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#while we are on the subject of halloween
thrift-store-tea-cup · 5 months ago
One of the other books that I’m currently reading is an anthology of Victorian ghost stories and I noticed something interesting in last night’s story.
The setting of this ghost story is your typical sprawling, mostly abandoned country estate, but this one has two big holly trees near the entrance.
You know what else has two big holly trees near the entrance? 
The Mines of Moria
Now I’m wondering if this was a common trope in ghost stories. Would readers familiar with their Victorian ghost story tropes have noticed the two huge holly trees at the entrance to the mines and thought to themselves,
“OH... So this place is HAUNTED haunted.”
More research is needed, because two examples alone does not a trope make, but I just thought it was so cool that I wanted to share.
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saracamerons · a year ago
I feel like I NEED to go all out with a fun Halloween yard display this year bc......we all just need it no? to drive around, social distance, look at cool Halloweeny stuff. we have a huge yard but it’s on a main road so we never get trick or treaters so we’ve never really decorated it a TON but maybe this years the year!
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emsylcatac · 3 months ago
Is there anything that comes up a lot in fics that just screams, "This was not written by a French person"? I always feel like I'm butchering French culture in the most subtle of ways but it's hard for me to know exactly how
Yes and no - mostly, there's a lot of fics that tells me "this has been written by an American person" rather than "not by a French person" haha
Sometimes you don't even have to hammer French culture in your fics (pretty sure I don't do it so much in mine?) but there are subtleties that tell me "ah this is not how it's here".
Though some fics are pretty blatant, amongst what I've encountered you can find:
Fics in which the money is US$ instead of € (euros) (yes, I saw that, with the "US"; an author in the notes also said in one fic "Idk what the French money is and I'm too lazy to look it up")
4th of July celebration fics
Thanksgiving celebration fics
So like these are directly things that tell me "okay you didn't bother" hahaha
Then there's some that as I said aren't blatant switch of culture but it's just little things then and there that tell me it's written by someone from the US, or at least yeah, someone who isn't French. It's not too much of a big deal because it's hard to really know another culture, so what I'm about to list isn't a callout to anyone, just things I noticed that are technically either not correct or a bit 'americanised':
Switching classmates depending on the subject: I've seen fics that are like "Adrien walked Marinette to her maths class before going to his history class" or "since they had French class together this afternoon...": no, here, in high school and before, you stick with the same classmates for all the classes - the only exception might be options, like if you picked latin or not, or if you chose to learn "German" or "Spanish" as a secondary language, otherwise you have the same classmates all year, all classes.
Over-doing some celebrations or americanising them: for instance, with Christmas lots of fics are hellbent over the mistletoe & kissing under it and while we vaguely know about this tradition, it's not really something here that much; same, Halloween isn't much of a big deal and while I'm a sucker for a good Halloween fic, sometimes the settings are overdone compared to what we have cause it's def not a big thing compared to how it is in the US. For April's fool, prank are kind of a thing but we mostly stick fishes on each other's back - we do pranks too but not as much as in America I feel like! Etc.
The approach to money: some fics seem... Idk, obsessed (?) with money and being a celebrity and hammer a lot about it. Like they insist that every single thing Adrien owns is expensive, that he's rich, a rich apartment, I even remember a fic saying "Marinette could smell Adrien's expensive cologne", like cool who cares and how can you tell it's expensive by the smell, most perfumes are expensive anyway. While yes we all know he's rich, I feel like we're not as hellbent on hammering about it or making a big deal out of how much who owns & stuffs, or all the "glamour" aspect of the celebrity life - in some fics it's made out as something super desirable or a Goal to Reach in Life while... we're not as obsessed over glitters and sparkles if that makes sense? Idk how to explain. This is starting to get long but okay, to take an example from discussions I had on discord with other people: some were shocked that the class would buy gifts for Miss Bustier's birthday in Zombizou and that she would open them in front of everyone because "now they'll know someone got a more expensive gift that them, that's terrible for their self-esteem, they'll feel so bad blabla they'll compare each other's gifts and the amount of money they put in it". And honestly?? Maybe it's just me but I really don't think that we do that or obsess over it? Idk it never shocked me that scene is Zombizou but these people really were shocked haha
When they have the characters learn about history or geography, I saw some having them learn about America's history or every states of the USA and I'm like how about... learning, Idk, French history and Countries in Europe instead haha
Sometimes it's in the games they play or they activities outside of school they have that tells me "ah yes this might not be quite happening in France", but well it could be worse haha
Anyway, I don't have everything in mind but that's these little things I see around that aren't always too disturbing or won't exactly hinder your enjoyment of a fic, but that make me go "oh yeah this isn't exactly how it is here"!
→ HOWEVER don't let yourself get discourage or feel bad by what I'm saying here or feel like it's terrible if you did one of these things; if I had to write a fic happening in another country I sure as heck would make mistakes too because it's hard to really know how things are elsewhere, and again we're writing for our own enjoyment first and foremost and we're not professional authors who take trips in the country they want to write their story in! 😄
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maxleqlerc · a month ago
i honestly didn’t think this needed to be shared, but there are a lot of articles out there on why wearing a costume based on cultural stereotypes of oppressed people is bad (hell, there was a whole movement a while back called I Am Not A Costume) and i really think some of you guys would do well to read up on the subject before getting up in arms to defend lando.
to quote the first article i linked:
#IAmNotACostumes campaign aims to draw awareness to the problematic nature of many Halloween costumes. We know that most folks do not pick out a costume with the intention of being racist or transphobic.
But regardless of intentions, appropriative costumes still perpetuate harmful stereotypes and contribute to the continuation of the violence and aggression towards marginalized folks.
Good question! It’s possible because racism, transphobia, and ableism are all engrained in our history and present society. This has been built through generations of oppression aimed at marginalized communities by groups who deem themselves to be superior.
Using identities and cultures as costumes or jokes has become so normalized in our society that we see things like Indigenous folks being used as mascots, headdresses being worn en-mass by white folks at festivals, black and brown face still being prevalent, and using the trope of a man in a dress to get a laugh and mock trans folks (specifically trans women).
Even if you don’t think you’re vehemently racist, you can still perpetuate racism.
If you're reading this and thinking, "But it's just a costume", take a moment to reflect on why you think that's the case. It's likely that your culture and/or identity has not be historically and currently trivialized, mocked, and viewed as "funny" or "scary". It may be viewed as “just a joke”, but that joke comes at the real expense of folks safety and security. Oppression is not just held up by very public, aggressive and physically violent forms of attack. It is also held up by the denial of rights, by stereotypes, and by dehumanizing folks through “jokes” and caricatures.
Why can privileged folks try on stereotypes and cultural dress for a night but marginalized folks can’t even exist safely?
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ghost-postables · 4 months ago
Headcanon (au?) Where Danny's Cryomancy is just the beginning of Seasonal Danny.
Let me elaborate on this even tho no one asked. Rather than a normal core like most ghosts which has a set type (Ember = Music, Johnny = Luck, Frostbite = Ice, Clockwork = Time ect.) Halfa cores are more malleable and subject to change from outside sources.
This of course applies to Vlad as well. Vlad's core is affected by emotion. As such normally his core is subjected to rapid changes which makes it unstable and usually unable to develop powers quickly. This is in part because emotions are fickle little bastards and also because Vlad's halfa state is unstable which makes his core struggle to accommodate such a fluctuating source of influence. You'd think it'd be simple. Vlad mostly displays wrath and sadness. But human emotions are complex and you can feel a lot more than a single emotion at any given moment. (As we can learn from the educational documentary Inside Out 😌😋)
Enough about Vlad, for now.
My main focus of this post is 🌈✨Seasonal Danny✨🌈
Danny differs from Vlad for two reasons in this headcanon (or is it an au at this point?).
1. He's a more stable Halfa. He was subjected to way more exposure to an opening portal, bathed in much more of that ghostly essential essence, and the change was faster, more whole. His core strong like moose or single mother of six. (This point is somewhat backed by canon but who's counting canon these days?)
2. In this hc his source is the seasons. This doesn't exactly have canon roots as when Danny's ice powers start emerging it's not winter. In fact if I recall it's implied that it is very warm and that his coldness is unusual for the weather. (But again, who's counting canon anyway.) So, anyway, Danny's powers begin with the season of winter. Ice, snow all things cold and wintery. He gains more control and more niche powers as his connection to each season grows stronger. Once he gets that under moderate control he starts thinking that's all.
Until he visits Sam's greenhouse again (it took a while for Sam to unban him even though he didn't mean to freeze her Venus flytrap) and all the spring blooming plants suddenly burst into life and grow rapidly. They even exceed their natural size. Danny finds he can now summon attack vines and vicious mutated plants, and figures out spring is actually a pretty strong core source. He also learns that if he builds up too much energy and he wants to expel it he can send it into the earth. Downside? There's a forest where the old lumber mill used to be. Sam sees that as an absolute win.
Danny then develops the summer side of his ability and the trio finally notices the theme. Summer being represented by heat and summer plants growing well in his presence. Fire was to be expected. Summer = Hot. What he didn't expect was light manipulation which matured into illusionary skills. Being able to manipulate the evaporation process and create his own little clouds (white and fluffy, rain and storm) and the fact that he gives off massive amounts of solar energy, like a small localised sun even at night.
When Autumn comes around Danny didn't know what to expect but he certainly wasn't expecting rot and poison. Danny's touch can now decay natural materials, though plastic either takes a really long time or doesn't seem to breakdown at all. And he's also able to grow all sorts of mushrooms, including a weird kind he assumes to be from the ghost zone that spews poisonous spores. However Sam suspects it's a weird mutation of puffball mushrooms. He also gains more scary skills as his connection to autumn grows including but not limited to hibernation/fatigue, Hunters intuition, Prey intuition, fog manipulation, maturing crops and variable control over Rot/Decay. He's decided Autumn is a scary season. Which he then slaps his forehead cause Halloween. Duh. But Sam points out Halloween is only in autumn for the northern hemisphere. Autumn is just kinda the season of Rot, Rain, and Harvest.
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randomshyperson · 5 months ago
Wanda Maximoff x Reader - I bet i love you
Tumblr media
Gif if not mine, but i swear she looks prettier every time i look at her.
Summary: Prompt based from @ecruzsalaz: The one where Wanda is popular, and Reader is a nerd. The popular kids do a bet that Reader will fall in love with Wanda. Everything will be reveal after their trip. 
Warnings: Light angst, kissing, teasing, underage drinking, lies, Vision being an idiot completely out of canon.
Words:  13.446 k /// Read on AO3
Notes: I don’t even know what happen here. I’m been busy and this took a lot of days to be done, but it’s finally here, hope @ecruzsalaz will be satisfied haha. Good reading everyone and apologies for any typo, it sucks to translate so many words. There are a few pop culture references, i wonder if anyone will catch those.
Marks (if i forgot your name tell me i’m lost):  @mionemymind @abimess
In your last year of high school, you just wish things would be peaceful.
The previous years hadn't exactly been ideal, since you were surrounded by assholes, but you are optimistic.
Your small, select group of friends, consisting of exactly two people, who you could swear were probably the only decent human beings left in West View High School, were currently the only reason you still wanted to go to high school.
Right now, for example, you were sitting in the outer cafeteria, a book of historical fiction to escape reality plus headphones with some old rock music that you weren't really listening to, since you were so focused on the story you were reading. And then someone pulled on your headphones, and you looked up ready to complain, but the mischievous smile of your best friend Bruce Banner was all you could find.
- I've been calling you for five minutes. - He said, sitting down on the stool in front of you. You smiled, apologizing, and put your cell phone on the table. - No problem, you always do that.
You laughed awkwardly, closing the book while Bruce put his backpack on the table.
- Where is Mon? I haven't seen her today. - You tell him, but Bruce shrugs. 
- Maybe her mother changed shifts again. - He comments, and you make a noise with your mouth of agreement. Whenever Maria, your friend Monica's mother, switched shifts at work, she would be late for first periods. It has been like this since primary school.
- You still haven't let me see your schedule. - You told Bruce with a slight frown, and he laughed, going through his pockets. Then he took out his cell phone, fiddled with the screen for a few seconds, and then handed it to you. You read the attached class schedule with a frown. - Bruce! You didn't sign up for half the classes you took last year?
He shrugged, running his hands through his hair.
- Yeah, I think I'll focus more on what I want for college. - He explained a little shyly. - I was getting too anxious about all that stuff. And honestly, you should have done the same.
You made a grumbling sound with your mouth, and started biting your thumbnail as you finished looking at the schedule. You would barely have any classes together. And then you handed the cell phone back to your friend.
- I would do it if I had any idea what I wanted to major in. - You tell him. - It's better to have several interests on the curriculum, so I'll have more course options.
- You can also develop burnot. - He remarked with mild irony, and you laughed, looking away.
The bell for the first class then rang, and the two of you exchanged a look before getting up. Bruce kissed you on the cheek before heading in the opposite direction, and you grumbled lightly as you picked up your book and walked to the chemistry labs.
In the hallway of the main building, a few meters before the entrance to the lab, someone bumped into you. It was one of the boys from the team, who was laughing at something his colleague said. Your notebooks fell to the floor, and the boy looked at you with contempt.
- Watch where you're going weirdo. - He warned and you rolled your eyes.
- You're the one who bumped into me, you brute. - You grumbled angrily. The boy just laughed and walked away.
After picking your books, you stood up. The athletes at your school were jerks, but you didn't blame only them for their arrogance. The rest of the school, including the faculty, treated them as gods, so they behaved as such.
Sighing with impatience, you entered the chemistry labs, wishing that the day wasn't long.
Darcy Lewis had been your chemistry partner for three years. You smiled as you greeted her and sat down next to her. You were not friends, but she was very kind and extremely intelligent. You really thought you were very lucky to have her as your partner, and then, as if the universe would like to laugh at you, Professor Nakia announced that she was switching partners.
The whole class let out a chorus of dissatisfaction, and one student asked aloud.
- Please, Professor Nakia, we have been working with the same people for three years. Why change now?
- Excellent question, Miss Quinn. - Nakia said, smiling. She was at her desk, finishing putting her materials on top. - Three years is more than enough time for you to create tricks to cheat on my exams. 
The room exchanged complicit and guilty looks, and the teacher kept a serious posture.
- The school board found evidence to indicate this. - She explains. - I was very disappointed to learn that there were students cheating on the evaluation method not only in this class, but in several others. You will notice that all teachers with fixed groups will rotate them from now on. This was a decision made by the principal.
You rolled your eyes, annoyed that you would lose your amazing partner and were running the chance of ending up with someone irresponsible or slacker, just because some kids were careless at cheating. The room let out a chorus of understanding, and everyone began to move around as the teacher indicated the new groups. You ended up sitting with a guy named Vision, who you didn't really know, but you knew was quite popular because he was class speaker, and head of the fencing club.
- Hello, dear. - He greeted you as he sat down, putting his coat on the chair. Vision dressed very well; he was part of the group your classmates called "preps”, even if he was usually hanging out with jocks.
You made a noise with your mouth in greeting, but he didn't seem to mind your lack of sociability. 
Fortunately, Vision was a decent chemistry partner. Although he was bossy, and had a habit of interrupting or explaining as if you were stupid, he was intelligent and knew how to do the experiments. You thought that was enough, since you would only have to put up with him in this class.
Feeling a glance at you, you raised your eyes from the notebook, and were slightly startled to notice Vision looking at you with amusement and curiosity, you frowned ready to ask what's wrong, but then he let out a dry laugh.
- I knew I knew you! - he declared. - You're the Presley freak!
Vision laughed lightly nostalgically, and you felt your face flush, turning your attention back to your notebook. He was talking about the Halloween party in freshman year, where you dressed up as Elvis Presley and the track team decided to nickname you "Presley Freak" for the next whole year. The teasing died down after a while, but Vision brought it back as if it were a good memory.
Fortunately he just shook his head with amusement, and didn't mention it again. When class was over, he didn't say goodbye on his way out, but you didn't care.
The story that all the teachers followed the new norm of switching partners was true. In History, you lost your partner Bucky Barnes to sit with Natasha Romanoff, equally quiet and intelligent. For the most part, you are satisfied with the partners you got. 
But then in fourth period, biology class, you ended up partnering with someone you never imagined.
Wanda Maximoff was one of the most popular girls in school. You didn't really know her. You were classmates during elementary school, and you even became friends with her twin brother in elementary school, Pietro Maximoff, before he became a complete idiot. But other than that, you didn't know much about her. Although you had a strange sympathy for the girl. Unlike the group of girls she hung out with, Wanda never tormented you at school. Or your friends. She was probably fake and sneaky like the others, but she left you alone, so you had nothing against her.
You were pulling your biology book out of your backpack as the teacher announced the new pairs, and you stopped in mid-motion when she said Maximoff and your name.
Wanda sat down beside you the next moment, smiling politely. You shook your head slightly, dropping your backpack on the floor.
Wanda was surprisingly nice. You didn't talk about anything unrelated to the subject, but she was quick enough to catch your ironic glances when Professor Darkholme made an inappropriate comment or a funny remark, and match it with a smile or a look. 
As the class came to an end, Wanda nodded slightly at you, and you smiled back before gathering your materials.
It had been four months since classes had started, and you were already used to your new partners in class. 
Vision was inconvenient in many comments, as if he took pleasure in recalling your most embarrassing moments in high school, but you learned to change the subject quickly whenever this happened. All you had to do was pretend you didn't know about some subject he mastered, only to hear him explain it to you in the most arrogant manner possible for the next few minutes, effectively distracting him.
Natasha Romanoff was exceptionally sarcastic and ironic, and you sometimes you felt that she was a more aggressive female version of your former partner Bucky Barnes. She was quite individualistic, and you had to make an effort not to get left behind, or you had to constantly remind her that you were a duo, but otherwise she was a good partner, and you were happy to invite her to lunch with you, which eventually became a habit after a week.
And then you had Wanda Maximoff. You weren't friends, but you had a strange kind of complicity as biology partners. You never would have guessed that Wanda would have a sense of humor so similar to yours. Two classes in a row, and you already had inside jokes about the way Ms. Darkholme caught the attention of her students. Two weeks in, and you two knew how to cheat your way through assignments. You didn't know how to make friends, and judging by the history of who Wanda was hanging out with, you had the impression that she wouldn't want to develop any kind of relationship with you. And honestly, this was your last year, you wouldn't see these people again, so you were more than satisfied to have just one good lab partner.
With the mid-winter vacations approaching, you were looking forward to getting some rest.
Non-Reader Pov
- God, Wanda, why are you talking about that weirdo again? - interrupted Vision impatiently. His girlfriend blinked in confusion, looking away awkwardly.
- I'm just commenting on a joke we…
- Really, Wanda? - He interrupted again with an accusing look. - It seems like all you do lately is "comment" on your little jokes in class. - He sneers as he settles down on the sofa. The two of them stand together outside the school, their group of friends watching the discussion with amusement. - I don't know why you talk to her at all. She is so silent and awkward with me in chemistry class.
Wanda bites the inside of her cheek, looking forward. 
- I think your girlfriend has a girl crush. - Tony Stark sneered next, making everyone laugh. Wanda frowned, feeling her heart race.
- You are an idiot. - She grumbled impatiently, crossing her arms. Vision looked at her curiously.
- Honey, don't tell me that you actually appreciate that girl? - he asks ironically, and Wanda rolls her eyes without looking at him. Vision laughs. 
And then Tony is holding out a craft-paper covered bottle to Vision, and he takes a sip, coughing slightly afterwards. Wanda frowns at the scene, but none of her friends seem concerned that they are drinking during school hours, as the bottle continues to pass in everyone's hand.
- You know, I think it's sweet that you have sympathy for that freak. - Tony comments a moment later and Wanda tells him to fuck off, making him laugh. 
- I think we are witnessing a beautiful love story. - Mocks Pepper, Tony's girlfriend, approaching the three of them as she sits on Stark's lap. Wanda rolls her eyes, as the group laughs. And then Vision has a thoughtful expression.
- I have an idea. - He says slightly drunk, as he throws his arm around his girlfriend's shoulders. - Let's make a bet.
Tony and Pepper let out excited exclamations, while Wanda frowns.
- What kind of bet?
- Well, you guys remember when the weirdo dressed up as Presley for Halloween, right? - he asked, and Tony and Pepper laughed, agreeing. - And then Pietro saw her kissing that girl who hang with the bikers, Jones something.
- Jessica. - Pepper clarified before taking another sip of her drink. 
- Then we know she's a dyke. - Vision says, but Tony frowns.
- Wasn't she dating that guy with the long hair and the angry face? 
- Barnes? - Vision asked and Tony nodded. - I don't think so. Anyway, she is into girls. - he said and the group nodded in agreement. - I mean the bet is this: I can prove that she is just like everyone else in this school. Give her a bit of our attention, and she will be completely obsessed.
- Vis, what are you talking about? - Wanda asked, and Vision laughed ironically.
- It's very simple, love. - He says. - You are hot. Everyone knows that, and even someone like her, who pretends not to be part of the social circles of this school, can see that. - He clarifies, and the group looks at him intently. Wanda doesn't say that she doesn't like being objectified, swallowing the bitter feeling in her stomach. - So my bet is that you win her over. It should take what, one or two dates for her to be completely in love with you.
The friends laugh in irony and Wanda thinks she should follow, but only a forced laugh escapes. Because of the alcohol, no one notices.
- This is ridiculous. - Wanda comments and then Vision looks at her with irony.
- Unless you're getting attached to the girl, dear. - He sneers, and the group laughs. Wanda swallows dryly, shaking her head in denial. - So, what's the problem? You'll just prove me right. And you will realize that there is nothing special about her. 
- I think we can make this even more fun. - says Tony with a wicked smile. - I bet you a hundred bucks that Wanda will fall in love too.
Tony sneers and the group laughs with irony.
- As if anyone would even like that girl. - Vision declares, accepting another drink. 
- How do we make sure it's working? - Tony asks and Vision bites his lip thoughtfully. Then he lets out an exclamation.
- Our trip! - he says, and then turns to Wanda. - Love, invite the weirdo to the cabin! We can watch you work.
Wanda frowns, but then the group is suggesting ideas of conquest, and laughing, and debauchery, and she hates it. But she smiles, and nods in agreement, accepting the liquor as the bottle comes into her hand.
Reader Pov
You intended to study during the winter vacations. And maybe get out of the room a little if Bruce or Monica visited. Your surprise was genuine when in your last biology term, Wanda Maximoff started talking to you about something other than the subject.
- Hey, are you doing anything this holiday? - she comments amiably. You didn't notice the looks Tony Stark was giving you two from the front seat. 
- Huh... No?
- Are you asking me? - She replies with a smile. You blush, looking away at your notebook. Wanda bites her cheek, and it takes a moment for her to speak again. - I wanted to invite you to something.
You blink in surprise, looking at Wanda. She looks away from the board for a moment, as she wiggles her fingers against her own thigh.
- My friends and I are spending the holiday in a cabin. - She clarifies. - There's all this winter activities, you know. Skiing and stuff like that. I'd like you to come.
- Why? - The question slips out a little harshly, but you can't help it. Wanda looks away, and you almost apologize. But then Wanda smiles, shrugging.
- I'd like to get to know you better, I guess. - She says. - I think it would be fun if we could be friends outside of class.
You look at her suspiciously for a few seconds. But then you sigh, looking down at the notebooks.
- Alright, Wanda. - you say after a moment, ignoring the growing anxiety in your stomach. - Is it okay if I bring a friend?
- Of course! - She confirms excitedly. - You can take whoever you want, it's a big place. 
The teacher gives a warning for side conversations next, and you shut up. You blush when Wanda approaches you to write down her phone number in her notebook. You are distracted enough not to notice her blushing slightly when Tony Stark gives her a mischievous look. 
- So you actually said yes? - Bruce asked with surprise when you told him about the biology class, while you were having lunch together in the cafeteria. Monica had the same expression.
- Yes, and I would love it if you would go with me, because I think I am close to completely freak out. - You ask with mild desperation and your friends laugh. And then Monica is looking behind you.
- Look, I would be too. They are so... - She starts and you turn around, looking at the group of Wanda's friends a few meters away. The kids are sitting at the table, making noise with their loud laughter. One of them was throwing a football up in the air. A short boy walked past them and was pushed slightly. - I can't even define them.
You let out a grumble, laying your head on your arms on the table.
- This was a bad idea, wasn't it, guys? - you ask. - They're going to eat me alive.
- Why the long faces, nerds? - Natasha asked as she came over to the table, placing the tray of food next to Monica, staring at you. 
And then your friends explained it to her, and you groaned in dissatisfaction when she started laughing.
- You've lost your mind, haven't you? - she asked wryly. - It's a trap, I'm sure.
- There's no reason for it. - You retorted, trying to eat a little. - Besides, it was Wanda who invited me. She said she'd like us to be friends.
- Look, I know that Maximoff is the least worst of the bunch. - Nat began as she opened her soda. - But she still hangs around with those idiots. 
- Yeah, I know. - You agree with a sigh. And then you remember your classes. - I just... She has been surprisingly nice, you know? I think she was being sincere. It's just a trip, it's not the end of the world.
- Good to know you think that. - said Bruce. - Because I won't be able to go.
- What? - You then exclaim.
- I applied for an internship at S.H.I.E.L.D. Labs. - He remarks and you let out a grumble, remembering.
- Shit, it's true. - You say. - I completely forgot about it.
- Girl, I can't go either. - Informs Monica with a guilty expression, and you let out an exclamation. - I'm going to spend the holiday with my father.
You bury your face in your hands. And then you risk a glance at Natasha, and she laughs wryly.
- Don't even try. - She says. - Even if you paid me I wouldn't travel with Tony Stark.
- I'll pay you.
Nat laughs at your desperation, and stops eating, looking at you with surprising kindness.
- You, girl, are adorable and kind. A nerdy cute dork, and I'm sure that if that's not enough for those idiots, they're the problem, not you. - She assures you, and you smile wryly. - Don't worry about pleasing any of them, you're going to become friends with Wanda, aren't you? Try to enjoy the trip, and if anything happens, call me and I'll finish them all off.
You laugh, nodding slightly. You don't want to think so much about this trip, but you know it's going to be the only thing on your mind for the next few days.
The week ended quickly. And you were very anxious when the weekend arrived, and you received a text message from Wanda saying that she would pick you up at home on Saturday morning. You would spend the holiday at the Stark family's winter cottage, a property big enough to fit the whole group. Wanda said it was somewhere with mountains, near a lake, and you bit your lip, wondering if you should bring a bathing suit. Since it was snowing, you figured you wouldn't try to swim anywhere.
On Saturday you were up bright and early, your bags packed. You kissed your parents and your younger brother on the cheek before you left, finding a pickup truck parked in front of your house.
Wanda hugged you when you said good morning to her, and to the boys. Vision and Pietro were in this car, and she said that Tony was in the second car, and had gone for gas.
Vision drove towards the cabin next, and he tried a little small talk before shutting up. Wanda was in the passenger seat, and Vision let his hand rest on her thigh, and you didn't understand the bitter feeling in your stomach.
- God, put on some decent music! - asked Pietro, scrambling up on the seat beside you to reach for the radio.
- Leave it, Pietro! - complained Vision pushing the boy backwards. - You only want to play that emo shit!
Pietro laughed, not insisting. And Vision looked at you through the rearview mirror.
- Let's let our guest choose the music. - he said with a smile. You cleared your throat. 
- Okay. - You agreed, pulling your cell phone out of your pocket. You turned on Spotify next, and when Vision asked if it would be any longer, you bit the inside of your cheek. And then you put on some pop rock.
Nobody said anything, and you thought that somehow you had just passed some kind of test. But then your set list started, and when the classic rock song from the 50's started playing, Vision burst out laughing.
- They don't call you Presley Freak for nothing. - He scoffs, switching to the radio next. 
- I like it. - Wanda comments surprising you, but neither Vision nor her brother change their debauched posture.
- Yes, yes, your taste is terrible too. - He replies with irony. You bite your lips as you watch Wanda roll her eyes and look away to the window. Vision lets Pietro choose the music next.
The cabin was really very big. 
You guys met Tony's car on the way, but he didn't stop. It didn't take long for you to arrive. You smiled in appreciation at Pietro when he carried your bags inside.
You looked at the structure impressed. Tony Stark really was very rich. Hugging your arms lightly after feeling the cool breeze, you smiled politely at Wanda's other friends as they greeted you.
- I am Pepper Potts, and this is Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. - says the blonde girl cheerfully, as she waves to the other boys. - You must have met Tony by now.
- I think I've seen all of you at school. - You say feeling out of place, but they smile as they walk into the cabin. Tony hands the bags to the other boys, and then is throwing an arm around your shoulders, and you want to push him away for the inappropriate contact.
- It's a pleasure to meet you, sweetie. - He says, and you blink when you feel the alcohol. - Who knew that nerds hid pretty girls with them?
The joke makes the group laugh, and you look around uncomfortably. Tony then releases you as you enter. 
Pepper is the one who shares the rooms, and you are happy to know that you won't be sharing with anyone. 
While you are unpacking upstairs on your bed, Wanda joins you.
- Hey. - She greets me as she enters and closes the door. You're folding your clothes.
- Hi, Wanda.
- Is everything okay? - she asks and you nod in agreement. - They can be a bit much sometimes, and I don't want you to get uncomfortable and... Do you like "Bewitched"?
The sudden question startles you and you blink in confusion. Wanda nods at the item in your hands. The T-shirt you are folding has the logo of the old sitcom you used to watch with your parents.
- Oh yes. - You sigh in agreement. - It is one of my favorite shows actually.
Wanda laughs in surprise, crossing her arms.
- Wow, I didn't know that. - She says. - I love this stuff. Vision thinks the jokes are stupid, so don't tell him I'm talking about it.
She jokes and you let out a wry exclamation.
- Why would I tell Vision anything? - You ask and Wanda hesitates slightly, but then smiles.
- No, it was just a figure of speech. - She clarifies as you fold your shirt.
- Right. - You say, not really understanding this conversation. - If you want, we can watch it together anytime. I think we'll have time to do it here.
Wanda looks at you with surprise and excitement.
- Really? I'd love to. - She confirms, and you smile as you finish packing. 
The redhead clears her throat afterwards.
- I just wanted to check on you anyway. - she says. - I think Steve is cooking dinner tonight, so join us when you' re ready.
- Okay, Wanda. - You say. - Thanks.
She smiles before leaving. You stare at the Bewitched's T-shirt on your bed for a few moments before you leave.
Steve tries to cook some chicken breast. And he almost burns the kitchen down. So you are on your feet, investigating the cupboards, and although cooking is not your favorite activity, you don't mind making some chili for everyone. 
- I love Mexican food. - Wanda comments excitedly as she stands next to you and watches you cook. The rest of the group is in the living room, the boys being very noisy as they throw a soccer ball around the room. You smile at the redhead next to you. 
- God, did you see the picture that Tabitha Smith posted on instagram? - Pepper asked aloud, staring at her cell phone. She was sitting on the kitchen counter, a look of disgust on her face. Wanda approached her and quickly looked at the screen. - She put on silicone, I'm sure of it. 
Wanda made a noise of agreement, exchanging a quick glance with you, clearly not caring one bit about the topic, and you smiled, turning your attention back to the pot. Pepper didn't notice and continued making comments about her classmates' social media posts.
- It's ready. - You announce. Your breath catches in your throat as Wanda puts her hand on your waist, leaning behind your back to taste the food. She lets out a satisfied groan, and you feel her cheeks flush.
But then she walks away next, and you struggle to disguise yourself as the boys are joining you, announcing that they are starving. 
- Wow, this is delicious. - said Pepper as soon as you sat down at the table and started to eat. The group agreed, and you blushed with embarrassment. Soon they started talking among themselves, and you tried to keep up as best you could, but the topics weren't really of interest to you.
When you got back to the room, Tony proposed that you all play a game, and then he went through the storage room and came back carrying monopoly.
At first you thought it would be innocent fun, then there were drinks and gambling. 
- It's a four! - shouted Tony excitedly. - That's my property, Wilson! 
Sam let out a grumble of dissatisfaction as he moved his figure around the board. Tony laughed mischievously.
- So, how do you want me to pay the rent?  - Sam asked and Tony made a thoughtful face. 
- With a question. - Tony announces maliciously. - Among the people in this room, tell me who would you have sex with?
Sam laughs in surprise, as the group gives a chorus of excitement. You swallow dryly, uncomfortable with the direction of the questions. So far, the questions and challenges had been innocent and slightly awkward, but after a few beers, the group was clearly getting more excited in other respects.
- Careful with your answer, friend. - Vision warned, putting his arm possessively around Wanda's shoulders. You looked away to the board.
- That might be shocking for a straight guy, Vis. - Sam remarked with mild debauchery. - But not all of us are looking at the girls.
The group laughs in surprise, and Vision rolls his eyes. 
- I would do Steve Rogers for sure. - Sam declares the next moment, and the group lets out a celebratory chorus. Steve laughs too, slightly surprised. Sam just smiles playfully, shrugging his shoulders. Then Steve steps forward, amusing himself by pretending to kiss him, and the group laughs. You smile awkwardly, not really understanding what everyone thinks is funny.
The game continues, and you are doing very well. You laugh when Pepper has to tell you all about the worst sexual experience she has ever had, but you are slightly uncomfortable when Steve has to demonstrate on a pillow his first time. A few rounds later, you grumble in dissatisfaction when you take a five and end up in jail.
- Whoa, that's has a punishment. - Tony announces when he sees your move. You look at him, and he looks excited. - Finally, Presley, your moment has come.
- Tony. - Wanda scolds him for his nickname, but Tony doesn't listen.
- Let me think about it. - He continues with a thoughtful expression, and then a mischievous gleam takes over his gaze. - Have you ever heard that shy girls are the biggest freaks in the room? 
You swallow dryly, feeling your face heat up as the group lets out a laugh. 
- I will not...
- Don't even start. - Tony interrupts your denial with a smile. - Don't spoil the fun. I'll give you a simple challenge.
You bite the inside of your cheek, frowning as you fight the urge to get up.
- Your sentence of freedom will be to give a hickey to the person who gets a six on the dice. - He declares, and the group lets out a chorus of excitement.
And then everyone is rushing to throw the dice and you cross your arms, feeling your face hot.
- If more than one person gets six, you'll give them both a hickey and win immunity for a round! - Tony laughs as he makes up the rules.
Pepper is the first to play, and lets out a despondent sigh when she draws two.  And then Steve plays next, and complains when the die lands on four. Sam and Tony don't get six either. You hold your breath when Wanda rolls, and feel your heart race when the die stops.
- This should be interesting. - Vision comments with mild irony and mischief as he takes his arm off Wanda's shoulders, picking up the die stopped at six. Tony laughs and you can't keep your eyes on the redhead.
Vision gets a four. And then Pietro gets a six, and you grumble.
- I can't believe you're going to get both of the Maximoffs! - Wilson comments with amusement and you swallow dryly, shifting uncomfortably in your seat.
- Finally some action. - Pietro jokes as he approaches. He kneels in front of you, and you take a deep breath. - Come on, Y/N, it's just a silly challenge.
He tries to reassure you with a smile, and you try to ignore the staring eyes on the two of you. You think the boys are laughing as you bring your face closer to Pietro's outstretched neck, and land your lips on his skin. He smells like aftershave lotion, but it's just embarrassing to be so close. Pietro lets out a breathless chuckle as you begin to suck on his skin, and he clenches the support of the couch.
You stop quickly, and he pulls away. The red skin glows on his neck. He flashes you the seductive smile, and you look away, listening to the group celebrating. 
- Next, please! - Tony says clearly intoxicated. You feel your racing heart echoing in your ears. Wanda gets up from the couch, and unlike her brother, she completely short-circuits your brain when she sits on your lap. You think someone whistled.
- Wanda, what are you doing? - You mumble clumsily, and she just smiles as she puts her hands on your shoulders.
- Don't you like this position? - she asks and you swallow dryly.
- Come on, girls! - Tony tells you between laughs. Someone knocks over the vodka bottle on the floor, making a mess. You think the group is barely paying attention to you, fighting among themselves to save the rest of the board and Tony's expensive rug, but you're not really taking in anything other than the girl on your lap.
You move forward, sinking your face into her neck and inhaling Wanda's scent. When you let out your breath, she trembles and squeezes your shoulder lightly, making you swallow dryly.
You let your lips kiss her skin, watching Wanda's chest rise and fall, indicating her unregulated breathing. And then you lick her skin, and she chokes. When you suck on her skin, she bites her lips hard, stopping herself from moaning.  And then you let go.
Ignoring the urge to kiss the red dot again, you throw your back against the armchair, moving away. Wanda lets out a breath, and before you can say anything, Tony is complaining that the game is over because the board has been ruined, and she rushes off your lap. 
Your face is very hot when Sam makes a snide remark to you, and then you are all saying goodnight. You don't have the courage to look at Wanda when you go up to your room.
The next day you go skiing. 
You absolutely suck at it, but so does everybody else, so nobody really cares. 
You don't want to think so much about Wanda's hands on your waist when she teaches you how to do it.
You also don't want to be so annoyed when Vision insists on getting a kiss from her while you are walking back to the cabin.
During the afternoon, you are distracted by a video game with Pietro, extremely surprised that he has invited you to do something. After dinner you go back to your room to read a little, and are astonished when Wanda appears at your door a few minutes after you have gone upstairs.
- How about we watch a sitcom together? - She invites you in, and you shrug as you smile, making space for her to enter your room. She giggles when she notices the open book on your bed. - Of course you brought a book.
You laugh awkwardly as you close the door. Wanda throws herself on your bed, opening the laptop she has brought with her. You take the book out and place it closed on the dresser, before joining her, trying to keep a respectable distance.
She ends up putting on Bewitched, and you are distracted enough by the program.
- Wow, that's kind of wrong. - You comment between giggles. And Wanda laughs lightly, turning the program's attention to you.
- What?
- The joke. - You clarify. - The way they imply that it's okay for boys to behave like that.
- Yeah, I know. - She agrees, turning her attention back to the screen. - But we're still laughing.
- Yeah. - You agree, laughing. - I guess it's okay as long as we don't find it funny in real life.
Wanda makes a noise of agreement with her mouth and then you are silent again. 
Two episodes later, Wanda suggests that you eat something. Then you go downstairs to the kitchen, and find the room empty. 
- Pietro had called the boys to play soccer. - She says. - And I think Pepper and Tony are in their room.
You nod in understanding, following her around the kitchen. Wanda starts preparing a snack for you two.
- What is it? - You ask as you observe her choice of ingredients. She smiles mischievously.
- My masterpiece. - She says. - Just trust me, you'll like it.
You laugh, nodding. When she warms the bread rolls, and starts to pour oregano on top you let out an exclamation.
- Wanda, are you sure you know what you're doing? 
She laughs, shaking her head slightly.
- Trust me on this. - She asks with a smile, starting to cut tomatoes. You cross your arms, not believing that you are actually going to eat that.
And then the sandwich is ready, and Wanda assumes a cheerful posture. She puts the bread on a plate and turns to you, leaving the object on the counter beside you.
You take a piece while she takes another, and together you taste the sandwich while Wanda looks at you expectantly.
It's surprisingly good, and you blink in amazement when you feel the taste, looking away from her to the food.
- Wow, that's good. - You comment before taking another bite. Wanda smiles.
- Really? I'm glad you like it. Vision doesn't like it very much, he says it tastes strange.
You grumble lightly, continuing to eat. Wanda pours you two some soda. You are silent for a moment and when she leaves the phone on the countertop to wash the dishes, your gaze runs quickly across the screen as you reach for your glass.
- Hey, are you into poetry? - you ask as you look at the open Instagram post.
Wanda smiles, nodding.
- That's cool, I think we follow the same page. - You comment quickly pointing to her unlocked cell phone. Wanda looks surprised.
When she finishes washing the dishes, she asks to borrow your cell phone. You spend the next thirty minutes laughing and joking as you compare your Instagram feeds and follower list. You don't want to overthink on how many common interests you have with Wanda.
On the penultimate day you want to build a snowman.
There is a Hockey game on TV, and everyone seems excited to watch. So you just walk out of the cabin while Tony hands out snacks and drinks to everyone.
You are just finishing assembling the body when you hear footsteps.
- You are very antisocial. - Wanda jokes as she approaches, hands in her pockets. You don't want to think about how adorable she looks.
- Yeah, I know. - You comment with your attention on the snowman. - It's not your friends' fault, by the way, I'm just not a big sports fan.
- All right, I don't see what's so funny about it either. - She says as she stops beside you. - Can I help you with him?
- Let me see your hands. - You ask, and she looks at you in confusion, taking her hands out of her pockets. You deny it. - No gloves, no playing. I don't want you to get hypothermia.
She laughs lightly, putting her hands back in her pockets. You turn your attention back to the snowman.
- We can go for a walk. - You suggest after a moment. - Since we're not going to watch the game.
Wanda smiles, looking away to the cabin.
- Okay.
You finish your snowman in silence. It's decent you think.
- I used to do it all the time. - You tell her as you stand up, putting your hands in your pockets. Wanda looks at you curiously. - But then I grew up and my parents thought it was a kid thing.
- Yeah, I know how that is. - She agrees as you stare at the snowman. - One birthday is all it takes for the treatment to change completely.
You nod in agreement, and then you look at her, signaling for you to go the other way.
You walk side by side in the opposite direction of the cabin.
After spending the whole way talking about the most random subjects, you end up at a small pier, at the edge of the lake that covers the entire back stretch of the cabin. You and Wanda sit side by side on the wood cross-legged.
- We should have brought something hot to drink. - You comment with a smile, hugging your arms for a moment. Wanda nods.
- So, are you enjoying the trip? - Wanda asks and you look away, smiling at the lake.
- I suppose so.
- You suppose? - She replies with amusement, making you laugh.
You clear your throat before speaking again.
- I enjoyed the time I spent with you. - You confess, looking forward. Wanda wiggles her fingers nervously, looking away from you to face the lake as well. - Don't get me wrong, Wanda. Your friends are... nice I guess. But they're not the reason I'm here.
You look at Wanda, and she nods frantically. Your heart is racing, but playing games isn't exactly your thing. You want to know what's going on.
- And you? - you ask, studying her face. - Did you enjoy the time I was here?
- Yes. - Wanda confesses breathlessly, her face flushing slightly. 
Swallowing hard, you look away to the lake again. And then you slowly move your hand against the wood, reaching for Wanda's hand next. You give it enough time for her to move away, or to strike you, and she does neither. Feeling your heart soar, you intertwine your hands, holding back a sigh at how good it feels even when wearing gloves.
Several minutes later, you let out an excited exclamation when you hear a noise in the nearby forest. Turning your head, you confirm your suspicions. A small white fox is looking at you curiously. 
You help Wanda to get up quietly and slowly so as not to startle the animal.
- Hey. - You say softly to the animal, walking towards it. The fox looks at you wide-eyed, but your posture doesn't frighten him. You smile when he lets you pet him.
- He is so cute. - Wanda comments softly, kneeling down beside you. The fox lies down on the grass as the redhead strokes his head.
He tires of the attention quickly however, and the next moment he gives you a look before running back into the forest. You and Wanda laugh lightly as you two stand up.
You walk back to the cabin in silence, a tension in the air that makes your stomach turn. You don't hold hands, but you walk very close together. 
When you are almost to the cabin area, you stand in front of Wanda, pushing her by the waist against a tree. You both sigh breathlessly, but you lose the courage. It's not right, not yet. Resting your forehead on hers, resisting the urge to kiss her, you close your eyes.
- Leave him. - You say and Wanda squeezes her hands in your arms.
Wanda lets out a sigh, closing her eyes like you did, and your faces come closer together.
- I won't share you, Wanda. - You whisper against her lips. - Either you're with me, or you're not.
Resisting the urge to close the distance, you sigh and turn away. Wanda's pupils are dilated as she looks at you. You lock your jaw, putting your hands in your pockets. And then you turn around, and disguise it nicely when Pepper comes out of the cabin, asking where you were, and you just smile and say you went for a walk.
Vision and Wanda argue on the last day at the cabin. 
You frown as your awakened by the volume of the argument. But you decide not to pry, and when Pepper signals for you to join her on her morning walk, you agree.
- You know, you are surprisingly nice. - She comments as you two take a break for some water.
- Thanks, I guess. - You mumble, and she laughs.
- What I mean is that nerds are usually know-it-all types and not at all sociable. - She explains. - You're quiet, but you're fun.
- Who says I'm not a know-it-all. - You retort with amusement, and Pepper laughs as you walk back.
- I'm just saying that it turned out to be nice to invite you over despite everything.
- Despite everything what?
Pepper laughs awkwardly, shaking her head.
- The differences between our groups I say. - She quickly clarifies. You don't perceive the lie. - Maybe there is a chance for us to remain friends after here.
- Why wouldn't we? - you ask confused. Pepper seems to be talking as if it is impossible for you to continue talking to each other after the trip is over, and you don't understand why.
Pepper blinks in embarrassment, and then pats your arm, hurrying her steps.
- It's nothing, I'm just overthinking it. - she says. - I'm sure it will all work out.
You don't ask any more questions because she's walking too fast, and exercise isn't really your thing. You're struggling to keep up.
After your walk with Pepper, you agreed to let Steve teach you how to play a bit of hockey. And then you all had lunch together, and Wanda avoided all your attempts to start a conversation with her. You figured she was upset with her boyfriend, so you didn't press her.
Later in the afternoon, after you played snowball wars with everyone, and perhaps laughed more than appropriate when Wanda kept hitting Vision in the face, Steve made a fire in the backyard area and everyone gathered around.
- Let's tell some horror stories, please? - Pietro asked as he sat down, and Tony slapped him on the head, laughing. 
- You are such a baby. - he sneered, holding out a bottle of whiskey to Steve. You rolled your eyes, impatient with Stark's annoying mania for proving his maturity.
Then he began to share sex stories, and the group seemed happy to join in. The bottle swirled around, and you let it pass you by without taking a sip. It stopped at Wanda, and she drank much more than anyone else.
- And you, Y/N, don't you have any sinful stories to share with the group? - teased Tony ironically, and you rolled your eyes.
- I prefer to be silent.
Tony laughed at her hostility.
- Now all that's left is for you to say you're a virgin! - he sneered, causing the group to laugh. You exchanged a quick glance with Wanda, who didn't even seem to be listening, the whiskey bottle still in her hands.
- I'm not, but if I were that wouldn't be your business - You retort impatiently. Tony whistles impressed.
- Tell us how it was! - he asks excitedly. - I bet it was Jessica Jones who fucked the weirdo!
You stand up abruptly as the group laughs.
- You're drunk, and you're talking shit. - you say angrily. - But if you ever annoy me again, I will punch you right in the face!
Tony seems slightly impressed by your attitude, but he is clearly drunk so he shrugs his shoulders. You then leave, returning to your room.
Non-Reader Povs
- What is your problem? - Pietro complained as soon as Y/N entered the cabin. Tony blinked surprised and alcoholic.
- It was just a joke, it's not my fault she's weird. - He retorted with a wry laugh.
Pietro let out an irritated exclamation.
- You know what? - He spoke angrily, looking at everyone. - What we're doing is wrong.
- What was that? - Vision sneered, but Pietro looked at him seriously.
- You heard me. - he said, getting up. - She's a nice girl and she's been fun to be with. That bet was stupid.
The teens exchange guilty glances, but then Tony and Vision are laughing.
- One hickey and you're in love, Maximoff? - Vision sneered and stood up, as Pietro clenched his jaw. 
- You're an asshole. 
- Oh, I'm an asshole? - Vision retorted ironically. - This little scene of yours is absurd, treating your friends as if we were the villains of the story. - he says laughing. - The girl is a weirdo who must be absolutely fascinated that people like us even talk to her!
Pietro looks at him impatiently, but Vision does not lose his debauched posture.
- Shut up. - Wanda's drunken speech startles the group. Vision turns to her in surprise, but then he laughs.
- That's excellent. - He says. - Both Maximoffs teaming up against the group.
- You're full of shit. - Wanda exclaimed angrily, getting up, and Vision shook her head. - She's not...
- She's not what dear? - He interrupted. - You know I'm right. In fact, I bet if you go up to her room right now, you won't even need to ask twice and she'll fuck you.
- Vision! - Pietro exclaims angrily, but he stares only at the redhead, who has her jaw clenched.
- Everyone just wants to fuck you, Wandy. - He says. - There's nothing worthwhile beyond that.
Wanda holds back the tears in her eyes, bumping into Vision as she leaves, and the boy laughs, shouting between giggles that he was only joking, but the redhead doesn't turn around. 
- That was cruel. - Potts then said, and Vision let out a wry laugh.
- It was just a joke. - He says and sits back down. - You girls are so sentimental. 
Pietro then leaves, and Vision rolls his eyes. Steve and Sam exchange a look with Pepper.
- You can't really think it's okay to say something like that to your girlfriend. - Steve said annoyed. Vision laughs, incredulous at Steve's insinuation. - What is it, people? - he replies. - I just said she's hot, how is that a bad thing?
- You know, Pietro is right. - Steve said as he got up. - This whole story is absurd. - Steve, come on. - No, he is right. - Sam then agreed. And then Pepper stood up, exchanging a look with Tony. - Good, then. - Vision exclaims angrily. - Be my guests! I suppose you'll start hanging out with the school's weirdos on Monday then. You guys are a joke. Hypocrites. Vision grumbles before exiting angrily, walking towards the trail. The group exchanged a guilty look.
Reader Pov
You had just finished showering and putting on your pajamas when Wanda came into your room. You frowned in surprise, and let out an exclamation when she pushed you onto the bed and sat you on your lap.
- What are you doing? - you asked, and Wanda just grumbled, trying to unbutton your pajamas, but clearly too drunk to do so. - Wanda, stop. Wanda!
- That's what you want, isn't it? - She retorts with irritation, but her eyes are filled with tears. - Everyone wants to fuck the hot girl.
- Wanda, what are you talking about?
But then she's crying, falling against you. You let your arms go around her, trying to calm her down. She only stops crying when she falls asleep.
You don't know what has happened, but you feel your heart clench. Moving to the bed, you lay Wanda down on the mattress, then cover her with the blanket. 
When you consider going to sleep in the living room, she takes your hand and whispers "stay," and you obey her.
You wake up with Wanda entwined with you. It is warm and comforting, and you smile shyly at the sensation. 
The redhead starts to wake up next, grumbling as she buries her face in your neck, making you smile.
- We have to get up. - You whisper to her. - We're leaving.
- In a minute.
She says and it really only takes a moment for her to open her eyes, and be startled by the position. She awkwardly pulls away from your embrace, but still lies there. You turn on the bed to look at her, resting your face on your hand.
- I'm sorry about last night. - She says embarrassed, looking down.
- No problem. - You say. - But what was that about anyway?
Wanda sighs, running her hands through her hair as she stares at the ceiling, her back on the mattress.
- Vision told me some stupid things, and well, I believed him. - She says and you look at her curiously. With your silence, she clarifies. - It was just some comments he used to make about my body, okay? Things like, people are only interested in me because I'm hot.
You frown, surprised and annoyed. 
- That's bullshit.
Wanda looks at you, surprised that you said something. You look into her eyes as you speak again.
- Your boyfriend is an insecure scumbag who uses your body insecurities against you. It's sick. - You tell her seriously. - You, Wanda Maximoff, are completely passionate for a thousand reasons other than your looks. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
You smile at Wanda's surprised expression, letting your fingers wander across her features. 
- Do you really mean that? - she asks insecurely, and you give her a tender look.
- You're sweet. - You start, letting your fingers caress her cheek. - Smart and sincere. You have this different energy, like you never fit anywhere and you're absolutely magnetic. - You tell her. - And of course, you also laugh at my jokes, which suggests that you are as sarcastic and perceptive as I am. 
Wanda smiles and closes her eyes for a second, and then looks at you with almost guilt.
- Can I ask you a random question?
- Sure.
- If someone needed to apologize to you, what would be the best way?
- This is a very specific question, Wanda. Should I be concerned? - You retort with mild amusement, and Wanda quickly denies it.
- Come on, answer me. - She asks, and you giggle.
- I don't know, Wanda. - You say laughing, and roll your eyes slightly. - I guess it would depend on what the person did. - You explain, and Wanda looks at you with a frown. - What's that face, what would your answer be then?
- Food. - She says and you look at her with confusion. - The person would only have to buy me food and apologize and I would forgive them.
You let out a laugh, and Wanda follows. And then you assume a thoughtful posture.
- Honestly, I don't think if there is a right way. - You tell her. - I would like the person to be honest with me, and explain to me what happened. - You say, and Wanda nods with a serious expression. - That, or a really cheesy apology act.
- What? - Wanda asks with amusement.
- Yes, like in those old movies. - You clarify with a slight laugh. - If someone apologizes in the rain, or with a serenade at my window, I would probably forgive that person for the shame they are going through for me.
You and Wanda laugh and then your alarm clock starts to ring, signaling that it was already time for everyone to get up and go home. You sigh slightly.
As you sit up in bed, throwing your feet out, Wanda hugs your back, surprising you.
- Thank you. - She says against your ear. - Don't give up on me yet, okay?
You frown in confusion, laughing without understanding Wanda's seriousness. You squeeze your hands together, but then she lets go. 
- Is everything all right? - you ask as she turns around on the bed and stands up in front of you. Wanda swallows dryly, nodding. She smiles before she leaves, and you ignore the strange feeling that has settled on the pit of your stomach as you stand up toward the bathroom.
The way back to your house is strangely silent. It seems that all of Wanda's friends have changed their personalities overnight. Pietro gives you a quick hug across the shoulders as you get out of the car, and Wanda kisses your cheek. Vision doesn't look at you.
You call your friends as soon as you finish packing your things in your room. And everyone is extremely surprised when you share what has happened in the last few days.
When you return to school the next day, you are feeling excited. 
Your first class is Biology, which means that you would have some time alone with Wanda, and while you wait for the starting bell, sitting on the benches outside with your friends, Wanda's group passes you by. 
You frown as you notice Vision with his arm around Wanda, and she quickly looks away when she notices you watching. You clench your jaw at the childish attitude, and then you are getting up and walking toward the table they have chosen.
- Can I talk to you? - You ask the redhead directly, who seems to have trouble keeping her gaze on you. Her friends also look awkward, as if they are almost embarrassed, and none of them look at you for very long. Completely unlike Vision, who has a smug posture and a wry smile.
- Leave my girlfriend alone, freak. - He then says, and you blink in surprise.
- What is your problem? - You retort in irritation and Vision lets out a wry laugh.
- What is your problem? - He repeats, getting up and facing you. You don't hesitate, but you don't understand why everyone just stares at you. - What did you think was going to happen, huh? That you would start hanging out with the cool kids?
You look at him in confusion, and then he crosses his arms.
- I just want to talk to Wanda.
Vision laughed, looking mocking.
- You're so stupid. - He accused and you took a step back. - The bet is off girl, Wanda has nothing to say.
You blink in confusion, and the redhead is getting up, pulling on her boyfriend's forearm, but you look at them feeling your heart racing.
- What are you talking about?
Vision laughs, releasing Wanda's grip. You think she whispered "Please don't," but you are trying to understand what is going on.
- Oh, your dear friend didn't tell you? - he asks debauchedly. - We had a bet. I was sure you'd be completely obsessed with Wanda by the end of the holiday, and look at you! Here you are. I don't blame you though, Wanda is hot.
You choke in surprise, taking another step back. You risk a glance at the rest of the group, and they have their heads down, guilty looks on their faces. And then you look at Wanda, eyes watering as she clenches her fists. Feeling your heart break, and your stomach clench, you nod.
- Y/N, I can explain. - Wanda starts and you laugh, running your hands through your hair.
- I've always defended you. - You say, putting your hands in your pockets. - When people told me you were false and deceitful, I defended you. I really thought you were different from them.
- I....
- I can't believe I trusted you. - You say. - Never speak to me again, Wanda Maximoff.
You turned around walking away, ignoring the times the redhead called your name as you held back your tears. 
Your mother told the school that you were sick.
That's how you felt anyway.
It had been three days since you had left your room. Bruce, Monica and Natasha were sending you all the school content you were missing, and you struggled to keep your focus on that and not on the heartbreak that seemed to take over your whole body.
The weekend arrived again, and you decided to get some fresh air. You were on your balcony, sipping hot chocolate when Nat came into your yard.
- Hey, stranger. - She greets you with a smile, sitting down on the seat in front of you. You give her a sad smile.
- Hi, Nat. 
- How are you?
You shrug, and she sighs.
- It will pass, I promise. - She says and you drink some of your chocolate. - By the way, I'm suspended.
- What? - You ask in surprise, and she giggles, showing you the bandage on the fingers of her right hand.
- I punched Vision in the nose shortly after you left the cafeteria. - She tells you, and you widen your eyes in surprise. - I didn't say anything before because I didn't want you to feel guilty.
- Nat! - you exclaim, slightly upset, looking at her hand. - You didn't have to do that.
- I know. - she says with a slight laugh. - But you are my friend, and he is an idiot. You're a dork who doesn't have the strength to hurt a fly, but I have a feeling you'd do the same for me.
You laugh, nodding.
- I would probably get beat up in reality.
Nat laughs in agreement.
You are silent for a moment, until Nat speaks again.
- I hate to see you like this. - She comments, and you sigh, leaving the coffee mug on the table. 
- I hate feeling like this too. 
Nat sighs, opening her arms. You accept her invitation to hug her, and sit down next to her on the bench, letting her wrap you in a side hug.
- You'll come out of this, dear. - She starts to say as she strokes your hair. - Next year you'll be in college, with so many people wanting to get into your pants that you won't even remember who Wanda Maximoff was.
You laugh shyly.
- I hope you are right. - You grumble, closing your eyes.
- I always am.
You go back to school the following week.
Your body always seems to notice that Wanda is in the same room as you, even though she is meters away, but you learn to deal with the feeling.
You talked to the biology teacher on Monday morning. Apparently, the news quickly spread throughout the school, and she did not refuse to change your partner. 
It wasn't an ideal scenario knowing that everyone in the school was feeling sorry for you, but at least you wouldn't have to talk to Wanda in class.
And so two weeks passed.
You were almost getting used to the feeling as you walked towards the main building, after stopping by the library and returning the physics books you were using, when you heard a commotion in the courtyard.
There was already a circle of students around, and you were considering turning around, because fights are not really your thing, but you had a feeling you should check it out. 
As you slipped in among the students, you let out a surprised exclamation.
- Bruce! - You shouted as you threw the bag on the ground and lunged forward, but the boy who was fighting with your friend just turned around when you jumped at him, breaking free of your grip and laughing with irony and anger. He slapped you in the face that drew a surprised chorus from the crowd. You staggered back with the impact, feeling your face burn. But you stepped forward again, but he gave you a hard shove that knocked you to the ground. As you got up to go forward again, someone grabbed you around the waist. - Pietro, let me go! Help him!
You let out another exclamation when the boy punched Bruce in the face, but Pietro pushed you away from the fight, and Steve held you by the arms in the crowd. Pietro lunged at the boy next, while Bruce fell unconscious.
You broke free of Steve's grip and ran to your friend, and then there were teachers all around you, and you were all being led into the principal's office.
The counselor motioned for you to sit in one of the chairs to wait your turn, and you used this moment to send messages to your friends. Monica told you that she heard about the fight, but that she was in the history room when it happened. Natasha didn't answer, and when she appeared in front of you, you frowned.
- Nat, Bruce he...
- I know. - She interrupted seriously with an almost tearful expression. - He was fighting for me.
- For you? What?
Nat shook her head, looking toward the direction door.
- I told him not to get involved, but he is stubborn. - She says and then takes a deep breath. - That boy over there, his name is Clint. He's my ex. He... he hit me.
- Whoa, what?
- I know, it's too much to explain. - She says. - Me and Bruce, we... we've been going out for a few weeks now. And Clint wasn't happy when he found out. I told Bruce not to get involved but…
- Hey, Nat breathes. - You interrupt by seeing her eyes filled with tears. - This is not your fault.
You hug your friend, trying to calm her down. It doesn't take long for Monica to reach you two.
Soon the director calls you to give your side of the story, and you just tell him that you arrived in the middle of the fight. As you leave, the principal asks you to go to the infirmary and only then you remember that you were beaten.
You give up the idea of getting a bandage when you find Pietro and the group of friends, including Wanda, in the infirmary, but as soon as the nurse lays eyes on you, she pulls you in, sitting you down on one of the free beds.
She starts grumbling that the students have decided to behave like savages as she rushes over with the first aid kits to attend to all the students who were in the infirmary. You don't quite understand what happened, but it seemed that some kids had made a mess in the pesticide gardening class, so there were several students with red spots on their arms complaining of pain.
- It's okay, I can do it. - You tell the nurse as soon as she approaches you with the first aid kit. She looks at you suspiciously, but then a student at your back lets out a complaint and she sighs, handing the items to you as she leaves. You get up to look in the small mirror on the edge of the bed. There is a small cut on your cheek. That guy really hit hard.
While you were preparing the alcohol swab, Wanda walked over to you. You stared at her reflection in the mirror.
- I can help you with this. - She said about the bandage.
- I don't need your help. - You retorted harshly. Wanda looked at the floor. 
- I am sorry. 
You blinked in surprise, and turned away in irritation.
- No.  - You warned, and Wanda swallowed hard.  She looked at you, ready to start talking again, but then you shook your head. - Don't you dare.
- Please…
But you left right away, bumping into her shoulder.
Almost four weeks, and your chest still hurts just the same. 
You think the nurse has called you, but you keep walking towards the exit. 
When you reached the outer courtyard, you collapsed. 
Sitting on the floor, and trying to control your breathing and your crying, you were startled when someone touched your shoulders. Monica didn't ask questions, she just hugged you.
- I can't do it, Mon. - You said between sobs. - I love her so much it feels like I'm going to suffocate.
- Shh, it's okay. - Monica tried to calm you down as she ran her hands down your back.
- Why can't I move on? She hurt me, why can't I stop loving her? - you asked in desperation. Monica just kept calming you. 
- I know it feels like the end of the world now. - Monica says. - But I promise it will pass.
You cried for a few more minutes, trying to push or smother the pain away. It wasn't fair the way Wanda had your broken heart in her hand.
Bruce did not suffer any serious injuries.
You visited him in the infirmary as soon as he was released from the principal's office. He was worried about your swollen crying eyes, but you assured him that everything was fine.
And then he told you that he was in love with Natasha, and that Clint had been expelled. You shook his hand, saying that everything would be all right now. Soon Nat was in the room with you, hugging Bruce, while you went out with Monica to get something to eat.
The week passed quietly after this. 
Your friends started the "Moving on squad", and they did everything to keep you distracted and well cared for. It was sweet and caring, and it was enough to keep your feelings well under control.
A few days after that mess, you needed to buy tomato sauce for your mother and found Pietro Maximoff in the supermarket checkout line.
- Hey. - He greeted you politely. You felt your heart race at the possibility that he was with his sister. 
- Hi, Pietro. - You answered in the same tone.
You were checking around for signs of the redhead, but Pietro was alone. He said something about the prices, and you just grumbled in agreement, and then it was your turn.
In the parking lot, while you were unlocking your bike, he approached you again.
- I want to apologize to you. - He announced as he approached, and you let out a sigh.
- Look Pietro...
- No. - He interrupts with a quick smile. - I meant it. I'm really sorry. You're a nice girl, and we were idiots. 
You stare at him for a moment, then go back to picking the lock.
- Is that all?
- Yes. - He confirms with a wry smile. But when he turns around, you call out to him.
- I... Thank you for that day. - You say. - You pulled me out of the fight. I probably would have got hurt if... what I mean is... 
- It's all right.- He interrupts with a smile. - It was nothing. 
You nodded and he smiled, turning again and walking away. You finished unlocking the lock and got on your bike.
The next week you were surprised to find a box of chocolate in your closet.
Nat exchanged a mischievous look with you, and you rolled your eyes absentmindedly, opening the package. It didn't have a name on it, and only said "you are cute". 
- I can't believe you have a secret admirer. - Monica commented excitedly when you told her during lunch. Bruce and Natasha were sitting next to you, laughing lightly as they talked among themselves.
- Neither do I. - You comment with humor. - But the chocolates were good at least.
- I think it’s sweet. - She comments with a smile, and you shrug, blushing.
- It's weird. - You say with a slight laugh, and Monica squeezes your red cheeks lightly, saying that you're adorable, making you laugh. - Damn, I'm terrible at these things.
You start talking about the upcoming exams after that, and then the break ends.
It is in the last period of PE that you speak with Pietro again several days after you saw him last.
- Hey. - He greets you with an excited nod. You smile politely as you tie your shoelaces. 
- Hi. - You say as he joins you.
- Are you going to the game on Saturday? - he asks, causing you to frown. 
- I'm not...
- My god this guy never gives up. - He interrupts with a scowl, looking at something behind you. You turn your head to see what it is, and notice Vision talking to Wanda several feet ahead, near the bleachers. The redhead looks impatient, and you feel your heart ache just by looking directly at her. Shifting your gaze back to Pietro, you notice that he is still grimacing. - They've been broken up for over a month and he still keeps insisting.
You blink in surprise and Pietro looks back at you.
- They broke up?
- I thought you knew. - He quips, slightly surprised, and then shrugs his shoulders. - They broke up that day in the yard. Wanda slapped him in the face in front of the whole school, everyone talked about it for weeks.
- I'm not really into school gossip. - You comment and Pietro laughs.
- Of course not.
You stand up next, your gaze quickly shifting to Wanda, but you disguise it by looking at Pietro, who has an expectant expression on his face. Then you remember the question and let out an exclamation, running your hands through your hair.
- I'm not into sports, Pietro. - You tell him and he nods in understanding, looking upset. - But I like the food. And Natasha loves the games, so maybe I'll show up with my friends there.
Pietro lets out an excited exclamation, and gives you a pat on the shoulder, saying he hopes you can make it, before heading out onto the court. 
You ignore the nervous feeling in your stomach when your gaze meets Wanda's on the other side of the court, and you quickly turn away, starting to do your exercises for class.
You were slightly surprised by Natasha's outfit. She was covered head to toe in school colors, down to a commemorative hat and matching socks. You looked at her with a raised eyebrow, but she just smiled as she pulled you by the hand to Monica's truck.
- How is the story about the secret admirer going? - Nat asked as you sat in the back seat, and Monica drove to school and Bruce fiddled with the radio.
- I received flowers on Wednesday. - You tell with a smile. - And a collection of special gift vouchers.
- What are these? - She asked curiously, and Monica laughed lightly as you felt your cheeks flush.
- It's a special kind of ... eh ... vouchers for hugs, kisses, that sort of thing. - You mumbled clumsily and Natasha laughed.
- My goodness, look at your face! - She laughed. - You are loving how corny this is.
You grumbled with a hot face, turning your gaze to the window. Bruce chose a very good song next, and your friends started singing along. It didn't take long before you joined them.
The school stadium was quite crowded. Senior year games always had scouts from universities, so you weren't surprised by family members, and well-dressed strangers in the stands, as well as faculty. 
- Wow, Mom is going to have fun today. - Monica commented as two you walked to the bleachers. She was looking at her cell phone, and showed you a picture of two glasses of wine that Maria had sent her. - She has a date.
- Have you met them? - you asked curiously, and Monica made a noise with her mouth of agreement.
- She's from the Air Force. Very pretty and fun, and she treated me very well. - She told you with a smile. - I hope everything works out between them, Mom deserves to be happy.
You nod in agreement and then you find empty chairs. Bruce and Natasha join you many moments later, carrying the food. 
- Yay, fries. - Monica says excitedly as Natasha distributes the food among you.
The band then enters the stadium. And the crowd seems excited, you and Monica laugh at Natasha's excitement.
As soon as the band makes their formation, the cheerleaders enter the field and the crowd cheers. You try not to look at Wanda so immediately, but that is exactly what you do. When they are all in the center, and finish the performance with lots of applause, the director gets up on the stage and starts announcing the game.
- And without further ado, West View High let's...
The principal is interrupted abruptly by one of the students. You and the audience watch intently as Pepper nudges the principal on the shoulder, and he turns around confused and surprised. She smiles innocently as she quickly takes the microphone from his hand.
- We had a slight change of plans, West View. - she announces, smiling. And then the band is moving on, and you recognize the music quickly. It was an old rock song. The audience sings along excitedly, surprised and in shock, but still happy with the music. 
As the music plays, Pepper turns back to the director, and they discuss something. He lets out a sigh and shakes his head, and she gives an excited little jump, and then is joining the cheering team again.
When the song ends, it is not Pepper who comes up to the podium with the microphone, but Wanda, which generates a lot of comments from the audience.
- Is that? - Natasha starts and you feel your stomach turn.
- Yep.
- Hello West View. - Wanda begins looking nervous, the audience looks at her in anticipation. - Many of you must think me a complete bitch after the rumors that surfaced a few weeks ago.
- Oh my God. - You mumble clumsily, feeling the stares of some people on you. 
- I think I should explain what happened. - Wanda says tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, and ignoring the comments from the audience, she continues talking. - My ex-boyfriend and my best friends decided to make a bet. - She explains, and you clench your jaw. - He bet my friends that if I gave even the slightest bit of attention to our colleague, Y/N Y/L/N, she would become obsessed with me in one weekend. - The audience seems shocked by the confessions, but Wanda was looking at you. - The funny thing is, it was the exact opposite. Y/N is this amazing girl, sweet and caring, and I can't stop thinking about her. It must be because I am completely in love with her. - She confessed, and you felt your eyes fill with tears. - But I blew it. I was mean and cruel, and I'm sorry. I'm here to apologize to you Y/N, and you don't even have to forgive me. I just wanted you to know.
The audience erupted in murmurs at the confession, and you were in shock to react. Wanda was also teary-eyed. 
A mixture of "forgive her" and " start the game" and various other comments began to grow louder, and then Director Fury was approaching Wanda, and asking for the microphone back. She took one last look at you, before bowing her head and walking off the field. The audience let out a mixed chorus of celebration and sadness, and then Monica was pushing you slightly, and you waved frantically as you hurried to catch up to Wanda.
- I can't believe you did that! - You shout at her as soon as you reach her in the gymnasium hallway, the noise of the game starting muffled by the distance.
Wanda turns around in surprise, wiping away tears.
- I just...
- When I said the perfect apology would be like a cliché, I can't believe you took it seriously. - You comment as you approach laughing lightly. Wanda looks surprised at your friendly posture. - You are such a dork.
And then you kiss her as you bring your hands to her waist, and she sighs in astonishment, but responds the next second, trembling as your tongues touch. 
You push her against the wall of the hallway, and she slips her arms around your shoulders, melting into the kiss. You separate your mouths for breath.
- I'm sorry. - She asks again with her eyes closed. - I'm really sorry.
- I know. - You agree breathlessly. - Just... don't ever do anything like that again. 
She nods in agreement, kissing you again. It's delicious the way your tongues feel together, making your head spin. You are blushing because Wanda is sighing and making a warm tightness rise in the pit of your stomach.
- I love you too, Wands. - You confess against her lips and she opens her eyes in surprise, you look at her with a smile. - I guess ever since you laughed at my joke in biology class.
Wanda lets out a short laugh, her eyes sparkling with joy.
- I love you. - She answers by kissing you quickly. - I love you. - She repeats and starts depositing kisses all over your face, making you laugh. She repeats and repeats until you kiss her again, intensely this time.
You stay like this for several minutes. Exchanging not-so-innocent kisses against the gymnasium wall. Until the first half of the game is over, and you hear the sound of the players returning to the locker room, and then Pietro is reaching for you, making a false threatening posture when he notices your swollen lips, and Wanda's lipstick on your face.
- Please get a room. - He then jokes, continuing on his way to the locker room. 
You and Wanda agree to leave the stadium, wanting to enjoy some time together without the stares of the audience on you.
You two end up in the back of Monica's truck, staring up at the stars, your hands entwined.
- So it was you who sent the presents. - You conclude by looking at Wanda quickly, to catch her blushing cheeks.
- I was trying to find a way to talk to you. - She explained, turning to you, releasing her hand only to stroke your cheek. - That's why I made the voucher “worth a conversation”.
You laughed lightly, looking at her fondly.
- I liked the kiss coupon. - You say with amusement and she raises her eyebrow, smiling. 
- Yeah? - She replies, bringing your faces together and stealing a lingering kiss from you.
- Best one.
Wanda laughs, pulling away a little. You swallow dryly, watching her carefully. 
- What happens now? - you ask, and Wanda looks into your eyes.
- I don't know. - She says. - But I hope we'll be together in the end.
You smile, nodding. 
- We will. - You assure her before adjusting your position to embrace her. Wanda snuggles against you, enjoying your warmth.
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kkusuka · 7 months ago
(i had to repost lol- it wasn’t showing up on my page)
this the request: part 3 of thiccy gf hcs ??? with kuroo, terushima, sakusa, and daichi and/or atsumu 🥺👉🏽👈🏽 i must be fed
i understand your need for them
and as a member of the thunder-thigh committee, i am happy to write about my fellow sexy women! (another 4:56 am ramble i refuse to delete)
part one
part 2 <3
i mixed this with this ask ;  Pt. 3 of the thicc af gf with Aone, Osamu, Kyotani, Daichi, Kuguri, and Terushima plz? 🥺
this got wayyyyyyyyy long
4, 685 words. my finger slipped?
Tumblr media
Kuroo tetsuro
this guy has been trying to get you since first year
he’s that dedicated
and you didn’t even notice, he was just a flirty friend who helped you with science
(even when he would practically put you in his lap while he went over things)
lo and behold, he finally got his chance during the third year culture festival
yeah as in he waited a whole three years for this
Eh, once again, had a whole pan to make you see him as your great future husband, aka the haunted house (a good excuse to have you hold onto him)
He has to give it to class 2-4, the did a damn good job, it was scary
Long story short you fell on top of him, boobs in face hands-on ass
Mans actually asked you to be his girlfriend right there, groping you and murmuring between your boobs. (he wouldn't have gotten up if the next group wasn’t approaching.)
From then on he’d literally do anything for the ass
He’s a big simp and we all know it.
Like When you wear shorts he has to ‘pull them down’ aka feel you up while pulling the hem of your shorts down ever so slightly.
Or when he gets on a knee right behind you to ‘tie his shoe’, but the school shoes have no laces.
He could be a bit more creative and he wanted to look under your skirt.
When he wants to cut the bull shit he’ll just lift the back of your skirt and rub around for a but, to hell with all the other kids in the hallway.
(did I mention that he puts things on the highest shelves so he can walk up behind you and practically dry hump you.)
Speaking of simp nation
You can't really wear anything without setting him off
Shorts drive him absolutely nuts, it's insane. But it isn't his fault that most of your shorts are spandex that cut off right at the beginning of your thighs, it's like a homemade booty lifter. He just can’t help but wanting to cop a feel.
Or the color red in general. It is ridiculous, the guy rips everything when he tries to take it off too. So that stunning red cocktail dress with the lace-up sides was not unwearable, and you only had it on for like 2 hours. And that was only because it was a friend's 18th birthday party you were both invited to.
(thanks to kuroo not letting you out of his arms you both were late and left early.)
((in his defense you looked like a full course meal and it was giving him severe blue balls, and he’s only seen you for a few minutes))
Halloween, you know. the one night you could dress up as anything. any you decide to go as a cat-girl in a maid costume. And you expected him to just take that sitting down? Hell no. the red thigh highs AND the corset middle? You're lucky it lasted as long as it did.
That my dear was bravery. His color. A cat. And a short skirt. With thigh highs!
And so, he did what he did all those other times, dragged you to sit on his lap, and opening your thighs, and like a good girl you’ll let him
If you could already tell, he gives no shits to whos watching, let ‘em see (they really never do but you get the point)
He’s also a prime thigh groper, especially when he wants to keep your legs open, he also loves thigh hic
Tumblr media
Terushima Yuji
Another shower-offer
You were already he's so why can't he let everyone know?
Speaking of you being his, he doesn't tell people how you guys don’t together, with good reason considering you practically beat him up
Not really but that’s what he calls it, basically he tried to get with one of your friends at a party.
She just happens to not be interested in men and has a wonderful girlfriend, so she was uncomfortable but couldn't tell him to leave her alone
So you took fate into your own hands, literally, you stole Fate from class 3-2’s drink and poured it on him before slapping him and telling him about how he was a pig.
And he fell in love, you looked like an angel, a really hot angel, it didn't help you were in a white dress either
And from then on he literally once or twice, got on his knees for you, asking to give him a chance.
Honestly, it got annoying, so you just agreed to make it go away. It did, but you also gained a perv of a boyfriend who has an insatiable love for your lower half
He’s a simple creature, do take caution of his fragile being
So that means all those times you bend over in front of him he was slowly cracking and trying to figure out where the nearest storage closet is.
He thought he was having heart palpitations when he saw you in the damn dress again, apparently, he didn't see all of it. Specifically the v-neck top, and the fact it only went to the end of your ass. Needless to say, he made sure to walk behind you on every staircase that you went on
Another set off is yoga legging, like the lululemon ones, that people wear all the time. They fit you great, really really great. They were supposed to work out in them???? Why were they so skin-tight????? And he also figured out that you wore things because of them. Instant nut.
How you ask, simple.
One time he saw your underwear line through the pants and he pointed them out, they did make it seem like your ass was super soft so he saw his chance and took it.
So the next time you wore them and he didn't see the lines he was like ??????
And thus began the “Yuji hunt for lineless underwear” and he found the thongs
And you received the fucking of your life soon after.
Oh! And there’s any time you go to the beach. Literally every time.
No cap.
The first time was when you wore a red one-piece and he practically went feral. It wasn't really a one-piece if it was see-through and had the lowest neckline on the planet.
Everyone was looking at you.
He practically fucked you on the beach but held off until you got back to the hotel room.
He’s way more forward when he wants to fuck, if you could imagine. He’ll just walk up to you and tell you he wants to get some, like right now.
If you can even ignore him, he’ll throw an arm around your waist and grope around your legs, all the way to the apex.
It is also not below him to try and get you off while still wearing underwear that he will be taking after.
(i didn't say anything about his stash off orgasm ruined underwear? My bad.)
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Going beyond the fact he even has a girlfriend, y’know considering, but the fact that no one knew who you were until you showed up at nationals to cheer him on
(atsumu was even starting to think that you didn't exist and that poor kiyoomi just imagined you up, so can imagine his shock when you ran up to said boy after they won)
The whole dating thing wasn't the shocking part; it was the fact that you looked like you walked off of the Milan runway.
And you were wearing leggings and sakusa's jacket, all of a sudden everyone was interested in how that happened
It was a kind of a boring story, someone had spilled coffee in a shop that you both happen to be in
And he watched you offer the man the same disinfectant wipes that he uses!
And in the most sakusa way possible he followed you out of the shop and tried to talk to you.
An exchange of numbers and many awkward conversations (and boners) later, you were a couple.
Back to that hug, like the many others, he's let you have, it’s all just to feel how soft you were
But poor touch -starved sakusa doesn't know what to do with any of these pent up feelings.
And he has a loooooooot of them.
Multiple occasions have shaped the poor germ-boy into the horny-tornado he has become
so he’s not really into what you’re wearing, it’s more about what you’re doing
like when you wore the mask he bought you to one of his games, and you wore one of his alternate uniforms, but the kicker was how you stayed away from everyone and didn’t let a single person near you (or his shirt)
or when you helped him clean his dorm when he was doing his weekly deep clean
or when the two of you washed the dishes while trying to do one of those “try not to sing” challenges
(is it normal to get a boner when your girlfriend helps you clean? no?)
but, as much as he tries to remain emotionless on the subject, there are multiple exceptions to the “it’s not what she wears” whole thing
Like that violet puffy skirt, you wore to a study fate, the one with the white sweater? That one, the same one that he could see your panties, from anywhere he sat. and Every time you got up you would have to smooth it down to make the creases go down, but it was only ever really giving him a good idea about the shape of your ass.
(if he sees you in that skirt again he’s just going to fuck you in it)
The lesser-known horny-inducer, since he made you take it off within the first five minutes, was a dress! What kind of dress? A neon yellow see-through mesh dress. The bottom wasn’t what got him though, it was the fact that your white bra was clearly seen under the mesh top. Or maybe it was the way the skirt made your waist look super small, and how your hips looked so round and squeezable.
Yeah, no one else could experience you in that.
Not to sound like this, but sakusa is still averse to touch
That goes out the window when he wants to dance the devil's tango with you.
Mr. His way or no way shows up,  he does it every so slightly different
If it’s just the two of you, he’ll put a hand on your shoulder and he’ll push you to your knees. And he’ll pet your head and tell you what’s about to happen and advise you to listen like a good girl.
But in the instance you are in the presence of others, he’ll stand behind you and bring you super close to him, ass to dick. (maybe he’ll grind into you a bit, just to convince you to follow him) and he’ll throw a few words in about how much of a bitch in heat you are for getting turned on in front of all of these people.
It’s best to just do what he wants before he makes you cum in your underwear.
Tumblr media
Daichi Sawamura
oh my
you guys are the power thigh couple
powerful and defined mixed with soft and pillowy
In Fact, that’s literally how the two of you met, thanks to Tanaka and Nishinoya of course.
(let’s just pretend karasuno has a cheer squad, and you just happened to be the captain of said team)
So basically you were doing a favor for the student council, and you were supposed to ask how many third years, managers included, were on each team and each club in the school
Easy! Turns out not so much. You were still in your cheer practice uniform, which was the shortest spandex ever made, and a Karasuno school t-shirt that was ever so slightly too tight.
Anyway, you make it to the gym and open the door, and the little one, Yachi, saw you and literally screamed. (she was right by the door), and that alerted everyone else in the gym, which led to the bald boy and his short companion pushing you further into the gym.
But in the better sense, it did gain the attention of the captain! Just the exact moment he was in front of you someone pushed; your back and within a second, in some miracle like way, you both ended up on the floor and he ended up planked on top of you with a leg between your spread thighs.
Almost kissing nonetheless.
Then, like the gentleman he was, he got off and asked you if you alright and kneeled down and let you use his shoulder to try and stand back up.
You did get up, for a split second, Daichi still kneeling letting you use him as a step stool when a certain red-head was flung right into you and you went toppling forward.
Onto Daichi.
Onto Daichi's face.
Your thighs around his head.
His hands-on your ass.
Hand in his hair.  
He could sit there forever, you were frozen, everyone else was frozen.
You eventually climbed off and asked how many third years there were. But he just sat there, his hands hadn’t moved either, luckily Suga answered and you were on your way.
And Daichi still didn’t move, after that incident, you had begun to see him everywhere, and eventually, he just cut the shit and asked you out.
Daddy Daichi likes seeing you in literally anything from sweatshirts to lingerie.
His favorite was the brown buttoned pencil skirt and the white blouse, that you wore to a date. You were kind of overdressed for the ramen shop and after a walk, but he didn't even care. He was so thrown off by how turned on he was he couldn't speak in full sentences.
An example:
“Yeah, the food here is- boob, I-I mean great, not boob, great, yes, great.”
The second.
Was a bathrobe.
Can you see where I'm going with that? Simply you look hot.
His favorite part of the night was ripping it off of you.
And like the first time you met, he had his head in your thighs <3
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya
You met poor atsumu at a party.
He tried to shoot his shot, y’know he sees a cute lady he’s just gotta try and show you what you could be getting
he had it all planned, he was going to walk up behind you and run his hands over your delicious curves and ask you if you were in need of any help
he doesn’t take into account that a having a random guy just start groping you and pressing himself behind a girl was panic-inducing
so when he dropped your waist, you freaked out and may or may not have punched him in the dick
while he was in a. world of pain you age to figure out what the hell had just happened to you
then you noticed him on the floor, and when he noticed you looking at him he put this forced cocky smirk on and gave you a “how you doing”
You took pity on the poor creature and helped him up and got him some ice, then conversed with him for the majority of the rest of the night.
And he just hasn't left you alone since
(and, you learned this far later, that he went so far to tell Sakusa and Kageyama all about you and how amazing you are, and has even sent them- more than one- picture
But in other news, he’s very horny
So really all that means is he always has his hands on you
Like during practice breaks when you're allowed to come down and talk to him for a bit, give him some things, but it normally just consists of him sitting on the bench and you standing in front of him.
While his hands rest on your hips and his face is shoved into the valley between your breasts, and he just sits and listens to you as you brush a hand through his hair.
Or sometimes, if he had been having a rough time, he’ll just have his hands under your skirt and he’ll feel around for a bit while grumbling about how people cant hit his sets
But for being the possessive bastard he is, he sure likes letting you wear all those outfits
Like the booty shorts and tank top, you wore to bring them food during the summer training camp. That same camp that the two of you disappeared at and he came back looking like he had won the lottery.
Or the cute little red dress you wore to your anniversary date? The one that made him have a hard-on the entire time you were at dinner. He knows the waiter remembers, he also bets the waiter remembers seeing him fucking you in the car when his shift was over.
And that time you wore his jersey to bed and sent him a picture of it. It was such a good picture that he made it his lock screen for everyone to see.
He just likes looking at you tbh.
Tumblr media
Aone Takanobu
you guys didn’t meet in some weird perverted way, it was actually really cute!
Not to sound creepy but he knew that you were in the garden club because you sat right in front of him in class
And since he didn't talk to anyone else in that class he was just content with listening, and so there he was
Standing outside of the garden club door holding his withering basil plant. Lost.
Lucky for him you were walking down the hallway and greeted him, looking all pretty and cute
You did help him realize that he was overwatering the basil and within a few weeks, it was back to life!
From that first time on, he came to the club room with you twice a week and walked home with you, just listening to all the random plant facts that you had harbored in your mind.
Eventually, with the help of the team, he asked you out, and you hugged him and said yes, and that was the beginning of the “oh god, y/n is way softer than I thought”
So he really just tries to be near you or be touching you at all times  
(i am also a firm believer that he likes to slow dance to classical music in your living room)
Like during lunch periods when you sit next to him and the second you finish eating hell push you to lean against him
And he’ll rub small circles on your hips and give you small innocent gropes
Or how he hugs your waist when you're doing literally anything, and he puts his head on top of your head while swaying
I can also tell you that Aone is a good singer
So he hums to you (I'm uwuing over my own headcanon lol)
He also really likes just running his hands along your body, so he likes when you wear the one-piece dresses so he has smooth sailing down your body
As a man of little words, he clearly has a more physical approach to getting you on the horny train
What I am trying to get at is that more often than not he literally just picks you up and carries you away.
Of course, that leaves you to come back to whatever you were doing.
That is after the cuddles and after sex ‘conversations’ about the dumbest things
Basically, he likes to hear you talk and he really likes being near.
Tumblr media
Osamu Miya
He knew who you were
With a brother like atsumu, who never shuts up about you, it's hard not to
(Osamu is pretty sure atsumu had a picture of you next to his pillow. ew)
Anyway, the two of you just happened to share the same lunch block, and it also just happens to be the only period block that he was alone
No teammates and no especially close that he could hang out with
That meant he could either study or eat
Had he chose to eat, only to be met with the fact that atsumu had drained both of their lunch accounts for his flavor of the week
Poor baby stood there for a while just processing what was the worst news of his life
When you, a true angel among the evil, said that you would graciously pay for his food so that he didn't outlook so sad anymore
If he wasn’t holding an armful of onigiri he would have fallen on his knees and begged to whatever god was out there to let him keep you
But he settled for thanking you and spending the entire period with you, he even offered to share (for the first time in his life)
You complimented him on his flavor choice and he decided to keep you
He made sure to share his recipes with you and you tried to do the same
And somehow that evolved into you guys going on dates, much to atsumu’s distaste, and you guys were totally hitting it off
Osamu was your official biggest fan, he loved everything you do
But that means he wants to stay your biggest fan, and he knows that you’re pretty well known for boys thinking not so innocent things about you
Again being brothers with atsumu gave him this little sadistic streak
He lets you wear all of the revealing outfits and the bikinis, all for everyone to see
Everyone to see what belongs to him
Like at suna’s party he let you wear a black mini-skirt and a white off the shoulder long sleeved flowy shirt.
You looked good, and all the guys staring at you proved that point tenfold. Three guys had come up to you and tried to get you to go upstairs with them. And it was almost immediately shut down when they noticed the act you were sitting on your boyfriend.
Speaking of, he almost always has you in his lap.
Aww, cute! Not, he like grinding you down on him, that's also why he likes having you wear skirts, easy access to your ass, also a nice way to ensure that he could get more than a few gropes in when he wants
No, it's definitely the way he made you wear thigh highs to school one day and the shortest skirt you owned (like a school skirt) and walked behind you the entire day.
And he just reached behind you and lifted your skirt for the whole hallway to see, but mostly for him
He waists no time when he wants to fuck, he’ll just walk up to and open your legs while making out with either you or your neck.
And yes he has done that in front of atsumu
Who was warned to stay out of their room for a while.
Not to mention all those times he convince you to go to school with no underwear on just for the fun of it
(I didn't tell you this but those off the shoulder mini dresses drive him wild. On graduation day he pulled into a closet and had his way with you. I mean he did say that if you wore that dress he was going to do it, buuuuuut y’know….. yolo)
Tumblr media
Kyotani Kentaro
We all know he’s a fighter, which means he gets hurt a lot, which in turn makes him a frequent face in the nurse's office
And who happens to be the nurse's niece? You of course!
And right after school, when your aunt takes her break and leaves you to take care of the office alone
Right after school is also when Kyotani always comes in.
(it’s not like he knew that you would be there alone, and that meant that you had to deal with him and heal him up. And it also is not like he started the fight so he could come here and see you. No not that)
Who am I kidding it was like that.
It was totally like that.
Your hands were just so soft when they put the bandages on and you have to bend down to get the wrapping.
He had a crush, that's what iwaizumi said, and after googling what the symptoms of a crush were he was sure
So with the help of the third years, aka Oikawa just having Iwaizumi repeat what he wanted to say, they had a plan
And the next time he was in the office he asked if you wanted to see a movie with him, it was so cute and he looked so shy
It would have been perfect if after five seconds he tried to take it back, you still went on the date with him though
He was happy.
Angry boy likes hugs
And yes he does, no objections
So when he’s upset he’ll make these grabby hands at you and have you come over and stand with him
He shoves his chin on your shoulder and his hands squeezing your waist and you’ll rock back and forth until he calms down.
He’s also very aware of what you wear
Like how your skirt perfectly frames your legs. How the socks you wear make your legs look 10x longer, and make you look like you’re walking like a model.
Or the dark blue leggings you wore with his alternate jersey and you were cheering for him!
But nothing and I mean NOTHING gets him better than when you wear spandex shorts and one of his shirts. He goes feral every time.
This man is the CEO of picking you up and placing you on his lap, straddle style, and just going ham on you
Not to mention that sometimes when he’s really tired he’ll have you just sitting on his lap while he plays with your thighs
(he also likes playing with your waist and stomach, but he doesn't realize that he’s talking out loud so you can hear all of the “so soft”’s he lets out.
Tumblr media
You were one of Mika's close friends so you were always just kind of around
It was a little get together that Daishou threw that really made you two close
It was a weird drinking game of sorts, and it had these teams, and you were out as a pair!
Somehow throughout the game, you guys got side-tracked and just ended up talking to each other the rest of the night
Eventually, you were convinced to go on a double date and the rest was history
He didn't even pay attention to what you wore that much until he heard a few rando kids in the locker room talking about it.
And that’s when he started thinking about just who he was dating
He first realized how round your ass was. Is it normal to look that good in leggings? No one else has ever looked that good to him. With that came his obsession with just touching your butt. He just grabs it or he’ll stop you from walking and palm it. Or he’ll rub circles into it.
(it's cute how intrigued he is by your butt)
Then came his obsession with your thighs. Mostly the way that they spread out when you sit. He didn't even understand why they were just so mesmerizing. They were so squishy too. He likes how they look in his hands-
Lastly was the waist thing. You aren't even sure what it is. He just likes putting his hands on your waist. Like a prom picture. Sometimes he’ll squeeze or run his hands along your sides. But he’s mostly stationary.
He also has this habit of just opening your legs and laying on your stomach.
He is just so into how soft you are.
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uwuwriting · 11 months ago
Having a girl with an aesthetic w/ Shinsou, Aizawa and Bakugou
Request: Shinsou with an e-girl gf, Aizawa with a dark academia wife and Bakugou with an angelcore or cottagecore girl, please and thank you. - anonymous.
Yall, dark academia is my best friends’ and mine aesthetic and its so pleazing. Like god damn. Angelcore is amazing so soft and uwu. Do I even have to say anything fir e-girls? No, I would just do them an injustice. Love ya and sorry for the inactivity. 
warnings: none I think. 
Shinsou Hitoshi 
Tumblr media
-Yall match. 
-Like he wears dark brooding colors, mainly shades of purple to match his hair and maybe some greens while you on the other hand always have a black and red combo or some sort of stripped item of clothing. 
-You share beanies. 
-It has become an unspoken rule that you two will always go for beanie shopping every october. 
-Your style kinda changes according to the month. 
-Like during september you wearing mainly greys to match your sour mood bc school, during october since its spooky season you wear oranges and purples matching your boyfriend perfectly while January and December are red months. 
-Those are his favorite. 
-Red brings out the color of your lips making you look even more fearsome and badass, turning him on in the process. 
-Yes I said it, Shinsou will beg for red lipstick. 
-He’s semi worried for your hair. 
-You keep changing it and he doesn’t mind when you cut it, oh no he finds your bangs or pixie cut adorable. 
-He is worried when you change colors like you chnage clothes. 
-He liked all your phases. 
-The skank stripe and half-half ones  being his favorites but he will ask you to tone it down a bit give your hair some time to rest and regain their strength. 
-Yall paint your nails. 
-You will spend endless hours in his room just painting each others nails and doing face masks. 
-It brings out his edgy lord side, the nail polish. 
-As if the dark circles and that constant ominous look on his face doesn’t do it. 
-But you love it. 
-He looks so content when you two are just sitting there listening to trash rap songs and taking care of each other. 
-He loves it when you wear skirts with thigh highs. 
-Actually you can’t wear those anymore bc once he sees you you can’t really walk anywhere afterwards....
-He is all about your chains and chokers. 
-Like give him some he is jealous. 
-Baby really be thriving while dawning those fake silver chains. 
-If you are interested in more intracate make up he loves being your test subject and just lets you transform his face into whatever deity you want. 
-Tends to scroll through your tik tok because its full of witch toks and very very interesting cosplays and makeup stuff. 
-Somehow he found himself into anti trump tik tok and he cant get out..... then his fyp shifted to draco tok and he just gave up. 
- “Are you cheating on me with Draco Malfoy?”
- “Baby-”
- “Because I don’t blame you.” 
-Deadass has a whole folder on his laptop with couples outfits he wants to recreate at some point. 
-He’s just so wholesome. 
Aizawa Shouta 
Tumblr media
-He really can’t understand how he managed to get such a fashion icon of a wife. 
-I mean have you seen the way this man dresses? 
-Head empty just Aizawa with pink sweatpants.
-Yeah so he really doesn’t get it how he managed that but he isn’t complaining. 
-I mean have you seen the dark academia aesthitic. 
-It gives Maraurders vibes and we stan. 
-He loves it when you wear long coats and those scarfs.
-They make you look like such a lady and so sophisticated and he lives for it. 
-He really likes the plaid skirts and pants, makes him think that he is living with an English lady or maybe a philosophy teacher. 
-Have I mentioned how much he adores your vintage book obsession?
-Going to old bookstores together and just browsing through the poetry books or the fantsy novels has become one of his favorite past times. 
-He tries to somewhat keep up with you but he struggles. 
-He really has no fashion sense but he wants to try for you. 
- “Honey you don’t have to dress up for me! I love you just the way you are.” 
-He loves you so much like omggggg!!!!
-Rainy days have become book dates where you just snuggle up together on the couch in a large fluffy brown blanket and you both have a book in your hands reading away. 
-He loves the little expressions you make when you are reading something interesting or staright up crazy. 
-He bought you your very own round -Harry-Potter-style glasses for your birthday. 
-You had been going on and on for some months now about how you wanted to go and buy a pair but you never got around to it. 
-Being a teacher at UA and a hero is kinda hard and a busy job so we get you. 
-You were so excited when he gave them to you. 
-Um for Halloween you two went as James Potter and Sirius Black. 
-He has the hair, okay maybe he is lacking that care free and cocky attitude but visually he does a good job.
-Seeing him in that suit oh boy. 
-Really your realationship is just full of Harry Potter references since you are kinda obsessed with that Era, especially the Marauders. 
-Hizashi is lowkey jealous because he could never get AIzawa to dress nicely. 
-You are special though!!
-You are the wife
-He does what you tell him to in reality. 
-He’s kinda wrapped around your finger. 
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
-He gets flustered so easily.
-Like your aesthetic is so soft and angelic and compared to him people think you have a corruption kink. 
-He kinda feels bad bc when you dress like something god sent it because painfully clear how opposites you are. 
-He sees his rough edges and rude behavior more than usual and he may become self concious. 
-You will have to reassure him and remind him that this is a facade and that he knows your true evil nature. 
-You are a true menace.
-ANyone trying to fuck with your friends or your boyfriend? 
-They are getting round house kicked and yeeted out a window. 
-Back to your aesthetic. 
-Whenever he seas something pastel or colorful he wants to immediately buy it. 
-Especially pastel stuff.
-Pastel is your whole thing. 
-Pastel pinks, blues, purples, and greens. 
-He will buy anything, from a headband to a purse to a very very cute plaid skirt. 
-Kirishima and Denki are always so confused when he comes back to the common room with a few bags from womens’ clothing stores. 
-He never answers their questions of course. 
-He likes watching you make mood boards and create matching outfits. 
-Trying clothes in fornt of him is a must, a small fashion show taking place in your room every Friday night. 
-He likes to believe that you truly are an angel. 
-Your aesthetic is a combination of angelcore and cottage core so your room is split into two sides.
-One side full of plants while the other had pastel mood boards. 
-So pleasing. 
-You tried to shift him into your aesthetic once. 
-He looked so good in white and soft yellow but his mood was so so foul.
 -He had made you agree to never a) bring this up and b) try this again. 
-You have taken some photos though so not eveyrthing was lost. 
-You will never tell him that you have evidence of his cottage core moment. 
@iwaqchan​ @the-arcana-fan-fic​ @angelwritings​ @axerrri​ @reinyrei​ @dnarez-mangetsu​ @bemorefiction​
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murderslugs · 5 months ago
Getting To Know Them || Slasher x Reader Bf/Gf Scenarios Pt 2
Jason Voorhees
Tumblr media
When you woke, you were lying in a dim living room. The windows were boarded with thick, rotting oak planks and the doors were bolted shut. The only light left to illuminate the room was a small lamp on the old, rustic coffee table in front of you. Beneath you was a somewhat scratchy couch, clearly taken off of someone's front line with a paper labeled "free to take" on it, or from some dump. However, you were thankful that it at least wasn't the creaky wooden floor instead. You scratched at the rope around your wrists, loosened from being wriggled around and messed with.
You sat up and allowed your vision to re-adjust, and saw the same man in flannel and ski-mask in an arm-chair on the other side of the coffee table. He didn't seem to notice your awakening, or he at least didn't acknowledge it. He was reading a book with a maroon cover, and you couldn't make out the small copper-shaded title. You studied his movement. He was calm and showed little emotion in his body language, simply reading in peace.
In a split second, you decided to break the peace and silence. "Who are you?" The man put down the book in his lap, but only looked up at you for a moment, silent. You could see him think, then make a few hand gestures. You came to the realization that it was ASL, but you never really learned the language, despite your interest in it. You saw him take a deep breath and get up, grabbing a pen and a notebook off a table to the side. He slid the items onto the coffee table before you and slowly unbound your wrists. You wrote your question out again, "Who are you?" and slid it around for him to see. He read it, and wrote quickly, in slightly messy handwriting, "Jason. any more questions?" and slid the items back.
From here, you two went on for hours, listing out questions on the notebook and answering them for each other. You filled out pages and pages, ranging from basic questions to things like "what was your childhood like?" Certain things like that, he would pause and then write that he didn't want to talk about it. Through the night or day (due to the lack of natural light, it was hard to tell,) this game went on.
Michael Myers
Tumblr media
Though you tried your best and struggled and squirmed, the man who had taken you still had gotten you tied to a chair; where you sat with a belt tying your wrists to the wooden beams, thankfully with a cushion underneath your rear. You shut your eyes for a second and groaned, throwing your head back. You always thought of yourself as strong and independent, a fighter who didn't need help from anyone. Alas, this was one ass you couldn't kick, and you hated yourself for it.
Across the kitchen, the bright lights shined on the tiled floor, and a tea kettle whistled ceaselessly. The sound of running water stopped as the man who had taken you walked from the bathroom and into the kitchen. The man dried his hands on his pants and took the kettle off the burner, shutting the flames off. You observed him take two random mugs from the cabinets above, and place them on the white countertop. He carefully poured the tea into the two cups, and a light herbal smell filled the air. After a moment, you recognized the smell of hibiscus tea. This was a familiar smell, something your aunt made every morning when you spent the night at her house in the summers between school years.
The man walked over and brought the two cups with him. A low, slightly muffled, silky voice came from behind the mask as he slid a mug across the table to you. "Careful, it's scolding." The tall, built man walked across and unbuckled one of your arms from the chair for you to pick up the mug with. "Drink." He said, before taking a seat before you. This is when he slid the mask off, to reveal a face beneath that you never would have expected. Dark brown, shaggy, messy, wavy hair fell over his forehead, and he blew it out of his grey eyes. His face was scarred and his lips were chapped, but it somehow wasn't unappealing or revolting.
"What's your name? Who the fuck are you?" You asked, leaning as far as you could with your restraints still intact. The man pushed his hair back and sighed heavily, sipping the near boiling tea. "Michael. 24. Libra." He said in a monotone voice. You rolled your eyes. "This is an introduction to your victim, not The Dating Game." You told him harshly. "Well, is there something specific you wanna know? It's not like your giving me anything to go off of, sugar cube." 'Michael' replied with the same energy in return. "Fine. I'm (Y/N). What else is there to say?"
Carrie White
Tumblr media
Like the pale girl suggested, Carrie if you remembered correctly, you came back to the public library next Sunday, around noon. You had finished the book you had most recently checked out, so you had to return it anyways. Walking down the pavement, you saw here in a light sundress, walking up the few steps and into the library. You ran to catch up and followed her, careful not to startle the girl. As soon as you got inside, you carried yourself to just behind her, and tapped on her shoulder.
The girl turned around, and a look of confusion appeared on her features. "(Y/N). We met here last week? I suggested you check out Narnia." You reminded her, an eager smile painted on your face. A spark formed in her eyes, and she returned your smile. "Oh! Yes, yes, I remember. I'm sorry, my mind is awfully clouded lately." You assured her that it was alright, and you two went along.
The two of you walked down the aisles of bookshelves, and she looked for something new to try out. Maybe she would check out a cook-book and try a new recipe, or read up on WW1. Although, you DID notice that she avoided the religious aisle. However, you didn't comment on this, out of respect. You two checked out a few books, and on the paved outdoor steps, you stopped her. "Would you like to go for coffee or tea? Even a pastry? There's a little shop down the street, I'll buy. I'd just like to talk a bit.
Carrie obliged happily, and the two of you took your books and walked down to the small cafe. It had a dim, rustic theme, and brought peace to anyone who entered it's walls. There was a faint vanilla sent in the air, welcoming you two. For about an hour, Carrie sat down with you and talked about your life, your week, basic things. It was nice to get to know her. She seemed kind, and gentle. Everything about her was graceful, from the way she sipped her latte to the way she tucked her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. As you two finished up your chats, you grabbed your things and greeted each other farewell, agreeing to meet again next week.
Jennifer Check
Tumblr media
The pair of you had become half-decent lab partners over the last few weeks, but she didn't seem to be doing well with the subject. As a result, you decided that you would volunteer to tutor her in the subject after school. So, there you were, on your way to her house after school to hang out and help her study up on the subject and with the homework. It was a cloudy day, and you could tell that a storm was brewing in those clouds above your head. Because of this, you decided to walk a bit faster to avoid being soaked.
As you arrived at Jennifer's house, you knocked gently on the door. When you received no answer, you hesitantly knocked harder. Very suddenly, a slightly older woman answered the door, assumingly Jennifer's mom. The woman looked you up and down, then quickly turned to yell over her shoulder, "Jenny! Your new friend is here!" She then quickly invited you in and brought you a small tray of white-chocolate macadamia nut cookies, offering you to take one or two ((If you have an allergy to nuts, then M&M cookies.)) "I made these for you two while you were studying. There's also sodas in the fridge in case you need a drink." Jennifer's mom said joyfully, before scooping the strap of a purse onto her shoulder. "I'll be off now, I have a job interview to get to. Jen's room is upstairs, first door on the right. Have fun you two!" She informed you before heading out the door.
You walked up the stairs until you found an oak door, and knocked before coming in. "Uh, hi, it's (Y/N), I'm here to help you study..?" You said as you slowly walked in and shut the door behind you. Jennifer was standing, looking in the mirror and smearing concealer under her eyes. She sighed and looked over to you. "Sit on the bed. You know, I was gonna gut you like a fish and drink your blood like a Slurpee, but my mom seems to like you, and I don't think you're too bad. Shame, would have been a great opportunity." She said nonchalantly. As she turned to you, you saw that her face was pale and broken out in acne.
Your heart skipped a beat and the color drained from your face. "I'm sorry, w-what...?" You tried to gulp down the fear in your words. "I'm a succubus, idiot. Don't think that I didn't notice you staring at the blood on my shoes the first day we met. I feed on people's bodies and sexual energy so I can feel good and look good. But I've decided you're worth keeping around, so I'll save that for the next chump. So, shall we get to know each other?" She said calmly as she sat down beside you on the bed.
Billy Loomis
Tumblr media
You were home alone yet again, but this time it was mid day. You were watching horror movies out of boredom on your couch, when you got a call. You hesitantly answered, to hear a familiar voice on the other side of the phone. "I'm here, come let me in." You carried the phone with you. You figured one of your friends had stopped by to say hi, and their voice just sounded messed up due to shitty reception. You went to your front door, and looked through the peephole to see someone in a shitty costume, probably from Walmart, as it was October, and stores were starting to sell Halloween costumes and decorations. You hung up the phone and stuck it in your pocket, opening the door slightly with the chain lock still intact.
"Cut it out, prankster. That's not a very creepy costume. Ooo! I'm so scared!! Listen, I've seen the original Japanese film The Ring a million times, I'm not too scared of much." You heard the person sigh and push the door forward aggressively, breaking the lock. You jumped back in shock. "Hey! You're paying for that, asshole!" You yelled only for a quick response. "No, I don't think I will, beautiful. The man said, taking off his mask. To your shock, it was someone that you went to school with, Billy Loomis. You remember him graduating just the year before you, and were a bit shocked at his sudden appearance. You two had talked a bit, and you could consider yourselves acquaintances, but never really close friends.
Billy took a step forward, and in turn, you took one back. He put his hands up, showing he had no weapons in his hands. "Look, I'm not gonna hurt, that's not what I came to do. I just want to...get to know you. Look, you can pat me down, if you really feel the need. I don't have any weapons on me." You lowered your defenses a bit, but still kept them up. "Why would you want to know me so bad?" You asked hesitantly. "Well, I looked through your window and realized I'd found you again. And I wanted to get to know the pretty (girl/boy/person) I used to look at in the hallways every day." He said in a smooth tone. And that's where your night started.
Thomas Hewitt
Tumblr media
It was a lovely Texas summer day. A warm breeze carried through the semi-tall grass in the fields, and the smell of fresh bread filled the small wooden house. On this fine afternoon, you happened to be listening to some old music, from the 50s-60s, and baking. When you least expected it, you heard a loud knock on the door. You figured it might have been one of your new neighbors looking to get to know you, or ask to borrow something. You strolled to the door and opened it, to see a rather large man in a butcher's apron, curly dark hair, and a rather scarred face on the other side. Though he had somewhat of a threatening aura, you knew that there was more behind his appearance.
You saw him open his mouth, but then stop and think for a moment. He hesitantly put his hands up and made a few broken and hand signals. You realized quickly that it was sign language, as you had an uncle growing up that happened to be deaf, so you learned it so that you two could talk. "I'm not deaf, I just don't like to speak." You watched him sign apprehensively, and responded allowed. "That's okay, hun. What can I do for you?" You asked, and he thought for a moment. "Do you have some salt I can use? Papa shot a..." He stopped for a moment, then looked back up to meet your eyes. "Papa shot a deer, and we ran out of salt to dry out the hide and season the meat." He asked, and you replied. "Of course! Come right in, I keep a few bags in the cupboard, I have a half-full one you can take home." You told him as you allowed him to come in and shut the door behind him.
Your bread sat warm in the window-sill, cooling down. As you handed him the salt, he pointed over to it. "Oh, do you want a piece?" He nodded aggressively, and you smiled. You grabbed the metal baking sheet and put it on the counter, slicing a few pieces. "Here, you can have more than one. I make it all the time, and it's just me here to eat it anyways." You told him. "Would you like to sit down and chat for a moment? I can make you tea or coffee too if you like? You can tell me about yourself. That is, if you don't have to be home right quick." The man nodded again, and set the salt down on the counter. "My name's Thomas. I'd like some...Peppermint tea, if you have it." The man signed to you, his guard down as he clearly felt welcomed in the household. "Okay, Thomas, right on it." You smiled warmly and handed him a thick slice of warm bread with butter and mulberry jam smeared over the top. "Take a seat, dear."
~Author's Note~
Hi guys, I'm so sorry it took so long to get this second part out :( I've just been really stressed and not in a great mental place, plus the factor of writer's block and being scared to burn myself out. But thank you for those who have stayed through the hiatus to continue reading!! Please comment below if you have any character or scenario requests. Goodbye for now, loves!
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jazzelsaur · 18 days ago
Between the Raindrops - Ch. 7.3
I'll Take You On
Tumblr media
Moodboard by yours truly.
Pairing: Frankie Morales x Ellie Harper (Fem!Widow OFC/Reader POV). This entire chapter is from Frankie’s POV.
Summary: While spending time with Ellie, Frankie gets a phone call he can't ignore.
Chapter title from the Howie Day song of the same name.
Word Count: 5K on the nose. I don't even fucking know how it turned into a mini-beast.
Rating: T? | Some language, some heavy feelings. My blog is and always will be 18+ only!
Warnings: Talk of divorce, mentions of grief, a little angsty (come on just expect that with me at this point) some heavy reflections on Frankie's part. Distant mentions of food, alcohol. I think that's everything but smack me around if I've missed something.
Join my taglist HERE
A/N: This is the final installment of the "chapter” 7 triplets. Frankie does some more reflecting and shows some of his growth.
Next, Ellie will get her own set of three chapters 😉
Your likes, comments, reblogs, and DMs about this series (or anything, really!) are always welcome and appreciated, more than you know. 😊
As a general rule, Frankie doesn’t speak ill of his ex-wife. He doesn’t want to be one of those embittered ex-husbands, calling his ex-wife a bitch (because she’s not) or placing all the blame of their failed marriage on her (because he certainly carries the lion’s share of it).
If he were to allow himself just one thing to complain about, it would be her timing. He thinks it’s only fair, given she always had the worst timing even when they were married, so it makes sense that it would carry over into their divorce.
He’d been listening to Ellie talk animatedly about her Halloween plans over dinner - how she was going to go over to Nadia’s and hand out candy. How excited she was to see little Noah in his costume. How she feels like a bad friend because she knows she doesn’t see her best friend as much as she should.
Frankie’s about to soothe her when he feels it - the vibration of his phone in his pocket. He fishes it out, glancing at the name across the screen, and does a double-take when it reads Ness. He curses himself for never changing the affectionate nickname he’d given her all those years ago back to something more formal, something that better represented both the physical and the emotional distance between them now. He taps ignore and sets his phone down on the table, face up. He watches it go to voicemail.
Ellie’s stream of excited speech pauses when she notices his attention has been side-tracked, and he darts his eyes back to hers.
“Sorry, it’s not important.” He explains, waving off the phone with a flick of his wrist. “What’s Noah’s costume?” He asks, trying to help Ellie pick up where she left off. She lights up with a grin, about to answer, when his fucking phone starts vibrating on the table, cutting her off.
It’s Ness’ name, again. He grits his teeth. Ellie’s brows weave together.
“Seems like it might be important.” She offers, picking up her water glass for a drink. This time, Frankie sends the call to voicemail immediately.
“It’s not. It’s just my ex-wife, Vanessa. I’m not sure what she could need at this hour.” There’s an awkward beat, and Ellie sets her glass back down, her mind processing his words.
“I didn’t know you two stayed in touch.” She says, in a tone he has slowly learned she uses when she’s trying to carefully pull more information out of someone without making them feel pressured. He knows she’s just following her natural penchant for curiosity; she’s actually broaching the subject with far more tact than any of his friends or family ever have. Nevertheless, it sets him on guard a little because he’s spent the last year and a half feeling interrogated on all things divorce, and he knows Ellie is observant. She hardly misses a thing.
“A little here and there. We haven’t spoken in months, though.” He holds Ellie’s gaze, trying to gauge her next question, but her face remains open and neutral. She’s giving him the space to say more if he wants.
“Does that… bother you?” He asks, nearly embarrassed by how meek it sounds when he says it. Ellie shakes her head, her eyebrows shooting up toward her hairline in surprise.
“No, not at all. It’s none of my business.” She answers, reaching for the water pitcher to refill both of their glasses. His phone lights up again, this time with a text. He can read it without unlocking his phone.
Ellie sees it, too, because he watches her ever-curious eyes dart to his phone screen while she stands up to clear the empty dinner dishes.
Frank. Please call me.
He gnashes his teeth again. He’s starting to think that maybe Vanessa never really knew him at all because she’s called him Frank every time they’ve interacted since the split. He can feel that little monster sleeping inside him peek an eye open as his anger slowly simmers under his surface.
“Do you mind if I…?” He trails the question off, pointing to the phone, feeling a bit helpless. Ellie shakes her head, unbothered.
“Not at all. Do you want me to head home?” She offers while padding barefoot over to the sink with the dirty dishes.
“No, it’s okay. This shouldn’t take long.” He answers, standing up with his phone. Ellie quirks a brow at him over her shoulder, and he bites back a grin at how expressive she is.
“Alright, well, I’ll get the dishes sorted.” She’s already started them, rolling up the sleeves of her thick sweater and picking up the sponge.
“You don’t have to do that. I can help you when I finish.” He offers. Ellie waves him off with a smile.
“You cooked anyway. Don’t worry about it.” She replies cheerily as she turns back to the sink. He hesitates in the doorway of the kitchen, watching her standing at his sink, content to do a chore he knows she hates, just to make his life easier. For a moment, he finds himself wanting to ignore Vanessa and join Ellie at the sink to help. But, he also knows how he’ll obsess over what Vanessa could possibly want for the rest of the evening if he doesn’t call her now. He forces his legs to move.
“I’ll be right back, okay? Just need to make sure it isn’t an emergency.” He explains over his shoulder as he heads toward his bedroom, hearing Ellie’s quiet take your time follow him down the hall.
Closing the bedroom door with his back, he presses into it, the cool wood a tether to his jumping pulse. He wonders what Vanessa could be calling about and why she couldn’t just send a text. He chokes down his low simmer of angerannoyance at her timing - this had been the first time in two weeks he’d seen Ellie; she’d been out of town for work, and they’d both been too busy to find time together before tonight. Vanessa would interrupt his time with Ellie, he thinks humorlessly, before shaking the thought loose from his head.
A quick call, just to see what she needed. And then he’d call her back later some other time, on his schedule. He unlocks his phone, hovering his thumb over her contact information, and sucks in a deep breath as he taps her number.
She answers on the first ring.
“Hey, Frank!” She says, and despite her use of his most hated nickname, he’s happy to hear how good she sounds on the other end. For the briefest moment, he almost feels like he’s betraying her, listening to the soft clanking of dishes echo down the hall as Ellie washes them. Then he remembers - this is your ex-wife.
“Hey, Vanessa. What’s wrong?” He asks her, all business. He tries not to feel proud at how level his voice sounds.
“Nothing is wrong.” And damn it, he hates that tone. He hates how he still knows it well enough to know she’s going to drop some kind of bomb into his life. He wishes she sounded even more like a stranger to him right now.
“You called twice and then texted. Kind of seems like something is wrong.” He bites his lip against the snark creeping into his tone.
“No, I just,” She sighs, long and loud, and it crackles through the satellites and into his ear. “I have to tell you something.” His brain skitters outward for the briefest of moments before he’s pulling on the reins and drawing it back in.
“Okay?” He asks, and she hesitates. He freezes.
Subconsciously, he’s already counting his breaths. It feels eerily similar to the moments right after pulling a pin and tossing a grenade. Those thick, tense seconds, stretching out time like elastic; each second another moment where his mind narrows into a sharp focus as he waits for the inevitable explosion behind cover, already planning his next move.
Finally, Vanessa detonates.
“I’m getting married.”
“What?” He chokes out in a garbled voice. He’d heard her, but it’s like his brain isn’t absorbing the information. Vanessa sighs again, the kind she always did before launching into another argument about something. He really did ruin her ability to show him any patience. He can’t blame her; he lost patience with himself, too, for a while.
But Frankie doesn’t want to fight. There’s nothing left for them to fight about.
“I said, I’m getting married. I wanted you to hear it from me before you found out from someone else.” That’s fair, he thinks. He knows Molly and Vanessa have remained friends. He also knows Benny stays in touch with Molly. And when Benny and Molly chat, gossip flows like Niagara Falls.
“Oh. Congrats?” He says and immediately winces at how put-on it sounds.
“Wow, Frank,” Vanessa replies flatly. He deserves it.
“Sorry. I don’t know what to say.” He pauses, finding himself thinking back to that whispered moment a year and a half ago in the driveway when he’d wished her someone who made her happy. He’d meant it, even then, as he was trying to form words through the numbing haze of his heartbreak and self-hatred.
“You’re happy, though?” He’s thankful he’s found some sincerity. He thinks he can hear her smile on the other end, and there’s his answer before she’s even speaking.
“Yeah. I am.” He catches it in her voice, has now-faded memories of her using that tone early on in their relationship. He doesn’t remember exactly when she stopped using it, but he knows it was longer than she ever deserved to suffer through. Everything about his life now feels so far away from then. He could almost describe it as a fever dream.
“Good. I’m glad. You deserve it, Ness.” The nickname slips out; he hadn’t meant to use it, but it feels right at the moment. He hears her soft, affectionate laugh on the other end of the line.
“Thanks, Frankie. That means a lot.” Her voice is wavering ever so slightly. He swallows around the unexpected choke of emotion in his throat.
“You deserve someone to be happy with, too, you know that?” She adds a moment later, and it’s the most heartfelt he’s heard her be in years. He nods, even though he knows she can’t see, even though some days he has a hard time believing it himself.
But, he’d promised himself. He’d promised he’d learn. He does deserve it.
“Yeah, I know.” He says on the exhale of a breath he didn’t realize he was holding.
“Good.” He can picture the smile on her face now, full, maybe even a touch self-satisfied that he agreed with her. “Take care of yourself, okay?”
“You too. Bye, Vanessa.”
“Bye, Frank.” He holds the phone to his ear until he hears the three beeps indicating the call ended. He shoves his phone into his pocket and pulls his shoulders down, dropping his chin to meet his chest. He hopes to release some of the tension from his neck that has a permanent home there.
He didn’t expect to receive that call so soon. If he’s honest, he didn’t think he’d ever receive that call. Just figured he’d find out one day that his ex-wife had well and truly moved on from him.
He wonders if it’s odd that he feels strangely calm about the entire thing. He’s not sure if he actually feels calm or if the adrenaline of the phone call itself just hasn’t worn off yet.
He notices that he can’t hear Ellie doing dishes anymore, and he’s suddenly moving from the bedroom and back down the hall to ensure she hasn’t left. When he enters the kitchen, she’s settled back into her chair at the table, scrolling through her phone.
“Everything okay?” She asks, looking up at him curiously, cradling her water glass to her chest. Her legs are folded up under her, and it’s one of his favorite little things about her - she doesn’t seem to ever sit in a chair the way everyone else does. He sits down heavily across from her, hearing the click of her phone locking, and she sets it face down on the table, her focus shifting to him.
That’s another one of his favorite things about her. When you have Ellie’s attention, it’s undivided. She never does anything in half measures.
He reaches for his previously abandoned glass of water and pauses midway, realizing she’s waiting for his response.
“Yeah, uh-- Yeah. Everything’s fine.” He chokes out, and he knows she can sense the shift in his mood. Her eyes narrow just slightly at him, her inquisitive mind desperate for more information, her unwavering kindness preventing her from verbalizing it. But Ellie’s observant, without even having to pry information out of him, he knows she knows something is up. So he might as well say it.
She’s a friend, after all.
“She’s getting remarried.” It tumbles out of his mouth awkwardly, his too-dry tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth. He reaches again for his glass, gulping down so much water, it would be impolite in mixed company.
“Oh.” She breathes out, squaring her shoulders to face him dead on. He sets his glass down, missing the cork coaster with a thunk, loud enough it makes both of them jump.
“Yeah.” He answers, wiping the corner of his mouth with his thumb. Ellie bites her lip, eyeing his water glass before she carefully picks it up and places it on the coaster he’d missed. He smiles to himself - she knows how much he loves this table.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She offers, her eyes avoiding his in a way that says it’s more for his benefit than hers.
“I don’t know.” He pauses, and Ellie lets the air hang between them. They’re long past needing to fill every moment of silence with inane chatter. He remembers what his therapist is always saying about allowing himself to be vulnerable with others.
He knows Ellie is more than willing to listen, so he supposes it feels right to talk about it with her.
“I don’t know how to feel. I’m happy for Vanessa. She deserves to find someone she can make it work with.” He bites down on the tip of his tongue and starts picking at the dry skin on his thumb.
“But…” Ellie encourages him gently; her hushed voice is a balm that soothes his frayed nerves. He inhales, rallying his mind to be completely honest - both with himself and with her.
“But - I guess I’m also a little… hurt? That she moved on so quickly.” He says, feeling lighter in his chest despite the lingering, dull ache of knowing Vanessa’s moved on. He feels less burdened now, having shared it.
Maybe his therapist knows his shit, after all.
Ellie nods, her face warm and open as she meets his eyes.
“You can feel both of those things at the same time. They aren’t mutually exclusive.” Frankie nods, agreeing with her. She’s right - he can - he does feel both things at the same time. There’s something that still lingers under the surface, though, and he wants to dig it out of his darkness, exorcise it from his haunted depths.
“I know, I just-” He stops, letting silence fill the kitchen again. He’s only just now noticed that Ellie must’ve turned the music off when he returned. He finishes the thought as she watches him with concerned eyes, letting an exhale out through his nose.
“I can fix a lot of broken things. But I couldn’t fix my broken marriage.” His eyes drift up to hers again, meeting them across the table. She holds his gaze for a few measured moments, the weight of it heavy, before flitting it away from his face.
“A marriage isn’t a… lawnmower, Frankie.” Her eyes quickly flick back to his as they share a soft smile over the memory of their introduction.
“Sometimes, it can’t be fixed. Sometimes things don’t work out, and you’ve done everything you can. But, it doesn’t make you a bad person, you know that?” Her voice is so gentle, like she knows he still can’t be told that with too much force behind it.
He knows. Somewhere, terrified and hiding at the back of his closet chock-full of skeletons, bullets casings, and bad dreams, there’s a version of him that’s good. He thinks most days, that version doesn’t struggle to find daylight and step into it. But, some days, he has to go in and pull it out, kicking and screaming. And there are other days, darker ones, where he lets that version hide and wishes he could hide alongside it.
He can’t bring himself to answer her, his throat choking on the words.
“Hey,” She draws his attention, fixing him with a serious look. “You’re a good man.” He hates how his brain wants to recoil from the sentiment because he knows how much she means it. Words are tumbling from his lips, and his mouth has taken on a mind of its own.
“I don’t know. I’ve done some terrible things, El. Things that ultimately pushed her away.” He hears how his voice has dropped half an octave as if he’s showing her his demons. Ellie leans forward, pressing her forearms into the table as she squares on him even more, her mouth set in a firm line. He doesn’t think she’s ever looked at him this soberly before.
“Good people make mistakes. Good people make bad decisions. Good people sometimes do bad things. We aren’t black and white, Frankie. Trust me — I’ve built half my career on that.” She says with conviction, willing him to believe her. He wants to, so incredibly much. The ache in his chest speaks for itself.
“You might think differently if I told you what I’ve done.” A quiet darkness settles in the air around them. He watches as Ellie sits back in her chair, looking at him with piercing regard.
He tears his eyes from hers, thinking, this is it. This is the moment he doesn’t come back from, the moment he pushes Ellie away for good because he’s still at war with himself every day. He’s so unsteady on his feet that one call from his ex-wife can set him entirely off-kilter, his wild emotions skittering across the table between them like shards of broken glass.
You promised.
He huffs a sour laugh at his mind. When he made himself that promise, he didn’t think it would be so fucking hard to keep. Ellie clears her throat, snapping his attention to her.
“You know you don’t owe me an explanation, right? You’re my friend. I care about you. You don’t owe me anything.” Ellie tells him wholeheartedly. He wonders how she can do that. She knows exactly what he needs to hear and just says it like it’s the easiest thing in the whole goddamn world.
It sets Frankie’s mind spinning because no one has ever said that to him. He’s always felt like he’s owed lots of things to people in his life. He owed his parents his success, so their departure from their home country wasn’t in vain. He owed his brothers-in-arms his undying loyalty, forged over unspeakable shared experiences that still steal his sleep some nights. He owed Vanessa all the promises of being a good husband he had hoped to fulfill. He owes himself the promise of learning he deserves to love and be loved.
He supposes the last bit doesn’t happen if he can’t open up. But he’s safe with Ellie. He knows he is. It unleashes a wave of appreciation in his chest.
“I want you to know. Ellie, I want you to know so many things.” It comes out in a pained whisper. She reaches across the table for him, her dainty, delicate fingers wrapping softy around his hand. His eyes fixate on her nails, painted black with pretty, iridescent orange flecks - no doubt a small homage to Halloween. He feels the corner of his lip tick up in a tender smile - she’s all about the tiny details. She dips her head to meet his eyes when he doesn’t look up at her.
“Hey, you can tell me anything. It doesn’t have to be right now. It can be whenever you’re ready.” She squeezes his hand, grounding him with comfort.
“I’m not going to take anything you’re not willing to give, Frankie.” She soothes, and fuck -- Frankie’s not used to this. He squeezes her hand back, trying to anchor himself to her.
When you’ve lived the life he has, someone is constantly demanding something. Be it answers to questions he doesn’t want to field, his loyalty, his dignity, sometimes his sanity, definitely his heart. So many people in his life just want to take, take, take.
When he was a boy, his papá always demanded answers from him, echoes of what do you even have to cry about? And do you know how hard I had it growing up? And when are you going to start acting like a man? Rattling around in his head all these years later.
A younger, less burdened version of his best friend; relentless, lively, eager Santi, with constant questions about what do you want to be when you grow up? And who’s your crush? And what do you mean you can’t hang out? And when are you going to enlist with me?
His drill sergeants in boot camp screaming in his face, how do you see past a nose like that, boy? And did you let Stevie Wonder lace your boots up this morning, Private? And do you want to make something of yourself or not, Morales?
His former supervisor, calmly sitting at a metal desk across from him with judging eyes, do you want to tell me why you’ve been acting so erratically? And did you know I get alerts when you get busted with drugs? And cocaine? Really, Morales?
A judge in a courtroom, with a hawkish gaze, asking do you think community service will teach you enough of a lesson? And are you clean now? And you know everyone in this room is thankful for your service to this country, right?
Vanessa, demanding answers to her pained questions of where did you go? And why won’t you talk to me? And could we please try therapy? And do you even still love me?
His therapist, with his repetitions of how does that make you feel? And could we expand on that? And did you do the homework? And why do you like fixing things?
Frankie’s life sometimes feels like just a series of owed debts and acquiesced demands. He’s been forced to give so much of himself away over the years; he’s not sure how much more of him there is left to give. At this point in his life, he might as well be pouring from an empty cup.
But then, there’s Ellie.
A journalist, and a damn good one. She’s so skilled at gently drawing information from people. It’s like she’s tugging on an old, unraveling thread, with the soft, reassuring promise of weaving it back together, good as new.
And here she is now, telling him she’s not going to take what he doesn’t want to give freely. She’s not going to tug on his frayed ends and unravel him, but she might help him stitch himself back together.
If only she knew how willing he is to reciprocate.
He pulls his hand from hers and leans back into the chair, head tipping up to the ceiling, allowing his eyes to drift shut. Ellie’s comforting presence has him saying more.
“I have to confess, I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Only a year and a half ago, I stood in the driveway while she had movers load up the truck. And then she was gone. And now, she’s getting remarried.” He pauses, collecting his thoughts.
“Time moves so fast, you know?” He asks Ellie, eyes finding hers. She’s biting her lip, suddenly sheepish. He knits his brows into a silent question.
“I have my own confession to make.” She says, dragging her palm down her face, looking thoroughly embarrassed. He’s wholly confused now because he has no idea where she’s going with this. She lets out a groan, curling in on herself awkwardly.
“The day she came for her stuff? I saw it out my window.” Her face is flushing now, but it’s not the pretty pink flush from their saucy conversations and cheeky confessions - it’s the look of someone utterly humiliated. He ticks his jaw and looks away from her as the weight of her admission sinks into his skull.
“The houses are packed in close here. I guess it’s hard to have privacy sometimes.” He can hear the hard edge of his voice, can feel his twisted heart starting to snap shut.
“No, no - I - okay - I was watching because I’m nosy sometimes,” Ellie admits, and he didn’t think she could get any redder. He grinds his molars, annoyance creeping in despite his best attempts at quelling it.
“A nosy reporter? You don’t say?” He tries to keep his tone teasing, but he knows she hears the bitterness inch its way in because he watches how her face falls.
“Frankie, I-” She starts, but he’s cutting her off. He doesn’t want to hear about this at all. Maybe this is what he gets for being vulnerable, opening up his heart for her to see. He knows he’s being unfair, but he feels exposed, struggling to curb his appetite for self-loathing. If he hadn’t pushed her away before, he’s definitely doing it now.
You just can’t help yourself, can you?
“No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure everyone on the street knows my wife left me.” He sneers at her, and silence fills the room again. This time, it’s awkward. Nothing like the comfortable silences that usually settle between them. Ellie breaks it by sucking in a breath, a quiet hiss through her teeth, tears clinging wetly in her voice.
“It was raining that day. I remember it. I watched you tip your head up to the sky to let the rain pelt your face. I was… so fucking angry at you two. It had only been half a year since I lost Beau...” She pauses, her voice catching on her husband’s name, and he realizes it’s the first time she’s ever used it in front of him. His heart is expanding back open rapidly as he watches her bare her own heart to him.
“I was in a dark place. I kept thinking; you don’t even know. You have no idea. Having the choice to walk away is such a luxury.” She laughs, and it’s sour, a defense mechanism against the wave of uncomfortable melancholy in the room.
“It sounds stupid now when I say it out loud.” She sounds defeated, and Frankie’s heart breaks. He thinks about how much pain both of their hearts have endured, quiets the nagging thought at the back of his mind that wonders if it’s the only reason they’re even friends. Two ships lost in a storm, reaching out to one another for shelter.
Don’t be dramatic, Morales.
“It’s not stupid.” He replies, hoping to allay her concern. Ellie shakes her head.
“It is. I shouldn’t have watched. I should’ve minded my own business.”
“We weren’t exactly subtle.” He admits because, in retrospect, they hadn’t been subtle at all. Vanessa was never one for subtlety - showing up midday in a rainstorm with a moving truck that was so loud, it might as well have been screaming, she’s leaving him!
“I still invaded your privacy. I’m sorry.”
“Ellie, you have nothing to apologize for.” He reaches across the table again for her hand, giving it a squeeze, his thumb taking a steady trail across the ridges of her knuckles. Ellie audibly swallows back tears.
“In the wake of my anger, my heart went out to you. I know what it feels like to be left behind.” She says, her red-rimmed eyes meeting his.
Frankie’s brain stumbles over her words left behind, cementing him in place. He sets his jaw in a hard line and swallows down his own well of tears, blinking furiously as they collect in his lashes like morning dew on blades of grass. He pulls his hand from Ellie’s to wipe at his tears, turning away from her. He can hear his attempt at apologizing, but to his horror, it only comes as a hiccuped stutter.
Then, warm arms are around him, a graceful hand brushing his overgrown hair off his forehead, a hushed it’s okay in his ear. Ellie’s scent envelopes him, vanilla and sandalwood and citrus, a heady cocktail that centers him as he breathes her in.
He looks up, finding Ellie’s cheeks tracked with tears, too, a sympathetic noise snagging at the back of his throat.
“We didn’t even have wine tonight.” He says, hearing the watery edge in his joke. Ellie laughs graciously, her hand moving to softly rub his back while he collects himself.
“Can’t blame it on the alcohol tonight.” She’s leaning on him as they laugh together, and he thinks for a moment how he wishes it could always be this easy - but with a much lighter mood.
“We’re a fuckin’ mess.” He finds himself saying, as Ellie pulls away from him and wipes at her own tears. She nods, giving him an easy grin even in the emotion-heavy air.
“Not sure if there’s anyone else I’d rather be a mess with.” She tells him, and Frankie returns the tender smile.
“You’re the only one I wanna be a mess with, too, El.” He replies quietly.
Frankie means it, with more conviction than he’s felt in a very long time.
A/N: Frankie's been Working on Himself™ and it's still a little messy, but it shows.
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caroldantops · 6 months ago
my lucifer is lonely
ship: agatha harkness/fem!reader 
summary/request: you'd do anything for agatha, even join her in this weird, sitcom in new jersey.
word count: 2.1k
warnings: smut (18+), d/s dynamics, dom!agatha, sub!reader, magic bondage, strap-ons, light praise kink, light degradation, so many pet names 
faq | masterlist 
(this fic contains spoilers for wandavision through episode 7)
Tumblr media
You watched in fascination as once again, the world changed around you. It felt different this time, much more intense, with the world shaking around you. You feel a sharp pain shoot through your skull, but it’s gone almost as quick as it came. You blink as stray spots of red light cloud your vision, and they dissipate to reveal your new home. 
Well, not technically yours. Agatha’s. But you suppose it’s not technically hers either. It never changes as much as you assume the other houses must. The couch you’re on is certainly not of the times, but it still looks different from the previous one. Most of the things have only altered slightly, so to anyone else, it looks like Agatha just collects a lot of antiques. 
Obviously, something that Agatha is doing is preserving parts of the home to a degree. The same way that she’s protecting your mind. Agatha and you are the only ones with autonomy in Westview, other than Wanda. But you’re much worse at acting, so you rarely venture out in fear that Wanda will catch you. 
You really don’t know how you’ve gotten wrapped up in all this, other than the fact that you’d follow that witch to the ends of the earth. 
No, actually, that’s the only reason. 
You can’t say that she would do the same for you. It’s probably fair. Based on how many centuries she’s been alive, her time with you is nothing more than hours in comparison.
Was it stupid of you to devote your love to this woman who is trying to do God knows what with this Avenger? Probably. But this plan didn’t start unfolding until after your one year anniversary had passed. So, you had already committed. 
Sure, being complicit to Agatha’s schemes brings your own ethics into question a bit. But Wanda’s kidnapped an entire town, so there’s room for your morality to be a little grey. 
“Honey, I’m home!” The door swings open as you’re examining your new clothes. They’re much closer to what you’re used to wearing now, so you guess that you’ve entered the 21st century at last. 
“That makes you sound like you’re a bit out of season,” you hum, knowing that Agatha can’t be in a good mood, despite her cheery tone. “I assume that since we’re now in...Modern Family?” 
“Who cares,” Agatha waves her hand dismissively. “And, in case you were wondering, sweetcheeks, my day at the office was just terrible!”
“Aw, my poor hard working breadwinner,” you fake pout. “You want some tea while you tell me about how you didn’t get the big promotion you were supposed to?” 
“Very funny,” Agatha rolls her eyes, dropping the bit. “But yes, darling.” 
You go to the kitchen and start boiling the water, grabbing two mismatched mugs from the cabinet while you wait. Agatha sits at the counter behind you, obviously stewing over what her next game plan will be. 
“I really thought I was going to get some info out of that toaster oven,” Agatha says, breaking the silence suddenly. “I lured him all the way to the edge of town and did my little sob story. But the damned robot didn’t even know anything! All of my acting, gone to waste!” 
“I’m sure you were great,” you say, trying to offer some form of encouragement as the whistle of the kettle goes off. Agatha probably has some spell that would make it boil instantly, but you like making it for her. She sits in silence, watching her tea steep as you set it in front of her. “I’m just glad to be out of that Halloween costume.” 
“Oh, I can put you right back in it, baby,” Agatha purrs. 
“I thought we agreed that I’d only wear a maid outfit for you, not all of Westview.”
“Not my fault you wanted to go out.” 
“Well, I wanted to see the new kids! C’mon, I gotta have some fun. Especially since you didn’t even let me play with Sparky.” 
There were a lot of bad things that Agatha was doing, but killing Sparky was one of the few that really made you question your taste in women. 
Maybe you should talk to someone about that. 
(That’s a problem for another day.) 
Agatha sighs, and you think that for a second you see a twinge of guilt cross her face. “I know sitting in here most of the time is boring. But I promise, next time I see her, I’m going to get what I want.” 
You still aren’t 100% sure what Agatha wants with Wanda. Something to do with finding out the source of her powers, but Agatha has never fully explained the whole thing. She must see the contemplation that clouds your expression, because she decides to change the subject. 
“C’mere, honey,” Agatha shifts in her seat and pats her lap. You put down your barely-touched tea and follow her suggestion, straddling her legs and settling in her lap. Agatha’s hands almost instinctively start running up and down your thighs. “How about you help me destress, baby?”
“I’d love to, Agatha,” you smile. Even though you’re pretty sure you know what she has in mind, you still ask innocently, “How can I help?” 
“Well, I can think of a few things. Number one, this sweet mouth.” Agatha cups your face, running her thumb over your bottom lip. You open your mouth, sucking on her finger as she continues. 
“Two, this soaking wet pussy.” Agatha removes her thumb from your mouth and runs it down your body, cupping your center over your pants. You whimper, pushing against her hand, but she pulls it away before you can get any sort of stimulation on your now pleading cunt. 
“And, of course.” The hand that was just teasing your pussy now comes down in a quick, sharp slap on your backside, making you squeak and Agatha laugh. “This tight little ass.” 
“Please, mistress,” you groan, trying your best to grind against her lap. Agatha has a certain way with words that always leaves you much more aroused than you should be from just a little bit of dirty talk. 
“Bet that won’t be the first time I hear that tonight.” Agatha lifts you as she stands up, carrying you to the bedroom as fast as she can take you. 
“Our tea is gonna get cold, Aggs.” 
“And you’re about to get fucked, so stop complaining.” 
The feeling of Agatha’s magic binding your limbs together is something you’ll never get tired of. The first time she ever did it, you were a little terrified. You trusted Agatha to not hurt you (in ways you didn’t want, anyway), and she talked you through the panic that set in when you felt the unnerving experience of your body moving out of your own control. 
Now, you relish that control being taken away from you. Not just taken, given. You willingly hand over any semblance of autonomy during your playtime with Agatha. She doesn’t ever talk about her feelings regarding her dominating you, but you can tell from her actions that she doesn’t take the power exchange lightly. 
Electricity races across your skin as you tug on the bindings that Agatha’s placed around your wrists. It doesn’t hurt at all. It tingles more than anything, and it sends heat straight to your core. 
You were stripped almost as soon as you were in the bedroom, so now you’re fully exposed to the witch as you’re pushed face down on the bed, bound arms behind your back. You didn’t even get the chance to see Agatha strip herself, because she started moving around the room rummaging through her things looking for the toys she wanted to use on you.
“Well, don’t you just look delicious like this,” Agatha hums, letting her fingers run through your wetness slowly and gracefully. The movements are just enough so that your slick coats her fingers steadily, but not nearly enough for it to give you any sort of relief. “Maybe I’ll just leave you here like this while I go check on Wanda.” 
“No, please, mistress,” you whine, wiggling in your restraints. 
“Did you want something, bunny?” 
That particular pet name always makes you whimper. It had originally started as a joke. After Agatha and you spent a solid three days straight in bed together after being apart for a while, you commented that the two of you were “fucking like rabbits.” Agatha, of course, took it as an opportunity to say that you were her “cute little bunny,” and when she saw how flustered you got, she never forgot it. 
“Well?” Agatha asks when you don’t respond beyond a whine. “You gonna use your words for me? Or am I gonna have to pull those dirty fantasies from your mind myself?” 
“Need you to fuck me, mistress.” 
“Oh, you need me to, huh?” Agatha slaps your ass as she positions herself behind you on the bed. You can’t see her, but based on her shuffling around earlier you know that she must have gotten a strap-on out. The feeling of the tip brushing against your clit confirms that hypothesis. “Poor baby, your greedy little pussy must just be desperate to get filled up.”
“Yes, mistress, please f-oh!” Your words are cut off with a moan as Agatha slides the toy into you without warning. 
“Aw, dumb bunny can’t even think enough to beg when my cock’s inside her,” Agatha says with fake sympathy. 
She doesn’t waste any time, thrusting her hips almost completely flush against you in one stroke. You desperately want to grasp at the sheets below you as Agatha fucks you at a steady pace, but your still-bound hands leave you without the ability to ground yourself that way. 
Agatha’s dirty mouth never stops while she’s taking you. All of the names like “pretty girl”, “babydoll”, “dripping slut”, all blend together in your head after a certain point, because all you can focus on is the toy filling your cunt over and over again. 
As your moaning starts to get higher pitched, Agatha slows her thrusts. When you’re about to complain about how close you were, you feel yourself being yanked backwards by Agatha’s magic, up into a kneeling position on your knees, back flush against Agatha’s bare body. You relish in the feeling of her tits pressed up against you, the physical contact bringing a pleasant fog into your brain. 
“You’re being such a good girl for me, darling,” Agatha whispers into your ear. She kisses along your neck as she gropes your tits and keeps slowly fucking you. One hand moves from your breast and trails between your legs, toying with your clit that’s been aching to be touched. “You’re gonna cum for me soon, aren’t ya, bunny?” 
“Y-yes, mistress,” you can barely catch your breath long enough to moan out. 
Your hips start meeting Agatha’s thrusts halfway as you chase your climax, which sends a delicious sensation to her center. Her momentarily sweet domination is suddenly gone with just those few thrusts, and you hear her growl into your shoulder. She speeds up her thrusts, and soon she’s pounding into you at twice the speed of before. 
“Fuck yes, bounce on my dick, baby,” Agatha groans, sounding more desperate now. Her gasps and grunts are bringing you right to the edge of orgasm. Your hands flex, desperately wanting to touch your own clit to get that last bit of stimulation you need. 
You throw your head back against her shoulder, moaning almost directly into her ear. “Mistress, please, please let me cum.” 
“Yes, baby,” Agatha says, knowing just what you want from her. Her fingers are back on your clit again, and that touch is exactly what you needed. Almost as soon as Agatha mumbles, “cum for me, bunny”, you’re coming with a long moan. You soak Agatha’s strap as she slows down again, carefully letting you ride out your high. 
Once you’ve stopped twitching from being too sensitive, Agatha releases your hands from their magical binds and helps you off her cock. You complain about feeling sticky, but all your words come out slurred, so Agatha just shushes you and lays you down on the bed. 
“You can shower in a little while, baby,” Agatha assures you, pulling you against her and stroking your hair. You can hear her heartbeat racing as you snuggle your face into her chest. Both of you are sweaty and hot, but those things are forgotten in the name of holding each other close. “I just wanna hold my good girl for a bit longer.” 
 How can you deny her that?
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sunlight-moonrise · 7 months ago
The Law of Attraction (Reid Imagine)
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader cannot understand how Spencer is in a relationship with someone who is his complete opposite. 
A/N: Hello Everyone!!! Here’s another story from the secret-fic-swap in the Discord server. I tried my hand at a new genre and I like how it came out. A big thank you to @imagining-in-the-margins​ for helping me make this real nice for y’all (this story was also written to her). Enjoy!
Category: Hurt/Comfort
Content Warnings: If you’re a fan of Max or Maxcer, this may not be the story for you. Sacrifices needed to be made for this story to be told. 
Word Count: 4.2K
The thought that the concept of ‘opposites attract’ was only true when it comes to physics. After all, the comparison of people to magnets doesn’t make any sense. If two people are together, there should be some similarities to build an established relationship, right? Without that foundation, the structure will surely crumble back into the fragmented pieces that created it, leaving them cracked and weaker for it.
Compatibility is necessary, yet there is none whenever I look at them. This is the fourth function that he has brought her to, and with each event, I find it harder to look their way. But when I do find them among the crowd, I can’t look away. Like a car crash or thunderstorm ripping tree roots from the ground.
It doesn’t make sense to me, why on earth would Spencer Reid be with a girl like her.
“If you keep staring at her, she might drop dead,” said a sarcastic voice, breaking me out of my reverie. I turned to see Tara with an amused smile occupying her face.
“I just don’t get it,” I mumbled, focusing my attention on the drink in my hand.
“What’s not to get?” she asked, glancing over at the couple in question. “They seem cute together.”
“They have nothing in common. He might as well be talking to some random person in this bar.”
I chugged the remainder of my beverage with desperate hope that the alcohol will somehow make things better in this situation. It didn’t.
“You sound bitter.”
“I am not bitter,” I bit back.
“I didn’t say you were, I said you sound.”
I didn’t respond to her because deep down I knew she was right. I just fiddled with the straw in my now empty glass as Tara continued, “Look, they both like coffee and going to the park, that’s something.”
I couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped my throat at the thought.
“So do half the people on the administration floor, he might as well have a harem if those are the main qualifications.”
“So what type of person should Spencer Reid have?” she asked, an eyebrow arching up as she focused her attention on me.
“I don’t know. Someone who is family-oriented and loves kids. Someone who doesn’t judge him for his idiosyncrasies. Someone who listens to his rambles and actually responds to them. Someone who he can escape to when things get too tough. Someone who understands when to give him space but will continue to support him unconditionally. Someone who can challenge him and make each day exciting and interesting. Someone who can ke—”
“Whoa there, I didn’t think you were going to give me a whole novel.” If she thought that was a novel, then the rest of what I wanted to say would be considered an encyclopedia. The only one that Spencer would never read.  
“I just want him to be happy,” I relented.
It was the simple truth. Everyone deserves some sort of contentment in their life, but with everything that Spencer has gone through in the past, his happiness should be at the forefront. He always put others before himself. It was time that someone prioritizes his wants and needs for a change.
“And she doesn’t make him happy?”
Not in the slightest. 
But I didn’t want to say that. I was sure half of the team already thought, or knew, that I was infatuated with him. But I didn’t need to give them the satisfaction of a confirmation by talking about this any further. The looks that Tara had been giving me the past few minutes validated my belief that I didn’t need to dig myself into a deeper hole.
“Maybe,” I said, hoping to put an end to the topic.
But just then, I heard a laugh despite how noisy the place was. I knew without a doubt that was Spencer’s laugh – it was the only sound that would demand my attention that quickly. It was the one he used when he felt uncomfortable.
“Excuse me, Tara.”
I didn’t give her a chance to reply before I hopped off the barstool and made my way to where Spencer and his girl were as casually as possible. Jennifer and Penelope were also with them, and it seems as if the three ladies were doing most of the talking.
“….like kids someday?” I heard Pen say. I didn’t need to hear the beginning of the sentence to know what it was about.
“Ehh, certainly not. My nephew is a handful as is, I don’t think I need any more than that one in my life,” she laughed. She, of course, being the ever loving, ever annoying, Max. A quick glance at Spencer's face confirmed that he was bothered by the subject being discussed. If the rest of the ladies were a bit more sober, they’d probably have seen it too.
“Hey guys,” I interrupted, taking my previous seat next to JJ, “I ordered some water for us and some appetizers. Tara is going to bring it over when it is ready.”
Cheers and thank you were shouted across the small table, but there was only one face I cared to pay attention to. Spencer’s mouth was quirked in a sad smile that was meant to hide the discomfort that had already taken root in his heart like an invasive vine.
“Did you place my fries order?” Max asked, garnering my attention. As much as I wanted to ignore her, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t openly be a bitch to her, no matter how much she irked me. She hadn’t done anything wrong. Other than stealing the affections of a man I’d never actually pursued, that is. But I couldn’t really blame her for that one, right? I should’ve jumped on the opportunity before. It was my fault.
“Yup,” I answered quickly with a small fake smile before focusing on the wooden décor of the bar.
“So any plans for Halloween? Assuming we don’t get called in for a case of course,” JJ asked the table.
“There is this pop-up haunted house coming that weekend.” Spencer said, his voice laced with that childlike excitement that made my heart race, “It is near the annual fair, so I’m going to try and do both.”
“Awww, that’s a cute date idea.”
The table was silent for a moment before Max announced, “I probably won’t go. I am not a big fan of anything spooky or… horror. I’ll leave all of that to this guy.”
The table shared an awkward laugh in a poor attempt to lighten the mood.
“Anyway,” I coughed out, attempting to save this poor conversation, “you guys need to hear this terrible joke the bartender told me. So basically, this screwdriver walks into a bar….” and just like that, the topic had been changed.
Tara joined us shortly after and the conversation remained lighthearted for the remainder of the evening. We later said our farewells and readied ourselves to go back home. While I should’ve been sad to leave him, I couldn’t help but feel a bitter joy from the fact that Spencer and Max didn’t talk directly to each other for the rest of the night.
It’s been a couple of weeks since the last team outing. Rossi must’ve missed us, because he decided to host a dinner at his place to celebrate the ending of a long and tough case. No one was going to pass up the opportunity of free food and wine, especially after dealing with a bunch of cops and detectives with entire tree trunks up their asses.
I was the last to arrive, which was not surprising since I live the furthest away from Rossi. Krystall welcomed and settled me in while informing me where everyone was. What I assumed was a team gathering turned out to be a whole party. There were definitely more than two dozen people occupying the space.
Good god. 
“What’s all this?” I asked as I greeted Rossi in the, thankfully, empty kitchen. Because, of course, Rossi wouldn’t be Rossi if he didn’t take care of all the hors d'oeuvres himself.
“Krystall wanted to celebrate our anniversary,” he sighed, as if this ordeal was somehow troublesome. I had to roll my eyes; he wasn’t fooling anyone. We all knew that Rossi would move mountains for his wife.
Their love was pure and genuine, a perfect example of two people meeting again at the right time and sharing something wonderful with one another. As I reminisced on their beautiful wedding day, a thought came to my head.
“Isn’t your first anniversary coming up in a few months?”
“That’s for our second marriage, this is for the first.” Rossi simply stated with a proud smirk, as if it was standard to celebrate any and all anniversaries in life. I supposed that for him, it was.
“Why do I get the feeling that this was more your idea than Krystall’s?”
Classic. Well, I wasn’t going to tell a man what he should celebrate nor how to do so. I wasn’t going to ruin any opportunities to eat some fresh crostini.
Once I made my way back out into the main room, I was able to find my team within seconds. My eyes instantly landed on Spencer’s tall and lanky form. And I would’ve been excited for that, if it weren’t for the familiar woman standing beside him.
Max was there. Hooray.
Usually, I was able to properly prepare myself for seeing her. It actually, unfortunately, took a lot of effort to not be openly hostile to someone I dislike. It wasn’t something I was proud of, but it was true. Typically in a situation like this, I’d avoid the person all night. However, I wasn’t going to allow her presence to influence the night, much less stop me from spending time with one of my closest friends.
“Hey guys.”
“Ahh, you’re finally here,” squealed Penelope, “I already grabbed your favorite drink!” She stepped aside to make room for me in the small gathered circle before handing me the glass.
“So what did I miss?”
They all caught me up on the harmless gossip circulating around the office and the new happenings emerging in everyone’s lives. Everything was going well until I heard the next words from Max, words that felt like a bucket of ice water and lead being poured over my head.
“Well, Spencer and I are moving in together.”
Time slowed down, I was sure it had. Because I was able to gauge everything in a matter of seconds. Tara’s concerning glance my way, her hand reaching out and retreating as if to hold me. Penelope’s joyful appearance over the news, her arms rising quickly causing her wine to slightly spill on Rossi’s floor. Matt expressing congratulations as he roughly patted Spencer on the back.
And Spencer….
Spencer looked like he rather be anywhere but here. His lips were drawn in a too tight smile that I knew was far from authentic. He was tapping his heel against the floor and wringing his hands together.
If this was merry news from the two of them, why did he look like he swallowed a spiked fruit?
The loud clanging of metal against glass brought everyone’s attention to the noisy source. Time returned back to its normal pace at Rossi’s call, thanking everyone for joining in on the celebration and announcing that the food was ready in the dining room.
While everyone cheered and made their way towards the ornate display, I headed to the balcony. It was too hot, too stuffy, too loud inside the house. There was one too many people there.
As soon as I passed through the double doors, I took a deep breath of cool, refreshing air. Everything around me felt muffled. Like I had stumbled into a small pocket universe that only differed from ours by a few notches on the volume knob.
I was thinking too many things, and none of them adding up or making sense in my head. How do you move in with someone you’ve only known for such a short amount of time? What was he going to do with his apartment? With his personal belongings that were scattered and settled on crowded shelves? Why did he look so uncomfortable when she announced it? Did he not want us to know? Did he want to say it himself?
“What are you doing out here?”
As if being brought back to reality by the very same hypnotist who enchanted me in the first place, I became aware that I was not the only one on the balcony. I turned to look at Spencer, taking in his disheveled and tired appearance.
“I just needed some space. I was feeling a bit crowded.” It wasn’t a lie, but my companion and I both knew there was a lot more than just that. Trying to keep the attention off me, I asked, “What are you doing here?”
“Checking on you. I saw you come out here dressed like that and wondered what would drag you out into the freezing cold.”
Now that he mentioned it, the breeze was hitting hard. I didn’t notice my body trembling until now. It is funny how you can’t feel much when lost in your own thoughts. The pain was a welcome distraction, I supposed.
Spencer stood next to me and shrugged off the suit jacket he was wearing. I opened my mouth to refuse, but he gave me a pointed look before I could. Instead, I accepted the warm jacket over my body. The scent of cinnamon and spice immediately enveloped my form and I tried to hide the way my inhales grew deeper. Trying to keep him as close as I could for however long he would allow. He kept his hands on my arms, rubbing them up and down the sleeves of the jacket to instill some heat in me.  
“So whatever happened to taking it slow?” I asked bluntly, keeping my eyes on the interesting speck of dirt that had ended up on my shoe. I didn’t feel bad about getting to the point -- There was no way I could subtly ask him what the deal was, and I’d rather not beat around the bush.
“Well, after the whole situation that happened, sh— we decided to pick up the pace of things,” he spoke lowly, as if he was unsure of the words coming out of his mouth.
“Has she even met Diana? Or know about her?” I instantly regretted asking, the angry look he shot my way had me feeling remorseful. But it also answered my question.
Max only knew the surface level of Spencer. She wasn’t aware of all the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly layers that comes with a man like him. She wasn’t the only one to blame, but I wondered how a profiler couldn’t tell that he was hiding those parts from her because he didn’t want to share them with her. He didn’t want her to know, because the knowing made it real.
“I just want the best for you.”
His irritated expression dissolved into a defeated one as he released the breath he was holding.
“I know, I know. It’s just…”
He stopped talking, appearing scared to share his opinions and feelings with me before he remembered that, unlike Max, he never had to hide things from me. He didn’t want to.
“It’s just…” I prodded, hoping he would continue with what he was going to say.
But he just stayed stuck there, opening and closing his mouth multiple times. I could practically see the cogs in his brain whirling as he properly tried to explain. “Well, the thing is that Ma—”
We sharply turned our heads to see Max and Tara staring at us. It wasn’t until that moment that I remembered our position. With Spencer’s hands rubbing tenderness heat onto my arms, his jacket over my shoulders and our bodies pressed together to keep warm.
It would be one thing if everything was settled, but this situation was anything but. Max had every reason to be angry. This wasn’t a new thing to her. So when she turned around, she stomped away fueled by the belief that she’d nearly caught her boyfriend committing adultery. Again.
“Fuck,” I heard the man in front of me whisper as he released me back into the cold night.
Still, as he left, he looked back at me. His eyes burned into mine up until he tore them away, making his final decision and hastily running from the balcony. Away from me. Towards her.
Tara and I shared the silence, but she looked at me with those inquisitive eyes, as if I was a client seeking out therapy from her.  
“What?” I hissed, “We were just talking.” I refused to feel guilty over something that I didn’t do. If anyone had done anything, it was Spencer. But at the same time, I didn’t think he was entirely wrong, either.  
“I didn’t say anything,” she muttered, holding her hands up high as a sign of surrender.
“You didn’t have to, I can feel the judgment from here.”
“Look, I’m not judging you. But I do want you to put yourself in Max’s shoes. You guys were gone for a while and she finds you two all over each other.”
“What are you talking about, Tara? Christ, it’s not like I was fucking him on the balcony!”
Although I didn’t intend for my words to be humorous, Tara laughed. I was conflicted on whether it was at me or with me, but it ended up amounting to nothing, anyway.
“Look, the night is young and you need to relax. Come back inside, enjoy the party, and don’t let them bring you down. At least for the next few hours.”
She was right, as she usually was. It was why I usually sought her out as the voice of reason; I knew that despite everything, she would always have my best interest at heart.
“Okay,” I agreed before following her back into the chaotic fray.
I heeded her advice and avoided the couple for the remainder of the night. Shockingly, it was pretty easy, but I was sure it was because they were avoiding me too. There were times, lots of times, where Spencer and I made eye contact, but we’d just as quickly look away, as if we were ashamed of what we have done.
All we did was talk. So why did it feel like something more?
There were also times when I made eye contact with Max, but instead of shame, there was anger and contempt. If looks could kill, like Tara had suggested, I was sure my heart would have given out.
It wasn’t until later in the evening that I saw Max take a cab home while Spencer was still inside the house. No one else but me noticed that they didn’t leave the party together.
I hadn’t seen Spencer since the incident at Rossi’s a few weeks ago. He had to take his mandatory sabbatical leave and I had to take an abrupt trip back home. What used to be almost daily texts between us became nonexistent in a matter of hours. It was a terrible predicament that I was hoping to fix soon.
As I arrived, I spotted him at his desk. For a long time, I stood there staring at him. If he wasn’t nose deep in a bunch of files, I was sure he would’ve seen me, too. I contemplated on how I should go up to him, but nothing I could think of was good enough to say. 
Hey, I have your jacket, I took it to the dry cleaner’s, so it is all clean. Rid of me like you wanted to be. 
Hi, how were the lectures this time around? Still have a bunch of teens crushing on you?
What’s up, it’s been a while, do you want to get lunch during the break?
I hated that things were awkward, even though I was pretty sure that I was the only one that was making it so. I should have just gone up to him, greeted him, and acted like everything was normal, because everything was normal. Right?
Just when I was about to do so, Emily called us in for a meeting. Impeccable timing.
We had a serial killer case in Louisville, Kentucky. My situation with Spencer was going to the backburner.
During our stay in Louisville, Spencer and I barely interacted. We exchanged notes and passed long messages, but that’s pretty much it. I wasn’t surprised. Our specialties don’t really correlate when we are working on a case. Anytime I did catch some free time, I’d look his way, longing for the opportunity to speak to him. He didn’t look back.
Then, just as the case ended, another chance presented itself. After five days of hardly any proper rest, we finally found the unsub. Everyone was in their respective room catching up on some much needed sleep. Except for Spencer, whose gangly body was tucked away at the bar by himself, a glass of what appeared to be soda in front of him.
Silently, I took the seat next to him, and for a few minutes, everything was quiet. But unlike the usual, comfortable quiet, it was torturous.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
I stared at him, letting the silent communication denote the fact that I knew he was lying to me. Spencer released a sigh and looked at me with eyes more intoxicating than any whiskey that shared their color.
“Actually, no, I’m not okay.”
I was going to ask him what was wrong or if there was anything I could do to help, but before I had the chance to do so, he hastily answered the question I hadn’t asked.
“Max and I broke up.”
I stared at him, my face and mind blank as I tried to comprehend what he’d said. That Max and Spencer broke up. They were no longer together. Spencer was single.
I thought that if this ever happened, I would be happy, elated, jumping at the chance to take her place by his side. But I felt none of those things.
“What happened?” I didn’t want to appear nosy or meddlesome, but I needed to know.
“We were fighting a lot, and I couldn’t take it.”
“We were… actually fighting about you.”
I sharply turned my head at him, both intrigued and disturbed by the implication that I had anything to do with the failure of their relationship.
“What? What about me?”
“She thought I liked you,” he said while staring straight back at me, daring me to scan through each fleck of gold and green to ensure that he was telling the truth. But his hazel eyes expressed nothing but honesty as he continued, “and she was right. I do.”
“Y-you do?”
All he could do was nod his head, lifting his hand and catching a loose strand of hair before tucking it behind my ear.
“Can I try something?” Spencer shyly requested.
Once again, the universe felt different. I held my breath, trying to wake from the dream. Although he didn’t say it, I had an idea of what he wanted. If the hand on the side of my face and the staring at my lips were anything to go by, I knew what was going to happen next.
I nodded back and closed my eyes. A few seconds passed, the sweetest kind of anticipation. But then I felt the gentle pressure of his lips against my own, sweet and tender. He moved his head to get a better angle while I brought my hands up to cup his face. The roughness of his stubble against the tip of my fingers was a perfect contrast to the softness of him. I could taste the soda he was drinking on his tongue and breathed in the cinnamon scent that seemed sunken into his skin.
When we pulled away, it was full of hesitation. All it took was one look for us to know we couldn’t do this. Not now, not yet. He was still healing from the recent break up and I didn’t want to be a rebound. I didn’t want us to resent one another for jumping into a relationship so soon. We weren’t ready.
We sat there in relative silence, taking in everything that has happened.
“Maybe one day,” he paused “one day we can give it a chance.”
“Yes. I’d like that.” I beamed at him, “And I look forward to that day. Until then, we remain as friends.”
He returned my smile and I realized that it had been a while since I’ve seen his real smile. I missed it so much.
“Friends,” he confirmed.
And for the first time in a long time, I felt relief and comfort. Because I knew everything was going to be okay. I had hope that someday Spencer will get the happily ever after he deserves and he’ll get it with me by his side. One day.
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bouquetofkissesxo · 9 months ago
British Thanksgiving
Tumblr media
Hi!! I want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!! Please do your best to stay safe and stay home if you can! I know it has been a long year, but we’re so close to the finish line! We have multiple vaccines that will be distributed within weeks! 
There are so many people who haven’t seen their family members in months and I want to say a special thank you to all of you prioritizing the health and safety of the general population for so long, no matter how exhausting and frustrating it may be. I hope you are all able to find at least one thing to be thankful for today. All the love xo
word count: 4.2k
warnings: fluff?
Your family wasn’t big on any holidays, but Thanksgiving was always an exception -- probably because it involved stuffing your faces, but that’s besides the point. You couldn’t afford to travel internationally just for a few days, especially with the semester being so busy, so you settled for moping around with your friends Mia and Abby.
Well, your friends and Harry. He wasn’t much of a friend of yours, seeming to analyze you constantly. You didn't think he liked you very much, always keeping your conversations short and avoiding you if possible. You weren’t quite sure how the two of you got off on the wrong foot, but there was definitely a misstep somewhere.
That didn’t stop you from secretly fawning over him though. He was so sweet to the rest of your friends and you always admired him for that. It didn’t hurt that he was absolutely breathtaking to look at. He always seemed put off by you so you just kept your feelings to yourself.
No one knew. You had made friends in your short time here, but no one close enough to divulge that sort of information to. So you kept it buried.
Harry watched as you let out another sigh. He didn’t think you realized you’re actually doing it, but he’s always been in tune with your slightest movements. He wished he wasn’t as nervous around you as he is. He wanted nothing more than to know you better but he could never build up the nerve.
He remembered when he first met you and the embarrassment still eats away at him. Your friend Mia wanted the two of you to meet but the minute Harry saw you it was like his tongue disappeared. He stood slack jawed as you had gone in for a hug, awkwardly retreating when he didn’t reciprocate it in that short time. He simply gave you a head nod and walked away.
You hadn’t told your friends why you were down, knowing they couldn’t relate. This was England after all. You excused yourself to the bathroom for a moment, wanting to pull yourself together so no one asked you any questions. You just wanted their company for the night, not their pouting faces mirroring yours.
Harry waited until you were out of ear shot to question the two across from them. “Do you know what she’s upset about?”
The couple stared at him with furrowed brows, “Why would you think she’s upset. She seemed fine?”
“She kept sighing, and she’s pretty quiet since we got here.”
Mia smirked at him, “Of course you would notice, you’re practically in love with her.”
Harry’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he turned to Abby, “I told you not to tell anyone!”
Abby threw her head back and let out an exasperated huff. “I had to tell someone! And she’s my girlfriend, this was too big of a secret to keep from her.”
Harry sighed and folded his arms across the table before throwing his head on top of them. “You really can’t tell her anything okay? She doesn’t like me like that and I don’t want to weird her out.”
He lifted his head, forcing eye contact with the two smirking ladies across from him. “Please don’t tell her.”
They both agreed before Mia spoke up. “You never know what she may feel. You should tell her though.”
He was about to respond when a voice cut him off, “Tell who what?”
Harry sat up as you returned to your seat beside him. He can never seem to create a coherent sentence around you and now was no different. Abby saw him floundering like a fish out of water so she cut off whatever gibberish was about to spill out of his mouth. “Harry’s partner for his assignment flaked on him so he had to do the entire thing himself. We were saying he should tell the professor.”
You turned to him with a pout on your face. “You should tell her! It sucks having to do the work of two people. And your partner doesn’t deserve any of the credit for your work.”
He nodded his head, hoping that you drop the subject because he sucked at making up lies. He once took some extra halloween candy from the stash his mom hid and when questioned he blamed it on the neighbor’s dog. The neighbors didn’t even have a dog.
He also didn’t like the idea of lying to you
He’s thankful when the waiter stops at their table with their orders in hand. The group thanked him before they all dug in.
“What class was this for?”
He choked on the spoonful of soup he just took, sputtering some of the liquid onto his shirt. He hissed at the touch, pulling his shirt away from his chest.
Your eyes went wide as you tried to help him out, Mia and Abby not being able to do much across the booth.
You turned towards him and patted his back as he continued to cough. You dipped your unused napkin into your water and pulled the collar of his shirt down so you could wipe the soup off of his chest. You carefully blew some air onto his skin, hoping to soothe the burning.
You continued to rub his back until he finally calmed down, his face still red from all the coughing. You took the napkin you were holding to his chest and pressed it across his forehead and cheeks, hoping to cool him down.
He took a deep breath before facing you, the napkin still pressed to one of his cheeks with your other hand on his shoulder. No one said anything for a few seconds, until Harry looked away.
“T-thank you for that.”
“Of course.” You nodded your head before quickly removing your hands from his skin upon realizing how close you two were.
You settled back into the chair trying to calm your racing heart. You hadn’t been that close to him since you tried to hug him the first time you met. Mia cleared her throat from across the table, making you and Harry look up.
“You alright?”
“Yeah, Yeah. Just went down the wrong pipe.”
The previous conversation was forgotten as you and Harry both mulled over the close moment you shared. You hoping he wasn’t offput by how close you were to him and him hoping it wasn’t the last time.
Conversation picked up once again as Mia and Abby were able to pull the both of you out of your heads. Your phone buzzed beside you and you looked down to see your mom facetiming you. You sighed one again before excusing yourself from the table.
You walked outside, answering the call to see your mom sitting at the table along with your entire family; dad, siblings, cousins, and all.
You were greeted with a chorus of ‘happy thanksgivings’ from your entire family. “Hi darling! We just wanted to call you before digging into lunch. It didn’t feel right to do it without you.”
You let out a sniffle, hoping they weren’t able to catch that. “Aw thanks mum. I wish I was with you all! We have to have a big family dinner when I finish the semester!”
While you’re out on the phone call Mia and Abby teased Harry over the soup spill. He’s glad when he gets a call from his sister and steps outside to take it. It was quick, she only needed to confirm if he was still coming home for dinner that weekend.
He was on his way back in when he heard your voice. He turned to see you leaning against the wall still on the call.
“I love you guys. I’ll be home for the next holiday for sure.”
He heard a chorus of goodbyes and love you’s before you ended the call.
He would have left earlier had he not heard you sniffle. It was as if his feet were glued to the concrete. He didn't even realize his mouth opening or your name falling from his lips, only doing so when you turned around.
You looked down, quickly wiping the tears from your eyes. “Hi Harry.”
He walked the short distance over to you, “Is everything okay?”
You chuckled at the question before looking up at him, “It’s stupid. I’m fine.”
He took a moment to respond, hoping he wasn’t invading your privacy. “I mean...if you’re crying it must mean something to you.”
You take a deep breath before looking up at him with a smile. “It’s thanksgiving today.”
He hummed in understanding. “You miss your family?”
You nodded your head before sighing. “It’s the only one I’ve ever missed and they just called me before they started lunch.”
The two of you stand there in silence for a few moments before Harry spoke up. “Anything I can do to help?”
You grin at him, surprised that he cared enough to offer his help. “There’s not much you could do. It’s okay.”
He stood still in front of you as he ran ideas of what he could do through his head. “I can offer you a hug?”
You blinked up at him in surprise.
“I always feel better after a hug. I know it probably isn’t much and I’m sure it won’t live up to a mum’s hug, but it’s what--”
He’s cut off by you wrapping your arms around his waist. He quickly recovered and wrapped his own around your shoulders, his cheek resting on your head. You pulled away after a few seconds, shyly looking up at him through your lashes.
“Thank you.”
He’s gaze bored into your eyes. “I’m glad I could help.”
.                                                          .                                                        .
“We have to make a thanksgiving dinner.”
“(Y/N) was sad last night because it was thanksgiving back in the states and she’s never been away from her family during the holiday.”
“And we need to make her a thanksgiving dinner so she won’t miss her family?”
“No, so she doesn’t feel like she’s alone and missed the holiday. We can be her makeshift family.”
Abby snickered at him over the phone. “Alright bud. Just the four of us?”
He mulled over it a bit, “I think so. None of us know how to cook more than basic dishes though.”
She and Harry try to think of a plan but come up blank. He let out a sigh, “We’ve got to come up with something, we should do it tomorrow night also. Just make sure she’s free and I’ll think of something, yeah?”
.                                                   .                                                         .
Harry was in the middle of researching the perfect recipes for a thanksgiving dinner when he got a call from his mum.
“Hi love, I just wanted to make sure you’re still coming to dinner tomorrow? I know you’re very busy with school but I’d like to see your face some time soon.”
He hissed when he realized he overbooked his night. “Shoot mum. I’m sorry but I have to do something tomorrow.”
She let out a sigh, disappointed she would have to go another week without seeing him “What did you plan, Gemma said you were still coming last night?”
“I know, I know. My friend from the states was upset that she was away for thanksgiving so I was thinking of doing a thanksgiving dinner with friends.”
“That’s very sweet of you love, but you are a complete oaf in the kitchen. Have you been practicing?”
“I know! I didn’t plan on doing this until this morning really so I haven’t prepped.”
He listened as his mum sighed once again, “Which friend is this? Maybe you can just bring her to dinner with you. I could do a roast, that’s close enough right?”
Harry’s mind fills with anxious thoughts at the idea of bringing her home with him. “I’m not sure we’re close enough for that. We’re more so acquaintances than friends.”
“You’re going through all this trouble for an acquaintance? Are you sure she’s not more than that?”
His head fell into his hands as he mumbled into the phone, “I kind of like her.”
He groaned as his mum fawned over him, “Aww my baby has a crush?”
“Mum I will never bring her near you if you don’t stop.”
“Oh hush. Why don’t you bring her and some other friends with you? It shouldn’t be weird if you invite multiple people.”
“I’ll see if my other friends are up for it. I’ll make time to come see you this weekend either way. Promise.”
He hung up and quickly dialed Abby’s number. “Do you think it’s weird if we do a roast at my mum’s house if I invite all three of you?”
“A roast at your mum’s house? I didn’t know your cooking was this lousy Harry.”
“I was supposed to have dinner with my family on the same night and mum gave me the idea. I can just reschedule if it seems too weird.”
“Should I just ask her if she’s open to the idea? I can let you know based on her reaction.”
He thought over the idea for a moment. “Yeah I guess. We hang out a bunch with you guys so it shouldn’t be too weird for a friend to invite her to dinner at his home.”
.                                                       .                                                      .
“Harry wants to invite me to a family dinner?”
You didn’t even think he considered you a friend, let alone one that he would invite to meet his family.
“Oh get off your high horse. He’s inviting Mia, me, and you.”
“I mean...if you guys are going then I’ll go.
Abby’s face splits into a wide grin. “Perfect! I’ll let him know!”
.                                                         .                                                     .
Harry spent all of Friday looking up thanksgiving recipes. His mum’s roast usually consisted of a chicken, some veggies, mashed potatoes, and gravy. He figured they could stick with chicken and include more American dishes like baked mac and cheese and some biscuits.
He arrived at his mum’s house early to help her with all the cooking and spend some extra time with her as an apology for how long it’s been. His mum had made the mac and cheese before so it wasn’t completely new to her, but Harry was still nervous it wouldn’t be to your liking.
Gemma had arrived about an hour prior to dinner to spend some time with her immediate family. Mia and Abby showed up about 20 minutes before the dinner. Harry gathered them all up once (Y/N) had said she was on her way.
“Alright so should we yell happy thanksgiving when she walks through the door?”
Gemma scoffed at him. “This isn’t a surprise party Harry. We’ll just tell her when it’s time for dinner that we threw her a british thanksgiving because you have a crush on her.”
Harry groaned as he listened to his sister. “Alright, who told this one? For the love of god, none of you can keep a secret. Just please don’t mention it in front of her.”
A few moments later there’s a knock on the door making Harry pause his movements. Nobody moved towards the door as Harry stood still, feeling his nerves catch up with him.
What if she didn’t like this? What if she thought it was weird for him to do this for her? What if she avoided him after this? That would hurt the post.
He was pulled from his thoughts when Gemma called from the kitchen, “Hurry up and open the door for your girlfriend you knob.”
He clicked his tongue and scowled at her before pulling the door open. You stood there fiddling with your fingers in the cold, nerves building up with each second until Harry opened the door. His breath caught in his throat -- thankfully he wasn’t eating soup this time. You’re not wearing anything special, just a nice sweater, jeans, and some booties with it all bundled under a coat -- but he thought you looked beautiful.
He was getting better at being around you. Not completely fumbling over his words. You noticed because you didn’t have to start the conversation this time. He let out a breathy greeting, opening the door to let you in.
He helped you slip off your coat and led you to the living room where your friends were sitting along with Harry’s sister. You followed behind him, his touch lingering on your arms where his fingers had barely grazed when he helped you slip off your coat.
He placed his hand on the small of your back as he introduced you to his sister Gemma, silently praying that his sister doesn’t spill his secret. His mum walked out of the kitchen and pulled you in for a hug. “Hi, I’m Anne, it’s so lovely to meet you! I’m glad you were able to make it for dinner.”
You glady squeezed her back, “Thank you for having me. I miss family dinners, haven’t had them in a few months.”
“Well, you are welcome anytime. Don’t worry about waiting for Harry to invite you. You’re welcome whenever you’d like.”
You smiled at her, she was so warm and inviting. It only made you miss your family even more.
“Right, well I’m going to finish up with dinner and I’ll call you all once it’s set.”
“Do you need any help? I can join you?”
Before Anne could even respond Harry placed a hand on her arm and cut in, “I can help you mum, you can relax here (Y/N).”
Anne grabbed his face with both hands, “Aw, this was all your idea. You should rest now too.
Harry felt the heat rise to his cheeks, hoping the blush wasn’t too noticeable. He was barely able to choke out his next words. “We’re almost done anyway, I’ll go finish setting everything up.”
You sat down beside Gemma feeling your cheeks heat up thinking of Harry truly wanting you at a friends and family dinner. You weren’t used to him even acknowledging you and here he was planning an entire dinner around you.
The four of you chatted before Anne called everyone into the dining room. You followed behind everyone else, only pausing when Harry stepped in front of you. You looked up to catch his nervous gaze on you. He had a shy smile etched on his face as he gauged your reaction.
“Um, when I saw you so upset over missing thanksgiving with your family I wanted to do something for you so...I sort of recreated thanksgiving for you.”
You stared at him with your jaw propped open. You could already feel the tears prickling at your eyes. “ did did this for-for me?”
His eyes never left you as he brought his hand to fiddle with his ear. “I...yeah. I did this for you.”
You took the two steps to reach him and grabbed his hand that wasn’t fiddling with his ear and held it up to your chest with both hands. “Thank you so much Harry. This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
He brought his other hand to your cheek, his thumb grazing over the soft skin. “Of course. I’d do anything to cheer you up.”
You couldn’t stop yourself from pulling him in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you kept yours around his neck. You whispered another thank you into his ear before pulling back and gazing into his eyes. You leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek before unwrapping yourself from him.
He led you into the room and pulled out your chair out for you before he took the seat next to you. The whole night you couldn’t help yourself from stealing shy glances at the man beside you. You didn’t think anyone had noticed but Anne and Mia were both grinning widely at the two of you.
Once dinner was over, you insisted on helping clean everything up since Harry and Anne had worked on making the dinner all day. Mia had offered to help you and she wasted no time on teasing you as you both placed pieces in the dishwasher.
“Soooo, it was very sweet of Harry to put this together for you.”
You keep your head down to hide the smile and blush overtaking your face. “It was very sweet of him. No one has ever put this much thought and effort into cheering me up before.”
She bumped her hip against yours, “If Abby ever did something like this for me I would take her straight to the bedroom.”
You gasped and nearly dropped the plate you were holding. “Mia! Shut up, no! I didn’t even think he liked me as a friend until Thursday.”
You quickly finished up in order to avoid any more teasing from Mia and made your way into the living room where everyone was currently sitting -- all sleepily lounging across the sofas. You took a seat on the sofa beside Harry where he was sitting with his arm draped across the back of the couch. He smiled at you as he shifted so he was angled towards you. You felt his fingers lightly trace aimlessly on your shoulder.
The two of you sat there for a while longer until you felt your eyelids start to droop. You sighed before sitting up. “I’d love to stay longer but I should really get going.”
Mia and Abby had just left a few moments before and you didn’t want to overstay your welcome. Anne smiled at you, “Of course love, want you to get home safely. It was lovely meeting you.”
You gave her and Gemma hugs, promising to return soon. You turned to Harry who offered to walk you out. He helped you into your coat before opening the door and stepping out behind you.
He walked you up to your car stopping beside it as he took your hand. He swayed your clasped hands back and forth making you giggle at how adorable he was. You tugged on your joined hands to pull him closer. He stood towering over you as you smiled up at him. He still had the same shy smile on his face.
“Thank you again Harry. For everything.”
He tucked the hairs falling in front of your face behind your ears. He kept his hand on your jaw before pulling away. “I just wanted to make you smile, even if it was over a makeshift british thanksgiving.”
You chuckled at the term, “It did make me smile, but I think it was mainly because of you and the fact that you were the one that did it for me.”
He glanced up at you with raised eyebrows. Your comment gave him the boost of confidence he needed to tell you what he had come to terms with long ago. “(Y/N) I...I’m not sure how you feel about me since I can barely form a sentence around you most of the time, but I like you. I like you and the only reason I get so weird is because you make me nervous.”
You smiled at him as you leaned back against your car. You pulled on the coat he was wearing bringing him to rest against you. He placed one hand on your car and one on your waist so as to not squash you against it.
“Harry, I like you too.”
His eyes grew wide as he looked down at you. “You do?”
You giggled, “Yes I do. Always have, even when I thought you hated me.”
He frowned at you, “I could never hate you.”
You tilted your head upward and leaned into him. You stood on your tippy toes as your noses grazed. He let out a giggle as the two of you stood there in the cold.
He shook his head as he stared at you. “Nothing, you’re just so pretty.”
You leaned your head against his shoulder, “You’re pretty too.”
He placed a hand on your jaw and pulled you back. He took one last look at you before he fluttered them closed and pressed his plush lips against your own. You sighed at the touch, having imagined this moment a hundred times over. One of your hands tugged at his coat while the other pulled his hair. He only pulled back once he ran out of air, both of you trying to catch your breaths as you stood there leaned against your car.
Both of you start to giggle once again. He can’t stop his staring, too taken with the way you threw your head back when you laughed. He wanted nothing more than to kiss you again, so he did. He kissed you again and again until your smiles were too big to be considered kisses.
Harry tucked his nose into the corner of your neck, holding you against him as he traced his nose over the skin of your neck before pressing a single kiss to the delicate skin. He bid you goodnight while peppering a few more kisses to your lips and any other sliver of skin he could reach. “Text me when you get home okay?”
You nodded your head against his shoulder before finally opening your car. He pressed a few more kisses to your cheek once you sat down.
“Did you have a nice british thanksgiving?”
You gave me one final kiss, resting your foreheads against each other.
“The best.”
A/N: I celebrated my Thanksgiving yesterday since both my parents work late every year on the holidays and I can’t see my cousins because I’m at risk and one just announced she’s pregnant. If any of you are lonely and want to chat, you’re welcome to drop by my inbox or dm me! Family can be a constant source of stress so please take care of yourselves and your mental health!  I hope you enjoyed this story, feedback is what keeps me going so please like, reblog, comment.
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ladyjay1616 · 5 months ago
Kakegurui character headcanons that are canon in my eyes (Part 3)
Tumblr media
You already know this bitch has done hard drugs. She’s probably a dealer at Hyakkaou too ngl
Actually very intelligent and could get all A’s if she cared enough to
Canonly lesbian
She/they vibes 
Hardcore energy drink consumer. Monster and Redbull cans are all over the floor of her dorm room
If you simp for her… ya got mommy and daddy issues, luv-
Is physically touchy toward everyone, but lowkey recoils when someone she doesn’t know or trust touches her
Actively tries to annoy the shit out of both Sayaka and Yuriko as her way of showing her affection 
Night person
I can see her actively practicing witchcraft 
Favorite holiday is Halloween 
Probably has a glass eye somewhere but doesn’t bother putting it in because the eyepatch is a ✨look✨
Was the kid in school who ate glue or play dough 
Is best friends with Sayaka. Do not fight me on this
Needs to go to therapy. Honestly, who doesn’t in that school
Weapon of choice is her revolver, of course <3
Will often lay in Yuriko’s lap because Yuriko actually lets her. It’s one of her favorite things to do when she needs to unwind
Slytherin. 100% a Slytherin. 
Has at least one tattoo somewhere and nipple piercings too if we’re being honest
Can’t stand hot weather and prefers the cold 
Avid fan and listener of the band Mother Mother
Canonly almost shot a person on accident or on purpose with her revolver
Will flirt with Kirari just to piss off Sayaka 
Will flirt with Yuriko just to see her get flustered 
(Y’all can come after me all you want for this one) Has a crush on Yuriko
ESTP-A personality type
Has a pet tarantula
Most likely had a pen explode in her mouth while she was chewing on it in class at some point
Everyone asks “where is Midari?” but no one asks “how is Midari?” 
Favorite color is black or purple 
For SURE owns at least one choker 
Tumblr media
Refuses to take hard drugs but has accidentally gotten high off her ass from an edible. Midari’s edible, mind you
Is the mom friend of the group 
Owns a minivan and drives Midari and Runa places
Has a dent on the side of the same minivan because Midari hit the side of it with a shopping cart that Runa was in
Nurse vibes tbh
Keeps her eyes closed because she’s lowkey blind and can’t see much anyway 
Ravenclaw all the way
Was a horse girl in elementary school 
Has either really beautiful emerald green eyes or average Hudson-river colored brown eyes. Will we ever know?
Is secretly a cat girl. Why else do you think I used that image in particular for her
Easily flustered 
Has a crush on Midari but is still confused about her sexuality 
She sure as hell ain’t straight tho. Not in that school...
An only child
Is struggling, but wears a smile regardless 
Stepped on a butterfly once and sobbed
Ya know... say what you want, but I get vegetarian/vegan vibes from her 
Avid hot tea drinker 
Has pollen allergies
Morning person 
Prefers warmer weather and hates the rain
Has spa days with Yumemi once and a while
Can’t lift anything heavier than twenty pounds probably 
Would be on the Volley ball team if she wasn’t head of the Culture Club 
Several girls in her club have a huge crush on her and compete against Midari to gain her affection and attention 
Has straight A’s 
Idk why, but I can’t see her knowing how to swim
Gets cold easily 
Wears kimonos even when she’s at home 
Enjoys reading classical literature
Also enjoys listening to classical music
Would never admit this, but she listens to K-pop 
Has a hidden talent for drawing 
ISFJ-T personality type 
Weapon of choice is a bo-staff (which is really just a broom stick)  or Midari
Can speak Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin 
Tumblr media
Has absolutely done crack and likely a handful of other drugs 
Has a sugar addiction, but we already knew that one
G R E M L I N     E N E R G Y
Most likely has ADHD or ADD or both even 
I saw somewhere that said she’s 18?? Like, what?? She looks like she’s 12 tf... 
Asexual/Aromatic icon 
Hufflepuff vibes, but I can also kinda see her as a Slytherin
Jokingly homophobic towards Kirasaya and Yuridari 
Will drink nothing aside from soda or energy drinks 
Not a furry, contrary to popular belief. Just enjoys her onesies. Let her live her life jeez
Canonly a baddie 
Short, but will not hesitate in destroying your kneecaps 
Actually really close to the Momobami and Ikishima family
Plays video games with Midari almost every day after school since Aoi left 
Ironically uses “UwU” and “Ara, ara” but does not ironically call people a simp. Can you blame her? She’s surrounded by wlw
Will beat you in Mario Cart. Yes she will. I don’t care how good you think you are
Has managed to not break a single bone in her body despite her size 
Is good at every subject except for geography
Can’t drive, but owns a scooter which she’ll use to get to school if Yuriko is unable to drive her
Owns a pair of Heely’s with wheels  
Unironically wears socks with sandals 
Also wears crocs 
Listens to rap 
Is fast af. “Zoom, zoom, bitches!” 
Secretly a badass gambler
Gets approximately 2-5 hours of sleep each night because she stays up playing video games
Naps during her classes 
Listens and ignores whenever Kirari is pining over Sayaka and talking to her about it
ENFP-A personality type
I can see her owning a hedgehog for some reason, but also a rabbit 
Would probably get away with murder if we’re being honest 
Is not a natural blonde 
Two faced. Like seriously, don’t get on this bitch’s bad side. She’ll destroy you
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portgaslari · 2 months ago
Law x Reader | College AU | Roommate | Chapter 5
Tumblr media
[1] - [2] - [3] - [4]
(C/N) - Costume name
The next chapter is almost donee, and its gonna be the last one. I'll finish it soon and post it around the weekend
The two of you didn’t touch the subject the whole night. No one dared to make a move. Little did you know that your friends wouldn’t give up just yet. At least not until Halloween.
Law never celebrated Halloween before, he just never had an opportunity to. So you decided to have a small party to have a drink, watch horror movies, and eat candy. Nothing big, just the same friends that were at Law’s birthday, except that you invited Kid and Killer this time. Not on purpose, but you mentioned about the “party” to them, and felt too embarrassed not to invite them.
The apartment was decorated with pumpkins, fake spider webs, witch hats and candles. The lights were also low to set the mood, you made themed foods and drinks, and everyone was supposed to wear a costume.
Yes, Bepo had a costume too, a pirate costume. Law was dressed up as a vampire because you insisted too much, while you chose to dress as (C/N).
ꟷ You look nice. ꟷ he complimented, blushing and not making eye contact. The dark haired man didn’t wait for you to reply. Instead, he headed to the kitchen.
Everyone started to show up, and Nami and Vivi pulled you into a corner.
ꟷ We brought something to help you with Law! ꟷ the orange haired girl said, excited.
ꟷ Help with what? ꟷ you asked, knowing what she meant. But there was nothing to help you with.
ꟷ You know what we mean! ꟷ Vivi said, holding a mistletoe. ꟷ Look!
ꟷ It’s Halloween, Vivi. Why did you bring that?
ꟷ Because you two need to kiss already! Even Luffy asked what is going on between you two, because Law seems to blush around you sometimes. ꟷ Nami seemed to be impatient already. ꟷ It’s better than spin the bottle.
ꟷ This is gonna be too obvious. ꟷ you rolled your eyes, letting the two girls hang the mistletoe somewhere. ꟷ And it’s not gonna work.
Kid and Killer arrived later. Your friend was wearing devil horns, and the blonde was wearing a mask. They didn’t put that much effort.
ꟷ Is that a mistletoe? ꟷ the redhead asked, puzzled. ꟷ But it’s October.
ꟷ I know. ꟷ you laughed. ꟷ It’s a long story. Don’t worry, you don’t have to kiss anyone if you don’t want to.
ꟷ Well, I kinda have someone in mind... ꟷ he replied with a smirk.
You wanted to ask who, but Rosinante setting his costume on fire because of the candles you used as decoration caught your attention, making you run to help him.
Every time you and Law got up to get something, everyone stopped what they were doing to check if the kiss would finally happen, but nothing. Robin had to hug Franky and Zoro, Vivi and Nami kissed, Luffy hugged half of the guests, but nothing between you and Law. Not even a hug. In fact, both didn’t get anywhere near the mistletoe that night. Not on purpose, it just didn’t happen. At least not with the right target.
Kid was heading to the couch and you were getting a snack. The timing couldn’t be worse. Both of you walked under the mistletoe at the same time. Maybe he had this intention, but you were caught off guard.
You kissed his cheek just so things wouldn’t be awkward, hoping he wouldn’t turn his face to kiss your lips.
Law frowned, not wanting to be around Eustass for the rest of the night, nor the rest of his life. How dare he? How dare he to try to kiss (Y/N)?
Your friends left disappointed since they all were expecting at least a kiss on the cheek. Anything!
ꟷ A mistletoe? Really? ꟷ Law said, removing the decoration. He didn’t seem annoyed though. ꟷ Who had this idea?
ꟷ Vivi and Nami. Don’t ask why. ꟷ you laughed. ꟷ Really, don’t.
ꟷ I kinda have an idea, though. ꟷ he continued, nonchalantly while trying to remove the fake spider web. ꟷ They all act weird every time they come here or when we hang out together.
You giggled, not just because it was funny seeing him struggling with the webs, but because you started to get nervous. Did he notice their attempts to get you two together? Did he like it? Did he hate it? Was he into your or not?
ꟷ Anyway, with all the hints everyone has been dropping… And because Rosinante told me something a few weeks ago that made me think.
ꟷ Yes? What did he say? ꟷ you tried to act calm, as if you had no idea of where this conversation was going.
Law suddenly stopped everything he was doing, thinking for a while on how to say it. Should he say it or just change the subject? Maybe he could lie and say it was nothing, that way, if the feelings weren’t mutual, he wouldn’t deal with a heartbreak, right? Wait, heartbreak? Was he really into you that much?
You noticed how hesitant he was, you bit your lip, wondering if you should tell about your talk with his friend as well. The silence was lasting long enough.
ꟷ You know, he told me something too that day. ꟷ you said, avoiding Law’s gaze. If you looked at him, you’d lose all the courage. ꟷ Before we went to the store together. Maybe it was about the same subject.
ꟷ He told me about you. ꟷ he whispered. ꟷ He’s too quiet, so I guess he’s rather observant. He noticed something I haven’t noticed before.
ꟷ And what is it?
ꟷ That I might… ꟷ he stopped for a second to correct himself. ꟷ That I’m feeling something for you. Not just a good friendship, which is already something surprising, but something more. Maybe it’s because I was talking about you to him more often. He said I get soft when I look at you, whatever he means with that.
Your jaw dropped listening to his “confession”. You could call that a confession, right? So Rosinante wasn’t seeing things, he wasn’t making anything up.
ꟷ I didn’t know you could actually fall for someone in such a short time. I guess no matter how much I study the human brain, some stuff don’t have a rational and scientific explanation. ꟷ he looked at you, and his eyes were different this time. You could see he was trying his best to show his feelings. ꟷ Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel the same. And I hope things don’t get awkward between us.
You didn’t have time to organize your thoughts yet. You knew you wouldn’t have a choice of words as good as his. While you were thinking, he couldn’t stop thinking “I screwed up”.
tag list: @flowersgirl02 - @pure-kirarin - @lofi-coffee - @vemuabhi - @tsunderedoctor - @poisondragon - @sakusasbitch - @chaeriimilktea
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imaginethebeautifulworld · 3 months ago
Let’s say England has a long-term girlfriend he knows isn’t the biggest fan of marriage bc her family had been really really pushy (before she got the heck out of dodge) about her marrying + reproducing ASAP. How might he react if she came to him and said she was kinda starting to like the general concept of marrying him — that is, the whole ‘together forever’ bit. Thanks!
I confess darling that I have been trying to finish this prompt for well over a year, and I offer my sincerest apologies that it’s taken me this long to finish it. Still, despite my tardiness, I hope you enjoy, and I thank you for your patience with me.
Tumblr media
You had never intended to fall in love, not with the constant push of your relatives to fall in line like a perfect child.
First, marriage to someone they deemed acceptable, raising the perfect 2.5 children, followed by quietly settling into parenthood and complaisant contentment until the day you last drew breath.
Truth of the matter was, you had avoided all chances of romance for the first few years after you moved away from home, carefully slipping away from anyone who seemed remotely interested in you.
You knew your folks would have disproved such behaviour had they learnt the truth, but you couldn’t find it in your heart to care. You had your own dreams to pursue, your own story to tell, your own life to live; you didn't need someone by your side to feel complete.
You were happy as you were, finding enjoyment in your work and figuring out your place in the world.
You didn’t need, or frankly want, anything more than that.
That was of course until you met him.
Falling in love with Arthur Kirkland had been a complete accident. He slipped past all of your defenses and took up residence in your heart as if he had always belonged there.
It started out slow enough; at first you simply knew him as a familiar face from the cafe in Waterstones, steaming cup of Darjeeling and a chocolate croissant sitting forgotten on the table in front of him, always too focused on his reading to pay any attention to the outside world. After one particularly crowded Sunday afternoon, he began to transition into your favorite dining companion, the two of you often taking turns paying for each other’s food. Slowly but surely, you began forgetting about your books, too wrapped up in conversation, and before you knew it-
You had come to love every part of him- the gentleman that you begrudgingly introduced to your parents, the rebellious and passionate activist, the cocky and playful little shit who had long ago memorised all the best ways to disarm you, and the ancient soul who cared so deeply, who still stretched himself thin most days in effort to protect each of his loved ones.
You fell in love with his voice, whispering sonnets and sonatas and sweet nothings in your ear while his arms cradled you from behind.
You fell in love with his eyes, still losing your footing sometimes when the light caught them just right, dreaming momentarily of summer forests and grassy glades and the misty dews of spring.
You fell in love with his smiles, from the satisfied grin at stirring up Peter’s ire to the breathless wonder each time you kissed or complimented him, to the bright, beautiful, blinding smile he wore when he was incandescently happy, his entire countenance iridescent from his joy.
You loved him completely- for his devotion, for his sweet gestures, for his damned impishness, for his wit, his sass, and the soft spoken affection.
You loved him: for his patience, for his recklessness, for his resilience, for his possessive pride that was somehow more charming than alarming.
He was unique, an enigma that, even after having lived together for years and dating even longer, kept you on your toes, his energy and random spouts of spontaneity proving to you that, even if you spent one hundred lifetimes with him, he would always remain a puzzle you would never fully solve.
And by God did you want to.
Arthur had stolen your heart away from you before you had even noticed he was close enough to take it, offering his own in its stead.
You had remained reluctant, confided in him your fears about settling down, how much you dreaded becoming trapped in a monotonous rut of tedium. He was quick to reassure you, showing through words and actions far more impassioned and teasing than he had ever shown prior, that an eternity with him could never be boring.
Even on quiet days, like today, with a steady drizzle painting the world in greys, Arthur humming quietly while adding another patch to his denim vest, and no other disturbance apart from the cat’s chittering at the robins playing in a puddle by the iron fence- Even now, you weren’t so much bored as you were pensive.
You had been thinking about a future with him a lot in the past few days, some irrelevant ad on your mobile about wedding venues catching your attention and slithering into the back of your mind.
What kind of wedding would he like? Would Arthur prefer something small and intimate, or would his hubris crave a larger venue, giving him yet another chance to prove to the world that he belonged at your side, no one else?  You couldn’t help but wonder if he would wear his uniform or a suit, if he would leave the rats' nest he called a hairstyle untouched, or if he would perhaps slick it back in that way that somehow made the normal rakishness disappear, a confident, refined cavalier standing in his place.
You knew of course that none of this mattered unless you actually talked to him first; as far as you were aware, he was content with the current arrangement, and he respected your views of marriage.
He had known, for a long time, just where the grim outlook stemmed from, and he never breached the subject again.
But now-
You had thought it was enough to hold his love, his faith, his vulnerabilities. But life was so fleeting, and now those few things were no longer enough.
You wanted to wake up every morning next to him, wanted the cheesy partners’ towel and flip flop sets. You wanted the physical reminder that you held his heart, the comforting reminder that he completely possessed your own. You wanted to be by his side forever, holding his hand through the good and the ill, facing new worlds and challenges and the uncertain future together.
You knew the risks, of course.
Marriage to a Nation carried an even heavier burden than the simple oath of “till death do us part.”
No, marrying Arthur would mean weaving your entire lives together, binding you on a spiritual level far surpassing mortality; it would mean sacrificing your chance to ever grow old, to eternally give yourself away: heart, mind, body, and soul.
But this was Arthur, who sang showtunes in the shower, who spent hours making silly faces at the cat, who was ridiculously competitive about Halloween costumes, the man who sat down and memorised the entirety of The Tempest in one night just for the bragging rights.
He already owned your heart, constantly invaded your thoughts and daydreams, and God knew he had long, long ago claimed your body, making certain not a single millimeter of his new territory went unexplored.
Would it really be so bad to give him your soul, too?
Glancing back up, seeing his eyes narrowed in concentration, his fingers handling the needle with expert precision, lips slightly parted, reading glasses fallen halfway down his nose-
You knew your answer.
It was always going to be Arthur for you, only Arthur.
Forever, should he have you.
But now you faced the challenge of telling him that.
It should be simple enough; you really held no more secrets from him, and he no longer bothered trying to hide anything from you. You loved how open you were with one another, cherished the honesty that served as the very foundation to your relationship.
But the truth was that you were terrified.
It had been so long since either of you had spoken of marriage, since the topic was even a thought in your minds, and-
What if he didn't want you anymore?
What if he-
"I can see the steam coming outta your ears."
The unexpected presence of Arthur's voice startled you, eyes darting back over to the very man who was unwittingly tormenting you.
He had barely moved from his earlier position, though his glasses had been pushed up into his hair and he was studying you curiously, if not bemusedly.
"You good there?"
By default, you nearly responded with an affirmative, some playful, lighthearted thing that would have dismissed his concern immediately. You cut yourself off mid-start, then, while shifting to sit properly in the armchair, you decided to push forward. "Can we talk?"
You watched as his expression shifted, revealing his concern as he tied off his thread, setting aside the patchwork and gestured for you to join him on the sofa.
There were a few awkward moments where you took up your favourite positions, Arthur tossing an afghan across the pair of you despite your insistence that you didn't need one, the flicker of a grin as you begrudgingly thanked him, and then shifting around as you both got comfortable, but soon enough-
"Alright, now; talketh at-eth me."
It was impossible to fight the smile his choice of words triggered, a reference to an inside joke so old now that you could scarcely recall its origin. Seeming to deem it a success, his own soft, reassuring smile greeted you.
"Seriously though, luv-" His hand came to rest atop your own, his fingers gently tapping a familiar rhythm against your skin. "What's troubling you?"
You were half-tempted to offer something short of sincerity, something innocuous and mundane that you could both laugh over and forget again within a few hours. Yet, you knew that if you didn't tell him now, didn't ask him now, you would never find the courage again.
"I've been thinking-"
"Ah. A scary premise in its own right."
"Oh, shut up," you retorted to his tease, smacking his arm for his troubles. He rewarded you with a grin, all fondness and mischief. Opting to ignore him, you pressed on, eyes downcast to avoid whatever judgement he may offer.
"As I was trying to say earlier, before I was so rudely interrupted-" The teasing fell off, and the worry crept back in. "I've been thinking. About us."
Were you not so consumed by your own anxieties, you would have noticed his stutter, would have seen the sudden tension in his posture, the fear in his eyes. As it was, you were completely oblivious to all of it, and made yourself continue at his prompting.
"I- I think I'm ready."
He mimed the word "ready" to himself, parroting it with utter befuddlement. "For wha-"
"I mean, I know I wasn't for such a long time, and-" Suddenly, you were off, half unhinged. Now that you had admitted the truth aloud, it was all rushing out of you, everything you had come to love about him, everything that-
A finger pressing firmly against your lips stopped you mid-tangent, and when you glanced up to find piercing, blazing emerald focused on you as if you were the very center of the universe, whatever remained of your ramblings disappeared entirely.
"What are you trying to say?"
A simple question, so easy to answer, yet it carried with it the weight of Infinities, demanding nothing save the truth, in its most basic state.
You were lost in his gravity, half-drowning in whatever this new feeling was. It was addicting, another riddle to be solved.
"Marry me."
Time stood still, the words weighing heavily in the space between you, now seemingly insurmountable despite being no more than mere decimeters.
Arthur showed no reaction, revealed no indication that he had even heard your plea, your query, your command, your request, and yet it echoed over and over in your own mind, the tone, the weight, the untimeliness-
Every facet- from your inflection to chosen tempo- crescandoed as an accusation, a mocking symphony that he would reject you, that you would be left with only the haunting strains of your ill-conceived proposal.
And yet-
There was a hesitation in his eyes, the face of a man who wanted wholeheartedly to believe what he had heard, but had been burned far too often in the past to dare allow himself hope.
"You-" His eyebrows furrowed, eyes narrowed as he studied you once more, only for the suspicion to disappear again almost immediately, disbelief swiftly taking its place. "You're serious?"
It was then that you finally read his nervousness, understood the strange emotion reflecting in his eyes.
You had lead him to a precipice, the vast Unknown before you both, and-
And he was just as fragile as you were, even if he was better at hiding it.
You gave his hand a light squeeze, hoping to ground you both, and offered him a nod. “If you’ll have me, anyway.”
His eyes flickered between your own, darting back-and-forth so quickly in search of a lie, of any doubts, of any hint that you were less than certain- yet you knew he would find none of that.
“What about your family?”
The question took you by surprise; in the moment, you had completely forgotten anyone else even existed.
You weighed his question carefully. Marrying Arthur would give your family leave to gloat in self-satisfaction, and you knew with absolutely certainty that they would hold it over your head for the next three decades. But looking into the eyes of the man before you, remembering all that you had already seen and done together, you found that others' opinions no longer mattered, really hadn't mattered in a long, long time.
“I couldn’t care less about them. Arth-”
Whatever you were going to say was forgotten as he closed the remaining distance between you, moving so swiftly that you scarcely had a moment to steady yourself before he captured you in a searing kiss, one of his most passionate by far.
Somehow, despite the suddenness of it all, the initial force, the intensity- 
He was being incredibly gentle, and moving slowly enough to almost be more a torment than a treat. Almost.
You found yourself lost in a daze when he finally pulled away, just enough for each of you to catch your breaths, just far enough that he could study you with rapt attention. You could have drowned in his eyes, endless greens magnetizing in their intensity. His hands were still cradling your cheeks, still holding you firmly in place, a not completely foreign expression creasing his features.
You couldn't quite place it, even as your memories shifted desperately in search of its mate.
"'If I'd have you?'" His words, a rhetorical refrain of your own mere moments earlier, were scarcely a shared breath between you, murmured in timbre so low it summoned a shiver. There was the smallest twitch of his lip, his head tilting ever so slightly as more of that damned deviousness made its presence known. "I fully intend to have you regardless, luv. But the formality of it all certainly adds a particular je ne sais quoi, wouldn't you agree?"
You'd be damned if he knew just how that made your heart flutter, if he knew just how much weight that reassurance had lifted from your shoulders.
Carefree, content, you offered a playful smile. "Till death do us part then?"
Arthur no longer bothered trying to restrain his smile, soft and sincere in a way that left you breathless. "I'll love you till even the stars go cold, my dear."
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading~
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letarasstuff · 8 months ago
Twelve days
(A/N): This is inspired by me (again), who for her life, can’t figure out how to walk properly around the dining table after two months after renovating the living room. My dog thought several times I’m a dumb burgular.
Summary: Of course, a child of Spencer Reid is not only clumsy, but also a person of repitition. Lets see what happens after changing something she got used to.
Wordcount: 0.8k
Spencer enters the bullpen, looking more dead than alive. You don’t need to be a profiler to see his exhaustion.
“Woah Pretty Boy, what happened to you?” Morgan asks him in a worried tone. Dropping his head on his desk, he answers shortly: “I spent the night at the ER.” This catches the attention of everybody else.
“ER? Spence, what happened? Are you ok? Is (Y/N) ok?” JJ shoots one question after another, going full on Momma Bear Mode.
“Last night taught me that I would never have to do a DNA test with (Y/N), because she is definitely my daughter. Did you know a human being takes at least 12 days to get used to a new habit?” Spencer tells his concerned colleagues, going with his hand through his hair.
But they look at him more confused. “I think it’s a long winded way to tell you that (Y/N) broke her wrist while trying to get to the bathroom.” At this, the team is more lost than ever. So Spencer tells them the events from last night.
“I am done. I will never help your weird ideas about feng shui and good and bad energy. There is no scientifically proof for that except for the Placebo effect. Why did I help you anyway?” Spencer asks after he collapsed on the now moved sofa.
“Because you love me. And did you die moving the furniture? Because I clearly see only an exhausted man, who easily breaks into a sweat lifting a roll of toilet paper”, his daughter tells him while she admires their work.
Out of the blue she asked him to renovate the living room. After a few days of planning and buying the needed things for it they finally got to do it today. At first the small family moved any furniture out of the room, which was kind of a challenge since the apartment is rather small and they had to scatter them all over it.
When this task was mastered, Spencer and (Y/N) began to repaint the walls. This escalated into a paint war. In the end it seemed like they had more of it on their skin than there was on the walls. Luckily (moreover thanks to Spencer calculating wasted paint in) they didn’t need to buy more. It would have been hilarious though, an adult and teenager looking like they were dipped into a barrel, wandering through the hardware store like nobody’s business.
When the paint was dry, they moved the stuff back in. While they were at his, (Y/N) cracked her knowledge of feng shui out and demanded to put it in a certain way. Spencer, who was surprised about her education on this subject, asked her how she knew all of this. Turns out you get more points in something in Animal Crossing, when you lay it out like it’s demanded.
“I have to love you pretty much, because it was a nightmare”, the father groans, rubbing his face.
“You do, because I am your only child so you have much to give away. Also, I call dibs on the shower!” Before he could interrupt her, she already sprinted into the bathroom.
Later that night Spencer got woken up by a loud crash. Immediately his agent instincts kicked in. He grabbed a baseball bat (courtesy his daughter, who needed it for her Harley Quinn halloween costume) and sneaked into the living room, from where the sound originated.
“Stay where you are, I got a weapon and I’m not afraid to use it!”
“DAD! You are a trained man, a profiler with years worth of experience and you chose this as a good tactic to scare off any offender?” The father hears (Y/N) calling out from what seems the middle of the room. As he lowers the bat, Spencer turns the light on.
Then he sees what actually happened: His daughter is buried under one of the stools at the dining table, her hand is twisted between the bars in the back in a weird way.
“Last night I learned that (Y/N) is not only really clumsy, but she also has this one way she walks when she goes to the bathroom. Now that we rearranged the living room the stool was in her way and she broke her wrist. That’s why I spent the night at the ER, but she is fine. (Y/N) wanted to come in after school to have you all sign her cast to brag to her classmates that she knows real superheroes and FBI agents.”
In the end she takes more than 12 days to get used to the new layout as the teenager crashes into the furniture every two to three days for the following month.
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luvmiaa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
⇢ ˗ˏˋ 𝒂𝒐𝒕 𝒙 𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓-𝒏𝒆𝒖𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒍!𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒌!𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓 ࿐ྂ
Tumblr media
彡 ❛ 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐜 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐦𝐮𝐬𝐤𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐬 ❜
彡 𝗳𝘁. connie + sasha + jean
彡 𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗿𝗲: fluff + crack
彡 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: language
彡 𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗿’𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲: my sister showed me an edit of Connie and Sasha with song tongue tied by grouplove and it’s been stuck in my head ever since then. literally so cute <33
Tumblr media
⤷ The four of y’all were doing definitely dubsmash videos in the middle of the hallway. Y’all all planned to pretend “to go to the bathroom” but instead was hitting that where’s Alexis Texas 😜
⤷ Roasting sessions EVERY. SINGLE. DAY !!!
⤷ Never a day where you and Connie are going at it or it’s usual you + Sasha vs Connie + Jean
⤷ Y’all heard Connie rap good ONE TIME and thought he was gonna make it big (news flash: yall ain’t makin it out the hood)
⤷ Assigning Jean and Sasha as bodyguards while you’re his assistant
⤷ You and Connie definitely have a matching durag collection, sometimes you two accidentally wear the same durag. Jean tried to fit in and wore one once and yeah…..
⤷ Eren was on his HEAD that entire day
⤷ Matching tattoos was something y’all definitely planned on having !!
⤷ I’m thinking a cute puzzle piece that connects together or matching hearts on you guys wrist or finger
⤷ April Fools Day is a national holiday that is reserved for the four of you and the four of you only. Nobody can pull out stunts like the four of you
⤷ Did it result in detention and almost suspension? Yeah but it was worth it seeing Levi’s reaction every year
⤷ Late night Walmart run and 2 AM IHOP dates !!!
⤷ Most of the time, y’all don’t even need anything from Walmart. You guys just go there to enjoy and have fun (cart races, toilet paper forts, playing on the displayed Nintendo switch, etc.)
⤷ I don’t know why but I have this feeling that you and Connie tend to battle out who can apply a wig the best
⤷ And who is your test subject exactly? Jean himself. How? We don’t know.
⤷ Elite Barbz in the building !!
⤷ You and Sasha once ran a shared nicki fanpage back in middle school (jean had one too btw)
⤷ You, Connie, and Jean were DEFINITELY the ones instigating every fight. Why? Yall got the most information out of everyone so you egg on till someone fight
⤷ FaceTime group calls almost every weekend and most of the time it’s yall talking shit about each other or bullying eren
⤷ 80% of the groupchat usually consist of reaction memes, voice messages, and/or screenshots
⤷ All four of you alwaysss played video games with each other. It’s fun but can get very competitive real quick
⤷ Most of the time, they end with bets made and people losing money
⤷ Jean and Connie STAY flirting with your mom every time they come over. Always on some “Ayo Mrs/Ms. *insert last name* wassup witchu 😩? You out here lookin finer every time I see you”
⤷ Did I forget to mention that all four of y’all always fought over who was who in Mindless Behavior? Yes you guys used to listen to boy bands together (mainly cause of you)
⤷ Cause I think I did
⤷ Holidays with the four of you are always so fun !!! On V-Day, you guys would see who would outdo each other or if one of you guys don’t have a valentine, the other three would be your valentine
⤷ Halloween would be such a mess though, Connie and Jean convincing their way for some more candy meanwhile Sasha ate like half of her bag
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓: @blackweebtrash @lilsparkyswife @tsumusitadori @myhoodacademia @asaincy
if you would like to be added onto the taglist, fill out the form on my navi !!
Tumblr media
彡 it’s like 2 AM and I am TIRED
彡 also I highlyyyyyy recommend listening to the song !!!
彡 hope you guys enjoyed 🤍
bye babes, drink your water, stay hydrated, and remember that you are the baddest bitch on the planet 🥰 no matter what ANYONE says
𝐏𝐬𝐚𝐥𝐦 𝟗:𝟏 💗
Tumblr media
© 𝟤𝟢𝟤𝟣 𝗄𝗈𝗂𝗌𝗁𝗂𝗀𝗎𝗋𝗈. 𝖺𝗅𝗅 𝗋𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍𝗌 𝗋𝖾𝗌𝖾𝗋𝗏𝖾𝖽
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whereisten · 10 months ago
The Interview
A Doyoung fic that’s part of our Halloween Series!
Tumblr media
Summary: you’re a journalist that just booked her biggest gig, an interview with Doyoung, a vampire notorious for a series of murders in your city.
Pairing: Vampire!Doyoung x female reader
Other characters: Best friend!Johnny
Genre: horror, angst, smut, violence
Word count: 8.7 K
Warnings: blood mention, descriptions of murder and violence, cursing, smut! (Threesome (MMF), breast fondling, fingering, male masturbation, oral sex, penetration, slight overstimulation, c*eampie.), mentions of chains and knives.
A/N: I am sorry for taking so long to post this, but I hope you enjoy!! I didn’t proofread (shocker) so there may be some errors but I will fix them later. THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN FOR THE SUPPORT FOR OUR HALLOWEEN SERIES AHHHH!! It’s been so much fund and I hope you guys enjoy the last few fics we have coming up!!
You entered the house and walked hesitantly inside, looking around to observe all of the meticulous paintings and art. The mansion was dark and gloomy, it sent a chill through your body to imagine all of the horrors and secrets it held within it. So much murder, so much blood and death. And yet, it was kept in pristine condition by a loyal maid. Not a speck of dust in sight, and no stench to even indicate a single crime having been committed.
You sat down in his office on a cushioned loveseat before you  placed your recorder on the coffee table in between your seat and his.
You heard the jingles of his handcuffs and the many footsteps of police entering a few minutes after.
He sat down across from you as you cleared your throat. You noticed his irritated and burgundy red wrists being burned by the handcuffs around them made of pure silver.
He was stunning, like a painting himself. His skin looked like it was made of the most expensive marble, his eyes looked playful, but held a dark glint about them that you couldn’t shake. His arms were in front of him as his hands were held together by the handcuffs, you couldn’t ignore the obvious presence of his biceps as they strained against the thin material of his long sleeved prison uniform. His veins also bulged from his wrists all the way to his neck.
The devastatingly handsome man looked...hungry.
His tongue darts out over his bottom lip as he watches you observe his features.
“Oh, a pretty one for once, thank God.” He smirks.
You look at him sternly and press record on the mechanism in between you two.
“Good afternoon, Doyoung, my name is y/n. Today, I’ll be asking you a few questions about the crimes you’ve committed, but first, I would like for you to confirm your identity.”
You hold your iPad in your arm and start to type a description of his features and what he is wearing.
Doyoung laughs.
You stop writing and look up at him.
“What’s the matter?”
“I’m chained up in my own house, and not in the sexual way for once…”
You look back to your iPad.
“’d like to change that..” he says with a low tone that makes your body shiver.
“’ve just been sentenced to a lifetime in prison for the brutal murders of 36 people. I’d appreciate it if you’d just answer a few questions so we can both go about our day.”
“Oh dear, I won’t tell you anything unless you get these barbaric things off of me, and get these useless men out of here.” He tilts his head towards the police officers behind his seat.
You shake your head. “No can do Doyoung, you’re a danger man, if they leave I’m done for.”
He chuckles lowly. “Don’t you trust me, sweetheart? My maid is no longer here, she testified against me and fled the country, so obviously I have no intention of ruining my place with anyone’s blood while she’s gone.” A smile crosses his face and it makes you uneasy.
You shouldn’t have done what you did next, but for the sake of writing a damn good article for Neo chronicles, you knew you had to. This trip would’ve been a waste of time and effort. It took you months to convince your boss to get you an interview with Doyoung, the notorious vampire that was just found guilty of capital murder.
He could tear you to shreds in moments with his hands and teeth, but something told you to ask that he be free..just for a few minutes.
He leans forward and keeps your eyes in his gaze. “You want them to release these cuffs, don’t you?”
You swallow hard then look up at the head police officer.
“He won’t cooperate unless you leave and take the handcuffs with you, please…” you beg, but the officer immediately shakes his head.
“Under strict orders from the judge, we cannot do that. It’s a miracle that we were even allowed to bring him back here.”
The tall man says without budging.
Doyoung turns to look at him. “Officer...these cuffs really’ll only be for a few minutes..please.”
The officer furrows his eyebrows.
“Officer..I promise it’ll only take 15 minutes.” You continue.
“Fine...we’ll be right outside the door.”
You’re surprised to see that the officer agrees. He takes his key and opens up the cuffs. He then places them beside you on your chair.
“Slap these on the son of a bitch if he tries anything.”
You nod. A part of you felt so uneasy now that you were alone with him, but you had to make the most of it and get some information out of him while you could. No one could do what you were about to do, for Doyoung would be put away for life in a few days.
The door clicks and the room falls silent.
Doyoung turns to you and already starts to heal his wrists. “Well, then...should we get started?”
“Where are you from?” You ask.
He raises an eyebrow and throws an arm over the head of his seat.
“I’m from this city, dear.. I was just raised in a very different one...a few hundred years ago, without the cars, without the noise..”
“You’re the first of your kind that society has come across. Are there any more like you?”
He chuckles then looks at you and tilts his head. “There’s no one like me..”
You lick your lips quickly and lean forward. “Are there any more vampires, Doyoung?”
“Of course there are, some lurk in the shadows, some live boldly as the very doctors that take care of you. No one from my bloodline is alive however.” His gaze shifts downward as if he’s reminiscing.
“How do the vampires survive without being caught?”
He looks back up at you. “We just feed on animals to get by.”
Your heart began to race, you were finally getting information that no one else knew about, for Doyoung never spoke a word to investigators looking for answers about vampires.
“So why did you feed on humans and kill them instead of changing them?”
“For survival, sweetheart. I’m a man with very expensive taste..I’ve been killing humans for years, but I got lazy and decided to not run from city to city..I’d take out anyone that was evil or treated others like shit..some of my victims deserved it, but I’m sure you already knew that.”
You looked to the side. You did notice that he mainly killed other murderers or robbers.
“Furthermore, humans have polluted the earth so badly, the taste of animals that feed off of diseased grass is just disgusting. I couldn’t take it anymore.” His face winces.
“And human it good?”
Doyoung smirks. “Oh, my love, you have no idea. It’s sweet and savory, there’s nothing like it..and if I may say, it’s even better when the subject surrenders willingly.”
“Did your subjects surrender willingly?”
He looks up and tries to think. He taps his chin. “No..I don’t think any of those bastards surrendered, they were quick fixes to my thirst. There was one woman though..Hmm what was her name?...Was it Diamond or Daisy?”
You closed your eyes as you listened to him struggle to remember the names of his victim.
“Darlene..her real name was Darlene, but she went by Tiffany at the strip club she worked at.”
“Ahhh! Yes! Darlene..she was sweet, magnificent. I remember taking her in the back of my car, she was ecstatic. She felt amazing around me, so warm. Her body shook as I stretched her out and played with her beautiful womanhood..such a shame.. she was so willing.”
You swallowed hard as tears filled your eyes. Doyoung was making light of a dark situation that ended in the murder of a young woman just trying to live her life.
He leans forward to get your attention. “First..I tasted her lips, then I placed my tongue around her hard nubs. I traced my tongue down her abdomen and all the way...down, before letting it rest on her folds. I licked up her essence and listened to her moan and breathe heavily. I can still hear the rush of her blood in her veins. I can still taste her trembling core on the tip of my tongue, and feel her velvety walls around my fingers.”
You cross your legs as his voice lowers more and more with each sentence.
His dark eyes hold onto yours as his smile grows. He can smell the pool building in your underwear.
“In and out, I moved in and out, circling around her bud before she came hard all over my mouth. But I licked it up and kissed her thigh as she begged for more. She tasted delicious and brain became flooded with thoughts of just how wonderful her blood would taste too. So I wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed into her, sliding in between her delicious and wet folds and hitting her sweet spot over and over.”
“Doyoung..” you turn away and gulp, but he grabs your chin within a split second of standing up in front of you.
He tilts your head upwards and gazes down at your lips.
“I placed two fingers into her mouth...just like this.” 
On instinct, your mouth falls open, allowing him to place two fingers onto your tongue. Your mind went crazy, half of it screaming for you to look away from the dangerous man, the other half saying “yes, God, yes.”
You sat with your mouth agape, waiting for him to continue.
“If only you could taste her...nonetheless, when she came again, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and the veins of her neck stuck out to me, begging to be punctured into. I sucked her dry even as she clenched around me from the overwhelming pleasure.”
He withdrew his fingers, licking them as his eyes held onto yours.
“Your lips must be delicious too.”
You snapped yourself out of your daze and shook your head.
“Doyoung, what the hell?”
He sits back into his chair. “Any more questions, love?”
You clear your throat again and look at your iPad.
“Uhh..what are your abilities?”
He smirks. “Well, I’m sure you can imagine one of them. But in addition to that, we are fast, strong, powerful beings. Some can read minds, some can hypnotize..we are what humans aim to be, perfect beings.”
Your face grows into one of disgust. “With the exception of having the burning need to murder, right?”
He chuckles once more and rolls his eyes. “Humans kill all the time, what makes us so different if we do it for survival? Murders are done out of rage against those that are simply different in terms of religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation all the time, why aren’t you interviewing those bastards?”
You hesitate.
He leans towards you and crosses his arms.
“What if you could make this world a better place by getting rid of those that commit crimes against the helpless? I can see that you’re one that believes in justice.. you can be like me, but use your abilities for good..”
You shake your head. “Absolutely not, you’re a monster. Just because you killed for survival does not negate the fact that you still took many lives.”
He leans back and nods. “Oh, pity then. I thought I’d have a partner for my getaway. I would’ve loved to keep such a pretty face by my side..”
Your eyes widen, you lean back and reach for the handcuffs..but they’re not there.
He jumps up from his seat.
You stand up as well. “What are you doing?”
But within seconds, your arms are behind your back and locked in the handcuffs that he stole from beside you.
He pushes your body so that it lays back down on the love seat. You stare in horror as he crawls over you while looking up your scared face through his lashes.
He licks his lips.
“Thank you for giving me this chance to get away..”
“Help!!” You call out and soon the police break through the double doors.
Doyoung flicks his head towards them and holds out his hand. “Halt!”
He yells and they stop in their tracks.
You cry out. “Doyoung!!” But he’s already dug into each and every one’s necks and ripped into their throats.
Blood platters across the room and the bodies fall down dead almost unanimously as Doyoung moves incredibly fast. He appears as a blur one moment and the next moment, he is over you again, but this time with the lower half of his face covered in crimson liquid and his eyes intense.
He licks your collarbone, slowly trailing his tongue up your neck then to your chin. You tremble and cry as your heart races.
“Mmmmm...sweetheart, I’d take you right here, but you’ll taste so much better when you give in to me completely, I’ll see you soon.”
He disappears, you only hear the breaking of a window behind you.
You close your eyes tightly and sob.
The police officers that were outside in their cars immediately run into the house when they see that Doyoung has flown away.
They open your handcuffs and console you as you turn away from all of the dead bodies on the floor.
When things finally settled, you noticed that Doyoung had taken your recorder, leaving you without proof that this interview even happened.
[3 Months Later]
A national manhunt for Doyoung had been going on for months, no one saw the man or..creature. The good part about his absence was that there were no more killings. You tried your best to explain what happened that day, but you couldn’t. Everything felt blurry, all you could feel was this longing to be with him again. He had you under his grasp in just a few minutes, but that partially wasn’t your fault. You were hypnotized, just as the police officer taking him out of handcuffs was.
But you couldn’t help but feel guilty when you thought about the lives lost that day, the families that weren’t with their loved ones anymore because of your weakness. You swore it would never happen again.
You were released from your job at the Neo Chronicles, your boss was embarrassed and dealt with the harshest treatment from not only the legal system, but from the media as well. No one understood how such a huge mistake could be made. They had him and were ready to punish him for his crimes, but in just a few minutes, they lost him, the only vampire known to man.
You worked from home now, uploading conspiracy theories to your own website where people could submit photos, videos or written accounts of their experiences with the supernatural. They could do this anonymously if they wished. You wrote about Doyoung and the vampire community, you even went out at night at farms or in the woods to try to catch vampires in the act of taking blood from them, but you had no luck.
You would set your life to finding Doyoung, you’d make him pay for what he did to you. Even if you were intrigued by him, you’d make him suffer. However, you couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t kill you as well.
[One Month Later]
You were about to do some research on cult practices that involved sacrifices, when you heard a knock at your door. You jumped up in your chair at your desk and turned to the door.
You swallowed hard. Had you done too much digging? Was someone tracking you? Were you being watched all this time?
Maybe you shouldn’t have visited the dark web.
You stand up slowly and walk to the door. You hear another knock.
You grab a tennis racket you placed by your door after playing tennis earlier that day. You then look through the peephole and see him.
Your heart started to race. Should you call the authorities? Should you scream for help? No. They would just be too slow, they’d be gone by the time a shriek escaped your throat.
You quickly opened it and held up your racket.
“Ah!!!” You yelled as you swung it, but he grabbed it with one hand and broke in two effortlessly.
Your eyes widened as he stood there with one corner of his mouth tilted upwards. His eyes sparkled in the darkness.
Your jaw fell open while the rackets ripped to your doorstep in two separate pieces.
“Invite me in...I have the recorder.” He demands through a husky tone.
You breathe heavily. “I-I..”
“May I come in...sweetheart?” He pouts.
You sigh and nod. “Yes.”
You didn’t want to but he had the evidence that you needed. Maybe you could just take it from him and he’d leave. With that piece of evidence, you could get your job back or make money online with your testimony.
Doyoung speeds past you and sits at your desk.
“Ooooo..satanic cults...interesting!” He searches through your computer.
“Hey!” You lock your door and walk towards him.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
“How have you been doing, my love? Have you been well? Probably not...seeing that you’re stuck at home now, researching this nonsense.” He ignores your question and stands up from the desk.
You walk after him into the dining room.
“Answer me! Why are you here?”
“Have you thought about my proposal? You’ve had a lot of time..”
“Why didn’t you turn yourself in?!” You grab a knife from your kitchen counter and hold it behind your back.
He takes a look at your 4 day old pizza on your stove top and gags. “You and I both know I wouldn’t dare out well in prison.”
“So why the hell are you here?!” You say a little louder.
He turns to you suddenly and flips you around. In just a few seconds, he pins you against the wall with your cheek pressed against it and your hands behind your back.
You grunt as he presses in your back with your elbow.
“Did you know that you’ve been on my mind every night since that day?” He forces the knife out of your hand and trails the tip down the side of your face. 
You wince as you anticipate it breaking your skin, but he only drags it down your neck delicately and watches goosebumps decorate your skin.
He flips you back around so you face him now, he looks down at your chest and breathes heavily over it. He still holds both of your wrists in his hand, clenching his fist around them tightly as you squeal.
“The way you smell, the way you feel, the way you’s all haunted me..I want you so badly..”
You blink rapidly. “If you want to kill me, why don’t you just do it already.”
Doyoung chuckles and hangs his head low.
“I’m here to ask you again...join as I live and give up this boring life..” he licks long your neck as you struggle in his grasp.
You shake your head.
“No..I don’t want you..I don’t want to be a monster like you.”
He laughs as he smirks while watching your lips. His closeness to you makes you dizzy, but you try to remain firm. 
“Oh, sweetheart, I’m too old to be fooled, I know you have a recording of our little interview on your ipad..I know you don’t really need that why did you invite me in?”
Your face falls. How did he know that you had a second audio recording saved to your iPad.
“Okay...fine, I wanted a reason to let you in..” you search his eyes. 
He smiles and watches your lips.
“Oh? And now that I’m in, what else do you want?”
You pant and lick your lips. “I feel what that woman felt..”
He kisses your neck. “Like this?” He whispers against your heated skin.
Your eyes close as your head falls back. “Yes..take me to my room..” you beg breathily.
He wraps his arms around you and by the time you open your eyes, you’re on your bed with your legs around his waist.
He grinds his covered member into you and listens to you moan.
He continues to kiss your neck and bite teasingly.
He licks over the warm area and moans. The cold touch of his fingertips makes you yearn for him more. 
“This is what I missed, the taste of your beautiful skin..”
He looks down at you through wide eyes, he adores your lips and eyes, watching as you finally give in to him like he’s longed for.
He leans down and kisses your lips.
You reach above your head and place your hands under your pillow. You grab a specialized collar.
“Look at me, Doyoung.” You whisper in between kisses.
He releases your lips and looks up. You suddenly lock the collar around his throat.
He hisses, flying to the ceiling and grabbing at it in an attempt to take it off, but he has no luck.
The collar made of pure silver sends violent and painful shockwaves through his body whenever he touches it.
It tightens slowly to stop him from breathing.
His eyes grow. “What..what have you done to me?” He says as he dangles from the ceiling and looks down at you on the bed with a smile on your face.
“Oh Doyoung, you’re old but you still didn’t see this coming..” you chuckle, everything went as planned.
“Please...please stop this...” he reaches out for you as he gasps for air.
 You stand up from the bed and look up at him.
“I’ll explain this quickly since you’ll be unconscious in about three minutes..”
He loses his grip from the ceiling, falling onto the bed limply.
“Do you remember a tall fellow that you bit one evening as he walked home from work?”
Doyoung groans in pain.
“I’ll take that as a no..” you continue. “Well, this victim’s name was Johnny, he owns Johnny’s Café and locked up kinda late that night when you found him. He became your prey and in the blink of an eye, was left to die in a dirty alleyway. No one was there to help him, no one…” your eyes start to water.
“He was my best friend..and you killed him. Or so I see, you made a grave mistake with this “murder.” You didn’t ensure his death by sucking until you heard the very last beat of his pulse. You got what you wanted and left him there with a faint pulse. He was able to pull his phone out and call me..I found him through Find My iPhone, and when I inspected his injuries..I realized that he had been attacked by a vampire.”
Doyoung’s eyes roll in the back of his head as he takes his final breaths.
“It was my first time seeing such a wound since I was young. Guess what, Doyoung? My family has hunted vampires since the beginning of grandparents were sure that they had killed all of you in this city...but it seems we hadn’t, and Johnny’s attack is what brought this issue to my attention. Lucky for me, you fell right into my hands, making it easy for me to gain more information about your kind and the actual status of vampires in our city. I was ill-prepared for your hypnosis, however. That’s why I couldn’t lock you down the first time.”
You walk up to him and caress his pale face. You then yank his arm and drag him through your house and down to your basement.
You throw him down the stairs and walk down.
You both hear yelling and crying. 
That’s when Doyoung sees him. That night starts to come back to him, the night when he attacked Johnny.
Johnny is chained to a wall in your basement. His hair is long and disheveled. He yells as he begs for food. His fangs stick out, he looks weak and terrified.
Doyoung gasps. “I didn’t mean for this to happen..”
“This is where he will have to stay, I can’t turn him in because he’s my best friend, but I also can’t kill him or set him free to murder innocent people like a maniac..I will fix him, I swear I will.”
You flip the lid off of a coffin and throw Doyoung into it after much effort. Luckily, he was quite weak from the collar already.
“Even though you turned my best friend into a monster, I am thankful to you for bringing all of your kind’s secrets to light. I will find each one, and I will kill them.” You smirk.
“Enjoy prison, you monster.”
Doyoung only smiles. “I’ll be back, sweetheart. Hunting you will make for a lifetime of joy.”
You shut the lid over the coffin and nail it shut.
You drag the coffin upstairs using a pulley system then call the police to retrieve him.
[2 Years Later]
You enjoy your life as a journalist once again. You gained wealth and notoriety for your interview with Doyoung. You also hunt and kill vampires that killed animals, you finally had used the training from your family to do so.
“I never thought you’d have to do this..” your mom said one day when you visited her for tea.
“I thought..we killed them all and kept you and the rest of our world safe.”
“They’re like roaches..they never die.” Your dad yelled from the living room.
“It is what it is..” you took a sip from your cup.
“But tell me, once one has there any way to turn them back?”
You thought of Johnny and how you had to watch him suffer now for the past two years. You loved him dearly and spent hours on the dark web searching for clues as to what to do, but nothing worked.
You didn’t tell your parents, for fear that they would tell you to kill him immediately or they’d do it themselves.
You wouldn’t give up on you, you just couldn’t.
The two of you were friends for her 10 years, how could you even think of killing him?
Your mother laughed. “Honey..we’ve tried everything, there’s no way…once they change, the hunger roars through them, making them impossible to tame.”
You nodded. 
“What is it you're not telling me?” She tilted her head when she saw the look of worry in your eyes.
“Nothing, it’s just...some of these people are good people..I just wish we didn’t have to kill them..”
“People? They’re not people! They’re savages and self-centered barbarians! Don’t fall for it, all they do is lure in victims for their own gain. They have no conscience.” Your father walked into the dining room with a freshly carved stake.
“Here.” He hands it to you. “You kill those bastards without any thought in your head, they’re meant to seduce you, make you think that they’re innocent humans with beating and good hearts, but they’re not! Kill them before they kill us.”
You nod and take it from him.
[1 Year Later]
You receive news that Doyoung has broken free from prison. No one knows of his whereabouts so all eyes turn to you.
“We can set up police around your place to keep watch if you’d like..” your boss tells you.“There’s a chance that he’ll come after you first.”
“Thank you, but that won’t be necessary.”
You weren’t scared at all, and having police around would only draw more attention to you than you needed. What if they heard Johnny in your basement? What if they saw you bringing in live rabbits in the middle of the night?
And if something were wrong, they’d eventually go into your basement only to find a series of hunting weapons and digging gear, for you always buried the vampires you killed deep in the woods.
You headed home and walked in slowly.
The air felt crisp and cool, the night sky peered in through your windows. You looked around and that’s when you noticed that one of them were open, the wind blowing the curtain that should’ve been drawn over it.
You hold your stake close to you and quickly walk over to it.
You slam it down shut and turn the lock, but by the time you turn back around to head to your room, you see Doyoung.
“Hello, sweetheart.”
He stands just a few feet away from you with blood dripping down his mouth and neck in a steady pool.
You step back and walk around in a circle.
Doyoung smirks and walks in a circle towards you too.
“You knew I would be here, and yet, you came home on time..are you not afraid of me?”
He chuckles and holds his arms out.
You raise your stake in front of you.
“Do I look like I’m afraid of you?”
Doyoung tilts his head and pouts. “I’m not sure, your heart is racing, the sweat on your forehead is building, your grip on the stake is weak..”
“I didn’t give you permission to come in..”
He shakes his head. “No no, you didn’t..but someone in this house did.”
Your steps falter for a moment and you swallow hard.
When you listen closely, you hear something happening in your kitchen.
Then your eyes widen when you realize.
You gasp and run into the kitchen.
Doyoung laughs loudly.
You scream when you see Johnny sucking blood from a woman’s neck in the middle of your kitchen.
“I’ve missed you, my love...but I see you kept him around, locked up in the basement for fun..I used my senses to contact him and tell him to give me permission. You see, he doesn’t enjoy being locked up in your basement.”
Doyoung stands behind you and crosses his arms while leaning against the doorway.
“Johnny!! Stop this please, this isn’t you!” You try to shake him off of the woman but all Johnny sees is red. He has never had human blood before and now his eyes have been opened. You start to cry, your stake drops out of your hand.
“He can’t hear you, he’s enjoying what will now be his favorite meal in the kitchen.”
Doyoung grabs you by the neck and slams you against the wall. You yell out in pain.
“And here we are again, but this time we have some unfinished business, you and I...what should I do with you?”
You shake your head as he lifts your body nearly four feet off the ground while choking you.
“Please Doyoung, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have turned you in..please, just let me go, I’ll run far from here and leave the two of you alone to kill as you please.” Seeing Johnny like this leaves you broken. You can’t believe he’s free to live as a monster after all of your efforts to protect him.
“But running will only make me want you more, I enjoy this game that we play..” 
“Doyoung…” you tap his wrist as it becomes difficult to breathe.
“Being choked isn't so nice, is it?”
“What..what do you want from me?”
“I want you, but I like that you’re a challenge, you make my life exciting, and now that I have you here, I want to let you go again just so I can watch you run.” He grins.
“You can shoot some arrows or throw a few stakes, how about it, y/n?”
“Fuck you! I’m not some toy!”
You try to wiggle out of his grasp.
“Then take my offer..I’ll only ask one more time..will you give in to me?”
You start to shake your head, but Johnny rises up from the body on the floor. He runs his hands through his long black hair and licks his lips while panting.
“Y/n..I feel...amazing.” He smiles at you. Even after all these years of you feeding him small animals and keeping him locked up, he still looked at you with love.
You cry harder. “No..Johnny..please don’t give in, I can fix you, I’ll find a way to turn you back.”
He chuckles then steps closer to you. He already looks healthier with the heavy dose of human blood he just consumed. “And you’ve been searching relentlessly for this cure for how long now?”
Doyoung lets your body slide back down the wall as he loosens his grip.
“I’m so close, just trust me.”
“Y/n..Look at how happy he is, don’t you want to be happy too?”
“yes..join us..” Johnny traces his finger down the side of your face.
“No!” You suddenly push Doyoung off of you and dive to the floor for your stake.
You jump back up but Doyoung takes you into his arms.
“Is this what you want?! To die instead of being with your best friend forever?!”
You press the tip of the stake into his chest, you’re so close, but your mind doesn’t allow you to push harder.
“Do it! Kill me!” He doesn’t put you under hypnosis because he wants to see what your true desire is.
Doyoung watches your sad eyes as you struggle to stab him.
Him being so close to you makes you weak, you don’t know why, but you fall into him more.
You second guess everything and your will weakens more and more each second.
You lean forward and kiss Doyoung’s lips finally.
You relax into his arms as his tongue traces over your lips to enter.
You swallow back your disgust from the taste of blood on his lips and close your eyes. A rush runs through your body, it’s like you’re being commanded by waves at the beach, your body just enjoying the feeling of floating in his arms.
The stake falls out of your weak hands. Johnny comes up behind you, kissing your neck from behind while circling his arms around your waist.
If you could just distract them for a few more could catch them off guard, take them to your room and grab the stake under your pillow..just a few more minutes.. 
Then..a sharp pain makes you jolt. Your eyes fly open. Johnny’s fangs dig into your neck. He sucks hard while you groan.
“Johnny!” You cry out, but then you moan as a feeling of euphoria washes over your body. You feel amazing, your mind goes blank, a soft, tingly sensation makes you weak as blood rushed from your veins and to his mouth. You’re drunk from their love and you want more.
Doyoung continues to kiss your lips and smiles when he feels you finally giving in to him.
Your heartbeat drives him crazy, he just can’t stop thinking about how good you must taste, so he takes the two of you to your room and lays down beside you on your bed.
Your neck is bent backwards towards Johnny behind you still, your hard nipples covered by your dress are just begging for his mouth.
“Do you give in to me, dear?” His lustful voice echoes in your ear.
“Yes..” you whimper.
In one swift move, Doyoung tears your dress off and throws it to the floor. He licks your hard nubs passionately, darting his tongue out and playing around with them with the tip.
Johnny continues to suck slowly, his hand reaching to your front side. He placed two fingers in between your legs, swatting away your thighs so your legs open more.
You are enraptured by them, completely forgetting your plan. But it didn’t matter anyway, your fate was sealed the moment Johnny bit you. He would either suck you dry or leave you alive to turn into one of them.
A part of you feels regret, but another part has come to terms with your situation. Right now you were focused on the yearning in your chest that made you tremble and the building heat between your legs that needed to be tended to.
Without warning, Doyoung bites your breast and sucks hard after latching his lips around the nipple.
He groans as he listens to you yelp.
You run your hand through his hair. “Yes..that feels so good.”  You felt like you were already climaxing with both men sucking your blood at the same time.
Johnny’s fingers push past the waistband of your underwear and presses against your folds.
Doyoung sucks harder, the taste of your blood is sweet and intoxicating, he never wants to stop.
You feel Johnny’s long fingers rub circles into your clit, your legs widen more as you ache for more. He lets go of your neck and nibbles your ear.
“Can I?” He asks seductively.
“Yes..” you bite your bottom lip, your body becoming more and more turned on from Doyoung’s mouth and Johnny’s touch.
You can feel Johnny’s hard member against your back as he pushes one finger into your throbbing opening, sliding it in effortlessly. 
“You’re wet…” he pulls his finger out and places it into your mouth. You moan while licking his finger.
“So wet..” he then pushes two fingers in, your body flinches as he pumps in and out of your. Your head is dizzy, you felt that you’ve lost too much blood. You’re too weak and Doyoung feels it too.
He gives your breasts a few more kitten licks to clean up the blood on it, then looks into your eyes.
“How do you feel, my love?”
“I’m-I’m dizzy..” you moan shortly after as Johnny adds a third finger and presses upward while inside your pussy.
Doyoung smiles when he sees your low eyes. “It’s time for you to feed..”
Your eyes widen. “What?”
Doyoung uses his nail and digs a vertical line into his throat.
“Taste me..”
“N-no.” You shake your head.
“This is what you are now, y/n..just taste him and you’ll know..” Johnny whispers into your ear.
You stick your tongue out hesitantly and lick up the trail of blood on his neck. It tastes wonderful, amazing and different. You didn’t know what to describe it as but you felt that rush from earlier run through your body once more.
You lick again, this time, placing your mouth into the wound and actually sucking more blood out. 
Doyoung groans while pushing his pants down and taking his member out. He strokes it up and down and pants as you suck hard. You can’t use your fangs yet, but the feeling is still magnificent for him as well.
You need more, a hunger builds in your body and you tilt over Doyoung more to apply pressure.
Johnny withdraws his fingers, allowing you to completely kneel over Doyoung’s lap now.
He lays flat on the bed and watches you mount him. You look beautiful naked, like a goddess. Your eyes are wide with hunger and desire and he’s happy to be at the center of it all. He aligns his cock with your opening, watching as you slide down onto it slowly while wincing.
You breathe heavily and lean forward so you can suck his neck again. You place your hands on either side of his head and move up and down slowly, your body already clenching around him as he fills you up completely.
Johnny wraps his hand around his aching cock and strokes it as you ride Doyoung.
Your body becomes cold even as you sweat from the constant movement.
Your mind is flooded with sounds of Johnny’s moans coupled with the new sound of blood rushing through Doyoung’s veins and into your mouth. 
He guides you down onto him by placing both hands on your ass. You push down onto him harder and faster, moving your hips so that his cock curves into you and presses against that spot every time.
You whimper as your movements stutter.
Doyoung flips you over onto your back, he watches your mouth, covered in blood, fall open into a loud moan. “Come on, sweetheart. Tell me how badly you want to cum.” Doyoung says with an evil smirk across his face covered in your blood now.
He thrusts into you hard and places both hands on your knees. He pushes them further apart and watches as he slams himself into you.
“Johnny..she feels so good..she’s just like you imagined for all these years..”
“But how does she taste?” Johnny strokes himself faster as he aims for your breast.
“Her blood tastes sweeter than any berry, and her pussy? Well, you’ll just have to try that yourself.” He goes faster, so fast you can only feel a satisfying vibration that stimulates your clit.
You throw your head back. “Fuck..Doyoung..”
“Do you want me to stop?” He stops suddenly to tease you.
“No no no no, keep going..please!” You beg in a high pitched tone almost embarrassingly.
He resumes his speed, watching your hands grip the sheets and your eyes roll in the back of your head as you cum.
Doyoung grunts and releases inside you.
He milks himself out completely as you shake from your orgasm. You see stars and entire galaxies, a feeling washing over you like no other feeling.
You gasp and watch Doyoung pull out. He moves to the side while watching his cum leaks out of your entrance.
Johnny then flips your limp body over. He wraps and arm around your waist and pulls you against his hard cock. You’re sensitive so you cry out from suddenly being pushed into by his long member. 
He grabs your hair and bends your neck backward before biting into it to suck more of your blood. Your overwhelming sensitivity soon fades away and your climax starts to build again, the feeling in the pit of your stomach becoming nearly unbearable once more.
Johnny’s nails dig into your waist, slamming your ass against his hips as he reaches your depths over and over. He goes crazy from the feeling of your silky walls tightening around his cock. He wants to bury his cum so deep inside your pussy, that it leaks for days. And your sweet blood, he could drink it forever, he could drink you dry.
But Doyoung won’t allow that. “That’s enough..she’ll pass out if we take any more.”
Johnny stops drinking but grunts as he goes harder and faster.
Your knees make an indent in the mattress, you hold onto Doyoung’s hands for support as your mouth falls open.
“Fuck…” all you can mutter are curse words as Johnny destroys you.
Doyoung kneels in front of you, his intimidating cock sticking out hard once again.
He strokes it. 
You open your mouth and stick your tongue out. You had to taste him, again. You craved him.
With low eyes, you maintain eye contact as he fills your mouth and hits the back of your throat. You flatten your tongue, licking the underside of it. You press your tongue hard against every vein then kiss the tip once he pulls back out.
He pushes back in faster this time, listening to you gag and watching as tear up.
You moan to send vibrations through his body. Doyoung throws his head back and mutters “shit..”
You gag again but breathe through your nostrils.
Johnny presses into you one more time before shooting milky strings across your walls. He pants while cursing then lowers himself so that he can taste you from behind. He licks up all the slick that has escaped and sticks his tongue in as deep as possible.
The night went on for hours as you switched positions and brought each other to paradise too many times to count.
You collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep once the three of you were done.
[The Next Morning]
For the first time, sunlight burnt your eyes and made you suffocate. You tried to jump up from the bed, but then you noticed that your legs and arms were tied to a bed that wasn’t yours. You looked around and saw that you were on it by yourself.
Where was Johnny? Where was Doyoung? Why did you feel a burning hunger in your chest?
You recognized the smell of an old building and looked above you. It looked like you were in some sort of castle. You were covered in a thin white sleeping gown that you didn’t recognize either.
“Doyoung!! Johnny!!”
A door in the corner of the room opens and in walks Doyoung with a smirk across his face and something in his hand.
“Good morning, sweetheart.”
“Doyoung..please, I don’t feel good.” You strain against the chains.
Your eyes widen when you realize what dangles from his grasp.
Johnny’s head..
“No!!!!” You scream loudly.
“Oh, like music to my ears..” Doyoung chuckles and dangles the head above your body.
He sees your body through the thin fabric, your breasts and perfect curves, the warmth between your legs that he missed so badly. He almost regretted his decision.
He bit his lip and watched you struggle.
“Doyoung!! Why?!” You sob.
“Because you’re mine, you can’t be his too!”
Doyoung walks back over to the door and chucks the head outside.
He walks back over to you. “Well, now that we know what happened to Johnny, we need to discuss what’ll happen to you.”
“What did you do to me?!” You say through gritted teeth.
“ was Johnny that turned you..not me, but I made sure to kill him this time.”
Your face fell. This was exactly what Doyoung wanted. He lured you in by using Johnny, then he got Johnny to change you. They both seduced you to crowd your mind and make you too filled with lust to care. And now, you turned into the very thing that you hated the most.
“Now you realize…” Doyoung nods and strokes the side of your face.
“I couldn’t just let you get away with exposing my secrets and putting me in jail..I mean, the sex was amazing, so amazing, but I still couldn’t let you get away with it.”
You shake your head. “Please..I’m yours, I’ll do anything. I always wanted to be yours but I was too stubborn.”
“And the stake under your pillow? Would you have used it against me?” He pouts.
“No! I was going to love you.”
“Love me? A monster?”
“Doyoung please!!”
“This is your prison now...and when you are free, look for me, I’ll be waiting for you, my love..” he walks out and leaves you alone still tied to the bed.
[3 Days Later]
You finally break your chains with your new strength. You run out of the room, but find that you are in an old castle. When you run through the destroyed halls and into the courtyard, you see nothing but ocean.
Doyoung left you on the notorious Gil-Eul Castle, a mansion on a secluded island that was hundreds of miles from the nearest coast. It was known as the meeting grounds for vampires long ago, but your family along with other hunters destroyed it, planting bombs in the form of air strikes to kill everyone inside.
You yelled into the sky and ran around rampantly, searching for anything to eat.
You felt like you were going insane without blood. You were literally burning from the inside out because of the lack of blood in your system.
[20 Years Later]
You survived the last 20 years off of fish and rats. You never stopped thinking about Doyoung and how you’d get your revenge. You’d kill him slowly, make him suffer like you had, and even though you didn’t look any older, you felt tired and weak from watching the years fly by in a broken castle.
Until one day..a ship approaches the building. You watch from above as several construction workers all onto the island.
You lurk in the shadows and wait until one of them has strayed away from the group.
The man turns around when he feels that he is being followed, but sees nothing.
He turns back around and continues walking.
You reach out from a hallway and grab him by the collar. You feed on him quickly then do the same with the other men. One by one, you kill each man to quench your plentiful years of undying thirst. 
But you’re not dumb, you save one of the men so that he can bring you back to your country. The man tells you that they had planned to clear the island and build a resort.
You take your tattered dress off and shower in the bathroom on board. You break down in tears when you feel warm water and soap on your skin for the first time in twenty years. You were finally free.
You find a set of clothes set aside by the workers and put them on. It’s a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt that’s not the right size, but it’ll have to work for now.
Once home, you hypnotize the man that brought you back.
“Tell them your team was attacked, you were the only one that survived. It was a man with fangs and pale skin. His name is Doyoung.”
The man nods, then walks off the ship and heads for the police station.
You, on the other hand, go in the opposite direction.
You thought about visiting your parents and letting them know that you were okay, but what would they say now that you were a vampire? Would they try to kill you?
You weren’t sure, so you continued walking to his mansion.
You closed your eyes and tried to focus, you knew that all vampires were connected and that if you tried hard enough, you could sense where he was.
It didn’t take long before you heard his voice. It was coming from an apartment about 10 miles away.
Of course he stayed in a nearby city.
You knocked on his door and waited for him to answer.
With round glasses on, he opened the door and smiled widely. “I knew you’d find me..”
“Invite me in.” Your voice was stern.
Doyoung nodded. “Of course.”
“Are you here to kill me?” He walks behind you.
“Then go ahead.”
You turn to him.
“Why did you do this to me?”
“Life is pretty boring for an old man like me..I wanted to do something different.” He sits on the couch, then pats his thigh. “One last time before I say goodbye. I’ve missed you..”
You scoff. “You never came back, so I couldn’t really tell.”
“You were in solitary confinement, what could I do?”
You walk over to him and sit on his lap.
He placed his hands onto your ass and brought your body down onto his pelvis.
“Did you miss me?”
He bucks into your clothes opening, brushing his hard member against it. “Are you sure?”
You bite your bottom lip, then reach to your back and pull out your stake.
You had made it with materials from the burnt down castle. You even engraved your initials into it, knowing that you’d use it to kill him.
He smirks and licks his lips. “Are you ready?”
“Why aren't you scared?” Your brows furrow.
He chuckles. “I’ve been anticipating this moment for quite some time actually.”
You shake your head. “That’s not fair, this is too easy.”
He flips you over onto your back and suddenly you’re in his room and lying on his bed with him in between your legs. “And would you rather I make it difficult for you? Are you sure you want to wait another 20 years?”
You whimper as he commands your needy body effortlessly.
He grinds down into you. “If you won’t be mine willingly, then I would rather are you ready, my love?”
You pause for a moment.
“Absolutely.” You press the stake into his chest, watching as his final breath leaves his beautiful lips.
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