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theterroryam · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
When bae tells you to chill, but you were already calm
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g05rae · a year ago
i had a dream about cix last night??? i don’t even stan them that much lmao is this a sign
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bluetintcore · 5 months ago
A/N; i laughed while making this tbh
request?; no
pairings; twilight x reader
warnings; language, weed
getting high with them | twilight headcannon
Tumblr media
carlisle cullen;
• honestly he’s so chill you wouldn’t even notice that he was
• not that he’d tell you anyways
• for him it’d be a one time thing, something he would try and never lay his eyes on again
• so basically he’s his regular self, maybe a little more stressed out
• 0/10 he didn’t enjoy the experience at all
esme cullen;
• no
• just no
• you could cry and beg her all you wanted but never in a million years would she ever try it
• to be completely honest she’d be offended you’d even ask
edward cullen;
• he’d be so disgusted that you’d even offer to him
• our boys old, and he grew up in a time where it was frowned upon so you can’t really blame him
• but once you’d finally get him game it was HILARIOUS
• he’d start like spilling all kinds of edgy emo lyrics
• he’d basically turn into an edge lord and spill out all his feelings to you
bella swan;
• human bella wouldn’t enjoy any second of it
• she’d try it and she’d be chill but it was kind of a no go for her
• she’s chill when she’s high, nothing really special she kinda just stays the same
• now vampire bella is definitely a lot funnier
• she matches your energy and is a lot easier to have a good time with
jasper hale;
• nah because he’s fun
• he’d smoke with you, and hangout and vibe and have a good time
• he wouldn’t do it without you though
• like if anybody else asked he’d decline
• wasn’t big on the idea but enjoyed the experience with you
• would do it with you only again
alice cullen;
• it’d be damn near impossible to even get her to try
• she thought it was ridiculous and childish but if it would make you happy
• she tried to match your energy though she wasn’t enjoying any second of it
• very bad experience for her but she enjoyed seeing you happy
emmett cullen;
• y’all already know he’s down for anything especially if it was smoking pot with his bae
• he’s so much fun
• he enjoyed every second of it and even suggested it become something normal you guys did together
• he loves it and would definitely do it again
rosalie hale;
• she was down for it
• she was chill, and she gave off good vibes
• it definitely made her a lot happier
• her usual mopey self was funny and loud
• but like the others she wouldn’t do it if you weren’t around or doing it with her
riley biers;
• i love riley but i feel like he’s the type of guy to be like “any girl that smokes is unattractive”
• so it’d be pretty hard to get him to try
• #AntiMarijuanaUsage
• he’d make fun of you for doing it
• he’s a hater fr
victoria sutherland;
• nah because my girl is so fun
• she’s always down for whatever with you so you already know she was down to try it
• even sober she’s fun but when high she’s even better to be around
• she enjoyed the experience with you and would definitely do it again
jane volturi;
• nah she’d be so paranoid the entire time
• “(y/n), did you hear that?!”
• “girl chill out it was just the leaves”
• would start going on about some random lady she almost scrapped the week prior
• she had fun, she’d probably do it again tbh
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dinklebat · 9 months ago
creepypasta incorrect quotes ft Y/N part 6
Tumblr media
Y/N: We call that a traumatic event!
Y/N, turning to Toby: Not a “bruh moment”
Y/N, turning to Ben: Or a “major L”
Y/N, turning to Jeff: Or an “oof lmao”
LJ: They say milk helps children grow but I've poured 3 cartons of milk over this child and all it has done so far is cry
Slenderman: One bonus of being an adult is grossly misusing modern slang on purpose and watching my children die inside.
Slenderman: A fine example: The other day, I pointed a passing car and, looking Doby and Cody in the eyes, said, “Is that bae or what?”
Slenderman: The look on their faces is something I will treasure for years
Toby: I'm so glad you found me
Toby: Wait
Toby: How did you find me?
Masky: You haven't done anything super annoying to us in, like five hours so we knew that something must be wrong
Jane: you can’t set all your problems on fire
Jeff: you’d be surprised by how many things are flammable
Y/N : *kisses Ben’s forehead*
Jeff : Why do you never kiss my forehead?
Y/N : Because I don't fucking like you.
Clockwork: People always said ‘you have to pick your battles’. Well, guess what, I’m full of rage and I’m picking them all.
Zalgo, negotiating with Masky: We have Jeff . Give us ten thousand dollars and he will be returned to you unharmed Jeff : Whoa, whoa, wait, you think I’m only worth ten thousand dollars? Masky: Jeff : MAKE IT ONE MILLION– Masky: JEFF STOP
Y/N: Would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars ? Jeff: You stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big-ass house. Ben: You can stab me too, then we'll have 20 million. Jeff: Good thinking.
Kate: Where’s Y/N?
Rowan: doing stuff..
Kate: I don’t like the sound of that, where’s Ben?
Rowan: Trying to stop Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: and Jeff?
Rowan: Trying to stop Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: I see. What are you doing here, Rowan?
Rowan: I’m supposed to stop you telling Masky to stop Jeff from stopping Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Nathan: *holding an antique bottle* Hey, is this whiskey or perfume? Kagekao: * grabs the bottle, drinks all of it, and throws the empty bottle over his shoulder* Kagekao: It’s perfume.
Y/N: Do you like cuddling?
Toby: I AM A MACHINE OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION— oh, yeah, I like cuddling.
Masky: listen up kids, there's nothing "meme" about smoking a cigarette. there's nothing "netflix and chill" to take a drug. fidget spin yourself to school.
EJ: Nothing in life is free.
Liu: Adventure is free.
Doby: Life is free.
Y/N: Love is free.
Jeff: Everything is free if you take it without paying.
Hoodie: Don’t say a word.
Toby: … Fergalicious.
Masky: He said no words!
Toby: Oh, I see how it is. Two weeks ago, we’re playing Scrabble, it’s not a word. Now, suddenly, it is a word because it’s convenient for you.
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rottenforharlow · a month ago
hi ik someone already did something like this but can you do like just a few short bullet points of what dating jack would be like 🦖
Dating Jackman Thomas Harlow would be like:
Back rubs, so many back rubs. It became the two of y’all’s love language after a bit, Jack would come home late from the studio and he’d flop belly first onto the bed and you’d sit on his butt and give him a back rub hoping to relieve some stress. Jack would give you back rubs anywhere at any time, he just loved touching you.
Funny pictures!! Jack was always so serious in pictures as he started to get older and his image was more important. So, when you came into his life constantly taking goofy pictures it felt like a breath of fresh air.
Hugs! Jack always wanted to be touching you, he’d have you stand in front of him and he’d hug you from behind and rest his head on the top of yours as you both just chilled and enjoyed the moment. He’d hug you after he’d been on tour for a while and you’d have to gasp and pull away telling him you couldn’t breathe.
Sex, lots of sex. It wasn’t always quick like a wham bam thank you, ma’am. Jack likes to take his time he prefers to be able to really take in your body, your noises, and the way you look at him. With that said, he definitely likes quickies too. He’s not really an anywhere anytime person, but just know if you get him riled up enough he can be.
Kisses! He loves every kind of kiss with you, the slow, the quick, the passionate, the love-filled, the “I hate you” ones after arguments, he loves them all.
He loves incorporating you into his music somehow in some way, your voice, your laugh, lyrics that are based on you, anything to do with you really. You’re his biggest muse.
Arguing about cleaning. Jack is no doubt a clean freak so when you two get into an argument over a mess it always ended up in one of a different kind let’s just say that.
Social media not running y’all’s relationship. After a while, y’all ended up just telling social media y’all are together but it was very short and dismissed, neither of you wanted what y’all had taken away from y’all because of social media.
Cooking for him because he can’t cook. He loves your cooking no matter if you made a quick pot of pasta or something that took hours, you made it and it was edible so he loved it.
Chilling with Urban while he was busy. Urban and you became close in a brother and sister way after a few months of you dating Jack, he’d offer to help you with things and sort of took control in situations when Jack wasn’t nearby, like that one time the bodyguard got a little too handsy.
His family loves you. Jack didn’t often bring girls home to meet his family, so when you were brought home to them they knew you were special, the more time they spent with you the more they fell in love with you. “Jack, if you break her heart I’ll hurt you.” Maggie would threaten.
Calling him pet names. Sweet boy, baby boy, my love, bunches, babe, baby, bae, butt, jackjack, Jackman, J, tommy, Harlow, bub, handsome, and pretty boy
Him calling you pet names. Baby, babe, bae, princess, love, shorty, y/n/n, big head, pretty girl, pretty, beautiful, and ma
Neelam absolutely adores you. Neelam was unsure of you at first, not because of anything you did specifically, but more so because she was used to seeing Jack bounce from girl to girl, but after she saw how he looked at you, she never doubted it again.
All of Pg loving you. You’re known as lil sis, they literally will call Jack just to ask about you which he acts like he’s offended by but truly loves.
Dinner dates!!! Jack was so accustomed to eating out that when he met you and you were so into cooking he thought his whole world flipped, he was wrong. Cooking is fun and all, but you also love going out to eat and made him take you often.
Traveling the world with him. You love waking up in a different city or country with him next to you, it felt different than when y’all were just at home.
He takes care of you when you’re on your period. He’d literally be a sweetheart. He’d run the showers, go on the runs for items, he’d buy all your cravings, but your favorite was the lazy day he’d make out of it, just the two of you cuddling and watching tv.
He makes you watch all of his favorite shows and movies, you love all of them. One thing no one talks about though, he’s a spoiler, he spoiled every single thing for you with a smile.
Being his biggest fan and critic. Sometimes he’d make songs he knew wasn’t his best just to see what you’d say and you always told him how you truly felt, he appreciated you for it beyond words.
Him buying you things so you’d buy him something and it turning into a war. You always told Jack to not buy you things, you weren’t a materialistic person and neither was he but you both loved gift giving so it was hard to find a balance, the balance ended up being taking turns paying for dinner when y’all went out.
Him drooling on you when y’all slept together. It was crazy how this man was so comfortable being asleep with his mouth wide open. You’d wake up covered in his drool 90% of the time and when you brought it up he’d just say something like “Oh so now you don’t want my spit on you?” Just to watch you blush.
You both sassing each other. You two would argue like three-year-olds when this happened. “Who are you talking to?” “No, who are you talking to?” “I’m talking to you.” “Well then I’m talking to you”
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aeziyu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
You first met Choi Beomgyu when your brother, Taehyun befriended the boy back at middle school. It was mystery why you and Beomgyu would always argue at the most simplest things ever to exist. But by the time you turned eighteen, things started to change completely.
PAIRING : brother’s best friend! switch!choi beomgyu x switch!reader
GENRE : fluff, smut (not yet in this part), angst, brother’s best friend to lovers!au, crack, enemies to lovers!au, slowburn
WARNINGS : cuss words, the characters here are childish tbh🤨, taehyun and reader arguing over useless things, beomgyu and reader having beef everywhere, heartbreaks, beomgyu dated someone else, reader dated soobin, reader described as a little chubby at one scene, comparison (your beautiful always remember that <3)
WC : 5.11k
PLAYLIST : (no chill • cheat codes ft. lil xxel) (stay • the kid laroi and justin bieber) (trumpets • jason derulo) (guess that’s love • ryan mack) (capital letters • hailee steinfeld and bloodpop), (cwjbhn • jake scott and josie dunne) (i guess i’m in love • clinton kane) (hey stupid, i love you • jp saxe), (sixteen • chelsea cutler)
AUTHOR’S NOTES : alrighttt first of all, this took SO LONG to write and i apologize but it’s finally outttt!!! happy valentines bae luv you all<333 tag list will be in the bottom of the fic. thank you so much for the love and support!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At least until your brother finds himself a best friend.
Kang Taehyun, your brother, was not too far your age. There’s only a three years of age-gap. And he, himself, was a really shitty brother in your opinion. 
Shitty but sweet.
Oh no, you’ve got a booboo? Taehyun will come to the rescue and kiss the pain away! You failed on a quiz? Don’t worry, your almighty brother will be the first one who’ll tell your mother and watch you get scolded with a shit-eating grin on his face.
But what you hated about him the most was whenever he would hang out with the devil’s son. The same kid who pushed you out of the swings, the same kid who stole your candy, the same kid who breaks your toys—the kid named Choi Beomgyu.
At first, everything was okay. He didn’t mind you or bothered you. And he acted as if you never existed in the first place—which you really, really appreciated a lot—although you were starting to hate his mere presence since Beomgyu would always steal Taehyun’s attention from you.
You were too used to trailing on your brother’s tail, so you would compete with Beomgyu a lot for Taehyun’s attention.
It wasn’t really that serious yet.
It wasn’t until Beomgyu scared and chased you with his ghost costume on a Halloween night and stole your candies after you were shaken up enough. That’s where you felt a burning passion of hate for your brother’s best friend.
Every time Beomgyu would visit, he would always find a way to get under your skin.
All your barbie dolls? Particular limbs are missing and never to be found again. Your homework? Mysteriously drenched with water and ripped into pieces. You were certain it was all Beomgyu’s doing and even tried to tell your mom about it.
But the adult would shrug it off and tell you how much of an angelic boy Choi Beomgyu is. Now, you were sure he had placed some spell on everyone to fool them with his innocent smile.
“But mom! He stole my candies!” You accused, eyes red and puffy, chubby cheeks strained with tears. “Oh honey, do you have proof that he really did it?” Your mom asked, worriedly wiping your eyes. 
“—then you can’t accuse him like that. It’s bad to point at someone when you aren’t sure, okay? Beomgyu just wants to be your friend too, give him a chance. Now say sorry to him.”
With a hugs frown, you looked at the boy sitting on the couch in front of you and your brother, looking very well entertained. “Auntie,” Beomgyu had a sick-looking-sweet smile plastered on his face, “Y/n doesn’t look like she wants to apologize. It’s fine.”
“That’s very kind of you Beomgyu, but Y/n has to learn. Baby, say sorry now.”
“I’m...“, the smile on your face looked fake and you didn’t even bother to cover it, “...I-I’m really sorry, Beomgyu.”
But you still stubbornly stand by what you think. You know it’s Beomgyu who’s ruining your life. So while your mother turned to the kitchen to take the cookies she baked out of the oven, you dropped the fake smile and glared at him—in which he only replied with a coy suspicious wink.
Even as a child, he was cheeky as fuck.
By the early age of 10, you have learned to hate the man even more.
Taehyun and Beomgyu were now 13-years-old, and turned into more assholes compared to before. They would constantly tease you to the point where sometimes it would just go too far.
How, you may ask? Well, one example is when you started to have a huge crush on another one of your brother’s small group of friends. You liked Yeonjun so much that you wrote silly and cheesy love letters in your small notebook in secrecy while staring at him at a far distance.
All fun and games up until Beomgyu somehow discovered your secret crush.
You remembered begging him to not tell your brother and especially not Yeonjun.
“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t tell.” Beomgyu teasingly wiggled his eyebrows, waving your notebook in the air much to his amusement and to your horror. 
“Beomgyu! Beomgyu—okay, just please, please give me back my notebook and keep it a secret,” you continued to beg, ready to kneel before him just so he could show you mercy.
“Awww that’s cute,” the thirteen-year-old-boy smirked, tapping his chin. “How about you buy me that new video game? Then I might reconsider.”
“Jerk,” you mutter to yourself, stomping over to your room to break open your piggy bank. “Sorry Mr. Piggy, but I have to take the money and buy the video game.” You apologized, biting your lip before smashing poor Mr. Piggy with the hammer your dad often uses whenever something needs fixing.
So yes, you bought the expensive video game and gave it to Beomgyu while fighting the urge to choke the older man.
Good news was that he gave you back your notebook.
The bad news? Well, the whole school—including Taehyun and Yeonjun—knows about your love letters. And let’s just say, your life never became the same ever again.
At 15-years-old, you were traumatized.
Traumatized to see Taehyun kiss his first-ever-girlfriend right in front of you under the mistletoe.
“Are you okay?” Soobin asked you after noticing how disgusted you looked. “No. Not at all. What the hell did I just fucking witness?” You mutter, rubbing your eyes and trying to erase the image out of your mind. “Is it that bad?” He laughed along with you, squeezing your cheek.
Choi Soobin was your favorite out of all the friends your brother has. He’s truly an angel; treating you like a princess and always having your back whenever you need someone to lean on.
The Christmas party was hosted by Taehyun just because your parents are out of town for a whole week. The fucker used his popular and cool image and invited almost everyone from high school to celebrate the holidays.
If someone would say that your brother is the Kang Taehyun, then it would be a huge social shock. You’ve grown a little chubby and was invisible to the society, unlike Taehyun who was unbelievably popular and loved. If it wasn’t for Soobin, you would’ve only mistaken yourself as a mere shadow.
Suddenly, there were people making out around the house hallways—kissing the night away. And that purely disgust you. Like really disgusted the shit out of you.
“Where the hell are their manners?” You gagged a little in your mouth, shoving each couple to the side just so you could walk through the crowd.
“Yah Kang Taeh—“
You cut yourself off, standing alongside with random people, the image of Beomgyu kissing another woman in the middle of everyone. It was the first time you saw him stare at someone with so much love and adoration that it squeezed your heart a little.
Since when was Choi Beomgyu acting so sweet and gentle? This can’t be the same man who bullied you throughout your childhood.
You felt invisible when everyone cheered for the new couple. And then you noticed how beautiful she was, straight hair, slim body, perfect white skin—what a goddess. You looked down at your body, knowing you were far from what she looks like. Soobin’s smile slowly disappeared when he noticed how disturbed and sad you looked, making up his mind before sighing and grabbing your wrist, pulling you towards the middle with him.
“Soobin? Who’s that?”
“Oh my god there’s someone like her who exists?”
“Yah! Choi! What are you planning with my sist—“ Taehyun removes his arms around his girlfriend and was about to come over when he freezes.
Well, you can’t blame him at all, because you're just as surprised as he was. Choi Soobin wrapped one arm around your waist then pressed his lips fully on yours, kissing you right in front of a hundred watching eyes. It was your first time being kissed, so you didn’t really know what to do.
All your insecurities and thoughts of Beomgyu slowly melt as you rest your hands on Soobin’s chest and close your eyes to kiss back.
You were fifteen when you felt appreciated and loved for the first time in life.
Now, at the present, you’re seventeen and single. 
Things between you and Soobin didn’t seem to work out that well, causing a huge fight and later, a break-up.
Maybe the girl Beomgyu kissed two years ago also realized how much of an asshole he was, that must be why you heard that they broke up too. That serves him right.
“I still find it fucking weird you used to date Soobin.” Taehyun randomly voiced out his thoughts while you both watched a movie in the living room. “Why?” You snort, eyes still not leaving the screen, “Is it because he’s one of your friends?”.
“No. Because he’s too good for someone like you.”
“Fucker!” You throw a pillow at him, showing off your middle finger afterwards. Taehyun laughs loudly, throwing his head back, “Jesus Christ would you chill, woman? I know you like Soobin, and I was sure he liked you as much as you do. But boys are real assholes, ya know? You don’t deserve whatever happened in between the two of you. I gave him a black eye or two when I learned about the news.”
“Is...that why you canceled your date with Ryujin and are watching My Little Pony with me?” You ask, eyes slowly turning teary after hearing and realizing that your brother actually cares for you. Taehyun winces, “Don’t remind me. For fuck’s sake Y/n, you’re seventeen but is still in this shit,” then ruffled your hair.
A smile escaped your lips, scooting closer to your brother.
“What are we? Kids?” Taehyun raises a brow, but envelopes you in his arms anyways, kissing on your forehead too. “Stop crying over him, okay? Just tell me if someone dares to hurt you and I’ll give them a black eye...or two.”
“Luv ‘ya.” He whispered. “Crybaby.”
“You’re ruining the moment.” You whinnied, looking up to him with a pout and teary eyes. “Why? Did I lie?” Taehyun continued to tease, sighing in content that he succeeded in being a big brother and comforted you.
“Who’s that weird looking donkey?”
“What the fuck—it’s a pony, Taehyun. A pony. That’s why the show’s called My Little Pony.”
That night, it was one of your favorites. For once, you and Taehyun really bonded just like when you were kids, playing and teasing around. Maybe he wasn’t that bad of a brother just like you thought at all.
“Anyways, I invited Beomgyu tomo—”
Oh, you take back what you said. He is a bad brother.
“Shit. No you just did not,” you shiver just by his name, pure hatred shown in your features.
“Seriously, what’s with you and Gyu? You both act like you hate each other for no reason at all then quarrel like an old married couple.” Taehyun rolls his eyes at you, shoving your head to the side.
“I am never marrying the devil, no thank you. And don’t you even know? He’s the one who started it!”
“You both were kids, Y/n. Grow up.” Your brother snaps right at you sassily. You growled and threw your middle finger at him for the second time that night, “Say that to your friend, Kang Taehyun.”
“Shit don’t say my full name like that, it scares me to death,” he visibly flinched and reached for the last piece of pizza, “And can you at least try to be nice? For once? You’re not the only one who’s going through a heartbreak. Beomgyu lost his first love.”
“He had what was coming.” Still stubborn and high prided, you still refused to show the boy any sympathy at all. But one look from how serious Taehyun was, you sighed and gave in, “Fine. I’ll stay in my room the whole day tomorrow and won’t ‘bother’ him or whatever. As long as he doesn’t bother me too.”
You know how important Beomgyu is to your brother, and even if you didn’t want to admit it, even if Choi Beomgyu’s the biggest jerk on earth—he’s still the best friend Taehyun could have. 
But that’s still not an excuse for you to unhate him.
Somehow, you did guess right: you really are going to regret allowing Taehyun to let Beomgyu stay at home. 
And what’s with Choi Beomgyu and your brother anyways? They stick to each other like gum. You’d mistake them as a couple anytime if only you weren’t siblings with Taehyun.
“—kill it! Kill it! Fucking—kill the enemy Kang! Not me!”
“How would I know you’re not the enemy?!”
Your eyes flutter open and a frown immediately grows on your face hearing your brother and his best friend screaming on an early Saturday morning. At first, you let it be, trying to calm yourself down and shift onto your bed to face the wall.
“Why would I be the enemy?! We’re best friends!”
“Yeah, but you’re the Choi Beomgyu! And everyone knows your ass backstabs anyone!”
You bit your lip and covered your ears using your pillow before closing your eyes, counting to control the anger bubbling deep in your chest as you slowly drift to dreamland—
“Shit you’re fucking easy to kill!”
“I knew I should have never trusted you!”
—That’s it.
You’re too fed up at this point and the promise you made with Taehyun just yesterday was all forgotten when you threw the blanket off your figure and got ready to attack the two noisy pesky insects in your house. 
“It’s fucking seven-in-the-morning! It’s either you two shut up or I stuck those controllers up your asses.” You slam your door open, stomping over to the living-room to find your brother and his best friend playing video games.
Taehyun blinked his eyes at you, nervously chuckling. “Ahhh, sorry Y/n. Didn’t realize we were being a little noisy.”
“Little—? You call that little?! The only thing little here is your height, Kang Taehyun!”
“Shhhh, you’re dreaming, this is all just a dream. Go back to your room and sleep tight so Santa Clause could visit.'' Your brother shushes you, standing up from his seat and waves his hands in the air. 
“Okay, first of all, Christmas happened over seven months ago you dumbass. Just tame your pet and shut up or I won’t go easy with any of you.” You threatened, pointing your index finger at Taehyun then at Beomgyu, who was watching everything with an amused grin on his face.
“Yeah, yeah, have a good sleep or whatever,” Taehyun rolls his eyes, shooing you off before turning to sit back on the floor and resume the game.
After you were gone, Beomgyu clicked on his tongue and placed his controller down on his lap. “Your sister’s getting hotter these days.”
What? Dude, no. Don’t say that it’s fucking weird. Plus, you just came out from a break-up and so did she.” Taehyun gawks at him, throwing a piece of chip on his face. Beomgyu shrugged and took the small crumb, placing it in his mouth.
“Disgusting. Really, utterly, purely disgusting. I found that on the floor you dingus.” Taehyun shoves him on the shoulder, his nose all scrunched up in disgust. “Here goes doctor Kang,” Beomgyu teases and shoves right back at him, laughing, “No, but seriously. Y/n’s not that disgusting barbie kid from first grade anymore. She’s like really, really different now. If I had the chance, I would fuck her.”
“Pretty weird thing to say to her brother, Choi. Now come here so I could beat the shit out of you. Y/n’s my fucking baby sister!”
“Stay calm, Y/n, stay calm,” you reminded yourself, “don’t let them ruin your weekend and just enjoy it like the girlboss you are. Yeah, they aren’t worth it.” After the pep talk you just gave yourself, you gladly jump on your bed, close your eyes and let yourself finally relax.
But all hopes of having a good sleep were lost and vanished when a loud thud echoed in the living room. You shot up from your bed, looking defeated.
“What the hell is going o—oh shit am I interrupting something?”
Taehyun and Beomgyu immediately backs away from one another, glaring at each other in the process too. “Well, well, well. Would you look at that,” you smirked, eyeing the two men, “bet Ryujin would love to hear about this.”
“Bitch! Don’t you dare! Fucking hell, come back here!” Taehyun chased after you to your room, banging again and again on your door. Beomgyu lowly whistled and made himself comfortable again on the couch, “Yah! Taehyun! I know I’m hot and everything, but sorry to break it to you buddy, I’m straight.”
“Asshole. I’m as straight as you are. I was trying to beat you up.”
“For starters, you punch like a girl.”
“Come here you coward! Fucking come here!” Taehyun puffs his chest out, done with all the shit Beomgyu has under his sleeves and tackles the man on the floor.
“Hey Ryujin, I got some news for you. Guess what? Taehyun’s actually cheating on you with Beomgyu—I know right! It was so obvious, like damn,” you gushed through your phone, satisfied. Ryujin chuckled under her breath, “Disappointed but not surprised.”
Tumblr media
Three more days before you turn eighteen. That’s how fast time is.
It’s been exactly four months, eight days, and 7 hours since Soobin broke up with you. Have you been counting? Well…maybe. 
It’s weird, and you know it. 
Have you moved on?
Again, maybe. 
Choi Soobin’s the one who made you feel like a princess and constantly reminded you how precious you are; how you don’t need to change for anyone else and that you’re just perfect the way you are. So what went wrong? 
You don’t know either, but right now, you know it’s not right to think about your ex.
Not when you’re having lunch with Taehyun and his stunning girlfriend, Ryujin. 
“Listen, I’m gonna be straight to the point,” Taehyun says in the most simplest way possible, Ryujin tucked underneath his right arm by his side while the couple sits on the opposite chairs in front of you, “Beomgyu will be invited to your 18th birthday party and that’s final.”
“What?!” You screeched in horror, jolting up from your seat. “I told you she isn’t going to take it well,” Ryujin whispers to her boyfriend, shaking her head. “No, she has too. I’m her brother so she has to listen to me,” Taehyun shushes her and looks back at you, “Y/n, he’ll be coming—“.
“—it’s my party, meaning I get to invite whoever I wanna invite and I totally won’t invite Choi Beomgyu!” You cut him off, looking betrayed. “Oh shut it, Y/n. The only reason why I’m inviting Gyu is because I’m gonna introduce him to one of Ryujin’s friends.” Your brother states, unbothered by your outburst.
“Okay whatever, but why does it have to be on my birthday celebration?! Can’t you just host another of your lame illegal parties and invite your best friend there?!”
“Mom grounded me.”
“Stupid mama’s boy.”
Ryujin awkwardly shifted on her seat, not really sure if she should be here or if she should leave to let the two of you argue in peace. “All I’m saying is, Beomgyu has his life thrown away ever since Suyin left him. He fucked different girls almost every other day and acts like a real jerk.” Taehyun reasons out.
“Sounds like a normal everyday Beomgyu,” You comment. “No. No it isn’t. Believe it or not, Gyu’s a really nice guy. Too nice that I sometimes get really worried someone would take advantage of him.'' Taehyun hissed.
“Now you sound like you don’t believe what you’re saying.”
“Kang Y/n! For god’s mercy, help me please,” Taehyun shuts you up, making you sigh deeply, “Fine. I’ll let you finish what you’re saying without any interruption.”
“Thank you. Anyways, for this once, just let go of whatever beef you and Gyu have ever since you were like, what? Seven? Eight? Just for one night, your birthday. Ryujin’s friend is coming over too and her name is Yeji—a perfect match for Beomgyu. I’m hoping they’ll click or something and finally, fucking finally, I’ll have my best friend back.”
“Wow,” you blink your eyes once, then twice, “wow, uhh okay. I’ll agree on your really, obviously, idiotic plan under two conditions.”
“Fuck, you really do care about him that much, huh? Here are my conditions. One, I want nothing to do with Beomgyu. He won’t ruin my party and I don’t even want to see him ever, in front of my face. And number two, set me up with one of your friends, I need to get out of my dry spell.”
“We all know how that ends,” Taehyun rolls his eyes. 
“Marriage?” Ryujin asks. 
“No. A crying Y/n who’s watching My Little Pony.”
“Little Pony is a great show, you maniac!”
“Chill out, would you?!”
“Okay, let us stop the screaming,” Ryujin finally interferes, her ears hurting from all the arguments. She then pinched the bridge of her nose and inhaled deeply, “Taehyun, stop being a jerk and support your sister. If she wants to date, let her date. She’s turning 18 in fucking three days, let her decide for her life now.”
“And Y/n, your brother only cares about you. He just doesn’t want the same Soobin thing to happen to you again. Taehyun was really angered and worried, you know? It took him two months to forgive Soobin—or if he really did. Up until now your brother still—”
“That’s enough exposing shit about me babe!” Taehyun tries to stop her, his neck and ears turning red. “Oh? So turns out little Taehyunnie cares about me after all,” you teased, poking him again and again with a knowing smile. “Shut up bitch, I don’t care about you at all.” He looked away, still looking very much flustered and embarrassed.
“You’re both impossible...” Ryujin says in disbelief, shaking her head.
“So, do we have a deal or not?”
“…you can have Yeonjun I guess. I mean, everyone knew about your stupid crush on him back at middle school.”
“Way to completely ruin my day, Taehyun. You’re amazing at that talent, keep it up.”
Your birthday comes way too fast then you expected. And you also just can’t believe that you’re actually turning eighteen. It felt like you were five yesterday—thanks to how your dad cried after your mom told him that you’re a grown woman now. 
“Dad, stop crying.” You calmly say, smiling at both your parents. “I’m not crying!” He stubbornly denies and wipes the tears threatening to fall down his eyes, “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.” 
“You’re a weak man, Jin.” Your mother snorts at her husband while she helps you get ready. “Where’s Taehyun?” You ask them, confused. Isn’t your whole family supposed to be with you before the party starts? 
“He’s with Beomgyu, I think.”
Of course he is.
“So I can fuck your sister, right?” Beomgyu asks with a shit-eating grin, knowing the right buttons to push Taehyun to the limit. “Careful with your choices of words, Choi. Or you might not see the sun shine tomorrow.” The latter hisses back, looking like a ticking bomb that’s ready to explode anytime.
“Is that a no?”
“Don’t push it.”
“Chill, I was kidding,” Beomgyu chuckled, shaking his head. “But I’m serious, I’m not interested in this Yeji girl. If it isn’t Suyin, then I’m better off alone.”
“Just give it a chance, Gyu. Suyin isn’t worth it. We both know that.” Taehyun slightly begged, purely worried for his best friend. Beomgyu tugged his bottom lip in between his teeth and exhaled deeply, “Fine. it won’t hurt to try I guess.” 
Except, he instantly regretted agreeing the second he met who this Yeji girl is. She’s beautiful, fine, he’ll admit, but really chatty and flirty. Beomgyu couldn’t help but just give a fake smile here and there or act like he’s interested in her ‘lipstick gone wrong’ story. 
“Yeji! Nice to see you’ve come!” Ryujin appears from the crowd, hugging the girl tightly before greeting her boyfriend’s best friend. “Hi Ryujin,” Beomgyu breaths in relief and immediately finds the opportunity to leave, “Excuse me for a while ladies, I’ll just go find the bathroom.” 
Yeji and Ryujin nod as he strives away as fast as possible. He looked around to find any clues where Taehyun was when he saw the most stunning girl that night. His breath hitched as he inched closer where she stands. 
“Excuse me.” 
You stopped talking with your friends and turned around to see who ever called you, expecting one of your closest guests but the smile on your face dropped when instead all you see is a Beomgyu. 
“You,” he raises a brow and smirks, amusement sparks in his eyes. 
“I’m not going to deal with you right now, Choi. Leave me alone,” you mumbled and tried to walk past him, but it was clear he wasn’t going to let you go anytime soon when he grabbed your arm. “It’s your birthday right? Wow, time flies so fast. Happy birthday Y/n. I’m sure just yesterday you were the same girl who wore cat hair bands and wrote love letters for Yeonjun.” 
“Fuck you.” You say, offended, instead of thanking him. “Trust me, I would love to fuck you too, but your brother wouldn’t like that,” Beomgyu knows he’s on your nerves right now, and that fed his ego really well. “Just let me go and find Yeji, I really don’t want to deal with you right now Beomgyu, please.” You pleaded, too done at this point. 
“He said I’m not allowed to fuck you, but he didn’t say I’m not allowed to ask you out for a dance.” 
“Are you crazy?” 
“Yes,” he grins. 
You roll your eyes at him, patience running thin, “And what made you think that I’ll agree?”. 
“Worth a shot,” Beomgyu shrugs then lets your arm go, “What a shame, we would’ve been a great couple.” He clicked on his tongue. 
Now you’re convinced he’s taking drugs. You roll your eyes for the second time and walk past him, making sure both your shoulders bump. Taehyun promised that he would tame his pet, but of course he didn’t. Way to celebrate your 18th birthday.
“S-Soobin?” You stutter, surprised to see your ex enter your own birthday party. Soobin looked around and created eye contact with you, a small smile escaping his lips. But just when your heart started to pick up its pace, it dropped when another woman entered and kissed his cheek right in front of you.
No, you're not going to look pathetic on your own 18th birthday. 
You’ve moved on from Choi Soobin. 
You won’t cry for him anymore. 
Time had slowed down when you turned your heels and saw Beomgyu nodding his head along the music behind you. One step, two steps. Now you’re in front of him.
“Y/n? What—” 
You didn’t let him finish his sentence as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer down your height and smashed both your lips together. Your eyes were closed tightly as the grip you had around him tightened. Beomgyu’s eyes were the opposite though—wide open in shock. His brain temporarily shuts off when he feels your soft lips against his. But once he recovered, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, kissing you right back.
After a minute, you slowly pull away, still in pure daze to realize what you just did. Beomgyu fluttered his eyes open as he softly smirked, gently bumping his nose against yours, “I was about to ask what made you change your mind, but I guess kissing me was the best answer I ever got.” 
You were cut off when he placed a quick peck on your lips, “I think the birthday girl wanna dance, huh? The night’s too early for everything to finish anyways.” 
“No. Why the fuck would I even dance with—” You look around and see Soobin and the same girl from earlier talking about something while giggling at the corner, then you looked back at Beomgyu and faked a smile, “—I mean, I would love to dance with you.” 
Beomgyu raised a brow as he noticed your weird attitude. He tried to turn his head to take a look at what's making you do all these things, but you were fast enough to cup his cheeks and kiss him again.
 “Okay, you’re acting really, really different and weird. Are you okay?”
You chose to ignore him and placed your arms around Beomgyu, pulling him closer in a rush. “Shut up and just dance.”
And so you and Beomgyu did dance, surprisingly in silence. None of you talked about anything while the two of you held each other close. You were too lost in your thoughts and so was he. But before anyone would notice how close you both are, Beomgyu pulled away and cracked a weak smile, “Hey uh, happy birthday again Y/n, but I gotta go. I had an amazing night, thank you.” 
“You’re leaving? Already?” You ask, slightly disappointed, but then you realize how sad you sounded and coughed awkwardly. “Go. It’s g-good your leaving now or else I would’ve kicked you on your dick.” 
It’s safe to say no one noticed the little moment that happened between you and Beomgyu. 
And you were finally able to process everything that happened right after the party, when you were on your bed, wide awake at 3am. 
Holy shit, you just kissed the Choi Beomgyu. 
The same Choi Beomgyu who ruined your life, who bullied you and caused trauma throughout your childhood. 
You just didn’t kiss him once, but twice, thrice, four times. And he kissed back. 
You turned around your bed and buried your head on the pillow before letting out a silent scream so your parents or your brother wouldn’t hear anything. You kissed and danced with that Choi Beomgyu. 
What have you done?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© AEZIYU, 2022
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emmyrosee · 2 months ago
based on this tiktok. teehee
bff!Suna x gn!reader
A/N- my mouth is in so much pain, why did no one tell me wisdom teeth surgery would hurt so bad I need atsumu head smooches STAT-
Tumblr media
ugly 🙄💍 bae. sugar. my darling. pls. call me and pretend it’s an emergency. i have to get tf out of here.
ugly 🙄💍 he smells like old pizza pls save me.
he could practically feel the urgency emanating through your text.
the tv show he’d been watching meant nothing to suna now as it drones in the background, his focus on your well-being (well- the drama you were involved in, anyways) and he shakes his head as he ponders your circumstance.
it wasn’t as if he hadn’t tried to warn you against going out with this sleezeball from the other team who gave you his number at the last game; suna had told you, repeatedly, that jerks from that school were nothing but trouble.
but naturally, your stubborn ass didn’t believe him.
and he wanted, briefly, to leave you there to suffer the consequences of your actions, you’d forgive him in time- but he also knew of his scarily stoic captain’s deep rooted crush for you, and he was not about to get on his shit list for “abandoning” you.
SENT: how bad is it?
ugly 🙄💍 i asked for steak. And he said that i should get the salad.
send me ur location. im scooping
pls punch him for me.
ill call
he doesn’t wait longer to toe on some shoes and grab the keys to his beat up old car, calling a quick “mom! I’ll be back!” and heading out into the chill of night, being your knight in shining armor in sweat pants tucked inside of his socks, and slides to adorn his feet.
the engine sputters to life, and as soon as he’s backed out of the driveway, he quickly dials in your phone number, clearing his throat as he allows the monotonous dial tone ring in his ear.
there’s a click, and he instantly fakes hyperventilating that actually hurts his chest to do. “Rin, I’m on my date, can I call-“
“HE TOOK THE CAT!” He blubbers, slowly coming to a red light. He hears you gasp, though he knows from the shakiness of your breath that you’re trying not to laugh. “What- w-who!”
“Shinsuke!” He wails, knowing his volume probably is hurting your own head. He wants to laugh, he hasn’t ever looked at his captain that way- he makes a mental note to never let his first name slip so casually from his lips again- let alone be romantically involved with him. But, when inspiration strikes, Suna knew to answer. “I-I-I came home and he had that BITCH ex of his bent over the couch, I told him to l-l-leave and I drove around to calm down, and when I came b-back, he took my CAT!”
he hopes the complete ridiculousness of his story is working to his benefit.
“Rin, I will be over when I’m done, I promise, please calm down-“
“WAFFLE!” He shrieks, adding a couple of obnoxious sniffles and wails to accompany his fake grief. “HE TOOK MY BABY!” Around his theatrics, he hears you whisper something along the lines of “are you sure?” and “I’m so sorry,” and he can only assume that your plan worked, and you are now free from this hell of a date. “Okay rinnie, can you pick me up? Then we’ll go find Waffle, my location is- oh my god I can’t believe that fucking worked.”
the relief in your voice and your choice of words makes him stop his fake crying and cackle along with you, making snide comments about how bad the date went and how he “told you so!” to stay away from the creature you had gone on the date with.
“I’m here dumbass, hang up and get in the car,” he snickers, hanging up first and unlocking his car to allow you to slip into the passenger seat. you look good, too good to be going out with trash from another school, but the exhaustion under your eyes doesn’t go unnoticed.
“were you crying?” he asks with an amused lilt in his voice- even if the idea of you crying while waiting for him makes him feel sick to his stomach.
“Shut up,” you snort. “I was just worried about waffle.”
it makes you both fall back into a fit of laughter, and, sure, you’re both going to hell for lying on Kita Shinsuke’s perfect name, but Rin is almost positive Mr. Perfect will learn to accept that it was for your benefit.
“C’mon, I was supposed to meet the twins for McDicks, you’re coming,” he says flatly, leaving no room for discussion.
“Rin, I’m severely overdressed-“
“It’ll give Tsumu somethin’ to stare at while Samu and I steal his nuggets.”
“You steal his nuggets?”
“Hey, you’re my best friend- you enchant my teammates, I exploit that for self-gain.”
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luxora · a month ago
Red Velvet -> {CEO AU} -> Their rival hits on you
Requested: Yes
Group: Red Velvet
Genre: Angst. Fluff.
A/N: secretary reader.
Tumblr media
Joohyun is aware of her chilling reputation in the business world, however she was not affected and it simply spoke the truth of her capabilities. Companies do not grow successful through the sparing of feelings, they become successful because of the handwork and sacrifices that the owner makes, just as Joohyun made to claw her way to the top. And if a man believed that she could topple everything that she has achieved through idle threats, then he clearly underestimated her capabilities.
“All I am saying, we can make a compromise.” Her ‘rival’ arrogantly leaned back into his seat, unbuttoning his suit as he stared her down while his negotiating contract was laid on the table for her. Joohyun simply raised an eyebrow at him.
“While you call your proposal a compromise, it clearly entails be handing off more than half of my investments with the partnership. That is not something I am willing to give.”
“Its Miss Bae.” She immediately corrected, eyeing him coolly as he gritted his teeth at the interruption.
She then heard a snigger beside her and she knew it came from you as you were busy taking minutes of the private meeting between Joohyun and her rival, making Joohyun smile inwardly. You always did tell her that you loved watching her putting arrogant men in their place, so this meeting was positively making you delighted. And that made her happy.
But then her brief moment of happiness of pleasing you with her performance was all but squashed when her business rival turned his gaze to you. You were seated slightly away from the table, therefore giving a full view of your outfit which consisted of a pencil skirt and white collared shirt, paired off with heels. It seemed that you did not only appeal gorgeous to Joohyun as she noticed the man lick his slips before smirking, turning his attention to you instead.
“Well Miss Bae, if you wish to negotiate, perhaps you can change my mind if you allow your pretty little sidekick here to go on a date with me. I promise I will return her to you well-fed, in more ways than one.”
Cool fury filled her veins as she watched him eye you like a piece of meat, fierce protectiveness filling her as she restrained herself from reaching out to you to grab your hand. You, of course ,weren’t expecting to suddenly be pulled into the negotiation and turned to look at Joohyun for guidance. He followed your gaze and suddenly paled when he saw the intense glare Joohyun was giving him. Without breaking eye contact, Joohyun reached for the contract and ripped it in half before doing it again, crumpling it in her hands before tossing back on the table.
“You will not touch my secretary, nor receive a negotiation from me. There is no deal. Now get out.”
He was at least smart enough to know not to push her as he quickly exited her office. Joohyun had to take a deep breath to calm herself before standing up and walking to you to cup your cheek, making you look up at her. She leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead.
“I won’t give you to anyone, not even for a business deal.”
Tumblr media
“You know, this is probably the smartest thing you have done this year.”
Seulgi raised an eyebrow as she glanced up as she looked at her rival, his presence not all that surprising to her as the two of them had come together to officially sign the collaboration partnership between their two companies. They smiled teasingly at her which caused her to roll her eyes.
“Out of all the things I have done so far, this is what you believe to be the smartest I’ve made.” They nodded.
“Of course, because you’re finally seeing what I can offer you to make our companies even better.” Seulgi rolled her eyes again before completing her reading of the contract which was drawn up between her and their lawyers to ensure that the benefits of the partnership will be distributed equally.
“It appears to be a fair deal. I see no reason of why we shouldn’t carry it out. You have a pen?” Her rival searched their pockets before shaking their head. Seulgi nodded before leaning over to her intercom button which was connected to your desk, pressing the button. “Y/N, please can you bring me a pen.”
“Yes ma’am.” Your voice answered back, making a small smile appear along Seulgi’s face as she leaned back into her seat, not gone unnoticed by her rival.
She and you agreed to keep things professional while at work, but privately the two of you were far from professional. Seulgi did not expect to fall for you, but your optimism and charming personality just won her over so easily. And even now when you walked into the office with a bright smile, Seulgi couldn’t help but coo at your appearance. She accepted the pen which you offered to her.
“Thank you Y/N.” She then turned to the contract and began to page to the certain ones she needed to sign when she suddenly heard her rival address you, and not in a way she liked.
“Well well, I can now see why Seulgi opts for glass windows from the offices. You are just a beautiful thing to look at.”
She heard you cough uncomfortably, which prompted her to look at her in concern before looking at her rival in disapproval. They were eyeing you intensely, a seductive smile on their face as they locked eyes with you and then winked, something which made Seulgi tighten her grip on her pen.
“I do hope that I will see more of you, sweet thing. My company and your boss will be working quite closely for the next sixth months, and I would love to get you know better, especially on a more personal level.”
“Lets get one thing straight here.” Seulgi interrupted, placing the pen on her desk without signing anything, lacing her fingers together as she looked at her rival with narrowed eyes. “You will not interact with any of my employees beyond a professional level. If you pursue Y/N in any way beyond work, then you can consider this partnership finished. Do I make myself clear?”
You were surprised at Seulgi’s sudden insertion, but not as much as her rival who sat in their chair gaping like a fish. They glanced at you before looking back at Seulgi.
“I meant no disrespect-”
“Well you did and I will not tolerate it. Now I ask again, do I make myself clear? Or would you like this partnership to end before it even starts?” They immediately shook their head.
“No of course not! My apologies, I am sorry.” Seulgi leveled them with one more hard stare before glancing back down at the contract, picking up the pen to continue with her signing.
Tumblr media
Seungwan expected you to be back by now. You had excused yourself to go the rest room ten minutes ago and she was getting rather concerned on why you have not returned. She looked around the hotel lobby in case you had perhaps been pulled into a conversation by one of the other business people who were attending the conference, however you were nowhere in sight.
She frowned and checked her watch. The conference was going to start in the next twenty minutes and there were a few things she wanted to iron out with you before it. She waited another five minutes until she couldn’t any longer. She turned and started to walk in the direction of the bathroom where you had gone, determined to find you and ensure that everything was okay before the start of the conference.
It was a fairly short walk, the loud chatter of all the other guests fading away due to the bathrooms being located away from the lobby. However when she turned around the corner, she was both shocked and infuriated by the sight that met her. You being pressed against the wall by none other than her business rival of seven years. Your eyes were wide and clearly panicked, your hands curled against your chests in fists, ready to defend yourself if they got any closer to you. Their arms were caging you in, and their face was much too close to you.
Protectiveness and anger suddenly filled her, and Seungwan found herself marching to the two of you, catching the last snippet of their attempt of wooing you back to their hotel room before the conference.
“-I promise you will enjoy it. I can make you feel things that nobody else could ever make you feel.”
You didn’t get the chance to respond or fight back as suddenly they removed entirely from you, ripped away and shoved to the ground by Seungwan before she grabbed you by the wrist and pulled behind her as she served as a shield between you and her rival. She was glaring intensely at them as she delivered a sharp kick to their leg, making them yell in pain before grabbing at their injured limb.
“If you ever touch Y/N like that again, I swear that that I will bring you to ruin.” Seungwan growled, her fingers tightening around your wrist. Her rival growled through their pain before glaring at her.
“What the hell Seungwan! How dare you do that to me!”
“I will do whatever I want if you touch what is mine again!” Seungwan cemented her point by kicking them again in the shin before pulling you away, stopping when she knew that the two of you were alone.
Her hands reached out and cupped your face, her angry expression changing into one of love and concern as she stroked your cheek bones with her thumbs with s uprising tenderness.
“Are you okay?” She asked, prompting you to nod. She sighed before leaning forward to catch you lips in a soft kiss. “Good.”
Tumblr media
It was not uncommon for company secretaries to attend charity galas with their bosses. Usually they are to keep record of the possible transactions and negotiations to occur in the future, along with promotional duties to investors in order to draw them in for partnerships. And those were some of the reasons of you attended galas with Sooyoung. The main reason was because Sooyoung wanted her girlfriend by her side and refused to go with anyone else but you.
Sooyoung had her hand on your lower back the whole time the two of you conversed with others, only parting when you would replenish your and her refreshments, or when you saw an opportunity to promote the business to investors. Sooyoung couldn’t help but smile as she watched you converse with a group of investors, making them laugh at something you said. You simply looked so radiant that Sooyoung had to restrain herself from walking over to where you were and kiss you.
“Careful Sooyoung, you’re drooling.” Sooyoung turned her head to the interrupting voice, only to groan once she recognized the owner of the voice. Her business rival grinned before covering his heart in mock hurt. “You wound me Sooyoung. I thought you found my company enjoyable.”
“Only for public appearances.” She quipped, making him laugh at her bluntness.
Sooyoung noticed the secretary that he had by his side, a rather young brunette with a doll like face. She was pretty, but she didn’t have the etherealness that you had. Though she was rather biased. Her rival noticing Sooyoung’s staring at his secretary and suddenly grinned, raising his hand to pat his secretaries shoulder.
“This is Lena, my newest secretary. A rather hard worker with a brilliant mind.” He complimented, making Lena blush. Sooyoung nodded at her.
“Pleasure.” Her rival then looked over Sooyoung’s shoulder and grinned even wider, his eyes glinting.
“Though not as brilliant as your Y/N. Good evening beautiful lady.”
Sooyoung felt her eyebrow twitch just as she felt your hand graze against her arm, reappearing by her side with a polite smile on your face. You bowed to him before turning to Sooyoung.
“I secured you a meeting with the Italian investors for Monday. They are interested in your latest launch.” Sooyoung smiled widely at you, pride filling her chest as you managed to successful fulfill your secretary duty, as well as helping her attract more investors. She reached out and laced her fingers with yours.
“Thank you Y/N.” She said, raising your hand to her lips to graze them across your knuckles. She never did bother to hide her relationship with you, it being quite well known in the business industry.
“Sooyoung sure is lucky to have someone like you Y/N. Smart and gorgeous, the perfect combination for the perfect secretary. Perhaps you can teach Lena some of your skills, I can organize facilities to accommodate two beautiful women.” Her rival said, smiling charmingly at you while he patted Lena on the shoulder again. Sooyoung immediately to give him a glare, protectiveness filling her as she gripped your hand tighter in hers.
“That will not be happening. Lena is capable of learning the ropes herself. You will not be using Y/N to train yours, you are responsible for you secretary’s development.”
Sooyoung then pulled you way, not waiting for her rival’s answer nor for your reaction as she just needed to remove you and herself from the situation before she does something she won’t regret.
Tumblr media
Usually Yerim would take her lunch breaks with you, but when her rival had invited her out to lunch, she couldn’t really deny it. Despite being rival business partners, Yerim would say that she has a friendship with them due to how they have competed against each other since business school. Sometimes rivals can be friends and she was delighted to simply wind down and act like a normal person rather than a competitor.
“I certainly hope you don’t expect me to take it easy on you in next months cosmetics launch, my employees have been working hard.” Her rival said, taking a sip from their drink with a playful glint in her eye. Yerim smirked as she wiped her mouth with a napkin.
“Not at all, but be warned that I will not be taking it easy on you either. My employees have been worked to the bone to improve our already successful brand. Quality over quantity, after all.”
Her rival rolled their eyes, deciding not to respond to the teasing dig which Yerim made to them. While their companies were relatively on par with one another, Yerim did most trump them in sales and quality, therefore reminding how they were second behind her was a childish victory she enjoyed reveling in.
The two of them continued to enjoy their lunch, finishing off a pastry before walking out of the restaurant together, where she saw you were waiting for her in one of the cars that Yerim prepared to pick her. The smile which crawled along her face was a sincere one as she walked up to you with similar lovesick eyes that you were looking at her with.
“What are you doing here Y/N? You still have twenty minutes left of lunch.” You smiled at her and Yerim had to prevent herself from stealing a kiss right then and there because of how the sight made her heart flutter.
“I figured I can spend those last twenty minutes with you. Besides, I have already eaten and was planning to snag a coffee.” Yerim smiled.
“You know that there is already a coffee machine in my office for you to use. No need to come all the way out here to buy one.”
“Well I-”
“Aww Yerim, they clearly came to see you back to the company. Stop teasing your poor secretary for wanting to spend their time with you.” Her rival suddenly stepped up beside her, a coy smile on their face as they took notice of you now pink cheeks. “Though I don’t think you will have much of a problem with that. They have a pretty face to look at, I certainly would love to have a secretary like them.”
Yerim suddenly tensed as she noticed how they were now checking you out, a charming smile on their face as they lingered on your face, most particularly on your lips. She gave them a tight smile before reaching out to grab your wrist.
“Yes, well Y/N is my secretary if I have to remind you, and we should be getting back to the company so this is where we say goodbye.” She tugged you towards the car and opened it before ushering you in, her jaw tensing when she heard her rival’s lighthearted laugh.
“No need to get touchy Yerim, I know they belong to you. I wouldn’t dream to take them away.”
Yerim just gave them a glare over her shoulder before climbing into the car after you, her hand immediately seeking out yours and lacing her fingers with yours as her driver began to take the two of back to her company.
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lovinkiri · 7 months ago
I’m a whore for boyfriends that’ll defend their bae from anyone hitting on them, especially when they talk shit about messing someone up 😩
Can I request head cannons of Bakugo, Sero, Aizawa, and Shinsou react to some random hitting on their gf (even though she’s warning telling the bastard that she’s happily taken)? I love seeing guys go from 0-100 when someone tries to hit up their loves 🥺
Back Tf Off
Author's Thoughts: Okay but Bakugou just-
Warning: Swearing, Threats, etc.
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
You guys were on a date.
And let me tell you guys something: You don't wanna disturb this man when he's on a date.
Like will answer work calls, but you can hear the aggression.
Answers other calls too, but only to scold whoever is calling.
And when fans come over, they don't get autographs or pictures.
And he'll straight up tell them to beat it.
So when your date is interrupted by some asswipe who is staring at your tits so hard that he doesnt notice your man right next to you?
He loses it.
He was chill, hand in yours, face relaxed and just calm over all.
Now he looks like he's going to kill the guy.
"I'm gonna tell you one time to fuck off before I blow you to pieces, fucking extra."
And by this point, it's been a while since Katsuki's called anyone an extra so you know he's serious.
The guys decides he's not gonna take Katsuki's shit though.
So Katsuki, being the good man that he is, does not immediately blow him up.
He instead grabs his neck and allows his hand to heat up.
"I'm on a fucking date. The sun is fucking shining. The birds are fucking singing. And my date looks good as fuck. Today has been a pretty good day. You really wanna ruin that for me? Because if you ruin today, I'm going to ruin your fucking life."
Even your eyes go wide.
And the guy is begging for forgiveness, apologizing, just wanting to leave now.
And Katsuki chucks him away and scoffs, wrapping an arm around you.
And a few minutes later, like that didn't happened, he's like "Yo, wanna hit up that ramen place?"
Hanta Sero
Tumblr media
You guys were grocery shopping.
Hanta likes to do your shopping together because it's more time he gets to spend with you.
And you guys were having fun.
Hanta was making eggplant jokes and earning dirty looks from grannies.
And your laughter was music to his ears.
He walks away for a minute just to grab some fruit.
And when he returns, some dude is flirting with you.
Hanta's a lil sadist and kind of a jackass, so he watches from afar to see the guy get shot down.
But the thing is, he doesn't leave when you shoot him down.
No, he presses on.
And this is when his smirk falls.
Because oh shit, this guy is reaching out to touch you.
And suddenly, the guy's wrist is all taped up and he's yanked straight into Hanta.
And he smiles aggressively at the poor asshole.
"I believe the lady said she had a boyfriend."
And off course he scoffed and struggled to remove the tape. "So? And who the fuck are you? Mind your business."
Hanta bring his face closer, the tape tightening to the point of numbness.
"I'm the fucking boyfriend, dickfuck. Así que vete a la mierda."
("Así que vete a la mierda" = "So back the fuck off")
The guy apparently speaks Spanish because he goes pale during that last part and runs off as soon as the tape is removed.
And Hanta is immediately doting on you.
"Are you okay, baby? C'mon, let's get you some snacks. That guy was such a dick, I'm sorry that happened."
Shouta Aizawa
Tumblr media
That's what happens lol
Lemme explain.
Shouta was upset about some criminal he couldn't catch.
The guy was just too quick.
And so you suggested going to the animal shelter to take his mind off it.
He disagreed at first, but then you said cats and he was sitting in the car like "C'mon, let's go" 😭
After a day if playing with cats, he feels better.
He's even smiling!
And when it's time to leave, he takes a bit longer because he's saying goodbye to all of the cats.
And you go outside to wait, wanting some fresh air.
A creepy guy approaches and calls you sexy, comments on your hips, then asks for your number.
Of course, you shoot him down and tell him you're married.
But he's not having it.
And he moves in with a "C'mon don't be be like"
And that's when Aizawa walks out.
He has no idea what happened before he came out, but he does not like what he's seeing.
So he immediately moves in front of you to stare down the guy..
Who is the fucking criminal who keeps getting away.
And he wastes no time tying him up, getting him down, and stomping the shit out of him.
You escape him, ruin his nap, and sexual harrass his wife?
Oh that guy was fucked from the moment he approached you.
Aizawa takes a pleasant walk with you to the police station.
Dragging the guy behind him.
But just telling you about why he liked each cat.
"The gray one was pretty calm, the black one too. The white one, Snowball, she really got comfortable with me. We should get a cat or a couple."
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
I'd hate to be the bastard who pisses off Hitoshi.
It's hard to get him that mad honestly.
And when you do get him mad, it upsets him more because you brought him out of his character.
The thing is, he was in a great mood when it happened.
You guys were shopping, and he was watching you try on a couple things.
You asked him to go grab a certain pair of jeans you'd forgotten to grab.
And he did so with no complaints, just a sarcastic "Yes dear" and a teasing smile.
While he's gone, a guy who had been watching from afar approaches your dressing room and knocks on the door.
He starts flirting and you immediately shut him down and tell him you're taken.
But he's just like "Oh that guy that was just here? He looks like a zombie, babe. Don't you think it's time to level up."
And he attempts to peek into your dressing room.
But Hitoshi is there to wrap his scarf around the guy and tank him back to the floor.
"This zombie is going to rock your shit if you don't get up and screw off in the next 5 seconds."
He's a runner, he's a trackstar 🏃🏃🏃
You thank Hitoshi and he lets you know he's just glad you're okay.
"So where are the jeans?"
"The what? Oh right. Yeah, I got distracted and brought you lingerie instead."
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wint3r-h3art · 6 months ago
Baby Girl | Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: It starts off as a question for Steve, of whether he wants to try something new. His answer isn’t something you expected, and a little tease from your co-worker makes you act up around your bae. Steve is having none of your attitude, so he teaches you a few things.
⚠️Warning: This drabble contains PWP smut, and not suitable for anyone under 18. MINOR DNI. Contains: age gap (duh), spanking, fingering, oral (male receiving), praising, unprotective sex (wrap it before you tab it).
Word count: 1.5k
A/N: I haven’t written anything Steve related for a while now, so I guess i’m jumping into this with a bang. This like a challenge for if if I can manage to write smut under 2k lmao. No beta read, so any mistakes mine as English is not my native language. Your comments, likes, and especially reblog are greatly appreciated.
Tumblr media
“Baby girl, is this what you want?” The low rumble of his voice sends a chill down your spine as you lay there on his lap. His callus palm rubs your sore behind in a slow, but a deliberate circle. It all started with a question. 
A curious question of whether he’s willing to spank you or manhandled you. Steve laughed it off at first, thinking that you’re just joking, but you weren’t. His reaction of course upset you quite a bit, but you have tried to not let it get to you. Up until Stark teased you earlier today in the lab about how pissy you looked lately, implying that you didn’t get laid enough. You came home later that evening, acting like a complete bitch to Steve for no apparent reason, and now you are laying on his lap, panting and mewling at his mercy.
You whine softly in reply as you’re trying to process what just transpired. Another smack right on your left ass cheek makes you squirm, but of course, your captain holds you firmly. 
“Baby girl, did you not hear my question?”
“Yes,” you manage to utter out loud as you rub your thighs together. You can feel your slick rolling down your thighs 
“Yes what, baby girl?”
“Yes, Captain,” you mewl softly.
“Good girl,” he mutters softly as he slowly rubs your behind once more. “Now do you know you’re being punished?”
You shake your head no. 
You hiss softly at the way your skin stings and burns, but God it feels so good that you don’t want him to stop.
“Do you want me to stop?” he asks in a soft quiet voice, filled with concern, breaking from his stern role.
“I didn’t say vanilla frosty now, did I?” you sass back at him. You can see his expression slowly morph back, oh Lord have mercy on you because you feel like you’re about cum right then and there. You have to bite back a moan when you see this shift in his eyes, and the scowl on his face before his palm meets your sore butt once more.
“You like to talk back, don’t you? Now, why don’t you be a good girl and put that smart mouth of yours into good used, huh?”
You swallow nervously at the anticipation. Steve orders you on your knees, and you comply. You eye his growing bulge shameless, feeling your mouth salivating at the thought of what is waiting for you. You quickly undo his belt, then his pants, hastily lower them down, revealing his erection. You eye the shaft, then him before you wrap your mouth around the pink, bulbous head. You’re slowly taking him inch by inch till you can feel the phallus head hits the back of your throat, making you gag. Tears slowly stream down your face as you begin to bop your head along the long, hard shaft. 
Steve inhales sharply at the way your warm mouth covers his head oh so sweetly. The soft moaning coming from you reverberates through his cock making him throw his head back as a soft grunt escapes from his lips. Steve’s hand automatically go to your hair, fingers threading through your lock, pulling you slightly here and there as you continue to suck him. 
You can hear Steve moans softly, his hips buck into your mouth as you run your tongue underneath his shaft, tracing the thick veins that run underneath his thick cock.You can tell that he’s close by the way you can feel the muscles of his thighs clench and unclench. If you continue a couple of more times, he will--
You gasp suddenly when Steve pulls away from you. The string of saliva trailing down your chin as you stare up at him with wide eyes, panting. As you’re about to ask him, Steve picks you up and throws you onto the couch, his mouth covers you with a rough kiss. His teeth dig into your skin slightly, but you don’t care. Your fingers are threading through his soft, blond hair, scratching slightly his scalp before you tug at him. 
Steve’s mouth trail down, kissing and nibbling along your jawline before he stops at the column of your neck and begins to suck at your pulse point. You moan out softly, eyes close relishing the way his warm hard body presses against yours.You let out a soft gasp then when you feel his fingers prod against your wet entrance.
“Baby girl, you’re so wet for me already. I haven’t even done anything to you yet. Is this because of the spanking?” 
You nod eagerly, arching your back slightly as you try to rub yourself onto his fingers. “Yes, Captain. All for you,” you mewls as you slowly grind yourself onto his digits, coating them with your arousal.
“Such a bad girl you are,” you can hear him mutter under his breath, his thump slowly circles your clit, eliciting a soft groan out of you. 
“Please, captain,” you beg as you reach down and take a hold of his wrist.
“And what do you want me to do?” he asks, his sharp, cerulean eyes are now darkened. His face flushes slightly as he watches you.
“Please fuck me.”
“Hmm, what did I say about language, sweetheart.”
“Stevie, pretty please?” this time you bat your lashes at him. 
He smirks before plunging his thick fingers into your sobbing wet pussy.Your breath hitches in your throat, your toes curl at the way he pumps his fingers in and out of you. The soft, squelching sound fills the room as he roughly fingers fuck you to hell and back. You have to bite back a loud moaning whenever his fingers curls and hit that one spongey spot that makes you see stars.
“Stevie, I’m so close. Please, please, please,” you beg breathless as you can feel your sense heightens as you’re getting closer to your release. He pumps his fingers once, twice, or thrice, you’re not sure, but you let out a lewd moan as you feel the warmness spreading through you. Your release came like a crashing wave against the rock, knocking all of your senses. Your body convulses and spasms. Your cunt tightens around his fingers all the while the juices leak out slightly.You can faintly hear Steve curses under his breath as he withdraws his fingers away. Before you can make any sense, Steve quickly pulls you down by the ankle. 
You whine softly when he rubs the head of his cock against the remnant of your arousal, coating it slightly before he slowly grinds himself onto your wetness. You moan and mewl underneath him, but there’s nothing you can do when he has you trapped underneath this massive body.
“Please Stevie,” you plead with bleary eyes, your thighs still shaking slightly from your release.
“Hmm, is this what you want?” he asks as he slowly pushes the head inside you. You bite the bottom of your lips as you watch, only to be teased by him.
“Please,” you beg again. “I’ve been a good girl to you.”
He hums. Indeed you have and with that, he pushes himself in, sheathing himself entirely into your warm wetness. Despite being with him for more than 6 months, sex with him has always felt like the first time. The way he stretches you or so sweetly makes your brain malfunction for a minute, unable to utter anything coherent. Your mouth forms an O shape as you slowly accommodate his size and girth. Slowly but surely, you manage to usher him to move.Steve moves slowly at first, allowing your body to relax around him a bit before he picks up his pace. His hips arch fluidly, driving in and out of your till you’re dizzy with pleasure. He presses his body close to you that you can every fiber of his muscles twitches and strains from the effort of his movement. 
Your arms wound around his neck, pulling him closer as your teeth bite into the taut muscles of his shoulder. You’re clinging onto him as he continues to rock into you until he can feel your warm, velvety wall slowly closing around him. 
“Stevie, I’m so close,” you whisper on his shoulder as he continues to fuck you. “Please let me cum,” you beg softly. Steve only replies with a grunt as he quickens his pace, his hand reaches down to where you and he are joined, his fingers quickly rub at your clit as he continues to pump into you. 
Before you know it, the release hits you once more, harder this time as Steve is chasing his.Your body convulses and squeezes him, milking him tightly. Steve lets out a loud huff before he pulls himself and blows his load right onto your chest and some onto your chin. Your vision is blurry for a minute as you lay there on the couch, panting while Steve is pumping the last remnant of his cum onto you.
 “Oh my God,” he grunts as he squeezes at the head. “You are the death of me, woman.”
You smile smugly up at him. “See, it ain’t so bad after all.”
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luvepel · 3 months ago
in short, you use a lot of romantic pet names ( my love, dear, lovely ) and not just for them. gn reader, no warnings. reblogs are appreciated. what color should i make the divider omg.
Tumblr media
&&. VIL SCHOENHEIT ? vil takes it personally? he thought you'd stop when you started dating, yet here we are. how would you like it if he did the same thing? hm? it becomes a competition, that you are unaware of, who can use the most petnames and it is petty as fuck. wait but imagine epel like 'sir, the fuck you just call me????'
&&. ROOK HUNT ? thank goodness he isn't as petty as price charming vil. 'chéri/e, why do you refer to everyone as lovely, bae, darling?' he actually asks, not that is was bugging him, he was just curious. if it just rolls off the tongue, he is fine with it. just make sure he knows that if he is uncomfortable with you using pet names for someone to tell you.
&&. EPEL FELMIER ? he definitely wants a unique pet name for himself if youre gonna be using pet names like everyone is someone special. now if you call him potato he will ghost you, don't you do it. he won't question why you do it cause that doesn't really matter to him. but before you were dating, manz loved it sm ヽ(°〇°)ノ sir, who’re you trying to fool??
&&. RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS ? jealous bby. why are you referring to trey as 'my love' he is right here?? who are you talking about?? dragged you away from trey and carter to a more secluded place to tell you he did not appreciate that. you can keep using pet names but try to keep them more platonic.
&&. TREY CLOVER ? he doesn’t mind it all that much, if it is what you are used to who is he to stop you??
&&. CATER DIAMOND ? finds it super pog. /J I SWEAR I WONT DO THAT AGAIN SORRY SORRY. much like trey, carter doesn’t care. he finds the looks on the kids’ faces amusing, but feels not much of a threat because the ones you give him are best <33
&&. ACE TRAPPOLA ? secretly jealous bby. he’ll be grumpy about it and won’t tell you why? if you confront him about it he will deny? he pisses me off and damn this rhymes? okay, enough of that. you really just need to take a hint, good luck with that.
&&. DEUCE SPADE ? damn, heartslaybul minus ace and riddle is actually pretty chill. he doesn’t really understand the harm in pet names cause you’ve used them for as long as he’s know you. sure he’s gotten butterflies from your words but still doesn’t see the harm.
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beauitful-senshi · 5 months ago
Comorting Haikyuu boys who aren’t use to being loved
Tumblr media
You were sitting in class when it happened, someone ran into the room and yelled for you. You turned around quickly, seeing Oikawa sweaty and panting. “Oikawa? What’s uPPP!” You screamed as he grabbed your hand and began to drag you away. “Oikawa! What’s going on?”
“Iwaizumi is fighting!” Your eyes widen before your own feet matched Oikawa's, letting him drag you away. When you got there people were beginning to leave as Iwaizumi was being forced out of the school. Your eyes widen at the sight of your boyfriend. He’s normally well collected and chill. You began to wonder what made him break. You waited till after school to stop by his house knocking on his door softly, his mother opening it giving you a sad smile.
“Can… Can I see him?”
“Uh, he’s in his room, he won’t talk to me. He won’t tell me why he was in a fight, but he might talk to you.” You nodded your head walking up the stairs. Hesitating to knock on his door softly.
“I told you I’m fine, ma!” You smiled a little before knocking once more, you heard shuffling on the other side of the door. “I said I’m-” His sentence stopped as he looked at you. Your eyes moved from his eyes to his bruised cheek and busted lip. “I-”
“Your mother let me in.” He sighed, relaxing a little, looking down the hall. “Can… may I come in?” He looked at you and backed up a little letting you walk in. You looked around as you heard the door shut. “So… what happened today?” You ask as you sit in his chair. Iwaizumi sighed looking back at you. “Iwa?” He walked over to his bed and sat down softly, looking down at his floor. “Babe?” His ears perked up as he heard the chair move, then footsteps. His face was forced to look at you as you put your hands on his cheeks. Being gentle on his left, you smiled softly at the love of your life. “Talk to me.”
“I… the guy was talking about you… in, a… sexual way…” You furred your brows. “I just couldn’t stand there and let him talk about you like that… and on top of that the guy he was talking to downgraded me, and… I lost it…”
“Baby, downgraded you how?” You asked softly, rubbing gently over his bruise.
“Talking about how I’m not good enough for you… and how they could please you better than me. I know it’s stupid. But I wasn’t going to let them talk shit about you.” You kissed his head softly, before hugging your boyfriend.
“I’m so proud of you for sticking up for me bae.” You kissed his head again as he wrapped his arms around you, holding you close. You felt your shoulder get wet, but you didn’t mind, you hugged him tighter, rubbing small circles on his back. Doing your best to comfort him. “I love you.”
“I love you.” He mumbled into your skin, hugging you closer if possible.
Tumblr media
He was having a really bad day, it seems like no matter where he went someone was talking about how bad he treats you. You noticed how he stopped with the comments to you. You were pretty much expecting them, it felt… weird not having a teasing remark leave your salty boyfriend. “Tsuki?” He looked down at you with a soft hum. “I love you.” Your boyfriend smiled and kissed your head lightly.
“I love you too.” Now you know something was up. Everytime you told him you loved him he’d always have a teasing smirk afterwards, before calling you a name, pipsqueak, shortstuff, shorty, short cake, short baby, or my personal short stack. Always something behind too. But not this time, he walked away onto the court before you could say anything else. Worry grew inside you, was he sick? Did something happen to the boy you love? Most people would think it’s an improvement, but you… you didn’t like this Tsukishima. Because it wasn’t the Tsukishima you love. You love the teasing, the snarky remarks, the constant bickering, the way he smirked down at you with that smirk. The thing you grew to be fond of. This guy was a complete stranger. And you hated it.
Tsukishima continued this for the past few days, then weeks, eventually when a month went by, is when you exploded, you dragged Tsukishima out of the gym and into the club room, “Don’t come in here.” You told them before slamming the door shut. The team looked at each other before going back to practice. You turned to look at your confused boyfriend. “You don’t get to look like that.”
“I should be the confused one here!” You yelled up at him. “What happened to you?”
“What do you mean, short…” He stopped his sentence, “Love.” You cringed at the new nickname, the one you’ve given plenty to Tsuki.
“See that’s the problem, I give the loveable cringy nicknames while you give the teasing ones! What happened to my Tsuki?” He looked down at you and his eyes softened, he sighed sitting down a bench. You frowned at how sad he looks, how lost. You squatted down in front of him. “Baby, please talk to me.” He looked up at you and sighed.
“I got tired of everyone talking about how badly I treat you.” You furred your brows, that never bothered him before, why is it now? “I… I don’t want to let you down, you know? I want to be the right guy for you. The one you can count on.”
“But Kei. This guy.” You moved your hands gesturing to him. “This isn’t the guy I fell in love with, I love the way you treat me. I got used to the comments, and I know if you know you took it too far, you’d apologize. I can always count on the real Tsuki to be there when I need him most. You don’t have to change to make me fall for you more, because nothing you do can change how I feel about you. I love you, okay? I love the snarky replies, the teasing nicknames, I love being yours. And the real you, not this Tsukishima Kei you’ve been for a month. I love you.” Your boyfriend broke down into tears bringing you into a tight hug. You smiled, hugging him back.
“I love you too…” You waited for anything else, it was silent for a while but you managed to hear the small whisper, “my beautiful short cake.” You smiled and kissed his cheek.
“There’s my handsome love. Never change again.”
“I won’t.” He held you tighter with a small smile on his face.
Tumblr media
You were both sitting down on the floor, Kenma was playing his game while you drew him. He looked so cute, you were laying on your stomach glancing up at him often, he glanced down at you with a small smile. You placed your head beside your art book and began to feel sleepy, Kenma paused his game at the soft breaths you were making. He got up and grabbed a blanket and covered you up before unpausing his game. “Sleep well, Kiten.” He leaned down and kissed your head before going back to his game.
Aw, so cute!
Kenma smiled at the comment before looking down at you.
She looks so adorable!
Her cheeks look so squishable!
I don’t see what the fuss is about. She’s not that pretty.
Hell yeah she is!
Kenma frowned at the remark, not that pretty? “Hm, my kitten is the prettiest girl ever. Definitely tops you.”
“Kenma, that's not nice.” You mumbled looking up at him, he barely heard it from Kuroo’s hyena laugh he was doing in his ear.
“Hm?” You crawled into his lap, taking the blanket with you, covering yourself up as you nuzzled into him.
Damn, wish she’d come over here and nuzzle into me like that… you are one lucky dude!
Yeah! He is.
Huh? But he doesn’t even seem that affectionate towards her. Everytime he streams and plays, she’s always on his bed. We hardly see him like this.
Maybe it’s an off screen thing.
Kenma frowned once more, was he really that distant? He looked down at you as you sighed against him.
“Kenma? Hey, don’t look down, the guys are just being tools because they're jealous.” Kenma ignored his friend and sighed.
“Sorry guys, I’m going to log off. Y/n is sleepy and I should get some sleep too, night.” Kuroo furrowed his brows on the other side of his screen watching Kenma turn his game off before looking at the clock, it’s only 11, too early for Kenma to be tired. Something was up, and Kuroo didn’t like it. No matter how many times the rooster head tried to get Kenma to sleep normally, it never worked. And now that he is… it seems wrong.
Kenma placed you down onto his bed before cuddling next to you, you sighed into him smiling softly. “Hm, I love you.”
“I love you too, Kiten.”
You furred your brows the next day when Kenma refused to leave your side. He was acting more clingy than normal. He was always touching you rather it be holding your hand or his hand on your waist or around your shoulder. He was acting weird and not his normal self. Usually he’d just let you rest your head while he played his game, but now, everytime you try and watch him play he’d turn it off and give you his full attention. It worries you a lot. Kenma never turned off his games before. For no one. You waited a few weeks to see if it’d pass. It didn’t. Kenma was in a game when you walked into his room, he was on another stream when he looked back at you. Your tired eyes met his. “Hey, I was just about to-” You plopped yourself into his lap nuzzling into him more, he put his controller down and hugged your back. “I love you, Kitten.”
“I love you Ken Ken.” You smiled into his neck, breathing him in. He paused his stream so they couldn’t see anything, before he leaned back letting you lay on top of him instead. “What’s been up with you lately?”
“Hm? Nothing really.”
“Really?” You looked up at him, he was staring at the ceiling.
“That’s not what Kuroo told me.” He looked down at you confused. “He told me everything, Kenma, even about the comments people were making. So… is that why you’ve been acting differently?”
“You don’t like it?”
“I don’t like you changing yourself for me. I love leaning over your shoulder watching you play, I love that you go to sleep when you're tired and not forcing yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love that you were showing me more affection, but I want you to do it on your terms, not because of what someone said. I love you for you. And if you're comfortable the way you were before, why make yourself uncomfortable my love? Go back to being the Kenma I knew and love. I loved him more than this guy. I don’t mind the affection and the attention, but I don’t want it to be because you think I’d break up with you if you don’t. I’m more than fine sitting beside you admiring you beating another game.” You told him, smiling up at him lovingly.
“I love you so much.” You jumped up at the sound of his voice cracking. “I’m fine, just… wow.” You sighed laughing lightly before kissing him. “I love you, Kitten.”
“I love you my Kenma.” You nuzzled into him smiling as he held you tighter. “Now, can I watch you beat this game?”
“If you sit on my lap, for some reason, it helps me play better.” You smiled up at him once more.
“I’m not complaining.”
Tumblr media
You were sitting on your bed when Akaashi made his way in. “Hey babe, how was-” Your sentenced stopped as he flopped down on top of you holding you close making you fall backwards. “Practice… that bad?” You asked wrapping your arms around him, feeling little wet drops hit your shoulder. “Akaashi? Talk to me, love.”
“I… It’s stupid.” You sat the both of you up, cupping your handsome boyfriend's face.
“It’s not stupid if it’s making you cry, my love.”
“I’m just being insecure, is all.”
“Oh loves, want to talk about it?”
“Just some guys saying they can take you away from me so easily. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but…”
“I get it, love. But you’re forgetting one thing.”
“You already have my heart. No one can take it from me if it’s already yours. I’m spoken for, guys know that. They're just jealous I’m not with them. But instead I’m with the sweetest, kindest, more honest, caring human being in the world. And the most handsomest. Aka, I love you for you, okay? Insecurities and flaws in all. I’m not going anywhere.” He wrapped his arms around you as you ran your fingers through his hair, something you’d normally do when he’s stressed, something that normally calms him down and comforts him. You refused to let him go, and was glad he came to you immediately instead of hiding it. “I love you my insecure baby.”
“I love you too, my beautiful wife.” You felt your face get hot at the words.
“Hm, one day I’ll put a ring on it to make it a true statement.” You smiled a little before crashing your lips to his.
“Hm, can’t wait.”
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a4mwriting · 8 months ago
thor x ftm!reader
request: hello! you know that I love the way you write thor so, I couldn't help myself. can I request a thor x ftm reader hcs please? I hope you have a great day! (@lucaawrites)
A/N: ahdsbfhebf i loved writing this so much 💗
word count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
- so we can all tell just by that gif that thor is a beefy himbo sweetheart
- when you first met him, you were pretty intimidated because he’s a literal god, and he’s so muscly and tall
- and sometimes you feel a little insecure around cis men who are so... Like That
- and he’s also an avenger, and you’re just stark’s assistant
- he’s super excited when he first meets you because he likes to talk a lot, and you’re really good at listening
- he joins you in the cafeteria one day, uninvited, and randomly strikes up conversation with you
- you realize that he’s just a big golden retriever in god form
- you become friends pretty quickly. i mean you’re sort of just acquaintances; he’s the extrovert that adopts (you) the introvert
- after just a day of knowing each other, it becomes habit to stand beside each other in social situations and meetings
- and he joins you at lunch again and again until that’s habit as well
- he likes to try and impress you by showing you how far he can throw mjolnir
- but sometimes it backfires and he knocks shit over
- but it makes you laugh so he’s satisfied either way
- when you go downtown together he’s afraid he might lose you in the crowds bc ur shorter and smaller than him (by default cause he’s literally a god)
- so he holds ur hand so you don’t get separated💗🤞☹️
- and inside ur like 💗☺️😋🌸🌻🥰🧸
- i mean you’ve lived in the city longer than thor has and you know your way around, but you let him lead you around anyway bc squeeee he’s holding ur hand
- (even if it’s just as friends 😔)
- thor brings out your inner child and makes you appreciate little things more
- because of him, you build pillow forts together and giggle deep into the night
- he gives you a new perspective on some things that are mundane to you, because as an asgardian he’s fascinated by them
- and i’m headcannoning physical touch as less taboo on asgard
- so thor is super chill about cuddling with you. he likes to watch your favourite tv shows while you snuggle in his lap, and he asks questions about the plot and is super invested
- one time you were doin all that ^ in a common area in the tower (usually u go to ur apartment or something) and tony walked in and did a double take
- thor saw tony and smiled, immediately launching into a detailed, complicated description of the plot
- “so. this is a thing, huh?” tony said, rocking on the balls of his feet. he shrugged. “you know what, you’re cute together.” he pointed at the two of you. “don’t tell anyone i said that.”
- your cheeks burned. “uh, we’re not–”
- but tony was already walking out of the room. “none of my business!” he called. “you’re off the clock anyway. see you tomorrow, (y/n).”
- you turned back to thor. “well, that was embarrassing.”
- “why?” he shrugged. “we are cute together.”
- oh my sweet summer child
- so innocent
- you become each other’s best friend in the whole world. each other’s confidant, each other’s person
- (also in this scenario, you’re on T and inject it)
- and he asks why you need to put a needle into your leg every week
- and you say that you’re trans and explain what that means to humans
- he’s just like oh. okay ☺️
- there are a lot of people like that on asgard, but there is no label like “trans” for it. they’re just.. whatever they want to be
- and he’s literally so chill with it and does not give a fuck
- in a good way obv. like, he’s happy for u but it’s just not a big deal on asgard so he doesn’t really think too much about it
- but he realizes that gay/trans/lgbt pride is a big thing on earth and he loves all the flags
- at first he’s like “... there’s a gay and trans country???”
- no bby
- but he buys a “trans lives matter” shirt And hoodie for himself and wears them around AND ITS SO CUTE HELP
- he’s like “ofc they matter idk why they needed a shirt to declare this but i will shout it from the rooftops!”
- anyway this big guy is just so cute. he LOVES kittens and pets every cat he sees on the street
- i imagine him having an allergy toward cat fur, but he can’t resist petting cats anyway and he keeps sneezing throughout the day because of it 😭
- “please (y/n) can we get a cat🥺”
- “thor no-”
- i mean you don't live together but he’s always at your apartment, or you’re both at the tower working
- loki definitely likes to tease thor by transforming into him, then you, and going back and forth saying the most lovey dovey shit ever
- thor denies it because he doesn’t want loki to have the satisfaction
- but he’s not really the best liar
- loki threatened to confess to you in the form of thor, and thor was like NO LOKI FINE ILL DO IT MYSELF JUST STOP
- he was all confident, striding through the tower until he got to tony’s office where you were last seen talking to him
- and there you were
- and thor’s stomach melted into butterflies, and he stood there, having just barged into tony’s office, and realized he had no idea what to say
- he started stuttering, rubbing the back of his neck with his palm
- “spit it out, boy,” tony said. “and don’t barge into my office like that. i know you two are doin’ it, but that doesn’t give you office privileges.”
- you put your head in your hand. “we’re not doing it, tony, god.” you looked up at thor and smiled
- the sight made that familiar warmth blossom in his stomach, and he knew he had to tell you. he gulped. “may i speak with you in the hallway, (y/n)?”
- you shrugged and joined him, and he shut tony’s door behind him
- you heard tony’s muffled yell: “hey! i wanted to eaves drop!”
- “just ignore him,” thor told you. “i, um, i wish it didn’t take someone blackmailing me for me to do this. i feel like a coward. but, uh, you scare me,” he admitted
- (okay, you'd definitely have to ask about the blackmailing later)
- you laughed. “i scare you? the god of thunder? that’s cute.”
- his eyes lit up. “you think it’s cute?”
- “i—well, it’s an expression, sort of, i meant–” you sighed. “sure, thor. anyway, continue.”
- “okay, okay, um. you don’t have to feel the same, and i don’t expect you to, um, so i’m just gonna get it over with—not going to dance around it or anything—and we can just forget about it if you want to, because i respect you and value your comfort and happiness over everything, and–”
- “thor! hey. it’s okay.” you lightly grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze, and he smiled at you. “you’re my best friend in the whole world—the whole universe. you can tell me anything, and i’ll always want you in my life.”
- “i’m in love with you,” he blurted. he squeezed his eyes shut, and after a few seconds of silence, he peeked at you through one eye.
- you were staring at him—your face of surprise would’ve been adorable if not for the circumstances
- thor’s cheeks were on fire. fuck, he felt like he was gonna pass out. he let go of your hand and was about to apologize, turn around, and leave
- but you snatched his hand back into yours and stepped closer to him. “thor—really? you—you are?”
- thor realized your eyes were watering slightly. he nodded
- you smiled with a shaky exhale and pulled him into a hug, your arms thrown around his shoulders, and your face buried in his neck. “i love you too,” you whispered
- he hugged you back, dumbfounded
- when you pulled away, he was like “🧸🌸😋☺️ so you... love me.. the same way i love you..? 🥺”
- tony def had his ear to the door and was listening, secretly thinking it was so cute
- anyway y’all are so adorable and thor would do anything for you and thinks you’re the cutest thing in the world and-
- okay okay the end
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wrenqueenisboss · 7 months ago
DSMP x reader - taking them to prom (they/them) (high school!au)
Characters: Dream (clay), George, Sapnap, Quackity (Alex), Karl, Niki, and Technoblade  Warnings: Dream’s and Quackity’s irl names Pronouns: they/them (if used/mentioned) notes: I don’t know much about prom so this is going to be based off of cheesy high school movies and tv shows lol. I’m sorry to all people who have gone through high school if I got this offensively wrong.
For an fun bonus: I added the songs that you guys would walk in to/dance to together
Dream:         (dance to “Midnight City” by M83)
He would ask you to prom after winning a big football game
he’d just sprint to you in the stands, you’d run down to meet him, and he’d sweep you into one of those tooth-achingly sweet spinny hug things (pls tell me you know what I’m talking about)
He’d ask in the sweetest way ever and you’d of course say yes
when he sees you enter the venue’s room in your stunning outfit, his jaw drops
you guys have the time of your lives
so much jumping, and cheering, and singing, and hugging, and laughing, and kissing, and memories being made
George:          (dance to “Adore You” by Harry Styles)
George asked quietly, while you guys were studying in the library for a test (not stressful, don’t worry bae)
he softly asked whether or not you had a date
you just simply replied no
gathering his courage, he asked if you wanted to go with him
“as friends?” you asked hesitantly, wanting it to be more but not wanting to push
“I was hoping we’d go as more than friends, but I understand if that oversteps your boundaries”
you smiled your sunny smily and said yes, ofc
more of a chill night, but it was still such a night to remember
Sapnap:       (dance to “505″ by the Arctic Monkeys)
Sapnap was being “bullied” by George and Clay for days since you guys had been told about the official date for when prom would be held
they kept pestering him for who he would ask out
completely fed up with them, he admitted that he really wanted to ask you
cutting their annoying act, Clay and George would help him build up the confidence to ask you
you said yes this is getting repetitive
you guys had probably the most energetic night
you guys were so freakin’ exhausted in the morning from all the partying
Quackity:     (enter to “Bang” by AJR)
Alex would most definitely ask and the weirdest most obscure time ever
You guys would probably be chasing some kids (Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo) in the park and he’d look over at you and ask,
“Hey, Y/n. Wanna be my date to prom?”
You’d stumble a little in surprise before excitedly saying “yes!”
You guys wore matching outfits and walked in dramatically, wearing sunglasses and  s t y l i s h  beanies that coordinated with your outfits perfectly
your guys’s aesthetic was totally Pinterest-worthy
Karl:         (entered to “Sober” by Childish Gambino)
Karl asked while you guys were walking in town together
you said yes
his face broke into the most happy smile on earth when he saw you arrive at the venue
you guys walked in the main room of the prom event together
it was pretty chill and vanilla for you guys, but oh my god you had fun
dancing for hours on end, low-key pranking some people
sneaking out of the large room where everyone was to roam the halls of the venue 
you guys took a selfie that captured your guys’ relationship so well that both of you framed it and made it your lockscreen
Niki:       (entered to “All The Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and SZA)
It was hilarious how she asked you out. Well- nvm. You’ll hear the full story
You were driving back from the bookstore together when you both felt the need to fill the silence
both of you asked, “Would you like to go to prom with me?” at the same time which made you both laugh
You each agreed to the question (not in unison this time)
You coordinated your outfits, spending quite a lot of time on the aesthetic of things
oh and by the way, it PAID OFF
the two of you were like a Goddess and a God (used in a gender-neutral way) and no one could stop swooning over how in love you and Niki were
it was both a chill and crazy night, the perfect balance. just like you two
Technoblade:     (entered to “Feel Like I’m Drowning” by Two Feet)
you two were practicing for sports 
if you don’t play sports, you were watching techno
he paused for a moment and you did too. He then just randomly asked in the most adorably sincere voice, “Y/n? Would you like to go to prom with me, as my date?”
You smiled “Yes. Absolutely.”
You guys wore really hot outfits and walked in the room together radiating badass energy (hence, the sexy/badass song I chose for this headcanon)
despite being dressed like a million bucks, you guys actually just sat down in a corner and discussed greek mythology
everyone, everyone, agreed that you two were the best-dressed couple at prom
You guys did dance together, but only slow dancing
“other dancing is for uncultured people who don’t understand the elegancy and intimacy of a simple waltz” - Technoblade in this headcanon
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simpforboys · 9 months ago
valorant kids
she/her pronouns
summary: vinnie gets protective of his girl when some valorant kids hit on her
warnings: fluff, angst, swearing
Tumblr media
“baby, i'm gonna hop on stream. you gonna join?” vinnie stood up from the bed he was previously laying on.
y/n flipped over, rubbing her eye.
“nah, i'm not in the mood for val at the moment,” she answered.
“okay. do you need anything?” he asked, setting up his monitor and stream before tweeting it out.
“no thank you, babe,” y/n pulled up her phone and scrolled on tik tok as y/n got the notification vinnie went live.
“hey guys,” vinnie smiled as he started a deathmatch.
talking to chat while he played, y/n found herself staring at her beautiful boyfriend. his dangling earrings, fluffy blond hair, his tattoos.
“baby, are you staring at me?” vinnie asked, turning to look at her as he got headshotted.
“you're so pretty,” she complimented.
vinnie grinned, patting his lap. “come say hi.”
y/n got up, fixing her crop top and pajama shorts as she placed herself on his lap. “hi loves!”
vinnieslover: HI Y/N
marrymevinniepls: AWWWWW YAYAYYAYAYAY
“hello!” y/n smiled, getting off vinnie's lap. she played with his hair as he played for a minute before he took his hands of the keyboard, pulling her back down.
“vinnnn,” she sighed.
“shhh, just let me hold you,” he said.
y/n agreed, hesitant to show so much affection on stream. “talk to chat while i play,” he told her.
“ask us questions guys!” y/n told chat, watching as vinnie cued in comp.
“you gonna auto-lock jett?” she joked.
“maybe. depends on the map,” he kissed her shoulder, thanking people for subbing and gifting.
“how did you two meet?” y/n read off a question.
“alex told me he had a friend that was single and kind of set us up. one thing lead to another and now here we are,” vinnie explained.
“oh my god that is not what happened at all.”
y/n laughed as vinnie selected omen.
“okay, then how did it go, hmmm?” vinnie questioned.
“alex told me you saw me on tik tok and you asked if he knew me. when he said yes then he showed me your tik tok and set us up from there.”
“that's just the longer story,” vinnie smiled.
y/n eventually laid back down on the bed, scrolling through her fyp. “baby, can you play for me real quick? i gotta take a fat piss.”
“so charming,” y/n rolled her eyes as she sat down, hearing vinnie chuckle as he closed the door to the bathroom.
“hello again, chat,” she smiled, buying a vandal and abilities.
following her teammates to site a, she threw sage the spike as the round started. smoking heaven and ct, she went on voice comms.
“sage walled off site.”
“woahhhh, a gamer girl?” the jett asked.
“hi mommy,” raze said.
“what happened to the dude?” sage asked.
ignoring them, y/n made her way to site b. “sage, come plant; site's clear.”
“don't be like, sweetheart.”
y/n physically jumped when she felt the headset being ripped off her. “can you guys shut the fuck up?” vinnie said firmly in comm.
y/n got out of the chair, hearing the teammates whining. she placed herself back on vinnie's lap as he clenched his jaw, placing his chin on her shoulder.
“calm down, my love,” she whispered, gently stroking his cheek as he went frozen.
“wait, are you vinnie hacker, omen?”
“oh my god was that y/n l/n-“
“put her back on bro!”
“baby, just mute them,” y/n said.
vinnie stayed quiet until it was match point. when he got the last kill, vinnie muted himself on twitch and the game.
“i wanna fucking kill those asshole teammates,” he sat back in his chair.
y/n laughed.
“i bet they still live in their parent's basement. fucking creeps,” he continued on.
“you tell em, bae,” y/n encouraged, massaging his shoulders.
valorant pinged signaling vinnie got a friend request. looking down, the raze had sent one in.
“dude fuck those kids,” vinnie automatically declined.
“i don't even feel like playing anymore.”
“we can just chill and talk to chat for a bit?”
vinnie nodded, getting off val and unmuting himself. “sorry, chat. things got a little heated.” vinnie breathed through his nose, putting on a fake smile to try to mask his anger.
“vincent got jealous,” y/n told chat.
“shut up,” vinnie laughed slightly.
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hennyjwrites · 8 days ago
Rio Getting Caught Cheating
Tumblr media
The side of your face burned as you felt Rios stare in your tear dried cheek. He was waiting for you to say or do anything. Yell, scream, hit him, it would all be better than this silent treatment. You couldn’t bear to look at him after learning of what he did while you guys were on a break. The one thing he would promise to never do while you were together. He slept with another woman.
“Mama,” he tried, gently placing his hand on your thigh. He removed it when he felt the tremors. “I’m sorry, baby.” He told you, like that was supposed to just make it all better.
You scoffed and wiped the tears from your eyes. “Fuck you and your wack ass apology, Rio.” You called him Rio. Not Chris, baby, bae, just Rio. That made Rios chest tighten.
Rio bit his lip and looked forward. “We’re gonna talk when we get home.” He tried dismissing you. He knew it wasn’t the best move but that’s all he could say. He wanted to get his thoughts together while driving so he could at least try and find a logical reason for hurting you like this.
You looked at him, knowing he could see out of the corner of his eye as he started the car. “No, we’re gonna talk now because going home isn’t going to change the fact that you played me Rio.” Your voice cracked at the end of your sentence making his heart crack.
He pulled off down the street ignoring you but you weren’t going to let it go that easily. “Tell me, why’d you sleep with her Rio?” You questioned genuinely wanting to know. He didn’t answer again, because he couldn’t. He didn’t know why.
You tried again with another question. “How many times did you fuck her? Did you go to her as soon as I left your sorry ass?” You asked. Rio brought his hand to the radio, turning the music up louder to try and drown you out. You reached out and turned the system off and just stared at him, shocked by his behavior. He’s the one who got caught and now he wants to pretend he just doesn’t care?
“Just wait until we get home.” He gritted out, not ready for this. He didn’t expect this shit to blow back up in his face but it did.
You went from looking at him to the picture that he had on his rear view mirror. It was a picture of you and him at the park. Some random woman asked if you guys wanted your picture taken and you both agreed. It was such a beautiful day. You used to think everyday was beautiful with rio.
Tears shielded your vision as you sobbed out. “God, I hate you so fucking much, Christopher!” You cried, making him snap his head towards you. His heart broke in a million pieces as his eyes got wide at your outburst. You said you hated him. Wow. He drove slower to listen carefully to your cries.
“I have been there with you through it all Rio.”You started. “Who held you down while you were locked up? I did! Who helps you with your son when you can’t be there? I do. Who constantly has to look behind their back and make sure that not only them, but their family is safe wherever they go? I do Rio!” You screamed in his face. He couldn’t do anything as he was frozen with shock. “Not her but me. But yet, even through all of that you still managed to fuck me over. It was your fault we even had the break up. You just couldn’t leave her alone could you? Even after all the shit she did, you just kept running back? For fucks sake she shot the both of us and killed our baby and you still go and sleep with her. ” You cried, breathing heavily. You were so tired of coming in second place to a woman who hadn’t been there through any of the long nights and pain.
Rio slowed the car down as he approached a red light. He turned to look at your still sobbing form. “Baby, I’m sorry.” That’s all he could get out. How could he respond to that? How could he respond to the truth? His chill and cool demeanor was absolutely fine at this point. He knows he’s finally pushed you over the edge.
You got the energy to look at him in his face. You leaned forward and placed your lips on his gently but there was no spark anymore. There was to much hurt in the way. You wiped your eyes one final time before looking down at your wedding finger. It brought back one of the happiest memories in your life. You twisted it off your finger and threw it in the cup holder. Before rio could react and grab your arm, you already jumped out of the car. Before you took off walking you looked at him.
“I’ll be home to get my stuff.”
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zenninn · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
— 𝑻𝒚𝒑𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒃𝒇.
(𝘯.) 𝘣𝘰𝘺𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥 ; 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘺𝘱𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘣𝘰𝘺𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 ?
𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 : 𝑅𝑎𝑛 ; 𝑅𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑜𝑢 ; 𝑀𝑖𝑡𝑠𝑢𝑦𝑎 ; 𝑆ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑖𝑐ℎ𝑖𝑟𝑜 ; 𝑊𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑠𝑎 𝑥 𝑓! 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟
Tumblr media
—᪥ 𝑅𝑎𝑛.
he's the type of ...
sometimes he can be dominant but sometimes he can be a baby i guess, but currently being a dom.
he call you ...
baby, bae,babe, dear, kitten, baby girl.
what he likes to do with you in quality time ...
watching sunset at the rooftop, you on his lap and his hand around your waist, ofc with the flirty talk cuz why not.
how to get your attention ...
okay so lets get this staright, he's not the type that too much talking he don't wanna waste time, so if you ignore him, he probably kissing you all over, sort of makeout ? okay i'll stop here imagine by yourself, go wild bae ! .
when he misses you ...
matching things with you is ...
ear piercing or maybe a little tatoos on finger.
when he feeling down ...
since he's the big brother to rindou, i think he's the type that if he have some trouble he keep it to himself cuz he don't need someone feeling sad for him, but when he can keep it anymore he will let it all out, while buried his face on your chest and hands around your waist he let it all out.
his weakness towards you is ...
your smile and puppy eyes.
he likes it when you ...
rub his tatoo, kiss him, complimenting him,caring with him.
his love languange is ...
physical touch, ofc we all agree.
Tumblr media
—᪥ 𝑅𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑜𝑢.
he's the type of ...
clingy tsundere, a little shy cat fluffy baby, god he's so cute, sure he can be a dom but that's rare.
he call you ...
mommy, baby, bubs, munch, lovey, babe, bae, princess.
what he likes to do with you in quality time ...
cuddles + netflix and chill or playing game on his playstation with him while you sit on his lap, his chin rest on your shoulder.
how to get your attention ...
well THIS IS A BIG SECRET he has a cat ear headband, so when he need your attention he will wore that headband and start meowing like a cat until you gave him a headpat and small peck on his cheeks, stop stop i can't.
when he misses you ...
do a sleep call with you, ran has told him to just go straigh to your place, but since he's a shy cat, he chooses to do a sleep call, and turn out the morning after, someone ringing on your place bell and it was rindou with a cute smile.
matching things with you is ...
hoodies or matching tatoos on shoulder (your anniversary date) or maybe a piercing too
when he feeling down ...
he will tell you anything and after that he buried his face on your chest and sleep, ah don't forget the cuddles.
his weakness towards you ...
you being a dom, your smile, you giving him a head pat, when you call him baby boy.
he likes it when you ...
play with his hair, stealing his clothes especially his hoodies, when you give him g' morning kisses.
his love languange is ...
acts of service, he need someone who is caring and taking care of him really well like his brother.
Tumblr media
—᪥ 𝑀𝑖𝑡𝑠𝑢𝑦𝑎.
he's the type of ...
loving, caring, supportive, and all he's perfect and i need him !.
he call you ...
honey, hun, bae, dear, queen, princess, love.
what he like to do with you in quality time ...
night drive, designing you a beautiful dress, sharing about each other days.
how to get your attention ...
by calling you baby girl cuz that was really rare, why? well he's not such a tease sometimes,he's a soft boy after all.
when he misses you ...
matching things with you is ...
rings engagment rings.
when he feeling down ...
he takes you on a night drive and stop by the beach, he let it all out, he don't wanna make you sad so he let it out with a smile spread on his face, smile that telling you 'everything gonna be okay,i can handle it by myself, i just need a support'.
his weakness towards you ...
when you cry, when you depressed, your smile, and everything.
he likes it when you ...
need his help, supporting him, caring with him, love his two sister and his mom.
his love languange ...
probably quality time and words of affirmation.
Tumblr media
—᪥ 𝑆ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑖𝑐ℎ𝑖𝑟𝑜.
he's the type of ...
such a tease, always treat you like a precious trophy and queens, always throw you a salty pick up lines.
he call you ...
my queen, your highnesses, babe, bae, luv, baby.
what he like to do with you in quality time ...
take you on a ride all around the city or just cuddling all day until manjiro come and interupt you two.
when he misses you ...
go to your place bringing all your favorite snack and ended up netflix and chill, gaming together, or maybe making spotify playlist together.
matching things with you is ...
necklace, ring, matching tatoo (like rindou).
when he feeling down ...
come to your place, tell anything and sleep on your arms.
his weakness towards you ...
when you acts like a mom towards his little siblings, your smile, you bring supportive.
he likes it when you ...
being a clingy, act cute, act like his siblings mom.
his love languange ...
word of affirmation / acts of service.
Tumblr media
—᪥ 𝑊𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑠𝑎.
he's the type of ...
silently really love and adore you, he just don't know to express his feeling, so when he need to show you his love he gives you a gift or something you like.
he call you ...
PRINCESS PRINCESS AND PRINCESS, sometimes he call you baby, babe, or baby too.
what he like to do with you in quality time ...
take you on a date, cuddling on a balcony, or got you a teddy from the claw machine.
when he misses you ...
go straight you what i said go straight to your place.
matching things with you is ...
tatoos and ear piercing.
when he feeling down ...
he will keep it to himself, but when takeomi notice it, he told waka to let it out towards you, and he did it.
his weakness towards you ...
caring with him, alaways trust and supporting him.
his love languange ...
acts of service and words of affirmation.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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ohthemis · 6 months ago
Hiyaa i really like your blog and the way you write!
May i request headcanons for how the first date with them would go? Like would they ask mc out or would she them, where would they go, all of that. Thank you.
tot boys and first dates
characters: all
a/n: sorry for the wait, just feeling particularly unmotivated these past few days :\
Tumblr media
he’s planned every detail of the date. and if things go wrong he has a plan b, and a plan c, and a plan d, all the way to plan z.
takes you to a local coffee shop, no doubt your first date is a work date. he orders some snacks for the both of you and you two just hang out together, talking and chatting about everything. honestly, the work is just a way for him to feel less nervous. but it’s very sweet !! he takes your hand for the entire thing, and plays with your fingers when he gets a bit too nervous
and after that, you two go to the movies and just watch together. which honestly, artem really liked. he doesn’t have to talk too much or worry about boring you. and the both of you can just enjoy each other’s presence. and then you two can talk about what you thought about the movie. just let him ease into it <3
he wants it to be special, of course, but he definitely needs to ease up to the whole dating thing. take it as a little piece of him <3 it’s simple, sweet, and very laidback. 
Tumblr media
takes you to an amusement park <3
the amusement park he takes you to is one that he’s gone to with you when you were kids <3 starts out with simple haunted house games and small rollercoasters, and then he drags you to those really high up loop-de-loop rollercoasters. he really really wants to, but it’s up to you. but he’ll make it known just how much he wants to go on. (it really depends on whether or not you can resist his sad little pout) 
and of course, the last ride you go on is a ferris wheel. you two are exhausted and it’s night already, so it’s a nice ride to finally wrap things up :) he’ll take you hand, and at the tippy top of the ride, he gives you a kiss. after all, luke takes amusement park traditions very seriously. and then he’ll tell you he loves you one more time just before the doors open and you two finally go home <3
by the end of the day, you’ve gone on every ride!! which is kind of concerning in itself, but hey, it was a great experience :)
Tumblr media
takes you to work with him, in meetings n stuff too. (ur just like a lost puppy there, sitting next to him waiting for him to finish)
he didn’t want to take you to pax for your first date?? i mean who does that?? but of course it just so happens that marius is urgently needed, and like hell if he’s going to let you be alone on the day of your date. so he goes to your house, picks you up and drags you to pax with him. his secretary just goes with it because marius has been talking about your date for literally forever, and kinda feels bad for marius :(
but now the rest of the employees, chairmen, n stockholders think you’re the next lady of pax (marius’ wife/fiance) for some reason (its bc he talks abt u a lot lol) and are trying to get on your good side. so even if you try to just not attract attention, these guys will be like “mrs von hagen, what do you think” and marius would be jealous IF he wasnt swooning about the thought of marrying you
stay strong bae <3 the work life is hard
Tumblr media
takes you sightseeing or travelling abroad (yes, as a first date)
it’s weird to go abroad as a first date, but honestly, it just happened. the both of you had to go out of country for a case so why not just go on a date while you’re at it. honestly, works out pretty well. like, aside from the occasional interruptions when one or the both of you need to do something urgently.
malls, tourist spots, and stuff like that <3 highlight of the trip: he takes you to a mall and you spend the day just chilling with him. it’s not anything too exciting but it was nice to finally spend some quality time with him :)))
vv flashy but hey, the both of you enjoyed so why not
Tumblr media
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urlonleyemo · 10 months ago
heyyyy bestie bae 😎😏 could I get a tanjiro + inosuke (or just one or the other😏😏) x a really tall male reader? If not that chill😎💪 if you can that's also chill😩🤞🏻 ILYSM💖💖💖
omg of course shawty bae tysm for the request <3 AND I LOVE YOU MORE KASJS♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Tumblr media
he was a little surprised to see how you were the tallest in the entire group
but he actually came to enjoy how tall you are
he’s glad to know your height can actually help in discovering demons and simply get a better vantage point and what not
if we aren’t talking about missions or anything he loves to casually be on your back as if he was having a piggy back ride
i mean you had no problem with it
and if it made him happy then you’d let him crawl all over <3
definitely lots of forehead kisses
he loves it when you pick him up and he doesn’t have to do any effort to kiss you or you kiss him
you love playing with that violet hair
and he loves playing with yours
and yes he always pesters you to do stuff or grab something that the average person can’t do height wise.
Tumblr media
when he first found you let’s just say he found you pretty intimidating
therefor you are the perfect opponent to fight
but once you casually just kinda held him by his neck right in front of you while he’s trying to get his hands on you
he knew that you were just gonna have to endure all the sudden training he’s gonna do on you
you didn’t mind since you could easily just hold him away from you
but he also always loves climbing all over you whether it’s to get on you shoulders, hell maybe even stand on your shoulders for all we know
once he made you date him
yes he indeed made you date him no was not an answer for him
he knew that you were his forever and could do as much roughhousing as he likes
until you grabbed him by his underarms like picking up a little kid and gave him a kiss on his forehead
he hid under that boar mask for the rest of the day
until later when he barges in your room only to tell you to do it again
and you comply
and now he went from mean and feral to feral with a soft side
oh and you HAVE to praise him for every little thing he does for that fragile ego of his
a/n:I hope this was good, I kinda rushed it on the inosuke part since i literally just woke up 💀
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koritoraa · a month ago
Watching a scary movie w/ them ❦
Tumblr media
A/n: Everyone’s aged tf uppppp !!!
Feature: Haruchiyo, Mikey, Rin & Ran
Warning: Mikey’s mommy kink gonna pop out a little 4 da hawties
Tumblr media
# Haruchiyo
❦Sanzu literally screams like a mfn girl and jump right on you when he’s scared lmao. (Just picture shabby jumping into scoobys arm then ya get the picture )
❦Whenever he sees a scary scene or just think somethings about to happen, he covers his face and curl up right in your lap and hide. But he’s so cute so it’s okay <3
“aw, why are you hiding it’s not even that scary.”
“It is, so can I just hide here until the movie over ?”
“Do what you gotta do love, you’re the one that’s missing out on the movie you suggested.”
❦All scary movies are not scary to him and he will usually laugh at them.
❧After the movie ends he stay up awll night with the lights on,and you have to tell him that it’s fake so he can relax or you will just sing him to sleep and boom he’s out.
Tumblr media
# Mikey
❧Before the movie started he was talking a whole lot of big talk about how you gonna be holding on to him and screaming like a little girl so he’s prepared.
❧Ofc when the movie started Mikey acted like the movie wasn’t fazing him at awlll, but once a jump-scared popped up he screamed so loud that your eardrums might’ve bleed. You might wanna go get them check cuz shawty screamed like he was in the movie getting killed.
❧You laugh at him every time you seen him flinched or grabbed onto you. You made it be known that he can’t talk shit if he’s gonna be jumping and hiding though out the movie.
“Mikey, what happened to all that talk about you being “prepared” for me just incase I’m screaming and holding onto you ? when that’s all you been doing.”
“I changed my mind and that don’t means go- ahh omg mommy help.”
:O <<< that was your face, you was like whatdidhesayyyy???
“Boy what the hell you just called me?“
“Huh ? Nothing.”
Tumblr media
# Rin
❧He’s a mixture of both scared at sometimes and just straight up laughing or joking about how dumb the ppl are in the movie.
❧He will be yelling at the tv and getting stressed out
“Rin you need to chill, you yelling all up in my ears, I can’t even hear the movie.”’
“Sorry y/n but they are so slow, like why the hell would they check to see if the killer is dead by walking up to him ?”
“Ofc that’s how a lot of movies are bae, they do the dumbest shit then get surprised when they killed.”
❧will eventually get tired and fall asleep, he had enough of the bs it just made him bored and sleepy. He was trying his best to stay up with you but he couldn’t help it.
Tumblr media
# Ran
❧He will have his usual straight face expression while watching the movie. You couldn’t tell if he was bored or was just simply watching the movie or both.
❧scary movies don’t scared him? he just watch them to get a good laugh tbh.
❧if you’re someone who get scared of scary movies very easily, he will literally bully you and tell you that it’s nawt a big deal and it’s fake anyways and you’re doing too much.
“lol…Y/n, the movie isn’t even scary at all but feel free to hold on to me.”
Tumblr media
Me & Ken approve this po$t 4 awlll da sexiesssss
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