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Old Souls
{A Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fan fiction}
Set immediately after the end of episode 20.
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Jin Woo froze, momentarily forgetting the storm around them. He turned back and looked at her over his shoulder and in his moment of hesitation she closed the gap between them.
“I’m right aren’t I?”
“So what? It doesn’t change anything.”
“How can you say that?”
“I’ve already made up my mind.”
“You weren’t even going to tell me, were you?”
Jin Woo tried to keep his face impassive, though every word was a twist of the knife. “I thought it would make it easier.”
“Easier for who? For you?”
“No, I just…I thought if you had to resent someone, better it was just me. Just his lookalike, a fool who knew nothing.”
“Is that all you take me for? Did you still think that was all you were to me? A substitute? You haven’t understood me at all.” Her voice trembled, “It wasn’t like that.”
“It doesn’t matter.” He said, “All that matters is I don’t want to be with you anymore.”
“Of course it matters. I have the right to hear the truth from you.”
“What exactly do you expect me to say?”
“Just give me the real reason. Don’t feed me a line about not seeing a future together.” She was shouting over the wind, “You should have just been honest with me from the start!”
“No you! You should have told me what I was before—” He raised his voice to match hers for the first time, “When you met me that day, you shouldn’t have hung onto me. You should have run the other direction. If I had known then what meeting you meant…I would never have approached you in the first place.”
With night starting to close in, the sky opened up at last. Rain began to fall in driving sheets, soaking them through in seconds. He turned again to go, but she caught hold of his sleeve and held him back.
“Don’t say you regret meeting me. You don’t mean that.”
He fought down his revulsion at his own words, pulling his arm away from her, “I’m sorry, but I do.”
For the first time that fierce look in her eyes wavered and her expression began to crumble. Dammed up tears spilled over, running like the rain, freely down her face. Her tears were more terrible than her anger had been, because he couldn’t even reach for her, to comfort her.
He couldn’t keep looking at her, and so he fled again. He made it ten more paces up the beach when his vision turned white, blinded by a flash of lightning. The air around him fizzed with electricity, making the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stand on end. Almost at the same instant as the flash, he was deafened by a clap of thunder like a grenade going off. He ducked instinctively, throwing his arms over his head. When he recovered he looked back, and Ha Jin was on the ground.
A moment of primal fear gripped his heart.
“Ha Jin-ah!” He quite nearly flew to her side, kneeling next to her. “Gwaenchanha?”
To his relief she was awake, apparently unharmed. In her fright she must have dropped to the sand.
“Let’s get under cover. Quickly.”
Without thinking he grabbed hold of her hand and together they ran. He held up one arm to shield his eyes from the rain, looking around for somewhere to hide. Somewhere close by, closer than the pension. His gaze fell on a derelict old boathouse. It wouldn’t be comfortable, but it had four walls and roof.
“Come on.” He wrapped an arm around Ha Jin as they continued to run over uneven ground, holding her up when she stumbled. After a few moments he managed to force the door open wide enough for the two of them to slip inside and wrestle against the wind to shut it again.
The space was claustrophobic and the air stale. Jin Woo blinked, still wiping water away from his eyes. It was more a shed than a boathouse, stacked wall to wall with disused netting, rotting ropes, and yard after yard of old canvas. There was just enough space for the two of them to stand, facing one another. The only light came from the cracks along the edges of the door, and even that was quickly dying.
They stood in silence, listening to the sounds of the storm now raging outside and their own heavy breathing.
After a few moments Jin Woo started. “When the storm subsides we’ll—”
But Ha Jin cut him off, “I could never accept it,” She said, “No matter how many letters I sent without reply. No matter how many days passed without word of you…I didn’t let myself believe it. That you could really hate me.”
“Is that what you think this is about?”
“However far away you were, even though we parted so badly, I kept telling myself we were still in each other’s hearts.”
“Do you believe that? That Wang So died hating you?”
“You remember everything, but say we still can’t be together. Could there be another reason?”
“Would we have gone through all of this if he hated you? Would I be standing here now and would I—he, have fought so desperately to reach for you if he—if I had hated you?”
Jin Woo was losing track of his pronouns again. It wasn’t always easy. The memories of himself, of his past life, where he had lived as King Gwangjong, they mingled with those of his present. Sometimes the two bled together. He wasn’t Wang So. His experiences, his perspective, they had changed him. But he wasn’t exactly Jin Woo anymore either. Was he something in between? Or someone else entirely? He was still trying to figure that out.
“Wang So loved you, Ha Jin.” He said, “No. It went beyond that. You were an obsession for him. Because no matter how he grasped at you, he could never have you. Not in the way he wanted. Even when he thought he hated you, his hate was still a part of his love. And even that pitiful hate died with you.” Wang So’s grief overwhelmed him. It was too vast, too old, Jin Woo’s mind could not contain the breadth of it. Every time he thought he could comprehend it, it slipped away from him again, revealing new depths Jin Woo had never imagined. Against his own judgment he reached out toward Ha Jin. Taking her by the arms, he felt the wet fabric of her blouse where it clung to her skin. “You were everything. You were the only thing…and when you went away it was like all the light went out of the world.”
“Why then?” Her face was close enough he could feel her breath on his skin. Unconsciously, he’d begun to draw her closer, but he caught himself this time, dropping his hands to his sides and pulling back.
“Because I hate him.” His voice cracked as he spoke, “He…ruined…you. He ruined everything. He locked you up in that miserable place with him because he couldn’t stand the thought of being alone. He bound your wings and broke your spirit. And when he’d taken everything he could take from you he cast you out, to sicken and fade away, waiting for him. That’s why. I can’t let him do it again. I despise him.”
“Don’t say that. That isn’t what happened.”
“He’s a monster, Ha Jin.”
“Don’t talk about him like you know, when you haven’t even tried to understand him.”
“I will never understand him. I can’t. But you kept on trying too, didn’t you? However undeserving he was you gave him your empathy and your forgiveness. You would do so even now, because that’s the kind of person you are, Ha Jin. That’s why people wound and betray you. But I’m not going to let you this time.”
“He wasn’t only the way you said. To me he was—he was—” Ha Jin stammered her protests, but Jin Woo didn’t want to hear her defending Wang So.
He spoke over her, “Ji Mong talked about self-perpetuating karma. The same fates playing themselves out again and again over different lifetimes. I’ve always been making the same choices, the same mistakes. In my greed clinging onto you, giving into my ambition. Trapping the two of us in this cycle of blood and pain. But you don’t deserve to be dragged down with me. This tragedy is one of my own design. For me this is justice, but not for you. You deserve to be happy, to be free. While I…I deserve to lose you. I was warned a long time ago that if I tried to force an ill-fated love, against the will of Heaven, it would mean disaster. This has to end. I should be the one to end it.”
When Jin Woo had finished speaking, there was no immediate answer. Night had fallen as they spoke and the gale only made it darker. They stood there together in the boathouse as they started to shiver. Several strikes of lightning flashed outside, briefly lighting the room around them. Jin Woo tried to get a look at Ha Jin’s face. To his surprise he saw she looked calm, almost serene now. When her voice came back to him he could tell something had changed.
“Perhaps…” She said, “Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps the stars are set against us.” They always have been, he thought, why should now be any different? “I understand what you’re thinking. You’re trying to spare me pain in the future. I see that now. But I’m here, standing in front of you, telling you that I won’t be happier without you. I won’t be okay. Walk away from me if you must, but know it won’t end there. Even if we become like strangers, you’re someone I could never forget. No matter what name you go by, what world you fly to, I will find you and I will love you again.”
He felt more than saw her shift closer to him, sensing the warmth of her very near though not touching. He tried to back away further, but there was no more room. His heel butted up against a coil of rope, nearly throwing him off balance.
“But then again,” She said, and her voice was soft, almost a whisper, “Perhaps you’re wrong. Perhaps the fact that we’ve met like this, in this place, means that we’ve both suffered enough. Isn’t a thousand years of loneliness enough punishment for anyone? Maybe it means we’re allowed to try again, to love each other with all our hearts. Maybe it’s not a cycle at all. Maybe it’s something like redemption.”
“We can’t know that. It’s not a chance I’m willing to take.”
“Well, I am. Haven’t I lost as much as you did? I understand the risks too. But you don’t know Heaven’s will any more than I do. Is that a reason we shouldn’t try?”
“I wish I had your confidence but I don’t trust myself. What if I hurt you again?”
“You know, there’s something I learned from King Taejo. Your father. He said life was far too brief. He also told me that I should never let the fear of tomorrow steal happiness from today.” As she said this he felt her reach for him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his mouth down to hers. His entire body stiffened, trying to hold himself back, but as the kiss went on he remembered something new. Beyond that hint of coffee, the sweetness of her lip gloss, he remembered the taste that only she had. The one that had lingered in his mouth for days after their first kiss. How the memory of that flavor had tried to drive him crazy long after that.
God, how he had wanted her. He could feel his hands beginning to tremble with desire as he wound her rain soaked hair though his fingers. Centuries of unfulfilled longing finally finding its object. The intensity of it scared him.
This feeling scared him.
Enough that he finally managed to push her away.
“Ha Jin-ah…please.” His voice was rough and uneven, “Don’t hang onto me. I can’t…”
“Why can’t you?”
“What if I change? What if I ruin everything again? What if I…break you? I’ve been carrying around my past like a bad omen. What if when it finally catches up with me, it falls on you too?”
“This is my choice to make.”
“How can I let you go through all of that again?”
“What makes you think it’s the same situation? Things are different now. Back then I was never once allowed to have what I wanted. Whatever I reached for was snatched away. Happiness, freedom, love…they were all taken from me. I had to watch the ones I loved fight and die around me. I had to watch others sacrifice themselves for me. That was the kind of world we lived in. Even though I knew the future and tried to change it, I couldn’t protect what I wanted. And even you. You used to tell me I wasn’t allowed to leave you, I wasn’t allowed to die without your permission. But we parted and I died. Neither of us could stop it. But we’re not in the palace anymore. And I’m going to fight for what I want.”
Jin Woo floundered for the words he needed, his defenses were abandoning him now, “I don’t know when or how, but things will fall apart again. Like they always do. I’ll break your heart or I’ll make you hate me. How could I ever make that up to you? How can I dare to love you after everything I did?”
“I thought you remembered everything,” She said, “Why does it seem like you only remember the cruelty and the pain? Where did the beauty go? The time you ignored propriety and carried me on your back because my knee was aching. When you stood by my side for hours in the rain against your father’s command. The day you drank poison to protect me. And the way those hands, which they trained for violence, became impossibly soft when they held me. Do you really not remember?”
“I’ve forgotten all the good moments, Ha Jin. I only remember is the way it ended.”
“Then, my darling,” She wrapped her arms around him again, pressing her head against his chest, “Let me remind you.”
Jin Woo could feel his resolve beginning to evaporate. The longer she held him, he knew, the harder it would be to let her go. “Even so…” He said, “I can’t stop thinking about it. How you died. How you waited. How I read your letter too late. I can’t…I don’t think I can forgive myself.”
“I forgave you a long time ago. I do so freely.”
“I…I hate myself.”
“But I love you. I’ll help teach you how.” She held him even tighter. “Did you hear me? I said I love you. Past, present and future. Whatever name you have, whatever world you fly to, whatever past lives we share. In pieces and altogether. I love you. I’m sorry it took me so long to say it.”
“Why? Why love me?”
Without letting him go she drew her head back, looking up into his face. He could just barely make out the storm lights in her large dark eyes. “Because you’re mine. My person.” And she kissed him again.
Jin Woo allowed himself to surrender to the softness of the kiss. Folding her into his arms again, finally allowing himself to hold her back. She had declared him hers and who was he to argue? Surrender was sweet.
He was unsure of how long they remained like that, holding on to each other. The storm winds still howled outside, not abating. He only spoke when he felt Ha Jin shivering.
“What was that? Are your teeth chattering?”
“I’m cold.”
“Do you have that jacket I brought you?”
She shrugged, “I think I lost it when we were running.”
He didn’t know why but he found himself laughing. They disentangled briefly and Jin Woo pulled out a raggedy old tarp for them to sit on, covering the chilly concrete floor with it. He sat down, nestling into a pile of nets that smelled like mildew and bad fish, but at least it was mildly more comfortable than standing. “Come here,” He said. He reached for Ha Jin and pulled her down into his lap, wrapping his arms around her, gently chafing her back and arms to warm them until the shivering stopped.
“Do you think we’ll have to stay here all night?”
“I don’t think it’s stopping any time soon. We should wait until the thunder stops and make a run for it.”
“I don’t want to run anymore.” She whined.
“Well I don’t want you to catch pneumonia, and we could both use some dry clothes.”
She didn’t protest more, resting her head on his shoulder. He listened to her breathing grow more even, feeling her chest rise and fall as she began to doze like that, completely spent. Despite what he had said, Jin Woo could have stayed like that all night. Even as his back began to ache and his legs fell asleep, he was so content. Peaceful, for the first time since this whole mess started. At unity with himself.
This won’t last forever, he realized. Though the thought didn’t trouble him as it should have. There was nothing he could do to change or run from it. There would be times, perhaps soon, when he didn’t feel this certain. When he would begin to feel afraid and try to push her away. He knew that about himself. This was going to be a daily struggle. To accept her love, to feel himself deserving of it. It wouldn’t be easy to stay this brave. They were both complex beings, a little of light and a little of darkness. Just to live, just to love someone with the whole of himself was uncharted territory. But he found himself thinking, for the first time, that that was okay. Because he didn’t want to run anymore.
This is the kind of thing other couples worry about too, he thought. It’s normal. For some reason that thought delighted him.
It was another hour or more before Jin Woo decided it was safe to venture out. It was still raining when they left and what little drying their clothes had managed in the meantime was rendered irrelevant by the time they made it back to their room. The two of them helped each other out of their wet clothes and warmed up their bodies in the shower. When the hot water ran out they buried themselves beneath the blankets on the bed, not bothering to dry their hair or put on those dry clothes they’d been trying to get back to.
Jin Woo should have been sore and exhausted, but those things seemed to vanish when she touched him, setting his heart pounding against his chest. He fought sleep, not wanting to miss an instant of this. Of course they’d had each other many times before, in a dozen different ways both here and in Goryeo. Jin Woo couldn’t say that this time everything was new. Rather it was as though each motion, each familiar sensation connected to a thousand long lost associations. There was no unspoken desire too secret, no door that remained locked between them. Instead, they had never been freer nor more shameless in the enjoyment of one another.
When sleep did come, it crept up on them like a thief, finding them still tangled up in each other. The last thought that passed through Jin Woo’s fast fading consciousness was that they may well still be barreling headlong toward a bad ending, flouting the gods and the stars, but he couldn’t care. Even if that was so, life was far too short to try to live without this woman. It was better, far better, to march toward calamity at her side than to face it alone.
When Ha Jin woke first to the patter of light island rain still falling outside, she was wrapped in Jin Woo’s arms. She stayed as perfectly still as she could, enjoying his warmth all around her, the smell of his skin. She felt so safe there, she didn’t want to leave. But even though she closed her eyes, sleep remained elusive.
Carefully she started to extricate herself from him, moving slowly so as not to wake him up. When she managed to get a little space between them she climbed out of bed, stubbing her toe in the dark as she searched for her luggage. She settled for Jin Woo’s instead and throwing on one of his t-shirts before slipping back into bed. She remained a little apart from him this time, watching him sleep as the sun rose and light slowly filtered in from outside.
Not so long ago she remembered waking in Jin Woo’s bed like this and being frightened by the smoothness of his skin. The lack of scars or visible traces of the 4th prince’s history. Now she thought it had been an illusion. Though she couldn’t see them, the mental scars they had taken from Goryeo were still very much with them. She wondered how much longer those would take to fade, if they ever would.
Absently she began to trace with her fingertips the places where those scars had been. The wound So had taken in his shoulder from that arrow, which had never healed quite right, always remaining puckered and red. The slash marks on his chest, she’d never been sure if they were from the claws of beasts or the blades of men. She’d never had the will to ask him. And then the one that had given him the most pain, the scar on his face left on him by his mother. She knew the shape of it by heart. She began to draw it across the bridge of his nose and down his cheek with her index finger. She was happy he would never have to look at it again. It’s a relief, she thought.
Her touch disturbed him and he rolled away from her in his sleep.
Staring in the half-light at his back and broad shoulders, Ha Jin felt suddenly, horribly isolated and alone.
There’s no reason, she thought, no reason I should be anything but happy. Why do I feel so empty instead?
Ha Jin couldn’t stay in bed any longer, so she got up and walked toward the sliding door onto the porch and opened it a hand’s breadth, looking out at the sea. The sky was beginning to brighten and the clouds of last night’s storm were being swept away, but as she watched the surf rolling in, she was struck with another pang of unutterable emptiness and she was hard pressed not to cry.
What the hell is wrong with me?
She heard a creak of bed-springs as Jin Woo got up, and though she didn’t look over her shoulder she felt him come up behind her, wrapping her up with him in a blanket from the bed and resting his chin on the top of her head.
“Why are you out of bed?” He said groggily, kissing her hair.
“I couldn’t sleep.”
“Who says we have to sleep?” He said, chuckling softly. But when she didn’t reply he remained quiet, holding her like that for a long time while they watched the sky slowly change colors.
“Well, if you’re not going to come back to bed, how about we go for a walk before the beach fills with people?” She agreed to this, and they finally dressed. Despairing of untangling her hair without considerable effort, she pulled it back into scarf, throwing on a sweater over a long sundress and not bothering with any makeup.
Her feet and legs were still sore from hours of unaccustomed walking the day before, but it felt better to be doing something than to remain anxiously in their room.
“Can I hold your hand?” Jin Woo asked, strangely bashful by daylight considering everything they’d done the night before.
She held her hand out and he took it. Jin Woo was positively beaming as they wound their leisurely way along the shoreline. Ha Jin didn’t want to do anything to dampen his spirits, trying to hide her strange mood beneath a false smile. Walking side by side like this, the hollow feeling in her heart not only lingered but seemed to grow. Something was missing, incomplete.
“You know, I always wanted to bring you somewhere like this again. I never had the chance, though.” He said, grinning, “This is so…I don’t know…domestic. Going for a walk on the beach. Like what normal couples do.”
“I guess so.” She replied, in a muted tone.
“It’s nice.”
They continued in silence for a while longer, Jin Woo perhaps reading her subdued mood, gazing out at the water. They walked until the path they were on ended abruptly at a rocky breakwater and they were forced to turn back, walking even slower on the return trip. Stepping into the footprints they’d left in the wet sand going in the other direction.
Without warning, Jin Woo said, “I want kids. Do you think you want children?”
“Why all of a sudden…?” Ha Jin gave a nervous laugh at the unexpected question.          
“I was just curious. I really want kids. At least two. A boy and a girl.” Ha Jin must have looked as startled as she felt because he continued, “I don’t mean right now. We can get married first if you want. I just thought you should know.”
Maybe in another moment she would have felt differently, but her head was in no place for a spur of the moment proposal. She tried to play it off as a joke, “Gee. Marriage and children. You sure made a turnaround from wanting to break up with me yesterday.”
“You’re right. Sorry,” He said, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand and looking contrite. “I’m not trying to give you whiplash. I’ve never been very good at doing things halfway, I guess. If I’ve decided to be with you, that means I want to be all the way with you. Without holding anything back. No need to rush anything, I understand if you want to time to find your feet. But I want to be honest.”
Ha Jin didn’t know what to say to this so she said nothing.
He went on, “I want to try everything with you, all over again. For the first time. I want to go on dates and hold hands and travel to places like this. I want to live freely with you while I have the chance. To live as well as I possibly can for you. I want another chance to marry you, properly this time. And I want a little girl who looks like you…”
Something finally clicked into place. The empty feeling at the center of her, the reason her happiness was incomplete, she had remembered. Ha Jin came to a standstill, her fingers slipping out of Jin Woo’s hand.
I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. My Han Byul. My little girl.
Jin Woo took another two steps before looking back at her, “What is it? Did I say something wrong?”
Through her sorrow Ha Jin tried to speak, but at first she couldn’t. Tears had started to fall, and once they started they wouldn’t stop. She was imagining the last time she had seen her baby, realizing as Jin Woo took her by the shoulders, searching her face for an explanation, he doesn’t even know. How do I tell him?
Finally she managed, “You and I…we had…we already…I never told you...the real reason I had to leave the palace.”
For a few more seconds Jin Woo frowned, eyes full of concern, trying to make sense of her words, but almost as quickly his brow cleared with a realization. He pulled her into an embrace. “Shh, it’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”
Between racking sobs she gasped, “You don’t…understand…I…”
“You don’t have to explain. I already know.”
“Here I’ve been wondering what I could do to repay what I owe you. I didn’t realize all this time there was something I could still give you. I’m sorry I didn’t think of it sooner.”
When she had caught her breath somewhat she said, “What are you talking about?”
Jin Woo smiled at her tenderly, wiping the tears from her face with his thumbs, “Do you want me to tell you about our daughter?”
They spent the next few hours with Jin Woo telling her everything he could think of about Han Byul. Not always in order, not always coherently, but with animation and warmth.
“First and foremost,” He said, as though reading her mind, “Jung kept his promise to you. She never lived in the palace as long as I was alive.” Apparently the 14th prince had remained fiercely insistent that the little girl was nobody’s but his own. Even long after Wang So knew the truth about her origin, he would never admit otherwise. It was only years later, under the influence of strong liquor and after much protest that he had even admitted that Hae Soo was the real mother, that she had begged him never to let Han Byul go into the palace.
So hadn’t found out about her until several years after Soo’s death, and even that was an accident on Jung’s part. “My brother broke his exile. Left his hometown and made the journey with her to Song’ak for your death anniversary. That was when I knew.” He said. On the day very So had met Han Byul, Jung’s exile was lifted. “We came up with an arrangement. He would bring his ‘daughter’ to the capital once a year. In return, I would never ask him to send her to the court.”
“Tell me again,” Ha Jin asked, “What she looked like.”
“She resembled you. She had your hair and your eyes. From what I heard she could be very stubborn when she set her mind to something. And naturally Jung spoiled her to death.” From everything So had seen or heard, Jung was the most doting father one could have asked for. “It’s funny, she had your looks and your spirit, but all of her facial expressions were Jung’s.”
That image made Ha Jin laugh, thinking of how wild the 14th prince had been in his youth, and then her laughter almost set her off crying again. “I really wish I could have seen her.”
“She would have loved you. She did love you in her own way. Jung taught her to love your memory. He would tell her about you the way I’m telling you about her now. She came to the stone pagodas every year to preform your rites.”
Ha Jin could tell that despite his demeanor, it wasn’t easy for Jin Woo to talk about these things. Especially when he spoke about his brother, his eyes grew clouded. They never fully reconciled, I suppose, after what happened with their mother…The thought made her sad and she dismissed it quickly. A conversation for another day.
“It’s so strange. I hardly knew her but I miss her so much it aches when I think about her.”
“Well, you’re a mother. She’s a part of you, even now. If you had gotten the chance to watch her grow up you would have been an amazing mother. You would be again, if you ever chose to.”
“Thank you for talking about it like this. You don’t know how grateful…”
“Don’t be grateful. I’m happy to do it. I miss her too. Whenever you like, as often as you like, you just have to ask and I’ll tell you everything all over again.”
After listening to all this, the hollow place in Ha Jin’s heart—the  place where she now realized Han Byul fit—didn’t disappear, but it was filled somewhat by Jin Woo’s recovered memories of the little girl, growing into a happy and healthy young woman, far away from the dangers of the palace. Even if she was far out of Ha Jin’s reach, it was a comforting to know that she had managed to protect her daughter in the end. And who knew if they wouldn’t see each other again someday?
By the time they turned back up at the pension it was already lunch time. The ahjumma who owned the place greeted them both with almost too much enthusiasm and inquired—Ha Jin thought a bit cheekily—about how they had slept the night before. She served Ha Jin a double portion of rice, saying something in Jin Woo’s ear as she passed by. Ha Jin thought she heard the words “honeymoon baby” and something about red ginseng.
“What did she just say?” Ha Jin asked when she was gone, but he only turned bright red, filling his mouth with food and refusing to answer.
They whiled away the rest of the day in a senseless and haphazard way, enjoying each other’s company. Before she knew it dinner had passed them by and then the sun was setting. Where has the day gone?
“I wish we could stay here for a few more days. Two nights isn’t enough.” She said, as they were walking back to their room.
“We can come back if you like. Someday. When we both have more time to explore the island.”
“I’d like that.”
Ha Jin wandered into the en suite and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess of snarls and rats nets. She let out an audible yelp as she untied the scarf that had been barely holding it in check. “I can’t believe you let me run around with sex hair all day.”
“I don’t think anyone noticed.”
“Tell that to the pension owner. No wonder she couldn’t stop snickering every time she saw me.”
"Bring your comb out here,” Jin Woo said, “I’ll brush it out for you.”
Ha Jin did as she was told, sitting cross-legged in front of Jin Woo on the bed while he gently began to work the tangles out of her long black hair.
“I’ve been thinking about something. I want your opinion.” He said.
“Mmm.” Ha Jin had her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of Jin Woo playing with her hair, despite the occasional tug on her scalp. “Is it about having a baby? Because I’m going to need a few days to adjust to the idea.”
“No, it’s not about that.” He paused for a while before continuing. “What do you think about me, possibly, leaving my firm?”
“Why? To start you own practice?”
“No. I’ve been thinking I would quit practicing law all together.”
She tried to turn her head sharply to look at him, causing him to pull her hair. “Ouch.”
Ha Jin didn’t know much about his job, but she had always had the impression that he worked for a very prestigious and competitive law firm. And besides a few recent rough patches—most of which were in some way related to her—she knew he was very good at what he did. “Haven’t you always wanted to be a lawyer?”
“I’ve always wanted to earn my father’s approval.” He said. “I don’t think I’ve ever really wanted to be a lawyer.”
“What would you do instead?”
“That’s kind of the reason I wanted to talk to you about it.” She wished that she was facing him so she could try to read his expression. His voice sounded distant. “You know that Ji Mo—I mean Professor Choi is still studying what happened to us, don’t you? Looking into the possibility that there might be others like you and me. Other reincarnations. Other time slips.”
She hadn’t. She knew that he was looking for Wang Moo, but she had never even considered the idea that it went further than that. And Ji Mong had never mentioned it, perhaps on purpose to keep from upsetting her.
When she didn’t reply Jin Woo continued, “Well I’ve been thinking of ways that I could help him.”
“Help him? Why?”
“I don’t believe what happened to you and the Professor was an accident. I don’t believe it was an isolated incident either. I’ve always dismissed the possibility of the supernatural out of hand, but I can’t ignore everything that’s happened to me. If there is a reason you went back, then there’s a reason that you and I are here right now. There might be something bigger on the horizon. A greater purpose behind all of this. I want to find out what that is.” He ran the brush through the length of her hair several more times before saying, “There, all finished.”
Ha Jin swept her hair over one shoulder and began to braid it loosely for sleep. Slowly she turned to face Jin Woo, studying his eyes.
“What are you thinking?” He asked.
“I guess I’m just taken aback. I thought you would want to leave all of this behind us, to try to forget. But instead you want to dig further. I don’t know what to say.”
“The thing is, I don’t think forgetting is an option. I wish it was. I wish I could go on with my life as though nothing has changed, but I don’t think I can. Any more than I could disown a part of my soul. These memories of the past are a part of me, they’ve changed me. If this is who I am now, then I don’t want to live my life blindly. Does that make sense?”
“I think so.”
“Does it scare you?”
She began to say, “A little bit, but—”
He added hastily, “If you tell me not to, I won’t. If it would make you unhappy, then I don’t want to do it.”
“Let me finish. It scares me a little bit, but only because I’ve spent so long trying to run away from it. If you tell me this is where you want to go, then I’ll stick right by your side, and go there with you. I’m done with leaving you alone, okay? But there is one thing that bothers me.”
“What is that?”
“Didn’t you say, eventually, you’d had hopes of being invited to work with your father in the States? If this is what you want to do, it could mean staying in Korea. Perhaps long term. I mean, don’t you still want to live near you family again?”
He set the brush to aside and took one of her hands in both of his, “I don’t want to go anywhere.” He said, bringing her hand up to his lips and kissing it, “All the family I need is right here.”
Ha Jin felt her face begin to color but she didn’t bother trying to hide it, smiling at him. On a rogue impulse she sprang forward, pushing him backwards onto the bed, straddling his hips. Leaning down she kissed him once, softly, and began to sit up again, but he looped his arms around her waist and pulled her down onto his chest, kissing her again. Harder this time, and as he did he rolled them over so he was above her, looking down into her eyes.
“Don’t let me run away again.” She heard him say, “Even if I get scared. Even if I try to. You have to hang onto me like you did before and bring you back to you. Promise me?”
As he spoke he found the hollow of her collar bone with his mouth and kissed her there, over and over again, moving his knee upward and hiking the skirt of her sundress to her thighs. She tried to answer him, but found her powers of speech were failing her. “…Whatever happens…” she managed, “…I promise…” His hand slid slowly to the back of her knee, making her whole body quiver involuntarily.
She started to yank his t-shirt over his head. Jin Woo sat up briefly to finish the job, tossing it off the bed. He rested one hand on either side of her head, gazing down at her intently. And the expression in his eyes now was not quite that of Jin Woo, and not entirely of So either, instead it was something new and thrilling.
“Soo-ya.” His voice was low and earnest, and the use of her old name surprised her, “Saranghae.”
She reached for him, caressing his cheek with the blade of her hand, whispering back, “Me too. Saranghae, naui Hwangja-nim.”
  [The End]
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perpetuelledaydreaming · 17 days ago
How did you get so good?
summary: you've never had a one-night stand and honestly, it shows.
prompt: when they just finished hooking up and he says "I just had my tongue inside you, you can start calling me by my first name," she *forgot* his name.
words: 2.8 k
playlist: I mean for this fic, is this one.
warnings: smut. like pure dirty smut, smut like i've never written before. i mean it. I've been obsessing over Rooster and I just like I wanted to write something and I have a couple of things but this was just self-indulgent, also I need practice for what's coming with 18.
bradley ‘rooster’ bradshaw masterlist
Tumblr media
You usually weren’t the type to do a one-night stand. 
In fact, you were the opposite of doing such a thing. Nonetheless, when you were summoned back to Top Gun after years for a high-level mission after you’d just broken up with your fiance, you realized that you needed to live a little more, especially since if you were chosen and for some strange reason you didn’t make it, you didn’t want to regret it. 
Therefore, you weren't too close off when you were presented with the tall and tanned handful of handsome pilots that boisterously moved toward you. Instead, you chose to give them a little smile, play pool with the tiny white summer dress that you decided to wear and glance at them through your lashes, sipping on your drink slowly as you wondered who the best candidate could be. They all introduced themselves to you, always chuckling a bit as they heard your call sign, which was the usual reaction when they heard “y/n ‘Brat’ y/l/n”
But then, the first four chords rang out of the piano, and your knees when weak. 
“You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain. Too much love drives a man insane. You broke my will but what a thrill, goodness gracious great balls of fire!” he sang, his voice deep and deliciously raspy, you felt your heart jumping as you turned to where the voice came from. 
He was taller than anyone in there, you could see it just by the way he was moving with the piano. Sun-kissed skin, sandy-brown hair that turned gold with the certain light of the room, broad shoulders, and a pornstache that would look awful on anyone except him. That’s how you’d first seen him and you couldn’t tear your eyes away from him after that, and when they introduced you two, he couldn’t look away either, instead, he looked at you unashamedly. 
“...‘Rooster’ Bradshaw,” he announced as his palm slid into yours but you could only focus on his honey-burnt eyes and his smile.
“y/n ‘Brat’ y/l/n,” you muttered as your cheeks burned, his lips quirked up when he heard your call sign. 
After that, the night turned into a blur and you weren’t sure exactly how you ended up on the side of the blue bronco as gentle moans that were muffled with his palm left your lips while your eyelashes flutter as he rocked his hips forward against your core, his large hands gripping your hipbones so harsh that you knew bruises would appear tomorrow. 
“y/n,” he breathed out and you whimpered. “Get in the car,” He warned, his voice husky as he pressed his forehead to yours while his eyes remained shut, almost as if he opened them, he would fuck you open right there and then, in front of everyone. 
You also weren’t aware of how quickly he’d manage to reach his place since you were too busy being a moaning- whimpering mess as his hand climbed through your thigh and into your core. But you didn’t miss how he met your gaze, the look on his face said it all. “You are soaked, darling,” he whispered and you felt like crying as his thumb started to stroke a delicate pattern against your clit.
It all turned into a mess once he opened the door for you, as you stumbled through his porch, already pulling down the annoying Hawaiian shirt he’d worn that night and you were sure you’d left it outside once he’d managed to open the door to the small cottage he called home while you were already kicking your shoes off and fumbling with his belt. You continued to kiss as you enter the house and he let you down, your hands moving up and down, finding fabric and occasionally skin, moving, finding, touching, discarding clothes, more touching. 
It was a miracle you’d manage to reach his bed, honestly. 
But against all odds, there you were. In bed with the most handsome man you’d ever met, a man you’d met barely hours before, whimpering for him, moaning for him as you felt how hard he was in his boxers when he moved his hips against you. 
“Rooster, don’t tease” you breathed out as he struggled to undo the zipper of your dress, too distracted by the way you were bucking your hips forward to his while placing your hands on the small of his back, hurrying him up to fuck you already without saying it but you knew, he knew.
You were impatient for him. 
“You really are a brat, you know?” he murmured as his hands traveled from the zipper of your dress to the cotton panties that you were wearing. He hooked the fingers and pulled your panties down slowly before colliding his lips against yours, it was a bruising kiss, so fucking needy that it made you dizzy. 
Without warning, he’d pressed a hard thumb into your slit and you jolted, quickly your nails dug into his back and you were sure that there would be a pattern of crescent moons on his back tomorrow. As one of his hands stroked you, rubbing and flicking, his free arm fell into the side of your head while his nose pressed right under your chin, giving him access to your neck as you let out a silent moan. His knuckles pressed themselves into your clit and you felt your knees shaking, your walls clenching at nothing. You feel like crying. 
“Does that feel good, darling?” he muttered as he licked your neck and you couldn’t answer because he soon pushed two fingers into you and you screamed at the stretch while he watched you carefully. “I bet that feels good,” he whispered against the shell of your ear and you could swear you hear his smug smirk. 
His fingers speed up, forcing your entire lower half to vibrate and your knees began to shake. If you were doing this against his car and if he wasn’t holding you, completely supporting you with his body weight, you knew you’d have fallen over by the way he was touching you.
“Fuck,” you moan as you roll your hips against his hand, chasing your high, feeling yourself growing closer but then, Rooster withdrew his fingers altogether, you furrowed your eyebrows and you sighed in frustration as you pushed yourself onto your elbows, wondering where he went. 
“What the fu-FUCK,” 
That was the only thing you managed to say because Rooster’s face was already buried between your thighs. He pressed his tongue against your core, making you shudder. One of your hands quickly slid up into his golden curls as your head fell back against the bed. His nose pressed into your clit and his tongue teased your entrance and you couldn’t help but curled your fingers in his hair, tugging harshly at his roots, eliciting a groan from him.
And you screamed. 
You fucking screamed because there’s no way that he could be that good. His tongue expertly moved against you and you didn’t know if you were just hypersensitive from the earlier assault with his fingers but it felt like heaven as you felt his tongue working you open. You raised your head for a second and even in the dizziness, you watched as his shoulders muscles flexed as he used his strength to push your hips down, preventing you from squirming which only caused you to moan louder, and soon he noticed because those beautiful honey eyes met with yours and you realize how pretty he looks there. 
The sight alone made your vision go blurry as you aggressively fucked his face. And he complies, he growled against you and the vibration made you snap, as you fall into the bed. He then guided two fingers inside of you, giving you something to clench around and you began to see white spots on your vision. He continued to hold you down, as he gently sucked on your clit and worked on you with his fingers, your walls clenching around them and you just knew it was right there. 
But then he stopped.
“Who said you could stop,” you grumbled, throat sore and raw because of your screams, and Rooster chuckled while he shook his head before he kissed you softly, you could taste yourself on his tongue and you moaned at the taste. 
“Honey, I want the first time you come to be on my cock,” he muttered against your lips. Your eyes fell on him and you saw how he got rid of every one of the items of clothing he had, he was simply pumping his cock, preparing it for you. 
You whimpered at the sight as you struggle to say anything. “Just fuck me,” you breathed, you pleaded. His lips quirked again and soon his cock pushed at your entrance. You gasped against his mouth, digging your fingernails into his back as he stretched you. He was big, he was the biggest you’d ever had and you winced a bit as he fully sank into you. 
“You are doing so good, darling,” his voice was gruffer as he kissed your face while you adjusted to his size. You moan loudly, mouth wide open as you gasp for air. Your body adjusts to the feeling of being full; stuffed beyond capacity, beyond everything you thought that it was possible. “You look so pretty like this,”
You were sure that he’d just ruined men for you. He was so good and you just couldn’t understand how tender he could be, he was a true gentleman. 
You whimpered under him as he began to move slowly and in one second, when his pelvis rolled forward, your clit managed to rub against the base of his shaft, and your nails dug into him. He growled and you were gone. You began to kiss his neck eagerly as he drove his hips forward, drawing sweet moans from your lips as you arched your chest up against his while your walls clench at the movement, soon he found a steady pace and your skin felt like it was on fire, burning up as if you just entered hell. 
But this? This was your heaven. 
“Faster,” you cried. “Faster, Rooster,” 
He complies with an incoherent noise of vague agreement as he lifted you from the bed and placed you on a desk nearby, things fall over and you were pretty sure something broke but you don’t care because of the way his hips snapped against yours and how he fucked impossibly deeper into you against the mahogany desk.
A growl escaped his throat as he ducked forward to kiss you, fucking you faster and harder, using all his strength to drive himself into you. He was unrelenting in his pace, rapid calculated thrust as he continued piercing you on his cock and you couldn’t help the tears of pleasure than came from your eyes by the way he moved. 
You screamed, you moaned, you whimpered. 
You even cried out his name again and didn’t realize it until he kissed your jaw and muttered “I got you darling, cum for me,” he groaned as he pepper your throat with feverishly kisses and you simply pushed your legs apart from him. 
Then, the tip of his cock brushed impossibly deeper into you, making you cry and you just knew you were there. You quickly began to kiss him, tongue moving against yours as his hand worked skillfully against your clit, he groaned loudly against your lips as your pussy contracted around his cock, squeezing him for all that he was worth. 
Your entire body tensed up. The coil on your stomach snapped and you screamed and Rooster continued to fuck you through your orgasms, before he came undone, pulling you impossibly close against him and continued to drive himself as deep as he could go. Your walls continue to squeeze him, fluttering around his throbbing cock as he stuffed himself into you. You were sure that you heard your name but you were too dizzy to even think about it. 
You both stayed there for a moment, panting before he left soft kisses on your neck and chest, holding you until you stopped trembling and he also stopped shaking. It takes you a couple of minutes to actually say anything or even move, the room doesn’t stop spinning immediately but soon Rooster carried you to his bed, still inside of you, and you feel comforted by it, he pushed the hair out of your face, his thumb tender against the side of your cheek. 
You closed your eyes and he kisses you until you fall asleep. 
You were woken by the sunlight on your face and a buzzing from your phone, it was 6:00 am and you needed to be on the base at 6:30 am. 
You stretched your arms and found nothing, the sheets were wrinkled and you could hear Rooster in the other room. You sighed, you realized that you’d broken one of the rules about one-night stands, you slept over. Cursing yourself, you tried to stand up as best as you could but honestly, you weren’t even able to walk completely straight. You brush your hair while looking at yourself in the mirror of the room, hoping that you didn’t look too fucked but it as a lost battle. You did what you could before you focus on retrieving your panties from somewhere in the room, between the discarded clothes that he had left on the room also the items that had fallen from the desk hours before indeed you had broken a glass of water but neither of you seemed too interest in cleaning up. 
It took you a few minutes to find your panties but thankfully, you hadn’t removed the dress, so you weren’t completely naked. Nonetheless, you know your purse and your shoes were somewhere in between the entrance of his house and the room, therefore you counted to fifty before you walked out of the room, as nonchalant as you could. 
He was in the kitchen, in all of his tanned and ripped glory, only wearing a pair of grey shorts that hang low on his hips. You couldn’t help but smile at the smell of the coffee and even smirk a bit once you see the red marks on his back, neck, and arms. It takes a few minutes for him to notice you but once he does, god, his eyes were practically beaming. 
“Morning, y/n,” he said, bringing the cup of coffee to his lips, his eyes looking at you unashamedly.
“Morning, Rooster,” you say as you try your best to walk as straight as possible as you reached for your shoes that were indeed left on the floor, but you notice how his lips are turning up when he realizes that you really can’t walk as usual. “I really have to go for my uniform,” you said sweetly, as you also picked up your purse from the floor. 
“I can take you,” he offered with a bright smile and you rolled your eyes, he was indeed a gentleman. “You know, I just had my tongue inside you, you can start calling me by my first name,” he said softly before he winked at you.
And your heart stopped because to the best of your abilities, your mind couldn’t seem to remember his name. You curse mentally as you try to recall the moment that he introduced himself but you can only remember his call sign and his last name. Soon, your cheeks heat up and you were sure that your whole face turned into a splotchy red, not a cute light blush. Under normal circumstances -at least that’s what you’d assumed- since it was a one-night stand you shouldn’t have needed to remember his name, instead you should’ve left in the early hours of the morning without so much as a goodbye. 
But now you were here and you could feel his gaze burning you while you tried to avoid his eyes by leaning into the counter.
“Oh my god,” he muttered as he let his coffee mug down.“You don’t remember my name?” he asked, and a hand goes to his uncovered chest with a dramatic gasp. 
You couldn’t help yourself, opting for covering your face with your hands. “I’m sorry,” you whispered as you felt him walking around the counter, soon his hands rested on the edge of the counter beside your hip, he was pinning you down and you felt shivers as you let your hands fall down. Your breath caught in your throat as you realize how close he was and the way he was looking at you. 
You swallowed hard. 
“No, don’t worry,” he whispered nonchalantly as he leaned down to your ear after giving you a peck on the corner of your mouth. “It’s Bradley,” he whispered before he started to kneel down in front of you, one of his hands going up your skirt and touching you again. “And after this, I don’t think you’ll be able to forget it,”
And you never did. 
feedback is always welcomed!!!
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little-seed · a year ago
:^0 today is 12221! 1-22-21 
#palindrome numbers are the coolest#i wonder which days ppl get excited about where the date is written in other ways#i should start double-writing the date so as to gather an idea#edit: wait i remember why the date seemed significant earlier--#it's a month til my birthday.#got distracted by cool number sequences U_U#last year's bday was p crummy thanks to a certain in-law and the year before that i was soooooo out of it i had to have my friend#who had stayed over with me explain a few months later what we'd done and show me pictures and slowly piece the day back together#(it was a really fun bday! we made cheesecake from scratch and... went to a play? saw a movie??? idk. did Something at a set time.#i remember that part bc we had to ask someone to crack the oven open for us while we were gone. and then we had candy later--#i remember that from the receipt i found. and my friend's hair was pink?? and i wore my scarab necklace. i think. not the saturn one#bc that wouldn't have matched the buttons on my outfit lol)#next year NEXT YEAR THO that'll be 2-22-22#and i've been waiting for that birthday since i was a kid!!!!#this year needs to end well and the next needs to start well bc if that birthday isn't as cool as its date#then im gonna build a time machine and mess up the whoooooole timeline of the past few years and that will be my villain origin story.#ppl will go ''why? why are you doing this?'' and i'll go ''it's all because of a less-than-stellar birthday...''#and they'll go ''did something tragic happen when you were a child? on your birthday? that's terrible but still no excuse.''#and i'll go ''no i was an adult and it was a good birthday just not as nice as i wanted it to be''#and then i'll aim my death ray at whoever's talking and shoot#but it won't be an actual death ray bc i'll have done the research to make time machines not death rays#itll be my niece's plastic unicorn that if u squeeze it around the middle it shoots out soft rainbow balls u have to reload after each shot#and then we'll go out for tea and cake and i'll pay with all the money i've made from doing the#quintessential back-in-time activity of buying lotto tickets i already know the numbers to.#move over marty mcfly#ah now i kinda wanna dress up as him for halloween next year
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the-place-to-sparkle · 4 months ago
Here comes the sun
Tumblr media
English is not my first language so I'm sorry for the mistakes. And sorry for my rusty writing skills it's been a hot minute. Feedback is very welcome as always ! ✨🤍
Word count: 2k
Warnings: none probably
Requested: @kylorentraitor
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Joined these requests cause they were pretty similar! 🤝
When you found out that you were indeed pregnant, Daniel was away for three header. And that wasn't ideal considering that your man was away from you for over three weeks and you weren't about to break the news to him over the phone, that simply didn't feel right.
So you kept it a secret. Just you and your little bean. Not a single soul was aware of the new life growing inside you, and even if that made it feel more special, you especially wanted Daniel to know so you would be able to share this feeling with him.
A couple of days before Daniel was meant to come back, you had an appointment at the clinic. Returning home with the first even scan that showed your baby. You spent the rest of the day looking at it, making up ideas, of how to tell your husband.
A couple of days before Daniel was meant to come back, you had an appointment at the clinic. Returning home with the first even scan that showed your baby. You spent the rest of the day looking at it, making up ideas, of how to tell your husband.
The morning of his arrival, you were a fidgety mess, waiting for him right by the door. Peaking through the window every five minutes. You weren't sure why exactly you were feeling so many emotions, since yesterday you were convinced that you were fine and had it all under control, but now it seemed like it was all a lie. Weeks of silence were finally coming to an end, and when you saw Daniel's car pulling up to the driveway, you couldn't help but feel the tears well up in the corners of your eyes. "You're going to meet your daddy soon", placing a hand on your slightly visible bump, you whispered gently.
Daniel didn't know that you were sitting by the door for the past hour if not more, so he slowly took his time to get all of the stuff out of the car, but was quickly interpreted by the sound of the door opening, the sound of your feet flowing along.
He turned around just in time to catch you as you launched yourself into his embrace. "Wow, wow, baby, you'll take us both out", gaining the balance back, Daniel objected to your body in his hands for more comfort and a firmer grip. The sound of your muffed sob caught his attention. Sure, you would get emotional after dropping him off or when he would come back, but this seemed a bit excessive to him and he wasn't sure of what was going on.
Daniel chose to let you cry it out a bit. Locking the car, he walked inside, with you still in his arms. "You want to tell me what's going on?", whipping the sleeve under your runny nose, he tilted his head to look you in the eyes, "Or did you miss me that much? Cause that would be a first...", he felt you giggle, but your grip didn't get any lighter.
When you finally pealed yourself from him, it felt like a whole hour had passed, rubbing your puffy eyes, you finally looked at your lover's eyes, which were filled with genuine concern.
"Are you feeling a bit better?", the feeling of Daniel's fingers rubbing up and down your back soothed you like nothing else. "It's just... it's just been the longest weeks ever", you felt the lump in your throat get tighter again, "And it's been so lonely", Daniel's heart broke at those words, he thought you were all fine, and the fact that he missed the signs of you feeling not well made him disappointed in himself, "I've known for three fucking weeks, do you know how hard it was?", the ramble you continued made Daniel slightly confused, "And then the appointment and... and I was alone...", "Baby, hun, darling", Daniel's fingers found your face in hopes to stop the ramble that made no sense to him, "Baby, what appointment?", "Daniel, I'm pregnant".
Out flew all the ideas you had in your head for breaking the news for him. You held onto those words for so long, that you were convinced that if you kept it away for him any longer you were going to go insane. "You... You're what?", the shock on his face made you start crying again. Not that it was a bad kind of shock, but the fact that Daniel, Daniel Ricciardo was left speechless was enough to send you into another flood of tears.
"Are you for real? Are you pregnant?", you only managed to nod your head. Laughter filled the house, and you found yourself in Daniel's arms once again, as he held you even closer than before. When the emotions settled slightly after a while, and all the things from the car were carried into the house, you two laid down on the sofa. Daniel found himself not being able to be away from you. Something inside him made him want to constantly be at your reach.
With you right by his side now, he very subconsciously found his hand moving slowly towards your belly, but he stopped as if he wasn't sure if he was allowed to touch it. "Don't go all sentimental now, you put the baby in me", "Don't talk like that, they might hear you", Daniel quickly argued back, making you roll your eyes. When he lifted your hoodie, his brain shut off for a moment again. The bump was still pretty small, for the most part, you wouldn't even notice it, but to him, it felt big, and he felt this sense of pride that there was his baby there. He tried to think if your body looked any different in the morning when he made love to you for the last time before leaving, but he couldn't think of anything.
"Oh, Daniel", he felt your fingers genuinely scratch the back of his head, only then realizing that he was crying himself, "I've been gone for a couple of weeks, and look how much I've missed already", "Love, you missed nothing it's mostly food, not a baby, it's ain't that big yet".
You watched as he leaned down to press a gentle kiss on your bump, "Don't worry bean, I'll remind you every day how big and strong you are, even if your mom thinks that you're tiny", the feeling of his fingers on your skin made you shiver slightly as the realization that this a reality started to sink in. "I'm going to love you so much...", but then he suddenly stopped making you tilt your eyebrow, "I haven't even introduced myself to them... Hi, I'm your dad and I'll annoy you in mommies womb for the next months and then we'll annoy mommy together", "Oh so I see how it is", laughing you pressed your hand closer to were Daniel's hand was. "I have so much love for you", you smiled at him before leaning in to pack his lips, "I love you too".
The longing touches grew alongside your belly, the more visibly pregnant you got, the more Daniel struggled to keep his hands off you. He defensively would say that it's his way of forming a connection with the baby since he wasn't the one carrying it, hence the lack of bonding time. So when evenings rolled around, Dan would put on some music, very serious about forming the babies taste in music, singing to your bump while tickling your side from time to time.
Daniel was the first one to feel the kick as well. On one of those evenings, with him singing the words to The Beatles Here comes the sun, he was giving it his all, singing his heart out. Both hands pressed to your tummy as he left kisses all over your skin in between the words.
The kick was pretty faint but just enough to make Daniel stop. His shocked eyes looking at yours, waiting for your approval that he wasn't imagining things. You only bit your lip, and Daniel broke into the biggest grin, instantly moving to leave more kisses to the place where he first felt the movement. And this time, no doubt receiving yet another kick. "I think she said hello", he was smiling like a kid in a candy shop, "She?", you questioned, since you both hadn't even talked about the gender of the baby or if you were going to find out before the birth, "Yeah, she kicks just like you at night", you slapped Daniels arm gently, but he didn't care, already lost in yet another attempt to earn a little movement.
It wasn't until your next appointment that the idea of the baby's gender popped into your head. You two were watching your little, well not so little blurb, squirming around in your womb as the doctor tried to continue with the scan. Joking that this was one active baby, "Did you change your mind about finding out the gender?", there was the question that you two declined the last time. Looking up at Daniel, you saw that his eyes were still glued to the screen. Your hand in his as he pressed it closer to his lips. "What do you think, bab", "Well, I would like to know, but we can...", you just smiled at him, turning to the nurse to nod your head. Daniel wanted to argue cause you did mention to him that the unknown might help you push through the labor easier, like a little surprise at the end, and he didn't want you to throw that away just because he wasn't as patient as you were. But one reassuring look was enough to calm him down.
You two looked at the nurse with so much anticipation, you watched as a smile appeared on her face, and she turned to you two. "Ready to know?", you two nodded your head in sync, hands pressed together even tighter than before. "Well, congratulations Mr. and Miss. Ricciardo you're having a baby girl".
As soon as the words left her mouth, you felt Daniel sink to the chair that was next to the examination table. He was covering his face with your hand, but you didn't need to see him to know that he was crying. The doctor rubbed your hand, congratulating you one last time, mumbling something about the first time dad's always being like this and walked out of the room, giving you some alone time.
"You good out there?", turning to your lover, you couldn't help but smile a little. You knew that Daniel wanted a girl, he told you multiple times that he was ready to go full tutu skirt and rainbow hair clips and have tea parties. He was trying to pick himself up, but the moment he looked at you, the tears spilled from his eyes again. "If I didn't have evidence, I'll say that you are the pregnant one out of the two of us. Come here", pulling at his arm, you made him lay his head on the side of your chest, his arms found their way around you, not caring much about the jell that was still on your skin. "I'm just really happy", "I know bab, you'll be the best girl dad, and she already loves you so much". You felt him nodding his head, the movement of your fingers in his hair turning the cry into a light hiccup, "I'm gonna be a girl dad, fuck", "Ah, watch your language!"
"Oh, bugger!", you couldn't help but laugh while rolling your eyes, "Daniel, Australian slang won't save you this time".
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idyllic-ghost · 16 days ago
waiting it out; dk x reader
Tumblr media
request: hi~~ can you write about reader struggling with mental health and dokyeom finding reader in the midst of a breakdown? with promt #6 from dokyeom but in a i-dont-want-to-freak-you-out way, prompt #44 and #26!! i've been struggling myself lately and watching dokyeom in their videos have really made me feel safe and at home somehow, i feel like he'd be the perfect person to be with at a time like that
prompts: 6. "can i hold your hand?" 26. "if you cry, i'll cry... and that's just going to make it worse" 44. "you need someone. let me be that person. let me be what you need."
a/n: it's not the longest, but i think it might be one of the favorite drabbles i've made so far. it's just a lot of softness...
cw: mentions of stress and anxiety, crying
genre: hurt/comfort, mutual crush
word count: 1.1k
.⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆.
The moment Seokmin first saw you, he started falling for you. He had met you because you were a new staff member at HYBE. You were always happy and kind and always seemed to see the best in people. He adored your smile, the way you spoke, and how you would close your eyes when you were trying to focus on what someone was saying. He loved everything about you, which was why he had such a massive crush on you. It was something he wasn't planning on acting on since he hadn't a clue if you felt the same way about him. Even if he wasn't going to tell you his feelings, it wasn't wrong of him to try to get to know you. At this point, after hanging out so many times - in groups and one-on-one - he felt like he really knew you. However, his entire perspective on you changed after walking around the corner of the company building and seeing you crouched on the floor.
Seokmin wasn't about to leave you alone when you seemed so devastated, so of course, he approached you. His footsteps made you look up, you looked like a deer caught in headlights. You weren't crying, yet, but your eyes were filled with tears that were threatening to spill out.
"Hey, what's going on? Did something happen?", Seokmin asked as he crouched down next to you.
Those tears that were threatening to spill out came flying out like waterfalls as soon as he spoke. Seokmin panicked, trying to look around for someplace with napkins but of course, there wasn't one.
"Hey, don't cry... if you cry, I'll cry... and that's just going to make it worse.", he let out a panicked and short laugh.
"I'm sorry, it's just-", you mumbled between sobs.
"No, no, no- don't apologize.", he was exasperated, "You didn't do anything wrong, I'm sorry for saying that."
Your sobbing didn't stop. You didn't know what was wrong with you. Usually, you were pretty good at keeping your emotions at bay, but now, with Seokmin in front of you, they came pouring out. The reason you were crouched down in a corner was to avoid people in the first place. However, you didn't mind that he was with you right now. Of course, it was embarrassing to cry hysterically in front of your crush, but he made you feel safe.
"Do you mind if I sit with you?", he asked carefully, and you shook your head in response.
So, he sat down. No words were spoken, he only gently rubbed your back while your sobs slowly turned into whimpers. It felt nice to have him there, like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket after walking around in the snow.
"I'm sorry, you're probably busy...", you mumbled after a while.
"I'm not, I swear.", Seokmin spoke quietly, fearing that if he spoke any louder you might just break, "I'm here for you and I'm not leaving unless you want me to."
His words reassured you that things would be okay, that your feet were still on the ground, and that the world wasn't ending any time soon. He didn't belittle your emotions, you still felt like you were allowed to be upset, he simply showed you that you were safe.
"Do you want a hug? Or... maybe not... can I do something for you? Uh... can I hold your hand?", he stumbled out.
A laugh escaped your lips between all the sniffling, his clumsiness was adorably hilarious to you. You looked up at him, and Seokmin didn't know if it was very appropriate to still find you pretty like this, all teary-eyed with blotchy redness over your face. A sudden movement took hold of his attention, you were reaching out your hand for his. Quickly, he grabbed it and let your intertwined hands rest in his lap.
"Do you want to talk about what's made you upset?", he asked softly, almost inaudible.
"I'm just going through a rough patch... stress, pressure, anxiety... just the usual, you don't want to hear about it.", you brushed him off.
"I do.", he spoke stronger this time, "I can tell that you need someone. Let me be that person. Let me be what you need. Just vent all of your emotions to me, I don't mind."
And vent you did. The two of you sat there for about twenty minutes, you talking about things that had been bothering you, and him just listening to you. Of course, had it been any other person Seokmin knew, he would've done the same, and you knew that. However, him listening to you made you feel special, and it was nice to have someone who cared. Seokmin didn't let go of your hand either. He was rhythmically rubbing his thumb over the back of your palm while he nodded to whatever you were saying... until you had nothing left to say.
"... you know, I can't promise that everything will just magically get better.", he muttered, "We can't solve all of our problems, and that's fine. Life goes up and down, like some sort of sick and twisted roller coaster..."
"That's not what I would expect to hear from you.", you admitted.
"Well, it's the truth, isn't it?", he gave you a small smile, "Moments of happiness or sadness, they come and go as they please. They come fast, and they come slow. They're completely unpredictable, but that's just what life is."
"I guess so.", you nodded, "So then I just fight through it? Is that what you're saying?"
"Not necessarily.", he pondered for a bit, "... sometimes it's nice to lean on someone while waiting for a moment to pass. Wait it out, in the company of someone you like."
The words just came pouring out of him, and he didn't give it much thought. But when he looked at you and saw your big, bright, eyes, he realized that it might've just been what you needed to hear.
"Can I wait with you then?", you asked.
"Lean on me for as long as you want to." he nodded and shuffled a bit closer to you.
Your head fell to his shoulder. It felt so natural to let it stay there, so you did. Seokmin didn't say much after that, from time to time he would make small talk. You would hum, or make a small comment, but not much more. The two of you were left in comfortable silence there in the corner of the company corridor. You were definitely lucky that no one walked past because you really didn't want to move. Of course, the thought of confessing your feelings to him came up, but you decided not to. As did Seokmin. You bottled the feelings you had for each other and put them on the shelf for another time. To be in each other's presence right now was all that mattered.
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jayktoralldaylong · 7 months ago
I could write papers on the complexity of Jayce's relationship with Viktor.
I don't think any other relationship is as complex, as co-dependent, as beautiful, as toxic, as entwined with other characters, specifically Jinx, Mel and Heimerdinger. Jinx doesn't even know this relationship exists but she's been affecting them since the day she tossed her first accidental bomb. She created them, and now it seems she's going to end them.
I've talked nonstop about Jayce's trauma. How he was thrown into politics as a pawn that was doomed to fail from the start. Manipulated, trapped and pulled every which way by nearly every single character because he's so stupid and naïve.
But when you look at it from Viktor's perspective it's easy to see why people hate Jayce.
Viktor's story is that of a lonely scientist with intense social anxiety and an extremely low self esteem. He has lived all of his life as someone else's shadow. People don't even know or remember his name. Think about it. How many people call Viktor by name?
I can count.
There's Jayce.
There's Heimerdinger.
There's Sky.
That is three people in the entire Arcane verse.
Everyone else calls him assistant or partner, nameless without another name to stand on.
As time goes on even Heimerdinger stops acknowledging his existence. As soon as he finds out Viktor is sick, he so easily let's go. He really only showed up to tell him to give up on his dreams and die. This doesn't mean Heimerdinger doesn't care about Viktor but he's too old and Viktor's really not his first and he won't be his last. He also knows encouraging him to do dangerous things is no good, but damn Heimerdinger.
You gave this boy his name.
Viktor said he came to the topside without a name and Heimerdinger said he picked Viktor up from the undercity. This means not even Viktor's sort of stand in 'lab father' knows his name. He really just recognises him as the cripple.
Heimerdinger doesn't even show up when Viktor gets sent to the hospital. Jayce is the only one at his side when he opens his eyes.
Can you imagine how suffocating it must be to have no identity whatsoever. People love to call out Jayce as someone who stole credit for Viktor's work without realising the reason Viktor is slowly going insane is because it is in fact NOT his work. It's Jayce's idea, Jayce's plan, Jayce's dream, and no matter how many times Jayce says "Our", Viktor still knows that it's originality comes from Jayce.
For the first few years their relationship is stable because Jayce is there to constantly to remind Viktor that he's important and keep pushing him to go on. Jayce is the first person to see him and even acknowledge him as superior (because Jayce also has a sort of inferiority complex). It fills Viktor with life, because for the first time in his entire existence he feels needed.
And then Mel comes out of nowhere and snatches that away.
She makes Jayce a politician, which suffocates Jayce with work. So much work that he can barely find time to be in the lab anymore. But then he does find time and that sincerely impresses me about Jayce.
The second he has any form of free time he's spending it with Viktor. He's asking about his health. He's trying to see if he's okay, but he's also so easily manipulated that before he knows it he's back before Mel.
I can see Jayce struggling and fighting and drowning, doing everything possible to be there for Viktor in every way that he can.
But what Viktor sees is a friend who keeps leaving and coming back and leaving and coming back and leaving and coming back on constant repeat. There is no knowing when Jayce will leave and when he will come back. That sort of uncertainty starts to cause a dent in their relationship. Especially when Jayce can't even remember that Viktor is from the undercity.
Because now Viktor isn't scared of dying without Jayce, he's scared that Jayce won't even remember him, and that one thought destroys him more than anything.
Viktor starts attempting to take big steps on his own. He starts doing more. Becomes reckless. Stops sleeping, stops eating, starts going mad. He wants to create something independent of Jayce. He wants to live. He wants to be remembered. He's tired of being nothing more than a shadow.
And in the process of struggling and risking, Sky gets hurt.
Now I always wondered, why Sky getting hurt is what stopped Viktor, because everything in Arcane is significant. And he clearly never once saw her before.
Because Sky was also invisible 🥺 And he made that permanent. He became the very thing that he was terrified of, at the exact same time that Jayce did.
When Jayce hurt that little kid from the Undercity it was like he'd just hurt Viktor. The very life that he was trying to protect. He'd tormented himself on and on about his technology being used to hurt people and went and did the exact thing he was scared of others doing. That ended things for Jayce.
The same way Sky ended things for Viktor.
No one.... remembered her. Not even Jayce.
It was terrible. Viktor broke down.
He'd never seen her once. The entire time she'd been right there. A shadow, and he'd ended her.
And he realised in that moment that being remembered didn't matter if this was the kind of memory he became.
He and Jayce choose to give up at the same time.
Jayce decided to end his politician career to give it all up and return to Viktor's side. Viktor gives up trying to achieve his break through and choses to live the rest of his life as a shadow, whether or not he's remembered by Jayce.
It is a difficult decision.
They both even seem to decide to shut down the lab. They are absolutely done.
They pushed so far and hit rock bottom hard, and then had the common sense to give up.
Which is impressive because a lot of people would have made excuses to keep going. But Jayce and Viktor didn't do that. They stop.
They chose peace. It's hard but they chose peace. No matter how much it destroys them both thinking of what this peace will cost they chose it.
Viktor struggling so hard to hold on to sanity because he doesn't want to ever hurt Jayce.
They chose peace 🥺
And Jinx throws it all out the window.
Jinx really goes "The mental asylum has room for two more."
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okkotsuyuutaloml · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ayato sfw alphabet <3
cw: kissing, established relationship, gn!reader, one mention of making out and nudity ig
notes: i will never write sfw alphabets, it's tiring wtf
masterlist !
Tumblr media
a = affection ;; how affectionate are they?
he's extremely smitten with you and affectionate towards you. in public, he will always keep you close to him with his hands on your waist/shoulder/back and behind closed doors... oh boy, somebody get him off of you.
b = best friend ;; how would they be like as best friends? how did the friendship start?
both of your mothers were friends. that's how you got to know each other. at first, you were both shy to speak to each other (since you were only about 12), but slowly, as you grew up, you both became best friends. as a friend, he was a menace to this society lmao
c = cuddles ;; do they like cuddles? how do they cuddle?
he loves cuddling with his face buried in your chest, especially after a long day of work. at times when you would fall asleep while he was still working, he would take you in his arms (doesn't matter if you're taller than him) and would drape his ridiculously long suit over you
d = domestic ;; do they want to settle down? how are they at cooking and cleaning?
is this even a question? yes of course, since you've been dating for a long time and as we all know, ayato absolutely sucks at cooking. poor thoma who had to eat those suspicious dishes. in terms of cleaning, it's a disaster. his papers are literally flying everywhere and you have to scold him to clean up & he does a pretty good job with it
e = ending ;; if they had to break up, how would they do it?
i wouldn't really see ayato breaking up with his lover as once he's committed, he'll do everything for you, but for the sake if this, let's say that it must've been a mutual agreement between the both of you. he'll hold you and kiss you for one last time before sending you off.
f = fiance ;; how would they feel about commitment? how quick would they like to get married?
i feel like he will probably marry you after 3-4 years of dating because he doesn't want to force or push you into something you don't want/are not comfortable with, but yes, he will definitely marry you as he's not interested in short term relationships.
g = gentle ;; how gentle are they? both physically and emotionally
yes, he may act all cocky and tease the hell out of you, but he's actually a huge softie. he loves to show physical affection and he's very gentle with that. he treats you like some porcelain doll, very soft and gentle. he cradles you and gently whispers soft things to you when you're stressed or when someone says something bad about you. he would expect the same or something similar from you when he's stressed out.
h = hugs ;; do they like hugs? how often would they do it? what are their hugs like?
this guy is a HUGE sucker for them, especially back hugs. if he's taller than you, he would back hug and bury his face in the crook of your neck and if you're taller than him, he would nuzzle his face on your back. he hugs you whenever he sees the chance. doesn't matter if you're cooking, doing some paperwork or talking with someone in public.
his hugs are long lasting and warm. it's like the warmth of a fireplace when it's snowing heavily. his hugs make you melt in his arms. it's like the fire which can melt a metal. you never feel like letting him go. and to top it all off, he has a nice sakura blossom scent to him.
i = i love you ;; how fast do they say it?
this mf impatient af.
you both would be walking under the moonlight, not to far away from the estate and he would say, "the moon looks pretty, doesn't it?" you looked at him, smiled while nodding. seeing this as a chance, he gently cradled your face and gave you a soft kiss. "i've always wanted to this... i love you my dear (y/n). would you give me the honor to be your lover?"
j = jealousy ;; how jealous would they get? what do they do when they're jealous?
when god was making him, god accidentally added a whole bottle into the mixture. it was jealousy. although he may not show it on his face and be subtle about it, he's a total menace. if he sees someone talking to you and being 'extra friendly' towards you (irregardless of gender), he would come stand beside you, wrap his arm around your waist and talk to them in a sarcastic and passive aggressive manner. you would have to apologize to the person in front of you and drag him back to the estate so you can scold him lmfao
k = kisses ;; what are their kisses like? where do they like to kiss you? where do they like to be kissed?
light, feathery kisses. lots of butterfly kisses as well!!! he likes to kiss your neck (not in that way ya nasty shits) and your lips while cradling your face. as for him, he likes to get kissed on his mole as it takes away his insecurity and his forehead especially when he's stressed. beware though, you might get yourself into a makeout sesh
l = little ones ;; how are they around children?
since he has some experience with ayaka, he's good good with children. he would usually play with them or sit them on his lap and tell them fables, folk stories, etc. he even treats them to boba and sweets. overall, he love children and children love him <3
m = morning ;; how are mornings spent with them
mornings with him are quite calm. sometimes either of you are alone as there was some work, but usually, you would wake up with a tight grip around your waist. you would both have a bath together and then leave for work together. (ik some of y'all nasty asf, but idk it's kinda cute to shower with your partner like y'all can wash each other's hair <3)
n = night ;; how are nights spent with them?
again, just like mornings, you both have a bath together, cleaning each other's backs and washing each others hairs because according to him, "skin to skin contact and seeing each other naked is essential for a relationship to grow." you both would also help each other wear your clothes and brush each others hair (and if you don't have hair, you brush his). drinking tea is a must! you both will drink tea with some snacks while playing chess.
o = open ;; when would they start revealing things about themselves? do they let it all out once or take things slowly?
he would absentmindedly start revealing things about himself, like when you're both playing chess, drinking tea and basking in each other's warmth, about to sleep or while having a bath. he doesn't ramble everything, he let's it all out one by one, slowly, so it wouldn't be overwhelming for you.
p = patience ;; how easily angered are they?
it depends on what you did. if you had a bath without him, he would get pouty but give in later. you accidentally knocked a bottle of expensive sake? it's totally fine. you were hanging out with someone else and totally ignored him? silent treatment for the night. you did something really bad? fight.
q = quiz ;; how much do they remember?
he remembers everything. you don't like bell peppers? he will remove the bell peppers for you and eat it himself smh this little shit.
he's surprisingly good in remembering dates, so don't worry, your birthday or anniversary won't be missed
r = remember ;; what is their favorite moment of the relationship
he doesn't have a particular favorite memory of you both, but if he had to choose, then it must be the day of your first festival as a couple. he remembers how you looked stunning in that yukata (which btw was gifted by him). mans was gaping and blushing furiously. he remembers you teasing and laughing at him the entire night 😔
s = security ;; how protective are they? how would they protect you?
vvv protective. you got a small cut while trying to cut some carrots? don't worry, he's already there with a first aid box. someone badmouthed you? the next day they're cowering under your gaze. someone tried hurting you? their funeral is scheduled in a few days. sometimes it gets extreme that you have to knock some sense into him.
t = try ;; how much effort would they put in dates, anniversary, gifts and everyday tasks?
he's rich. do i even need to explain more?
in terms of anniversaries, he would be a perfectionist. he'll ask thoma for help to cook some food and he would ask ayaka what gifts you would like. you two would have a homey-date and would be left alone.
in terms of daily life, he's a bit of a slacker, i mean he's quite busy, so you don't really pay heed to it, but when he's free, he would take you out on a long stroll. taking you out to some small stalls to taste some food and you both may or may not have fought over the bill.
u = ugly ;; what would be some of their bad habits
we all know about this. it's overworking and drinking excess boba. he over works himself to the point where he gets extremely sick and then the entire estate is in a problem. as for the excess boba problem, you're totally okay with him having at most 3 cups of boba, but the problem here is, he drink 10 cups of it. you're genuinely scared for his health.
v = vanity ;; how concerned are they with their looks
at first, he used to dislike the mole near his lips, but since you would kiss it, he started liking it. other than that, he's pretty confident and cocky about his looks
w = whole ;; would they feel incomplete without you?
since this is an established relationship, yes, he would totally feel incomplete without you. he always yearns for your touch and kisses. you're his other half, his soulmate. you're like the rhythm to the lyrics of a song.
x = xtra ;; a random headcannon
thoma was running errands along with the traveler, paimon and ayaka and unfortunately, you were sick to the point where you couldn't even get out of bed, so your dear fiancé thought of making you some food. let's just say that you got more sick to the point where you couldn't even open your eyes and talk, and thoma was pretty disappointed, vowing to never leave you when you're sick.
y = yuck ;; what are some things they wouldn't like? either in general or in partner
he wouldn't like someone who neglects their duties or someone who would treat his family (including thoma) and other people in a bad manner. he wouldn't like a person who is classist and racist. he also wouldn't like someone who gossips a lot around other ladies.
z = zzz ;; sleep habits
at first, it may seem like he sleeps ok, but if you feel like getting up to go to the washroom/drink some water, then good luck. this man has a literal death grip on your waist. it would be a huge surprise if you managed to get out
© okkotsuyuutaloml 2022.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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traumatizedgaywriter · 11 months ago
This is the first time I've ever requested something and I don't even know if I'm doing it right, but could I get a platonic sbi x reader where techno finds the reader in the Nether and just decides that he's gonna teach them everything he knows to have like a blood god assistant but the reader becomes like a part of the family?
I'm sorry if it doesn't make so much sense, of course you don't have to write it, but if you do that would be great
Any Pronouns are fine, but would be cool if you'd use they/them
The Blood God's Apprentice
Pairings: Technoblade & Reader (platonic); side pairing of SBI & Reader (also platonic)
Warnings: Discrimination against hybrids, being kicked out, and abandonment
Features: Protective Technoblade, Found Family, Wither Skeleton Hybrid Reader
Summary: After you get kicked out of the nether fortress when you started showing human traits you get found by Technoblade and adopted by SBI. Some surprising things happen.
You're lost. All you'd known you're entire life was the fortress, but once you started showing human traits you had been kicked out. The netherrack is warm, jagged, and slightly springy under your feet, a stark contrast to the blistering hot, smooth, and firm netherbrick that the fortress is constructed of.
You didn't know what to do. You are hungry, but you'd never hunted anything before. You knew that the main things you'd eaten before were crimson fungi and hoglin meat, but you didn't know where to find either of them. Everything looked the same, the netherrack going on as far as your eyes could see. You decide to just start walking until you find something. So you walk. You walk for what seems like ages, only stopping momentarily when you got tired.
The environment changed around you, the slightly bouncy netherrack changing into towering basalt and blackstone. The wandering zombified piglins disappear and magma cubes and striders take their place. A ghast floats above you, which you watch in awe. Ghasts never got this close to the fortress, wary of the mobs inside. A magma cube approaches you, sniffing to determine if you're a threat before it determines you aren't and jumps away.
You keep walking. You walk for what seems like hours, until you can't walk anymore. You still hadn't found a crimson forest, but you had walked through a soul sand valley. The dark sand murmured and hissed as you slowly walked. The random structures of old bones were terrifying, you could only think of the things that the fossils must have belonged to at one point. The blue fire just added a whole new element of spooky, amplifying the murmuring of the long dead souls.
Thankfully, the valley wasn't too long, and you had quickly made it to another nether waste, the netherrack stretching for chunks and chunks on end. At this point you are very tired and hungry. You can't imagine walking any more for a while, so you find a small cave in the netherrack and settle down to rest for a bit.
You must have fallen asleep, because you were shaken awake by a large piglin hybrid. He looks down at you and says something in strange tongue you couldn't understand. You'd heard it only a few times before, back when you were small and some humans tried to raid the fortress. Immediately you scramble back, shoving yourself to the back of the small cave, trying to make yourself as small as possible. You find yourself wishing for your bow, which hadn't been taken with you when you were kicked out of the fortress.
The hybrid backs away slightly, saying something angrily in piglin. He reaches into his inventory and pulls out something brown and round. He breaks off a chunk and eats it before pushing it into the cave. You scurry forward, your hunger outweighing your rationality.
There's a worried expression on his face, and you twist your eyes to mimic it. "Who are you?" you ask, though it's clear from his bewildered blinking that he doesn't understand your language.
He says something under his breath—you catch a long rumbling sound, a short, soft noise from the back of his throat. You don't know what he's saying, but it's gentle. Comforting.
You scoot towards him, somehow trusting him. As you get closer he scoots the strange brown food towards you. Cautiously you pick it up and take a bite. It has an earthy flavor similar to crimson fungus. You quickly eat the rest of it, your hunger slowly subsiding.
As you finish you look up towards the piglin hybrid, taking in his appearance for the first time. He has long pink hair, and looks almost human, if not for his elongated piglin ears, red eyes, hooved feet, and tusks. He pulls out another piece of the brown food and offers it to you.
Gently you take it from his hand. "Thank you." It's clear he still doesn't understand you, but he smiles and watches you finish the second piece of food.
He reaches out and offers you his hand, which you take. Immediately he winces and slowly draws his hand away. He says something in piglin, the grunts and rumbles that normally sound harsh sounding smooth and soothing. The kind tone is a stark contrast to the grimace on his face. You whisper out an apology, which you know is pointless because he won't understand the harsh hissing of wither.
But somehow he understands what you are trying to say, because his face softens and he responds again in the strange tongue of his. He gestures for you to follow him, which you cautiously do. He leads you to a shimmering obsidian portal, the middle is a swirling purple that is constantly expelling small glittering purple particles, not unlike the ones enderman expel when they teleport.
He gestures for you to step in. You slowly step towards the portal, but you're scared. He can tell, so he steps forward into it first. He swirls for a moment before disappearing. After a moment though, he swirls back into focus. He says something in piglin, and this time you recognize the word safe.
He steps out of the portal and gestures for you to step in again. This time you follow him. The portal engulfs you and you feel a swirling sensation where your ribs are. You close your eyes, and when you open them again the nether is gone. In place of it is a new landscape. Not warm and red, but chilly and green. You step out of the portal, slightly dizzy. The piglin hybrid steps out of the portal and gestures for you to follow him again. You do, shivering slightly from the cold.
He leads you down a small stone path towards a cottage. He opens the door and leads you in. Slowly you follow him, still timid even after spending some time with him. You still are prepared to run at any sign of danger. The pink haired man pulls out a chair for you before leaving. He comes back minutes later, with a shorter man with black wings. They're speaking in the same language the man who found you talked in at first.
The man with wings sits down next to you. And, sounding like a toddler tries to hiss something in wither.
You look at him confused. "What?" You ask.
He shakes his head and tries again, this time his words coming out a bit clearer. "Hi,"
"Hi," You hiss out, pleased that someone else knows Wither. Now that you have someone who understands you all of your questions come pouring out. "Who are you? Where am I? What's your name? Why was I kicked out of the fortress? What's happening?"
The man looks confused. He holds up a hand, silently asking for you to stop talking. You do. He thinks for a moment before he slowly starts to talk. "Slow please. I know a little wither." He pauses for a moment looking confused before continuing. "Long time since I talked. I am Phil." He points to the piglin who found you. "Techno." He turns back towards you. "What's your name?"
"Y/n," you respond.
"Y/n," he repeats. "Y/n, you safe. You stay if want."
Even with no reason to believe him you do. This small home seems safer than the fortress ever did, despite being much smaller and less guarded. "Ok," you say. "I'll stay."
He smiles at you, and you smile back.
You stand across from Techno. It had been about three months since he first found you in the nether, and now you two were fast friends.
"Ready?" Techno asks.
"Ready," you confirm, flexing your glove covered hands before drawing a wooden practice sword.
Techno smiles at you and draws his own sword. "Three," he starts counting down.
"Two," you say.
"One," he finishes.
As soon as he finishes counting you let out a hiss. "You're going down." You murmur under your breath in your mother tongue.
And just like that the battle commenced. You were a surprisingly good match against the much larger piglin hybrid. Wooden swords clashed and lightly hit leather armor. Faintly, in the background you hear Wilbur and Tommy approaching to watch the sparring match.
The match's fast pace continued for a few minutes, only slowing down when your muscles started to ache. Your blows start getting sloppier, and Techno smiles cockily. "Give up yet y/n?"
Normally, this would be where you surrendered, but there seems to be small voice in the back of your head, telling you not to give up. "Keep going," it whispers. "You can do it, just follow what I say."
"Never," you respond to Techno, a newfound surge of energy coursing through your body. You follow the voice's instructions, ignorant of the way your eyes were gaining a red-ish tint and your translucent skin was surrounded by an aura of pure danger. Tommy and Wilbur's soft gasps went unheard as the power rushed through your veins.
Quickly, you block Techno's strike and disarm him, pointing your own sword at his chest.
"Well done child," the voice in your head whispers. "I'm proud of you. You have my blessing y/n. I will be with you when you need me the most."
Suddenly the voice vanishes, and so does the seemingly endless energy that it seemed to bring. You let out a heaving breath and drop your sword, the fatigue in your muscles returning. You hear Tommy whisper something you don't recognize in player under his breath, his tone full of awe.
"Wow," Techno says, helping you steady yourself.
"What just happened?" You ask. Techno looks confused, so you repeat yourself.
"Again in player this time please?" Techno asks.
"Oh shit," you curse under your breath before repeating your question in player.
"You, my dear sibling, just got blessed by the blood god." Techno pats you on the back, clearly proud of you.
"Woah," you say, kinda in shock. That explained the voice in your head while you were fighting.
That's when it really hits you. "Wait, what?"
"That's how you beat me. The blood god answered your prayers, and he blessed you. Congratulations." Despite the monotone of his voice, you can hear the pride in Techno's words, and you smile.
Techno holds his hand out. Only slightly confused, you take it.
"Welcome to the revolution, y/n. Blood for the blood god."
"Blood for the blood god," you repeat, and the words feel so very right.
In the background you can hear Tommy running off to tell Phil, shouting "Y/N GOT BLESSED BY THE BLOOD GOD! THEY GOT BLESSED!!"
Wilbur pats you on the back, telling you how proud he is. You know Phil is coming to congratulate you, and the rest of the night will be full of celebration.
For the first time in your life you know you belong. That you're safe. That you've found your true family.
Thank you for reading!
If you'd like to submit a request please read my rules (which can be found here) first!
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writteninkat · a year ago
Switched | Itadori Yuji x reader x Sukuna
summary: fucking yuji means a passionate night until sukuna decides to be an asshole and switches with your boyfriend half way through sex.
word count: 2.6k
warnings: 18+, name calling
author's note: i've been thinking of this since i last closed the app and i knew i just had to write it
Tumblr media
You've been horny all night.
Your boyfriend, Itadori Yuji, is wearing a simple plain white dress shirt which he folded up right below his elbows. He has two buttons undone and the shirt is tucked in black dress pants, his long legs causing for his ankles to show right above the black boat shoes he has on his feet.
He finished the look with a white silver watch on his left wrsit. Honestly? You could feel your cunt already dripping just by the way your boyfriend looked while the two of you were still at the apartment.
As the group; Nobara, Gojo, Nanami and Yuji sang happy birthday for Megumi, you're busy rubbing your thighs together, proving for the action to be a bit more difficult than it actually is when you're seated.
Megumi blows his candles and everyone cheers, clapping their hands as they begin to dig into the food. You try distracting yourself, scooping in a few scoops of food on your plate but it is all for naught when Yuji leans over, giving you a chance to get a whiff of his cologne.
A strong strawberry scent with a little bit of sweet vanilla and a hint of bold wood. The scent doesn't smell like it goes everywhere at all- it all smells so good together. Yuji uses his chopsticks to place some strips of beef on your food, your gaze immediately on his forearm- veins feintly protruding from under his light skin. The silver around his wrist doesn't help at all and it makes you feel as if you are this horny teenager again.
"Eat up." Yuji smiles, his eyes smiling with him. You force your lips to stretch, sending him a big smile back before eating your food, deciding to forget all about your thoughts by stuffing food in your mouth.
It works.
Well, more or less. You haven't had a single dirty thought about your boyfriend ever since uou began eating, and now Nobara is currently singing her heart off as Gojo and the birthday boy himself are dozing side by side on the end of the couch. Nanami is busying himself by sipping on his drink, a smile feint on his lips as he watches and listens to Nobara sing, looking like how a proud father would.
Your boyfriend, on the other hand, doesn't look too good.
"You okay, babe?" You ask, leaning in to squeeze his forearm softly. He snaps out what seems to be in a caging gaze he was in, looking at you. Yuji smiles, hand fluing on yours to give it a good, reassuring squeeze. "I'm good, baby. Just a little tired, I guess."
You furrow your brows, definitely not buying his lies. "Just tell me. The faster you tell me the faster we can solve the problem." You say, crossing your arms over your chest.
Yuji's eyes slowly and uncontrollably begin traveling down your chest, gaze glossing over your evident cleavage, moving again even much lower, his eyes taking note of how the black dress you're wearing is hugging every curve on your body perfectly.
Yuji leans in, his strong cologne scent causing the butterflies in your stomsch to go insane. "That dress has been driving me crazy the whole night." Your boyfriend's hot breath fans over the shell of your ear, casuing goosebumps to rise all over your body. "Take it off for me, please?"
You breath in a deep and shaky breath, closing your eyes to try and convince yourself not to strip naked in front of your friends and teachers right here on the spot. You stand up abruptly, catching Nanami's attention.
"We gotta go, Yuji has a really bad stomach ache." The corners of your mouth pull down into a fake frown which Nanami buys, nodding his head and waving the both of you off. You take Yuji's hand and pull him out of the Kareoke room, your heels loud as you stomp your way out of the building and to the parking lot.
As you find your car, you pull the front seat's door open only for it to be closed shut again by your boufriend. Yuji pulls you closer by your waist, making you can feel how hard he is inside his pants.
"We're not doing it here."
"My car's windows are tinted." He bites on your ear.
You keep telling yourself not to do it, to just wait until the both of you gets home but Itadori jr. seems to be having other plans for tonight. You sigh, walking over to the back door and pulling it open. As soon as you bend over to get in, Yuji pushes you and slams the door behind him.
The cold winter nights of Japan has the interior of the car all cool and comfortable. Yuji spins you around by your waist, running both of his hands on either sides of your waist. He breathes out deeply, eyes scanning hungrily over your form. His hands begin to make their way down your thighs, he leans in to give you a soft peck on the lips. Yuji looks into your eyes at first before leaning back in to envelope you into a deep kiss, his tongue skillfully brushing and sliding against yours as he sucks on it softly. His breathing his ragged as he feels your body all over, your legs instinctively opening and moving up his hips. Yuji presses his hard member against your clothed cunt, grinding on it for some kind of friction before pulling away when he feels just how soaked you are down there.
He reaches a hand under your dress, pressing two fingers on your wet cunt making you mewl. You've been holding it in for too long and now you're just very sensitive. The corner of his mouth twitches up, "Have you been wet for me the entire night, baby?"
You don't trust your voice, you can't. You know it'll sound needier than you actually are, you know it'll set Yuji off to start teasing you, so you nod your head, your face contorting as you feel him slip a finger between your folds.
He leans forward, hot breath fanning over the sensitive skin on the side of your neck. Yuji's warm tongue runs up the skin once, twice- he's adding another digit into your wet hole and you almost cum at the spot when he nibbles on your soft skin.
"I'll take very good care of you tonight." He presses his soft lips on the nibbled part of the skin, slowly trailing kisses up to your cheek and finally back onto your lips.
You couldn't think straight- your head was full of the boy. You absolutely loved about him; his strawberry pink hair, when he smiles with his eyes, how he can never go through a day without cuddling you at least once, how he does his best to give you anything you want, how he's one of your biggest inspirations in life. This boy- no, this man is someone you can imagine waiting for you at the end of the isle, hot tears streaming down his face as he waits for you at the end of the path, looking at you as if you were the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on- yes, even more beautiful than Jennifer Laurence.
Aoi would be right beside him, rubbing a hand on his back as he tries to soothe his best friend's sobs.
You snap out of your daze when you notice your boyfriend looking deeply into your eyes, a soft blush caressing his cheeks as he studies your face ever so lovingly. "I love you." You tell him.
His blush darkens as he leans into you, pressing his lips once again on yours. "I love you too." You feel the head of his cock press against your entrance for a bit before entering you completely.
You let out a soft whine, arching your back as your lips are trapped between your teeth. Your eyes roll back at the feeling of your boyfriend slowly pushing his entire length inside you, getting you feeling so full of him. "Yuji..." Your voice sounds so lewd, so needy and whiny for him that the sound of it makes you blush. You feel him stop moving once he's inside you fully, and at first you think he's letting you adjust to his size. That is, until he pulls his head back and your gaze falls onto the black lines all over his face. The soft look that once inherited your boyfriend's face is now replaced by a smug, cocky one. He has a smirk on that tells you to push him off and quickly get out of the car- but why don't you?
Instead, you feel yourself clenching around him even more. The look on his face has you dripping wet, your nipples hardening underneath your dress and the butterflied in your stomach going crazy as ever.
"Can't believe that little boy would keep you all to himself." His voice isn't Yuji's- no. It's much deeper, darker, more dangerous. He looks down at your apalled expression, his smirk growing even bigger. He leans over, pushing your legs up to your chest and forcing you down into a mating press. "What's my name, princess?"
You can feel your heart beating rapidly against your chest, your breathing shaky and your head clouded. Without even thinking about it, your mouth moves on their own and out comes your whimpering voice.
The curse pulls away with a wide grin, pulling his hips out before thrusting his cock inside you again, the tip of his cock hitting the same spot as it did before. Sukuna's hips are relentlessly thrusting inside you, abusing your needy hole as you moan loudly for more.
His hand finds its way to your boob and you feel something hot and wet lap itself over your hardened nipple. You look down to see the mouth on his hand grinning cockily like him. It wraps itself around your nipple, sucking on the bud and biting on it softly making your eyes rolls back to your head.
You feel something coil up inside your stomach, your mouth opening as you feel yourself slowly reach your high. "I-I'm so, fucking, clo-" Sukuna thrusts his hips hardly once, causing your toes to curl and your body to shake as you move your hips to ride out your orgasm. Heavy breaths fill the car as your legs grow limp on either side of his body and your eyelids become heavier.
"The fuck do you think you're doing?" Sukuna squeezes your cheeks, making your eyelids lift open. He hooks his arm around your back, pulling you along with him as he sits up.
Your eyes widen and back arches when you feel electricity run up your spine. Sukuna lifts a brow, his hands on either side of your hips, preventing you from lifting them. "Too full!" You whimper out, tears forming on the corners of your eyes as you swallow a large lump down your throat.
"Hah?" He tilts his head to the side, "But I haven't even came yet." You feel him roll his hips once, but it was all it took to have you digging your nails on his shoulders. "I'll pull out when I cum. But for now," He lowers his head to take your nipple by his mouth, his fingers pinching and playing with the other one. ",focus on making me feel good, princess."
Your eyes clench shut asbyou focus on the feeling of his hard member inside your dripping cunt. You move your hips once, you feel goosebumps all over your body. You move your hips a second time and you're wanting to feel that same friction again. You move your hips a third and you're letting your desires take over.
You hump on Sukuna's cock sloppily and roughly, the car is shaking. Sukuna let's out soft groans and moans, the constant "love feeling your cunt around my cock like this" whispered and growled into your ear. His eyes travel down to your chest, eyes gleaming when he sees your boobs bouncing in sync with everytime you hump on him.
When he looks back at you, all his other sense go numb. The sight of you with your tongue out your mouth, you drool dripping down your tongue, your face flushed and your eyes crossed together at the feeling of it being so good has him gripping on your hips tightly. "You're a fucking slut, aren't ya?" He begins thrusting himself inside you and you moan loudly, your toes curling at the feeling of his sac slapping against your skin. "Aren't ya?!" He yells and all you could do is whimper as you nod your head. He's fucking you so dumb you couldn't form coherent words.
He rolls his hips as he thrusts them, making sure you feel every single inch of him inside you. Your moans are in sync with his thrusts, feeling your breath being knocked out of your system with every thrust the curse does.
Your hand flies up your mouth, trying to surpress the loud moans that keep slipping out of your lips but Sukuna wraps his hand around your wrist, pulling your hand away.
"Scream for me, come on princess. Let him know who's fucking you so good right now." His voice is low and deep, it drives you to the edge, almost pushing you off. "Wh-who? Who's him?" You ask, forcing your eyes to open as you look down at Sukuna- your eyebrows raise in surprise at the sight of the black lines on your boyfriend's face gone.
Yuji looks up at you with eyes holding such lust. He has a straight expression on as he looks into your eyes, kind of hypnotising you as he thrusts into you, leading the both of you to your highs.
"Wh-what happened to Sukuna-"
"Why are you looking for him." Yuji's voice is covered in coldness. He combs his fingers on the back of your head and throughyour hair, curling them into a fist as he pulls on your hair. "He's not the one fucking you right now, I am." His thrusts start becoming more aggressive, hinting at you that he's already close.
"You'll cum around my cock a second time and you'll be moaning my name out as loud as you can. Got it?" Yuji growls onto your neck. His other hand grabs onto your hip and begins thrusting into you faster than before. You feel something snap inside you, your orgasm causing your toes to curl and your fingernails to be dug onto your boyfriend's skin. "Y-Yuji!" Your hips shake as you begin rolling them around, riding out your orgasm.
"That's not my name right now, princess." You look back down only to feel your heart drop at the sight of the black lines all over his face. "S-S-Sukuna! Sukuna!" You moan out, your chest rising and falling exceptionally. You hear him chuckle before feeling him pull out, shooting his hot seed all over your naked cunt.
You look back up, checking to see who's who right now. You smile when you see it's your boyfriend. You press your forehead on his shoulder as you try to calm yourself down. You feel his arms wrap themselves around you as the two of you bask in each other's presence.
"You gotta stop doing that, it fucks up with my brain." You mumble onto his chest which only leaves you with a lighthearted chuckle. "But Sukuna says he doesn't want to be left out."
"Whatever, Sukuna can go fuck off." You mumble sleepily.
"Why don't you fuck me yourself, princess?" A deeper and much darker voice speaks up and you curse yourself mentally.
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wands-n-roses · 3 months ago
Absent | B.Z.
Tumblr media
A/n: This request sat for a while cause I've been so inactive, but honestly I think this is what I needed to write right now. It makes my heart swell to be honest. I hope you enjoy
Requested by: @niaannmitchell
Warnings/Notes: Angst, fluff, happy ending
It was Tuesday, gods you hated Tuesdays. They weren't bad just boring. Nothing really happens on a Tuesday. You tried to make plans with Blaise, but he was busy. He's always busy. You promised yourself if he didn't start making more time for you you'd end it. I mean who wants to be in a relationship where you don't see the other person. It'd been weeks since the two of you hung out one on one. You have classes together so you see him then but honestly, it's not the same.
You complained to Pansy about it, she wasn't much help. And Daphne supported the whole breaking up with him thing. Didn't feel right to do though, you loved him whether he showed the same affection or not.
It was almost sad though, the way Daphne put it. Pining after someone who was barely there. But he was Blaise, handsome, tall, smart. He could be kind of cold and emotionally not always there, but he was still your Blaise. Which made it even worse when he cancelled your date for Sunday.
"Blaise this is the 3rd date you've cancelled with her, I'm gonna have your head!" Daphe yelled at him. You were nowhere to be found, sulking in your bedroom and Daphe had had enough.
"I'm busy, what can I do?" Blaise rolled his eyes at the girl in front of him.
"You've barely spent time with her in the past month, if something doesn't change you're gonna lose her. And soon."
"Leave blondie."
Daphne huffed and stomped off, but not before giving Blaise the evilest of eyes.
Blaise, although annoyingly himself, had listened.
"Lose her? What did that mean?" He thought aloud to Theodore.
"Well my friend, what could it possibly mean? Hmm, I don't know, just a thought, but maybe it means that Daphne is gonna find her a better man. Someone who is present and doesn't leave their girlfriend hanging on a Friday night without so much as a note."
"So I'm gonna lose her."
"And soon."
"Shut up."
"You're the one so absent not me."
The next day Blaise saw you reading in a window and decided this was his chance to make it better.
He walked over and tapped your shoulder. "Can we talk?"
You looked up and closed your book, motioned for him to sit as you pulled your legs closer to your chest, "I guess so."
"Y/n... I'm really sorry I haven't been here lately. I should have made you a priority and I didn't, that's my fault."
"Whatever, you're busy," you shrugged.
"Yeah but I should have made time."
"Well you didn't, what do you want me to say, Blaise?"
"I... I don't know, I just-"
"Just what?"
"Wanted to apologize..."
"Well, you did."
You sighed looking out the window as Blaise moved closer to you putting his hand on your knee.
"Please look at me," he begged, his voice soft, something you don't hear often.
You turned your head slowly meeting his eyes.
"I love you, I hope you know that."
"Then where have you been, if you love me so much, where were you?"
"When I was going crazy studying for midterms and needed a break for a day?"
"Oh, when my mother sent me a letter telling me how badly I screwed up this Christmas when my family was over, how about then?"
"Or what about when Pansy was driving me mad and I had no plans whatsoever so I had to deal with her for a week straight. Where were you?"
"Did I mention I love you?"
You huffed and rested your head on your knees. "You have to be here Blaise, I need you, I really need you."
Blaise took your hand and lifted you up and onto your legs leading you up to his room. He drew the curtains back around his bed and laid with you. Both your eyes closed, his head laying right beside yours on the pillow and his arms gently around waist.
"Blaise?" You said, your voice cracked as if you were about to cry, the tears swelling up under your eyes.
Blaise sat up a tiny bit and wipes the water pooling at your eyes. "Yes, my love."
You looked up at him from where you were laying, and in a soft voice said, "I missed this."
"Oh sweetheart, so I missed this too."
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zodiyack · a year ago
Rude! (3,000+ Follower Fic Special 1/3)
Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Female!Hopper!Reader
Warnings: Swearing, Billy stuff, lyrics, fluff
Song: Rude by Magic!
Words: 1,798
Summary: Billy's love for Hopper's daughter is too strong to be stopped by the tough Chief Jim Hopper. Despite being told "not in a thousand years", he plans to love her regardless.
Note: Thank you so so much! I love you all, and writing your ideas, as well as sharing mine with you, has been so fucking fun and amazing! I'm sorry for my lack of words, I wish being an author came in handy with writing this, however, all I can say is that I love you all from the bottom of my heart. I've seen people do shout-outs, and ask-related stuff with their follower things, and I may do that, I'm not sure. For now, I hope you enjoy this... Thank you all, again!
Also 1/3 means that there will be two other fics released for the 3,000+ follower present!
Tumblr media
Taglist: @urie-bowie-mercury, @matth1w, @redspaceace-writes, @fandom-puff, @darling-i-read-it, @simonsbluee, @sebastianstanslefteyebrow, @dpaccione
Masterlist | Stranger Things Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Saturday morning, jumped out of bed and put on my best suit. Got in my car and raced like a jet all the way to you. Knocked on your door with my heart in my hands, to ask you a question, 'cause I know that you're an old-fashioned man. Yeah."
Billy was freshly graduated, working as a lifeguard whilst his girlfriend worked her own job, both saving up for their chance to ditch Hawkins and move to California. Sweet Cali. Billy was excited to show the love of his life around the place he called home. Though, physically, he left the salty ocean and windy beach behind, the place never truly left him.
You could see it in his eyes. The waves crashing in his blue orbs. He swore the scent had just barely clung to his belongings; the smell of the tangy air that followed a majority of the state. Working at a pool was the closest he got to the memory of California. Chlorine was most certainly not the salted ocean waters, but with the circumstances, he decided it'd do.
The way his face lit up whenever he talked about his home...it made Y/n more and more excited to see it. His girlfriend had grown up in Hawkins, stayed there her whole life. Never once did the Hoppers leave Hawkins.
But the second that was introduced to Billy, he knew it had to change.
Although they were saving for a big move, Billy had...other things in mind with what to do with his first large pay-check (or series, rather. Working as a lifeguard didn't pay well with just one check). He began to work more shifts to make up for the money he'd spent, and one day after calling in for a day off, he decided to put his plan into action.
"Billy, stop messing with the tie."
"It's annoying." Hands slapped away his attempts of adjusting the black silk tie.
"Well it won't stop being annoying if you keep fucking it up."
For the first time in a long time, Neil Hargrove was calm. Not happy, not amused, not pissed off for some unjust reason- just calm. He wasn't wreaking havoc and he wasn't being an asshole to his son. Billy hadn't seen this side of his dad in quite some time, in fact, he thought something important was going on and he was about to fuck it all up. And then, Susan retreated to the living room with a camera and a freshly ironed suit.
"You're not putting me in that."
"And who asked for your opinion?" Neil deflected with a raised brow. One heavy sigh later and Billy was leaving the bathroom, dawning the whole black and white getup.
Susan clasped her hands over her mouth, a tear leaving her eye, "You look so handsome! Just like your dad!"
Billy rolled his eyes, "Great."
However, his careless attitude was swept under the rug when the blue Camaro pulled up to the police station, interrupting a clearly distressed Chief Hopper bickering with his daughter. Billy had to get himself together before stepping out of the car, jaw slack after seeing the beauty he got to call his date.
"Hello Mr-"
"Don't even try play nice with me, Hargrove. She's not going anywhere with you. End of story." Hopper kept his eyes trained on the blond, body tense like a snake preparing to strike it's prey.
Y/n grabbed Billy's arm, slowly directing him to the car, "And in the sequel, we find out I am going with Billy. End of that story."
"There is no 'sequel.' The writer got drunk and lazy." She paused, turning to face her father who stood tall, arms crossed and face unamused.
"So his daughter picked up where her father left off, and then the sequel was published and the two lived happily ever after, the end."
While her dad attempted to search for a line that would better hers and force her to stay, she pushed Billy toward the driver's side and slid into the car as fast as she could, rolling down the window as Billy started it up. "Bye! I'll be back before midnight!"
The two drove off toward the school, leaving behind a trail of dust and very, very, pissed off Hopper.
Prom was better than Billy thought it would be. He didn't want to go at first, but after Max found out and spoke to her mom about it (the little redhead a cupid-in-the-making), Neil pushed him to go (as he was "doing something else besides being a lazy-no-good rebel"). It was then that he called Y/n and asked if she'd be going.
The suit came in handy. Clashing with his rocker aesthetic, he put it back on once more. The once-annoying tie proved to be somewhat okay in the end.
Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes, 'cause I need to know. You say I'll never get your blessing "till the day I die, tough luck my friend, but the answer is no!"
Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry her anyway. Marry that girl, marry her anyway! Marry that girl, yeah, no matter what you say! Marry that girl, and we'll be a family! Why you gotta be so rude?
With a deep breath, he ran-over the conversation in his head once more. Like a script for an actor, he had thought of every possible outcome and every possible line for him to face it with. He almost chickened out as his fist rose to the door, but it was too late, for his knuckles rapped against it before he realized he was even knocking.
El opened the door, eyes wide when she saw the familiar mullet and button-down. "Papa..." She muttered as she backed away and out of view.
Hopper traded places with her, his lazy expression sobering up instantaneously, replaced with a grumpy scowl. "Hargrove."
"Mr. Hopper, sir."
"What are you doing on my front porch?"
He swallowed roughly, palms sweaty against his sides. "I was wondering if I could talk to you."
"You seem to be doing just that right now, Hargrove." Hop crossed his arms and clenched his jaw.
Well, this was certainly not something Billy had thought of. He was on panic mode internally, attempting to find any response that could save his hide and accomplish what he set out to do. Unfortunately, the word-vomit button seemed to be misplaced under the button labeled "help".
"I'd like to marry your daughter, sir."
Hop's eyes grew just as big in size as El's had when she opened the door. He choked on his own surprise, coughing it off, then glaring at the boy in front of him. "Over my dead body, Hargrove. If that's all, I'd strongly advise you to get off of my fucking porch while you're still alive."
I hate to do this, you leave no choice; can't live without her. Love me or hate me, we will be boys- standing at that alter. And we will fly away, to another galaxy, you know. You know she's in love with me, she will go anywhere I go-
"Billy, he's just stubborn."
"No, no, I don't think he likes me."
Y/n sighed, rubbing her boyfriend's back. He hadn't told her of his proposal plans, only that Hop seemed to have it out for him. "It'll take time, but he'll warm up to you!"
"It's been how many years since he's met me?"
"To be fair, your reputation wasn't doing you any good until now..."
"It's not like that was fucking obvious." He slouched further down in the front seat of his Camaro. To Billy, all hope was lost. If he couldn't get Hopper to give him his blessing, he was sure he'd lose his goddamned mind.
Y/n frowned. Her frown flipped around as an idea popped into her head, her lips finding Billy's knuckles and quirking his attention. "Even if he never likes you, I'm not going anywhere."
Billy laughed softly, "he'll fucking kill me if you go against him."
"Eh, that's only if he can catch us."
"You're out of your fucking mind, Y/n Hopper."
"I know."
The rest of the night was spent in the Camaro, of course, doing one of Billy's favorite pastimes. By the time the sun rose, Billy was sneaking a kiss to a giggling Y/n before dropping from her window in the cabin and running to his car, parked far enough that Hop or El wouldn't notice. He blew her one more kiss, which she pretended to catch, then he broke into a sprint.
Maybe, he thought, just maybe; there was still a chance.
His knuckles hit the door again, shifting on his feet nervously. It swung open to reveal Hopper, an unimpressed look bringing no surprise Billy's way. It was quite expected, honestly.
"What." His tone made it clear he wasn't up for fucking around.
"Mr. Hopper, if you just give me one chance to prove to you that-"
"No, no, no, no, no. Let me make it very clear to you that I want you to have nothing to do with my daughter whatsoever. No marriage, no friendship, I don't even approve of you guys fucking or whatever-"
"We're in a serious relationship, sir. It's nothing like you think it is."
This made Hop laugh. He continued to do so, holding his stomach, until he realized Billy was unamused. "Oh, you're serious?... My answer is still no, Hargrove. My answer will always be no. Go find someone else's daughter's heart to break. You're not hurting mine."
"It's not like-"
Before he could even get the words out, he was met with a door in his face. Turned down, again.
Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes, 'cause I need to know. You say I'll never get your blessing "till the day I die, tough luck my friend, 'cause the answer's still no!"
Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry her anyway. Marry that girl, marry her anyway! Marry that girl, yeah, no matter what you say! Marry that girl, and we'll be a family! Why you gotta be so rude, rude?
Again, again, and again, Billy incessantly pleaded with Hopper. Different tactics were all met with the same answer; rejection.
He held up a sign outside the cabin, only for Hopper to close the curtain and chuckle as he sipped his coffee.
He asked at the door again, only for Hop to threaten to give him a black eye (which was met with "aren't you the sheriff? Isn't that illegal?").
He raced past the police station, Max leaning out the window with another sign, only for Hop to threaten them with holding cells.
He even went as far as to ask Max and El to help, but Hopper had none of that, and sent Max home with a rant full of nos.
However, if Jim Hopper thought any of it would get it into Billy's head that getting his blessing was just not happening- he was as wrong as Nancy when she claimed not to have feelings for Jonathan.
Billy had another plan in mind, and this one was impossible to say no to.
Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes, 'cause I need to know. You say I'll never get your blessing "till the day I die, tough luck my friend- but no still means no!"
"Hopper." Billy stood before his desk, interrupting his nice date with a delicious doughnut, and earning a very annoyed glare. "I got Miss Byer's blessing. Aren't you two a thing?"
"You son of a-"
"I got Eleven's too."
"Hargrove, I'm gonna-"
"Before you cuss me out, I think you should know that I've got a stable job, an interview with a mechanic so I have a job when the pool closes for the winter, and I've got a house on the market I'm looking at. I'm devoted to your daughter and she's devoted to me. You may not like me, but I think you're a great dad, better than the one I was unfortunately stuck with. You raised a strong and amazing woman. She's incredible and I admit, she deserves better than me-"
"You don't have to say that twice." Hopper huffed, crossing his arms.
"I know she deserves so much better than me, I'm surprised she's even with me too. But she loves me, and I think you can see that. I love her too. I would never, in a million years, break her heart."
Jim stayed silent for a few minutes. The silence brought uneasiness to Billy, but that was intentional on Hopper's behalf. He finally piped up with a cough, clearing his throat, before his piercing eyes met Billy's blue orbs.
"I'll hold you to that, Hargrove."
Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry her anyway. Marry that girl, marry her anyway! Marry that girl, yeah, no matter what you say! Marry that girl, and we'll be a family! Why you gotta be so rude? Why you gotta be so rude?
(after the wedding)
"What was that about a no?" Billy quipped with his infamous smirk.
"You're lucky I'm sheriff, Hargrove."
Why you gotta be so rude?
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awkwardpaulie · 9 months ago
I'm not sure if you're taking requests or anything but I've had the idea in my head for a while now,, Brahms with an s/o who wears thigh high socks and cool tights? (Like fishnets etc.)
Or like the first time Brahms sees the s/o in said socks/tights?
omg thigh high socks and fishnet tights are
Tumblr media
But, I’ll do you one better and write both thigh high socks and tights! Also, I try to keep the pov gender neutral, if you don't mind!
The Socks
The days in England were different, yet vaguely familiar, from the States. The morning was cold, mostly dewy, but as the day goes on it either gets warmer or rains for the longest time. At night, it's cold and rainy.
Thus, you've adapted to wearing comfortable lounge wear around the house. Usually sweats, leggings even, and the occasional shorts, but today the weather switched between cloudy to sunny and back. Luckily, you had a couple of pairs of thigh high socks still in your luggage.
Today was a long sleeve sweater, shorts, and thigh high socks.
As the clouds began to slowly reveal the sun back onto the estate, you made your way back to Brahms' room from a bathroom break. He was at the small table, 3D puzzle in hand, his face curled in concentration behind the mask.
"Figure it out, yet?" You asked.
Brahms shook his head before he looked up. He froze in place as his eyes remained glued onto you. You stopped halfway through the room and curiously watched him back.
His neck and ears turned red as his eyes remained on your legs. You sheepishly glanced down.
"Ah, it's cute, right?" You said as you fiddled with the end of your socks, "I forgot I packed this"
The puzzle in Brahms hand dropped onto the table as he continued to stare.
"Cute," he replied, his voice deeper than his usual child-like tone.
As always, his deeper voice made you blush slightly. He hardly uses his real voice, so this was a special treat.
"Yeah, I have black and white ones, too," you talked nervously as you walked toward him and the table, "but today felt like a -"
Brahms brought his hands to your thighs. He traced down your thighs, then back up, before he looked up at you.
Your blush darkened as you watched his eyes clouded over with lust.
"Very... cute," he muttered as he pulled you close, onto his lap. Immediately, you felt something poke you from his lap.
It was your first impulse to cover your face as he slowly became intoxicated over you. No matter how many times he touched you or looked at you with an intense stare of desire, it always made your chest warm, stomach flutter, and face warmed into a blush.
"So... very... cute..." he breathed out, almost tickled your ear with his breath. You let out a soft giggle as your hands lowered to grip his shoulder.
"Brahms, the puzzle?" You tried to change the subject.
He groaned as his hip buckled under you. The action was a welcomed surprise as a soft moan escaped your lips.
"Fuck it," you mumbled before you kissed his neck. A loud moan escaped his lips as he tilted his head back. His hands squeezed your thighs as he grinded against you.
Needless to say, the thigh high socks are a powerful distraction to Brahms.
And always a welcomed distraction to you, as well.
The Tights
It felt like a lifetime ago since you’ve been able to wear your fishnet tights. It was usually saved for nights out or whenever you wanted to add some spice to your outfit.
But, today you felt like it was time to wear them again. They were paired nicely with dark shorts and equally dark boots.
As you exited the bathroom, you noticed that Brahms was on your bed with one of your books in his hand. The moment he glanced at you, his attention was focused upon your outfit.
“Which book is that?” you asked casually.
He kept his stare as he showed you the front cover. It was a crime thriller novel, the first book of a series. 
You walked over to the bed and reached for the book. He kept it out of your reach, obviously he felt mischievous today.
“Brahms,” you warned him. 
His eyes held a mischievous glint as he stared at you. You clicked your tongue before you lunged onto the bed and nearly over him.
“Gimme,” you said childishly. 
He held the book above his head, furthest from you.
Your eyes narrowed as you slowly pieced his little plan together. Although you had recently showered, you didn’t mind taking another after what Brahms had planned. Also, you could imagine the little smirk behind his mask as he watched you.
“Gimme, gimme,” you repeated, decidedly playing along, as you climbed onto him and reached for the book, “curse your long limbs.”
You shimmied up his chest as your legs trapped him in place. Eventually, your hand reached the book, but tossed it aside. Immediately, his free hands gripped your thighs and weaved through the fishnets.
“So, this was your evil plan all along,” you said sarcastically with a smile. 
His eyes crinkled as his smile widened behind the mask. One hand untangled from the fishnets, reached behind your head, and pulled you into a kiss. 
Although the mask was in the way, it wouldn’t be for very long.
The fishnet tights brought out a side of Brahms you’d like to see more of.
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ruthlesslistener · a month ago
Can we please have more thoughts about Hollow having a strong maternal instinct? Because it’s smth I absolutely agree on. Smth about their patience and being that gentle giant characters screams “good with kids” for me.
I also think some of it is just leftover good memories of baby hornet. It might just be the projection but having a baby sibling at some point really nails in a positive association with kids for me, that I really think they’d have too. Happy memories of bby hornet zooming down the halls without a care def plays into why they would like and tolerate kids so much. They saw first hand a lot of key moments with hornet and I think that does really shape them, esp when their other internalized experiences almost entirely consist of “git gud to contain an angry god. Also you’re not a person.”
Side note: I once read a fic where Midwife teaches Hollow how to be a midwife/grub sitter for the post infection kingdom and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it but it really opened my eyes to maternal Hollow.
That fic is Broken Open Revealing Hollowness and Vibrance!! It's written by my friend @vivifrage and is honestly my favorite fic in the fandom, so I'm always gonna plug it when I can :3
But lol yeah you can blame that fic as well for giving me the hcs for maternal Hollow, because I think that it just fits really well with them. They never really had a choice to become the Hollow Knight, but they did seem to want very badly to be truly hollow, and I've always interpreted that as them having a naturally protective/nurturing nature due to the presumed benefit of their sacrifice. We know that the Pale King cared for his civilians very very deeply, enough that he would ruin his entire family for their benefit, so I can easily see Hollow picking up on that as well, especially since their sacrifice working means that the death of their other siblings wouldn't have been in vain. So even if they failed in that end, them guarding whatever nurseries might be around in a slowly-rebuilding Hallownest would allow them to extend that protective instinct to the few remaining survivors that exist, and to show it in a manner that's a lot softer and gentler than fighting fang and claw.
And then, like you said, there's all the good memories they had with Hornet when she was small! Which likely opened their mind to being a gentler protector anyways, and gave them a soft spot for looking after the little ones. That, paired with the headcanon that the Void is more social than PK or WL on account of the vessels all being born from blood of a dead god, and you have someone who's primed to look after any grubs or nymphs that need watching- a young god who failed in their task of caring for the mortals under their wings, and is still somewhat incapable of fighting due to their scars, but can certainly curl up around a nest and make sure nobody gets near it while the parents are out hunting. They're terrifying enough that any adult bug would give pause before approaching, and Hollow's big enough to be a jungle gym for the babies that don't understand what makes a bug or not just yet. The lanky nightmare void creature that was made to kill gods and was sired from the union of three Higher Beings is, in the eyes of a child, just as valid for climbing as any other piece of furniture around them. And Hollow loves them for it!
(also lmao I'm the opposite the entire reason why I can't stand children is because I have two younger siblings. I don't hate kids, not in the slightest, but when you're someone who gets socially drained by merely sharing a room with one person, can't stand loud noises, eye contact, and don't understand irrational behaviors, being around children is hell. Which is why I prefer to write about them instead of be around them, lol, and appreciate maternal/paternal people like Hollow- their patience and tolerance for all the crisises little people have to go through is nigh-godly in my eyes. Much love to those who can manage children!)
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righteousness-and-tea · 4 months ago
hello again mod celeste! how have you been?
i wanted to request some headcanons for byakuya togami and your favorite character from sdr2 with an ultimate florist s/o :)
side note: i saw that you followed my main blog (ty!) and wanted to let you know that i now have a new side blog in case you wanted to follow me there too @resident-cake-anon :)
- 🍰 be kind to yourself today <3
Hello!! I've been well, though my laptop just broke! It will be repaired soon-- just a minor inconvenience. It won't interfere with my blog since I primarily write on mobile, so no worries there! That aside, I'll definitely follow your new blog! You've been a great inspiration for my writing; it's the least I can do. I like a great deal of the characters from sdr2, so I picked one I thought would be cute with your request. Enjoy your evening!
-Mod Celeste
Tumblr media
Byakuya Togami and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu with an Ultimate Florist s/o:
-Though your talents are so different, he respects your ability greatly. Your floral arrangements are very elegant and tasteful, which appeals to him.
-Byakuya likes asking about your process when it comes to creating such beautiful things. He wants to know every step, so he can understand your talent a little more.
-He'll memorize your favorite flowers, what ribbons or vases you like to use, and the meaning behind each plant you choose as he watches you work. Byakuya finds it entrancing.
-If you are at a formal event together, he'll ask you to make a corsage and matching boutonniere for you both to wear. It's a small way of showing others he's proud of what you do!
-Slowly but surely, flowers seem to appear in every place he frequents. His office, your home, and even the corporate headquarters seem to constantly be decked in bright petals! He wants everyone to see your work.
-Byakuya isn't usually one for pet names, but he can't resist calling you his rose. (According to him, it's the most beautiful flower)
-Being with you has led him to appreciate the little things in life, because they're often the most precious.
-In his line of work, he doesn't get to stop and smell the flowers, literally or metaphorically!
-Which is why when you surprise him with a gorgeous bouquet, he melts inside. He's never received anything like that!
-His tough exterior hides his inner love for the soft and pretty. He's always liked things unorthodox for a yakuza clan leader to like, and that includes your flowers.
-Fuyuhiko loves daffodils. Somehow they end up being made a symbol the clan because of your relationship-- he still doesn't know how because he tried to keep that a secret (wearing one on his lapel every day because of you doesn't help!)
-He will absolutely brag about how you're the best florist the world has ever known. Anyone who disagrees with him will have a very, very unpleasant day.
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rushipedia · 4 months ago
omg the lonely encounter is soooo goood. i've been craving for more huhu pls can you do a part 2? tysm <33
Tumblr media
A Lonely Encounter - Part 2. (1)
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi guys. i am back. did you miss me. i missed me. i love u guys i have exactly 222 followers. i have a lot of birthday hcs to write bc i am very late and i want to at least write bday hcs for every character this year :3. just a little productive thing for me to do. ganyu is the first~~ then everyone else who's had a birthday so far this year...if i missed anyone else.
Edit: This is also probably where I'll be ending this little short series thingie since I'm working on a full-fledged impostalbedo x reader comic hehehe the first part is in the works. I was having a horrid time coming up with a plot.
Edit 2: Okay... i may need to turn this into a full-blown series. Also I did the second half of this fc in one go and it only took 4 hours. Why didn't I do this sooner...
Sorry impostalbedo brainrotters. Have this food.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Albedo x GN!Reader (Barely there bc tbh I've strayed rlly far from the original prompt), Imposter!Albedo x GN!Reader????
Genre: ??????Idk still man, angst, fluff
Word Count: 3551
Warnings: none!! a little bit of cussing... i dunno man
Taglist: (Dm to be put on!) @cursedgenshin
Tumblr media
- Requests are kind of open... by kind of I mean it may or may not take me 65 years to get to yours. ehe~
Tumblr media
It had been a few weeks since your near-deadly encounter with Albedo's double, and part of you wishes you'd died in that moment.
Cold bit your fingers and your nose as you leaned against a snow-covered rock to take a much-needed breath. The condensation from your heavy breathing was clearly visible from how cold it was. The wind was blowing cold, and the snow was nearly blinding. You'd been on your way back up the mountain from your trip to Monstadt, but an unexpected snowstorm had overtaken you before you'd even realized what was going on.
And now you were slumped against a rock, cradling your shaking hands close to your chest, but it didn't do much against the biting cold.
You knew you had to get up and keep moving, but you suddenly felt so exhausted. You knew what was happening, hypothermia. But still, you couldn't move. Funny how these things worked.
"Albedo..." You mumbled, your eyes opening and closing slowly as you fought to keep yourself awake. "Albedo..."
You weren't sure which you were calling out to. Your perfect 'knight in shining armor', or the one who wasted no time showing you what damage he could so-easily cause to you.
You weren't sure whose arms you felt wrapping underneath your legs and across your back as your consciousness slipped further away, despite your best efforts.
"I thought you were smart enough not to let something like this happen... after all, you figured me out pretty quickly back on the mountain-top, didn't you?" You head a voice say. Albedo's. But based on his words, it wasn't the Knights of Fevonious' beloved Chief Alchemist.
You were in a limbo. You didn't know what to do. This... 'Albedo' had become aggressive at a moment's notice the first time you'd met him. You weren't sure what to think. Had he taken you here to kill you? Dispose of you and anyone else who knew he existed?
You were glad now that you hadn't told the 'real' Albedo that you'd encountered him. You'd kept it to yourself this whole time, watching every shadow, whipping your gaze towards every little noise. To make sure he hadn't come back.
In truth, you weren't afraid of the fact he could hurt you. You were afraid of what would happen if the two of them were to come across each other. Albedo didn't seem to know of the existence of the other version of him, otherwise there would be many more precautions.
He was very protective over his coworkers, especially you, despite you being able to hold your own pretty easily.
You'd been thinking about it for a moment before you realized- you were conscious again, and your eyes snapped open. You were met by a pair of blue eyes and a mop of blond hair.
"'Bedo...?" You slurred, and the eyes moved away. You winced in pain as you sat up from your place against a rock. You were inside of a cave. He could've at least put you somewhere more comfortable, damn.
"So you lived." You hear the voice say again. You're wondering what you should even call him. He's not Albedo.
But he is, though...? Maybe its his twin that Albedo himself doesn't know about. Or maybe he does and just didn't have the hindsight to tell you about it. No, he wouldn't do that. But you can't help but wonder the origins of this man as you watch him tend to a fire, which provided very little warmth to you from so far away.
He turned his head toward you and kind of, beckoned you over with a jerk of his head. You took the invitation immediately, attempting to get up.
"F-Fuck," You shuddered as you shakily stood up, "It's cold." Your body was sore and stiff from being on the ground for as long as you were. Which, you're thinking at this point, you've been out for hours. You took a breath and dragged yourself over to the fire, dropping down onto the ice almost immediately.
You felt his icy eyes on you as you held your hands out to the fire.
"Well, we are surrounded by ice and snow." You heard him mumble. "Though the temperature in this cave is much higher than it is out in the open, I suppose your human body is still easily susceptible to the extreme temperature."
You exhaled. He may not be Albedo, but he's similar to him in the pretentious vocabulary department.
"S-So you're not cold?" You ask, looking over at him. When your eyes meet, he looks away.
"No. I am a synthetic human, as is the one you call 'Chief Alchemist'." He mumbles. God this was creepy, has he been watching you?
"Though I only know this information because I took his place for a short time in Monstadt a couple weeks ago." He continued. Oh. Okay, good.
He stood up suddenly and shed his coat. You'd always assumed that despite Albedo being synthetic, his clothes weren't and were tailored by someone out of fabric, but now you're questioning. These encounters had you questioning everything.
You felt the weight of his coat over your shoulders and would have half the mind to rip it off if you weren't shivering.
"Um... Albedo," You started, your tone quiet, echoing off the icy cave walls around you. "I met you on the mountaintop that day, right?"
His eyes flitted towards you before looking away once again.
"Yes, I apologize for my rash behavior." He said, looking down at the ground from his position sitting on a rock.
“After observing you and my successor for some time, I realized that sort of demeanor was unnecessary.” He mumbled. He was tending to a pot sitting over the fire. You stood up stiffly and walked closer to the fire. There was only one rock.
He glanced at you and then looked away again. He wasn’t nearly as threatening in a situation like this, even if you were the only one freezing your ass off.
“Move over.” You said after approaching him. “Sitting on the ice is cold.”
He looked at you for a few moments before scooting over. You sat down next to him. It was just big enough to fit the both of you if you sat right next to him. His body became rigid, but he didn’t seem entirely uncomfortable.
“What are you making?” You asked. It smelled like it wouldn’t kill you, at least. That is, if he let you have any.
“Food.” He mumbled. You tried not to think about the fact that he probably didn’t know any monetary dishes or their names, even if he was making something similar. You leaned against him slightly.
“You don’t even feel warm.” You mumbled into his shoulder, and he let you. He didn’t say anything, though. Unlike Albedo, he didn’t seem like the type to drone on for no reason. You were kind of glad.
He reaches out to tend to the pot again and once he returned to his position from before, you leaned more of your weight on him. Still, he didn’t budge. At least his jacket was helping a little.
The silence, besides the few animals scittering and the wind blowing, seemed more torturous at that moment than Albedo’s endless talking.
"About the painting..." You said finally, your side pressed fully into his with your arm wrapped around his begrudgingly still one. You didn't want to make him uncomfortable, but the both of you knew that you had warmed up a long time ago. Less with his help and more with the help of the fire.
He cleared his throat uncomfortably and side-eyed you. Your head was on his shoulder now and you were staring at the fire.
"I said earlier that you do not need to bring up our earlier conversations. That interaction is one I'd rather we both forget about." He said, shrugging you off of him and standing up. "It was not the most conveying of my true character."
He took the pot off the fire and set it on the rock next to you. Watching him work on pouring the soup, you realized that, among the domesticity of the scene before you, he was the one that had stolen several appliances from Albedo's camp. You huffed out a small laugh before getting back to the topic at hand.
"You know that's not what I want to talk about. You know..." You mumbled, looking into the bowl of soup he'd handed you. Up close now, it looked less like soup and more like simple Goulash. An old but delicious recipe.
"I'm sure Albedo would really love another person to teach them how to paint in his spare time, anyway." You hummed, content, for now, to use the bowl to keep your hands warm, as the fire wasn't doing that very efficiently. "I can't imagine there's much for him to do up here all alone in his leisure."
Albedo had never talked about it, but you could see that lonely look in your eyes whenever it was time for you to take your leave from Dragonspine.
The both of you had your own lives and responsibilities to attend to, but you would feel a lot better if there was someone just like him (maybe a little bit too much like him) around to keep him company. That is if he could get past the uncanny appearance of his long-lost twin is to himself.
Albedo stands looking into his own dish for a long time. He doesn't really know what to say. The words hang in the air. There was a reason nobody knew of his presence on this mountain until now. He didn't hold himself in a high enough regard to even consider trying to make friends.
"Or... I could teach you. Albedo taught me the basics... we could learn together." He glanced at you once those words left your mouth.
"I'm afraid not. You would grow tired of me rather quickly." He said. He said it so matter of factly that there was no way this could be some ploy for your pity. His tone left no room for an argument, so you just sat there helplessly.
"You can't know that for sure," You sigh, looking back at him and he looks away. Though he's a great deal farther away from you now than he was before. You shovel a couple of bites of food into your mouth before it grew cold
"Ido know, however, that your cooking is much better than Albedo's." You set your bowl down on the rock next to you before standing up. "You wouldn't happen to be partial to eating uh... spiders, would you?"
He makes a face at you and turns away, crossing his arms.
"Of course not. That sounds horrible." He mutters. You let out a laugh before stretching out your limbs, sore from the cold, and walking the few strides separating the two of you over to him.
"What is with you and being near me?" He asked, sounding breathless. You quirk your eyebrows at him before letting out a small laugh once again.
"What's with you and wanting to be lonely all the time?"
His eyes widen slightly at you. It was meant to be a simple joke. You really hoped you hadn't struck a nerve. He reached his arm out to grab you. The action startled you, but there was no malice in his eyes.
"Just because I'm alone doesn't mean I'm lonely." He said., quietly. His face was close to yours like he was suddenly the one who had no ideas about personal space. You leaned forward the tiniest bit and leaned your forehead against his. For a moment, his expression faltered, but his sharp glare returned shortly.
"Says the one without an inkling of interacting with others. He attacks me on the mountain, but he just wants to learn to paint." You say, the quietness of your tone almost being lost against the billowing winds just outside the cave.
"Though, after knowing your true intentions, it's quite endearing, don't worry." He grits his teeth and pulled away, but it was you who grabbed his arm this time.
"Sorry- I'm sorry. I don't mean to tease you." You say, your voice still steady. You put your hands on both of his upper arms and smiled at him. "I really do think it's sweet that you want to learn. And there are plenty of people who would like to teach you, not just me or Albedo. There are lots of other things that people can teach you, too."
The Albedo that Monstadt had come to know and love was known to be a smooth talker. But here, in a situation like this, you can't help but feel that you've picked up a thing or two from him along the way as the young man's face in front of you flourished into hues of pink and red as he seemingly realized the gravity of this little thing you'd got going on. Surely he knew about romance. You just laughed.
Once his initial embarrassment was over, he didn't attempt to full away, to your amusement.
"So. I suppose you've been around longer than Albedo? What's that like." You ask. He tells you quietly about where he came from, and how he was cast away by his maker simply for not meeting her expectations.
That doesn't sound like his fault at all, but his maker's. Yet he was left to deal with the consequences as he wound himself in the belly of a dragon and then on a snowy, cold, lonely mountaintop. Both are made of chalk, neither more nor lesser than the other. If Albedo was the prince of chalk, he might as well be the prince of this mountain. The ice, the snow, and the deafening silence that came with it.
You couldn't help but sympathize. With the way that you carried yourself, it was hard to keep many people close to you. Albedo was one of very few.
"You know, the people of Monstadt would really love you. They love Albedo and all the other 'outsiders' who come. Whether you stay for just a little while or for a long time, you'll find your place easily." You smile again. His eyes look hopeful, but he tries not to show it on his face.
"Plus, you could find some other things you like, too. Flora could d teach you about flowers, there aren't many of those up here... um... Katheryne could assign you commissions! We could go exploring!" You say. You're getting too excited now, you don't want to scare him away. You decide to tone it down a bit, just until you can get him off this cold-ass mountain, at least...
"Please come with me." You say, your hands sliding from his upper arms to his gloved hands. "I'll take you to meet Albedo, then a special bard that I know. He can see the future, so he'll be able to tell you where you'll be happy... if you really want to be sure you're not wasting your time."
You hold his hands up in front of you, begging him with your eyes.
"You can join my adventuring team, too. We can-" He cut you off with words of his own.
"Unlike you, I'm not on the human life-span time-crunch." He said, no bite to his words. Just the facts. "I'll be the one deciding if the decisions I'm making are a waste of time or not. Plus, I'm rather interested in flowers. As you said, there are very few here."
He watched as your eyes sparkled with joy. Your words of comfort and reassurance had paid off, but he still felt a little bit off-put about suddenly shoving himself into the lives of the people who'd seemed so content with their routine. He wonders if maybe there is a chance they won't accept him. A contrast to the lovely picture of the romantic Monstadt lifestyle you'd painted in his head, but a highly likely one.
He returned your bright smile with a small, wry one. He didn't really want to get his hopes up yet. But now you were blabbing about finishing the food before it gets cold and packing up these things so you can go to see Albedo.
And suddenly he was back on the rock in front of the fire and you were pushing his bowl of food back into his hands. He ate as you said to without protest. you could tell he was rather giddy to get out of here. Humonculus or not, nobody would want to be in here for long all by themselves.
The two of you finished eating and packed up your things before putting out the fire. You had to assure him several times that the cave would remain exactly as he left it as it had been for the last hundred years. You understood the anxieties of home changing when you're away, but he'd find a new home soon, you hoped. A brighter, warmer, livelier one where he wouldn't be alone.
"Albedo!" You called, running up the snowy path. The other trailed behind you. Albedo turned away from his wor and looked to you with happiness in his eyes.
"Oh! Y/N. I was rather worried when you didn't arrive before the blizzard earlier. I'm glad you're okay. I was about to set out to Monstadt to search for you." He says. The bag of supplies he sets down proves that his words are not lies.
"Um. There's someone I'd like for you to meet. He has an interest in painting, just like you." You say. Albedo looks at you inquisitively, his head tilting slightly. He kind of reminded you of a stoic dog at times. Curious, yet uninterested in showing it to anyone more often than not.
"Ah-" Albedo salet out a noise, suddenly. He didn't sound surprised, but rather... happy. "It's you!"
"I was wondering when we'd meet face-to-face. Your sneaking abilities could use some work." He said, giving a close-eyed smile to the young man behind you. He fidgeted nervously, before taking a step forward toward him.
"My name's Albedo. You probably already know that, though. So I hear you like to paint?" You were surprised. You didn't expect Albedo to already know about the mysterious man who had been shadowing you for weeks. Though, you had to agree. Recently, you'd been catching glimpses of him in the corner of your eye. Though scary at first, it seemed silly now and you couldn't help but smile at the endearing scene in front of you.
Albedo hadn't been this freely talkative around anyone but you or Sucrose for some time now. You hoped that they could confide in each other as much as they'd confided in you for the short time you'd known them both.
You tuned out there talking as you thought about earlier's events. The two of you had gotten quite close today, and you hoped this was the start of something interesting. You really wanted to know more about both of them.
"Ah, right-" You say, interrupting their talk with your quiet realization. "Flowers."
You walk over to one of the alchemy tables and rummage through a bag you'd brought here last time.
"Windwheel Asters. Freshly picked for alchemy shenanigans... uh... I guess- a couple of days ago, now." Your voice became nervous as you realized this probably wasn't the greatest example of the beauty of Monstadt's flowers. You walked towards the two of them and presented the slightly wilted flower to him. He smiled slightly and took the flower from you.
"It's quite beautiful. I hope to see more." His smile became slightly larger at the thought.
"There are plenty of species of flowers in Monstadt. Sometimes Flora even has flowers imported from other regions of Teyvat, like Liyue. I'm sure you'll enjoy them." Albedo said, fondly.IT seemed he was just as relieved as you were to have brought the young man out of his shell.
"So- um... what's your name?" You asked. They both looked at you stunned. Albedo's shocked face stemmed from the disbelief that you'd gotten this far with him without asking his name, and the other's was... well... because he didn't have one. There was no one around to call his name, so he'd never really thought about it. His creator hadn't given him one either.
He simply stood there for a moment with his mouth open slightly.
"Well- um. I don't-"
"It's fine," Albedo said, saving the day, as per usual. "You can think about it. Pick one you like."
"Yeah! Maybe you can name yourself after a flower... that would be super cool." You smiled, taking both of their hands in yours.
You explained your plan to Albedo about taking the other to Monstadt and he made a few preparations before the three of you set off down the mountain. The wind blew cold, but you knew that making this trip for the nth time would always be worth it. You hoed that this was the introduction into the world with open arms that he'd been hoping for.
And though he probably wouldn't tell you anytime soon, it was.
Tumblr media
rushipedia ☆ 2021
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tomhollandisabae · a year ago
Request; strangely enough, nope🤭
Fandom; Six of Crows & Shadow and Bone
So, i'm kind of obsessed with Kaz lately and i see that tumblr lucks of some Kaz ffs, so i decided to write one...
Tell me if u want a part 2!!
You can send me your requests about Kaz here!!
Lose you to Love me- Kaz Brekker x Reader Part 1
Part 2
Summary; After a long time of Kaz ignoring you, you decide to free him from his misery... you.
warnings; angst... like i am so sorry if u cry, mistakes here and there
words; 1.7k
Tumblr media
You hated your life. You hated yourself. You hated every little detail about you. You hated everything about you and all because of him.
You were tired of fighting for him. You were tired of waiting for a response. You were tired of crying yourself to sleep every night because of him.
The boy you loved but never showed you any kind of affection.
You had met him years ago, they could say that you were the oldest member of his gang. You both started of as friends. Kind of weird but yes, for a small time period you were pretty close friends. A couple years later he started distancing himself from you and you had no idea why he was doing that. Later you found out you had feelings for him, that as time was passing by, were becoming even stronger. And that was hurting you so bad, because he wouldn't pay you any attention.
When you'd be in the same room together, he would completely ignore you, like you wouldn't even exist. When you were trying to talk to him about a mission he either would answer you with a yes or no or he would just shrug you off.
He made you feel worthless, like a burden. You didn't care if he loved you back, you just wanted your best friend back.
Today you were about to execute a very dangerous mission with the others and Kaz would be attending too.
You saw him entering the Crow Club, as you were all waiting for further instructions. This mission was very crucial and you'd be risking a lot. Even your own lives. Never in all those years that you were accompanying him, had you ever attended such mission. You weren't scared though. For your insecurities, you were the bravest of all. That's why you never expected something like what happened afterwards.
As Kaz was explaining his plan, you were all listening very carefully, when towards the end he directed his word to you.
“You are not coming with us tonight.” He said in a cold manner, leaving you and all the others speechless. If only one person was supposed to execute that mission, it was you. You were the most cunning of all and everyone knew that.
“Excuse me?” You finally said, feeling the anger taking a toll on you. Kaz looked at you in shock. Never would he have thought that you would bring any kind of objection to what he was saying.
“What?” He gasped.
“I mean, why would you leave me behind? You know i'm pretty much needed on that mission.” You complained.
“My decision is final. You are not to come with us.” He said coldly.
“Yes, I am coming!” You raised your voice.
“How dare you talk to me like that.” He was losing his temper.
“I am allowed to speak as I wish! I do not owe you anything. I joined in all this shit just because I thought of you as a friend and wanted to help you. After all those things that you have put me through, I am still here and you haven't ever give me any kind of recognition, you have never talk to me in years! What the fuck did I do wrong? Where did I fail you? The only thing I did was to follow every single damn command of what you were ordering me to do.” You were really upset right now and you could clearly see his grip tightening on his cane.
He sat up from his position and approached you slowly. His tall figure stood right in front of you and you could feel his hot breath tingling your ear.
“Don’t you ever dare to speak to me again like that or I will not hesitate to kill you right away.” He whispered through gritted teeth, but for some reason you knew that he was bluffing.
He would never attempt to kill the very first person that helped him become who he is right now. The only person that ever truly cared about him and was there for him through thick and thin. Or wasn't he?
You didn't get your chance to answer back to him though, as he waved for the others to follow him as he left.
You were surrounded by every kind of emotions at that moment. Hatred, anger, sadness, love… yes, love. After everything he had done to you, you still loved him.
But you had enough! You couldn't take any of this anymore, so you decided to do the only thing that felt reasonable. Leave him. Hurt. That was the feeling that was accompanying your decision, but you had made your mind and there was no turning back.
As you rushed to your room, you packed your clothes in a back, took your weapons with you and closed that one door behind you, that had given you once hope for love, many years ago. And like that you started making your way far far away from that place which had broke you. Far away from the man that you ached for, the man that you loved.
When Kaz and the others returned from an- strangely enough- successful mission, he thought that he should talk to you. He had never spoke to you like that, he didn't want to. That wasn't his intention, to hurt you. He only wanted to keep you away from any kind of danger. He couldn't bare the thought of losing you. He lost too many men tonight, he couldn't have lost you too. He wasn't going to have your blood on his hands, because… he loved you.
Yes he did. He had admitted it so to himself after years of trying to deny it and push his feelings away, but he didn't last long. That was why he was pushing you away constantly. He thought of you as his weakness. You were the only person that he could ever sacrifice his life for. He would bring the world to your feet to make you happy. But he was scared too.
He couldn't bare the thought of what could’ve happen if someone was to kidnap you for leverage. He was feeling sick in the stomach of what you'd have to go through with those people.
All those thoughts were surrounding his mind as he was making his way towards your room. When he reached his destination, he hesitated. He froze at his feet. He didn't know what to tell you or how you would react seeing him in your room after all this time. But he had to man up and knock on your door. And that's what he did after he took a deep breath. However, he waited a few moments and there was no answer.
He then got worried that something bad could've happen to you and he burst the door open facing a cold- empty room.
Your belonging were gone. Your clothes, your jewels, you weapons… everything was gone. You were gone!
There on your bed he could see a white envelope with your handwriting on it. With trembling feet and hands he made his way towards it and took it in his hands.
To Kaz Brekker.
He could see his name written on the pale paper.
From Y/n.
How has he missed your name, even though it was the only thing consuming his mind every day and every night. He slowly opened the letter.
My dear Kaz,
I don't even know if you will ever read this letter, but it's worth the try. I just want to let you know that I am okay, wherever I might be. I know that you won't even care, or maybe won't even notice that i'm missing, but somewhen you cared. I know you still do, don’t ask me how i do. I can't do this anymore, Kaz. I can't keep on pretending that everything's fine, because it's not, I am not fine. I hate myself, I hate every single thing about me, because somehow that thing, me, made you disgusted. Disgusted of my existence. What did I do wrong Kaz? Where did I fail you? All I wanted was to please you and I am so sorry that I disappointed you. You were my best friend, Kaz. The only thing that matter to me and i've lost you now. I loved you Kaz, always did and will, forever. I have loved you since the day I met you. I love you so bad, that it hurts. It hurts to know that the only thing that ever brought light into my miserable life, hates me, loathes me. I am so sorry to have ruin your days, your life. That was never my intention. All I ever wanted was to show you my affection, my passion, my love. All I ever wanted was to make you happy, make you proud of me, make you see that I truly care about you. I wanted to wake up next to you every single day, to see your smile, to hear your laugh. But you never let me show you those things Kaz.
Why do you hate me so much? Have you got any idea how bad it hurts to know that you hate me, you see as a burden. Please forgive me for I have made your days miserable, for I have loved you. I hope that you have a good life from now on. Maybe even find a woman that will love you as much as I do. I wish you well, my dear Kaz. I love you. Always…
Yours, Y/n.
At the end of the letter Kaz couldn’t hold his tears in anymore. He had lost you. The only thing that was keeping him going. The only thing that he craved and loved. You!
You were gone and he had no idea where you could have been.
He had no idea that he had hurt you so much. The only thing he wanted now was to find you and hug the life out off you, while drowning in kisses.
He never had known true love. Not until he met you. The only thing that he was left with now was a broken heart. But he deserved it after what he had done to you. His one. His light. His world. His home.
His everything…
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etherealyoungk · 4 months ago
hey its me again 🥰 just thinking about mingyu or jihoon trying to conquer op. like, they kinda hate mingyu/woozi and they(mingyuzi) are trying to change it. you can choose which one youre writing about! 😊
hi 💫 anon! hope you're doing well! i apologize for getting to this so late, i've been so busy, i haven't really had the time to sit and write these days :( i've seen your other requests too, i'm working on them slowly!
anyways, this prompt is so nice, i love the enemies to lovers vibes this gives off hshs. i chose to do this with mingyu! hope you like it :)
this is a bit long - wordcount: 1430
written in mingyu's pov:
that's it, i decided to do it - win her over. ever since i transferred into the new college, there's this one girl who caught my eye. the only problem is that she doesn't seem to like me very much - and i had absolutely no idea why. she was the one who gave me a tour of the new school too, plus i ended up getting the empty seat next to her, yet i have no idea why she seems to dislike me, or rather show any interest in me. it's like i became enemies with her for no reason. but there must be, and i'm going to find that out.
and ever since i joined, all the girls have been flocking to me too, but it's a bit annoying sometimes because it's her who i really want to talk to. but honestly speaking who can resist me right? so i was going to make it my mission to get me to like her, or at least find out why she disliked me so much.
the bell ran, indicating class was over and i hurriedly picked up my books, taking long strides to catch up with her as she walked out. "hey, wanna eat lunch together", i asked, walking beside her. "no thanks", she said, not even glancing at me. "why? come one, just once hm? to thank you for showing me around", i ask her as we walk, matching my strides shorter to match her pace.
"i'm busy", she grumbles. "but fine, you're probably going to follow me around all day otherwise", she mumbles but i smile. finally, we're getting somewhere. we stand in line at the cafeteria. "he's so handsome up close", i hear a girl whisper to her friends, and when i look at her, she and her friends burst into a fit of giggles, waving at me. i don't really pay attention and look back front only to see her glaring at them. "why's she so worked up?", i thought.
we sit down and she eats quietly, not really paying much attention to me. and now that i'm seeing her up-close, she's actually very pretty! "you're very pretty", i say and she almost chokes on her mouthful, looking at me with wide eyes. i panic, handing her some water and she swallows, taking a sip. "sorry, guess i caught you off guard haha", i say. "do you wanna be friends?", i ask after a few minutes and she looks at me like i've gone crazy. "i think they put something in your food, you should check", she says sarcastically, before getting up and leaving. why does dislike me so much??? i sigh, watching as she walks away after putting her tray away, not even sparing a glance back at me.
"so! for this week's assignment, we're doing to do a team project, in teams of twos - and before you can ask, no i will be choosing your partners", the teacher announces, earning sighs and low complaints from the students. names are called and people move next to their respective partners. i don't realize i've been nervous, tapping my feet, lost in thought just hoping i'd get paired with her. the teacher finally calls my name i look up. "mingyu and....y/n", she said and i smile, cheering internally. i look at her and she just glances at me, before gathering her books and coming over to sit next to me.
"hey!", i greet her enthusiastically. "isn't it great we're paired together, we can get to know each other more", i add. "yeah, that's great", she says, glancing at me with a cold expression, which i won't lie, does hurt a bit. but even if she's still being cold to me, i don't mind it so much, because this is one step closer to my mission. class ends and i turn to her, handing her my phone, with the keypad open. she looks at it and looks at me. "give me your number", i say. "what why?", she immediately says. "what do you mean? we're doing a project together, shouldn't we have each other's numbers for easier communication?", i explain. "oh...yeah", she says quietly, taking my phone and entering her number. "just text me later, i'll save your number then", she says, getting up and leaving.
'hey, it's mingyu', i text her later that night as i lay in bed.
she's seen the message but doesn't reply. i wait for to her text something back but she doesn't...yet. when i hear the ping of my phone after two hours, i grab at it, opening it expectantly, only to see she's divided the work and told me what to work on for our project. i guess she isn't so into making small talk huh.
the next two days go by and we talk...about our assignment. sometimes when we're working in the library, i do notice her staring at me sometimes, but she always looks away quickly hoping she didn't get caught but i saw it, which made me smile to myself. is she falling for my charms...highly possible. you're doing great so far mingyu, i say, giving myself a pat on the back.
"mingyu", she calls, looking at me. "hmm?", i ask, looking at her. somehow her saying my name makes me so happy? i smile at her softly and she smiles back, before speaking. "since today's the last day to work on this, we might have to work a bit late, is that okay with you?", she asks and i nod. "sure!", i reply.
"do you...wanna come over to my place so we can look over everything and finalize it together, the library's is going to close soon anyway", i add. she thinks for a few seconds before replying. "um that should be okay", she adds.
we take the bus back to my place and we enter. i mentally curse myself for not keeping my small apartment clean but it's too late now because she's already here. "it's a small place", i say, trying to make her feel comfortable. "yeah". "do you want anything?". "no it's fine", she says. we sit on the floor and spread out the things we've worked on, our laptops open, the light from both our screens illuminating my dimly lit room.
we decide to take a break and i look at her. "so, i can say we're friends now?", i ask. "friends? hmm i guess but-", she starts but i cut her off. "come on, what do you not like about me so much huh?", i finally ask her. "what do you mean?", she asks.
"you know what i'm talking about. you're always so cold to me most of the time like i've wronged you in some way. and whenever i ask you anything personal or try to make small talk you don't answer, always steering the conversation back to the assignment. what have i done so wrong? why do you dislike me, or wait should i say hate me so much", i say. i guess all those weeks of bottling up the questions and feelings finally burst now and she looks at me a bit stunned. i start to feel bad, burying my hands in my face and sighing.
"because you're so perfect", she says softly, making me snap my head up. "what?".
"because you're perfect okay. you have good grades, you're friendly, everyone likes you, you're tall and ridiculously handsome...and i have a stupid crush on you okay", she admits, and it takes a second for her words to sink in.
"wait wait wait, you have a crush on me?", i ask, pointing towards myself.
"this is so embarrassing, not how i imagined you'd find out but yes okay mingyu i have a crush on you...i like you, i don't hate you. i just didn't know how to handle my feelings and i really thought it would go away if i ignored you but i guess it just made me think about you more", she says. i somehow end up smiling at her words after i've connected the dots. "so you were mean to me on purpose? because you liked me?", i ask, unbelievably chuckling. "you're so cute", i add. "well now that i know this, i have definitely taking a liking for you even more now, he adds.
"so wanna be friends?", i finally ask and she nods with a smile. i reach out my hand.
"i'm mingyu, nice to meet you", i say looking at her a smile. she takes my hand. "i'm y/n, nice to meet to meet you too".
i hope this was okay!
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