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#white person smile!!
redrobin-detective · 5 months ago
Do not tell me I don’t have to wear a mask in public anymore. Do not tell it’s “safe” now or that the CDC says this or that. Do not look at me, with my mask on of my own volition and tell me it’s okay because it wasn’t and still isn’t okay. 
It wasn’t okay when my hospital was bursting to the brim and I was working 4/5 shifts a week just so we could stay afloat. It wasn’t okay when I watched people die, suffocating, crying, in pain and then simply had to move onto the next patient and hope I could save this one. It wasn’t okay when I’m using google translate in between times in the unit to look up the phrases “I’m here” “this is your medicine, it will help you” “just stay calm it’s okay” to my non-english speaking patients even though I knew it was all a lie. It wasn’t okay when I’d sometimes want to rip off all my PPE because the gloves and gown and PAPR hood was the last thing my dying patient would see and feel and it was bad enough they were dying but to die alone in a sterile bubble with latex and plastic between you and human skin.
Things are better now, we have a vaccine, we have down trending numbers (in some areas) but do NOT smile and patronize me and tell me I’m being silly for wearing a mask when I saw first fucking hand how absolutely devastating this disease was. 
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glamerinalune · a month ago
Tumblr media
No more nightmares. Only beautiful dreams
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leupagus · 2 months ago
Also I really want to talk about Edwin Akufo because
a) hottie
c) the little thing about him not shaking Ted’s hand, then shaking Sam’s, and Ted going on his first of SEVERAL face journeys in this episode being like “...harsh but fair”
c.1) Ted seriously, what the FUCK was that hakuna matata joke, also why did Sasha Garron... include that whole exchange??? Unless it was to allow Edwin to say in the most gentle, “oh my god you’re like labradoodle-level stupid,” “Well, Timon and Pumbaa are cartoons,” which to be fair Ted might not... know.
c.2) Watching Ted and Edwin interact could have been horrifically embarrassing and kind of was in that first moment but like - Edwin’s so incredibly self-assured and affable, it kind of works?
d) he’s SO CHARMING, like SO CHARMING. Like Ted-levels of charming but with Rebecca-levels of poise and that whole scene in Rebecca’s office I was like, “whatever this guy wants he should have,” even though then I was like “wait but he wants Sam nooooo”
d.1) the suggestion that instead of the owners deciding, let Sam decide for himself was real interesting, and even more interesting that Edwin was the one to suggest it. From what I gather, a lot of times players under contract don’t usually get much of a say, so Edwin wanting to put the power into Sam’s hands is telling (also obviously because he thinks he can charm Sam’s pants off, but still!)
e.1) “I’m a billionaire who doesn’t believe billionaires should exist” either this guy is gonna turn out to be a Big Bad (which he BETTER NOT BE) or he needs to have his own spin-off show
e.1.i) I would watch that show
e.2) “You both just met a cool person” the implications here just make me wave my hands around because literally any interpretation of this callback is INCREDIBLE
e.3) The fact that the other guy was Banksy
e.4) THE FACT THAT SAM NEITHER KNEW NOR CARED, Sam you’re the fucking best
f) the fucking pop-up restaurant, this fuckin’ guy. “Is this filled with actors too?” “With friends.” GOD.
f.1) The Nigeria/Ghana rivalry they rib each other about throughout their interactions - like, I can see what Edwin’s talking about in re: raising the African continent’s profile and stature in the world, but they’re still a continent, not a country, and there are national and regional differences and like, I’m honestly really impressed that this was made clear
f.2) mardia has weighed in and making Raja Casablanca into a top-ranked soccer club is... a tall order, basically. Like, VERY TALL. But it is a real team!
f.3) I love him
g) I think Sam might love him too? Like if anyone wants to write the post-season Edwin/Sam fic where Edwin just relentlessly tries to buy Sam’s affection and Sam is like, “you should probably calm down” I would not object?
in short:
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339days-with-me · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Un rayo de luz en la oscuridad de mí existencia (?)
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ssa-sarahsunshine · 3 months ago
Frog Reid, thoughts on it?
Pfft, this made me giggle.
Are you suggesting this boy is NOT a frog already?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cadaverkeys · 8 months ago
something oddly comforting abt seeing people with yellow/orange teeth in public- i just feel like white teeth is one of the lesser discussed beauty standards a lot of people feel they must abide by and its nice when im reminded that its normal
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marisatomay · 4 months ago
if i send :] please know i am making this face at my phone
Tumblr media
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restinpeacesensei · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
inspired by the collab of the boueibu with their younger selves
young akoya in mirror from here
older akoya in mirror from here (caution: blood, self harm)
#boueibu#akoya gero#gero akoya#my art#my comic#akoya my darling my heart my soul i have given you seven years of my life and you have made me who i am#btw i know this invites art style comparison but i would prefer not to receive comments about how my art has changed ;; thank you#my art is an expression of myself and older art to me is like a representation or memory of how i was then#like looking at a photo of my younger self#and for me personally i prefer not to compare myself to my earlier or future versions#but to just kind of smile at myself back then and remember how things were#also my decision to no longer draw the default student council uniforms has added so much extra workload OTL#bc now i have to figure out how i want to dress them every time akvhshdfhd i apologize for my lack of on-the-fly fashion sense cries ..#im sitting here like does his shirt look ok ???? i know it kinda looks like a hawaiian shirt in the couple close-up panels OTLLLL#the shirt it's based on is gray but i thought it looked too drab (and when i tried making it blue or purple.. idk his jeans are already blue#and i wanted it to have a brighter feeling so... yellow .... bc i get the sense from official art that akoya does like wearing light yellow#even though it might be kind of a questionable choice LKVJKGH)#anyway long story short im not sure about it but i dont feel like changing the color!!#AAAAAGH ok i sat here trying to change it but bc i flattened the layers it's too difficult to change the last panel ;;;;#i think i might like it better as light pink or white or purple but the last panel is just too much work to recolor ;;;; OTL;;;;#i am AGONIZING over the color of his shirt BYE#ok.. i made it light pink and now im just like 'the lighting in the last panel makes it look yellow'#nvm i just made it lighter yellow ..and now its difficult to tell apart from his skin tone in the close up panels o h well#no actually i changed it back again. SCREAMS#i chose yellow bc it's a bright happy feeling color and when i switch to something else it feels more subdued ;;#ok sorry im just going like sleeping beauty's dress on this (*edits* pink! *edits* yellow! *edits* pink! *edits* yellow!!)
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yumporchetta · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beautiful Edge in white tie. *throws self on the floor and weeps*
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339days-with-me · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Todo lo que precede es como los primeros momentos de un encuentro después de mucho tiempo: sonrisas, preguntas, lentos reajustes.
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