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Best of 2020 ekekekekek’s (via)
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thebluestockingfirefly · 3 months ago
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The best scritchies.
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justcatposts · a year ago
“Behold the glorious whiskers of shoulder cat”
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snailtongue · 8 days ago
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Mushroom Mice
[ID: A white mouse clinging to a tree branch. The scene is backlit, illuminating the mouse's fur and whiskers with sunlight.]
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farrahh2001 · 2 months ago
okay saw this and figured you guys might love it as much as i do
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i learned that you should never cut a cat's whiskers as they are very sensitive and cats use them to feel around. Cutting whiskers can cause cats to become disoriented and scared, and might cause it to get stuck easily (x)
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And along came little Satchmo who has totally warmed my heart. ❤️
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moonlight-alphafemale · a month ago
Miracle Baby
Tumblr media
Omega!Sano Manjiro (Mikey) x Alpha!Reader
Warning:brief smut,detailed birth, mentions of miscarriage
This is a longer than my other stories 😅
“Mikey?” You had walked in on Mikey slamming his fists into a couch pillow.
“Alpha!” Mikey called from his place on the couch. I sat up, reaching out to you for a hug.
“Hey baby, how's our little Sunshine Baby?” You asked, hugging Mikey while patting his belly.
Sunshine Babies are babies born just before or after another baby is lost due to a variety of reasons. You and Mikey's little Sunshine Baby was honestly a true miracle.
After having 2 miscarriages, you and Mikey finally successfully got pregnant with a healthy little boy.
It's finally the 3rd trimester with Mikey's due date rapidly approaching.
“Why were you murdering a pillow?” You asked, patting Mikey's head.
“I have all this tense energy....” Mikey whined, hugging you tightly. He purrs quietly, fidgeting around.
“Well, I could help with that” you said, licking at Mikey's neck.
“Can we do that, no we can't!” Mikey said, pushing you back. "What if we hurt him....?"
“We won't hurt him, I'll be gentle”you said, stroking Mikey's hair back.
“Besides, it'll help release that energy....” You said, leaving gentle kisses all around Mikey's neck and collarbone. He whimpered quietly and you began letting off your scent.
There’s a noticeable silence in the room, but that absence of sound is what allows you to hear the way his breath hitches when you start heading lower. You smile and lift his shirt, kissing down his chest down to his pregnant belly. You pull away to look at him as your arms encircle his neck.
Soft mewls and timid moans come from Mikey as you go down to. You pull his shorts and boxers down and kiss along his inner thighs, making him squeal. Hands sliding up and down his leg.
Clothes fly and passions are wordlessly exchanged.
You hover above him, studying his features. He nods emphatically, letting your hands rest on either side of his neck as he pulls you down to kiss him once more, to bring him closer.
He shift his hips, spreading his legs wide enough to allow you full view of him.
“Aww, you're already producing slick for me. How thoughtful....” You said, easily him down on the floor and down on his back. This'll be a little hard with Mikey's pregnant belly, but you'll make if work.
You lap up his slick, making him whimper. His legs shake as you lick up all his slick and lick up his legs. Mikey's sweet moans almost makes you lose control. You roll Mikey over on his hands and knees.
“Be careful....” Mikey said, wiggling his hips. You slowly slide the head of your cock inside him, gently nudging your way in. You seem to breathe out as he inhales, sucking in a sharp intake of breath as the stretch sets in for him.
“I know,” You say, taking your time as your slowly rocks your hips, pulling them back and forth to ease your way in a little further with each pass to give him time to adjust to your size.
“There you go,” you cooed quietly as his mouth drops open into a lewd moan when he you sheath all of yourself inside of him with a soft grunt. “Good boy” you whisper, brushing your lips against his as you languidly roll your hips.
You begin to pound into Mikey, going slowly at first. Mikey moans as you pound into him, he grips onto what little he can grab of the carpeted floor. Mikey pushes back against, grabbing onto your thighs and pulling you closer.
“H-Harder....” Mikey cries out, wiggling a bit. You hold only Mikey's shoulders, leveraging yourself to pound harder into Mikey. Mikey lets out lewded screams as you pound into with such vigor and strength.
You gently stroked Mikey's member, making Mikey scream louder. You massage the base of Mikey's cock, making him almost melt in your hands. You massage him until you feel him cumming into your hands.
He calls your name over and over again, clinging to it like it’s the only word that he knows and at this moment, it is. His back arching inward as you pound harder into him. You pull him in closer and bite into his neck, reopening the original mark on his neck as you finally empty all of yourself inside of him until your left chasing your breath.
Mikey's just about ready to collapse from fatigue and pleasure. You wiggle out of him and drop down beside him, he collapses onto you on his back and you pull him over to hug him.
“See, he's fine....” You say. You gently stroking your hand over Mikey's pregnant belly, making the pup squirm inside Mikey's womb. He giggles softly and nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck.
You sit up and kiss his nose while gently scenting him. Mikey sat on your lap and sniffed the scent glands on your neck, taking in your scent. You giggled softly, holding Mikey close.
You stand up, helping Mikey stand. He falls against you and you just take in all his weight, kinda your fault he's turned into silly putty [lol]
“I'm sore....” Mikey whines, holding onto you as his legs shake under him. You ease Mikey on the couch, gently rubbing his pregnant belly.
“I'll bring you some clothes, need anything else?” You ask, massaging Mikey's shoulder. Mikey shakes his head so you kiss him and leave.
You snuggle with Mikey in his nest between the couch and the wall. He keeps sniffing at the scent glands on your neck, finally coming off his high from earlier.
You quietly ran your fingers through his hair, which had become messy from earlier. You wrapped the blanket tighter around Mikey while he hugged onto you.
“Are you ready for the twins?” You ask, patting Mikey's head. He nods slightly, he seems a bit sad.
“What's wrong Mikey?” You ask, cuddling your mate in your arms.
“Draken hasn't come to visit....”
That's right, Draken hasn't been over to visit. Not even to see Mikey during the miscarriages. Draken liked Mikey but Mikey always saw Draken as his big brother and he didn't want to go beyond that.
“He will soon....” You said, though you knew it was pretty unlikely. It's been almost a year and Draken hasn't texted either of you, much less spoken to either of you.
“Ow!” Mikey screamed quietly, burying his face into your chest and holding his stomach.
“Y/N....” Mikey says, wincing from the intense pain. “Y/N, somethin’ don’t feel right,”
Mikey pulled himself off if you, groaning in pain as another wave of pain flashed through his abdomen. “Fuck…” he grunted, gritting his teeth.
You rubbed Mikey’s shoulder soothingly, saying, “It's ok, take a deep breath—” You were cut off when Mikey yelled in pain and gripped his stomach, curling up against you from the sheer agony of it all.
“Y/N it hurts!” He cried out, tears rolling down his face. You begin to panic. “It hurts…” Mikey whined, gripping the sides of the nest with his head tilted back.
“I know it does, but it’s going to be over soon,” You said, removing his clothing. You ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel from the cabinet.
You sat beside him in his nest. You helped him onto his back, sitting behind him to help stabilize him and comfort him. Mikey bit down in his lip until he bled, and a short whine escaped his throat as he strained.
There was a sudden gush of fluid from in between Mikey's legs.
“Y/N! M-My water broke!” Mikey yelled, squeezing your hand as another contraction hit him hard.
“There's so much pressure, it hurts!” Mikey cried, gritted his teeth and pulled back his legs at the start of the next contraction.
“You'll be ok.... Just relax” You tried soothing your mate, you knew there was only one way to make this end, he needed to push.
“Don't push unless you feel like you need to ok?” You said, kissing Mikey's cheek. You knew Mikey would know if he had to push, but you still didn't want him to hurt himself.
After hours of intense labor, Mikey finally began to feel himself start crowning. He knew crowning was going to hurt, but already the sharp, burning stretch was unbearable.
Mikey whined, unable to do anything for the weight forcing its way further down into his pelvis, and soon his breaths turned into moans.
“You're doing good baby....” Mikey was doing better than you thought he would. You knew he could handle it. Mikey screamed, squeezing your arm tightly as another contraction tore at his body. The pain no longer seemed confined to his core.
“Come on, You're doing good” You said, gently stroking his head. You kissed him, trying to calm him down. Progress slow and steady, accumulated little by little in halting grunts until he finally, finally felt something near his opening. It began to burn.
“AAAHHH!” he cried out as his flesh finally gave way, letting the baby’s forehead, eyes, nose, and chin free from it's confines.
“You got this! You're almost there” You said, reaching down and cupping your hands around the baby's head.
Mikey collapsed back against you as he stared in disbelief at the whole ass head sticking out of him. He wanted to cry, but his body reminded him that he was not done.
"Oh my god, there's a human head sticking out of me...." Mikey said, completely dumbfounded. Never fully sunk in that yes, there you be a baby sticking out of you.
“AAHHH!” Mikey cried out as his flesh finally gave way and molded itself over the baby’s shoulders.
"Come on baby! One more push!" You said, patting Mikey's head. Mikey let out one final bloodcurdling scream before he collapsed against you.
The shrill cries of a baby filled the room. You and Mikey's little boy had finally been born. Hormones flooded his omega body as he cradled the baby against his chest, feeling more than he thought a person capable of feeling.
"He.... He's beautiful...." He said holding the baby close to him, pressing her little cheek against his own cheek. You came back and wrapped the male pup in a purple blanket, allowing Mikey to bond with the puppy.
“I think you just hold her like that” You said, holding your son's head up to Mikey's nipple. You should have did more research and practice.
“How do I— Eek!” Mikey squeaked as the male puppy finally began to suckle on Mikey's nipple.
“It feels weird” Mikey complained, as the baby continued to feed.
*knock knock*
Someone? At the door? Now? Who the hell could it possibly be. You got up from beside Mikey and opened the door.
....It was Draken....
“Ken-chin?!” Mikey yelled, looking up from breastfeeding your son. Draken waved sheepishly as you let him inside. Draken went over and sat next to Mikey's nest.
“Hey Mikey....” Draken says, averting his gaze from Mikey.
“What made you decide to show up, you haven't even texted me in a year. Not even when I had those 2 miscarriages....” Mikey refused to look up at Draken, continuing to breastfeed your son as you sat down beside Mikey in his nest, hugging him tightly.
“I know.... And I'm sorry....” Draken said. “I shouldn't have done that, you are my friend. Just because you don't see me as more than that, doesn't give me the right to do that....” Draken said, almost starting to cry.
“Mikey I'm sorry, would you please forgive me!” Draken pleaded, he covered his face with his hands. He cried softly and bitterly. “I just need my friend back....”
“You shouldn't have done that, that wasn't right....” Mikey said, handing you your son and hugging Draken burying his face into Draken's neck.
“But.... I forgive you....” Mikey mumbled, hugging Draken into a tight squeeze. Mikey purred softly, finally being able to get back with his best friend.
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little socks
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collection of whiskers doodles
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Tumblr media
I love these fucking idiots so much.
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Cheetah purrs while looking lovingly at his zookeeper. (via @andersonkelley)
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Pia Feinik (b.1978) - Cat Days. 2020.
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Wind's in the east, mist coming in,
Like somethin' is brewin', and 'bout to begin...
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Gnocchi of the day : much Hamster Cheeks, very Winter Chonk.
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