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Y/n : You know when I get naked in the bathroom

<p>Steve : 0_o

<p>Buck : oOh I like where this is go-

<p>Y/n : The shower gets TuRnEd On

<p>Steve and Buck : Y/n nO!!

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Something sad and sweet that’s been in my brain…

How long did it take before Bucky was able to fully trust the Wakandans? Sure, he trusted them enough to go on ice and let them work on him, but how many nights did he lie awake in that Wakandan village wondering if the crack of that stick or the brush of those leaves was an undercover Hydra agent coming to take him away, or torment him? And, more importantly, how many nights did he lie awake wondering if he was going to hurt these kids — or if someone looking for him would? And how many dark evenings did he creep out of the hut to glance around the village to make sure there was no sniper in the shadows, no bombers running from the scene? How long did it take him to realize that those kids were not in danger, either from him or someone looking for him? How long did it take until Bucky could play with those children without being afraid that he would lose himself and hurt them? I think the children helped him almost as much as Shuri. Those kids were innocent, rather mischievous, but just ordinary kids. They gave Bucky a sense of normalcy, but they also gave Bucky a sense of humanity.

The day when he finally crouched down with the kids drawing in the sand with sticks and joined them. The day when they threw a ball at him and he caught it without flinching and tossed it back with a smile. The day he made a shoddy dinner for all the kids and they laughed and helped him make a better one. The day Bucky realized he was only the weapon, not the one wielding it. The day he realized he could make his own decisions. The day he was finally free.

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Another little piece I created in my mind about FATWS using gifs from movies to which Sebastian was cast.


Bucky looked at himself in the mirror, don’t knowing exactly what to do with himself. Sam had just helped him to cut his hair just like it was before, finally getting rid of the long hair.

He admitted that he was handsome with the long hair, but he needed to change for a while. He wanted to be able to look at himself with long hair without remembering the Soldier and he needed to let it grow again by himself, he needed to know it was his own choice to keep it long.

For a long time he wasn’t able to let anyone anywhere near to him with a scissor without having a panic attack, but he truted Sam enough to at least trying to do it. It wasn’t easy. Sam had to stop at least five times so Bucky could walk around a little, calm down and come back, but the man was nothing but patient, waiting until Bucky was ready to continue.

- Go walk for some time. - Sam suggested while sweeping the floor to throw away all the cut hair - It was a really a big step, man. I’m proud of you.

Bucky smiled to him, nodding and going out to take some air. At least it was already over.

He just walked a feel meters before the penny dropped. He could feel the wind on his scruff but he couldn’t feel the light weight of the bun on his heard.

He had his hair cut, he chose to do it. It was his own choice and it was going to be his own choice to let it grow again, not Hydra’s. No one could make his choices to him anymore because he was free.

Bucky just noticed he was crying when he finally felt the tears ran down his face. He runned his fingers through his short hair, closing his eyes when the first sob came out like it have torn his chest in half.

He was free now.

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Smoke Jumper

You and your best friend, Peggy own a famous bakery in New York, having started from the small building where you worked long hours to now owning a few staff members and loving it. Unfortunately an event leads to smoke and flames billowing from it as the fire department work to put the flames out, but maybe one flame lights itself.
Characters – Reader, Firefighter!Bucky, Firefighter!Steve x Peggy.
Word Count – 1289.
Part One / Part Two.

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Headcanons for a Jealous!Bucky!


Heya, dear!  💕 Here are your Headcanons. (:

If you like to read more about an insecure/jealous Bucky, just click here, here and here! The first one is basically a Oneshot about exactly what you requested!

  • First of all: Bucky has never been a jealous type, and it would be impossible for him to talk you out of anything as long as it makes you happy.
  • Actually, he’s quite relieved at first. Since he knows that he’s lacking in many points of your relationship. So he’s glad that you have found a friend who compensates for that.
  • For example, he would have phases where he couldn’t stand being touched, not even by you. And he knows just how much you merged in bodily contact.
  • Even though you made him come out of his shell, he’s still withdrawn to himself. It’s hard to have a proper conversation with him, let alone an ordinary one.
  • Or the fact that his humor suffered a heavy lot after his time at HYDRA, understandably.
  • Obviously, he would never doubt your love for him - yet he knows that being with the former Winter Soldier and his PTSD puts a stroll on you, too.
  • But there was that one thing he just couldn’t get out of his head, bugging him this whole time: Your friend was way better.
  • No matter how he compared himself to that guy, he’d always come out top. Better looking (well, subjectively spoken), doesn’t have a past full of violence, crime and death, is not mentally ill and especially can fulfill every one of your needs.
  • With him, you could have a normal future. A family, children even. Was it even possible for Bucky to have something like that, after all that had happened to him? He didn’t know for himself.
  • And he slowly began to realize just how much you clinged to his newfound rival.
  • Actually, it was a big misunderstanding - the only thing you had in mind was Buckys wellbeing.
  • You’d begin to tell him things you wouldn’t bother to tell Bucky, to not burden that already strained man any further. Or go out with him more often to give your boyfriend some space and time alone for himself.
  • Of course James wouldn’t tell you about his internal troubles. He just isn’t the kind of guy to open up about his feelings that easily, after HYDRA tried to erase every humanity inside of him, and so many people having betrayed him.
  • So he’d use everything inside of him up to make you his again: Trying to be around you as much as possible or forcing himself to make bodycontact, if only a little (like his hand ghosting over your back or him putting a strand of hair out of your face).
  • Whenever you’d be around your friend, Bucky would watch you from afar, most of the time flexing his fist, gnarling and giving that guy a gloomy look until he was so intimidated that he’d leave on his own.
  • But he felt so guilty - how could he want to ruin something that was seemingly making you happy? Neither you nor the man did a bad thing, after all. And you shouldn’t feel bad for having friends as it is totally natural.
  • James wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Not even Steve. But others would notice how close you and your friend became and start questioning Bucky about the stand of your relationship, only straining him more.
  • So eventually, things would escalate as he found the two of you cuddling on the sofa while watching Netflix - you having fallen asleep on his lap. You never did this with him.
  • The only reason why Bucky didn’t beat that man to a pulp was the frightened and confused look on your face as you woke up, seeing your boyfriend as furious as never before.
  • At first you thought he had become the Winter Soldier again - but when you found out about the true reason for that violent outburst, you’d scold him for behaving that childish. He should know you better than that, and he also knew that you hated it when he was that self-conscious.
  • Good for him that your friend left the very moment he raised his metal fist at him, mumbling something about “Having no patience to deal with such freaks.”
  • He thought you to be furious at him - yet you’d make him sit down next to you, holding his hand this whole time while calmly explaining your view on the whole story. Your eyes would never leave his, and they told him you were speaking from the heart here.
  • Truth be spoken, after he called your boyfriend a ‘freak’, your desire to befriend that guy has disappeared into nothingness.
  • You’ll probably end that chapter in your relationship with a long night of you consoling him, with Bucky not letting you out of his bear hug for a single second.
  • After hours of talking while simply lying in each others arms and finally understanding each other better, Bucky will probably say something like “I am a piece of work. But I’ll go to any lenght for you to see me as a friend, not just a lover.”
  • “I love you, you doofus. You already are my best friend.”
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Ok, I liked seeing gifs from movies where Seb was cast and thinking “What if it was in TFATWS?”


Sam was proud of Bucky. The man was getting better day by day. Some days were better than others, but it was normal in a situation like his.

It was his niece’s birthday and the girl just loved Barnes. When the she asked him if he could go to her birthday party, he couldn’t help but say yes. That day Sam found out that Bucky was just unable to say “no” to a kid.

Sam wanted to warn him to don’t spoil his niece because she was surely going to take advantage of this, but he wasn’t able to do this after Bucky told him that her personality reminded him of Becca.

He knew that Bucky was nervous surrounded by all these people and made sure to be near to him so he could feel more comfortable. The kids were monopolizing his attention anyway, asking for him to talk about Wakanda, so he just sat down on the grass with them and started talking.

Bucky was used to be surrounded by kids (he was the oldest of four siblings and, back in Wakanda, the local kids were always following him around most of the time), so he was relaxed and didn’t look any stressed. He was comfortable there, so Sam just let him talking with the kids and assured their parents that Bucky was safe to be around.

Sam thought that Bucky was joking when he said he wasn’t able to say “no” to a kid, but he found out it was really true when his niece runned to the man with a plastic princess crown asking him to use it and he did without even questioning.

If Barnes wanted to stay sit on the grass, talking with the kids, drinking soda and eating small savory snacks while wearing a princess crown, Sam was going to personally fight anyone who tried to bother him.

Sam was talking with his brother when he heard his sister calling him and Bucky to move a table. He walked to where she was, seeing the other man standing up and following him by the corner of his eyes.

- The kids like you. - His sister smiled to Bucky while they moved the table to where she pointed.

- The adults just want to make me talk about the Winter Soldier, but the kids just want to hear about Wakanda and all the times I had to take Steve out of trouble, so I can say that I like them too. - Bucky shrugged.

- Well, thank you for help moving the table. You can go back to your new friends now. - And she looked to Sam - Come help me to bring the cake. I don’t want to drop it and we know I will if I try to bring it alone.

Sam went with her to the kitchen and helped her to take the cake to the table. As soon as the cake was already at a safe place, she said he could already go.

He stopped walking as soon as he saw Barnes basically corned by two women that were talking nonstop. He was clearly trying to find an excuse to get out of there and his eyes shined in relief when he saw Sam. He could almost hear Bucky’s voice saying “Get help, please”.

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Witcher of the Night (Chapter 15 - Sneakpeak)


Originally posted by witches-ground

“—Midget,” you’ve began your mockery, parodying his baritone timbre like a loser, trying hard type and Geralt couldn’t help but place you under his scrutiny, his succulent lips curling into an amused smile as he silently watched you make a fool out of yourself, “—I don’t deserve it. I’m guessing it’s the Djinn’s work that is talking—Who’s the liar now, huh?”

The witcher exhaled a long sigh, drowsily blinking as he added nonchalantly, “A shame.” he stifled the amusement in his tone as you turned to see him slightly imploring to persuade that dead set decision of yours. Your reactions were priceless, even so; he kept his bulge twitching in anticipation for another wave of bliss because every breath he hears surprisingly makes him go gaga over you.

“—Spare me five minutes.”


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Was worried about this one honestly, since the last time I ever drew wolves was years back, like maybe 13-14+ years ago when I was in my Wolf’s Rain obsession phase. But I’m super happy with how they came out! And I loved getting to use so much purple too. <3

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I saw some gifs of The Last Full Measure and man, my mind had ideas.


Bucky hates crowds, but yet he took a deep breath and went to the Super Ball. The government was going to introduce their new Captain America and he adimitted that curiosity had won that one and he wanted to see the ridiculous scene in person. Who had the great idea of introducing “Steve’s successor” (And he said it with a lot of quotation marks. Steve chose Sam to be the new Captain America, Sam would be just great for the job, he was a good man, so he was the only person Bucky could ever accept as a new Captain America) at a football game? The amount of USA flags all around, including the huge one on the entrance, had him rollind the eyes and sighing. He haven’t entered the stadium yet, but he bet it would be even worse inside.

He was near to the entrance, waiting for Sam and Sharon. His shoulders were tense and he feared someone would recognize him, but he had cut his hair and shaved, he was using a overcoat and gloves. The chances of someone recognizing him were minimum. People weren’t even giving him a second glare, that was good.


When the man entered the stadium with all those people dancing and playing instruments, Bucky almost lost it. He was sure he made an expression of desbelief when they called the man “American Agent”. They didn’t even kept the name?

Everyone around them was cheering up and screaming. Bucky could feel the shame like it was him going through it. At his left side, Sam was kinda relieved that he wasn’t the one having to go through that show. “If the USO tour was anything like that much embarassing, I have to tell Steve that I admire him even more for enduring this shit” Bucky heard he saying at some point. Yes, he was upset because the government refused to give him the tittle officially, but Bucky understood what he meant. At his right side, there was Sharon doing sarcastic comments and all of this together was about to make him laugh really hard.

He looked at Sharon by the corner of his eyes and gave her a quick nevous smile, silently begging her to stop being sassy for a few minutes. It wasn’t time to laugh, all that scene was ridiculous. Sam was supposed to be the new Captain America, Steve chose him.

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