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#white rose

Ahhh omg 🥺 thank you so so much! I’m beyond happy that you enjoyed it! ❤️

And yes! That is who I intended Rowena to be. I really wanted to include the armorer in this story in a way where she was still leader and directly in the stories plot so she can interact with the reader and Din! Since she didn’t have a name in the show, I had to come up with one and thought that may throw people off 😂 but I’m glad you picked up on it! It means I’m doing something right!

Thank you so so much for sending this in! It made me smile! 🥰😍

P.s. if you’ve ever seen the show The Witcher on Nerflix, I’ve been picturing that Rowena looks like queen Calanthe of Cintra! Just looks though, Calanthe is kind of not the best person ever so Rowena isn’t characterized like her at all lol.

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Very basic lockscreen x home screen layout. This was really quick I’ll probably add more later. Like always, dm me if you want me to add anything and I’ll try my best to do it :)) all I ask is that you reblog if you choose to use it. Pls don’t steal :( I don’t add my watermark so it won’t ruin the look.

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Guess who’s making another White Rose animatic??



Imma save the WR parts for the full version so have Ruby being stressed.

Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of the watermark in the finish product.

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[Ruby runs through the forest, looking for her new best friend]

Ruby - Gotta find Weiss, gotta find Weiss, gotta find….

[Ruby finds Weiss in a clearing, Weiss turns  to her and smiles]

Ruby- WEISS =D

Weiss- [opens her arms and beams] RUBY =D

[Ruby crashes into Weiss so hard they both fall unconscious. The initiation ends and  Goodwitch finds  them both together in the forest, shaking her head before carting them back into the schools medical wing]


[Ruby wakes up  and looks to her right to find Weiss. She tries to get up but is slowly pushed back down by her sister]

Yang - I’m glad you found a friend sis, but you didn’t have to do it like THAT

Ruby  - Who….whose

Yang - Team are you on ? Mine and my partner Blakes. Goodwitch thinks its best if you and Weiss have chaperones


Blake- [as Weiss wakes up] Weiss [places hand in Weiss’s shoulder] Have you ever considered that Ruby might be a little bit of a dolt

Weiss - [moves hand off] You just don’t understand her method Blake, there’s genius in her …..


Writing Requests are OPEN

Titanium Rose 2

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