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he gets under your skin by Skadiseven
Tumblr media
he gets under your skin
by Skadiseven
M, 88k, wangxian
Summary: From his job in the Armitage L train station booth, Wei Ying has watched The Most Beautiful Man In The World ride the train at 8 am and 4:30 pm for years, always in perfect suits, always with perfect hair, always with a perfect smile.
He's going to marry that guy someday. So what if he doesn't know his name. Names have nothing to do with true love.
When he saves His Future Husband from being squished by a train, Wei Ying finds himself engulfed in a tsunami of Lans who think he really is going to marry Mr. Wonderful, Lan Xichen, their son/brother/uncle/nephew. Despite himself, Wei Ying likes belonging to them. Except for the lying. Except for the guilt. Except for the fact that he took one look at his pretend-fiancé's brother, Lan Zhan, and maybe, MAYBE fell stupidly, hopelessly in love.
He can't tell them. He can't not tell them. How could this possibly get any worse??? (spoiler alert: it gets worse)
My comments: There is something so satisfyingly voyeuristic about watching someone get trapped deeper and deeper in their web of lies. Wwx gets into the situation innocently enough - he is only culpable of not ending it. And who can blame him. Lan Xichen's family is amazing, really, Author does such a good job of rounding out all the characters and handling the flow of conversation and growth of feelings and a sense of desperately craving belonging. And then, enter Lan Zhan, and wwx falls so hard and it's so mutual, and they're paralyzed in the lies wwx can't let go of.
Soooo much angst and pining and falling in love. It's just gorgeous, and all framed in Author's very comprehensive musical references. Lots of feels. (Speaking of feels, wwx & jc have the best brother/ex relationships ever, and complement and support one another beautifully.)
modern au, While You Were Sleeping au, crushes, pining, loneliness, orphan wei wuxian, fake/pretend relationship, (the other partner is in a coma), family feels, angst, lies, soooo much pining and angst, getting to know each other, falling in love, feelings realization, jiang cheng & wei wuxian, brotherly feels, family fluff, found family, literally, accidental engagement, slow burn, Chicago, happy ending, @needtherapy
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While Thor was sleeping - Chapter 1/12
Mobius, a forty-year-old bachelor, finds his life very boring. He works in the New York subway. And every morning he sees Thor, a very handsome lawyer, pass by. On Christmas Day, his life changes when Thor falls on the tracks after being mugged. He runs to his rescue, takes him to the hospital and gets involved in a terrible misunderstanding. Everyone takes him for Thor's fiancée. With the exception of Loki, his brother who who remains on his guard but quickly finds himself under Mobius' spell. And when Thor comes out of his coma, everything collapses...
While you were sleeping - Movie - AU
I saw that someone also started an AU of this movie, but I decided to release my story too, because it's probably my favorite romcom, and also because Natendo made this beautiful fanart based on the movie poster for me when I started working on this project.Check Natendo's awesome art here https://archiveofourown.org/works/36644743/chapters/91405744
Rating G
Tumblr media
My father was a liar.
Well, I guess that's a little strong. He was in the door-to-door sales business. His maxim was to never leave the customer's house without selling them something. So he specialized in sales pitching.
He would do the same thing with me, he would tell me stories. Sometimes they were about all the places we were going to visit. Exotic places, white sandy beaches, sea and oceans. The Poconos weren't good enough for us.
But most of the stories he told me were about my mother. He said they met at a jetskiing demonstration on a beach in 1964. There was a contest to win an hour on a jet ski. My father won. When he saw my mother's disappointment, he offered to spend the hour with him. It seems they had a magical day together.
At sunset, she gave him her phone number and told him that if he didn't call her the next morning, she would know that he didn't really love her. He put the number in his wallet and on the train home...a pickpocket stole his wallet. A less loving man would have despaired, but not him. He remembered that she was a schoolteacher and the next morning he searched every school in New York until he found her. I asked my father once how I could know when I was in love and he said, "The day I met your mother, I heard For once in my life."
For once in my life, I won't let sorrow hurt me
Not like it's hurt me before
For once, I have something I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore
For once I can say, "This is mine, you can't take it"
As long as I know I have love, I can make it
For once in my life, I have someone who needs me
Mobius, 40, was sitting in his cubicle, giving out tokens to people who wanted to ride the subway, thinking about his past.
He still hadn't heard For once in my life , but when he saw this man, he thought at first that maybe this might be the kind of person who would let him hear this music. .
He, this was the breathtakingly handsome man who came down the subway stairs with a confident step. He wore a cashmere overcoat over an Armani pinstripe suit and carried his briefcase with panache. He had strong, chiseled features, a square jaw and eyes that any movie star would envy. But it was all a little too much for Mobius, too blond, too strong, too bright. But his smile... maybe he had a brother? In any case, there was something about this man that made him want to get to know him.
He had started passing by Mobius' subway booth in September. Monday to Friday, between 8:00 and 8:20.
One Monday he didn't show up and Mobius was worried. But it was a holiday and he returned the next morning.
He approached the booth and slipped $1.25 into the slot.
Mobius smiled and slipped him a token. He picked it up, didn't look at it, and walked through the turnstile. He hadn't really talked to him, but Mobius knew that one day he would. If only to hear the sound of his voice.
He got on the train. Mobius followed him with his eyes until the subway pulled out of the station.
Mobius sighed, "He's just too perfect."
That evening, at the end of his workday, Mobius was painfully pulling a Christmas tree hanging on the end of a rope out of his living room window. He started talking to himself, "$45 for a Christmas tree and they don't deliver. You order $10 worth of Chow mein from Twin Dragons and they deliver it to your door."
Mobius pulled the rope as Croki, his tame dwarf alligator, looked on curiously. The Christmas tree swayed as it rose into the air.
"I should have gotten blue spruce, they're lighter."
Mobius huffed and exhaled as he pulled on the rope. The tree moved closer to the fire escape. Suddenly, Croki slid between his feet, tripping him.
Mobius shouted, "Croki!"
Croki bolted through the half-open door. With Mobius off balance, the tree swung wildly back and forth. Mobius struggled to hold the rope.
He spoke again, "Don't look down! Don't look down!"
Mobius tried to pull the rope down. The tree swayed again and under the weight, Mobius had no choice but to let go. He closed his eyes as he heard the sound of breaking glass as the tree smashed against the window of the ground floor apartment.
A little later, Mobius was in the apartment of its landlord, Casey Senior. Croki was hiding behind his legs. The landlord had covered the broken window with plastic and was sitting at his desk filling out complaint forms. He was reading aloud, "Nature of the damage, Christmas tree went through the window. How am I going to describe this to my insurance?"
Mobius looked down, embarrassed.
The landlord continued, "They're still pissed about that arson I did on Staten Island."
Mobius replied softly, "I'll pay for the damage, sir."
"Why didn't you bring it up the stairs?
Mobius shrugged, "I couldn't carry it myself and you don't like pine needles in the hallway. I'm sorry."
"It's okay, Mobius."Mister Casey patted him on the shoulder and added, "My brother is in the window and door business."
Mobius headed for the door and as he was leaving turned around, "I almost forgot." he pulled a small gift from his pocket, "Merry Christmas ."
Mister Casey patted him on the shoulder and added, "My brother is in the window and door business."
Mobius headed for the door and as he was leaving turned around, "I almost forgot." he pulled a small gift from his pocket, "Merry Christmas Sir."
The owner looked surprised, "Mobius, you didn't have to do that."
"I wanted to."
Casey Senior, embarrassed replied, "I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet.  What-"
"Hey, Dad, can I give the bottle of gin your cousin gave you to my probation officer?"
That was Casey Junior, the landlord's son.
"Junior, can't you see I'm talking here?"
Mobius opened the door to leave.
"You know Mobius, you're a nice person, Casey too is... well like you and he's still single."
Mobius looked at Casey Jr. He was bending over and looking into the refrigerator. His low-rise pants showed the beginning of his butt crack.
Mobius commented with a wry smile on his lips, "Yeah, well, that's surprising. Okay, I'm going to go now. Good night."
"Good night Mobius."
Mobius smiled and the door closed. The hall was empty. Mobius took Croki who had followed him in his arms.
"Next time you try to set me up with Casey Jr, I'm getting a cat."
Croki grunted in protest and jumped out of his arms. Arriving at his apartment, Mobius looked at his mail. A Christmas card. He opened it. It was stamped "Happy Holidays from your mailman." Mobius carefully placed it on his bookshelf next to Christmas cards from the garbage man, the phone company and the florist. He found a Christmas record and put it on the stereo, then opened a box of Christmas ornaments and began decorating his battered tree.
The next day, Mobius was having his daily lunch in the same small restaurant where he went every day. A waitress walked through the busy restaurant and past him. Mobius opened his wallet and pulled out a stack of travel brochures. The colorful flyers advertised everything from castles in Europe to sandy beaches in the Caribbean. He carefully spreads them out on the table.
"Have you picked?" the waitress asked.
"The usual," Mobius replied.
" Which is?"
Mobius sighed, "A tuna sandwich and a can of Josta."
The waitress scribbled on her notepad and left. A slight noise caught Mobius' attention and he turned to the window. It was his boss, Ravonna Renslayer, knocking on the bay window.
Mobius quickly gathered his travel brochures and put them in his wallet. Ravonna had entered, and was blowing on her hands to warm them.
She sat down across from Mobius and said, "I expected to find you here."
Mobius shrugged and retorted, "And I expected you to find me on a beach in Bermuda jetskiing."
Ravonna leaned a little closer to Mobius and said with an engaging smile on her lips, "I recommended you for employee of the month."
Mobius, smiled, surprised, "I didn't even know there was a reward for that."
The waitress came over to them and Ravonna said immediately, "The usual."
The waitress nodded and left. Mobius frowned. Ravonna pulled a piece of paper from her pocket and began to read aloud, "Supervisor Ravonna Renslayer appoints Mobius Mr. Mobius as employee of the month. Mobius is never late and always works on holidays, even if he worked the previous holiday. Because he worked on Thanksgiving, Mobius is willing to work on Christmas too.
Mobius interrupted Ravonna, "I don't work on Christmas."
"They give you a plate with the mayor's signature."
"I didn't vote for him."
"More paid vacations."
Mobius was not impressed.
Ravonna said encouragingly, "And you get a day off for your birthday."
"My birthday is at Christmas."
Ravonna folded the paper, slipped it back into her pocket, and said in a sincere tone, "Look, I know you worked on Thanksgiving. But I have been invited to my mother's house. Bee can't change because she has a big family party and I promised the kids I would be there for them this year."
"Ravonna, that's not cool!"
"I know, I know Mobius," Ravonna replied, patting his arm, "It's not fair and I can't make you, but... you're the only one who..."
Ravonna paused before finishing her sentence, looking embarrassed.
Mobius finished it for her, "I'm the only one who doesn't have a family."
On Christmas Day, Mobius thought gloomily about this conversation while in the booth.
A train entered the station with a dull thud. The doors opened. A young couple got off, laughing and carrying Christmas presents.
A family emerged from another car and pushed open the swinging exit doors.
Mobius sat forlornly in the booth. Andy Williams' song "I'll Be Home for Christmas" was playing on the radio.
Mobius couldn't stop his throat from tightening, everything around him was screaming about the joy of spending Christmas with his family and his loneliness hit him even harder. He sighed and lowered his head when he saw a hand slide the money before his eyes. He reflexively swiped a token.
"Merry Christmas."
Mobius looked up because this was the first person to say those words to him since he had taken his shift
It was Mister Handsome in a cashmere coat standing on the other side of the glass. He smiled at him. The whole station seemed to light up.
Mobius was so amazed that he just stayed there with his mouth open.
Mister Handsome took his token and in an instant he was gone.
Mobius banged his head against the glass and felt like pulling his hair out.
"Four months, four months I've been waiting for this moment, I haven't taken a sick day. I could have said, Merry Christmas to you, You're really handsome, Don't you have a brother? But I didn't say anything!"
He banged his head against the glass again.
"Idiot, idiot, idiot!"
Suddenly he heard a scream. He looked through the glass and saw that the man in the cashmere coat was being assaulted by two men. Mobius reached for the phone when he saw that the man lost his balance and fell backwards off the platform.
"Oh my God!"
Mobius dropped the phone and stormed out of the booth. He ran through the turnstile and along the tracks.
Suddenly, he saw the lights of a train appear in the tunnel.
"A train is coming! Get up!" Mobius sped up again.
The man did not move. Mobius got close to him, got down on all fours on the edge of the platform and held out his hands to the man on the ground.
The train horn sounded.
"Sir! Can you hear me?! A... a train is coming!"
The man opened his eyes, obviously dazed, looked at Mobius and fainted.
Mobius got up and shouted, "Help! Help!"
The train was still coming closer. Mobius swung over the edge of the tracks and reached even farther. The train horn sounded again.
Mobius looked at the speeding train and then at the helpless man. He breathed in, closed his eyes, and jumped off. He fell next to the unconscious man, got up and tried to lift him. But his coat was caught.
Mobius pulled on the coat and tore it.
Then he decided to lie on top of the man, wrapped his arms around him and rolled with him just in time to the side into the notch that the workers use to let the trains pass. He just felt the wind from the passing train and opened his eyes. They were both safe and sound.
Mr. Handsome was unconscious but even more breathtaking.  Mobius stared at him. He really was perfect, too perfect.
He sighed with relief and said to the unconscious man, "You better have a brother and he better be hot!" All chapters
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story 🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
Lokius masterlist : here
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Oh look! A Sherlolly fic update!
Tumblr media
Preview below. The rest can be found on AO3 here
Molly tiptoed her way toward the kitchen as the early morning sun began to peek through the curtains.
She hadn't meant to stay so late, but somewhere between the third game of dominos and her second glass of egg nog, the Holmeses had convinced her to weather the storm with them before she made her way back home.
Truthfully, it took little work convincing her. Molly was already half asleep when the games appeared from the cabinet and the couch was so cozy, she imagined it had practically accepted her as its own. To part from it so soon would be unthinkable.
Like furniture, like family she thought wryly.
Someone, she suspected Violet, had tenderly tucked her in with a blanket before the night had ended.
Rather than wake everyone up, Molly scribbled a quick note of thanks and left it atop the folded afghan before sneaking out.
Besides, she really needed to get home to feed Toby his breakfast and it just...seemed easier.
If she were honest with herself, she was still coming to grips with the events of the day prior and she wasn't quite up to facing the farce she had found herself in.
Or owning up to the part she played in it just yet for that matter, she chided herself as she reached for her coat.
Molly nearly jumped out of her skin as an unexpected baritone resonated behind her.
She turned, hand over her racing heart, to meet the person it belonged to.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i’m so glad (you found me in time)
39k | buck/eddie | while you were sleeping au
“Are you family?” she asks, flipping to the next page on her clipboard.
“I mean, I was the one who rescued her,” Eddie starts, his hand rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably.
The nurse cuts in before he can figure out where he wants the rest of his sentence to go. “Family only, sorry.”
She walks to the other end of the station before Eddie can give his feeble protests. “Family? I’m gonna marry that woman someday.”
Eddie is too in his own head to hear the soft gasp behind him and to the left. But the pediatric nurse who overheard the most romantic declaration before 8am in the morning doesn’t hesitate to set things straight. 
or: a buck and eddie while you were sleeping au
keep reading
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wrathofthestag · a year ago
While You Were Sleeping Zimbits AU
I was rewatching While You Were Sleeping and thought about how cute this would be as a Zimbits AU.
Tumblr media
Eric “Bitty” Bittle works at the train station and every day sees a handsome stranger, daydreaming of his seemingly glamorous life and how beautiful he is.
One day, the stranger gets mugged at the station and falls onto the tracks.
Bitty jumps into action and saves him.
The handsome stranger ends up in a coma and Bitty (who is mistaken at the hospital as his fiance) meets his family.
The Zimmermann clan comes to the hospital and praises Bitty for saving their Kent.  Kent was adopted by the Zimmermann family when he was 10 and was raised by Bob and Alicia Zimmermann. 
The entire family instantly loves Bitty, who is sweet and kind, and without a family of his own.
Alicia and Bob invite Bitty to spend the holidays (Christmas and Hanukah) with them.
Enter Jack, Kent’s brother, who is skeptical of Bitty. Who is this guy that he's never heard Kent mention before?
Jack and Bitty continually chirp one another, and find they really enjoy each other's company as much as they enjoy pushing each other's buttons. They make each other laugh, and have a lot in common but Jack is still suspicious of Bitty and his motives.
Jack and Kent's Uncle Mario finds out the truth about Bitty not being Kent's finance, but tells him to just go with it. He thinks Bitty is a kind, sweet soul who would be good for Kent who is self-centered and needs to grow up.
Jack, meanwhile, feels guilty that he's fallen for Kent's fiance.
Kent finally wakes from his coma, and looks at Bitty but has no clue who he is. His family is telling him that Bitty is his fiance, and now they fear he has amnesia.
Meanwhile, Kent's real fiance, Jeff Troy (who is super snotty and an NHL player) comes back into the picture (they had had a fight and weren't speaking), sees Bitty and is like, "Who TF is this?!" But Kent was convinced/persuaded by Uncle Mario to go through with the engagement/wedding to Bitty.
It's at that point that Bitty confesses that he's not Kent's fiance. He can't go through with the wedding, and tells everyone the truth. Bitty tearfully explains that he didn't say anything sooner because he fell in love with the Zimmermann clan and with the experience of being part of a family. And also! He has feelings for Jack. He apologizes and runs away leaving the Zimmermanns sad and confused.
Fast forward to Bitty working at the train station, brokenhearted, and Jack showing up there with the entire family to confess his love for Bitty.
The two live happily ever after. The end!
It's straight up the entire plot! Bitty as Lucy? Yes, please. Jack as Jack! 100%! Just stick some Zimmermann cousins and siblings in there, a couple Haus peeps, and we're set!
*chef's kiss*
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he gets under your skin
Yay the Lan Zhan/Wei Ying “While You Were Sleeping” AU is FINISHED!! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!
🚉 85k words, Rated M (VERY M at the end), set in 1997/1998 Chicago, Illinois.
💍 Through a series of unbelievable and inexplicable events, Wei Ying gets accidentally engaged to the wrong Lan.
🌲Surprise! He spends a lot of time foolishly pining. Double surprise: so does Lan Zhan.
❤️ Fate has to help
🎵 It gets a helping hand from beautiful music, adoring family, and friendship.
With a side of ChengQing, soft Lan Qiren, Wen Ning being A Good Boy, Lan Family Feels, Jiang siblings, and a whole lot of classical, jazz, pop, grunge, and Pirates of the Penzance.
Read it on AO3 HERE!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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close call
osamu miya x f!reader summary: (while you were sleeping au) osamu miya doesn’t trust you, not in the slightest, and even though he’s right, it doesn’t mean you’re about to turn yourself in just yet.
notes: for context watch while you were sleeping (the movie, not the kdrama). hopefully this will turn into a full-length fic one day :D but to summarise, reader is pretending to be comatose-atsumu’s fiancé, due to a range of extenuating circumstances...
Tumblr media
“Look, it just doesn’t add up.”
“Osamu,” his mother pleads, casting him a warning look. “Don’t be so cynical.”
“I’m not,” he insists, sinking into the tiny wicker chair, feeling it strain beneath the weight of him. “I just think it’s funny that—”
She jabs a stern finger his way, silencing his rebuttal, and jerks her head towards his unconscious brother.
“Osamu, please. He can hear you. Don’t ruin the holiday spirit.”
He fights the urge to roll his eyes, pressing his fingers to his temple and studying the dreary hospital room. Looks like someone already did the job for him, anyway.
Any other time of the year, and this whole ordeal would be written off as downright bogus. True, Atsumu certainly isn’t the most predictable member of the family, but it just doesn’t seem like him to foster a secret as big as getting engaged to someone. Especially to someone like you.
He’d noticed it the second he met you. Your nervy smile and dodging gaze — sure, the others had figured you were just shy, but Osamu knows a liar when he sees one.
“Where’d she go, anyway?” he asks, twisting his head around. Every passing second spent in this sterile hell puts his nerves more on edge. The smell of medicine, fogging his mind like a drug. The squeak of shoes against the linoleum floors, like nails on a chalkboard. Osamu hates hospitals.
Atsumu sleeps on, quiet for once. He watches his brother for a moment, the steady rise and fall of his chest mimicking the green line that zigzags across the monitor beside him.
“To his apartment,” his mother replies quietly, her fingers brushing over her son’s cool knuckles. “She had a few things to drop off.”
Or steal.
Osamu swipes the truck keys off the side table.
“I’m just gonna check on her,” he says, when his mother whirls on him with an exasperated look on her face. “See if she needs any help.”
“Osamu,” she warns.
“I’m not gonna do anything,” he groans, swiping his denim jacket off the back of the chair. “Might be a good idea to get to know my future sister-in-law, right? Seeing as how I’ve never even met her.”
His father flips a page of his newspaper.
“Don’t forget about the cabinet,” he calls after him.
Osamu grits his teeth, wrestling on the jacket.
“I won’t,” he mutters, turning on his heel, leaving behind one problem just to try and resolve another.
Now, if you really were Atsumu’s fiancé, you’d be living like a Queen.
His apartment is wide and spacious, boasting panoramic views of the wintry city below, blanketed in thick layers of December snow. It’s cosy, even though it hasn’t been lived in for days, and smells like a distinct blend of sandalwood and dark-roasted coffee. To your worry, there is not a single trace of the alleged feline friend.
“Here, kitty,” you call out tentatively, a tin of cat food clutched in hand.
Back at the hospital, the nurse had passed on a brown paper bag to you, along with everything else belonging to the now-comatose stranger — his soot-stained jacket, crushed phone, and of course, the shiny set of keys that had let you into this lavish apartment.
You peeked through the bag and fished out the small tin, perplexed by your discovery. Cat food? He hadn’t struck you as a cat person, which is a rich thing to say since you actually don’t know anything about him at all — nothing other than the thriving ecosystem of hopeless idealisations in your head, of course.
“Oh dear,” the nurse had murmured, sadly. “I’ll bet the poor thing is starving.”
Now here you are, traipsing around Atsumu’s apartment like a bull in a chinashop, because this is what normal fiancés do. It feels illegal, and you know what? It probably is.
“Kitty?” you try again, peeking through doors and behind drawers. “Pspspsps.”
You try the kitchen. Splayed across the counter are a few glossy sport magazines, shiny team photographs, and a plethora of colourful cards teeming with praise. Atsumu’s name is emblazoned over all of them in a variety of scripts, ranging from childish scrawls to loopy penmanship — each and every one of them bearing sentiments of awe and admiration.
How nice, you can’t help but think, to be so loved.
You peruse through the kitchen, opening cupboard after cupboard in search of a cat bowl. Maybe that’ll lure the creature out. But you find nothing.
The pantry, then. Just as your fingers wrap around the door handle, a tall and broad-shouldered figure materialises beside you out of nowhere. In a fit of terror, you scream, fingers flying off the handle, letting the door swing back and slam straight into the face of the intruder.
The man doubles over with a pained groan, both hands flying to his nose. You’re about to shout for help when he squints through his fingers, outstretching an arm towards you to placate your terror.
“It’s me,” he wheezes.
It takes half a heartbeat to see through your panic, and recognise that familiar mop of gray hair. You bite down on your lip, trying to hide the guilty wince from spreading over your face.
“Osamu,” you groan. “You scared me.”
“Hey,” he greets, straightening up. He’s a little pink, but he’ll live. “What are you doin’ here?”
He asks this, like it’s totally bizarre for you to be at your not fiancé’s apartment. There’s an edge to his tone, cool and detached, yet suspicious enough to make you second guess all the careful steps you’d taken to get here this morning.
“Oh, you know,” you stammer, like a thief caught red-handed. Your grip tightens around the tin can, braced like a weapon. “I’m, ah, feeding the cat.”
“That’s funny,” Osamu remarks, a haughty look flashing across his eyes. “‘Tsumu doesn’t have—“
A soft tinkling sound slices off the rest of his sentence. Immediately, the two of you spin around, eyes landing on a tiny kitten padding into the kitchen, the pink collar around its neck jingling at every step. You slump with relief, while Osamu bristles, visibly struggling to comprehend what he’s seeing.
Talk about being saved by the bell. With a beaming smile, you squat down, stretching out your arms as the kitten tumbles towards you.
“There you are,” you coo, and duck your head, discreetly reading the sparkly name tag that swings into view, “...Mei-chan.”
She purrs happily in response. Osamu runs a hand through his hair, still jittery with disbelief, but keeps his mouth shut.
“You must be so hungry,” you fuss. “Here, Mama’s got some food for you. Oh, look at you—“
Across the room, the phone starts to ring.
You blanch, letting the sound echo in your ears. Now, of all times. Of course.
Whoever is on the other end could well and truly blow your cover, and honestly, you’d prefer to do that on your own terms. Maybe you should just wait it out.
“Aren’t you going to get that?” Osamu questions. His eyes stick to you like Velcro, scrutinising your every move with thinly-veiled suspicion.
You stand up and open a few drawers, rifling noisily through their contents in an effort to drown out the sound of the phone.
Osamu pauses, arms folded over his chest, the corner of his lips tugging with victory.
To your absolute horror, the walking Dorito strides towards the table and picks up the ringing phone, pressing it to his ear before you can utter a word of objection.
You hold your breath, glancing towards the door.
Ten seconds tops to break out of here, if things go awry. Fifteen storeys to travel down via elevator. A mad dash through the lobby, out the rotating doors, and back into the real world — where you can leave behind this lie you don’t know why you’re trying so hard to live.
Osamu shifts on his feet, listening. The silence is suffocating.
“Sure, but—no, that’s fine,” he says, frowning. His eyes flick over to you, phone still pressed to his ear. “Yeah, she’s here.”
You glance up in surprise. He offers you a tight smile, barely able to hide his disappointed grimace as he crosses the room towards you.
“It’s the hospital,” he murmurs, placing the phone in your hands. “Lucky you.”
You breathe out.
Lucky me.
God, you hate talking on the phone. The doctor had rattled off an indecipherable string of words, leaving you wondering if he’d just cursed you, your family, and your cow, all in a dead language. In the end, he’d just asked you to come in and deal with the forms in person.
Osamu offers to give you a ride, like a gentleman, but with obvious distrust, assures you that he’ll be the one handling his brother’s medical decisions. You don’t object, for obvious reasons.
Girded with thick winter coats and warm scarves, the pair of you make the snowy trek towards Osamu’s pickup truck, parked by the roadside. A logo, emblazoned across its side, reads: MIYA MOVABLES — YOUR TRASH, OUR TREASURE.
You hoist yourself up into the passenger side, casting a sweeping glance over its rundown interior. There’s a Christmas tree air freshener swinging off the rear view mirror, but it does nothing to allay the distinct scent that floods your nose— an amalgamation of thick sawdust, second-hand furniture and, much to your dismay, the elderly. The truck is in disarray, ridden with scrunched-up papers and old opera CD cases, takeaway cups and coffee-coloured napkins, strewn across the frayed seats and dented dashboard like the aftermath of a war.
“Sorry,” Osamu says, sounding sincere for the first time since you’ve met him. He picks up a checkered vest off your headrest, rolls it into a ball, and dumps it behind him. “It’s a bit of a mess.”
You shrug, helping him sweep away a hodgepodge of objects occupying your seat— steel rulers, Scotch tape dispensers, scrap cardboard, as well as a few dog-eared culinary magazines, bookmarked with sticky notes.
“You like to cook?” you ask, flipping through one. Recipes fly past you — pumpkin risotto, braised pork belly, beef bourguignon — with circles scrawled over ingredient lists, diligent annotations crammed into the margins. Less salt. Copper pot. Baste every half hour.
In a flash, Osamu swipes the magazine from your hands, tossing it into the back of the truck, where all the regal wing chairs and mahogany dining tables sit tight, fastened by a latticework of webbing straps.
“What?” he asks, at your bewildered glare. He raises a brow, mocking your surprise. “Atsumu didn’t tell you?”
You narrow your eyes, because he’s right, but you don’t feel like giving him the satisfaction of knowing that just yet. Osamu looks at you for a beat longer, then sighs, twisting the keys to rev the engine to life.
For the rest of the journey, neither of you exchange more than a few words, for fear this friction might set off a ricochet of sparks that could all too easily ignite a fiery family feud.
Fifteen storeys above, the phone rings, and rings, and rings.
Hey, it’s Atsumu. Sorry I missed you — bit tied up with your Mom. Leave a message?
“Hey, punk,” a disgruntled voice cuts in. “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you all week.”
The kitten leaps onto the table, nuzzling the phone with an affectionate purr.
“Anyway, just letting you know that the team’s flying in this weekend,” the voice continues. It’s low, cool, and sharp. He pauses. “My cat better be alive when I get back, or else it’s on sight, Miya. Got it? I’ll see you soon.”
The tone beeps.
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diamondrev · a year ago
Tumblr media
While you were sleeping au
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harringrovetrashrat · a year ago
(We had a romcom month in Nov and y’all are gonna be subject to my bs.  This one is While You Were Sleeping inspired)
Steve groaned when there was knocking.
“Tommy, for the last time, no, you can’t move in, no I’m not in black underwear, and no--” He swung the door open to a smiling Billy, one eyebrow raised teasingly.  Steve flushed.  “Sorry, thought you were Tommy.” He said, shoving his hands into his pajama pockets.  Billy chuckled.
“Happens all the time,” he said.  He stood there a moment before ducking his head and licking his lips, wry smile on his face.  “Can I come in?”
“Oh, yeah!” Steve chirped, moving out of the way so Billy could enter.  He moved into the living room, letting Billy follow.  “Sorry,” he said with a wince, gesturing to the mess.  Billy shrugged.  It was quiet a moment before Billy cleared his throat and pointed at Steve’s chest.
“Deciding on ties?” He asked.  Steve looked down, looked at the navy blue, dark green, and coral neckties he had on.
“Oh,” Steve chuckled, pulling them off.  “Yeah, just uh, just seeing what will work.  For tomorrow.” Steve stared at Billy, taking him in.  Billy was looking at the clothes Steve had laid out, at the options he’d pulled out for the impromptu wedding.  It made his heart clench, made his lungs feel heavy.  He wanted Billy to say something.  “What did--”
“I’m sorry,” he said, face set.  “For all the trouble I gave you.” Steve’s words were stuck in his throat as Billy spoke.  “I’m gonna be really happy to, to call you my brother in law,” he said, smiling at Steve.  It didn’t reach his eyes quite right and Steve wanted him to fucking say something.  Billy hummed softly and pulled a small package out of his pocket.  “Oh, I got you a wedding gift,” he said.
“Yeah?” Steve’s voice was soft and Billy looked up at him through his lashes.  Steve gently took the present, unwrapping it carefully.
“I saw it in the window on a job and just--”
“Billy,” Steve breathed.  It was a snow globe.  Nothing fancy, but it was of Florence.  Steve shook it, watching the snow fall.  “Billy I--”
“Tell me a reason why I shouldn’t marry Heather,” he said, cutting Billy off.  “Tell me a reason and I won’t.”  Billy froze, gaze sad.  But, he didn’t say anything.  Didn’t utter a peep.  Steve gripped the snow globe tighter and smiled, nodding reflexively to the rejection, trying to push through the way it felt like his heart was breaking.  “Okay.  Yeah.”
“Steve,” Billy said, voice soft.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?  At the--” Steve took a breath.  “At the ceremony.” Billy looked like he wanted to say something, wanted to say a lot of things.  But again, he didn’t.  Just nodded and put his hands in his pockets.
“Yeah,” he replied, voice quiet.  “Tomorrow.” Steve shut the door behind Billy as he left, leaning his forehead against it to cry.  He took shuddery breaths, tried not to cry the day before his wedding, but for once, he couldn’t stop the tears.
Steve couldn’t believe he was late.  Couldn’t believe he was going to be late to his own wedding.  Yeah, maybe he wasn’t looking forward to it as much as he would have been a month ago, but he didn’t want to be late.  He skidded into the hallway and quickly found the room where everything had been set up.  Hop and Joyce were standing and talking, Murray was just sitting and watching the show, and Billy--
Billy was standing and waiting on Heather’s side.  Because of course he was her Man of Honor.  Steve walked in, waving.  He made it halfway down the aisle before he realized he’d left his jacket on.  So he ran back, put it on the hook, and walked down the aisle towards the family again.
“Finally!” Hopper boomed, smiling.  “You didn’t get cold feet did you?” Steve chuckled and shook his head.
“No, no.  Let’s uh, let’s do this.” Steve nodded to the rest of the family and looked at Billy.  Billy looked away from him as soon as they locked eyes and Steve once more wished for a lot of things.
Music began and Steve watched Heather walk down the aisle, Hopper leading her along.  They were smiling and Heather pulled her IV along, beaming at Steve.  He smiled back, thinking about how she and Billy had the same dimples.
Then the priest had started to speak and Steve looked in Heather’s eyes and--
“I object,” he said quietly.
“He what?” Hopper said, leaning forward.  Heather just blinked, tilting her head.  The priest gave him a quizzical look.
“We haven’t gotten to that part yet,” he said.
“I’m sorry but I can’t do this,” Steve said, letting go of Heather’s hands and stepping back.  “I--” He looked at the family.  “I’ve been lying to you.  To all of you.  And I can’t go through with this when I love--” He looked at Billy, heart slamming against his ribcage.  Billy stared, jaw slack.
“Billy?” Hopper groaned.  “Boy, what did you do?” Billy snapped out of his shock, furrowing his brow.
“What did I do?  I didn’t do anything!”
“He didn’t!” Steve cut in.  Everyone fell silent again.  “He didn't.  This is all on me, okay?  I’m not.  I’ve never been Heather’s fiancee.” The family collectively blinked.  “There was a miscommunication when she arrived and I didn’t correct them and then you guys came and--” He choked up a little, anxiety and regret filling him.  “You were all so lovely,” he  breathed out.  “A big, loving family that annoyed each other and ragged on each other but still loved each other at the end of the day.  I never… My parents stopped living at home when I was 13.  They didn’t stay at home with me for more than a week at a time.  I’ve never had real, good family in my life and…” He looked at them, all in varying degrees of shock.  “I fell in love with all of you,” he said, voice soft but strong.  Sure.  “And I was selfish and held onto it for too long.  Let this keep going when Heather doesn’t even know me.” He looks at her then, finding her smiling, even if it was sad.  Steve had let go of her hands during his little speech, but he took one again.  “I’m sorry,” he said to her.  “It was unfair to you and-- I’m just sorry.” Steve looked at Billy, who seemed unsure if he was shocked, angry, sad, or happy.  Steve understood that.  “I’m sorry to you too, because somewhere along the way of falling in love with your family, I fell in love with you as well.  And it wasn’t fair to… To want that when you didn’t know the truth.”
Before anyone could say anything else, the door burst open.
“I object!” A short, redheaded woman yelled from the doorway.
“Anyone else?” The priest asked, annoyed and ready to go home.
“Who are you?” Hopper demanded, brows drawn together.
“I’m Heather’s real fiancee!” She snapped, stomping down the aisle.  Heather’s eyes bugged out.
“Carol?  You said no!” She protested.
“Yeah, well I changed my mind--”
“What the fuck?” Joyce mumbled, pressing a dainty hand to her forehead.  The family got mixed up in the commotion and Steve quickly slipped out before anyone could pay him any mind.  It was easier that way.  He could slip out of their lives as easily as he slipped in and let them get back to normal.
Steve scratched a line on his notepad with his pen, cheek resting on his hand.  The day was slow, most people quietly bustling their way along in the cold of Chicago.  He sighed, letting his head fall forward to the desk.
“Listen,” Robin said from behind him, spinning around in her chair.  “It’s literally painful watching you mope.  Let’s get drinks tonight or something.” Steve didn’t look over his shoulder, just shrugged.
“Not feeling it,” he mumbled.  Robin sighed.  She opened her mouth to say more, maybe snark some sense back into him, when she saw a group approaching.  Steve still had his head down, shoulders slumped as he tried to make himself small.
It had been a long week since everything and Steve was tired.  Was tired, was sad, and didn’t really want to exist.  He’d been looking at plane tickets while holding Billy’s snow globe like some sort of creep for most of the week.  If he imagined being able to bring Billy along, no one else needed to know.  But it was the only thing he could think of to do.  To take some steps to enjoy his life, even if he had to do it alone.
He really didn’t want to do it alone.
There was a clink in front of him and he grabbed the change, not looking up or even saying his customary hello.  Once he had the pass printed, he slipped it back under the window and a hand quickly placed itself on top of his.  Steve’s breath caught.  He knew those fingers.  Knew those rings.  He’d memorized them.
Blue eyes were gazing down at him when he looked up, mouth opening in shock.  Billy smiled at him, small and hopeful.  Hopper and Joyce were doing a particularly bad job of hiding behind the pillar and watching.  Murray and Max had foregone trying to hide and were just watching, smiling at the sight.  Steve’s mind was racing.  Were they here to tell him off?  Were they mad?  Were they--
“Wanna go on a trip with me, pretty boy?” Billy asked, voice gentle and loving and everything Steve had been wanting to hear for the past month.  He gaped, mind working too slow to catch up.  Billy looked a little nervous at his silence, obviously chewing on the inside of his lip.
“Oh my god,” Robin said as the silence dragged on too long. “He so fucking does.  Please, take his moping ass on a date so I don’t have to drown him myself.”
“Robin!” Steve hissed, turning red.
“You’ve literally been depressed all week and it’s been bringing my vibe down.” Her look softened as she smirked, small and just at Steve.  “Go get your man.  I’ll cover for you.”
Steve could have kissed her.
Instead, he stood, shoving the door to the booth open and jumping the turnstile to cup Billy’s face and pull him into a kiss.  Billy’s hands settled on his waist as he smiled against Steve’s lips.  Joyce let out a Yes! that was probably louder than it should have been, but Steve didn’t care.  Didn’t think about anything except the lips pressed against his.  When he pulled back, Billy was smiling, bright and happy and Steve loved him.
“I’d go anywhere with you, Blue.”
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turtletotem · a year ago
So, thought I was done with Pinky Promise, but it grew a bonus scene on me. "Engagement Night," posted on AO3 here, preview below!
They didn't quite make it inside Catra's apartment—the sight of the stair where they'd kissed on New Year's Eve was too much.
"This time," Catra said, between kisses, "maybe don't say anything gut-wrenching about how it didn't mean anything—"
"I'm sorry!" Adora pulled back for breath, expression pained. "What was I supposed to say?"
"Anything but that!"
"You were engaged!"
"I am engaged," Catra said, grinning, pulling Adora back in.
"Yeah, me too," Adora said, smiling almost too wide to kiss her back.
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springmagpies · a year ago
Tumblr media
❄️ Dousy + While You Were Sleeping AU ❄️
for @earnmysong!
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jaa1682-27 · a year ago
The Incident
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: The title is the working title until I come up with something else. Welcome to my Tumblr and welcome all!!! This is a Frankie Morales x Female Reader fic inspired by one of my favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping. This is my first Reader fic, but if your interested, check out the other fics on my Tumblr!!
Chapter 1-The Accident
“Baby, All I want for Christmas is You…”
Mariah Carey blared from the speakers above. While it was a great song, if you worked in the small, local bookstore/coffee shop as you did, every time you heard this song, you wanted to poke your eyes out and drown your ears in hot coffee as you had heard it for the 5th time that morning.
It was 3 weeks until Christmas, and while everyone was nicer and jollier than usual, you were dreading each day as Christmas got closer. You loved Christmas…until 2 years ago.
You were celebrating Christmas with your Grandma, your only living relative and the kind, sweet woman who raised you, until she collapsed in the kitchen as she pulled out the Special Holiday Roast that she made. You found out that night that she had stage 4 breast cancer and the cancer had already spread to other parts of her body.
Unfortunately, you couldn’t even afford the chemo and other therapies as you had been laid off from your publishing job when the company went bankrupt and you still had $40,000 worth of student debt to pay off. Luckily, your Grandmother’s longtime friend, Pam Greenburg, owned a local bookstore and had just opened up a coffeeshop inside of the store. You were one of her first hires and she happily gave you as many extra shifts and overtime once the store started doing well.
However, it wasn’t enough. Despite you, Pam, her husband, and even your best friend, Cassie’s efforts to hold fundraisers, bake sales, yard sales, etc., it was just too late and your grandmother was too far gone. Plus, she’d rather use the money to help you financially as well as plan her funeral arrangements.
Then that July of the following year, she passed. Pam and Cassie were with you every step of the way and you were grateful for their friendship. The following Christmas was bittersweet for you. You had your wonderful friends who made sure to get you out of the house so that you wouldn’t be alone, but you felt like an outsider around Pam’s husband, kids, and grandkids as well as Cassie’s boyfriend and her family.
You even attempted hooking up with Cassie’s boyfriend’s cousin, but you quickly realized once he finished and asked you to leave his apartment immediately afterwards that feeling alone was better than feeling used.
So, here you were, back again a year later, dreading Christmas to come. You were dreading it even more this year because Cassie was going to Hawaii with her boyfriend’s family and Pam was flying out the day before Christmas Eve to be there for the birth of her youngest son’s firstborn.
So it was just going to be you, your cat, Leroy, a tv dinner, and Netflix. Granted, that was how most of your evenings, days off, and weekends went anyways. You were in a rut but you didn’t know how to get out of it.
None of the publishing jobs you applied to were hiring, and you couldn’t afford to move out of the rental property Pam’s husband leased to you at a heavily discounted rate, not with your paycheck, at least.
Day in, day out, Get up, feed cat, feed self, work, feed self/talk to Cassie on her lunch break, back to work, pick up possible second shift, go home, order takeout/warm up tv dinner/maybe cook something, feed cat, watch Netflix, go to bed.
Rinse and repeat. Your life for the past year and a half.
The only bright spot in your day walked in about three and a half months ago (not that you were counting). He looked about a good decade or more older than you, but you were almost 30 so age wasn’t really a factor.
He had the kindest, warmest brown eyes you had ever seen, sweet, kissable lips, a jawline that set his face just right, a sharp, hook nose that would look horrible on anyone else but only added to his appeal, and a 70’s porn stashe with just the right amount of scruff around his mouth and jaw that gave him a rugged sexiness. Dark, unruly hair constantly stuck out from different angles underneath the green baseball cap he wore as if it was permanently glued to his head, but you smiled on the day you noticed that it seemed to curl a bit at the nape of his neck.
You two had only exchanged pleasantries, but in your mind, you had planned your first date, kiss, sloppily making out with him on your couch after the third date, and eventually your wedding. You didn’t know why; you were just drawn to him.
He also seemed like a kind man as he always held the door for whomever walked through, he would let others skip ahead of him in line, and constantly over tipped you. Realistically, you only knew two things about him-his name was Frankie and he liked his coffee black, with 2 creams and 1 sugar. Still, it didn’t stop you from daydreaming about him during the day and fantasizing about him at night.
2 weeks and 4 days until Christmas, everything changed. The day started off routine, you got up, fed the cat, fed yourself, went to work.
Today, though you were here for the early morning shift around 7 AM, and to your surprise, Frankie was here too.
Hmm, that’s odd, he’s never this early, you thought, as he usually made his way in around 9-9:30. You shrugged it off and went about your usual business, taking orders and collecting the money.
Frankie finally came up the counter, slight bags under his eyes as if he has been up all night. You noticed the slight slump in his shoulders and he barely made eye contact with you, keeping his head down.  
Very off from his usual, shy but friendly demeanor that he had always had with you. Nonetheless, you took his drink order, and wrote his name on the cup. Except this time you bit your lip as you debated writing your number on his cup.
That would be stupid, he might be married-or have a girlfriend!!! Or a boyfriend…or both!!!
But…you hadn’t seen a ring on his finger, but that didn’t really mean much these days.
“Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game,” your grandmother’s voice whispered in your mind.
And, so, while nervous butterflies floated around in your stomach, you took the leap, and wrote your name and number under his name on the cup before sending it off to the barista.
You turned back to Frankie, who was looking down at his phone with a frown, and told him the total. He nodded and gave you a 50 dollar bill.
When you tried to give him the change, he said quietly, “Keep the change,” before heading over to the pickup line. Immediately afterwards, another girl came to relive you so that you could tend to the dining room.
You decided that today you would try to give him his change back as it was way more than what he usually gave. You quickly realized that he was not in the store a few minutes too late and chased after him, but he was already outside, crossing the clear intersection.
“Hey, wait!” You called out, and then it seemed as if time slowed down and sped up at the same time.
In the middle of the street, Frankie finally turned to you, an annoyed, yet puzzled look on his face, as a delivery truck ran the light, turning on the corner quickly, only to skid on a small slick of ice.
The truck side swiped him, and he fell to the ground, his body and head hitting the street with a loud smack, his coffee cup rolling around as hot coffee spilled around him.
The truck screeched to a stop as you and another bystander ran to Frankie’s aide. The bystander, a tall man in a fresh grey suit, pulled out his phone to call the paramedics as you rolled him over on his side to check him.
You were no nurse or EMT, but you wanted to make sure that he was okay. You gently patted his cheek, but he didn’t stir. You let out a breath of relief as his chest rose and fell.
A short while later, it seemed as if you were now on autopilot, a mere bystander to the next few hours of your life. When the ambulance and police arrived, you answered the questions numbly, they even tried to give you a blanket, but you weren’t the one that had been side-swiped by a truck. Pam gave her statement, and as you watched Frankie be loaded into the ambulance, you couldn’t help but worry about him.
“Maybe you should go with him. Make sure that he’s okay? I’ll cover for you,” Pam told you as she patted your arm gently.
You nodded silently, and the paramedics allowed you to ride in the ambulance with him. However, when you arrived at the hospital, he was whisked away to the emergency room. You tried to join them, but a doctor stopped you and said, “Sorry, but unless you’re family or a legal representative for the patient, you can’t come back here.”
He walked back behind the doors, both of them swinging shut in your face as they whisked Frankie away. You sighed, defeated, and decided to wait in the lobby and try again in a bit. As you walked, head down, your mind replaying the day’s events, you mumbled under your breath, “I was gonna marry that man.”
Little did you know, a nearby nurse with sweet eyes and bright orange hair had overhead you. She sighed in pity and said quietly, “Oh, sweetie.”
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mimisempai · 3 months ago
While Thor was sleeping - Chapter 5/12
Mobius wakes up and does everything to avoid meeting Loki? Will he succeed?
After I post it, I'm going to hide to dodge the blows 😅
Tumblr media
The next morning, Mobius was awakened by the radio in the kitchen. He sat up, a little groggy, and tried to regain his senses. His eyes fell on the hanging jacket and he remembered what he had heard last night and sat up with a start.
He heard a door open upstairs and hid behind the sofa.
Upstairs, Loki stumbled out of his room in gym shorts. He bent and peered down the stairs to try to see the Mobius that Valkyrie had mentioned, but he didn't see him.
Scratching his head he walked along the hallway to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.
When Mobius was sure no one was coming downstairs, he threw off the blanket and jumped to his feet. When he entered the kitchen, he saw Frigga making coffee while Odin read the newspaper.
"God, I've overslept!" exclaimed Mobius, embarrassed.
Barely looking up from his newspaper, Odin grumbled, "Overslept? It's 7:00 am."
"Mobius!" exclaimed Frigga, turning to him, "Do you have time for a cup of coffee?"
Mobius felt bad for having to refuse, but he couldn't risk running into Loki.
"I can't... I'm late."
Frigga protested, "But Loki came home last night."
"Really?" asked Mobius smiling nervously trying to look natural.
Odin intervened, "He said he had to go Frigga, just put it in a thermos for him."
"He can't leave without his jacket."
"My jacket..."
Mobius opened the door and looked up apprehensively. He spotted his jacket on the couch, rushed across the living room and grabbed it. He heard a door open upstairs and jumped back to hide behind the couch.
Loki came out of the bathroom, bent down to look again and all he saw of Mobius was his feet sticking out of the couch. He shrugged and headed to his room, closing the door behind him.
Mobius leapt off the couch again and ran into the kitchen.
Breathless, he said simply, holding up his jacket, "I've got it."
Frigga poured coffee into a thermos and Mobius waited impatiently, eager to leave. He grabbed the thermos handed to him by Frigga and headed for the door, which abruptly opened to Valkyrie coming in happily, a box of Doughnuts in her arms.
"Look what I brought!"
Mobius winced.
Frigga said softly, "He doesn't have time Valkyrie, Mobius is going to be late."
"Late?" exclaimed Valkyrie, "But it's Saturday."
Mobius retorted, "I have to feed the alligator."
Odin replied, "Thor doesn't like reptiles."
Odin and Frigga looked at Mobius with a puzzled expression.
Mobius stammered, "The neighbor's alligator, he's on vacation."
"Odin, go and drive Mobius home."
Odin shook his head, "No, it snowed last night."
Mobius and Frigga looked outside; there were snowdrifts against the garage door. Mobius felt trapped.
"I've already called a plow. They'll be here soon." said Odin, pointing to his phone.
Mobius began to feel bad, he asked, " May I use your bathroom?"
Frigga nodded, "Sure, it's up the stairs."
Mobius rushed out of the kitchen, through the living room and quickly up the stairs. He looked at all the doors and saw the one with Loki's name on it.
He reached into his pocket and found a subway token. He looked around, stuck the token between the latch and the door frame and ran to the bathroom.
He closed the door, ran the tap and splashed water on his face. Outside, he heard a loud noise. He pushed back the curtains and looked down. The plow was there, clearing away the snow.
Mobius began to hope again, dried his face and made his way down the hall. As he passed Loki's room, the latch turned but the door was stuck and would not open.
With a victorious smile on his face, Mobius raced down the stairs saying, "The plow is here !"
He walked briskly to the door and grabbed the door handle when a banging sound came from upstairs.
"Hello... is anyone out there...?"
Frigga poked her head through the kitchen door, "Loki?"
Mobius winced and could only follow Odin, Frigga, Valkyrie up the stairs.
Meanwhile, Sif had gotten up and was standing in front of the door. She turned to them, "He is locked inside."
Odin exclaimed, "How the hell did this happen?"
"What's going on?" it was Fandral who still looked sleepy.
Mobius was getting more and more nervous.
Loki exclaimed impatiently from behind the door, "Could someone get me out of here?"
Valkyrie leaned toward the lock, "It looks like something is stuck, maybe I can get it out."
Mobius just wanted to run for his life.
"Never mind! I'll break this door down for you, it'll be faster."
It was Volstagg starting to roll up the sleeves of his pijama.
Everyone backed away but Frigga raised her hand to calm him down, "Let's let Valkyrie try her method first, okay?"
"I need a screwdriver."
Sif ran down the stairs and shouted, "I'll get that for you!"
Frigga said softly, "In the meantime, to keep you waiting Loki, we'd like to introduce you to someone."
Frigga turned to Mobius and pushed him in front of the closed door.
Mobius, embarrassed, stammered, "Hi, I'm Mobius."
He leaned over and looked through the keyhole, seeing only one eye as Loki replied, "Nice to meet you."
His eye blinked, and Mobius replied, "Yes...nice to meet you."
Fandral shouted playfully, "Mobius swept thor off his feet!"
The other boys snickered.
Loki's deep voice came from behind the door, "If you step back, I might be able to see you.
Mobius stepped back.
Frigga asked, "Can you see him?"
"Only his crotch."
Mobius couldn't help but blush as Frigga sighed, "Loki..."
Sif came running back, brandishing a screwdriver and handed it to Valkyrie.
Valkyrie turned to them, "Everyone back off." but her gaze fell on Mobius who looked frozen in panic and she understood the situation in a flash. She leaned toward the lock and with a jerk held her back and shouted, "Ouch!!!"
Frigga rushed to her and said, "Valkyrie! What's wrong?"
"I think I've pinched a nerve." She pretended she couldn't move.
Frigga took charge and turned to Odin, "Okay, the plow should be done clearing the snow, you take Mobius home. Boys, get Valkyrie down on the couch. Sif bring me my phone, I'll call a locksmith."
"What about me?" asked Loki.
"You make your bed." replied Frigga.
Half an hour later, Mobius was finally home and greeted by a hungry Croki who almost knocked him over. He filled a plate for the alligator and put it on the floor.
As he straightened up, his eyes fell on the yellow envelope the doctor had given him, buried under a pile of bills and newspapers.
He opened the envelope and shook it. Out came Thor's wallet and keys. Mobius stared at the wallet for a minute, then slowly opened it and turned it over. He hesitated for a moment, then finally looked inside and pulled out some plastic-covered photos. There was a picture of Thor with his hat and gown on at his graduation, Thor driving a jeep, Thor skiing, all pictures were of Thor.
Mobius chuckled softly, "Looks like Mister Handsome loves himself."
Mobius fanned his stack of cards, American Express Gold card, sports memberships, health club memberships, a set of credit cards and bank cards and underneath the cards another picture, crumpled.
Thor was holding by the neck a man a little thinner and more slender than himself.
He turned the photo over and read, Thor and Loki, 19XX. Curious, he turned the photo again and looked closer and swallowed, god, if Thor was charming, Loki was breathtaking.
He murmured, "Hm, finally, it looks like your brother is indeed hot."
Mobius put the picture down and continued to look at what was in the wallet, he found a deposit slip with what appeared to be Thor's address.
He pondered for a few seconds, grabbed his keys, Thor's belongings, put on his coat and headed out the door.
Finally, having failed to find a locksmith, Loki had to get out of his room with the help of a ladder set against the window. As he dusted the snow from his clothes, he asked Odin who was putting the ladder away, "So who is this Mobius?"
Odin replied, "Your future brother-in-law."
They walked to the front of the house and kicking their shoes, Loki said, "I ran into a friend of Thor's the other day, he had seen him at a Knick game."
"So what?"
Loki continued, "So, he said that Thor had talked about proposing marriage."
"That's what he did," Odin retorted.
Loki insisted, "He was dating Jane Foster Kincaid at the time.
Odin said firmly, "He proposed to Mobius."
"How do you know that?" asked Loki as he closed the door.
Odin began to get angry but replied just as firmly, "Because he said so to us."
Loki saw that the tone was dead-on and said nothing, but kept his doubtful look on his face.
Mobius decided to go through the hospital first. As the elevator doors closed, he was surprised to see Thor's colleague Bruce Banner enter. They nodded at each other and Bruce followed Mobius into Thor's room once they reached the intensive care floor.
They stood in silence, each on one side of the bed, not knowing what to say.
Bruce looked at Thor and said admiringly, "He's a great guy, the king of loopholes."
Mobius frowned, not seeing what the lawyer was getting at.
Bruce resumed, "He's had a rough year."
Mobius looked increasingly confused.
"I mean with the accident last month," Bruce continued.
"What accident?"
Bruce looked at him in surprise, "We were playing basketball..."
An hour later, Mobius arrived at the building where Thor's apartment was located. In front of the elevator doors, Mobius checked the number of the floor where Thor lived and pressed the UP button on the elevator.
When he got to the floor, Mobius found Thor's door. He tried his keys. The third try is the charm. He pushed the door open and entered.
It was magnificent. Mobius stepped into the spacious living room. A bay window overlooked Manhattan. Mobius looked around the apartment warily. He saw the stereo cabinet and pressed the ON button on the radio. Soft jazz chords came out.
Thor had a picture of himself framed prominently on his mahogany desk. Mobius let his gaze run over it, shaking his head and murmuring, "You really like to admire yourself."
Then Mobius stepped forward and looked out the window. It was a beautiful winter sunset. The city was glistening from the freshly fallen snow. Mobius admired the spectacle for many minutes. He was totally exhausted and the music did nothing to bring him out of the torpor he was in. He stumbled into Thor's room and lay down on his bed.
"Just a few seconds."
But as soon as his head hit the pillow, he fell asleep.
All chapters
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story 🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
Lokius masterlist : here
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theresadunn · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Guess who just updated her WWI While You Were Sleeping AU Sherlolly fic after a year plus hiatus!
Link here!
Merry Christmas in August!
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allwaswell16 · a year ago
Hi! I'm looking for "A while you were sleeping au" fics, but I can't find any. Do you have recs? Thank you!! xx
Hi! There are a few! Three Larry, one Lirry, and one Lilo. I’ll put them in order of word count for you. Happy reading!
While You Were Sleeping au Fics
💤 Let Our Hearts Collide by @crinkle-eyed-boo (Louis+Harry, M, 76k)
“Liam is in a coma.” “Yeah, we can see that,” the father says, throwing his hands in the air. “God, this is the most depressing Christmas ever,” the blonde sister mutters. “His vital signs are strong,” Dr. Higgins assures them. “Brain waves are good–” “Brain waves?” the mother wails, taking Liam’s hand in hers. “Oh my God!” “How did this happen?” the father demands. “Um, he was pushed from the platform at the subway station,” Harry pipes up. The entire family turns to look at him, confused. Harry shrinks back, wishing he could have just kept his big mouth shut. “Who’s this?” the father asks, pointing at him. “Um, I’m Harry–” he starts. “He’s Liam’s fiancé!” Jade adds helpfully from where she stands by the door. Every jaw in the room drops, including Harry’s. Oh, shit. Shit shit shit. What?
When Harry, a lonely transit worker, saves the life of the handsome commuter he's been secretly pining for, an innocent mistake results in Liam Payne's family believing that Harry is engaged to their son. In the Paynes, Harry finds the big family he's always longed for...and a love he never saw coming.
A While You Were Sleeping AU
💤 Forgot My Roots Now Watch Me Bloom by @holdingthornsandroses / edensrose (Louis+Harry, E, 28k)
Lonely transit worker Louis pulls his longtime crush, Peter, from the path of an oncoming train. At the hospital, doctors report that he's in a coma, and a misplaced comment from Louis causes Peter's family to assume that he is his fiancée. When Louis doesn't correct them, they take him into their home and confidence. Things get even more complicated when he finds himself falling for Peter's brother, Harry. Loosely based on the movie "While You Were Sleeping".
💤 Stories Stacked Up So Tall by vixalicious (Louis+Liam, T, 23k)
Liam spends his days in a dreary booth selling train tickets and daydreaming about his favorite customer, Harry. When Harry gets assaulted at the station, Liam saves his life and finds that his quiet existence is turned upside down. As Harry languishes in a coma, Liam gets closer with to Harry’s family and to his best mate, Louis. There’s only one problem: everyone thinks Liam is Harry’s boyfriend. To make matters worse, Liam starts to fall for Louis. But how can Liam come clean without losing everything? An AU based on the movie ‘While You Were Sleeping.’
💤 And winter came... by @noellehenryfics / noellehenry (Louis+Harry, T, 16k)
A While you were sleeping AU.
Harry loves his bakery/ coffee-shop and his customers, especially 'Dream Guy' who comes in frequently for espresso. When on Christmas Day 'Dream Guy', Liam, gets hit by a car in front of Harry's shop, Harry's life turns upside down. Suddenly he's a fiancé, future son-in-law and future brother-in-law while Liam is in a coma.
To make Harry's life even more complicated: Liam has a really attractive best friend with a cute little daughter. Harry develops warm feelings for both father and daughter, which is rather inconvenient since he's supposed to be engaged to Liam.
And then there's another thing, why is everybody asking 'What about Zayn?'
💤 given me the thrill of a lifetime by mrsenjolras (Harry+Liam, NR, 12k)
“He's his boyfriend,” he says, sounding confused as he shoots Liam a look, and Liam really wants to die.
“Boyfriend?” the girl says again, and Niall nods slowly, looking at Liam again. “Lou’s got a boyfriend?”
“Not just any boyfriend,” the police officer in the corner speaks up. “This one saved his life.” He pats Liam a bit on the shoulder, but it does nothing to stop the cold feeling spreading through his stomach.
“Saved his life?” one of the other girls asks. “I thought he was pushed from the platform.”
“He jumped on the tracks, and pulled him out of the way of an express train,” the officer says, and Liam hears a chorus of gasps from the family crowded around the bed.
[or, a While You Were Sleeping AU where Liam is Sandra Bullock, Louis is Peter Gallagher, and Harry is Bill Pullman.]
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twopoppies · a year ago
There are two other while you were sleeping fics - 'forgot my roots now watch me bloom' by edensrose and 'and winter came' by noellehenry - they are both really good as well as the one you recommended
Thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t read either of them.
Forgot My Roots Now Watch Me Bloom by edensrose (E, 28K)
Lonely transit worker Louis pulls his longtime crush, Peter, from the path of an oncoming train. At the hospital, doctors report that he's in a coma, and a misplaced comment from Louis causes Peter's family to assume that he is his fiancée. When Louis doesn't correct them, they take him into their home and confidence. Things get even more complicated when he finds himself falling for Peter's brother, Harry. Loosely based on the movie "While You Were Sleeping".
And Winter Came... by noellehenry / @noellehenrymain (T, 16K)
A While you were sleeping AU.
Harry loves his bakery/ coffee-shop and his customers, especially 'Dream Guy' who comes in frequently for espresso. When on Christmas Day 'Dream Guy', Liam, gets hit by a car in front of Harry's shop, Harry's life turns upside down. Suddenly he's a fiancé, future son-in-law and future brother-in-law while Liam is in a coma.
To make Harry's life even more complicated: Liam has a really attractive best friend with a cute little daughter. Harry develops warm feelings for both father and daughter, which is rather inconvenient since he's supposed to be engaged to Liam.
And then there's another thing, why is everybody asking 'What about Zayn?'
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butmakeitgayblog · a year ago
what would you think of a “while you were sleeping” clexa version fic 🤔
I've never seen it but it looks interesting 👀
Just reading the description I think that could so easily be clexafied omg. Imagine Clarke shoving Lexa's baby brother Aden out of the way and then everyone assuming they're engaged? Only for Clarke to be invited home and see his smoking hot, extremely grateful and caring and sensual and did she mention smoking hot sister? A mess, I love it
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turtletotem · a year ago
The penultimate chapter of Pinky Promise arrives! All that now remains is the epilogue. :)
On what would have been her wedding night, Catra stuffed her white gown into the trash, drank the entire bottle of champagne Celeste had given her as a wedding present, then threw up until her ribs ached. She slept on the bathroom floor in her underwear, with Melog curled up against her chest.
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crinkle-eyed-boo · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Let Our Hearts Collide by crinkle-eyed-boo (77K, M)
featuring art by @harrehleh, part of @onedirectionbigbang
“Liam is in a coma.” “Yeah, we can see that,” the father says, throwing his hands in the air. “God, this is the most depressing Christmas ever,” the blonde sister mutters. “His vital signs are strong,” Dr. Higgins assures them. “Brain waves are good–” “Brain waves?” the mother wails, taking Liam’s hand in hers. “Oh my God!” “How did this happen?” the father demands. “Um, he was pushed from the platform at the subway station,” Harry pipes up. The entire family turns to look at him, confused. Harry shrinks back, wishing he could have just kept his big mouth shut. “Who’s this?” the father asks, pointing at him. “Um, I’m Harry–” he starts. “He’s Liam’s fiancé!” Jade adds helpfully from where she stands by the door. Every jaw in the room drops, including Harry’s. Oh, shit. Shit shit shit. What?
When Harry, a lonely transit worker, saves the life of the handsome commuter he's been secretly pining for, an innocent mistake results in Liam Payne's family believing that Harry is engaged to their son. In the Paynes, Harry finds the big family he's always longed for...and a love he never saw coming.
A While You Were Sleeping AU, now posted on AO3
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andrea-lyn · 2 years ago
While You Were Sleeping is my favorite holiday movie! I'd love this AU with Malex for the holiday prompt thing!!
Tumblr media
deck the hallsmichael/alex, presumed kyle/michael, pg-13
The corridor of a hospitalis the last place in the world that Michael wants to be, but here he is.It’s been a hell of a day and he’d snuck off to talk to Isobel, curled up in awaiting chair, wondering how the hell he’s going to break the news of whathappened to her. “You sound like shit,” is the first thing she says whenMichael says hello. “And I thought that I was the miserable one.’
“What happened?” Michael asks, more than happy to let Isobel talk his ear offabout her unfortunate life.The dismissive noise Isobel makes doesn’t bode well for her going on about it.“Nothing serious, just the guy I was seeing ghosted me.”“Asshole.”“Tell me about it,” Isobel harrumphs. “Why do you sound like shit?”“There was…an incident.”The reason why Isobel is his favorite sibling is because she lets him rantabout what happened on the subway late last night on his way home from a ridiculousshift. Around that time, there’s only ever him and another guy (who’s kindahot, admittedly), but happens to sound like a self-important asshole on thephone. He’s a doctor or something, but clearly he’d been out of it because he’dfumbled near the edge of the platform just as the subway had been coming.Michael had been too far away to grab him back.That didn’t mean he didn’t use his powers. He’d hauled hard and pulledthe man back until he’d smacked his head on the subway platform. Cut to a fewhours later and here he is at the hospital where someone’s at least identifiedthe guy as Dr. Valenti, who happens to work here. They’ve also called hisfamily. As of this morning, Michael happens to be part of it because he’s lied and saidthat he’s the boyfriend.
“Michael…” Isobel chides.“I know! I know, I fucked up. So now I gotta wait and see if this guy remembersme using my powers to save his life,” he complains sharply, glancing around tosee if anyone is close enough to eavesdrop. The early hour of the morning meansthat he’s safe, but he still hates that he’s in this situation. “I don’t knowhow long I’m gonna be here, but I’ll try and swing by at some point. We candrink to the shitty boyfriend you’ve got.”“I really thought this time was the one,” Isobel says quietly, and Michaelhates that even in this stressful hour, his first thought is to go comfort her.“Whatever. I’ll drink my feelings away. You go make sure our secret isn’t aboutto get blown to pieces.”“Can do,” Michael vows and tucks the phone back into his pocket before he getsback to his feet, trying to ignore the clinical and overwhelmingly sanitizedenvironment around him. When you’re an alien, you have a lot of nightmares about getting dissected in aplace like this, but it’s worth it to endure to guarantee that doesn’thappen. Michael trudges back into the hospital room and stares down at KyleValenti’s comatose body in the bed. The doctors keep saying that his brainswelling has been going down and he could wake up any minute with allthese hints of promise in their voice like they want to cheer him up. Then,Michael’s the one who lied about being his boyfriend, which means they want tokeep his spirits lifted. It’s a necessary lie, because if Kyle Valenti wakes up and finds out that theguy who saved his life used alien powers to do it, Michael might be under amicroscope real fast. He settles in beside the bed, digging out his book so he can pass the time. ItMichael’s lucky, then he’ll wake up and he’ll figure out if he knows anything(and if he does, then Isobel’s down here instantly to wipe it away).If he’s lucky, this will all be over soon. Of course, since when has Michael ever been lucky?“My baby,” a mother’s lament is the first thing Michael hears when a womanbursts into the room to make a bee-line to Kyle’s side, collecting his hand inhers. Behind her is a man her age and a young woman who’s trying to keep herdistance. Michael knows that they’d alerted the family, but he’d been hoping they’dshow up a little later, that maybe Kyle would wake up before then. The mother kisses Kyle’s hand rapidly, fretfully, and then looks up at Michaelwith a suspicious eye. “Who are you?”Michael stands slowly, rubbing his palms anxiously over his thighs. “I’mMichael,” he introduces himself, knowing that this isn’t going to go over well,but it’s lie or die (maybe literally if his secret gets out). “Kyle’s myboyfriend,” he says, because he needs to be here, and it’s not like ‘goodfriend’ is going to do the trick. “I was with him when he went into the comaand I’m so worried, I…”The parents eye each other, then glance back to Michael, before their gazesland on Kyle.“Rosa,” they say to the young woman. “Did you know…?”Whatever reaction Michael’s anticipating, he doesn’t get a chance for it,because the chaos only grows when Kyle gets yet another visitor. “I heard the news, is Kyle…” The man skids to a stop inside the hospital room,gaping at Michael holding Kyle’s hand. “…okay? Is he brain damaged?” he demandsinstantly to Rosa.“Easy,” Rosa mutters under her breath.“Who the hell are you?”“I’m Michael, Kyle’s boyfriend. Who are you?” he retorts, his hackles up.“Alex Manes, his best friend, who he tormented in high school for beinggay.”Fuck.“What can I say, Kyle’s grown recently,” Michael lies (badly). He awkwardlypats Kyle’s hand a few times as if that’s going to help him out while he staresat Alex warily. “We’ve been keeping things quiet,” he says, hoping that maybethat’ll go over better.“He did say he was seeing someone,” Kyle’s mother says in the corner. “Wedidn’t think it was a…”The awkwardness practically bleeds in the room, which makes this Alex guy rollhis eyes and look like he wants to take Kyle’s IV bag and hook it into his ownveins, if only to escape the idiocy. Michael thinks that this is a tense familysituation that he absolutely doesn’t belong in. Still, it’s not like he can getout of there without completely blowing his cover, so Michael awkwardly takesKyle’s hand even tighter into his own and threads their fingers together,trying to ignore the way Alex is staring at him.Luckily, Rosa and Kyle’s parents descend on the situation and ignore Michaeleven though he’s right there. He probably should be more irritated about thefact that they’re ignoring him like this, but it’s a relief. Besides, not everyone is ignoring him. Michael’s pretty sure Alex hasn’t takenhis eyes off him since he showed up in the room. He’s also the most stubbornwhen it comes to leaving, as Michael soon finds out.Even though Michelle and Jim head home for new clothes and Rosa heads out whenshe starts falling asleep, Alex stays. Alex always stays, and for the firstnight, Michael sits awkwardly with him in silence, but the second night, hedecides the lack of conversation is ridiculous.“Why are you so pissed at the idea that Kyle might be bi?” Michael questionshim. It's probably not smart to poke the bear (so to speak), but Michael’s genuinelycurious why it’s such a big deal. Alex has been scribbling in a notebook andlooks up, alarmed and somewhat surprised that he’s being addressed, but thepart Michael doesn’t understand is why the tips of his ears go a little red. This is gonna be good, he realizes. “He bullied me endlessly in high school because I was gay,” Alex protests. “Heshouldn’t get to just suddenly have a surprise hot boyfriend like you.”Yup, definitely good.Michael hides his smile behind his hand, shifting in his chair to give Alex afond look. “Hot boyfriend, huh?” There’s something about Alex that Michael’sreally enjoying. For one, that sassy and sharp in-your-face opinionatedpersonality reminds him of Isobel, but god, he’s so much hotter. The eyelinerhe’s wearing makes his eyes look soft and big, and Michael keeps glancing downto his fingers, imagining those varnish-coated nails and how they’d look whilehe gave Michael a handjob.Meeting someone when you’re posing as someone else’s boyfriend is absolutely ashitty way to connect, but Michael feels like somehow, he can make this work.“I’m not exactly a catch. I don’t even rank high enough at the school I teachto get lab time other than the late shift. That’s how Kyle and I…” He clearshis throat and shrugs. “It’s how I met him.” His gaze slides over Alex and hegestures to the notebook. “You a writer?”“Singer,” Alex admits. “I’m not famous or anything, but I was hoping that oneday maybe I’d have at least one good song.”Michael can only imagine the songs Alex might play and he lets out a soft catchof breath to think of Alex singing to him, his voice soft in his ear, hisbreath warm on his neck. “Maybe you can sing some to me,” he offers, swallowingpast his dry throat.Alex is staring at Michael’s lips, Michael swears he is, as he says,“Maybe I will.”From there on out, Michael makes sure that he’s always in the room at nightwhen Alex is visiting so they can spend time together. Alex brings his guitar,and they end up talking about the songs Alex writes and how they remind him ofhis terrible childhood before the Valentis adopted him. They talk aboutMichael’s career and how he’s feeling like he’s swimming upstream because hedoesn’t like the networking aspect it takes to get tenure. Their conversationsonly get deeper and eventually, they end up curled up together under one of thebigger couches, Michael’s jacket draped over them like a blanket.Nearby, Kyle lies in a coma, and Michael’s supposed to be his boyfriend. He really needs to wake up soon, because Michael feels weird dumping a guy whenhe’s unconscious.Luckily (or unluckily, given how there’s no knowing how it’s going to go) forMichael, he gets his wish. Michael’s in the middle of getting coffee for himself and Alex when he hears ahuge commotion nearby and sees nurses rushing into Kyle’s room. Given the chaosof beeping noises nearby, along with a man’s voice he vaguely recognizes, itcan only mean one thing. “He’s awake!” Rosa says gleefully, passing Michael in the hall as she bolts forKyle’s room from the waiting lounge. Michael swears under his breath and checksthe time. It’s late, which means his parents aren’t there, but Alex and Rosaare. He’d really been hoping to be there alone when Kyle woke up, but it’s notlike he’s getting lucky today, is he? Trudging along, Michael marches towards his fate, hoping that he can somehowconvince a complete stranger to play along. He plasters a smile on his face andstands in the doorway as the nurses go through the routines, checking vitalsand coping with Kyle’s stubborn demand that he can help, since he's a doctor.He can feel Alex’s hand at the small of his back, which makes him startleslightly as Michael looks at him, wishing that Alex didn’t look so worried andupset. “This is good,” Alex says quietly, even though he sounds miserable aboutit. “He’s awake.”“Yeah,” Michael agrees, feeling the lump in his throat grow. He's glad he has the excuse to stay out of the way while the nurses check hisvitals, but eventually they leave and the doctor’s given Kyle the all-clear tosee his family and friends, which means that Michael now has to approach theterrifying reality of figuring out what Kyle knows, while Rosa and Alex linger(and Kyle’s parents arrive soon, given that they were called the moment Kyleawoke). Michael stands frozen at the side of his bed, forcing a smile on his face,trying to communicate his best, ‘play along with me’ look using only hiseyes.“Hey,” he says with a softness in his tone, watching as Kyle swivels his gazeto make eye contact with him. Lucky for him, annoying sisters (even half ones) are always going to demand attention,which means that before Kyle can blow his cover, she intervenes. “Yourboyfriend was worried,” Rosa teases, poking him in the shoulder. “Also, fuckyou for not telling me that you got cool!” she accuses, as she shoves Michaelinto the visitor’s chair so he can be close to Kyle. Michael goes, even if he looks up at Alex with a guilty expression, thinking ofall the hot chocolates they shared together, all the times they slept curled upunder Michael’s jacket, and all the secrets they’ve confessed to one another inthe early hours of the hospital’s garish lights. There’s only one man in thisroom that Michael wants to date and it’s not the one in the hospital bed.Plus, he’s been lying his ass off and Michael closes his eyes tightly, fistingthe bedsheets, waiting for the impact of his lies to come home to roost.“Hey, baby,” says Kyle, reaching out to squeeze his hand. “I’m glad you came tostay with me, even with things the way they’ve been.”Wait.Hold on.What the fuck? Did Michael have a stroke? Did Kyle? Out of the corner ofhis eye, he sees Alex’s face fall. Michael gets it, because right now, he’sstruggling to understand what’s happening. Does Kyle have some weird amnesia?Did Michael gain a new alien power or is he learning from Isobel? Finding his voice, Michael hears himself croak, “Could I have a minute alonewith Kyle, please?”Rosa and Alex glance at one another, then to Kyle. “Dad and your Mom are goingto be here soon,” she warns.“One minute,” Kyle insists. “We’ll be quick.”They both look wary about leaving, but there’s no argument from them as they go,with Michael watching Alex the whole time, forlorn and freaking out about howhe’s going to explain this, and wanting so badly to go after him instead ofstaying here, but he’s taking advantage of this chance to find out what Kyleknows. The moment they’re alone, Michael turns towards Kyle instantly. “So,” Michael says, when he’s pretty sure no one is eavesdropping. “You’re a handsomeguy, don’t get me wrong, but what the fuck?”Kyle struggles to sit up in bed and on impulse, Michael bolts forward to helphim with the pillows. Kyle really is handsome, but he’s a stranger to Michaeland everything that he’s learned about him means that he seems great, but healso seems completely not Michael’s type. He’s way too responsible and puttogether and he doesn’t feel that spark the way he does with Alex.“You saved me on that platform.”“Yeah, I grabbed you back with my hand…”“No.” Kyle says it firmly. “You saved me with your powers. I’m guessing that’swhy you’re still hanging around my hospital room weeks later and lying toeveryone,” Kyle says, narrowing his eyes. “You were worried that I was gonnatell someone that an alien saved my life?”What the actual fuck?“What the hell is going on?”“Can you hand me my phone?” Kyle requests, groaning as he reaches out.“Isobel’s gonna have my head if I don’t text her soon. I’ve been in the comafor what, thirteen days? Fuck,” he says, shaking his head. “If she hasn’tbroken up with me already, she’s going to now.”Kyle is the guy. No, not just the guy, he’s The Guy. He’s Isobel’ssteady boyfriend who she’d told their secret to (something Max had hated, butIsobel felt strongly that she had to do it, because she’d told Michael that shecould see herself marrying him someday).“What the fuck?” Michael says out loud this time.“Isobel showed me some pictures of her brothers,” Kyle says, as he texts,staring down at his phone. “I kept staring at you on the platform while wecommuted, trying to figure out how to broach the ‘hey, I’m dating your sisterand thinking about proposing’, but it never felt like the right time. I guessit serves me right nearly dying and you having to save me.”There are so many things happening that Michael needs to process. “So, you met my family, huh? I mean, it was gonna happen eventually, but alittle ahead of schedule,” Kyle jokes, his voice rough. He stares at his phoneand sighs with relief, not paying Michael any attention. “Well, I’m definitelyin trouble, but she’s not dumping me. She says you’re in a shitload of trouble,and…” Kyle trails off, glancing up at Michael. “And that you’ve got a stupidbig crush on Alex?”Michael swears under his breath, regretting all those texts to Isobel askingfor advice about his problem. “Look, just tell me you’re not about to go shouting about my secret to anyone,”Michael insists. “And I’ll get out of your hair, okay? I mean, I’ll do thefamily dinner thing when you propose to Iz, but I think maybe this is all gonnabe awkward when suddenly you dump me and hook up with my sister,” he scoffs.“Maybe.”“Oh, right, maybe,” Michael mocks.Kyle gives Michael a challenging lift of his brow. “Hey everyone,” he calls, alittle louder, like he knows that they’re all lingering outside the room likethe nosy assholes they are. “You can come in now.”It’s a flurry of activity when they rush in. Jim and Michelle rush Kyle andpress kisses to his forehead and hair, the three of them exchanging whispersabout how much they love each other. Michael clears his throat to look away,not wanting to feel jealous about the supportive parents Kyle has. The onlyother place to look is at Rosa, who’s beaming at Kyle and looking like she’sirritated to feel that way about him, or Alex, who’s still looking crushed.Better to focus on Rosa, then. Kyle reaches out for Michael’s hand in the midst of this sweet reunion,forcibly yanking on him to get him back by his side (his elbow actually popsout, so what the fuck Valenti). “I wanted you guys to be the first to know thatMichael and I have decided to call it quits,” he says, acting chagrined andsorrowed. It’s not a half-bad performance, especially when you consider thatthey’re both getting something out of this.“Oh, honey, why?” Michelle asks. “You only just woke up again and Michael’sbeen here every day waiting for you.”“Things have been tense between us for a while, seeing as I’m in love withanother woman and I’m pretty sure Michael’s got feelings for someone else,” hesays.Michael glares at him, ready to have his head for selling him out like that.“Kyle,” he hisses.“Alex, he’s got a crush on you,” Kyle says bluntly. “The girl I’ve been seeingfor a while behind Michael’s back, she’s his sister and she spilled the beans.”“Kyle Manuel Valenti!” his mother snaps.“No, it’s okay,” Michael ekes out. “It’s true. Things were tense, like we neverspoke. It was like we didn’t even know one another,” he says, staring at Kyle.“If Isobel is the one who makes him happy, then I want him to be with her,because I…” He turns to stare at Alex, knowing that he hadn’t planned to dothis with an audience, but it could be worse. “I really like you,” he admits.“While Kyle was asleep, I learned all about you and you’re this wickedly funnyand sharp and sweet guy, and you’re super hot, and I love that the first timeyou met me, you thought I was out of Kyle’s league.”“Hey!”“Oh, please, he is,” Alex snorts, but he’s clearly enraptured by Michael’swords. “Go on,” he says teasingly. “Now you’re just fishing,” Michael gets out with a strangled laugh, finding hisway to his feet so he can cross the room to stand in front of Alex. “Look, Iknow we only met because of this insane circumstance, but I think maybe I’dlike to go out to dinner with you. I feel like I already know you, like weconnected, like something…”“Cosmic,” Alex fills in the blank for him, his voice soft. “I know. I felt ittoo and I was so jealous that you were here for Kyle, but if what you’re sayingis true…”“It is,” Michael hurries to cut him off. “I was here out of obligation, but Istayed for you.” He reaches out for Alex’s hand, tugging him in towardsMichael’s personal space. “Come have dinner with me? Please?” he asks quietly. “Alex!” Rosa interrupts, when a second passes with an answer. “Don’tleave us hanging!”“Meddling family,” Alex says fondly, shaking his head. “Yes,” he says, andgrins at Michael. “Yes, I’ll go out with you.”It’s probably not the right place for it, but Michael grabs Alex’s face so hecan kiss him, leaning forward on his tiptoes to trip right into it, desperateto have the kiss that he’s been thinking about since the day he met Alex inthis hospital. Alex grabs at the collar of Michael’s jacket and hauls him infor a deeper kiss. Kyle says nothing, but Michael swears he can feel the smug satisfactionradiating behind him. In response to that, he does the only thing he thinks is right in this particularsituation. He kisses Alex even harder. *The next time that Michael sees Kyle at the subway station, he heads over toknock into him with his elbow. “Hey, future brother-in-law,” he greets, seeingas the proposal had clearly gone well, from the way that Isobel had screamedover the phone at him. “How about you stay off the tracks this time?” he jokes,even though it’s not the first time he’s seen him here since the incident, butMichael never lets a day go by without making the joke.Kyle raises his brow in that infuriating know-it-all way.“Did my coma not get you a boyfriend out of my adopted brother?”God, he’s annoying and he’s marrying into Michael’s family, which means he’snever going to escape him. “Gonna hang that one over me the rest of my life,huh? It couldn’t be that I was a super devoted fake-boyfriend through yourcoma, or maybe I was worried about the stranger I saved?”“You wanted to make sure I’d keep my mouth shut and then stayed for the hotguy, so uh, yeah. Nope. I’m definitely hanging this over you for the rest ofyour life.”He’s got him there, but then, Michael thinks he’s probably allowed to feelsuperior and smug about the fact that he helped to get Michael and Alextogether, because without Kyle’s coma, then Michael never would have met him,never would have learned about him, and never would have loved him. For that, Kyle can have bragging rights for centuries.“I’ll see you at the rehearsal dinner,” Kyle says, when he gets onto his trainand they part ways. “Don’t propose to Alex there, please?” he begs. “I want oneday for me and Isobel, not for you to marry into my family because you missRosa so much.”Michael shrugs, waiting until the doors are closing and will separate them.“No promises!” he shouts, and indulges in the frustrated look on Kyle’s face asthe subway carries him off to a day of worrying that he’s going to get upstagedat his own rehearsal dinner. Perfect. It’s going to be a great day and this is just the start. Even if he doesn’thave any intention of proposing to Alex at the dinner (he has the ring pickedout, but he intends to do it way more romantically, with a self-penned song andeverything), there’s only one thing he loves almost as much as he loves Alexand it’s winding Kyle up.Given the annoyed text he gets from Isobel pleading with him to stop annoyingKyle, Michael gets on the train heading uptown with a smirk on his face,thinking that it’s definitely working out, for all of them. 
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