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#where sonic is and what he's doing
heroquills-a · 2 years ago
( pltbhplbhbh )
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narratorquestionmark · 2 months ago
ova sonic bad because it had a metal sonic without fucking amy rose even tho they both got introduced in the same game and had a storyline but ova sonic good bc of that scene where sonic nearly kills himself to save metal sonic only for metal sonic to slap away his hand and fall into the lava because there’s only one sonic and it’s not him
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egg-emperor · 7 months ago
thinking about how Eggman hasn't been in a main series issue since September is making me even more impatient. I was very happy when he decided to show up briefly for three Bad Guys issues since but then he left and has been gone for another two nearly three months now :')
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modorbot · 2 months ago
Why do people ship characters
#trying to find like ONE good metal fic and every single time op just had to go ship for brains#they're all so bad#i swear 2 god 'its so hard to write' itd be easier if u were writing the characters in a way that makes sense and not just trying to#set up some stupid ship dynamic that makes no sense.........#everyone of these author's is so hell-bent on metal being a sad-boy that joins team sonic and ✨discovers looove✨#they completely throw away his actual character ruin his relationship w/ his dad and then make him#and i say this as someone who does enjoy watching characters cry- they make him so sad he looks fucking pathetic#like they do the same thing with infinite too#I'm serious like in what world is metal gonna get asked about his emotions ONE TIME and now he's sibbing to his worst enemy and#joining team s/onic#fucking .. what. op did you consume ANY s/onic media what is this#and like.... idk this is all of the fics i can't find a single one that isn't like this it's so stupid#i read this one infinite fic where he is so pathetic he went to casino / night zone to find rings lost them all and ran back#to the egg/man base crying#i don't care if he's mourning op he's the ultomate mercenary are you kidding me???#there's this one forces rewrite fic where s/onic can't run and so he can't really do anything to help and he's just BEGGING for some way to#help out and at one point kn/uckles says 'ta/ils knows egg/man better than any of us! probably second only to you' and ta/ils making plans#for attacks/strategies and it's. YEAH SO LET SO/NIC DO THAT TOO!! HES LITERALLY BEEN BEGGING TO HELP.#but noooo because s/onic and kn/uckles need to fall in loooove... op there's a war. and fine the ship isn't bad but#these authors just give up writing well for the sake of shipping characters and it always turns out so bad cause of it#i just want a good metal fic. or like a fic where the characters are just hanging out and having fun. or literally just a fic where#metal interacts w/ or/bot and cu/bot . like just once. BUT NO BECAUSE IT ALL HAS TO BE SHIPPING#and if there was finally just a ro/botnik family fun time fic it would be so cool that's be so fun... BUT NO. BECAUSE EGG/MAN HAS TO BE EVIL#TO METAL SO THAT METAL CAN FALL IN LOVE WITH TEAM SONIC OR W/E. ONLY ROMANCE IS ACCAPTABLE CONTENT. FAMILY? EW!!!!! NEVER HEARD OF IT#there could be good fics... but all internet users want is ship dynamics.. their.. enemy to lover. lover to lover. love love love lover....#i don't understand why people can't just write good friendships or just characters hanging out... i want s/onic and sh/adow play amongus fic#but alas....... 😑😥😒😔🙃#gh.
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un-pearable · 6 months ago
idk if you’re still doing this but 🔥 IDW sonic?
(heck yeah!! ty!!! sorry this is so long, i’m just rambling 😅)
hmmm, i really enjoy IDW so far, and the few things i have issues with i know the context to why they happened (like the amnesia plot being cut short at an awkward time so it was hard for them to rework it, it’s still sloppy in the end but,, it’s not worth harassing them over, i know they’re genuinely trying to tell the best stories they can) but for personal tastes? i think metal should get some emphasis again, that one story in the annual was amazing and i would absolutely love to see him in focus again, especially given SEGA’s recent treatment of him as a plot device instead of a character - he deserves the spotlight for a bit imo :> i know he was the main villain of the first arc, but the ideas they’ve already thrown around about his sentience and independence + the introduction of belle better before leading somewhere cool (or, if belle ends up becoming that female villain for a bit they were talking about i will be equally as excited)
in a similar vein but more actually unpopular like these are supposed to be (oops) i,, kinda get why they’ve adjusted shadow’s personality, i don’t like it per se, but i get why sega’s doing it: they’re trying to fit the cast back into archetypes like they started doing with sonic boom, and there’s a very big issue in that they way they currently characterize knuckles and shadow? they’re basically identical - they’re both the friendly, angry guy who sometimes works with the team but also has a duty to fulfill/some other responsibility. so they’ve adjusted knuckles to be more focused on team sonic instead of the ME and shadow to be more of the loner he (and knuckles, originally) used to be. it’s not a great solution, and it’s really irritating to the fandom who’s gotten used to their more nuanced personalities, but i think i get why SEGA’s pushing it
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k1zna · 6 months ago
do you think that when they made shadow they knew that they’d need to inhibit his power and he always had the inhibitor rings since his creation or do you think that there was like. an incident that made them go oh holy fucking shit we slipped and put way too much chaos energy in this hedgehog and they had to like scramble to put together the inhibitor rings before he caused any more damage. like he walked into the ark’s break room one day or something and all the microwaves instantly exploded just bc they were in proximity to shadow and they suddenly realized that this little guy has just been RADIATING chaos energy this entire time and none of them put it together until dave from biology’s microwave burrito was ruined
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champiionic · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I wrote this in the tags of a post earlier this morning, but this is such an important thing that it deserved its own post so here it is:
( Honestly I felt that in the context of his mother and his sibs of s.onic underground eventually meeting him in c.anon he wouldn’t be so chipper upon seeing them and meeting them. 
All of those fifteen years feeling a complete absence of family and longing for it despite telling himself he has his own family within his friends and such but those hidden untapped feelings accumulated over the years and when he finally got word from them, his biological family he's been waiting years to see finally talk to him and it just makes him wonder ‘Did they care at all? Did they search for him during this time? Did they bother to try to check on him?’ That's what he wonders.
And he's upset downright upset about it and all those untapped feelings come gushing out. He is finally talking to the family he's been longing for so long but he honestly doesn't know what to feel or how he should feel.
It's a mixed bag for him ;; )
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red-dragon-archfiend · a year ago
I honestly hope if we ever get Sonic Adventure remakes that they’re good. Really good. Not just so I have another good Sonic game to play, but because it would mean that maybe SEGA won’t be afraid of making Adventure-styled games anymore and we can finally be done with the horrible writing and consistent floundering in the classic era when only Mania was made with understanding of why people like the Genesis games
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ceubic · a year ago
i just had a fucking weird ass dream that was basically a combination of the 90s sonic cartoon, duck tales, and teenage mutant ninja turtles. anyways i have a GREAT idea for a hit new cartoon you guys.
#so basically everyone lived on this big abandoned compound and lots of communal areas. think post apocolypes building style but the kind#where semi stable but still kinda slapped together out of nessecity#anyways the leader (i think it was eudico??? from warframe???? but sally from sonic also???? dont question it)#was solving a quarrel between two other residents (dont remember what it was about srry)#and then after they left. dr gearloosw turned up????? and there was a basket by the entrance of the compound walls#so hes like wtf is this and LO AND BEHOLD#its a lil baby rat??? not the cute kind the fucked up and naked newborn kind#(also for the record it is not a regular rat its a humanoid baby rat. babynoid.#so dr mf gearloose gos ‘well. guess im a father now’ absolutly NO deliberation.#so he goes back into the communal area sort of thing#and tries to go back up the his ‘apartment’#and these two other characters are complaining that the elevator is broken to some kind of authority lady#and she says to just use the stairs but they counter with ‘theres like. a hundred fucking stairs’ but eventually give in#and the started going DOWN the stairs and i was surprised at that (as surprised as i could be in a fucked up half asleep dream state)#so that sort of implies that the structure stretches deep underground. which is cool. ANYWAY gearloose goes up so i doesnt matter anyways#so if i remember the architecture correct its VERY weird. imagine every single youve ever been in VIOLENTLY smashed together#and then repaired as best you can to be semi stable#so the good docter has the brilliant revelation that he does not remember his ampartments number and therefore does not remember#where his apartment. is. so instead of doing the logical thing of yknow asking for help. he decides to try evey single door with his keys#to find which is his. also his keys now exists. (and when my brain figured THAT out it made him fumble and drop his keys like 10 times.#it was great)#im ommiting a lot of details for times sake (also my cronic lack of any ability to put my thoughts into words)#so unfortunatly just a bunch of semi incomprehensible shit happened and i wasnt vibing with were the story was going so i woke up#SORRY just a boring ass wierd dream so satisfying ending 😔#.txt
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egg-emperor · 9 months ago
I know I'm supposed to be doing a Boom supercut and I did get started on it recently BUT I wanted to do a very short one for Eggman in The fight for the Fox Box first because it’s modern/X Eggman that owns my heart, so I finally did it. it's so short like a couple of minutes long but do y'all wanna see (you should)
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