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#white rabbit

Tableaux Automatique: White Rabbit - 1″:1′-0″ diorama - mixed media - robert matejcek - 2017

“Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns”
Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around…”

- Strawberry Alarmclock - Incense and Peppermints


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Info on what project looking glass entails.

Physics is weird, we don’t understand much compared to what we have observed in the universe.

Lots of odd connections and coincidences that seem more plausible when added together.

Who knows, but it sure seems pretty bad ass if real.

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The birds are gone to bed, the cows are still,
And sheep lie panting on each old mole-hill;
And underneath the willow’s gray-green bough,
Like toil a-resting, lies the fallow plough.
The timid hares throw daylight fears away
On the lane’s road to dust and dance and play,
Then dabble in the grain by naught deterred
To lick the dew-fall from the barley’s beard;
Then out they sturt again and round the hill
Like happy thoughts dance, squat, and loiter still,
Till milking maidens in the early morn
Jingle their yokes and sturt them in the corn;
Through well-known beaten paths each nimbling hare
Sturts quick as fear, and seeks its hidden lair.


Hares at Play

John Clare  1793-1864


Graphic - Sir Henry Raeburn  1756-1823

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“And burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it.”

Who knows when I will get a chance to take a picture for book reviews, so I decided to do some graphic designs of quotes from the book. No promises that I will go through the book, but who knows. They are mediocre, but I have fun doing them. I take suggestions if you have any!

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