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Melisandre Ulanelis-Bloom, “Missy” to her friends 

she’s a former thief, now a trophy wife to some wealthy elven dude, but she still finds ways to have her fun

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Forgot to upload my new Whisprs Bard! their name is Alea Cain and they’re Cooler Than You™

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♧ King of Clubs ♧


King is a nonbinary, masculine drow bard of the college of whispers. They identify as he/him and they/them leaning more towards the latter.. They have glowing white leaf tattoos on their head and they play the flute and the shawm. Ace heard about a bard in the underground who possessed unique and tricky magical abilities. The network they work for decided to give King a shot and they were not disappointed. King quickly grew to the highest ranks among Jack, Ace, and Queen.

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