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#white wedding cake
whitefireprincess2 years ago
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Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cupcakes 馃挅馃挓馃挆
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Tumblr media
day 3, part 2: a couple of buttercream wedding cakes!
cake one was for a christmas wedding. i handmade the gumpaste poinsettias on it
cake two was actually for a 50th anniversary and is still one of my favorites despite how simple it is
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screnwriter2 months ago
a shit ton of more angsty prompts because writers are evil apparently
part one can be found here聽
being told to surrender or the antagonist will kill your lover鈥檚 entire family
kissing your lover only to realize you don鈥檛 feel the same spark you used to feel, while your lover is more in love with you than ever before聽
celebrating your victory of defeating the antagonist, only for your lover to be shot or struck by a blade a second later, falling helplessly to the ground as you watch the life drain from their eyes聽
saving your ex-lover (who you still has feelings for) from the antagonist, bandaging them up and tending to their wounds, then you bring them home, and they rush into their new partner鈥檚 arms, relieved to be back in their arms, and their new partner thanks you for bringing them home safely
finding out over the phone that your lover is dead, standing there with the phone still in hand, close to your ear, without saying a word because you鈥檙e ridden with grief
the bakery tells you they鈥檙e out of chocolate cake (?) and it鈥檚 your lover鈥檚 birthday, so it鈥檚 a problem because chocolate鈥檚 their favorite聽
calling your lover鈥檚 phone, it goes straight to voice-mail, they died three days ago but you forgot they鈥檙e not here anymore
crying at your ex鈥檚 house, the two of you realizing that you still love each other, only for your ex鈥檚 current partner to arrive in their car
having to say goodbye to your dog because you and your partner broke up and it鈥檚 rightfully theirs
you and i both know we can鈥檛 be together, but i鈥檒l grab your hand when no one鈥檚 looking and hope we don鈥檛 get caught
kissing your lover one last time before parting ways, cherishing the last few moments of their lips against yours because you know it鈥檚 the last time you鈥檒l ever get to kiss them
standing with your back to your lover, then turning around, uttering the words聽鈥樷檌鈥檓 sorry鈥欌 before you fall to your knees, and the last thing you see is your lover rushing over to you, screaming your name
you want a traditional white wedding cake for your wedding, whilst your partner wants cheesecake. whatever will you do聽
after your lover dies, your friend has to physically drag you away from their body, while you cry uncontrollably and kick them, screaming at your friend to let you go聽
during a life-or-death situation, you reach for your lover鈥檚 hand to comfort them, only for the antagonist to snatch your hand away from them, leaving your lover to deal with panicking by themselves
your lover saying goodbye to you over the phone, you can鈥檛 kiss, you can鈥檛 hug, you can only hear their voice聽
a character being forced to pick between saving their lover, or their best friend of many, many, many years
a character finding out that everything their lover has told them during their time together has been a big fat lie, when they catch them in bed with their cousin (is it even angst at this point? no but it鈥檚 evil)聽
you鈥檝e went and done something that upset your lover, and as you try to apologize, they back away, refusing to let you touch them
telling your lover that if they can鈥檛 put more effort into your relationship, they should simply walk out of the door, and they do, which you weren鈥檛 at all prepared for, because you thought they were willing to fight for you
a character saying 鈥樷檌 love you鈥欌 to their lover as they鈥檙e dying, which makes their lover freeze for a moment, because saying i love you, means they鈥檙e accepting it. after the character is dead, their lover grabs hold of a weapon, storming towards the antagonist
asking your lover to stay the night, because you can鈥檛 bear the thought of being alone, and they know they can鈥檛 stay, so they kiss your forehead, and it hurts like hell having to leave you as you鈥檝e got tears in your eyes
having spent the last couple of weeks away from your lover, only for them to come home to surprise you, but they only have a day before they have to leave again聽
you鈥檙e in a love triangle and the love of your life has to choose between you and another person. you aren鈥檛 chosen. a couple weeks later, the love of your life shows up at your door, telling you they鈥檝e made a colossal mistake
a character has been cursed or brainwashed into killing their love interest, and as they鈥檙e straddling their lover鈥檚 hips, tears bursting out of their eyes and with a knife pointed at their lover鈥檚 chest, they beg their lover to kill them instead, but their lover can鈥檛 bring themselves to kill them either聽
you鈥檙e in a love triangle, kissing one of the men you鈥檝e got wrapped around your finger, only for the other one to round the corner, catching you right in the act
if there鈥檚 any type of angsty prompts you think is missing from this list, please let me know and i鈥檒l make a part three. @decseptapril asked for more death prompts so this one is more focused around that!聽
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weddinginspirasi4 years ago
Tumblr media
Mr & Mrs White Wedding Cake
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Tumblr media
the people who ordered this wedding cake gave us the wrong venue for delivery, then gave us verbal instructions on how to get there that included 'there'll be two gas stations, one with three pumps and one with two. you'll wanna turn between them' when we got there and saw the building, which looked like an outbuilding from a property on american pickers, i turned to my assistant manager who was on the delivery with me and told him 'you realize there's roughly a 70% chance that this is a trap and they're going to murder us, right?' while he lamented getting transferred to my store last week
the mother of the bride was lovely, though, if somewhat scattered--see GIVING US THE WRONG VENUE--and the blue for their color scheme matched my hair perfectly :)
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Tumblr media
Finally done and delivered!!! My friend came to help me and she snapped a few shots that's are beautiful. When I get them I will share them as well. This cake weighs in at 22 lbs. 22! The bottom and top tier are Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting. The middle tier is a White Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. Everything is completely edible. The sugar rose is my best one yet!!! I'm really pleased with how this cake turned out.
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soundoftheatm3 years ago
Tumblr media
My first cousin鈥檚 nikaah (Islamic wedding) ceremony cake, the actual public wedding with friends and guests is still pending later this year. A family member made the three cakes. At the far corner you can spy the cases which carry the rings they鈥檙e supposed to exchange. Our family is so incredibly close, I love it. I鈥檓 so proud to be British-Bengali. 鉂わ笍
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hercleverboy11 months ago
flightless bird, american mouth
spencer reid x reader聽
summary 鈫 spencer and the reader have their first dance as mr and mrs reid.
category 鈫 fluff
warnings/includes 鈫 none
word count 鈫 1.1k
鈥淭ake me to the morning. I don鈥檛 need the sun, or the dawn; you are light enough.鈥 鈥擠avid Jones
Tumblr media
When Spencer Reid met Y/N Y/L/N it was like everything had fallen into place. He knew, he wanted to be with this woman forever. Even his mother had told him,聽鈥淪pencer, If you feel like she鈥檇 the one then don鈥檛 waste a second. Time is precious.鈥澛
That鈥檚 why, on a beautiful evening in October, with the help of his team, he鈥檇 put together a stunning little setting, where he got down on one knee and asked for her forever. Of course she鈥檇 said yes, and they quickly got to wedding planning. they picked a date, June 27th, and excitedly awaited the big day.聽
The wedding had been small, and private. Much to Garcia鈥檚 upset, who wanted to make it the perfect big white wedding, but that鈥檚 wasn鈥檛 who Spencer or Y/N were. They were content with a small venue, with just a simple colour scheme, and a pretty white wedding cake. Y/N鈥檚 dress was simple yet stunning, complementing her figure perfectly. The ceremony was beautiful, hosted (as insisted) by Rossi in his enormous garden. Those invited consisted of Y/N鈥檚 parents and Spencer鈥檚 mother, who was having one of her good days, though she鈥檇 leave before the reception so she wouldn鈥檛 get too overwhelmed. It was also other close family and friends, of course including the BAU team, who Spencer and you considered family too.
The reception party was in full swing, and the loud music died down a little as the lead singer from the band Garcia, as Y/N鈥檚 maid of honour and 鈥榗hief wedding planner鈥(a title she鈥檇 given herself), had organised spoke. 鈥淎lright ladies and gentlemen, we鈥檙e gonna slow it down a bit so we can welcome for the first time ever, Dr and Mrs. Reid!鈥
Their famillies and friends cheered, as they walked together through the doors out into the garden,聽 holding one another鈥檚 hand as they moved toward the dance floor for their first dance. They both had the biggest smiles on their lips, unable to stop smiling as their friends and family members congratulated them again as they passed by. When they reached the centre of the dance floor, Spencer pulled his wife to his chest, one hand on her waist and the other holding her hand. Neither were particularly good at dancing, but they鈥檇 practiced for this, and it wasn鈥檛 really dancing as much as it was swaying together, but It didn鈥檛 matter. The music kicked in, and smiles found their faces at the choice of song.
鈥淚 was a quick wet boy Diving too deep for coins...鈥
It鈥檇 been a cold wet day, and the rain hammered down outside the warmth of the couples apartment. The pair had only recently moved in together, choosing to move into Spencer鈥檚 apartment as it was slightly bigger than hers, and they couldn鈥檛 be happier. She had the day off from work, and Spencer hadn鈥檛 received a case and was told he could do his paperwork from home and so they spent the day inside. They were grateful for this time off to enjoy one another鈥檚 company, something that seemed so rare for them.聽
Her phone played soft music that Spencer didn鈥檛 recognise as she hummed along, staring out the window as she watched the rain fall. It was peaceful, blissful. It was something Spencer appreciated. His life was so hectic, peace like this was few and far between.聽
He was sat on the couch reading a book, but had been distracted by his girlfriend, watching her as she hummed and sipped happily on her coffee. The song finished, and the first few notes of a new one began, and she gasped softly, placing her coffee cup down on the table nearby.聽
鈥淚 was a quick wet boy Diving too deep for coins All of your straight blind eyes Wide on my plastic toys鈥
鈥淭his song is so beautiful.鈥 She whispered, and then turned and walked toward him, gently taking the book from his hands and placing it down beside him, before offering him her hand.
鈥淒ance with me, Spence?鈥
鈥淵ou know I was reading that, now I don鈥檛 know what page I鈥檓 on.鈥 He teased and she rolled her eyes with a giggle.聽
鈥淵ou have an eidetic memory, I鈥檓 sure you鈥檒l be okay.鈥 She pouted and gave him those doe eyes that she knew he鈥檇 never been able to resist. 鈥淧lease, Spence? Dance with me?鈥
He took her hand, and let her pull him to stand. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know how to dance, Y/N.鈥 He pouted and she giggled a little.
鈥淢e either, let鈥檚 figure it out together.鈥
He nodded at that, and followed her over to the window, closer to the music coming from her phone. Spencer didn鈥檛 recognise the song, but he liked how it sounded. He pulled her into his chest, placing his hands on her hips, unsure, but encouraged when she placed an arm around his neck, her other hand resting on his shoulder as they started to sway gently.
鈥淗ave I found you?
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping
Or lost you?
American mouth
Big bill looming鈥
鈥淭he song is beautiful,鈥 Spencer started. 鈥渂ut not half as beautiful as you.鈥 He whispered and she blushed, looking down at their feet as an bashful smile spread on her lips.
鈥淭hank you.鈥 She murmured. 鈥淚鈥檝e loved this song since I was younger. I always dreamed of dancing to it during my first dance with my future husband.鈥 She smiled, and his heart exploded. Did she think of marrying him? He thought of marrying her, a lot more since she鈥檇 moved in with him. Waking up and falling asleep to her gave him a feeling like nothing he鈥檇 ever felt before. He wanted to feel that way forever.
That was the day he decided Y/N was going to be the woman he would marry. Promising himself that they鈥檇 dance to that very song at their wedding.
She looked up at him, tears brimming in her eyes. 鈥淵ou remembered.鈥
聽鈥淥f course I did. Eidetic memory, remember?鈥 He joked, and she giggled. They continued to sway, and Spencer leaned down slightly to whisper in her ear.
鈥淭he song is beautiful,鈥 Spencer started, reciting the same words he鈥檇 said the first day he鈥檇 heard the song. 鈥渂ut not half as beautiful as you.鈥
She smiled at the memory, and lifted her head from his chest. 鈥淚 love you, Dr Reid.鈥
鈥淚 love you too, Mrs Reid.鈥 He said it as a promise. A promise to her that this was forever. Then he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her lips, one filled with love and happiness and their promise of forever.
The sound of the crowd cheering at the kiss broke them apart as they laughed, the song coming to a close as everyone applauded the happy couple.
Have I found you? Flightless bird, brown hair bleeding Or lost you? American mouth Big bill, stuck going down
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simplybridal6 years ago
Tumblr media
White wedding cake with red roses and unique placement design.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wedding cake is finished! I鈥檝e never had chocolate frosting requested for a wedding order before but it turned out pretty!! I am not a fan of silk flowers but that鈥檚 what the bride gave me so that鈥檚 what I had to work with. I tried my best to make it look nice. This is a white cake with raspberry filling and a chocolate buttercream. (I added a touch of cream cheese to the frosting too.) The bazillion pearls took forever to place. And, thankfully, there was only eleventy hundred on my kitchen floor that need vacuumed up 馃槀
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pseventplanning-blog9 years ago
Tumblr media
Cake cake! Wedding cake galore!
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goodeveningwildera year ago
馃憢馃徑 Hello I did a thing -
The 鈥淭en Years of Sherlock I Did Tell You But Did You Listen鈥 Anniversary Cake:
57 because thrilling that you鈥檝e been counting.
The chemical structure of adrenaline because there鈥檚 nothing as attractive as facing dangerous situations and people alongside a brave and wise and dangerous madman.
Purple buttons because there is tension to be found as far as the eye can see.
A pink rope lest we forget that a genius man鈥檚 Achilles heel isn鈥檛 the drugs or the intellectual thrill of the chase - it鈥檚 his damsel in distress.
Three elephants in a particular flag鈥檚 colours lest we neglect to mention the elephant in the room.
Ombr茅 flower decorations because one must absolutely be able to differentiate between lilac and purple. Only important things are stored in the mind palace.
A glass cup of tea because a cup of tea is code.
Cigarettes because modern addictions parallel Victorian subtext and because I鈥檝e never begged for anything in my life but I鈥檒l beg for cigarettes from you. Twice.
A formula written in rainbow that might appear indecipherable but what if I told you that women are not my area? Is it clearer now?
A silver silhouette of a Vitruvian man鈥檚 ideal man.
A razor because he prefers his doctors clean shaven but I don鈥檛 shave for Sherlock Holmes I promise.
A white sheet because not wearing pants may make him laugh but it also leaves him feeling exposed. A napkin, maybe?
A dark pool of water and a very particular brand of underwear because tearing clothes off in a darkened swimming pool might make people talk.
Green carnations because the truth is rarely pure and never simple.
Fairy sprinkle buttons. Like a fairy. But don鈥檛 worry it鈥檚 all fine, Mrs. Turner Mrs. Hudson鈥檚 got married ones.
Tall silver candles for a cool Byronic hero and shorter golden candles for his conductor of light. For a brave soldier. For a smart man, even smarter than he looks. Who becomes even more observant when Daddy鈥檚 gone. Who wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if Daddy called him by his Christian name.
And a flashback to a random year in the Victorian era that just happens to coincide with the year of an infamous trial that that compelled the Great Detective and his Boswell to 鈥渄epart to the countryside鈥 for a few weeks. A coincidence, perhaps? Although the universe is rarely so lazy.
Hmm, there鈥檚 something happening here but I can鈥檛 quite put my finger on it - it鈥檚 on the top of my tongue it鈥檚 on the tip of my tongue it鈥檚 on the tip - oh right, it鈥檚 called 鈥渜ueer baiting.鈥
But it could have been 鈥渢he greatest love story never told.鈥
What鈥檚 the matter? Are you having an earthquake? Feel like you鈥檝e been distracted? Derailed?
Might I prevail upon you to use your powers of deduction: by appearance it鈥檚 just a cake - a lovely, if quirky, white wedding cake - and that鈥檚 a perfectly sound analysis..
...but if you care to go deeper, to open the file, to crack the case and discover who you really are and who you could yet might just find a rainbow...
Tumblr media
You can see an idiot video I made featuring the cake on my insta @sabreflavour 鉂わ笍馃А馃挍馃挌馃挋
@inevitably-johnlocked @88thparallel @shrlckholmes @sherlockmeta @loudest-subtext-in-tv @the-7-percent-solution @tjlcisthenewsexy @bakerstbitches @devoursjohnlock @gosherlocked @its-sherlock-once-things @barbsiebabe @leauki @coffeeteaitsallfine @iheardyou @mrwatsonmrholmes @colourfulwatson
(If you would like to be untagged please just let me know - I just wanted to tag some of the pages that I鈥檝e really admired in this space馃檹馃徑)
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dreamlikewedding7 years ago
Tumblr media
Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake- its everything except what it is!
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