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It’s always tricky to pick gloves to wear while using my wheelchair during the winter. On one hand, I need gloves that will keep my hands warm, especially while I’m just waiting for the bus outside, but on the other hand, using my wheelchair takes so much exertion that my hands will sweat a lot in my half finger gloves even when it’s so cold out it’s below the freezing point. I can’t imagine how hot and sweaty my hands would get in full finger gloves.

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People always say don’t let your disability be one of your personality traits. The same thing is said about being LGBT+

But fuck that. I am who I am because of my disability and being gay (I’m using gay as an umbrella term in this case).

I have grown and changed so much because of my experiences as a queer disabled person.

So yeah, my disability and queerness is a part of my personality. They are a huge part of me, but I am more than just those two things.

I am a queer disabled person, but I’m also an artist, and a baker. I’m a practicing witch and a gardener. I am so many things and I am proud of all of it.

So don’t tell me that I shouldn’t “use my disability or queerness as a personality trait”. I am queer and I am disabled and you can’t take either of those away from me just because it makes you uncomfortable.

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To save Marubah

Trajan’s Recovery: A Happy Ending

Turns out it was just a misunderstanding that lead to the air force attacking the dock. Shark was a pirate but wasn’t stealing, was just carrying.

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I hate that I feel this way, but I often feel weird wearing suits/formal clothes/vintage fashion when using a wheelchair. I don’t know why. I just feel like I look really weird? Of course it’s a bad thing to think; there are no fashion rules for a wheelchair. I’m sure it’s internalized ableism. But regardless, I feel weird.

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Abled ppl keep saying were so depressed with our condition but ya’ll are the ones treating everything we do like its a tradgedy.

Disabled person: I got a diagnosis!!

Disabled ppl: YAS! Congratz!

Abled: :( i’m so sorry

Disabled: i saved up enough for a mobility aid!

Disabled ppl: omg!! :D

Abled: now you’re limited :((

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I went into paralysis, but for the first time it was in a public place: a grocery store.

My friend had to grab a wheelchair. I had to figure out how to get into a car. I kept falling over at every turn and stop because my legs wouldn’t push back on the floor.

I had to wait in the car while my roommate got the wheelchair. She helped push me to the door. I had to crawl because of the steps.

Everyone knows that being paralyzed would changed everything, but its still so shocking to realize what details that “everything” includes.

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Joana Almada is an amazing, 36 year old, dancer, model and disability advocate from Ghana.

She uses a wheelchair because of Hemimelia Fibular. This is a congenital condition which caused some quite severe deformities in her legs and left her unable to walk…

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Dare to stretch your mind body and spirit

but literally;

Cmd. Tial Marubah, stretching their mind outside of their body to use psionic powers. Thanks to confidential procedures and cranial implants, this lizard is able to induce confusion, panic, sensory illusions, even remotely take control of another’s body but with great effort.

“Rapper” the raptor, stretching his slimy malleable body. This artificial organic being is an exohero so he puts his unusual abilities to good use rescuing the defenseless and punishing crime all while taking a myriad of shapes. His powers make having a separate identity as a civilian quite easy.

“Skullface DJ” the revenant archosaur, expelling her spirit energy through her skull. She’s a paranormal investigator and often faces against other supernatural beings, which doubles as a snack after victory as she devours their spirits.

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Inspiring : We ❤️ this mindset
A video of #Paralympian swimmer Manami Ito playing the #violin with her #prosthetic arm has gone viral on the internet.IAS officer Supriya Sahu tweeted a video with the caption, “The indomitable human spirit. Nothing is impossible once you decide and work towards it.” #wow #appplaud #amazing #violinist #swimmer #talent

GIVE IT A SHARE : @eastindiatimes
#disabilityawareness #advocacy #ehlersdanlossyndrome #disabilitylife #autismacceptance #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #lily #downsyndrome #disability

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20 Passenger Bus For Sale | Call 516-333-7483 | 2012 Ford E450 Starcraft Wheelchair Bus For Sale

There can be many reasons why an individual, business, or organization wants to buy a bus. The primary reason is to transport a large group of people and to transport them. That too, frequently which would make hiring vehicles expensive. For example, a church will want to transport its congregation every Sunday. Hiring a bus service will make this task expensive and financially nonviable in the long run. Similarly, a company may want to pick up and drop its employees from home to office and vice versa every day. Once again hiring a bus will be more expensive for the company than for the church. Many organizations survive on group transportation and have to find a better and more financially viable solution. The best way is to buy a bus rather than hiring them. This may shock many readers because buses are super expensive and beyond the budget of most individuals, businesses, and organizations. Yes, that is true but we are not talking about buying full-sized luxury coach buses. We are talking about minibusses and mid-sized buses that are comparatively affordable. Moreover, if you buy them preowned then they will be far cheaper than their newer counterparts. A used minibus or midsized bus is 33% to 45% cheaper than their new versions.

A minibus is defined as a vehicle that can accommodate up to 15 passengers including the driver. And a mid-sized bus is a vehicle that can accommodate anywhere from 15 to 30 passengers. The key to success is to buy something in between like a 20 passenger bus for sale. The reason we say this is because apart from using the vehicle for personal, company, or organizational purposes, it can also be used to generate alternate sources of revenue for the owners. As the human population increases so do the demand for public transportation. But it is available and concentrated in the city centers. Public transportation is scarcely available in suburban areas and the countryside. These are places where owners can put their recently purchased 20 passenger bus for sale to work for transporting large groups of people in return for a small fee. Such a service of transporting people for a fee is called a jitney service.

By using this strategy a 20 passenger bus for sale can be useful for the individual, business, or organization and it can make them money at the same time. Hence the bus will not be an expense rather it will be a money-making ATM machine for them. Buying a bus is not the end of the story. It’s just the beginning. The owner will have to incur other expenses like hiring a driver, finding a good place to park the bus when not in use, repairing any electrical or mechanical defects, and maintaining the bus on regular schedules every 6 months. These expenses can put the cost of owning the bus at a higher rate than the buyers might have anticipated. The only way to recover these expenses is to make use of the bus and generate alternate sources of income. Talk to local businesses and organizations if they need help with group transportation. Search for crowds gathering near public transport centers, offer them your service for a small fee and they will be glad to jump into your bus right away.

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Fuyusei - “In The Sun” by Aurora Lynne

I’m in love with the idea of this ship! Aren’t they just adorable?? I’d flip if they ended up together tbh <3 Hope you enjoy! 


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