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#whimsy rambles

23.03.20// Monday! I just taught my first remote class, which made me super anxious for some reason. But I made it through! Taking a second to breathe and smell the literal roses my family was kind enough to send me before continuing on with other teaching responsibilities. On my personal to-do today:

  • read for 1hr
  • type up secondary source notes

I think that’s about all I can manage for today. How are you? What have you been doing to manage stress with everything going on? I wish you all well.

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20.03.20// on this morning’s to-dos:

  • read for at least one hour (I really really need to finish Calvin’s Institutes)
  • create full outline for comps essay
  • respond to some important emails

What are you all up to? How are you? I’m really loving taking an hour a day to walk outside. This morning I did some yoga. I’m trying to take everything one day at a time and recognize that I’m really fortunate to be able to practice social distancing and work from home—not to dismiss my (I think understandable) anxiety around everything, but to fold in some intentional thinking and gratitude into my day.

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19.03.20// It is very dreary outside today so I’m turning to tea to turn the “dreary” into “cozy”! Today I’m reading some critical material for my comps essays and trying to fight back some anxiety around everything that’s going on. What are you up to?

How is everyone doing “working from home”? It’s not as if I didn’t work AT home before, but the circumstances are making it very difficult for me to concentrate and be productive. I’m trying to be gentle with myself about it, but deadlines are still deadlines, unfortunately.

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My posts!!! Are showing up!!! IN THE TAGS!!! They never used to on the old blog! I’m so excited!! Now I can… Like… Take part in the community, like a real person! ;w;/!!!

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So every night here before I log offline for good and go to sleep I make a quick “Goodnight” post. Sometimes I add a gif of something like a sleeping cat, but they’re nothing really special. I’ll tell you what is special though.

Sometimes I get little replies on them wishing me a good rest or a goodnight back. I mostly get cute little hearts from my girlfriend that make me want to kiss her even more. Sometimes other people leave nice comments too like I said before. So to anyone who ever left one: thank you <3

I don’t know how to answer replies on posts here, but I want to let you know that I see the comments you leave and I appreciate them and you. I may not get them often, but they make me happy.

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Being on mobile tumblr on a slow unresponsive phone is such a nightmare

Whose bright idea was it to put the post button in the same spot as unfollow?

And waiting for images to load is painful holy fuckle

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Had so many weird dreams: Flew to the Philippines with my family only to realized I forgot toiletries, but it didn’t matter because the airline lost my luggage. Then I was with a bunch of friends on vacation and we ended up at John Green’s house, and spent all day with him and his family. And I was wearing a Fault in our Stars shirt and felt embarrassed for some reason. Weird.

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Goodness gravy I haven’t been on here in a long while I got so swept up into Undertale and I had no phone space until now and oh geez its good to be back

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I hate when friendships end. It’s one thing when you simply lose touch and time and distance bring it to a quiet close. It’s another thing entirely when the friendship has run its course and there’s no hope of bringing it back, even if only to a shadow of what it once was.

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I keep a dream journal, and for the half-hearted urge to write Danny Phantom fanfiction, I’m compromising with procrastination and sharing a segment of a dream instead (which I have adapted from the original half-awake ramblings for your reading pleasure):

Wednesday, May 6, 2020; memo 336

I was Danny. As it began, I was floating somewhat aimlessly through a downtown setting with wayward, tangled streets. The houses looked detailed and solid, and I remember flying past small back-porch garden, with vines climbing a decorative fence. There were no ghost attacks, and I was only half-heartedly hiding from Maddie. 

There was something wrong with Danielle. Someone (probably Vlad) was after her, and she had been severely weakened. In order to hide and repair her, she possessed a small object–green, I think; a small bottle or amulet–and with no regard for my organs, I phased it into my side. In this way, she passively haunted me and fed off my ambient energy, and her ecto-signature was untraceable. I could see her at times as a translucent green shadow beside me. I felt wildly protective of her.

(I’ve considered drawing that moment…)

… and there was some sort of mission; I was carrying my two friends (Sam might have been right, but Tucker might have been Carl from Jimmy Neutron, oops) low over the rooftops… we went to this strange place with glaciers like amber, with strange and secret history preserved inside. I don’t remember what we were supposed to do with this knowledge.

I think I bought something from a gift shop as Phantom (the lady behind the register had wide eyes) and there was a family dinner scene where I was afraid of discovery–

and the rest of the dream was totally irrelevant :d

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I shall one up you here with ‘Your Tumblr-y Inquisitiveness’ (like your royal highness, get it 😂 )

Hm ok so google tells me that we don’t have a decision either way on S3 renewal. Apparently it was renewed for S2 barely a month after S1 started though, which is interesting (wait no scratch this one, I reread the thing and got the years mixed up :P ). I agree though -I think it will be renewed! It’s just too good not to renew! :D

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Inquisitivness! Oh, your nickname game is on point, my friend! As an Aussie (we love nicknames here), I approve!

You’re right! Wes would have met her family at the wedding, though we never saw that on screen, soooo we still haven’t seen the interaction there. I can just imagine all four older brothers going into full protective mode over their baby sister. And poor Wes would both be terrified and simultaneously proud at the fact that Angela’s probably still the most badass and scary of the lot of them 😂

OOooh they could elope. I wouldn’t put it past them, actually. Though, my last fandom/ship didn’t bother with a wedding so I’m really feeling the ship wedding deprivation and would definitely prefer seeing an all out Lopevers partay on screen 😂😂😂

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