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#when u think it's nothing
fruitygus · 8 days ago
did u know that shawn and gus are married? it’s true u can just think of their wedding and then they’re married .
#help i’ve been laying in bed for 2 hours thinking of shawngus wedding🥺🥺#here’s how it goes: (i’m stealing nilesdaphne plot)#after 3x02 high school reunion shawn and gus are at gus’s apartment bc they’re gonna have dinner and gus keeps thinking about how shawn said#that they’re not dating bc gus is too good for him. and he’s like ‘did u mean that?’ ‘mean what?’ ‘what you said earlier did u mean it?’#‘gus i say a lot of things ur gonna have to be more specific.’ ‘u said i could never want you bc i was voted most likely to succeed. is that#really what u think?’ and then shawn tries to avoid the question but gus keeps persisting so eventually shawn cracks & goes on & on about#how much gus deserves in life and shawn and never give that to him. then gus is like u idiot u don’t get to tel me what i deserve. what i#deserve is to be happy and i’m only gonna be happy with u. so if u want to know what i *desevre* then i deserve the best virsion of u.#anways then the kiss and that’s how they start dating. and then like a month later shawn makes this fancy dinner and fills their living room#with all of gus’s favourite flowers and a bunch of (fake bc of one 1 incident) candles and he’s gonna propose to gus when gus comes back#from work. except gus has a really bad cold so shawn gives him tea and medicine and puts away the dinner and is taking care of him in bed.#and he was planning on just doing the dinner in a couple days when gus was better but gus is right there in front of him and he loves him so#much and he can’t wait any longer to propose to gus bc he’s waited 10 years too long already. so he proposes and he’s like ‘ok i know it’s#really soon but just think about it ok?’ and gus is like ‘i don’t have to think about it of course i wanna marry you.’ and he’s all sneezy#and gross but shawn doesn’t care and he keeps trying to kiss him even tho gus keeps telling him he’s gonna get himself sick. so then they#cuddle in bed and watch princess bride and gus is better by the end of the weekend (but then shawn gets sick & it’s gus’s turn to take care#of him). then they spend 2 months planning the wedding (and argue over who gets jules as their groomswoman). and they’re all at a bar hangin#out or something & henrys making fun about how shawn dragged him to 8 different stores trying to find the perfect ring for shawn but nothing#was ever good enough and so henry told him to give gus his grandmothers ring & find a place that would rework the medal into a different#design. (gus already knew bc shawn told him after he proposes but now he’s hearing about how long and hard shawn thought about trying to fin#d the perfect one for gus). and then gus gives joy a ride home and shawn’s gonna meet him at home but when he’s driving joy she’s poking fun#at how shawn was so scared and so convinced that gus was gonna say no and how every 2 days he’d be like ‘are you sure i should ask???’ and#how he made sure to ask their parents and joy if he could marry gus. and gus is overwhelmed by how much shawn loves him and how much he love#s shawn and he remembers a story henry told an hour ago about how when they were 10 shawn spent weeks tracking down a special edition of gus#favourite comic book bc gus said he really liked it and shawn wanted to surprise him. and henry said that when shawn accidentally said to#henry that he was in love with gus that he wasn’t surprised at all. and gus never heard this story before and shawn was feigning annoyance#while henry was telling it to everyone but gus could tell he was embarrassed but gus was just ‘🥺’. and as he drops joy off at home he doesnt#think he can go one more second without being married to shawn. so he goes home and tells shawn he wants to marry him. ‘lol i wanna marry u#too.’ ‘no i mean i want to marry u *now*.’ ‘right now?’ and gus is kinda crying and he’s telling him how much he loves him & that he can’t#go one more second without being his husband. ‘i thought u always wanted a big wedding?’ ‘no i don’t care. i don’t care how or where were
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maraczeks · 9 days ago
the office s6 thread pt 11
#oh my god i cannot breathe#i finished but all i can think abt is michael saying he misses holly and HIS FAce when no said she'll look for holly WTFFFFF#ITS ACTUALLY NOT JUST ME HE LITRALLY HAS NOT STOPPED THINKING ABOUT HOLLY THE WHOLE SEASON ITS UNBearABLE#;$$(8#&;$;&!#!!'xnbfjdhdjdjfjskkdjehjsjdhc emma#anyways gonna screen record for hhh breakdown purposes#may 2 2021#IM SO EXCITE DFOR S7 U DONT INDERSTANDNFNFNNFKDKDKDKDNKS IM OGJGNGNFBDBOTO KILL MDHDGSJD#YOU COULD TRANSFER HOLLY BACK FROM NASHUA):$;&;&;&5&(&:&;!( AND THEY THOUGHT ITHATS OKAY!?:!;&(&;&;&&:$;&:&;&;8:@3$5&?&:!#&;!~€<£<¥¥~€#£|£~#MY RMOTIONAL STABILITY MESNS NOTHING TO THE TERITERDBHDJDJKSJDJDKJXNDKDKZV?vvvb????#IM TEMBLDJFNFNGBGBGBBCBXHAHAHAHDHFNFJSKDJKSNDJXNDKSS CANTHDHJDDJJFSO THIS DJDJDJDJDHDJDJDJSOSIJDHDJCMNRBFBCNXNX#gonna tweet s7 tho so no thread sorry to whoever's invested#NO ONES AWAKE IM FREAKING BEEAKING DOWN BY MYSELF FJFJXJSK#LUÍZA WAKE UP RIGHT NOW#no the way every few eps he'd drop something devastating and how he thinks abt her nonstop it's so sick#the fanfic material#....... i don't write but i might have to 😭😭😭😭#bro i can't believe it's finals season ? i just want to watch the michaelholly diaries in peace ??#i just realized i'm going to lose cheleanor and michaelholly very soon and very close together what the fudge.#wait no the timing is horrific i hate myself#the self inflicted pain just never stops huh.#unrelated but i can't wait for school to be over so i can stick to one time zone again it's 7.30 and i'm going to sleep idk if that's early#or late anymore cry#anyways i'm asleep (real)
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hilichurlrights · 18 days ago
PEOPLE MAKE /WHAT/ OF KLEE,,, now, personally, i don't ship kaeluc (i'm more familiar with the English translation) but that doesn't mean i would be mean to someone who does! i would, at most, go "yeah, it's not my cup of tea" and leave it at that! like, if you hate it, why interact with someone you KNOW likes it? people can have opinions other than yours (meaning the rude people's; you're fine). you don't need to respond, i'm just venting. they should spend their time elsewhere
Nah bro vent louder for the people in the back!! Legitimately if you google “genshin hentai” or similar (don’t google it word of warning) you’d find loli lewds in the first few dozen results.
And like, obviously that’s not okay at all, that’s a problem, but even if I decide it’s my problem what can I do about it? Harassing the creator won’t help. Doing anything that spreads the content won’t help. Complaining vaguely with no proof of what I’m complaining about won’t help. Nothing helps, except denouncing it at opportune moments, i.e. someone deliberately shares it with me or asks me my opinion. The more you fuel a fire, the more it burns.
And sometimes I’m wrong about things. We’re all wrong from time to time. As much as diehard anti-kaeluc people who harass everyone and their grandmother about what they ship don’t understand a character of Chinese, my English isn’t perfect, my French isn’t native, my Spanish isn’t entirely fluent. And even if I were a native speaker, plenty of English speakers miss nuance in their own language. I studied Latin for 7 years; mistranslating is half of translation. It’s what you do, it’s how you learn.
And at the end of the day, how much is a perceived wrong worth? I think making lewd art of Klee or other characters with the loli model is horrible, and I think “well she’s not human” (used for all 3 of the current lolis, probably more in the future) is a very transparent alternative to the classic pedo line “you’re more mature than your age”, but what am I going to get done about it? Not what am I going to do, but what can I change? Does harassing someone over it make me the bigger person, even if they are so, so wrong?
All we can do is curate our experiences. I follow some artists on Twitter, I block others, some I’ll like or retweet a post here and there but steer clear of the rest of their content. People can’t be perfect, but we can choose to see the sides of them we’d rather see. Why spend all my time on the internet looking for trouble when there are so many things I enjoy here?
It’s like that expression: knock on enough doors asking to see the devil, and eventually he’ll answer.
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princeofyorkshire · 21 days ago
keep thinking about my conversation with my psychiatrist today and i just..... what
#like he makes me feel so... invalidated..... like he doesn’t take me seriously at all#he literally said you’re not sad. if you were sad you’d be crying loudly walking down the street#and i just. what the fuck. like what. who the fuck says that#and it’s fucking confusing cause he said being like This is part of my personality and what i was feeling wasn’t sadness. ok so what is it#you gotta figure it out! what.#and i’ve told him you know sometimes i just don’t wanna get better like i self sabotage all the time and then i kinda regret it and it’s#this whole thing of I Wanna Get Better. No I Don’t. Yes I Do. his response was like well. only you can do something about that it’s up to u#and i get it.... in a way...... but i genuinely do Not have the energy to try and get better sometimes like it’s impossible for me and i#feel like life is fucking pointless when i’m like that so uh i’m literally telling you i’m suicidal and i’m supposed to just deal with it???#he’s like meditation and lots of therapy will help ! and i’m like. well but i genuinely feel like there’s something else going on besides#ocd and anxiety like i don’t think it’s normal to feel this way. and he’s like well what is normal 💕#and he kept saying there was nothing else going on it’s just me being. sad. like that’s just who i am#and that hurts me so fucking much lmfao like my whole existence is being reduced to being.... sad#(but also apparently i’m not actually sad cause i’m not crying 24/7)#i don’t know man i genuinely have. no fucking idea what this man is on about#like if your patient is telling you they think there’s something else going on. because you know. they know themselves more than you do.#aren’t you supposed to like. listen to them. he’s literally like no you’re fine when i know i’m not lol#he doesn’t even wanna try to help me lmfao he just wants to give me my prescriptions and bye#also can’t get over him joking about me wanting to kill myself lol like. what the fuck ! what the fuck#this whole situation is fucking WEIRD how am i supposed to get professional help when these people aren’t even professionals apparently#fuck you dude like for real lmfao. he’s always been an ass but this time...... it just went too far lmfao#suicide tw#effie talks
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quirofiliac · 22 days ago
multiadored said: ✔
@multiadored​: chiko/ quick & easy plotting guide / accepting.
Tumblr media
do i know your muse(s): yes | no | a little | tell me about your muse
setting: our verse | my verse | your verse | modern | alternate universe | other
pre-established relationships? yes | no | depends on the relationship
possible relationships: friends | classmate | co-worker | roommate | family, real or adopted | dating or blind date | married | friends with benefits | unrequited love | lending a hand | teacher - student | rivals | allies | partner-in-crime | enemies | protecter - guarded | business partners | spy - infiltrated | manipulator - manipulated | star-crossed | first meeting | other
i’m in the mood for: fluff | angst | horror | romance | humor | crime | hurt / comfort | action | supernatural | slice of life | crack | dark threads | light threads | any genre | multi-para | shorter para | one-line | any length | plotted threads | unplotted threads | other
feel free to: message me ooc | message me ic | tell me your ideas | write a starter | answer one of my opens | send a meme | reblog this with your preferences - let’s find common interests!
#multiadored#[ answered · ah. i'm sorry but i don't have time… ]#[ ooc · she's awful… simply dreadful… ]#me leaning on u from behind: hello again.#so we already have a thing of kira and chiko doing this sort of thing where it's like... he leads her on. fully aware of how this is bad but#still does it because he can get things (nothing in... particular? just general things.) out of her because of it. does chiko realize this?#who knows! probably as it gets further and further down the line. (: but that's why kira always figures out some way or another to#reel her back in like it's nothing. he essentially wraps a rope around her neck like a noose and gives it One Firm yank the moment he thinks#she's acting out of line. and it can be something completely made up-- be it from his paranoia his idealized version of her crumbling or...#just? something that /he/ doesn't like. he's always there to pull her back when he sees that she's getting A Little Too adventurous.#and i can see this eventually panning towards him ''involving'' her in his kills but more-so on the level that he uses her.#to lure in potential targets. and even just as a general ''basis'' of a networking system.#someone is bothering her that ALSO happened to bother him? they're the next target; they were just there at the wrong place - wrong time.#i think he'd use chiko as a way to help control his urges-- she provides him with a long list of potentials. he doesn't say anything tho.#just kind of... does it. if she figures it out she figures it out. what's she gonna do? kira's too confident (arrogant even.) that#he has her wrapped around his finger.#because he's just So Damn Good at acting normal around her. it takes time for him to reveal his true self to her. and even when he does?#that's only a fraction.#he's still incredibly secretive. reclusive. withdrawn. only lets certain details show.#details that he thinks chiko wants to see and - thus - tricks her into feeling like she's even closer to him than before.#i also wanna say that in tandem to this-- he definitely would be more than willing to go on ''dates'' with chiko in diu!verse#to pacify her mom. he'd introduce himself as this perfect gentleman and lull her into this Amazing but false sense of security.#then come post!diu and he just fucking slaughters her.#bc he politely (in a casual tone. like he's talking about the weather.) recalls to chiko all the times she's bemoaned her mother#and how kira need pry only A Little and he's figuring out their relationship.#learns that he could probably get away with it. so she's one of his first kills when he's come ''back to life''.#easy target. an even easier kill.#he does up the house. gets rid of the body. /considers/ taking her hand but then gets rid of that too. because it's a little too old.#kira's a man with standards after all. and fast forward past the funeral. chiko spies him after what feels like months of nothing.#and then chiko tries to ''reconnect'' with him. something he doesn't know if he wants. but he does it anyway. because he's a good friend. (:
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blackracheldare · 25 days ago
simi what in the goddamn... posally????
Tumblr media
i dont ship it calm down 🙄 i dabble in possibility and i support my mutuals. im on team “poseidon pay ur stupid child support and let sally kill you for what you put her through”
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actual-garbage-gay · 25 days ago
hm. i never want to have anyone take a mold of my teeth ever again. that sucked so bad
#fun fact: lifting your feet helps to not trigger ur gag reflex for some reason???#i don’t know why. maybe bc u have to breathe evenly to hold them up. maybe bc it distracts u#whatever the reason it works#that molding stuff was so weird too#it was pink and it felt unpleasant#it turned from what i can imagine a mouthful of acrylic paint feels like to weird cold rubber#anyways. i am never going to let myself need crowns. i do not want to do that again#it wasn’t awful while it happened i just. eugh. i don’t like having to breathe so i don’t feel like i’m abt to vomit#plus i was nervous that whole day so like. i had choked on my toothbrush earlier that morning n shit#sometimes when i get nervous i think my throat just kinda closes a bit. or i breathe too shallowly or smth#either way it triggers my gag reflex and it SUCKS bc sometimes i go into a small fit#bc i am both trying to mask the fact that i’m gagging on nothing and try to stop myself from gagging#anywho. if u ever have to get a mold of ur mouth made at the dentist know the following things#1.) it sucks to do the top teeth bc the goop is on the roof of ur mouth and it feels like it’s sliding down ur throat#don’t panic. just breathe and tilt ur head down to look at ur feet. then hold ur feet a few inches in the air#2.) the goop feels Weird on the inside of ur mouth. it’s cold and it solidifies weirdly. like u don’t recognize that it’s solid until#the dentist removes it and suddenly it’s rubbery. i don’t get it#3.) there will be flecks of it in ur mouth afterwards. don’t worry too much abt this#pick out what you can. if you swallow some it won’t kill you#anyways. my dentist was really cool abt the whole process#she taught me the tips and while she was doing the top part she had me mess with some of the molding stuff in my fingers to show me#how it worked (and also to distract me from the Immense Discomfort)#i like my dentist. i’ve never been afraid that they would treat me poorly there
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floralbfs · 25 days ago
sent my sister an article on a*t's antisemitism and she deadass told me "hey im not gonna be able to finish reading that article you sent me because it contains spoilers" BITCH?????????
#and then when i told her the rundown of it she was like “yikes.... hm it's good that im watching it illegally then!!!” WHY ARE YOU EVEN#WATCHING IT!!!!! plus it's not even like she doesn't know abt this i told her abt a*t's antisemitism a few years back and she brushed me off#and gOd i hate all that “ik it's bad but im not actually supporting the artist* so it's fine” BUT WHY DO U EVEN WANT TO WATCH THAT SHIT#also *yes. you ARE supporting the artist. by watching and sharing and talking and shit#also the article i read said that basically a*t's only saving point was its gorgeous art or something but??? is the art different in the#manga or something??? bc i think the art is hideous too???? and i don't want to criticize art bc im terrible at drawing and ive never put#that much effort on doing it/getting better at it so i dont have much right to shit on someone who has spent their life bettering their art#and working on it and stuff. but in this case i feel it's ok because fuck that guy#god im tired. also i have a calculus exam tomorrow so idk what im going to do akdbsjdbsnbf we've been going over easy stuff so i dont think#i'll struggle but i don't want to overestimate myself and then die tomorrow snbfnsbdbsbfbd#so idk if i'll study or just rest more skdbsnbdns ive done nothing all day (well i did have an exam but still) but im tireeeeeed#and it's too early to go to sleep but god i want#😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#anyways i gotta go & fuck a*t#aot tw#attack on titan tw#ask to tag#antisemitism mention#honey talk
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osorcanine · 27 days ago
I was writing a post about a potential third crush but in writing it I realized it’s ‘I like you’ (general positive association) and not “I like you” (attraction/want of relationship) so.
Not a crush, but a good learning opportunity - now I have a better understanding of what attraction feels like (or rather, what it doesn’t)
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theantiproduct · 28 days ago
#i miss my brother so much#everytime we talk i cry lol it feels so shit not being able to see him and the kids i feel like they're forgetting who the fuck i am#he keeps talking about me moving there and there's nothing i want more but it'll probably never happen#not unless I'll find a job there or something#idk man life is too hard idk how people do this shit#idk what to do if i get an apartment now i won't be able to just up and go when the pandemic dies down i wanna spend like two months away#i need a fucking break from this year of total shit#so idk idk I'm on hold and i guess now it's a bit better since i talked to my folks but I'm still suffocating here#I've also decided to wait with dating again lol the one bad date was enough#dude made a shit comment on my appearance and i only caught it a day later#i think i looked great tbh so idc but i just dont need that rn#soooooooo life and stuff am i right#also an old friend who stopped talking to me keeps messaging me and if you're reading this stop that pls u made your choice#people are exhausting#all i know is the minute i can I'm buying a plane ticket and leaving for a bit#that's the one thing I'm sure of#other than that idk and imma have to figure it out#if i had one of the 3 things i need i would be sorted lol probably not tho#get me a man a job and an apartment and I'll be unstoppable#i know im kidding myself but yeah I'm pretty much missing the basics rn#started looking for a job so that's a start#can't wait to be a slave to capitalism#brain rambles I'm just sad and tired#personal
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sugas-sweetheart · a month ago
tumblr seems to be very dead today and my post only has like 4 notes in the 2 hours it’s been up 🥴
#like I don’t ever expect many when I first post it#but considering Im kinda close to 600 I’d just expect a little more than 4 in 2 hours yk#idk interaction on posts makes me sad to look at lmao#especially when it’s like comments and feedback??? there’s literally nothing.#my top post has over 1000 notes. and the only comment is ‘🖤’#so like thanks for the emoji but that doesn’t help that much yk#but yeah idk readers leave comments and reblog s to support ur creators!! we end up getting burnt out from lack of feedback#like how can we know what you thought of a set of hcs or drabble or a fic when we have nothing to go off of apart from a like button#that doesn’t actually tell us anything about your reading experience#maybe you liked it so that u could find it later - maybe u liked it to acknowledge u had read it#it’s just yeah. oh my god and anon requests??? please. feedback is appreciated so much for those.#I genuinely think only one - maybe two - anons have thanked me or sent me an ask after writing their request to acknowledge they liked it#my moots requesting stuff is different bc they all understand the lack of interaction we face as writers and artists on here#anyway sorry#it’s like 11:30 I should get some sleep soon#but just give your writers feedback please!! it honestly makes our day to here you enjoyed it#you can reblog and put ur thoughts in the tags; you can just comment without the reblog; send an ask on or off anons#we just want some feedback from our lovely readers <3
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