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#while im here
Starkid duets I need:
- Breredith (yes bc breredith and their vocals = YES)
- Curt and Kim (yes bc megawhale(?idk) and their vocals = YES)
- Rob and Mariah (refer to seventeen cover and that one part in show me your hands aka heavenly and godlike blessing to ears)
- Dylan and Jaime (no explanation required)
Add more if you want!
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redgokus · 8 months ago
i know i’ve only made smut a few times and for One Character but also please rate my smut on a scale of 10 so i know if im writing things Sexey or not
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inimoose · a year ago
Me: I’m going to take a break now that chapter 1 is done
Also me: so anyway I’m sketching chapter 3
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paradoxf0x · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’m headed to the graveyard to go reanimate myself a girlfriend, anyone want me to pick up anything while I’m out?
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fourdaysofrain · a year ago
severus snape sucks
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
You guys are chill, I can be honest with you. I was never that into Harry Potter. 
Yeah, I put on a front in high school because I thought it made me more interesting, but I never actually read the seventh book. I faked it ‘till I made it (if “made it” is “convinced people I was a fan of Harry Potter”). I just wish I could have embraced my true self sooner, which is a die-hard fan of Percy Jackson.
That being said, yeah, Snape sucks. Imagine being so bitter about a girl you like not being in love with you that you ruin every single student’s life you ever meet. Could NOT be me.
Send me unpopular opinions!
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juansno · 2 years ago
Adoptive families are real families
Adopted children are still those people’s children
Adopted siblings are real siblings
Don’t fucking diminish the validity of adoptive families just so you can sexualise Jon snow’s relationship with his fucking sister and ship them together
Y’all are fucking disgusting idk what to tell you
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private-eye-aura · a year ago
Halloween event!
Hey! New Event!(?) I present consumed Aura! Her shadow has taken over for the holiday, guess it's ready to socialize. Now there's an Aura shaped black mass running around, what a odd sight.
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daelightsaving · a year ago
I think truly bojack horseman is one of most well written shows I've seen. It's so easy in this day in age to produce a show that undercuts and justify the shittiness of its characters particularly in the adult animation circuit. So often I see things that try to imply their wokeness by making sardonic references to the shitty things going on (the seth MacFarlane shoes and rick and Morty come to mind). But Bojack has been leading for so long into something more. Sure the early seasons played at that concept but I think through all the flashbacks and titular moments they have stayed true to the plot and the theme; that regardless of your situation and reasons you cant continue to let your own ego be the downfall of yourself and others.
Bojack had trauma and issues and they justified his downfall but he didnt have reason to take everyone else with him. Even I found myself in the last episodes wishing for him that he would live happily ever after (and he sort of did) that everyone would forgive him and that he would be loved because he had worked so hard. But what they gave us was so much more raw and real.
One of the most poignant moments for me is when Todd storms out during their conversation about how to fix the stuff with the reports and he said something about bojack reverting to his past self. At first I disagreed but the more I thought about it the more true it was. If he had been able to go forward and been able to be relinquished of his past guilt he wouldnt have truly grown because he had barely scratched the surface of change. If he hadnt faced the consequences of his actions he would have just reverted back to who he was.
And in the end getting to see him having to move forward and start over, knowing the people he hurt still loved him but were no longer willing to revolve around him. Or sacrifice for him. That's a greater lesson. Life isnt a singular existence. It's all of our existences and we dont owe every person our love, but we owe them the respect to know that they are living outside of us and that the only person who can be accountable for you is you.
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bakukoda · 2 years ago
Im using Xfinity wifi y'all ask me stuff
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patrickbatman · a year ago
alright now im this private room waitin some more and im like. should i be in here.
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buckyisbisexual · 3 years ago
Alexa ! Search for things to do at rock bottom.
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bamsara · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
im about to turn this yogurt shop into a crime scene
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