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#white roses

Roses. White roses

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Walk me through the cemetery gates and travel with me through the stones to 1882, when he was no longer lonely and her heels were yet to touch the upturned soil. To the Tuesday before, when straight whiskey still tasted strong and the paint was still damp from unbroken strokes. When vows sang true and the candles burned throughout the night over the entangled. Then follow the touch until the last breath told the privilege of loving the girl who has white roses on her grave

- v.e

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“Summoning some ecto-energy in my hand so I could see better, sure enough this entire planter was filled with what looked like inverted Blood Blossoms with pure white petals and dark blue leaves. And in response to my ghost energy, they glowed even brighter with this slightly bluish-white light and being around them made me feel…better somehow, more relaxed. That’s when it suddenly hit me where I recognized this feeling from. It’s the same thing I felt when Vlad applied that ointment to my cheek after Skulker sliced it open with his hidden anti-ghost blade, a refreshing sensation like drinking some cold water on a hot day or stepping into an air-conditioned room on a summer’s day.

Vlad told me that Blood Blossoms attack and block ghost powers at least as far as regenerating so it makes sense that the opposite would help you regain more energy and boost those powers instead. And given the sheer amount of them Vlad was growing back here, he must have been growing these long before I came along and we met during my parent’s college reunion. The irony is almost poetic how Vlad used an ointment made from these flowers to heal me while my parents were hurting me and were totally unaware of it until it was too late. Still, weirdly enough seeing these here didn’t trigger any traumatic memories for me because frankly, this feeling was oddly comforting so I ended up sitting down on the ground just below the flowerbed and closed my eyes, enjoying the peace and quiet apart from the crickets outside and grass swaying in the wind.

And before I knew it, I accidentally nodded off.”


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