  😂they’re such squabbly little children, still pulling pigtails but neither one of them knows when to stop 💜 💜thank youuuuuuuu!!! 💜
💜 @justafangirlslikes thank you! 💜
💜 @languedor71 they have suuuuuch different communication styles it’s funny 💜 💜thank you so much!!! 💜 💜
💜 @havingaverydrarryday thank you! 💜
💜 @dewitty1 god they are idiots, still just kids that never had the time to grow up 💜 💜 💜thank you! 🥰💜 💜 💜 
💜 @dracodragon19872 they are always getting under one another skin, they’ve had years of practise 💜 💜 💜thank youuuuuu!!!!! 💜 💜 💜
💜 @onomtonks  💜 @cloack  💜 @chosenpotter  💜 @addicted-to-w0rds  💜 @snarkyship  💜 @champagnemonarch  💜  
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wynnyfryd · a year ago
Tumblr media
(posting here too by request, thank you for sharing my draco thiiiiiirst) [ko-fi]
I started drawing a picture a couple weeks ago of Draco drinking his morning coffee out of an old transfigured “potter stinks” badge but then I realized skewed perspective text is HARD and then I forgot all about this picture lol. But like, just picture that or maybe an awful cartoon version of Harry’s face on the mug and Harry’s all: (incoherent sputters) and Draco’s like, “oh this? Got it at the new gift shop in Diagon. Charming little thing, isn’t it? Oh and look, it even has your signature replicated on the bottom!”
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cluelesspigeons · 7 months ago
The prompt for this one was ‘androgynous’ from @drarrymicrofic
I tried something different, but I actually like how it turned out 🤭
Word count: 127
Drarry microfic: Androgynous
“Did you know, there are lionesses that can grow manes like a male lion?”
“Yeah, this article talks about it for 7 pages. It’s rather interesting, actually.”
“Harry, love, you know I love you but… it’s three in the bloody morning. I have to wake up early for my shift at Mungo’s and you’re reading in that book again instead of cuddling with me.”
“Let me just read… oh! Apparently it’s called adri… androgo… andrygo-”
“Yes! That’s it! There are other animals who can do that. Did you know? There are even some reported cases of clown fish-”
“Okay that’s enough.”
“Hey! I was reading that!”
“Yes, I know. You can still read it tomorrow. Now, come lay down and cuddle me, you big oaf.”
Prompt from 23th March 2021
<< previous microfic
next microfic >>
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joecheese · 6 months ago
To all My authors, Writers and Artists.
Feel Free to draw or Continue this the way you like it.//
She was bad.
That’s what she was, a Monster with a poisonous stare. One wrong move and your a goner. no matter how simple the imperfection was, she’ll get rid of it one way or another.
Do not get him wrong, he done unspeakable things as well but he never come to the thought someone like her would be as bad, as monstrous, as wrong as he was. She was just like him, Exactly like him with everything. The way she talks, acts, kills, manipulate, It was all him. 
He lacked one simple thing from her twisted nature. One thing he doesn’t have, something he thought was Completely useless until he met her.
She was the perfect image of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Have fun with this~ ;)
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kala-gang · 11 months ago
note: this was supposed to only be about the tom felton drama on twitter...but like all of my rants, it spiraled into something more overarching. ? lmfao oops my bad. my points still stand even if my thoughts are a mess! anyway...
is liking and unliking one (1) jkr tweet the worst thing tom felton did...? lmfao serious question. what am i missing here? i mean i guess it sucks that he didn’t address it but why the hell is he getting crucified on twitter over it? i hope you people know that something like this doesnt actually affect the real world in any way just because some of y’all are butthurt that he didn’t feel like giving you lot a 10 page essay on why he decided to unlike a tweet only a small group of people saw.
reminder that celebrities and non-celebrities alike literally don’t owe you shit - that includes explanations for their actions. whether you choose to stan/unstan someone bc of that is your choice. if you decide that makes them a bad person in your eyes - fine, think what you want.
which brings me to my next reminder: you guys don’t actually know any of the people you stan so come tf off it. worshipping and expecting perfection from celebrities should’ve been left in 2010. i swear to god some of y’all make it a hobby to wait for celebrities to do/say dumb shit just so y’all can bully them through social media as if that has any real world consequence to anyone but yourselves - aka wasting your damn time.
it’s pathetic as hell to compare what could’ve very well been a misread on tom’s part to the blatant and harmful transphobia displayed by jkr. what he did and didn’t do was insensitive at most and if you believe that grounds for a “cancellation”, then do you i guess. but acting like he’s a whole fucking terf hellbent on discriminating against trans people because of an UNLIKED TWEET is such a reach i can’t even comprehend it. sometimes i like trump’s tweets because it makes me laugh how fucking dumb he sounds but does that mean i actually support the orange bastard? no. would my followers know that? not necessarily but guess what...that’s not my damn problem. i’d like to see someone try to make me explain my own damn likes to them. these are my social media accounts, fuck off with that.
regardless if it was a mistake or not, people love to pretend that celebrities are virtually incapable of learning and doing better in silence. they! don’t! owe! y’all! a! god! damn! thing! stop acting like celebrities owe you some kind of “proof” to show you they’re good people. most of them probably fucking arent anyway. do you not know how easy it is to lie and put on a front on the internet? why the hell do you think it took so long for someone as famous as ellen degeneres to get “exposed” for being the evil shit that she is? it’s all about building a specific brand - a certain IMAGE to appeal to mass audiences. these people literally have teams of employees to keep up these images for you all. they know what people like, they’re not fucking dumb. they know that a quick #BLM will bring in more support from their targeted younger audiences than a #MAGA would. don’t delude yourselves into thinking otherwise.
+ it’s time you all realize that a celebrity’s opinion shouldn’t be the end all be all of anything period. why people still care so much about what celebrities think AT ALL is a mystery to me. what reason do you have to believe that celebrities are/should/deserve to be the social justice masterminds they’re portrayed to be? do you think that we can actually learn anything from these people? you know there are actual acitivists in the world that dedicate their time and energy into supporting your local communities and THOSE are the people you should look up to, right? why the hell do you care if your faves believes in #BLM when the extent of their activism doesn’t go beyond writing a check? do i need to remind you that these people are part of the elite/ruling class and don’t actually give a fuck about y’all unless they’re getting their coins/fame? if you want to argue that you simply only want to support celebrities with similar opinions/views as your own, that’s fair and valid. but like i don’t know any of these people and you likely never will know the “real” them.
you’re basing your entire opinions of these strangers off what they choose to show you on social media. stop it. get a new hobby. celebrities should not be worshipped and moreover you shouldn’t bother wasting your time trying to cancel people when cancel culture doesn’t exist or affect the vast majority of celebrities/influencers. prime example: chris brown is a famous black man that has consistent patterns of physical abuse and manipulation towards his partners - hated by millions and he still has more money than he’ll ever be able to spend in his lifetime. everything in their world is about money. so, social media interactions? = money. people talking shit about you constantly on the internet? = money, recognition. you really want to get rid of these people? fucking ignore them and stop with your useless twitter threads that do nothing but bring attention to their name/brands. the end.
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spookyshai · 8 months ago
i hate to say this but. when you try to make a villain that's irredeemable. like so super bad. that it's impossible that they could ever grow or heal or become a good person. so evil that the fangirls could never stan them. just not possible for em to be redeemed. im so sorry to tell you this. but because they're a fictional character that does not exist in real life. and like also because there's no person who has ever existed on earth who was truly and completely without hope of change. because redemption and change and growth and healing are by definition for everyone and accessible to everyone. and like thats the whole point. im so sorry but ur super scary evil villain is gonna end up getting fuckin redeemed 😔
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malfoysstilinski · 10 months ago
three’s a crowd | DRACO MALFOY (smut)
Draco Malfoy x Reader
SUMMARY: draco and y/n fuck in the common room and when blaise interrupts, draco can’t find it in himself to stop. 
REQUESTED: omg could i please request a rough slytherin reader x draco smut where they almost get caught like someone walks in but they make it seem like they’re just spending time together but draco edges her as he continues the conversation hehehehehehe
WARNINGS: smut, public sex, choking, slut shaming, hair pulling, oral receiving (both male and female), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, degradation kink, probably more. 
A/N: this is my 2nd time writing this bc tumblr deleted it the first time. hope it’s worth it! 
An hour ago, the Slytherin Common Room had been bustling with life; members of the green-coloured house roaring the lyrics to their favourite songs and tipping back as many shots of Fire Whiskey as they could without throwing up. It had been a grand day to be a Slytherin, as today was the day that they had beaten the Gryffindors in a Quidditch match, and all thanks to your boyfriend, too.
The two of you had spent most of the night sat on the leather couch, you with your back to the arm and your legs draped across his lap, your head resting on his shoulder and glasses of alcohol in his hand. With a snap of the fingers, Draco had either Crabbe or Goyle topping them up like it was their full-time job. And all night, members of Slytherin had been coming up to congratulate Draco on being able to knock Potter out of the way just in time to catch the Snitch and win the game. 
Each time he’d smirk or chuckle, running a lanky hand through his pale hair and messing it up even further. It was already quite disheveled from your hand remaining in it all evening, gently scratching his scalp and absentmindedly combing through his silky blond locks as you used your other hand to raise your glass to your lips every now and then. 
Now, however, your glass was empty and everybody had seemed to call it a night, leaving the two of you alone in the Common Room, still buzzing from the alcohol and enjoying the quiet company of one another. You found that with Draco, you could sit in silence for hours and still understand each other completely. 
So when his large hand brushed your thigh where you dress was riding up, you knew what he wanted. Draco’s ring was cold against your skin as he ran it up and down your smooth thighs, even dipping underneath your dress a little but never going as far as your panties. You were growing wetter and wetter with every advance he made, but your boyfriend wasn’t watching you, his head was leaning back on the couch as he stared at the ceiling. 
His jawline appears so prominent due to his position that you can’t help yourself. Your hand glides from his soft hair and down the back of his neck, nails grazing his pale skin and leaving goosebumps in their wake. You trail your Slytherin-green nails across his jaw and grab it lightly, twisting him so that he’s forced to look down at you. 
When Draco does, his silver pools darkening with lust and curiosity, you lean up a little, wrapping an arm around his neck and tugging him down closer to you from where you lay with your back against the arm of the sofa. Now, Draco’s bent from his sitting position beneath you, his arm sticking out by your head and gripping the arm of the couch to keep himself hovering above you slightly. 
He expects you to dive in and capture his lips with yours, but instead, feels your mouth on his neck. It causes him to close his eyes and grip the couch tighter, making a serious effort for his drunken limbs not to collapse from the pleasure and crush you beneath him. He twists to get more comfortable, his knees now either side of your body and his other hand next to your face, pinning you beneath him on the couch. 
“Fuck,” Draco mutters when you find the spot that he loves so much. 
Your fingers have moved back to your hair to keep him still as you suck and gently bite at his neck, leaving a hickey or two in your wake. Draco pretends that it annoys him when you do it, but you know that he secretly admires them in the mirror when your back is turned, a smug smirk on his face as he walks into the Great Hall for breakfast after. 
“Mhm,” you murmur against his neck, blowing your alcohol-ridden breath on his new hickey and making him shiver. “I think you deserve a better after-party for kicking Gryffindor’s arse, don’t you?”
Draco smirks and pulls away from you. “I suppose I do.”
You love when Draco gets cocky. You watch as he pushes up from above you and moves to sit where he was, spreading his legs wide and unzipping and unbuttoning his smart trousers. You slide down onto the floor in front of him onto your knees, smoothing your hands up his thighs until you reach his cock which he’s pulled out of his underwear. It stands proudly, leaking with precum as Draco takes the base and lightly smacks your lips with it. 
“My good little slut,” Draco hums, eyes nearly shutting when you take him inside your mouth. “Knows exactly how to please me. Only one that can please me like this.”
You moan around him, the vibrations making a loud sigh leave from his parted lips. He leans back in his position on the leather couch, one hand moving to hold your hair whilst the other bends behind his head. He relaxes, watching you through hooded eyes as you bob your head up and down. Draco lets your hands grip his trouser-clad thighs, humming whenever you do something particularly pleasurable with your talented tongue.
“You take me so well,” Draco mutters, shifting so that his cock slightly hits the back of your throat, causing your eyes to water a little. “I suppose I deserve this, don’t I? Worked so hard on that Quidditch Pitch. Couldn’t think of a better celebration.” 
Draco’s self-confidence doesn’t turn you off but turns you on more. It’s not a common thing, but he’s clearly tipsy, muttering under his breath as he recalls how good you looked cheering for him on the stands. How, as he caught the Golden Snitch between his fingers and his teammates instantly moved to swarm him, that he knew you would be screaming his name-- in more than one way. 
Your hand moves up and you jerk off whatever you can’t fit inside your mouth with your hand. Draco makes small appreciative groans, his hand tightening its grip in your hair, tugging you down further. You tighten your mouth around him, making him hiss in pleasure. You can tell that he’s close from the way his head is now flung back, eyes clenched shut, but he pulls you off of him before he can finish inside your mouth. 
“Fuck,” Draco breathes, grabbing you by the chin and guiding you to your feet. 
As soon as you’re both standing in front of each other, you nearly expect him to lean down and press his lips hungrily to yours, but instead he turns you swiftly around and shoves you down onto the couch. You’re slightly breathless as Draco bends down, hovering over your face as his cold hand flings out to wrap around your neck. You squirm beneath him, his cool, silver eyes meeting yours. It nearly makes you shiver.
“I’m going to eat you out now until I’m satisfied,” Draco warns you roughly, listening to you whimper beneath his hand. “And you better keep your mouth down or people will come down here and see you for who you truly are-- a desperate slut.”
You whine now. It’s strange how powerful you had felt having him groaning under your touch, only for that to be ripped away from you in a couple of seconds with just his words and his hand on your neck. 
“Do you understand?” He spat, waiting for your nod of confirmation which quickly came. “And you remember the safe word, Y/N?”
“Slytherin,” you murmur back, watching him nod. 
Draco’s hand slowly shifts from your neck to slide all the way down your body, groping at your dress-clad breast on the way down. Once he’s on his knees in front of you, the roles now massively reversed but Draco remaining in the position of power, he slides your tight dress up your legs to reveal your house-coloured panties.
“You’re fucking soaked,” Draco mutters, reaching forward and barely pressing down on your panties, which, sure enough, are wet. “Who made you this wet, slut?”
He rubs you through your panties, your head snapping back and your eyes clenching at the sensation. You’re desperate for him to push your underwear aside and actually touch you. 
“You, Draco,” you whimper, looking back down at him and finding him already watching you intently, silver eyes ablaze. “You. Ever since you flew out onto the pitch in your uniform.”
Draco smirks at your words. He clearly likes them because it’s enough for him to push your underwear to the side, revealing your pussy to him. He wastes no time diving a finger through your folds, collecting your arousal and rubbing it towards your clit. 
“Mm,” he murmurs thoughtfully, “You did make a good cheerleader, princess. Very good indeed. I suppose your encouragement probably led me to win. Which means you deserve to celebrate just as much as I do.”
Before you can speak, Draco leans his head down and attaches his mouth to your pussy. You cry out softly, your hands immediately snapping to his silky blond hair. You tug a little when he laps you up, drinking in all of your juices and groaning into you. The vibrations are sent up your entire body and you nearly cry. Especially when Draco moves closer towards your clit, his tongue finally reaching the nub. 
He does kitten licks at it, teasing you and making you pant as you throw your head back, unable to watch him as he works his magic. Draco keeps his hands on your thighs as he laps you up, finally encasing his mouth around your clit and sucking. You gasp, your legs nearly flinging up to your stomach, but Draco’s grip tightens on them. 
He guides one of them up onto his shoulder, past his head, and you absentmindedly lift the over one as well. Draco’s hands reach behind you and tug you further down the seat of the couch so that he has an easier access to your soaked pussy. Waves of arousal flood through you each time he licks at your clit. 
It feels like barely any time has gone by before you’re hissing his name. “Draco, I’m gonna cum,” you whimper. 
“Come on then, slut,” Draco pulls away momentarily to hiss. “Cum on my tongue. I know you want to.”
It’s enough to drive you over the edge as soon as his lips are placed back on top of your clit. Your hips buck and you are forced to cover your mouth with your hand as you do exactly what he told you to and cum. Draco licks you all the way through it, remaining eager, his hands still gripping your thighs. 
You expect him to stop when you’ve come down from your high, so you’re surprised when he continues. You jerk underneath him from the overstimulation, whimpering out and grabbing his hair. 
“Draco, I c-can’t!” You cry, feeling tears enter your eyes as he laps you up over and over. 
“Of course you can,” Draco pulls away and slips a finger inside your soaked entrance, another one sliding in less easily as he pumps them in and out. “Come on, my little slut. I know you can.”
You don’t feel the need to say the safe word, even as the pain dwells on for longer as he curls his fingers inside you, pumping in and out as his other hand reaches for your clit. He rubs his fingers against it hard and fast, faster than you’re used to, drilling his fingers in and out like it's his mission. 
The pain quickly becomes pleasure and you don’t even realise you were close to cumming until you’ve fallen over the edge. Your mouth opens yet nothing comes out as you continuously buck your hips closer to Draco, a smirk on his lips as he watches you unfold for the second time in a row. Tears stream down your face as you come down, feeling Draco pull his hands away from you.
“D-Draco,” you whimper, your entire body shaking as he leans up. 
One of his knees is pressed on the other side of you, digging into the couch as he hovers between your legs on the couch. His face is inches away from yours as he guides the fingers that have just been inside you to his lips. You already know what you need to do, your lips opening a little as he slips them inside. Draco’s eyes visibly darken as he feels you suck around his fingers, swiping and licking him clean of all of your juices. 
“Good slut,” he murmurs, voice slightly deeper than usual and his erection nearly pressing against you. “I told you that you could, didn’t I?”
You nod breathlessly as he pulls his fingers out of your mouth. Draco allows you to catch your breath for a few moments before he dives down and connects your lips. You drink up the taste of him-- a mixture of the alcohol he’d been consuming before and now your own arousal. Draco kisses you feverishly, one hand gripping your neck as he grabs you and pulls you to your feet again. 
You’re slightly shaky as he guides you to the back of the sofa, bending you over the arm of it and spanking your ass. You cry out as he grabs your cheek, squeezing it roughly before you hear the shuffle of his trousers again. It was obvious he was adjusting his cock from behind you, especially when you feel the tip glide through the folds of your abused pussy again. You whimper, unsure if you can pull out another orgasm, but feeling more than ready to try again. 
Draco continued to tease your hole and your clit with his hard cock. “I’ve been dreaming of fucking you in this common room since the moment I hit fucking puberty,” Draco mutters before he slides all of the way inside of you abruptly. 
“Draco!” You gasp loudly, feeling full. 
His hands come around and he hooks his fingers into your mouth, pulling them by the sides to keep you quiet as he fucks you from behind. You feel like crying as he drives his cock in and out of you, nearly pulling out all of the way before slamming back into the hilt. He pulls his hands away when your loud cries become more muffled, his hands reaching to grab at your waist instead so he can yank you back onto his cock, making each thrust harder. 
You muffle your moans against your arm as you listen to the sound of your skin slapping together and Draco’s soft groans as he fucks you hard. His hips smack against you as he glances down to watch his cock thrust in and out, the inches covered in your very own slick arousal. 
“Fuck, Y/N,” Draco hisses, grabbing you by the hair and tugging you back so you’re off the sofa now and instead with your back pressed to his chest. “You’re going to suck me clean after this, you understand? You’ve made such a fucking mess.”
You moan and nod eagerly as Draco keeps your hair tight in his grip, mouth nipping at your neck and leaving lovebites as he continues to fuck into you from behind. The hand not bunching your hair up has slid in front of you to palm at your breasts which are covered by your dress. There’s something arousing about the two of you fucking whilst fully-clothed. 
Draco eventually grows bored of the position, right as you feel like you may cum again, it seems. He pulls you back over to the couch and drops down onto it, spreading his legs and patting his lap. You know exactly what he wants as you move over, your knees dropping either side of him. He grabs his cock and guides it to your entrance, head flying back when you slide down onto his length. 
Inch by inch, he disappears inside you and fills you up. Your hands grab his shoulders as you bob up and down on top of him. He seems dazed as he stares up at the ceiling above whilst you fuck him, clearly in his own world of pleasure, but he quickly snaps out of it when your hands ghost from his shoulders to his chest, feeling him. 
Your head is thrown back as you ride his cock, but a hand grabs your jaw and forces you to look back down at him. You whimper at the look in his eyes. Both of you seem to have the same idea as you frantically meet in the middle, lips hungrily moving against one another as Draco grabs your waist and helps to guide you up and down on him faster. You’re going to cum soon-- for the third time.
Suddenly, the door to the Common Room slides open, causing the both of you to freeze. You drop down so that you’re fully sat on Draco’s cock, his lanky hands immediately moving to slide your dress down so that you’re not exposed to whoever has just walked in the door behind his head. You have a view of the figure that drunkenly stumbles in, but Draco has to crane his neck around. 
“H-Heyo, guysss,” Blaise slurs, “I miiight have gotten lossst on the way to the dormmms.”
“The dorms are upstairs, Blaise, not outside the Common Room,” Draco rolls his eyes at his friend and lifts you up by the hips slightly before he starts to slowly glide his cock out, and then back in again. You hiss at the sensation, eyes wide as you stare at Blaise whilst gripping Draco’s shoulders.
 What the hell is he playing at? 
Your fingers dig into him as if to warn him, but Draco doesn’t stop. He buries his face into your neck and carries on, thrusting in and out of your soaked pussy. It shouldn’t, but it turns you on way more to know that Blaise is only a few feet away, and completely unaware too. 
He probably thought you were just cuddling since you were in the same position as you had been for the entire party, but maybe if Blaise was a little more sober then he would notice the way your breath was shuddering and how Draco seemed to be shifting beneath you. 
“I know…” Blaise stalls as he heads slowly towards the stairs. “You did well today, Malfoy.”
“I know,” Draco huffs, driving into you slightly deeper.
Your eyes clench shut and you hope Blaise doesn’t find it too suspicious when your head drops down onto his shoulder. Hopefully you just look tired to him. 
“Did you see Potter’s face when you caught the Snitch?” Blaise snickers, “I’ll never forget.”
Draco, as if he can sense how much it’s turning you on having someone in the room, which he probably can from how much wetter you are now and the way you’re continuously clenching around his cock, continues to thrust into you slowly and smirks. 
“Yeah, it was quite hilarious,” he agrees, “Zabini, did you do the homework for Charms class on Monday?”
You want to kill him but you also don’t at the same time. 
“Huh?” Blaise replies drunkenly, pausing in his tracks. “Yeah. Think so. For… For Flitwick’s class.”
“Yeah, that’s Charms, idiot,” Draco spits with a roll of the eyes. “You’re absolutely plastered. Go to bed.”
Draco grips you tighter as Blaise starts to mutter about not being an idiot, going onto some whole rant that makes no grammatical or logical sense, but you’re lost now. You’re on the verge of an orgasm and Draco can tell. To get you off quicker, he reaches between the two of you and rubs at your swollen clit. You hide your face in his neck as you cum, eyes clenching shut as you shake on top of him, biting your lip to hold back your whimpers. 
You can’t believe you just came on Draco’s dick right in front of his best friend. 
“Are you laughinggg at meee, Y/N?” Blaise huffs, “I’m not a idiot.”
“I’m not laughing,” you peer up at him, wincing from the overstimulation as Draco continues to thrust his cock inside, chasing his high which is quickly approaching. You could tell from how uneven his thrusts were growing. 
“An,” you correct him with a soft grunt. 
“‘An idiot’,” You say, “not ‘a idiot.’”
Blaise says something back but you can’t concentrate because suddenly Draco’s goes rigid beneath you. His fingers dig into your skin and his cock does one final powerful thrust before you feel his cum fill you up, his eyes scrunching shut as he released a loud breath. 
“Go to bed, Blaise,” Draco demands roughly, voice thicker than usual. 
Blaise is already by the staircase and just glares as he stumbles up, tripping over his own feet several times. 
“I can’t believe you fucked me through that,” you huff. “Or that you came inside me whilst I was talking to him.”
“You came whilst I was talking to him.”
“And whose fault is that?” You huff. 
“Mine,” Draco grins mischievously, reaching up and pressing his lips to yours. “Can’t say I regret it much though.”
You chuckle. “Me either.”
“Now on your knees,” Draco demands, “I do believe you need to clean me off like you said you would.”
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izulve · 11 days ago
hi! can i request a smut where draco and reader share a bed at a hotel while on a business trip and then they just fuck or whatever IDK LMAO
business. draco malfoy
*cw: biting, praising, hair pulling, kinda somnophilia?, male masturbation, oral(f!receiving), married!draco
a/n: sorry if this is shit, i just saw this. not proofread
Tumblr media
draco laid awake, watching y/n as she slept peacefully. she was facing away from him, her ass on display for him. she wore a tank top and small cotton shorts to bed. in her defense, she did not expect to have to share a bed with her boss. or even a room. but the plumbing fucked up in her room so he offered to share and lucky for him, she accepted his offer.
he watched the way her ass jiggled everytime she moved. he cursed to himself at his growing boner. "fucking perv.." he muttered. he looked over at her, making sure she was still sleeping before he slowly trailed his hand down, pushing the blanket off of him. he cursed at the wet spot on his sweats, caused by pre-cum before he pulled his dick out. he let out a slight groan, gripping his erect cock a bit tighter as his eyes focused on y/n's displayed ass. he used his free hand to push her legs apart, moving the crotch of the shorts to the side to see her slick folds. "fuck.." draco breathed out quietly as he leaned down, still stroking his cock. he helped her lay on her back, glancing up to make sure she was still sleeping before he laid on his stomach, moaning softly as his cock rubbed against the sheets.
he leaned in, spreading her folds apart slightly before leaning in and licking through them slowly. she whimpered a bit in her sleep, moving her hips a bit. draco glanced up at her as he slowly started to rut himself into the mattress, taking her clit in his mouth. he moaned against her, clenching his eyes slut as he gripped on to her thighs, sucking and nibbling on her clit. he continued to thrust himself into the sheets, pretending it was her leaking pussy that he was pounding into. he slid his tongue up and down through her folds before pushing it into her throbbing hole.y/n let out a moan, closing her thighs around his head as she slowly blinked awake. "d-draco.." she gasped.
he pulled away from her as he stopped moving his hips. "f-fuck, sorry..pussy just looked so fucking good.." he moaned at the mention of it before sitting up, pressing his throbbing cock against her now clothed cunt. "made my cock so, so fucking hard.." he groaned. she gasped at the feeling but wrapped her legs around him to press him closer against her. "b-but your wife.." "i don't care about her, i want you." he groaned, burying his head into her neck. "just let me fuck you sweetheart, please." he begged. she hummed in response. "please do draco, i need you.." he sat up a bit, biting his lip as he pulled off her shirt. "come on baby, let me see your pretty tits, yeah..?" he slowly pushed up her shirt. she hummed, nodding quickly as she pulled it off.
he groaned as he watched her boobs bounce free from the tank top, moving his hand up to squeeze them. "let's get rid of these shorts too, yeah?" she nodded, taking her legs off from around him, allowing him to pull off her shorts for her. "fucking shit, you're so perfect.." he groaned, lining his cock up with her. "ready?" she nodded quickly, wrapping her legs around him again. "please.." he gripped on to her thighs, slowly sliding into her. she let out a moan, tightening her legs around him as he buried his head in her neck again, biting down on her shoulder to keep in his moans. he used his hand to grip on to her hair tightly as he slowly started to thrust. she moaned out at the feeling, digging her nails into her back. "d-draco!" she arched her back off the bed slightly. "take it baby.." he moaned into her ear softly as he rutted her hips against hers quickly.
"fuck, yes!" she cried out as he pounded into her, hitting all of the right spots as if he'd done this to her many times before. "who's are you? huh? are you mine?" he gripped her hips, grabbing one of her legs and putting it on his shoulder. "yes draco, y-yes!" she tilted her head back as her legs started to shake. "s-so big!" she sobbed out. "yeah, that's right..i'm the only one who gets you like this huh? the only one who gets your pretty pussy wrapped around my cock." he drilled into her as he gripped on to her ankle to keep her leg up. "oh draco, i'm gonna cum!" she screamed out in pleasure, her legs twitching a bit. "f-fuck!" "yeah? let it go baby. come on, give it to me." he went faster.
she screamed out his name along with some cries as she squirted, it splashing against them as draco went faster. "yeah, fuck baby, that's what i'm fucking talking about.." he groaned, pushing himself deeper before cumming. "fuck!" he held himself deeply inside of her as she dragged her nails down his back. "good job baby.." he breathed out.
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dorthyanndrarry · 3 days ago
Whatever You Want, Draco Malfoy -13-
Tags: alcohol use, marijuana use, cigarettes, smoking, reckless behaviour, lack of self preservation, anxiety issues, chronic illness, deportation, racism, the fucking Tories, ptsd, super unhealthy coping mechanisms, Down and out Draco who’s friends with muggles, various OC’s, enemies to lovers, angst, mentions of throwing up/vomit
suggested rating: Mature
Part 1 (contains links to all parts) <- Part 12 ||
Chapter 7
Draco woke with a gasp, heart racing and blinking fiercely into the darkness as the image of the plummeting fall slowly faded from his mind. He tugged the sweaty fabric away from his skin with a grimace. He remembered that he was still wearing Potter’s clothes and dragged the t-shirt over his head, wadding it up into a ball and throwing it across the room.
He pushed the blanket down to his feet and grabbed the plastic shopping bag he had left on the end of his mattress. Draco left Potter’s baggy joggers in a crumpled pile on the floor, unceremoniously kicking them under the sink. He took another shower, turning the dial for hot water until it wouldn’t go any further, but the water remained pleasantly warm and refused to get any hotter. But at least it washed the sweat from his skin.
He shaved and brushed his teeth, putting his small neon coloured toothbrush next to Potter’s boring blue one. Potter hadn’t been in the flat when he had come back from his day with Elle, and from how unsettlingly quiet everything remained, Draco guessed that Potter was still out. It was mildly baffling what Potter would be doing out in the middle of the night. He hadn’t struck Draco as the type to go out clubbing.
The last things left in the bag were a few items of clothes. Pants, jeans that were too stiff, black t-shirts sold in packs of three and some very soft socks that Elle had found. A few cleaning charms helped make the jeans softer; he added tailoring spells to lengthen the legs and tighten the waist. Draco pulled on a t-shirt and brought the fabric up to his nose without thinking, but it just smelled like new clothes and plastic.
Draco dropped all the extra things on the end of his mattress and walked into the dark living room, using a lumos to find the light switch on the far wall. The light made the room feel emptier than it had been before. He went into the small horseshoe-shaped kitchen and put the kettle on to boil, opening cupboards until he found Potter’s tea.
There were boxes of black tea, bags of fancy green teas mixed with fruit, and a few herbal teas, all shoved haphazardly on the same shelf. Draco went through and smelled each one while he waited for the water to boil, picking a sweet green tea mixed with coconut, lemongrass and ginger. Potter had nearly as many mugs as he did teas. Draco sat on the countertop as he took out each mug and examined it. There was a bright orange Chudley Cannon’s mug, a Weasley's Wizard Wheezes mug, a black mug that had ‘reading is lit!’ written in white, a mug emblazoned with the Gryffindor seal, wrapped in red and gold-
A shrill whistle from the kettle made Draco jump, and he quickly moved it off the heat and turned off the burner.
Draco pushed the other mugs aside until he found the largest one, a green and gold Holyhead Harpy mug. The paint was far more faded and chipped than on the other mugs.
Draco filled the mug, cradling it in his hands as it heated the ceramic until his hands stung. The small digital clock on top of the oven said it was two in the morning. He stared at the clock as the minutes passed, and water inside the mug began to cool before adding the green tea. The steam lifting from the cup was instantly sweetened, but after three minutes of steeping, he added sugar anyway.
Draco idly scraped his thumbnail over the Holyhead Harpies gold lettering, scratching off the faded paint.
This time of night, he normally would have been leaving a bar. Or already left, to spend the night in someone’s arms. Even if he hadn’t found someone to go home with, he would have drunk himself blind and passed out in his own bed to sleep most of the next day off.
He had to wonder if days had always been so long. So empty.
Draco sighed and sipped his tea. It was too sweet.
He cast a stasis charm over the mug as he set it on the counter. He’d come back to it later.
Draco turned on the tv and flipped between the channels. Late night programming was a mix between strange and boring with no middle ground. He chewed on his thumb absently as the different colours and lights flashed across the screen, shifting his weight from foot to foot and back again. He went back to the kitchen, drank more tea, moved it to the coffee table. He sat on the couch but couldn’t stop bouncing his leg.
Draco gave up on the tv and stood up, going to Potter’s room and opening the door. It was empty, which Draco had been fairly certain of, but he was still surprised it hadn’t been locked, cursed or alarmed. It seemed incredibly stupid to him that Potter would trust Draco around his things. It wasn’t as if Potter didn’t care about his things; he had to. Like the photos.
Draco found himself standing in front of the collage of pictures above Potter’s dresser. He searched through them, watching the wizarding ones through their loops one person at a time. Potter had his mother’s smile, the way it crinkled up at the corners of her eyes the same way. Potter’s father’s hair was a carbon copy of his, but a few pictures of the older Potter showed that he could control it sometimes.
Draco blinked at the picture of Sirius Black; they had similar eyes, the same grey. He had been very handsome once. He found one photo of Sirius with a young Remus Lupin. Sirius had his arm slung around Lupin’s neck, pulling him close. At the end of the loop, their faces almost met.
Draco stared at that for a long time, wondering if he was naive in thinking maybe they had kissed. It made him wish he had had the chance to meet his cousin just to have someone in his family he could talk to about… about being different from everything he was supposed to be.
Draco brushed his fingers over that photo before stepping back. He found a copy of the Quibbler on Potter’s nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed, flipping through it. He was almost certain it wouldn’t have made any more sense if he tried to read it when he was well-rested.
Draco put the magazine back. As he was leaving, he spotted a large plastic basket near the door filled with clothes and plucked a flannel shirt off the top, shrugging it on over his t-shirt. It was soft and warm against his skin.
Draco returned to the couch, laying down on the plush red upholstery and letting his eyes drift shut, half-listening to the people on tv. He must have dozed off because when he opened his eyes again, it was to the piercing light of dawn.
Draco yawned and pulled his socked foot up onto the counter where he was sitting, resting his cheek on his knee as he watched the toaster beside him. Inside, the little metal wires glowed red with heat. Draco let his hand hover over the top, warming his palm.
There was a crack of apparition from inside Potter’s room followed by a faint, tired groan.
Draco levitated the kettle over to himself, pulling off the lid and directing it into the sink. He had to set it down in the bottom before turning on the water and filling the kettle. As he put the lid back on and put it on the hob, turning on the heat with another spell, Draco had to wonder at his own ineptitude. Then again, charm twining, casting and overlapping multiple charms at once with wordless casting was something they were meant to learn in seventh year.
The toaster popped with a horrible metal sound.
“Jesus-fucking-christ!” Potter said in startled surprise.
Draco turned his head to look at Potter, just outside the kitchen. The shadows under his eyes weren’t a patch on Draco’s own, but they were fairly impressive.
“Malfoy? What the fuck are you doing?” Potter asked.
Draco gestured mutely to the toaster.
“I meant- It’s six in the morning,” Potter said.
“I did notice that,” Draco said flatly.
Potter narrowed his eyes, stepping closer to get a better look at Draco, “Did you sleep last night?”
“Take a wild fucking guess,” Draco said flatly, then before Potter could answer, “A few hours, I think.”
Potter frowned.
“Don’t be a hypocrite, Potter. You were gone all night,” Draco said.
“That was for work. There was an… incident. They needed all aurors on deck,” Potter said.
Draco noticed that Potter was indeed wearing the trousers and dragonhide boots for his auror uniform. He must have shrugged the robes off in his room.
Potter sighed, “And here I was trying to be careful and not wake you.”
Draco smiled faintly, “Sometimes you can be very considerate for an arsehole.”
“And I see you helped yourself to one of my shirts again,” Potter said.
Draco looked down at the flannel shirt hanging open loosely over his t-shirt and felt weirdly embarrassed. “I was cold,” he said, carefully pulling a waffle out of the toaster.
Potter stepped further into the kitchen as the kettle began to whistle faintly and turned off the stove. He picked up the green mug Draco had left next to the sink, still half full of stasis-warm tea.
“It was too sweet,” Draco said.
Potter glanced over at him, “I didn’t think that was a problem for you.”
Draco shrugged one shoulder. He grabbed the knife sticking out a jar of Nutella; the chocolatey hazelnut spread, melting as he swiped it across the waffle.
Potter brow furrowed, and then he took a sip of Draco’s abandoned tea.
“See? Too sweet,” Draco said.
“This is one of the green teas?” Potter said.
“Whenever I made them, they were bitter,” Potter said, taking another drink. “I never understood why she liked them.”
“You have to let the water cool,” Draco said.
“What?” Potter looked up in confusion.
Draco nibbled on the corner of a waffle, “With green teas, you have to let the water cool for a few minutes. If it’s actually at boiling, it scorches the leaves and makes them bitter.”
“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Potter said.
Draco wondered, rather belatedly who ‘she’ was.
“Why does my mug say ‘Holy pies’ instead of ‘Holyhead Harpies’?” Potter asked.
Draco figured the answer to that ought to be fairly obvious, so instead, he asked, “What do you suppose a holy pie is anyway? Do you think the pope would be involved, or could any old priest wave his hands over a pie and make it holy?” He took another bite of waffle and chewed slowly. “...can you eat a pie once it’s holy, or would that be sacrilege?”
Potter frowned at him in confusion, “Wha- Where did you even learn about the pope?”
“There was this one flat I lived in for a while. Really, really shite neighbourhood. This young priest would come around to talk to people. He was trying to get us to come to his church, to save us, but he helped people out even if they weren’t interested. And he didn’t mind answering all my stupid questions. Was rather nice to look at as well,” Draco took the other waffle out of the toaster and began applying nutella.
Potter frowned “...Toaster waffles? With- what are you doing to them?”
“Nutella. Or well, off-brand nutella,” Draco said,  “I could only afford a knock-off version with the money I had left.” He held out the waffle to Potter.
“You could use more chocolate in your life,” Draco said.
Potter sighed and begrudgingly took the waffle from Draco.
“It won’t kill you,” Draco said.
Potter took a bite off the corner and conceded, “It’s pretty good.”
Draco nodded.
“Not really breakfast food, though, is it?” Potter said.
“Where in the rule book does it say that?” Draco asked.
Potter made a face, “I mean, it’s just one of those things. Unwritten rules.”
“They tend to be the stupidest kind,” Draco said, “The only good thing about being an adult is you can eat whatever you like, whenever you like.”
“And sit on countertops apparently,” Potter said.
“It’s very satisfying,” Draco said.
Potter rolled his eyes, “It’s unsanitary.”
“That’s what cleaning spells are for. More waffles?” Draco asked.
“…Nah, I better not. I want to get a couple hours of sleep and clean up before the- the press thing,” Potter said sourly.
“Mr Potter is as popular as ever. Do things ever change?” Draco said.
“Unfortunately not,” Potter glowered.
“Tea?” Draco asked, looking through the cupboard for another mug.
“This is fine,” Potter said, lifting Draco’s old half-finished cup.
Draco raised an eyebrow.
“Waste not, want not,” Potter said under his breath as he deliberately took another drink of tea.
Draco found a mug at the back of the shelf that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. It had a picture of a kitten on it clinging to a branch. Beside the kitten, it read ‘Hang In There!’ in large comic sans type with all apparent sincerity.
Draco gave the mug a cursory wipe out with a kitchen towel before filling it with hot water and a teabag from one of the nicer black teas.
“He didn’t manage it then,” Potter said out of nowhere.
Draco frowned at him.
“The priest. He was trying to save people but, you- well, you’re-”
“A massive fuck-up. Yes, I have noticed,” Draco said sarcastically. “I would hazard to guess he was trying to save people in the religious sense. Not the drinking themselves to death way.”
Potter chewed on his bottom lip, looking down at the mug in his hands. “So you were drinking even before you were living at that place? The flat I saw?”
“...I think I started drinking when I was seventeen.”
“What?” Potter looked up, startled. “Seventeen?”
Draco absently toyed with the sting on his teabag, fighting down a yawn. “...Hm… might have been sixteen. Yeah... I think that was before my birthday.”
“Malfoy, that’s- I...” Potter’s words seemed to die in his throat.
Draco took the teabag out of his cup and vanished it.
Potter awkwardly looked back down into his mug.
“Weren’t you going to sleep?” Draco asked. He dropped his foot off the edge of the counter, looking around for the sugar bowl. Draco frowned; everything was a mess.
Potter lifted the mug to his lips, finished the tea, and set it in the sink. He grabbed the sugar bowl sitting on the other side of the kitchen and handed it to Draco.
“You should probably try getting some sleep too,” Potter said.
“I have to go to group counselling today,” Draco said.
“Three? Two?” Draco said. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to remember the exact time but couldn’t.
“Then we can both sleep for five or six hours,” Potter said, “I’ll wake you up by noon. Alright?”
Draco blinked. Potter’s tone made him feel off balance.
“Malfoy?” Potter asked.
Draco nodded silently.
“...Good,” Potter said. He stood there for an awkward moment then left, going into the bathroom.
Draco finished his tea, listening to Potter clean up, going from the bathroom to his bedroom. As silence fell over the flat once more, Draco slid off the counter and went back to his mattress.
💜 Next update will be tuesday pst 💜 Next weeks update will be the Liar’s Department Lightly Haunted Special. It’s not directly related to halloween but it is lightly haunted. and hopefully funny💜
Tags below v (I don’t have a permanent tags list. All tags are of the wonderful people who left messages on the previous 2 parts.)
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icecreamkink · 4 years ago
*slides this here bc im still Not Happy With It but i also dont know if i even wanna continue it but i need to put it somewhere also @fangirl383 might or might not shoot me with her pink gun if i dont post Another wip she liked and i promised i would ha  h a*
“Listen, I know this isn’t an ideal situation—” Malfoy snorted in contempt. Harry ignored him. “But we’re doing a job and if you could not act like someone’s roping you into.. Into-  What the fuck are you doing n- ow” Harry groaned as Malfoy’s elbow somehow collided with Harry’s mouth despite the fact half of his body was half on top of Harry, and, rationally, it had to be an accident. But if there was someone who would contort themselves to make Harry’s life the most difficult possible, it would be Malfoy.
“Shut up, Potter.” The git said, not even bothering to apologize.
“Will you stop moving-”
“I’m trying to get a clear view.”
“Do you need to climb on me to do that?!”
“Well actually, I do since your intelligence landed us in a literal hole,” Malfoy hissed in his ear. Harry opened his mouth to protest that, but well. It was true, his team had been the one to inspect the terrain and find them their hiding spot - a cave so narrow that was indeed more of a hole, nestled at the bottom of a cliff, large enough to fit 1.25 person lying stomach down. Or two aurors, lying practically on top of each other, as it were. The location was ideal because it had a side view of the site they believed to be the smuggling ring HQ, but far enough that the protean spells didn’t reach it, and was naturally conspicuous through dense trees and small rocks (and for being as tiny as a rabbit hole, Malfoy had grumbled moodily) so they didn’t need to use so much magic to disguise themselves. A natural hiding spot, nearly undetectable, but not particularly comfortable, Harry had to admit.
Also it was just… weird to argue with someone when they were hissing against your neck. Harry scratched his nails where Malfoy’s warm breath had tickled it.
“What do you have those dorky glasses for if you need to strain so much.” Harry muttered pettily against his wand, currently pressed between his face, his sweaty hand and a piece of rocky earth. Ugh, it was so hot in here, the air thick and still, made all the worst by the invisibility mantle they had thrown over themselves; all the places he and Malfoy touched felt as if on fire, he had dirt everywhere and Malfoy’s huffed breathing on his ear did absolutely nothing to cool him down, only gave him weird goosebumps in his spine. Harry squirmed miserably, and got a very pointed elbow in the ribs for his trouble.
“My glasses aren’t dorky” Malfoy hissed in supercilious indignation. If Harry didn’t have to risk torticollis to do so, he would have turned his head to watch his eyes flash in all his mad inventor righteous fury.  “They are high level magical object research in trial period, designed to help oafs like you not get killed in the line of work. My glasses, dorky, honestly, you of all people saying that with those things you wear around since school-”  
“What are you talking about, I’ve been told my glasses are quite fetching. Witch Weekly did a whole article on it.” Harry grinned as Malfoy ground his teeth. He’d take all the amusement he could get, after all, and riling up Malfoy was always so much fun.
“Oh, if the pinacle of journalism in our country, Witch Weekly printed it” Malfoy said snidely. Then, as if physically unable to stop there, he continued. “For your information, these glasses are curse repellent, heat vision, magical signature identifying ones. It won me a research funding from the Research and Extension Division-”
“Yeah alright Doc Brown, what do you see then?” Harry interrupted, stretching his back in an attempt to soothe his aching shoulders.
“Nothing uh, much. Will you keep still?” Malfoy murmured, voice strained.
“I barely even mov-” Harry started to protest in indignation, but was cut off by Malfoy’s sweaty hand suddenly pressing against his mouth.
“Shhhh, someone’s coming.” Harry immediately tensed—well, as much as he could in this current predicament, as he could barely grip his wand. Thank Merlin he’d gotten better at wandless magic.
He could hear a faint rustling sound; Malfoy moved his hand into the curve of his neck and it felt oddly comforting. Harry could feel all of Malfoy’s muscles tensing where they pressed together.
Malfoy fiddled with his wand, and Harry faintly prayed he wouldn’t accidentally stab him in the eye with it, because that was just the type of thing to happen to him.
Somebody jumped on the plateau they were directly under, boots scuffing the ground above them.
“That’s it?” A voice echoed. Harry could see Malfoy pointing his wand at another one of his “assistance magical artifacts ” or as Harry called them, his crazy inventor gadgets. It was a little box, similar to a radio, and it buzzed softly at Draco’s murmured incantation, releasing the faintest golden glow.  
“Mmhm, just leave the merch on the front hall.” The person above them said. “Talk to Bre and only Bre, then get the fuck out. There’s a new shipment coming, and everyone’s on edge, don’t hang around more than you have to.” A new shipment. This could be their shot. Harry willed whoever was above them to casually drop a date. Possibly a location. And a list of names. His knees hurt.
“Right, no worries Reg. I’ll be in and out in a peep” A pair of gangly legs dangled in front of them, stumbled over a rock, and then took off briskly towards the house in the woods.
Malfoy shimmied above him, trying to get a closer look. He brought the little box close to his mouth.
“Suspect: Male, red hair, medium stature, grey robes, carrying a medium sized black box.” Malfoy said into it. A recording device, then. Clever.  “Entered the house at -” he paused expectantly, and Harry cast a quick tempus “12:47, sunday the 24th. The box doesn’t appear to be the size or type for containing snakes, so it’s possible it’s another type of ‘merchandise’.” Malfoy put the recording contraption back in his pocket, balancing himself with one hand at the small of Harry’s back.
Harry scowled, unamused at being used as a cushion.
“Next time, I’m topping.” He grumbled.
“What?”  Malfoy choked out, hand slipping down Harry’s back into his side, knuckles thudding against the bedrock.
“In the- the stakeout” Harry hissed, embarrassed. “I’m not your damn pillow.” He grumbled. Malfoy started to shake above him, his whole body vibrating, and with growing chagrin Harry realized he was laughing. He dropped his head into Harry’s shoulder, trying to stifle his giggles.
“Don’t worry Potter, I’ll be your pillow if you want. I’m very comfortable switching between top and bottom after all." He quipped, amusement laced in every word. Harry could feel his blush spreading like fire from his neck to the tip of his ears, and he dropped his head between his arms with a disconcerted groan.
“Oh my god, shut up.” He mumbled, and Malfoy laughed even harder, gleeful and evil, shaking Harry’s whole body. “Is there movement above us?” He said loudly, mostly to stray from the topic at hand.
“Hm.” Malfoy projected a small map of the terrain from the tip of his wand. “Nope. Reggie dear is...currently at the bottom of the hill, down the other side. You know, I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Auror Potter. You’re practically just lying there, I’m doing all the work here.” He drawled, injecting unnecessary lewdness to his voice, still faintly amused as it was. Harry could swear he seemed to be purposefully pressing even closer, his words just short of murmured against his ear.
The git.
“Lying here- How can I- You’re on top of,” Harry started, and felt Malfoy giggle again, then huffed and promptly shut up. “You’re fired.”
“You’re not my bo-oss” Malfoy sing songed, but moved out of his position anyway, sliding away from Harry and turning on his side.
Harry felt disinclined to face him while his cheeks were still flaming.
“Oh come on Potter, where’s your sense of humor?”
“You didnt seem to be in such a jaunty mood a minute ago.”
“Yes, your mortification greatly lifts my spirits.” A beat. “I’m versatile like that.”
Harry sighed, lifting his head. “I hate you so much.”
“That’s kind of why we’re here, isn’t it?” Malfoy hummed, cheek smushed against the palm of his hand. Harry made a noncommittal sound. They were here in a partly punishment mission to quote unquote ‘learn how to act like the twenty-three year old Auror you are, not a snotty fourteen year old whenever Auror Malfoy is concerned’, after his (and Malfoy’s) respective partners filed complaints against their methods and their fighting and their case-point competition. So while it was true their behavior got them here, saddled together in this weird, uncomfortable stake out, Harry wouldn’t say hate was what brought them; he didn’t argue with Malfoy or looked over his cases or felt the need to prove himself and best him out of hate, it was more of a... compulsion. It was just more -  fun, in the often glum and dreary line of work they’d chosen, to have Malfoy pay attention to him, meet him at every curve and breathe down his neck. To watch him rising to his baits when he poked fun at Malfoy’s clothes and hair and (admittedly ingenous) inventions. He admitted to himself that he liked the rivalry, was motivated by it.
But, of course, Harry wouldn’t tell him any of that. And it’s not like he enjoyed Malfoy literally breathing down his neck, so Harry pulled out his wand and checked the map himself instead of answering.
“There's… something moving through the field” Harry said, looking the small dot moving in a hurry. It was too small and moved strangely for a human. Could it be...
Malfoy rolled on top of him again, straining once more to try and see the scope of land.
Harry waited, tense as Malfoy tried to get a clear view.
“Oh.” Malfoy said, muscles unlocking from his coiled stance. “It’s your reptile.”
Harry lifted his head suddenly eager in an attempt to see, banging it painfully against Malfoy’s chin in the process.
“Fuck,” Malfoy hissed, quickly rolling as far away from him as was possible, which in case meant they still touched thigh to shoulder even with Malfoy on his side with his back pressed against the stone. He sent Harry a dark look, clutching his chin; Harry patted his head as condescendingly as he could, turning back to the map, eyes glued to little wiggling dot heading for them.
“Missster Harry, Missster Malfoy” Arnaud hissed in greeting, poking his scaly face into their cave, then quickly sliding into the middle of them both. Arnaud turned his head to Malfoy, flicking his tongue in further acknowledgement since he couldn’t understand him.
“Hey” Harry greeted with a smile even as he inspected him for any sign of injuries. “Is everything alright?”
Arnaud turned to him.
“Yesss, it’s all been really quiet. They’ve mosstly kept us in the cages ssso far, and I snuck out without them ssseeing me. They’ve received five more younglings today, along with eggsss, and theress a boy bringing something else. Sssomething I couldn’t sssee.”
“Did you hear something about another shipment coming tonight?”
“Yess” Arnaud said, lifting his head. “I hear the humans talking. Tonight, at midnight.”
 “The smugglers have been quiet, but more snakes and eggs were brought in today, and something else he couldn’t see. He confirms there’ll be a new shipment at midnight.” Harry translated.
“We have to report it back to the team. See if it’s the time for an ambush or to collect more data” Malfoy said. Arnaud nodded in approval.
“I should get back before they miss me.” Harry nodded, even as his stomach tightened.
“Tell him to be careful.” Malfoy said, looking out with furrowed eyebrows. Arnaud flicked both of their fingers and slithered quickly out with a hissed ‘don’t worry’.
“That’s our out then.” Harry sighed turning sideways too. Malfoy was staring at him, pressed as far back as he could against the rock wall; there was maybe an inch between them.
“You’ll write the report.” Malfoy said, trying to sit up slightly.
“What? Why?” Harry spluttered.
“You headbutted me.” Harry narrowed his eyes.
“You elbowed me in the face!” He shot back. Malfoy stared him down. Harry held his gaze. His eyes looked very dark in the shade.
“Rock parchment wand?”
Malfoy was leaning against the wall of Kingsley’s office. The dark red wood set his hair off rather nicely, Harry noticed. With Arnaud perched on his shoulder like that, he could be a slytherin poster boy.
Robards was still complaining in the back, something about Harry and Malfoy competing for leads and ethics and immaturity or something. Harry wasn’t paying attention. His and Malfoy’s… methods were always questioned, but here they were, another case closed, weren’t they? That’s what should matter.
Behind Robard’s back Malfoy caught Harry’s eye, smirking minutely and winked. Harry bit the inside of his cheek. Prick.
Robards face acquired new shades of red, but Harry wasn’t listening at all. Malfoy outright grinned, bringing one hand to stroke the scales on Arnaud’s head and his stomach felt….weird. Somehow almost...fluttery?
Well, that was inconvenient.
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Scarlet Blue
Summary: In amidst of all the darkness that surrounds Draco in his 6th year; he finds light in a fellow Ravenclaw— MoodBoard
Warning(s) : Smut. Hurt/Comfort. Loss of Virginity. Ravenclaw/Muggle-born!Reader.
a/n— uhhh, i literally had no idea what to write, so i pulled up the most basic thing, i don't even know what this is. don't ask me for a part ii, i suck at them 💀
Scarlet. Blue.
A clash of colours.
Draco has never seen a sight prettier. Bright red robes contrasted with something not quite dull, but something softer— a softer shade of blue. And on them, mud.
Blood red, with specks of mud spread across them. Mudblood— he thought; a true fucking mudblood.
Draco goes into his 6th year. But this time, merely as a prisoner. Not as a young adamant boy. But as an imprisoned man.
Etched onto his skin. A dark mark. Courtesy of the dark lord himself.
He doesn't expect— no— he doesn't expect to fall. Not least of all the people for her.
Scarlet. Blue.
The damn mudblood ravenclaw.
He watches her; observes from a safe distance.
The giggle that leaves her, yet her eyes never seemed to match.
He wonders whatever lays behind them.
He walks through the halls, with the same scowl, the same grace. And then he falls, stumbles across someone.
"Watch where you're going, fucking mud-" Draco stops, he doesn't say the word.
It's the first time, he thinks. First time he hesitates.
"I'm sorry, I- I should've watched" Her voice like a bell. Soft, gentle, kind, alarming. A contrast of him. He turns, he steps away.
The butterflies that he felt in his stomach purely felt like fucking acid. As if it corroded him from the inside.
He would burn. He was sure of it.
He was quite fond of them. Canopies upon canopies of heavily hung in the dark sky. Maybe at some time, he one of them too. Now all he was a dark sky. Without the moon, without the stars.
Empty Cosmos.
Steps, that's what he heard. They were light, small, clumsy. Soon they were accompanied by a few heavy pants.
"What are you doing here?" The same infamous scowl on his, his tongue spoke every syllable like poison, like a snake should.
"Well, Malfoy, I happen to be quite fond of stars"
He scoffed, bit his tongue as if not to speak more bitter words. In any other year, he would have let them fall, the cruelty from his lips.
This time he kept it in. Because of this year, he'd had enough sins on his shoulders, and perhaps— he was looking for a way to shorten them.
He'd already claimed authority over her own spot, so she sat beside it, only a few feet away. She didn't look at him— only at the stars, but in her peripheral vision she could make out the stolen glances.
The second she returned, he was less hostile, but more broken.
"Hi there"
His eyes flickered towards her for not more than a second. "Hi" he said— almost in a mocking voice, but anything that came from Malfoy that wasn't an insult, seemed to be good enough.
"I've never seen you come up here before"
"That's because I've never had to"
She ignored that, took it nothing more than a few empty meaningless words.
Draco wanted to scream. Wanted it to end.
Water— a mere necessity felt toxic on his lips.
He was dying.
Not yet a corpse, still, he rot.
A fucking coward— that's what he was, just like his father.
Stay away. Stay away. Stay away.
Draco would repeat it over and over like a prayer. He would ruin her, take her into the darkness. Into an abyss so dark, that even something or rather someone as pure as her couldn't switch on the lights.
But he couldn't, he returns, he always does.
The visits had soon became more and more frequent. Sometimes he would disappear for hours, and then isolate himself. Sometimes, he would just so happen to be there.
"Draco" His name came from her now, not a teasing vulgarity.
"Yeah? Come on, just tell me. Are you still a virgin?"
"I- maybe. Yes"
She seemed to be ashamed of it, however Draco was never more pleased.
He came to realize that he quite like the thought of it. The thought that no one had touched her like that— that she could be his to conquer, to cherish; he shivers at that.
He's possessive. He knows that.
It was December now.
The cold brittles through Draco's hands, but this time, she was there to warm them.
He wasn't sure— he wasn't sure when it had started.
Perhaps, when he'd first seen her in that scarlet blue robe at the start of the year, or perhaps when he'd stumbled upon her in the hall, or maybe— maybe it'd started with the visits at the astronomy tower.
When even in his darkest hours, she was there.
The panic attacks, the outbursts. And then, that horrible night, when he thought he'd lost her forever; scared her away.
All because of the eternal pain carved into him. The black culprit that was painted over him as if he were a canvas.
But she stayed, she would always stay.
He doesn't deserve her. Gods no. But he worships her, he holds her delicately.
Loving her was exquisite.
And he would do it till there was nothing left of him.
He was hers. Till eternity and after. Even if she wasn't his.
Because she was the light amidst all the darkness that surrounds Draco.
She was the sun. He; an empty cosmo.
There's tears in her eyes, her hair a mess, her clothes wrecked with mud.
A beautiful disaster.
Draco has never seen a sight prettier.
"What happened" He asks, a killers look on his face.
"It's just, my— my family"
Her family; oh, how he loathed those bastards.
"They think I should leave the wizarding world, they hate it with all their soul"
He understands her, he knows what she feels.
"I'm sorry" he says, "If there was a way out of this for both of us, I would do it, for you"
For you— for you, I would kill, for you, I would die.
She remembers when he once told her that.
She kisses him, simple as that.
When she kissed him, all the complexity he'd put into the thought of it went away.
She kissed him and he kissed her.
Messily, hungrily, beautifully.
He trails his kisses down to her neck, hands already opening her up.
It had been too fucking long.
She doesn't stop him, she lets him do whatever it is that he wants, she trusts him.
It wasn't until that she was laid out on his bed. Divine and perfect looking. That the thought hits him.
She was a virgin.
"Y/N" he whispers softly, taking her nipple out of his mouth and coming up to her.
"You're a virgin"
"I know"
He chuckles, teeth grazing his lip, as she quivers "Are you sure you want to then?"
"I- I want it to be you, please"
Draco moans at that, he stills for just a moment before leaning down and kissing her again. Fingertips sliding across her mounds.
Squeezing them in a perfect mix of pain and pleasure.
Then he trails down, showers her with his tender kisses. A fire ignites inside her, and she lets it burn her.
His lips envelop around her clit, she shudders, pulling at the soft silver strands of him as his poisonous tongue licks up her cunt.
Her back arched off his bed as two of his fingers were pushed inside of her. He moved with precision. Sucking at her clit, then tasting the bud, accompanied by a pump of his digits.
She's shaking, panting, begging. And he gives it to her right there and then.
It the first time— the first time she's felt the euphoria rush through her.
"Are you sure, my love?"
She nods, legs entangling over his torso, he smiles at it.
And then, he sank inside her.
As slowly as he could, kisses being peppered all around her face. She whimpers, tears staining her cheeks.
"Fuck Draco" she sobs as he fills her up, inch by inch, he gives her all he has.
He begins to thrust into her patiently, for once he waits, he lets them both enjoy it. And she feels so fucking good, so fucking right.
"God, how can you feel so good" he groans, kissing her temple as he moves against her.
She fucking cries as he drags his pelvic bone against her clit, sending jolts of electricity through her.
When he looks into her eyes, he sees a better version of himself reflected within her iris. Someone who she deserves and someone who deserves her.
A redempted Draco— or maybe he was just the Draco she saw.
He grunts, fingers circling her button, and face buried in her breasts. She's close, he can tell.
So he moves faster, bringing her closer and closer to the edge until she falls.
Her orgasm breaks through her, she comes undone and falls apart under him.
He pounds inside of her, fighting to get to his own release, her walls are clenching around him from the sensitivity. And she begs him to cum so prettiely, he does at once. A sweet taste on his tongue.
Draco's forehead is against Y/N's. His lips capture hers once before he rolls onto his back.
She moves closer to him, her head on his chest, before she falls asleep into a sleep full of dreams.
"I love you" he whispers, and this time, she hears.
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littlemissnoname13 · 2 months ago
Hi. Is it possible for you to write a Draco x female reader fic in which Draco is the reader's best friend and he gets into a fist fight with another guy because he tries to get the reader to sleep with him? Only if you're comfortable. Thanks.
Hi lovely! 💕Thank you for requesting :) I’ve added a few extra details here and there. I hope you like it. X
My girl (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
Tumblr media
Word count: 2500
Warnings: a few mentions of avada and blood, Marcus Flint being a complete creep, overprotective draco soft Draco, fist fight? Yep. I think that covers it. Lmk if this needs any more warnings.
A/n: i’ve been going through a really big writing slump. This really helped me get through it because I honestly enjoy writing fluffy/angsty Draco. 🥲
“The essay is to be done in pairs.” Said Professor Binns, making you suppress a sigh of utter frustration. Every other professor had already piled you up with homework and readings from prescribed textbooks. And now, professor Binns was only adding to the misery. 
“I will however, allow you all to pick your partners for this essay.” The professor added and you already knew who you wanted to work on the essay with. It was a no brainer. 
You looked up from your textbook and turned your head to find him across the classroom. To your delight, he was already looking at you with an all knowing smirk on his face. 
He was your partner by default for everything. 
Essays, Potions class, all of the school dances and sometimes even detention—most of which would be his fault anyway. 
“How on earth are you two just friends?” Was something people asked the two of you on the daily.
Most of the time, you’d  brush it off because there was no particular answer to this.Draco Malfoy was your best friend, your confidante, your partner in crime.
Surely there was nothing more to this relationship right?
“I say, we ditch this pathetic excuse for a school and make a run for it.” Draco scoffed, walking up to you. 
“Always the over dramatic one, Draco.” You rolled your eyes at him as you started to collect your books and shove them carelessly into your bookbag. “And where is it that we are running to?”
“Anywhere but here.” 
“Fine then, let's go.” You said, walking out the door and he quickly followed. “We can work on our escape plan while we work on this essay in my room.”
The next two hours were spent working fruitlessly on the essay. You were busy skimming through passages trying to find something relevant to the topic at hand while Draco was busy watching you skim through those passages. 
He couldn’t tell why he was so engrossed in watching you, and the way your forehead crinkled and your eyes moved in deep concentration along with the words.
He’d always thought you had the prettiest face he’d ever seen but was he always this attracted to you? 
Everyone was right. How on earth were you two just friends?
Draco went back to his own book and tried to pretend like his newly discovered attraction didn't bother him. But oh, it was killing him.
Everytime he looked up from his book and his grey eyes made contact with your lips, he wanted to grab you by the waist and kiss you. 
Draco let out an inaudible sigh and pretended like Professor Binns was in the room too. That was the only way he could focus. 
And as the hours continued to fly by, his mind continued to spiral out of control. 
The hot flush he always felt in his stomach, the bile he felt in his throat whenever he saw you laughing or talking to another guy was suddenly making sense to him.
Some days, you’d tell him how funny Fred and George were or how kind Cedric was and he’d feel this impulsive need to walk up to them and Avada their arses into oblivion.
Merlin’s beard! it was all making sense to him.
“That's enough for today.” Draco said in a hurry as he slammed his book shut. He rubbed his palms against his face and tugged on his silver and green tie in an attempt to loosen it. 
“You alright?” You asked, looking up at him. 
“Yeah, it's just a bit hot in here.” He sighed before collapsing on your bed and pressing his face flat against the pillow. He did that quite often. 
The first time you’d seen him do that was when you stayed over at the Malfoy Manor during the summer holidays after your fourth year at Hogwarts. That was the same night, you’d woken up in cold sweat in the guest bedroom after a terrifying nightmare. Draco had been kind enough to let you share his bed and lend you one of his shirts that night. You kept the shirt.
“Move over.” You yawned as you closed your book and tossed it underneath your bed. Draco gave a lazy hum and made space for you next to him and you happily settled down on the bed. 
He nonchalantly put his arms around your waist as if it was the most natural thing to do and pulled you towards him until your back was pressed firmly against his chest. He did that quite often too. 
There was always something peculiar about the moments you two shared. You just couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was. 
Especially when your head was slowly getting fuzzy from the crisp and aromatic scent of his cologne. 
Was that sandalwood? Also, mint?
Did Draco always smell this good? 
You caught a glimpse of his lips and licked your own wondering what it would feel like to kiss him. You’d heard Pansy Parkinson talk about what a fantastic kisser he was back when they were briefly dating and it took every ounce of self restraint you had to control yourself from hexing her off the face of the earth. 
“Y/n?” His voice interrupted your forbidden fantasies. 
He lifted his tired head slightly from the pillow and you could see a wonky little smile on his ridiculously perfect face. “You’re my girl you know that?”
He ALWAYS called you his girl.
Albeit in a platonic way, it felt good to be his. His anything. It just didn’t matter.
“I do Draco.” You sighed, feeling content as you shifted your body closer to his. “I do.”
Sleep came easily when he was around.
With him you could let go of all your fears, your ghosts, the things that kept you up in the middle of the night. Everything. 
He never told you this but he felt the same way, if not even more.
With you, it was as if he was in a place that was free of all sin.
Draco knew he wasn’t the nicest person at Hogwarts. He knew that you were fully aware of this. 
Still, you never went away. 
You looked at him with your crystal clear eyes full of hope and it made him want to redeem himself so bad. 
He’d go out and about Hogwarts handing out apologies like handing out sweets if you’d asked. 
Slytherin was playing against Gryffindor the very next day and the match felt like a losing battle for Draco.
For one, keeping himself steady on his broom was nearly impossible due to the wind and looking for the snitch was just as difficult due to the pouring rain. 
Second, he’d heard Marcus Flint talk about you in the changing room before the match in a way that made his stomach churn. 
“Five galleons if I can get y/l/n to sleep with me after the match.” Flint cackled, earning a round of wolf whistles from everyone in the slytherin team. Everyone except Blaise Zabini and Draco, who was clenching his hand into a tight fist. 
“What do you think, Malfoy?” Flint taunted even more when he noticed that Draco was visibly bothered. “Good plan?” 
Draco took an angry step forward. 
“Say that again Flint, I dare you.” 
“Oh come on Malfoy. You’ve already had your fun.” Flint shrugged his shoulders. 
In that particular moment, Draco felt like a scorpion striving to kill. He wasn’t going to hesitate using every hex he could think of if that cretin uttered one more word about you. 
Flint was lucky Blaise was around to pull Draco back before a full fledged fight broke out.
With a long frustrated groan, Draco brought his focus back to the ongoing match. 
And even though he knew he ought to be keeping his eyes fixed on the pesky little snitch, he couldn’t help but sneak in quick little glimpses of you cheering him on at the stands. 
Just get through this Draco.
Just get the match over with.
He soared up towards the sky and closed his eyes for a second and inhaled deeply. The scent of rain, wet grass and broom polish was prominent in the air. 
When his eyes opened, he caught sight of the snitch and instantly dove towards the ground to catch it before Harry. 
When it came to catching the snitch, the need to beat the boy who lived was always there. But today, something else drove Draco. 
It was the need to protect you from whatever Flint was planning to do. 
He’d never flown so fast in his entire life. With his hand reaching forward, Draco grabbed a hold of the snitch and crashed straight into the ground. 
“Draco Malfoy has caught the snitch earning 150 points. Slytherin wins the match.” 
A huge crowd of cheering and screaming Slytherins started to form around him. Some gave him a pat on the back before congratulating him. 
Draco quickly propped himself off the ground and pushed through the sea of green and silver scarves and robes. 
“Congratulations Draco.” Pansy Parkinson gushed, grabbing a hold of his arm. “I was thinking we could celebrate.”
“Thanks,” Draco muttered absently, still trying to make his way out. 
“Wait, Draco.” Pansy continued, following him. “I said, I was thinking we could celebrate somewhere private,”
“I heard you the first time, Pansy.” He muttered. “Now, if you'll excuse me.”
He picked up his pace and started to sprint away from the quidditch pitch. 
You always waited for him outside the changing room after each match to celebrate or mourn depending on the outcome.
Normally, he’d have been excited with the thought of you waiting but today, he prayed that you had decided to go back to your dorm.
You paced back and forth outside the changing room waiting for Draco to arrive. 
The rain had started to fizzle away at this point, and soft filtered light from the clouds made the ground look glossy and fresh. 
Even though in the beginning, it looked like Gryffindor was going to win the match by a landslide, the last minute turn of events changed everything.
The way Draco steered his broom and dove straight to the ground in one sharp movement was nothing short of extraordinary. 
Soon you heard footsteps approaching your way and your heart did slow cartwheels with each footstep you heard. 
You just couldn’t wait to throw your arms around him and congratulate him on his spectacular victory. 
“Hello there y/n.” 
Your smile quickly faded when you realised it wasn’t Draco. 
“Uh, hello Marcus.” You said as politely as you could. “Congratulations on winning the game today.” 
“Why thank you y/n.” He gave you a coy smile. “What are you doing here?” 
“Just waiting for Draco. Have you seen him at all?” 
Marcus took a long look at you, his eyes scanning you from head to toe in a way that made you feel queasy. 
“Oh, I saw him leave with Parkinson right after the match.” He finally said and your face fell. 
But Draco said he wasn’t interested in her. Why would he lie to you?
“Oh.” You barely managed to say. “Alright then, I guess I better head back to my dorm.”
“Y/n. Wait.” Marcus called out, reaching for your hand and grabbing by the wrist. “We’re Celebrating in the Slytherin common room tonight. Want to go with me?”
“Thanks for asking but I’ll have to decline your offer Marcus.” You said as you tried to extricate his hand from yours. “I uh—have some homework to catch up on anyway.”
“Oh, Come on Y/n.” He persuaded you with his grip still tight on your wrist. “It’ll be fun.”
“I’m alright. Thanks.” You declined his invite once again with a firmer tone.  
“It’s just a party y/n. Don’t be a priss!”  
“She said she doesn’t want to go with you, Flint.” You heard Draco’s voice coming from behind you. “So why don’t you just sod off before I—”
“Before you what?” Marcus challenged as he let go of your hand and took a step towards Draco. “Tell me Malfoy what are you going to—”
Draco’s right hook made an impact with Flint’s face before he could even finish his sentence.
Marcus cried out in agony and covered his nose with his hand as drops of crimson started to ooze out. 
He then walked straight at Draco and threw a punch at his face, causing his lips to split. 
Draco ran his thumb along his bottom lip and inspected the blood as white hot rage started to consume him. 
“Let’s get out of here Draco.” You said as you grabbed him by the arm. “He’s not worth it.” 
Draco took one long look at you and he knew. 
He knew he was in love with you. 
He knew it by the ache in his heart when he saw the worried look on your face.
And what an absolutely inconvenient time it was for his sudden realisation!
Heaving a huge sigh, Draco lovingly tucked a strand of hair behind your ear before stepping in front of you. 
“Walk away Flint.” 
Upon hearing this, Flint broke into a maniacal looking smirk through the blood now smeared on his lips as he looked at Draco. “Come now Draco, surely we can share.” 
“What did you say!?” Draco shouted as his vision got blurry with rage. 
“I said we can—”
Draco grabbed Marcus by his quidditch robe and flung him to the ground before dropping down on his knees to throw multiple angry punches to his face. 
“If you ever talk about y/n that way again, I will kill you.” 
Draco then grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up. Marcus now looked pale and frightened at Draco’s anger. 
“If I see you hovering around my girl, I will personally make sure you regret it. Understood?!”
Marcus landed face first to the ground when Draco let go. 
It took him a few seconds to stand up straight and as soon as he was able to balance himself on two legs, Marcus scuttled away. 
“Are you okay y/n?” Draco asked, cupping your cheeks into the palms of his hand. His anger, now replaced with concern. 
“I am now.” You said softly before leaning in towards him. 
It took him a few seconds to acknowledge and register what was happening before he tilted his head to meet you halfway. 
It was the kind of kiss people could only dream about. 
After being each other’s “date” to many school dances, after all those stolen glances, maybe a few missed chances, the long overdue kiss was finally happening. 
After you backed away, your eyes fluttered open and he noticed that you complexion was suddenly peachy and your eyes slightly glassy. 
“This feels good doesn’t it?” You murmured before pressing another soft kiss onto his lips. “This feels right.” 
Draco only hummed in agreement before lifting you off the ground and kissing you deeply—the way he’d always wanted to during your years of friendship.
Like the time you walked into his room in the middle of the night with tears flooding your eyes due to a nightmare , or when you had burned the toast you’d promised him the very next morning.
He’d pictured kissing you after every quidditch match and during every slow song you’d ever danced to.
He’d been in love with you through all the essays, through every potions class, detention, summer holidays and Hogsmeade trips.
how silly he was that he never saw this coming. 
Or Maybe he did. 
All he knew was that he was never going to be the same. 
“You’re my girl you know that?” He whispered as he gently put you down.
“I do Draco.” You smiled. “I do.”
Draco fluff/general tag list: @maybesandohnos @justfangirlthingies @dlmmdl @desiredmalfoy @trainintersection @wh0re4blaise @marrymetheonott @quacksonsssandtea @letoof @rvaldez7569 @lolooo22 @emma67 @berriemalfoy @thegaudess @itchywitch33 @lunar0se10 @savagelysarcasticslytherin @fleursbabe @teawineaddict @malfoyxxdraco23 @fantasyfairysworld @trashyvicks @h0ggyw0ggyh0gwarts @l0vely-lupin @linasylveon @dracomalfoys-wh0re @dracomalfoyisindahouse @the-bisexual-bitch @sycathorn-slush @lalunemoonstone @supermisunderstoodoceans @belladaises @riddleswh0r3crux @justreadingficsdontmindme @axdxis @97santoki @laceycallisto @haroldpotterson @thetipsysaquatch @darlingmalfoy @letsmariya @malfoysbiitch @turn-to-page-394-please @malfoysgem @m4lf0ym1lk3rs @ameliasbitvh @slythermuf @wolfstar_lb @underappreciated-spoon-321 @yiamalfoy @louweasleymalfoy @fa-me @dracoswhore007 (sorry if I missed anyone. Love you all. x )
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dr4cking · 2 months ago
Bad Grade.
masterlist taglist
draco malfoy x reader | smut |
warning : professor!draco 🥵 reader is of age! and you can make up draco's age whatever you wanted.
y/n waited nervously in her class, she was early than the others and it makes her sitting alone in the class.
she had exams last week but she didnt really study for it and that was the exact reason why she was nervous today.
if she got a bad grades her parents would make sure to threatened her.
she looked up from her desk as a loud footsteps walking into the class, she found the youngest and the hottest teacher in hogwarts staring at her deeply, a smirk formed onto his face making her gulped.
"morning, miss y/n" she gets goosebumps when she heard his deep voice calling out her name.
"morning professor.." draco’s smirk get wider as he saw her body tremble in her seat, only his voice and she already like that.
"why so tense, miss y/n?"
"nothing, professor.." she replied, staying her gaze on her desk, trying so hard not to look up at him and get herself in more embarrassment.
draco clicked his tongue around his teeth making her turned her head at him instantly.
he raised his eyebrows at her sudden action.
but when he was about to taunt her more, the door burst open by the students filling the class one by one.
"miss y/n." she looks up at her professor as he called her name, her body jolted out at his voice echoed in the room.
"yes, professor?"
"come here, please." she gets up from her seat nervously, all her classmates already interrogating her by their eyes.
"care to explain to me why you get a P for my subject?" she swears she almost passed out at his intonation.
"i- i'm sorry professor, i wasn't study-"
"great, meet me after class, you need to fix your grade" y/n unknowingly rubbed her thighs together when draco said that, she secretly hoped he doesnt noticed that.
but he did and thats why he was trying to hide his smirk.
"yes professor, i'm sorry" she took her test and made her way back to her seat. hell, he's so intimidating.
after the class ended, y/n being the only one who stayed in her seat.
she sighs and stares at draco's back who was still cleaning the board.
"well, which part of my subject that you dont understand, miss y/n?" draco said as he takes a seat in front of her desk, opening her book.
"its the draught of living death potions, professor." she was trying her best to not let her voice getting shaky.
draco nodded and begin to explaining the subject to her, his fingers were pointing at her book.
but all she could think now is about the tension filling the air, and the more she stares at his fingers the dirtier her mind gets.
his hands-
merlin, even his hands are so hot. the veins decorating his arms suited him so much, and his long fingers are the perfect size to reach her spot when they're going inside her cu-
y/n shook her head in disbelief at what she just imagined in her mind not realizing that draco has stopped talking.
"lost in your dirty mind, princess?" draco chuckles as he sees her cheeks heated in embarrassment, his eyes turned dark as he examining her face.
she forgot he has legilimency.
"sshh.. i see you're not as innocent as the others think of you, yeah?" she gulped at his question, her face was flushed as the thick tension filling the room.
"no answer hm? tell me y/n, what is it that you want?" he rose up from his seat moving to stand beside her, looking down at her.
"tell me whats going on inside your dirty mind" he tilted her head to look up at him, his thumb running on her bottom lip making her shuddered.
"i- i want you, professor.." y/n said quietly not be able to look into his eyes much longer.
"want me? for what?"
"i want you burying yourself deep inside me, professor" she slapped her hand over her mouth and her eyes widened at what she just said.
"filthy little thing." draco chuckles lowly before moving down his hand and grabbed her throat.
"earn it." she nodded at him before her hands shakily unbuckled his belt and his trousers letting it falls down to his ankle making draco gripped her throat tighter.
she pulled down his boxers making him hissed when his semi hard cock hitting his lower abdomen.
she quickly wrapped her hands around his length and squeezes him tightly causing him to pull on her hair.
"dont play with me if you dont wanna face the consequences." she nodded before spitting on his cock stroking it with her hand making him groaned.
y/n wasted no time and pulled him all the way in her mouth moaning when his tip hit the back of her throat.
she starts to fucked him in and out of her mouth. her hand pumping on what she couldnt fit in her mouth.
she pulled out for a second to rest her jaw then she swirls her tongue on his slit making him groaned and bucked his hips. she gagged instantly when draco pushed his cock back in her mouth, tired of her teasing.
"you look so fucking filthy, y/n. sucking your professor's cock now, hm?" she let out a moan to answer him making him whimpered at the vibrations.
one of her hands gripping on the back of his thigh pushing him deeper down her throat as she continues sucking him. her other hand playing with his balls giving them attention too.
"fuck- gonna cum down your throat til you choked out, shit- y/n" he moaned out loud as he shoots his thick cum down her throat, y/n swallowed instantly moaning at the taste. some of it dripped down onto her chin but she quickly wipes it and cleans it.
"get up" she obeyed at his order, now facing her professor at the same level.
draco leaned into her face and capturing their lips together kissing her roughly as his hands roaming around her body.
"get on your desk." she immediately throw away all her things on her desk and get on top of it, like he asked.
"you're my good girl, dont you?" he asked as he stands in between her thighs, his cock rubbing her inner thigh making her clawed on the desk underneath her.
"yes prof-"
"its draco" she nodded as she starts to unbuttoning her shirt showing him her clothed breasts.
"yes draco, i'm your good girl" she said seductively and taking his hands in her guiding them to her breasts.
"please, touch me draco.." draco squeezes her breasts in his hands and snatches her bra off of her making her winced, now she was exposed in front of her professor.
"such a pretty tits, all mine?" he twirled her hard nipples in his fingers, pulling and pinching it making the owner hissed in pain.
"yes, all yours draco.." with that draco latched his mouth onto her left nipple as his hand playing with the other one.
"mmh.. yes draco.." she tugged at his blonde locks as he continues assaulting her puffy nipples.
draco plopped out her breasts of his mouth, her nipples now red and swollen.
he gives her a smirk and he pushed her skirt up to her stomach, taking off her panties placing it in his pocket.
"souvenirs." he grins cheekily at her confused face.
he suddenly inserts his fingers into her, stretching her out a little bit making her breath hitched.
his fingers pumping her faster and when he curls them inside she screams his name out loud.
her legs spasmed when she feels her high approaching her, she dug her nails on his shoulder deeper.
but before she could reach her high, he abruptly pulled out his fingers making her cried out as her aching cunt clenching around nothing.
he quickly shoved his fingers down her throat letting her tasting herself, he moaned when he sees her sucking on her fingers delicately.
pulling her hips closer to him and lining up his now hard cock again on her entrance.
"now be a big girl and lead me into you." y/n whines as a protest but she quickly grabbed his cock and pushing it inside her.
she wrapped her legs around his waist and bucked her hips to get him deeper inside her and finally all of him was inside of her. they both throw their heads back in pleasure.
"you act so innocent yet here you are, burying my cock deep inside you." y/n moaned at his words starting to fuck herself on him.
"i'm not innocent draco, for you i'm not.. please just fuck me already" draco chuckles devilishly at her attempts to bounce on his cock.
"cant even fuck yourself properly, such a dumb girl" he gives in to her, snapping his hips forcing his cock hitting deeper inside her and starts to thrusting at steady pace.
"oh my god.. yes yes please feel so good.." she moans loudly, her body writhing on the desk. she propped herself on her elbows to support herself as she rolled her hips to meet his thrusts.
"so fucking tight baby.. never felt this good before" draco praised as he pounding harder into her, he guides her hips with his hands to meet his thrusts making both of them moaning louder.
her eyes rolled back when his tip brushed her spot, he noticed and pounding into her spot over and over again making her seeing the stars.
"draco please.. i'm so close!" y/n wrapped her hands around his shoulder to pull him closer and kissing his lips to muffled her screams as the coil tightened in her stomach.
"cum on me, you- pathetic- little slut" draco snapped harder leaving no space between their bodies.
his hand slapping and pinching her clit making the girl squirmed letting the coil snapped through her body. her legs are shaking and her vision blurry.
her body burns when she realized she just cummed hard on her professor's cock, she looked down and see that her juices coating him. then looking up at him making eye contact.
"fuck- you're a mess, gonna cum inside your tight cunt, stuffing you up full with my fucking cum- holyshit-"
he came to a full stop with her name left his lips as he spilled all of his warm thick cum inside her, spraying all of it into her filling her up like he said.
draco stay inside her for a few minutes, both of them are still catching their breaths and he pulled out of her gently as he softened.
he looked at her flushed face before cupping her cheeks and reconnecting their lips again. the kiss lasted a minute before they pulled away to redressing themselves.
"i'll change your grade. but in all seriousness, study harder, baby" y/n melted at the nickname he gave her, pecking his lips one more time.
"of course, thank you professor" she shots him a wink before leaving the class, making him blushing madly.
i dedicate this to @angelic-bitxh cuz we have a deal of sharing ghost pics 😊🤝
tagging : @dracoscum @hellounicorn @onyourgoddamnleft @whoreforgeorgeandfred @turn-to-page-394-please @underappreciated-spoon-321 @youreso-golden @silverdelirium @littlemissnoname13 @dracmalf0y-dm @dlmmdl @f4iryluvy @starstruckgranger @yiamalfoy @lieswithoutfairytales @drxcolvr @black-repunzel99 @seriouslyinlove @slut4dracoo @alexthealexthealex
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silverdelirium · 3 months ago
a/n: i feel like this is so bad but hold on to this while i finish that blaise smut <3
summary: just soft sex with draco after you thought you were getting fired
warnings: bit of clit play, riding, sex on a two seater swing chair, mentions of anxiety, slight dirty talk, bulge kink
find part one here.
the quietude was almost nerve-wracking as you sat down on the dinner table, draco’s eyes boring down onto the side of your face as you kept yours on your plate.
scorpius was the first to speak— you almost forgot he was there, to be honest.
“i drew us another picture today, daddy” he beamed.
“did you now?” replied draco, matching the little boy’s enthusiasm. his gaze now settled on his son instead of you.
“yes! y/n helped me with it”
great. now both of the malfoy’s eyes were directed towards you. you didn’t know where or who to look at, too traumatized to look at scorpius knowing that he almost walked in on his father about to go balls deep inside of you— and you didn’t want to look at draco because what if the moment you were alone he was gonna ask you to leave for throwing yourself at your boss like a prostitute from the street.
maybe you were overreacting but it didn’t soothe your anxiousness in the slightest when draco turned his head to scorpius and asked him to go wait for him at his playroom until he was done having “a little chat” with you.
scorpius nodded quickly and gave you a quick kiss on your cheek as he ran off upstairs.
as the pitter-patter of the child’s feet died down, you gathered up all the courage you could find and looked up at the blonde who was already staring down at you.
“that’s the first time you’ve looked at me since—”
“you don’t have to say it” you cut him off, tone sharp and cold as you braced yourself for whatever he might say next.
his brows shot up in slight surprise but he just nodded his head as he stood up from his chair, brushing down his pants— coming to a halt at your side.
“stand up,” he commanded, not giving you time to respond as he took long strides, disappearing from your view when he stepped outside, onto the porch.
your brows knitted together in confusion but you made no move to protest as you march towards the porch— finding him sitting down on the two-seater swing chair.
“sit” draco ordered as he patted down the space next to him.
a small breath was released from your lips as you placed yourself next to the blonde— the mere touch of his thigh against yours brought you back to earlier’s events from when he buried himself inside you until you had his load seeping out of you.
“are you gonna fire me?” the question blurted out before you could stop it and embarrassment washed over you as draco laughed to himself while shaking his head— as if he was listening to a joke from a five-year-old. git, you thought.
“no, princess. i’m not firing you” a pause “in a sense” he finished.
“what’s that supposed to mean?”
“well, i don’t want you to work for me anymore—” a loud whine from you cut his sentence short. “listen— listen, please” he started before you started to give him any phoney excuses.
“i don’t want you to work for me. i want you with me.”
draco was met with silence as he observed your flabbergasted features while you processed his words.
he sighed. “i’ve liked for far way too long y/n. and if you’ll have me— i want to be yours, i want you to be mine”
by this point, his forehead was connected to yours, your warm face in his large palms as his breath fanned on your lips.
“tell me that you want me too, say it. i want to hear you say it” he growled, mushing his lips to yours whilst his hands travelled down to your waist, thumping heart accelerating when he manhandled you against his lap.
“i want you” you mewled, rolling your hips towards his growing bulge as you kissed him fiercely. his hands ran over every curve of your body, settling on your skirt-covered bum.
“you want me baby? want me to fuck you again until i’m deep inside your pretty little guts?” he taunted and you had to bite down on your tongue to not release a moan at his words alone. a choked out “yes” managed to slip past your lips and that was all the confirmation draco needed before he was chanting a spell that undressed you both.
he took a moment to stare at your blissful form, watching your slightly shuddering as the night’s cool air hit your weeping cunt. the moonlight reflecting on your soft skin only highlighting the glistening hole even more.
his prick stood tall and proud as he toyed with your clit with one hand, the other cradling the back of your head as your tongues danced together.
the scenario seemed almost out of a romantic movie— with the way draco slowly eased himself inside you, shushing you softly as a particularly loud cry escaped you, even though it didn’t matter, scorpius was deep in sleep by now.
your hips slowly heaved up and down on him, the sensitive bundle of nerves hitting his pubic bone every time you came down, shooting fireworks throughout your body.
his muscled arms were tight around your waist, holding you in place as you gazed fixedly into the other’s eyes, forehead against forehead, hot breath over hot breath.
“you like having this cunt stuffed full of my cock, don’t you, my love? you like having me poking out of you, yeah?” it was then that you looked down to see that indeed, your stomach’s smooth skin was slightly pushed out, the outline of his cock as clear as day.
“yes! it feels so good, dray” you gasped out, increasing your moves slightly as his hips rutted upwards into you. tears brimmed at your waterline as he smoothed a hand over your dishevelled hair, lewd sounds being heard from where the two of you connected.
the familiar feeling didn’t take too long to appear, given the fact that you were still sensitive from the prior incidents this same evening.
your arousal dripped down on the swinging chair as draco attached his mouth to your neck, instinctively finding your sweet spot and sucking as one of his hands palmed at your breast.
“oh! i’m gonna cum” you sobbed, grinding faster on his twitching cock until your toes curled and the orgasm struck you without warning. trembled gasps coming out of the both of you as he shot his load inside you for the second time that day.
a calming quietness enveloped you and draco as you stayed in his arms, his softening cock still stuffed inside your puffy pussy, not entirely aware of draco’s soft praises against the shell of your ear.
🏷: @spencervera @methblinds @marrymetheonott @adrianscumslut @wh0re4blaise @turn-to-page-394-please @fredshufflepuff @malfoysbiitch @saggyb1lls @selenesheart @metaraxia @daddybutmakeitagirl @dracomalfoys-wh0re @dlmmdl @fleursbabe @riddleswh0r3crux @lolooo22 @darlingmalfoy @littlemissnoname13 @i-love-scott-mccall @underappreciated-spoon-321 @steveharringtonswhore @dracosafety @dracoscum @riddleswh0rekrux @laceycallisto @slytherinbabess @lostaurorax @alexavolturisblog @s1ater @marauderswh0re1 @starless-starkov @black-rose-29 @tattooedkermit @purpleskymalfoy @emma67 @mypainistemporary @mauvea @teenwolfbitches28 @lissa-duh @paniicing @rav3nclawwhore @fizzleberries @malfoy-girl @alohastitch0626 @caosfanblr @memorycharm @whoreforgeorgeandfred @abbott27 @harrystellastyles @lxstfullxve @starstruckgranger @elizabethrosedarling
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 3 days ago
Can you please do a "how the hp boys will react if you said the safe word." ?
pairing(s): reader x literally everyone lol 
warning(s): 18+, safe word use (duh), mentions of sex, mentions of kink, mentions of dom/sub dynamics 
a/n: i included all the guys i’ve written for before so if you want to see anyone else just leave a request! 
harry potter
he’d panic...who are we kidding? 
but he’d be so so sweet and he’d try so so hard to make it better 
he’d literally pull out or stop whatever he was doing immediately 
he wouldn’t know what to even say 
he’d just end up cuddling with you and asking if you were okay a million times
ron weasley
he’d do surprisingly well in this situation 
he’d be so calm and just try to talk you through it 
all the cuddles in the world 
like the biggest bear hug ever once you were okay with being touched 
gets you all your comfort food and the warmest blanket he owns 
fred weasley 
you’d get the only sincere apology he’s ever given in his life 
because he’s all jokes and a good time until his baby is hurting 
he’d feel so bad but he’d try to have you laughing in no time 
and probably succeed 
he’d be gutted but he always knows exactly how to make you feel better 
george weasley 
kinda similar to ron imo 
he’d just be super sweet about the whole thing 
telling you how good you were for using the safe word 
and how good he feels that you trust him 
and he’d cuddle you up all safe and tight 
neville longbottom 
panic on the inside, holding it together on the outside
he’d be a wreck but his first priority is always you 
asking if you were okay or if you needed anything a million times 
and for way longer than he needs to
apologies all day the next day 
cedric diggory 
scary calm 
drowns you in smiles and praises 
telling you that you did the right thing 
talking about what went wrong even if he knows exactly what happened 
cuddles until you fall asleep 
draco malfoy 
i could see this going so many ways 
he’d either absolutely panic 
scrambling to do everything to make you feel better all at once 
to the point where you’d probably just start laughing 
or he’d be incredibly calm 
just talking you down and treating you like an absolute princess 
blaise zabini 
mostly quiet and lets you work through it a bit 
but he will not leave your side once for the rest of the night 
super attentive to every need even if you don’t ask for it 
just ends up being a quiet night with lots of cuddles 
and tender kisses 
sirius black 
young!sirius would absolutely panic 
asking if you’re okay, what you need, apologizing profusely 
cuddling up to you like an absolute puppy dog (pun intended) 
post azkaban!sirius is a lot more confident in his abilities 
calmly talking to you about it 
praising you profusely 
but the puppy dog eyes always stay the same 
remus lupin 
let’s be honest, young!remus would feel like the worst person on earth 
you’d probably have to be the one to talk him down tbh 
but he’d be super sweet and attentive 
all the chocolate he owns is yours now 
older!remus would still feel horrible 
but he’d be much more put together about the whole thing 
praising you 
reading to you until you fall asleep on his chest 
james potter 
literally his son just more put together 
stops whatever he’s doing and pulls himself together 
and then he’s laser focused on you and only you 
until he’s absolutely 100% sure you’re okay 
and even after that tbh 
sweetest baby ever so expect all the cuddles and i love you’s 
tom riddle 
this man does not do well with emotions 
so don’t expect much tbh 
but he would make sure you were okay 
and make sure you had everything you needed 
he’d mostly just be quiet until you felt better and then you’d talk about things 
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dracosathenaeum · 7 months ago
Diamonds | D.M.
Request: i think u should totally do a fic based on the headcanon of draco fucking the reader in the black/malfoy family heirlooms
Warnings: Mentions of blood (pricking of a finger), the princess diaries, swearing, smut, Draco has a huge dick
Word Count: 2,487
Tumblr media
A/N: So I got a little carried away with the banter and the the smut got thrown in so I kinda hate it but you know what, I would love for Draco to cover me in diamonds and fuck me in them so whatever
“Draco, I don’t think we should be down here.”
What you had expected to be another day at your boyfriend’s house during the school holidays had ended up turning into something out of a horror film.
“You trust me, don’t you?”
He had his wand held out infront of him, illuminating the hallway ahead, his other hand was gripped tightly in yours. You had practically wrapped your entire body around his left arm as he led you into the basement of Malfoy Manor, claiming there was something down there to show you.
“You don’t want to know my answer right now. Remind me again, why aren’t we shagging on your bed right now?”
“That comes later, don’t worry love.”
He continues leading you down the cold path until he stops in front of a stone wall.
He lets go of your hand, and you wince as pricks his finger with a pin, dropping a bead of blood onto his signet ring before pressing the ring against the wall.
“What kind of pureblood ritual are you having us perform right now, I swear to god Malfo-”
The words fell out of your mouth as the stone wall opened revealing what could only be described as a treasure vault.
“Draco, I knew you were rich, but you could be the bloody King of England with this vault. What the actual fuck.” Draco’s arrogant face said it all, rich fuck.
You tentatively followed him in, eyes catching on every sparkling piece of jewellery in the room, too scared to get close to anything in fear of you accidentally touching anything you’re not supposed to.
You’d be scared to touch anything this expensive normally, but with the extra worry of blood magic and curses, you were even less enthusiastic to do so.
“We have our assets spread out across 28 properties around the world as well as the bank vaults of each major city in those countries.”
“Draco, as much as I love knowing I’m poor, why are we here? You can't have brought me down here just to show this off to me?”
“Well I want you to know what you’ll be marrying into, but no. There’s something I want to do.” Your cheeks flushed with warmth as he brought up marrying you. You were still at Hogwarts albeit in your last year but neither of you had even brought up anything post school yet, yet he had said it so casually as if it was obvious you were it for each other. And perhaps you were.
He moves around the room, hands picking up priceless jewels as if he were in Tesco’s choosing the best meal deal. [a/n: Tesco’s is a supermarket (like Target?)]
You stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, taking your time to look around the vault that looked more like Mia’s closet from The Princess Diaries; eyes scanning over each and every draw.
Your eyes landed on the settee, the golden legs making you wonder if it was actual gold (it was) before moving to the mirror across from it, which was feck off huge, almost reaching the ceiling.
Draco made his way over to you, and you cringed as he dropped handfuls of diamonds onto the glass table beside you. You could sneak off with one, he’d never know, and you’d never have to work a day in your life again.
“What now? Here?” As surprised as you were, you couldn’t stop the jolt of arousal that ran through your body and straight to your core at his tone.
“Ah is it cold? I’ll shut the door.”
Your jaw dropped as he cast a quick spell, promptly turning back and unbuttoning your top for you when you didn’t move to do so yourself.
Stepping out of your skirt and underwear, Draco’s warm fingers unclasped your bra, throwing it onto the velvet (of course it was fucking velvet) settee behind you. You followed his eyes as they cast up and down your body, stopping at your glistening cunt and perky nipples.
“Are you going to take off your clothes as well or is this some weird kink of yours?”
“They’ll come off later, just be a good girl for me okay?”
You didn’t have time to ask what he meant before he started draping you in diamond and gold. First, he slid 3 rings onto your fingers, two on your left ring finger (oddly resembling wedding bands) and another onto your right middle finger. Each heavier than expected.
Next came a diamond bracelet that he clasped ever so casually around your wrist, a matching one on the other. Two diamond earrings came after, hooking through your piercings quicker than you had ever managed, not used to the weight on your ears.
Then the extortionate necklace came next. It was truly something you’d expect to see in the vaults of the royal family and not on your neck. You watched him carefully prick his finger again (how much was this thing worth to need blood magic to secure?) before draping it around your neck. You shivered as cool stones and precious metals touched your warm skin.
“Somethings missing.”
You were wearing more than England was worth in diamonds and it wasn’t enough for him?
“Is that a fucking diadem?”
“Probably? I think Mary Queen of Scots gave it to a Malfoy back in the day. I stopped listening around the Tudors, but you could always ask my mother.”
He gently slid the gold diadem into your hair, rearranging it until he was satisfied.
“Looks better on you than it ever did on her.”
You scoffed but didn’t rebut him, you were butt naked, the Queen of Scotland probably wasn’t in her paintings.
“So have I come here to be your naked dress up doll?”
He just laughed, hands running down the largest diamond on the necklace before pinching at one of your nipples. A moan tumbled out of your mouth at the contact and you realised then what his intentions were.
As if he could see the realisation in your eyes, he started stripping himself, eyes focused on each curve of your body.
His hands pushed lightly at your shoulders, causing you to fall back onto the settee behind you, your hands instinctively reaching up to stop the priceless jewel from falling off your head, surprised when they didn’t move at all.
“I’ve charmed them not to move don’t worry, I don’t know how I’d explain to mother I broke her favourite jewels whilst fucking you.”
He picks you up, settling you back down onto his lap as his lips meet yours. Now this you were accustomed to. You focused on the way his mouth felt on yours, warm and familiar, a contrast to the heavy and cold heirlooms all over your body.
For all his talk about fucking you, he was taking his time savouring your kisses, languidly kissing your mouth with none of his usual urgency when you were sat naked on his lap.
His hands remained on your hips, your own cupped his jaw, his hot and heavy cock pressed up against your stomach but neither of you moved.
It wasn’t long though before his tongue slid into your mouth and your hips instinctively bucked against his, causing your wet heat to make direct contact with his hard erection. Draco kept swallowing your moans as you ground against him, as if starving from your kisses.
“Ride me?”
You bit your lip nervously, usually you were happy to let Draco take control, preferred it even, but he made everything comfortable in a way you couldn’t describe.
Reaching a hand between your bodies, your heavy fingers wrapped around his dripping cock, careful to not let the sharp edges of the diamonds catch on his sensitive skin as you worked him with both hands to cover all of him. Your eyes are fixed on the swollen tip, leaking precum that your fingers gather and use to make the movements easier.
Just as you were about to drop to your knees to put as much of him as you could fit in his mouth, one of his hands leave your hips to the aching core between your legs. His thumb rubbed circles into your sensitive bud as he swiped two fingers across your wet cunt, collecting your slick before sliding them both into your tight walls.
Your hands continued their ministrations throughout, squeezing him tighter with each curl of his fingers inside of you. You felt the coil inside start to build as your hips ground against the movements of his hand, twisting your hands faster trying to get him to the same place as you.
He stopped.
You weren’t close but you were well on your way and now frustrated. “As much as I love to see you come on my fingers alone, I draped you in the Black jewels for a reason love. Turn around.”
You gave him one final squeeze before turning in his lap, your back to his chest as you stared at yourself in the mirror directly across from you. It was you staring back in the reflection but something about the diamonds across your skin and way Draco had worked you up made you feel something else.
It was confidence you realised.
You felt good.
You raised your hips to let Draco align himself with you, coating himself in your slick from your cunt and what was left on his fingers. You watched as the weeping tip nudged your entrance ever so lightly before you started dropping your hips down to push him inside. You felt your walls stretch to accommodate him; it had taken weeks to train your cunt to take him to the hilt but each day since had been so worth it.
You watched Draco’s own ring clad hands leave his cock and rest on your waist just above your hips, helping you to sit on him fully. Your own hands travelled across your body, running across where the diamonds sat across your collar bones to your perked nipples, sensitive and neglected by Draco’s hands. Your pinched the both of them and moaned, watching the glint of the rings shine in the mirror. You had underestimated just how sensitive they were and subconsciously clenched down on Draco causing him to buck up and force the remaining inches into you until he was seated to the hilt.
“You take me so well darling.” He cooed, your cunt fluttering around him as he did so.
Your back arched, eyes leaving the mirror to look up at the ceiling and finding that to be a mirror too. “I see why you brought me in here.”
“Believe me, I wanted to bring you in much sooner, but I need a good excuse to explain to mother why I need access to her vault.”
“Can we not talk about your mother whilst you’re inside of me?”
You felt him cringe into you’re the back of your neck.
“Sorry love, are you okay?”
You rotated your hips slightly, satisfied when the usual burn didn’t appear, that you just felt deliciously full.
“God, I love being so full of you, it’s like my cunt was made be filled by your cock.”
You felt him twitch inside of you and you couldn’t blame him; you usually weren’t so forward with your words, but you just couldn’t help yourself.
You leant forward again, one hand massaging your breast, the other on the arm of the settee to give yourself leverage to bounce on Draco’s lap.
“God, Draco. Please-”
It was all incoherent moans that fell from your mouth as you tried form words and sentences that described how good and full you felt.
You couldn’t tear your eyes from the imagine reflected to you in the mirror, the sight of your eyes blown wide in arousal; the way you forced yourself to take on Draco’s cock with every bounce, your legs wide to accommodate him.
“Look at yourself taking my cock like a good girl. You’re doing so well, love.”
You were too far gone to register his words. You were too busy admiring the way his hands gripped your waist, fingers digging into your waist in a way you knew would leave bruises the next day; the way the precious stones would bounce with each movement and the way Draco was wrapped around you. You were ridding him, you were in control but there was something about the way Draco was just languidly sat with you bouncing on his dick, covered in his inheritance that had your hips stuttering and thighs burning.
“I knew you’d look so good covered in my family’s jewels. This is just a taste darling; I’ll fuck you in all our vaults and drape you in only the jewellery that’s worth enough to put on your pretty skin.”
Your thighs tried to clench shut but Draco’s hands dragged them apart to continue thrusting into your sensitive cunt. Waves of pleasure ran over your body as you fell back against his chest, letting him fuck you the way he knew would have you both coming in seconds. He was everywhere, hands running over your body, squeezing and pinching at the tensed skin, lips sucking, licking and biting whatever part of your neck he could reach and his cock still forcing your cunt to take him as deep as he could go.
One of his hands joined his lips at your neck, tugging on the necklace as if it wasn’t worth more than a country; the other starting to pinch and twist at the sensitive bundle of nerves right above where you were connected, using the liquids that leaked out of you to help.
“Can you come for me darling?”
Each orgasm Draco gave you was euphoric, but you could easily say this was the best yet. Any other time you would’ve been embarrassed over the fact it only took Draco telling you to come for you to do so but you were too blissed out to care. Your eyes rolled to the back of your skull, white hot pleasure blurring your vision as you came around him. Your hips stuttered, trying to get away from him due to the oversensitivity whilst at the same time trying to get closer and ride out your orgasm.
His fingers and hips didn’t stop, thrusting into your abused hole until he was cumming himself, fingers instinctively twisting on your swollen bud that caused another wave of aftershocks to run through your body causing you to clench tighter around his pulsing cock, feeling his cum slide out of you and onto the soft fabric under you.
“You were right.”
Draco hummed in response, still only just recovering from his high.
“You should trust my brilliant ideas more.”
“Your dad walked in on us the last time that happened.”
“Why the fuck would you bring that up-”
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rowema-ravenclaw · 8 months ago
half-blood prince be gone (nobody likes you anyway) || h.p
request(s): hi! i love your writing so so much. if you can, can you please write a dom harry smut with a spitting kink and a slapping kink?
jealous harry and he ends up railing you yes pls
summary: tired of harry ignoring you for some prick who called himself the half-blood prince, you decide to make him jealous when you get paired up with roger davies.
word count: 8k
warnings: S M U T, angst (but make it horny), lots of swearing, fighting/yelling, jealous!dom!harry, spitting kink, slapping kink, choking kink, short spanking, slight degradation, 2(?) mentions of eating in the very beginning, rough sex (vaginal), coming in pants (idk what you would even call this tbh), lots of hickeys, fluffy ending<3 (i think that’s it but please lmk if i’m missing anything!)
*i took the liberty of adding a choking kink and made them both aggressive switches because i can<3
YOU WERE REALLY starting to get fed up with his shit. And that goddamn book he was always carrying around. It seemed all Harry cared about anymore was that pompous Half-Blood Prince. He read and reread that stupid, ratty old Potions textbook day in and day out, during meals, during classes, during your free periods, everywhere. It was like he’d superglued it to his hands for Godric’s sake.
A textbook had replaced you and you were seething about it. Resentful, exasperated, cross, livid, irritated, all of the above.
You’d decided to give Harry the silent treatment three days ago, figuring it’d teach him his lesson. Instead, he’d barely noticed your absence or how you only responded to him in scoffs or grumbles. You hadn’t spoken directly to your boyfriend for three, today would make it four, days and it only added to the burning pit of fury in your chest.
Hermione, as observant as ever, had been the first to notice the rather obvious split between you and Harry.
You were sitting at breakfast, playing with your food, but only a few bites had actually entered your mouth. Anger wasn’t exactly a great way to increase your appetite. And neither was knowing the fact Harry was sitting across from you, oblivious to your pent up emotions.
“Y/n, are you alright? You haven’t eaten much,” Hermione observed from next to you.
You shrugged and dropped your fork on your plate with a clatter.
Hermione frowned and leaned over closer so the boys across from you couldn’t hear.
“What’s going on with you and Harry?”
You clenched your jaw as your gaze fixated on the book in Harry’s hands and then moved back at your friend. Hermione got the message and gave you a sympathetic look.
“He has been rather obsessed with that thing lately, hasn’t he? I told him it was a bad idea, getting caught up in those odd spells and such, but he wouldn’t listen.”
“Tell me about it,” you grumbled. “I’ve been giving him the silent treatment since Sunday and he still hasn’t noticed.”
Hermione patted your shoulder. “Harry’s always been oblivious, Y/n. I’m sure he’ll come to his senses soon.”
“Doubt it,” you replied bitterly.
The bell rang just then, cutting off whatever Hermione was about to say. The four of you had Potions together, so you all started off to the dungeons.
You and the Golden Trio arrived to Slughorn’s classroom just a minute before the bell rang again and took your usual seats. Unfortunately, you were seated next to Harry.
You sat down with a huff, rolling your eyes when Harry almost ran into your table because he couldn’t take his eyes off that stupid fucking book. He only looked up from the ink filled pages when Slughorn began his routine speech at the beginning of class which was often overrun by a personal anecdote.
You picked at a chip in the table as Slughorn droned on about another one of his famous students. You’d almost completely tuned him out until,
“We’ll be switching partners for today’s class! It’s important to get to know a variety of people in your careers. You never know when you might need a helping hand,” Slughorn said enthusiastically.
Your ears perked up at the chance of getting to work with someone who would actually pay attention to you.
“I’ve already assigned you new partners, so listen for your names everyone!”
Harry’s eyes lifted from his book that he’d reimmersed himself in. 
“Hermione Granger and Alicia Spinnet, Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown, Pansy Parkinson and Katie Bell, Terry Boot and Draco Malfoy, Y/n Y/l/n and Roger Davies, Harry Potter and Blaise Zabini...”
Your gaze flitted around the room until they landed on the attractive Ravenclaw boy in his seventh year, grinning back at you. You smiled warmly and waved as Slughorn continued calling out names.
“Ugh, Zabini’s a prick,” Harry muttered, presumably to you.
You paid him no mind, beginning to pack your books back into your bag so you could carry them over to Roger’s desk.
For the first time in four days, you could feel Harry’s eyes on you.
“I’d much rather be working with you,” he said, pulling only a quiet scoff from you.
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see him frown a bit.
“Y/n, are you alright?”
Slughorn had finished reading everyone’s names and people began to move about the classroom. You stood up without a word and moved toward Roger, but a strong hand grabbed your wrist.
Before Harry could get a word out, you turned and scowled at him, wrenching your arm from his grasp. He looked confused as you whipped back around and stalked over to Roger.
Taking a deep breath, you sat down next to him and put on a pleasant smile.
“Hey, Roger. How’re you?”
“Brilliant now that we’re partners,” he replied with a smile. “You’re one of the best in class.”
You laughed a little and pulled your books out. “I’m no Potions Master.”
Before Roger could reply, Slughorn started to explain your assignment.
“Today, after studying its properties, consequences, and origin we’ll be brewing Amortentia and assessing what each of you smells.”
How perfect was this? Harry watching you make a love potion with another guy? That’d surely get his attention.
And you were right. As you and Roger worked together, quite closely, you might have added, you could feel a pair of familiar green eyes burning into the back of your head.
An hour later, you’d almost completed your potion, which was close to perfection. All you had left to do was stir in a complicated sort of pattern. Roger noticed you were having trouble after a minute or so of you struggling.
“Need some help?” He offered politely.
“That’d be great, thanks. I can’t seem to get it right,” you replied gratefully.
Your gaze was so focused on your cauldron you didn’t notice Roger coming to stand behind you until you felt his large hand encase your own. Roger’s chest pressed softly against your shoulder blades and you could feel his breath just barely blowing on the back of your neck. His grip on your hand was light and your forearms brushing almost tickled.
Your breaths were light and barely there as he led your hand in smooth, complex strokes. The green eyes were burning more intensely into your skull than ever and despite your nerves, what with Roger right behind you, you felt yourself smirking a bit.
“Are you getting it?” Roger’s soft voice breathed against your ear.
You eased into him, your previously tensed muscles relaxing. “I think so.”
Another minute went by and then Roger was pulling the ladle out of the cauldron and laying it on the table. It took him a few more seconds to let go of your hand and slip over to his seat on your left side.
You sat down, too, and looked over the assignment again.
“Alright, we’re supposed to write down what we smell now,” you paused and turned to Roger. “You want to go first?”
He shrugged with a grin, dark eyes sparkling handsomely. “Why not?”
You watched as he leaned over so his nose was enveloped by the smoke curling and dancing above your cauldron. Roger pulled away a few seconds later and you noticed his pupils were twice their size. Jotting it down on the “side effects” section of the assignment, you looked back up at him curiously.
“What’d you smell?”
“Old books... coffee beans... and lavender and vanilla shampoo.”
Your eyes widened at the last remark. You used lavender and vanilla scented shampoo.
Roger turned to you, pupils still blown and shining. “Your turn.”
You leaned over, resting on your elbows, until you were surrounded by the fumes of Amortentia. You took a deep breath in and let the immense pleasantness wash over you. The smell alone was warm, inviting, full of passion, and it made you wonder what drinking it would feel like.
“Well? What does it smell like to you?”
You were snapped back to reality, the musty aroma of Hogwarts’s dungeons invading your senses. You plopped back down in your seat, trying to get the fleeting feeling of bliss to stay.
What did it smell like?
You frowned and scratched your head for a few moments, trying to differentiate the warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest from the comforting mixture of smells that had engulfed you moments ago.
“I think it was, um... butterbeer, petrichor, and er...” you trailed off at the end, cheeks tinted a soft pink.
Roger, who had been scribbling down your answers, raised his thick eyebrows. “Go on.”
“And, uh, Harry’s shampoo.”
You saw Roger stiffen a bit, but he kept writing nonetheless. The rest of class went by a bit awkwardly as the two of you finished your assignment with a few minutes left to spare.
You’d just closed your bag back up after refilling it with all your Potions materials when Roger said,
“You and Potter in an argument or something?”
You straightened and sighed, trying to force a laugh that came out as more of a grimace. “Is it that obvious?”
“I’d like to think I’m more observant than the average teenager,” Roger replied with a fleeting smile.
You didn’t know what to say, so you just sighed and rested your chin on your hand.
“It’s alright, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Just thought I’d ask to make sure.”
“Make sure what?”
“Make sure I didn’t embarrass myself if I tried to ask you out. Good thing I did, right?” Roger chuckled. “Don’t think Harry would much like me asking his girl out.”
“Probably wouldn’t even notice if you did,” you scoffed.
“Really? ‘Cause it sure looks like he would,” Roger replied, gesturing to your right.
You turned your head to be met with a forest of evergreen on fire. The intensity in Harry’s eyes had you shrinking in your seat a bit, but you didn’t want to be the one to break first. You stared straight back, jaw set and one eyebrow cocked as if to say “noticing me now, huh?”. It was like there was an invisible tennis match going on between the two of you on opposite ends of the classroom.
Harry only turned away when Slughorn, oblivious as ever to anybody but himself, came up to talk to him and Blaise.
Your mood severely dampened, you turned back to Roger with a scowl.
“Jeez, wouldn’t want to be in the room when that explodes,” Roger grimaced.
“Yeah,” was all you replied with, no longer in the mood to have a friendly chat about your love life.
Just then, the bell rang and Roger shouldered his bag while rising from his stool.
“Good luck. If it doesn’t work out, you know where to find me.”
You made a face at his back when he turned away. Sure, Roger was nice, but, being honest, he was known to be a bit of a know-it-all snob. His ego had been growing ever since Fleur Delacour let him take her to the Yule Ball two years prior.
You started on your way to Charms, a class you didn’t share with any members of the Golden Trio. You realized, halfway to Flitwick’s classroom, that you’d forgotten your Charms textbook in your dorm. Groaning and already running late, you hurried to the shortcut up to Gryffindor Tower you’d found a year prior. You took the stairs two at a time until you reached the corridor leading to the Gryffindor portrait hole.
Enjoying the echoing slaps of your quickening angry steps in the empty hallway, you ran through a list of insults you’d like to snap at Harry right about now. You were so angry, you’d be willing to break your silent treatment just to be able to tell him how much of a--
“The fuck were you doing with Davies?”
The unfamiliar tone of a voice you knew all too well stopped you in your tracks. It was almost a growl, low and gravelly and angry.
Your scowl deepened, your lips and body unmoving, refusing to acknowledge the absolute prick of a boyfriend behind you.
“I asked you a fucking question,” Harry rasped into your ear.
You could feel how close he was, his lips ghosting over the shell of your ear, chest centimeters away from pressing against your shoulder blades, just where Roger had been standing.
You still didn’t say a word, determined to prove your point. Your body moved forward just a few inches, intending to keep walking, before being pushed against the stone wall to your right.
Harry’s face finally came into view, eyes still burning with rage and jealousy like a forest fire. His lips were curled into something resembling a sneer with his jaw clenched tightly, like he was grinding Roger’s bones between his teeth already.
Your book bag slipped from your shoulder to the floor at the impact. You couldn’t even bend down to retrieve it, seeing as Harry had a vice grip on both of your shoulders.
“What was that goddamn stunt with Davies, huh?” Harry demanded, blazing eyes flitting over your stony features.
“Oh, fuck off, Harry,” you spat. You were tired of silence. He was going to hear exactly how you felt about him and his precious Half-Blood Prince.
“No, how about you tell me what the fuck you were thinking.”
“I was thinking about completing my fucking assignment, you asshole,” you said, trying to shake his hands off of you.
Harry scowled, dropping his hands, but blocking your path. His body practically covered yours, gluing you to the wall.
“Don’t think I didn’t see him, standing behind you, holding your hand like that!”
“Godric, he was helping me stir our potion, that’s all!”
“Bullshit!” Harry shouted.
“No, no, no. You know what is bullshit?” You said, shoving your pointer finger into his chest harshly. “The fact that the only way I could get your attention is by making you jealous!”
“What the hell are you talking about? You’ve got my attention all the time,” Harry argued.
You barked out a bitter laugh. “Oh now that, that’s bullshit!”
Harry’s anger seemed to falter. “I’m seriously not following.”
Reaching into the bag hanging from his shoulder, you pulled out the tattered old potions textbook and waved it in his face.
“You’ve got to be joking,” Harry scoffed.
“Joking?” You fumed, slapping the book against his chest and holding it there. “This book has been the only thing worthy of your attention for weeks and I’m fed up with it! Do you know how long I’ve been giving you the silent treatment?”
Harry’s eyes were furrowed, mouth agape. “Wha-?”
You threw your hands up, feeling the urge to start screaming. “Four days! We haven’t spoken to each other in four days. And you couldn’t bother to notice or care until Davies started hitting on me!”
“Hitting on you? What did he say? I swear I’ll--”
You cut Harry off by shoving him backwards by his shoulders. “You’re the biggest fucking tosser I’ve ever met, y’know that, Harry? All you care about is making sure other guys--who are actually interested in talking to me, by the way--don’t come near me while you’re off making out with that fucking book of yours!”
“Oh now that’s ridiculous,” Harry scoffed, “I don’t make out with my textbook.”
“Well you sure as hell haven’t been doing shit with me, so I’d just assumed you were getting some action from another source. Get any paper cuts in strange places recently?”
“You’re being stupid,” Harry snapped, the spark of anger reigniting in his irises.
“I’m not!” You shouted, stamping your foot for the full effect. “I have every goddamn right to be angry my boyfriend ignored me for some pompous Half-Blood Prince for four days! Your obsession has been growing for months now and it’s seriously concerning, Harry!”
“It’s not an obsession,” he argued, crossing his arms defensively.
“You’re deflecting,” you replied impatiently.
“I’m not deflecting shit.”
“So you’ve got nothing to say? Nothing about ignoring me for days on end? Nothing about any of it?” You demanded.
All you really wanted from Harry was a sincere apology and a promise to balance his time better. You just wanted to spend time with the boy you loved. Was that so horrible?
Unfortunately, you were so riled up, burning with months worth of pent up frustration and resentment, that you couldn’t get those sensible words to leave your mouth. You’d always had a problem with pride. A problem which you and Harry both had in common.
Instead of replying with an apology that he knew would fix everything, Harry could only stare down at you stubbornly.
After a minute of tense silence, you scoffed and leaned down to snatch your bag from the ground.
Pushing past Harry, you muttered, “Davies might get lucky after all.”
You didn’t know what’d made you say it. You knew it would only make Harry angrier, and perhaps that was the reason you’d said anything at all.
You weren’t given the chance to decide before Harry was whipping you around again and crashing his lips against yours. Teeth clashed and tongues fought viciously for dominance, the combination of both of your anger mixing like TNT and a lit match. It was explosive, vehement, frenzied, bordering on violent.
Harry’s teeth sunk into your bottom lip as your nails scratched down his arms. They left streaks of red on his bare forearms, where his sweater’s sleeves were rolled to the elbows.
Finally, you pulled away, pushing him back to catch your breath. The seething burn of fury was still running through your veins as you glared up at the bespectacled boy. He stared back down at you, face flushed and body tense.
Without saying a word, you grabbed his tie roughly, pulling him the last couple of feet to the Fat Lady’s portrait.
“You two should be in class,” she chided as you came into her view. “Not shouting in empty corridors!”
“Leo at aurea,” you replied with the password impatiently. You weren’t in the mood to deal with the Fat Lady, who could be rather annoying at times.
“Well, I say,” the Fat Lady sniffed as her portrait swung open. “They really should be teaching manners at this school!”
You and Harry both ignored her, climbing through the hole quickly. As soon as the portrait swung closed, the two of you were clashing tongues again. Stumbling through the fortunately empty common room, you both made your way to the staircase leading up to the boy’s dormitories.
Finally, Harry became so impatient with the rather complicated dance your feet were doing to try to climb the stairs, that he grasped the backs of your thighs and wrapped them around his waist. Your ankles locked behind his torso, pushing your hips flush against his. Arms wrapping around his neck, your hands went straight to his hair, giving a rough tug to as much of it as you could fit in your fist.
The door to Harry’s dorm burst open and slammed shut a second later when he shoved you against it. You could feel him beginning to gain dominance over you and you hated it.
Quickly, and with difficulty, you pulled away. You paused momentarily to smugly admire Harry’s swollen lips before pulling so hard on his hair his head was forced backward. A strangled groan left his lips, blazing eyes fluttering closed for a few seconds. Your other hand trailed from his scalp to wrap around his overly exposed neck. You squeezed gently, enjoying the sight of the prominent veins under his tan skin trapped under your slender fingers. You could feel his pulse racing in those same veins, the blood rushing through them as his breaths became shallow and fast.
“You like that, don’t you?” You sneered, grip becoming even tighter.
Harry lifted his head to look at you in a challenging manner, but made no attempt to remove your fingers from around his jugular.
“Answer me!” You demanded, fingers digging even deeper into his throat while you used your other hand to yank his hair again.
When he still didn’t answer, your fingers untangled themselves from his hair and painted his left cheek a bright red with a harsh slap.
“The least you can do is answer a simple question. I would have thought all that reading you’ve been doing would have taught you how to answer hard questions,” you said in a mocking tone.
Harry’s fingers were digging into the back of your thighs in a deliciously painful way as he glared at you with clenched teeth. Despite Harry’s anger, fueled by intense jealousy, he was desperately trying not to moan and turn to putty in your hands.
“Now, I’ll ask you again,” you said, retangling your fingers in his hair. “You like the way my fingers squeeze your throat, don’t you?”
“Yes,” Harry answered, spitting the word out like it was a bad taste on his tongue.
Before you could gloat, Harry was turning around, taking the few steps to reach his bed, and throwing you onto the four poster like you weighed nothing. The force had your fingers slipping from their hold around his neck, something you weren’t very happy about. You didn’t get the chance to complain before Harry was on top of you, capturing your lower lip in his teeth again.
Just as your tongue was about to win dominance, Harry pulled away again.
“What, scared to lose?” You taunted, reaching up to pull him back down by his tie.
Instead, you were stopped by a sharp smack to your cheek. The stinging sensation went straight down to the spot between your legs. You stared up at Harry, mouth slightly agape. He was wearing a shit-eating smirk.
“I don’t lose to desperate sluts.”
He was talking down to you, and it was making the blood coursing rapidly through your veins boil.
“Shut the fuck up,” you spat, wrapping your legs around his waist again.
Your heels dug into his lower back, forcing his hips to grind against yours. The hard-on Harry was sporting was large and an extreme turn on. And you hated him even more for it.
“That pretty mouth of yours is nasty, Y/n,” Harry teased, his large hand coming to grip your jaw tightly.
You couldn’t reply with a biting remark as his strong fingers squeezed your cheeks, forcing your lips to purse and part slightly. He kept his grip tight as he leaned his head down so your lips were just a few inches apart.
And then he spit in your mouth, watching with dark eyes as his saliva coated your tongue and mixed with your own. You should have been disgusted and even angrier, but the action was so erotic you couldn’t help but be even more turned on.
“Swallow it.” 
Harry’s voice was deeper and raspier than before, if that was even possible. An obvious sign he was just as aroused by it as you.
Despite wanting to gain your dominance back, you listened. Harry’s eyes traveled to your throat, watching it bob up and down as the saliva traveled down it.
“You’re so fucking hot.”
It was the nicest thing either of you had said to each other yet.
“I know.”
You reached down, fingers snaking between your intertwined bodies, to brush over Harry’s ever growing erection. He let out a soft, unintentional whimper when your fingertips grazed over the bulge in his trousers. In his distracted state you were able to flip over so you straddled his hips. Both of your palms moved to dig into his chest while your hips began to circle on his in rough, fast movements.
Harry’s hands flew to your ass, gripping it underneath your skirt. You could feel the callouses on his fingers through the thin material of your panties.
Harry was trying desperately not to buck his hips into yours, the feeling of your clothed cunt grinding against his extremely hard cock trapped in his trousers making it immensely difficult.
It didn’t take long before you could feel Harry’s dick twitch underneath you. One of your hands went back to his throat, squeezing tightly as a fold in his trousers rubbed deliciously over your clit.
“Going to come already, dirty boy?” You panted. You didn’t want to let on your own climax was already building, too.
“Let me take them off,” Harry grunted as his cock twitched again.
“No,” you replied fiercely. “Come in your pants or not at all.”
Harry, chest heaving, lifted his head, that had previously been pressing into the mattress, to half-heartedly glare at you with hooded eyelids. His pupils were blown so large you could barely see the forest fire blazing in his irises anymore. You squeezed his throat even tighter in response and rutted your hips against his one last time. The feeling of your fingers cutting off his air supply and the intensity of your last thrust had white hot strings of cum shooting into Harry’s boxers. Loud moans spilled out of his lips as the movements of your hips continued. You enjoyed the sight of him writhing under you, completely submerged in the pleasure you’d caused him.
Finally, you stopped a minute later, shifting backwards to smirk at the large dark spot covering the entirety of the crotch of Harry’s pants.
“Look at the mess you made,” you mocked, watching the way Harry’s fists twisted the sheets and his chest heaved up and down as he came down from his drawn out orgasm.
When he didn’t reply, you decided to taunt him. He wasn’t angry enough. You wanted him to feel the same way you’d been feeling for days on end.
“Bet Davies could have made me come with him.”
And suddenly you were being flipped onto your stomach, chest and cheek pinned to the mattress, back involuntarily arched, and ass sticking straight in the air. The movement was so quick it flipped your skirt up, giving Harry a clear view of the soaked lace covering your cunt.
“Say that again, I dare you,” he spat from above you.
Your face was being pressed so hard into the mattress all you could manage to mumble was “Davies--mmph--come--”
Harry grasped a handful of your hair, yanking it so hard your chest was careening off the bed, back arching even further.
“If you’re going to speak then speak clearly,” he snarled in your ear.
All you could do was whimper pathetically as his teeth grazed a sweet spot just below the shell of your ear.
“That’s what I fucking thought.”
Your head fell back onto the mattress as Harry let go of your hair to pull his trousers down. You were expecting him to push in as soon as he freed himself of his cum-filled boxers, but instead he was flipping you on your back again.
Watching him tug off his shirt to reveal the hardened muscles you’d been craving to touch for days had your thighs squeezing together. Unfortunately, Harry noticed and used his knees to spread your legs apart while he threw his sweater on the floor with the rest of his discarded clothes.
“Fucking desperate, aren’t you?” Harry said in a scathing voice as he began to unbutton your own shirt.
“I’m bored,” you replied just as ferociously despite the fact you were lying through your teeth. “Might as well just get myself off if you’re going to take so long. Or maybe I should get Davies to help me--”
Harry pulled the tie he’d previously been unknotting so tight around your jugular your next words were turned into incoherent splutters. Your wide eyes, shining with newly forming tears, staring up at Harry had his cock twitching again. He left the tie tight around your neck, continuing to work the buttons on your top. After a few more tense seconds, it slipped off your shoulders and the rough fingers moved to your back to unclasp your bra.
He left your skirt and panties on for now, taking hold of the tie that was beginning to feel more like a dog leash. A sharp tug on it brought your head down to just above his dick.
A shiver ran down your spine when his voice rasped in your ear, “Spit on it.”
Gathering the saliva from your already watering mouth, you pursed your lips and spit it onto his shaft, right below his tip. You let the remaining saliva drip down your chin, lifting your head when Harry’s hold on the tie loosened just a bit.
He was looking down at you, jaw muscles tensed, as your hand moved to slowly spread your spit over his cock. Neither of you broke eye contact as your hand moved up and down his shaft, thumb occasionally brushing over his slit and making him shudder.
And then, just as you could sense you were about to win, he was flipping you on your stomach again. His fingers dug into the soft skin of your ass as he ripped the thin lace from your legs, not even wasting the time it would take to pull your skirt off. The chance to complain about your ruined panties left as soon as he sheathed himself inside of you. He bottomed out on the second thrust, and on the third he brushed perfectly over your awaiting g-spot. You’d promised yourself to be as quiet as possible, make him work for it, but you were screaming into the sheets by the fifth time he thrusted into your tight cunt. His hip bones rutted into your ass, the force of his body slamming into yours pushing your cheek into the mattress so harshly your teeth were scraping the inside of it.
“Bet Davies can’t hit your sweet spot like I can,” Harry grunted from above you. His cock was brushing the place that had you trembling every time he re-sheathed himself.
You only whined in response. Your head was buzzing with so much pleasure, you couldn’t even think of forming a coherent sentence.
“Say it!” Harry shouted, taking hold of the tie again. He pulled your head back like before, forcing you to look at him.
Your back arched so far had him thrusting at a new angle. Your eyes rolled back when his tip rutted into what you could only guess was your cervix.
“Davies... can’t--oh shit holy fuck!--can’t fuck me like y--ou can!”
“Good to know you’re not a dumb slut,” Harry sneered at you. “Just a desperate one.”
“Not--fuck right there--not a fucking slut!” You gasped.
“Yes,” Harry paused and grunted, his hips stuttering a bit, “you fucking are.”
“Least I’m not a who--re for a fucking book!” You cried, fists twisting the sheets as your body threatened to topple over the edge into the depths of euphoria.
Harry pulled even harder on the tie, cutting you and your air supply off. You hated being silenced, but the feeling of the fabric cutting into your skin was only pushing you farther over the ledge that led to your impending orgasm. That combined with the feeling of his palm slapping your already bruised ass had your entire body trembling in anticipation for your release. Harry left three more harsh slaps on your ass, taking a few moments to appreciate the red imprints on your skin. Then, he was leaning over you, still rutting his hips into your thighs, lips pressing against your ear as he growled,
“The only thing coming from your--fuck you’re so tight--coming from your nasty little mouth from now on is my fucking name got it?”
You could only cough in response, looking up at him with blown pupils begging for a breath of air. Harry noticed your cheeks beginning to turn purple and let go of the tie, hand going back to leave bruises on your ass and thighs with a vice grip.
Your upper body couldn’t move, save for the quivering all over your body, as Harry’s pace became even faster than you thought possible. The crashing waves of ecstasy were in sight, only a few more steps until you were jumping off the ledge--
With one last stroke over your g-spot, the unbearably tight knot in your stomach snapped and you were submerged in a tidal wave of overwhelming pleasure. Harry’s pace stayed relentless as you writhed under him, screaming his name like a mantra, until his hips stuttered, cock twitched, and balls drew up. He pulled out in one swift motion, painting the entirety of your back with white hot strings of cum.
The room was filled with cries of each other’s names and pornographic moans. You didn’t think an orgasm had ever felt this good or lasted this long.
Finally, Harry collapsed next to you, heavy breathing the only sound in the room. You waited another minute before pushing your torso off of the mattress and sitting back on your still trembling legs.
“Fucked your jealousy out now, have you?” You panted.
Harry glanced over at you, eyes still dark and hooded. He didn’t reply, only nodded ever so slightly.
“Good. Now it’s my turn.”
Harry’s eyes widened almost comically as you climbed on top of him. Your breath hitched when your still throbbing clit brushed against his feverish skin. Leaning down, you attached your lips to his again, biting down roughly on his lip. A soft, feeble whimper slipped past Harry’s throat and entered your mouth.
“You sound fucking pathetic,” you sneered, pulling away to look down at him condescendingly.
Harry’s previously fucked out expression turned to one of contempt. Your fingers began to work at the taut knot in your tie until it came undone and slipped off your neck. Harry’s mouth fell open and you could feel his dick growing again beneath your thigh. Your nails ghosted over the raw skin, head tilting back so you were staring at the ceiling to give Harry a better view of the mark the fabric had left.
“Fucking hell,” Harry breathed. He shifted underneath you, reaching out to touch your neck, but you grabbed his wrist roughly.
“You got your turn,” you tutted, scooting farther up his body so you sat just below his sternum.
Harry stared up at you, eyes fixated on your neck as you took hold of his other wrist and pinned them to the headboard above his head. Using the tie that had just been around your neck, you tethered his hands to the wood.
Then, you were moving back down, attacking his neck with your lips, teeth, and tongue. You sucked dark purple marks onto his tan skin, flicking the spot with your tongue before you moved on. Only a few minutes later Harry was a squirming mess beneath you.
“Fucking tease,” he grunted as your thighs squeezed around his torso.
Smirking into his skin, you sunk your teeth into the sensitive spot on the side of his neck, just below his jaw. Harry cried out and bucked his hips.
“Maybe this will make you understand how I’ve been feeling,” you said, anger that you had momentarily forgotten, relighting with a vengeance. “Never getting what you want even when it’s right in front of you.”
“Just let me mark you once,” Harry begged in your ear. “Show Davies you don’t belong to him.”
“I don’t belong to anyone,” you snarled into his skin, biting down on it again. Harry could only groan at the pleasurable pain shooting through his body.
You sucked another mark on his collarbone, contemplating his request. You flicked your tongue over the spot when you’d finished, coming to a conclusion. Pulling your hair back with one hand, you leaned up so the side of your neck was exposed to Harry’s lips. Eagerly, he lifted hid head up, taking the skin between his lips. His tongue dragged over the spot as he sucked, almost soothing it. Your eyes fluttered shut, always amazed by the skill Harry’s mouth possessed. He nipped down to the very base of your throat, a spot he knew everyone would notice and repeated the process. You let him litter four more across the smooth expanse of your neck before pulling away. His head followed you, an annoyed grunt leaving his swollen lips.
“Don’t be ungrateful,” you snapped.
Harry grunted again and looked away from you like a child upset that their authority figure wouldn’t let them play with their favorite toy. It annoyed you to no end. You grabbed his jaw, jerking his head and forcing him to look at you.
“We both know it’s more than you deserved.”
Harry only scowled up at you.
Your hand moved from his jaw to his throat, squeezing the new blooms of purple and red forming on your canvas.
“Now I’m going to fucking ride you in this skirt and you’re going to watch me use you to get off. Maybe then you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on while you’ve been obsessing over your precious little Half-Blood Prince.”
Harry only stared up at you, mouth agape and chest heaving at the thought of watching you get off on him. You wore a smug smile, bordering on malicious, as you scooted back down to hover over his cock. It was hard again, perhaps even more than before. Bracing yourself on his tense abs, you lowered your dripping cunt onto his dick. You went slow and deep for the first few strokes, your walls still sensitive from minutes prior.
After the first couple of strokes, the slight burning sensation faded into a comfortable filling sort of feeling. The second time you sheathed him completely inside of you the feeling morphed into a familiar pleasure beginning to build in the pit of your stomach. With Harry still completely inside of you, the tops of his thighs brushing against your ass, you began to bounce. The angle was immensely different from the position Harry’d had you in, so it took a couple tries to find the spot that could have you screaming in a matter of moments. When you finally found it you let out a loud moan, tilting your head backward.
Your pace continued to increase, ecstasy coursing through your veins, up to your head, and into your brain, making it feel fuzzy and like you were high on pleasure.
You were so far gone in your own euphoria, you’d almost completely forgotten about the writhing boy underneath you. That is, until a loud “Y/n, oh fuck, faster please, please faster! Holy shit!” brought you back to reality.
Looking back down and opening your eyes, Harry came into focus, his mouth open in a wide “O” shape, eyebrows furrowed, and cheeks flushed.
“I’m not taking requests,” you grunted, purposefully slowing your movements. “I told you, you’re going to watch me use you to get off. It’s got nothing to do with what you want.”
“Please,” Harry begged, chest heaving with shallow breaths. “Just untie me, please.”
Noting the fact Harry hadn’t used his safe word, you concluded it was only mindless begging.
“Take your punishment like a good boy and maybe I’ll consider it,” you replied, digging your nails into the smooth skin of Harry’s chest.
You picked your pace back up, watching the muscles in Harry’s toned arms flex as he tried to free himself of his bindings. Harry’s dick suddenly brushed up against your g-spot again and your nails dug even further into his chest, almost breaking the skin, as you moaned even louder than before. You twisted and swiveled your hips, hitting that same place over and over. You dragged your hands down his chest, nails leaving crisp red and white marks in their wake as your screams became even louder. Removing one hand from Harry’s v-line, you used it to rub fast figure 8′s on your clit. Your head fell backward completely as you teetered over the edge for the second time.
Suddenly, a familiar hand replaced the one on your clit. Your head snapped up in confusion. Looking through hooded lids, you saw Harry had been able to wriggle one of his hands free from your tie’s hold. You didn’t have enough willpower to stop him and retie his hand as the callouses on his finger pads rubbed perfectly over your bundle of nerves.
“Fuck, right there, baby!” You cried as Harry thrusted his hips up into you.
Two more thrusts like the first and you were screaming Harry’s name again, your entire body shaking. His hips continued fucking you through your orgasm, fingers never ceasing their movements. The feeling of his cock twitching and spurting his third release inside of you only drew out your orgasm. You swore you could see the entirety of the Milky Way. You didn’t know how it was possible, but this orgasm was even better than the first.
Finally, both of you stopped moving, save for the trembles and twitches of your legs, and you collapsed on top of Harry. You could feel his chest swelling and collapsing rapidly underneath yours as the two of you came down from your highs together. Harry had managed to free his other hand and both of them were rubbing up and down your bare back slowly. With his arm wrapped around you and your face buried in his neck, all of your pent up anger seemed to have faded away with the overwhelming pleasure of your orgasm.
A few minutes later you finally had enough energy back to roll off of him. A soft whimper left your lips when the full, comforting feeling of Harry inside of you disappeared. Falling on your back next to him, you felt the mixture of both of your cum beginning to leak onto your thighs and the sheets, but you were still too fucked out to care. The only thing you could focus on was Harry’s fingers intertwining with yours.
Another couple of minute passed before you felt Harry shift next you.
“Y/n?” His voice was raspy and soft, like his morning voice (that you had severely missed the past few weeks).
You swallowed a lump in your throat, unsure of the reason it had formed in the first place.
“Look at me, please.”
Slowly, you turned on your side to face Harry. He was laying on his side, too. His hair was messed up in that perfectly imperfect way only he could ever seem to pull off, his gaze soft, and lips turned into a soft frown.
“You know I love you, right?”
Your gaze flitted back and forth between his irises, anxiously searching for any flickers of doubt or dishonesty he might have saying those words to you. In truth, your anger and resentment toward him had been fueled by your own insecurities and fears. If a book could get him to completely ignore and forget about you, what would happen if a prettier, smarter, funnier, better girl or guy came along and caught Harry’s attention? You’d be left all alone, heartbroken and completely devastated.
It was as if Harry could sense your uncertainty, as if he could read all of the doubtful, insecure, painful thoughts circling in your mind.
“I do,” he promised, squeezing your hand, still intertwined with his. “I love you. So much.”
You sighed softly, looking away from his eyes. They were no longer blazing with anger and jealousy, instead twinkling softly in the late morning light.
“It’s just... you got so caught up in that book you barely remembered I existed and I... it just scares me that--that the same thing could happen if somebody better comes along.”
Harry was suddenly sitting up, looking at you incredulously. “That’s what you think?”
“I dunno, I just--it’s been worrying me for the past few days. And I don’t want to seem clingy or anything at all. We don’t have to spend every waking moment together, that’s ridiculous.” You were rambling now, but you couldn’t stop. “I was just so scared you were getting bored of me or trying to push me away that it all just built up and knowing how I felt just made me feel so angry and--”
Harry cut you off by pulling you into his chest. His strong arms enveloped you and held you against him as you tucked your face in the crook of his neck.
“I could never ever get ‘bored’ of you,” he murmured in your ear. The feeling of his face buried in your hair and his lips tickling your ear made you feel warm and fuzzy and safe. It reminded you of the way you felt when you smelled the Amortentia in Potions earlier. “You’re the most important thing in my life and I’ve been doing a shitty job of showing you that. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way, m’love.”
“I accept your apology,” you mumbled into his shoulder.
There was a short silence before Harry said, “I can get rid of it--the book. If that’s what you really want.”
It was the one thing you’d wanted for months, finally being rid of that horrible Half-Blood Prince. But now, with Harry holding you and whispering everything you’d been longing to hear, the ratty old Potions textbook didn’t seem like such a threat anymore.
“It’s alright,” you finally replied. “I know how much you like it, for whatever reason I don’t understand, but it makes you happy and that’s all that matters to me. Don’t get rid of it.” Harry let out a small relieved sigh. “Just... just remember to balance out your time, alright? I just want to spend time with you and have your full attention every once in a while.”
You could feel Harry nodding vigorously above you.
“Yeah absolutely, of course, I want to spend time with you, too. I really am sorry I’ve been such a tosser recently.”
You lifted your head to smile at him. “I forgive you, Har.” Leaning up to kiss his cheek you added, “You’re lucky you’re a cute tosser.”
He chuckled, the deep rumbling in his chest sending vibrations through your palms. “You’re pretty cute, too.”
The two of you met halfway for a soft, sweet kiss. You couldn’t help but smile into it as Harry’s fingers traced circles across your bare back. Your hands lifted from his chest to cup the sides of his neck, thumbs rubbing across his jaw. When you pulled away, you looked down to admire the purple bruises covering almost half of his throat.
“Those hickeys make you look extremely hot by the way.”
Harry grinned and took hold of your chin, tilting your head up a bit to get a good look at the bruises littering your own neck.
“Mmm, could say the same for you,” he replied with a slight rasp in his voice. “Don’t think a few more would hurt, do you?”
Your smile became wider, if that was even possible, as you threaded your fingers through Harry’s hair.
“I think a few more would be just fine--show Davies I’ve already got someone a million times better than him.”
Harry’s eyebrows furrowed a bit at the mention of Roger. “Did he really ask you out?”
You shrugged. “Sort of.” Harry’s lips turned down into a small frown. Nudging his nose with yours, you assured him, “Even if Davies’d proposed to me with a big, flashy diamond ring right then and there, I wouldn’t have said yes. To going out with him or doing anything else either.”
Harry’s frown disappeared as you looked up at him with complete sincerity. You kissed him on the lips again, scratching his scalp while your tongues darted out to meet each other. And then Harry’s lips were moving down to just below your jaw. You hummed as he grazed over all your sweet spots on his way down your neck, still massaging the roots of his raven hair.
“Davies is a snob anyway,” you whispered in his ear. “I love you.”
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