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#when you cannot physically cry so you just challenge the mirror into a staring contest
What are some neurodivergence headcanons you have?
I know you specifically said neurodivergence (adhd and autism) but imma also throw in my mental illness headcanons, lol.
Also since you didn’t specify a fandom and I have way too many headcanons to do all of them, imma go with ducktales, lol. 
1.) Dewey Duck has ADHD
He’s super excitable, easily distracted, he acts before thinking like all of the times (Dewey’s been almost sacrificed over sixty times and I can guarantee it’s because he wasn’t being more careful and got himself into danger before thinking about what he was doing). Dewey can never sit still ever, he’s gotta go and do stuff at all times no matter what. The kid just cannot stop moving to save his life. And then there was that joke book that said he takes medicine (and also jumps up and down before taking it, lol). So that’s a thing.
2.) Webby Vanderquack is also ADHD
Imma just say, Webby and Dewey’s friendship is just ADHD solidarity tbh. She has a bit more control over her impulsivity, but she has a hard time sitting still, she’s extremely excitable, and she hyperfocuses on her research really really hard. I’m not completely certain about her having ADHD (i’m 100% sure dewdrop has it but idk about webs for certain) but I certainly think the idea has some validity.
3.) Lena Sabrewing has PTSD
This is pretty clear to see in the episode Nightmare On Killmotor Hill. Lena went through a lot of trauma with her abusive aunt. And of course not being able to talk to or touch anything for like six months was horrible as well. We see Lena have nightmares that shake her up quite a bit. She sets up an entire sleepover in a desperate attempt to stay awake to avoid them. Her persistent fears and trauma are pretty obvious in a lot of her episodes tbh.
4.) Violet Sabrewing is autistic
Like with Webby’s possible ADHD, i’m not completely certain about this one, but it’s a decent enough idea! She has a hard time with a lot of socialization related things (trouble understanding metaphors, not knowing what trash talk is, not having many friends, etc). Her research into the shadow realm may also be a special interest for her?
5.) Della Duck has PTSD
I mean, obviously. She went through so much on the moon tbh. Losing her leg, being separated from her family, having to fight the mites for a decade. It was really bad. Lemme just uh...give you a quote from Della that’s pretty much all the explanation needed. “In the cruel void of space it’s easy to lose track of time! So one time I decided to have a staring contest in the mirror, but I was so desperate for human connection it lasted three weeks! To this day I can’t look in a mirror cause i’m afraid i’ll see her” then she broke a coffee mug and stared blankly into space while the kids stood there uncomfortably. 
6.) Huey Duck has Autism
This is the one i’m most certain of!!! Huey is very interested in rules and routine. When his perception of things is challenged he boarders on sheer panic. Once he tried to choose literal death over accepting the unknown, so y’know. He’s incredibly interested in organization and routine. He keeps calendars and checklists constantly. The jwg is a clear special interest for him. The kid is constantly infodumping about it and has it memorized front to back. In fact, Huey bases a lot of his identity on his special interest. He’s been compared by both those close to him and by bullies to a robot. Dewey’s impression of him was as a literal robot, saying “Things are better in threes, threes, threes”, to which Dewey immediately called him ‘super weird’. Meanwhile the other woodchucks called him  huebot and told him to act like a normal kid for his refusal to stray from the guidelines, something we know stresses him out immensely. We also see him stimming. Often by chewing, once or twice by rocking back and forth, but most notably, something a lot of people noticed, arm flapping. I also suspect that his hat and the jwg are comfort items of his since he literally is never without them (even when he sleeps. like he sleeps with the jwg under his pillow)
7.) Louie Duck has depression and possibly PTSD
I mean, he’s been through a LOT of stuff. He’s almost died countless times and has been kidnapped before. A lot of his family members have been through similar things and mostly seem fine, but everyone has a difference tolerance for these kinds of things, and something that’s traumatic for one person may not be for another. Many times he’s been brought to tears by the types of things they go through. He keeps a running list of all the times he, his brother’s, and his sister have been offered as sacrifices. Louie doesn’t trust people at all and is often on edge. We’ve seen him go to extreme lengths to avoid going on adventures and he’s all around just super traumatized and scared tbh. One of the most notable traumas is probably what happened with Doofus Drake when he was kidnapped. When forced to talk to Doofus later on he tried to run away and had to be physically dragged to the other kid’s house. You can see his terror every time he interacts with Doofus and he flinches constantly around the boy even when he isn’t technically in immediate danger. He also mentioned the possibility of needing therapy for this. As for the depression aspect, Louie clearly has a very low opinion of himself. Honestly in my opinion his self esteem is basically non existent. He’s incredibly prone to sadness, constantly crying over things that don’t upset the other’s nearly as much, and Louie’s known to be extremely low energy and tired a lot, as well as having very, very low drive to do much of anything.
I think that’s all of them, lol?
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