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Misophonia is like if tinnitus were trying to pop your eye out of the socket from the inside with a vibrator.

Or maybe like that tingle you get from a sudden chill, except the tingle radiates outward from inside your brain, as someone plunges an icepick deep into your ear.

And may however many gods as necessary help you, if your trigger is something considered an acceptable social practice.

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there is a young woman who sometimes sits at the back of the music classrooms. she sits and listens with her eyes closed and at the end of the period, when everyone is putting their instruments away, she disappears, as silent as a cat. she whistles the tunes under her breath. i saw her for the first time during my piano class, and then i began to see her around campus more often. when i started taking theatre, i saw her at shows, always watching, never speaking, whistling softly all the time. once, after a disappointing rehearsal, i approached her.

‘hello,’ i said to her ‘are you alright?’. she didn’t reply, instead she looked at me with eyes like two rusted silver coins. the next day, as i was walking across the stage whistling a tune of my own, i felt a hand grab my arm.

‘you shouldn’t whistle onstage,’ she told me, her eyes fixed on a point just to the left of my head. ‘it’s bad luck’

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Oh, absolutely!  Singing, humming, whistling, repeating phrases or nonsense syllables, all of these are vocal stims, and are super super common!  I’m a hummer.  I hum hum hum hum all the time, everywhere, sometimes a real song, sometimes just random notes, sometimes a thing I made up.  I was told I did this starting in first grade, by my first bus driver, who mentioned that “I like how you’re always singing.”  I didn’t even realize I was doing it until she mentioned it, and then I consciously tried not to do it- only to fail!  I always hummed!  I can’t not do it, it just feels too good!

And you’re allowed to brag about your good whistling!  If that skill makes you feel proud of yourself, great!  I’ll bet the people listening to you are glad you’re a good whistler, and not an awful one, lol!

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I love whistling so much. I completely understand why other people don’t like it but damn it’s so fun and beautiful to make songs or try to whistle your favorite ones.

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