#when it comes to this guy; it just hurts so much ugh
thvhoe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Words: 1.2k
Warnings: Mentions of sex, cheating and harassment.
Sumarry: "Gave her the night of a lifetime yesterday and you were just a wall away."
A/n; Oh-
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung
Tumblr media
"What are you doing?" You dropped his phone on the bed when Jungkook abruptly broke the silence, displaying the conversation.
He grabs his phone and hisses, "What the fuck are you doing snooping through my phone." You moan, still drowsy, "It kept ringing."
"Who is Nana?" You ask him while rubbing your eyes. You weren't sure why you were so composed; perhaps you hadn't slept well. He mutters, shutting his phone after blocking her contact, "She is the girl I hooked up with before I came here and we, made up."
"Are you mad?" He asks, drawing you nearer to him. You move your shoulders. "We weren't together, therefore I shouldn't be," uou said. You sigh. "But it still hurts though"
"Didn't you say that you don't fuck girls who have boyfriends? She claimed her boyfriend wasn't at home." You abruptly ask him. He briefly appeared to cease breathing while turning his head aside. He stammers, "W-well, he's not really her boyfriend, you know, they're more like friends with benefits," and you cocked an eyebrow but disregarded your suspicion that he was lying.
It was 2 am when you took a quick glance at the clock. You get up and head out the door, "I'm going to get some water."
Were you thirsty? No. Did you want to leave Jungkook for a second? Absolutely.
So as soon as you got into the kitchen, you grabbed a cup and filled it with water.
"unable to sleep, too?"
I leave one issue alone just to immediately encounter another.
You decline, drinking all of your water, "Actually just woke up owing to my phone ringing", "might I have some too?" He timidly asks. You grin and say, "Make yourself at home Tae." When everything was causing you annoyance at the time, how could you still seem so kind.
"Are you abusing my girlfriend once more?" Only wearing his boxers, Jungkook entered abruptly. You avert your gaze.
You suddenly raise your voice and say, "Fine." You finally yell, "Fight as much as you fucking want, I'm out," and walk out. You simply lost it because of the strain that had built up.
"Why are you half naked?" When he saw Jungkook's provocative appearance, Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Why? Jealous?" Smiling, Jungkook tenses his abs. "Me? Never, you know Y/n was never found of guys like you anyhow," Taehyung laughs, "so don't be naïve, she's going to end up with me in the end." "She used to tell me how much she detested guys like you." With compassion, Taehyung patted Jungkook's shoulder.
"I'm very confident she'll tell you something different." Jungkook grinned, "Gave her the night of a lifetime yesterday and you were just a wall away." Jungkooks smile dropped "Back the fuck off my girl, I'm going to say it once and for all."
At that, Taehyung was shocked. As he left the room and entered the bedroom, Jungkook grinned.
"Is he alive?" Looking through your phone in silence, you asked unbothered. Jungkook chuckles, "If it weren't for you, he would be dead.". He drew you close and kissed your cheek while saying, "I'm joking, I'm joking, come here." Ugh, any of those can't keep you angry for a long time. You admonish Jungkook, "Jungkook I don't like how you keep threatening him. It is pointless and silly." It felt as though you wounded some of his pride when you looked up at him. He hisses, not discounting the fact that you were correct, "He deserves it for ever laying a finger on what's mine."
Inhaling deeply, you lay on his chest. "Ok," you say, giving up. He could never acknowledge he was incorrect because of how huge his ego was.
Taehyung, who was attempting to call someone, was sat on the couch at the time.
He unsuccessfully left message after message on the phone.
"This is the last fucking message I'm leaving for you Nana, Goddamnit,"
Tag List; @wewoo1233 @telepathytae @mwitsmejk @wecanpretendit @bbtsficrecs @eliseitzme @arepabella @rockinpretty @dodoneck @angelarin @newdeobi
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f8schl · a day ago
genshin characters falling in love w/ somebody else during your relationship part 2!!
a/n: I am so so sorry this has taken so long to finish up. it may be kind of bad, but I really do hope you enjoy it
warnings: cheating, affairs?, bit of cussing and mentions of having sex in childes part
Tumblr media
dilucs usually extremely busy, with being in charge of the dawn winery, angels share, and hi being the darknight hero, too. you noticed that he had been going to "work" earlier and leaving later, brushing it off, saying there was just "simply a lot to do".
you believed him, trying to not make it seem like you didn't trust him, which, you did! you two got married, and have been together for 3 years.
although, it doesn't mean that you haven't noticed donna, the fangirl of your husband, attempting to get closer and closer to him. one night, you were out at windrise to get some fresh air, and you couldn't help but hear a faint sound of laughing and rustling near a few trees.
you walked over to look, and what was seen shocked you. your husband, diluc, was smothering donna with all that love he once smothered you with. and he enjoyed every second of it. trying to be quiet, you slowly made your way back to the dawn winery, but you just had to step on a branch. ugh.
snapping their heads in your direction, both diluc and donna were completely surprised when they saw you.
"dear, it's not what it looks like," he said, getting up to go to you. "yea, right. I'm just going to leave. don't bother contacting me again... from this point now on, we are hereby divorced. I wish to never see you again, " you said, fiercely, putting the ring he had once gifted you, back in his hands.
Tumblr media
considering that he's also a very busy man, being a harbinger for the fatui, you didn't think much of it when he started coming home later.
missing dinners, coming back a few hours later... it was fine. right? well, it wasn't. at least not for you.
you went to visit him this once, knowing that he must be so tired from the work given from the tsaritsa. but just as you were about to enter the room, you muffled moans coming from the inside.
"childe.. t-this isn't right! you-you have a girlfriend, and.. she doesn't deserve thi- aah!" that voice.. was it.. no, it can't be.. lumine?
"calm down, she doesn't have to know about this, does she? she's just at home, doing what she's doing." "you should feel gui-guilty! we should stop.. it's been going on for w-what? 3 months now..?"
your heart shattered. then burned in anger. 3 months?! you angrily stormed in, body aching to confront him.
"a-ah, (name)! when did you get here? I-i was just.. umm..-" "shut it, you little ass. 3 months? and you didn't tell me?! what made you hold back, huh?!" "I didn't want to hurt your feelings! c-cmon, (n/n)!"
the sight of this made you chuckle in fury. "worst part of all.. lumine. you didn't even try to tell me! I thought we were friends! we promised to never let a dumbass boy get the best of our friendship!" "(name).. I'm sorry- I mean it. I never should've done that, especially without telling you..." "damn right you shouldn't have! we're breaking up, childe. don't even bother me anymore!!!"
and with that, you stormed out, never to be seen again. rumors say you went back to your hometown, or you started traveling all around teyvat.
Tumblr media
to be honest, you kinda expected it. like, kaeya, the calvary captain, famous with the ladies, loyal..? hard to believe, really.
you had to pick kaeya up, since you knew it was getting late and he was probably getting crazy drunk at the tavern.
walking in, you greet diluc and notice he has a rather pitied look on his face. "hey, diluc. you look like you're in a bad mood.. is there anything wrong?" "nothing, (name), but.. just know, that I am so sorry for what you will see." "um.. alright, then. thank you..?"
you immediately knew what he meant when you looked to your left. you saw kaeya with a group of girls laying over him, them all half naked.
"I tried to get them to leave, but.. they just won't. im sorry," you heard diluc say, but you could barely hear it. wow. you were such a fool. so foolish, to think that the kaeya alberich would actually be loyal to someone like you?
let's admit it, your position was no higher than his, and since you were from another nation, (meaning that you were foreign), people used this to easily take advantage of you.
seeing you, kaeya let out a low chuckle. "wow, (n/n). such a shame you had to find out this way, huh? sorry. guess I wasn't exactly what you wanted me to be," shrugging while letting the words flow smoothly out his mouth.
you nodded gently, "I understand. farewell," and left the tavern, waving goodbye to diluc, who had a sad look on his face from the empathy he had felt for you.
from that day on, you trained everyday and worked hard. you also knew to never let a man like kaeya break your heart ever again.
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khaedis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Then Maedhros alone stood aside, but Fëanor caused fire to be set to the white ships of the Teleri.”
I’m experiencing Silmarillion feels again somebody help
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howdydowdy · 10 months ago
ahhh i love hospital playlist! i love it even (especially?) when it makes me cry, it's just so kind and human and lovely
oh yeah same, the best parts are when i'm silently weeping. i came out here to release some endorphins and i'm honestly having such a successful time right now.
#i also like that it's making me care about characters that did not seem interesting at first#currently my two fave characters are#do jae hak my beloved <3#and rosa#hospital playlist#anon#asks#i'm actually kind of annoyed by how much of the show is relationship drama#though i should have seen that coming#that's probably like. the point of this kind of show but honestly they pulled a bait and switch on me#the first episode was all doctors saving patients and being good friends and then all of a sudden#starting in idk which episode but late enough that i had already gotten hooked#all of the residents are running around falling in love with their superiors! you tricked me!!!#i'm tired of people confessing. everybody knock it off#i watch this show for the parents sobbing because they love their children. i don't care about all the residents who have fallen for#the hypercompetence and compassion of their professors. ugh you guys! stop being so basic omg enough already#okay yeah i get it they don't have time to meet anyone outside of the hospital and it's sexy when you're in a life or death situation#and there's someone calm who knows exactly what to do. i get it. you made your point. now just let [redacted] get back together#and lay off with all this resident nonsense. you guys should all try to smooch each other instead of your professors#i love do jae hak cuz he's a sweetheart but it doesn't hurt that he's already married & thus is not gazing longingly at anyone in the OR#good for you mate keep it up i'm rooting for you
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hysokaz · 10 months ago
i swear im going to blow my brains out whenever silva is on screen it makes me so mad because killua i think does love his father. i think he sometimes has moments of connection with him that make him trust him enough to tell him about his feelings and relationships and memories and all of that. and i dont think that silva Doesnt love killua but he mostly acts the way he does not to be the "good understanding father who turns a blind eye to make his son happy" killua craves, hes doing all of the things he does so he can blindside killua and manipulate him behind the scenes. its like killua trusts him so much and silva is fucking. Evil. i dont know.
#he knows what hes doing hes doing it on purpose he feels like hes got killua in his hands and it makes me so mad#because he Can be nice and let let killua get away with things like friends. and he wont go after them or do stuff like that. because he Ne#he needs killuas trust for his plan to follow through#he needs killuas trust so killua will eventually do what hes been wanting killua to do since the beginning#go and grow and be out in the world. and then kill his friends get deppressed come back to the only life he knows ''toughen up'' and take o#i dont know if ill ever be able to just. explain everything i feel but i ijjgsrmgrsgmr i wish i was smarter and was better able to explain#NO BUT ITS HIM ENCOURAGING KILLUAS FRIENDS AND HIM BEING LIKE KILLLUA YOURE GREAT GO OUT AND GET FRIENDS AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE FOLLOW YOUR#AND TELLING KILLUA HE CAN ALWAYS COME BACK. MAKING KILLUA SAY HE DO WAS HE WANTS.#making him swear hes never going to betray them.#its all so killua feels comfortable enough trusts him enough to have freedom leave and Then Come Back.#like its just all bullshit and he Knows it. thats why he leaves the door open because in the back of his head he knows or at least thinks v#he litearlly said he Knows what hes doing he Knows how much its going to hurt killua when he eventually fucks up and then he'll come back t#i dont think that killua will come back to the estate because ''hes silvas son'' i think hes going to come back one day (not stay but come#id ont even know I DONT EVEN KNOW UGH#hes litealrly. him just literally laughing about it cus it was so effortless for him to manipulate his own son he Doesnt Care he Couldnt ca#msjgmmrjsmmjgjndt im going to pull his hair out.#i dont even know I DONT EVEN KNOWWWW#this is why i cant understand why you guys like him apart from the fact that hes ugly i just i jstugmf#but i mean again hes not real so you guys can do whatever you want n stuff#hxh#silva zoldyck#killua zoldyck
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lesbianstarlightglimmer · 2 years ago
Going to bed now! Nighty night!
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svgarslut · 4 months ago
↪︎ ARATAKI ITTO the big boy, his dick puts zhongli’s to shame. he's perfect in every way and the gods saw fit to bestow upon him the peen of legends to add insult to injury. his dick is long (fucking fat and it pulsates with veins) and girthy. he's afraid of hurting you by accident so he tries to fuck you gently, but you're so absurdly small compared to him that he's always on the verge of going completely feral. the blood of the great crimson oni boiling hot in his veins. that's why he likes it when you play the brat, he can just fuck you hard. he likes to call you his little bunny, ass up face down in the sheets. his gigantic hands entangling with your tiny ones as he destroys you. will spoil you rotten later! rub his tummy like a magic lamp, call him ‘my good boy’ and he will melt.
↪︎ CHILDE, AYATO, THOMA second biggest to itto’s, he also has very good girth so bring the lube or he will destroy you. his dick has a pretty shape, very plump base and a larger head (think hammerhead shark but peen form💀) your eyes roll back every time he stretches you out. the burning pleasure of him spreading your gummy walls makes you mewl in delight, your toes curling. the way the head hits your deepest parts and scrapes against your walls makes all the preparations worth it. very eager and soft dom, but isn’t opposed to being a rough dom if you are comfortable with it. the little shits are smug and cocky (no pun intended) and will degrade you every time you moan like a whore for him. childe will give nine lashes across his back as penance if he ever hurts you with his pp.
↪︎ KAZUHA, XIAO, ALBEDO, DAINSLIEF most beautiful dick you’ve ever seen… a dream come true, 500/10. It's a little longer than average, super fucking girthy. well groomed/shaved. watches your reactions very closely and will be a cocky shit if he sees you want more. i headcanon dains as a closeted slut. he has a FILTHY mouth and it’s full of delicious sin. he loves when you are riding him, allowing him to buck harder into you. his eyes half lidded as he watches your pussy struggle to suck his meat in. his cum is almost searing hot as you feel him pump into you. he comes so much too, oh gods.. really into corruption kink and has a sick joy in you struggling to take his fat cock. it just feels so good for you and that’s all he wants.
🕊 — kamisato ayato
oh i wasn’t sure if it was okay to send some links in, but i have some reference art and porn links for these hc’s if you guys want them <3
ugh i want ittos fucking ginormous cock to wreck my shit so so so BADDDDDD and THE DAINSLEIF ONE ????? OMLLLLLL
tysm for this contribution dove anon <333
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Tumblr media
High Fever
Prompt: Person A is sick and Person B is called to help them.
Warnings: Steve being ill and adorable. (fluff)
Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader
A/N: I wrote this prompt 7 different ways before I got the final draft I wanted lmaooo! Enjoy! :D
"Pleeeeeease Y/N!" You sigh at the pleading coming from the other end of the phone.
This was the fourth time Dustin had called begging for your help. The other three times you tried to make up excuses but he kept calling back. He secretly knew the real reason why you didn't want to say yes to his favour.
Steve was sick and had no one to come over to help nurse him back to health.
" Why cant you guys just take it in shifts to look after him?"
"Becaaaaause....we have stuff to do. You know....Saving the tooown, being super cool secret herooooes etc etc."
"What about his parents?" There's a slight pause on the other end of the line before Dustin responded.
"They're out of town."
"Ugh fine. But you all owe me one, got it?"
"Got it!" "Promise!" "Thanks Y/N!" You hear the calls of the group in the background.
"I'll be over in ten okay? I just need to gather some supplies first."
"No problem Y/N! See you soon!" You hung up the phone and rushed to the first aid cabinet in your bathroom, gathering all the supplies you think you may need and placing them in your duffel bag.
The gang always believed you didn't care for Steve when in reality it was quite the opposite. It wasn't a complete lie in the beginning though. You really didn't like Steve in the beginning. You remembered him as the guy who hurt your best friend Nancy and the guy who was a complete douche.
But Somehow, Since you were dragged into the group to help with all the crazy things going on in Hawkins, and the more you were forced to be around him, the more you saw how much he's changed and over time began to actually start seeing him as a friend.
Somewhere in-between the late night drives when neither of you could sleep, to the deep discussions about your past and the sad stories that came with it, those feelings developed into more than just a friendship feeling to you. You never told the group this and you planned to keep it that way. No one could know you had a soft spot for Harrington.
You finished gathering your supplies and hurried out of the house to your car. You left the drive way and began your journey to Steve's house.
Dustin opens the door to reveal an annoyed looking you. not really though.
"You guys are still here?"
"We didn't wanna leave him in case he needed something" Dustin shrugged.
"Well aint that sweet." You said, passing Dustin and entering Steve's house. You greeted the rest of the group and briefly looked around. The place was huge.
Dustin led you up the stairs to Steve's room whilst the rest of the gang hung around downstairs. Probably talking about their latest plan to do deal with something crazy that's going on, no doubt.
You arrived outside Steve's door and Dustin turned to face you.
"He's in there. Just knock and go in. We'll be back as soon as we figure this situation out." Dustin explained with a smile, walking past you and descending the stairs where the rest of the group were waiting for him.
'What situation?' you thought. You'll figure that out later, for now your main focus was on Steve.
You slowly opened the door to reveal Steve's room.
He was fast asleep on his bed. The blanket was placed below his torso and it took you a second to realise that-
'Oh my god he's shirtless.' Your face turning a bright shade of red.
You placed your supplies bag by his bed and began to distract yourself by looking around his room. Before you could look at anything you hear the sound of the bedroom door opening again, revealing a concerned looking Dustin.
"Take good care of him okay?" You smile at Dustin's concern.
"I promise he's in save hands Dustin. You can go. I got this." He smiled before his head disappeared from view again. You found it so sweet how close Dustin and Steve are. Like big bro and little bro.
The more you cleaned and observed his room the more you realised there was nothing of his family here. No photographs together, no memories, nothing. It was just an odd thing to see. He never really spoke of his parents to you so you weren't really sure what you were expecting, but you'd think there would at least be a picture or a memory or something.
Your trail of though was broken by the sound of coughing and a groan that followed. You turned to look at Steve. He looked awful. You feel almost guilty for getting distracted by his lack of a shirt.
You walked over to his bedside and gently pushed his hair away from his face. You carefully pressed your hand again his forehead and it was obvious his temperature was stupidly high. Before you could move your hand away a hand reached up to grab yours. Your heart skipped a beat and you had to refrain from pulling away your hand in shock.
He stirred a little, mumbling but not enough to wake himself up. He let go of your hand and moved it out of the way. You were kind of disappointed by that.
"Dude I told you I'm fine. You don't have to keep checking up on me" Steve mumbled again, turning away from you and snuggling deeper into the blankets. You giggle lightly, leaning over and gently pull the blanket and place it on Steve's shoulder.
"Its not Dustin, Steve. Its Y/N" He chuckled lightly in response.
"No its not. They'd never come to check up on me." You were taken a back by that. I mean yeah you had been a little distant lately but there was obvious reason for that. You liked him and it spooked you. But you definitely didn't think he would care about it this much.
"Why wouldn't they check up on you?"
"Because they hate me."
"They don't hate you Steve"
"They do." He sounded so defeated in that statement. You felt so bad for putting your worries of ruining the friendship before thinking about how it might have affected him.
"Why do you think they hate you?"
"They don't talk to me as much anymore. I hate it. I miss them so much." The more he spoke about it the worse it made you feel. You had no idea it affected him this way. "I was so worried that they might have heard us talking about them." Okay now you were confused.
"When did we talk about them?" He must be super ill if he isn't picking up on the fact that yours and Dustin voices sound nothing alike.
"Oh you know when." Steve words star to slur towards the end.
His fever was running high so you walked to the bathroom and returned with a wet towel, placing it carefully on his forehead.
You let him sleep for a while and went to the kitchen to make him some soup. You bring the soup back to his room and place in on his bedside table. He was way to exhausted to sit up though, let alone eat. You tried once again to get some info out of him.
"So...when did we talk about Y/N last?"
"Last week. I had just started my shift. I didn't even realise they were with Robin at the back of the store. I was such an idiot for not realising."
You remembered that moment. You never heard what he said though. They both turned to look at you and you waved. They both ducked behind the counter in panic and you never knew why, until now anyway.
"What were we talking about again?"
"About Y/N" Steve said in a whiny tone. "About how nice they are, and sweet, and kind. About how I cant stop staring at them cause they're so pretty. I got so close to them and now." Steve paused as he sunk further into his blanket, eyes still shut and a clear frown appearing on his face. "I blew it."
"You didn't blow it Steve"
"I did. They don't talk to me anymore and I want them to. I want them to talk to me, to go on drives with me. I want-" He begins to drift off again. His words beginning to form a mumble. " to hold their hand, and comfort them when they're sad. I wanna protect them and give them everything."
Okay. this has to be the fever talking. There's no way you're hearing this right.
"Steve, are you trying to say you like Y/N?"
"Nooooo, Dustin. I really like them. Like really, really, Reeeeeeeeeeeally-"
"Okay okay I got it." You giggled, tucking him into the blanket and readjusting the towel on his forehead.
You heard the slamming of the door and the sounds of multiple voices. It's Robin and Nancy. Dustin must've called them in for backup just in case you didn't show.
You only had a small amount of time left with him before they entered his room so you had to make it quick.
"Steve, I promise you this. If you tell Y/N how you feel they will feel the same way, trust me." Steve replied with a mumble but you were pretty sure he was already fast asleep.
The door opened to reveal Robin and Nancy peaking in to see you smoothing the hair away from Steve's face, a light smile of affection on yours.
"Okay lovebirds break it up." Robin came to sit next to you.
"You're excused from your line of duty. We are on shift now." You turned to look at Nancy who was still leaning again the doorframe.
"Dustin called." You nod in understanding. You stand and hugged them both before leaving.
You sat in the car for longer than you realised before snapping out of it and starting your journey back home.
Even when the next day arrived and you were heading out for your work shift, you still couldn't fully process what had happened with Steve.
"If I complain enough do you reckon they'll change the uniforms? I hate wearing these." Your work supplied the ugliest uniforms known to man and you complained about it nearly every shift.
"Not even if you set all of the uniforms on fire." Robin laughed and your whining. She came to visit you after your constant calls over the last three days regarding Steve's health. You wanted to visit him again but after that night you couldn't muster up the courage to go.
"How is he-"
"Y/N relax. He's fine. He went back to work today and hes walking around fine. 100% better."
"100%" She reassured you.
"You really worry about him huh? what happened to the 'completely ignoring him to hide my feelings' situation?" You turned to Robin in complete shock. SHE KNEW?!
"Oh please, you were so obvious about that. Pretty sure most of the group knew except for Steve."
"Nancy knew?"
"She was one of the first to clue in on it."
"Is she-?"
"She's fine with it Y/N. Don't worry about it." Robin could read you like a book and you loved her for that.
You both continued to talk for the remaining few hours left of your shift while you wrote out paperwork that the manager could not be bothered to finish.
Once the clock on the wall indicated it was time to close you threw the keys to Robin so she could go lock the door.
She only took two steps forward before the front door slammed opened to reveal a severely out of breath Steve. His hands on his knees, bent over and heaving type of out of breath.
"You know you have a car right?" Robin said in a sarcastic tone, leaning against the store counter.
"That would've taken too long."
"What? and running here was quicker?"
"Robin! not helping."
"Ariiiiight, I know when I'm not wanted." She turned to you and mouthed a 'good luck.' chucking you the keys before walking out the store, patting Steve on the back as she passed him.
You walked over to the staff room and grabbed a bottle of water. You returned and handed it to a slightly less hunched over and out of breath Steve.
He wheezed out a thank you before chugging back the water like his life depended on it. You gently ushered him into the store and locked the door behind you, turning the open sign to closed. You hopped up onto the counter next to Steve who was leaning on it.
You waited for his breathing to ease before speaking.
"What the hell happened for you to run all the way here?" You said light-heartedly. He paused for so long you genuinely thought he was never going to respond.
"Did something happ-" You were interrupted by him finally breaking his silence.
"I know it was you I was talking to that night."
"The night you were sick?"
He nodded
"How? you were so out of it you didn't even realise it was me talking and not Dustin."
"Dustin showed up at my work today. I told him if he ever told anyone what I said about liking you id kick his ass. He looked at me confused and told me he didn't look after me that day." He turned to look at you and your face went bright red.
"You did."
You felt like time had stopped.
"It was you I was talking to, wasn't it?" You had to look straight ahead otherwise you think you will never stop blushing.
"Yeah well Dustin decided to call me because the group had things to do and towns to save, blah blah bl-"
"Y/N." He stops your nervous rambling, pushing off the counter where he was leaning and turns to face you.
"Why didn't you tell me? I thought you hated me. "
"I don't hate you Steve."
"You don't?"
"No. In fact its the complete opposite." You decide to stare at your lap cause you were too nervous to look at him.
"I think you're super funny and an absolute dork." You smile to yourself before continuing.
"You look after those kids like they're your own and you are the most selfless person I've ever met." You look up and finally meet his gaze. A sudden boost of confidence washing over you.
"I like you, Steve. And I'm sorry if this affects us from here on out but, as selfish as it may be, I needed to say it."
Before you even have time to process what you just said, Steve moves closer and places his hands on either side of your face.
"I am so glad you said it." He breathes out before crashing his lips into yours. You relax into the kiss, your lips moving against his. His hand cupped your jaw gently as you wrap you arms around his neck. After a while he finally pulled back to look at you with the sweetest smile on his face. You began to pull him back in for more but you were interrupted by the sound of the front door opening.
You both turn to see your assistant manager with her hand on her hip, looking displeased. Again, not really.
"Thank god you finally got the guy but can you please get your butts out of here so I can finish my paperwork?" She says playfully, walking past you both and into the staff room at the back of the store. She gave Steve a thumbs up as she passed and he returned the gesture.
You both laugh as Steve rests his forehead against yours.
"Wanna get out of here?" He asks, leaning down to kiss you again.
"I thought you'd never ask." You responded sweetly. Steve moved back a little so you could hop off the counter. He took your hand into his, intertwining your fingers and leading you out of the store and back to his work so he can tell Robin and anyone he sees that hes finally dating you. He would never say it out loud, but he has never been more grateful for a high fever.
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Ooooh can we hear your thoughts and opinions on Miss Bustier, her akuma, and Zombizou’s plot after your fresh rewatch of the episode? >:3c
HoKAY so I held onto this one because I still needed to do my "pause every three seconds to write notes and make dumb quips in the discord chat" rewatch, but NOW!
There is so much ugh in this episode and some of it might sound familiar because I've salted on Bustier before, but here we go, mostly chronologically. These will be both petty and detailed:
Okay I literally had to ask the French Discord if Mylene's gift is a translation error:
Tumblr media
It is not. That's what her gift is. I've only heard of people keeping a lock of their LOVER'S hair or that of someone who's passed away. But sure, what a totally normal thing to gift your teacher.
Most of Bustier's approach to things - having fighting students hug it out, quiet time, daily affirmations - could probably work if the cast was elementary school age. Like, really young elementary school age. Like, still learning what empathy is young elementary school age. Like, literally teaching someone "hey it hurts when you're hit, right? So that means it hurts other people when you hit them, right? So you shouldn't hit them because you know it hurts to be hit" young elementary school age.
They forgot Chloe's sunglasses in the "Morning Compliment" Scene and it's like she's missing her tiara, it's so wrong. Also she's supposed to be boredly looking at her phone while Rose is talking but her sight line is off:
Tumblr media
Sabrina and Nino's Super Different from Season 1 Voice Actors really threw me in this episode, I don't know why specifically this time it did but it did. Maybe because in this episode it feels more like Sabrina's reading off her lines and maybe she's just getting comfortable and maybe Nino's dropped the "cool/surfer guy" affect on accident?
Speaking of Sabrina, me and my sister noted that even she managed to get something for Bustier which led us on a side tangent - why didn't Chloe spend some of her time ordering Bustier something? In "Dark Cupid" she orders a 24-carot Gold Frame for her poster on the walk home and by the time she arrives at the hotel, it's there! You're trying to tell me if she really wanted to she couldn't have had something express delivered for Bustier? Oh what am I saying, that would require Chloe to use her vast resources on someone ELSE and we can't have that!
Point being, despite having at least half the school day (the montage shows them having Chemistry, Lunch, Art, and Dodgeball before Bustier's class), Chloe spent more energy on sabotaging Marinette's gift instead of just easing her own guilt by buying a gift herself. In case anyone thought this episode showed Chloe in a GOOD light.
Montage of Bustier/Zombizou's weird eye/brows/browbone in this episode:
Tumblr media
The thinner the brow, the worse the squiggles. This lighting really highlights her scary thin nose bridge and NOT in a good way
It's not as obvious on the small scale, but her eyes have a purple ring around them, her eye lashes are a blue/grey color, and her pupil is TINY, but I prefer that to not HAVING a pupil.
Her browbone is clipping through her mask, lovely
Her eyebrow doesn't match up with the brow bone and she doesn't have a furrow between the brows so it looks...so off.
Tumblr media
Here's no. 2 closer up
I appreciate the class getting mad on Marinette's behalf but I wish they'd kept their insults to facts - instead of saying she caused half the akumas in Paris or that she's worse than Hawkmoth, stick to the fact she's a bully who hates seeing other people happy. You know, things Bustier can't write off because they're true.
Though it's very telling that this Chloe's face as they call her "worse than Hawkmoth":
Tumblr media
She feels no remorse over not JUST ruining Marinette's gift to Bustier, but ruining something that was MEANT for Bustier! But given how Bustier has the AUDACITY to praise Chloe and give her credit, it's no WONDER where Chloe gets her delusional ideas that everyone likes her or should be thanking her when she acts despicable!
But that's no surprise since that's the expected outcome from Bustier's enabling philosophy of "forgive and forget despite the other person truly wronging you in multiple ways, suffering no repercussions, and in fact are getting kudos for behaving poorly on top of never repenting for what they did." Why WOULD Chloe do better when there's no incentive to?!
The only way that Bustier's advice to Marinette to "let go of her anger and forgive Chloe" is if in the meantime, Bustier is punishing Chloe for what she did. Otherwise, this is letting Chloe get away scot-free to vandalize again. What good does that do anyone, including Chloe? What does Bustier think is going to happen when Chloe does the same thing in high school or as an adult but the other person presses charges instead of "forgiving her and letting go of their anger?" She's setting up Chloe for failure, on top of failing Marinette by teaching her that her feelings don't matter and that having negative emotions is shameful.
Because that is Bustier's intent. That feeling negative emotions is something to be ashamed of. When she's deakumatized, she's distraught over "giving in to her negative emotions" and says that "I'm terrible" for doing so. So I guess Bustier thinks her entire class is terrible because they've all been akumatized, good to know.
That's why her "good deeds" are forcing fighting students to hug it out. That's why she makes her students give each other "compliments" but doesn't actually care what the compliments are (since she's satisfied with Chloe's "Rose, today you seem less...annoying." compliment). That's why she'd rather convince Marinette to ignore that Chloe defaced her gift with malicious intent so that Chloe can keep gloating and getting credit - because confronting Chloe would make her feel a "negative emotion" and it's easier to convince Marinette to back down. They're just empty gestures to keep a facade of PoSiTivItY without actually getting to the root of what causes these negative emotions.
Tumblr media
If my teacher ever dropped to their knees like this to talk to me over the age of 10, I would be absolutely feral. Get up and talk to me like an equal deserving of respect, not a fucking toddler.
Gotta love that Bustier's defense to being told "Chloe is the meanest person I've ever known" is "oh someone in Paris must be worse than Chloe." Like, oh yeah? Who? Because Marinette hasn't met them.
And honestly, if Chloe hasn't learned "the meaning of love" at age 14, that sounds like a job for therapy and not her equally aged classmates.
Really wish there were more jabs at Zombizou's power. "I'll spread compassion throughout Paris! By making everyone make out with strangers!" There's a lesson about forced, toxic positivity in here that they totally whiffed on.
Tumblr media
I knew from reference photos that sometimes Zombizou's lip mark disappears from her chest, but I held out some hope that it meant something like that she needed to reload on lipstick or something. I am but a fool, they just messed up, since above is literally her after one cut.
Now that Zombizou has entered the ring, can we talk about her design? Because I am confused. The short skirt and puffed sleeves feel too young for Bustier and the patchwork and knitting needles aim more for Marinette - which makes sense if it was meant for Marinette. But the powers have nothing to do with Marinette - in fact, even the parts of Zombizou that remind us of Marinette don't match with what Marinette was upset about:
Tumblr media
This should've been the first hint of Princess Justice with the way Hawkmoth sensed Marinette's anger, so where'd this patchwork Tim Burton doll come from?
And then the power and motivation - forcing everyone to feel compassion and love through forced physical contact? Again, there's something here about forced positivity and coercing people to "get along" against their will, but they completely abandoned it by the end.
She kicked Mendeleiev's door in half, she kicked the Art Club door in half, she kicked Damocles' door in half, she kicked the school's front doors in half...this woman is a menace. And she has the gall to tell Damocles "I don't like knocking, I prefer a gentler touch."
Tumblr media
Let's also appreciate how shiny Mendeleiev's door is.
Tragic, but between evading Mylene and Sabrina in the courtyard and revealing themselves to Ladybug in the locker room, the class lost Nathaniel and no one even noticed. RIP. Literally I didn't notice until me and my sister went backwards from the Eiffel Tower trying to think of who would and wouldn't have been captured if not for Chloe and it took us to getting to Max and Kim on the roof to think "...wait where'd Nathaniel go?"
Tumblr media
Some more errors for you:
Max's shirt clipping through his pants
Ladybug's grey flat screen (in "Copycat" it's reflective like any other screen)
Chloe's new facial hair ie. Being Impaled by her Side Hair
And Alix's hat that blips in and out of existence but that happens in so many episodes it's basically not even worth screenshotting anymore.
And I'm at my image limit, but they got Zombified Kim's eyes wrong - the glow green, like in "Despair Bear", instead of the purple they're supposed to be.
Zombizou: "NO ONE can escape MY KISS!" and "Witness the final triumph of love!" Me: "Ma'am that is ASSAULT!"
Sorry not sorry but I don't buy Chloe's heel turn at the end. Literally being carried by Chat Noir, by themselves in an elevator as their entire class was picked off one by one she's still asserting that "only the best remain" and isn't the least bit sad about it. She only suddenly cares about "getting in the way" when Chat Noir is taken out.
Because there's no more meat shields. There's no more canon fodder. There's her and there's Ladybug and if Ladybug is taken out, then so is she. There are no other options for Chloe and Ladybug: Ladybug wins or Chloe is infected like everyone else. This doesn't prove that Chloe feels remorseful, it proves that not even Chloe is dumb enough to overlook what it would mean if Ladybug lost here.
Her putting herself between Chat Noir and Ladybug isn't a sacrifice, it's the only option. It's self preservation, it's the only way to succeed. It's not noble that Chloe only does something when the only other option is the same fate that she happily left everyone else to. You could even argue the only reason Chloe needed to interfere was because Chloe distracted Ladybug by trying to apologize NOW of all times.
What's with this show's blonde's and their bad timing?
And about that apology - what a shoehorn! I think the writers did intend for Chloe's apologies to be genuine, but they failed in the set up. Maybe if Chloe got less and less despicable as classmates were picked off, if she got less and less sure of herself, if she acted like when people sacrificed themselves for her that was something to feel GUILTY about- but she doesn't. She's not guilty or even grateful. Kim puts her before him on the baton? She mocks him for thinking that she might possibly kiss him for it, which wasn't even his goal. Rose gets attacked trying to carry her onto the bus? She snaps at her because she wasn't "fast enough" to stop her ankle from getting twisted. Alix pushes her out of the way to make herself a human barricade between Rose and the rest of the survivors on the bus? She complains about people "invading her personal space".
Her apology to Ladybug reads like her swearing to be nice when Stoneheart throws her from the Eiffel Tower - an empty promise on her "deathbed" that's heard by almost no one that she can immediately take back or pretend never happened.
And her "apology" to Bustier isn't any better. I've already pointed out that Chloe could've used her time to rush order a gift if she felt THAT BAD about forgetting Bustier's birthday. She has a butler, her best friend is basically a personal assistant, she's got a phone that she's glued to half the time - she has so many ways to set a reminder or literally get someone else to do her work for her to ensure she got something for Bustier's birthday. There's no excuse, she flat out didn't care enough, that's all there is to it.
And somehow this and her getting her a gift a day later are supposed to be what clues us in that Chloe "has a heart, she just doesn't know how to use it?" Uh, if they really wanted to prove that, maybe she should've actually taken Alya's suggestion about apologizing to the class seriously instead of gloating over "saving Ladybug?" Chloe didn't change, Chloe didn't learn anything!
All that happened was that Marinette was taught by someone in authority over her to ignore Chloe being awful, leaving her open to give Chloe a chance in "Maledictator", leading to even more entitlement on Chloe's part, eventually leading to "Miracle Queen" and "PenalTeam" with Chloe feeling so entitled to everything being handed to her that she opts to side with the BAD GUY.
THAT'S what the lesson in "Zombizou" leads to. THAT is what this starts. This episode has no re-watch value whatsoever thanks to Seasons 3 and 4 and it is rage inducing with hindsight.
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Hello, I hope you’re having an amazing day/night! If you don’t mind and it doesn’t make you too uncomfortable. How do you think the slashers would react to the reader wanting kids/being pregnant? It can be a fem reader or a MtF idm. I just have really bad baby fever rn and love your work 🧡🧡
Hey I love this!! (Also they corrected themselves and put FtM!! I just deleted the other ask before screenshotting it >-<)
Slashers Reacting to Reader Wanting Kids Or Being Pregnant:
Thomas Hewitt:
Wanting Kids: I stongly believe this man has a breeding kink out the wazoo. He's seen his family member with kids and just LOVES them. He would be so excited if you expressed an interest in them! He would want to get to work ASAP! And if you express the interest while in bed? Well damn, don't expect just one round that night, he's going until he's sure you're stuffed full of him and he's certain you'll be carrying his kid.
Getting you Pregnant: Now, I am assuming you mean the slasher impregnating reader, so that's what I'm going off- but he'd be so excited! Oh my gosh he would be so happy and telling Luda right away if it's alright by you! Expect him to be extra protective with you though. The last thing he needs is you getting hurt, let alone his little baby growing in you. So he'd be papmpering you a lot more than usual. And when you start showing? Ugh, this man is going to be a MESS. Gonna go absolutely feral when he sees your stomach and breasts growing. Expect a bunch of praise from him. Because your body is definitely his temple by this point.
Bubba Sawyer:
Wanting Kids: Like Tommy, this man has a breeding kink out the wazoo. He wants so badly to have kids of his own, and when you come around he's sure that he can act out those wants. He doesn't bring it up, but you can tell by how fatherly he can be with certain animals or just the way he acts when kids get involved with victims. When you express an interest in kids he's literally so happy. He's a babbling mess and trying to tell you how much he loves you and how much he wants nothing more than kids with you, but he's just so excited he can't form anything other than a bunch of rambles. He definitely gets to work right away, he can't wait.
Getting you Pregnant: The moment he finds out you're pregnant he's on his knees holding you. His face pressed against your stomach crying with you. He's so thrilled, that he sort of forgets that he needs to be the strong one. Not the one crying because he's going to be a father soon. Not only that but he tells all of his family, this won't be a secret even if you asked him to keep it a secret. He may have some days where you have to hold him and remind him how good of a father he'll be though. He worries a lot, and he has his moments. Just be there for him and everything will be alright, though.
OG Michael Myers:
Wanting Kids: He'd tilt his head when you express your want for kids. He's kind of the wrong guy to be telling this. He thinks you should have thought about this before you got with him, because he's too posessive to let you go, but he also doesn't really have an interest in kids.. He doesn't mind cumming in you though, it gives him a sense that he owns you. Leaving his seed in you, marking you up from the inside so everyone knows you're his and only his.
Getting you Pregnant: If you get pregnant he won't be sure how to react. Expecially when your hormones kick in. He might even get a bit annoyed with it, hating all of the situation... Until you start showing. Then his curiosity peaks, and he finds a fascination with your body as you go through the stages. The way your stomach grows, your breasts swelling. Your random cravings, your peaks of horniness... It all strikes his interest and he finds himself enjoying the pregnancy, but not so much the thought of having a kid of his own? If that makes sense? When the baby is finally born he's internally freaking out, though he denies it with a stoic face when you ask. But you can see the panic in his eyes. You've been with him long enough to know when he's lying. When you finally get him to hold the baby though, and see the way his face softens as he looks down at it. He thinks maybe this won't be so bad. That maybe.. He has another reason to keep fighting. Another person to keep safe under his care. Though, he may distance himself from you and the baby at first before he truly gets used to the little person.
RZ Michael Myers:
Wanting Kids: Ever since his little sister Boo was born he'd had an interest in kids. They were so cute and fun, plus his little sister was amazing, and grew up to be amazing. Even if she didn't take a liking to him too well- But you actually want kids with him? When you first bring it up he glares. Thinking you're messing with him. Some sick joke to see his reaction, but when he realizes that you aren't kidding he's thinking long and hard on it. Give him some time, it'll take him some time to think it over! You only brought it up once. But it'll be on his mind constantly, and I moment he decides pumping a baby in you wouldn't be so bad. Then he's making sure it'll happen.
Lester Sinclair:
Getting you Pregnant: he's not too verbal, but he's more physical than OG Michael. Also EXTREMELY protective. This man will be watching like a hawk, and he will be doing his best to take care of you. Especially when you start showing. He's gonna be a bit touchy, too. He's just curious, and if you let him feel when the baby starts kicking? Oh bboy, he's gonna be smiling like an idiot behind his hair. Biting it back so he didn't look as excited as he really was. He might even hold him hand on your stomach while you sleep. Just to feel the little thumps and kicks, pretending like he wasn't just smiling at the feeling like a fool when you wake up and catch him. He was just being protective, that's it.
Wanting kids: this man is very nervous around kids. Sure, they're cute 'n' all, but he's never been too into the thought of having any of his own. But when you bring it up he feels his heart swell with love. "A kid.. With li'l' ol' me?" When you say yes he's smiling and red, he even feels his eyes slightly water up. He's never felt more happy. He'd happily give you kids, you may have to remind him how good of a father he'll be, but he can't say no to you.
Bo Sinclair:
When you're pregnant: He'll probably end up shouting out of pure joy or cry. There's no in between. He might even do both. He's just so happy and he can't help himself! The love of his life is having his baby! Oh, but then he get nervous. What if the kid hates him? What if he's a bad dad? What if something happens? You'll have to reassure this sweet man that he'll be an amazing father and you know it, because lets be honest. He would be. When you're getting close to having the kid Lester spends more time at home with you. Too afraid of leaving you at home by yourself. Jonesy would be by your side always too, and Lester would love the sight. His best friend next to you. And he definitely kisses and talks to your tummy all the time. Got make sure that baby knows its daddy loves em <3
Wanting kids: He's gonna say no at first. Kids are a hassle in his eyes and he hates to thought of becoming a ffather. Last thing he needs is to find out He's just as bad of a father as his own was. So he'll say no for a long while. Then some people come through town with a little kid a he swears his heart stops when he sees you interact with the kid. Maybe kids aren't too bad of an idea...
Vincent Sinclair:
You pregnant: this man is experiencing more emotions than you are right now. He's happy, thrilled even, but he is so scared. So fearful his kid will hate him or that the two of you will get hurt, or even that the towns too dangerous for a little kid to be living in. But with his brothers and more specifically your reassurance. He's finally thinking this is the best idea you've ever had. He really wants a little boy. To show how to shoot guns and work on trucks. To pass on his legacy, but if he gets a girl??? Oh, he's gonna be so happy. He would love her more than life itself. And if you have twins??? He's simply passing away.
Wanting kids: He would hate the idea for a while. It would take some convincing but after a while he would cave in. Especially when he starts thinking long and hard about you with a baby in your arms. Raising a kid with you couldn't be that bad.
When you're Pregnant: He'd be.. very hesitant to be around you for a while. I mean, he's already really insecure and when you get Pregnant he's internally freaking oout. When you coax him into being around you he'll calm down and do everything he can to be there for you. He'd definitely do his best to keep you away from tourists. Last thing he needs is a rogue tourists hurting you or his baby. When the babies born he's going to be so frightened. It'll take a lot to get him to touch the baby, but when he does he doesn't wanna let go. Until it starts crying, then he might freak out a little. He's definitely gonna baby the shit out of the kid. And the kids' uncles sure as hell will too.
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Alone - Bakugou Katsuki x Female Reader
Summary: You’ve never been able to tell if Bakugou likes you but you’ve spent a lot of time (sometimes foolishly) hoping he did. 
WC: 10.7k 
CW.Pinning Tw.ANGST Cw.death Cw.injury cw.anxiety. Tw.HIGH FUNCTIONING ANXIETY. reader has high functioning anxiety. Cw.alcohol cw.self loathing.  MDNI MINORS DO NOT INTERACT AN: I cried writing this at one point so If you see my tear stains just keep scrolling. Also I really struggled with either making this hurt/comfort or angst but the angst was just so good. I might still post the alternative ending separately. 
Bakugou has called you princess for so long you don’t know if he knows your real name. It’s been a nicknames that’s grown with you. Starting as one thing and becoming something completely different. When you first heard the name it was long before you’d ever hear it in any kind of positive light. Your fighting on the course of action in a rescue situation, a team building exercise that lacks the ‘team’ part because Bakugou is trying to do it himself. 
“You have to protect the hostages with us. You never know what type of traps or backup could come in. If you just go for the villain you could miss so much.” He’s scoffing and rolling his eye.
“Yeah you go ahead and do that. I’m getting the villain.” His hand gestures out in a makeshift way to brush you off. 
“Ugh you can’t just storm off! It’s a team exercise.” 
“Pff you do whatever you want princess. In the real world the only important thing is catching the villain. All you little extra handle the boring shit.” And he’s off in a cloud of black smoke leaving you stunned and flushed. 
After that it seemed to just roll off his tongue like nothing. Everyone else was dumbass or idiot and of course extras but you were princess. It was said in the same tone leaving you only room to believe that you for whatever reason pissed him off more than the others. 
As time goes on he changes of course. No longer the brash student and now the brash and matured sidekick. Somehow nothing changes about Bakugou but at the same time everything did. He grew? Not just physically but emotionally. He found a way to remain true to himself while opening himself up to humility and constructive criticism. No longer is he slamming door behind him but instead waiting for whoever is coming in with him to come in too before slamming the door. He still the all star rushing in and saving the day but now he’s pushed himself to take care of his teammates. His idea of success no longer just getting the bad guy but everyone coming back safe as well. 
Perhaps that’s why you can’t seem to stop looking at him during meetings or though conference room windows. Is it the number of times he’s saved you? It’s too many times to count by now. Could be the subtle but honest change to his core values? You were always a sucker for good growth in a character while watching TV. But he’s real and honest and just himself. He leaves you flustered more times than you care to acknowledge. A little half smirk gracing his face when he catches your eyes in meetings or a raised eyebrow when you stumble over your words at the coffee machine in the morning. It’s never for him. He gets it for Kirishima, you think. 
“Saw you got the night patrol this week.” Your back straights and your toes curl in your boots as you hear his gruff voice beside you as you try to pick which coffee to despise. He’s leaning back against the vending machine tossing his money in the air casually. He looks relaxed and maybe he’s just making small talk but it’s leaving your heart racing. You’d never thought you’d be in this position, small talk in the agency hallway with the biggest hot head in town. 
“Yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to rest probably before our patrols together next week.” Your nodding still staring straight ahead pushing your lips together trying to think if you said anything embarrassing. He nods, his face is resting or glaring at the floor and your aren’t sure which and that leave your throat feeling tight. When had you become so nervous around him? 
“You picking something or what?” Your mind goes blank staring at the brown machine before he sucks his teeth and steps in front of the machine making you step back against almost tripping over the bench on the other side of the hallway that you didn’t think was narrow until now. He slams his fist against the machine and hold his other hand out for you to take the change in his hand. 
“I don’t have all day.” Of course. Scrambling forward you hold your hand out and you expect him to let it fall into your hand but his hand comes down and at the first despots the money there. 
It’s so simple and you must be reading into the way his hand lingers over your own. Probably just making sure you grasp it properly. He’s starting ahead at the old coffee machine as if his glare will make it work faster to finish spitting out the drink. “They haven’t caught that shadow Villain yet, he’s a good match for you so don’t do anything stupid while your out there.” He’s grabbing the cup and heading down the hallway before you can think of a proper response. Your mind reeling over the interaction. Was he concerned? No, he’s just- just- just concerned? you want him to be. You hope he is. 
Your holding the coins in your hand and your amazed at how warm they are. Shocked the money isn’t damp, just warm. Of course he needs warm hands to make sweat but you can’t say your remember a time when you ever really experienced it. As you look up at the little slot to place the coins you almost feel contempt with the machine for making you part ways with the warm metal but that’s just stupid and childish. As you move to push the coins in but you just can’t. 
Your being stupid and you know it. So you pocket the money and head back to your desk. Where a mocha is waiting for you, it has a off white sticky note attached to it in neat handwriting ‘princess’. Your looking around but he must have already headed out for the day but as you sip on the coffee your smiling. 
Things continue like that for almost a year. You stealing glances trying to find out what it is about Bakugou Katsuki that has you so intrigued. It didn’t take long for you to release you were falling for him. When you started finding a coffee cup and an apple on your desk with one of the boring sticky notes reading ‘princess’ every morning. He doesn’t uses the obnoxiously colored once’s. Only the plan off white. 
When you’d go on patrol and spend more time talking his ear off laughing and teasing than paying attention to villain. He didn’t necessarily partake, of course but he didn’t complain and said enough to keep the conversation going. Seeing Bakugou and you teamed up for a patrol would leave a stupid grin on your face the rest of the day. 
“So what are you going to do?” Tsu asks on the other side of the treadmill your currently walking on. Tsu and Uraraka being the only two you’d been able to confine in. You were pretty sure Izuku knew given the fact that one night when you guys were drinking he nearly wet himself when someone asked if you were interested in anyone. Not surprising seeing as he enjoyed a good rumor. Thankfully he seemed to be keeping it to himself. 
“I don’t know? Wait until I’m on my death bed and then confess?” 
“Confess to what?” Kirishima’s chipper voice chimes in as he steps onto the treadmill next to you only to be followed by the blonde. A packaged deal those two were. Your trying to swallow the lump in your throat. He’s not said anything but he has a compression sleeve on one arm and a loose tank top for working out and his gym shorts are well short and tight and you think you might be dying. He just looks like something out of your wet dreams. Uraraka quickly nudges you because you probably have your mouth hanging wide open. 
“Cheating!” You almost scream it at the red head who’s eyebrows go up into his black hair line. He needed to color his hair again. Releasing how that could sound like you’d done an ex wrong you quickly recovered. “I cheated in a game with um Izuku and I feel really bad about it.” Nodding Kirishima keep a steady pace. They must be on a cool down after lifting. You can feel the second hand embarrassment the two girls have on top of your own. 
“Oh look Y/N your cool down is done why don’t you go hit the showers.” Uraraka is practically dragging you away and you can’t blame her. You made a complete idiot out of yourself. Showering and banging your head against a wall had done wonders for clearing your mind. With your gym bag on your shoulder you went to head out. 
“Oi! Princess.” Your head snaps around and before you know it Bakugou is kicking off a wall. He looks like he was waiting for you and that makes your blood pump a little hotter as you spin around and smile at the blonde still in his work out clothes. You adjust the strap for your gym bag as you step closer to him allowing the others leaving the gym uses of the sidewalk, sneaking over to the small waiting area he was occupying. 
“What’s up Bakugou?” He’s pushing his hair back and his chin is tilted off to the side. He doesn’t hold that normal confidence that you have been so use to seeing causing you to worry. “Is everything alright?” His eyes snap over to you finally actually looks at you while he rolls his shoulders and trying to stand a little taller. Look a little more confident but you can see the cracks. 
“Yeah. Um-“ did Bakugou just say um? “They’re great actually. Kirishima and I just got approved for our own district. We’re starting an agency.” Your heart sank into your stomach. Bakugou was leaving. You knew you must have looked bleak and quickly shook your head trying to find the words to tell him not to go. The only time you saw him was at work and maybe the big get togethers with your friends. You’d been holding on to those for so long now but this was his dream, what drove him in life. Of course it was going to happen.
“Just tellin’ ya’ so you can get your head out of the clouds for next weeks patrol.” He’s licking his lips as he looks away from you. Shoving his hands in his pockets. “Your gonna have to actually work, dunce face is my replacement.” You try to smile, you really do. His words are rough but you think you understand their meaning. That he isn’t going to be there so you have to take care of yourself? But that underlining fear that everything is in your head is still there. That this is a one sided thing. 
“R-right.” Oh no your voice is shaking, coughing to clear your throat you hope he doesn’t notice. But it’s Bakugou so his eyes are glued on you and his jaw is grinding. Quickly you hug him it’s just around his shoulder and just for a second. “Congratulations! That’s such a big step.” You’ve never touch him before like this and it’s so much skin. 
You pull back quickly when you feel your throat tighten. He’s just staring at you and you can’t read him which just makes you more nervous. “Please tell Kirishima I said congrats. And Um I guess I’ll see you around.” You won’t. Not really. You don’t have a reason to see him. You weren’t close in the conventional sense and now he was leaving you behind to go to bigger and brighter things. You’d wasted so much time enjoying what you had you never thought about it being taken away. Walking away you waved your goodbye, not giving him the chance to respond. You didn’t even know if he had one, having delivered his message to you. 
After he left thing we’re different at the agency. You’d started buying your own coffee each morning the third morning you’d done it you wrote princess on the side of it just to smile like an idiot at your cup. Your writing is nothing like Katsuki’s but the gesture just made things seem not so depressing. Your patrols felt longer. Not because you had to work more or the conversation wasn’t adequate you just spent too much time remembering how it was. 
It didn’t take long for you to decide to change agency. There were several new start ups coming in Bakugou of course but Izuku too. Shouto as well. That meant there were more openings for new sidekicks but also old ones that needed filled. They had to pull from the pool that was already available after all. It didn’t take long for you to get a response back after all you were from the same class as the amazing Deku, Dynmight and Shouto. Famous by association. 
“Have you picked which agency your going to go with Y/N?” Your mind pulled form your daydream staring at the creation hero. She was dressed in a simple but tasteful black dress sipping on her cocktail. You were at the grand opening for Bakugou and Kirishima’s agency. A big party to let the world know they were open for business. It was all in Kirishima’s taste. Live music, heavy booze, and party clothes: it was fun. Just you couldn’t bring yourself to be in a party mood. You’d reserved yourself off to the side away from the huddled group enjoying the show and dancing. Momo, Iida and Shinsou keeping you company. 
“Izuku made a compelling offer, of course. Just don’t know if I want my boss being a friend. Kinda enjoy the work life balance aspect of things. So probably FatGum. Good benefits, lots of time off and I’m told he caters pretty often.” Momo nodded along, smiling attentive.
“Well you really can’t make a bad choice between those two.” She was right, both were good choices. But more importantly they kept you on the opposite side of the city from Bakugou. Insuring you wouldn’t run into him during patrol or many office partnerships. 
The small talk while sipping on your drink continued for most of the night. Eventually you ended up roaming the halls of the untouched agency. It didn’t seem like it wasn’t allowed just maybe heavily implied not to leave the party area. The metal warehouse they had turned into a agency seemed smaller on the outside, they’d done a good job of breaking up the open spaces. Using stairs to create an completely glass office space that looked out onto a training area. It wasn’t necessary curiosity that lead you up the stair but the idea of staying huddled up in a dark corner of the warehouse seemed too doom and gloom for you. 
“Whatcha doin’ up here?” You jumped out of your skin, holding your drink to your chest. 
“You scared the shit out of me Bakugou. Haha.” You laughed weakly as you turned to look at the blonde. He was on the floor leaning his back against a desk looking out at the party happening down below from the floor. His party: that he seemed to be avoiding. 
“Didn’t answer my question princess.” Sighing you sat next to him. He moved over just slightly so you both could lean against the short end of the desk with him. He’s got one knee up with his arm leaning against it. Watching the lights flood in with you. 
“Just not in a party mood.” Shrugging leaning your head back against the desk you do your best to not watch him. He’s got a black dress shirt that at the start of the night has been buttoned with a tie but now hung open exposing his collar. His dark grey slacks stretched over his thighs as he pushed his leg down copying you. 
“Kirishima insisted on all this.” He gestures towards the glass that exposed the people down below. You could tell he was upset about something. He seemed tried like watching the sense play out in front of him was draining. He’s worked so hard putting together everything you wondered if he’d gotten a chance to really appreciate it. 
“Here I thought owning an agency was your dream.” You tried to tease him, but he just rolled his head looking at you dully. 
“You know what I mean.” Nodding you smiled at him form the corner of your eye before he turned to look back out at everything. “This is all just noise.” You watched his hand twitch against his thigh and felt your heart speed up. Was Bakugou confining in you? “Once I’m at the top then I- I’ll be able to do more.” His fist tightens and you bit your lip, he was so intense as he looked ahead.
No. He wasn’t confining in you. He sounded like he wasn’t even talking to you. Like it was a reminder to himself. He blinds a few more times before frowning and banging his head against the desk. “Fuck. Just forget I said anything.” This was the first time you’d ever heard him talk about after reaching the top. It was always about being the best. Now that the goal he had worked so hard for seemed closer than ever was he finally looking past that?
There was so much you wanted to ask. Wanted to say to him and even as your leg brushed against him and your shoulder bumped into his own you felt like he was so far away. He had become your goal at some point but he was so far out of reach it wasn’t even laughable at this point. Looking down you couldn’t even bring yourself to correct him. Tell him he was alright. That he could say anything he wanted around you. It just didn’t feel right: so you said nothing at all. 
“Heard you were looking for a new agency.” Nodding you started playing with the rings on your fingers.  
“Just needed a change.” You forced a smile on your face as you shrugged. You didn’t want him to know it was because of him. How desperate would you have sounded saying you missed his hand writing on your cup and the way he took up the whole entry way into your office. Or the way you missed talking to him while he hardly said anything at all while on patrol.
“Ya’ should have said something.” Your heart speeds up at the way his voice dipped. It was almost threatening but left you feeling light as a feather. The aspect of him wanting you to speck up left you biting at your lip. You couldn’t just let him effect you so easily. You needed some control on the situation! Running around with hearts in your eyes for a man who hardly knew you existed. 
“Your printer break or some shit?” Frowning you look over at him perplexed by his question, his shoulders were tight as he brought his knee back up. He must have been sore form sitting here for so long. “You applied to work with fucking Deku but not me?” He’s gritting his teeth and even with his glare and tight jaw the way the lights form the concert down below reflect off his features making him glow in the night. 
You couldn’t tell him you were avoiding him. Trying to rip him out of your life. He’d think you were crazy, he’d probably get a restraining order. “It’s really far from my apartment… it’s a cute apartment.” your tongue feels heavy at the lie.
“Pff like I wouldn’t have paid for a move. You think I’m cheap or some shit?” He didn’t give you a chance to answer quickly correcting his small crack in his external defenses. “Besides you hate that piece of shit apartment.” Your mouth falls open at his words. “You never shut up about them never fixing anything.” Your hearts beating so loud and strong you can feel it in your stomach and ears. Knowing he not only had listened to you but remembered what you said left you feeling giddy. Your feeling like your on top of the world. A soft smile on your lips seem to confuse the blonde and his eyebrow push together obviously not understand. “What?” 
Your lips open and for a second you think about saying the words that catch in your throat. ‘I love you’ but nothing comes out you just shake your head and look away. That would be so foolish. In love with a man you hadn’t even really spent any real time with. Just someone you’d watched from afar. Admired from afar. The impulse thought leaves almost as quickly as it passes and your shake your head. 
“Hm whatever.” His frown deepened as he stood. His temper flaring up form your lack of response. “I got a fuckin party to get back too.” He stuffed his hands into his pockets, shoulders up near his ears. A common sight form your days living in the dorms. He was obviously upset and a small part of you hopped that maybe he wanted you say something. Wanted you to pick him. Even if it was just as a agency. 
“Bakugou!” You quickly stood up an called out to him as he was leaving. He didn’t fully turn to you. Still scrunched up, he stood closer to the door than you. Your throat felt tight, like always when you thought about him. Should you really say anything? 
“You gonna say something or what?” His words didn’t match his tone. The longing tone, trying to prey the words out of your mouth. His body finally turn more to you leaving your skin tingling and your chest feeling like someone had inflated a ballon inside of it. What were you going to say? 
“Bakugou.. I-“ you heard the door click and it swung opened and your eyes broke away form Bakugou to reveal a small brunette.  She beamed when she saw him running right up to him with a familiarity that left you shaken and jealous. You’d wished you’d had the confidence to walk up to him and grab at his arm like she had. You’d seen the girl before, his date to several events now. He never took her to get togethers and You’d heard form Mina it wasn’t a serious thing. It didn’t look that way with her hands trying to wrap around his bicep with that sweet charming smile, you second guessed the ‘casual’ nature of the relationship. She was comfortable with him. While you could hardly brush shoulders with him.  
“There you are! I was looking all over for you- oh hello.” She finally noticed you sending you a warm smile. Bakugou took in a deep breath while pushing his lips together. 
“I was in the middle of something.” His bark had her titling her head before looking between the two of you. You saw the worried expression spread across her face and you could only imagine what she thought was happening. You’d never be that lucky. Besides it wasn’t in the blonde to cheat. If he was here with her then you’d never have had a chance to begin with. In a way you were lucky for her interruption.  
“Oh don’t worry he was just trying to leave. Sorry I kept him.” Trying to shrug off her worries you quickly shifted. Using the large open office space to move around so you didn’t have to get close to the two. “Um I better get back. Im DD-ing for Shinsou and Denki.” You laughed nervously,trying you make a smooth exit. Bakugou just kept staring at you with a look that left you wanting to run away. It scared you how intense he could be. How easily his eyes could make your whole world titter and leave you a mess. “Better go scrap them off the floor.” The young lady just smiled at you, her confidence renewed giving you a small wave which you could only nod at. 
The walk down the stairs felt so much longer then the walk up. You wanted it to be because of your dress shoes digging into your ankle or the cold metal catching against your hand but you knew what it was. The idea of leaving Bakugou alone with that women left you jealous and small. You felt so stupid and petty. Stupid for thinking you even had a chance with him. And petty for hating someone you didn’t even know. Staying away from Bakugou really was your only hope. 
Life went on and you got your wish, you hardly saw Bakugou. Hardly had the chance too. You started working for Fat Gum and Bakugou had started a new agency. It wasn’t like their were a lot of opportunities for the two of you to see one another anyway. The high school friend get together we’re getting further and further apart now that everyone was starting families and agencies. Everyone but you. It was foolish. It really was. How you couldn’t even look at another person without comparing them to Bakugou. Something had to be wrong with you, right? You’d tried dating other people but it never met your expectations. Then you just didn’t feel right having them try to  live up to an impossible standard. 
What was even worse was Bakugou kept living his life. That girl you’d seen him with had surly not been ‘casual’ you’d learned from Uraraka that they were expecting. Not even a year after he had opened his agency. 
The bitter feeling that it had left in your mouth should have been enough to kick you into gear make you realize that Bakugou didn’t want you. Would never want you. But you still hopelessly longing for him. 
The last heroes gala you’d made a fool of yourself. Avoiding him completely. He’d caught you by the arm as Camera’s flashes in your faces. He barked that he needed to talk to you. Needed to speak with you. Well more so: “make time to talk tonight.” An order really but somehow you knew what he meant. You’d felt so excited, felt your heart rate increase and your whole body react to his palm on your bare skin. But then his girlfriend had grabbed his arm pulling him away, waving and giving you that charming smile. She must have been pregnant at the time but of course you didn’t know that then. But seeing them together crushed the fantasy once again. 
You’d made sure not to get anywhere near him that night. Choosing to hide in the various halls of the banquet. Going as far as to run in your heels when he stalked after you. Thankfully able to hide form him in a unused conference room. It had been childish. Foolish. But you couldn’t face him. Couldn’t bring yourself to hear whatever it was that he had to say. The idea that perhaps he knew about your feeling and just needed to reject them. Needed to set the record straight. Maybe even his girlfriend knew and had forced him to reject you properly. But that didn’t sit right either: Bakugou didn’t do things he didn’t want too. 
“So what do you think?” Your head quickly snapped out of your daydream. 
“About?” Sighing Uraraka shook her head. 
“About going to see Bakugou and his little girl!” Frowning you looked away. Did you really want to see Bakugou with his cute little girlfriend and his new bundle of joy. No. You didn’t want to see someone else living the life you’d dreamt of. That maybe if you’d been braver or smarter or prettier you’d have right now. 
“I don’t thin-“
“You can’t avoid him forever. This will be a good way for you to put this all behind you. Maybe finally you could get some closure about it all.” Your eyes widen as Tsu spoke your words failing you as your mouth opened and closed several times. Looking between her and Tsu frantically. 
“I-I don’t know what your talking about!” Both women gave you a dull look. Obviously not buying what you were saying. Had you really been that obviously!? No wonder Bakugou had tried to get you to leave him alone. Fidgeting with your fingers you nodded your head agreeing to join them to go greet the newest Bakugou. 
Agreeing to do such a thing at the time didn’t seem like a big deal but perhaps you should have thought about it more. You’d anxiously picked out a little onesie for the girl but you didn’t know what size. Just because she was a newborn didn’t mean she was newborn size! You’d gotten a little orange onesie with bedazzled fireworks on the front of it. At the time you thought it was cute, very Dynmight. But not as you were packaging it all up was it too much? That plus the cute ruffled socks and food you’d made for him- them. You made it for them. It just was too much right? He’d know you were trying too hard. 
Tsu had planned the meet up for you all, even Izuku had tagged along! The train ride across the city had been more anxious than you had thought. You told yourself you weren’t going to go all out. That you were going to dress sensibly. Jeans and a light sweater and some flats. Nothing crazy but the whole ride you felt like you had missed an opportunity to look nice. How often did Bakugou see you!? And you decided it wasn’t worth looking nice!? 
The whole time you walked form the station to Bakugou’s home you pulled and tugged on your sweater. Played with your necklace. Rolling the little gem along the chain as you chewed endlessly on your lip. This was a mistake and it felt like it was too late to take it back. But you could always just say your stomach hurt. Sent your gifts with Tsu and Uraraka and head back to the station. So many times your mouth opened just to slam shut. 
It’d been so long since you’d seen him. You missed the little frown he sported often. Missed the way his gums showed when he did smile. Missed the pale blonde hair that made his ruby red eyes pop. But most of all you missed talking to Bakugou. Just the way he listened and all his comments were honest and to the point. He just made things so simple. When you just had a bad habit of making it difficult. 
Before you knew it Uraraka was knocking on a door to a cute little townhome squeezed between two others. On the outside all the homes in grey with dark accents. All uniform- Bakugou probably liked that. His flashy style only going so far before his practicality took over. 
“Oh hey guys!” Kirishima’s bright face greeted you all. He had bags under his eyes and his hair was a mess. And that was saying something for the spiky fanatic. “Come on in!” Kirishima’s hulking frame stepped to the side and everyone stepped in taking off their shoes. “Um just to warn you it’s a bit of a mess. Babies are-“ Kirishima rubbed the back of his head smiling nervously. “A lot.” You all laughed but reassured him that he had nothing to worry about. 
The short walk down the hall and turn of a corner reviled the messy home. Take out food littered on the table tops and various onesies and shirts hanging off the side of furniture. Burb rags laying on the floor with discarded bottles and pacifiers alike. You all looked at one another slightly shocked but your shock didn’t have time to process as you heard a baby crying. 
“Move move!” You jumping out of the way as Bakugou came into the room in a whirlwind slipping past everyone as he grabbed for a bottle stuffing it in the child’s face stoping the screams. 
“Nice man! Got it before she went into full on melt down!” Kirishima gave Bakugou a thumbs up and the blonde just rolled his eyes exhaling and slouching his shoulders. He wore a black t-shirt that had mysteriously white stains on it with a pare of sweats to match. He had a matching set of bags just like Kirishima and overall they both just looked exhausted.
“Okay. So what’s going on?” Uraraka finally asked as the whirlwind of your entry came to a end. 
“What’d mean!? It’s a fucking baby. This is just normal baby shit.” Bakugou shouted. Before glaring over at Kirishima. “Besides didn’t I tell you no visitors. What the fuck are they even doin here?” Kirishima chuckled sheepishly. 
“It’s a good thing Kirishima told us we could come. This place is in need of some serious help.” Tsu commented looking around picking up a burpcloth. 
“Hey. Knock it off. I got this!” Bakugou shouted making the baby cry all over again. Groaning he started bouncing her again shhing her as she screamed in his face. The bottle no longer being accepted by the child. 
“Where is Mai?” Izuku’s words made the other men freeze. Bakugou clenched his jaw while glaring at the green haired hero. He honestly just meant it out of genuine curiosity, you could tell. But it seemed to be a landmine. Setting off an explosive reaction. 
“Obviously not fucking here you idiot.” Inhaling deeply, Izuku seemed to know what the other man was saying. But before he could apologize another expulsion went off. “Look if all your gonna do is stand around getting into my business you all can fucking leave. I’m fucking busy. If you hadn’t noticed.” Pushing passed everyone Bakugou moved back down the hall that he had come from. Everyone heard the door slam muffling the cry’s of the infant. 
Everyone turned to Kirishima who was rubbing his forehead. Obviously waiting for some kind of explanation. He shifted before sitting at the kitchen table that was littered with take out. “I came over about a week ago. Drop off some food and stuff. Ya know? Just trying to help.” He ran a hand down his face. “She wasn’t here. Bakugou was taking care of Suki by himself for awhile from what I could tell. He just said she was gone. That they didn’t need her.” You all exchanged looks. “Suki’s a bit of a handful. Colic and all that. Just screams for no reason and can’t be conclude. Think it was just too much for Mai.” 
“How could someone do that!?” Uraraka shouted obviously feeling her own outrage from having her child but a year ago. Izuku placed a hand on her shoulder and she shook her head. 
“So Bakugou’s been doing it on his own?” Your voice was a little more than a whisper. You didn’t know how you were feeling. Obviously angry. That someone could walk away so easily. Throwing away the life you’d dreamed of. But also you were so sad. The longing in your chest growing to ache as you thought of Bakugou’s endless days becoming endless nights of loneliness. 
“I mean I’ve come over when I can. But I gotta run the agency. His parents come every now and then but they have their company to tend too. It just got a big job in for some Broadway show.” Kirishima tried to make it sound better but it answered your question never the less. Everyone was trying to help but no one had planned on Suki’s mother to walk away. Least of all Bakugou. 
“Well let’s start by getting this place cleaned up. Izuku you go to the store with Tsu and get them some real food along with some easy meals. Y/N and I will clean up here and Kirishima…” sighing sadly Uraraka placed her hand on his broad shoulder. “Why don’t you go take a nap?” Frowning he shook his head. 
“No! That wouldn’t be manly. I-I can help clean. I just um…” he looked over to you nervously. His Initial burst of energy tapering off as he rubbed the back of his head. “Maybe you should go talk to Bakugou…” your eyebrows shot up shocked and confusion written clearly on your face. “You two have just always, Ya know.” His hands gestured around trying to find the right word. “Clicked?” Now your eyes widened in embarrassment. How did you guys click? What had made you two so compatible  that you ‘clicked’? And why didn’t you know about it!? 
As if able to hear your panic Tsu placed a hand on your shoulder. “Sounds like a plan. Izuku and I will go to the store, Kirishima and Uraraka will clean up and y/n will go keep Bakugou company.” 
With a light shove you were pushed to the door Bakugou had vanished down. Taking shaky breaths as you made your way to the door with the crying infant. Shifting form one foot to the other you thought about just telling them you couldn’t do it. It had been months almost a whole year since you actually talked to the man. Not to mention you’d come here to say your goodbye to whatever school girl crush you had going on, so you could move on. 
“Are you just gonna stand outside the door or what?” His barking voice made you jump and you jerked forward sliding the door open revealing the man you’d been avoiding. His little blonde offspring finally setting in his arms. As he bounced form one hip to the other in a rocking motion. “Mm thought they’d send Izuku.” He replied grumpily. Puffing his cheeks as he looked away. 
“Nope. Just me.” His eyes snapped to you as you shifted in the doorway. We’re you trying to make yourself smaller because of his tone or because you were awkward. Both. It was both. 
“You say that like your not better than that idiot.” He responded gruffly. 
“Well he is much higher in the hero rankings.” You tried to make a joke but you laughed nervously and rubbed your arm when he just stared at you. Maybe you should just go get Izuku?
“You gonna close the door or what? Suki’ doesn’t like the light form the hall and if your dumbass wakes her up it’s your problem.” Jumping at the idea of taking care of a screaming child you quickly and quietly closed the door. The room was dimly lite in a soft purple/pink color. A soft white noise machine playing in the background to sooth the child and make your nerves run wild. 
“She’s really cute. Looks a lot like you.” You gestured to the two of them as he sat in a rocking chair you moved more into the room. Opting to sit on the day bed in the room. Most likely there so Bakugou could sleep here and watch her. It left about two feet between the two of your knees. Enough to seem normal given the smaller room but still some how so close. Closer than you’d been in a long time. 
“Just stating the obvious there.” His head was leaning back against the head of the rocking chair eyes closed but his face remained stern like he was still watching you. Just resting his eyes. You couldn’t help the smile that came as you heard his confidence seep through the tried tone in his voice. 
“I suppose your right.” 
“Always am.” You rolled your eyes smiling as you looked down at the man holding the baby that was tucked into his large arm. 
“That’s one of the things I like about you.” One of his eyes peeked open in interest as he watched you now. When your eye caught him he smiled and rested his shoulder a little more. 
“One of?” Your whole face reddened as you release your soft off spoken comment could have heavy implications. Pushing some hair behind your ear you looked away. 
“I mean you’ve always been confident and so sure of yourself. I’ve just admired- looked up to- ah I mean to say. That your-“ Bakugou started trying to stop his laughter form shaking his child. At first you were upset that he was making fun of you tripping over your words but it was nice to see the blonde relaxed. Smiling even. 
“I know what you mean.” Rubbing the top of your jeans you nodded thankful for him taking mercy on you. Be it form his own exhaustion or a choice he made.“Gotta say though. Enjoy watching you fumble all over me.” Your eyes snapped up to see that cocky smile resting on his face, his eyes closed once more. 
“I wasn’t fumbling over you!” His brows frowned pushing a finger to his mouth shh-Ing you as he motioned to Suki. You shook your head allowing a soft smile to rest on your face. He seemed to be taking everything well enough even with everything going on. Taking care of a newborn by himself while running an agency. Still being in the top ten too.
“Whatever you say princess.” Your whole body reacted to the nickname you hadn’t heard in such a long time. Skin tingling, eyes budging, hands and feet clenching, and stomach filling with butterflies. 
This wasn’t working. This wasn’t helping the ache in your chest that haunted you late at night. You could feel yourself hoping that there was something there. When you’d spent so many boring patrols, sleepless night and lazy weekends convincing yourself there wasn’t. Bakugou’s eyes remained closed rocking his little girl in his arms while he took a moment of peace. 
“Can I ask how your do-“ you swallowed pulling the sleeve of your sweater looking off to the side. Only to be met with the frowning brows of the blonde when you looked back. You’d stopped the question before you finished. Asking Bakugou how he was apparently another landmine in his exhaustion haze. He was Bakugou Katsuki he was always good. 
He clenched his jaw as his eyes pierced through you. The air in the room seem to change. No longer light and playful. He moved the baby form his right arm to his left. Tucking her more into his armpit. “I- never mind. Sorry. Im sure things are great! That was stupid of me to ask.” 
“Yeah. It was.” Your jaw tightened and eyes widen. Your stomach dropping as your throat tightened. “What thought you’d just waltz in here after ignoring and avoiding me for years and what? Just pick up like nothing happen? Like you haven’t been treating me like your too good for me for years. ” You what? His words left you stumped. Confused. And just staring at him like a dear in headlights. 
“Bakugou. I-I never-“
“Sure you have. Always talked over me in school like you knew better somehow. Then when we went on patrols you always dominated the conversation! You didn’t care what I had to say. Don’t forget that my agency wasn’t good enough for you to apply too! But fucking Deku was fine!? Then don’t even get me started about at the Gala: You hid in a damn conference room!” Your eyes widened and he got a sickly bitter smile on his face. “Yeah princess. I’m not an idiot. I know when someone’s trying to lose me.” He shook his head before looking down to Suki. “So why don’t you just get the fuck out of here rather then trying to be all buddy buddy now that it’s convenient for you.” 
We’re you that way? You hadn’t meant to. You really hadn’t. Perhaps you were too occupied with your own feelings and self preservation that you hadn’t even thought about someone else. Thought about how Bakugou felt. We’re you selfish? You’d have to be if you made Bakugou feel this way. Made the person who meant the most to you feel so… rejected. Maybe it wasn’t you who needed to be away form Bakugou but Bakugou who needed to be away form you. His eyes finally landed back on you. Sending a frozen dagger through your chest. 
“This is the part where you get lost, princess.” Your jaw clenched to keep your composure. The hope that if you tightened up you’d keep it together. Though even that hope seemed silly to have at this moment. Standing and wiping your hands over your thighs. You could feel the tears prickling at your eyes, burning as you willed them not to fall. Your throat filled with cotton as you tried to open it but you stopped when you looked back at Bakugou. Pushing your lips together before making a b line for the door. 
When Kirishima called after you when you stomped out of the house you kept going. Scared if you turned around you would lose all your composure and crumble. The train ride had been less then idea. Your phone never stopped buzzing even after you’d texted everyone that you were fine. Just going home. Kirishima had left you so many voicemails apologizing on Bakugou’s behalf. Asking you not to hold whatever happened against him. But it didn’t matter. Even if Bakugou was in a dark place. You couldn’t shake the feeling that he was better off without you. He’d accomplished so much and it was no thanks to you. He was right. You had no business just walking in and being his pal after so long of running away from him. 
You’d really out done yourself this time. Foolishly overestimating yourself. The building had been coming down. Sero had been first on the sense and tapped up the place as best he could. His tape making a support for the building that was tethered to two points underground in the garage underneath. When you had been low on man power it had been ideal. Sero holding the place together by two threads of his tape. You’d taken one to lift the burden off him when you’d gotten here.
Now that it was a full on fight and rescue mission it would have been nice if some of this weight could be taken on by one or two other people. You’d never been the best fighter so you being the one stuck underground doing the simple task of holding a rope wasn’t the worst uses of your abilities. But Sero had gotten knocked out by falling debris and you’d been the closest one to grab the ropes. Digging your heels into the ground as you slid to a haunt with the whole building shaking around you as the adhesive burned against your skin. The adhesive ripping at your flesh and the pull almost immediately cutting off your circulation as you tried to wrap it around your arm. You’d never had any interest in being a hand model which was good because the option was slowly slipping away form you. 
You could hear the fighting going on upstairs and could tell Bakugou was up there. Every rumble of the building telling you how close he is. It’s ironically the same way he makes you feel. Like the weight of a crumbling building is on top of you. You’re able to avoid most of the rubble as it falls. Carful to not suffer the same fate as Sero who is laying with a beautiful head wound. He’s in need of medical attention but you have no way to call into the heroes above. Both your hands too busy to do anything other then stand there. 
This also unfortunate means you don’t have the ability to tell them that the building doesn’t have much longer. You can see the weakest pillar hardly holding it together. The concrete crumbling away and putting the rebar in clear view and the bent metal pole that is holding up the ground above. 
“Y/N!” You can’t turn to look but you know that voice, it’s Tsu. She slides into view and you give her a shaky smile. You know this doesn’t look good. “Sero’s down. Y/N using his tape to hold the building up…” she’s talking into the earpiece you never got to activate. Your fears are confirmed when you see her eye you and the beak look she has. “Dynmight and Deku caught the villains we just need to finish getting everyone out.” 
“Two of the 6 pillars are about to crumble. They need to move- quickly…” you inform her while taking steady breaths to keep your focus on making sure your body doesn’t move a muscle. You’ve slowly been sinking further and further your body trying to handle the fatigue of holding the same position for far too long. 
“They need to know how much time, they have?…they still have several floors to clear.” Tsu’s words come in uneasy as if she knows it’s not a lot. Your head falls back and you sigh taking a shaky breath. You can’t gage it. You really cant. Your body is aching and you feel like your going to give out at any moment. Your just not built for this kind of job. But even if another hero came they wouldn’t be of any help. The building wouldn’t last the transfer. 
“Can they do it in 10? They need to do it in 10.” Your voice comes out more frantic than you wanted it too. Tsu relays the message before cringing as her ear piece crackles. You can hear it. The angry shouts of the blonde. You can’t make out what he’s saying but it’s loud. Tsu’s looking at you sadly before putting her ear piece in your ear allowing the shouts to be made clear. 
“-her that better be enough time to clear out still! She’s not doing some dumb hero move!” You can hear Bakugou trying to get verification that your going to make it out. Tsu sad look now holding some weight. They didn’t understand the situation. The very foundation they were walking on being held together by tape. The tape that you held wrapped around your arms. It wasn’t a good plan but Sero had done the best with what he had at the time. Maybe if their was more time or less people- no. This was the way it was. 
“It’s okay Bakugou. The foundation just isn’t going to last l-long so please hurry.” You tried to sound as confident as possible. 
“Kirishima’s coming!” Mina shouted in the ear piece. It was a pointless task. What so two of you could get crushed? Even with his impressive hardening ability he never would survive the pressure. 
“Don’t!” Tsu looked at you sadly as she wrapped Sero in her tongue careful of his injuries. “I-it’s really not needed. You guys should just focus on getting everyone out.” You knew your voice was cracked. Broken. “It’s okay really. Tsu’s got Sero now so I’ll be able to get out super fast..” you looked over to Tsu seeing her looking at you so sadly. She knew what you were doing. Could see how you were keeping everyone away, it was the right call. To keep casualties down. “Right Tsu?” Your eyes pleaded with her. You were asking her to carry the weight of this lie. It wasn’t fair, you knew that. But you were selfish after all. 
“Yeah. We’ll just be in the way.” You smiled at her but your ankle gave out and you slipped down to your knee. The concrete cracking under the weight of the impact. Probably busting your knee as well. You scream out before clenching your jaw as the building rumbled around you. Thankfully Tsu had Sero ready to go so she was able to maneuver him away form the chucks of concrete that fell. 
“Y/N!” Bakugou, Mina, Kirishima, and Izuku all screamed in your ear. 
“Tsu go!” You we’re able to instruct her through the pain and she didn’t hesitate quickly hopping out of sight. If she stayed any longer then all three of you were going to be dead. Dead. You were going to die soon. 
Being a hero you’d known that was a possibility but it just never felt real. It still didn’t feel real. You had dinner plans tonight with some guy who you didn’t even like. You’d been trying to find an excuse not to go. He seemed too eager to be going on the date. Being dead was a pretty good one. You still felt kind of bad that he was going to get stood up. Ghosting the guy. 
“The people are out. I’m on my way!” Bakugou shouted. You could hear-feel the explosions as he made his way. Making your blood run cold at how sensitive the building was now. But also at the idea of Bakugou coming and seeing how bad it all really was. He’d try to stay, convinced he could find a way. But there just wasn’t one. There wasn’t enough time. 
“Katsuki stop!” The explosion stopped and you were able to release a breath you had been holding. “Your explosions are shaking the building. You’ll just bring the whole building down…” your sniffing when did that start? Are you crying? You really didn’t have time for that. “Besides I’ll be out of here in no time.” You didn’t need to look at your knee to know, even if you weren’t in the bottom of a crumbling building you weren’t going anywhere. 
“Your not selling this princess so stop! Im going to save you. If you like it or not!” You could feel the tears on your cheeks leaking into your mouth that felt too dry. The salty taste somehow refreshing. You pushed your lips together. 
“No your not Bakugou. Your gonna stay safe right where you are.” 
“Like hell I am!”
“Katsuki you have to! For Suki!” Your arms were shaking so badly know that you hardly felt them at all. The tape had meshed Into your skin, you weren’t going anywhere. You might as well have been apart of the building now. You closed your eyes. You didn’t think you wanted to know when it was going to happen. You could pretend you had more time if you didn’t know the state of things.
“Princess. Don’t.” He’s warning. Pleading. 
“Please let me know when Sero and Tsu make it out. I-I don’t know how much longer..” 
“Don’t.” He’s begging. Everyone else on the line seems to have gone silent. Aware of the gravity of the moment. 
“I’m sorry by the way.” 
“I never looked down on you-“
“Stop it!” 
“I was just nervous. You’ve always been so confident-“ you stopped yourself form gushing over him in your final moments. He didn’t deserve that. To know he was some hopeless love you’d clung onto through your whole life. Honestly if it was going to be someone trapped down here you were the best choice. You didn’t have kids or a lover you didn’t even have a pet at the moment. No one was going to miss you when you didn’t come home tonight. You’d spent so much of your life watching and waiting for things to happen you never did anything. “Sorry.. For being selfish again.” 
“Dumbass! Your not selfish. You were never selfish! I was selfish-“
“They’re out! They’re both out!” Izuku shouted over the ear piece. A moment passed and while the building was still swaying in the wind, you didn’t respond. 
“Always liked when you called me that.” There wasn’t anything after that. 
Your funeral has been a good size and broadcasted. A lot of the people who you’d save that day came. But Bakugou hadn’t been in the place to stand on ceremony. He’d had to explain to his 6 year old why her favorite hero wasn’t going to be around anymore. He’d promised her that he’d convince you to come to her next birthday party. A promise he’d made the year before but never got the guts to ask. You’d been out of town the year before and it aligned to be the perfect excuse. Suki never did get to met her favorite hero. 
The end of the day had him sitting on his living room floor working on his third drink for the night. He’d been to your place earlier that day. They were donating most of your stuff. And Bakugou had taken three boxes to take to a center as well but they never made it there. He’d told himself he wasn’t going to go through them, trying to respect your privacy but after his first drink that went out the window. 
He was almost finished with the second box when his front door opened. He didn’t even get up to look at who it was. Kirishima was really the only person comfortable enough to walk in on his own. He plopped down adjacent to him. He’d brought some beers and opened one before offering Bakugou one. He took it and put it beside his half finished one. “Suki at your moms.” Bakugou ran a hand down his face and nodded. 
“Cool.” Kirishima had unbuttoned his collar and ditched his tie. While Bakugou had done the same along with untucking his shirt. Trying to relax some, it didn’t really help. They both just sat there for a moment sipping on their drinks. “What’s all this?” Bakugou inhaled as if he was being pulled form his thoughts. But honestly he hadn’t been able to force very well for most of the day. He looked around at the items that would have been random junk to anyone else but not Bakugou. 
Pointing to a pile of book. “Those were the books next to her bed. She um-“ he cleared his throat. “Never finished readin’ them.” He pushed his lips together. “Got little notes in the side of them.” Kirishima smiled sadly laughing lightly. 
“You hate that.” Bakugou always complained about how people ruined book that way. Messed it up for the next reader. 
“Yeah…” he shook his head taking another sip. “I’m gonna read ‘em.” Kirishiam nodded understand what he was saying. That he was going to see what you had to say about the books and then finish them for you. 
He pointed at some random cup with a faux plant in it. “That’s a stupid plant in one of the cups I use to get her. Dumbass kept it.” Kirishima frowned, he knew Bakugou use to grab you coffee and some fruit every morning. Slowly adding more decaf to the mix till by the end you were completely switched over. When Kirishima had teased him about it he said if you didn’t like free coffee you didn’t have to drink it. He could see the ‘princess’ clearly written on the side of it in Bakugou’s handwriting. 
He gestured to one pile of journals. “Those are her travel journals. Got clippings of all the places she wanted to go. Stuff she wanted to do.” He cleared his throat when it tightened. “She um never went cause she didn’t want to travel alone.” He blinked a couple of time before sipping his drink. “She was saving up for some big trip or something. Had a notebook labeled ‘not waiting anymore’” he exhaled shaking his head. “was gonna just go by herself.” 
“And that?” Kirishima pointed his beer to the crumbled up paper in his hand. Bakugou used the back of his hand to wipe at his eye. Shifting his jaw as he rolled his eyes. 
“Oh this? Found it shoved in one of the journals.” He put his beer down before looking at the paper. Holding it out so he didn’t have to use his reading glasses. He read the letter out loud - 
“Katsuki Bakugou,
So you just got your agency and I’m so excited for you and Kirishima. You guys have worked so hard to get to this point and it’s everything you deserve. Though while I’m so excited to see where this is going to take you and supporting you front the sidelines. I just can’t help but feel forlorn about it all. I’m going to miss seeing you around. I’ve gotten spoiled by getting the extra ten minutes of sleep each morning knowing my breakfast is already taken care of. Not seeing my little nickname on the side of my cup anymore is going to be disappointing a change. Not really a welcomed one, at that.
But it’s also just seeing you in the office and getting to walk besides you on patrol. Just getting to be close to you. I’ve become attached to you, I suppose. And while I know your far to busy to hang out or catch up properly, I just wanted to let you know. If you ever needed anything your ear talked off I’d be more than happy too.”
Bakugou let his wrist fall before whipping at his nose. “She proceeded to black out the rest of the letter and write. Before writing in- ‘Your being an idiot. What are you a grade schooler? writing a love letter? he’s going to blow this up in your face and call you a dumbass. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.’” He took a long swig on his drink and Kirishima ran a hand down his face. 
“Yeah..” he started at nothing in particular. “I thought it was bad enough that she died because I made the wrong call-“
“Hey! She didn’t die because of you.” Kirishiam jumped in. Not wanting to let him go down that path. “You made the best call you could at the time.” 
“We had no contact from her or Sero and I made the call that they could handle it, so I could go play the star and get the villain.” Kirishima pushed himself forward. 
“It wasn’t like that man! Sero’s tape was all over that building they were underground! It was reasonable to think the coms weren’t working that far down. Those villains were actively attacking people; she was doing her job and you were doing yours.” Kirishima spoke firmly and pointed into his thigh aggressively. “You doing this to yourself isn’t what she would have wanted.”
“I think she would have rather been alive traveling to Europe but instead she’s inside a fucking urn-” Bakugou kicks his leg forward and the book toppled over and he stopped leaning back against the sofa running a hand down his face. “She lived and died alone because I was too scared to let her close. I was scared I would love her so much and she’d leave- so I never even gave her the chance.” He ran his hand over his mouth as he felt his jaw shaking. 
“Bro even if you had. That doesn’t mean it would have changed what happen. You can’t carry this man. You did the best you could.” Kirishima reminded him. 
“I refuse to believe that.” His head fell back against the cushion. A sarcastic and sad chuckle on his lips. “They pulled her out of that rubble still alive and what reason did she have to hang on? To stare at some stupid cup with a fake plant each morning? So some asshole could make her feel like shit again?” Bakugou brought the can to his mouth and as the amber liquid slipped down his throat he felt the hot tear on his cheek. “I loved her and I failed her.” He looked at the paper in his hand again before pushing his palms into his eyes. “And I made her think it was all her fault.”
Alternative Ending
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tinydestinybear · 2 months ago
Dad Harry loving on his kids Headcannon?
alrightyyyy here you go! 💛 please send in feedback i really wanna know if you guys enjoy reading <3
Tumblr media
harry was very worried at the beginning if he’ll even be a good parent, he’ll never be able to show how much but he truly felt comforted by your words when he once told you of his worries, “know you’ll be the best dad for them. look at how much you take care of me, i don’t think it’ll be any less for them h.”
he pretty much filled up his desk with parenting books and went for sessions but eventually felt like he’d be able to do manage since he had you by his side
he first cried when the baby was born, holding their little fingers with happy tears in his eyes and who was very hesitant at first to even hold the baby because they looked so small and he was afraid he might hurt them
harry’s always up at the first cry of the baby. he already feels bad leaving the baby even if it’s for a few hours so he tries to make up for it whenever he can
his favourite routine is giving the bub a bath when he talks to them about everything and anything and they babble back to which he nods his head to not make them feel unheard. he rocks them to sleep after a good bath as they rest their head on his shoulder. you’ve also caught the two sometimes taking a nap with harry’s head resting on the couch’s arm while the bub would be cuddled close to his chest and his arm would be around the bub’s back protectively
looks forward to seeing the baby’s smile after a long day. he loves to just stay by their side and stroke their hair gently and when they look up at him with big doe, innocent eyes, oh he’s a goner.
he’s always slowly saying “d-a-d-a” for the baby to say when they’re doing anything even as simple as him feeding them food but when their first word is “mumma” he doesn’t stop them but if they end up saying dada a few days later, he’ll surely pretend as if that is their first word to tease you
loves to spoil his kids!! imagine his kids being into reading, he’ll probably get them signed books and have a whole library section in the house. also, maybe when they’re young he’ll build a play area section himself, figuring out how to build the entire thing while making sure their safety
if he had a daughter would pretty much do anything and everything for her. just so head over heels for her. 
imagine kids having almost the same curls for their hair, him brushing their curls while they’re sat on his lap, ugh what would i not do to be there
he’s very much in shock when he sees his bub trying to push themselves to stand up and walk a few steps. he’s putting his arms to hold them just in case they fall but he’s undeniably in disbelief when they come running down the last few steps to him. he’s holding them in a hug with a soft whisper, “you’re growing too fast little bub.” but he’s also their biggest supporter so he does cheer for them
this man revels in his babies’ giggles. he loves making faces and then hearing their laughter. also also, he loves playing peekaboo and holding them in the air with his feet
he blows on food before feeding it to the bub because it might be too hot for them
when he goes out to get you stuff with your little bub in his arms, their arms around harry’s neck while they point at some toys which harry definitely ends up buying, like i said he’s a big spoiler
he’ll probably never forget how whenever he comes home, he has his babies run to him and crush him in a long hug with shouts of “daddy’s home!” as he feels the long day’s tension wash away. when they’re young, they’re sitting down on the carpet with a toy in their hand and he’s laying down straight to leave a kiss on their nose and simply watch them enjoy in their world
harry hates when his bub cries while getting their vaccinations. he’s hissing when the needle goes in and when they start to cry after the shot’s down, he’s turning them in his arms, leaving soft kisses on the side of their head to calm them down
he loves when his kids come to him and ask him before colouring his tattoos, styling his hair
at some point, he feels like his kids have grown up too soon when he sees them tie their shoelaces on their own
dad!harry who’s comforted by the soft kisses his babies gives him :((
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sugakookitty · 4 months ago
bad for you || knj
Tumblr media
Written for btsgoldnetwork’s Two Hearts, One Love Event.
↳  Combo #1 - Bad Boy AU + Popcorn + “Why are you looking at me like that?”
Tumblr media
→ pairing: bad boy!namjoon x female reader → genre: smut, fluff → au/trope/rating: friends with benefits, best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, pwp, 18+ → summary: Namjoon’s got it bad for you. He just doesn’t know how to say it. → word count: 2.1k → warnings: mentions friends with benefits relationships, jealous namjoon, unprotected sex, oral sex(female receiving), multiple orgasms, creampie, wrist pinning, soft sex, cursing, a little cockwarming, mentions a fight, mentions injuries, these two are idiots
→ a/n: this was written for the love of my life @yutasthetic​ . friend, I’m drunk in the club posting fics in the bathroom! yes, I love you that much and because it’s a flex for me😂. Anyway, I hope you like it!! This is so unedited, but written with love.
Tumblr media
Your hand searches for the bowl of popcorn aimlessly, not wanting to turn away from the documentary best friend Namjoon has already watched without you. You’re already upset with him for ignoring you for a week, and then he goes and gets himself in a fight—his bruised knuckles are the only evidence you need. The man has you a nervous wreck with his wild lifestyle.
As if he’s yours to even worry about. However, he’s still your friend and seeing him injured in the slightest way makes you uneasy. Your heart aches for him and you know it shouldn’t. You’re just fucking, you keep telling yourself. But are you really?
“Why are you looking at me like that?” you stifle a laugh when you turn and find Namjoon looking at you with an unfamiliar gleam in his eyes. He’s holding the popcorn on his lap, unaware that you’ve been reaching for it. “And stop hugging all the popcorn.”
Namjoon just shakes his head; his eyes are focused on you sitting across from him on the couch. It’s then you notice he isn’t all over you like usual. Something’s up with him. You can feel it in your gut.
“Namjoon, what’s wrong? Is something else hurting besides your hand and you just aren’t telling me?”
He still doesn’t respond and your patience wears thin. This is probably about the date you went on a few weeks ago. Namjoon threw a fit because you canceled a hookup to go out to dinner with the guy from work. It wasn’t anything serious, much like your relationship with Namjoon, but it was something different. Sometimes a girl just wants to get dressed up and have a good time.
Namjoon was quick to give you a piece of his mind, block your number, and ghost you for a week. You didn’t understand what you had done wrong. According to your “contract,” you are allowed to go out with others, but if any other relationship ever becomes serious then your friends with benefits arrangement comes to an end. You’re starting to think the man actually cares about you seeing other people, but that’s nothing like your best friend.
“Namjoon? Hey!–You’re acting weird, dude. What’s going on?” you probe, and he finally snaps out of his trance. A faint smile forms on his face, and his thumb tries to wipe it away.
“Nothing, I–uhh, just realized something.” 
“Well, spill it,” you demand as you crawl towards him, snuggling your body against his so you can steal some of his warmth and access the popcorn. “You’ve barely said a word to me and my clothes are still on. Are you still mad at me?”
Namjoon pulls away to look at you with a displeased expression. “Why wouldn’t I still be mad? You let another man take you out, and—ugh, touch you.”
He gags at the thought, and now you’re riled up.
“No, the real question is why wouldn’t I allow another man to do those things for me when you sure as hell aren’t doing it. You haven’t called me in a week and yet I still came over when you asked me to.”
“I had my reasons,” he argues.
You turn your body towards him so you can see his face. You cannot believe he’s still mad about a little date. He has no right to be. You aren’t his, so why is he salty over another guy?
“Then what are the reasons, Namjoon? Tell me because I’m confused. You say this…” you pause to point between the two of you, “...us—means nothing. We’re just having fun, remember?”
When he doesn’t say anything, you steal the opportunity and say everything else that’s been on your mind.
“Am I supposed to just let you play with me and my emotions until you’re done?—Or does this never end? I have to keep this up forever.” You’re aware of how glossy your eyes have become, but you just blink away the urge to spill tears for now. 
“I understand that you don’t want anything serious, and I respect the way you live your life. But I want a future with someone, Namjoon. And the longer I sit here waiting, the more chances I miss to become someone’s wife, someone’s mother, and all the beautiful things that come with a healthy relationship,” you add.
Namjoon turns away, a habit he has whenever he’s upset you or when he has made you sad. He can’t stand to see you cry, especially when he’s the cause of it. This is the best time to dig a little deeper because the man will do and say anything if it makes you feel better.
“Namjoon, if there’s something else on your mind. No matter what it is, you can say it. You’re still my best friend. Just talk to me, okay.” Your hand touches his broad shoulder and back gently. You can feel his muscles starting to relax. That’s when you know you’re getting somewhere.
He clears his throat. “I—umm…I’ve been trying for the past hour but I can’t come up with the right words to say to you.”
You nod, understanding he isn’t the best with talking about feelings and expressing himself when it comes to these situations. You grab the bowl of popcorn and place it on the coffee table before reaching up to touch his face. 
“Then show me,” you whisper after turning his head in your direction.
Tumblr media
Your shorts have been tossed somewhere across the room and your panties pulled aside. Namjoon’s head is buried between your legs while his tongue works overtime to draw a second orgasm out of you. 
Your body is covered in sweat despite the room having a slight draft from the ceiling fan. He’s only been down there for about five minutes but it feels like you’ve been going for hours. With the movie on pause, you can hear every squelching sound of your slick being slurped and gathered by his greedy mouth. 
“Namjoon, I need to come,” you sob when he envelops your throbbing bud. 
He responds with an approving hum and it sends a wave of vibrations around your sensitive clit. Your nipples harden under his touch as he rolls them between his fingers. The stimulation only strengthens the intensity of your pleasure and it’s enough to drive you over the edge.
You release screaming his name while you grip onto his silky strands like your life depends on it, circling your hips as you ride out your orgasmic high. Namjoon allows you to use his face as you please until you finally calm down and sink into the couch. With one final nip to your inner thigh, he slowly travels up your body then kisses you deeply, sliding his wet appendage inside of you and giving you a taste of your arousal as a reward for being a good girl for him.
“I love you more than I should,” he says after parting from lips. His eyes are soft and caring, more gentle than they’ve ever been.
“It’s because we’re best friends, you idiot. We can’t help but love each other.” You giggle at his post-orgasm pillow talk, but there’s no humor in Namjoon’s expression. After he removes his shirt, he lowers himself again and speaks to you softly.
“Yeah, about that…I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”
Your heart sinks. “Why?”
“Friends don’t feel this way about each other.” He grabs your wrist and pins them by your head. The way he’s looking at you makes your body heat up with shyness. “I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t do a fucking thing without thinking about you.”
When he reaches down to pull down his sweats, his cold rings graze your skin, giving you a much-needed shiver to cook down your feverish desire. His cock springs out hard and begging for attention but you’re trapped in this position while he continues to lay out his emotions.
“Did he fuck you?”
“Namjoon I thought we were past this—”
“Answer my question,” he demands.
You lower your eyes, avoiding his gaze out of embarrassment. “No, Namjoon. He didn’t.”
“You’re lying. You can’t even look at me.”
“I’m not, okay! We didn’t do anything. I wanted to, but we didn’t.” Your eyes plead with him to believe you and you aren’t even sure of why. It doesn’t even matter.
Namjoon examines your features for what seems like an eternity. His hands squeeze your wrists, attempting to calm his nerves before he gets worked up again. “And what stopped you?”
“You, Namjoon. You stopped me. Every time you tell me to jump, I ask how high.” His grip slackens when he hears your broken voice and the stern look in his eyes return to its previous gentle state. “You were upset and I care more about your feelings than my own happiness. I stopped it before we went too far and I left.”
“So the bastard lied,” Namjoon whispers. 
“Nothing—look, babe, I’m sorry for the way I acted with you. That was shitty.” An apology from Namjoon is rare; the man is too stubborn to admit his faults. But this isn’t the only breakthrough that surprises you. “But I love you more than I’ve loved anyone—and not like a friend. I want to be the guy who’s here to stay.”
“But you are, Namjoon. Nothing’s changed,” you assure.
He groans. “You aren’t listening, babe.”
Namjoon reaches between you and collects some of your arousal, using it to coat his cock. He slides into you slowly until he’s filled you to the brim, earning small gasps from you. It’s been a few weeks since you last had him inside of you and it takes several seconds of your walls resisting before you finally relax. Namjoon’s face nuzzles in the crook of your neck while he gives you small pecks of affection. 
“I don’t just have love for you, idiot. I’m in love with you,” he murmurs against your skin, making your heavy eyes widen.
You turn to him swiftly. “What did you just say?”
Namjoon props himself on his forearms and begins to move ever so slightly, getting you used to the feeling. He holds your gazes, not speaking until your undivided attention is directed towards him.
“I love you. Do you know what that means, baby?” His thrusts speed up, and the stretch of his dick so deep inside of you leaves you speechless. “It means I want to be the only guy who takes you out.”
His hips begin snapping into your violently, not holding back now that you’re moaning in pleasure. 
“I want to be the man who marries you and fills you with babies.” Your mouth falls open when he targets your g-spot and intentionally hits the area repeatedly. Your nails dig into his shoulders while you try to keep yourself from sliding up the couch.
“I want to be the guy you call for everything. I want to be the reason behind your smile.”
“But you already are, Namjoon.” Your revelation unleashes a side of him you’ve never seen. 
His eyes are filled with so much lust and desire that they hypnotize you. You’re lost in the darkness of his orbs, but you’ve never felt so secure. The quickness of his thrusts increases with each stroke, sending you both to your peaks. 
Namjoon’s deep voice moans your name as he fills you with loads of his warm cum. Your walls contort around his length while your high slowly ebbs away, draining him of every drop. He carefully falls on top of you once he’s spent, and your arms and legs wrap around his body to hold him closer.
“I love you too, Namjoon. More than I should,” you admit. You can feel his cock still twitching inside of you as it slowly goes limp. His warm seed slowly begins to leak out when he finally pulls out and a small sigh of content leaves your lips. “So what now? What does all this mean?”
He grabs the remote from the table and presses play, starting the movie where it left off. You unravel yourself from around him while he pulls up his sweats and repositions himself. Namjoon then rests himself on your stomach, and your hands find his hair out of habit. 
“It means I can grab your ass in public now,” he states, enjoying the feeling of your fingers massaging his scalp. Your eyes roll at him for ruining the moment but you know you’ll have to take baby steps with Namjoon. “Now, pay attention. I bet we can spot bigfoot in the background if we focus.”
“You’re an idiot,” you laugh.
“Correction. I’m your idiot,” he murmurs while burying his face in your tummy.
“I can agree with that.”
Tumblr media
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amalthea-000 · a year ago
‘ he compares you to his ex ⅱ ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to, judged eating habits (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! suna, iwaizumi x f!reader
wc: 1356 words
note: again, please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) thank you for reading and taking interest in this series, here’s the 2nd part requested by @iiishaa​  !!
| masterlist | pt. 1 with miya twins | pt. 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° iwaizumi hajime:
- having a boyfriend as an athletic trainer has its perks, he always makes sure that both of you are on top shape when it comes to health. but then again, your body could not handle the vigorous routines and diets athletes/clients he handles carry out. sadly, iwaizumi pushes you to limits beyond.
difficult it may be, you try to follow iwaizumi's instructions, almost treating you like his clients, who were professionals and amateurs. but you? you were far from those people, you'd like to have your own freedom when it comes to exercising and food intake, nevertheless you comply because the smile on his face during your sessions are worth the fatigue.
 although sometimes iwaizumi seems to forget you were not his client but his lover.
"look haji, I've been craving this meal since last week, can you get of my back?" you reason, as soon as hajime saw the bag you're holding he lectured you about how trans fats and carbs will affect your body, you sigh and sit on the table, "no matter how many times you say that, I'm still going to eat this ‘cuz i bought it, if you want some, you can join me" not sparing him a glance since the aroma of the cheeseburger makes your mouth quiver in excitement. iwaizumi scoffed, 
"mika wouldn't pig out like you. tsk."
 mika? pig out? you? your mouth fell open at the words that came out of iwaizumi’s mouth. you let out a small “what?” hearing what he said to you left nasty thoughts in your head, you lost your appetite and immediately threw away the take away bag. iwaizumi just stood there frozen, mouth agape at what he just said. as you exited the kitchen, stopping beside him, “sorry, i can’t be like your perfect mika” you voice was shaky but you roll your eyes and slam the door to your bedroom. as soon as he heard those words, guilt hit him like a wave.
 you completely understood that iwaizumi just wanted the best for you but you didn’t deserve to be treated like that. angry tears were running down your face, the lecture was understandable but to bring her up? was a low blow, does he still think of her? was she better than you? ugh. you bring your knees closer and cried.
 on the other hand, the man in question was pacing back and forth in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to approach you. why am i such a dick? he thought. he truly did care for you but it was purely accidental when he said that comment. he rubbed his faced with his calloused hands and decided to knock on the bedroom door, “hey” no answer. his heart dropped the moment he saw your slumped figure sitting on the window sill with your knees on your chest. the ache in his chest grew when he heard your muffled sobs. 
 he immediately sat infront of you and cautiously touched your arm rubbing it with his thumb, iwaizumi was never good with words but he made sure that every embrace and fleeting touches he gives you are full of love and affection. you look up and he winced at the state he put you in. “baby, shit- ‘m sorry” he leaned his forehead on your arm, “are you going back to her?” his head shoots up “no! baby, no” he pulls you to his lap and cradles your figure, “shit, baby no, i’m yours, fuc-” “really?” he pulls away and cups your face with one hand, “yes, baby, always” he kissed your temple, still holding you close, 
“’m sorry, baby. how about we get those burgers again?”
° suna rintarou:
- weekends with suna are the best, just like him you love staying in and lazying around your home. it’s either binging your favorite movies or just basking in each others’ presence. your personalities contrasted, you were more talkative and outgoing, as rin is more quiet and prefers to listen. no matter the tiny difference in your personalities you loved each other very much.
but there was something about this particular weekend where suna just wanted peace and quiet, maybe it’s the tough training routines but one thing was straight, he just wanted a quiet and relaxing weekend with you. but you had other plans, you made a reservation to this interesting place your friend told you about and wanted to take your boyfriend there. 
as soon as you got home you excitedly told him about what you had in store for the both of you. he groaned in annoyance but you shrugged that off, while you were talking, he took out his phone and just started scrolling, he was lowkey ignoring you, “are you listening, rin? i mean what do you think?” you ask, and that’s where the heated discussion about "trying new things” started, words were exchanged calmly but each rebuttal was filled with bane.
“we always stay at home, rin, atleast do this for me?“ you insisted, “it’s always about you, y/n“ he deadpanned, you scowl at him “what’s that supposed to mean? look, i planned this for us, to have fun“ suna raised a brow at you, “and what makes you think that i’d agree?” you were starting to get really annoyed by his attitude, “rin, what’s with the attitude? it’s just a one fucking day with me, outside” you got up from the dining chair to get a glass of water, 
“nari never forced me to do stupid things, but you? tsk. it was so easy with her.“
 before suna even realizes what he said you slam the glass on the counter, gritting your teeth, “fuck you, suna” and left. the middle blocker just sat there gripping his phone, a frustrated groan left his lips as he stood up, made his way to the couch and decided to wait for you to come home. suna may look calm on the outside but with every tick of the clock his worry increases and leaves vile thoughts on what might happen to you or if you decide to disappear in his life for good. he didn’t even notice how his eyes got moist due to the situation. 
“come back to me, baby”
 god knows how long you’ve been driving but you couldn’t face suna right now, not after the shit he pulled. without thinking, your mind led you to yours and suna’s bench on top of the hill near your apartment, you pulled over and rest your head on the steering wheel, and there go the waterworks. how could he just casually mention her? were you really forcing him to do things? does he really think she’s better? after sometime, your grew tired of crying and thinking, so you made your way home. either way you have to face him.
 as soon as suna heard the front door open, he scurried to you and took you in his arms, your body jolts at the sudden affection, you hear him mumbling thank yous’, sorrys’ and you’re okay multiple times. you never saw him this worried since you met him, it’s kind of odd but comforting. he led you to the couch and sat you on his lap and nuzzle his head to your chest, “princess, i’m really sorry, i fucked up, i know, just i- mph” he sniffed, to think that you ran out of tears from crying earlier, here you were again, suna always had his walls up, to see him this vulnerable melted your heart, beacuse it just shows he truly loves you.
 you wrap your arms around his neck, “i know, rin. ‘was really hurtful you know?” you feel him nod “do you still think of her?” his body stiffens and pulls away, “how could i think of her? when I think about you all the time?” he gently caress your cheek “’was just really tired, i didn’t mean it ok?” “okay” you latch your self to him again, “can we stay like this? forever?” you chuckle, his grip on your waist tightens and he plants a soft kiss on your nape, “forever.”
Tumblr media
hello guys! ahhh here’s second part with suna and iwa. hope you like this aisha & everyone! sorry if it wasn’t up to par but i did my best <3 well someone actually told me iwa’s line hahah ‘twas bad but hey i still got to eat hte burger ahaha ahh anyways thank you for reading this, lemme give you all hugs and kithes <3. stay safe everyone and sanitize well. drink water!!!
- khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​ @gayerthanthee​ @iiishaa​
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whatisbraincells · 6 months ago
people wanted it(so did I) so here is my therapy au for NWH(SPOILERS)
I called it The Spider-Men AU or alternatively Spider-Bros
They are brothers
The spider really likes the Parker boys, since it bit all three
Tom is Peter, Tobey and Andrew are Tobey and Andrew because fuck creative naming
Peter’s trans, all three are bi
Peter is 15, Andrew is 17 and Tobey is 19
Tobey’s doing online college
They have bunkbeds and fouton in their room
They fight over the top bunk a lot
Peter’s dating MJ, Tobey’s dating Wade and Andrew is dating Harry
Their suits are very similar, Pete’s has black, Andrew’s has Navy and Tobey’s has blue but otherwise the same
They tell the public they’re “the Spider Men”
The public refers to them as “the small one”(Pete) “the lanky one”(Andrew) and “the responsible one”(Tobey) or more offically “Navy” “Blue” and “Black”
They call each other “little shit”(Pete) “bitch face”(Andrew) “mother fucker”(Tobey) when on the job
Aunt May knows and approves, though she gets worried about her boys
She’s very supportive
Tobey and Andrew wear their suits under their clothes, but it’s quite hard for Peter to piss in so he has to change
This leads to a lot of “PETE HURRY UP” “THIS IS CIS PRIVLAGE”
They are pure chaos
*Pete misses a swing after being chased and falls in front of Andy* “nice of you to join us”
*goon gets sent rolling in the other direction* “they see me rollin’ the hatin’”
*Tobey and Peter talking about math and science and how it will help the situation, Andy knowing full well he is of the same intelligence* “y’all are nerds”
*electro does something* *all three boys sarcastically at the same time* “Gasp, shocking”
They quote vines a lot
Many people have theorized that the group are teenagers
Lots of hair fussing
When Andy sees Pete in the hall, he punches his shoulder then fusses his hair.
If there’s some kind of problem, he fusses his hair first, then punches his shoulder
They have an unspoken agreement with the old ladies that live above them not say anything when they see the boys sneak back in through the window
Tobey is the least sneaky, he makes a lot of noise
Tobey’s organic webs are an anomaly in the family
They develop the web fluid for Andy and Pete from his webs
Toxic masculinity? Never heard of her
I really wanna put Miles in this somehow but that would be few years into the spidermaning tm and I wanna start this around a few months in
Peter’s spidey isn’t openly trans because it’s nobody’s business but they agree to do an interview and the interviewer says something transphobic and the other boys are like “oh she had it coming” and Peter just laughs and looks at the camera and says, “I’m trans dumbass”
For pride month, they spider man with bi flags as capes
Pete and Andy walk to school together every day because it gives them a bit of normality
Tobey on the other hand has unlimited webbing and swings wherever he wants
None of them will admit they are hurt so they always drag each other to the hospital where they have an agreement with Dr Cristine Palmer on behalf of Dr Stephen Strange to patch them up and not say anything
They’re about to go into a big battle and Andy just grabs his brothers shoulders and says “I love you guys”
(They say it back)
Tobey refers to them as his baby brothers and Peter refers to them as his big brothers. Andrew calls them each respectively
When Pete first brings MJ home Andy gets all fake offended when he doesn’t introduce them
“Peter where are your manners young man”
“UGH MJ these are my brothers, Andrew and Tobey”
“Thank you.”
Tobey chaprones homecoming much to his brothers’ dismay
A convo that absolutely happened
Pete: “Is it still ok to kill spiders now?”
Andy: “yeah… wait”
Tobey: “OH MY GOD IS IT”
Matt Murdock is a family friend and he stops by for dinner every once and a while(very often May’s microwave dinners and taste in takeout is very good)
They throw his laundry in with theirs because he doesn’t have that much clothes(usually it’s in the same wash as the spidersuits so all the blood gets out together)
They also groccery shop for him sometimes because the stores don’t have brail
He knows about the boys being spidermen and Daredevil is seen teaming up with them on a regular basis
I like to think he has a cordinated high five with all three of them
He comes over for Christmas dinner
Along with the Moraleses(I snuck my boy in there) because they are also family friends
Wade joins the year that he starts dating Tobey ‘cause he has no family
Tobey wraps all presents that aren’t for him because Andy and Pete suck at it and Aunt May gets overwhelmed
I’ll add more when I come up with it and add the ao3 link when I write it
Request to be @ed when I post and I will try my best to
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seraqx · 4 months ago
pairing: fezco x f!reader
summary: even though you two are broken up, fezco still likes you and tries to get even a glimpse of you.
words: 1,501
warnings: drug use, swearing, angst to fluff
authors note: hi guys! i hope you all are doing well. i’m open to requests if you guys have any! :)
Tumblr media
fezco didn’t want to see you get hurt anymore. he didn’t want you to have to suffer because of him, because of his life. so he did what he thought was right. he broke up with you.
he thought that you deserved more than him. someone who had a normal life and someone who wasn’t involved in dangerous activity.
he knew that this would pain you, but he thought it was for the best. when he broke up with you he felt like shit. your throat was dry, and your eyes were watering. you tried not to cry. to fezco he felt as if he just killed you.
as he watched you leave his house in the rain, you ran as if there was nothing stopping you. he stood there for a moment, admiring you for one last time. he shut the door holding onto the door knob. he wanted to see if you would come back, or give him another chance. but you didn’t.
and that’s when he thought he had lost you forever.
he knew you didn’t want to see him, but he still wanted to see you. he tried to see how you were doing, but not in a creepy or stalker way. he just wanted to see how you were handling things. seeing you still made him happy.
whenever he saw even a glimpse of you, he knew that he didn’t want things to officially be over yet.
and now you were with your friends, deciding on what to wear to the party. it had been a few weeks since the breakup and you were still devastated. fezco was all you ever cared for and loved. you never knew why he did it, so you put the blame on yourself, thinking that he ended things between you two because he hated you.
you knew that he was going to be at the party, so you didn’t want to stand out in case he saw you. so as far as your outfit goes, it was simple but cute. you continued getting ready, when maddy interrupted you.
“girl you seriously need to let me style you. right now you look like you’re heartbroken which is the opposite of what we want you to look like.” she groaned. you looked in the mirror and realized she was right. you wanted to go to this party to have fun and not worry about anything, so you agreed.
maddy made you wear this silk black dress that had a split side. the others agreed in awe, as they helped pick out the makeup style you would wear. in the end everyone was highly impressed by how you looked. “let’s get to this fucking party and show fezco what he’s missing.” maddy smirked.
when you guys arrived at the party, you all split into different groups. you were dancing with rue, maddy, and jules. meanwhile fezco was sitting on a couch. no matter what you were wearing or doing, he could’ve spotted you from a mile away. and man did you give him butterflies.
he missed waking up to you, and he missed how much you loved to cuddle and kiss him. so when he saw you walking into the party, he wouldn’t help but stare at you. he thought you were the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid his eyes upon. and he knew other guys thought so too, because when he saw them staring all the wanted to do was fucking punch them.
so what he did next was something he never in a million years thought he would do. when you were alone, he found his legs moving on their own. he didn’t know what he was doing, or what he was going to say. he had approached maddy while she was alone and getting a drink.
“ugh what do you want you cunt?” she bickered.
“i need to talk to you. it’s about (y/n).”
maddy looked up at fezco with a murderous look. “if you’re here to break her heart again i will fucking come for you.” she was not always one to please or impress, but somehow fezco had managed to speak to her.
so he told her everything. he went on a rant saying how he wish he could be the one to protect you, how he wanted to be the man you could depend on. but he was scared that one day he would lose you for good. that’s what made him completely petrified. he told her that if he could, he would be a different person for you. maddy listened closely, analyzing whether he was telling the truth or not.
“that was like the sweetest fucking thing i’ve ever heard.”
“so you gonna help me or no?”
maddy went over to you, who was talking with jules. “do you mind if i borrow her for a bit?” she asked her. jules nodded and went off to find rue. maddy took you by the arm and began to drag you away.
“where are we going?” you asked, laughing at the fact that you were being dragged. “i seriously need to get out of here.” she replied. you thought that some guy was being weird to her again, so you just went along with it.
while the two of you were walking away from the house maddy stopped in her tracks. “shit i forgot something. i’ll quickly get it stay right here.” then she turned around and attempted to run away. her heels clanked on the concrete floor, as her figure went back inside the house.
you were a bit scared since it was dark and your only light source was the dim lamp post above you. you could barely see what was out there. just in case you clutched the pepper spray that was in your purse. suddenly you heard movements coming from behind you.
you whipped out the pepper spray and aimed it at the person. “yo chill it’s me.” it was fezco. you sighed of relief that it wasn’t some psycho killer. but you were also scared because you were alone with your ex.
“what do you want fezzy?” the nickname just rolled off your tongue. “i mean fezco.” you corrected yourself. he thought that it was cute how your first instinct was to call him that.
“i know you probably hate me, but i need to talk to you about… why i ended things.” he said. you crossed your arms and looked up at him. “well go ahead.”
“look… i really do-”
“do you hate me?” you interrupted.
you couldn’t help but think he hated you ever since the breakup. it’s what kept you up at night, wondering what you did wrong and what you should’ve done right.
fezco was stunned at what you said. hating you? he could never. there wasn’t a single thing you could do that would make him hate you. that’s how much he loved you.
“are you for real? you know i could never hate you.”
“so why did you break up with me?”
your voice croaked and your throat started to get dry. fezco noticed this and tried his hardest not to make it worse.
“i never wanted things to end between us.” he spoke softly.
you looked him in the eyes to seek any sort of lie. but you knew he wouldn’t lie about something like this.
“i jus’ didn’t think i was the man to be able to protect you. i felt like you deserved better than some dumb drug dealer. plus i don’t want you to get hurt because of business.”
hearing those words come out of his mouth hurt you. there wasn’t anything you didn’t like about him, and you thought that he was perfect in every aspect. you didn’t care if his job was selling drugs. to you a job was a job, and as long as the person was being responsible you didn’t care. and as for getting hurt you knew that none of it would be his fault.
you cupped his cheek with your hand, caressing his cheek. the warmth of your hand gave fezco some peace. “you will always be enough for me.” you whispered. “i love you for you, and none of that will ever change. i know you can protect me because i’ve seen you do it. so please don’t blame yourself.”
he placed his hand on yours as the two of you stood in silence. “i still love you.” he said. you smiled. “i love you too.”
he leaned to kiss you, in which you kissed him back. he finally felt completed again, and you were happy. kissing him was like putting together the missing piece of the puzzle. you didn’t feel like yourself when he wasn’t there. he always brought the best out of you.
“can we try again?” he asked.
“you know i’m going to say yes.” you joked as you both let out a soft laugh.
sharing one last kiss, you hear maddy yelling from the distance. “YES BITCH GET IT!!”
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gingeraleluke · 4 months ago
Hey babe! Can I request a blurb or smth where someone makes a comment body shaming the reader and they really take it to heart? This happened to me the other day and it’s rlly hurting😢 I tried on all of my clothes that I loved yesterday but rn I see something completely different in the mirror ugh. Anyways if u could help I would appreciate it sm🥺 vin comfort is the best🤍🤍
𝗶 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗸 𝘆𝗼𝘂’𝗿𝗲 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴
Tumblr media
𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: vinnie hacker x fem!reader
𝘀𝘆𝗻𝗼𝗽𝘀𝗶𝘀: vinnie’s girlfriend takes some comments about her body, to heart.
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: swearing, body image/insecurity and fluff
𝗔/𝗡: this is open ended for any body type! it’s plus sized and anor3xic friendly ♡︎
i love you so much and i hope this helps. you are perfect just the way you are <3
when you arrived at the hype house, you weren’t expecting to see anthony, jordan, and quinton to be sprawled out on the ground of the living room with remote-controlled cars zooming everywhere. you dodged the multiple toy cars that came speaking towards you, used to their antics.
“what the hell are you guys doing?”
“quinton got us cars.” anthony laughed, getting off of the ground and grabbing his stuff to leave. as he left out the door, he said goodbye to you and gave you a small hug.
“vinnie, y/n is here!” jordan shouted, continuing to play with the rc car. kouvr and alex walked down the stairs with the camera rolling, causing everyone to focus on them.
“say hi to the vlog!”
“Y/N’S HERE?!” vinnie bursted through the hallway, alex’s camera filming his whole reaction. he noticed the camera and rolled his eyes before grabbing you and picking you up to give you a kiss.
“i’ve been waiting for you to come.” vinnie muttered, his forehead up against yours and the two of you smiling.
“ah, yes. i see from all the rambunctiousness.” you laughed, feeling vinnie’s hands run down your body and give your ass a small squeeze, his neck nuzzled in yours.
everyone put their focus on the vlog and continued out of the room, jordan and quinton leaving with the rc cars. y/n made her way upstairs to vinnie’s room. not living together really sucked, but you understood how big of a deal being at the hype house was for him. you were busy with your own job but always made the time to see him. you’d often sleep at the house for a day or two a week, and sometimes vinnie would come with you and stay at your place. the point is, even though you didn’t live together, you still saw eachother pretty much daily.
vinnie was on his pc and you were sat on his bed, taking selfies. you liked taking pictures with the mural in his background and his game setup. it always made a picture better to you. vinnie wasn’t gaming so his headphones were off, and instead he was just editing clips of an anime he rewatched. you saved a couple selfies and posted one on snapchat.
you looked up to see vinnie turned around, his back still towards you. “what?”
“you just look so hot today.”
“oh, stop it.” you scoffed, jokingly while you tried to hide how flustered you were.
“i’m serious! i love when you wear tank tops and skirts.” he turned around, typing on his keyboard. “it’s fucking sexy.”
you looked down over your outfit, analyzing the graphic tank and the plain black skirt. you normally didn’t dress like this, but you felt confident knowing that you would be seeing vinnie today. while he continued working on his computer, you went through your instagram feed.
“hey, can we watch that new disney movie?”
“what one?”
“the columbian family one, encanto! it’s with the girl with the cute hair and the glasses—i don’t know much about it, honestly, but it looks so cute and everyone on my timeline is talking about it.”
“yeah! yeah, sure, let me just finish this real quick.”
you nodded and continued on your phone, a post from a vinnie fan page had popped up on your feed. it was a screengrab from a tiktok of vinnie dancing in a pool. it was zoomed in on you in the background, wearing a swimsuit and leaning against the wall.
confused as to why they posted it, you read the caption, and then the comments.
saw this in vinnie’s new tiktok. what do you guys think about her?
@ userone: ugh, no.
@ usertwo: she seems sweet and makes him happy 🤷‍♀️
@ userthree: why is he with a girl like that tho. she’s not even hot, look at her body bro..
@ userfour: @ userthree i know…
@ userfive: @ userthree she needs help, honestly. 🤢
@ usersix: @ userthree gross asf
@ userseven: @ userthree shut the fuck up, she’s perfect wtf
@ usereight: i love her, honestly
@ usernine: she’s so hot.
@ userten: he could do better 🙄
you immediately felt your whole stomach drop. you got up on your feet and rummaged through vinnie’s drawers and pulled out a pair of sweats and a shirt. vinnie didn’t notice and continued editing.
you curled up in a fetal position on his bed and grabbed onto the skin of your stomach. those comments hit you right in the gut and now you couldn’t even look at yourself.
going onto your snapchat, you deleted the selfie you posted, feeling salty tears fall down your cheeks. you cried silently, not wanting vinnie to know. he specifically told you how things with this would happen. how dating him would have people on your back, constantly picking you apart and putting you down.
“alright!” he got up and jumped on the bed, grabbing your leg. “let’s watch some disney.”
you picked your head up, rubbing the tears from your face. “i don’t know, i’m kind of tired and wanna sleep..”
“are you crying?” his voice was delicate and sweet, the sound making your heart flutter. he was genuinely concerned and confused. sitting up, he moved around you and put your back to his chest, sitting on his lap.
“hey! what’s wrong?”
“nothing.” you shook your head and gave him a small smile.
“honey…” he broke eye contact too take in your appearance. “why’d you change?”
“i just didn’t feel pretty in it anymore..” you spoke as if it was no big deal, but he could feel the slight shaking and rapid beating of your heart.
“what happened?” he spoke, in total seriousness. he never stopping looking into your eyes, as if the answer was deep in your irises.
“do you—do you think that i’m…not healthy?”
“what?! no? why?”
“like…i don’t look weird or…unhealthy?”
“y/n, seriously, what are you talking about?”
“my body!” you whined, dropping your hands in frustration. you hated this conversation with every once of your being. you got off of his lap and looked at him.
“what about it?!”
“it’s not right!”
“what’s not right? are you in pain?”
“no! i-i don’t look like other girls do…” you started crying again, breaking down your exterior and letting it out. vinnie’s hands never left your back and he looked at you as if he was so concerned that it hurt him.
“of course you don’t! you’re y/n, you aren’t any other girl.”
“fuck vinnie, you know what i mean. i don’t have the fucking slim waist, big ass and big boobs thing that all the other girls have. i don’t have the ‘just right’ arms and the perfect legs. i don’t fucking have any of it and i’m not special and it makes me feel like shit.”
“who told you this?”
“i saw a comment on a picture—it doesn’t even matter, it’s always in the back of my head. how different my body looks next to other girls…” vinnie grabbed you by the base of your back and took you into his arms, letting you cry before speaking.
“y/n…i don’t ever want you to feel like this, and i know i can’t help much but i promise you, with fucking everything that i have, that you are enough. there’s nothing wrong with you body, baby. i LOVE your body, okay? you-you shouldn’t…feel like that..” he frowned, kissing you on the cheek. his hand was on your head and combed through the hair at your scalp.
“i love you.” you mumbled, hugging him and letting your chin rest on his back. you breathed in his cologne and closed your eyes, realizing how lucky you were to have him.
“i love you…i love everything about you.” he grabbed your chin and gave you a long and passionate kiss before rubbing his nose against yours. you hummed happily, pulling out your phone and reposting that selfie you took. you heard vinnie mumble ‘gorgeous’ when he saw your face on the screen.
“can we go see the movie now?”
“of course, baby. but only if you change back into your clothes..”
“fine.” you groaned, jokingly. stripping down in front of him as he grabbed his wallet and keys.
“oh, y/n?”
“about that last part? how you aren’t special? well, i think you’re wrong. the girl sitting here, on my bed, in my clothes, is pretty fucking special.”
@radioblah-blah @janesofia7 @sofslander
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bambisgirl · 9 days ago
confident ; 59. endgame
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Tumblr media
warning! smut
there are screenshots after the written part!
“how are you feeling?” you place your palm on heeseung’s forehead to check if he has a fever or not.
“mm…” he barely opens his eyes. “i’m good.”
“you don’t have a fever.” you retract your hand as he pouts slightly. he’s still so weak for any little touch of yours. “what were you thinking, lee heeseung?”
he’s laying on the small bed in your dorm room, covered in your fluffy sheets as you’re seated right next to him on the edge.
“what?” his voice is deep as he just woke up from a three hour nap.
“fighting sunghoon? in the damn snow?” you try your best to look angry as the only thing you’re feeling right now is worry for your best friend.
“oh… that.” he finally opens both of his eyes and looks up at you through his eyelashes. “it’s nothing.”
“nothing? heeseung, it was freezing outside. you both fought in mud and rain and… it was just devastating to see you like this.” you want to cry as the image of your best friend numbly laying in the snow comes to your mind again. “why did you fight?”
“you.” he blinks lazily.
“you fought because of me?” you widen your eyes, clearly not expecting this answer. “why?”
heeseung doesn’t reply, instead he reaches out for your hand. his whole body hurts and he flinches at the tiniest movement.
“be careful!” both of your hands gently grab heeseung’s. “where does it hurt?“ you leisurely caress his bruised knuckles with your thumbs.
“everywhere.” he groans. his expression softens as he feels his hand in yours. “especially here.” he slowly takes out his hand from under the sheets and points to his chest.
so he’s heartbroken too?
“why did you fight him, heeseung?”
“he… he knew how things were going on between the two of us. it was complicated and— ugh, why did you have sex with him?” his jealousy gets the best of him.
“have sex with him?” you frown, taken aback by his sudden outburst. “me and sunghoon didn’t have sex last night.”
“please don’t lie to me.” he exhales deeply, already mentally exhausted from the previous events.
“i’m not lying!” your grip on his hand tightens, still careful not to hurt him. “we kissed… for a while. and slept in the same bed. but that’s it.”
heeseung has a sudden moment of realization.
we slept together.
exactly, i’m your best friend.
so you slept together but didn’t have sex.
“oh.” this is all he can say. “i’m sorry.”
“for what?”
“it’s not my business.” he sighs. “i don’t even know why i caused all this. i thought— i really thought it would’ve changed something. i don’t know. my head hurts.”
“heeseung…” you look away.
he grabs your chin with his fingers, turning your head back to look at him.
“please look at me.” he begs. “only look at me.” his hand moves up to your cheekbone and then he gently tucks your hair behind your ear.
“i’ve only looked at you, heeseung. ever since we were kids.” you say sincerely. it took you one decade to realize but this was the truth. there has never been another guy except from heeseung.
“you know why i hate hospitals so much?” he asks and you shake your head. it’s one of the really few things you actually don’t know about him. “remember that time when you fell off the stairs in freshman year?” you nod, nostalgically smiling at the thought of your highschool days. “i wasn’t there to help you because of my damn basketball practice. choi hyunsuk called an ambulance and went with you to the hospital nearby. i came thirty minutes later and…” his jaw clenches.
“what happened?”
“he was talking on the phone in the hallway when i happened to pass by. he was telling his friends they should come there because your ankle was broken. that you can’t walk for another six weeks.” his blood is boiling as he speaks. “they… they all wanted to take advantage of you.”
your heart stops.
“next thing i know, one of the security guards was kicking me out the hospital telling me he’d call the police because i almost killed hyunsuk.” he shakes his head. “i… i don’t remember anything, i saw red in front of my eyes and jumped on him, i wanted to strangle him and all of his fucking friends for only thinking they could—”
“heeseung.” you interrupt him, not wanting to hear the rest of the story anymore. “why didn’t you tell me about this?”
“you were just fifteen. i couldn’t.” his eyes are glossy. “and it wasn’t the only time, so many bastards tried to—”
“thank you.”
you lay down on his chest in an attempt to hug him. “you’re truly the bestest friend i could’ve asked for.”
“that’s all you.” he puts his arms around you and you can hear his erratic heartbeat. “i’m sorry for being an asshole.”
you stay like this for a few moments before he breaks the silence again. “so this is how’s gonna be?”
“what do you mean?”
“us two being best friends as always and you… i don’t know, dating sunghoon? is that what you want?”
“you know what i want.” you get up to face him again.
he finally looks into your eyes.
“what do you want?”
you can sense hope in his shaky voice.
“i want you, heeseung.” you say calmly. “i… i want all of you. i’ve always wanted you.”
“you do?”
“yes. so much.”
“you can have me.” his voice is throaty. “for as long as you want.”
you don’t waste any other second and lean down, gently pressing your lips on his. both of you slightly open your mouths at the same time, tasting the light metallic flavor of his bottom lip — sunghoon’s punch was really something.
you don’t know what happens next or how heeseung is now on top of you, placing hot kisses all over your neck.
“i… have… missed… you… so… so... much…” he says between pecks. he presses his lower body against yours so you can feel his bulge on your stomach. 
you bring your hand down and run your fingers along the waistband of his boxers. he looks so nervous as his eyes shoot open when you slowly reach the slight erection through the fabric. he sucks in a breath as you graze your hand over him.
your tongue runs over the skin under his ear and his body jumps. his hands go to your chest and he cups your breasts, still shy as he was the first time.
he hisses in pain as he’s holding himself up on his bruised elbow, using his other hand to touch you.
“your body fits perfectly in my hands.” his voice is so uncontrolled and raspy as he speaks.
his hands are shaky as he reaches under your shirt and up your back, unclasping your bra. it took a few tries, but he finally managed to take it off with you laughing during the whole process.
“i love you.”
“say it again.” he demands with a deep voice, yet there’s so much vulnerability in his eyes. 
“i love you, heeseung.”
you know the spot on his neck just above his collarbone that drives him crazy so you place a wet kiss there. you feel his body jerk and tense as you lift your hips to meet his again.
“do you— fuck. do you want me to stop?”
you shake your head as his eyes close tightly again.
when both of your clothes are off, you can’t help but sigh at the marks on his abdomen.
“sunghoon really kicked you, huh?” you chuckle.
“he’s the last thing i wanna talk about right now.”
heeseung’s jaw is clenched and his muscles contract as he enters you slowly. his breath is hot against your neck and you bring his face to yours, looking into those bambi doe eyes you love so much.
you’d do anything to be able to feel this way forever, deeply connected with heeseung in every way possible. even if you’ll never speak again or end up hating each other, you know that in this moment he means everything to you.
time slows down as he moves in and out of you.
“i love you so much, heeseung. the most.” he shivers at your words.
he moans your name and brings his swollen lips to yours.
“i love you, y/n. forever.”
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chocolatemilksmoothie · a month ago
O Titan, Where Art Thou
aka pain, confusion, dread, and ultimately, hope. I felt like this episode ended so fast but also it had a LOT going on huh, this'll be long
King's strange dream seems to take place in that weird in between. Interesting that Luz was able to make it in there, kinda, through the unfinished door
Tumblr media
Looks like the Collector is trapped there, in that weird orb thingy
remembering from Hollow Mind, to me who's trapped beneath these bones hmm how does the Titan's body connect to this place?
And he doesn't seem to have noticed the weird connection created between them and King back when he lit the Round Boi on fire (yes I'll keep calling it that, sue me). they were surprised to hear someone else there
He sounded so desperate... I won't be alone, don't leave, come back. huh, how long you been there you little chaos goblin?
(EDIT because I wonder if the Round Boi being a reflective surface is connected to Luz being able to see through mirrors/glass when she was in there)
god, poor King. he's supposed to grow to a gigantic size, and how long does a titan even live??? will he outlive everyone. depressing thoughts, too much, he is just a little kid why must we hurt him
Luz and King are siblings!!! she is concerned about him!!
Tumblr media
I want all of these posters on my wall asap
"I still haven't recovered from that tea party, ugh" amazing callback, Hooty you absolute menace
heartbreaking to see the Owl House all broken and messy. Well, messier than usual
Loving Lily's winter look work it girl
I support putting snorse glue in Belos' shampoo!
"someone had to bury our bones" LILITH NO
Tumblr media
Perfect merch opportunity
everyone's got a lot to process, especially King. wait til they remember the titan blood oh boy
oh Lily, once again trying to treat King like some deity. I think by the end she understood but old habits die hard
"I'm a god's aunt!" her dialogue is killing me this episode I swear
Luz wants to get him his bunny back Imma go cry
I liked the parallel of Eda lying to Luz, wanting to keep her safe but ultimately harming her and their relationship, and Raine doing the same to Eda. thank god we had honesty at the end
"I wanna go on a heist" "of course you do"
"I'd kill for you. please ask me to kill for you" _ Lilith at King, probably
"wouldn't you rather have a beach day?" "maybe if we had time for 20 more adventures, but we don't!" (oh man it's almost like our 20 episodes third season was unexpectedly shortened to just 3 specials so now we get no time for beach filler episodes, DISNEY)
everyone ominously marching to the Head *shudders*
obsessed with the shitty bootleg coven scout uniforms
Tumblr media
why is he lowkey cool as hell. chillest dude ever. the voice of reason. wisest man alive. questioning authority and his beliefs. shoulder pats for Steve
Steve and King bonding on a soul searching motorcycle adventure helping people all over the Isles was not what I expected but it is what I NEEDED
Hooty consistently being Lilith's common sense is the funniest thing ever
Tumblr media
I'm cackling
and he made a little origami demon with the pages later he is perfect
Tumblr media
bro he is just a little kid who wanted to know where he came from and have his Owl Family meet his Demon Family don't touch me
Helihooty? Hootycopter? whatever
I too, cry when I see old sapphics in love, Steve
"this. is for my kids" GOD
and Raine has such a kind heart too, and they're a quick thinker!
no YOU look like a pile of compost, Terra!
this whole part was heartbreaking. Eda just wants them to get away, to be safe, she doesn't care what happens to her and has no plan to stop the Day of Unity from happening, and Luz is so sad and feels betrayed, after all they've been through, after how much she's grown, she refuses to give up without a fight
shout out to the acting, the music, the boarding, the colors, the everything this whole episode
remembering season 1 King wanting to be seen as a huge powerful demon and now it terrifies him, he has grown a lot. poor little guy
Tumblr media
STEVE FACE REVEAL oh I love his design he is just a Guy with a gentle face and a mismatched horn. best boy
"hey girl, I've been there. I can recommend a good therapist" I love him your honor
also therapy coven confirmed? is it a branch of the healing coven? lmao
also also maybe give the therapist contact to uh. everyone else too. they need it
Tumblr media
help him
I support Darius insulting Alador any chance he gets because his abomatrons keep hurting my children
"please try not to bite anybody" reluctant dad energy
Raine meeting Luz made me extremely happy thanks for the serotonin Owl Crew
I ADORE this Raine-Darius friendship they are so funny. gay on gay violence (affectionate)
"I'm starting to think I wasn't very good at my job" I think you were probably better than Kiki if that's any consolation
"PLEASE tell me you have a cool rebel name!" my brain immediately: " gasp, the LGBTs"
so many callbacks this episode we really are in the endgame now
Hopefully next week the Hexside team can reunite with the CATS (meowmeow!!) so we can all work together in the season finale
Also I'd like for Darius to have an honest chat with Hunter about the previous guard...
THE PALISTROM WOOD I love Eda so much
so by next week we will get to see Luz's palisman at last. I suspected she'd carve it during this season
I think a bat is still my favorite option at the moment. Amity already has a cat so I don't think they'd repeat that, and a bat is not a bird but can fly, she is a Clawthorne but also comes from somewhere else, she is between worlds!
a snake and a bird are also popular guesses. whatever it is, can't wait to see! and learn their name of course
Wonderful episode, packed with feelings, character relationships and plot development. it really hit me hard that we don't have a lot of the Owl House left... let's enjoy what we can together
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fettuccin-e · 4 days ago
Poe Dameron Fic Recs
Hi! Here are some Poe Dameron fics that I’ve read recently because I’m in my Oscar Isaac Era™ and I really wanted to have them forever. These are just freaking fantastic, so please give the respective authors so much love!!! (Also, if you are one of these authors and would like to be removed, please let me know!)
Strike 3 by @the-little-ewok
In which Poe finally agrees to teach you how to fly, but soon, feelings start getting revealed (this one gets smutty you guys, it’s really nice).
Stay by @the-little-ewok
In which after breaking up, Poe starts to realize how much of a mistake it was to leave you, and now needs to convince you to give him another chance (ugh i love it when hot men are angsty and beg for forgiveness). 
It’s Always Belonged to You by @im-poe-dameron
In which after getting hurt, you end up at the home of your sworn enemy, and soon, feelings start coming out while he takes care of you (the end of this made me go “aww” audibly).
Alabanza by @brandyllyn
A longer fic in which a misdelivered comm message causes you and Poe to become pen-pals, and you both fall in love not knowing who the other is (this fic is not sad in the slightest, but I still cried like a baby at the end because it’s just so freaking sweet)
Tender Loving Care by @clints-lucky-arrow
In which you are a former spy for the Resistance and your past continues to haunt you, but Poe notices and takes care of you (the hurt/comfort is strong with this one babey)
Jogan Fruit by @andromeda-dear
In which a drinking game turns into a really long night for Poe and the reader (this one is smut, a lot of smut)
The Hating Game by @light-yaers
In which you and Poe hate each other, to the point that it becomes a game between the both of you. Soon though, the game starts to not be very fun anymore (plenty of hurt/comfort and smut?? fantastic).
My Church by @mermaidxatxheart
In which you and Poe find comfort and solace in each other (this one is just porn. it’s porn. i am not ashamed to say that I am a whore and this shit is debauched)
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