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#white wolf
oldschoolfrp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“To Pick a Rose, You Ask Your Hands to Bleed“ (Clyde Caldwell cover painting for The Vampire Players Guide, 2nd ed, for Vampire the Masquerade, White Wolf, 1993)
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viking-raider · 2 days ago
Geralt and August Walker on Evil is almost the same....
August: The Greater the Suffering. The Greater the peace!
Geralt: Evil is Evil. Lesser. Greater. Middling. Makes no difference!
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Bucky: Don’t you agree that sometimes when you start puzzles you get a little bit weird, and I don’t know, intense? You spend a lot of time humming. You also spend a lot of time naked.
Steve: I’m gonna do you, puzzle. Right on the table. As nasty as you want to be. Hey, Buck, what do you think it’s gonna look like?
Bucky: Wh-What do I think it’s going to look like?
Steve: Yeah, the puzzle.
Bucky: Steve, it’s on the box. The picture’s on the box! It’s a Japanese Garden!
Bucky: Ok, would you like some truth, Steve? Here’s some truth for you, okay? You’re terrible at puzzles. Worst I’ve ever seen, by a mile! What? Do you have fly vision? Look at this puzzle. It’s ages six and up. You’re up! You are way up!
Steve: You wanna say it to my face?
Bucky: This is a corner piece, Steve! How do you not see that? What are you? Blind? I’m so sorry- actually, a blind man could feel the smooth edges of a corner piece! ...Okay, all right, look. Steve, I'm sorry, man...S-Steve, you've been working on this puzzle for quite some time now. You realize a lot of those puzzle pieces are upside down, right? It's just-they're cardboard color. Is that an almond that you have inserted into one of the pieces? Are you just eating them, or are you using them as pieces? You know that's an almond, right?
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greenfleeze · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bucky kidnaps his former girlfriend in an attempt to win her back, but she rejects him and they get into a heated argument about his character. This would be hilarious if it ever happened.🤣
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acute-octogon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Isaiah Bradley
Isaiah Bradley is an American Hero whose name went unknown for too long
Isaiah was one of a dozen African-American soldiers who were recruited against their will and without their consent for participation in human testing in pursuit of the super soldier serum most did not survive. The few who lived through testing were sent on secret missions during the Korean War. During the conflict against all odds, Isaiah Bradley rescued his fellow soldiers and 28 other POWS from behind enemy lines.
However fearful of the ramifications of a black super soldier. Some individuals within the government tried to erase Isaiah's story from history. His family was issued a falsified death certificate and for decades the truth of his unflinching bravery was buried.
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sambucksteven · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I did some thinking about this scene and wanted to see both sides.
There was trust between Ayo and Bucky. She read his trigger words. She called him White Wolf when she first saw him at the beginning of ep 4.
“Eight hours, White Wolf.”
Note that she also warned him and give him 8 hours. She could’ve easily just attacked the home that him, Sam, and Zemo were staying at but she didn’t. She trusted Bucky and listened to what he had to say first.
Ayo opened up to him and expressed the deep personal shame that Zemo had brought to herself as a member of the Dora Milaje, appointed by T’Chaka. Nevertheless, she gave him a heads up despite the fact that he was running around with her king’s murderer.
So when he interfered in the fight she disarmed him as Zemo got away. I believe she said:
“Bast damn you, James.”
Tumblr media
I think that means: “God damn you.”
He betrayed her trust and she called him James not White Wolf. That ain’t good, bro.
I think it’s also important to note that as a warrior of the Dora Milaje she don’t give a shit if he a sad boy or her friend. Okoye dropped her man so quick for Wakanda in the Black Panther movie. So, I’m NOT surprised that Ayo did this as Wakanda always comes first.
Bucky is shocked that they could do that to him. You know, take his arm off. But to Ayo, Bucky in this moment is a means to an end (like Zemo is for him). Now he knows and recognizes how it feels and what those words mean. All she wants is Zemo for killing her king.
She’s sat with this shame and guilt for 7 years. That is, if she didn’t blip out then it would be 2.5 years and would still be quite fresh. I’m also pretty sure she was at the UN when it happened because she accompanied her new king, T’Challa, in Berlin afterwards in Civil War. So this hurts.
Tumblr media
So yeah, oh no Bucky’s autonomy... but the man had it coming. Sam straight up told him that they’d be hella mad in ep 3. Wakanda helped his ass even though they didn’t have to and he let the man that murdered their King free...
However, I understand Bucky’s behavior. He is desperate, trying to grasp onto some semblance of himself. He lost Steve, his final attachment to his former self. So, seeing Walker with Sam’s shield and the rise of super soldiers has him acting way out of line. Sam points this out in ep 3 when Bucky wants to break Zemo out of prison:
"I've been on the wrong side of that code and so have you. He blew up the UN, he killed King T'Chaka and framed you for it. Did you forget that? You think the Wakandans forgot about it? It's a rhetorical question. They didn't.”
"I know why this matters to you but c'mon... it's pushing you off the deep end."
Then his dumb ass does it anyways and breaks Zemo out of prison. But that’s how desperate he is. That’s how much the shield means to him. Steve saved his life just as much as Wakanda did, if not more. He wants to protect and preserve Steve’s legacy now. That’s his sole purpose. However, now he faces the consequences of his actions.
Also, she left that shit. She left the arm. A multibillion dollar Vibranian arm. So she’s mad that after everything and the warning that he didn’t take her side. But since she left it there’s still hope for reconciliation!
So I understand both sides of why this happened.
Tumblr media
would love some feedback :))
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venusmaderon · 6 months ago
Not people crying about how Ayo taking Bucky’s arm off was disrespectful and violating. Why do y’all always paint this man as someone who gets war flashbacks every time something happens to him? He’s lived without an arm how long in wakanda?
Disrespectful and violating is not handling over the man who hurt their people by killing their former king due to your own agendas.
He’s lucky she didn’t pick it up and leave with it.
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kyysis-nyx · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Never going to be over Bucky just casually cleaning his vibranium hand. It's such an important scene for numerous reasons.
For starters, it's the first time we get a reminder that, yeah, Bucky's got a prosthetic limb that he has to take care of.
Also, this is not the same arm he got from HYDRA. The one that he didn't ask for. The one that was forced on him. The one that's drenched in the blood of everyone he was ever made to kill.
No, this is new and special. A highly sophisticated prosthesis gifted to him, and likely painstakingly created, by one of the brightest people in the universe. Provided by people he highly respects.
The bar scene in Madripoor is likely the first time he's used this arm for violence against something other than an alien race. This is him cleaning the results of that violence. And while it's probably some comfort that nobody in that bar was (likely) a good person, it's still the first time this new arm has been tarnished, and the symbolism of him cleaning it away is huge.
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phoenixes-and-wizards · 5 months ago
joaquin: bucky barnes is stupid
sam, smiling: what did he do now
joaquin, clearly not listening: he walks around, thinking he's soooooo slick and secretive, but literally everyone can see that he's in love with you
sam: hang on--
sam: wHAT--
zemo: no no he's got a point
sharon: yeah he totally does
steve, on his 31st wineglass somewhere in heaven: hear hear
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