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#when ur closeted from ur family <3
buggedup · 3 months ago
the "i know what i like" hits different in girls (girl in red)
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adoringhaikyuu · 3 months ago
hey!! it’s my birthday and i was wondering if you could do characters and what they do for your birthday? if i can ask specifically for the character could i ask for •Atsumu, Osamu, Hinata, Bokuto and kenma?• of not that’s okay!! i don’t want to make it harder on you:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: timeskip!atsumu + bokuto + hinata + kenma + osamu + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: happy belated birthday! <3
Tumblr media
★ atsumu would go all out and spoil you as soon as you wake up. he's showering with you (if you let him) because of course he is. he just wants to be touchy tbh, stealing kisses from you and whispering 'gotta get you clean baby, let me take care of you today, hm?' against your lips and how can you say no? he buys you the things you'd been wanting to buy but hadn't had the time to, and the things you weren't sure you really needed but really wanted. you eat lunch at samu's restaurant (and it's on the house cause ur family), you spend the day doing whatever you want to cause 'you're in charge, hot stuff' and then he treats you to a really nice dinner where you wear the clothes he bought you (he knows what you like don't worry). he won't throw a party the day of your birthday because he wants you all to himself but the day after? for sure.
Tumblr media
★ bokuto is so excited on your birthday, he may even be more excited than you––okay he definitely is. he either wakes you up by bouncing on the bed like a child and jumping on top of you or cuddling you and pressing kisses all over your face. honestly he ends up doing both. he makes you breakfast in bed and insists on feeding you (it's cute). he gives you your gifts after breakfast and stays in bed with you for a while. then for lunch he takes you out to eat and convinces you to go to the park, anywhere really––as long as it distracts you long enough for everyone to set up the surprise party he planned at home :)
Tumblr media
★ hinata honestly wakes you up by staring at you like inches away from your face. his excited energy is literally buzzing off of him so much that your eyes just open and he's immediately smiling and pulling you into his arms, giving you a kiss on the forehead as he wishes you a happy birthday. he has some ideas for how to spend your birthday, but it's your day so he really lets you take the reins. he gets you the perfect gift because he pays attention to you all the time and knows exactly what you want. he does not let you get sad on your birthday, it's honestly impossible with how happy he is and how he smiles at you.
Tumblr media
★ kenma doesn't really like to leave his house, everyone knows this. but that doesn't stop him from going all out for your birthday. he actually goes to sleep at a decent time so he can wake up at a normal time for you and wakes you up with a kiss on the cheek and a soft smile as he wishes you a happy birthday. while you get ready for the day, the things he'd ordered ahead of time arrive (on schedule)––the flowers, balloons, your favorite sweets and cakes––he really spoils you. he makes you breakfast and takes out the gifts he'd gotten you (he'd ordered them, pre-gift-wrapped, of course) and hid them in a closet the week before your birthday. he gets you the things you'd talked about or even just looked at online when you thought he wasn't paying attention. if you want to go out he'll go with you, but if not, you spend the day at home, ordering in lunch and dinner. it's all very calm but very sweet <3
Tumblr media
★ osamu would wake you up with breakfast in bed, that lazy smirk you're so fond of on his face as he kisses you, 'happy birthday, gorgeous.' he lets you call the shots all day, 'your day, your choice, babe.' he gets you the things you'd had your eye on for literal months, a smug smile on his face when he sees your reaction, but honestly mans has heart eyes 24/7. he'll take you out to a fancy dinner if you want, but he'd much rather make a whole feast for you (atsumu definitely comes over to say happy birthday and to eat some food) but it's all very romantic––an intimate candle-lit dinner either way.
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workofheart · 7 months ago
jean kirstein relationship hcs
Tumblr media
sorry for the inactivity lately y’all school is whooping my ass </3 in the mean time, have some modern jean relationship hcs bc i miss him
protective boyfriend #1 ♡ ♡ ♡ will not hesitate to yell at ppl if they’re mean or rude to you, he doesn’t want anyone coming near you like that. thinks his partner deserves the absolute best and will not tolerate people disrespecting you or even thinking of disrespecting you. he will defend you til the day he dies, even if it embarrasses you
asks the waiter for a new dinner when yours is undercooked and you’re too nervous to say something. if you’re a person w social anxiety or just don’t feel like doing something, he would do things for you no problem, whether its fetching you something, paying for you, ordering for you, etc. he’s not gonna tease you or make fun of you, he’s just happy to help
he’s a sappy drunk :’) when he’s hammered, he gets all clingy and drags you onto the couch to cuddle w you/hangs off of you while you walk home and tells you all about how he feels about you and how he wants to spend his life with you and have dogs and a cute home forever. has the cutest little giggle while literally pouring out his feelings for you 
and if you bring it up in the morning, you KNOW he’s gonna get so shy and red like “oh... i said that? haha...”
his biggest dream is just domesticity with you - like i mentioned, living somewhere beautiful in a nice house with a beautiful family or just you and him :( he really cherishes you and just dreams about spending his life with you. his “happy place” is very likely just the two of you sitting in a field by a river on a sunny day, maybe with some sandwiches and sparkling water, with all the time in the world watching ducks swim by
i imagine that you were previously friends before starting to date, but he’d been seriously pining for you since the beginning, just never wanted to make you uncomfortable and was too scared to say anything. he’d go home after hanging out w you and just sigh (probably yell into his pillow in frustration too but shh) bc he just felt like if it wasn’t you, then who else?
meanwhile you’re being so obvious that you like him back but he keeps reasoning that you’re just being nice and wouldn’t actually want him like that 
was ready to settle for friendship and just lock away his feelings when you just pulled him aside and confessed directly. he was a strangely confused yet happy daze for the following weeks
is a sucker for romance movies - likes imagining him and you in those scenarios, romanticizes your own relationship shamelessly. i feel like he’d enjoy 500 days of summer and... wait for it... clueless. I KNOW. it’s his guilty pleasure. also consider: he bawled his eyes out at the end of la la land.
loves beach dates! loves the beach, loves the boardwalk, loves everything about that summer atmosphere. waits in line to get you funnel cake and then you sit and eat, people watching and making up stories for everyone that passes by and just laughing while you enjoy the fresh summer air. in the arcades, totally the type to win himself a cute plushie but when ur like “omg!! is that for me?” he goes oh yeah haha.. but don’t think he doesn’t notice when you’ve been eyeing up a specific toy at the ring toss stand. he will not hesitate to play game after game until he gets it for you. 
lover of back hugs. he is so generous, literally towers over you no matter ur height, just wraps his arms around u and holds u <3 it makes you feel so safe and loved and that’s all he wants for you 
carries you wherever possible. up the stairs, down the stairs, from the kitchen to the living room and back. he always boasts about how easy it is to pick you up bc he’s strong and it boosts his confidence lol
constantly tells you how pretty he thinks you are. jean always thinks you look beautiful so he always compliments your outfits and your hair and your makeup, leans into ur ear to whisper it to u and make u giggle even when it’s just the two of you at home
on that note: always gets caught staring at you and he blushes so easily when you call him out for it. can’t stop looking at you over the top of his newspaper when you’re having breakfast in the morning, can’t stop looking at you while you’re making dinner for him, can’t stop looking at you while you work or study
for valentines/your birthday/holidays he always makes you cute handmade cards out of colored construction paper. he finds a new design every single time and spends so long on it, and finishes by writing out how he feels on the inside. can u just imagine him sitting at his desk, tongue poking out of his mouth with a glue stick in hand as he lays down different colored paper hearts :( 
teases you nonstop. always poking fun at you, probably make jokes about how “irresistible” he is and how you can’t keep away lol, thinks you look adorable when you’re flustered
u give him haircuts when it’s getting long, he sits on a stool in ur bathroom and u just give him a trim every once in a while. trusts you not to fuck it up (not that you ever would) and it always comes out so nice and it makes his heart swell just to have you there to do such intimate, sort of domestic things for him.
pet names! i know so many people have talked about this but it’s just so true. has tried everything in the book to see what you like, watches carefully to see how you respond so he knows, occasionally calls you something silly like “pookie” just to get a reaction out of you
needs verbal communication. jean always has so much on his plate and has a lot of insecurities, so he really needs that reassurance that you need him and love him every day until he can accept it for himself
favorite position to sleep in is him on his back with your head on that area between his neck and shoulder, holds you really close during the night. loves loves loves when you nestle into him and cling to him for warmth when you’re asleep. has trouble sleeping if you aren’t there
dotes on you so much seriously he is so sweet and caring, just so whipped for you. he is literally so weak and always gives into you just bc it makes you happy. you want to drive out for mcdonald’s at two in the morning for an apple pie and a shake? he’s getting his keys rn
nsfw below the cut (18+)
i think mostly everyone is in agreement that jean is a total pleasure dom - he spends all night getting you to cum again and again, always asking if you can give him one more
as mentioned earlier, teases. avoids giving you what you want at first, makes you use your words, and when when you do get it, you’re getting it. aka, overstim galore. he’s not stopping until you’re spent
so much dirty talk, asks so many questions to get you to talk. “louder for me, princess” type of guy. wants to reduce you to babbling with how good he makes you feel - the sounds you make get him so incredibly hard
he is also vocal bc he knows you like it. groans his name into your ear just to feel you clench, then laughs.
never forgets to mark you up, leaves hickeys all over your neck and chest and thighs. loves to look at them later on when you’re changing, and especially loves your reaction to seeing them for yourself
size kink!! this man is almost 6’3 so chances are he’s gonna be bigger than you regardless. likes being close to you, likes being in positions where he can see you, probably has an arm slung around your waist or back whenever the position allows for it so he can hold you close
pins your arms down, holds your hips to the bed so you just have to sink into the mattress and take it
every time he aims to fuck your brains out and make sure the only thing you’re thinking about is him and how good he makes you feel
his fingers are fucking magical, dear lord, he gets you so worked up and knows just how to touch you to make you squirm, loves seeing you go hazy and unravel on his fingers. his fingers are so long and gentle and stretch you out so nice + he knows exactly what to do, where to touch you, when to change his motions to get you there in minutes
needs to be kissing you when he makes you cum. swallows your moans, adores how you struggle to kiss him back with the pleasure he’s giving you
mirror sex is top tier for him, probably has one of those siding door closets w mirrors next to his bed so he can make you look at yourself and watch just what he’s doing to you
eye contact, will 100% grab your jaw to make you look at him, loves seeing you stare up at him through glassy eyes
literal KING of aftercare. takes such good care of you, gets you anything and everything you need, cleans up so well, gives you the world and more
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sun-kissedeyes · 3 months ago
hey, hope you have a nice day, thank you for your writing! are your request still open? I liked ur yandere reiner cuddling hcs, so maybe I could get some yandere reiner + jealous? thank you :3
Tumblr media
Jealous Yandere Reiner Headcannons
- Reiner knew you’re his and you were never going to leave him even if you wanted to
- But sometimes he can’t help himself when he see you with another man
- Back in the training days when you first started talking, he wanted to take it slow and not scare you away
- However, he had a few slip ups here and there
- It usually went off whenever he saw you laughing, fooling around and touching some of you guy friends at dinner time or when you were out on a mission tending to some of the other cadets’ wounds and had to undress them to stitch them up, all the while they were making perverted comments and you laughed at them
- Reiner never wanted to confront them because it was his mission to stay low and capture the founding titan so the next time you guys were alone, he’d show you who you belong too
- Maybe do something like shove you in the closet, push you up against the wall, put your panties to the side, and take your from behind
- Reiner felt a tint of anger or annoyance whenever you had to do close hand to hand combat or restrain hold training with the guys. He would always hear you giggling and laughing so whole heartily with the others. Bruh was about to yeet his training partner at your training partner 😭
- Reiner knows how some of the male cadets talked about some of the girls, he hears them talk in the showers and in the bunkers at night. He stops whatever he’s doing and is all ears when he hears them talk about you. (Luckily he’s never had to crack any skulls … yet.)
- Every time he does hears them talk about you, he wants to go leave visible hickies on your body so they know not to mess with you
- Reiner was really pushy with you when you were going to visit your family back in your village. He said he needed to come with you (He just wanted to establish himself in front of your friends and family as the strong, protective boyfriend 🥰)
- One time, Reiner felt like you were drifting away from him, when in reality you were just tired from training a lot so late one night, he whispered your name from the window to make you come out of the girls bunk. When you came out to greet him, this man took you down by the river to have sex, gave you some hickies, and then showered together under the waterfall
- Reiner was really nervous when Zeke first came to Paradise island. He didn’t know how this war was going to go. Reiner knew they’d either win or they would have to retreat back to their hometown
- Reiner felt insecure about this because that could very well mean you’d find out his true identity and would be so heartbroken you’d fall into the arms of another man.
- He couldn’t let that happen!
- So he came up with two solutions, have you come back to his hometown with him even if by force, or get you pregnant so you don’t leave him. (In the end, he just said fuck it, let’s do both! 🥺 He just really loves you and doesn’t wanna lose you)
- He doesn’t see it as being a yandere, he sees it as being protective. You live in a dangerous world and in your line of work, you could die at any second! That’s why he must protect you all times.
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a-small-batch-of-dragons · 2 months ago
Invisible Assistance
Prompts: If ur taking requests do you think maybe you could write about the sanders sides as kids where Virgil subtly looks out for the others when they’re afraid of things (cuz he can tell as anxiety)? Like for example he plugs in nightlights in the hallway bc Logan is afraid of the dark. He leaves sticky notes with compliments out for Roman bc Roman’s afraid of rejection/falling short. He stitched together little stuffies for patton bc he’s hates being lonely. Those kinda things. Virgil would have to do it discreetly bc the other sides wouldn’t accept the help if it was from anxiety (even if they really really wanted the things that would help). And maybe the other sides find out after they accept Virgil bc he says something offhandedly about it? However you wanna write it tho!!! <3 - renjunstolemykidneys
Can I request a Sanders sides fic where one of the sides is touch averse? - anon
Oh is it kid fic time? it's kid fic time!
Read on Ao3
Warnings: none! fluff land down below bois
Pairings: it is found family to the MAX
Word Count: 3836
When one of the others is afraid, a patch on the back of Virgil’s neck tingles.
It doesn’t hurt, which is good, because that would be really annoying, but it tingles.
Or, five times Virgil helps one of the other Sides when they're afraid, and one time they show him how much they appreciate it.
When one of the others is afraid, a patch on the back of Virgil’s neck tingles.
It doesn’t hurt, which is good, because that would be really annoying, but it tingles. He used to be scared of it. He ran to Janus the first time it happened because he didn’t know what he did wrong, he didn’t know why this thing was happening to him. Janus had calmed him down, walked him through his breathing exercises, and said that it was one of his powers.
“Powers? What powers?”
“I can grow extra arms and I can tell when people are lying,” Janus had said, “those are my powers. You can tell when people are afraid.”
And Virgil could. There was a small patch on the back of his neck that acted like a fear detector, where he could tell what was wrong. Over time, he had figured out how to tell who it was that was afraid.
Logan’s fear felt really fuzzy.
Not like the soft blankets that Patton likes from the hall closet, but the kinda weird static that the TV has sometimes when the video games won’t load properly. It’s fuzzy. It’s kind of hard to think. Sometimes, if it’s really bad, it gets kind of hard to see.
Logan doesn’t like being afraid and Virgil doesn’t blame him. Being afraid isn’t fun, that’s why he doesn’t like it.
Logan’s fear is fuzzy because Logan is Logic. Logan makes things clearer, easier to understand, because that’s his power. He’s really good at it. When Virgil gets afraid for himself, Logan is really good at explaining why it’s not so scary after all. Sometimes it doesn’t always work, but it works most of the time. But Virgil can’t do what Logan does for him because that’s not his power. He just knows when Logan is scared and fuzzy.
At first, Virgil thought it was something wrong with his glasses. After all, Logan needs them to see, doesn’t he? So if his glasses are fuzzy, he’ll be fuzzy. But Logan uses the glasses to see outside, not inside. So it isn’t the glasses. So he starts trying to figure out what Logan is scared of.
Then he notices that Logan’s light stays on all night while everybody else turns their light off.
He mumbles something about it to Logan the next day and Logan tells him that’s because he likes to read at night and so he needs the light. But Janus said his mouth felt weird after Logan said that so Logan’s lying.
Oh. Maybe Logan’s scared of the dark.
Virgil goes back to his room and opens his closet. He scrambles up on the step stool—putting his arms out for balance like Patton and Janus said—and reaches for the box of night lights. He pulls the cardboard down and rifles through it, looking for ones that Logan would like. He comes across a collection of night lights that Thomas saw at the space museum—what was it called? He pulls one closer and reads off the label.
“Planetarium,” he mumbles, “got it.”
It’s a set of nine night lights, one for each planet, and a big one to be the Sun. He scurries out into the hall and checks to make sure no one is around. There’s no one there. He tucks the box under his bed and scampers off. He needs to count how many outlets there are to see how many lights he’ll need.
There is one by the bathroom, two in the middle of the hall, one by Patton’s door, one by Roman’s door, one by Remus’s door, one by Janus’s room, one by Logan’s room, one by his room, and one at the top of the stairs.
Virgil hurries back to the cardboard box and makes sure there are ten night lights. There are. Now all he needs to do is figure out where each one has to go.
The Sun is Logan’s room. Obviously. Mercury can go with Roman because those two love to play together. That would make Venus Remus because the twins are very close too.
Patton is the Earth because he takes care of all of them. Janus can be Jupiter because he likes being the tallest.
The bathroom can be Uranus.
The stairs can be Neptune because Logan likes that Neptune spins on its side, which is really cool. And the stairs are kind of sideways so it matched.
Virgil holds the last night light in his hands. Pluto. It’s small, a kind of purple-gray. It matches the sleeves of his pajamas. As he walks back to his room, he plugs the Pluto into the outlet next to his door.
He doesn’t feel Logan getting scared by the dark anymore and the Sun nightlight is really bright.
Roman’s fear makes his neck feel hot. Almost like he’s embarrassed by something or he’s ashamed of something. He doesn’t like it, and he can imagine that Roman doesn’t like it very much either.
Roman is really loud. He really likes singing at the top of his lungs, even when there are like four other people in the room that are trying to do something. He really likes talking loudly too, even when they’re trying to do something. Sometimes Virgil thinks that Roman is too loud, but he’d never say that to him. That would be mean.
Roman gets hurt a lot. He says it’s because of his quests in the Imagination but Janus doesn’t believe him. Not about all of them. And that would be a weird place to get bruises. Virgil goes in there too sometimes, to play with Remus and Roman or to train with Roman. One of his other powers is fighting the things that come to hurt Thomas so he has to be ready. And he only gets bruises on his arms and legs from that.
Roman gets them everywhere. And Roman’s a good fighter! So it doesn’t make sense that he’s really hurt all the time.
Virgil does figure out that Roman gets hurt when Thomas feels bad about something. When Roman and Thomas have been working really hard on something and it doesn’t go well, Roman goes off into the Imagination and he looks hurt when he comes back. That’s when Virgil feels that he’s scared.
When they get a bit older and Virgil can start confidently naming it ‘rejection,’ he starts to notice that Roman slumps more when he’s hurt. Like it physically hurts to stand up straight. Which is really bad, because Roman loves to sing but you can’t sing properly if you don’t stand up straight. And if Roman can’t sing, he can’t make himself feel better.
Virgil also notices that Roman really doesn’t like it when he’s not sure what to do.
Virgil isn’t the best person to go to for this, because he’s always upset that things are going to happen and they’re going to happen and they don’t know how. But he notices that Logan, who always knows what’s good to pay attention to, doesn’t help either. Patton is the only one who seems to be able to help. And he helps by telling Roman that he’s doing a good job, that they will help, that it’s okay. Roman likes being told that it’s okay.
Virgil can get behind that.
But Roman isn’t always around when Virgil remembers to tell him that, so he decides to write it down.
On his desk, there is a pack of red post-it notes. Virgil stashes one in his pocket all the time with a pen. When he thinks of something that Roman should hear, he writes it down and sticks it on Roman’s door. He doesn’t go into Roman’s room, that’s mean. And rude. He knows better.
Things like ‘I like your singing.’ Or ‘The pancakes you made were really good.’ Or ‘You did a good job today.’ That kind of thing. Sometimes it’s just ‘I like you.’ Because Roman is good and Virgil likes him. A lot.
When he feels Roman start to get afraid, he goes and writes it down and sticks it on the door. Then he retreats to his room and waits, holding his breath, until he hears the creak of a door down the hall and the fear goes away. If he waits a few more minutes, normally he’ll hear Roman start to sing.
Then he lets himself smile.
Patton’s fear feels really heavy. Like…really heavy. It kind of hurts to breathe sometimes if it catches Virgil off-guard. So he really doesn’t like Patton’s fear.
What makes it harder is that Patton is really good at hiding when he’s actually afraid. He screams really loudly when there’s a spider or when something surprises him—thank you, Remus—but when he’s afraid, it’s harder to tell.
But Virgil sometimes catches him sitting in the living room by himself, watching TV, and he’ll be afraid. Not of what’s on the TV, but of something else. So he’ll come downstairs and ask if Patton’s okay and Patton will say he’s fine, but then Virgil will curl up in a chair and that won’t be true. The fear will still be there. It’s only when someone else comes down that it goes away.
Virgil remembers very clearly the day that he spent an hour sitting downstairs with Patton and left to go to the bathroom. He had come back downstairs to see Janus next to Patton and Patton wasn’t afraid anymore. He’d gone back to his room and thought about it.
Virgil couldn’t help with this as he was, but the others could. Patton was afraid of…of being left alone?
Okay. Okay, Virgil could make things that would make Patton feel less alone.
He was never really good at making things, not like the twins were, but he was good at fixing things when they got ripped. When he wakes up in the middle of the night from nightmares he knows how to fix his blankets and pillows and pajamas. So he takes the scraps of fabric he has from all the ones he still had to fix and frowns.
Patton likes frogs. So he draws a frog on the blue sheet and cuts it out carefully. He folds the fabric over and cuts out another one. He stitches them wrong sides together, leaving a little bit at the bottom. He turns it inside out and fills it with stuffing from the pillow. Then he sews the bottom back up. It’s a little frog plushie, and it’s for Patton.
He leaves it outside Patton’s door to a squeal of delight.
When he feels Patton get lonely again, he makes another one. This time it’s from the galaxy pillow and he makes a cat. The cat’s eyes don’t come out right when he draws them but they kind of look like glasses. Logan’s glasses.
The next time, he makes a lion. The lion is fuzzy because the slipper that was falling apart worked really well for a mane. He gives it Roman’s favorite red sash because he accidentally cut the fabric in the wrong place and needed to keep the stuffing inside.
After the lion, he makes a snake. He gives it a little paper hat like the one Janus wears. He giggles when he sees the final thing, it kind of looks like it belongs in Phineas and Ferb. Agent J.
When Patton gets really afraid, he looks at the last bit of the green fabric he has and chews his lip. Can he…maybe he can make an octopus. Like Remus. It takes a long time and he accidentally pricks his fingers a couple of times, but he gets a sloppy-looking octopus. After a moment, he grabs the pen and draws a smile with lots of sharp teeth. Like Remus.
Patton doesn’t feel so lonely after that.
Remus’s fear feels muffled. Not like it’s there but it’s not really, but it gets hard for Virgil to hear things. Not like Logan’s fear where everything is fuzzy, but like someone has their hands over his ears. He doesn’t like it. It makes his own head louder.
He notices that Roman is loud but Remus is louder. Remus is constantly making noise, not like Roman’s outbursts, but always. He’s tapping a table or stomping his foot or humming to himself. He’s never quiet and when he’s quiet it’s bad.
He remembers watching Roman and Remus come out of the Imagination once and Remus hadn’t made a noise. The twins had scurried off to Remus’s room and they hadn’t come out until breakfast the next morning. Virgil’s head had been really loud all night because everything else had been muffled.
Remus isn’t quiet. Remus doesn’t like the quiet. Remus hates the quiet. Remus is scared of the quiet.
Virgil doesn’t like the quiet either, but he can’t exactly make noise without worrying that he’s disturbing everyone else. But Remus doesn’t have that problem. Remus is loud and he likes that he’s disturbing everyone else.
But maybe Virgil can help.
There is another box on his desk full of fidget toys. Virgil doesn’t use them most of the time because they’re stuck in the back of the desk but he does like the fidget cube. Maybe Remus would like it too?
He figures out how to get another one and makes it green and black. He puts it outside Remus’s door.
Well, it’s not quiet anymore.
But Remus isn’t afraid, so that’s fine.
It’s all fine.
Virgil remembers too late that the reason he doesn’t use the fidget cube that often is because he can’t stand the sound of the clicking and the squeaking of the cube. But Remus isn’t afraid anymore and he has his headphones.
So it’s fine.
Janus’s fear is cold.
It’s probably why Virgil took so long to work out that Janus was scared of anything. Janus didn’t like to admit that he was scared of things. Janus didn’t like to admit much of anything if he’s being real, but he really doesn’t like admitting when he’s scared. And Virgil is used to being cold so he probably didn’t notice it for a long time.
But Janus does get scared and when he does, the back of Virgil’s neck feels cold.
Janus is like a snake the same way Remus is like an octopus and Patton is like a frog. If Logan is right and he normally is, it’s like how Virgil is like a spider and Roman is like a lion and Logan is like a cat. Which means that there are certain things that Janus does that are like a snake.
Even if he has too many arms to be a snake. Like…way too many.
Janus has a forked tongue. Remus is jealous and Patton thinks it’s kind of weird. Janus has scales. Roman thinks they’re strange and Logan thinks they’re interesting. Janus hisses sometimes when he’s tired or upset. They all think it’s cute. Janus doesn’t like that either.
They’re watching a documentary for a science class and snakes come up. Logan leans forward with his notebook, Patton grabs his juice box, and Remus starts thinking of ideas to do with Roman later. Janus watches the documentary. Virgil watches Janus.
“Snakes, unlike humans and most other mammals, are cold-blooded. This means they have an inability to regulate their own body temperature. They must bathe in the sun to stay warm.”
“But basking out here in the open is risky. Predators, like this hawk, can see snakes in the grass, thanks to their incredible eyesight. The snake has to choose. Being safe and cold, or risk getting warm and being lunch.”
The others are focused on the footage on screen or by their own conversations, so Virgil can stare at Janus. Is that…is that why Janus doesn’t like coming to spend time with them? Is that why he doesn’t like coming out of his room? They’re not going to eat him, he’s part of Thomas! They need him like they need each other.
But if Janus is part snake…then it would make sense why he’s nervous about being in the open.
Only later, when Virgil is startled awake by how cold he feels, does he realize that he might’ve been wrong.
Janus isn’t afraid of being around the others, he is afraid of what happens when he isn’t around the others. Because Virgil never feels Janus afraid when he’s with them. He only ever feels it when Janus is alone.
When Janus isn’t in the warmth with them. When he’s safer, maybe, but when he’s cold.
Janus is afraid of the cold.
Well. That’s the easiest one to fix.
Virgil gathers up all the blankets he has and goes to Janus’s door. He dumps the pile on the floor and scampers back to his room, knowing that Janus would’ve heard something hit the ground. He waits, waits, waits, and then—
It’s gone.
The cold on the back of his neck is gone.
Virgil smiles and burrows down under the one sheet on his bed. He pulls his arms tight around his pillow and buries himself under the thin sheet. He curls up as tight as he can and feels that the back of his neck is no longer cold from Janus’s fear.
Janus is warm. That’s all that matters.
Janus doesn’t feel cold again. Janus feels warm. Janus feels warm. Janus feels warm.
Logan has light.
Roman has love.
Patton has friends.
Remus has noise.
Janus has warmth.
They’re okay.
They’re okay.
Virgil falls asleep in the cold room.
Virgil doesn’t like touch.
It…it’s not that he’s afraid of it, but it…
Okay. Here’s the thing. Virgil doesn’t like that the others can touch him.
Thomas can’t touch him. Thomas is safe, Virgil keeps him safe, but he doesn’t touch him. Thomas is safe and that is Virgil’s job because he is afraid and Thomas isn’t and it’s fine. There’s a line there. Thomas and Virgil hold the line between each other and it works.
Patton tries to pull him in for hugs and Patton doesn’t like being alone but his hugs make Virgil feel like he’s trapped.
Logan tries to touch him on the shoulder to get his attention and Logan likes being listened to but that hand feels like a live wire.
Roman tries to pull him close when they fight and Roman doesn’t like being rejected but sometimes Virgil doesn’t know whether he wants to fight the monster or Roman’s grip on him.
Remus tries to scare him by grabbing him and Remus likes noise but Virgil can’t stand being grabbed.
Janus tries to poke him because getting people out of their comfort zones is part of his job but Virgil worked hard for his comfort zone and he doesn’t want to get out of it.
Virgil doesn’t like being touched.
But that’s okay. He can…it’s not like the others normally want to touch him.
Virgil likes to sit by himself. There’s less to worry about when he sits by himself. He can sit and he can make his own noise and do his own thing and he can be fine. He can hold a pillow if he needs to and he won’t get overwhelmed. He can just…be.
He likes the idea of just being.
He doesn’t get to do it often.
So he’s surprised when he opens his door one morning and there’s a box sitting in front of his door.
He takes it back inside and opens it up. His mouth falls open.
There, on top, is the last post-it he stuck on Roman’s door. The one that just said ‘you’re important.’ He picks it up with shaky fingers and turns it over.
Virgil, these are for you. We know what you’ve been doing to help and we want to help you too. We know that you do not like being touched so we got you something that can help. You are important too.
Under the message that makes Virgil blink back tears for a second, he sees the names of the others scrawled in their colors. He puts the post-it note in the most important part of his desk and peers back into the box.
He lifts out a spaceship nightlight. It’s the one from the movie he and Logan had spotted on the way back from school. It’s very shiny and smooth to the touch.
There’s a notebook in the box that has the quote from Winnie the Pooh: ‘Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.’ A purple pen is tucked into the binding.
A spider plushie! It’s soft, it’s fuzzy, it fits right into the palm of his hand. It looks like it’s been made out of the Halloween sweater they got given for Christmas. It was a weird year.
There’s a small tin of putty. It’s purple and black, sparkly, and it makes really cool sounds as Virgil stretches and squeezes it. If he traps an air bubble in it, it makes a satisfying pop sound.
Virgil’s eyes widen as he pulls out a weighted blanket. Oh, it’s warm. It’s so warm. It feels perfect. He can understand why Janus hisses when he’s tired now, he wants to do it himself and he’s not even a snake.
There’s one more thing in the box. It’s dark, soft, and for a moment he thinks it could be another blanket. But as he pulls it out, his mouth drops open.
It’s a hoodie. A simple, plain, black hoodie, that’s soft and looks warm and looks big enough to cover all of his upper body.
They…they know he doesn’t like being touched so…so they gave him a shield.
Virgil doesn’t take the hoodie off until he switches it for a purple one many years later.
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gorillaglue10 · a month ago
includes smut*
A- aftercare
Rafe is usually dulcet after sex. He'll usually bring you close to him as he kisses ur  forehead, running his hand up and down ur back soothing you.
B-body part
Rafe is most definitely an ass and thighs type of person. He loves to ghost his fingertips up and down ur thighs teasing you.
Rafe gets riled up seeing how his cum is dripping in between ur thighs after he pulls out. Or even how you soak the sheets after he spent hours in between ur thighs making you cum multiple times it a sight for sore eyes for him.
D-dirty secret
Rafes never mentioned or brought it up before but he would most definitely be willing have a threesome with topper.
E- experience
Rafe has never really been with that many girl before as u would have expected him too but that doesn't mean he wasn't cocky about pleasuring you in the right ways.
F-fav position
Although Rafe   has many favorite positions his most favorite one would be having you and your hands and knees head shoved into the mattress as he watches himself disappear inside of you whilst having you scream and moan out random shit with shaky legs
Rafe would most definitely tease u a lot, knowing ur shy and shit about speaking up about what you want him to do to you. But for the most part he serious
Rafe is mostly groomed now yes their may be a few hairs here and there but not for you to complain or gripe about whenever your lips are wrapped around him
Rafe definitely needs closeness sexual tension thick in the air as ur lips are like centimeters from touching one another
J-jerk off
Rafe doesn't Jack off a lot but whenever you decide to say no about having sex or just plain out teasing him he has to get off some way?
Some of rafe kinks include: choking/yes , daddy kink/most definitely, spitting/mhm
Rafe LOVES to have boat sex or just plain out fucking you on Wards desk as his whole family is downstairs or outside
literally anything and everything you do turns him on.
definitely gets turned off if he gets a message or call from his dad, about him doing something wrong
Rafe enjoys receiving more than giving but that won't stop him some days from wrapping your legs around his head
Y'all most definitely have rough/ jealous/ angry sex 9 times out of 10 but like I said he does once and awhile enjoys intimacy.
Rafe enjoys quickies a lot but he most definitely love to take his time and effort with you
I just know Rafe loves the thrill/ risk of y'all getting caught as he fucks you on Wards desk/ or as he fingers you under the table at a family meal
Rafe on coke can last for hours, you'll be absolutely drenched in sweat, your legs sore from the first 3 rounds while Rafe on the other hand is preparing for another round
Rafe definitely has a box of toys in his closet or something
Rafe is definitely an unfair little shit, he loves the way you squirm and whine around his fingers or dick as ur overstimulated
He grunts quite loudly, and his groans are music to your ears. When he cums, his grunt turns into a shaky moan. His dirty talk is quite vulgar too, and he's never too shy to praises you when you're on top.
W-wild card
Rafe on coke loves to watch you squirt as u shake around his fingers mouth open wide as sweat drips of your forehead and your stomach heaves up and down in exhaustion
Rafe   is just as big as you'd expect. Long enough that he hits that spot perfectly with every thrust, and girthy enough that he fills you just perfectly. He's a least 8 inches, but you've never been able to focus enough when he's fucking the absolute hell out of you.
Rafes sex drive is crazy he will literally get horny over anything you do
Most of the time, you're asleep before he is. He likes to watch the way you snuggle closer to him He's never too far behind though
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petesvodka · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
request from anon - hey! i love ur writing so much 🥺
i was wondering if u could do something fluffy with pete as a dad?thank u so much💟
word count - 900
warnings - i don't believe there to be any :)
pairing - dad!pete x mom!reader
a.n. - i cannot tell you how much time i spent writing and deleting and rewriting only to delete that too lmao. i dunno, maybe im just overthinking shit, but the only way for me to know for sure is with criticisms! so please, please, please if you have any thoughts on this story after reading it, let me know <3
pete's definitely fallen out of the habit in recent years, but he used to always be an early riser.
he loved telling you his favorite things about the morning, how he embraces the way the earth seems to shake off the night and stretch into the warm hope of the day. how he always meant to personify the night and day but never managed to string a sentence together sound right enough to put to paper.
you'd laugh gently and tell him he was never one for cliches, because there isn’t a single writer alive who hasn’t tried to bring that battle to life. he'd just smile and shake his head, look back towards the city, and begin to walk as he twirled a piece of brittle grass between his fingers.
but all of that was so long ago, you realize. a sweet memory, ivy-held in a long-forgotten cavern of your mind.
in more recent times, pete stays up late to care for the baby while you rest. he assures you he likes it better this way, having sealed his promise with a warm kiss.
"i think of it like lil adventures between me n' the kid, y'know?" he'd tells you with a smile plastered on his face. seeing the way he had smiled and the way his eyes had flickered with happiness, you knew to believe him, to believe that he was genuinely enjoying the late nights shared between just him and the baby.
late nights where pete would sing or hum various different songs while driving, chasing after the moon through forest-lined roads with the baby in the back. car rides always seemed to lull the baby to sleep. even when the pain from teething overwhelmed them both, when the baby would wail in distress and pete could feel his heart shattering within his chest, driving was always the immediate go-to to soothe the both of them.
slightly later on in life, when the baby has sprouted into a toddler, pete found himself commonly walking to the closet to retrieve paints and papers, never bothering to bring brushes.
the two of them loved finger painting and, while you weren't exactly in love with the mess paint-covered hands had the tendency to create, you loved watching them and the way they interacted.
plus, more often than not, you'd end up with a specially-made piece of art from both of your loves, which usually more than made up for whatever mess ended up at your kitchen table. he was always so, so gentle, which was to be expected given he thought of your child as the most precious thing his hands have held, although you do come in at a very close second.
when the baby reaches preschooler age, they become obsessed with all things animal-related, meaning the three of you often find yourselves spending family-time at the zoo, where pete finds joy in reading aloud the descriptions of the animals to a pair of very eager-to-learn ears sat up high on his shoulders, where they could better see whichever animal in its encloser.
there are nights, however, when the moon is high and the kid is fast asleep, where pete is quiet as he expresses his uncertainties of fatherhood to you.
he tells you parenting books can only take you so far, which you can't help but agree with. there's never going to be a book that perfectly prepares you for all things parenthood, that you're both sure of.
but having lost his father at such a young age, there's this "instilled insecurity" as he calls it, where he remains unsure of whether or not he's being a good dad, almost constantly doubting his parenting skills.
you take his hand gently into your own, beginning to explain away some of your own uncertainties, reminding him that he's not alone in this.
within an instant, something simply flicks on in his brain and he lunges at the chance to tell you what a truly amazing mother you are; how endlessly you amaze him with your ability to soothe and settle your kid- even on the most restless of nights, how you always seem to have a solution to whatever issue may arise, how lucky your kid is to have you as a mother and how lucky and thankful he is to have you as a partner- you have to kiss him to shut him up, otherwise he'd go on all night about how wonderful of a mother and partner you are.
when you tell him that he just put to words exactly how you feel about him, his mind and heart settle some. he knows you're right; knows he can trust the words you speak and that he can find genuine security in them.
the anxiety and fear of being a bad father will most likely always haunt his mind, but as long as he has you to help chase away the doubt, he knows things will be alright. after all, he knows with you around, how could things be anything but?
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sweetsbfreex · 6 months ago
i wasn’t supposed to know?!
Pairings: Harry styles x famous!reader
The low, soft chuckle of Harry is what you heard, to the right of you, while James moved onto his next question.
“So y/n...” he started.
“Nothing good ever comes when you say my name like that” you joke, wincing internally for whatever is next. 
“We had a little birdy send us an image, a very old one at that. She said you would love it”
He turns to the camera then, lifting his cue cards with his next announcement. 
“Here is an image from 2014 of our darling y/n at none other than an one direction concert!” he booms to the audience.
There for millions to see, a filtered picture, of you and your sister your dad had taken. You were only sixteen. Still in your awkward stage and to the left of you was your older sister (eighteen at the time). She was smiling–– more like beaming–– at the time. I mean of course she was. After months and weeks of begging for tickets to this concert (which your parents had bought already, the day they released, staying up later than usual). She had finally got them for Christmas. 
Yet, you held a hard grimace the entire night. You weren't entertained by a long way. Your feet hurt, ear hurt, and other girls around you wouldn't stop with the shoving and bra throwing. It was disgusting
You staggered, looking behind you at the expanded picture of the two of you. If you weren't so stunned you'd most likely cry as a result from embarrassment and laughter.  So scrawny, with your glasses and braces. 
“How did you––”
Just as you were about to answer, Harry cut you off with his bewilderment. His eyes blown wide, jaw dropped, and eyebrows brought together (trying to somehow calculate when this had happened. So starstruck at this picture of his girlfriend, funnily enough at his concert. He had seen many pictures of his girlfriend, of every age thanks to your mother, but this...this was something. 
“Woah! Woah! Woah” he held his hands up, pumping them in the air, turning to you before raising a finger to you. “What is this? And why do you look like you're in agony” he guffaws. 
“He wasn’t supposed to ever see this!” you exclaim to James, bringing your hand to your forehead. 
“I wasn’t supposed to see this?”
“Looks like I’ve started something” James chuckles, to the audience, ever the help. “Would you like to explain the picture”
“Yes. Explain” Harry answers for you, turning his body to you even more, an exhilarated glint in his eye.
You roll your eyes, looking at James as you start. 
“My dad brought my sister front row tickets to one direction for Christmas. So they forced me to go, my dad took that picture of me and her. I’m gonna kill her when I see her next” you groan. 
“You look like you aren’t enjoying yourself though?” James questions. 
You hated to say the next words, especially when you know who is sitting right next to you. 
“I really really disliked–– don’t wanna say hate, cause it’s pretty strong–– one direction, so I really really didn’t want to go at the time. The hate mail will definitely increase from this” you joke.
The confession results in a collective gasp from everyone in the room. You turn to Harry to see him with those same wide eyes from earlier, but with a slight smirk.
It was true, you didn’t like them. Well not them as individual people, but the music. You could say. Unfortunately (for you) at the same time you couldn’t escape those five boys. They were everywhere, think of a place and they were probably there. The love your sister had for them didn’t make it better either. Always blasting their music from her ipod or cd player. 
“How do you hate the most loved boy band in the world?!” James shouts.
You shrug comically, turning to Harry who’s just been asked a question. But he can’t take his eyes off you, so disgruntled by this new information. 
“You didn’t know about this?” James points to Harry, laughing.
“This is all news to me! I assumed she didn’t think much of the band...not that she HATED it and me for that matter” 
You slap his knee with little weight, “Harry hush, I didn’t hate you.” you inform him, rolling your eyes at his dramatics. 
“So I would’ve never known?” he asks you sweetly.
“No, sorry H” you index finger and thumb clipping his chin softly. “But I will’s pretty ironic I’m dating him, he was my sister’s favorite in the band––plus Zayn. His face...their face too was all over our room growing up. The wall, our closet, our mirror, her desk. Everywhere.” you emphasize. “She’ll kill me for that, but hopefully she considers it payback”
Harry blushes at the knowledge, his knuckle comes up to itch his nose. Truly, he tries to hide the blooming smile on his face. He’s close to your sister–– your family really–– he doesn’t think this’ll make anything weird. But thinking about it, is pretty funny to him.  
“I’m guessing everything has started to sink in Harry, so how do you feel?” James asks him, with an irritatingly smug smile.
“I think, uh, I'll be making y/n sit through all five albums” he answers, loving the groan of annoyance she let out. 
“I’m never living this down am I?” she asks.
“Of course not, love”
– – –
if you enjoyed pls don’t forget to reblog or give feedback if ur up to it <3
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kozumeko · 7 months ago
haikyuu boys on facetime!
Tumblr media
nishinoya yuu
y’all. this mf gets on the phone with a purpose.
EVERYTIME he facetimes he’s on some bullshit
it’s wonderful fr
he doesn’t even say hello anymore he just explains the situation
so you aren’t even phased
this time you answer and he’s going OFF
“so i was at practice right? and we wanted to see who could run the farthest so i hid in the closet in the hallway bc i wasn’t tryna run, plus it’d look like i ran so far that i was out of sight, yk? two for one! i even had a plan to make it look like i was sweaty from running! but so i’m in this closet—“
he paused to give u at full tour of the closet, complete w reviews of products
“— and these mfs left me here! i am stuck in this closet!”
mf you’re rolling.
both of you know that there were SO MANY better options. y’all are not that stupid
yuu coulda called the school, a teammate, hell he coulda jus kept his ass out the closet
but this shit? comedy gold.
so you’re on the other end encouraging him to do dumb shit
(y/n): have u tried ramming your entire being into the door w brute force
noya: you’re so right hold up
he’s giving u good angles too! propping his phone up on shit to give you a clear view of his dumbassery
he has the nerve to make casual conversation while he does it too
it’s all fun and games until the janitor actually pulls up and nearly beats his dumbass up
kuroo tetsurou
god he’s so annoying it’s so cute though
he’s totally the type to talk to your family on ft
idk when i’m on facetime i b taking my friends on lil journeys so
you walking through the house doing whatever and the MINUTE this mf gets a glimpse of ya mom it’s over
yea u losing the phone quick asl g
you’re tryna turn the volume down n shit but it’s too late
mom: “oh, is that kuroo?”
the dumbass himself: “yes ma’am! heyy!”
so you just standing like 🧍🏾 waiting for ya mama and kuroo to finish talking to each other
they take their sweet time to
shoulda wore ya goddamn headphones :(
but man u can’t even b angry they get along so well :(( it’s so sweet :(((
kuroo will also most def talk to your pets on ft, regardless of whether you’re there or not
sometimes it baby talk, sometimes it’s whole ass conversations
“you’re such a good baby! such a sweetheart! a wittle baby!” to “what are your thoughts on the relationship between church and state in our nation?”
tetsu babe it’s a mf cat
lil mf don’t know anything besides meow mix and being afraid of water
it’s cute though. he’s such a mf dork
miya osamu
y’all. at least one (1) time through ur call he’s gonna stop and make a meal
the number of times he’s called you jus to make a meal
it’s so oddly domestic though??? you can’t get enough of it
sometimes he’ll call and teach you how to cook!!!
baking otp w osamu >>>>
it’s so therapeutic
other times he’ll call on some tv show host shit
he calls his segment “cooking w osamu”
rachel ray headass
without fail u will witness a miya twins altercation. every time
if ur lucky u get front row seats to seeing those mfs brawl
u be recording them fight for suna <3
but after that’s all said n done, osamu goes to his room n y’all just. exist
it’s really comfortable :(( he’s got you propped up so you can see him play the game, n you’ve got him set up so he can see whatever you’re doing
y’all aren’t really talking, but samu jus loves being able to see you
every now and then, while you’re distracted, he’ll jus stare at the phone and admire you
he’s got this goofy smile and heart eyes— he’s adorable
mf simp 😩🙌🏾
(you are too tho <3)
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celestialrry · 9 months ago
i’m sorry
summary: Harry dates you because he knew you were interested, and well, he needed a good fuck.
warnings: Mentions of sex, a bit of fluff, a whole lotta angst, and a shitty ending
“Stop!” You laughed as Harry blew raspberries on your bare tummy. It tickled profusely and there were no signs of him stopping anytime soon. You kicked your legs in an attempt to shake him off, but as he had been doing this from your left side on the bed, you truly just ended up moving the down comforter around.  He just pushed up his t-shirt that you were wearing further up to your chest and blowing more raspberries on your skin.
Your head fell back in laughter and smiles and you then felt his lips move off of your body. When you stopped laughing, you looked to your stomach to see Harry resting his arms and head on it, looking up at you with a dimpled grin on his face. “What?” you asked, smiling at him. 
“M’just so lucky to have you s’all.” he mumbled, not breaking eye contact. 
Your cheeks heated up and you bit your lip in an attempt to stop the biggest smile from reaching your face. “I feel the same, lover-boy.” You said, reaching down to play with his hair. He simply planted a kiss on your stomach before closing his eyes as you continued to mess with hair, relishing in the calmness of your morning.
You weren't living with Harry, the two of you had yet to say those three words, and the two of you barely got time off of work, but when you both had time off, it was domestic bliss. You had been dating for a little over 6 months, and you wanted to spend every waking moment with him. Today, he was having a few friends over and you were going to visit your friend who had come to London for a work trip, and she just had one free day. 
After a few minutes had passed, you stopped running your hands through Harry’s hair and you swore you heard him whine. “I have to go back home and get ready.” You said softly, dragging your hand through his curls one last time before sitting up in his bed. He slowly got up as well, planting kisses to your nose, cheeks, and lips before rolling out of bed, and you did the same. 
You slipped on the sweats you had come over in, and hesitated taking off his shirt. “Wear it t’day,” He said, looking at you before looking back to his closet. “What?” You asked. You knew he enjoyed you wearing his clothes around either yours, or Harry’s respective home’s, but in public? “Wear m’shirt today, that way  it’s guaranteed y’come back here tonight, and then I can take it off you.” he said, smirking at you. You just laughed a bit and rolled your eyes before putting your bra on underneath the shirt. “Always so cheeky,” You grinned before slipping on your jacket. “So you want me over tonight?”
“Always want y’over pet, but yes, can y’come around 9ish? That way y’can meet some of the guys but not have t’be around them a really long time, y’know?” He asked, taking some trousers and a sweater out of his closet, laying them on his bed. 
“Yeah, sure H, I’d love that.” You smiled, walking over to give him a kiss goodbye. You bit the words “and you.” back and opted to just kiss all over his face before reaching his lips. You felt him smile into it and you did too, pulling away. “I’ll see you tonight, bye!” You waved back to him walking out of his room. “See you, love! When y’get here, just walk in!” You yelled back a “Got it!” before leaving his house.
By the time you had driven home, gotten ready, and met up with your friend Lorelei, it was around 1 p.m.. The two of you sat in a nearby coffee shop, catching up and talking about your lives, and of course the topic came up about relationships. “So,” She said your name. “Are you seeing anyone?”
“Um, yeah actually, he's really sweet and we've just had our 6 month anniversary a few days ago.” You said, smiling, thinking back to the surprise dinner he had made you. Obviously the two of you hadn't gone public yet, and only your families knew, so you were hesitating on whether you should tell her his name or not when she asked. 
“Edward.” You said, deciding on using his middle name. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust Lorelei, but you didn’t trust her friends, or the people in this cafe who could overhear. She simply nodded in response, taking a sip of her tea before you asked her about her love life. The conversation extended from there, and you were happy she didn’t prod anymore. The two of you went to go get lunch until she had to go to a late meeting, and you went home around 4, passing the time by making dinner and reading. 
Soon it was 8:45 and you decided to start driving over, there was no harm in being a bit early. By the time you got to Harry’s, it was a few minutes before 9 and you let yourself in, just like he had asked. As you shut the door and made your way to the voices in the living room you heard your own name. You should have walked in there, not stopped and listened, but who wouldn’t be curious to what Harry would say, when asked how the two of you were?
“It’s good, not what I planned on to be honest.” You heard your boyfriend say, and your brow quirked up at his response. What did he plan on, you thought. “Y’mean being in an actual relationship?” You heard a voice you didn't recognize ask. 
“Yeah, I mean you all know I just wanted a good fuck,” He said, and your eyes widened. “It was obvious she liked me, was all over me, so I jus’ started fucking her, and now we had our six month anniversary a few days ago, so it wasn't how I really wanted things t’go, but she’s cool.”
Your chest clenched at his words and your bottom lip began to tremble. He used you because he could tell you were interested, then proceeded to use you, and stayed with you because why? You were a good fuck, and cool? Not wanting to be embarrassed anymore when you weren’t there to defend yourself,  you walked away and left his house silently, driving yourself back home and sending him a text explaining your absence, not like he would care.
Pretty tired today, I’m just gonna stay home, but I hope u had fun with ur friends!
Almost immediately he responded which just made your heart break a little more. 
:( You sure? I can come by yours instead and just sleepover?
You sighed at his words. You knew he just wanted to have sex now, his secret was out. It couldn't stop you from wondering that if you just held out for a couple weeks would he leave you? You pursed your lips at your own thoughts and shook your head. 
I’m about to fall asleep rn haha, I’ll drop the shirt off tmw before work, night H.
You put your phone to the side and decided not to check it when you heard the buzz, and instead drifted off, thinking about how the relationship you built with Harry was based purely off of sex, and not a mutual like for each other. When you woke up the next morning to your alarm around 8:30 you hit snooze on your phone and your eyes came across his text to you. 
Ok angel, I’ll see you in the morning. Sweet dreams <3
As you decided not to respond and get ready, you couldn’t help but think about how annoying it was. Why was he acting so sweet when he knew he wouldn't be getting any today? Eventually you had to push that thought to the back of your head and you grabbed his shirt you had worn and folded it before stuffing it into your bag. You drove to Harry’s house which was coincidentally on the way to your office, and quickly walked up the stairs to his pink door. You knocked and almost immediately did the door open, revealing a shirtless and pantless Harry, only brief-clad and with a smile on his face. 
“G’morning pet.”
You smiled at the nickname and started to dig through your purse. “Morning H.”
You held out the Rolling Stones t-shirt and when Harry didn't make a move to grab it you got confused. “You should keep it, I just wanted an excuse t’see y’today.” He admitted, his cheeks flushing. It took everything in you not to yell as you pushed the shirt in his hands, and his cheeky smile diminished a bit. “I have to go, but just take it for now, yeah? I’ll see you in a few days when you’re done recording.” You said. 
“Okay love,” He said, leaning in to kiss you, which you swiftly swerved and you ended up with a kiss on the cheek instead. “I’ll see y’soon.” He said, holding the t-shirt loosely, and you could practically read his thoughts based on his face. 
“I’ll see you.” You smiled, turning around and hurrying back to your car. He watched you drive away without a single glance back to him, and he couldn't help but wonder what had happened in the mere hours of yesterday and today. Usually you wouldn't leave without a kiss, especially when it would be a few days, but you had left today with nothing, and dipped out on him last night. 
He shook off his thoughts and went to continue getting ready, ignoring the way the shirt smelled just like you, now. You went to your office, and he went to the studio, texting you every break he possibly had, of things that reminded him of you, or just saying he missed you already. It wasn't out of the normal, he had been doing this for months and only now did it ignite a flame in your chest. How dare he want you for just a fuck, but continue to lead you on like this? It was torture, you were sure. You hadn't responded to any of them, unlike what you would usually do, and it was making him miss notes and be particularly antsy. 
When your shift ended, and you responded with an overall “Haha, so sweet.” He had had enough. He hit all the notes and was done in just a mere 30 minutes, and the next destination was your house. 
You had changed into your pajama pants and a t-shirt when a knock was heard at your door. You were confused, but opened it regardless to see Harry standing outside your door. 
“Harry?” You asked, letting him in and shutting the door behind the two of you. “Is everything okay?” 
He shook his head and answered with a simple “No,” before sitting down on your couch to which you did the same. “Is everything okay?” He asked you instead, green eyes meeting your shocked ones. 
“Everything’s fine.” You shrugged, still confused on why he was here. “No, is everything okay with us, I mean. You’ve been ignoring me all day, and this sounds terribly desperate, but I didn't see y’last night, and y’left this morning without a kiss.” He elaborated. You truly weren’t ready to have the conversation today, and would find any way out of it. “I was working H, it wasn't on purpose.”
“It never stopped y’from replying before, but what about everything else?” He pushed. 
“I was tired, I told you.”
“But I just don't understand-”
“I actually did come over last night. When you asked me to,” You interrupted him. His eyes widened in shock. “I didn’t hear you, didn’t see you either.” Was all he said. “Probably because you were too busy talking about how you got with me for just a good fuck and how you used my feelings towards you for your advantage.” You snapped, scooting further away from him on the couch. You could tell he wasn't expecting that and when he was silent you took this change to say more. “And, I knew I shouldn't have stayed and listened, but when I heard my name and someone ask how we were? God, I was expecting a different fucking answer, but I wish I didn't stay back to listen.”
“Love, I am so sorry. Y’don’t understand, it was like that at first, the first couple weeks at most, but then I got feelings for you, and I wanted more with you.” He said, his hands fumbling together. 
“Certainly didn't sound like it.” You retorted.
“I promise, I promise it’s not like that.”
You shook your head, tears welling up in your eyes. “I was-god Harry, I was actually falling for you. I was going to tell you I loved you soon, because I already knew I did a few weeks ago.” You admitted softly, the tears streaming down your face. His lips trembled as he heard your words, he couldn’t believe that he was about to loose you. he wouldn’t let it happen. “I fell for y’too. I want to be with you, I don't want anyone or anything else, please, I just want you. I love you.” He begged, moving closer to you and grabbing your hands. 
“Please don’t lie.” You shook your head. “I stopped lying the moment I asked you to be my girlfriend, love. I love you, so much. I was scared, and I wasn't ready to admit it to my friends, much less myself. I wasn't ready for a relationship originally, but then I found myself in one with you, and I wouldn't want anything else.” 
His words just made you cry more, and he engulfed you in a hug, his eyes watering. If it was the last thing he did with you, it would be this. “Just,” you sniffled. “Just, I’m not, I can’t have sex with you again. Not soon at least, I love you, but I need to know you aren't using me, I'm sorry.”
He hugged you tighter and shook his head. “I don’t care, I just want you, that’s it.”
And in that moment you knew that maybe things would work out. Maybe.
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luvnami · 5 months ago
𝐜𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬!
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 - aa my first time writing for kny!! i hope you like it~ the title is a play on the word ‘pillars’ lol hopefully that makes sense... enjoy!! likes, comments and reblogs really help me a lot <3
𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 - @/amjustagirl​ (muacks)
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 - mention of food
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 - what if the pillars were... cats?
Tumblr media
𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐠𝐲𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐢
- the CHONKIEST fella you’ve ever seen in your entire life
- seriously, this cat feels like a brick when you try to pick him up
- yes, his fur is dense. no, he does not get any skinnier when he’s matted down with water
- a lovely, calm cat abandoned by his previous owners because they were moving out of the country
- he loves lazing in the sun and his brown fur turns golden in it!!!
- is a lap cat but doesn’t understand that your legs turn numb way too fast when he’s purring away like a little truck motor 
- (his purrs are so deep……. put him on an asmr youtube channel already!!!!)
- once, you had a dream that you were drowning. you found him sleeping on your chest when you woke up gasping for air
- broke a flimsy cat tree once and is now terrified of heights 
- a big baby :( kind of needy, always welcomes you at the door when you come home with chirps and gets frisky when you don’t return till late
Tumblr media
𝐢𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐨 𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐢
- …
- the quiet cat that seems like it might murder you in your sleep
- you adopted him together with kanroji because he simply wouldn’t leave her side and wouldn’t leave your side so… yeah
- this cat HATED you at first
- like… he even refused to eat the food that you tried to give him :/// you had to lure him out with some churu 
- you once woke up in the middle of the night because you were thirsty and found two glowy things at your bedroom door
- yeah, he was staring at you while you slept
- you didn’t dare to get a glass of water and just went back to sleep
- dark gray short fur with heterochromia! you think that he might be kanroji’s sibling but the centre said that they came in at different times
- he goes crazy for catnip oh my goodness
- he rolls himself in it and purrs so LOUD……….. ok iguro……..
Tumblr media
𝐤𝐚𝐧𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐢 𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐢
- so! affectionate!
- you adopted her from a local centre… seriously, who abandoned this pretty baby!!!!!!!
- (iguro insisted on being adopted as well. they come in a pair, do not separate.)
- is a white short fur with heterochromia <333 she looks so magical omg
- when you visited the adoption centre, she wouldn’t stop meowing and curling herself around your legs
- how could you not take her home!!!!!
- she tries to steal all kinds of food (even yours). please don’t own any plants, she will try to chomp them as well
- one time you came back home and heard some loud rustling from the door. you were terrified that it was a thief but when you switched on the lights, the cat had somehow managed to raid your pantry :/
- loves loves loves cuddles!! will even let you touch her soft tummy and play with her toe beans (only for a while though!)
- you wish she’d stop jumping around and getting into the hardest to reach spots…….
- loves trying out new collars, toys and even outfits!
- grooms iguro a lot and loves playing with him <3
Tumblr media
𝐤𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐨 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐮
- y’all know the cats that play nice when you’re petting them and then bite your hand immediately after… yeah
- the childhood cat that gives you trauma after it scratched you one too many times
- but very lovable and social!! loves meeting new people and then giving you a smug look as she crawls into their lap
- is not tempted by treats… she will do a trick when she wants to
- siamese, brown to white with a tail that flicks too much when she’s irritated
- this cat pushes your glass of water off of the table while looking you in the eye
- will lay herself over your keyboard when you’re trying to work
- has and will chew up your socks again
- scratches your furniture even after you sprayed it with that ‘no-scratch’ spray
- HOWEVER she will occasionally let you scritch her chin when she feels amiable…….
- tries to groom you sometimes
- jumps around too much for her (and your) own good. has caused the shattering of many things and now you cannot place fragile objects on shelves
Tumblr media
𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐤𝐮 𝐤𝐲𝐨𝐣𝐮𝐫𝐨
- the most!! active and happy tabby cat you’ve ever seen!!!!! 
- meow! meow meow meow!
- man i have no idea what you’re saying rengoku but you look happy and adorable so have a treat
- probably a family cat that your dad brought back home (much to mom’s dismay) but he’s part of the family now
- VERY vocal at night no matter how much you try to tire him out in the day… rip 
- will wake you up because! human! it is night time and my water bowl is an inch out of place!
- has the most gorgeous coat ever… really. it’s an envy for many cat owners
- he struts around with his head in the air and demands many pets from you while yowling and pawing your leg
- loves outdoor walks, actually. will attack a dog on sight if given the chance so please keep him on a leash
- give him little booties to keep his paws clean!!!!!!!! he fell over the first time you put them on but now he’s used to it and he looks so cute omg
- very nurturing!! takes to other cats very easily and is a joy to have around if you’re fostering other animals (besides dogs)
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐰𝐚 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐢
- this bastard cat
- hisses if you pat him for too long
- hisses if you don’t give him attention
- hisses while you’re pouring out his food and will NOT hesitate to bite you
- if you touch his paw pads, you can goodbye to your fingers
- i’m thinking……. gray shorthair with green eyes!
- probably a stray cat that you took in (which came with a lot of coaxing, snacks and wrangling) who got into one too many fights 
- he took a while to get used to staying indoors, often hiding in obscure places and was oddly possessive of your sofa
- no, he did not let you sit on it for a whole month
- he’s very protective and territorial! when he’s feeling like it, he’ll rub against you and get into your closet to curl up and scent your clothes (getting fur all over them)
- once, when you had some friends over, you had to lock him in your bedroom because he wouldn’t stop snarling at them
- no one dares to come over to your place after that
- (he’s secretly addicted to butt pats)
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐨
- black shorthair that literally appeared in your house one day
- you have no idea where he came from but you let him stay for a few days and he’s never left since then
- sometimes, he wanders outside (while chasing a butterfly or something...) but always comes back in time for dinner
- has the clearest emerald eyes!!
- he’s so quiet oh my goodness. you swear you’ve never heard him meow or chirp or purr once………. you think he might be a ghost cat sometimes 
- moves around silently too. has scared you on more than one occasion when you turned around and found him staring at you, or felt something furry brush against your leg while you weren’t expecting it
- doesn’t initiate affection much but will let you pet and smother him with love!! he kinda just… chills lol
- loves snuggling in the warmest places! sometimes you’ll come home and find a suspicious bump under your covers… lift it and you might find a friend within <3
- hates hate hates collars
- will literally bat at you if you ever try to put one on him
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐨𝐤𝐚 𝐠𝐢𝐲𝐮
- loves water so much its crazy
- you have to lock your bathroom door because he’s somehow managed to figure out how to open the doors in your house
- like, he’ll actually jump into the shower with you 
- you brought him home one day when you found him as a kitten in the rain outside :c (ur the hot anime character now)
- he’s really quiet! rarely meows and prefers to headbutt you (which can be slightly inconvenient, like that one time you were pouring coffee and nearly scalded the both of you)
- his fur is always messy. sticks up everywhere no matter how much you try to brush it
- black fur of medium length and thickness!!! puffs up SO MUCH when winter comes though
- it’s insane, he looks like a ball of soot
- exceptionally fast. when you try to play fetch with him, all you’ll see is a black blur darting back and forth
- easily scared
- you have to be careful when rounding corners or petting him because if he doesn’t expect it he’ll jump like five feet in the air
Tumblr media
𝐮𝐳𝐮𝐢 𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐧
- if you do not change his collars or outfits at least once a week or brush him daily he will start yowling
- you decided to adopt him after your neighbour moved to an apartment that didn’t allow cats
- unfortunately, your neighbour was also the most outrageously extravagant person you’ve ever met and spoiled uzui too much
- a good chunk of your monthly spending goes to the cat
- will not eat cheap cat food (how can he tell the difference…?)
- occasionally buries himself in the back of your closet because it’s dark and smells like you but please help me i’m entangled in a scarf and can’t get out!
- loves posing for photographs and being cooed over!! if you run an instagram account for him you’ll be sure to get popular really quickly
- he just… knows the camera is there lol
- hates having his nails clipped omg
- he will run around the house just to escape you and will only be bribed by a fancy new outfit or a churu
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taiyaaki · 5 months ago
𝐜𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬!
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 - aa my first time writing for kny!! i hope you like it~ the title is a play on the word ‘pillars’ lol hopefully that makes sense... enjoy!! likes, comments and reblogs really help me a lot <3 (repost from my other blog!)
𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 - @/amjustagirl​ (muacks)
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 - mention of food
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 - what if the pillars were... cats?
Tumblr media
𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐠𝐲𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐢
- the CHONKIEST fella you’ve ever seen in your entire life
- seriously, this cat feels like a brick when you try to pick him up
- yes, his fur is dense. no, he does not get any skinnier when he’s matted down with water
- a lovely, calm cat abandoned by his previous owners because they were moving out of the country
- he loves lazing in the sun and his brown fur turns golden in it!!!
- is a lap cat but doesn’t understand that your legs turn numb way too fast when he’s purring away like a little truck motor 
- (his purrs are so deep……. put him on an asmr youtube channel already!!!!)
- once, you had a dream that you were drowning. you found him sleeping on your chest when you woke up gasping for air
- broke a flimsy cat tree once and is now terrified of heights 
- a big baby :( kind of needy, always welcomes you at the door when you come home with chirps and gets frisky when you don’t return till late
Tumblr media
𝐢𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐨 𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐢
- …
- the quiet cat that seems like it might murder you in your sleep
- you adopted him together with kanroji because he simply wouldn’t leave her side and wouldn’t leave your side so… yeah
- this cat HATED you at first
- like… he even refused to eat the food that you tried to give him :/// you had to lure him out with some churu 
- you once woke up in the middle of the night because you were thirsty and found two glowy things at your bedroom door
- yeah, he was staring at you while you slept
- you didn’t dare to get a glass of water and just went back to sleep
- dark gray short fur with heterochromia! you think that he might be kanroji’s sibling but the centre said that they came in at different times
- he goes crazy for catnip oh my goodness
- he rolls himself in it and purrs so LOUD……….. ok iguro……..
Tumblr media
𝐤𝐚𝐧𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐢 𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐢
- so! affectionate!
- you adopted her from a local centre… seriously, who abandoned this pretty baby!!!!!!!
- (iguro insisted on being adopted as well. they come in a pair, do not separate.)
- is a white short fur with heterochromia <333 she looks so magical omg
- when you visited the adoption centre, she wouldn’t stop meowing and curling herself around your legs
- how could you not take her home!!!!!
- she tries to steal all kinds of food (even yours). please don’t own any plants, she will try to chomp them as well
- one time you came back home and heard some loud rustling from the door. you were terrified that it was a thief but when you switched on the lights, the cat had somehow managed to raid your pantry :/
- loves loves loves cuddles!! will even let you touch her soft tummy and play with her toe beans (only for a while though!)
- you wish she’d stop jumping around and getting into the hardest to reach spots…….
- loves trying out new collars, toys and even outfits!
- grooms iguro a lot and loves playing with him <3
Tumblr media
𝐤𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐨 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐮
- y’all know the cats that play nice when you’re petting them and then bite your hand immediately after… yeah
- the childhood cat that gives you trauma after it scratched you one too many times
- but very lovable and social!! loves meeting new people and then giving you a smug look as she crawls into their lap
- is not tempted by treats… she will do a trick when she wants to
- siamese, brown to white with a tail that flicks too much when she’s irritated
- this cat pushes your glass of water off of the table while looking you in the eye
- will lay herself over your keyboard when you’re trying to work
- has and will chew up your socks again
- scratches your furniture even after you sprayed it with that ‘no-scratch’ spray
- HOWEVER she will occasionally let you scritch her chin when she feels amiable…….
- tries to groom you sometimes
- jumps around too much for her (and your) own good. has caused the shattering of many things and now you cannot place fragile objects on shelves
Tumblr media
𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐤𝐮 𝐤𝐲𝐨𝐣𝐮𝐫𝐨
- the most!! active and happy tabby cat you’ve ever seen!!!!! 
- meow! meow meow meow!
- man i have no idea what you’re saying rengoku but you look happy and adorable so have a treat
- probably a family cat that your dad brought back home (much to mom’s dismay) but he’s part of the family now
- VERY vocal at night no matter how much you try to tire him out in the day… rip 
- will wake you up because! human! it is night time and my water bowl is an inch out of place!
- has the most gorgeous coat ever… really. it’s an envy for many cat owners
- he struts around with his head in the air and demands many pets from you while yowling and pawing your leg
- loves outdoor walks, actually. will attack a dog on sight if given the chance so please keep him on a leash
- give him little booties to keep his paws clean!!!!!!!! he fell over the first time you put them on but now he’s used to it and he looks so cute omg
- very nurturing!! takes to other cats very easily and is a joy to have around if you’re fostering other animals (besides dogs)
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐰𝐚 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐢
- this bastard cat
- hisses if you pat him for too long
- hisses if you don’t give him attention
- hisses while you’re pouring out his food and will NOT hesitate to bite you
- if you touch his paw pads, you can goodbye to your fingers
- i’m thinking……. gray shorthair with green eyes!
- probably a stray cat that you took in (which came with a lot of coaxing, snacks and wrangling) who got into one too many fights 
- he took a while to get used to staying indoors, often hiding in obscure places and was oddly possessive of your sofa
- no, he did not let you sit on it for a whole month
- he’s very protective and territorial! when he’s feeling like it, he’ll rub against you and get into your closet to curl up and scent your clothes (getting fur all over them)
- once, when you had some friends over, you had to lock him in your bedroom because he wouldn’t stop snarling at them
- no one dares to come over to your place after that
- (he’s secretly addicted to butt pats)
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐨
- black shorthair that literally appeared in your house one day
- you have no idea where he came from but you let him stay for a few days and he’s never left since then
- sometimes, he wanders outside (while chasing a butterfly or something...) but always comes back in time for dinner
- has the clearest emerald eyes!!
- he’s so quiet oh my goodness. you swear you’ve never heard him meow or chirp or purr once………. you think he might be a ghost cat sometimes 
- moves around silently too. has scared you on more than one occasion when you turned around and found him staring at you, or felt something furry brush against your leg while you weren’t expecting it
- doesn’t initiate affection much but will let you pet and smother him with love!! he kinda just… chills lol
- loves snuggling in the warmest places! sometimes you’ll come home and find a suspicious bump under your covers… lift it and you might find a friend within <3
- hates hate hates collars
- will literally bat at you if you ever try to put one on him
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐨𝐤𝐚 𝐠𝐢𝐲𝐮
- loves water so much its crazy
- you have to lock your bathroom door because he’s somehow managed to figure out how to open the doors in your house
- like, he’ll actually jump into the shower with you 
- you brought him home one day when you found him as a kitten in the rain outside :c (ur the hot anime character now)
- he’s really quiet! rarely meows and prefers to headbutt you (which can be slightly inconvenient, like that one time you were pouring coffee and nearly scalded the both of you)
- his fur is always messy. sticks up everywhere no matter how much you try to brush it
- black fur of medium length and thickness!!! puffs up SO MUCH when winter comes though
- it’s insane, he looks like a ball of soot
- exceptionally fast. when you try to play fetch with him, all you’ll see is a black blur darting back and forth
- easily scared
- you have to be careful when rounding corners or petting him because if he doesn’t expect it he’ll jump like five feet in the air
Tumblr media
𝐮𝐳𝐮𝐢 𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐧
- if you do not change his collars or outfits at least once a week or brush him daily he will start yowling
- you decided to adopt him after your neighbour moved to an apartment that didn’t allow cats
- unfortunately, your neighbour was also the most outrageously extravagant person you’ve ever met and spoiled uzui too much
- a good chunk of your monthly spending goes to the cat
- will not eat cheap cat food (how can he tell the difference…?)
- occasionally buries himself in the back of your closet because it’s dark and smells like you but please help me i’m entangled in a scarf and can’t get out!
- loves posing for photographs and being cooed over!! if you run an instagram account for him you’ll be sure to get popular really quickly
- he just… knows the camera is there lol
- hates having his nails clipped omg
- he will run around the house just to escape you and will only be bribed by a fancy new outfit or a churu
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museinmind · 8 months ago
star ☾★ tyson jost
Tumblr media
“painted just like an angel, i thank the lord that he made you” or a look at the photo collage on your bedroom wall 
word count: 3.7k
warnings: literally nothing this is the fluffiest thing i’ve ever written
(track three of my fics inspired by cosmic by bazzi series! masterlist here)
✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ 
“babe, the trucks gonna be here in 10, you ready?” tyson calls through the apartment for you.
“sure thing!” you yell back, turning back to the wall. your were staring at the photo collage in front of you, a conglomeration of your first year in denver and all the great memories you had made. your baby cousin had made it for you. it was a cork board that was cut into the shape of a 5 point star with glitter glued edges, a little bit messy but full of adorable heart. it was her gift to you when you moved to denver to start your new job, something to remind you of home and that she loved and missed you. and also a place to store all your new memories as they were captured on camera. it was quite the sophisticated idea, surely your aunt’s doing that turned into an arts and crafts project for her little tyke. staring at the board now, you can’t help the wide grin on your face as you recall all the moment in the pictures, each one with a unique story.
the beer pong incident
the board remained empty for the first few months in colorado, mainly because you were too busy setting your life up in the new city and you and your friends hadn’t really been taking the candid shots intended for the board. that is, until you met tyson. 
it was funny how you two met, a friend of yours introducing you to each other at a party. it was supposed to be a passing encounter, as she was trying to get you to branch out to meet more people in the city, but something about the way tyson politely smiled when you said your name made you want to stay and get to know him.
“wait, do you think he’s cute?” anna asks. 
“yeah, you don’t?”
“he’s sweet? i don’t know, he’s just tyson! you can’t help but love him but i don’t know if i’d ever love him,” she explains. you look at her blankly. “but you think he’s cute! that’s good, let me put in a good word for you.” it felt very fourth grade, but you were practically the only person here who was unfamiliar, and you could use all the help you could get. 
you don’t see tyson for the rest of the night, but anna winks at you when you see her 10 minutes later and you groan in impending embarrassment. deciding you’re not drunk enough for this, you take another jello shot, two, off the counter and walk over to where some of the guys are playing beer pong.
“hey, it’s new girl! come get in a round,” one of them calls to you, making your cheeks heat up but nevertheless you heed the command. eventually, you’re roped into multiple games in a row, your aim seemingly much better drunk than sober. it’s not until tyson and a red headed friend of his step up to the other side of the table that you start to falter. 
you falter, because tyson’s looking at you without turning away at any moment, all of his attention centered on you and any action you took. his eyes are so warm and soft, that smile looking like it’s a mainstay on his face. you felt an overwhelming desire to be wrapped in his arms, and it was making your brain fuzzier than the vodka you had downed. 
had you been a little less distracted, you would’ve seen anna’s boyfriend walking towards the table with 3 cups full of beer. and you wouldn’t have side stepped into him, causing all three red solos to douse your body. 
“oh shit newb, my bad!” he exclaims, picking the cups up from the ground. it felt like everyone had turned their attention to you, everyone sharing a wince and a low ‘oooooh’ when they saw the damage done. the only upside? you were wearing black, so nothing was on display now.
“don’t just stand there jones, get a towel or something! your floor’s already filthy dude,” a voice calls from behind you. anna’s boyfriend runs off to get a rag, and the owner of the voice appears to be closer than you thought when you feel a guiding arm along your waist. when you finally look up, you see it’s tyson. 
“c’mon, there’s some spare hoodies in the hall closet.” you nod dumbly and let him take you to some spare room after he snags the hoodie from the closet. he shuts the door and heads to the ensuite bathroom, quickly wetting paper towels to hand to you to clean yourself up. you stand still in the middle of the room clutching the unfamiliar hoodie, feeling a little surprised by his urgency to help.
“here, this should stop you from getting sticky,” he says, handing you a wad of wet paper towels. you slowly take them from his hands, but not before a small laugh leaves your lips. 
“no problem,” you wonder if he’s gonna stand there and watch you quite literally pat your boobs, and he must be on the same thought process because he quickly turns around in embarrassment. 
“sorry, should i go? i just realized how weird this is,”
“i mean, i am going to take this shirt off so maybe stay turned around?” he nods, finding a rip in one of the curtains and gluing his eyes to it. you wipe the paper towels over your chest quickly and strip yourself of the ale soddened top, throwing the big sweatshirt on over your lace bra. 
“i’m good now. thanks tyson,” you smile bashfully. he turns around with cheeks already with blooming pink.
“no worries. let’s uh, get back out there?” you nod and follow his lead out the bedroom to where everyone was still scattered around the party.
“hey! you two, slide in for a photo,” some girl with a disposable says to you and him. you look at him hesitantly, but all he does his pull you in with an arm around your shoulder and smile for the camera, so you do the same. the flash blinds you momentarily, and she slinks off with a call over her shoulder than it should be developed within a week.
“wow, we’re getting many chances to become acquainted tonight,” you chuckle.
“yeah, ‘s not too bad either, eh?”
your head perks up to his face, where you’re pleasantly surprised to see a cute smile snd a hopeful look. you nod, and his smile grows to one showing teeth.
“oh thank god, here you are!” anna comes rushing towards you. “was worried you left?”
you shake your head. “tyson’s been a good company keeper.”
✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ 
the photo booth
that night, tyson got your number from anna and began texting you immediately. you guys talked about all kinds of things, from hometowns to what is was like in the nhl and your new job that brought you to the rockies. you texted him until 3am, when you couldn’t type anymore and you fell asleep with your phone in your hands, but you woke up to a good morning message from tyson that had butterflies erupting in your stomach.
hey, i must’ve fallen asleep lol. not that ur boring or anything!
this was supposed to be a good morning text...
you giggle at his goofiness even received over text.
i fell asleep probably before you did tbh
and good morning !
tyson wanted to ask you out so badly. sure it’s only been 12 hours, but the little face to face time he’s had compared to the texting conversation makes him itch for more, and he feels like he needs to get to know you, and he needs to do it now. it was a pleasant surprise when anna ran up to him at the party and said her friend who was new in town thought he was attractive, and his heart beat a little bit faster when he saw it was you. you, who he had already seen from across the room and didn’t have the guts to say hi to and none of his friends seemed to know you yet. call it a cosmic coincidence, but this felt like it was supposed to be happening.
this might be too forward but would you maybe wanna get coffee or something today?
i’m already running to work :( but i would love to see you again, hopefully sooner rather than later?
you bite your lip in frustration, you really wanted to see him.
there’s a food truck thing going on tonight, would that work?
only if i’m buying :)
tyson insisted on picking you up from your apartment complex, something about hating the thought of you paying denver public parking. you knew it was just him being chivalrous, something you admired already. he was so eager to make sure you were happy and okay, even before he really knew you. you can only imagine what it would be like to be his girl.
“so, what kinda food do you like?” the food trucks were lining the blocked off street, cuisine ranging continents and cultures. 
“ah you know, i’m a simple girl. i’ll do anything, but that sushirito over there is tempting,” you say. 
“then that’s what we’ll get,” he smiles, beckoning for you to lead the way. you hold in your laughs as he butchers the pronunciation of his order, not missing the way his cheeks go pink and his curls bounce when he ducks his head. 
“there goes my shot of impressing you with my language skills,” he jokes, earning a smile from you that he now thinks may be his favorite view. comedy was his deflection material, because to be honest, he was shitting it right now. here you were, a pretty girl at a party, and by some incredible coincidence you thought he was cute before he could figure out how to somehow snoop and find out your name. he just wanted for this to work, and it was. 
the two of you walked up and down the street and trucks while you ate, talking about anything and everything. you learned about life in st. albert, and he was now in possession of many embarrassing family anecdotes. once you had both thrown away your wrappers, you stumbled across a photo booth set up in the back of a trolley. 
“oh look! we should take one,” you say, pulling him by his hand into the booth. he goes with you, sliding into the seat ungracefully as you fiddle with the settings. you pick props of course, you with a dollar sign hat on and him with oversized glasses. you shove the dollar into the system before it fires up, the both of you sticking your tongues out in a silly first picture. it flashes and you scramble for the next pose. 
“what do we do next?”
“i don’t know, it’s your idea!” his hearty laugh triggers your own, and the picture is taken where your head is thrown back in laughter and his eyes are squinted by his smile.
for the next one, you opt to kiss him on the cheek, something that makes his cheeks then flame bright red. 
“i have an idea for the last one?” he says with a bit of nerves, turnings his knees towards you. before you know it, his lips are on yours in a sweet kiss, your surprise turning into content as you kiss him back. you hear the camera go off one more time, making you pull back with a grin. 
“good pose, i like that one.”
“thought you might,” he kisses you again, the two of you caught up in each other until you hear a knock on the side of the trolley. it’s some guy and his girlfriend, and he doesn’t sound happy.
“your photos are printed, can we have our turn now?”
✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ 
the first avs game
tyson asked you to be his girlfriend a few weeks after that night, the two of you falling into a comfortable relationship where both of you made time for each other in between the season and work life. you had, however, yet to come to a game due to the away schedule and inconvenient times when they were at home. 
but this saturday, you were free and wanting to come see him play. you had told him you and anna planned to buy tickets and he immediately shut that down, insisting that he’d hook you guys up with some at will call. you made him swear that they weren’t in the box, and even then, he didn’t look too eager to accept that condition. 
the seats didn’t end up being in the box, but they were in great position right behind their bench. you had a jersey on that he had lent you while anna had bought an overpriced beanie over the weekend, and it felt exciting to be wearing your boy’s jersey. one that he gave you, and it must’ve been a rare one, because some fans were looking at you like they wanted to snatch it off your back.
tyson had met your eyes too many times during the game, he was just too thrilled that you were there with his name on your back to do anything but look at you when he wasn’t on the ice. jt slapped him over the head a few times to draw his attention back, looking at tyson with an exasperated small grin when he finally figured out the object of his stare. 
the boys had won big, a great success at home that had the arena lit up with energy. as per the instructions given before the game, you and anna headed down to the tunnel to wait for him to come out along with the other significant others. you weren’t sure if you were supposed to introduce yourself, so your shyness took over and you stood awkwardly next to anna, who was busy typing away on her phone trying to post to instagram what you two had been up to that night.
when he comes out the locker room with wet curls and a neat shirt tucked into some pants, you instinctively walk towards him and wrap your arms around him in a hug. “that was some game, yeah?” you beam, looking at his smiling face with adoration. he pecks your lips lightly, not wanting to give his teammates any ammunition for chirping. 
“was showin’ off for you, had to make it worth your while,” he says, making you giggle. 
“ew you two are so cute.” anna gags from behind you, and you both turn to her in amusement. “here, i’ll take your photo. smile!” she directs. tyson takes your waist in his hand, pulling your body into his as you keep an arm wrapped around him. 
“that’s gonna be a good picture, y/n/n, it’ll look cute on your board.” anna says, looking through her camera roll. 
with an adoring look back at tyson and interlocked fingers, you agree. “i think it will too.”
✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ 
the halloween party
it was tyson’s idea to do a couples costume. his childhood obsession with space jam made it obvious that him and his girlfriend would one day dress as lola and bugs for halloween, and he was elated when you easily agreed to the costume, also citing space jam as one of the greatest movies of all time.
so you both had your matching tune squad jerseys on with thick sweatbands and athletic socks on, tyson even found a plush basketball on amazon to complete the look. it was a pretty common couples costume idea, but you both loved it.
“monstars were better by the way,” anna’s boyfriend chirps you guys as you walk into the party.
“yeah right, you would be the type to think that, jonesy,” tyson throws the plush ball at his head, hitting him right in his pirate hat that was precariously sitting on his forehead. 
tyson didn’t leave your side that night, wanting to be near you at all times except for the 5 minutes his friends successfully pulled him away. “you guys are really going strong, huh?” one of the girls asks you.
“yeah, we’re about 10 months in. i um, i love him,”
“holy shit, seriously?”
you nod shyly, the girls squealing around you make your cheeks hot with embarrassment. it may have been a little surprising, seeing as thought you’ve only been in town for less than 2 years, but what you felt with tyson didn’t need to be explained to other people, at least you didn’t think so. the happiness he brought to a room was magnified by 20 in you, his uncanny ability to brighten your day unmatched. but you learned that he was more than just that, he was a sweet man with a good heart and more than enough love to share. and you were lucky enough to be the one he shared it with.
 little did you know, the guys were on the terrace putting tyson through the exact same thing. “alright josty, you and girl can’t be separated for more than 10 minutes without one of you starting to die. this gettin serious?”
tyson nods immediately, apathetic to the chirps and woops around him. he knew how he felt about you, knew how you two loved each other already and and were ready to get even more serious. “yeah man, i’m in it for the long haul with her. she’s it,” he says proudly, making some of them gag. 
he shakes his head with a chuckle, feeling like he had a bit of maturity over everyone else. with the exception of a few, he was one of his only friends with a steady girlfriend. there was nothing he looked forward to more than seeing you whenever he could, and making more memories with you. he knew it was special.
he imagined taking you home to his family soon, maybe for christmas if you’d let him get away with it. kacey would love you, he knew his mom would too. and that was so important to him, all the girls in his life together. you had met both of them through facetime and they already sung your praise to him, but he was ready to do it in person. the thought of the most important people in his life all liking each other made him smile into his beer bottle.
eventually, the two of you find each other again in the crowded condo. he wraps his arm around you once again, and you know it’s gonna be hard to get out from underneath that. “missed me?”
“too much,” he says honestly. his earnestness makes you swoon a little, and you place a hand on his chest affectionately. 
“we haven’t gotten a photo of us yet in the costumes, let’s do one now?” he nods, and taps someone’s shoulder to turn around and take your photo with his phone. they agree, turning the phone landscape and snapping the photo of the two of you. tyson’s holding up the ball with his bicep and forearm clenching it down, making you laugh through your smile, which makes it even bigger. the flash was on, so your eyes squint and you’re sure his do too.
when tyson gets his phone back, he immediately grins at the outcome. “we take some good photos, don’t we?”
all the photos came out great, they looked like the ones you show your kids in 20 years to remind them that hey, mom and dad were cool when they were younger. and if the kids you were showing these photos to were yours with tyson? well, that wouldn’t be too bad.
✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✸ ✷ ✶ 
the first apartment
“babe, the trucks gonna be here in 10, you ready?” tyson calls through the apartment for you.
you had been moving all day. after a year and a half of dating, tyson had asked you to move in with him after the lease on your apartment had expired, so the two of you were moving into a new place that was roomier, and you’d even have your own office space. it overlooked the mile high city, and had a cute fireplace you could imagine reading at with a warm cup of tea in your hands. 
it was hard, but the two of you had gotten everything up to the place for the most part. you had moved on past the furniture to decorations, some family photos and artwork that you had collected over the years now in your shared living room. 
the last piece you had to put up was the cork board, the exact one you had been staring at this morning. all these memories together, and all the more you planned to make, all in one place and coming together perfectly on the board. 
“hey so do you want pizza or mexican tonight?” tyson asks, coming into the bedroom you two now shared. he’s a little confused when he sees you staring intently at the wall, but understands once he sees what you had gotten mounted up. 
“it’s almost full, eh?”
you nod, smiling in content. he comes behind you and wraps his arms around your center, pressing a kiss into the burrow of your neck. 
“best art project ever,” you joke.
“seriously, your baby cousin’s got some serious skill.” you both laugh, and then tyson points to an empty space in a corner of the star. 
“what’s gonna go there?”
you shrug. “dunno, whatever we do next i guess?”
“we haven’t taken a photo today,” he notes. 
and that’s how the next space of the star was filled up, the two of you taking a timer cam photo in front of your door of your first shared apartment, both of you holding a key up with smiles. 
the collage held many of those, smiles in nearly every photo. there were also kisses, selfies, and a few screenshots of tyson’s face off guard that was way too funny to not commemorate somewhere. the highlights included that first night with that cute but awkward film photo you too, the strip of photos from the photo booth, and the halloween party you knew you’d never forget. the board held the love you two shared, and made you two grateful that somehow, something brought you two together.
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starsfic · 2 months ago
10 Different Happenings: Red Son
In different worlds, there are different what-ifs.
Here’s ten what-ifs for Red Son
(1 is the Swap AU of @winterpower98, 2 is the roleswap au of @ninja-knox-ur-sox-off, 3 is @masterbuilderintern’s Spirit Monkie AU, 6 is inspired by an art piece done by @fre-dream, and 8 is Smoke, Flasks, and Unfinished Tasks by @skellebonez.)
It burned around him. Through him. In him.
There was something about it though... but did it matter? No. No, it didn’t. All that mattered, all that remained was the fire. He walked, focusing on the flames as he walked, focusing on the heat, the-
A voice?
Ignore it. It doesn’t matter.
“Red! Listen to me, please!” The walking stopped, although he wasn’t sure why. Some part of him demanded it, demanded he focus on the voice. It brought a different heat then the soothing flames. And... a memory. A memory of a pretty smile...
“Please come back to me.”
Then the heat was wrapping around him, almost overpowering the heat of the flames. It stroked... what? Pity? Sadness? Grief that the pretty smile’s owner was attached to something so foul...
The heat’s voice spoke again, in a whisper, low enough that he had to strain to hear it.
“I love you too.”
And then the hoop was around his neck and Red Son was back.
It had been bugging him since he had been knocked out.
Red had barely caught a glimpse of it, but the gold around everything revealed that it was the truth.
Xiaotian was currently rummaging through his closet, looking for a hairband before they headed to the arcade, leaving him to sit on his bed. Now was a perfect time.
Red took a deep breath and blinked. When he opened his eyes, the world was cast in a lovely shade of gold. Then Xiaotian stepped out of the closet. “Hey, Red. Ready to go?”
But he couldn’t respond.
Because the sight in front of him was both lovely and utterly awful.
Xiaotian was green, like a pretty jade figurine. But cracks ran through him, blue-green and yellow bouncing off each other to create an unsettling image. The worst part was the dragon wrapped tight around him, claws digging into his eyes, which were now nothing but blue-green.
Then Red blinked again.
“Red?” The world was back to color and Xiaotian was normal again. Except he wasn’t. “You okay?”
Was he?
Red groaned as he poked his head behind the corner, looking around. He resisted a shiver at the cold temperature- he had plenty of time to get used to the cold. “I can’t believe you had to wake me up of all people.”
Behind him, the dragon girl snorted. “You’re welcome, your Highness.”
The title was only reminding him of the blue and white robes he wore, stuff he would save for his mother’s stuffy dinner parties. Stuff that Xiaotian had dressed his sleeping body in.
Okay, time to go away from those thoughts.
“All that power going to his head,” Red explained, looking around again. “He needed something to tether him to what’s real. Someone on his side.” And Red had happily been that tether, making sure Xiaotian didn’t do something too wild. He whirled around on her.
She needed to know how badly she’d screwed up.
“In the dreaming world, I could talk to him any time I wanted. What you just did-”
And the chill became an overwhelming cold.
Red breathed out, noting the clouds that had formed at the breath, and sighed.
“You just took a knife to that tether.”
When the message about his father’s defeat at Sun Wukong’s hands came, Red turned back to his meditation.
Princess Iron Fan waited for her son to come home, but he never did.
When Xiaotian came down, he found DBK madly cackling, red painting his hands.
Red Son turned the necklace over in his hand, considering it.
The Demon Bull family’s symbol was on the front in careful red strokes. His mother had assured him that he’d always worn it. And besides, it would remind their enemies who their defeat came at the hands of... except that had been a lie. It had all been lies.
“I think I had a traumatic childhood.” he admitted out loud.
Both to himself and the black-furred monkey next to him.
Red stared at the image.
He blinked, rubbed his eyes, and then returned to staring.
On-screen was the campus’ latest meme. He couldn’t tell you if he wanted to what the words were. What he was focused on was the image that created the meme.
It was of him.
Dressed in what could barely be called an outfit, just a piece of gossamer fabric that had been wrapped around him for practice of fabric, lunging at Qi Xiaotian. He could remember the event- it was last Friday, his most recent modeling session. He and Xiaotian had been doing their regular argument when the latter had said something and...
He hadn’t been able to control the urge to throttle him.
And now the outline of his ass was out for all to see.
Red barely noticed the screen of his phone cracking under his grip. All he could focus on was finding that stupid noodle boy and finishing the job.
His father was gone.
His father... was gone. Had left him. Had disowned him and cast him out and abandoned him. Was never coming back for him.
Red Son felt his knees grow weak. He collapsed onto them, staring at where he had last seen his father. Unnoticed by him, tears rolled down his face, turning to steam as they touched his skin.
He wasn’t sure how long he stayed there, on his knees in the little corner his father had secluded them in. At least he had given him the mercy of privacy before disowning him.
Finally, Red Son staggered to his feet.
With nothing else to it, he disappeared in a rush of flames.
Heading towards Flower Fruit Mountain.
Xiaotian and Xiaojiao stared at the scene- the empty digsite and the fact that Red Son was digging in the middle of it.
He paused. “Don’t worry. I won’t attack. There’s no need anyway. It’s all gone.”
“Then...” Xiaotian paused to reach the bottom of the slope. He held out his staff just in case. “Why are you digging?”
“Oh, it’s simple really. My parents needed this artifact to power Father’s armor since going after the staff would be a waste of time.” Unwillingly, Xiaotian’s grip tightened on his staff. He and Xiaojiao shared an uncertain look. “Since I failed my last mission, I thought hey! A chance to make up for it! Except,” Red gestured grandly to the dig site, empty of people.
And artifacts.
“And I can’t go back empty-handed! Not like last time! So,” Red Son returned to pawing through the dirt. “This is my grave.” He glanced over his shoulder, his wide grin and messy hair revealing his unravelling state. “Want me to dig you two ones as well?”
The two shook their heads.
“Suit yourself.” Without another word, Red Son faceplanted in the dirt, dragging dirt over his head.
Xiaotian and Xiaojiao shared another worried look.
Oh boy...
Red Son stared at the scene in front of him. Finally, he had to speak.
“And, pray tell, do you want me to join this little...” He picked up one of the figurines. It looked like the Noodle Boy’s little sister, the real one glaring at him, except this figurine was dressed in white and blue. “Gaming session of yours?”
“Uh, because it’s fun?” The Dragon Girl handed him a figurine. Much to his displeasure (and secret amusement) it was of him. A little scowl on his face and all. “Come on... It’ll be fun!”
“That’s your opinion.” the pig demon said. The next moment, he winced as if she kicked him.
Red eyed the rest of the room. Sun Wukong didn’t seem to be paying attention, quietly whispering to the Noodle Boy’s sister. The Noodle Boy himself seemed to be unsure but was still smiling gently. The pig was rubbing his leg, whispering to the scholar.
“Fine.” He sat down at the table, resisting an urge to make a face at the cheap beer that was pushed over.
“Now that’s settled,” Wukong grinned from his place. “Let’s begin.”
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mooniefics · 7 months ago
in the grand scheme of things [ 3 ]
pairings : zeke jaeger / reader, referenced eren jaeger / reader
word count : 5.5k
tags : unhealthy relationships, relationship discussions, implied cheating, drinking, break ups, mutual infidelity, dubious morality, love triangles
warning : descriptions of alcohol and drug use
summary : you and eren hadn't been doing the best these past few months, and no one that you knew seemed to have any answers for you, or pointers in the right direction. who better to offer you some sound, insightful relationship advice than his older brother. or so you thought.
— originally posted 1 / 28 / 21 on ao3 —
✧·゚: *✧·゚:  *:·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚*:·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚:*·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚:*
sasha  3:47 pm hey u down to party tonight?? jean told connie he could get us into another one of the azo parties again
you sighed at the sight of the notifications on your phone from its place on the passenger's seat, pensively drumming your fingers on your steering wheel. the most recent party of the most popular fraternity chapter on your campus you'd attended had been the last party you'd subjected yourself to attending—the halloween party where you'd gotten ditched out and subsequently cheated on. though you could admit that it had been fun in the moment, especially when you had caught the struggle between sasha and historia when she saw your roommate snap a picture of her kissing the standoffish sophomore that always helped her with her english lit homework, ymir, rather than the fraternity guy she was meant to be with.
the memory of that night, at least the time before you'd realized your boyfriend and his annoyingly attractive best friend were nowhere to be found, made you consider. classes did start back up next week, and the most eventful thing you'd done over the break was your quaint little family get-together for new year's eve—and your two rendezvous with zeke, meetings that you were slowly beginning to feel more and more skeptical about as time went on—and you were sure that your second semester would drown you in work just as much—if not more—than you'd had in your first semester. so as soon as you came to a stop at a red light, you picked your phone up to shoot her back a message, laughing to yourself when she replied instantly.
               you  3:51 pm party on a wednesday?                            really?
sasha   3:51 pm come onnnn please??? i heard nikos gonna be there! ur rlly gonna make me go all alone??
so that was why she wanted to go, to see the foreign culinary major that somehow always managed to send her back to the dorm with a large plate of food and a blinding smile plastered on her face for at least the next hour. you were honestly surprised that they hadn't gotten together yet, considering how many common interests they'd shared.
a pleasant thought suddenly popped into your head, the thought that she was probably asking you because mikasa had already declined, meaning that she wouldn't be in attendance. armin was out in turkey with eren, ensuring his absence. that fact made you feel a bit less anxious about accepting sasha's invitation. you could catch up with the friends you'd been unable to see while you were off-campus—or too swamped with work to be able to reach out to—let loose one last time before you were trapped back in the monotonous cycle of working, sleeping, crying, and eating for the next couple months until spring break. your mind had been made up.
                          you  3:52 pm    fine. i'll go as moral support. but no promises u won't have  to babysit after you've had ur                          fun with nikolo  this break has been rough for                                       me lol
sasha  3:53 pm oh god my i loveyou so much already picking out our outfits
you chuckled to yourself, slipping your phone into the cupholder as the brake lights of the car in front of you flashed off and you eased your foot onto the gas. you made it back to the dorm relatively quickly, sasha more than elated to see you even though you didn't have any food to bring back for her. and just as her text message had read, she'd already laid out one of your nicer dresses and a set of heels that didn't absolutely kill your feet by the end of the night by your bed, digging through the closet with a pile of discarded clothes growing on the floor.
"thanks sash," you giggled, "but don't you think it's a little to be getting ready? what time's the party?"
"connie told me seven-thirty, but jean said for us to come an hour later so we aren't the only ones there." she spoke over her shoulder, huffing as she tossed another piece of clothing aside, "but i wanna look good! i'm gonna hop in the shower as soon as i find the right thing to wear."
holding out your dress before you, you frowned. it was simple, black and made of a sheer, clingy material with lace accents decorating the low neckline, thin straps that bared the entirety of your shoulders and a modest amount of cleavage. it was one of your favorites, but the half-healed bruises scattered across the skin that would be exposed by it wasn't ideal.
"oh, don't forget to take a cheap coat that you don't mind forgetting. it's kinda chilly out, and i always end up losing track of mine during the night."
you let out a breath of relief, remembering that covering up a bit more would be weather appropriate. "yeah, i'll wear a long-sleeved undershirt and something light on top." perfect.
you waited until sasha had gathered her toiletries and scurried off to the nearest bathroom to change clothes, feeling your face heat up at the thought of zeke, the initial deep pigmentation having faded out over the last two days but still a very visible shade of faint red. you were fully dressed upon your roommate's return, earning an excited slew of compliments from her as she wrapped up her hair in a towel and settled down beside you to get started on her makeup.
you were actually grateful for how early she'd insisted on getting ready considering how long she'd agonized over her eyeliner, or how many times she'd applied and removed her lashes, complaining that "something was off" or "it just didn't look right". your suggested time of arrival came in no time at all, and by then sasha was more than eager to start rushing you despite the pace she'd been moving at earlier.
"hurry!! if niko brings food, i don't wanna get there by the time it's all gone!" she whined, jiggling the doorknob to your room impatiently, "for the thanksgiving party, he brought a charcuterie board with all these nice cheeses on it and it was so good, he looked so happy watching me eat it, it was so cute!"
you chuckled softly at her enthusiasm, shoving the last of your things into your clutch, zipping up your phone in the small inner pocket to insure that you didn't drop it and forget on the floor of someone's house this time. "i'm sure that even if we got there late, he'd set aside plenty of food for you."
the walk to the fraternity's designated house was made much shorter by sasha's insistence, practically dragging you along by the wrist the whole way at a near jog. you couldn't deny that you were feeling a bit nervous about the whole ordeal, knowing that you would have sasha, connie, and jean at the very least, but unaware as to what you would really do besides mill around. at the halloween party, you'd been able to play the variety of drinking games that had been set out for the guests with eren and his friends, but now you weren't entirely sure who to stick to for the majority of the night.
you didn't want to bother jean or connie after they'd gotten secured you an invite, and you were sure that sasha was expecting to be able to spend some time alone with the guy she'd came to see in the first place, meaning you'd have to spend a majority of the night alone, or the unfavorable option of mingling with unfamiliar people. but you realized that was a pill you'd have to swallow as you approached the steps of the house, nearly tripping up over your feet from the speed that sasha was hauling you along at, watching her furiously knock at the door.
there were people wandering about in the yard, some on their phones, most likely waiting for their own friends to arrive, and a smoky stench of something that definitely wasn't just tobacco wafting from the group of men camped out on the porch murmuring amongst each other. you could hear the volume of the music inside the house, almost able to feel it thrumming across the floor if you focused enough.
"thomas!" she exclaimed at the sight of a younger-looking blonde boy when the door opened, whose existence you honestly had no idea about until just now, grinning so broadly it made your own cheeks hurt for her, "jean invited us!"
"oh, come right in." he beamed right back, calling loudly over his shoulder, "yo, jean, your friends are here!"
the inside of the house looked just as you expected, already crowded to max capacity, jean having to maneuver past the throng of people gathered near the front to approach the two of you. "damn, i feel like i haven't seen you in forever." he did his best to speak over the music, wrapping you up in a friendly squeeze, "glad to see you could finally make it." he turned to sasha. "niko's already in the kitchen, by the way. asked when you were coming just a few minutes ago."
sasha's face lit up with glee, turning to you, silently asking for permission to go off on her own as if you could ever deny her and her overly-eager expression. "go get 'em, tiger." you smiled, giving her a few pats on her shoulder to send her off on her way, watching her disappear into the crowd in record time.
but before apprehension of her absence could set in, you felt jean's arm sling around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. "c'mon, you didn't think i was gonna ditch out and let you hang alone all night?" you giggled, turning your head up to look at him properly for the first time.
you'd first met jean in your statistics class, an unfortunate requirement for your major of choice, and initially bonded over your mutual connection through sasha. they'd been good friends in high school, and you'd just moved into a room for at least the next year with her, so you figured it'd do you well to have someone who could get you in her good graces in the event that you two didn't get along. but, thankfully, you two were just fine on your own, and sasha and jean became your first friends outside of the small group you and eren shared.
the only real conflict of interest between the two of you seemed to be your aforementioned boyfriend, and you couldn't really be upset at him for that. eren could be difficult to get along with even at the best of times, he wasn't a terrible person—at least before he'd cheated—but he wasn't exactly the most friendly either.
"is this piercing new?" you asked, reaching up to brush your thumb over the small earring hugging the shell of jean's ear.
"yeah, got it for new year's. pretty hot, right?" you snorted, earning a grin from him, "by the way, if you need to use the bathroom just tell me, the one on the main floor is fucking filthy. and also probably has no toilet paper."
"will do." you could feel the tension ebbing away in his company, at least when you ignored the annoyed glances other girls were sending your way when they noticed his arm around you, "so, what's on the menu for tonight?"
"well, we probably have every kind of alcohol known to man," he said, leaning down to speak into your ear as he began to guide you through the crowded first floor, "beer kegs are out back, junk food and all the inexpensive shit is in the kitchen." he stopped at the opening to a hallway, smile evident in his voice. "but i'm feeling pretty generous tonight, so if you want some of the good stuff we have stashed, just say the word."
"wow, such a gentleman. do you say that to every girl that comes in?" you playfully replied, thankfully far enough away from the music now that you didn't have to talk at nearly a shout.
"only the ones i like." he added a terribly over-exaggerated wink, earning another small laugh from you, "so, what'll it be? vodka, tequila, or triple sec?"
you blinked up at him. "that's it? when you said 'good stuff', i imagined a little more variety."
"beggars can't be choosers, sweetheart. and anyways we're a frat, not a restaurant, so either take your pick or go enjoy some cheap wine while you watch nikolo and sasha drool over each other."
you rolled your eyes, feigning anger in the face of his attitude, huffing out your answer. "surprise me then, frat boy."
"good answer." he said with a grin, "wait here."
he disappeared down the hall, leaving you to stare in silence at the wall before you and listen to the barely muffled sounds of the party going on just a few meters away. you opened up your clutch to fish out your phone, opening it to find your text conversation still open, catching a glimpse of connie's name. you felt a little guilty that you'd almost forgotten about his expected presence, seeing as he had messaged you and you hadn't heard anything from sasha or jean yet. you decided to shoot him a quick text letting him know that you and sasha had arrived, not surprised when he didn't respond as quickly as he usually did, knowing that he was already wrapped up in getting high out of his mind somewhere here or doing so elsewhere.
you opted to kill time tapping through your feed, making it a point to quickly scroll past any posts with armin's handle attached to them. the thought of eren having fun halfway across the world was both pleasant and disheartening at the same time. you felt stupid for still clinging on to the second thoughts about ending things the second he got back. sure, all the dots connected suspiciously well to create a picture that led to the clear conclusion of cheating, but eren wasn't good at hiding things. you remembered the time in your junior year when he'd barely been able to keep your surprise party that your friends had organized you a secret before one of them slipped up about it and exonerated him from blame, and you couldn't help but ask yourself if he was really capable of hiding such a terrible deed when he couldn't even conceal the harmless types of secrets from you.
the more confrontational part of you said that that was ages ago, that both you and him had changed so much since your time in high school, and maybe one of those changes was what made him put so much distance between the two of you these last months rather than hang around you and risk airing out his dirty laundry. you knew you should be angry with him, you would be more than right to be angry with him, but you force yourself to stop clinging to the simpler times, the days when he'd look at you like you'd put the stars in the sky and said all he ever wanted to do was be around you. you couldn't believe how much had changed in so little time.
"ta-da!" jean's voice interrupted your self-pity, a tall plastic cup suddenly occupying your vision, "long island iced tea for the lady. with a straw."
"christ, jean, are you trying to kill me?" you guffawed, taking the cup from him anyways, "my first real party in months and this is what you start me off with?"
"at least give it a try! after i took all that time to make it for you.." he furrowed his brows at you, only relaxing after you took a tentative sip. it was surprisingly not as strong as you thought it would be, a little on the sweeter side, but it served as a good distraction for the burn of five different alcohols sliding down your throat. "pretty good, isn't it?"
"meh. five out of ten." you snarked, giggling around the straw between your lips.
"typical," he lamented, clutching his hands over his heart, "all you and sasha ever do is use me."
"don't lie to yourself, jean. you love us."
you didn't know if it was the dim lighting casting a shadow over his face, but you could swear that you saw his cheeks flush at your assertion. "anyways.. speaking of love, you still dating that asshole? eric?"
"eren." you corrected, laughing at the error, "and, well, it's complicated."
"complicated? then i'm assuming he fucked up big time, considering he's not even here with you this time around."
you took a long sip of your drink, fiddling with the bendy part of your straw, the thought of his infidelity weighing heavily on your heart. "well he'd probably be here if he wasn't out of town, he's been planning to take his trip for a while now.."
jean shot you a displeased look. "i seriously don't know how you put up with that guy, you're selling yourself short honestly. planning on breaking up with him anytime soon?"
you cast your gaze to the floor, thankful that the warmth of the alcohol in your stomach was helping to ease the cool hollowness settling deep into your chest. "oh hush. you don't even know the whole story, jean."
"well i know enough. if you're in the market for any new guys, i'll scout out someone nice for you." you scoffed at his offer, but didn't outright deny it either, unable to help smiling along with him when he smirked and nodded over to the party in the other room, "now, come play me in beer pong, then you'll really have something to complain about."
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
zeke could confidently say that his night had been utterly unremarkable.
another quiet day spent working at the library, where he'd actually glanced at the door more times than he was willing to admit with the hope that it would be you walking in. he'd actually been quite tempted to message you, to ask what you were doing, if you had anywhere between two and three so that maybe he could see you, but he'd ultimately decided against it. he couldn't quite figure out the exact cause of his newly-found infatuation with you, but the rationality of it didn't concern him as much as it probably should've, he was simply pleased to relive the very recent memories of your encounters together and anticipate your next meeting—at least until his younger brother returned.
eren had attempted to goad a reaction out of him with an assortment of unsavory texts calling him just about every name in the book, a constant stream of questions asking why he did it, or what he'd done to deserve such a thing, and even a few desperate pleas begging him to say that it wasn't really you. of course, he'd ignored all of them, and he wondered if eren was trying to contact you as well, knowing that you wouldn't be able to see the messages even if that was the case, though still curious nonetheless.
but for the moment, he was lounging at his usual downtown bar, seated in a booth beside reiner and across from porco at their rescheduled night out, since both marcel and porco were unable to make it yesterday, the latter sulking after his noisy attempt to flag down the waitress ended in failure.
"is marcel actually gonna make it tonight?" reiner asked, plucking a stick of celery from the appetizer platter in the middle of the table.
"no clue." porco replied, sipping his mojito, "said he got caught up at work again, so either the let down text is gonna come any minute now, or he's gonna show up for an hour and then disappear."
zeke chuckled. "post-marriage life sure is tough, i guess."
"you can say that again. he's always calling me, freaking about the idea of kids and his mortgage and stuff that i didn't even think about until he complained about it, scary shit."
"you say that like you're not two years away from being his age."
porco began what was sure to be one of his smart-ass replies, but the waitress had finally approached their booth, hiding her annoyance with his friend with a forced smile as she took the orders for their entrées. zeke pulled his phone from the back pocket of his jeans when he felt it buzz, feeling the slightest hint of disappointment by the fact that it wasn't you.
"who is it? your new girlfriend?" reiner grumbled, smirking when porco shot up in his seat.
"girlfriend?!" he exclaimed far too loudly.
"yup. zeke didn't tell you he's dating a high-schooler?"
so much for "your business", zeke thought to himself. "oh, fuck off. she's in college." he frowned at his roommate, only met with another tired expression of disappointment.
"just barely." reiner turned back to the man across the table, "it's one of his brother's ex-girlfriends too."
porco stared at him incredulously, eyes wide and judgmental, falling back against the cushion of the seat with a low whistle. "shit zeke.. that's kinda fucked up, don't you think?" he seemed uncomfortable by the unexpected revelation, "you're almost thirty and you're screwing around with someone who's probably not even twenty? is this an afraid-of-getting-old thing? mid-life crisis??"
"she's an adult, she can make her own choices." zeke didn't appreciate the sudden scrutiny, finishing off his old fashioned in the hopes that the bourbon would wash away the self-conscious feeling settling unpleasantly in his gut, "not my fault that her choice happens to be wanting to be around me rather than the guys her age."
"what ever happened to you and pieck? she's hot—"
"and actually over the legal drinking age."
both porco and zeke pointedly ignored reiner's interaction as the former continued. "—i thought it was working out between you two.. what happened?"
zeke shrugged. "just wasn't the right fit for me. but you liked her, didn't you? before we had our thing." he looked up at his friend, forcing a casual grin, "maybe you could give that shot now."
he felt a bit more at ease seeing porco's ears and cheeks flush red, now fiddling with the lime garnish on the rim of his glass. "we still talk here and there.. i don't really know much about what she's up to these days."
before he could answer with more words of encouragement that detracted from the previous, morally-incriminating topic, his phone began to vibrate, and he felt his heart leap into his throat at the sight of your name on the screen. "sorry, gotta take this."
he tugged on his jacket and slid out of the booth, ignoring reiner's chastising glance and porco's bewildered look, passing the waitress who was now carrying a platter with their food and refills on his way out. the cool night breeze was refreshing in comparison to the awkward, almost cramped atmosphere that had developed over their discussion, his breath coming is foggy puffs in the chilled, january air as he pressed the answer button. immediately upon raising the phone to his ear, he was met with a blurred assortment of background noise, able to discern the muffled sound of music and the sound of footsteps outside of whatever room you were in.
"oh, zeke, you answered!!" he could hear in your voice that you were clearly intoxicated, much more than you had been when you were at his house, words stringing together and ending syllables unnecessarily drawn out.
he felt uncharacteristically worried at the realization that you were at a party, one that sounded quite large and crowded, most likely crawling with unsavory individuals that he knew prowled around those sorts of events when he himself was in college. "are you alright? where are you right now? do you need me to pick you up?"
zeke was already digging around in his coat pocket to check if he had his keys, more than prepared to take off without his meal or saying goodbye to his friends inside. "'m at a party on campus, 's okay. in the bathroom. just thinking."
zeke didn't feel eased at all at the sound of loud knocking coming from somewhere, hearing you becoming distant for a moment as you presumably pulled the phone away from your ear to call out that the bathroom was occupied. there was shuffling on the other line, then silence for a short moment. "can i ask you something?"
zeke frowned. the idea of not being able to know who was monitoring you in this state wasn't sitting well with him. "go ahead."
"but don't call me stupid, ok? i already know it's a stupid question, but i still wanna ask it."
"there's no such thing as stupid questions." he assured you, ignoring the buzz of a text notification, most likely porco or reiner telling him to come back in before the burger he ordered got cold.
"do i really have to break up with eren?"
zeke felt something odd flicker in his chest, that unfamiliar feeling he'd felt when he caught you staring at you and his brother's one-sided chat logs, but yet the affirmative answer he thought he would be able to give with no problem sat on the tip of his tongue, undelivered. he thought back to that face reiner had made when he told him who you were, and porco's hesitant words trying to rationalize his actions but ultimately failing to do so.
zeke didn't understand why he felt so conflicted all of a sudden. this was meant to be a simple ordeal, one where he got what he needed to teach eren a lesson and moved on with his life. but now here he was, concerned about your whereabouts, focusing hard enough on your muddled words that he managed to catch the wobble in your voice that betrayed your own state of emotional unrest. he realized a moment too late that he hadn't said anything, hearing a small sniffle on your end before we began speaking.
"god, i can't believe i said that out loud, you must really think i'm dumb r'now, but.. i just can't let go of what we had." he was sure that you were crying now. "i keep thinking about what you said, an' you're right. he's been an ass to me, he practically ignored me for, like, three months, probably fuckin' cheated on me with his hot best friend, so i can't understand why i just wanna keep trying to fix things... and its so confusing 'cause everyone just keeps telling me to enjoy myself an' have fun, but i have no idea what i even want anymore, and i don't even know what we are right now and i can't fuckin' believe i cheated on my boyfriend with his fuckin' older brother and i don't know what i'd ever do if he found out."
by the end of it, you were letting out small, hiccuped sobs, breath fast and uneven just as it had been the night he'd invited you over. he honestly didn't know what to say, listening to you cry, staring at the steam of his breath as it dissipated out into the night. you were a good person, someone who was undeserving of such treatment from either him or eren, but it was simply an unfortunate coincidence that you had been caught in the fray.
he took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts, preparing to deliver an affirmation similar to the one he'd given you a few days ago when you first laid all your relationship troubles out on the table, but there was a rapid, more insistent knocking at the bathroom door on your end. he could hear a female voice calling out your name, and the jiggling of the door knob.
"hold on," you paused, sniffling, "it's my roommate."
you steadied yourself enough to say that, tossing the phone somewhere before he heard the sound of the door unlocking. "there you are!! are you seriously wasted already? it's only, like, eleven?! why are you crying???" your roommate sounded tipsy, but nowhere near as intoxicated as you currently were, which eased zeke's initial worry, "jean! can you c'mere for a sec! wait, were you calling someone?"
there was a brief pause, and zeke could practically see your tiny nod and teary eyes in his head, then heels clicking over tile and the sound of the phone being lifted, followed by a hurried, "hey, this is her roommate! she's fine, gotta go!"
then silence, just him and the faint noise coming from inside the bar behind him. he didn't know what to think. from the sounds of it, it seemed like your friends were taking care of you for the time being, friends who names he vaguely remembered you speaking of when you'd been detailing your time at the halloween party—people that were unfamiliar to him, people he wasn't sure that he could trust. and a small part of him, a tiny voice at the back of his head, scoffed at his flimsy mask of worry that barely hid the true emotion, his possessive nature, driving his desire to go pick you up and bring you back to the apartment to take care of so you'd have to be there with him another morning with your thankful gazes and blunt, half-awake words.
he knew he was in no place to begin laying judgement at these unknown people in your life considering what he'd done, but it was an innate sort of feeling, the thought that always clouded his mind when he laid eyes on people that were younger than him, that he knew more than them, that somehow he would always be above them in an invisible hierarchy. that same feeling that he felt when he found himself looking down at you.
"zeke?" a warm, friendly voice broke him out of his thoughts, his eyes turning up from the ground to find a tired-looking marcel standing before him, "what are you doing out here by yourself?"
"smoke break." the lie slipped between his lips before he even thought of the fact that there was no cigarette between his fingers, no scent of smoke in the air or clinging to his clothes, "glad you could make it, everyone's inside. pretty sure porco already ordered you something."
but instead of immediately heading inside for zeke to come after him, marcel stood for a moment, lips drawing back and eyebrows knitting into a concerned expression. "is everything okay?"
zeke thought for a moment, giving a non-committal shrug in response.
"still having family troubles?"
despite having been quite fixated on his negative feelings revolving his own younger brother for the last few days, zeke had almost pushed out a majority of the sordid details of the entire situation out of his head, which now seemed to all flood back with such a short, simple question.
"you could say that." zeke scratched the back of his neck, now wishing he'd actually had a cigarette to take his mind off of all these turbulent thoughts, "all the arguing and shit subsided already, but..."
"anything from your dad?" marcel's voice was almost tentative asking that, frowning when zeke said nothing, "sorry.. didn't mean to be insensitive about it."
"it's not insensitive. just," he swallowed, tucking his phone back into his pocket and reaching out to push open the bar door, a silent, less embarrassing way to signal that he no longer wanted to talk about it anymore, "just kind of fresh. that's all."
they both stood in silence for a moment, marcel's eyes wandering his face, features expressing a clear concern, but thankfully, he didn't push the issue any further, simply following him inside like zeke wished he would've done minutes earlier to save him the trouble, proceeding to the booth housing their friends. the conversation didn't wander back to the topic of him and his morally dubious relations nor his current familial situation, much to his relief, making it much easier for him to just allow the conversation to flow around him, finding himself not having much of an appetite or desire to speak much with so much on his mind.
for a moment, zeke wondered to himself if this was a punishment from the universe, feeling so downtrodden on what was usually one of his more enjoyable nights in the week. not to say that they were always amazing to be around, but spending time with porco, reiner, marcel, and sometimes bertholdt made up most of the meaningful social interactions he had, and to have lost out on it today of all days just seemed like some odd form of karmic justice as a result of him behaving so selfishly.
but he held out for the rest of the evening anyways, going through more drinks that he probably should've, finding easier to tune in to porco and reiner's usual bickering, marcel's attempts to quell them, the ambient sound of bustling waiters and clinking glasses and plates to bury down any thought of you or his family or what was to come at the end of the week, the consequences with much more magnitude in his life than an just an unpleasant night out.
✧·゚: *✧·゚:  *:·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚*:·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚:*·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚:*
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daisiesonafield-blog · 6 months ago
Girls on tiktok say there friends slept with harry but never any of the other boys
What's ur opinion?
Tumblr media
Well, ok. Receipt time then.
One of my friends is a model and she told me that she dated Harry for like 3 months. It didn’t last bc it was during the band, so he was always traveling. She was super broken hearted about it bc he was so nice. He’d always send her sweet texts throughout the day and get her little gifts. Nothing fancy, just thoughtful stuff you know. They used to talk all the time, she told me Harry said that right after 1D left the Xfactor and were touring, girls would come up to them, and they all were so overwhelmed and excited cause they were young etc. But yeah, he said they slept with SO MAANY fans. Management kept it under wraps. I believe what she’s told me bc she’s my best friend, we went to school together and all. She showed me some of Harry’s texts to her and stuff.
Ok, see how easy it is to write a fake receipt? Oops forgot to mention! She said he was great in bed too. Huge dick. Weird thing tho, apparently he *really* liked caressing her ear during sex. It was like a weird fetish.
I’m sorry anon, but we’ve been down this road before. Girls on twitter, IG, tiktok...any social media...always have these stories. For every random girl that pops up with a story about sleeping with Harry Styles, we have about 10x as many pieces of actual proof for Larry. 
I’d rather trust the 10 years that actually show who Harry is, as opposed to his PR image. I’d rather trust the 10 years of Larry. Their music. Their actions. Their fight for each other. The intensity of their love. Stories from actual groupies who said HL didn’t sleep with nobody. The list goes on.
I’m not here to convince you of Larry. You can choose to believe these stories from these tiktok girls. Just remember context does matter. Did they sleep with him when he was “dating” Taylor, Kendall, Paige, Caroline, Nadine, the air hostess, Olivia, the fish hat girl, that actress, Tess, one or five of those VS models, before or after cupcake girl, Kiko, did he cheat on Camille with her, was it in the middle of those 400 girls he fucked in 2013, or was it the girl who has family in Carolina? mmhmmm Maybe he thought he’d risk it all. 10 years of a relationship down the drain - fuck it. Louis who? Nah, he definitely fucked this random tiktok girl(s).
You can check my blog for all the tags about Harry and girls, groupies, his sexuality, timelines, image, the industry, closeting, stunts, and more. All here.
PS: the story about “my friend” above is fake. Just making sure. Oh, the ear thing too. Just made it up, imagine that!
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bloodybrahms · a year ago
Since I am a Soft Hoe™️, can you write some cockwarming headcanons for Poly! Chiffany and Candyman?? I’m jus,,, big lov them,,,
o best kink? best lads and best kink??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chucky + tiffany
✨ok tiff has definitely cockwarmed charles using her strap
and he loves it; but he’s also got that internalized fragile masculinity out the wazoo - so when you come into the picture he denies it/absolutely refuses to partake in having anything up his ass
but as the relationship between the three of you grows and you get as close to chucky as tiffany is, then eventually he will (slowly) re-allow himself to enjoy a good dicking down again
(also the sheer Top(tm) Energy radiating from Tiff cannot be ignored or denied for long)
✨i’ve probably said it before but i will say it until the end of days
getting some double team cockwarming with chucky and tiffany, let’s go
tiffany is fine in your pussy or your ass, cooing and praising you for taking them so well, baby doll and giving you lots and lots of kisses!!!
charles will fill any hole you offer, but he does have a slight preference for cockwarming in your mouth, so he can gently hold your head down on his lap - makes him feel like a Big Man
(he’s actually just straight up petting your hair, but don’t call him out on it or he’ll stop being Somft(tm) )
double cockwarming for tiffany!! because it’s what she deserves!!!
even if you aren’t really accustomed to taking the reins and/or wearing the strap, she’ll encourage you to try to it! and the fact that she’s still clearly in charge may be helpful for you if you’re shyer about taking action
double cockwarming simply cannot be done with charles because he can’t keep anything in his mouth for too long - this little bitch always gotta be ready and able to talk some shit
✨tiffany is legit in love with keeping you (or her) stuffed with cum
breeding kink? breeding kink
chucky has it too, but he doesn’t admit it/says it’s just a primal thing and it stops at the kink itself and he’d rather die than have kids thank you (liar)
^but however chucky feels about it, tiff is like cranked up to 11; someone get someone pregnant right tf now
if it’s her, she’ll only let chucky and you (if you’ve Got The Juice) cum in her pussy - then it’s immediate cock warming time!!! she likes having you keep her cunt all nice and plugged up with your cock, because chucky bitches too much when she hugs him close and practically suffocates him with her cleavage (because as she does so, she’s usually gushing about babies and families and gross as shit - chucky is here for Tiddies and Tiddies only >:( )
[tiffany: chucky, if i get pregnant my boobs’ll get bigger]
[chucky: ... i’m listening-]
if it’s you, then safhgkfjsgh no matter how much chucky may wanna stay in the warmth of your cum filled pussy, tiff is practically ripping him off and replacing him with her strap
(sorry chuck, you’ve been banished to another hole - tiffany is mayor of pussy town)
she’ll grind herself deep into you, giving you so many more orgasms you’ll start to cry - but she just wants to make sure it takes!
✨sorry, but things can’t end with cockwarming
cockwarming is not apart of your aftercare - simply impossible; these two are T(w)oo Horny for that. patience and restraint? never heard of her
there’s gonna be multiple rounds, naturally - how tf are they supposed to control themselves when you’re squeezing around them, so warm and tight, and looking so fucking cute all stuffed with their cocks?
(and yes, chucky wants to punch a wall/a cop/himself when he realizes he’s seriously using the word ‘cute’ to describe you and he likes it)
both of them have incredibly high sex drives, so cockwarming is more of an intermission than anything else, before someone’s hips move just a lil bit and then suddenly it’s right back into the swing of things
the only way the night ends is after a much needed shower, followed by cuddling and at least two of you too tired and on the verge of passing out
(the two in question are usually you and chucky, who’s probably feeling the effects of the alcohol he’s definitely been knocking back all night)
(i’m sorry but i’m convinced tiffany could just go on forever. no power on earth can stop her)
Tumblr media
candyman (shh he sweebing 😴)
✨oh it’s SUCH a favourite of daniels and no i’m not just projecting 😡
like, let’s all think about when was the last time daniel got to be close to someone. when was the last time he felt a warm, gentle, positive touch? nvm let’s stop thinking about that im Sad
listen to me: it’s about the Connection. it’s about the Romance. it’s about the emotional connection and vulnerability.
^all of which is present with the sex in general but i mean, with this you don’t have to worry about moving the right way - your mind doesn’t have to focus on actions, but rather words, and as we all know that’s where the Boi excels
✨you’re gonna feel Held by him
i’ve got irrefutable evidence that he gives the best hugs - the source? my heart
so like, even if he didn’t have the power to just knock you tf out, al he’s gotta do is hold you in his arms and suddenly it’s Sleeby time(tm)!!!
and hellO? it’s somehow even more comfortable with his cock resting inside you; you feel so full, and warm inside and out
just completely 100% surrounded by him, and that’s a very comforting feeling - daniel’s made sure of that, because he wants you to feel nothing less around him. he’s already the monster under everyone’s bed, the shadows in the closet, the demon in the mirror - with you he just wants to be daniel, and he wants to be loved
✨gentle rocking of his hips, from time to time, but other than that it’s Still
daniel’s got the restraint that chucky and tiff absolutely do NOT - and cockwarming time is Resting time (you need and deserve it <3) (because of course he’s thinking about you - always about you)
so every time you shift your hips all needily, he shushes you and holds you tighter so you can’t move around
and his little, deep chuckle when you pout and quietly whine at him makes it impossible to resist giving you a lil smooch on the forehead because shhh, you’re doing so well, my beloved, stay still now and rest with me.
not that he can’t be persuaded to let you do otherwise - especially if you’re feeling particularly In Charge
let him lie back and ride him slowly as he stares up at you in awe, and as soon as you’re done he’s not giving you a break - keeping his cock inside you as he pulls you to lay down against his chest.
a single second of physical disconnection? he will not allow it - disgusting
✨moments spent cockwarming are something savoured
mostly because - given his state of being - when you wake up the next day from your activities, you’ll find yourself terribly alone and terribly empty :(
(not that you can’t just call him again, obviously, and not to say that he isn’t always with you in spirit, literally, but it’s still a Bummer :( )
so before the harsh reality of tomorrow sheds a reminding light on the fact that you are a human and he is Ghost, you drag out your time together as long as possible
(not too long, though - i’m sure you’d force yourself to stay up all night if you could, but daniel cares about your health and he will subtly/sneakily ‘help’ you fall asleep)
(you know he’s doing it each time, but it’s hard to be mad at him. impossible even)
you spend the night face to face, as close as physically possible with every possible inch of skin pressed together as you cuddle close
you’re cupping his face while he gives you kisses, foreheads pressed together and he praises you with nothing short of poetry damn daniel ur vocabulary
cockwarming with daniel is just so Somft and good and sweet and loving and i Cry thanks for coming to my ted talk
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joojoobi · 9 months ago
waste the night
Tumblr media
✥ character/s: kim taehyung x female reader
✥ genre: angst, fluff. idolverse + unrequited
✥ word count: 2.9k
✥ warning/s: excessive swearing, alcohol consumption (mostly at the end)
✥ a/n: ah,,,im so sorry( ̄ε ̄)this was supposed to be posted in new year’s in order to celebrate tae’s bday but,, oh well BUT HERE IT IS ANYWAY (・・; i tried editing this but i think its not that good lmao but plz enjoy reading (≧▽≦)
read part 2 here
please don’t repost or translate :) header was made by me
Tumblr media
20 hours remaining; 04:23 AM
Sometimes, you feel as if you're the only one like this. Too excited to get a wink of sleep because of what came the next day. You wonder if others know what lies inside your head during these long nights if they are like you staring up their ceiling blankly waiting for the sun to rise into the horizon.
It was New Year's Eve, an event you are oddly too hyped for. Tossing and turning endlessly in bed doesn't help the gurgling in your stomach at all; rather, it aids the headache you are currently having from not going to sleep since the previous day.
The kid inside you felt as of they are going on a field trip, backpack ready by your bedside; alarm clock ticking until it comes to life and the food and souvenirs you were getting that day.
Maybe you were excited for an entirely but similar reason.
Hearing the familiar chime of an incoming message, you checked your phone and see one of your friends text message greet you,
taehyung [04:25 AM] : ik ur awake rn GOTO SLEEP bc I am not taking care of ur tired ass in the morning
Giggling like a maniac, you texted him. Back and his the phone where you couldn't see it. As to not distract yourself from daydreaming in the wee hours of the night. Eyes straining as another text comes in, you blush as you reread it.
taehyung [04:27 AM] : i will literally come there myself if u don't sleep rn >:(
Taehyung was your long time friend, someone whom you've e trusted ever since both of you can walk. You were neighbors, and it was normal that your parents matched you in playdates until you both grew Into teenagers. As far as you remember, you loved how he always held himself whenever you guys would play or do something out of the ordinary.
As a child with unlimited wonder, you wanted to do everything he did. Naturally, you stuck to him like glue which he didn't mind but encouraged. Your parents too loved the interaction you were showing and enjoyed seeing you have fun together.
Once upon a time, he left Daegu and went to Seoul to pursue his dream. Reminiscing the time when he told you the week before and of course, you were sad, although you tried your best to support him. So you let him go.
Luckily, a year after he left your hometown. It was time you did too, as you ventured into the unfamiliar fast-paced city filled with light pollution and big shots, you met up with him again. You knew he auditioned to become an idol, now there he went fulfilling it. The minute you stepped into your designated train station then, you saw his face plastered on a small sign.
Leaving him a voicemail informing him of your discovery and once again congratulating his debut with his group members. You faced Seoul with determination if your friend did it you could too.
Now here you were in present time, screaming about him in a way friends shouldn't. In the course of a few years passing, there would be the time you finally fell in love with Kim Taehyung. How could you not? That man's looks seem to come from marble sculpted by God Himself; his charm is to die, and his personality is an amazing bonus to the already versatile man.
Having met countless women and men who share your predicament, it's really no surprise that Tae must have hooked up with some of them. The reality of being a world star having zero time for commitment, he stuck with one night stands and flings so that he could move without stopping.
Glad you are not one of them, you cherish the title of being one of his friends who he treats so well. That yes, you're willing to drop your affections rather than risk being hurt and rejected by the man you came to know since then. Wallowing in the delusion that in an alternate reality, he didn't choose this life and confessed his love for you and you went on and had the family you always wanted.
Tumblr media
15 hours remaining; 09:50 AM
The shrill tone pierces your eardrums, saying to wake up. Luckily, it isn't exactly too late and still appropriate for breakfast. Turning off your alarm, you begrudgingly sat up and padded to the bathroom to freshen up.
After doing so, you prepare your favorite kind of cereal and eat it while scrolling through your feed. Many people you follow apparently will go to the party Hoseok is hosting, you heard from Jungkook it was some small gathering to thank the company for their hard work this year.
You weren't in BigHit, but Taehyung was insistent on inviting you, 'they helped me in my journey coming here so at least you should invite them' quoted from him directly. If you weren't aware of where his feelings stand for you; those words might've been mistaken for something a guy would say to the person they like.
Brushing off the thought, you decide to chat him again. In hopes to talk once more before the year-end activities swamp his schedule, they had to do today. Making your way to your closet while waiting for his response, you decide what to wear.
Should it be risque to get his attention? Perhaps one that would make you look like a prude so he would be curious about what's under-
Multiple notifications come through your phone, and you're stunned to see him bombarding you because usually, you were the one doing it to him, mostly to pass the time though and to annoy him a bit.
taehyung [09:51 AM] : we're going through some makeup b4 recording these performances
taehyung [09:52 AM] : n then we'll be done :D hbu r u still game for the party later??
taehyung [09:53 AM] : wouldn't want my bsf to miss this kickass party
taehyung [09:54 AM] : i heard Hyung got some cool drinks there ^^ ik you'd love that..
taehyung [09:55 AM] : uh hello
taehyung [09:57 AM] : usually yr the one blowing my phone up
taehyung [10:05 AM] : HELLO R U STILL ALIVE
you [10:08 AM] : yes I am lol :3
taehyung [10:11 AM] : good :D I'm excited to see u there, look SEXC n all bc I have to go now </3
Knowing it was all banter and playfulness, you still can't help how much affected you are with his mere words and emojis. Imagining another lifetime where you weren't so fucking infatuated to him but to one of his members, yeah maybe that would be much easier.
Tumblr media
6 hours remaining; 18:11
They made this shit look easier on camera. You had to go through the whole process to get the right shade to match your face was hard enough, so now you had steadily and properly applied your other makeup on your face without looking like a clown. It wasn't like you weren't used to doing it yourself and being dolled up; it's just that its Taehyung.
That's a reason all by itself.
Consulting even your girlfriend to know if what you're putting on your face is attractive to the Male species. And would make them fall head over heels in love with your face (then maybe charm them with your brain and personality if all goes to shit with confessing to the love of your life)
"Are you sure I won't look ridiculous when I go there?" you say this as your applying the eyeliner, careful not to poke your eyeball out. You see Wheein nod her head vigorously.
"Who wouldn't fall for a beauty like yourself, you are LITERALLY the definition of a walking goddess I mean look at how much work you put into!"
(if you weren't so smack dab in love with Taehyung you would have gotten in a relationship with her)
Despite the jokes floating around the conversation, doubt still worms its way into your head and feeds into the antsy side of your brain. You had made a name for yourself in the industry but not as the same level Tae did, everyone knew him and wanted a piece of him. Why the hell would he go for someone like you, when he could go for models or idols like himself? Those who could understand his schedules and tolerate the times on tour and bathe in luxury they both achieved.
You had none of that.
"Whatever you're thinking right now, stop it. If you're ever worried about how your crush will react when he sees you, I will say one thing- he will bust a nut." She says this nonchalantly that it makes you sputter at the rather explicit imagery.
"The fuck you're talking about, and he won't bust," you use air quotes to emphasize your point "-a nut when he sees me, that's just too much Whee."
She sighs loudly, comes close to you and holds your face in her palms. "Look I know you're feeling rather disgusting but honestly? When I look at you,, I really want to smooch you with how smoking hot you look. If your dumbass bestie doesn't see your appeal I will bash his head and give him glasses because his eyesight doesn't see how much attractive you are, give yourself credit!"
(you really do wanna marry this woman)
Grinning, you removed her hands from your face and continued to work on your makeup that was a bit smudged from her previous action. If Wheein says you're attractive, then you are a damn temptress and will do your greatest to get that man to notice you.
"If all goes to shit as you say, then just call me,, and we can arrange a crying session, and we could badmouth him while we watch romcoms with takeout and all that."
Tumblr media
2 hours remaining; 22:05
From what you've heard, the original time was at two hours ago,, but they had to stay a bit later than intended because there were technical difficulties from what they were doing. So you and some guests chilled at the designated place where the party should be.
Sitting by yourself, you idly insert yourself into this exclusive crowd; falling to do so, you blend into the crowd for now as this people won't let someone like you join in their conversations of expensive jewelry and packed tour schedules. It is a looming reminder that you're way out of their league and don't really belong here.
Even if it's a few hours away till the new year, you felt shitty right then. You attempt to push away the vines crawling its way into your chest; painful bursts spread your body as you swirled the champagne flute they had given to you.
Gazing outside the extravagant glass window, the city lights twinkled along with the night sky, adding to its brightness. At least this would keep you company until the clock struck midnight. Until then, you'd sit there waiting till all of this is over and done with.
Tumblr media
1-hour remaining; 23:00
The party finally started, and now you have to look for your best friend amongst these crowds. He wasn’t that hard to find as he was towering over the people he was currently talking to when he spots you coming towards him; he engulfs you in a hug.
“I missed you!” he babbled, while the sentiment may have gone over his head you think it might plague you till the next year.
Removing him from the embrace, you have trouble maintaining eye contact as he now openly stares at your appearance. He raises an eyebrow and offers an enigmatic smile, something that makes your head explode into fantasies.
Being in the same room with him is not good for you at all.
"You look great today," he quipped, grabbing your hands in his now dragging you to the bar you were eyeing earlier.
"Thanks." you squeaked, cheeks glowing as you observe the people you meet parting like the red sea. You guessed that they were too afraid to clash with Taehyung, especially from an outsider's perspective he had this look on his face while threading a hand through his hair.
Distracted with how handsome he looks in the artificial spotlight the building gave him, you don't detect the drink that came right in front of you. Only when he tapped your shoulder, flashed a smirk did you notice it.
Great you look like a fool.
"So, how was the recording?" you splutter, twisting the ring that Wheein gave to you earlier. You can feel his irises piercing into your skin, and so you swallow the drink constantly to wash away the anxiety climbing up your toes.
"It was kind of boring, but the boys made it fun," if you were to realize his expression was nothing like his tone you would have flamed up when you spot him licking his lips while staring at you in anticipation.
Nothing to say anymore, you sip coolly on the drink he gave you. Learning that this was your favorite drink and he somehow knew of it?
As if sensing the question, he answers "I asked Wheein a few days back on things you prefer to eat and drink. It turns out it's similar to what you liked from last time." His eyes and nose crinkle as he chuckled.
You're touched, and on the verge of disillusionment, you shake your head to wring out all the thoughts clouding your judgement. You crave to kiss his lips as he was talking to you, maybe hold him and have his thumb stroking the expanse of your hand while showing you around the building.
He doesn't like you but, you just let yourself regard in the daydream you have created. After all, if all else fails, you'll have to leave it in the past and move on to the next year.
Tumblr media
30 minutes remaining; 23:30
Taehyung left to talk to some people at the party, and you let him be, at least you need some break before you tell him what was on your mind.
Being reminded of this, a shiver slithered it's way down your spine. Thoughts swarmed you and scenarios were created to aid the doubts you had. Swallowing thickly, you prayed- chanted even to reassure yourself. You can't be jittery once you faced him, especially since the fireworks might block out what you'll say.
Slapping some life into your cheeks, you went to the open bar and ordered a strong drink to give you a confidence boost, if you can't do it sober, maybe being tipsy would strip away the nervousness.
The liquid slid down your throat easily, and it felt like lava was slowly descending into you. Though you hated the feeling you stomached the discomfort and ordered more to eliminate the bad feeling in your gut.
Tumblr media
You did not have a sense of time anymore, your eyes were teary, and steps were wobbly. You bumped into many people and instead of apologizing, you moved forward, causing them to curse you from behind.
Trying to focus into your wristwatch, the small numbers do you no justice, especially in the big apartment's lowlight. Stumbling into more patrons, your heart reverberates with the deafening music. It would be best if you found Taehyung, surely he knows what time it is.
Tumblr media
Minutes go by, and you haven't spotted him, the party was getting larger by the second and the night was bleeding into the day. Strobe lights blind your vision, so you had to step away in a secluded hallway were you spot another similar predicament.
"Excuse me? Do you know what time it is?" Hearing your voice, they glanced up and pointed at a wall clock situated near you.
"Its two minutes before midnight."
Thanking the stranger, it hasn't dawned to you until-
"Fuck!" The curse flew past your lips scaring the person, paying them no mind you rush past them. Starting to look again for signs of Taehyung. Hours ago was the last time you've seen him, and you vaguely remember him telling you that he was outside once the new year was around the corner.
Barreling past the inebriated guests, your eyes sting from the sudden gusto of wind hitting you as you've arrived outside. Then and there you sight him only a few meters away from you.
Sluggish, you trod forward failing to notice the companion he was with. Determined to confess before the new year and seal it with a kiss, you don't behold the way Taehyung was holding onto their hand; eyes sparkling as they spoke words that twisted his heart into putty.
Clenching your fists, you marched and didn't spot the way he holds their face in his hands; eyes going back and forth to their irises and lips.
Mentally preparing yourself, you recounted the speech you've made days before. Countless moments together fleet through your head reassuring you that there is no doubt he would accept the confession.
Looking up, you see the couple in each other's embrace as the others around you chant from ten to zero. Eyebrows scrunching, you think your eyes are deceiving you.
They kiss in front of you, the crowd all around you chanting a 'happy new year's and are like spectators to the couple's public display of affection.
Your heart bursts like the fireworks exploding in the background as you marvel at what went wrong, it seems that his new year kiss belonged to somebody else entirely.
Tumblr media
All Rights Reserved © joonfxction 2020-2021
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izukuwus · a year ago
Edible Arrangements 13
First - Prev - Next - Masterlist
A/N: ayy I finally did the thing where I stop agonizing over my potential mistakes and ask for a second set of eyes on my work. This chapter (and those going forward until further notice) beta read by @bring-me-tea! Thank you so much for your help! <3
Tumblr media
Summary: You complete draft one of the project, explore a suspicious place, and harass Hitoshi with all this sweet new information you learned about serial killers instead of working on said project.
Warnings: mentions of death + past violence, probably the usual swearing
Word count: 2800+
Tumblr media
It isn't too much longer before you find the time and the chance to check out that hidden door. Perhaps it isn't the best idea, no, but you can't handle its presence, the ever-looming question of what could be hiding on the other side of that wall.
You've known, in theory, that there was another room. You'd have to be blind to not have seen the door nestled between the library and Izuku's bedroom, to not know that there's something there. But you'd assumed it was a hall closet or something of the sort. Whatever it was, this whole time you've just assumed it was nothing special.
A room having a hidden entranceway, however, is decidedly not 'nothing special'.
So when Izuku has just changed into workout clothes and disappeared into his gym downstairs, you steal away up the staircase and into the library, move the ladder to the bookcase from the other day, and climb up until you find the exact shelf you'd been searching when you fell.
It doesn't take very long at all to get it to move again, requiring only that you press the books against the far side of the shelf until you hear a soft click you must have missed last time and quickly dismount the ladder without falling.
It's easy, so easy after that.
The door looms over you, taunts you as the bookshelf slides effortlessly a few feet to the side. You reach for the handle, twist the doorknob, and just like that, open the door.
It really is just like any other door. 
You enter, eyes closed, shut the door behind you, and listen as the bookshelf slides back into place on the other side of the wall.
When the gentle sliding noise comes to a stop, you inhale, exhale, and slowly open your eyes.
...oh goddammit. The lights aren't even on. You went through all that buildup for nothing—you can't see shit.
Running a hand along the wall doesn't net you the light switch easily. Rather, you find not much useful without any vision. The edges of picture frames, a desk, a computer and a chair, the opposite wall, some papers, a wooden frame...
It takes until the fourth and (presumably) final wall for you to find the light switch, having only tripped twice on your perilous and short journey through the room without any lights to guide you.
You blink quickly in the now-bright room as you swallow down the sight in front of you.
White walls. No windows. On the far end of the room, a desk with a computer, a chair, a stack of papers, and a familiar book. Beside you, the room's other door and a shelf containing some photo albums, yearbooks, and a great deal of notebooks in varying states of disrepair. The latest yearbook is dated 2012—very nearly forty years ago. Is this from his last year of high school?
As interested as you are in the books hidden away here, you're more interested in the utter mess on his walls. The wall is covered in framed movie posters and photos. You politely avert your eyes from the ones that look to be family photos, already feeling hyperaware of the fact that you're intruding on something you maybe shouldn't see, and instead focus on the movie posters.
Their relation to one another is obvious as you look at them—every single one is an All Might movie, with Toshinori Yagi as the star.
Oh god, you realize with muted horror, I brought up someone he admired who was brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances. I'm a terrible person.
You avert your eyes from the faces of a dead man staring at your sins, and turn to the other wall. 
A mess greets you.
That's all it can be described as at a glance—a mess. In the center, a group of sketches on torn notebook paper, all of what appears to be the same man. Around the sketches are a series of maps, complete with pins and strings and news articles and all sorts of sticky notes scrawled in nearly illegible handwriting.
You swallow thickly, turn off the lights, and exit the way you came.
Little Miss Polygraph to The Real Housewives of Ossenfelder at 3:46PM
Little Miss Polygraph: hey can I solicit some advice?
Alien Queen: break up with him
Little Miss Polygraph: Mina I am literally not even dating anyone
Alien Queen: really? Could have fooled me
Little Miss Polygraph: please. this is serious.
Alien Queen: ok whats ur question?
Little Miss Polygraph: so like
Little Miss Polygraph: if someone is basically like...
Little Miss Polygraph: perfect
Little Miss Polygraph: but then you stumble upon 1 (one) red flag
Little Miss Polygraph: it's probably fine to like... overlook it, right?
Frog King: well first of all if there's a red flag he's not actually perfect
Alien Queen: second of all, dump him
Frog King: third of all, it's almost definitely not fine
Frog King: what'd he do that you're considering a red flag?
Little Miss Polygraph: well like
Little Miss Polygraph: it's hard to explain
Little Miss Polygraph: and might not even be a red flag it's more like a white flag that got washed with a red sock so now it's tinted pink
Alien Queen: that makes no sense, but go on
Little Miss Polygraph: I sort of accidentally stumbled across what appears to be him forming some sort of conspiracy theory?
Frog King: what way?
Little Miss Polygraph: you ever seen that one meme pic that's this guy on a TV show
Little Miss Polygraph: and he's got like two walls covered with all these papers and pins and strings connecting everything
Little Miss Polygraph: and he's going fucking crazy
Alien Queen: yeah?
Alien Queen: that's like, a classic, who hasn't seen that
Little Miss Polygraph: he's got a wall like that in a hidden place
Alien Queen: damn that's crazy
Alien Queen: what's izuku doing with it?
Little Miss Polygraph: who said anything about Izuku?
Alien Queen: I did. What's he trying to figure out with it?
Frog King: oh I thought we were supposed to pretend [name] wasn't obviously talking about Izuku
Little Miss Polygraph: ...I want a divorce
Alien Queen: but [name] baby wait
Little Miss Polygraph: what
Alien Queen: I'm pregnant
Little Miss Polygraph: I hate this fucking family
Alien Queen: but he's got your eyes 🥺
Little Miss Polygraph: that dirty little thief!
Little Miss Polygraph: I've been looking for those eyes for WEEKS!
Frog King: does it still count as "looking" if you don't have any eyes to look with
Little Miss Polygraph: bold of you to assume those were my only eyes
Frog King: I’m horrified and yet intrigued
Little Miss Polygraph: ok but seriously
Little Miss Polygraph: I can't tell if the whole conspiracy theory board thing is something I should be worried about or not
Frog King: depends
Frog King: 1. Does he know you know, and if so, how did he react to you finding out?
Little Miss Polygraph: he doesn't know.
Alien Queen: ok well step 1 might be to actually talk to him then?
Alien Queen: you're the one always going on about communicating with people
Alien Queen: and he really does seem as nice as you say he does so I don't think this one thing should have to ruin everything for the both of you
Frog King: ^
Frog King: give it a shot. maybe there's a totally normal explanation
Frog King: or at least an understandable one
Little Miss Polygraph: right. Thanks, girls
Little Miss Polygraph: I've got this stupid project to get back to work on, but thank you for helping me get my head on straight
Little Miss Polygraph: I'll talk to Izuku tomorrow.
Your fingers still on your keyboard, finally at an 'acceptable' stage for the slides you've thrown together. You glance at the bottom right corner of your laptop screen—just after 1am, October 12th. You're beyond ahead of schedule on the project. As you recall, the presentations aren't until November. Sure, there's a companion paper you haven't yet started on, but given that you already have the information in the slides, that's pretty much a non-issue.
You open the google doc for the paper, yelping in surprise when you realize that the paper's already well on its way to half written, the icon for Hitoshi's google account glaring at you from the top right corner.
You open the chat and type out a message.
[full name]: I thought we were gonna split the work on the paper???
Hitoshi Shinsou: you acn edit it when I'm done if you want
Hitoshi Shinsou: *can
Hitoshi Shinsou: I'm including the information from your slides, too, so don't worry about that
[full name]: ????????
Hitoshi Shinsou: I think better in written words, so I started working on my part of the paper first. some of our stuff overlaps so I might as well just handle the paper
[full name]: well, I'm not complaining I guess
[full name]: as it stands, I think my part of the presentation is pretty much finished
[full name]: obviously we gotta practice and it might end up getting rearranged to make it flow better, but I've covered all my bases with the last half of his life and his effects on the film industry
[full name]: at most I'll be adding a few pictures to spice up my slides, but those aren't all that important since they'll just be brushed over
Hitoshi Shinsou: cool. I'll move my stuff over to slides when I'm done with the paper and we can figure it out when to practice it and all that then
[full name]: great!
Hitoshi Shinsou: find anything particularly interesting you think I should focus on for the paper?
[full name]: well the circumstances of his death were really interesting, but I don't know how much we should focus on it
Hitoshi Shinsou: interesting?
[full name]: yeah, it was this whole big thing
[full name]: BUT you're working on the paper and *I'm* working on getting to sleep, so how about I bother you about it in class tomorrow? Ishiyama's giving us the class time to work on the projects anyway I think
Hitoshi Shinsou: and here I thought you'd insist on actually spending all of class tomorrow working on the project
[full name]: me? no way. if it's all the same to you, I was actually hoping to ditch the last few minutes to make it to my next class without sprinting for once in my life
Hitoshi Shinsou: be my guest, we're way ahead of schedule as it is
[full name]: awesome, I'm going to bed
Hitoshi Shinsou: yeah, night
With a yawn, you shut your laptop for the night and get ready for a night of (hopefully) restful sleep.
Class is... well. It's class. Dr. Ishiyama releases you to work on the projects after a mere fifteen minutes, leaving you to sigh and turn your attention to your laptop as Hitoshi turns around in his seat.
"It's honestly weird to see you awake in class. Does that mean you actually slept for once?"
He snorts. "Not likely. I'm running on no sleep, but it's whatever. Not really that unusual."
You roll your eyes in response. "Right. How'd work on the paper go last night?"
"It's done."
"Really?" You raise your eyebrows, navigating to open the doc. Holy shit. It's actually fully written. He even did the works cited page already. "Damn, dude, I could have helped write it if you'd let me."
"Well, the first draft is done, anyway. Feel free to add whatever you want, edit it, all that."
"I'm impressed with how fast you wrote all that."
"Your notes helped," he says, resting his head on the front of your table. "What was all that you were saying last night about how his death had 'interesting circumstances'?"
"Oh! Right!" You reach for your notebook, flipping for the notes you took (although you don't think you'll need them). "Okay, so, I watched this documentary on this Toshinori Yagi guy, right? You've pretty much done all the reading, so no need to recap his life, but apparently, he died in a plane crash that had only one survivor, his son. Everyone else on the plane, passenger or crew, died, and those whose autopsies showed they'd died from unnatural causes were all found with two small wounds somewhere on their body. At first, people were accusing the son of being the one to kill him and everyone else on the plane, but he was also found with the strange wounds."
"'Small wounds'?" Hitoshi raises an eyebrow. "Like...?"
"The representation they showed looked almost exactly like a set of bite marks. The son who survived the crash washed up on shore a few days later, and pretty much refused to talk to anyone about what happened on the plane. But they found the flight recordings later on and listened back, and they confirmed that the hijacker was someone else, but they never figured out who. However, someone compared the states of the bitten bodies to some other unsolved cases, and it matches perfectly with those from a string of killings thought to be carried out by a serial killer they called the Death Adder."
"The… Death Adder?”
"Like the snake,” you say with a nod. “Something about how the marks looked like he’d bitten his victims. They even thought he might have some sort of reptilian quirk, like a snake, or some kind of lizard. It’d explain the bite marks, right? And also calls to how slippery the dude is. I mean, even to this day there’s still no solid ideas on his identity beyond a bunch of loose theories. And those killings have been going on for ages. Every now and then, a few cases will crop up somewhere. Sometimes, it's a massacre, like the plane crash, but there's always someone in the group that fits the profile of the killer's victims."
"Well, what's the profile?"
"Millionaires who didn't inherit their money. Also, criminals."
He leans on his hand. "That's really specific."
"Bonus points if they're a criminal and a millionaire. Apparently, there's quite a few of those. Though, there's some debate, because there's claims that a series of murders which seem to have a similar modus operandi are by the same guy, but they don't fit the profile—or any profile, for that matter. Man, woman, poor, rich, criminal, honors student... the second set seems to be totally random. But, the second set also lines up with murder weapons and city—the killings in the first and second set always tend to take place in the same area around the same time. I didn't find anything on this while I was reading about it, but I think that there's actually two people acting as the Death Adder with completely different motives."
"How did you even get your half of the presentation done? It sounds like you spent most of your research time reading true crime stories about a murder suspect." At some point during your infodump, Hitoshi retrieved his own laptop and began clicking around. "Oh, by the way, did you ever learn the son's name?"
You shake your head. "It's not published in the sources I was looking into. Apparently, the guy's still alive, so they're protecting his privacy. I didn't look too hard, though. Didn't think that information was all that important."
"Maybe not for your part of the presentation, but you should probably look into it."
You raise an eyebrow. "What for? Is it important or something?”
He shrugs. “Nah, it’s not important at all. I just thought I’d waste your time like usual.”
As much as you hate to admit it, he’s lying. “Can’t you just tell me? It sure sounds like you already know.”
“Humor me.”
“Fine, whatever. You’ve got me curious now, anyway.” You turn your attention to your laptop, fingers dancing across the keys until you find Toshinori Yagi’s Wikipedia page.
From there, you scroll down to the 'family' section. As is to be expected, there's not a lot of information on his wife and son, forcing you into the 'sources' section to scan article names. Eventually, you do find one—the article's title reads "Toshinori Yagi officially adopts stepson, age 17". You give it a click, not expecting too much, but—
Right there, at the top of the dumb tabloid article, is your answer.
It's not the kid's name, no, but you don't need it spelled out for you.
It's just a picture.
Toshinori Yagi, walking with his wife, a stocky woman with long, green-ish hair. Both are dressed in professional wear, apparently outside some courthouse, and walking on either side of the alleged son.
He looks a little younger here, a little less pale, but you know that hair, that face. Freckled cheeks, messy, curly green hair. Izuku walks between them, rubbing his eyes like he is (or at least has been) crying.
Somewhere in the distance, you hear your heart break.
You've got an awful lot to talk to Izuku about.
You just hope he’ll be willing to talk.
Tumblr media
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heartbrokenct · 10 months ago
without you - jjh
Tumblr media
pairing idol!jung jaehyun x reader
genre fluff + the slightest bit of angst
word count 5.7k (i know)
warnings get ur tish ready b, this is-...
summary Jaehyun is sent to the US for a music study, but what he doesn’t expect is to leave with a lot more than just music theory. 
a/n i was going to make this a multi-part thing just so i could keep it short but i figured why not make it one huge fic. anyway, pls lmk if you enjoy this!
    “Oh, come on, loser. It’ll be great! Besides, what is one small blind date going to do? Nothing, exactly! So get dressed and do whatever, and be ready to go at 7.” Your friend rambled on the other side of the phone, and you rolled your eyes. 
     “How in the hell do you always manage to convince me to make the dumbest decisions?” You say, slightly annoyed. Apparently one of your cousin's friends was “on the market” and of course your cousin decided to make plans for you and this friend of theirs without even asking you beforehand. Hell, you didn’t even know what this "friend" looked like. After a few more minutes of your cousin desperately getting you to agree, you laughed and hung up, realising the time was just past 4pm, and the date was in only 3 hours. 
    Quickly jumping into the shower, you heard your phone ringing again, and assuming it was your cousin, back to bother, you ignored it and got busy getting clean and fresh. After the shower came the skincare routine, as usual, and after that the terrifying choice of “what to wear on a first date with a stranger” loomed over you as you stared at the numerous possible outfits in your closet. Sighing, you start to yank things off hangers and try them on, twirling in the mirror and doing a few greeting motions, trying to gauge what you’d look like. You caught sight of yourself as you were taking off a top, and noticed just how great you looked, instantly getting  a boost of confidence. 
   You checked your phone quickly and noticed a missed call and a few texts from an unknown number, so you unlocked it and took a closer look. 
  #### : Hey, this is Jaehyun. I got your number from your cousin, they mentioned that we should probably decide on where to go but if you don’t mind, I made some reservations at this restaurant.
  #### : Address. 
  #### : Does 7pm sound okay?
You checked the time stamp on the message, and gasp. He’d messaged you almost an hour and a half ago, so you quickly typed a few messages in response, and hoped that he wouldn’t be too upset. And you hadn’t even gotten the chance to set your phone down when it dinged again, and another message popped up on the screen. 
   Blind-date guy : Oh wow, I was beginning to think you were standing me up before the date even began. 
   Blind-date guy : I’m just joking! Please don’t stand me up again, I truly can’t go through the night again with 5 waiters giving me sympathy pats on the back. 
   At that, you let out a small laugh, and wonder suddenly if he was some creep who just emanated those vibes. Honestly, leave it up to your family to prank you like that. They mentioned he was some sort of celebrity in Korea, but was here in the states studying music. 
   Blind-date guy : Was that too much info? That was definitely too much info… Hopefully I’ll see you tonight! 
     A smile graced your features, and you gave him an affirmative response before frantically turning towards the closet with a rather worried look. The address he had sent you was of a pretty upscale restaurant, and you weren’t sure if you had anything nice enough to wear. Plus, it was almost 40 minutes away from your place, which meant almost an hour and a half with the traffic in your city. You sighed, and double checked the time. Almost 6pm. Screaming, you decided on something elegant but also pretty casual, and grabbed your favorite pair of shoes to match. After one last look over in the mirror, you snapped a pic and sent it to your cousin, who called you while you were rushing to your car to tell you just how great you looked. 
  “Jaehyun’s going to be drooling all over you. He loves that fashion style, and the fact that you just look so exquisite… yeah hopefully you wore something nice underneath too!” They quipped, and you gasped, laughing and telling them off, before thanking them quickly and hanging up. 
     Almost 75 minutes later, you got to the address Jaehyun had sent you and you marveled at the exterior of the building. It looked so wonderful, and the smell of the food emanating from inside only reminded you of how hungry you were. Rushing inside, you went up to the hostess, and said you were here under a reservation for Jaehyun. She smiled, giving you a knowing look before leading you to a table near the back where it was more quiet. 
   You knew who he was even before the hostess motioned you to the right table. He just looked kingly, and his presence seemed to draw everyone’s attention all at once. His face looked a bit nervous, but as soon as he looked at you, it seemed to drain from his face and was quickly replaced with awe. His eyes looked up and down your body and suddenly you felt the need to hide from his piercing gaze. He stood, and nodded a thank you to the hostess, then came around the table and took out your chair, allowing you to sit before tucking it in slightly. 
    “Hi-ello...Hello.” He said, his voice coming out a bit softer than he expected, and you stifled a laugh. 
    “Hi, I’m Y/n. It’s really lovely to meet you Jaehyun.” You said, and sent him a warm smile. His face seemed to go a bit red and he cleared his throat, trying a greeting again.
    “Hello Y/n. You look amazing; it’s likewise very lovely to meet you.” A short pause, and he continued, “My friend told me a lot about you, but they didn’t mention just how attractive you are. Well, not attractive- I mean yes attractive but- Like- Y'know-” He stammered, and lifted a hand to run through his hair, and somehow managed to poke his eye slightly. He let his hand drop to the table and he laughed. You let out the laugh you’d been holding and joined his, reaching over the table to grab his nervous hands softly. 
    “Thank you, please don’t hurt yourself trying to compliment me.” You joked, and paused to check out the menu as the waiter came to take your drink order. After getting over the original awkwardness and choosing a meal, the both of you fell into a comfortable conversation ranging from your careers to deep philosophical questions. You picked up on the fact that he seemed to be really proud about his career as an idol in Korea, and how he had always wanted to become a singer. His eyes lit up as he described a bit of what it was like, before he asked you about your job, and passions.
 You barely noticed when the food was placed in front of you, or when the other patrons all looked at you both talking with knowing looks in their eyes, or even when the water came by with the bill. You could only focus on this wonderfully interesting man in front of you, who was surprisingly deeper than his very apparent good looks. The waiter came by to see if the bill was ready, and the both of you stopped your conversation, and then half argued about who would foot the bill. He refused to even let you see the total cost, so in the end, you had let him win. He went to reach for his wallet before asking you another question which again distracted you from the bill and as the waiter made his second appearance, Jaehyun quickly (and rather proudly) tucked his card into the leather folder all while giving the waiter an apologetic smile. You watched him, your head tilted to one side and a soft smile played on your lips as his dimples made their comeback on his face. He turned to you and then grabbed a hold of his drink, making eye contact with you over the rim. 
   “Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked, and you cleared your throat, shaking your head. 
   “Oh… Just admiring from afar.” You said, and he seemed to get a tad flustered. You let out a laugh through your nose, and the waiter came by with Jaehyun’s card. 
   “How much was the dinner? It wasn’t too much was it?” You ask again, and he shakes his head. 
   “I’m the one who made the reservation so I gladly paid for it. Don’t worry about it at all, okay?” He said, in a soft tone, and stood coming around to your side of the table and holding out his hand. 
   “Shall we?” He said, and you raised your eyebrows while putting your hand into his. He gripped it as he led you out of the restaurant and then stopped outside, looking up at the sky. You checked your phone, and saw the time read 11:17pm. 
   “Already?” You mumbled out loud subconsciously, but Jaehyun caught it. 
   “Already what?” He said, and looked at you, peering down at the screen of your phone. He noted the time, and sighed. 
   “Ah, did I keep you too long? If you’re taking public transit or a cab home, let me drive you. Since it’s late.” He said, and raised his eyebrows waiting for a response. You smirked, and rummaged around your belongings before producing your keys, and you jangled them in front of his face. 
   “I’ve got a ride, but thank you. It’s been a wonderful evening. Everything and more.” You said, a smile plastered on your face. He gave you one of his own, dimples and all, and you melted. 
   “Well good. If you’d like… maybe we could do this again? I’ll be in the states for another few months, for my music study.” He said, and you nodded, suddenly hit with the fact that he was some celebrity, but you hadn't seen a single crazed fan anywhere tonight. Nonetheless, you said your goodbyes, and gave him a hug before walking to your car. You missed the way he stared at you as you walked away and smiled to himself. He missed your creased brow as you wondered if it was even worth pursuing him. 
     A few dates and three months later, you were sprawled out on Jaehyun’s couch after a long day at your job. He was currently in the shower, leaving your eyes to roam around. The last time you’d been here you hadn’t really stopped to look around, and as those thoughts flooded to the front of your mind, you felt your face heating up. Suddenly the shower turned off, and you straightened up, trying to push the memories out of your mind, as a half clothed Jaehyun walked around into the living area. 
   “Hey, stranger, long time no see.” He said, walking over and leaving a soft but chaste kiss on your lips. You smiled at him and stood, using one finger to push him away by his chest. 
   “Hey yourself, stranger, I suggest you get dressed before we get really well acquainted with one another.” You said, and your eyes flicked down to the edge of the towel that was currently the only thing wrapped around him. He smirked and tried to pull you closer to him, and just as your lips were about to connect, his phone rang. He sighs and lets his head drop, and apologises before quickly picking up the phone. 
   “Yes, Hello?” He said into the phone, and suddenly his back tensed. You frowned, looking at his suddenly stiff muscles, and wanted to reach out to comfort him but something in your gut told you to hold off. He huffed angrily into the phone and let his head fall back, looking up at the ceiling. He finished his call, and turned to you with an upset look on his face. You pouted and he sighed, running a hand through his hair. 
   “An emergency came up. I have to fly back to Korea early.” He said, dejectedly. 
   “How much earlier?” You ask, afraid to ask. Truthfully, you knew this time was coming. The time when this weird three month long fling would come to an end, but you had decided to pursue it anyway. You knew that you’d end up hurt and he’d move on to whoever in Korea while you’d be left back here picking up the pieces of your heart. But his face twisted into one of empathy and he swallowed down his tears. 
   “A few weeks early. My manager said my flight is… next Thursday.” He said, and you gasped. He came up to you, and enveloped you into a huge hug, just holding you tightly against him. The smell of your shampoo invaded his senses and the only thing he wanted was to hold you like that forever. He suddenly remembered everything that he left back in Korea. His career, the rest of the members, his family. Everything was there, but you were here. You had changed his life in these past few weeks more than all his 23 years of experience had. More than his music study could ever teach him. And now, with just a few days left to be here with you, he found himself dreading going back. 
   “Jae?” You mumbled into his bare chest. 
   “Hm?” He answered, still holding on to you. 
   “Can you go put on some clothes and let’s just chill at home?” You responded and shifted your gaze so that you were looking at him. He peered at you and smiled, before leaving a kiss on your forehead and going to quickly change into some loungewear. 
   About 5 minutes later, he strode back into the living are where you’d made yourself comfortable on one of the couches. He smiled and threw himself next to you with a grunt, and grabbed you close to him as you cuddled up together. 
     Jaehyun had asked you to accompany him to the airport and see him off, but as you woke up on the day, you dreaded having to see him off. He texted you, and you responded that you’d be there. After all, you were in love with the guy. 
   You rolled out of bed and took a super fast shower, then got ready and jumped in the car. His flight was in just a few hours, but you wanted to make sure that he was there on time. As you pulled up to his apartment and went up to his door, you tried to hold back your emotions. He seemed intent on going back the past few days, and even mentioned that he was excited to leave and see his family and work again. Little did you know he was just trying to convince himself that it was the right choice. 
 You couldn’t help but think that some of the moments you shared weren’t as special for him than they were for you as you took the elevator up to his apartment. Before you even had the chance to knock on the door, he swung it open and you were greeted with a red eyed, puffy faced Jaehyun. You instantly could tell he had been crying, and you stepped in, pulling him into the biggest hug, which he returned with such ferocity it almost knocked you over. He let out a muffled sob and your heart broke into a million pieces. You gently pried him off of you, and calmed him long enough for him to tell you what was wrong but in between his breathy crying and staggered breathing, you could barely understand, so you just held him as he let it out. 
   The one part of his ramblings that you did catch however made your heart skip a beat. 
   “A-and you...these months-” A few sniffles, “So good, -nd I don't wanna go-” A soft ragged breath, “b-cause you are my everything…” He said, and then stopped. You felt his heartbeat quicken at what he just confessed, and you tried to steel your emotions 
   “Jae, I know. We grew close and these past few months have been fun, but that’s it. You have a career and your whole life in Korea, and you deserve to go and live it out and follow your dreams, like you told me you always wanted to do.” You said, tears pricking your own eyes. He suddenly shifted off of you and gave you an incredulous look. 
   “Just fun? Just fun?” He said, his voice rising a little. “So all this time, this was just a fling for you. You made me fall in love with you and now you’re telling me it was just fun? You’re saying that if I asked you to come with me you’d say no and tell me this is what? One sided? That you don't feel like this is the worst mistake?” He said, and you folded your arms over your chest. There was no way that you’d stand in the way of his career, no matter how much of a bad guy it would make you. He would get over it soon, and continue and be a world famous singer… Right? 
  You thought that is what he wanted, but as his words wash over you and you understand the depth of the relationship between the two of you. Something clicks in your mind but you don’t speak. You just stand there and look  down at the floor. 
   His breath catches in his throat and he mutters a quiet but forceful, “get out.” And you follow suit. Sighing and holding back tears of your own, you step out of his apartment and head out to the car, knowing that at some point he’d have to come down since you were his ride to the airport. As awkward as that one hour car ride was going to be, you didn’t have much of a choice, as before everything went down, he made sure that you were the only one to see him off. 
   A couple of minutes later, a puffy faced angry Jaehyun appeared at your passenger side door, and he knocked aggressively on the window, jutting his thumb to the back of the car. 
   “Open the trunk.” He mouthed, and the already thick tension only grew as you nervously opened the trunk and waited for him to climb in the car. He opened the door, and then slammed it with such force you thought the door was going to snap off. The two of you sat in silence for a few minutes as you drove, and when you pulled into the freeway, you decided to speak. 
   “Listen-” You started, and he interrupted you with a raised hand. You heard him take a loud breath, and then he began to speak. 
   “I know you’re driving and your attention has to be on the road but please, hear me out.” He pleaded with you, and the desperate tone in his voice sent the waterworks your way again. 
“It's true. Without you, I can’t live. I can’t eat or sleep, or breathe without thinking about you. Everything that you did to me was so ethereal. You changed my life so much in these three months. I can’t begin to describe how hard it is for me to go. Honestly, when my company suggested that I come to the states for the music study I was skeptical because I already know music theory and production. But it was the best decision of my life. And now you’re sitting here telling me that this isn't-” He said and the tears began to spill on his face again. You gripped the steering wheel tighter and tried to keep your eyes focused on the road ahead, but the emotion in Jaehyun’s voice was getting to you as well, and a few rogue tears slid down your cheeks. 
   “I know you can’t just leave your life behind here, but I really really want you to. I want you to come to Korea and live with me, and we can be happy. I can introduce you to my family and the other members, and it’ll be so good. I can ask the company to find you an apartment and we can-” he continued, but you stopped him. 
   “Jaehyun. You and I both know that as soon as you get back, you’ll be so busy that we won’t have time to see each other. You’re about to have a major comeback and I don’t even know Korean so it’ll be hard for me to even assimilate there. I really really want to put my whole life on hold but… How can I?” You say, and the hurt is clearly evident on your face as the both of you have tears streaked faces. The rest of the ride is relatively quiet, but at some point, Jaehyun reaches over and rests his hand on your thigh as a signal for a truce. 
   He sniffles and leans his head back on the headrest, eyes squeezed shut as you pull into the airport parking lot. After finding a space, and getting his luggage out of the trunk, he takes your hand and you both go inside. He checks in, and you start to head over to the security checkpoint, which you were not allowed to pass.
   “Please, promise me that you’ll stay in touch and we won’t be like those couples who promise and then never do and they grow apart. I seriously cannot live without you.” he said, while pulling you to face him. A couple of people were starting to gather, and by the looks of it they recognized Jaehyun, so you sent him a sad smile and gave him a huge hug, never wanting to let go. The both of you pulled away, and he grudgingly went to the passport check. Just before he disappeared behind the security checkpoint, he turned and locked eyes with you, and even from this far you knew he was sending you a soft, sad smile. Not a “goodbye”, but rather a “see you soon.”
Four Months Later
   You rushed to shove on your shoes and grab all of your luggage as you heard your cousin impatiently honking outside of your apartment building. You had been planning to surprise Jaehyun for a few weeks, and asked them to come and take you to the airport. You left your apartment and quickly went over to a neighbor's where you asked them to take care of some plants and to pick up your mail each day. The middle aged woman agreed, and happily took your keys, wishing you a safe flight and travels. 
  You thanked her as you flew down the hallway, and heard her chuckling just before you rounded the corner and smashed the call button for the elevator. You knew it wouldn’t come any faster if you kept pressing the button, but you did it anyway. The nerves kicked in as you descended in the metal box, and ran out to your cousin’s car. They flung the door open for you, and you threw your bag into the backseat before hopping in. The drive was filled with some laughs and the memories from your last trip to the airport came suddenly flooding back. It had been only a few months ago that you had driven Jaehyun to the airport and had your first teary-eyed farewell. 
   Since then, you both called at least once a week, but texted every day. You slowly became more interested in NCT, his group, and even started talking to a few of his other English-speaking members, who all welcomed you with excited messages. You had been learning Korean with Mark and Johnny, to surprise Jaehyun, and not to toot your own horn, but you’d been getting pretty good! You could now communicate at it’s most basic sense of the word, and at least order food and ask for traveling directions. You smiled as you pulled up your conversation with Jaehyun, and read some of the new messages.. 
   Jaehyun : Babe! Have you had the chance to watch our m/v yet? It came out like a few hours ago! 
   Jaehyun : You really should watch it and let me know what you think. I wrote the lyrics with Johnny-hyung this time. I think you’d be proud.
   Jaehyun : Yo babyyyy….? 
   Jaehyun : Babe? Ah you’re probably busy. Ok call me when you watch it so i can see your reaction!
You smiled at all the messages, and sent him a quick “I’m at work, call you later, love you.” and then thought about how you’d explain away being inactive for your 13+ hour flight. You sighed, and locked your phone, then leaned your head back. 
   Your cousin pulled into the drop-off lane at the airport. You looked at them with a grateful smile, and gave them an awkward hug over the center console which they returned. As soon as you grabbed all of your belongings and double checked for your wallet and passport, you waved them goodbye, and they sped off. You turned and walked into the airport, and after a tiring 45 minute ordeal through check-ins and security, you finally made it to your gate. You took out your phone while you waited for the flight to board, and saw a few messages from Mark who was also in on the surprise. He said that him and Johnny managed to get you a company car to pick you up from the airport, but that you’d have to find your own housing. 
   “Shouldn’t be too hard…” You mumbled, and replied to him before searching for hotels in the Seoul area. There were a few upscale locations, but you decided to also check Airbnb for any long-term residence options. You came upon a sweet little apartment near Itaewon , which was about a 45 minute drive from the SM campus. You searched for anything cheaper or closer, but after not finding anything, you quickly booked the location for a 2 week period. You smiled happily, having one less thing to worry about on your flight, and then heard the “All-Passengers Now Boarding” message, so you grabbed all of your things again, and huddled in the line. You had been lucky to find a good deal on a seat in the economy class, so you took your seat near the front of the plane, having a rather great view out the window. You smiled and relaxed as a kind looking lady sat down next to you, and you fell into a comfortable conversation as the rest of the passengers were seated and the plane took off. She told you a few stories about how her family was all in Korea but she visited the US to see her daughter who just had a baby. You smiled at her story, and she patted your hand. 
   “You go to Korea? What do you have in Korea?” She asked tentatively, and you told her your love story. You left out the part about him being a singer, thinking she might not believe you, and she smiled warmly, and recounted a few stories from her youth about her and her now late husband. You smiled, and upon checking your phone, saw that you’d managed to pass a few hours of your time swapping stories. A steward announced that passengers could now use their in-flight wifi, and you quickly took out your phone to see a few missed calls from your cousin (who probably just wanted an update) and a few tests from none other than Jaehyun himself. 
   Jaehyun : Baby, I have the night off… are you still at work? We should call. 
   Jaehyun :  Please? I really want to see your pretty face, I miss you.
   Jaehyun :  Ahhh, come on, I know you’re not busy because we usually call at this time… 
You stifled a laugh, and rolled your eyes softly at his antics. He was always begging to see you, and now you didn’t know how to remedy the situation and not expose your location. You got an idea and ran to the lavatory, which was thankfully unlocked. After fishing your headphones from your pocket, you plugged them in and asked if he was free at the moment, and before you were even able to respond he was already video calling you. You laughed and hit the accept button, and smiled at the camera. 
   “Hi! Oh- I missed your face so much, you beautiful work of art…” His voice rang into your headphones, and you saw his eyebrows furrow as he drew the phone close to his face to see the screen. 
   “Where are you?” He said, brows still furrowed, and you smiled, trying to look as genuine as you could, 
   “I’m in the restroom at this little place, I wanted to take some time out and just treat myself, you know?” You said, and technically you were vague enough to not lie, and somehow he didn't press for any more information. 
   “Oh, baby that's good that you get to do something nice for yourself… Have you watched the m/v yet?” He asked, impatiently and you already knew he just wanted you to stroke his already inflated ego. You laughed, and he smiled widely, and shook your head. 
   “ I haven't but I swear I will as soon as I get home tonight? I know it’ll be late but you have to promise to wait for me!” You say, and he tiredly laughs. 
   “I promise to wait for your call tonight babe, I don’t think I’ll even sleep peacefully until I hear your opinion on the m/v.” He said, and you laughed. After a few more minutes of talking, you told him that there were others waiting to use the restroom, and after an insurmountable nu be of "I love you"s and "Yes, I'll call you later"s, you hung up just before you exited the lavatory. You spent the rest of the time napping and sometimes chatting with the lady seated next to you, who had a multitude of interesting things to tell you. You’d lost track of time, and only noticed when the stewards and stewardesses came by with lunch trays. 
  After that, you fell into a deep sleep, and only woke when the “Please Fasten your seatbelts for landing” messages were being played on the intercom. You hastily buckled it, and the nervousness started to kick in once again. The lady next to you must have sensed it because she reached over and gave your hand a sympathetic squeeze, and reassured you that “He will be excited to see you. I promise”. 
  After the landing and a rough battle through customs, you finally made it to the gates where onlookers waited for their friends and family to walk out. You spotted a man holding a paper with your name on it, and went over, greeting him formally and returning his polite smile. He took your things and led you to a nondescript car, where he put your things in the trunk and held the back door open for you to get in. Once settled, he asked if you would give him an address, or if he should take you to the SM building. 
   “SM building, please.” You say, hoping that you were using the correct verbage and honorifics. The driver’s eyebrows raised, and he made eye contact with you in the mirror. In a soft broken English he complimented your Korean, and said he was surprised that you knew pronunciation so well. You smiled and thanked him, and explained that some friends had helped you study it before coming. He nods, and the rest of the ride is spent in a comfortable silence.
    An hour and a half-ish later, the car pulled into the parking lot of the SM building, and you almost burst out of the car in excitement. You’d been texting with Mark and Johnny in a private group chat, and they said Jaehyun had fallen asleep waiting for you to call him somewhere in a waiting room. You were shown into a side entrance, so as to avoid any prying eyes, and you quickly met up with the aforementioned boys, who greeted you with wide smiles and big hugs. They led you around the building and showed you a few of the locations that you’d seen before in videos and on call with Jaehyun. 
  You smiled fondly as you followed them around and they led you into a small room with couches lining the sides, and a few tables thrown in the middle. And you saw him. Him. 
  He was slouched against one of the couches, chin to shoulder and out cold. An innocent look was on his face as he slept and as you admired him, Johnny and Mark said they'd wait for you guys downstairs and left. 
  You gently set down your small bag on a table and silently made your way over to your sleeping boy. Smiling, you sat on his lap, legs straddling his thighs and he stirred from his sleep with a sharp intake of breath. His eyes fluttered open and he made eye contact with you, staring into your eyes with a confused glare. You put your hands on his shoulders, and then moved them up to his face, cupping his cheeks as you sent him a smile. 
  "Y/n…? I-Is this… Am I still dreaming?" He whispered and you laughed, answering, 
  "No, you're not dreaming. I'm here… kiss me." You said, and he immediately obliged, closing the distance between your lips. His hands finally made their way around your waist, and he pulled you closer to his chest, and smiled into the kiss. 
  "What? How? How did you even find me?" He said, breathlessly and you explained to him the whole story from beginning to end. He listened with a marveling look on his face, and let his head drop as he smiled shyly. 
  "Well I am so glad you're here. I missed you so much, you've got no idea. Korea isn't half as fun without you." He said, and you sat and caught up for a few minutes, before you remembered the other two who were waiting. 
  "Johnny and Mark are waiting for us! They said we should go out to get some late-night food." You quickly said and climbed off of Jaehyun's lap as he stood and stretched. He gathered his things and you yours and just before you two set out the door, he took your hand in his and placed a gentle kiss to your knuckles. 
 "Have I ever told you how much I love you, Y/n?" 
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