stuckytogether · 9 months ago
A very good thread about how every part of John Walker’s uniform is designed to be as unsettling as possible
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shurisneakers · 10 months ago
“you ever jumped on top of a grenade?”
“yeah, actually I have, 4 times. it’s this thing i do with my helmet, it’s a reinforced helmet.” 
that’s the difference. 
in the first captain america movie, skinny steve rogers didn’t HAVE a helmet. he didn’t HAVE the serum or the shield or even like a decent uniform. he jumped on it, unarmed and instinctually because that was who he was. 
having a reinforced helmet, knowing that you’re safe enough to do it one, two, three, FOUR times and not get harmed was not the point of the statement. it was about how steve had nothing and was still brave enough to put his life on the line immediately. it was about whether he had a good enough heart, enough courage and strength to do the right thing and sacrifice himself even though he had nothing to go gain in return, including a guarantee of his safety. 
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moonpaw · 2 months ago
but invisible girl is also really sus because we all know her quirk isn't invisibility
idk how to say this but there is no way they would give her that kind of spot light
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okay geralt and jaskier meeting in the show is great and it's such a fun introduction to jaskier as a character but I just really love the way they met in the books because canonically its recalled that dandelion was hauling ass at a festival to get away from the Four Big Brothers of a woman he knocked up there and then he saw geralt and went "HEY A WITCHER COOL MY ASS IS SAVED" and hung onto geralt because he didn't wanna fucking die and geralt's immediate response was just going "OH HELL YEAH I'VE GOT A TRAVEL BUDDY :D" and like. I do love jaskier sauntering over to geralt and badly flirting introducing himself with bread in his pants and "three words or less" but... immediate idiot best friends book!geralt and book!dandelion my beloved <3
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thespoonisvictory · 3 months ago
genuinely think the reason wilbur is so underestimated by redditors is because he’s a “support” player that acts like an s-tier.
wilbur is genuinely decent at every game he plays, not because of technical skill but because of his confidence. wilbur doesn’t think like a mid-tier player, he acts like he’s s-tier, and istg that goes a long way. he’s confident enough to make call outs, to communicate himself loudly if needs be, and switch strategy if things go poorly. by not getting stressed or overwhelmed, he can think on his feet and pull back a slow start to nearly any game, and because he’s usually the base or lead of the team, that energy spreads.
the worst thing a player in mcc can do is get overwhelmed, or not communicate their needs to their teammates because they’re afraid, tunnel-visioning, or think they’re better off doing it on their own. it’s a trap that, weirdly enough, both top tier players and bottom tier fall into, albeit for vastly different reasons. wilbur circumvents this neatly by just having no fear. 
in sands of time with wilbur, whether you like it or not you are going to hear exactly how much time and sand you have left at periodic increments, you are going to know exactly who has which vaults and which keys. in buildmart, you are going to be asked repeatedly “do you need help? what are you working on? what do you need?”. same thing in hitw, gridrunners, he just keeps talking. in sky battle and other pvp, wilbur practically narrates himself doing every action and keeps tabs on where everyone is. this isn’t only helpful because he’s doing it though, but because every other player will feel more comfortable doing so.
it’s him being a god in grid runners, it’s him being an excellent floater in buildmart, it’s him calming tapL down in mcc 14, it’s him and his team doing so well the first time they played parkour tag because wilbur was one of the first people to insist on constant relaying of information. this kind of talk from a support player is so helpful, but so rarely utilized because teams usually stick their most unconfident players in those positions (which makes sense).
watching him immediately taking over and explaining the pumpkin challenge in gridrunners is so satisfying because despite never doing that task before, he commands his team member with the confidence of someone who’s completed it a million times. while he’ll step back and let others lead when needed, that kind of “bullshit your way to victory” mindset is so permeating and so hard to quantify in mcc. That’s why his comms are so good, that’s why his team consistently exceeds expectations. It’s not about technical skill, it’s about people skill.
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blackkatmagic · 2 months ago
I feel like A'Sharad watching over kid Luke on Tatooine instead of Obi-Wan would have been interesting!
oh. oh my god. yes please.
Also just. Luke coming to be raised by the Tuskens is. It would be so good?? The sheer irony of Darth Vader's son being raised by the people who were his first victims is just. A lot of narrative irony. Luke learning about what happened to Shmi, what happened with Anakin, coming to terms with all the parts of this culture that took him in - maybe when the Lars were unable to? - is just such a fascinating idea.
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gin-juice-tonic · 3 months ago
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halloween boys
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wolfythewitch · 7 months ago
Yo Wolfy have you seen that there are ccs here now 👀 ?
I’m sorry what
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stardust-omelette · a month ago
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our wife
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bananimationofficial · 2 months ago
This is like the opposite of people thinking JSchlatt is like 30 at least and finding out he's 22.
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quillwritten · 9 months ago
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motivation machine broke :(
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relaxxattack · 3 months ago
chapter eight is going to be RIDICULOUSLY fucking long i can already tell
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is that too much to ask? I just want to wake up in the woods in the witch's hut, among the cows and sheep, bake bread and make something on the workbench..fall asleep watching the sun slowly set..😩🧝🏻‍♀️🌲🌳🍃
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scarew0lves · 3 months ago
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haha what if... i made a "dream" design.... and made him evil *smirks*
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dailybehbeh · 3 months ago
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comickergirl · a year ago
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SO I started some Red Daughter sketches earlier this week (just prior to the Supergirl news, actually) and, of course, they spiraled WILDLY out of control so here is set one of...two? Three? We’ll see how it goes. (Please don’t repost.)
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Why did nobody morph Hippo? Would that have been Easy Mode?
Probably because most American zoos don't have hippos.  And I’m pretty sure Michelle has too much self-respect to let The Gardens get a herd of them.  Like, some Gardens manager at some point looked up from his emails and was like “there’s a preserve in Botswana says they’ve got a hippopotamus pod they could send to us for only —”  And then Michelle reached over and ever-so-gently pulled his hand off his keyboard, whispering “oh fuck no.”
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thatisahotsoup · 3 months ago
i will say this. beat sheet cas is incredibly punchable
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ask-whitepearl-and-steven · 11 months ago
Why don't you get help, like a team, to help you with the comic?
I’ll put this as kindly as possible to not make anyone feel bad:
As a person who hated group projects all throughout my school life, that suggestion is just a larger, even more horrible iteration of a group project and I absolutely do NOT want to do that. 
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radarchives · 2 months ago
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