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#while you tell me stop

“no i will not elaborate” is such a fun line, but unfortunately i have adhd and am incapable of shutting up. yes i will elaborate

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WOO HOO!!! I’m really happy for you! Getting that package in the mail that you’ve been waiting for really is the best feeling, isn’t it?

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Dedicated to that one time years ago when I couldn’t see over a certain wall from inside my workplace and a coworker just picked me up to get a different view. Thanks, man. I appreciate having a year cut off my life in fear as my feet left the ground.

#stardew valley#stardew alex#farmer salmon#literally thought about this situation the other day cause i remembered a different work scenario#moe has an actual job#may as well tag that cause its absolutely based on the work place .... i miss ya coworker that did this#he also told a manager i fell off a ladder when i pushed a box of paper towels onto the ground from on top of the ladder cause IM TOO SHORT#i cannot hold a giant box in my tiny arms and climb down a ladder while on the TOP of it#not the top step the actual top of the ladder you shouldnt stand on#so when the box dropped and i made it down again the coworker just goes to the manager#and tells him i fell off the ladder so i look up to my manager hurrying over like holy crap are you okay#and the mass amount of guilt on his face because he told me he was too busy to get everything for me and then i fell#but i didnt fall and the guy who said so is just looking so smug in the background like haha that was hilarious#he also was protective of me especially when having panic attacks and one time i was crying by the back door#and he was standing nearby not interacting just cutting croutons and this other guy sees me and goes#MAN WHY ARE YOU CRYING WHAT THE HELL#and this guy with a knife in hand stops moving with the knife raised to cut the bread and glanced over his shoulder at the guy#and quietly goes you got a problem with her having a panic attack?#and the other guy left immediately like uh nope not dealing with a guy with a knife okay bye#so thank you sir for helping me and traumatizing me with the same chaotic energy
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Me: *remembers that I have a copy of the original libretto from the Elisabeth musical of the vienna debut performance from 1992


Also me, but three seconds later: *remembers that I got that libretto when I was like… 12, and that I doodled all over it like the feral heathen child that I was


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Therapy as concept would be awesome for me but I would have to, at some point, unironically explain the importance of the show supernatural on my family as a whole and the intricate and franckly fucking creepy ways in which most of the familial aspects of the show parallels my own family as a way to explain the dynamic that we share and how some of the fictional characters reflect back on us.

I think they’d just throw me out at some point

#i'd just be like 'so it's like if my dad had to go out and hunt monsters because our mom died killed by a demon except it's just him being#a journalist and trying to keep my eldest brother away from his biological father who raped my mom while she finally starts dealing with her#trauma but like she's mostly in bed and feels dead inside but occasionally she'll turn into the monster of the house that should be chased#but my other brother and I will keep quiet because we don't want to loose her even though she stopped being the mom we knew a long time ago#we will never know that this isn't normal until we are much older because dad being catholic raised us to be private and never talk about#things not even to each other and Antoine kins Dean a little too hard and I'm like Sam but also Adam cause Sam is favourite but also the#most like dad and also Antoine is like sam cause he's the freak of the family and I'm dean cause I'm the rightous one and look like dad and#the oldest one is like adam cause hes our half sibling and also the one who had the least to worry about dad cause he tried so hard to be#there but also Damien is Sam because dad was afraid of him cause Damien was INSANE when he was a kid like there was something wrong with him#dad didn't really want to believe it but he was afraid damien might take after his bio dad which is fucked up but also are you with me still#no angels are featured in this story.#when I tell my family is UNWELL i fucking mean it I AM HOLDING THE BAR OF MY CAGE AND RATTLING IT#dad was like John to Antoine except he would never ever raise his hand on children safe for that 1 time I almost got myself ran over by a#car for the 20th time that year but also he always said Antoine had to take care of me so he made it his personality. Also Damien is Adam#because he left for 12 fucking years and we had no idea what happened to him but couldn't look for him cause he didn't want us to. Dad was#Mary in that he was the holy untouchable figure that we relied on for support and mom was John cause she would hurt us sometimes.#the levels at which my family operates on ..... unparalled. unmatched. who else can say that spn could be based of their family if they were#french catholic? also my mom's dad was a secret service agent and my dad's mom was a resistant fighter as a child.#the therapist would not cope with this. I know I can't
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well shit

#we're gonna meet up to have a session of my dnd campaign tomorrow#a session i have been planning and getting hyped up for for MONTHS#and one of the players JUST said he cant come and won't be able to play at all for a long time#which is Really bad bc uh. an important part of the dungeon is gonna need his character's skills#and now its too late and im too tired to change it so like. i guess either the party's doomed or i just let them get thru the challenge#i know its not his fault he can't come and this is a very small and petty thing to get upset over#he's going thru a hard time in general#but like. dude at least tell us in advance you won't be available#i planned a shit ton of stuff specifically for you to get to show off your character and have fun and feel better#what the fuck am i supposed to do with that now#we dont want to play without you as much as you believe we do#but at the same time we Really want to play#and this summer vacation is pretty much the only time we get to play a lot#it feels super shitty to go on without you but it also feels awful to stop althogether so now w h a t#playing dnd with my friends was pretty much the only good thing that happened this year its what kept me sane#i think about it constantly n i have a shit ton of plans for my campaign but they all involve this guy who wont be there for a while!!#at least tell us whats going on so we can help and support you#instead of suffering in silence and making us feel bad for having fun without you#how many times do we have to tell you we love you and are here for you and want you around old man#anyway yeah. idk who im mad at bc no one rlly has the blame for this#and i definitely wont tell this guy whos already having a bad time that im upset bc of something he cant control#but man. i was rlly looking forward to tomorrow and now it wont be the same without him#all that hype and energy just vanished as soon as i read the message#now i just hope its not too awkward tomorrow and i can do my job well enough#god fucking damnit#d0nt rebl0g plz
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Yes Im here. Sorry anon, just haven’t much energy to answer asks lately… so I do it whenever I want to, when I’m in the mood. Don’t take it personally or anything if I haven’t/don’t write an answer… just gets tiring for a while; though with that said, I’ve said before I keep it open because I enjoy getting asks, and I do want to answer… just don’t always have the energy for it, especially lately.

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a friend pings me like “there’s this cafe in [city] that you would love, it’s vegan and hipster and shit”

i’m like, so far so good, i do have a soft spot for upscale yuppie food

“and also the customer service is super brusque and asshole-ish, like, these people straight-up do not give a fuck about customers”

it’s… telling… how much my heart immediately warmed to this place i have never been… hell yes mediocre customer service…

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