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justthatspiffy · 5 months ago
for somebody who does printing and also worked housekeeping it is hilarious how much of a baby i am about my hands. they are princess hands and they will never harden to the work required of them and every time i break a nail or get a paper cut or a bunch of microabraisions across my knuckles i WILL get emotional about it
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whatdoesshedotothem · 8 days ago
Monday 11 August 1834
8 10
12 10
long good kiss last night twenty minutes with her from one and a half and she came to me for about an hour this morning lay talking very fine morning F72° at 9 am – breakfast at 9 ¾ - no! at 10 - A- and I with our laquais de place at 11 ¼ - at the bains Romains (place des [?])  in 20 minutes – in the garden of the house belonging to Mr Bonnet – 10 steps down 6 or 7in. from the surface of the garden (potatoes here) to the door and from the door down into the piscine 8 deep steps (10 to 12in.? deep) – the piscine a square pierced by 3 arched passages opening every way into a wide arched passage running along or enclosing the others                          the 3 smaller passages about 4ft. wide by about 7 high to the springing of the arch and the great passage abut 6ft. wide by 8 or 9 or 10ft. high to the spring of the arch – in the middle of each passage a conical opening to the top which of course communicated with the baths above, now a potatoes ground - asked our valet for the ruin of the amphitheatre – he knew nothing about it - well laid down in the plan of the city, in the garden of the Sourd muets - went there - the aumônier (priest)  very good naturally shewed it us - a little way above the house - overgrown with ivy and low trees etc but ½ an amphitheatre very distinctive and some of the arches which probably were loges of the wild beasts - the ground within has been fouillée but not deep enough to  find anything of value - these ruins well worth examining - much more left than we saw at Angoulême? in 1830 - saw the church  of St. Just (belonging to the convent of filles de St Michel) that I saw yesterday and its under church and its calvaire en plein air – very handsome - then at the Porte of St Irénée wanted to turn along the chemin de l’aqueduc but got into the chemin de St Foy and had long hot walk in vain before getting into the chemin de l’acqueduc and from that round the new fort they are building – only 3 old Roman arches entire and the long small Roman tower not round as I thought yesterday but oblong. In the crypt or old under church of St Just pictures of Sainte Blondine and St Potin [St. Pothin] the 2 confined in the dungeons of the Eglise d’ Ainay – home at  1 50 but A- went in and I walked round the large handsome place de Bellecour and bought a small 18mo Lyons guide – trees on the south side of the place and cafes and [journalières?] as in the Tuileries gardens -  Home again at 2 35 and out again with A- (and took Eugenie) at 2 ¾ - went chez Paturle – the black embroidered shawl for Miss W- of Cliff hill had a little flaw in it – returned it – obliged to go and take something else – chose black shawl for my aunt - I mentioned about for another black embroidered or rather broché , satin shawl – could not get one good enough - home at 3 50 - off from the hotel de l’Europe Lyons at 4 ¾ (had just peeped in passing into the handsome neat church of St Nizier) – at 5 40 detained 5 minutes in a good village – the shafts had come untied – likely to have nothing but pother with them – sent for a charron and sold them for 2/.! paid 2 for a new bolt to them at Vorion and paid 15/. for them at Calais -  at Brignais at 6 – good little town – 35 minutes there  - they were for giving me only a pair of horses - but I would have 4 – just before 7 wind up the hill out of the vine-clad nice valley of Brignais - road lies over the hills - asleep part of the way - not inclined to talk   Miss W- fancied I said somethi[ng] this morning that I did not  could not get her to tell me what and this disappointed me she observed my silence but thought me not well too late to go farther so stop tar Rive de Gier at 9 – good supper at 10 - very fine day - very hot - F71 ½° now at 11 ¼ pm.
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chamiryokuroi · 6 months ago
are you planning on doing a big chop? as someone who went from hip length to one inch under the chin, i have to be honest and say that the biggest change is the amount of hair product lol
i mean, I've been using this new shampoo bottle for like two months when before I'd go through two bottles per month
I cut off like 12in (30cm) which still left my hair below my shoulders, the usual length I had it before pandemic, I just hadn’t gone to get it cut because of fear but well I am vaxxed so it should be fine right? I have enough hair to put it on a high pony, which is my to go style, so all is good.
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zebra-vixen · 8 months ago
Today I think I over did it, I might take my last half of a Tylenol 3 just to make sure it doesn’t hit me too hard tomorrow with the fact we are going over my parents. I started the day with my at home pt exercises, my kegels, and a few orgasm. Then I cleaned the bedroom so we can put the heat on in here too ( baseboard heating sucks). So I really cleaned everything pretty deep and did some reorganization so less is in the floor and surfaces are more clear. I even found my rats escape hole, because apparently he did chew a bit of a bigger hole for himself, and I put something in the way so hopefully he will stay in, which is doubly good because I’m pretty sure he jumps on the heater to get in and out and I imagine the more we use the heater the hotter it will be and not a good idea for him to use as a step.
I vacuumed the bedroom too got rid of trash and minimized some room bags. I also did the dishes that had started to pile up in the sink again, reorganized my bf’s cook book shelf so most of them actually fit. I took pictures of all the shirts I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen my bf wear so I can sell them on eBay if he gives me the okay. And finally I made a keto cheesecake for tomorrow, it’s a recipe, I think, for a much smaller springform pan than I used. We only have a 12in springform pan. The crust is spread extremely thin and I had to watch it carefully to make sure it didn’t over cook because it was so thin. Ended up with 10 minutes off the shortest recipe quoted time. I’m excited to try it despite its odd proportions, it looks like it came out well, it’s setting in the fridge now.
But doing all that I’m now at around an 8 pain wise from the 6.5 I was at this morning. Fatigue was okay today, I did take a decent dose of Vyvanse. Allergies are still acting up a bit too, some sneezing and stuffiness. I ate fine for my diet today, in fact i ate very little, mainly because I took more Vyvanse than I had been but also because that means I can splurge a bit more tomorrow. I have my drinks and prosciutto for lunch and a chicken Caesar salad with parmigiana for dinner. So I stayed under 1000 cal and I’m actually not feeling hungry either so that’s cool. I watched ghosted today which I thought was decent.
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fohib · 11 months ago
It’s well worth growing your own calabrese because home-grown crops are much more tender and flavorful than shop-bought types. The plants produce one main central head and then numerous smaller side-shoots, which prolong the harvest period; the florets also freeze well, so any gluts can be preserved for later. If you’re too short of space to sow in pots or modules indoors, direct sowings in summer outdoors will perform extremely well.
Tumblr media
1. GETTING STARTED Calabrese prefer rich, well-drained soil, so dig in plenty of organic matter such as well-rotted manure or compost in the season before you intend to plant. Make sure that no other members of the brassica family have been planted in the same location in the previous year; this will help to prevent the build-up of soil pests and diseases.
-Fiesta produces large, well-rounded heads and a good crop of secondary side-shoots.
-Ironman produces a reliable crop of dome-shaped, blue–green heads with fine buds.
-Belstar keeps well once cut and is worth growing for its tasty blue-green heads.
-Kabuki can be harvested when young for a second crop. Good for small spaces.
2. SOWING SEEDS Calabrese can be sown under cover in pots or large modules to transplant later. Fill the container with seed compost, firm gently, water well, and make two holes per pot or module, 1cm (1⁄2in) deep. Drop a seed into each hole, cover with compost, and water in lightly. Once emerged, thin to leave the stronger seedling. Alternatively, seed can be sown directly into the final position outside. Create a seedbed: mark out rows 30cm (12in) apart and sow a cluster of three seeds every 20cm (8in), into holes 2cm (3⁄4in) deep. Thin the seedlings to the strongest and use organic pellets for slug protection.
-Calabrese can be overwintered in a frost-free greenhouse for harvests in early spring. Sow two or three seeds in each individual pot in late summer or early autumn.
-After germination seedlings will need to be thinned to one per pot or module as they develop. When they are about 15cm (6in) tall they will be ready to plant out.
3. PLANTING OUT Once indoor-sown plants are 15cm (6in) tall, harden them off and plant out 20cm (8in) apart, in rows 30cm (12in) apart. Don’t let them become root-bound as this can cause the premature formation of small heads. Keep the plants well watered and well weeded. Put a brassica collar around each plant to deter cabbage root fly.
-Divide up your plot using bamboo canes and string – this will help you work out your plant spacings and will provide support for netting.
-Young plants should be hardened off and planted out as soon as possible in spring, as they cope best with being moved if the weather is not too warm.
4. ROUTINE CARE As the heads of the plants begin to develop, draw soil around the base of the stems to stabilize them – this is called “earthing up”. At this point a liquid high-nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to boost the main head size and to encourage the production of side-shoots for subsequent harvests.
-Tall varieties may need staking if earthing up does not provide sufficient support. Tie the plants in to sturdy bamboo canes as necessary.
5. PROTECTING PLANTS Erect a frame of netting over your plants to deter birds – especially pigeons and cabbage white butterflies. Ensure the net is fine, with a maximum mesh diameter of 5mm (1⁄4in) to stop the adult butterflies reaching your plants, and keep it taut to reduce the risk of birds becoming entangled in it.
-Mealy cabbage aphids target brassica crops and can swarm plants, disfiguring the leaves. Aim to protect crops at an early stage.
6- HARVESTING The first cutting can be expected approximately 3–4 months after sowing, depending on the variety and time of year. Cut the main head off first and when the smaller side-shoots appear, harvest these. Young, tender leaves of calabrese can also be eaten.
-Use a knife to cut the heads whole before the tight flower buds begin to open. This encourages a second crop.
Note : Calabrese plants spaced closely (15cm/6in apart) give a flush of small heads.
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whatdoesshedotothem · a year ago
Monday 3 July 1837
7 20
2 35
very fine morning F62° at 8 20 – out about till breakfast at 9 in about ¾ hour – talking to Mr. Gray on the pressure of water led me to Lardner’s hydrostatics after breakfast for ¼ hour when called down about 10 to Mr. Harper – explained briefly sundry matters especially about the water wheel, and went down to Jonathan Mallinson Ing and brought up Joseph Mann to Mr. Harper and then Booth with Mr. Woods’ plans – (Joseph M- and his men began Jonathan Mallinson Ing this morning to bury scale and level down the whole of the old high road that used to cross it) – about 12 went down to the meer to Mr. Gray – stood talking sometime then came in with him about (before) 1 – A-‘s Irish tenant Francis Carter of Hatter’s field came to pay A- a quarters’ rent (30/.) and to give up the key – had got his furniture out, and was going to Leeds this afternoon, and seemed in a hurry to be off – had been twice to the Black horse to pay his rent to Mr. SW- but could not meet with him – a Thomas Mallinson of Beacon hill came with him to take the cottage – sent the latter away having taken his address saying A- would desire Mr. SW- to inquire about him – then went to A- found her lying down all right at breakfast did not know anything was the matter just asked if I should take the rent for her or if she would go down herself  she began crying Mr SW- ought to settle these things she was quite tired of paying him and having all to do herself  no I was not to take the rent she would send George  the man ought give three months’ notice or pay three months rent she would send him to Mr. Parker I said I thought this would be more than it was worth she had better take the rent and have done with the man  she cried the more I said the was very foolish to cry about it she answered she would try to do for herself we had not been happy of late wished I would let her go away I calmly replied I would not make her unhappy  she should do as she liked little Mary came in I sent her down then said well my love I shall give you a kiss (did so) and go out which I did immediately and saw her no more till dinner when all pass off tolerably  went to the meer afterwards and on returning found coffee made but A- was gone to bed  found her door fast on my coming upstairs  well now surely I shall get rid of her sometime with Mr. Gray after his luncheon he explaining to me his plan of the terrace and new idea for the laundry court – then with Mawson at the hay-barn road – agreed that he should form it at 4/. per rood – the 3 men Mr. Gray has had today barrowing stuff across the water from near th hut to the by-wash to begin the hay-barn road tomorrow and Mr. G- to have Robert M- and c° - Messrs. Gray and Harper together all the afternoon explaining each other’s plans – Holt came about 3 – gave him the note Mr. Harper had just written desiring him to be here at 10 am tomorrow told him the pith of Mr. Alexander’s letter and my answer – H- would not work Swan banks colliery if it was given to him – it would not pay its expense – but the bottom of the bank would be worth a thousand pounds to me – all my coal to below Mytholm could easily be brought out there nothing wanted but 200 yards long of walling and arching which would be done at 10/. per yard and then I should neither want Inclined plane near steam engine – R- had bought off the annual payment to Mrs. Prescott – told H- he must try to manage this matter for me as well
Mr. W-‘s bottom of bank colliery worth £1000 to me
as he could – said he should have to see Mr. Jeremiah R- on Thursday told him to say I had mentioned Mr. A-‘s letter and my answer – that the Swan banks colliery could be of no use to me, but that as there was now no chance of R-‘s getting my coal, and his low bed loose could be of no use to anybody but me perhaps H- might persuade me to give £500 for it – H- said he observed when he last saw Mr. Jeremiah R- that he had inquired if the Incline would really be done – and H- said yes! it was let, and my coal would be better for sale than R-‘s which JR- owned was true, and that they should not have laid out so much money at the bottom of the bank if they had not thought of having my coal – H- said if I could get this low bed loose and staith at the bottom of the bank, I could put in 15 or 20 colliers in 2 months from this time – 15 acres now laid quite dry by R-‘s loose – told H- to do his best on Thursday and let me know – if there was any likelihood of agreeing with Mr. R- I needed not be at the expense of getting the gin down to pump the engine pit – the engine pit might be done at leisure – neither nor .:. the wheel would wanted (H- said at 1st) these dozen years to come – but still he said afterwards he would advise my going on with it – when out just before Holt came had had Mr. George Robinson in wheat field part of lodge road – he came to know what the rent was to be – I said he had told me ‘he must come into my will’ and I had considered the thing settled – Lower brea to be £80 a year and I would lay nothing out – he said ‘very well’ – to the latter – and I must do as well as I could for him about the rent – I said I had put it down at £80 per annum and as to the notices to quit he must have them as usual – that it should not be known, but that I would say nothing to nullify the notice in case of accident – then other conversation – thought I should not have water enough for the mill – Stocks had bid Wilson a great deal of money and he and W- and Holdsworth were going to join, and loose all the Northowram coal into the black brook – had only Joseph Wilkinson to agree with and one little bit of [interning] property to pass thro’ (I guess in silence this in Dr. Alexanders’ temple of the winds) vid Extract and value as stated by the old man at Todbottoms a month or 2 ago – on telling Holt all this, he laughed at it – said they never could do it – they would have all the water to pump –it could not be done these 20 years – on Holt’s going about 3 ¾ or 4, in and out – at the meer till after the six o’clock bell rang – the water up to within an inch or 2 of the by wash – talk of putting the plank in, and raising the water to the utmost = 12in. above the bywash – then with Messrs. Harper and Gray – stood out talking of the hotel etc. to send for Mr. Parker tomorrow – he to let the hotel – might otherwise feel neglected and not do his best for me in the business – the advertisement to be out immediately Mr. H- now finds Carr has affronted a great many people – he is evidently [managing] to get the hotel – Braithwaite has retaken the George Inn – H- thinks I shall have a great many applications – Mr. Husband to be settled with on Wednesday and then be off – the east tower may be brought forward and temporary kitchens got out off the gallery – I agree to give up the dry arches very expensive and good for too little to be worthwhile – H- thinks (Mr. Gray has done much good in this respect and others) that perhaps I had best do something towards furnishing the hotel – he seems for the mill – I had said I would give it up – H- said it could be completed for £1200 and according to this calculations there would be water enough – seemed not remember that the contents of the meer could be drawn off in 5 ¾ hour or six – dinner at 7 20 – Had Charles Howarth for a minute or 2 brought his bills – to come tomorrow rail off gap between Long field end and Little field brow, and prepare roof of hay barn, and boat-house roof etc – out from about 8 ¾ to 9 ¾ - at the meer with Mr. Gray – coffee – A- gone to bed – her door locked on my coming upstairs at 10 35 at which hour F57° very fine day – then till 12 wrote all the above of today – Begun hay time (as I suppose having so ordered it) this afternoon nearby mowing the platform piece of Walsh land – I shall indeed that heaven prospers me if I can make a reasonable agreement with Mr. Rawson for his low bed loose this will loose me so that I can do without A-s’ help  what will become of her! but god be thanked for all his mercies – note tonight from Mr. Adam to say the completion of the purchase of Hardcastle’s wood and the road to it is fixed for Friday next – wood £100 road £10 = £110 Robert Mann + 5 at the back Lodge road throwing the soil up on the east side this afternoon – in the morning puddling and walling the new pool as far as the stone would go – new doorway from kitchen opening into the new court to the east, began by 2 masons this morning – Edward at the laundry drying closet as on Saturday and Friday at this or the chimney – the flagging room the house (to the north) done on Saturday except the piece left under the housekeepers’ room windows – know not what the rest of the masons were doing today – the tower slating done on Saturday I think – wrote thus and writing out memoranda etc. till 12 40 – then looking over rental till 1 ¼ - no! 1 ½ seeing what income I have without Northgate or coal I may reckoning profit from land in my own hands at one hundred and twenty  I have about two thousand a year and say interest and expenses eleven hundred then I have nine hundred a year to spend –
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swimcore-blog · a year ago
Pelvic Peel | Calisthenics For Swimmers
The pelvic peel strengthens the hips, hamstrings, and glutes while simultaneously stretching the quadriceps and hip flexors. Pelvic peels are excellent if you suffer from pelvic back pain because they work to support and stabilise the pelvis. 
1. Lie flat on your back. Bend your legs and place your feet approximately 30 cm (12in) from your glutes. Arms remain loose by your sides. 
2. Pressing evenly through the feet' soles, squeeze the glutes, and lift the hips until you form a straight line from shoulders to knees. Pause at the top of the motion and hold for 1-2 seconds. 
3. Lower back down to the floor under control. Try to distribute your weight evenly across both feet (heel, big toe, and little toe), squeeze the glutes, and avoid pushing out your ribcage as that will put pressure on your neck. 
Modify body angle: For all steps, elevate your feet to decline the body and increase the height at which you have to lift your hips. 
Modify body angle: instead of lifting and lowering, hold at the highest point in step 2 to create a strength-building isometric hold. 
WEBSITE: https://swimcore.co.uk/​​​​​ 
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splitshortsyeah · a year ago
Caribou 'Swim'
-Tim Shea
‘Swim’ was the album of the year for some back in 2010. I didn’t get to it right away (official release on 4/20….). Chris and Matt’s website (now defunct NotDrugs.com) said something about one of the songs and I remember thinking it had a lot of drums. The website is one of the few things deleted from the internet, so I think I am barely holding on to that little memory because of the album artwork -- these orange and flowery concentric circles over a black background. It seemed unique at the time, and I'd say it still is. The look matches the sound and the whole package with the 2xLP is a bit of a trip.
Caribou was in the lineup for Moogfest 2010 and so songs from Swim made the playlist we used to ready to ourselves and score the someteen hour drive to Asheville, NC. I didn’t miss them that time around --  at the show under the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. One of the guys we traveled with was saying people were still singing “SUN, SUN” in the bathroom after the show. We kept singing it in the hottub that night whilst the Carlo of Chabils bobbed around. I was still playing songs from the show the next morning on the drive back into town for the next run of what the festival offered. The free acid certainly enhanced the absorption of Dan Snaith’s unique noise at the time, but that album, that show, really that whole weekend opened the box to some really wild music for me, which I’d say was the intended impact of Moogfest -- also how to properly pronounce Moog.
Was Caribou a man, a whole band, a Manitoba? I didn't know. I had never heard anything like it before. His little voice, all those noises, the leftfield samples, the thump! I have since dived deep into the discography and am still up to my chest. He had 4 albums prior to Swim, all of them with pretty expected progression from one to the next. Definitely a talented musician who was having a great time making very fun swolled up psych folk music. Most of the time you heard a drum…and it was a drum. A guitar…and it was a guitar. Orchestral snippets for baroque effect? Yeah I’ve heard horns and strings like that before, not too many machines I think.
On ‘Swim’, Dan broke out and made up his mind to move every part of the human being -- head to toe, mind to soul. His sound bites and samples became just about unplaceable. The BPM of 120 or greater chugged through most the album, and Tibetan bowls just kept showing up. He said this back then “The idea of making stuff that was accidentally dance music was very appealing to me” and “it's quite liberating to think that as long as the music's rhythmic and propulsive in a certain way, then I can put Tibetan bowls and a harp in this track and I can still play it in a club”. I think that sums it up.  
The opening, um, note or sound or squealchow(?) always catches, again and again. “SUN” is the jam and the most lasting of the songs (also the priciest 12in from the album) but Hannibal and Bowls are deeper cuts I hope to play for my kids one day to show them how cool I think I once thought I was. As a whole, the album is wrought with cacophony, but the way Dan makes it always work is an attestation to how he knew what he was doing despite something like this never being done before.
It was his first concerted foray into electronic music. A few forgettable remixes came out of ‘Andorra’ but those were already out of his hands. After ‘Swim’, he has never looked back. He got the whole album remixed by some real heavy hitters. Most were fine, but Motor City Drum Ensembles’ stand out take on “Leave House” made a compilation from the venerable Mister Saturday Night. He toured and opened for Radiohead (I missed most of that show and all of Caribou cause we were rolling up a few before we went and got stuck in traffic. Internet says they closed with “SUN”…alas). His Daphni side project led to a FabricLive mix of all his own material (much like Villalobos and Omar S before him). The 12in label Jiaolong kickstartered Toro y Moi’s electronic producer moniker Les Sin (Grind was eventually included in the Moodymann’s unparalleled DJ Kicks). 
His two follow up albums still brought the thump. But they weren’t quite as brilliantly off the wall. Kinda like he was trying to write SONGS and not just finding new and accidental grooves. ‘Our Love’ had its highlights (“Can’t Do Without You” and most of Side B), but just as many misses. The title track was a pretty obvious and unfortunate attempt at “SUN” 2.0 and the Lanza collab was lamented for its unmet potential. Suddenly he seemed to slide into that natural progression his first four albums had, just more of the bleep and bloop this time around. Both birthed more remixes. Mostly courtesy of his friends with a couple of his own retakes, possibly to avoid the scatter shot result from ‘Swim’’s entire work over. I can’t speak to how he makes music now (or ever) and whether it’s proper ‘electronic’ or still this hybrid thing he came up with in 2010 (I mean he still tours with a band I think, so probably hybrid), but there is definitely a before ‘Swim’ and after ‘Swim’ sound to Caribou’s catalogue. I doubt his shift left early fans behind but having been awe struck by the live show in 2010, his nod toward dance music gained him fans at a strobing rate. 2010 is when Caribou turned in most of his psychedelics for some heavy euphories, and ten years later, we are still coming up. 
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