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justthatspiffy · 5 months ago
for somebody who does printing and also worked housekeeping it is hilarious how much of a baby i am about my hands. they are princess hands and they will never harden to the work required of them and every time i break a nail or get a paper cut or a bunch of microabraisions across my knuckles i WILL get emotional about it
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b4kuch1n · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my brainstorm answer for this month’s darkling’s dozen prompt, the Midas bulbul (Pycnonotus midae)!
The Midas bulbul is a species of bulbul that, when one chooses to burn away its flesh, becomes of pure gold. They're indestructible from that point on, do not seem to exchange matters with their environment in any way, but in exchange they can no longer sing or fly.
prompt table here
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sexysunday · 6 months ago
not to complain but i feel a bit like necking myself like not seriously but also everything feels so shit like im having to work from home since i have to have my mask off to talk on the phone and restrictions say no. and im stuck living at home bc im paying rent for the flat i was meant to have moved into in nz rn. and if i want to spend time with leah i have to call her on my computer. and its been over 40C for 5 days now and my stupid ceiling fan does fuck all for it. i wake up i get on my computer work from home for 4-8 hours then call leah on my computer then its too hot to go out so i stay in my room the rest of the day usually its evil i hate this
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apeshit · a month ago
when you hear lasers you think something small and round in diameter but in RT its more like a strange shape that constantly changes as the angle of the machine changes and can be like up to 35cm in length at certain areas of the shape
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mctreeleth · 8 months ago
I have reached the point in cleaning my apartment where everything is about a million times messier than it started out, and now I need to fix it all. So it is time to go have a lay down.
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iosinfernale · 5 months ago
spent like 2 hours starting a tiny sylvanian family dress smile. all i’ve done so far is cut out the skirt portion and hemmed it. tomorrow i will sew the top part and attach it and it will be so cute everybody will be like wow!!!
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empirics · a year ago
Me and my feelings of acute inadequacy doing our best to finish up a piece.
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loumauve · 7 months ago
me, lying to myself: if I leave these cactus cuttings on that spot on the floor there's no way I'll accidentally step on them when the lights are off
also me: has thorns in my toes now, definitely not from a certain cactus species, nope..
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finefeatheredfriend · 10 months ago
i think i just made a very big mistake agsjfhjsgdjd
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windvexer · 5 months ago
Energy Work 101: Basic Shielding
"Shielding" is an energy work technique that puts a protective sphere of energy around you. This technique is basic at its core, but can be continually evolved and upgraded to become very advanced and powerful indeed.
Concepts & Theory
Most all shields are spherical or egg-shaped.
Shields are often sized to be an outstretched arm's length away from your body, plus a foot (30cm) or so extra all around. You can make them any size you like. Because they are made of energy, the bigger they are, the more energy they take.
Shields fade away. Depending on how stable they are when you make them, they may fade within hours or days.
Shields can and will affect your mood and how people perceive you.
It is a good idea to practice dismantling/undoing shields as often as you practice creating them.
While the most basic shield is a bubble of white light, they can be endlessly modified.
You can have more than one shield at once. They can be stacked concentrically. Think about which shields you want to be closer to you and which you want on the outside next to others.
One of the most useful ways to modify a shield is to specifically choose what kinds of energies you want to bet let in, and what kinds you want to keep out.
The basic technique used for energy shielding can also be used for other techniques such as glamours, energy cleansing, object charging, and some forms self-care. Because of this, shielding is a good place to start practicing practical energy work.
Shielding is a cousin of aura-imprinting. The technique I am talking about here puts a bubble of energy on the outside of your aura. Aura-imprinting/strengthening techniques refer to changing your aura itself.
Methods of Shield-Raising
There are as many methods to accomplish shielding as there are people. Here are a couple:
1. Make one hand into a fist and place it over your heart. Place your other palm on top of it. Gently push down on your chest to create pressure - not so much that it hurts. Imagine, feel, believe, or know that within your chest is a wellspring of energy. This energy pools around your fist as you create pressure there. When you are ready, move your fist away from your body (experiment with both fast and slow motions). Imagine, feel, believe, or know that an energy sphere grows from that place in your chest and expands until it surrounds you. It stops expanding about a foot away from your outstretched arms.
2. Breathe in. As you breathe in, consider that you are pulling pure energy out of the air and into your body. Hold your breath for a beat and decide that when you exhale, that pure energy is going to start forming a sphere around your body. As you exhale, imagine, feel, believe, intend, or know that this energy flows around you to start forming an energy shell. Continue breathing in and out with intent until you can easily imagine, feel, or believe that the shell has become solid and complete.
3. Consider a pop-culture method that a character uses to shield themselves. Steven Universe can do that rose quartz thing, for example. Or, imagine Captain Picard of Star Trek saying, "shields up!" and the Enterprise being surrounded by powerful protective energy. Copying a pop-culture technique can be extremely effective for shielding. Put your intent towards causing real power to flow, and let culture be your guide.
4. Consider that your body is permanently connected to your environment and there is always free energy exchange passing between you and the world around you. This process is automatic, but like your breath, you have the ability to take control of this process if you so choose. Feel the parts of you making contact with the world below (your feet, or bottoms of your legs if you are sitting). Decide, intend, choose, or will that the energy passing into your body at those points will instead rise up and surround you in a shield. You may need to actively stay with this process and continually will it to occur; with practice you may need to only check in every now and then.
A Method of Shield-Dissolving
1. Consider that you have placed energy around yourself which exists there whether or not you can feel it. Decide, intend, choose, or will that this energy breaks up and dissolves. You get to choose what to do with the energy. Options include:
Drawing it back into yourself
Pushing it down into the earth
Releasing it into the air around you
Would you like to do a fun experiment? Release the energy into the air around you in a closed room with no open doors or windows :)
Consider drawing energy back into yourself until you feel your storage containers are full, then pushing the rest of it downwards and into the earth.
Basic Shield Programming
For practice in raising and putting down energy, the form or shape your shield takes doesn't really matter. If you need to know what form it will take in order to complete the exercise, the most basic shield is considered to be a smooth bubble of white light; you can choose to practice with any form you like.
Programming a shield basically means to choose its effects. Common effects include limiting emotional intake from others, and blocking out environmental energy.
Form should follow function. If you want an energy shield to totally completely block out 100 of environmental energies, its form may take an opaque, solid black orb. If you want the shield to limit some energies but not others, it may take the form of a chain-link fence, be semi-opaque, or be like vines with gaps-inbetween them.
Experimenting with what forms work best for you is worthwhile. You do not necessarily need to choose a specific form: simply putting willpower behind your intent will also suffice.
Two Methods of Programming
I recommend trying the first technique for initially creating the shield, and the second technique for making adjustments once it exists.
1. Choose the intent of your shield before you even begin making it. As you begin gathering power, hold your intent in the forefront of your mind. Understand, believe, or know that the shield will not be created in general, but that it will be created within the specifications of your intent, like pancake batter poured into a cookie cutter mold. Hold your intent at the forefront of your mind while energy is gathered and released into the shield. (This is what you're doing automatically if you choose a pop culture technique with specific shield purpose and form)
2. Create a general/basic shield in any way you prefer. Observe, believe, feel, understand, or know that this basic shield is under your control and will respond to your intent. Select an intent. Pour your intent into the existing shield. This may be done through the vehicle of the breath, hand symbols, eye gazes, chanting, or any desired method. Observe, believe, feel, understand, or know that the shield responds to your will like a pond rippling when a rock is thrown in. Maintain your focus until you sense the work is complete, or until you're tired or bored.
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neil-gaiman · a year ago
Hi sir, I was reading Neverwhere and while Mr. Vandemar (I believe) was holding a centipede it was described to the reader as if they wouldn’t know what a centipede was. Since the story is set in London, does this mean that England (and Europe at large?) doesn’t have any centipedes? Because here in north America we have both the garden and house variety (and in some cases: the jungle variety), much to my mother’s fear and disappointment. I asked her if she knew if Europe had its own centipedes and she said that she didn’t know either, but if it didn’t she’d be on the next plane over! haha
Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar were killing time. Mr Vandemar
had obtained from somewhere a centipede – a reddish-orange
creature, almost eight inches long, with vicious, poisonous
fangs – and was letting it run over his hands, watching it as it
twined between his fingers, vanished up one sleeve, appeared
a minute later out of the other.
Edit to add, oops. This was meant to have saved as a draft while I debated whether or not to put helpful photographs of centipedes up, the little ones you encounter under rocks in the UK, who are dangerous if you are a slug, and the 30cm long ones you get elsewhere, which can be dangerous if you are a person. Or a mouse.
So, simple answer, UK centipedes are Mostly Harmless and quite small. More general answer, I was describing the centipede in question, not all centipedes.
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onbeinganangel · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
embroidered fic recs 28/?
Among Ancient Pines by Theartfulldodger (aka @graymatters)
[useless technical shinfo: this one is all satin stitch with a little bit of back stitch for the trees at the bottom. all on plain white cotton, using 25 different shades of thread (this is the most i’ve ever used on one hoop only!!), and a 30cm hoop. all together it took about 35 hours.]
Good god, I’ve been waiting to make this one for aaaaaaaaaages! I first read Among Ancient Pines just about a week after it was first posted and I knew pretty much immediately (or immediately after I stopped crying about it, I guess) that I wanted to make a big beautiful hoop for it. When it finally came to it a few months ago, I knew it was time I tried my hand at a colour blocking embroidery style, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I still cannot believe how well it worked.
I have always loved Sara’s writing and to get to bask in its beauty for as long as this fic allowed me to was an absolute treat. The atmosphere is simply gorgeous and you won’t really get a choice but to get fully wrapped up in it and let yourself be taken for the ride.
Can’t go on without mentioning that this fic was written for the H/D Big Bang, which means two incredibly talented artists have made art for it already, so please allow me to direct you to @cambiodipolvere​’s post here with his AAP art, and to @onlytheheartknows​’s own post here! Both their styles fit so incredibly well with the story that I genuinely teared up about it at one point.
Part of the beauty of this fic are the characters in it and even though the Harry and the Draco in this are absolutely perfect (and I really mean perfect), the story goes so beyond them that it fills my heart. I think I can say without a doubt that if I had to pick original characters from any fic I’ve ever read to meet irl, I would pick characters from Among Ancient Pines. 
If you like a masterpiece in building tension absolutely out of control, delicious magical theory, absolutely heartbreaking attention to detail, a stunning Ginny & Draco friendship, beautiful OCs that you’ll be willing to die for, gorgeous setting and ultimately, a story about growing and making the right and wrong decisions, all I can say is, why the fuck haven’t you clicked that link yet?
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foragingincanada · 3 months ago
(Don't eat them raw ever even after being dried)
If you see this post please get your own information.Don't want anyone getting sick! or worse!
Black moral
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Find:especially under white ash,also under tulip poplars, oak, and hickory.
Description:Honeycombed cap with black to brownish black ridges and yellowish brown pits; completely hollow. April and early May. Cap elongate and conical, with vertically elongated ridges and pits; ridges are black to brownish black, pits are yellowish brown; texture deeply pitted; hollow; bottom of cap is fused to the stalk. Stalk sometimes enlarged at the base; whitish; texture granular; hollow. Spore print white to cream. Spores magnified are elliptical, smooth. Spores are located inside the pits.
Size:Cap width ½–1½ inches; cap height: ½–2 inches; stalk length: 2–4 inches; stalk width: ½–1½ inches.
Look alikes: The poisonous false morels are reddish and have wrinkled, lobed, or brain-shaped caps and dense (not hollow) stalks. The bottom half of the cap of the half-free morel hangs free from the stalk.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bear's Head Tooth
Tumblr media
Find:grow on dead or dying wood and shaded areas of deciduous and alpine forests.
Time:late summer and autumn months
Description:Edible when young – be sure it is white.Is white when fresh and yellows with age. It has long spines and a branched fruiting body. The fungus is 15-30cm (6-12”) across. It is a tightly branched structure which develops from a rooted base. When young, before the branches have developed.
Look alikes:edible mushroom lion’s mane(on L) does not branch even in maturity.May slow blood clotting.Its spines are long, though not quite as long as those of bear’s head.those who are pregnant or breast feeding should not take Lion's Mane.edible mushroom comb tooth or coral tooth(on R) has a very similar branching structure, but its spines remain very short. It does indeed resemble a branched hard coral, or possibly a small tree branch feathered with hoarfrost.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Golden Chanterelle
Tumblr media
Find:They require established woodland to grow.They’re most commonly found around maple, beech, poplar, birch and oak trees.  In some areas, they’re associated with pine and fir trees, so it doesn’t have to be hardwood.require moist habitat, and they’re most abundant in wet summers with consistent rain.
Description:Chanterelles have forked ridges on their underside, and the forking is a characteristic of true chanterelle mushrooms.They’re not exactly true gills, and they have blunt edges.The ridges run down the stem of the mushroom, which is another identifier.Yellow to orange in color on outside.Growing as individual mushrooms(not groups) most of the time.Chanterelles always grow on the forest floor, never on wood.Thick, blunt ridges instead of true gills.Forked ridges rather than straight,The flesh inside is a pale creamy white, not orange like the surface.Smells sweet like fruit, like apricots.The cap edge is wavy, thin and irregular.
Look alikes:poisonous look alike Jack-O-Lantern (on L)mushroom is, in fact, an orange mushroom, that’s about where the similarity ends.  Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms have true gills, that are not blunt like chanterelle gills.  They also don’t fork or run down the stem of the mushroom.Lastly, Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms always grow on wood, often in groups rather than singly.This can be tricky though since the wood they’re growing on may be buried so that it looks like they’re coming out of the forest floor.Apparently, Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms taste quite good, but you still don’t want to eat them.They’re not deadly,but they’ll cause quite a bit of uncomfortable gastric distress.False chanterelles (on R)Deep, thin gills rather than the blunt gills of a chanterelle.Forked gills (like chanterelles)Cap edge is downturned and round.Center of the cap is darker colored, edge is lighter.Smell like a mushroom, not like apricots.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cloverthegrand · 3 months ago
I am once again thinking what a wonderful job Steven did of maintaining Gus’ tank
It’s got a working filtration system, it has an air pump, and it’s got living plants, signifying that the tank is properly cycled. Most people unfortunately skip that step since it’s tricky to do right. Plus the tank is really large, which is vital for goldfish since they are pond fish. Gus looks like a veiltail goldfish, which can grow up to 30cm (12 inches) and live more than a decade, so good on Steven, he prepared for the long haul with his little one-finned wonder.
Bravo. Steven could’ve gone for the common mistake of putting Gus into a small bowl, but nope, he went for the best husbandry option instead. And on a measly museum gift shop worker salary too. Fishkeeping’s not cheap. He’s done his research and it paid off
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onetrickphoney · 9 months ago
First aid supplies I use when taking care of cuts
Tumblr media
I wanted to write a post about the stuff I use to take care of my cuts, maybe it helps anybody. Please keep in mind that I'm not a medical professional and I still actively self harm so I don't really have the best advice when it comes to recovering. This really is just what I use to take care of my body, what works for me is not guaranteed to work for you but I think most of this is pretty basic and stuff that's just handy to have in your first aid kit.
Considering the subject I do want to state the following: I do not condone self harm, I don't like the way we romanticize it on the internet. Harming yourself to any degree is a serious issue and warrants professional help. All harm is valid, all should be taken serious. I know it can be hard to, maybe it helps to ask yourself “If a loved one did this to themselves, how would I feel about it?”. You deserve help.
If you reached the fat layer, get stitches! It saves you supplies, you have less risk of infection and it heals faster. If you are able to, get stitches. It is a hassle to take care of cuts enough as it is. Smaller scars don't mean your issues aren't serious enough. Recognize signs of infection and see a medical professional if you are unsure. Taking care of them well and preventing infection is a lot nicer than dealing with the infection. I’ve had two and the antibiotics gave me a fungal infection. Make sure you get your tetanus shots too and if you have to harm, harm responsibly: clean tools, avoid joints/places where there is a lot of movement or friction. Grant yourself time to heal.
Some of these are probably pretty obvious, but including them anyway. It’s possible to be allergic to something on this list, I personally found my skin is a bit sensitive to some of the bandages’ adhesive, the places around my cuts will sometimes stay red for quite a while. I’ve had this issue mostly with large island bandages and the bandage roll I had before the one pictured, which was from Hansaplast.
Here are some useful resources: Suicide hotlines Crisis text line Reddit index Alternatives Helpful apps Cut here instead
Elastic adhesive bandage roll (looks like this) For some reason it’s not that easy to find these in the US, so apologies for that. These are adhesive bandages you cut to size yourself. There are also these, but you’ll have to use dressing with them, don’t put sticky things on the wound itself.
Waterproof island dressing (looks like this) They come in different sizes, although over here they aren’t available in stores over like 10cm. You can get the same effect with tegaderm + dressing. I personally like the ones from Hansaplast Aqua Protect because it has an antibacterial layer. 
Sterile dressing Come in different types, I usually use non-woven. I recommend hydrogel dressing for burns. I treat mine with the just regular dry dressing in combination with some medical cotton but it isn’t pleasant and sticks to the burn, can hurt to take off.
Bandage scissors
Betadine & cream (povidone-iodine) Antiseptic. I use this when renewing the dressing on stitched cuts. Not on open wounds. My doctor also cleans the cuts after she put the stitches in with betadine.
Island dressing (looks like this) These are more easily available in a broad range of sizes than the waterproof ones, I know over here they’re available at the pharmacy as big as 30cm. 
Steristrips These, or butterfly closures are kind of a must-have in my opinion. I prefer the 3M ones over the ones I get from the pharmacy though, I feel like they’re stronger. They can get pretty expensive. 3M has a bunch of different sizes up to like 1cm wide. I personally prefer steristrips above butterfly closures because the latter just doesn’t seem to stick to my skin at all. Plus I feel like steristrips have a stronger “grip”.
Cotton pads (do not use on open wound) I mostly use these to clean tools. Don’t use them on open wounds because they’re not sterile and might get fibers in the wound.
Tegaderm roll (looks like this) As stated above, I use these to DIY waterproof island bandages. Don’t shower right after putting them on, though. I’ve found if I get it wet right after putting it on it will sometimes get loose and it’s just wasted because it won’t stick anymore.
Saline You can clean wounds with clean tap water, but saline is what my doctor uses to “flush” the wound with before she starts on stitches so I like to have a little bottle available myself as well, makes me feel a little more secure to rinse my deep cuts with saline instead of straight tap water.
Alcoholic disinfectant (do not use on open wound) This stings on open wounds, pretty bad. I remember reading that it can also damage the tissue when used on open wounds. I use this to clean my hands/tools.
Medical tape Couple different versions of these, I don’t use them much. I found the brown colored tape adheres to my skin better but the white tape contains a chemical that reduces risk of infection.
Skin friendly disinfectant wipes The ones pictures are wipes moistened with saline. The one with alcohol seem to be more common but just like with the disinfectant: it stings. Not the nice kind of sting.
Calendula cream Admittedly, I don’t use this a lot. But my doctor has recommended I do on multiple occasions. Reduces risk of infection. 
Bandage & closure hooks I prefer the thick kind of bandage you can use as a pressure bandage, helps reduce swelling. You can close them with tape too, but I find the tape doesn’t stick to textile that well so I prefer closure hooks.
Betadine infused gauze and hypercolloid dressings (not pictured) My doctor adviced betadine infused gauze when I was taking care of my partial thickness(?) burn. You don’t want to put anything that absorbs and dries the fluid over a burn like that.
Over here in the Netherlands you can find most of these at a drugstore or pharmacy, I get the tegaderm and saline from a webstore.
Also: here’s a playlist I add videos to every now and then that I think are funny.
Added by Sepphie In the UK you can get an antiseptic cream called Germolene (looks like this) that has some numbing properties and helps with the healing process. It can be put on scabbed over or closed cuts.
Also reminded me, back when my main form of harm were epidermis cuts I used to put nivea soft on them and always felt it helped with healing. Don’t put that sort of cream on open cuts! But in general moisturizing your healing (scabbed) cuts a little might help with the healing process. 
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bangbaby · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
FORMAT: dot point fic
PAIRING/S: lucy and the boys ( skz )
GENRE: idol, fluff, humour
WARNINGS: implied romance, swearing, alpha female energy, reverse harem
Tumblr media
where mnet and the general public believe a girl can’t compete in “a man’s game”, but are proved wrong.
— a summary
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LUCY: little pigs? don’t make me bust your kneecaps!
Tumblr media
a day of fun for the groups participating in kingdom: legendary war that doesn’t necessarily require gruelling rehearsals (aka the idol crossover episode everyone wanted and much preferred over a dumb competition).
note: i don’t have access to the whole episode so i might have missed a lot and events may be out of order, apologies!
the agu (i9)!
sf9 - white, ikon - red, the boyz - yellow
btob - blue, ateez - green, stray kids - pink
yeah, stray kids really said fuck the patriarchy— pink is gender-neutral!
now, you would think mnet would request lucy to sit out and simply act as supporting mc for the day— to which they absolutely did, but she refused immediately.
not just because she’d hate to split the duo that is lovey & dovey (changbin and wooyoung from ateez), but she wants to play games too!
sure, she’ll be against boys at least a head taller than her— but what were they going to do? most of them wouldn’t even dare stand a metre within her vicinity in fears of starting a scandal. lucy’s gender is basically her superpower at this point in the show.
i.n and eric reading the oath out is together is just the sweetest though. at least kingdom and fans can agree on one thing: and that’s maknaes on top!
athletes of the kingdom track meet swear under oath as follows— we will ignore the age differences, but not the rules of the game. we will keep in mind that our bodies belong to melody, ikonic, fantasy, the b, stay and atiny; and be careful not to get injured. we will be sociable today and do our best to become close to all of the members. at ease!
not sf9’s average height being a whole ten cm (four inches for you imperial weirdos) taller than stray kids’.
lucy standing at 1.71m (5’7”) makes her as tall as the vaulting horse, which is interesting, to say the least (and 30cm shorter than han jisung, according to myth).
also very shippable with tall boys and smol girls, according to fans. because anyone near her height (like the members) are “just friends”, right?
jokes on them though bc lucy’s totally over how much height differences used to fluster her: little do they know her type now also comes in at 5’7” whose name starts with c and and ends with hristopher bang.
but the kang duo, aka lucy and chani (sf9) had mc’d together (with her twin hyunjin) once upon a time! being a little more than acquaintances, the two cheer for each other despite being on opposing teams.
master minhyuk gives everyone the tip that acceleration and having no fear are the most important factors involved in vault jumping: lucy’s got the latter down— which is a good sign.
*btob cheering like high school students at a football meet for skz*
whilst ateez: it’s the strawberry kids!
the nickname is definitely cute, but lucy isn’t narrowing her eyes at the sun…
dwaekki-challenge! changbin’s the first to jump for the kids: and if you don’t already know the result— let’s just say the boy is absolutely blue-balled by the vaulting horse.
lucy definitely joins the chorus of gasps and oh’s, but god bless those organs of hers are completely internal. again, gender superpower.
I.N faking his jump by hiding behind the vault and all of the kids dragging him off the mat is teamwork at its finest. if everyone replicated this energy during phys ed, maybe the world would be a better place…
lee know, aka six-black-belts: martial arts expert is merely one of the forces to be reckoned with in stray kids. the duality of this man’s athletic ability is no joke, in fact— it’s sexy as hell.
but according to ikon, stray kids are their rivals today— and martial arts doesn’t necessarily contribute vaulting. though they may have a point, the innate flexibility that comes with it helps lee know easily clear the height (to his own surprise).
it definitely gives lucy a kick in her step when groups wanna fight for no good reason. despite how much she admires her ikon oppas, she’ll always be extra protective of her members.
bobby is however an exception, considering the faith he has in his members is non-existent and hilarious.
felix and lucy (who follow lee know) also have a black belt in taekwondo! consider the three of them the martial art kittens!
whilst felix has trained for twelve years, lucy’s trained for half the amount of time (starting at seven years old and stopping when she moved to korea at fourteen/fifteen).
korean vs aussie line: yongbok (noona), hwaiting! let’s go, felix (lucy)!
and as felix makes the first jump/flops like a rag doll, lucy also succeeds but lands up straight like a needle.
she grins and makes a heart with her fingers at the camera like the cheese that she is.
felix and lucy might also be the only two members that can do the splits without difficulty, so their jumps are insanely clean (almost professional-gymnast-worthy).
everyone is amazed! equal cheering energy especially as seungmin, han and chan also all succeed in jumping the vault.
ace member chan just being extra when he crosses his legs mid air (he is definitely not raising a brow at an easily-impressed-but-trying-to-hide-it lucy).
lucy cheers for btob like there’s no tomorrow but is also very amused by eunkwang adjusting the springboard to help him make the jump.
not pretty boy juyeon blowing a cheeky kiss to lucy when he successfully jumps the vault…
no one signed up for this reverse harem composed of almost 40 members, but that’s essentially what the show’s become.
lucy immediately turns her head (with seungmin force-turning her entire body around) but the damage has been done: chan’s competitive dial’s turned to eleven.
though the boyz all make it over the vault, lucy only visibly responds to the adorable changmin making a peace sign at her and kevin twerking for screen time. basically the 98’ liners @ lucy: it’s free real estate.
it’s ateez’ turn to vault! yeosang’s cheater jump (boss level moves honestly) and respectfully-bowing hongjoong after his hip collides with vault earns a giggle from lucy.
hongjoong: 10cm makes a difference!
lee know, felix, jeongin: really?
the look on chan’s face is just— sure it does, because the man’s ego has to be inflated in order to impress his girl.
lucy doesn’t reply to either party but her grin totally says, that’s what she said.
seungmin, han and felix don’t make it to the semi-finals because the vault is just way too high (2m and 20cm) and intimidating, but the 98’ duo: seeknow (lucy and lee know) do!
chan: why are you guys still here?
lee know: i dunno, why am i here?
lucy: we’re just built different,
lee know’s butt unfortunately catches the edge of the vault during his jump and he fails: but lucy and chan rush to him to make sure he’s okay.
lucy, on the other hand, is a fucking monster. the girl can lift her weight and more, which is essentially half of the battle. she clears the monstrous height like the kangaroo that she is, which earns a profound scream from both wooyoung and changbin at the sidelines.
changbin: holy shit! what the hell was that?
wooyoung, who follows lucy also garners the same energy from the mc panel.
lucy hi-fives the boy which makes him all giddy and smiley: the bunny from ilsan truly adores his noona.
and speaking of kangaroos, sulky chan wants a hi-five too!
he clears the vault without any struggle, but is rewarded with an awkward fist bump instead (he really thought she was gonna go in for a five). good stuff!
and that’s the exact moment chan makes the crazy bet he’s out for minhyuk’s vaulting king title. the boy is a lucy-pleaser and everyone on the field can feel it.
minhyuk (to chan): okay, hwaiting, i guess!
the man definitely makes the finals with the others, along with juyeon (the i-9’s only remaining member).
2m and 30cm is the deciding height of the final vault, to which lucy is looking straight up at. she visibly gulps. yeah, no biggie. she knows she doesn’t have the speed for this, but she’ll try because she can.
wooyoung and juyeon are first up! they unfortunately don’t make the height and topple the entire vault down to the mat with them. lucy reassures them it’s okay and praises their amazing skills thus far.
chan: ladies first,
lucy: oh, you’re gonna pull that card now—
but really it’s his excuse not to put pressure on her if/when he succeeds. it’s kind of him, but lucy sees right through it.
stray kids: you can do it!
felix: let’s go!
without the right amount of speed, lucy knows she can’t clear the height. she doesn’t panic (unlike the rest of the boys on the field that think she’s about to hurt herself), rather she knows to intentionally wedge her foot in the vaulting horse and climb on top of it.
she just sighs and shrugs— which is adorable (even when she’s two metres in the air) and still receives plenty of praise and cheer. so close!
chan: you were really close,
lucy: thanks, hot shot. and good luck! just don’t die, okay?
the boy nods obediently, happy that the girl always has her full faith in him.
chan and minhyuk clear 2m and 30cm to fight for 2m and 40cm (basically insanity): to which they tie as vaulting champions.
lucy is endeared when chan reveals that the vault’s height scared him as he approached it, but tries to put his mind at rest by comparing it to the height of a basketball player. you’d have to have superpowers to jump over something taller than yao ming,
chan: i guess that’s true,
also, she’s definitely not afraid to repeat his words (which are really her words she used to tell him back when they were still trainees): small packages come with big surprises!
but the vaulting competition finishes just in time for lunch: fried chicken, the kids’ favourite!
mini game of the day: who is the visual king?
lucy: well, shit— i guess i’m out.
chan: yeah, i’m going home.
lucy (death glare): how dare you?
chan: sorry. but it does say you can vote for yourself.
han: who in their right mind would do that though?
chan and lucy in perfect sync: you.
han: damn, you guys are right.
but he’s not alone: changbin can’t lie so he votes for himself (like the king he is).
seonghwa voting for felix makes me uwu everytime…
the look of absolute betrayal on his hyungs’ faces when i.n tells them he voted for juyeon (i mean, he’s not wrong though).
everyone preparing for themselves to be announced as the winners, but it’s eunkwang (btob) and hyunjae (the boyz) in fourth place, sunwoo (the boyz) in third, felix in second and minhyuk (btob) in first!
not peniel hugging changbin when he loses to felix.
felix and minhyuk finding out they voted for each other is just tooth-rotting stuff. good boy!
but the likely question in everyone’s minds is: who did the girl vote for?
trick question or—? nope, lucy also voted for felix.
and of course she did, he’s her sunshine after all.
lucy (to chan): you voted for felix too, right?
chan: yeah,
but it’s the fattest lie of the century: the boy, without any hesitation, wrote lucy down as the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen (cut wasn’t aired on national tv though, that’s for sure).
the final games for the day are balloon tail and a relay race: lucy is unfortunately forced to opt out of the rough-housing/tackling and doesn’t consider herself a speedy runner (more stamina-based), so she joins changbin on the mc panel during the afternoon.
lucy (referring to herself and changbin): yep, that’s us— the designated cheerleaders.
mc changmin: i thought you guys were the ace members of your team, are you sure you want to be here?
changbin: well, it’s true we’re the ace members. but that’s exactly why we’re here— we want our members to stand out more.
younghoon: that’s how the i-9 will beat you guys though,
lucy (happily): yeah? try us then.
the girl’s definitely got a sense of humour that the general korean public probably hate, but the international fans adore.
anyway, the highlight of lucy’s day is obviously seeing her team go from fifth to second place during the circular relay.
chan running is always a joy to watch: same vibes as watching your first crush compete in the school athletics and win.
the day ends with everyone completely exhausted, but at least everyone had fun as well as created life-lasting bonds/friendships: in other words, fuck mnet and their contests— just give us more collaborations.
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tanuki-kimono · 8 months ago
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Cute polar bear obi paired with a light snowflake pattern kimono.
I think this obi is technically a summer obi, as it’s a type of nagoya obi called hassun obi + wintery/refreshing patterns are often used during summer in kimono fashion.
Hassun obi are around 30cm wide and made from sturdy fabric tailored as single layer with only the tip sewn shut. They are much lighter than the other type of nagoya obi called kyuusun, which are wider (around 34cm), and tailored with double layers + a core.
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