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1. Me: “Aw, look! Pre-schoolers!”

    S: “We should eat them.”

    H, A, Me: “Wot.”

    S: “Nothing.”

2. A: “What do you want for your birthday?”

    Me: “Will to live?”

    A: “Sorry, they were out of stock.”

3. A: “I pulled an all-nighter today. I’m so tired.”

    S: “I haven’t slept in 72 hours, weak ass bitch.”

    Me: “What the fuck.”

    S: “I said what I said.”

4. Me: “Actually, I’m very smart, you know.”

    H: “On your last midterms, you got a zero on physics.”

    A: “So did I.”

    Me: “Oh crap, you’re right. I’m dumb.”

    S: “Yeah.”

    A: “Wait what about me?”

5. A: “I got scolded by the teacher. Again!”

    S: “Eat them.”

    H, A, Me: “Wha-”

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disclaimer: if you have no patience or dislike reading long post, move on~ 如果没什么耐心或不喜欢长篇大论的,跳过吧~

what I am about to write is all about me, my preference, my desire, my choice. I respect that everyone has their own thoughts, based on different background and life experience, and I ask for the same respect in return, bear in mind that I am not asking for your “expert/kind” advice in any form. 这是一篇关于我与 我的喜好,我的选择 的文章,每个人都不一样,请切记我不需要任何 “专家/善意” 的建议。

as I grow, and go through different phases in life, I experience, I learn and I discover, things keep changing.. that’s life, we adapt and become better. I have come to a point where I kinda know what I seek for, instead of just randomly looking and see where fate leads me to.

many have sent me private messages through various platforms, I rarely respond to any, and some did ask what do I seek for, with this anonymous identity or through other platforms. The simple answer would be happiness, a partner that could and would make me happy. It sounds so simple yet in reality, it is a completely different story. I am willing to wait and put in effort for my own happiness, because I believe it is worth it and I am worthy of it. 我的人生中不缺男人,我的幸福也不依靠男人。

as someone who has a busy lifestyle, I do not have interest for anything shallow, temporary or meaningless, which means date to fuck, one night stands, fuck buddy, etc. are out of the window. If you are looking for just a warm body to satisfy your sexual desires and lust, you are looking in the wrong place. If you are interested in only my body through the photos that I shared, and not me as a person, then you should stop wasting your time. 对于单纯性爱或身体上的满足,这种暂时性,一次性的关系,我没兴趣。如果你看上的是我分享的性感照,而不是我这个人,那就别浪费时间了。

as a person who enjoys quality lifestyle, I also seek for quality partners. 素质对我来说很重要。Someone who is wise, intelligent, respectful, attracted to me as a person instead of just another lady, and also seeks for the same thing as me. 这些都是相互的,而不是单方面对伴侣的要求。

a wise person would have many life experience and lessons to share, we could exchange ideas, share similar encounters and draw some conclusions or views together on many different matters in life. We would listen to opinions from different point of views to see things more holistically. We would broaden our horizons, learn from each other and grow to be better versions of ourselves. 三观如果不一致,在沟通上会很困难,而,人的三观都是靠经验和岁月累积而成的。

an intelligent person would be able to hold conversations, plan proper and casual dates or even vacations, and discuss life matters or help each other out when necessary. Reading the mood and solving potential problems are also important in this aspect, to prevent awkward situations. 智商是沟通的关键,不会聊天,不会策划,不会解决问题的话,很没意思。

a respectful person would practice proper social etiquettes, be polite during conversations, understand boundaries, do what a gentleman does and would not objectify women as a sexual being, would not dismiss other person’s opinion or feelings. 尊重每个人是对等的,而不是喜欢刷优越感,觉得自己高人一等,看不起其他人,更不会因为我喜欢发性感照就觉得我很随便,任何要求都会答应。

a person who is attracted to me would take time, effort and money to understand me more by interacting with me, admire and compliment me for who I am as a person, enjoy my personality and style. 对每个女生都感兴趣,到处撒网,到处撩妹的人,说有好感根本就是在诈骗,每个女生那么不一样,怎么可能都喜欢呢?

a person who seeks the same thing as me would mean we could have so many new experience and adventures together. I would want someone who understands the true worth of quality lifestyle and seeks enjoyment of finer things in life, who treats me as a good friend, a confidante, a partner in crime. 了解和共同追求更美好的人生,懂得享受生活,做我的蓝颜知己。

there are also plenty of things I would stay away from, just simply because I do not have time for things that I dislike. I avoid any possibility of mind games, tricks, gossips and dramas. I stay away from commitments. I dislike immature individuals. I look down on negative people who whine, give excuses and never own up their mistakes and responsibilities.

all these mind games, tricks, gossips and drama I have seen is too time and energy wasting. I am not interested to butt into other people’s life or get involved in any cult/groups who think they are better than everyone else. 朋友只求精,不求多,也谢绝已婚男士,家庭纠纷我没兴趣参与。

commitment is something I am not ready for, and I do not know when will I ever be, perhaps it takes the right person to appear for me to make up my mind and take that leap of faith. For now, I am happy with casual affairs, just enjoy the moment and don’t take fun things so seriously is my motto. 承诺从来都只是甜言蜜语,用行动来证明诚意吧。有时间就一起,没时间就下次再约。

immaturity is something I could not stand, this has nothing to do with a person’s age, but a person’s mindset. being jealous, having unreasonable demands, unable to control emotions, are some of many examples of being immature. 幼稚没法说,公主/王子病这样的,总之接受不了就对了。

there are too many negative people in this society, who only whine and give excuses for every thing that happened in their life, instead of owning up mistakes, reflecting and improving themselves. I believe rewards come with hard work and there is no free lunch in this world. 努力奋斗的人一定会得到一颗糖,好吃懒做,怨天怨地的就自求多福吧。

I am not super beautiful nor do I have a perfect model body, I am just a girl next door with an attractive personality and a passionate mind to continuously improve my life so that I can enjoy all the precious moments and have a blast. I don’t expect my partner to look like superstar but I do appreciate a person who knows how to carry himself well and have some fashion sense. 我没有女神的脸蛋或魔鬼的身材,我就是一个有趣的邻家女孩。我不幻想我的伴侣有明星般的外表,但是我很欣赏会打扮的人。

写了那么多,目的是什么呢?我也没有太多的想法,毕竟,知己可遇不可求。就是心血来潮想写写一些东西,让人知道我心里是怎么想的。If you have read the whole post, I just wanna say thank you for your time and effort. =) 

until next time~

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“I have yet to decide if I will join this ‘Inquisition’ or not- and I have seen little to persuade me. I do not see what my group could do for you.”

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I absolutely adore feeling completely full and sleepy after a big, delicious meal. To taste all these wonderful flavours and delight at how good food can be. It always surprises me how endlessly different kinds of meals there are to experience, how wonderfully decadent and enjoyable it is to eat myself full. Feeling so satisfied with my taught, heavy belly and shallow breathing, relaxing into my bed and letting all that food inside of me weigh me down. It feels so warm, so comfortable, just easing away the stress of the day, letting myself feel safe, and at peace. This is a feeling I want to have so much more often, I cannot wait to have it again. And how amazing will it be to share this feeling with someone who adores it as well! ✨💜

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