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whimsicalethnographies replied to your post “So who’s this Pete Buttigieg? I’ve never heard of him before, but he…”

He’s meh. White democratic centrist who’s mayor of a town in flyover country. I’d walk over lava and broken glass to vote for him if he’s the nominee, but…meh. He has been triangulating to the center—he’s dry toast: of course you eat it if that’s all there is because it’s not bad per se, but like, one doesn’t *want* dry toast.

Hmmm, right. Of course dry toast is infinitely preferable over overripe orange, but I get your point. Who do you hope to be the nominee? 

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Peter knows he did poorly on his final, and he feels bad enough. Then May finds out. Peter doesn’t know how to handle all the pressure of being a normal high-school teenager on top of trying to balance the responsibility that comes with being spider-man.

Thank fully he has Tony Stark and May Parker to keep him in check- and comfort the stressed teen along the way.


Hey guys! Ok, so rant coming:

I poured my heart and soul into the two pics that I did for the Irondad Fic Exchange. I spent so long outlining and writing and re-writing the two works that I signed on for. I tried to craft them for the enjoyment of the two wonderful people that I was writing for. Then someone came onto my last fic and called me “Laughably stupid”. I just.. I don’t understand pointless hate. I’m all here for constructive criticism. But blatant hate on something that was a gift for someone else is just… not okay. So, if you have anything rude to say, keep it to yourself. All you are doing is discouraging me. It was quite hard for me to build up the courage to post this after that. So, please just be positive.

The prompt I chose from Whimsicalethnographies was “May grounds Peter for something non-Spider-man related and Peter sneaks out to the Tower, cue co-parenting.” I hope they enjoy this fic! I loved writing it!

also the title and the line in this fic that follows the name of the title are from the BBC show Merlin, which everyone should watch!

Warnings: Mild Depictions of a Panic Attack (Nothing too serious, but take care of yourselves babes)


@irondad-fic-exchange @whimsicalethnographies

Peter had felt sick for the past three hours. He had done really, like really bad on his Chemistry mid-term. He had been handed the results and he felt hot tears pricking in his eyes. Peter had ignored Ned and MJ the rest of the day, hiding behind exhaustion and his hoodie. Peter knew May was going to kill him. Ever since she found out about his extra-curricular activities, she had insisted he could continue as Spiderman as long as his grades and mental health didn’t suffer. He had been able to maintain a fairly solid mental health situation, I mean sure, most of the time it came from him just pushing back all of his real feelings. But, up until now his grades hadn’t suffered. Peter had been able to do keep up his schoolwork and web-slinging, but last week had been a huge arms bust, and Peter had gotten so carried away that he had completely failed to realize that he had his chemistry midterm coming up. He had thought he could have scraped by with a C, but Peter got the test back with 1 point above an F. He had passed, barely, but his entire grade was going to be trashed.

Peter rushed out of school the second the bell sounded, finding the nearest ally and slipping into his Spidey gear. “Good afternoon, Peter.” Karen’s familiar voice greeted him, and Peter sighed.

“Hey Karen.” Peter began swinging his way to the top of the building.

“Peter, you appear to be in distress. Would you like me to call Boss?”

“What? No- no, Karen I’m fine. Just, just mute.” He would deal with this disaster later when he needed to. Peter heard someone yelling in the distance and all thoughts of his stress went away.

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whimsicalethnographies replied to your post “queerturnofphrase replied to your post “Hopeful voice:…”

At the very least it increases awareness AND forces senators to put a vote in the public record. The cult of personality won’t change their minds, but it will change the minds of people who didn’t vote or wrote in “harambe” in 2016

My newspaper analysts are telling me this is utlimately good for Trump and he will win the next elections with a massive majority - so I don’t know anymore.

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whimsicalethnographies replied to your post “I bet someone´s asked this before, but are you lactose intolerant?”

I have PLE! Lol. Mine’s not that bad though; i get it the first time I go for decent length out on my chest and right shoulder, then so long as I stay out of the sun until it goes away I’m good the rest of the summer, even when I’m bad and stay out without sunscreen. It’s such a specific, prickly itch.

Isn’t it?? Also mine will go away throughout the summer too. Actually the fastest way for me to get over it every year is if I get sunburned once because after the burn turns to tan, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

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whimsicalethnographies replied to your post “whimsicalethnographies replied to your post “just my onion but the…”

Lol, then I didn’t explain it well. Like anderson was wrong about everything and every end point and every theory except Sherlock being alive.

so if you think that why do you say you kinda share my opinion? anderson was wrong about everything (the arg etc etc) apart from sherlock being alive (more is coming). where’s the middle ground?

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whimsicalethnographies replied to your post “just my onion but the longer this takes the more i keep thinking we’re…”

I share this kinda. Like, I think something is fucky with so many things and there’s purposeful connections, but I don’t know that we need to do anything with them aside from acknowledge them. Like, the answer is there’s something more, and that’s it. They’re signals but not necessarily clues. If that makes sense

i’m not sure i understand how you share my onion when everything you’ve said here is exactly the opposite of what i think

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whimsicalethnographies replied to your post “[sigh] an nhs twitter account replying to an rp sherlock account isn’t…”

Infection control public health here: they liked a tweet about a virus escaping. That’s MAJOR no-no in any hospital, even if they’re playing a game for PR. Like, a risk management legal no-no, even as a joke.

skjfhjskd you mean the one made by the sherlock account? they’re playing along with what is to them a popular rp of a fictional character with fictional things happening like sherlock catching a virus in barts

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