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#whenever i feel burned out of drawing fanarts
jadequarze · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Character design with a random color palette
💥  [Ko-fi | Redbubble | Twitter | Youtube | INPRNT] can be found in pinned post.    
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shotorozu · 6 months ago
BABE , i saw a hc ( i think it was urs) where the boys’s s/o was really fashionable, ( as somebody that’s gone viral on pinterest a little too many times ) I WAS WONDERING , what if you did a todobakudeku ( separately please omg) with somebody that’s like the emma chamberlain of fashion and they own everybody’s pinterest boards and stuff AHAHA IDK , the amount of times somebody has said ‘ wait ur that one pinterest girl right?? ‘ ANYWHAHEEIE I LOVE YOU N HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 💗💗
pinterest famous s/o
character(s) : midoriya izuku, bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] afab! reader, they/them pronouns (at the request of anon) strong quirk hinted; not specific
headcanon type : fluff, crack-ish (x reader)
note(s) : thank you anon!! so ok, i still used they/them pronouns even though the reader is afab (again at the request of anon) and whdjwkd sorry for the inactivity :,) also im gonna post more later so— sorry for the delay
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku
when middle school midoriya finally got a phone, he downloaded pinterest for the sole purpose of looking at screencaps of heroes
but then, he hasn’t touched it a few months, because he’s been training with all might
then, when he finally had enough free time again— he decided to go on pinterest
but instead of finding any heroes he could look at, he found the prettiest human being he has ever seen in his entire life 💀
that person was a different type of beauty, y’know— they weren’t just fashionable, but their beauty was,,
timeless? that’s how he’d describe it. yeah. that person lived in his head rent free for a while
sadly, he feels like you’re that person he sees once in his life, and never again 😔 which isn’t the case
when he finally meets you, midoriya realizes that you look VERY familiar— someone on pinterest, that he unfortunately, didn’t know the name of
but then wait! he realizes that you’re that person. that one person that blew up on pinterest, and ended up in all of the fashion boards.
okay, you’ve been recognized a few times in the past, just because you were pinterest famous— but you didn’t expect him to recognize you
“wait,, you know me?” you asked him when you saw the realization sink in
and you were honestly,, flattered when he went on a tangent on how you were on all of the pinterest boards, and how your sense of fashion was timeless
but you know what’s the best thing of it all? when izuku developed a crush on you (and not because he thought you were just an attractive face)
it was very easy to find pictures of you online! he says it’s for research but,, he tends to look at them for a long time
probably has 3-4 pages dedicated to your hero costume— since fashion icon = fashionable, yet a very practical hero costume!
does he get jealous whenever people fawn over your looks, or whenever he sees comments in pinterest comment sections just asking for your socials in such desperation?
hmm,, yes? he does occasionally feel like someone like you, should be with someone as equally beautiful as you
he thought he was always plain looking, but you wholeheartedly disagree! in fact, you fell in love with his ability to pay attention to detail.
to the random creeps in the comments section, he just contacts the uploader and asks them to delete any malicious comments and it works 100% of them time.
on the brighter side, he helps a lot with taking your pictures (if you ask him to) and sometimes! he’ll even appear in them
izuku will always be your #1 fan!
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
at first, you’d be like “katsuki owning pinterest? naaah.” but! i think he would
being an all might fan, he liked looking at all might screen caps— and while katsuki would be on the discreet side, he’d find himself looking at them whenever he has extra minutes to burn
not to mention, the cooking recipes on there aren’t the worst, so he doesn’t just use pinterest to look at screen caps of heroes doing their work
and, how could he forget that you’ve been bugging him to search for rare screen caps? he says that it’s useless— but he finds himself digging for you anyway,
which is whyyy
he finds an entirely different rabbit hole, and it’s way past 10pm, 3 more minutes wouldn’t wound him.
the blond doesn’t know how he even stumbled on.. this side of pinterest. the one that kind of hurts his eyes.
the more well known side of pinterest, that is covered in pictures of fashion boards, and the standard pretty person.
the ‘aesthetic’ side, kaminari calls it— it makes bakugou cringe, and he was just about to refresh his page
when he spots something familiar, it’s you‼️ well it wasn’t just you but, you were dressed in something,, nice.
like sure! you’re attractive. but that’s not why he’s dating you, there’s a lot of reasons as to why
but, he’s baffled. seeing you in a different light, and in such nice clothing, what more, when he sees that you’re actually everywhere. he hasn’t seen this much of you and your attractive ass before
katsuki told himself that he was going to sleep a few minutes ago, but now? he’s left admiring all of your pictures.
how did he not know that his s/o’s pinterest famous? you’re practically in every single board!
he confronts you the next day in an oddly weird manner, “you didn’t tell me you were famous on that stupid pinterest app.”
you’re sheepish, “welll, i didn’t know that you were going to stumble on that side of pinterest!”
he doesn’t say anything, and really! it looks like he doesn’t care about the newest discovery of his s/o
but he shows his feelings in his own way.
like, how katsuki insists that he finds a new outfit that you’d absolutely love— one that’ll fit with your aesthetic
and that he insists that he does your graphic liner, because you’re going to ‘poke your eyes out’
makes an entirely different account to reply to those simps and creeps in the comment section, sort of like
random pinterest user : “the things i’ll do to be crushed by them 💦”
pinterestuser461903 : “go touch some fucking grass.”
also would’ve commented “your art sucks” at the poorly done drawings of you in the comments, but knows you appreciated the art— so he doesn’t
(still thinks the fanart doesn’t do you enough justice)
he’ll be super proud when someone notices you in person like “yeah that’s fucking right, but too bad they’re super attractive and way out of your league.”
in short, it looks like katsuki doesn’t care at all about your pinterest famous life, but he’s your #1 supporter
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
i am certain for this one— he doesn’t have pinterest
well, he didn’t have pinterest, until midoriya convinced him to create an account, but it kinda just ended at that
but the person that actually made him use pinterest was sero, because he kept bugging him to give it a try
todoroki finds the app very practical— he can find screen caps of heroes in action, and he can also find oddly helpful tips in cooking (and in anything)
but sero was like “todoroki, what about the aesthetic value??” and todoroki didn’t really get that part to be honest 💀
todoroki, being clueless didn’t know what to search for— so sero being the wonderful friend he is, helped him search for it
and that’s when it happened. it didn’t take that long, but they eventually found an entire section just full of pictures of you; their classmate and crush
“is that Y/N?” mina notices what they’re looking at, and she observes the picture “oh wow— it is her! no wonder why she looked familiar.”
“it’s impressive! our classmate is pinterest famous!” they continue to look at every single post in each board, and todoroki’s left to observe in silence
he has definitely taken a liking to you, even if he didn’t realize it at first— he liked you because of your hard work when it came to training, personality and patience, not because of your looks
obviously, todoroki thinks that you look good in anything, trashbag style or not. but seeing you in this light was interesting.
so after training, todoroki would spent a good portion of his time scavenging for more pictures— not because he was obsessed or anything
but because,, he really liked your pictures. maybe it was because without you in those pictures, it would feel incomplete
he didn’t know how to approach you after this discovery, which is why he’s glad that you approached him first
“todoroki! what are you looking at?” you took a peak at his screen, and you’re baffled to see yourself, and that very famous picture of you
he’s quiet for a second when he realizes that you’ve caught him staring at your pictures, but he explains calmly, “sero accidentally discovered your pictures,, and i just wanted to take a peak at them, if it was okay,,”
and he’s relieved— well, you’re also relieved. you didn’t know how your crush would react if he ever saw those pictures, but your heart skipped a beat knowing that he enjoyed looking at them
“it’s alright todoroki,” you smile, honestly over the moon as you spoke “i’m really glad that you like them.”
sometimes you’d get shy whenever he’d go on pinterest just to look at your pictures, “todoroki, not that one! that one was really old,,” is what you’d say whenever he’d look at your older photos but he’d still look at them anyway 💀
at first, todoroki helped you in his own subtle way. since he’s quite the fashion icon— he’d recommend you clothes to wear for future pictures
he eventually confessed— and it was because you were talking to him while he was really tired, and he blurted out that he really, really liked you and you almost passed away because of his words
so yeah— it was a case of secretly admiring their beautiful best friend to lovers scenario
he’d go the full mile when it came to taking your pictures. he’d check the weather forecast just in case if it was going to rain for that date, and impromptu picnic photoshoot
that boyfriend that has pictures of you in his photo gallery, and has a backstory for each photo if anyone were to ask
also that boyfriend that knows how to take pictures, will probably even lay down to take them, even if you didn’t kindly ask him to
when you asked him to join the picture, he didn’t really know how to— but he made it work! and the both of you guys went viral
but this isn’t all one sided, no— whenever you guys would cuddle, shouto would simply stare at you with HEARTS in his eyes,
and even before he leans in for a kiss, he’ll stare at you with so much love in his eyes, while he traces his thumb across your cheekbones. man’s in love— you’re gorgeous.
he knows that you know that he’s not with you because of any ulterior motive, you both have mutual trust in each other— so it’s not something you guys will bother on questioning because you’re both hot asf lets be real
he’s not uncomfortable whenever people gawk at you in public— i mean, you two get stares on the regular. and how could they not stare at you? you’re very attractive, and he’s glad that people recognize that
but he’ll get protective if they’ll try to be a threat to your loving relationship with him, he won’t be afraid to be blunt
regarding the comments on each pinterest post— he hates it when people say things out of the line
always tries to hide them from you so you don’t feel bothered by them, but if you knew about them— he’ll be sad :,(
but he’ll end up mass reporting those nasty comments— and they always get taken down, because of the shouto todoroki luck
in short? man’s whipped, and the both of you guys are SO attractive together— what more if people knew about the om chemistry?
really— you being pinterest famous was just a nice plus, he fell in love with you for you
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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syrma-sensei · 7 months ago
Modern Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez headcanons.
Tumblr media
the fanart belongs to its rightful owner.
warning: NSFW contents.
- Grimmjow could be called a bad boy boyfriend.
- He typically calls you babe, whereas you call him Grim, or babe too.
- He smells of cigarettes and heavy cologne.
- Grimmjow's love is amazing, he spoils you with affections. He steals kisses from your lips, rubs/spanks/pinch your ass whenever he get the chance to, touching is a basic to him. That's happens privately.
- He doesn't tend to show any soft emotions in front of others, rather, his possessive side takes over him. He gets easily jealous, so be careful.
- He isn't pleased when you interact with other men, expect him to sulk about it.
- He's called Pantera, so expect him to act like a wild animal in front of people. In your case, he usually wraps your body with his arm securely, and pulls to his body. Sometimes he kisses on the lips. A clear message for everyone else. Back off, she's mine.
- Grimmjow's idea of manhood is fucked up like most men. He fucked many women before you and he's proud of his cock's size. However, when he hooked up with you, he sees you as his partner not just a property to fuck. He's a panther, so be his she-panther.
- His honesty is brute, he speaks what's on his mind casually. Wipe that shit off yer face, ya look better without it. At first, his words broke your heart that you burst out crying. You were mad at him, at how insensitive he was towards your efforts on looking good for him, and he was super frustrated with that. As time passed, you accustomed to his way of speech, and later on, you appreciated having an honest partner.
- Grimmjow curses a lot, especially when he's excited or mad.
- You two don't usually fight, but nothing a makeup sex can't solve, and when he's mad at you he calls you: woman!
- Grimmjow sucks at house chores, and his flat is in absolute misery. However, he once tried to impress you by making you a dinner. He ended up burning the kitchen.
- Sport is an important part of his life (I mean he didn't get the hot damn sexy body from nothing) and he drags you into it wether you like or not.
- Grimmjow is a hardcore gamer, and doesn't expect to be one. But if you are a gamer too, it'll fire him up with excitement, and if not and you asked him to teach you, you'll bring him endless joy, and he'll be secretly turned on too.
- A lot of Netflix and chill nights.
- His worst nightmare is when you're on your period. He just freaks out when it comes, he feels so useless; he tries to soothe you over by rubbing your aching tummy, and bringing whatever snack you want.
- Grimmjow's views on women changed with you, he wasn't educated about feminine knowledge at all, and he didn't consider period but mere time when women whinge and bitch about everything. However, when you explained to him how a female body works, he was astonished, and his reaction surprised you when he sympathised you. He didn't know that pads stick to the underwear.
- Grimmjow loves it and turns him on when you wear his hoodies or shirts, they're big but make you look cute.
- You make him cook with you sometimes. The first time he did with you was so clumsy, he made you giggle to no end. His grumbles grew harsher, he determined to learn, and he surprised you what a fast learner he was. You can't forget how he smirked smugly and raised a conceited brow at you.
- He's surprisingly a good guitar player. He spends a lot of time playing for you. You're absolutely fascinated by how his callous fingers can play with such tenderness.
- You don't find in him just a lover, he's your best friend too. You draw his green eyeshadow, and he learnt to make your hair.
- Your puppy eyes are one of his weaknesses.
- He swoons when you cuddle up to him.
- He secretly borrows your beauty products, and when you found out he said: What? You girls have better products than us.
- Grimmjow is rough in bed (condoms rip frequently), and even rougher when you get on his nerves as you acted playfully and flirt with other men, he won't do anything, but he'll save it later to bed. Thought I didn't notice, baby?
- Hair pulling and biting are a thing to him. He loves to mark you with hickeys, particularly on your neck so you can't hide them from anyone else.
- Doggy style is definitely his favourite position, he loves to see your head snaps upwards whenever he hits your sensitive spots, and to spank your ass harshly. He likes you to ride him too, he's fond of your ecstatic expression and bouncing breasts.
- Grimmjow is a master at giving orals, he drives you crazy with his talented tongue, he knows how to make you scream with it.
- He absolutely likes orals too, especially if kneel before him and pamper his cock with your mouth.
- He loves to trace your body with his fingertips, cupping your buttocks, fingering your clit, he loves your reactions.
- He usually loses his senses inside you.
- He appreciates it when you wear sexy lingeries at his place all the time.
- Toys aren't his thing.
- When you're sub he calls you kitten, and when you take dominance he calls you tigress.
- His sex drive is high as well as his stamina.
- He gets stiff when you whisper in his ear: Fuck me, tiger.
Your panther is so damn good.
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moonie-scape · 4 months ago
The brothers thoughts on an MC who is an artist
Is initially uninterested but when he sees that you’ve left your sketchbook open on the dining room table, his curiosity gets the best of him as he thumbs through the pages.
Will approach you the next day, returning the sketchbook and asking what’s inside. (Acting oblivious and trying not to make it obvious that he looked through it.)
When asked if you can draw him, he’s a little hesitant but eventually gives in. Mans got a weak spot for MC.
Will allow you in his office when he’s working so that you have a quiet place to draw.
If you ask him to put music on, he’ll get up and blast Mozart.
“What you asked me to put music on?”
Keeps all the little doodles you give to him in his desk drawer and looks at them whenever he feels stressed or tired.
Of course his human is talented!
Definitely attempts to profit off of said talent.
Once he realizes how much your art means to you however, he stops and will simply admire every piece.
Mammon likes to watch you draw. He finds it really soothing for some reason.
At one point, you offered him a pen and paper and he started to doodle mindlessly.
The two of you now have little drawing dates in your room. He’s not the best but he really enjoys spending time with you.
Is the one to SPOIL MC with art supplies.
Like those markers? Bam you got them. Can’t stop eyeing that one watercolor set? They’re sitting on your bed by the end of the day.
Overall, is really happy to bond and create art with his favorite human.
Levi is so so impressed with everything you create!
He’s got a few sketchbooks lying around in his room that are pretty full.
Excited to have someone to show fanart to!
Is probably the most honored and appreciative when MC gives him any art.
It could literally be like a smiley face and he would be all “No way you’re giving this to a yucky otaku like me!! I’m very grateful!”
Sir chill please
100% supports and gives good feedback on your work.
Drawing dates!!! He plays music or maybe a podcast and you two just draw whatever comes to mind.
Baby boy just loves you so much.
Please draw him he’ll melt. 🥺
Hi it’s Moonie! I’m sorry for not posting for a while. I get burned out easily so I’ve decided to split these hcs into parts. Thank you for understanding and please like or repost if you enjoyed! <3
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1jet2unknown · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Harringrove Feedback Fest – entry-drug fanfictions & favorite artists
I‘m so happy @gothyringwald is organizing this feedback fest as I think there are so so so many talented creators in the Harringrove Fandom and, with me still being kind of new to the party, I‘m sure I will be able to find so many more creators to connect with & obsess over.
Let me start off with some of the fanfictions that I had stumbled over last year and that actually got me into the fandom. Most of them are rather long, lot of them pretty angsty and all of them are mature/explicit. Warning: They‘re all amazing!
Under the Covers by ToAStranger [M | 59k]
Pining | Enemies to Friends to Lovers | Hurt/Comfort | Angst and Humor | Implied/Referenced Child Abuse | Period-Typical Homophobia | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD | Anxiety Attacks Terrible Depictions of Dungeons and Dragons | Slow Burn
Steve is (maybe) a little bit still in love with Nancy Wheeler and (maybe) trying to figure himself out-- between the night terrors and the babysitting and the general weirdness that is Hawkins, Indiana-- before he graduates.
Billy Hargrove fits in there somewhere (probably).
dried up, half full - by lymricks [E | 60k]
Implied/Referenced Child Abuse | the POV switches now! | Billy fights the monsters too!
Steve’s been coming out here searching for a monster in the woods. He’s finally found one.
“What do you want, Hargrove?”
Don't Tell Me There's No Hope At All/ Together We Stand, Divided We Fall by Straight_Outta_Hobbiton [M | 59k]
Orphans | Parent Death | Domestic Violence | Murder | Adoption | Implied/Referenced Child Abuse |  Implied/Referenced Underage Prostitution | Implied/Referenced Drug Addiction | Underage Drinking | Billy tries not to suck as a human being | Billy tries to be a good big brother | Slow Burn
Billy's used to being afraid of his father, and he knows he's not the only one scared. But it's one thing to know your stepmother gets smacked around every once in a while and another thing completely to find her body on the bathroom floor.
He's a mess, Max is even more of a mess, and Joyce Byers is a queen among mothers, she really is.
Damned If I Do You by ThirdActLove [M | 55k]
Character Study | Internalized Homophobia | Violence | Sexual Content | Homophobic Language |  Angst | Child Abuse | Hurt/Comfort | Canon Related | Fix-It
The first time Billy’s dad called him a faggot, Billy didn’t really know what he meant.
Billy Hargrove Needs A Nap – by lilpeas [E | 74.3k]
Mutual Pining | Sleep Deprivation | Cuddling & Snuggling | Friends to Lovers | Apologies | Billy Hargrove Redemption | Touch-Starved | Skin Hunger | Virgin Billy Hargrove | Implied/Referenced  | Child Abuse | Slow Burn | First Time | Domestic Fluff | Family Feels | Forgiveness
It’s one thing to be a light sleeper in this shitty town that won’t shut up at night, but it’s another thing entirely to fall asleep on Steve Harrington’s shoulder during last period English.
Pain, Will You Return It? by Anonymous [E | 32.9k]
a fic in which billy gets the help he needs and becomes a not shitty person eventual | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD | Child Abuse | billy swears a lot | Masturbation | Enemies to Friends to Lovers | Falling In Love | Internalized Homophobia | Period-Typical Homophobia | Homophobic Language | Hand Jobs | First Time | Smut
When Billy gets beaten to a literal pulp by his dad, the police get involved. Billy has to come to terms with what he has done to those around him.
He doesn't want to be like his dad.
Especially when he sees Steve Harrington. When he sees Steve, he wants to be good.
Three is Better (than One) by ToAStranger [E | 4k]
Gangbang | Feminization | Forced Orgasm | Light Bondage | Daddy Kink | Gags | Double Penetration | Double Anal Penetration | Triple Penetration | Barebacking | Come Swallowing |  Come Marking | Come Inflation | Light Dom/sub | Fluff and Smut | Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot Rape | Roleplay | Safe Sane and Consensual | Safewords | Established Relationship | Alternate Universe - Modern Setting | Rimming | Humiliation
"This little bitch is tonight's toy," Billy says, walking over, hooking a finger through the loop at the front of Steve's collar and pulling until Steve's stumbling up onto his feet; he smacks a hand onto Steve's ass and laughs as Steve yelps and staggers forward a step. "Her pussy is already nice and ready for you."
meet with monsters by  lymricks [E | 13.4k]
Implied/Referenced Child Abuse | Billy fights the monsters too! | Protective Parent Jim "Chief" Hopper
Harrington stops. Billy watches all the blood drain out of Harrington’s face and there wasn’t much color there to start with. Harrington lifts the bat again, tries to get to his feet, lands back on his ass. “Billy,” he says again, but it’s desperate now, not relieved. “Billy, behind you!”
Four times Hopper doesn't arrest Billy and one time he does.
what a wicked game you played (to make me feel this way) by brawls (brawlite), ToAStranger [E | 119k]
Slow Burn | Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics | Alpha Steve Harrington | Alpha Billy Hargrove | misogynistic language | Mild Ableist Language | Explicit Sexual Content | Mentions of dubious consent | Rutting | POV Alternating | Bonding | Mating Bonds
Billy knew Steve Harrington would ruin him. Steve knew Billy Hargrove was nothing but trouble.
They never expected it to end up like this.
I also feel the need to point out some of the incredibly talented artists the Harringrove fandom has:
@wrecked-fuse – whose fanart was actually the trigger for my harringrove obsession. The artstyle, the amazing colorations (&incredible lighting) and the broad range of expressions & sceneries just made me instantly fall in love!!
@zayacv – whose AU short comics are so intriguing and hot that I reread a lot of them several times by now! You are looking for some steaming hot NSFW with great angles and the most lickable thighs in the fandom? Then zayac is the artist for you!
@ihni – whose doodles are just so damn funny! I had some really shitty days over the past few months but the creativity and joy of ihni‘s harringrove doodles really kept me sane & positive!
@pastenaga - whose Harringrove comic „Bad News“ broke my heart in the most beautiful way – over and over again! Seriously… if you haven‘t read this comic yet and you enjoy some angst & family feel: This is what you‘re looking for!!
@juu-riin – who is not just creating amazingly funny doodles but also increadibly pretty artwork. It‘s really the full package you get with this amazing artist!
@opaldraws / trashycatarcade – who has such an amazing take on Billy & Steve‘s relationship. There is so many cute artworks that really show new & adorable angles of the boys. Just so much creativity!
@wastingtime-justart – whose sketchy artstyle is just so damn pretty and makes especially Billy looks just so sensual! I‘m just in love with the strong strokes, the amazing anatomy and the way especially Billy‘s mouth and hair always look so pretty!
@gravegroves – who draws one of the most sensual Billy‘s I‘ve ever encountered. He just looks so damn BEAUTIFUL in all the pieces…
@avalonlights - whose clean arstyle & coloration I absolutely love. Whenever I look at their art, I wish it was an actual cartoon that I could watch!
@swankystuckup1 – whose soft artstyle & coloration skills I absolutely adore! And their art is so lively, with a wide range of expressions and moods just perfectly put to paper. Seriously check them out!​
@ichigata – whose paintery artstyle is mesmerizing and especially I love the way she draws Billy!
@darkmystwraith – who draws Billys locks perfectly! You like seeing our kings (& especially Billy) topless looking hot as hell? Then this artist is for you!
There would be so so many more to name… but this post is already long enough as it is. So I‘ll leave you with a big THANK YOU to all you amazing people in this wonderful fandom and am excited to check out everyone‘s else Feedback Fest entries to find even more amazing people.
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mythicamagic · 8 months ago
Funeral Flowers: a Sesskag Oneshot
Tumblr media
Summary:  Sesshoumaru knows what Kagome's favourite flower is- because it just so happens Forget-Me-Nots have been filling his throat for months. Hanahaki Disease fic. Sesskag oneshot.
AN: for @drosselmeyerwrites​, who is also a lover of the 'suffering Sesshoumaru' trope. She's been a lovely commenter and wholesome person in the fandom ^^
Warning: body horror elements. This is a Hanahaki Disease fic with a twist on the concept.
Words: 10,000
Rated M
@cookieasylum​ drew an amazing fanart for this fic so please check this fic out on Ao3!
Funeral Flowers
It started as a mere flutter. Sesshoumaru could feel it at the back of his throat: the beginnings of something that tickled and irritated his windpipe- not enough to cause anything serious, but just noticeable. This sensation only worsened with time.
Kagome looked at him like he'd grown a second head after hearing him stifle a certain noise clumsily behind his fingers.
"Huh," she mused, peering closely at him. "I don't think I've ever heard you cough before."
After a few weeks, he'd begun coughing. A little blemish that he could easily hide behind his hand. Sesshoumaru had wanted no one to notice such a shameful thing. An unwilling action, but required in order to clear his airways.
"Hn," peeling long fingers away from his down-turned mouth, he looked away. Kagome shifted bare legs in the glittering water, lounging on some rocks by a river while half-heartedly sunbathing in a tank top and shorts. Golden eyes slid back to the slim, pale stretch of her smooth, toned leg as she swayed it.
"Kind of a human action, isn't it? Do demons even get colds?" her concern only seemed to increase. "You're not sick, are you?"
"No," he huffed, adjusting himself beside her. They kept a respectable distance. 'Friends' was what she called them. Sesshoumaru tried and failed to tear his gaze away from the parting of her thighs as she stretched languidly. "I do not get sick," he added, "such a thing is beneath me."
Kagome slid both arms behind her head to act as a cushion, laying down. "A few years ago you'd have said sitting beside a priestess ankle-deep in a river would be 'beneath' you. Things change."
Sesshoumaru tilted his chin up to regard her haughtily and gave a dignified snort, adjusting his rolled-up hakama pants. "It is beneath me."
Kagome rose a brow, fluttering one hand carelessly in a shooing motion, "go on then. Leave if it's so offensive," she sighed, trying and failing to hide her smile.
His body flared alive at the thought, unsettled. Sesshoumaru bit back another prickling cough, settling for clearing his throat. "You should be the one to leave. This one was here first."
"Wha- no! I got to the river before you!"
"I was referring to age. Bratty mikos should listen to their elders."
Kagome burst out laughing, sitting up to lightly bat his shoulder. "That makes you sound ancient! You're such a dork. No one else knows how much of an absolute dork you are, do they? It's a crying shame."
Sesshoumaru did not know what a 'dork' was, but he assumed it to be something unflattering. He should've been annoyed by it, aggravated. Kagome's playful, happy scent made this notion impossible.
Thin lips twitched at the edges, dragging his heels through the cool current. He couldn't honestly put into words why exactly he'd shown up, following her scent. Logically, he knew he should leave her alone.
They fell into an amicable silence again, one that had been born from months of time spent together. Odd snatches of coincidental meetings had flourished into something more, and they'd begun seeking one another out for company whenever he visited the village. Sometimes she even paid him a visit the Western Stronghold. Any demons who complained about it were silenced by how… determined the miko was to make friends. A force of nature. It had amused him to no end watching ancients tripping over themselves to try to avoid her bad books.
He could also deeply understand those who had taken an immense liking to her.
Kagome was warm and teasing, a rare thing not wholly unwelcome. Her stories of the future were interesting, personality vibrant but down to earth and occasionally sassy. He enjoyed her more than he should, a quiet, snarky male by nature basking in her effortless glow.
"What's your favourite flower?"
He blinked, "this is a question belonging to Rin. I do not expect such fanciful notions from you."
Kagome huffed and flicked her hand to splash some water over his knee. "I can talk about flowers if I want to. Shinto asked me what mine were, so I got to thinking. I'd like to know what yours are too- or do pretty dog demons baring flower crests not have an opinion on them?"
He sniffed, bringing down one leg to create a splash that soaked her side. Kagome let out a yelp. "The Shiragiku flower. "
"Oh you can't be serious!" She giggled. "When I asked what your favourite colour was, you said 'white' of all things. White! That's the absence of colour!"
"This one is aware. You kept rabbiting on about it," he wiped some imaginary lint off one shoulder.
"But still! And now you tell me you like flowers that are infamously used for funerals," blue eyes rolled skyward, glittering with mirth. "Why am I not surprised, Mr Killing Perfection?"
Thin lips lifted into a sneer free of malice. "Very well, Shikon miko. What is your favoured flower?"
Kagome hummed. "Forget-Me-Nots."
Letting out a noise between a huff and a chuckle, he shot her an exasperated look. "And you give me grief over mine. Did you not say that blue was your favoured colour?"
"Hey, Forget-me-Nots can be pink, white or blue! I'm not as predictable in my tastes as some people."
That was most definitely true, he thought flatly. She had moved on from her first love, a Hanyou- only to bond with a Daiyoukai, and then…
And then…
Kagome stood, stretching both arms above her head. Sesshoumaru knew what she'd say before she even said it, wincing and bringing a hand absentmindedly to the base of his throat. It throbbed. Now the ache even seemed to seep lower.
What is this pain in my chest? He wondered. What is this strange sensation?
"I should go."
Sesshoumaru slid tired attention up to her and nodded silently. He would not wish her well.
"Shinto will wonder where I am," she needlessly elaborated.
Kagome glanced at him and dropped her arms. "What's wrong?"
He thought to tell her, not for the first time. But it was silenced by everything else that had come before. Their history. Their species. Her lack of discernible interest, her new flame. A heavy weight pressed down upon his chest. His shoulder ached.
"Nothing. I am fine."
Dark brows pulled together. Sesshoumaru stood and nudged her away with a single palm on her back that lingered too long. "Go. I am… merely hungry."
"Oh!" a look of relief swept over her face. Kagome laughed, "okay, I'll leave you in peace. Happy hunting!"
Sesshoumaru felt his chest ache and constrict while his expression remained a blank mask. He covertly winced after she'd jogged away to a trail within the forest that would take her back to Kaede's village. She stopped to wave, and he quickly wiped his expression clean again, rendering it neutral.
Kagome smiled gently, her face full of friendly affection. Sesshoumaru regally inclined his head, eyes burning.
Do not go.
She left him alone, hurrying away to see her new flame in complete ignorance.
Sesshoumaru coughed and massaged the base of his throat as soon as she was gone, frowning.
Feeling something stuck to the roof of his mouth with his tongue, he curiously parted his lips and reached behind a sharp tooth to pluck the soft, small thing out.
Damp from saliva, a tiny, pretty blue petal caught his attention, clutched between forefinger and thumb. Sesshoumaru stared. A sense of creeping foreboding slipped into the back of his mind at the discovery.
This did not bode well.
His affliction made visits to the village difficult. It was easier in the beginning when he could hide a few coughs and tickles of the throat. Steadily, however, the discomfort increased. Sesshoumaru needed to pick out petals from his mouth every day, and the number of them only grew with frequency. He had to remove the irritating little things every hour now.
"Lord Sesshoumaru has been picking at his teeth a lot lately," he heard Rin whisper to Jaken, pausing mid-brush. She had been tasked with caring for the old miko's horse. "Is it a toothache?"
"Shh! Don't comment on such a thing so loudly, girl! If Lord Sesshoumaru wants to do some teeth maintenance, then he may do so!" Jaken squawked, frowning up at her.
Sesshoumaru cut golden eyes to the sky and turned away.
"Ah, I didn't mean to insult you, Lord Sesshoumaru!"
"You're STILL drawing attention to it!" Jaken griped.
Pointed ears twitched, blocking out their animated voices and tuning into a set of quick footsteps. Sesshoumaru inhaled, wincing as his lungs protested- the scent of citrus, summer and home comforts reaching him long before Kagome appeared from around the side of a hut. She beamed. His heart ached.
"Hey," she called, trotting over.
"Hello, Kagome!" the little girl waved enthusiastically, wobbling.
Steadying Rin atop her wooden perch as she continued brushing the tall horse, Kagome flashed him a knowing look. "You look tense. Is it from being near the stables?" she teased.
Rin gasped, "does Lord Sesshoumaru not like horses?"
"It's their smell, you nitwit!"
Kagome frowned at Jaken, before searching Sesshoumaru's face for answers. Obviously his silence and demeanour was starting to worry her. Taking a breath, he tried to ignore the petals stuck in the gaps of his teeth. He could feel more building, pooling in the back of his throat like thick mucus.
"They are skittish and afraid of this one. It is better to keep distance."
Predictably, Kagome gentled- but surprised him by easing closer. She seized his hand, tugging- and he was helpless to do anything but follow. Heat touched his cheeks.
Kagome walked backwards, maintaining eye contact like the femme fatale she wasn't, shifting her soft touch to grasp the back of his hand, lacing lithe fingers through his. She then forced the Daiyoukai's palm to rest against a warm neck. The horse shifted slightly, tail flicking, yet it did not startle. With Kagome's prompting, Sesshoumaru glided the flat of his calloused palm down the length of its powerful neck, the thin layer of brown fur tickling his skin.
"Maji isn't like other horses, he's calm around demons. He has to be if Kaede is gonna ride him to fight Youkai," her voice glided through his ear canals like melted honey. Kagome hummed, "though she said because of her age that he might be mine soon. Weird, huh? It's like she's prepping me to be the village miko more and more."
"It is not 'weird,' it is expected," he uttered, thrilled at the prolonged touch. How foolish. The heat of her palm felt exquisite, hand clasped intimately around his. "You will make an acceptable village miko."
Blue eyes flitted up to him, smiling. She gave his hand a squeeze. "Thanks, but… sometimes I wonder if-"
"Ah, so this is where you escaped to."
Sesshoumaru stiffened. Kagome ripped her fingers away- tearing open a gaping hole inside him. He quickly stifled a cough, but it was larger this time, throat clogged. His shoulders shook, sweat dotting his brow.
Kagome was busy being scooped up by Shinto, a large male. He dressed well, for a human, a jagged scar running over one eye. A momento from his mercenary days, he'd called it, though he was now reformed.
Kagome laughed and swatted his shoulder, demanding to be put down. Jaken piped up, yelling about indecency. All the while, Sesshoumaru fought not to let anything show. To not let the agony out. The jealousy. The consuming desire to act upon instinct and take what he ached for.
He couldn't stand it. Couldn't stand seeing the male's burly, meaty hands drag over her hips to settle at the base of her spine. Like they belonged there. Sesshoumaru coughed again, drawing away.
Kagome caught the action, turning to him. "Sesshoumaru?"
He hated the concern swimming in her gaze. It would be so much easier to despise her.
"I have lingered too long," he said quietly, trying to mask the rawness of his voice. "This one should be going."
Kagome nodded slowly, "do you want some honey to soothe your throat? It sounds a little-"
"No," he quietly snapped, starting to walk away. Confusion immediately curdled in her scent, and he regretted the lapse in control. Now she'd worry.
"Lord Sesshoumaru!" Jaken hurriedly ran after him, following his Lord from the village. "Bah, those humans get more presumptuous every day. I don't blame you for leaving in such a hurry," he muttered, keeping up his tangent long after they'd met the treeline of Inuyasha's forest.
Sesshoumaru unexpectedly stopped, slamming claws into tree bark and causing it to splinter.
Jaken yelped, jumping and dropping his staff. "Mi-mi Lord?" bulbous eyes widened upon seeing him stoop over slightly, silver hair obscuring ashen features.
Sesshoumaru's shoulders shook, dry heaving sounds reaching Jaken's hearing. The retainer gasped, watching him cough, gasp and choke. Thick trails of dewy saliva pooled onto the ground. Rasping noises shuddered out from clenched teeth. Trembling claws reached inside his mouth, feeling something at the back of his throat. Grasping it, Sesshoumaru fought not to gag, coughing while removing the thing and looking at it with stinging eyes.
A Forget-me-not flower sat innocently between forefinger and thumb.
Both demons stared. Phlegm soaked petals rested at Sesshoumaru's feet. Jaken stood gravely silent for a while.
"Mi Lord…" he said thinly. "You have fallen prey to something very old…"
"You will not breathe a word about it to anyone," Sesshoumaru coughed, eyes stinging. He straightened and wiped his mouth, collecting himself. He threw the flower aside.
"No one, Jaken," Sesshoumaru hissed, molten golden eyes burning. "Or I'll kill you."
Jaken yelped and quickly bowed several times, promising wholeheartedly not to interfere.
"I-I understand! However, if it's not too much trouble, perhaps you could hear out a suggestion?"
Sesshoumaru sneered and started walking again, his breathing slightly hoarse and rasping now, no longer quiet. His lips pressed together, trying to silence himself. It proved painful, and he quickly breathed through his mouth again.
Jaken tentatively continued; "your affliction is something ancient. I know little about it, but I do remember that it's possible to have it removed before it claims your life."
Sesshoumaru stopped, hands curling into fists. Claws scraped palms.
"That will not do, either," came his soft response.
"W-why ever not, milord?! This matter is potentially deadly to demons!"
Sesshoumaru stared ahead unseeingly. He knew of the affliction too. Had recognised what it was immediately. If he removed the flowering bud from within his chest, wiped away all evidence from her from his body, then he'd lose the very thing that had made him catch the illness in the first place.
His feelings for Kagome Higurashi.
"My reasons are my own," Sesshoumaru coughed behind his hand. "I will not die. Do not fuss over trivial matters, Jaken."
His retainer gaped, hurrying after him. Fierce worry painted his features. The infamous and deadly Hanahaki Curse could fell even the strongest of Daiyoukai.
It interfered with eating.
Sesshoumaru thankfully did not need to eat too often, but hunger inevitably gnawed its way into his gut. Transformed, he raced through the forest on all fours in a smaller version of his true form. Low-hanging branches lashed at his face. Forget-me-not flowers lodged in his throat conglomerated into a thick mass. They were practically a ball stuck at the back of his mouth. Sesshoumaru managed to ignore it just enough to track the scent of a deer- only to lose it and find a green pheasant within range.
Barely a snack, but it would do.
With a gurgling snarl, Sesshoumaru sprang at some bushes. Squawking with distress, the bird took flight- only to be caught in his jaws. Bringing sharp teeth down elicited a satisfying crunch. The taste of iron filled his parched mouth. Tilting his head back, Sesshoumaru had every intention of swallowing it whole. He'd done so before. The bird was small enough compared to his form. However, this quickly became impossible.
Red eyes widened. The flowers acted as a barrier, preventing food from travelling down his throat.
Spitting out the bird, Sesshoumaru tore into it. He tried again and again, breaking the kill into smaller pieces. He even tried drinking from the river to wash down the flowers. Nothing worked. No food could pass into his stomach.
With a low crooning noise that hissed out between his teeth, Sesshoumaru padded away from his uneaten kill with an agitated flick of his tail.
It affected his sleep next.
At his Stronghold in the Western lands, Sesshoumaru set aside his paperwork and retired to bed. Curling into a nest of furs, he stretched out long legs, sprawling on one side.
Only to feel a dull ache thrum from his ribs.
Wincing and setting a hand over the spot, Sesshoumaru frowned. He was unfamiliar with the sensation, however, Kagome had once whined and complained about 'pulling a muscle.' Perhaps the tight, clamping sensation echoed that pain. Deciding to roll over onto his opposite side- he abruptly burst into a coughing fit. The angle had upset his breathing, lungs protesting.
This vicious cycle continued long into the night. He tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable. Even laying still made him feel tense and pained. In the end, Sesshoumaru rose from his futon and began running.
Too tired to think, he transformed, relying on instinct to guide him. He whined softly; the ache spreading. He wheezed a little, breathing constrained despite being physically fit.
The inuyoukai sprinted to the outskirts of Kaede's village. Scenting the air, he caught a welcome fragrance on the breeze.
Clearing the hillside with a single bound, Sesshoumaru shrank his form even further to that of a regular dog. Sniffing around the outside of a hut, fluffy ears perked. She was not home.
Following the invisible trail in the air, he padded around the village, passing by unseen by some villagers. Their lack of vigilance disgusted him. What lax security. Stopping at the Monk and Slayer's hut, he listened, hearing a soft humming from within. The sharp tang of blood, vomit, faeces and afterbirth caught his frayed attention.
The Slayer had been pregnant. From the sounds and smells of things, she had given birth and now slept while Kagome remained awake. He could pick up the faint fussing from a young babe.
Sesshoumaru stayed still, listening to the miko gently hum. Slowly, his body weakened, and the inuyoukai lay down outside the hut, resting a weary head atop large paws.
Something stirred from within, the rustle of covers. "Mn... are you alright? Want me to take over?"
"No, I'm fine," Kagome answered in a hushed tone. "He seems completely zonked out, little cutie-pie."
The Slayer paused, "your head. You said it was aching again earlier."
"Heh, Sango! You've just had another baby! Focus on yourself!" her lovely voice tinged with exasperation. "Really, everything is okay. It just hurts from time to time ever since that night with the boar youkai attack. It's no big deal."
"Prolonged headaches and amnesia does not fall under 'no big deal,' Kagome."
Laughing this off breezily, he could hear the shrug in her tone. "I just blank on a few things from the month prior to the attack. I'm sure it wasn't anything important."
Tired lids slid shut, and Sesshoumaru gained some sense of rest while imagining the woman within cradling a newborn pup instead of a gurgling infant. The two women talked some more, lulling him into a false sense of comfort even as his throat thrummed with continuous pain.
Breathing was a struggle.
Every inhale became a wheezing, quivering thing. Like crumpled paper that had been smoothed out and squashed too many times. Mucus constantly filled his mouth, senses clogged. His breathing ranged from laboured to a noisy, rasping thing.
He could no longer afford to visit the village. Sesshoumaru took to monitoring Rin from afar whenever he felt the need to check up on her. Needless to say, he avoided Kagome at all costs. The miko was an infamous busy body who would become a nightmare to deal with if she knew of his suffering.
Yes, that was the only reason.
However, on a random day he briefly let his guard down, the unthinkable happened.
Inuyasha found out.
If Sesshoumaru had comprised a list of all the beings he did NOT want to know about his affliction, Inuyasha would be right up there, along with his meddling mother.
Inuyasha stared, watching him with a complicated, horrified look on his gruff features. Shifting, Sesshoumaru stood from where he'd been knelt by a river.
Forget-me-nots floated downstream.
"... What the hell is wrong with you?" were the first words Inuyasha blurted out.
Sesshoumaru wiped his mouth, sneering. "I need not explain myself to you, whelp."
"Keh, if anything warrants a damn explanation, it's barfing up flowers."
He didn't need to hear anymore, turning with the intent to leave. No doubt the fool would talk nonsense, and he had no patience for such things with his current headache. His temples were pounding, throat parched.
"Why don't you just fucking tell her, you coward?"
That certainly caught his attention. Sesshoumaru halted. "What?" he croaked.
"Ya think I'm that ignorant, huh?" Inuyasha rolled his eyes, shoving both hands inside his sleeves. "I know."
"Know what, exactly," silken tones rasped. "You are but an ignorant pup. You were not raised within youkai circles, and so could not possibly understand."
"And whose fault is that?" shaking his head, Inuyasha huffed. "I dunno what crap you're yappin' on about, anyway. I'm talkin' about your secret relationship with Kagome that you had a couple of months ago."
Stiffening, Sesshoumaru felt his bones lock and throat inflame. He swallowed, wincing slightly. He flashed his teeth, "whatever you think you know, it is incorrect. A baseless assumption."
Continuing to walk with every intention of escaping the pending conversation, he stopped dead the second Inuyasha opened his mouth; "I could smell you on her! But that all changed the second she hit her head. Did she forget you or something? You were happy to just abandon her after she stopped being useful for a good time?"
A deafening snarl upset his aching throat, ripping something inside. Blurring through the air impossibly fast, Sesshoumaru snatched up his sibling's throat and slammed him into a tree, causing the trunk to shudder.
"Silence," a blood-curdling rasp hissed out from clenched teeth like boiling steam. Crimson eyes glowed, claws itching to bury into the nuisance's windpipe.
Even while choking, Inuyasha managed to bark out a laugh, grasping a striped wrist. "You really do like her, huh? Never thought I'd see the day, bastard." White ears pulled back flat against his skull. "What's the deal? Just open your mouth and tell Kagome. Then I don't have to smell your pining ass all over the forest while you stalk her."
Burning embers were snuffed out. Sesshoumaru coughed, lifting a hand to his mouth. His shoulder thrummed, aching. "I cannot do that."
"Why not?"
"She does not remember," releasing him, the Daiyoukai stepped back. "The miko fell quite quickly for the male who rescued her that night. The fault lies with me that she sustained injury. If she is content with another, I cannot force her gaze to me."
It wasn't as though he hadn't tried. However, Kagome seemed happy with their relationship as friends. Guilt, stung pride and other such ugly emotions were all tied up with the incident.
Inuyasha blinked with disbelief, sizing him up. "When the fuck did you get so noble?" Sesshoumaru sneered, glancing away as his brother continued. "And anyway, what does that have to do with you coughing up flowers?"
Since he'd revealed more than intended as it was, Sesshoumaru felt no inclination to divulge extra information. He turned and this time; resolved not to stop walking. "Drop the subject, whelp."
"Maybe I'll tell Kagome about it."
Sesshoumaru did not falter, knowing the fool's game by now. "Do as you please," he dismissed in a wheezing, thin voice, stepping under the cool shade of weeping willow trees and leaving him behind.
He did not intend to revisit their old rendezvous point. Sesshoumaru had wanted to put it behind him, to let everything that had happened within the cave fade into obscurity.
The second he stepped foot within the mossy mouth of its opening, however, Kagome's lingering scent fanned over a striped cheek like a breathy exhale.
Long white lashes slid half shut. Hooded golden eyes became hazed. The memory of her salty, sweet taste wrapping around his tongue flooded his senses. Claws twitched, recalling the phantom sensation of full breasts falling into his palms as her back arched exquisitely. Her eyes had darkened into a lush, deep blue.
She'd been memorable, to say the least.
Walking further in, so that he stood fully submerged in their love-nest, Sesshoumaru basked in the illicit scents and breathy whispers he could remember caressing his hearing. It hadn't just been about sex. It never was with her.
Kagome had held his demonic hand without fear and stroked his cheek, murmuring ardently or giggling quietly. She told him things he hadn't thought he'd wanted to know before.
'You're nothing like your father' she'd said easily but with a conviction that made the ageless demon believe her. The notion should've been insulting. His sire had been unbeatable in strength, so of course he should wish to be like him.
Yet Sesshoumaru had never appreciated such compliments. He wished to be unique, bold, powerful, walking an entirely different path. Her words had been strangely welcome.
"And yet here I stand, Father," Sesshoumaru uttered to himself. In love with a mortal. Dying, because of a human woman of all things.
Just like you.
Golden eyes snapped wide open. A wave of elation, dread, guilt and longing washed over him. Every fibre of his being flared to life, muscles stiffening, heart racing. His lungs constricted.
Sesshoumaru swallowed a rasping breath, shifting to face the priestess.
Kagome crept closer, glancing around the cave curiously. "Was just in the forest to collect some things. I thought I sensed you close by. Looks like I was right. What are you doing in here?"
"Nothing," he said softly. His voice sounded fragile these days.
He could tell she was confused, radiating hurt. He hadn't visited in so long. No doubt she'd wondered why. The flowers buried within his windpipe felt heavier in her presence. He cleared his throat.
"Oh," Kagome scuffed a sandal over the dirt-covered floor. "Well... I'm glad I caught you-" she offered a tentative smile. "I've missed talking with you."
Sesshoumaru's insides screamed at him. The marks on his shoulder felt like blistering iron tongues being thrust into his flesh they wailed so loud.
"I dunno what's kept you away," Kagome continued talking, making her way out of the cave. He followed, "but you haven't missed much. Rin is progressing nicely with her riding though. I'm not too shabby with that thin sword you gave me either, though Shinto says I need more practice."
That very sent icy needles piercing his skin. Stepping foot outside, Sesshoumaru couldn't stop the abrupt bite in his tone; "why are you here, miko?"
Kagome blinked and glanced at him over one shoulder. She then threaded her fingers behind her back, attention sliding away, voice unreadable.
"Shinto proposed to me."
Sesshoumaru stopped. A profound sense of loss rendered him breathless. He anticipated a coughing fit. Wheezing. Pain. But there was nothing, just him and Kagome standing alone in the silent woods. But she'd be beyond his reach for good soon.
He'd tried. He'd tried hard to forget, as she had. To push all the feelings and words right down from his throat into his chest. Maybe that was how the curse had started.
But he'd have kept the curse for good if it meant lingering in the 'almost' fantasy of them.
Now that illusion would shatter.
The very idea of her belonging to another felt like a wound somewhere inside him that he couldn't locate. The sensation of teeth on his shoulder thrummed, and he coughed, snuffing out the sound behind his hand.
"I didn't really know what to say," Kagome was muttering. "A part of me feels like it's too soon. I wanted to talk to you about it-"
"This one is needed elsewhere," he said in a clipped tone, turning on his heel.
He couldn't be her confidant anymore. Not about this.
He began walking, trying to put distance between them. He should've known it wouldn't work as Kagome quickly caught up and planted herself firmly in his way, halting the demon.
"Okay, what is going on with you?" she demanded. "Is it the cough? Are you in so much pain that you can't talk to me?"
Sesshoumaru flashed his teeth in a faint sneer, throat protesting at the extended use of his vocal cords. "is it so unthinkable that for once, I may not have time for you, miko?"
"Yes," Kagome planted both hands on her hips. "Because this isn't an isolated thing. I've hardly seen you all month! And besides that, you're my friend, Sesshoumaru. Friends tell each other things. Remember how you talked about the court and how obnoxious General Kito was to deal with? Things like that. I need to talk to you about this- and clearly, you need to talk to someone about whatever's going on with you. I'm worried about you!"
His heart clenched, and Sesshoumaru bit back a hiss at the stab of pain it caused. Thin breathing rasped and rattled. He raised a hand, urging her aside via a gentle grasp on her shoulder to continue walking.
Kagome's grip was not so gentle as she latched onto his arm.
Frustration abruptly burst in his chest and Sesshoumaru snarled, whirling with the intent of spilling everything to her. Ruin their friendship. Burn everything they'd built and admit his failure to protect her-
-only to cough up a mouthful of blood onto her collarbone.
Kagome yelped in surprise, eyes wide. Touching the wet substance dazedly, horror paled her complexion. She looked up at him with palpable fear.
Humiliation stung white-hot and burning into his body. The visceral, blinding sensation of being exposed- of being seen- felt like too much. Too raw. As a demon unused to such things, his first instinct was to remove himself from the situation.
Sesshoumaru blurred away from her outstretched hands, putting the length of the clearing between them.
Kagome called his name again with alarm, asking him to wait, but he would not heed her call.
Taking to the skies, he flew fast and erratically, a wobbly figure. Coughing hard and feeling blood clog up his windpipe like mud, Sesshoumaru had no choice but to land not long after.
Within an overcast clearing upriver from Kagome, he steadied himself against a gnarled tree.
"Hah- hah-" he wheezed, doubling over and squeezing stinging eyes shut.
Something suddenly constricted tight around his lungs, around his very ribcage. Bones protested and ached. He gasped for breath, blood leaking from his open mouth to pool on the floor. Forget-me-nots mingled with it, petals stained red.
Jolting and snapping upright, Sesshoumaru arched his back, throwing back his head. A cry escaped him unlike any other. Loud, agonised and roaring in its ferocity tinged with pain.
Stems shot out from within his ribcage, tearing his chest asunder.
Her friends made noises of alarm at the sight of Kagome's bloodied clothes, but the miko ignored Sango and Miroku's questions, bypassing them in favour of finding and grabbing Jaken by the scruff of his robes.
"You're going to tell me in 10 words or less what the hell is going on with your lord," she demanded.
Jaken yelped and squinted, hanging from her hold. "Haven't the faintest idea of what you could be alluding to!" he sniffed.
Kagome snarled and bared her teeth, lifting him closer with a menacing expression and gesturing to the red substance marring her priestess robes. "This is HIS blood. He looked awful. Like- like he was dying, Jaken," her voice broke. "Please. I need to know what's happening. He won't tell me what's wrong and I'm scared."
Yellow eyes rounded wider, swallowing the imp's face. He appeared conflicted.
Releasing Jaken, Kagome shifted her attention to Inuyasha, who leapt towards her with alarm pinching his gruff features.
Dread dropped low in her stomach. That was never a good sign.
Distant snapping noises like wood being felled reached her ears. From behind the approaching Hanyou within the forest, large vines could be seen shifting and slithering over a portion of the trees.
"What is it?" Miroku gaped. "I sense a demonic aura, but it's distorted."
Kagome shuddered, feeling strange. She recognised that energy. Identified it as easy as breathing.
"Maybe a forest spirit has been disturbed?" Sango guessed, clutching her son a little more protectively.
"It ain't that," Inuyasha dropped from his jump, landing before them. He panted, white hair windswept. Of all people, his gaze landed upon the miko first. "It's Sesshoumaru."
Their way became blocked by a thick mass of vines crisscrossing through the forest. It created a wall, preventing any from entering.
"Lord Sesshoumaru must be further in," Miroku observed, leaning to inspect the leaves. "Beyond this 'barrier' I suppose you could call it."
"I wonder what could have happened," Kagome murmured, brows pulling together. "Sesshoumaru doesn't even have nature powers."
"Why on earth did you bring ME along for this?" a high pitched, nasally voice reached their ears. Sango and Inuyasha readily ignored it, while Kagome frowned down at the imp she held by the scruff of his robes.
"Because you're clearly hiding something, and until you come clean, I'm not letting you out of my sight."
His mouth thinned into a stubborn line, glancing away.
Kagome turned her attention back to the vines. Worry took root in her stomach. The memory of the Daiyoukai spitting up blood remained fresh in her mind, evidence of it staining her clothing and plastering it against her skin.
Handing Miroku their son, Sango went first. She swung Hiraikotsu with a seemingly effortless toss- the bone boomerang spiralling, cleaving trees in half but bouncing straight off the vine wall. It didn't so much as leave a dent.
Not wasting another moment, Inuyasha unsheathed Tetsusaiga. Everyone immediately gave him a wide berth, watching as he shook the sword out into a monstrous blade. He swung it back over one shoulder, feet planted far apart- delivering a swift blow downwards with a loud cry.
A burst of power shot out, heading straight for the vines. They made contact, and for a moment Kagome thought the consuming golden light might break through, only for it to fizzle out. The insurmountable wall remained intact.
Inuyasha tried again and again, using different techniques. None of them worked.
Nocking an arrow in her bow, Kagome took aim. Pale pink reiki split forth, coating the arrow while glowing ever more blinding until she set it free.
She held out hope as it shot through the vines, managing to burst through the dense foliage- which repaired itself almost immediately, covering up the hole.
"Nothing appears to be working," Miroku muttered, turning his friends. "Perhaps we should seek advice elsewhere first before trying to continue."
Her friend's voices faded into background noise as Kagome approached the vines. Frowning slightly, she stretched out her senses, using her aura to touch and brush against the barrier. It felt like him.
If that were the case, the wall was of Sesshoumaru's own making, whether he'd consciously chosen to hide away or not. Perhaps they were going about things the wrong way.
Thinking back to Maji and how carefully they'd run their linked hands down his neck, she raised a palm. Gradually easing closer, Kagome set it down gently onto the vines, stroking downwards.
Hearing outcries of alarm as the greenery parted, only for swirling stems to curl about her shoulders- Kagome quickly grabbed Jaken.
"It's okay, guys. Just find a way to follow me in later," she met their startled gazes. "I feel like I need to reach him quickly."
"Kagome, wait!"
Ignoring their protests, Kagome lept into the fray. She welcomed the green vines that wrapped around her, enclosing the miko and wailing kappa securely behind its wall.
Mercifully the winding tendrils of vines that moved as though infused with a will of their own allowed her freedom of movement. Kagome climbed through their moving, twisting stems, occasionally losing her footing and having to grasp hold of some.
"Again, I ask; WHY ARE YOU BRINGING ME ALONG WITH YOU?!" Jaken shrieked, clinging to her back and looking around fretfully.
"You know the answer to that. Tell me what you know about Sesshoumaru's situation and I'll let you go," Kagome hummed, shielding her eyes and looking up at sprawling branches above where sunlight streamed through. Maybe she could punt him over the treetops.
"I have sworn not to break my vow of silence on the matter!"
Grinding her teeth, Kagome stopped and reached over her shoulder, tearing him from her back to frown at him. "If your silence ends up hurting him, is it even worth it? Which means more to you; Sesshoumaru's trust or his life?"
Jaken clamped up, thinking about this for a moment. His eyes abruptly filled with tears, "fine! But you had best save me from his wrath once this is over."
Kagome grinned and patted him on the head, continuing to walk. "I promise."
He huffed, "Lord Sesshoumaru is suffering from a curse."
Blue eyes widened, and Kagome set Jaken over her shoulder like she would Shippo. He did not appreciate the gesture as the kit would while she minded swirling vines aside from their path and ducked through. "What kind of curse?"
"How much do you know about youkai mates, foolish mortal?"
At that, she tilted her head, noticing a blue flowering bud among the vines and gently touching it in passing. "Very little. I know they're like married couples. They, uh... make love and bite each other instead of having a wedding ceremony and stuff. That about sum it up?"
"Insolent girl!" Jaken griped, noticing the bud she touched opening up into a flower behind them. "It is far more than that! Their energies synchronise, aura's linking. However, it's quite imperative they both bite one another."
"Or else the mating is incomplete? What's so bad about that?"
"The partner that was bitten will consider them mated and suffer a one-sided attachment. This isn't so terrible if they have the bite mark healed and lose their troublesome feelings towards their mate," he continued with a self-important air. Kagome didn't mind it if it meant getting answers. "But... if they choose to linger in longing and are prevented from completing the mating, then their energies become distorted! Their youki takes on a life of its own as flowers."
"That's what these vines are," Kagome mused. She shifted, a strange, unsettled feeling churning in her gut. "You're implying someone bit Sesshoumaru? He'd never allow someone to do that if he didn't want it- let alone not reciprocate. Besides, if he could remove it, he'd have surely done so."
"I agree this situation is unprecedented! Unthinkable! Besides that, ANY partner resisting Lord Sesshoumaru's advances is unworthy of being his mate! AH-!"
Kagome jolted, feeling a weight lift from her back. Glancing over her shoulder, she gaped and strained to reach Jaken. Vines had wrapped tight around his mid-section, lifting him away.
"Hang on!" she shimmied her bow off her arm, quickly taking aim. Releasing the arrow, she watched as it hit the mark, sailing through a vine and breaking it in two. Jaken yelped, falling, only to be caught by another vine that continued dragging him back the way they'd come.
"J-just leave me!" he wailed. "Go save Lord Sesshoumaru!"
Kagome blinked, strangely touched. Nodding with conviction, she turned and hurriedly continued to make her way through the dense foliage.
Her breath caught the second she caught sight of the flowers.
Forget-me-nots littered the area, becoming more frequent the further in she ventured. Soon she practically waded through a sea of blue petals. They hugged trees, peppering logs, the ground beneath her feet, even climbing above to hang from branches. The vast mass of familiar flowers eventually opened out into a huge clearing packed full of them.
And there, at the centre of it all, Kagome finally saw him.
Vines had burst his chest open, putting quivering lungs on full display. To her horror, she witnessed them expanding and deflating with each struggling, wheezing breath. His ribcage had been repurposed for a vase of flowers. Vibrant blue forget-me-nots poked out between his ribs, green stems tightly wrapped around his bones, constricting.
Sesshoumaru's body lay tilted back, face turned upwards to the sky. Glassy eyes were vacant, blood caking his chin. His armour and hankimono lay shattered and torn on the ground. Around him, the stems that had spilt forth from his gut propped up his lifeless form, clearly part of the mass of greenery that had hindered her approach. Kagome covered her mouth, hand shaking. Tears pricked her eyes. Blue veins visibly spread over his flesh, causing her to wonder if the stems had buried beneath his very skin.
This was not Sesshoumaru. It couldn't be.
Choking on nothing, Kagome hurried closer with a thin noise. Reaching his motionless form, her hands hovered uselessly over his decimated chest. She didn't know where to start. How could she even help him?
"Who did this to you?" her voice wobbled. Stinging eyes misted over, running over his body. He looked like a corpse that had been picked clean by crows. His moving lungs moving were the only indication he was even alive.
"Sesshoumaru- I don't know if you can hear me," Kagome tried, reaching out and touching his cheek. It shocked her skin, icy to the touch. "But please- let go of the person who caused this," she said, locating what she assumed was the mating mark upon his shoulder. "No one is worth dying over. You could start over with your mate. Ask them out- anything!" she shuddered, looking at the flowers poking out from his ribs.
"Just don't die! This isn't like you!" Kagome snapped, tears rolling hotly down her cheeks to slide free from her chin. "Fight this! Keep living. T-there's still so much I want to talk to you about."
The tears landed upon pretty blue petals.
Leaning against him slightly, Kagome sobbed. She wondered if she could just reach out and rip the awful things free from inside his chest.
Why Forget-me-nots, anyway? Why not another flower-
The mating mark halted her hand, fingers brushing the stems. It didn't look like an animal bite, nor did it belong to a demon.
Kagome's eyes slowly widened. She had a distinct tooth at the back of her mouth.
The tooth marks looked like a perfect mould of her teeth.
"Was" she breathed, glancing up at Sesshoumaru's features dazedly. "Those blank spots in my memory. Was I... with you?"
The puzzle pieces slotted into place perfectly. Kagome stared, feeling like a fool for having not noticed. She'd just thought, assumed- he would never look at her like that.
But if the miko cast her memory back and pictured Sesshoumaru's lovely features, his honeyed gaze resting upon her face, half-lidded, lips quirked, face soft and drinking her in- maybe he had been looking at her 'like that' the whole time.
Kagome shook her head, feeling frantic. She latched onto his shoulders.
"I-I'm so sorry. I'm sorry! I never meant for this to happen. Why didn't you bite me? Why didn't you TELL me, you stupid demon!" she snapped, cheeks reddening as a fresh wave of tears stung her eyes. "All that time we spent together goofing off and talking- and you were suffering in silence? You're so stupid, Sesshoumaru!"
His anguished face did not stir. Kagome mindlessly wiped away the dried blood from his chin with shaky fingers.
"There's no taking this back now," she said quietly, glancing at the bite mark. "So... I guess there's only one thing for it."
It sounded terrible, but Shinto was far from her mind as she lay a hand over her mating mark and began concentrating. When resolving to save someone, Kagome became bullheaded. Sesshoumaru was all she could see as her aura rose out from her body, seeping into his bloodstream via the bite marks.
"You need to wake up," she mumbled, using her free hand to adjust the parting of her white kosode. Sliding it off one shoulder to bare her flesh, Kagome remained heedless of the vines growing and curling around them. They seeped into her ebony hair, twining into the long locks like a lover's hands.
Kagome straddled the Daiyoukai, shuddering a little at being so close to his bare bones. She couldn't have sex with him, obviously, but she suspected it wasn't truly needed to complete the bond. Feeding her energy into his body, she bit her bottom lip. Sweat beaded on her brow.
She began to mumble and pray under her breath.
When her spiritual energy had spread through most his system, Kagome grit her teeth and hoped he'd forgive her. Laying one hand atop his rib-cage directly over his heart, she raised her voice.
"Wake up!"
A pulse of reiki shot out through her palm.
Sesshoumaru jerked beneath her. A ghastly, chocking noise escaped him. His head lolled to the side as he looked at her unseeingly, a trickle of blood welling from the corner of his pale mouth. Kagome quickly wrapped an arm around him, guiding his head to her shoulder.
"Bite down, Sesshoumaru," Kagome whispered fiercely into his ear.
Sharp canines brushed her skin, causing a shiver. Wet flecks of blood accompanied it as he coughed. Whimpering with desperation, the miko curled trembling fingers into silver hair. She pressed a kiss against his cheek.
"Please- I want this." She'd do anything to save him. Besides that, a small, buried part of her felt strangely at peace with the action and its meaning. "Bite down!"
A blood-curdling snarl vibrated out from his open chest. Fangs sank deep into her shoulder. At once, dark, dominating youki burst through her system like a shot of adrenaline. Kagome gasped, back arching. It turned her heart into a burning star. Sesshoumaru's presence filled her until she practically burst at the seams. She distantly understood why youkai had sex before biting each other, reeling from it. The orgasm probably softened the intensity. Completion was something the mind could fathom, a release, the pooling of cum inside her.
This felt overwhelming. He was everywhere. His energy burned and licked, igniting and soothing her body like burning whisky.
Kagome felt the pinpricks of fresh tears in her eyes, overcome with a hurricane of emotions she couldn't quite name. She could feel his weakness. His exhaustion. The part of him tethered to her became a lifeline between them, feeding him the energy he'd lost.
Sesshoumaru's mouth peeled back from her flesh. He panted, sinking back. Kagome caught him about the shoulders, cradling him close.
A wave of tiredness sent her sinking down against him, lashes falling shut as dizziness spun her vision.
The last thing she saw before surrendering to the lure of unconsciousness was a canopy of Forget-me-nots surrounding their weary bodies.
Drowsy lids slowly cracked open- wincing at the setting sun's harsh orange light peeking out from between the trees. Golden eyes averted and Sesshoumaru stirred with a dusty rumble.
Something heavy lay over his bare chest. He lifted his head.
Kagome rested against his shoulder, dark hair spilling everywhere. Sesshoumaru stared, feeling he must be dreaming. They were laying within a clearing together, which looked clear, quiet and picturesque.
Squinting, he sat up, adjusting the woman against him. Kagome sank against his side, revealing a gaping hole in his flesh, exposing his rib-cage.
Ah, that's right.
The flowers. The vines spilling forth from his chest as blood asphyxiated him, making breathing impossible.
And Kagome...
The miko had come for him. Saved him.
Sesshoumaru ghosted stiff fingers over his mouth, dragging clawed nails down to the fresh bite mark branding his shoulder. He then shifted Kagome, running an aristocratic nose to similar marks adorning her shoulder- a tongue sliding out to drag over bloodied flesh. She tasted wonderful.
Kagome groaned and wrapped her arms around him tighter, burying her face in the juncture between his neck and shoulder.
Closing his eyes, Sesshoumaru held her close and revelled in the sensation. However, he soon picked up on the far off shimmer of his barrier enclosing them within their mini safe space. He could sense Inuyasha waiting outside, along with Jaken.
Deciding to lower it, Sesshoumaru rested his lips against the crown of Kagome's head before drawing himself up to stand unsteadily, lifting her into his arms.
When Inuyasha burst into the clearing, leaves scattering and clinging to his thick white hair, he brandished Tetsusaiga, only to lower it with a raised brow.
Sesshoumaru stood clad in his hakama pants, arching a regal brow in return. He approached the hanyou and passed Kagome over wordlessly, ignoring his noise of surprise at the sight of his ribcage.
"It is healing," the demon dismissed.
"Uh, alright," Inuyasha grunted, supporting Kagome. "Should I even ask what the hell happened?"
Sesshoumaru ignored him in favour of looking at the miko. His shoulder ached, and when he drew back his heel with the intention to leave- a fresh wave of discomfort elicited a wince.
Kagome stirred, blue eyes blinking open. She then drew a hand out towards him, "where are you going?"
"This one is..." he trailed off. "I must..."
"No, you don't," she murmured. Patting Inuyasha's shoulder to prompt him to set her down, Kagome flashed her friend a smile. "Thanks for coming for me, but I need to stay with this impossible guy to make sure he heals alright."
Inuyasha eyed the bite mark on her shoulder, nostrils flaring. "You sure?"
Kagome nodded firmly.
"What do ya want me to tell Shinto if he asks where ya are?"
Guilt passed over her face, and blue eyes flicked away, before finding him again. "Just say I'm visiting another village. I need to tell him the truth myself."
Relenting, Inuyasha stepped away, shooting Sesshoumaru a warning look before reluctantly leaving them be again, feeling like the wind had been thoroughly knocked out of his sails.
The Daiyoukai watched her, stunned.
"It's crazy you're even up and walking around in your condition," Kagome rubbed at her forehead, reaching out and seizing frozen fingers. "Come on, let's find a cave to take shelter in for the night."
The demon lord stopped and slid unrelenting attention down to her once they reached the mouth of a cave. "What made you choose this place?"
"I dunno, it wasn't far away and it felt familiar," Kagome hummed, meeting his gaze. "Have we... used it before? In the past?"
Golden eyes cracked wider. "You remember?" he asked in a quiet, brittle tone.
She shook her head, "not at all. I just figured it out. Would've been nice if you'd told me," releasing his hand, she wandered inside, finding a bed of furs awaiting them further in, cracks of sunlight streaming in through holes in the rock ceiling. Her cheeks reddened a little, imagination running wild.
"You really scared me back there," she murmured, back turned to him. "I thought you were going to die."
"That is why you completed the mating," Sesshoumaru uttered. To save him, and for no other reason.
A part of him had hoped she'd remembered, but another had immediately recognised the sacrifice she'd made. Kagome was a selfless individual in the face of danger. If Inuyasha were dying, or any of her other friends, he wondered if she'd mate them if it meant saving their lives.
With a benevolence he did not truly feel, Sesshoumaru forced himself to prioritise her comfort. "If this is not something you wish for- there are ways of severing the bond."
"Stop," she grit out, whirling to face him. Flinty blue eyes took his breath away. "Stop lying all the time. I remember valuing your company and opinion because you were always so blunt with me. You never held back your opinions."
"I am not lying, there is a way to sever it."
"But that's not what you want! Damn it- you nearly died because you couldn't open your mouth! Just be honest for once and tell me how you're feeling, Sesshoumaru. What do YOU want?"
Energy lashed at the air, kicking up a breeze that caused dark hair to fly back. Hands closed over the back of her neck, cradling her skull. Lips were shoved against hers, smothering startled breath.
"You," Sesshoumaru breathed in a brief parting, kissing her fiercely again. His mouth slanted ardently over hers, the hint of a fang brushing her lips. "Is it not obvious I cannot abide anything but having you? Foolish woman, it is for your sake I held back. Once you submit, there is no escaping me."
Kagome gaped, unable to keep up with the sheer amount of heated kisses. Her hands settled over his arms, heat igniting her cheeks. She'd never received a kiss like it before and tentatively returned it. A small gasp and accompanying noise from him only confirmed to her how much he wanted it. She could feel the tension in his frame. He was holding back even now.
When he pulled away, she panted, thumb dragging over magenta cheek stripes. "Didn't that feel so much better than burying everything?" she teased weakly. "Even if I'd rejected you, surely that would've been better than regret- than nearly dying."
Sesshoumaru's gaze slid away. He then released a long sigh, clawed hands curling in her hair. "You seemed happy with the mercenary."
"Ex-mercenary," she corrected out of habit, leaning into his touch. "And I was. I like him. But..." Kagome looked at him. Really looked, and somehow it clicked that his face was the only one she wanted to wake up to in the mornings to follow. When had things gotten to that point? Had she wanted this while lazing on the riverbank with him so long ago? Things would've been so much more simple if she'd identified it sooner. If he'd said something.
How foolish they both were.
Stepping closer, she blushed and tilting her head back in order to ghost her lips over a firm jaw. "I like you more."
Power sparked her insides at the ensuing shudder he gave. "Mating entails more than 'liking' one another, miko. Can you deal with my extended company? Being mine?"
Kagome pretended to consider this. "For how long?"
His lips quirked. "Centuries. Possibly thousands of years."
"That's a long time," her eyes danced. "I guess I'm okay with that if you work on your communication skills."
He inclined his head gravely, dipping his nose into her hair and inhaling a lungful. It felt so good to have clear airways again.
"Sesshoumaru, there is something I want to ask you about; Why didn't you bite me? And what happened during that night I lost my memories?"
"I intended to, miko," he said with dark promise. Displeasure curled his lip. "You managed to bite me during climax. I do not think you understood the ramifications of it at the time. I would have reciprocated nonetheless. Unfortunately, my senses- brilliant as they are- sensed a disturbance in the forest. A herd of boar youkai were bolting towards your precious village."
He could scowl all he wanted about it, but Kagome knew of his attachment to Rin. No doubt they'd both wasted no further time in lovemaking and quickly made for the village.
"We fought them, tried to redirect them. You asked me to save a boy that had fallen during the village's impromptu evacuation. Naturally, I did so- but it meant leaving you alone."
Kagome winced. Her hand found the back of her head, remembering waking to a sizable bump and stitches. "They got me, huh?"
"One struck you down," Sesshoumaru uttered with a weary tone. "I did not know where you were, as we had become separated in the chaos. When I eventually found you... the mercenary was nursing your wounds."
"I remember," she said gently. A stab of sympathy clenched her heart. Stroking a hand down his bicep, she sighed. "That must've been awful, to lose me so soon after almost completing the mating. I didn't realise, didn't recall our relationship. I greeted you so casually and didn't get why you were lingering around in his hut."
"The fault is not yours," Sesshoumaru rested large hands possessively on her hips.
Kagome glanced at him, squinting. "Neither is it yours," she pressed her fingers to his lips when he opened his mouth. "Nope! Not yours. I wouldn't have wanted you to prioritise guarding me that night. If you had, that boy you saved might've lost his life. Besides, I can usually take care of myself. They caught me on a bad day."
The two fell into silence. Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, resting thin lips against the crown of her head while Kagome leaned carefully against him.
"I find it weird that we've had a whole conversation while you have a massive hole in your chest. At least I can't see your whole ribcage like before. Seems like the skin and muscle are repairing," she mumbled.
"It will heal quickly," he dismissed, palms gliding over her back.
Kagome made a soft noise, basking in his warmth. "It's also weird that this feels so natural to me," she lifted her head, catching his eye. "I might not remember us. Ever. So just... promise me you won't search for my past self in me. I've been through that before."
He swept her down into the furs, covering her form with his own. "Hn, we will live in the present."
Heat flushed her cheeks as she sank into the soft, comforting furs. Her heart fluttered, stomach jumping. "Thank you."
A silver curtain of hair blocked out their surroundings as Kagome pulled him closer, both mindful of his injury. She smiled, searching his gaze and slowly delivering a sweet kiss to his lips.
Sesshoumaru let out a long sigh of relief, their foreheads meeting.
"Hey, on the bright side..." Kagome gave him a cheeky grin. "I get to experience my 'first time' with you again."
Astonishment painted his features. A simmering, darkly satisfied look soon replaced it, transforming his face into something more raw and honest. Kagome accepted his anticipation, his hunger, not dissuading him from it. She endeavoured to encourage even more displays of emotion from him.
"You don't need to hold back," she murmured, accepting his searing kiss. "Tell me everything you've wanted to say to me since losing my memory. I don't mind."
Their energies twined once more, and the miko hooked her leg over his hip to anchor him against her without any seductive intentions. She merely wanted him close, and Sesshoumaru did not argue, burying closer to her the second he healed. Skin met skin, noses brushing.
In the hush that followed, Sesshoumaru took his lips to her ear and began talking.
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steponmeasra · a year ago
What if you were the LI, and the Arcana babes were romancing you? Here's a lil HC of what their fanblog dedicated to you might be like ❤️✨💋
The LIs Running a Fanblog About You 
Warning: This contains Spicey content. If you're not okay with the LIs being lusty for you, this may not be your cup of tea 🤷🏻‍♀️
Asra ~
Welcome to the land of Yearning™
If anyone wants moodboards, playlists, or fic recs for you… Asra is their go-to
He didn't plan to end up in this Fandom, like at all. He actually laughed when Julian told him he would love this dating sim
As soon as he saw your face on his phone screen, though, he felt something change in him. He couldn't place it at first, and he denied it for a long time
But after a while, he couldn't help but smile every time he thought of you. Your name gave him butterflies, your smiling face made him blush
He felt silly for being so invested in a character in a game… but he couldn't deny the way his chest felt lighter every time he thought of you
He started out small, searching for fanart of you, because the time allowed in-game just wasn't enough. Soon enough he's running a fanblog and gushing about you daily
Your CGs make him sigh with love and longing every time he sees them. (Your Love Confession CG is his phone background, and the header of his blog)
He makes gorgeous watercolor artwork of you, and is always open to commissions. You've brought him so much joy, he couldn't keep you all to himself
Asra's a little apprehensive of letting his followers know he regularly consumes Spicey Content about you… but once he does, he gets flooded with requests for increasingly kinky HCs/fics (which he may or may not oblige, but certain topics definitely, uh, pique his interest, so to speak)
Don't tell him I told you this, but ever since he played your route, he thinks of you whenever he's, ummm, having some Me x Me time 👀
Definitely says your name when he cums
Julian ~
You truly don't know the meaning of Horny Jail until you picture Julian's fanblog for you
First of all, you're the only LI he even bothers with
He's loyal asf to you. It's YouXJulian 10Evr, no exceptions. Even poly ships don't fly in his house. He's devoted to you and you alone
He sketches now and again, but is much more comfortable writing about his love affair with you
Definitely writes long, dramatic, beautifully poetic slow-burn fics about you, interspersed with some heavy D/s stuff that he openly admits might be OOC since it's purely self indulgent
The actual king of hurt/comfort smut
It physically pains him to read sad fics/HCs about you, but goddamn he loves the drama of a good redemption arc
May or may not have spent a fair bit of time searching his local cornhub for actors that resemble you to, uh, admire in action
Every song he hears, he imagines you dancing to. Every movie he watches, he imagines holding your hand as you watch it together
Knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would treat you better than anyone else ever could
Any blogs that criticize/flame you? Blocked. And he won't apologize.
Cosplays as you to feel closer and more connected to you 🥺👉👈
Nadia ~
She is That Blog that's a Big Fucking Deal in the fandom because of her beautiful artwork
She may have played other routes first, or after you, but she's very vocal about how you are without a doubt her favorite, and no one could ever tear her attention away
Her artwork of you is always colorful and sumptuous, it feels intimate and personal, like she knows you better than she should be able to
Is a big supporter of other blogs dedicated to you or the other LIs, always reblogs talented work and boosts newcomers to the fandom
Takes her a while to be convinced to make Spicey/NSFW artwork about you… and even then, she keeps it Suggestive rather than All Out Nude
Does that mean she doesn't have some TRULY nasty artwork of you on her desktop for when she's in the mood? Absolutely not 🙊
Is the most Lowkey Horny about her obsession with you. Unless you're close with her, you'll never get to glimpse the depths of her Need™ for you
Super open to taking commissions for artwork of you and other people's OCs, or of you and other LIs from the game
In fact it kinda Does Sumthin To Her to think of you getting down and dirty with someone else 👀
(as long as she gets to watch)
Muriel ~
Get ready to get fucking SOFT AS HELL, yall
No one who knows him IRL knows he plays this game, let alone that he runs a blog dedicated to your character
He doesn't even put his real name on his blog lmfao he is on the DL for real
He mostly starts his blog so he has a way to feel more connected to you and to explore the small, quiet moments that must take place in between the major plot points of your route
It probably takes him several months of prodding and encouragement, but he eventually gives in to his followers' requests for original content from him
Cue the softest, most sunlit, loving, intimate, vulnerable artwork and fics you have ever fucking seen
He's really a sucker for depicting the little stolen moments in his imagined everyday life with you
His HCs are things like what you look like when you sleep, what music you listen to when you drive, what your guilty pleasures at the grocery store are, what your favorite hiking trails look like, etc
It's not that he's ashamed of having Certain Feelings about you
But he doesn't even trust having those kind of fics in his drafts. He screenshots them and consults them late at night when he's alone 👀
When he sees soft, intimate smut, oooooooo he's so taken he might just reblog it
Portia ~
Loving you is not a fad to Portia. It is a lifestyle.
Her blog is modelled after what she imagines her home with you would look like: soft, cozy, warm, unassuming, full of light
The undisputed Queen of Fluff
Whether it's artwork, long fics, HCs, or soothing playlists, Portia manages to evoke the feeling of spending a lazy afternoon with you under the springtime sun in every single one
She's big on protecting your character. Doesn't even dream of creating content that might make you uncomfortable, if you were to see it
What would you dress as for Halloween? Portia already sketched it
Your favorite Gaga song? Portia has a HC that outlines your thoughts on every album's major bangers
Movies that radiate your energy? Portia has an in-depth analysis on deck including what movies you'd love to Netflix and Chill to
Her Spicey Content is very intimate and personal, but that absolutely does not mean it's lacking in wanton, shameless horniness
Get a couple glasses of wine in her and she WILL be drunk-blogging about how unfair it is that you're not real
Lucio ~
100% thirst blog. Shameless asf about it, too
Definitely HCs that all his kinks are your kinks, too
Probably can't draw or write for shit but he'll be damned if that's gonna stop him
Mostly reblogs Spicey content about you, but gets highkey possessive asf if anyone else ships themselves with you
If anyone wants to ship you with their OCs? He's unfollowing
He played your route first, he knew you were perfect as soon as he saw you
Doesn't bother playing the other routes. He knows they could never measure up to you ❤
He's biiiiig into smut written about You x Reader, it lets him imagine himself being the one who's bringing you all that pleasure 👀
He always says he prefers fics where you take a more submissive role, but if he sees a fic of you Domming… he's gonna be in bed the rest of the day, uh, studying that fic, ahem
He knows he shouldn't, but if he sees someone talk about disliking you… He's gonna report their blog for hate speech and also block them
Doesn't want his followers to think he's sappy so he doesn't reblog any soff/fluffy fics about you. He will, however, save them to his drafts and read them over and over when he's having a bad day
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xiaomomowrites · 8 months ago
midas touch
Genshin Impact | ZhongChi
Summary: Sometimes, in moments where Zhongli finds himself surrendering to the harmonic bliss that surrounds him, he’ll allow himself to lose control over his mortal form and let some of his draconic features shine through. Some days his horns will make an appearance, and other times his scales will begin to blossom across what once was human skin. Tonight, his horns make themselves present, and his eyes have shifted, too.
“Can I…” Ajax starts tentatively. His eyes are blown so wide, and they glimmer with curiosity and a silent joy that is akin to a child being gifted sweets. Zhongli chuckles, nodding his head in silent affirmation. 
The pads of Ajax’s fingers hesitantly make contact with the horns stemming from the crown of his head. They’re beautiful; they glow as if they’re dipped in melted mora, pulsing brightly and casting a dim light across Ajax’s pale skin. They’re quite long, and Ajax gently trails his index finger along the curve of a horn. They don’t stick straight up, though. Instead, it bows backwards charmingly until it tapers off midway toward the back of Zhongli’s head.
Or, Zhongli discovers something new about his powers and gladly takes advantage of it.
Find it on Ao3!
A/N: Soo the thought process behind this fic was inspired by three different pieces of chili fanart I found on twitter (I'll link it in the end notes) and the concept that my mutual put in my head of Zhongli turning Childe's skin to gold whenever he touches him. My mutual is a genius. And uhhh initially I didn't expect this to turn explicit, but I just started typing and then suddenly they were going at it lol. But writing them super soft and cute is always such a pleasure, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did :)
But this was so fun to write! Definitely a good break from act vi bc damn that piece just doesn't want to be written right now. I have a collab with miss stereotypicallyasian on the way as well, a Naruto x Genshin crossover that I should be posting sometime toward the end of the week!
As soon as he wakes up, Zhongli finds his breath stuttering with a noticeable hollowness in his chest that he cannot quite describe. 
Briefly, he supposes it is merely the effect of his gnosis being taken. But even with the core of his divinity gone, there still remains a vibrant energy coursing through his veins that buzzes with a level of excitement. It’s a nagging feeling, but it is the very thing that keeps him awake at night. Zhongli exhales, nice and slow, and allows the back of his head to press against the pillows he had propped up against the table. His hair is free from its usual hold and it spills across his shoulders in ribbons of black and gold. 
He stretches his legs across the blankets he’s laid beneath him and wiggles his toes, flexes his fingers, twitches his nose. The wind around him responds in kind. Warm Liyuan air wafts through the room at the inn as the sun begins to set, casting an orange glow across the walls. Zhongli feels himself sink into the floor, melting into the plush pillows, and revels in the way he is being held down firmly by the weight in his lap that belongs to his beloved.
He’s been tired these days. 
Only a week had passed after the incident with Osial and his official retirement as the Archon of Geo. Adjusting so far has been strange, and eerily enough, rather easy. Despite the new creaking in his joints and the mild back pain he never quite felt until now, he’s become rather fond of the quaint life he subconsciously built while he was living amongst his people. 
And, well, Ajax’s presence made adjusting rather painless. The Harbinger staying by his side somehow made it easier to to cope with the gaping void in his chest.
Speaking of which, Ajax makes himself known by rolling over and shuffling closer, burying his face in his abdomen. The ex-Archon cracks an eye open and looks down at the smattering of red hair against his stomach. He can’t help but smile at the sight. 
“Ajax,” he calls, voice a deep rumble from his temporary slumber, “it’s getting late. If you continue napping, you’ll have a hard time sleeping tonight.”
He’s answered with unintelligible mumbling, and the vibrations of Ajax’s voice tickles his stomach.
“What?” He breathes out a laugh. 
“Xiansheng I don’t want to get uppp,” Ajax whines as he props his chin against Zhongli’s stomach. He wriggles closer, moving up higher in his lap until his face is pressed up against his chest. Zhongli cradles the back of his head lovingly, and softly runs a bare hand through ginger locks. 
“You must, baobei,” Zhongli tugs on his hair gently, “also because I am getting quite hungry.”
Ajax makes a noise of indignance against him. The ginger looks up, ready to protest, but abruptly halts. 
His eyes widened comically. Ajax stares at him like he had grown a second head, cerulean eyes tracing his every feature as if this was his first time ever seeing him. Any noise or complaint of being woken up dies on his lips as he’s suddenly speechless, any and all vocabulary suddenly void. 
Zhongli’s brows furrowed in confusion. “Is everything okay?” 
“Xiansheng, you’re…” the ginger trails off breathlessly, “by the Gods, you’re beautiful.”
Zhongli sputters. “Well, I am flattered, truly, but--”
“Zhongli,” Ajax all but hisses. He brings a deft finger up to Zhongli’s hair, but doesn’t quite stop at his fringe. He reaches up, up, up and--
Zhongli knows where this is going. This isn’t the first time this has happened. 
Sometimes, in moments where Zhongli finds himself surrendering to the harmonic bliss that surrounds him, he’ll allow himself to lose control over his mortal form and let some of his draconic features shine through. Some days his horns will make an appearance, and other times his scales will begin to blossom across what once was human skin. Tonight, his horns make themselves present, and his eyes have shifted, too.
“Can I…” Ajax starts tentatively. His eyes are blown so wide, and they glimmer with curiosity and a silent joy that is akin to a child being gifted sweets. Zhongli chuckles, nodding his head in silent affirmation. 
The pads of Ajax’s fingers hesitantly make contact with the horns stemming from the crown of his head. They’re beautiful; they glow as if they’re dipped in melted mora, pulsing brightly and casting a dim light across Ajax’s pale skin. They’re quite long, and Ajax gently trails his index finger along the curve of a horn. They don’t stick straight up, though. Instead, it bows backwards charmingly until it tapers off midway toward the back of Zhongli’s head.
“You’re…” he breathes, “I’ve never seen…”
“It has been a long time since I last let myself truly relax into this form.” 
Ajax’s eyes flicker back down to his face as Zhongli’s voice snaps him out of his reverie. He’s met with eyes glowing bright as cor lapis, pupils almost narrowed into slits, and a few stray ebony scales. 
Once again with the curiosity of a child, Ajax reaches out to poke at the scales blooming across Zhongli’s skin. The ex-Archon tuts. 
“My apologies, I was not aware that this much of me was visible—“
“Why are you apologizing?” Ajax demands, eyes darting up to his horns once more before locking onto his golden ones. “You’re beautiful, Xiansheng. I had no idea you could even do this.”
“Frankly, I am surprised, too,” Zhongli speaks honestly. Ajax looks at him, stunned. “I didn’t think this could happen without my gnosis. But life has been full of surprises lately, it seems.”
“What else could you do?” Ajax asks excitedly, shifting to where he was sitting up and laying on his side, curled around the latter. He rests against the incline of Zhongli’s body comfortably. They were still pressed against each other impossibly close, legs intertwining. Zhongli’s head presses against the pillow behind him, and Ajax stares at the horn-shaped indent in the cushion inquisitively. Zhongli is filled with an abrupt surge of affection at the sight. It has been a long time since someone looked at him with such fascination in this form. “Without your gnosis, I mean. Obviously you could do a lot with it.”
“I still have yet to see, Ajax, as it’s only been a week since I’ve lost it,” Zhongli murmurs. He brushes a stray strand of hair away from Ajax’s forehead. He presses the pad of his thumb against the growing frown lines developing between the ginger’s eyebrows. “How are you already developing wrinkles? You are still so young.”
“Mean!” Ajax pulls away, rubbing at the spot with the back of his hand. “Says the one who is six thousand years old! In fact I’m surprised you don’t have any wrinkles. Seriously, I’ve never even see you apply moisturizer before and—“
“Ajax,” Zhongli interrupts. This time, it’s his turn to stare at Ajax with astonishment. His eyes, bright and golden, burn a hole through the spot on Ajax’s forehead where Zhongli was just poking at. The ginger can’t help but strain to look up as if he could catch a glimpse of what the half-dragon was looking at. Cross-eyed, he just looked ridiculous. And confused. He was so, so confused. 
“What, what?” Ajax asks anxiously. Zhongli stares at him still, wordlessly reaching up to touch him again. The dragon’s eyes soften, brushing a knuckle right across Ajax’s cheekbone, right underneath a blue eye. The Harbinger sees, then, the gold that shimmers right beneath his vision. Zhongli’s expression is nothing short of enamored, astonished, and downright entranced.
“Is your hand glowing?” he asks. Zhongli shakes his head, listening, but not really. His eyes trail across Ajax’s face, too focused on the path that his hand takes more than anything else. He continues drawing lazy patterns across Ajax’s cheek, and the gold seems to shine brighter. “Xiansheng, what is going on?” 
“Your skin,” he begins slowly, voice lowered into a hush. Ajax has to strain to listen to him. “It seems to turn to gold where I touch.”
“W-what?” Ajax scrambles, but Zhongli places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. 
“It’s temporary, love, do not fret. The spot on your forehead has already disappeared.” 
“Wait, wait, I wanna see!” Ajax demands, suddenly sitting up straight. Zhongli follows suit and corrects his posture, holding his palm out as an invitation. 
“Give me your hand,” he commands gently. The latter complies, and places the back of his hand in the warmth of Zhongli’s own. 
The ex-Archon uses the tip of his finger to trace patterns into his hand, and the skin underneath responds immediately to the touch. It glows an ethereal shade of gold that has Ajax blinking away the spots that form in his eyes from the brightness. And although it goes away as quickly as it comes, it still leaves a tingling feeling across his skin as it disappears. Zhongli doesn’t so much as flinch at the brightness, though, as he continues tracing letters, characters, symbols he’s never seen before, into the palm of Ajax’s hand. The ginger shivers at the touch. It’s so intimate— it’s too intimate— he feels like he’s going to pass out. He can feel an energy so divine being pressed into the palm of his hand, sinking in through his skin and spilling into his bloodstream. Ajax’s heart beat picks up, a newfound energy coursing through his veins. 
It is a blessing that no one could ever even imagine receiving from Rex Lapis himself. 
Because gnosis or not, the being before him was a deity too precious to be touching a soul as blackened as Ajax’s. And yet here he was, accepting such a heavenly gift from Teyvat’s oldest god. 
Ajax almost wants to pull away, but it is his pure curiosity that keeps him in place.
Zhongli continues his trail up the Harbinger’s arm, and this time, he’s drawing flower petals that bloom from thin branches. They encroach upon the inside of his forearm, streaming along his veins as Zhongli draws petal after petal. The half-dragon is quick— quicker than the rate in which the golden lines disappear. He sketches the design of his flowers rapidly across his skin, all while maintaining his gentle hold on Ajax.
The human canvas has no choice but to sit and watch with awe as the design seems to come to life. Blue eyes follow gold, attracted like a moth to a flame, and Ajax is simply unable to look away from the art Zhongli creates on his skin of all things. Ajax’s skin, freckled and marred by years of fighting, is being turned into a work of art made for his eyes, and his eyes only. 
Once again, Zhongli has done what has felt like the impossible. 
But of course, all good things come to an end, and Zhongli stops. With a flick of his wrist, he tapers the tip of the last petal he draws before withdrawing his hand entirely. Ajax watches with the same level of fascination as the golden strokes vanish as if they were never even there. Yet still, Ajax’s skin tingles. 
“Any chance you knew you could do that?” he speaks after awhile, voice uncharacteristically quiet, pensive.
“No,” Zhongli answers, eyes flickering back up to him. “But to be honest with you, I do not wish to stop.”
Ajax’s eyes widen at the statement. “What do you mean—“
Zhongli’s hands grip at Ajax’s hips as he pushes him backwards. The Harbinger gasps, arms shooting out to wrap around his neck for stability. Zhongli crowds him in an instant as soon as Ajax’s back hits the floor. The ex-Archon noses at his neck, peppering kisses along the line of his jugular and watching with dilated eyes as a trail of gold is left behind where his lips once were. The feeling that blossoms in his chest can only be described as some primal satisfaction as Ajax is marked with his stamp of gold.
“I cannot help but wonder,” Zhongli speaks quietly, “if your skin would turn to gold while touching all parts of me.” His voice drops a whole octave. If it was deep before, it was even deeper now, closer to a purr than anything. The sound rumbles through his chest, making Ajax shiver at the noise.
Ajax’s breath stutters. “Oh,” is all he manages to say.
“If you would indulge my curiosity so kindly,” Zhongli begins, voice breathy, “I’d like to see you glow in many other places.”
“Oh my god,” Ajax blushes a furious red, “you have such a way with words, Xiansheng! And just do me already, you’ve never had to ask before!”
“I’m just asking because in this form, I might be… slightly different in some places.” Zhongli’s ears burn red.
“Oh my god,” Ajax all but sobs, “shut up and get inside me old man, make me glow, or whatever.”
Zhongli grins and oh fuck he has fangs, of course he has fangs—
“As you wish.”
Ajax does a lot more than glow that night. In fact, he gets so much more than what he initially bargained for. The sun begins to set, but the darkness that befalls the room matters naught when Ajax is turned into a human lamp every time Zhongli touches him. And gods above, does he touch him.
When Zhongli kisses him, his head spins a little more. When clawed hands squeeze at his hips and almost break skin, his heart beats a little faster. When one, then two, then three oiled fingers slip past the tight rim of muscle with care and makes him grind his hips down impatiently, his breaths come a little shorter. And when Zhongli finally, finally slides in and makes him forget his own name, Ajax can’t help the broken moan that flies past his lips when he bottoms out. 
Holy shit, Zhongli wasn’t kidding when he said he was built a little different. 
Though, they probably needed to gloss over the definition of a little later tonight because apparently, a little meant an additional three whole inches in length and half an inch in girth. The newfound length brushes past places in Ajax’s body he never even knew existed, scratching an itch he wasn’t aware he had.
Was Ajax expecting to be taking his boyfriend’s dragon dick at nine at night when he was supposed to be having dinner? No. Was he going to take it anyway? Absolutely. And in retrospect, Ajax was faring just fine. He had his legs wrapped tightly around Zhongli’s waist and his hands tugging at his loose locks. The amber ends glow brighter at every pull and Ajax just holds onto the strands for comfort at this point.
Zhongli, on the other hand, had his eyes shut and was breathing hard through his nose. 
“Xiansheng?” Ajax calls tentatively. He reaches a hand out to cup Zhongli’s cheek, and almost gets distracted by the luminance his hand emits as soon as he makes contact. 
“I’m alright,” Zhongli says through gritted teeth, “I’m having trouble… regaining composure, is all.”
“What do you mean?” Ajax gasps when Zhongli’s hips flex.
“You…” he struggles, “are very tight. And. My senses are heightened in this form.”
Ajax smiles wickedly, and squeezes around him. Zhongli hisses, biting down hard on Ajax’s shoulder. His fangs almost break skin, but the ginger doesn’t even flinch. 
“Let me on top,” he says instead, “I can set the pace.”
“That might be difficult,” Zhongli begins tentatively, “laying on my back may not be an option at the moment.”
“What? Why— oh, holy fuck.”
Lo and behold, a long, serpentine tail is laid out across the blankets and thumps once, twice, happily in place. It’s thicker at the base where it forms near Zhongli’s body, and smoothly tapers out until the end is covered in silky, golden locks. Ajax swears it sparkles. The hair flows so elegantly across their floor, Ajax almost has the urge to reach out and run his fingers through it. And he would, if he currently wasn’t impaled and unable to move. 
“... I apologize—“
“That is so hot,” Ajax almost weeps. “Please for the love of all Archons, Zhongli, Morax, I’m begging—ah!”
The lilt in his voice as he begs, whining the long lost name, has Zhongli moving before he can register what he’s doing.
Zhongli moves. He throws all caution to the wind and lets himself move recklessly without abandon. Ajax writhes beneath him and takes what he is given with gratitude, praying with breathless gasps and broken moans. Every noise that leaves his throat has Zhongli moving desperately for more. The light between them glows brighter, almost impossibly so, to where Ajax has to squeeze his eyes shut.
There's a moment where Zhongli grinds into him just right that sends Ajax crashing; his head is thrown back when he's all but forced to see stars, and his fingers scrabble to claw at Zhongli's skin for support. His back arches high off the bed and the ex-Archon uses the space to wrap a solid arm around Ajax’s lithe waist. He takes advantage of the bared neck in front of him and immediately noses at his pulse point, licking over the skin before sucking the flesh between his teeth. 
They lose track of time in the throes of their own pleasure. At some point, the sun fully sets, but Zhongli continues to shove him down into the sheets relentlessly. Ajax on the other hand, takes it like a pro and continues to surprise Zhongli with his growing responsiveness. He takes and takes and Zhongli feels like he has no choice but to continue giving. The dance between them is elegant as much as it is animalistic, and Ajax loves it.
Zhongli bites down on his neck slightly, flexes his hips, and the breaking of Ajax’s pale skin and the relentless pressure against his neck has the ginger spilling between the tight press of their bodies. A dragon’s fangs, apparently, are by no means gentle and tear into his skin with ease. Yet, the blinding pain that sears through Ajax’s body sends him tumbling nonetheless. Zhongli fucks him through his orgasm, rutting against him until he tips over at the sound of Ajax's pitiful, overstimulated cries. He shudders as he empties into him, breathing hard against where his face is pressed into his neck. 
They lay there for a moment; Zhongli tries to get his breathing under control, and Ajax tries to focus his vision after it had blurred during his climax. The ginger rakes his nails along Zhongli’s sweaty back, and the sensation brings them both back down from their high. Their breaths are heavy and labored, and Ajax can’t help the chuckle that leaves his lips when he finally calms down, because holy shit. He’s going to want to do that every night, now.
Sometime amidst their fun, the golden glow had dimmed, until it all but disappeared. 
"You suck," Ajax gasps after a moment, "you just ruined vanilla sex for me."
Zhongli snorts. "I don't suppose you expect me to morph every time you want to be intimate?"
Ajax's silence speaks volumes. It’s silent confirmation. The latter looks up, disgruntled. He looks so unamused, brows furrowed and everything, it makes Ajax chuckle and kiss the frown away. 
"I'm kidding, I'm kidding, xiansheng," he waves him off, "the only thing I expect from you right now is for you to pull out, oh my god Zhongli, get out of me. You're like those huge dogs that think they can fit in your lap! You're not exactly small, mister Rex Lapis!" 
"Oh, yes, my apologies," Zhongli murmurs. He presses a light kiss to Ajax's freckled shoulder before sliding out, muttering a quiet apology when he winces. He rolls off of Ajax and lays on his back next to him, so they're both staring up at the ceiling. His tail is gone and so are his horns, so he can finally lay on his back comfortably. Zhongli reaches for his hand and intertwines their fingers. He gets a squeeze in response.
“Say, xiansheng,” Ajax starts. “Have you ever been able to do that before?” 
Zhongli looks at him, silently asking him to elaborate.
“Turn someone’s skin to gold, I mean. With something as simple as touch, too. Has that ever happened?” 
“No,” he answers simply, “I believe this was the first occurrence in my six thousand years of being alive.”
Ajax hums. “So I’m not like. Going to die or anything, right?”
“Why would you die, baobei?” Zhongli chuckles, “you act as if I injected poison into your bloodstream.”
Ajax lets out an indignant squawk. “I! Am still kind of new to the whole dating a god thing! I don’t know what special abilities you adepti hold. And I am a mere mortal, after all!”
The reminder has Zhongli looking at him with sudden sadness. “That you are.”
Ajax hums and offers a small, resigned smile before letting his eyes slide shut. He gave into the exhaustion, it seems.
He’s already dozing off, and his head is tipping slightly to the left. He’s all but slumped into the comforters beneath him, his chest rising and falling with each soft breath he takes. He’s mildly aware that he’s going to have to wake him to clean him up in a few minutes, though, but he allows his lover to rest for a moment. The whirring void in his chest— the one that constantly reminded him of his lost power— finally, finally settles.
Zhongli watches with fascination as the human in front of him continues to glow. The gold is gone, though. Zhongli has shifted back into his mortal form and skin to skin contact no longer summons the bright golden light that was there before. 
Still, Ajax’s skin seems to glow a little brighter than usual. His cheeks are tinted pink and his lips are slightly parted, still plump and swollen from his bruising kisses. Zhongli swears he can see a light blue aura surrounding the lines of Ajax’s body. His chest fills with something warm and pleasant at the sight, thick like the syrup that runs through the veins of Liyue’s trees. It trickles throughout his entire body, down into his core, down his legs and to his arms. Zhongli no longer feels empty. He smiles fondly.
For those that live too long, the friends of days gone by and scenes from their adventures live on in their memories. As such, I have no regrets in meeting you, Ajax. Should the day ever come that we are not together, you will continue to shine like gold in my memories. 
Fanart #1
Fanart #2
Fanart #3
my twitter <3
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stiltonbasket · a year ago
Aaaaaah!!! Please please please write about wedding clothes, I need more of the Yearning
(note: please reblog, since that’s how we get prompts for future chapters!)
anon 1: Prompt for the renouncement AU.  Surely the happy couple (plus assorted Huaisangs and juniors, if you like) need to meet with some chefs and sample a gazillion interesting things to decide on the banquet menu.   WWX, of course, samples all the wines...It would also be lovely if you wrote them getting dressed and having their hair done to match the gorgeous fanart of the two of them kissing one another's hands...
anon 2: renouncement verse prompt for the wedding arc: sizhui and xiao-yu help wwx with a practice run for his wedding hair, and lwj has a surprise for each of them!
Despite Wei Wuxian’s insistence that Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen were going to far too much trouble for the union between their two clans, his brother and future brother-in-law refused to do away with the wedding rehearsal--a grand event in its own right, with a reception for the two bridegrooms’ families and an official exchange of gifts--and set the date for the longest day of the summer, a fortnight before the actual marriage ceremony.
“You’ll enjoy the party,” Jiang Cheng scolds, when Wei Wuxian tries to complain. “And you don’t even have to do anything, so be good and let me and Zewu-jun handle it.”
In the end, Wei Wuxian spends the rehearsal morning tasting wine, because three kinds of liquor are usually served at weddings in Yunmeng: with the sweetest and most delicious drinks poured out alongside the food, and the stronger, sourer ones reserved for later in the night, after the newlyweds retire to their bridal chamber. Surprisingly, Lan Xichen tags along to help him choose the first liquor, and approves of the golden honey-plum wine so highly that he buys a whole case to take back to Gusu with him.
“I leave wine bottles as offerings when I burn incense for Mingjue-xiong,” he explains wistfully, as the two of them go back to the clan quarters with enough fengmi jiu for the dinner party. “He would have liked this, I think.”
After Li Shuai and Yu Zhenhong finish sorting the liquor, Jiang Cheng displays Wei Wuxian’s wedding dowry, and Lan Xichen hands over the bride price, while Wei Wuxian tries not to choke on his own spit from his place at Lan Zhan’s side. He knew about the dowry Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling were settling on him, of course--there was a trunkful of silk sheets in violet and blue, and three deep chests of new gowns and slippers tailored to fit his height and slim shoulders, and then a tea set and a box of gold jewelry. There was also a larger case of jade and silver trinkets for him to wear after moving to the Cloud Recesses, where gold was largely forbidden for the sake of breaking the law against extravagance, and Wei Wuxian had to promise not to touch any of it until he and Lan Zhan officially start living together in the jingshi.
Jin Ling decided to present him with a box of baby’s essentials, which Wei Wuxian thought was ridiculous--the only children he and Lan Zhan will ever have are A-Yuan and Xiao-Yu, both of whom are far too old to actually use the gift, but his nephew looked so pleased when he presented his dajiu with the tiny shoes and dresses that Wei Wuxian shut his mouth and accepted them without protest.
After all, he and Lan Zhan might really end up with a new baby sometime in the not-too-distant future, if Wei Wuxian’s propensity for acquiring small children is anything to go by.
But none of this prepared him for the delivery of the bride price, which turns out to be six thousand golden taels from the Gusu Lan treasury to make up for the loss of Lotus Pier’s newly-instated head disciple and the zongzhu’s elder brother, not to mention the only legitimate heir to Yunmeng Jiang. Jiang Cheng doesn’t even bother to look gracious when he sees it, as Wei Wuxian notes with a cough that sounds more like a strangled scream than anything else--because his shidi seems to believe that a small fortune in gold is his due for having to part with Wei Wuxian, even though Lan Xichen will be compensated for about a fifth of the bride price on the actual wedding day, 
“Did your brother just bankrupt your sect so you could marry me?” Wei Wuxian demands, half-crazed as Lan Zhan ushers him back to his bedroom to bathe and dress in his freshly-tailored bridal robes. “Lan Zhan!”
“My uncle set aside a bride price for me before I was born, since he guessed that I would require no less than five thousand gold whenever I decided to marry,” his intended shrugs. “Hurry up and dress, sweetheart, or we will be late.”
Wei Wuxian relents and takes a hurried bath while Lan Zhan goes off to tend to his own ablutions, watching Sizhui and Xiao-Yu play together from behind the privacy screen as he scrubs his back and arms and pours perfumed oil into his hair. Sizhui seems to be trying to wrangle A-Yu into an embroidered green coat and trousers, but the baby looks far more interested in Wei Wuxian’s clothes: namely, the red and purple wedding gown, since he manages to snatch the shining silk robes out of his xiongzhang’s hands before building a nest in his pillow-basket with them.  
“Xiao-Yu is a bird,” he insists, as Wei Wuxian drops his cake of soap and laughs himself hoarse at the sight of him. “It’s my nest! Go ‘way!”
“A-Yu!” Sizhui cries, nearly stunned speechless. “Didi, those are A-Die’s wedding robes! You can’t play with them, so be a good boy and listen to xiongzhang, or--or you’ll make Yuan-gege cry!”
Xiao-Yu only squints at him before turning up his button nose. “No!”
But Lan Zhan arrives a few minutes later and coaxes the baby out of his basket with a stick of haw candy, leaving Wuxian to heave himself out of the tub and draws on his underwear. After that, the three of them lure Xiao-Yu into his tiny silk coat (by feeding him all the candy he can eat, to keep him from running away) before Wei Wuxian finally dons his bridal ensemble: a deep red overgown with lotus blossoms sewn onto the sleeve-hems in lilac and gold, while the skirt and shoulders boast a shower of stray golden petals falling from the heart of a single central flower. 
“Let me do your hair,” Lan Zhan murmurs, as if this were their actual wedding day instead of the rehearsal dinner. “You look beautiful, Wei Ying.”
Wei Wuxian feels his heart quiver at the compliment as A-Yuan steps forward with his lotus headdress, pinning it into place in front of his high-combed bun so that Lan Zhan can secure the tiny gold chains fastening it to the back of his head. He often noticed his friend’s good looks before they were engaged, of course, which is the only reason why Lan Zhan finding him beautiful in return has flustered him so--and he tries to put the thought from his mind, or at least shove it away so that he can examine it later in private. 
Anyone would find it pleasing to hear such a compliment from their bridegroom, he thinks, before blushing himself half to death when Lan Zhan leans down to kiss the side of his face. Get it together, Wei Wuxian!
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depths-of-your-soul · 12 months ago
Hiii! I saw that requests are open so how about artist S/O? Like the reader would be very bored in class and they just, doodle todoroki, bakugou, and tamaki from afar with little notes beside the doodles like "i can't do his hair wtf is this" "why is he so adorable" "stOP MOVING I CANT GET YOUR HANDS RIGHT" and then one day they just saw the little doodles? Idk the thought of it makes soft- unless you already did something similar then I'm stoopid dhxbhxhd.
#Artist!S/o who doodles them during class
Pairs: Katsuki bakugou x reader, Shouto Todoroki x reader, Tamaki Amajiki x reader
Notes: I can personally relate with this s/o HAHAHA I always get annoyed whenever my subject moves around so much that it messes with the anatomy of the previous pose and I would ALWAYS get so irritated that I give up
A reminder that request is open y'all!! :D
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou
• Katsuki with his resting face is simply angelic
• You wouldn't think that such a person would cause such havoc around him
• And one of the few places where he has his guard down would be during class
• So naturally, you cry internally trying to draw his unnecessarily spikey hair because IT'S JUST ALL OVER THE PLACE  H E L P
• Where in the world does his hair even come from? It's just a bunch of spikes
• Does it hurt to touch? òmó
• Anyways, you just find his resting face so precious that before you knew it, you had 5 pages dedicated to just him
• And him alone
• Little did you know, Katsuki has been feeling your intense stares throughout the lessons
• 'What are you doing???'
• 'Stop staring at me stupid'
• Those were all in his head
• To be fair, you were being blatantly obvious
• So after class, he couldn't take it and went right to you with his iconic "ònó" face
• Swoopty Doodle Doo you have achieved "Bakuhoe fanclub prez"
• Seriously. That is embarrassing. Not for you but for him
• Everyone knows Katsuki has an 'above average' face (we all know he be hot)
• Expect curses and new found words to be thrown at you while everyone around hears of a daring fan who came out of the closet and presented their fanart to thy lord explosion murder
• It's not the drawings that made him embarrassed
• Oh no dear it's not
• It's the fact that YOU drew him when you could've just asked him in your free time at his dorm
• Truth be told, he might shout at you, but he never raises his fists against you when neither are sparring
• God please stop being oblivious
Tumblr media
Shouto Todoroki
• Alright simps, let's get down to simping
• His face, oh so perfect
• Every nook and cranny, it's so beautiful that we cannot explain it in words
• His scar? Merely an addition to his hot and cool nickname
• Those red burns in contrast to his beautiful arctic coloured eyes tells a story that made him for who he is
• Such fine hair strands that flows oh so serene against the gentle breeze that flew great lengths to bless him with their cool element
• Okay I'll stop-
• Shouto is simply a living statue, it's in his genes
• He knows he doesn't look bad but that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate compliments
• Drawing him will literally be a blessing in and of itself
• Such art should be loved by all forms
• Unlike Bakugou, he won't pretend to not feel your gazes
• He will make eye contact with you at some point and smile at you as a form of greeting
• Being so pretty is a sin
• After class, he would go up to you and ask what you are doing
• After you tell him and apologize, he will assure you that he doesn't mind and that he appreciates it
• He will however ask that you let him see it afterwards
• Of course, that is only because he wants to spend time with you
• This mochi is so cute I love him uwu
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki
• Don't lie to me
• I know you can see how cute and adorable he is
• His elven ear is his icon
• Your sketches have certain details that never fails to be missed - it's those blush at his ears and the way his mouth seem to always be pursed
• But then again, throughout your sketches, you would constantly go "OMAGAD STOO BEING SO CUTE I CANT HANDLE THIS CUTENESS OVERLOAD" and "Babey I love you but PLEASE stop moving"
• Those frustrations are worth it though, you know love it
• The way he stares off into space at times are the best times to sketch those details
• He may accidentally see you looking at him while he tries to glance at you from time to time
• But that doesn't really do anything except for the fact that his face will burn and he might cover his face out of embarrassment
• To be fair, you know you love seeing that side of him
• It just makes anyone go \(>w<)/
• Honestly, his movements are joy in and off itself
• This babey elf does enjoy the fact that you, too, glances at him
• Though he will admit, the attention does get a bit too much at times
• He won't go up to you after class though, he will instead hide in the comfort of Mirio's presence seeing as he might melt if you stare at him too much
• How did he find out you ask? Well, simple
• It's the cliche bumbparoo. But not with Tamaki oh no my dear not with this elven baby
• Mirio was too busy laughing and accidentally bumped into you... And voila you sketchbook went flying to the wall and opened at one of the countless pages of Tamaki
• Of course he saw, my dear. But... He may or may not have fainted from the affection
• Go talk to him! He may be shy, but he will be so glad that you even look at him
• I love this elf uwu
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spacegirlstuff · 9 months ago
Behind the Scenes
Inspired by this amazing Castiel fanart by @heller-jensen.
Summary: When Castiel Novak, one of the best upcoming actors in the country, gets a little anxious before his first Vogue photoshoot, photographer Dean Winchester does his best to make sure that the actor is calmed down before the shoot starts. And if he realizes that he might have a small crush on the dark-haired and blue-eyed man that he's met exactly once before, it's something he can worry about later.
(WC: 1.8k~)
Read on ao3
The bright yellow lights in the room fall harshly upon Dean’s skin, loud chatter bouncing against the grey walls. He groans, rubbing his fingers against his temples to massage the hangover away. He should have known drinking on a Wednesday night was not a good idea especially when he had to reach the studio at 5:30 A.M. the next morning but damn him if he was not going to have a celebratory drink after he found out he was going to be an uncle.
“Here you go,” someone holds a large cup in front of his face, the strong smell of coffee hitting his senses immediately.
He grabs the cup, the paper sleeve warm under his palms as he takes a long sip. Completely ignoring the slight burn on his tongue, he relishes the feeling of the warm liquid sliding down his throat. 
“You are the best,” he looks gratefully towards Charlie, feeling a bit better after having caffeine in his system.
The redhead rolls her eyes, “Why are you so grumpy today?”
“Hangover is a bitch.” Dean grumbles.
“On a Thursday morning?”
“Sammy and Jess came over last night.” he shrugs, an involuntary smile on his lips, “She’s pregnant.”
Charlie shrieks loudly before launching herself at him, tackling him in a hug. Dean takes a step back to steady himself, his protests making a few people turn to look at them before. Her earpiece crackles for a second, Sally’s voice audible over the line for hardly thirty seconds before it dies down.
“Five minutes before we start,” Charlie informs him, before a grin settles on her lips, “So,” she tugs him towards the set, her voice teasing, “Are you ready to finally meet your crush again?”
“I don’t have a crush on him.”
“Of course,” the small nudge on his side makes him sigh, “You just find him aesthetically pleasing to look at.”
Rolling his eyes, Dean doesn’t reply, instead putting his almost empty cup down to adjust his camera, his silence only encouraging her.
“He has this perfectly tousled hair that makes me want to bury my fingers in them,” she starts, her voice deep to imitate Deans, “His eyes are so blue that I feel like drowning in them and-”
“Shut up, Charlie,” Dean stops her running a hand over his face to hide the blush on his cheeks, “I was drunk and I did not know what I was talking-”
“Hello, Dean,” a gravelly voice comes from behind him.
Shooting the red-haired woman a warning look, he turns around with a smile, his mouth drying as soon as his eyes land on the other man, less than a foot between them. His gaze slowly trails down his tan neck, his heart speeding up as he feels his eyes linger over the sharp collar bones, the small dip under his throat making him lick his lips softly. Forcing his eyes up, he gives him a shaky smile, hoping he doesn’t sound as breathless as he feels, “Hey, Cas.”
Dean can’t help but stare, the dark eyeliner over the man’s lids making his blue eyes pop as they peer at him through his dark lashes, his own gaze dropping to the actor’s lips briefly every few seconds.
Charlie clears her throat in the background, making him look away. He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, his face warming up when he finally turns back at the man, stepping back slightly to put some distance between them, he says, “You ready for your first Vogue photoshoot?”
Castiel finally looks away from him towards the black screen in front of the camera, an anxious look appearing on his face, “I admit I am a little nervous about it.”
“Just relax,” Dean puts his hand on the man’s shoulder, “It’s exactly the same as every other shoot you’ve ever done. And if you ever feel that you need a break, you can tell me.”
The actor gives him a small smile, “Thank you.”
After a long pause, he tilts his head to gesture towards the set, “Do you want to start now?”
The dark-haired man scans the room quickly, searching for someone before he looks back at Dean with an unsure look. 
“Sure?” his words more of a question than a statement.
“Great!” Charlie interrupts him before he can reply, nudging the Castiel to his mark before turning to Dean, “You need to help him calm down while I adjust the lighting.”
“Why should I help him?” he whispers, the redhead giving him an unamused look.
“Because you are the only one who knows him well enough to,” Charlie replies.
“That’s not true,” he glances at the man walking slowly across the black background, whispering something to himself as his heels click on the marble floor, “I’ve only met him once before and we talked for less than fifteen minutes.”
“And he doesn’t need me,” Dean says frustrated, “He’s one of the best upcoming actors out there who’s had more photoshoots than he can probably even count. He’ll be fine.”
“Look at him and tell me he doesn’t look like he’s about to puke any second now,” She grabs his shoulder roughly turning him to face the black screen, the actor now standing quietly in the middle, someone dabbing a tissue on his forehead, his face pale as he stares down at his hands, long fingers clenching themselves tightly.
“Alright,” Dean closes his eyes, sighing before he lets his best friend push him towards the set, almost tripping on the many wires lying on the floor.
With his own hand sweating a bit, he slowly approaches the other man, glancing back at Charlie for some encouragement only to find her busy instructing Kevin with the lights, he stops in front of Castiel.
“Why are you so nervous?” Dean asks, mentally scolding himself as soon as the question leaves his mouth. “I mean, haven’t you had enough shoots to like…” he trails off.
The other man looks at him with amusement, “I am always nervous before any shoot.” 
He nods in response, waiting for him to continue.
Castiel’s eyes turn towards the door once more before he sighs, “My brother usually talks me through it each time but he called me this morning to inform me that he was running late today. He probably won’t be able to make it on time.”
“That’s why you keep looking at the door,” Dean says out loud, searching through his brain for various ways he can make him relax. “So,” he leans in, lowering his voice as if sharing a secret, Castiel moving forward as well until their heads almost touch, “Did I tell you about how I came up with 101 different ways to make macaroni and cheese?”
Castiel shakes his head slowly, Dean’s eyes lighting up as he divulges on. a few minutes passing before his shoulders drop, his muscles visibly relaxing as color returns to his face, amused laughter escaping from his lips, eyes captivated by Dean. The taller man checks his watch once, grimacing at the time before turning back to the other man.
“We should definitely get started now if we want to stay on schedule,” he says, Castiel agreeing with a small smile on his lips.
Dean turns around about to walk towards his position behind the camera when he feels fingers wrap around his wrist, tugging him back softly, making him look back at the actor with a raised eyebrow. 
“Thank you,” Castiel says shyly, the blush on his face making Dean’s heart thud against his chest.
“Treat me to lunch and we can consider it even,” he finds himself saying, the shorter man’s blush darkening as he looks down.
“Of course,” he says, letting Dean’s wrist drop before wiping his palms on his coat.
He starts to make his way towards the camera before stopping mid-stride, his brain trying to reason with him as his fingers tug at the old string dangling from his neck, as he carefully pulls it over his head, the familiar feel of the amulet resting over his palm for a second. He walks back towards Castiel, hesitating before handing it out to him.
“Take this,” he says gruffly, looking away when he feels eyes observing his face before dropping to his hand.
“This is yours,” the dark-haired man says, “Why do you want me to wear it?”
“My brother gave it to me when we were young and whenever I am scared about something, feeling it around my neck helps me calm down and-” he stops, drawing his arm back when he feels a warm hand on top of his cold one, “I’m sorry. It is stupid and-”
“It’s not stupid.” Castiel cuts him off, his fingertips leaving feather-light touches against Dean’s palm as he picks up the string, tracing the bronze amulet before he eases it over his head, making sure not to mess his makeup. 
“Are you sure you want to wear it?” Dean asks, voice soft, “I mean you could just keep it in your pocket if you don’t want-”
“How does it look?” the actor asks instead.
The taller man looks at the small pendant resting against his chest right over his heart, clutching his hands before he can touch him, he smiles, “It looks great!” 
Castiel inhales deeply, “I’m ready.”
“Yeah,” Dean says, “Let’s get this show on the road.”
Finally walking back, his eyes land on Charlie who gives him a big grin, “All good to go?”
Nodding, Dean takes his spot behind the camera, checking up on the actor as he stands in front of the black screen, shoulders relaxed with his head tilted up, the lights hitting his face in the perfect angle. Smiling at the unguarded expression, Dean picks up his personal camera from the stool next to him, bringing it to his eyes he focuses the lens on the man before clicking a picture, the soft noise of the shutter drowning in the chatter.
Charlie comes up to stand next to him as he observes the picture on the small screen, her fingers pressing the ‘previous’ button softly so the picture changes to one of himself and Castiel, his arm outstretched with his palm facing up, the actor’s hand upon his own. Clicking the button once more, his heart flutters inside his ribcage, eyes fixed upon the picture on the screen, his head almost touching the other man as they both share a smile.
“Still not a crush?” Charlie asks him, picking up the camera from his hand.
Dean looks up at Castiel only to find him already looking at him, his eyebrow raised in question, black hair catching in the golden glow, blue eyes gleaming. He can feel his breath quicken, the smirk on his best friend’s face clearly visible from the corner of his eye.
“Son of a bitch .”
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dapper-lil-arts · 10 months ago
Do you have any tips on learning to draw? Like at all? I've never tried to learn in the past but it's been recommended to me recently to try and deal with some more recent mental health stuff, but I've so far been dissapointed with everything I've made
i actually do! stick with me: my first tip is to accept that you’re not perfect, and take every failure as a step in the process of getting beter. Drawing is an art form, and some people (like me) have drawn ever since they were really young, and only recently got any good at it! you should see me in the past, i only knew how to draw penguins. lol. but with a lot of practice and sooooo much failure after that, i’ve actually gotten pretty decent at other things! my second tip is to try and sketch things a little bit every day, but also not to force yourself to draw if you dont want to. it’s more than okay to take breaks, but if you’re actually exited and looking forward to draw, you should practice just a little bit anytime you can! The reason i’ve been drawing and posting everyday is cause i have time and i feel genuinely inspired to draw stuff! my third tip is, always look around other art for inspiration! if you see something you like and inspires you, try using it as reference! you see anatomy thats really good and you want to replicate, use it! see cute thing you’d love to do something similar, use it! never be afraid to use reference, you absolutely need to use reference to get good at things like anatomy and honing your style! fourth tip is, always draw things you genuinely want to draw. this one may seem obvious but you’d be surprised the times i caught myself realising that i had other things i’d rather be drawing, thats a big reason as to why you’ll rarely see me draw/post fanart, bc i’d much rather draw my own characters and things! (even if people dont know em lol) though for some people doing fanart is enjoyable, since its them showing love to a media they enjoy! (also this tip very much includes drawing self indulgence, something that maybe only you would enjoy but you’ll draw it anyways. i didnt start drawing busty bunny girl getting belly kisses from a catgirl because i thought there’d be a demand lmao) fifth tip is to try and not get burnt out on it! art block and burn out can feel horrible, so its important to take breaks whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, and remember to stretch your hands and to get some water! (theres some good stretching tutorials on the internet in case you have a rly tense handgrip, they help) i feel like its also equaly important to say that you dont owe the universe art, so if you’re taking a break, you shouldnt feel bad about it. i know its hard, but you’ll get back on the saddle when you’re ready! above all remember that you’re a beginner, and you’re meant to be doing this for fun! it sucks but it might take a long time before you are throughly satisfyied with your artstyle and the things you draw. i still get very dissapointed at some of the things i draw, and i’ve been doing this for a long ass time! remember that you’re growing still and dont let your own thoughts stop you from enjoying drawing! art is something that can really help you deal with mental stuff so try to do it in a way that pleases you the most, its important that you enjoy doing it! 
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factual-fantasy · 11 months ago
Come get yall’s bread
Tumblr media
Aww thank you! And I hope you have a great new years too! :}
Tumblr media
When I darn well feel like it.
Tumblr media
I don’t know how old Brown Suburban would actually be compared to Ratchet or Optimus, I’m just going off of the age of the actual cars. Which means that excluding A.T., technically Green Truck is actually older than Brown Suburban.
If I knew how old was considered elderly, and how old was considered young for the TFP transformers than I could confirm whether or not he was older than Ratchet. But I don’t so I’m just assuming that he would be.
Oh and the angst? Yup. Brown Suburban was supposed to be this guy that no matter which wrecker you spoke to, they would always say, “Oh yeah, that guy Brown Suburban? He was already a wrecker when I signed up.” He was like one of the very first wreckers, and saw a lot of them come and go. He saw Ratchet in his younger starry eyed days and he saw Vega back when he was popular on Cybertron.
He knew Bash Buggy before there was even a scratch on him. He knew the Dragsters before they.. well.. yeah. He knew Green Truck before his bleed out and Optimus before his lead, he’s seen a lot.
At this point I wonder if he’s sick of change and just wants something to stay the same forever. Just one thing that he can look at and find peace in the fact that it has stayed the same all these years..
Which you know, would probably be Brown Suburban himself. That thing hasn’t aged a day since the race track I’m telling ya! Its amazing what love, care, and being stored undercover can do for a car like that.
Tumblr media
Well hold on now! Slow down there partner, this is Captain Barnacles were talking about.
This absolute teddy bear would never hurt someone out of anger or spite, even if he truly hated that person. Its just not like him, the worst he would do is give that person a dirty look whenever they were around, but he would never lash out and hurt someone like that, despite his supposed instincts. He’s just too gentle and kind for that.
And as for the being spiteful of Bianca’s mate thing? Well his dad left them too, all polar bear dads don't stick around for the cubs for some reason. For the Captain I feel like he would feel like its just a normal thing that happens in polar bear families. It happened to his own mom, him and his sister, to all of his friends and to their parents too.
Grizzly and polar bear dads not sticking around is just how things are, a fact of life. Its just what they do for some reason. I don’t think he’d be spiteful or upset really. Unless he saw that his sister was struggling with the cubs maybe he’d wish things were different? I honestly don’t think he’d think about it or mention it.
Tumblr media
Green Truck is keepin his cheeks, but Vega is pretty unwell at the moment. More on that in a later ask. :}
Tumblr media
Bruh, can you imagine.
If Captain Barnacles could lift up Brown Suburban? The Octopod wouldn’t need its engine anymore. Because the Captain could just push it everywhere.
Tumblr media
Yeah I’ve watched every episode and all the movies. Fun stuff. :}
Tumblr media
XD Nice, my friend and the existence of the Conductor is dragging me into the fandom by my feet.
Tumblr media
Oh! No no no I don’t do commissions, nor do I ever plan to. As for why, I have at least 5 reasons off the top of my head.
I already have a job, so the extra money isn’t something I desire.
I have witnessed first hand a loved one turn their art into a job and then loose their passion for it, I ain’t about to follow in their footsteps.
I don’t even know how to do them, and I can grantee that what ever I need to do to set up a commission system would be too much for my peanut brain to understand.
I’m an absolute friggin idiot and would 100% get scammed over and over again because I don’t have common sense and don’t know how anything works.
I’m not a people person and wouldn’t know how to handle someone raging at me for telling them to pay me for my art
Not good stuff my guy. :/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you! And can you really blame him? XD With his bizarre vision, things sometimes seem really strange to him. He can never really truly trust his eye sight and if what he’s seeing is correct, but that’s all he’s got to help him identify the things around him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you so much that really means a lot when referring to my Transformer OCs because I legit put my heart and soul into these characters but deep down felt like they weren’t good enough because they weren’t appreciated at the level that I hoped that they would be-
Tumblr media
Thank you very much! I sure hope its gotten better, or else all these hours a day I spent drawing would’ve been a waste haha!..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I missed him too <:}. Lol but he probably doesn't miss me though after what I did to him haha..ha..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I headcannon that Peso has a form of separation anxiety of sorts, and just anxiety in general. 
Peso grew up in a huge colony of Penguins, a lot of those Penguins being his close relatives. He was always surrounded by people who loved him and would not hesitate to protect him at all costs. Everywhere he turned was someone there for him you know? I imagined that he was totally relaxed in his colony, a completely different person to the one we know now. Totally calm and happy being surrounded by the safety net that was his colony.
Well, after becoming an Octonaut, his safety net of comfort and peace went from being composed of like probably 1000+ Penguins, to only 6 people. 6, that’s it. Just 6 people.  
His crew is tiny, and Peso finds safety and comfort in numbers. He didn’t realize it before but he does now, he hates being alone, and being in a tiny crew creates a lot of situations where he’s alone.
Because of this, Peso has a tendency to latch on to people in a way. Like he’ll be completely normal and chill when he’s on the Octopod, because that safety net is now the feeling of being safe and sound in the Octopod. But when he’s out on a mission? Or even worse, when he’s out on his own? He may hide it pretty well, but he honestly stresses out pretty bad if he gets separated from the group.
I feel like Captain Barnacles knows this about Peso, and understands it better than anyone else does. The Captain understands where his fear is coming from, seeing that he feels it too when he’s alone. That’s why the Captain tries to get Peso to go out on short solo missions when he can, to better help him gain his independence and get over his fear.
Tumblr media
One of us.. One of us... ONE OF US... ONE OF US!!!
Tumblr media
You know who would be a scary pair? Tweak and Escort. You put two brains like that together and nothing can stop them.
Tweak be coming out with the Gup-🅱 that’s like all of the gups put together plus its a rocket ship.
And then you’ve got Escort walking away being able to make nucellar bombs that are as big as tick-tacks.
Tumblr media
Green Truck and Escort are doing wonderfully, Vega however... ehh.. not so much.
The plan to convert Green Truck into a welding truck has been tossed out. Looks like he’s keeping his butt after all. Also Green Trucks carburetor has been replaced and he is running SO much better. Really, he drives fantastically, and we’re really happy with the turn out. I’d say Green Truck is doing just fine in life right now.
Escort hasn’t had any recent upgrades however, actually he’s had some downgrades.. His driver side door handle came off and I think his floor leak maaay be getting worse.. But you know? His engine is still smooth like butter. His driver is very satisfied with how genuinely nice this little tin can runs. Escort is legitimately running better than I think he ever has probably. After getting his engine all cleared out he really is a neat and pretty reliable little car.
As for Vega?... Well.. if being a fire hazard counts as staying warm I’d say he’s doing great!.. But seriously, he is no longer road safe. You see, Vega has a unique leaking issue where the oil around his pistons evaporates into a vapor and leaks through his breathers. This oil then travels down towards the front of the engine and begins to drip onto the Vega’s headers. The hottest external part of the engine. Of course, oil + heat = serious fire hazard. The last time we drove him we were all holding our breath watching as his temperature gage was going crazy and just praying that this thing didn't burst into flames on the highway.
Basically, either we bring a fire extinguisher with us on joy rides and hope he survives the burns, or, we keep him cooped up nice and safe until we can fix his leak. His driver obviously chose the latter.
Tumblr media
I’ve never been comfortable with people drawing my OCs. But because my Transformer OCs didn't have as much support as I had hoped, I made a list of fanart rules and forced myself to let people draw them so hopefully they would get more recognition. 
But if I’m being totally honest, I wouldn’t be very happy to receive fanart, no matter if the artist followed the rules or not. So I’m going to say that no, I don’t accept fanart of any of my OCs anymore..
Tumblr media
Hank u! ♡●ᴗ●♡
Who are these babies? Oh just some of my beautiful baby boys of course. They are transformer-afied versions of these two real life cars as you can see here, I think you can guess who is who in the picture. :}
Tumblr media
 As for an explanation to where they came from.. A while back I got into a show called Transformers Prime you see, and I wanted to make some OCs based of off the show.
So, I took 16 of my real life family cars and turned them into Transformers. Something I had thought about doing for a very long time. I took these 16 characters and gave them personalities, unique relationships with each other and back stories that intertwined and connected like a web. 
Suburban and Escort are conically best friends so I drew them a lot together back then. After the Transformer thing didn't work out quite as well as I’d hoped.. I eventually dropped them all together. But as you can see I felt the need to draw my babies again, so I did. :}
If you want to learn more about my Transformer OCs you can see the original post here that shows all the characters. And then you can search “transformer ocs” on my blog and find some art if you scroll past all the asks. (The asks have some info though if you want to learn more about them story wise) :}
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samnook · 12 months ago
lavinia headcanons 🎟
➵ princess bubblegum was her first childhood crush
➵ that’s why she always carries around a pack or two of it
➵ ok that last point was a bit ridiculous but i’m here to have fun so 😌💅
➵ her spotify playlist is completely made up of girl in red, halsey, clairo, melanie martinez, MARINA, etc.
➵ gym class was her favorite class
➵ the one teaching her fellow legion mates meme culture
➵ would have a tiktok if she could
➵ strawberry dress lavinia lives in my head rent free
➵ uses “bbg” unironically
➵ draws on her paints whenever she’s bored in class
➵ which was almost every single of them
➵ so she’d usually come home with flowers and rainbows and stars and shit all over her jeans
➵ has a burn scar on her left arm due to accidentally tipping the teakettle on herself when she was younger and trying to make ramen
➵ has seen the Nutcracker more times than she can count
➵ hates the quiet because it reminds her too much of her childhood where she’d spend long days alone since her dad always had some business to take care of due to being famous™ so she tries to talk more to fill in the silence
➵ another reason why she tries to talk to the kids who are usually left out since she knows the feeling too well
➵ has cat ear headphones
➵ paints a lot
➵ has dyed her hair three times
➵ first was purple, second was light blue, and it’s currently pink
➵ always has to have her fingernails cut really short or else she’ll start feeling stressed
➵ has mastered the art of doing multiple people’s parts in the songs she listens to
➵ what i’m saying is
➵ she’s god herself
➵ and if you disagree ur wrong
➵ a softie for neck kisses
➵ read the entirety of the warrior cats books when she was younger and is still not over the deaths 💔
➵ watching people do speedrun videos of them cosplaying gives her serotonin
➵ if she lets you do her hair that means she cares you on a higher level than other people
➵ slowly made friends with argentum and aurum via jellybeans
➵ wants to go visit a castle’s ruins with her future gf/wife one day
➵ mystery novels are her favorites
➵ really interested in fashion
➵ “the cello is the sexiest instrument”
➵ found don eating rosin once, laughed at him for a solid three minutes, offered to buy him an actual meal, and that’s the story of how they became friends
➵ “if i don’t get into a homoerotic duel with my future s.o. and having it end with one of us pointing the tip of our saber @ the other’s throats then what’s the point”
➵ can never decide on an aesthetic for long so she just goes for whatever she feels like at the moment
➵ allergic to cats but will risk it all to pet the floof babies
➵ plans to go on as many rollercoasters as she can
➵ concerts too
➵ building sandcastles and walks on the beach fills her with so much joy
➵ expert at climbing trees
➵ friendship bracelets... 🥺
➵ “pft nah i don’t get into drama, irl or in fiction, wdym??”
➵ *has completely watched the entire four seasons and is now a sobbing burrito blanket mess, impatient for the next episode*
➵ weekly girls’ night out with marilyn and ida
➵ they usually get their nails done and go to different places in the city mall and end the day with boba
➵ environmental friendly so she always brings along a bag to pick up trash she sees when hiking
➵ the nature spirits make sure to let flowers grow at the spot she goes to next 💖
➵ always supports small businesses if she can
➵ currently has 7000+ songs on her playlist
➵ her music taste can vibe with literally anybody’s, it just has the range yknow 😌
➵ knows sign language
➵ has a folder dedicated to fanart of the female characters she’s crushed on
➵ nothing relevant to the last point except i love her sm bi bi
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todorokitops · a year ago
[throws bakukami whump at you] a storm approaches...
okay but for real tho denki gets so depressed one night he goes out while it’s pouring and walks aimlessly until he gets to the park. and he knows he shouldn’t do it. he shouldn’t. his quirk is already so delicate like this, with thunder in the distance and his hair already soaked, but he pulls out his phone anyway an hour later, trying to shield it from the downpour as he dials a number.
“the fuck?” a groggy, sleep-filled voice answers. “it’s 1am, sparky.”
“can-,” denki says shakily, tears mixing with the rain falling against his cheeks, “can you come pick me up?”
a pause.
“...tell me where you are.”
and in about ten minutes, katsuki’s running into the park, just as drenched, panting as he looks around frantically, before finding the blond bent over himself on a bench, legs pulled up to his chest and quietly sobbing. his heart drops and he runs to him, freaking out.
but his mouth won’t make the words he wants to say. what happened? why did you come out here? who do i have to murder?
and as he approaches denki, the other boy finally looks up, discharging electricity left and right, little sparks that fizzle out. katsuki goes to touch him, hold him, take him home, but-
he blinks, pulling away instantly and watching denki recoil from his touch.
“’ll get hurt.”
katsuki stares down at him, the small boy on the park bench, so afraid to let anyone near him whenever thunder started to brew and lightning was visible in the distance.
“you’re already hurting, fucker. come here.”
and with that, the taller teen is pulling denki off the bench, into his arms.
instantly, he can feel the electricity surging through him, making every nerve bubble and pop, and it takes everything in him not to push off. denki gasps,  trying to shove him away in panic, but katsuki just holds him even tighter, dropping his chin into the junction between his neck and shoulder like a key in a lock. he fists his hands into the back of denki’s soaked-through shirt, desperately trying to ignore the pain raking across his chest and back like nails.
“baku- bakugou, you can’t,” denki says, eyes wide. “it’s painful! just let go!”
“fat chance,” katsuki replies through gritted teeth, ducking his head so even if denki turned his face, he wouldn’t see the expression of pain on it.
because this is what he needs right now. he needs someone to be with him. hold him. fucking protect him and remind him that he isn’t someone to be afraid of. and if katsuki has to be that person, then damn it all to hell, he will.
“this is supposed to be painful?” he adds lightheartedly, even though his nails are digging into denki’s back. maybe he’s drawing blood now, he can’t tell. “doesn’t even hurt a bit. l-like static.”
but soon enough, they’re both collapsing on the ground in front of the bench, the rain pounding down even louder now as they cling on to each other, though the shorter boy’s still fighting back weakly.
“stop pushing me away. just... just let me hold you, damn it,” katsuki pleads, voice so soft it’s almost lost in the rain.
and after a long moment of hesitating, denki finally crumples into him, melting as katsuki wraps his arms around him more securely again. loud sobs wrack his body and katsuki can feel every zap of electricity leaving his body and entering his, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip to bear with the pain.
“thank you...”
and he just sweeps the smaller blond off the dirty ground, sweeping him into his lap, and cradles him. tightly. denki hides his face under his chin, shoulders shaking as thunder shakes the air around them, much closer now.
he knows it won’t be long before lightning hits.
but he’ll stay. he’ll stay right here, holding on to a denki who might slip away from him so fast if he so much as blinked. like sand through fingers. so he stays. he lifts a hand to wipe tears away from his cheeks, and pushes his head back against his chest again, rocking him back and forth, even as the thunder grows louder, and louder.
his entire body feels like it’s burning with every second he holds denki, and he knows the second he lets go, the pain would go away. he’d be safe again. but why would he?
so even when thunder finally splits the sky open right above them, katsuki clings tightly to the sobbing boy in his arms, making a silent promise to him.
“i’m not leaving you. not now. not ever.”
ahaha. take all my angst. i was deep in my feels when i wrote this.
(edit: this drabble has fanart now! ^^)
- todorokitops
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ink-hashira · a year ago
hiii can i request a prince muichiro x princess reader fantasy au where they are in an arranged marriage and mui doesnt want to but then after the reader gets kidnapped (for bargain maybe but no fight scenes) mui realizes his feelings for reader then fluff.
Thank you for the request!! I don't think it came out good tho,,, but I hope you still like it? Aaah ahahaa sorry ;; Hope you have a lovely day, and please stay safe!! ❣️❣️❣️❣️
M. Tokito
When the winds blow
“I can’t keep pretending to be you.”
The season is autumn, when leaves catch fire and burn red-orange, to rust and ashes. From outside the open window, a waft of air breezes by, blowing the curtains in, bringing with it a comforting earthy musk coated with the sharp cool of impending winter. It’s the perfect day to hide in the library and curl up with a book and a warm cup of tea, away from the hubbub and bustle of the castle.
At least, it was, until Yuichiro decided to ruin it for him.
Muichiro doesn’t bother looking up at his brother. He flips the page of his book.
“Then don’t,” he replies.
“Let her go home.”
An exasperated sigh. Muichiro can feel his glare on him, searing hot and annoyed, but it’s all distant, like gazing at a mirror. He finds he can’t care too much, not when he holds a world in his hands and the autumn breeze is lovely and cool.
“You know I can’t do that,” he grouses. “We need this alliance to work, so just get up your ass already and meet her like a proper fucking fiancé, or I swear to God –”
Muichiro takes a sip of his tea. It’s lukewarm, and without the heat to burn his tongue, bitterness takes over instead. He scrunches his nose in disgust.
“Muichiro! Are you even listening to me?”
Yuichiro makes a sound in the back of his throat, something caught between a groan and a curse. Muichiro raises his book and hides an amused smile, though it quickly vanishes when Yuichiro stomps over and snatches his book from him.
He glares up at his brother. Pale eyes glare back.
“Give it back.”
“Not until you listen to me and be a proper fiancé to Y/N.”
God. Muichiro can feel the earliest hints of a headache bloom. “Why don’t you be her fiancé instead? You get along better with her, anyway.”
Yuichiro huffs. “Because you’re the one Father betrothed to her, not me.”
“Then tell them you wanna marry her instead of me.”
The logic is so painfully simple even a toddler can see it. He doesn’t understand why Yuichiro’s so hung up about it.
Before one of them can speak, however, the door clicks open, and dainty footsteps echo in the room. Muichiro peers curiously at his twin’s back. A swish of gown and light perfume like incense creeps in and floods the air with the scent of spring. His heart jumps in response and plays an erratic rhythm on his wrist. He looks away.
“Muichiro! I’ve been looking all over for you!”
It’s you. Muichiro sighs as Yuichiro turns to look at you. “Hi, Y/N.”
“Prince Yuichiro,” she greets. “How lovely to see you both here.”
“You got the names switched up again,” Muichiro mutters, sitting up straight to grab his book from Yuichiro’s hands. Yuichiro barely spares him a glare. “I’m Yuichiro.”
“Right,” you say cheerily. Muichiro doesn’t care enough to try to decode the tinge of disappointment in your tone. “I’m sorry, Your Highness.”
He hums and stands up. “I’ll leave you two now. Good day.”
“Mui – Yui,” Yuichiro sighs, but Muichiro doesn’t let him finish the end of his sentence. The door closes with a slam behind him.
It’s not as if Muichiro hates you. Quite the opposite, in fact – you’re one of the few people he can actually tolerate being around. He just can’t pinpoint why he feels so warm and uncomfortably comfortable in your presence. It’s mind-numbing, and, if he’s perfectly honest, terrifying. To think he would be so willing to relax in the company of someone other than his family – practically a stranger.
He doesn’t like it.
Muichiro prefers his safety and security, enveloped by a loneliness masquerading as tranquillity. But with you in the picture, the balance feels unequivocally disrupted.
He sighs. The wind whips. You are, once again, in front of him, dress curling around your figure before snapping off with the breeze. Your eyes are mysterious, and Muichiro has a niggling suspicion that you can see through his facade as easily as he reads his books.
He doesn’t understand you at all. “Muichiro’s in the garden.”
“I know,” you say. “I wanted to talk to you.”
“I don’t.”
“That’s all right. You don’t have to talk.”
You perch beside him and rest your back against the tree, curling beneath the flickering shadows. Muichiro can’t focus on his book anymore, not with you so near to him that he can feel your heat, even through the layers of clothing. It’s enough to stave away the cool.
His face feels warm.
You are silent for a while. Muichiro listens, but all he hears is the pounding of his heart in his ears.
“Do you hate me?”
The immediate answer on his tongue is no, but you plow on before he can tell you that.
“If I bother you so much, I can always call it off, you know?” Your smile is sad. “I’m sure we can find some other way that doesn’t involve marrying each other.”
“Why are you bringing this up with me?” he asks instead.
You start, lips parting before curving into another self-deprecating smile. You laugh. He doesn’t like that laugh. “Right. I’m sorry, Yuichiro. Can we start over?”
Muichiro gives you a curious look. You ignore him.
“I’d like to be friends,” you say. “When I do get married to your brother, we’d have to live together, and I don’t want there to be any bad blood between us.”
It’s his turn to be silent. A stray leaf falls in between the pages of his book; it crumbles when he picks it up.
“I don’t hate you,” he murmurs.
Your head bows. “I’m glad to hear that,” but you don’t sound like you believe him.
“I don’t,” he insists.
“You already said that.”
The conversation tapers off awkwardly. Muichiro shifts and bounces the book on his lap, tapping his fingers on the spine. He can’t bring himself to even try to pretend to read when his body’s thrumming with restless energy that he has no way of letting loose.
The movements draw your eyes to him. “What are you reading?”
He raises the cover of the book to show you. Your eyes widen. “A history book? How unexpected!”
Muichiro hums, fishing through the pages for his bookmark. Your eyes are still on him, and it feels uncomfortable in the way that he likes being the center of your attention.
Curious, curious, curious. You’re interfering with his head a bit too much.
“Is that origami?” Your voice is hushed.
Muichiro pauses to stare at you. You’re leaning towards him – too close – staring at the little handmade bookmark he’d created when he was bored. He shifts away from you and immediately regrets it when the cold comes back to nip at his skin.
Your eyes sparkle. “May I see it?”
Wordlessly, he hands it over. You’re like a child, looking at the bookmark in wonder, twisting and turning it around in your hands like a treasure. Adorable, almost. The dim skies can’t cast any shadows on your smile.
“How cute,” you fawn. “The craftsmanship is amazing!”
It’s just paper. “Keep it,” he says.
You look up in surprise. “Really? But you’re using it.”
“I have a lot of those.”
He doesn’t miss the way you open your mouth, as if to ask something, before changing your mind and smiling at the origami in your hands, instead.
“Thank you,” you say. “I’ll treasure this.”
The wind picks up. You hold the origami to your chest to protect it, closing your eyes against the dust that the wind disturbs. When it calms down, your hair is in disarray, but you’re still smiling, cheeks flushed.
“Maybe I can show them to you some time,” he suggests before he can think about it too hard. “My origami, I mean.”
He’s fumbling with his words. Embarrassed, Muichiro ducks down and hides his face with his hair.
Your face brightens even more. “I’d love that.”
You smile at him, and Muichiro disregards the trembling of his heart and smiles back.
It’s been silent around the castle for a while now. It’s unsettling; the walls are drained of color, the fire of autumn has dulled into a grayscale void that rustles annoyingly from the windows. For some reason, the silence screams louder when he sits down to read a book, and the chill settles in deeper even when he wraps himself in his duvets, so near the hearth that the fire singes his fingertips whenever he tries to warm himself up.
Muichiro doesn’t get it until he asks Yuichiro about it.
“Y/N’s . . . gone?”
He doesn’t know how to feel about that. His brain tells him relief is what he should feel – finally, his name is unbound by a farce of an engagement. He’s free to be himself again and be free.
And yet, his heart aches.
“Kidnapped,” Yuichiro continues, and any pitiful attempts to quell the protests of his heart slams to a stop.
His eyes widen as he whips his head around to look at his brother. His face is pinched in worry, hands wringing while he paced back and forth. The true epitome of a good, worried fiancé. His nails are bitten to the nub.
“Kidnapped,” Muichiro repeats. “Since when?”
“A few days ago.” Yuichiro stops and glares at him. “You’d know if you cared.”
The words strike through his chest. But he does care. Muichiro doesn’t want to care, but he does. He really does. Muichiro doesn’t bother replying to Yuichiro’s accusations, and the boy continues pacing once again.
“Diplomats are bargaining with the kidnappers now,” Yuichiro continues, as if oblivious to the pain he just caused. “They should be able to get her back in a few more days.
But the days stretch on to eternity now that Muichiro’s painfully aware of your haunting absence. It’s now, when he’s alone again, that he misses how you almost always seem to find him and make the world a bit warmer.
It sinks under his skin like an itch he can’t scratch. Kidnapped. You could be in danger right now – you could be dead for all he knows, Muichiro just can’t sit still.
He can’t. It’s impossible – not when even his dreams have turned into horrible, horrible nightmares where his mind taunts him of what could have happened to you.
The days couldn’t go any slower than this.
Your homecoming is met with cheers and hurrahs from the citizens of the Kingdom, a grand parade that marches on from the city gates to the castle. Muichiro stands impatiently beside his father and brother, anxiously looking out the windows for a hint of you.
When the doors finally open, at first, he thinks you are a ghost, unreal, a figment of his imagination. Maybe he’s gone crazy from the lack of sleep and stress. But then you smile at him, and it doesn’t matter anymore whether you are real or not. All that matters is that you’re here with him.
He stumbles towards you at first, hesitant steps hastening to a jog until he’s in your arms. You step back from the weight, chest rumbling as you return his hug.
You’re really warm. It feels nice. Muichiro hides his face in the crook of your shoulder as his eyes begin to prick with heat.
“Don’t disappear again like that,” he mumbles against your neck. You shiver. “I don’t like it when you’re gone.”
You chuckle. “I’ll try my hardest not to get kidnapped again.”
He pulls away from you, and his vision is blurry. Still, he glares at you. “I’m serious.”
“So am I.” Warm hands cup his cheeks, thumbs brush underneath his eyes as Muichiro sniffs and blinks back tears. Tears. He’s crying. Crying. He lowers his head to hide, but you coax him to look at you.
Your expression is kind. “It’s all right. I’m here now . . .” you hesitate. “Muichiro.”
Muichiro doesn’t bother keeping up the facade with his brother. He nods and throws himself in your arms again, losing himself in your warmth. A faint scent of grass leaves and flowers linger around you, like springtime, like coming home.
“I’m sorry for worrying you,” you say.
He hums. “I don’t like it when you’re gone,” he repeats.
“Me neither.”
“So don’t go away again.”
“I won’t.”
He pauses. It feels like there’s still so much things to say, but the moment is interrupted when his Father and Yuichiro approach, relief thick in their expressions. Muichiro reluctantly lets you go, but you catch his hand before he can go to far.
“I still want to see your origami collection later,” you say, smiling, before you release his hand and turn to the rest of his family. Muichiro looks down at his hand and bites his lip, another wave of warmth wrapping him up like a blanket.
“Yeah,” he says. “I’ll be waiting.”
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girlandgeese · a year ago
Artist ask thing!
I was tagged by @kourvo​ and I am a big baby who is afraid to tag even my mutuals so if you see this I WOULD like to read your responses and please DO tag me if you fill it out. :’-)
Tumblr media
What is the character you’ve drawn the most (Can be original or fanart) Other people’s Lavellans by about a mile.
What colour do you often use? I like muted and muddy colors. Give me those soft tonal shifts!!
Any colour you are bad at using? Bright and poppy shades. It isn’t in my programming.
When drawing people, where do you start? Jawline, then nose, then eyes, then mouth.
What is a character only your eraser will love? I’ve accepted that I’ll never draw Solas and that this will be why I never climb to the top of the DA art fandom.
Which of your works took the longest time? Almost definitely this one for @teknon​ who put a lot of faith in me, haha. This is still one of the most ambitious concepts I’ve ever actually completed. 🥺🙏
What techniques do you use when you want to improve in drawing? Eugh... I really haven’t actively tried to improve in a long time. Any of my improvements have been through sheer repetition, like taking on two dozen portrait commissions inevitably makes me better at faces. A lot of times I will burn out, stop drawing for a few months, then be slightly better when I get back at it. It’s a mystery. 💦
What do you think of the art of the person who gave you this ask meme? Their art is so lovely and striking and distinctive!! Extremely strong and emotive portraits. Wonderful use of light and dark values. When I read in their response to this that they don’t often use reference, I was like, “...?? How is this possible?”
What art tools/media are you good with? All my digital work is Procreate + iPad. Whenever I’m traveling I’ll bring a sketchbook (Leuchtturm is the best) and some ink pens.
Art tools/media you are bad at? Pastels, watercolor, charcoal. Messy things.
What do you think about your own art? ... Honestly I’m not a fan, haha. Occasionally I’ll make something that I’m proud of, but the vast majority of the time I’m just frustrated. This probably means I need to make some changes to my approach. But. Y’know. There’s currently a very large gulf between where I am and where I would like to be.
Do you consult references for your drawings? Every time for every thing. You haven’t lived until you’ve got eight tabs open of searches for “old man stern”, “old man angry”, “old man frown”, “old man face downward angry”--
What do you like about your art? I like my line work. I like how I render different planes and edges on a face.
What habits do you have while drawing? Planning to do something quick and then accidentally overworking it.
Are you good at drawing faces facing right? I think so.
How frequently do you draw? Not at all, then a TON for a short period of time. This is maybe my worst habit.
What do you do when you have artist’s block? I wait six months to several years. I do “junk food” art like drawing an easy portrait to build my confidence a bit. Photo/master studies.
What must you have when you draw? I have to have some noise, and my workspace has to be free of clutter. 9/10 times I will make a hot drink to have beside me; 7/10 times I forget about it.
Do you have a lot of stray lines (messy lineart)? Nah. I’m pretty economical.
What is drawing to you? Something I’ve been doing for a long time. A place where I have put most of my skill points but not enough of my attention and dedication.
Your art goal from now on? Make things that are unrecognizably mine. Confront my insecurities. Draw for no audience whatsoever.
Artists you’ve had influence from? See next.
Artists you like? Akihiko Yoshida, John Singer Sargent, John William Waterhouse, Ivan Bilibin, Even Amundsen.
Which is easier to draw, humans or animals? Ha ha. Humans.
Show us an old drawing. This is my favorite one to peddle out.
Tumblr media
What is the charm-point of your art? Nice faces that are pleasant to look at. Chiseled cheekbones and numerous elf ears.
What is the first thing you would draw if we’re talking about fantasy? Elves, unsurprisingly. If I were just doodlin’ it would be outfit and armor designs for various adventurer types.
Please draw your most beloved character: I have spent literally 100% of my artistic energy on donation drawings so here is a year-old Lavellan that I still like a lot, to represent Elves as whole.
Tumblr media
When thinking of characters is it mostly female? male? or androgynous/no sex? I think it’s a mix, at this point? When I was younger I would only draw girls.
What did you draw yesterday? Donation drawings! Last one was a nice OC. :-)
What is the most fun part to draw? Eyes and brows. Hair is fun to draw but miserable to paint.
What part of other people’s drawings do you notice first? Line work, color theory. Mark-making.
Regarding backgrounds, what is your method of making it easier to draw? Simply do not draw a background.
What colour coordinations do you like? Zorn palette, baybee.
Tumblr media
What character did you last draw? Attractive male-presenting OC with long white hair and a nice skin tone.
What part of drawing do you pay most attention to? Line work requires the most active attention. You cannot save a bad drawing with good painting. I have learned this. I may spend more time painting, but it doesn’t ask as much of me mentally.
How do you feel about drawing adult art? At any moment I am ready to sell out and be paid large amounts of money to draw NSFW content.
Do you like criticism from others? When I solicit it and when it’s from someone whose opinions I value. That sounds like “no”, but it’s more that many people don’t give good, actionable criticism. Luckily I am my own harshest critic. 🤡
How many people do you normally draw per artwork? 1/6 of one humanoid.
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bluepalleteuniverse · 10 months ago
Sorry if for not visiting your blog. (・・;)
I read the tags and it made me smile. A big wide smile (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) like you already know they are still my wallpapers ;) you know you were the first one who made me a fanart which made me happy even until now. I really treasure them all blue ❤
I see that i've got on the second place. It really surprised me since amarald and froggy's work are look amazing than mine.
i feel i don't deserve to be in the second place. I know my skills and... i was thinking. If its okay to you... can you give my place to others? Or maybe you can move amarald in the second place and either the three would take the 3rd place? They really deserve that place more than i do since i know they put much effort on it. Especially to froggy. But its depends on you blue on who would take my place.
Oh Red-
First no worries about visiting, it's a free space you come whenever you feel like it. I don't wish you to feel guilty each time you didn't come for a while even if I love seeing you there.
And thanks, I'm happy those tags made you smile. Yeah the first fanart is special hm hm it was Bug for me hm hm🌟
I said I didn't choose the winners by skills but by how much I enjoyed the entry. And I didn't put you at this place without thinking. And it has nothing to do with me liking you btw.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I loved every drawings. I wish I could do a full drawing for you 6 to thank you. But I can't do this much- Without doing some kind of burn-out honestly. Because I'd want to finish quick while doing the best. But I loved every drawing, that's why I choose to do a doodle for Froggy, Shishin and Drag' because I couldn't let them go without something after they did such lovely drawings.
Now if you wanted to give your price to someone else, I wouldn't have a problem. I even said it on the post.
Tumblr media
It means you can give away your price if you don't want it. Because I knew people could be not interested by the prices.
But you're asking me to change the places, to change how much I liked the drawings. I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't like yours enough to be at this place.
I had troubles to choose wich one would be in wich place, the first ranking was pretty different. Even the first place changed a few times X). I had more than a month to think about it. I'm not a professional judge or an artist since long. I decide to not judge on skills and make this contest as a lil' event for fun.
I was thinking to list every single things I like about your drawing, Ama's and Froggy's. But it's already a long post and I would gladly do another post for that. But I would do it for each entry since I liked something of each one- but I'm far too embarrassed by the idea of doing that-
And I think @amarald and @froggybreadstick should have their words on this. Ama and Froggy, what do you think of Red's entry? Do you think they don't deserve their place? Would you be happy to be higher in places? Do you think I'm wrong about the places and I didn't appreciate enough your drawings ? Are you disappointed to not be higher? Thanks for the time you took doing this btw. I sincerely hope you had fun. You can be honest I don't mind and directly dm or use anon if you want.
And please Red, don't say you don't deserve it.
Red's entry
Froggy's entry
Ama's entry
Tumblr media
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speirtongirl · a year ago
Bell The Cat - part 4 of ?
Tumblr media
On AO3
Fanart by @lyselkatz ❤️️
Carwood is inconsolable. It has been three days and his cat is still missing, gone without a trace. How did he get out of the flat? Where did he go? What if he got hurt again? These questions haunt Carwood even in his sleep. Each morning, he wakes up with hope filling his chest only to feel it implode into bitter smithereens when he finds the stairwell empty. He tried everything he could think of. Left him food by the building entrance, checked the closest vet clinics, went back to the alley where he picked Sparky up, printed flyers - but to no avail. In his desperation, he tries to enlist his friends to help too.
"Yes, I can call different types of animals, but not specific ones." Chuck explains on Friday as they wait in front of Shifty's coffee shop. The crowd buzzing around the counter makes it impossible to see if Tab is still standing in the queue or just chatting Shifty up. Carwood wouldn’t mind leaving him to it, but Chuck seems content to stay and soak in the sunshine. They still have ten minutes left of their lunch break. "I’m sorry, Lip, I can’t help you, unless you want all the cats in the neighbourhood to swarm your apartment.”
“I might resort to that if I can’t find him.” Carwood sighs and gives the yellow-brown leaves swirling in the wind a gloomy look.
“You can adopt a kitten from a shelter.” Chuck suggests, then glances at his watch and sighs. "Man, how long does it take to get a muffin here? He’s been inside for ages." He throws his empty paper cup in the bin and touches the instrument hanging from his neck. "If only my pipe worked on incubi."
Carwood elbows him. "Look."
There's no mistaking the telltale shimmering around Tab's face as he leaves the coffee shop. To Carwood, his straight hair looks suddenly wavy and dark, and the gleam in his eyes shifts from its usual softness to something sharper, until Carwood feels a tug low in his gut. As his friend, he can recognise Tab's charm when it's not directed at him, but the people around him don't, and they all turn their heads as Tab passes by with Shifty in tow.
"Can't blame him for taking his time. The guy’s beaming.” Chuck muses, then whistles when Shifty touches Tab’s elbow to say goodbye. He doesn’t even notice it, but all the dogs in the park freeze for a second. “I bet that sated Tab’s hunger for the day."
Carwood shakes his head, smiling. They both know that’s an exaggeration, but Shifty’s brilliant smiles sure make Tab’s day a little sweeter. It's no mystery why Tab keeps coming back to this place.
“I’m doomed, guys. Utterly doomed.” Tab whines dramatically when he reaches them. It's disillusioning to blink and see his normal looks again. “I used my powers.”
"No shit." Chuck deadpans, thumbing at his pipe.
Carwood takes a deep breath. “You know that if you want a lasting relationship -”
“No, I mean…" Tab interrupts him. He runs a jerky hand through his hair. "It didn’t work.”
Carwood frowns. "What? Why?"
"Beats me." Tab spreads his arms. He glances back at the coffee shop with longing. "He could be a fellow incubus."
"Or he's just so damn shy that your little illusion won't make him snap." Chuck offers, then claps Tab's back. "Welcome to human dating, Floyd."
As much as he wishes things were different, Carwood sympathizes with Tab's struggles. The last time he had a long-term relationship was way back in his army days, and it didn't end well when he came home with ten times as many issues as medals. After that disaster of a breakup, he felt more comfortable with casual partners, and now it's starting to feel like it's too late to deal with his problems and find actual love. Carwood shakes his head as he makes his way up the stairs to his apartment, groceries under his arm. He couldn't even keep a pet around, how could he expect a man to stay?
"Hello." A voice interrupts his dark thoughts.
"Hey." Carwood breaks into a smile as he looks at the guy leaning against the wall next to his front door. "Ron, right? Visiting your friend again?"
"Yes." Ron nods, but doesn't indicate who his friend is. His clothes fit him much better this time, and he switched his trainers to black ankle boots. He has a sleek backpack, and his right hand sports an elastic wrist brace. "Have you found your cat?"
Carwood's lips flatten. He sighs. "Not yet."
"Can I assist in the search?"
"Oh, you don't need to -"
"I want to." Ron pushes himself away from the wall and opens his wallet, flashing a police badge. "I'm a detective. My instincts might come in handy."
Carwood laughs. "All right. Just let me put my things away."
He opens his door and lets Ron in, offering him a drink as he goes inside to load the food into the fridge. Ron stays in the hall, as if he isn't quite at ease in a stranger's apartment and fiddles with his bag. Carwood keeps talking to him to soothe some of that discomfort in the short span of time he needs, then rushes back to the front door. The last thing he wants is to hold Ron up when he was kind enough to offer his help for some unfathomable reason. When Carwood reaches the hall, he finds Ron crouching by the shoe rack. He gestures at Carwood's trainers.
"These are very comfortable shoes."
"Oh, yes, I think we use the same brand." Carwood smiles. He wants to pinch himself for the pathetic thrill this thought sends through his body. He knows himself all too well, he's developing a crush. "Ready to go?"
Ron nods and exits the flat. A ray of sunshine sneaks into the stairwell and lights up the spot where he chooses to stand while Carwood locks the door. It draws golden highlights into his dark hair. He examines the missing pet flyer Carwood stuck on the wall, then takes a step towards the stairs. “Where do you want to start?”
They take a walk around the neighbourhood. Although Carwood’s hopes of finding Sparky are crushed further and further with every empty street they pass, Ron’s company helps him deal with the disappointment. It’s fun to be around him. They barely know each other, but their conversation flows seamlessly, as if they have been friends forever, and Ron’s amusing stiffness makes it easy to forget Carwood's own shortcomings. They get along so well that the first sparks of giddiness begin to bubble in Carwood’s veins and urge him to be daring. He can't help it, he strays a little closer to Ron and lets their arms brush. Please, don’t pull away, he thinks and tries to keep his breathing even when Ron glances at him in the dimming afternoon light.
“I don’t think we’ll find him here.” Ron says quietly and leans ever closer as they reach Carwood's block again. He smells divine. "Let's check the roof."
"The roof?"
"Cats like heights. He could have found his way to the fire escape and climbed up there."
"Okay." Carwood acquiesces. He leads them back inside. "You seem to have a lot of experience with cats."
The implied question makes Ron smile. He looks outright playful as his green eyes flick to Carwood's. "That's one way to put it."
They take the elevator with one of Carwood's neighbours, a nosy old lady called Mrs Mitchell, who always attempts to sell her late husband's trinkets to the other residents. This time, a silver pocket watch. It's impossible to refuse her gently, and Carwood isn't surprised to find Ron backing away from her inch by inch until they reach her floor at long last. They share a look when she finally steps out and they are alone again.
The rooftop of Carwood’s apartment building is grey and barren, save for a few stubborn tufts of grass in the crevices and a flock of battered pigeons huddling together on the ledge. Ron eyes them for a moment, then turns to explore the rest of the place, the piles of brick and construction waste. Carwood doubts his cat would find shelter here, but he's willing to check every possibility at this point. He follows Ron to the other side of the roof, where they lean on the ledge and watch the diluted colours of the setting sun fade from the sky. In the windows of the buildings around them and down the street, the lights flicker on like a myriad of enchanted neon eyes. Carwood enjoys the silence. It doesn't feel tense or awkward, just peaceful, and he wishes he could bottle the moment to take a sip of this feeling whenever he likes.
"Does your hand hurt?" He asks when he notices that Ron keeps flexing his fingers.
"No." Ron replies. "But it's very weak." He opens his palm. "May I?"
Carwood nods, and Ron's hand slips into his. Ron’s grip feels warm and pleasant, but his fingers tremble when he increases the pressure, and his face contorts. "I can't squeeze any harder than that."
Carwood grimaces in sympathy. “What happened?"
“A suspect thought I was a vampire. He staked my palm, then slammed a cage door on it.” Ron grunts and takes his hand back. “A few times.” He amends.
“Does this have anything to do with those dead vamps they found a few weeks ago?”
“Maybe.” Ron hums, then changes the topic without even attempting to be smooth. He touches Carwood’s dog tags with a fingertip. “Army?”
"Ah. Yes." Carwood smiles wryly and points at his cheek. He’d rather not talk about his hip. "I came home with this little souvenir. And some others."
Ron’s fringe tumbles to the other side of his forehead as the wind whips around him, and the collar of his jacket flaps against his neck, but he doesn’t straighten it. He looks intense as he studies Carwood’s face, and the raw honesty in his eyes burns. "They don't make you any less attractive."
Carwood's breath hitches. "What?"
Ron tilts his head, and a barely-there smile brightens his face. "I'd like to get to know you better. We could go out for coffee sometime, if you want."
Despite the flush rising to his skin, Carwood can't scrape the smile off his lips. "I'd like that."
"Great." Ron grins, then turns back to the pigeons and they spend the next minute fighting down stupid smiles and avoiding each other’s gazes in silence. It’s not that enjoyable this time - there’s tension in the air that wasn’t present before. Carwood’s entire body vibrates.
He clears his throat and blurts out the first sentence he can think of. "Do you like birds?"
"As poultry, yes. Chirping, no. They are cocky and annoying.” Ron replies, and Carwood laughs at the way he glares at the sickly grey pigeons.
“You and my cat would get along.” He says, thinking of all the times he caught Sparky hissing at the dirty city doves that sometimes perch on the exterior windowsills. “If only he came home.”
Ron gives him a reassuring smile. “I’m sure he will.”
George’s eyes go saucer wide in excitement when he hears the news the next morning. “I’m proud of you, Lip. I hope he’s hot.” He teases.
“Guys, we have a bet going on here!” Bill interjects from the other side of the court. They are at the Therian Community Centre with Joe’s friends - well, his pack, although Carwood prefers not to think about that -, and George is supposed to be playing half-court basketball as Joe’s teammate, but his head is not in the game at all.
“Did you try that dating app I told you about?” He keeps dribbling the ball with an absent-minded smile, catches it, then bounces it on the floor again.
A few feet away, Bill and Babe erupt in a cacophony of chortles while Joe groans. "Georgie, you can't do that!"
George flicks a strand of his floppy hair out of his eyes. "What?"
Joe shakes his head and jogs over to them. "Stop double dribbling and just pass me the ball, okay?"
"Okay." George smiles. He turns back to Carwood and opens his mouth to blabber on about something, but Joe hugs him from behind before he could speak and showers his cheek and neck in kisses.
“Pay attention.”
“I do.” George protests, then laughs when the pecks turn into nips and growls. “I do!”
He looks so happy that Carwood can’t keep from frowning at the guy who interrupts them. His melancholic features look familiar, but Carwood doesn’t put it together until he notices the Celtic pendant around his neck. It’s the selkie from the dating app! Christ, how awkward.
“Joe, someone's asking for you at the reception desk.” The guy says. His voice is gentle, but distant. “It's about the junior team, I think.”
“Shit.” Joe closes his eyes for a second. “I bet it’s a parent who thinks I’m the worst coach ever.”
George rubs Joe’s chest. “It’s a volunteer job, baby, don’t get too worked up over it.”
Joe sighs. “Thanks, Web. Wanna take over from me?”
“Sure.” The selkie says. His sad eyes light up, happy to be included. “I don’t know the rules though.”
“Don’t worry, Luz doesn’t either!” Babe cackles, and George gives him the finger, which makes them all laugh.
Carwood is about to offer a quick course about the basics of half-court basketball when his phone rings in his pocket. He picks it up and hears a cigarette-soaked, croaking voice. “Carwood, is this you, sweetie?”
“Mrs Mitchell?” He winces. If she needs him to repair the kitchen sink again, he’s going to cry.
“There’s a skunk - a giant skunk on your doormat!”
“Skunk?” Carwood’s heart skips a beat. “Don’t you mean a cat?”
“It’s too damn big to be a cat! I don’t need my glasses to see that.”
Carwood’s lips curl into a radiant smile. “Thank you, Mrs Mitchell, I’ll take care of it.”
He hurries home as fast as he can, perhaps even speeding a little to avoid red lights, and runs up to his apartment, rushing past his neighbours with barely a hello, because he needs to get his cat if it’s truly him, he needs to wrap Sparky in his arms and hug his fluffy little body, scratches and bites be damned. When he reaches his floor, the knot he has been carrying in his stomach for four days dissipates as if it has never even existed, because the ball of fur on his doorstep isn’t a wild animal, but his gigantic cat.
“Sparky!” He grins and crouches to pick Sparky up. “Where have you been, you silly boy? Where’s your collar?”
Sparky just yawns, headbutts Carwood’s chin and purrs. The little shit shows no remorse.
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nikibogwater · 10 months ago
2020 Creator’s Self-love Extravaganza
Rules: It’s time to love yourselves! Choose your 8 favorite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you brought into the world in 2020. Tag as many writers/artists/etc. as you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works!
I’ve been tagged for this a couple of times in the last few weeks, but haven’t had time/brainpower to work on it until now (but I love you all, and thank you for the tags!!!!)
This is probably going to be filled with nothing but my Tales of Arcadia stuff, as that was where I think my creativity really peaked during 2020. I’ll try to split the list evenly between fanart pieces and fanfics, but honestly, I’m most happy with the fics I published in 2020, especially the 6 parts of the still-ongoing Immortal Bonds series.
8. This doodle of Douxie, Archie, and Nari
One of the only scribbles I did in the month of August that I do not now cringe at whenever I look back at it, haha. It’s pretty rough, I’ll admit, but I really like the feeling it conveys--that this small found family is looking towards an uncertain future together. 
7. “You will not touch him!”
This was an experimental sketch in a few ways. It was the first really “thematically intense” doodle I ever tried, featuring an injured Douxie and his absolutely furious Bean Sister. But it was also a fun experiment with hybrid art. After finishing the traditional sketch and scanning it into my computer, I played around a bit with touching it up digitally. All the green in the picture was added in digitally. The actual physical sketch in my book is completely colorless. I later decided that I preferred sticking to exclusively traditional methods, but it was fun to play around with something different for a bit. 
6. These Douxie & Archie sketches
The first (and so far, only) piece of art I ever did that broke 100 notes. Apparently, people really love Soft Kitty Snuggles, haha. But I do genuinely love how these two side-by-side doodles show the relationship between Archie and Douxie--how it’s evolved, and how it’s stayed the same.
5. Glitter Wings Nari
Drawing Nari with her glitter wings for the first time was one of the best creative experiences of my year. Up until that point, I’d been putting a lot of pressure on myself to make stuff that looked “good,” and that meant all of my doodles were colorless because...well, I can’t color things “professionally.” But it hit me one day that “Hey. My art is stagnating, and it’s not very fun anymore.” So I ditched all my aspirations of making something “objectively good” and went nuts just making something I loved. I do colored pieces all the time now, and I love them, even though nobody would ever describe them as “professional.”
4. A Moment to Breathe
Moving on to fics now (which is really my area of expertise), A Moment to Breathe is just a wonderfully soft moment of relationship-building between Douxie and Nari. I felt that Nari’s dialogue here was especially good, capturing that dichotomy of ancient wisdom and childlike trust that makes her character so appealing to me. Also a good example of Niki just going absolutely nuts with headcanons regarding magic and the physical sensations that accompany it.
3. Feline Paralysis
This piece was inspired by a prompt from my very, very dear friend @poetryinmotion-author, and was extra special to me because I was able to pull a lot from my own life experiences. Writing from Archie’s perspective for most of the fic was incredibly fun, and I particularly love his stand-off with Merlin in the latter half of the fic. 
2. The City Never Sleeps
My first ever ToA fic, and the one that really launched my fandom career here. It was sort of a therapy-fic for myself, a way of dealing with the intense emotions left by the ending of Wizards. It basically just poured out of me in a rush of passion, and somehow, remarkably, is still one of the best pieces I’ve ever done. It’s also, as far as I can tell, the first post-canon Wizards fic published Ao3, so I guess that’s something, haha. 
1. A Shot in the Dark
My followers are probably getting tired of hearing me harp on about this one, but A Shot in the Dark was by far the greatest project of my 2020. Unlike my other fics, which were mostly slice-of-life stories about the characters dealing with personal problems and relationships, this was a higher-stakes plot with a slow-burn buildup of dread and apprehension. I was able to push that sweet sweet Hurt/Comfort to the absolute max with this one, and I am so, so proud of how it turned out. It may have underperformed in terms of Kudos/Hits, but I still consider it to be my current Magnum Opus, and definitely one of the highest points of my 2020 as a whole.
I am quite late in getting to this post, so I think most of my fellow creator friends have already been tagged by now. But here’s a couple No Pressure tags: @a-s-levynn and @sergeantsporks. Anyone else who sees this is welcome to jump on board, and make sure you @ me if you do. ✨
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