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#white wolf

Geralt: Jaskier where is my sword?

Jaskier: somewhere you will never find it.

Geralt: its under the bed isn’t it?

Jaskier: yen-

Yennefer: *knocks geralt out*

*one hour later*

Geralt: Jaskier…?

Jaskier: now it is somewhere you will never find it.

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(Unbezahlte Werbung durch Nennung und Verlinkung)

“What do we have here? Another scrumptious young plaything straight out of life and into my club?”

Long time no see… but here I am, back with some VtM themed photos - and I promise: from this particular session will be more online as soon as I get my hands on it. :)

I finally did it! I finished the wig and did a photo session as Jeanette Voerman from Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. 😊

So, just in case you ever need a Jeannette for your LARP… feel free to DM me. XD
Model+MuA: Mircalla Tepez

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Yennefer: hey Jaskier? Are you free on Friday? Say around 7 pm?

Jaskier: uh yes?

Yennefer: hmm, what about you geralt are you free Friday?

Geralt: yes.

Yennefer: good! Then you two go out without me, and have fun on your date!

Geralt: did she just-

Jaskier: I think she did

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Thought this would look great as a picture. Imagine the story: the arctic wolf finally returns home, only to find things have changed. I don’t feel like writing a story though.

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Yennefer: so whats it like being jaskier’s boyfriend?

Geralt: one time when he was still mad at me I asked for a glass of water… he gave me a cup filled with ice and said “wait”

Yennefer: I like him.

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