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#white wolf
spiderblog1432 · 2 hours ago
Peter: Mr Bucky look at this cool magnet I found!
Bucky: awesome! Stick it on me.
Sam: *pulls a magnet off the fridge*
Bucky: you do that and I will smite you in your sleep.
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scorrowofsorrow · 3 hours ago
[HQ]Wolf's Rain OST 1 Track 19 - "run, wolf warrior, run"
Beautiful song. 
‘Majestic madness and man’s delusions’ indeed...
I think this could fit the Children of Gaia tribe of Garou in Werewolf: the Apocalypse. 
Freakin’ Werewolf Hippies. 
Ps. Wolf’s Rain was probably the most depressing Anime I’ve ever seen.
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30-2-50-feral-hogs · 6 hours ago
Ricky: Killing is wrong and nobody should ever do it, ever.
Shilo: I’d probably kill somebody.
Sariah: I’ve killed before, though I’d really rather avoid it in the future.
Abigail: I was killed without hesitation, I then went on to kill several somebodies, do unto others, bitches.
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brklynlost · 8 hours ago
@beckybxrnes​  🎂 🎂
Tumblr media
the oven mitts cover his hands as he delicately balances a plate and a small cake.  it had been tradition once for the barnes siblings         (  and steve  )         to make sure to spend their birthdays together.  all those decades ago it was the three of them in a cramped apartment.  steve made the cake for bucky, bucky made the cakes for both becca and steve.  it worked out perfectly since absolutely no one would ever trust rebecca pamela barnes near a stove if they didn’t have to.
the decades had passed, and with it too many birthdays for the three of them, but bucky came prepared this year.  while the thirties and forties meant hard to find and afford ingredients, it seemed making a CAKE could come out of a BOX now if you wanted.  the inflation of everything else was disproportionate to the ingredients of baking, and so it felt easy to fall back into the habit.  especially with their people now there to celebrate all together.
no longer just the three of them, their chosen  family settles alongside them when bucky places the cake down on the table in front of his little sister.
Tumblr media
“  happy birthday, kiddo.  ”                   the twinkle in his eyes says more than his words ever could.              “  couldn’t fit a hundred candles on the cake, so i hope the one big one will do.  ”
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musical-broken-heart · 10 hours ago
If the winter soldier had a conversation with Bucky before the fall
Winter Soldier: dont be scared dont be shy come on in the waters fine
Bucky: *before the fall* you say the oceans rising
Winter Soldier: like I give a shit
Bucky: you say the whole world's ending
Winter Soldier: honey it already did
Bucky: you're not gonna slow it
Winter Soldier: heaven knows you've tried
Bucky: got it
Winter Soldier: good now get inside
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marvelfanfiction · 11 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 52, Thor
Steve's POV:
Again? I wake up again, this time later in the morning at 7:00 and they're fucking again. This is miserable. I forgot that the guest room is directly below the master bedroom. All throughout the night they fucked. It's like they would take a two-hour nap, just to wake up and fuck. I hate having super soldier hearing. The soft moans, slapping of skin, and the various areas throughout their room. All night just fucking. I don't know what it is that really bothers me. Am I jealous? Do I wish it was me? Or am I jealous because it's been so long since I've gotten some. Peggy has been distant ever since she smelled Charlie's perfume on me. And I'm ready to have a baby with her, but maybe it's a good thing. Splitting my time between two timelines has been difficult.
I just don't know what I'm going to do. They're moving forward, where I feel I'm at a standstill. I could have stayed in this timeline, found a normal girl to settle down with. After having two of the most extraordinary women, I don't know if anyone else can compare.
And there it is. A loud thump as their body falls on the floor followed by giggles from both of them. Shower Steve. Get in the shower and relieve yourself. Charlie never denied me sex. Never. Even if she wasn't feeling up to it, I could always change her mind with a few simple words. I need to quit comparing Peggy and Charlie. This cannot be healthy.
After I shower it's quiet upstairs, save for the running water in their shower. Maybe their fucking marathon is hopefully over. No doubt Maggie will be waking soon. I make my way into the kitchen. I could be nice and prepare an easy breakfast. Cut up some fruit, get some yogurt and granola. It was always a favorite of Charlie's.
Hearing some loud thundering steps coming down the stairs I don't have to turn to know it's Bucky walking down the stairs. He's already dressed for the day, hair still a bit damp. "Morning, Steve. How did you sleep?" He asks cheerfully. No wonder he's filled Charlie up about five times.
Tumblr media
"Restless. You know the guest room is directly under your bedroom?" I pause my cutting of the fruit and narrow my eyes at him.
The jerk chuckles, "Oh, sorry. I forgot about that." He reaches over grabbing a whole strawberry before taking a bite. "We had talked about adding an addition on the lower level. Make another master bedroom. It's weird the current one is upstairs. Makes me uneasy not being on the lower level with the front door." "Well, you should. It might be more pleasant for your guests. Especially if you can't keep your hands off each other for more than two hours." I know my voice is tainted with bitterness.
"Look, I'm sorry. We're just happy. Celebrating. We're going to go over to the new compound today. She's already called Bruce. He's going to take some blood and test a few things; he's going to get in contact with the Milano." He takes another bite of the strawberry. He's glowing.
"What are you so excited about?" I peel some bananas and begin cutting them.
"Clint's coming to the compound later, too. He's bringing Laura and the kids. They're going to stay there for a few days. Charlie thinks when Thor hears the news that he's going to be visiting as well." "You're excited to talk to Clint and Thor? Or is there something else?" I let out a chuckle.
"Ahh, you've already figured it out, huh?" I nod at him. "Can you believe she actually agreed to having a child with me?" "You'll make a great dad, Buck. You're already doing pretty well with your training." And as if on perfect timing Charlie heads down the stairs. Another one that's positively radiant. Maggie follows closely behind her.
"Stop!" She demands of Charlie. Charlie pauses her steps. And Maggie looks up at her smiling before placing a kiss on her stomach. That was weird. Charlie reaches down picking the girl up and smiles.
"What was that for little pearl?" She smiles. Her smile lights up her whole face, and I look away returning to cutting up the fruit. Maggie gives a quick shrug and kisses her cheek, "I just love you. I'm excited to see Bruce today."
Charlie's POV:
Steve gives Maggie and Bucky the best tour that he can. None of us have really been to the compound since it was rebuilt, but I have no doubt that they can find their way throughout. Bucky thought it best to give me some privacy with Bruce and then to talk to Thor.
"What is it that you're needing to talk to Thor about?" Bruce calmly asks me. His arm still isn't what it used to be. It moves at a much slower pace than his left arm.
"Well...I'm still trying to figure out how to tell him myself. You'll still be in there, right?" I bite at my lip as he wraps a tourniquet around my arm. He gives me a nod, understanding I can't talk about this right now. "Why exactly are we taking blood? Wouldn't it just be easier to pull the IUD out?" He gives a laugh. "I suppose. Want to check and see if you're pregnant..." "It's always been pretty effective for me, B."
"Still, you said you recently got a new one? Right before you left for Munich? How much time did you wait?" He looks at me over his glasses.
"It was two days before. Why are you asking, doc? There something I don't know?" I let out a nervous giggle.
"No. Plus, Bucky said he wanted me to just test your blood in general. Why?" He pulls out another vial, quickly switching them. He's taking a lot of blood. "And we don't know your blood type." "Why? Umm...well, I didn't really want to say this now. I'm already getting nervous. I' see..." "Charlie? Spit it out." "Thor's my dad." Bruce pauses, completely dumbfounded in my admission.
"You're a goddess?" "Demigoddess. I think my mother was human...uh, Midgardian." Another vial.
"That's why you need to talk to Thor?" I nod my head. "That's why Bucky needs to talk to him and Clint?" Smiling I nod my head again. "That's why you two are wanting to try having a baby?" "Okay. I get it. A lot is going on." "I'll say." He finally adds pressure to the tiny hole with an alcohol pad. I'm done. "Have an orange." He hands me one from his desk. "Is it weird having Steve around? I'm confused as to what is going on? He's really going to mess up some timelines." "I know. That's what I told him. I love my life. We're trying to encourage him to go back to then. He's having a hard time being away from Maggie." I slowly peel the orange, grab a wedge and eat it, extending a wedge to Bruce that he takes.
"He knew about Maggie before he made that decision. Come on, let's walk to the control room. Get in touch with the Milano. If you need me to leave the room once I get you connected I can." I shake my head no at him, and I'm almost silent as he leads the way. Never catching site of my people.
With every step I take through the compound my legs get heavier. My stomach is full of bats, forget butterflies, that's a good feeling, this is sickening. My throat turns into a desert. I quickly try to swallow, to relubricate my throat. My fingers shake involuntarily shake and I feel chills run up my spine. It's just Thor, the big guy. He carried this secret for a long time. It never made him act weird. You can do this Charlie. One step at a time.
Upon entering the control area Bruce quietly pushes around some buttons, flinging the hologram screen over to where it's directly in front of me. I don't know what the best-case scenario would be. Who would I want to see first? Would I want to see Thor, one of the Guardians?
The screen pings up to Peter Quill. "You're, you're that girl that had the kid that looked like the Captain, right?" "Uh..." My voice is stuck in the back of my throat.
"So, you're not? Why are you contacting us? Speak woman." "I-I-is Thor on the ship?" My voice squeaks out.
"He's somewhere. I'm the captain though, what can I help you with?" His eyebrows cock up, feigning superiority over the god.
"I really need to talk to Thor. It's important. Let him know it's Charlie." "Charlie! That's it! Thor talks about you a lot." Peter's head turns to the side yelling at Rocket, "Rocket! Tell Thor to come here, Charlie needs to talk to him." His face centers back to the screen and me. I rock nervously back and forth. "What's this about? Is it important? We're kinda in the middle of something." "It's important." In the background I see the large god walking closer. He's already slimmed up and bulked up since the last I saw him, "Lady Charlie! How have you been? It's been ages that I last saw you my beautiful friend. Quail, have I ever told you how special she is?" "Yeah. Almost every day. And it's Quill." He turns and walks away.
"That's what I said. Lady Charlie, what do I owe the pleasure?" His smile is so pure. I didn't realize how much I did love our time together, as short as it may have been. "I know." The only words I'm able to speak.
Thor's face falls a bit. "W-w-what do you know?" "Thor...big guy..." I can't, tears fall down my eyes. They're not necessarily out of sadness.
"Where's Rogers? Your other soldier? The assassin. Maybe they could help you speak." He tries to smile, but it doesn't reach his eyes.
"I know why you call me a special one. I know who my real mother is. I know where I was born. I know who taught me to use my emotions and empathy. And I know that you're my real...father." The words flow out of my mouth at an alarming rate.
And now it's Thor's turn to almost cry. "I'm sorry Charlotte." "It's okay. I was hoping you could help, fill all my missing pieces in. And... I can make lightning." Bruce and Thor both gasp.
"Really?" Thor asks, with an almost beaming smile.
"Still haven't perfected it, but yeah. Especially if someone threatens Bucky. I wrapped some around the shield." "Quill. We have to make a stop." Thor turns looking in the background.
"What? Why? No." Quill screams over to him. "I'm not asking. I have to see my...daughter." His face turns back to look at me.
"Daughter? Who is your..."? Quill is now front and center of the screen. "When did you have time to have sex with Charlie?" "What? No. Charlie, is my daughter." "Oh, that's awkward. Okay. We're changing courses. See you in a bit Charlie." The screen goes down and Bruces comes and stands beside me. Ineptly trying to figure out if he wants to hug me or not. I let out a breath I wasn't sure I was holding in. And lean my head over to Bruce. He takes this as his cue to give me a proper hug. "Let's go find Bucky. He'll know more what to do than me." I nod my head at him.
"How long will it take?" He shuffles back over to the main board, seeing the progress of the Milano.
"Looks like a few hours. I guess you're stuck here."
We walk through the compound and quickly find the super soldiers and my small child. Bucky already senses my mild distress and walks quickly over to me, wrapping his strong arms around me. Holding me in a way that only he can. Making me feel safe, and content. "How did it go, doll?" "He's on his way here. B said it should be a few hours. I feel better now. Like a weight was lifted off me." I bury my face deeper in his broad chest. Inhaling his dark woody cologne.
I feel small hands tugging at the bottom of my dress, "Mommy. Is everything okay?" She sheepishly asks.
"Yes, little pearl. My real dad is coming to visit." I bend over picking her up.
"Thor?" She speaks. Never missing a beat.
"How did you know?" I ask, furrowing my brows. "You hear me and Bucky talk?" "No. I think I've always known." She gives me a quick smile. Placing her hand on my cheek. The same way I once did while in Hydra. I know how she knew. I couldn't hold walls up from her. She kicks her legs, silently asking to be put back down. "Bruce! How have you been Jolly Green?" We all laugh at her. Just like Tito. I wonder what he would think of all the discoveries I've made with my life, in just a short time. "I've got you, doll." Bucky whispers deeply in the shell of my ear, and quickly pecking a kiss on my cheek.
"Charlie. They'll be here shortly if you want to wait near the landing zone." Bruce walks into the training area where all three of us have been showing Maggie a few things. I give him a quick nod. Steve stays with Maggie for a bit since she's not ready to leave, but Bucky stands close by my side, wrapping an arm around my shoulders, and I hold onto the hand that hangs down.
We follow Bruce to the landing zone, already seeing the ship in the distance. Upon landing I watch all the Guardians get out, long before Thor does. Feeling my knees starting to buckle, Bucky places himself behind me, wrapping his strong arms around me, and rests his chin on my head. "I'm here as long as you need me to be." "I know, thanks, babe." I turn my head to look at his glistening blue eyes and give him a quick kiss.
"You got food for us, Charlie?" Quill asks trying to look away from an intimate moment between Bucky and I. "Yeah, there's plenty of stuff to make sandwiches with in the kitchen." He gives me a nod; he follows Bruce as he leads him to the kitchen. And then I see him. The tall, blonde god. Back to his former glory, and even bigger than before. After the final battle with Thanos he got his confidence back. Realizing he was always worthy. Bucky's arms wrap tighter around me the closer he gets. Once he reaches me, Bucky lets me go, so I can give Thor a big hug, he kisses the top of my head, before letting me go back to Bucky. "I wouldn't squeeze her too tight assassin." "Maybe you should start by calling him Bucky, big guy." "I apologize, Bucky. Still don't squeeze her too tight." He narrows his eyes at Bucky. "Lady did you find out?"
"When my mom and I were sent back to Ear...Midgard, she was intercepted by Hydra. She talked about how her daughter was a child of Thor. Thinking she was crazy they were going to put her in a mental institution, and me in a group home, but Hydra discovered her ramblings, and they took her. She died there, but they were hoping to use me." I quickly tell him, giving him the CliffsNotes of my time in Hydra.
"They didn't. She escaped." Bucky adds, his hand rubs along my arm. I watch as Thor intently watches his arms around me.
"With Bucky's help. And then I used my powers to forget my life. Which is why I didn't remember you. But Bucky and I were given my file from Hydra. There were video files of my time there. Did you know...while I was here?" He gives me a nod. "When?" "When Tony told me your name, I thought you might be the same girl. And then when I saw you. I knew, but I just didn't know how to act. I was never a dad to you. I was young and dumb." His eyes fall back to Bucky's arms wrapped tightly around me. It is starting to make me feel uncomfortable.
"How did she...Elizabeth get there? In Asgard I mean. She was Midgardian?" "Loki. He made several trips down here. He saw your mom, and she was beautiful, and he wanted her, so brought her back. But she fell for me. And things happen. Assa...Bucky, could you not hold her so tight around her stomach?" His hands pull at his arms.
"Thor! What is your deal? I'm with Bucky, you don't have to be so rude. Stop." I try to push back his hands and Bucky stays firm, not wanting to upset me, or cause any kind of scene.
"I'm''re not with Rogers?" He asks, his eyes still focused on Bucky's arm.
"No. You saw us break up. I am with Bucky." I try to get his eyes to look at mine.
"I just don't want him to hurt you, or..." "What?" He finally meets my eyes, and then looking quickly over to Bucky.
"Can I? I mean no harm." He motions for Bucky to remove his arms from around me. I look back at him nodding my head. And then a strong hand presses against my lower stomach. He gives me a dopey smile. "I was right." "Thor?" My chest rises and falls quickly. The last time he did this was when he was in New Asgard.
"You don't know do you?" His eyes flick between mine and Bucky's.
"What is he doing?" Bucky focuses on Thor's hand.
"You remember don't you Lady Charlie. It wasn't that long ago. What four years? This is much earlier though." My hand presses on top of his. "Come on Bucky, give me your hand. I didn't get to do this with Rogers." Bucky moves his hand to Thor's. Thor guides his hand to sit low on my stomach. When I look back at Bucky his eyes are glassy, and he's frozen. "Lowly mortals." Thor chuckles out.
I hear the door open behind us, "Charlie...umm...I need to talk to you and Bucky. I think something must have went wrong."  Bruce calls out to us. Almost further solidifying what Thor is telling us. "He knows. You got tested today?" Thor still smiles at the both of us. Slapping Bucky on the shoulder, "Congratulations, Bucky. Now where's the little Rogers? I would like to see her. You two go talk to Banner." "Doll? What was that?" Bucky turns my body to look at him. "Did he just...?" "We should go talk to B." I try move but he holds on to my arm, tightly.
"Charlie? Is he saying...are you...? What happened four years ago?" One tear falls down the sweet man's face. I lean up and kiss it away. "Please, honey." "Thor was the one who told me I was pregnant with Maggie. But we were actively trying." My hands graze around his hairline, gently caressing every part of his face, wanting to memorize what his face looks like at this moment. "So, let's go talk to, B, before we freak out."
He gives me a nod and we walk to Bruce. Silently following him to the lab. He motions me to sit on the exam table. "I'm glad I checked your blood. You have high levels of HCG. I went ahead and checked your file. Good thing you came here. The lady that put in your IUD was new, she hadn't inserted many. In fact you were the first one she inserted without assistance." He hands me a blanket and spins around. "I'm going to take a transvaginal ultrasound to see if it's there before we jump to any conclusions." Bucky is paralyzed. Barely even blinking. I go ahead and remove my panties. Pulling my dress up before I return to the exam table, wrapping the blanket around me. "I'm ready, B." He turns to look back at me and Bucky, "You okay, Bucky? You look like you've seen a ghost? Do you understand what's going on?" Bucky gives him a slow nod. I put a hand up to him, which he does take it in his own, unblinking he watches Bruce. "Let me know if this makes you uncomfortable Charlie." "B, you delivered Maggie. You've seen every part of me." Bruce gives me a solemn smile before inserting the wand. Everyone's eyes turn to the monitor. "Would you look at that. Just what I thought." "What?" Bucky almost shouts.
"Well, there's no IUD in there. But that..." Bruce's finger points at a dark spot on the screen. "That's an amniotic sac. And this little spot right there..." He looks at us. "That's your baby. Looks about to be three maybe four weeks. If you hadn't have come here, you wouldn't have caught this on a test." "Our baby?" Bucky's voice comes out so soft, tears paint briny trails down his cheeks. "Is it healthy?" "Well, it's a bit too early to tell right now. I mean most people they're more like six to eight weeks pregnant before even taking a home test. But see that tiny flutter? That's a heartbeat. It's too soon for most places to detect that. We have state of the art tech here." "That's our baby." Bucky's body goes to the monitor. His fingers trace along the image and I can't hold back my tears anymore. This wasn't our plan, but even I couldn't plan for this. He's reacting softer and more perfect than I thought he ever could. "I'm going to be a dad. Wait...did we hurt the baby?" Bucky's body turns looking at me and Bruce. "Can we have sex?" Bruce looks away from me and can't meet Bucky's eyes. "It's perfectly normal yeah." "So that's what Thor was talking about? Why he felt your stomach. Why he didn't want me to squeeze you. And he did this with you and Steve too?" I nod my head at him. "I'm going to print you two some pictures." He taps along some buttons.
"Is it normal to lose an IUD?" I ask looking at Bruce.
"Not usually no. But it might not have been inserted correctly. You had someone new put it in right before you went to Munich, so it might not have even crossed your mind when it came out. Obviously without it, you have no protection. Were you using any other form of birth control?" I give him a laugh. "No, not at all." "If he's anything like Steve...I know the serums were different, but the serum can make the sperm more...eager. So very effective if you want to get pregnant. And you guys were wanting to, so that's good." Bucky turns looking at me. "We're having a baby." I return his cheek-to-cheek smile and he comes closer to me, kissing my lips. "I love you Charlotte...Barnes. I need to go talk to Thor. When is Clint getting here?" I know what he's doing. He wants to get married yesterday.
"They're getting here tomorrow." I smile, kissing his lips again.
"We have to tell Maggie. Tell Steve." Bruce removes the wand, and spins around, giving me the tiniest bit of privacy while he cleans and sanitizes the wand. Bucky helps me down, handing me my panties. "I have to tell Sam no missions for us for the next year." "Bucky..." "No. I'm not leaving you. I might miss something. Come on. I need to speak with Thor. Then we can talk to Maggie. Thanks, Bruce." Bucky almost begins to drag me along with him and then moves too gently.
"I'm not made of glass, babe." His body stops in the hall, bringing me closer to him. His hand rubs around my lower stomach where Thor had placed his hand. "You're carrying precious cargo. We tell Maggie and Steve together, okay?" I give him a smile and nod.
He drops me off in the kitchen with the Guardians. Steve and Maggie have made their way in here. Maggie talks with Rocket. Asking him all kind of questions. The raccoon looks up at me shaking his head. Bet he wishes she just said dada still. Bucky walks over to Thor, shaking his hand, he whispers to him and they both walk off. I smile watching the pair. Some things can still be traditional.
Bucky's POV: Thor follows me into a meeting room, "Steve told me your last name is Barnes. I prefer that. So why are you bringing me in here Barnes? What's so important? Did Banner tell you what I already told you?" "He did. That's not why I brought you in here. I wanted to give you the courtesy of talking to you before I officially asked Charlie." I stand tall, even though I'm not a small man, Thor is still a god and makes me feel small next to him.
"Okay...ask then. She's a special one you know?" He proudly smiles talking about Charlie. Even though he never played a father role to her, you can tell he adores her.
"I love her." "I can tell. Thank you for loving her and taking care of her. I bet she could take care of you. She uses the lightning. She could make herself fly." "That's not...I love her, and I want to marry her..." "Well good luck. She'll make a fine wife." He slaps my arm and almost starts to walk away.
"No... I wanted to ask for your blessing to marry her." "Huh?" One of his eyebrows cocks upward.
" you approve of Charlie and myself getting married?" Thor's eyes look my body up and down. Narrowing on my metal arm.
"Yeah. You look like a good choice. When's the wedding? Or are you going to wait forever?" He chuckles.
"No. As soon as we can. I want to marry her. I've got to talk with Clint first."
"Barton? Why Barton?" Do they not have these traditions in Asgard?
"Because he helped raise her." "When are you asking Barton?" His arms cross causing his biceps to bulge even more. This man could squish me like a bug.
"He'll be here tomorrow." "Yes!" His hand comes to a fist that he raises excitedly. "Almost the whole group. It's been a long time. We should celebrate. The wedding. The baby. No drinks for her, but it will be fun. Well good luck Barnes. I wish you all the luck." Without another word Thor spins on his heels walking out the door. That was oddly frustrating.
I make my way back into the kitchen and dining area. Standing back and watching my girl, pregnant with our baby, glowing as she talks to a couple of the Guardians and Thor. Maggie spots me and runs over to me, "Bucky, come here and meet Rocket. He's a talking raccoon!" She pulls my hand over with her.
"Still got the arm." Rocket tells me menacingly. "You know if I didn't like the lady. I would take that arm." Maggie looks at him with wide eyes.
"You can't take his arm, Rocky. He needs it." She drags me to meet the rest of the Guardians. Proud that she's the one to introduce me, and I can't keep my eyes from moving over to Charlie. She has our baby growing in her. We're having a baby.
The moment I get close enough to Charlie, my hand snakes around her back, before resting on her stomach. I could leave my hand here forever. The day that I actually feel the small baby is going to be the ultimate joy. "How you feeling, James?" She kisses my lips.
"I haven't ever been happier. Thor is okay with his blessing. That was an odd conversation." "He's innocent with earthly traditions. When are you wanting to tell people? Most wait until thirteen weeks." I look over to Steve and he's watching us intently. He feels so out of place here.
"Whatever you think, doll. Bruce and Thor know. Thor wants to celebrate." "Oh no. No." As she says it Thor comes closer to her. His face is beaming with a large smile.
His hand lays flat on her stomach, pushing mine out of the way. "Can't believe we're here again Lady Charlie. I should call you Princess Charlie." Charlie's eyes look at him irritated at the name. "Well, you technically are Princess of Asgard. Goddess of Thunder." I watch her jaw tighten looking at him. His hand still softly presses on her stomach, and now Steve is really looking over here. "No need to get upset Princess. The baby does better in a less hostile environment." I watch her fingers spark. "Okay, that's enough. Doll, come on." I go to move his hand on her stomach and he pushes her further away from me. "What are you doing?" "I didn't get to spend time with her when she was pregnant with little Rogers. I would like to spend more time with this one before I have leave." "Thor, enough!" Overwhelmed she hits him with a bit of lightning. Obviously, it has no effect on him, but it shocks him enough to remove his hand. She turns storming away.
"What did I do?" Thor innocently looks around the room.
Steve steps up to us. Maggie following closely behind. "Don't worry, her emotions are more all over the place when she's pregnant. Congratulations, Buck. How far along?" I look down at the little girl who almost looks like she's going to cry.
"I've got to go." I reach out a hand to Maggie and she takes it, but instead I pick the little girl up and tiny hands wrap around my neck. "Sorry, Mags. We didn't want you to find out like that." "I knew. That's why I kissed her belly. Mommy is just upset." Her head pulls back looking at me. "I'm sorry. They took that away from you." Tiny tears fall down her face. "Took what from me?"
"To tell people. Thor, he had some of that special drink." I nod my head knowing what she is talking about.
"Let's find your mom." She nods and we walk through the compound finding her in the training room. She sits on a bench, leaning back against the wall. Her hands rest softly on her stomach. When we enter, she looks over at us, and her tears fall quicker down her cheeks.
Maggie wiggles down and running to her mom. Her hand rests on Charlie's cheek and I watch Charlie's demeanor change. Calming down at the touch of her child, and most likely similar powers to her mom's. She whispers a thank you to the girl and kisses her forehead. Maggie tells her she loves her and runs off to climb around on the equipment.
I walk over to Charlie, squatting down to meet her eyes. Her eyes red and irritated from her tears. Her jaw still tight. "You okay, doll?" She gives me a weak smile, but doesn't answer. "Hey, if there's anything I can do, I will." "I'm just...overwhelmed. There's just a lot going on." Her eyes never leave mine, and I can see them go glossy.
"You think things are happening too quick?" I dread the answer she tells me, but I see her actually smile.
"Not with you. Just...Steve being here. It's like he is always trying to compete with you, and there's no competition.'s just a lot. I thought we might have had time before a baby." She watches my face and I give her a dull smile. "I'm not sad about it. Things just happen so fast when you're pregnant. We talked about adding on to the house. We talked about a house near Sam and Sarah. There's just a lot going on. But know this, James. Everything concerning me and you, and our family, I'm perfectly content. No, I'm beyond happy. Okay?" "Okay." I go to my knees, leaning up against her, kissing her the way I have wanted to when I saw our baby. I'm going to be a dad. She's carrying our baby and it's growing mere inches from me. "I love you, doll. You wanting to stay here? Or head back to the cottage?" "Thor will want us to stay here." I roll my eyes. I watch her look up to watch Maggie with a smile.
"I want you to do what you want to do. Not do what you think others want."
"I have a room. There's bunk beds in there!" Maggie comes running over to us. Looks like we're staying here.
"Come on Maggie James. Keep papaw Thor away from your mom if he's acting crazy." She gives me a nod and giggles.
"Ehh...I don't like that. Can I just call him Thor?" She asks, reaching up for Charlie to hold her.
"You call him whatever you like, little pearl."
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rosefem · 13 hours ago
i feel bad happyposting and then sadposting like im still in a good mood and it's still a good day im just like. u know. teeny bit of egghhh
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coleisqueer · 14 hours ago
The only victim of the Winter Soldier that Bucky Barnes needs to make amends to is himself.
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ohthereisadream · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Isn’t this better? You and me, alone... just for a little while, away from Jyhad, and the nonsense, and the dangers... just the two of us...
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cherubbarnes · a day ago
Bucky taking care of you when you’re sick! (Headcanon)
A/n: this is just a quick lil hc cause it’s 01:30am as I’m writing this and I feel like a bag of crap all of a sudden. Could be a delayed reaction to the vaccine, could be dehydration, exhaustion, who knows? I hope y’all enjoy! <3
Okay so he’s from the forties so obviously he’s gonna try to make soup or something like that
Except he probably doesn’t have all the stuff to make said soup immediately
So he just fucking swaddles you up in blankets on the couch like a lil burrito
And he kisses you on the head before he leaves to sprint to the shop
He’d come back to find you fast asleep and just leave you be while he’s cooking
His soup would either be terrible or amazing, I can’t decide
But let’s just say it’s amazing and he wakes you up with it and you don’t even have to move
He just gently manhandles you
If that’s a thing??
Up into a seated position and moves some of the blankets away so you can free your hands
Not that you’d have to lift a finger in his presence
Like the second you’re done, he immediately takes the bowl and washes it and puts it away
Immediately makes you a cup of tea
Immediately sweeps every single tissue into the bin
Every sickened and cold-ridden groan that comes out of your mouth is met with a peck on the lips
Despite your protests
Because the man doesn’t care about getting sick so long as he’s making you feel better
He’d definitely watch a romcom with you with your head in his lap
Like cuddled up to Bucky watching Notting Hill??? That’s enough to make you pretend to be sick just to experience that
And when you fall asleep, he just scoops you up and plops you into bed
And you half wake up to find him putting vaporub on your chest and pillow so you can breathe properly
And he stays up half the night in case you have a coughing fit or need some painkillers
Makes sure you stay on your side so he can rub your back if you cough in your sleep
And you wake up the next morning to warm tea and honey
And an abundance of cough drops and medicine just in case
And he makes you toast just the way you like it
And you realise how wild your hair looks so he moves behind you
And gently brushes it out
Like so fucking gently
Then when he’s done he puts it in a loose braid for you
Kisses you on the forehead when he comes back around to your front
What I’m saying is, he’d baby you so, so much
Because he’s a softie like that
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ohthereisadream · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Before this neat little makeover, I used to be a model. I was all over the place... TV, magazines, billboards. I mean, I was hot - super hot - and I knew it. Which is why Gary decided to invite me into his freaky little family.
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comparativetarot · a day ago
Tumblr media
Seven of Cups. Art by Marie White, from The Mary-el Tarot.
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brklynlost · a day ago
@brknsymbol​:  “ i  did  warn  you  not  to  get  on  the  plane . ”
Tumblr media
sam seems to think talking to him over the speaker on redwing is a better way to communicate when he just jumped 300 feet out of a plane this time.  between torres and sam you’d think the pair of them MADE SURE there were never any parachutes on the planes!
Tumblr media
“  just because you and mini birdboy don’t need parachutes doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t, sam!  ”                    it comes out as a complaint, eyes shutting as he breathes through the pain spreading across his back.  contrary to popular belief, bucky is not completely  robotic and he does still experience SERIOUS pain when he jumps from those heights.       (  sam will be experiencing even more serious pain when bucky finally gets to where he ACTUALLY is.  )           after thirty seconds and counting of laying on the leaves, bucky finally pushes himself up onto his elbows with a sigh.
he collapses back down as a groan escapes his lips.               “  just leave me here, you asshole and go catch the bad guy.  i’ll find you.  ”
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brklynlost · a day ago
@ofmockingjay:  “ read my lips : no . ”
Tumblr media
“  i didn’t even SAY anything yet!!  ”                they’re entirely too close to each other, not quite staring each other down but absolutely using too many hand motions           (  on bucky’s part  )      to get the point across.  katniss everdeen is INFURIATING almost all of the time and he’s getting tired of her attitude.
Tumblr media
“  you know what.  nevermind.  you win.  i’ll go ask sam. . .  ”              he turns on his heels to leave the room, letting the air between them grow thicker.  this could have two results.  result one -- she lets him storm off because she’s that level of uncaring.  result two -- she grows curious from the threat to leave and actually tries to listen to his plan.
he’s crossing his mental fingers for result two since sam is out of the country and. . . not gonna go along with the plan at all.
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olaskoolkitchen · a day ago
Ola's Kool Kitchen podcast 444 sonics for summer time with Wolf Alice, Night Beats, White Flowers, BERRIES, The Chills, FACS, Damien Jurado & black midi
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marvelfanfiction · a day ago
Man Out of Time: Chap 51, Respect Our Space
Bucky's POV:
Our small family sits at the breakfast table eating our special occasion favorite, chocolate chip waffles. I swirl a big mound of whipped cream on Maggie's waffle, and the little girl smiles up at me with her bright blue Steve Rogers's eyes. Her eyes are the twins of her dad's after the serum. Pre-serum his eyes were mostly green, the bright blue barely weaved its way through. Her fork first goes into the dollop of whip cream, taking a big bite of the white fluff with a smile, looking over at Charlie. Charlie returns the smile shaking her head.
Today is finally Friday. Today Steve will be here, and I need a moment with the man. I watch his small daughter. She kicks her legs around excited for her favorite breakfast and Steve's visit. Charlie's hand rubs along my thigh, her chair is awkwardly at the corner of the table to bring her closer to me. I don't know how I feel about sitting at the head of the table if it means being further away from her. Time in the cottage is just such a bliss. I'm enjoying this time off, but I'm sure it will quickly be taken away from us. Another mission is bound to be coming sooner than we would wish.
"When is daddy coming again?" Maggie looks over to her mom. She's asked several times already this morning. She wants to tell him all about Louisiana, and getting to go on the boat. I'm sure he'll make a comment about Charlie not being on the boat with her.
"Well, little pearl it's now 8:30. Your dad comes at 2:00. That means you have five hours and thirty more minutes. Make sure to eat your eggs, too."
"Ugh. Can he not come earlier and spend longer?" She whines. I see Charlie take in a deep breath wanting to stay calm for Maggie, but 2:00 was the time that Steve suggested.
"We can talk to him about that." I assure the young girl; Charlie gives me a soft smile and we continue to eat breakfast. "We should do a hike through the woods today. I haven't walked around the property much."
"Really?" Maggie asks. Her bright eyes look over to Charlie asking the same question.
"I think that's a great idea, Bucky. Eat up and we'll get ready. I'll make us a picnic lunch." Maggie quickly shovels food in her mouth, "Ma'am, you need to slow down. Choking on your food isn't going to do you any good." Maggie sighs, but does slow down her eating.
Once she's full she walks over to me and gives me a big hug and thanking me for suggesting the hike. I know I have a dopey smile when I look over at Charlie and her face is emotionless. "I've been traded in, I tell you." I laugh at her. "She was always meant to be a daddy's girl. And now her bonus dad is getting all the love."
"I did suggest we go hiking." I chuckle at her. "And you'll always be her mom. No one can take your place." She rolls her eyes at me. "You'll pay for that later."
"Whatever do you mean, James?" Her lips softly kiss on mine.
"You enjoy being a brat, don't you?" She gives a shrug. My arms pull her over to my lap. "Yeah, you do, doll." Our lips connect. Her tongue tickles along my lips before I return the touch with my own. Soaking up her taste. "Save that for later." I pat on her thigh.
"You're right. I need to get us a lunch packed." She quickly pecks my lips and goes to walk into the kitchen. I gather up the dirty dishes and begin loading them in the dishwasher, and washing up the dishes from the breakfast preparation while Charlie continues to pack lunch. "You know, it's still early. We could just leave the lunch here and have picnic outside, that way Maggie can play on the play set."
"Whatever you think doll." I quickly give her a kiss, but she holds tightly to me, lingering our kiss.
"You two finished?" Maggie taps her foot on the floor. "Because I'm ready to go."
"Watch your manners, Maggie James." Charlie gives her the mom look that I've grown accustomed to.
"Sorry." The small blonde sheepishly says. "But are you about finished?"
"Yes, you need some sneakers on though, little lady." I tell her. She runs back in her room.
"Fifty-seven...fifty-eight...fifty-nine...sixty. Ready or not here I come!" I call to the two girls in my life. After lunch we decided to play some hide and seek to pass the time, until Steve arrives. Spotting a giggling Maggie almost immediately her bright blonde pigtails wiggling around with her body, I don't want to expose her though, so I set off looking for Charlie. Walking past Maggie's hiding spot causes her to giggle a bit louder, seeing that I missed her. "Maggie? Is that you giggling?" I call out in front of me.
"No." Her small voice calls out. Lord, she's been around Sam too long.
Catching a glimpse of Charlie, I stealthily walk behind her. Wrapping my arms around her waist. "You wanted to get caught, didn't you?"
"Oh no. Why would I want to get caught White Wolf?" Her lips meet mine. "Let's find the little one. I heard her giggling."
"No, you didn't!" She calls back. Half a super soldier. Maggie has excellent hearing.
"You go left and I'll go right." Charlie casts in my mind, I give her a quick nod and we stalk around Maggie. Her wild squeal echoes through the property as Charlie and I chase her around. She weaves her body expertly trying to avoid capture.
"No! You'll never take me alive." She giggles. Charlie is able to grab her up, tickling her. Not to be outdone I swoop in grabbing both girls up and bringing us to the ground in a fit of laughter.
I hear a quick click of a phone and then the voice we've all been waiting to hear. "Well, isn't this a sweet picture." He yells over to us, he places Charlie's phone back on the table, and slowly walks down the steps to the yard.
Maggie's eyes go bright, you can see the delight in her blue green eyes as she pulls herself from Charlie's grasp and a gleeful, "Daddy!" gushes out of her mouth. Her little legs run up to Steve and he swings her up in his arms, throwing her up in the air before catching her. I still will never understand how he was able to leave the girl.
"Daddy, how's Peggy been?" She asks.
"She knows about Peggy?" I cast over to Charlie.
"I guess so. I was unaware about that."
"She's good little one. We'll talk about her later." His eyes narrow towards me and Charlie still sitting on the cool ground, wrapped up in each other. "How've you been Buck?" His eyes finally meet mine.
"I can honestly say I've never been better. We've got a good life, huh, doll?" I give her a quick kiss and pull ourselves up off the ground and walk towards them. "Good to see you again, punk." I wrap my arms around Steve and Maggie.
"Steve." Charlie nods and kisses his cheek. No bit of jealousy is left when it comes to those two. I'm not stupid, I know exactly what I mean to Charlie. Multiple times she allows her empathy to wash over me when we orgasm together. And Steve is never in those visions. Visions of her current feelings for me. Visions of our future together and what she's envisioned for us. A beautiful and long life together.
"Maggie, why don't you go color me a picture so I can talk to your mom and Bucky alone for a bit." Great. Not sure why he wants to talk to us, I'm the one who needs to be talking to him. I wish things could just be normal between us three. The young girl runs inside. "Make it pretty I'm going to hang it on the fridge at home." His eyes flick between me and Charlie and she just snuggles up closer to my side. I inhale the sweet smell of her floral perfume drifting over to me.
"What's this about Steve?" She asks. Her tone is soft, not wanting to ruin our good day so far.
"Peggy thinks I'm coming too often. Taking the Pym Particles is becoming more difficult for her." His hand connects with her shoulder and leads us to the swing, while he sits in a chair. "And I understand this is a lot to ask of you two, but if I'm not coming as often...well, I would like to stay longer. Stay for a few days or" The s is a whisper but we both hear it. "And don't talk in your heads. I'd prefer to hear what you both think. I mean it won't feel like anytime at all on Peggy's end."
Charlie's eyes meet mine, contemplating everything he's saying. "There is a guest room." She whispers. "And you're here with me. But this is your home, too, Bucky. I need you to be comfortable with everything."
I give her a smile before looking at Steve. "It would have to be scheduled days. We would need to know exactly how long you're planning on staying. That time watch will be locked away."
"Are you afraid I'll take my daughter with me?" He asks, eyes narrowing at me.
"Yes. The thing is Steve, you left. You chose to leave this timeline to go back to then. So, you're the one that suffers. Not Charlie, not Maggie, not me. Not to mention we have to have a man to man talk." Charlie's legs drape over my lap and she leans further back on the swing.
"This is about the other day? When you guys went on a date?" Sadness flashes in his eyes and he looks at Charlie. He's surprised she told me.
Gritting my teeth, I nod my head. "Among other things."
"Okay...Also, there's the business of Peggy. As you can tell Maggie knows about her." Nervously his hands rub together. The callouses and dryness of his hands cause a rough humming sound.
"Does Maggie understand who Peggy is to you? And you were honest about why you've been traveling through time?" Charlie chooses her words carefully.
"Yes. She knows that Peggy and I are married." I watch his Adam's apple bob up and down, as he tries to hold back tears. "I don't know what I did when I left her. I love Peggy, but being away from Maggie is so hard. I didn't expect for it to be like this or feel like this." He pauses as a tear falls down his cheek. "I may have made a mistake, but I can't change it now. Charlie...I'm so sorry for doing that to you. And all the things I've done to you. I just assumed you would always be there. Always forgive me."
"Steve, I am here for you."
"Not like I wanted you to be. But you were right. I used you. I always compared you to her. I was too dumb to see what was right in front of me." I begin to say something, but Steve puts his hand up at me. "But when I saw you two together, I knew I was never meant to be with you. And that hurt. I thought that I had missed out on the person I was supposed to be with twice then. The first because of the plane crash. And the second because I was too dumb and stubborn to see what I had in front of me."
"Steve..." I begin. My teeth grit together again.
"I'm not trying to take your girl, Bucky. I know she's meant to be with you. The universe just had a cruel way to keep us all intertwined."
"Steve...did something happen with Peggy?" Charlie whispers to him. Her eyes can't meet his. She just draws shapes with her fingers on my metal arm.
"She thinks I come too often to this time. And when you were away Buck, she...she thought that I had been unfaithful to her. She said that must be why I wanted to come so often. She hasn't had a baby yet and doesn't understand the pull I have to Maggie."
"You were unfaithful." Charlie's voice is almost inaudible. There it is. I had been wanting to avoid this. Charlie basically told me this happened. No details, and she wasn't unfaithful. He was.
"I'm sorry, Buck." The only thing that can come out of his mouth. He can't look me in the eye, and I stare only at him.
"Charlie. Can you give us a minute?" My fists are tight. This ends today. That way we can move forward. Especially if he's going to be spending more time here.
"I'm fine, doll. It's just time for this. Why don't you start supper? I was thinking those chorizo enchiladas you make that I love. Sound good Steve?" Still not looking at me he nods. His head is held low. He's ashamed, as he should be. "Hey, I love you Charlotte...Barnes." She rolls her eyes but gives me a kiss before walking inside. "How about some elote too? Maybe a tres leches cake." I try to keep her busy for a while. And if this conversation is not too long, I can go in and help her.
Steve's eyes finally meet mine. "We were drunk."
"I don't care. She told me. We weren't together." I know that my eyes are cold as I look at him, but I want us to be on good terms, leave the past in the past.
"She loves you. Loved you then. Even screamed your name." He lets out an awkward laugh.
"Steve." I growl out his name. I don't want to talk about this. "Enough. That's not even what I want to talk about. That day we went on our first date. I know Charlie talked to you, and I know that you saw her on the phone with me. You have to respect our space." Ashamed he looks away. "I've seen her...before. But she's with me now. I want to marry her." His eyes shift to look at me. A moment of sadness and happiness peers from his eyes. He's very conflicted. "I just have to ask Clint and her dad."
"Her dad died in a car crash." He's confused. And I don't know how much I should tell him.
"No, he didn't. That was her adopted dad." Now it's my turn to look away from him.
"Adopted? W-what?" He deeply breathes in. Clearly his mind is a whirlwind.
"Zemo, he had a file of Charlie's time in Hydra." Bright blue green eyes look at me scared. "There was SD cards with videos of her time there. And like I told you, from the moment we met when she was eight, I felt a strong need to protect her. She basically grew up there. I was able to help her escape when she was eighteen."
"No. She moved in with the Barton's when she was sixteen." His eyes shift around, and even turns to look back in the house at Charlie.
"No. She had amazing powers in Hydra. Ones that just recently became known. She used her powers to make her forget, and made herself believe she was sixteen so that the Barton's would take her in to live."
"Eighteen?" His mind races as he puts together that piece.
"Yeah. Eighteen." I sigh. "I don't know how much I should tell you. It's just as much her story as mine."
"What happened in there?" An edge of anger comes through his voice.
"Hydra saw our affections for one another. As a child she was able to get me out of the Winter Soldier mode. I even put a gun to Pierce's head when I thought he would hurt her. She was nine. She had a very evident crush on me when she was older...and when she became of age, we fell for one another. A man named John Garrett picked up on this and him and Pierce decided to let me be free around the compound, and they allowed us to..."
"What?" His back straightens up as he looks at me. "What are you telling me?" Again, darkness and anger are in his voice.
"Pierce wanted us to have a baby. He gave her fertility pills and told her they were vitamins."
"Why would he want that?" Steve speaks through his teeth.
"He wanted an asset that would be half super soldier and half demigod...well demigoddess." My eyes meet his and I watch him soak that piece of information in.
"What?" His chest heaves, almost as if he's having a panic attack. "Who's her father?" Meeting my eyes, trying to read me. And then with a deep sigh, "Thor?" I nod my head. "He knew. He asked me to send her with him to Asgard during the time heist. Nearly begged me. Thor never gave me a reason why. He just told me she helped him, and he always wanted her to see Asgard. He had to have wanted to take her back home. See if that would help her remember." Most of his words are to himself as he rambles. "Thor saw his mother. She would have got to see Charlie again. When did she leave Asgard? How did she get there? You said demigoddess. So, her mother was human?"
"In the video she told Garrett that her grandfather made her and her mom leave because she was a distraction to Thor and Frigga. We have to talk to Thor to get some details. So, I'm not sure." We stare at one another for a few moments.
"Was Hydra successful with their plan? I mean...did you guys...were you guys ever...together?" I see the sadness in his eyes. He doesn't want me to be the one who Charlie gave her virginity to.
"There was no baby. But yes, we were together." My voice is solemn, because I can see what this means to him.
"She told me I was her first." I watch his hands clench into a fist.
"She didn't remember, Steve. Hydra didn't wipe her memories. She did. And she did a damn good job."
"And you? In Vienna, I shared her with you. And you had already been with her."
"'re overreacting here. Charlie isn't property. You don't get to own her. You don't get to tell her what to do." Angry he stares over to me. "This is stupid. You admitted that she took Peggy's place. That she reminded you of Peggy, so you settled. I'm not settling, she is who I want."
"It was always you. She was always going to choose you. She took her memories with you away from herself, and still chose you." I take a deep breath. Allowing him one more comment before he pisses me off. "I was never meant to be with her."
"Jealousy doesn't look good on you, Steve."
"Oh, shut up. I spent eight years with that woman. Up until she met you, I knew she loved me. Was in love with me. And now everything makes sense. She was frozen the moment she saw you face to face. You didn't want to let her go. You never hurt her even in the Winter Soldier mode." I give him a look. I strangled her and hit her. "Not like you did with everyone else. You wanted to kill us. You took her, because you wanted"
"Wow?" I look at him. Confused at the comment.
"Charlie is daughter of Thor. Her official adopted uncle was Clint. Nat helped train her, and was like a sister to her. Tony basically adopted her. She has a child with me. And in love with Bucky Barnes. She is weaved so deep in the Avengers. How was this information never out?" He smiles at me. We're past the awkward part.
"We both think that Natasha might have known more than she told anyone. Maybe even Clint."
"You ever teach her to fight with knives in Hydra?" I give him a smile nodding my head. "Makes sense. She moves like you."
"She could even lace the knife with lightning. She did wrap her lightning around the shield. She's amazing."
"Why did you call her Charlie Barnes?" He huffs out a laugh.
"I like teasing her about her last name." I give a chuckle, trying to peer through the window at my girl. This is my life. This isn't a dream.
"Is Hydra going to get their wish? I know that Charlie wanted more kids once Maggie got older."
"We said we're going to wait until we're married. I honestly would be okay with her being pregnant now. I'm trying to do things right with her, you know? Charlie has never had the chance to have a normal life. She was raised in Asgard until she was eight. Then in Hydra until she was eighteen. Then raised by Avenger until she was twenty-five. Got in a complicated relationship with a man who wouldn't take her out on a date." I look over at Steve. There's no anger in my voice. I've accepted Charlie's past just like she has mine. There's nothing that we don't know about one another now.
"It seems it all worked out the way it was supposed to." Steve hums.
"But seriously, respect our space, Steve." He nods at me. "We are a couple. We have sex, we kiss, we love each other."
"Listen, I know how...horny Charlie is. You don't have to explain." He laughs.
"That's my future wife you're talking about. So, watch it." I go to stand. It's time I help my girl.
"I really am sorry about everything, Buck. I see what she means to you. I know what you mean to her. But remember this isn't easy for me either. I know you two think I just up and went to be with Peggy and everything became easy. I still have complicated feelings towards her. We had a good five years. And I do regret sometimes what I did. I should have tried to live a life here. Not with her. It was always going to be you. But tried to be a present father to Maggie." I pat his shoulder. Holding a hand out to him to take his time watch. He doesn't hesitate. Just hands it over.
And right on cue Maggie comes running out to him. Showing him her work of art. "Do you like it? I thought I would make something extra pretty for Peggy...and you, too. Will I ever get to meet her?" She places her short legs on Steve's lap as he looks over the picture.
"One day, angel." He kisses her cheek and I walk into the house to help Charlie.
"Does that mean that I get to go back with you?" Her eyes are bright, wanting to see where her dad goes when he leaves.
"Absolutely not." My voice is firm. I narrow my eyes at Steve. He wants to say something, but knows that deep down not even Charlie would go for that. Maybe if we went with them, but never send her back with Steve.
"No, angel, I don't think that will be possible." He softly tells her. Charlie and him are excellent at not having arguments in front of Maggie. They feel she needs to live as happy a life as possible, especially since we all see what can really be going on in the world.
Upon entering I see her swaying her hips, lightly singing to the record that's playing. This isn't a dream. This is our life. I watch her place the yellow sponge cake in the oven, stirring around the browning chorizo. She turns to the island and catches me staring at her. "This would get done quicker if you helped." Her sweet smile that she makes only for me is evident. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
"You're just so beautiful. Whose girl are you, doll?"
With a little giggle and quick walk over to me, she gives me her signature smile. "Yours. Only yours, James." She places her soft pink lips on mine. "You know you don't always have to confirm whose girl I am, right?"
"I like the way the words sound coming out of your pretty mouth." Bashfully she looks away from me. The pink in her cheeks get brighter. I place a hand under her chin so she looks up at me. "And I can't wait to have that pretty mouth wrapped around my cock later."
Her hand playfully smacks at my chest. "Holy shit, Bucky. You say the sweetest things and then turn it around to be the most..."
"Don't act like you don't like it." I pick her body up to mine, and her legs wrap around my waist. Her eyes light up as she looks down to me.
"Bucky, Steve and Maggie are just outside." Her giggles vibrate off the walls.
"I don't care. We're not doing anything with our clothes off. I'm just holding my girl." I lean up to her, softly kissing her lips.
"Well, if you don't want to put me down, walk me to the stove so the chorizo doesn't burn, Alpha." I let out a growl on her neck when I walk us over to the stove. She moves the meat around and looks back at me, pulling me into a deeper kiss. Teasing me with her tongue. Enraptured and love drunk in our moment, we're only focusing on one another.
"Ahem." Steve chokes out. We pull apart and look over to him. "This happen a lot?"
"Our space, Steve. Respect it." I tell him. My arms loosen up against Charlie's as she fully slides down.
"You get used to. They kiss a lot." Maggie answers walking through the door. "You missed our peanut butter mixing party. Maybe you can come on a Thursday one day.
Charlie's POV:
Oddly the dining area is filled with laughter. Whatever Bucky talked with Steve about worked well, because there seems to be no awkwardness. Easy conversation. Maggie being extra animated telling her dad and bonus dad stories about what happened on the boat. Steve only quickly gives me a look when Maggie tells her that it was just her, the boys, and Sarah. One adult with three kids. "She's still alive, Steve." I cast over to him, and he quickly returns his attention to our daughter.
Tumblr media
"Mommy and Aunt Sarah cheated during Uno. They even made me and Bucky lose." She fakes a pout at me, but quickly giggles.
"I tried to warn you, little pearl, but you just wanted to play dirty. I had to do the same." Forks continue to clink on the plates, while a round of yums and mmms fills the dining area.
"How come you never cooked this when I was here?" Steve asks, taking another large bite of enchilada.
"You never asked. And it wasn't in my archive of recipes. I saw this on a YouTube video. And Bucky and Maggie love it." Bucky looks over to me, eyes shining.
"Wait until you taste the cake. It's even better." Bucky informs Steve while still looking at me. "Still not sweeter than the taste of your pussy."
"Bucky!" I warn him with crazy eyes.
"Just warming you up. I know that sweet pussy of yours has got to be getting drenched and messy just for me." He smirks at me, placing a sweet kiss beside my mouth. When his words are anything but sweet.
"You better quit." Before he can respond back, casting his filthy words that are indeed getting me riled up. Maggie gasps beside Steve.
"Can we watch a movie with popcorn before I go to bed?" Maggie asks glancing over at the cake, her plate cleaned of all food.
"We can watch a movie and have a piece of cake, maybe even a swirl of whipped cream on top?" Bucky asks. He's so perfect and seamless with her. I can't wait to give him a child of his own. Seeing how much he loves Maggie, but being able to experience this from conception to birth and beyond. And during the next night of pregnancy, I won't be sad about Bucky being gone.
"Okay. That's fair Buckster." She giggles over looking at him.
Everyone loads their plates into the dishwasher, and I clean up the kitchen, washing everything. Looking over into the living room to the couch where my small daughter sits in between two large super soldiers. "Bucky, can we get a cat?" Maggie whispers over to the large man. He's such a sucker when it comes to her, I can't imagine he'll tell her no.
"Um...well...uh." He stutters. His strong hands rub on the back of his neck, turning slightly to look at me. I just smile and take out plates to cut up pieces of cake for everyone, making sure to swirl some whipped cream on Maggie's.
And then I hear it the sweetest, "Pwease, Buckster? I don't have anyone here to play with." Even this makes Steve laugh. He sees where this is going. Bucky without a doubt will crumble. She never asks Bucky for anything unreasonable. But she also knows how to use those bright blue eyes to play him.
"We'll have to talk to your mom, but I don't see why you couldn't get a cat." He fully looks at me, and I smile nodding my head.
"I said we, as a family, I'm just three. I'll need help taking care of it. I think I want a fluffy girl...maybe. I'll know when I see it."
"Okay, okay, little pearl. Quit trying to use your cute face to get what you want from Bucky. Do you know what movie you want to watch?" Carrying a tray with saucers of cake, of course Bucky and I are sharing, I set it on the coffee table, and sit on the other side of the couch. All four of us sitting on the couch. Like one big happy family.
"Can we watch Pinocchio? Did you two watch it when it first came out?" I can't stand this. That is the sweetest thing ever. Bucky and Steve look down at the little girl, both overcome with emotion as well.
"We did, angel. Bucky was distracted during the movie; I don't know if he remembers it." Steve cockily smiles over to Bucky. They're too competitive.
"And your dad left early, and got in a fight in the alley. I had to save his butt...again." Bucky's strong-arm wraps around me, the smell of his amber woody cologne swirls up my nose. His arm flexes behind me. He knows exactly what he's doing. Making me want him even more.
"It's not a contest guys." Maggie rolls her eyes taking a bite of cake and I stifle a giggle. "So, let's watch it then." Everyone settles back in the couch.
Steve takes a bite of the spongy cake, and rolls his eyes back. "This is amazing, Charlie."
"She's the best." Bucky tells him, taking a bite of the cake I'm holding up to him. "You're still my favorite dessert." His lips touch mine and I taste the sweet milks that the cake has been soaking in. Delicious. And I don't mean the lingering of the cake.
Most of the movie, Maggie sits paying attention. Steve and Bucky's voices hum along to the music, and my heart just feels full. "You staying the night? Or weekend?" I cast over to Steve.
"If you guys don't mind. I'd like to stay for a while. Need a break."
"Not at all. You've got the whole guest room."
"Thanks, Charlie."
I watch Maggie's head fall to side, hitting the side of Bucky's flesh arm a few times before her sweet sleepy voice looks up at Steve, "Daddy. Can you put me to bed and read me a story?"
"Of course, angel. I'm a bit tired myself. G'night, guys."
He cradles a now wide-awake Maggie up the stairs and closing the doors. The muffled lullaby from her music box that Bucky insisted she have whispers down the hall and stairs. I stand carrying the remaining dishes into the kitchen, loading them in the dishwasher and starting it. Bucky never leaves the couch.
Having him be so parental and sweet with Maggie, mixed in with his sexy and dark cologne, not to mention his raunchy words have driven me crazy. Steve will be upstairs for a while. I bite at my lip when I get the most devious idea. Almost the idea of getting caught, and Steve realizing that I am Bucky's girl, and he's my man makes me happier than it should.
I pull my dress up, removing my black lacy panties. And as if right on cue, I watch as Bucky's head leans back, "You almost done, doll? This couch is getting kind of lonely." Without answering I throw the panties over to him. They land right in his lap. He looks at them before picking them up and looking at me. "What's that for?" Already his eyes are dark with lust, his tongue licks along his lip before pulling the lower lip into his mouth. Pearly white teeth bite at his lip, and his finger beckons me to come to him. "No panties, huh? Why don't you get me ready? I'll take you right here, if you think we have time." His hand throws the panties down once I stand right in front of him.
"Oh, we'll have time. He usually falls asleep in there."
I kneel on the floor, using my hands to spread his thighs apart, humming at his already tightened pants. My fingers slide up his thick thighs as he releases a deep sigh, quickly I unlock his belt, and unbutton his pants. My eyes roll up to meet him while he lifts himself off the couch for me to inch his pants down his legs. Placing my hand at the base of his cock, I pull my body closer to him. Kissing his tip, and using my lips to spread around his precum. His body leans back further on the couch and I sink my mouth fully on his hardened and veiny cock. Humming once his tip touches the back of my throat.
I begin bobbing my head on his cock, hollowing my cheeks to fully sheath him in my mouth. Tears form at the corners of my eyes and I dribble out my mouth. Enjoying the taste of him, and the whispered moans that release from his petal pink lips. Just by his sounds alone I feel my core heat up. The insides of my thighs already become sticky as my slick leaks out.
"Doll, as much as I love this, sit on my lap. I'd rather cum in your pussy." His voice rumbles out as he whispers down to me. I slowly pull him out of my mouth, returning another kiss to his tip.
When I lean back up, I wipe away the mess I made around my mouth, "I would say she's yours." He squints his eyes at me, confused by my comment. "My pussy. I would say that she's yours."
I watch his mouth pull up a smirk. "Such a good and slutty girl that you are."
I stand, pulling up the dress a bit before hovering over him, holding onto to the base of his cock, placing it on my entrance, and fully sinking down over him. He hisses once I make contact with his lap. I fan the skirt of my dress out around us. Even if Steve should catch us, he won't be seeing much. "So so perfect for me, doll."
His strong fingers grab ahold of my hips, and I smile at him, placing a tender kiss on the edge of his before rolling my hips of top of him. His fingers grip tighter when I begin kissing along his jawline, marking up his neck. Claiming him as my own. His fingers bury deeper into my hips, leaving his own marks on my skin.
"That's right, honey, ride my cock. Fuck yourself on my cock." He jerks my head away from his neck, both his hands on the side of my face, thumbs grazing along my cheeks. "Or should I say he's your cock." I bite my lip as I smile at him, still rolling my hips, never breaking my rhythm. "Fucking hell, Charlie. Why are you so fucking perfect? Perfectly tight. Perfectly hot. Perfectly mine. My pussy." His lips connect to my neck.
"James, please." I whine to him. I'm close to a release, but I know he's nowhere near ready.
"What is it honey? You want your Alpha to help you cum?" His voice is so deep and gruff on my neck, I feel myself getting even hotter.
"Yes, Alpha. Help me cum." His left-hand slides down my body. Quickly groping my breasts before traveling further down, moving underneath the fabric of my dress, that's giving us coverage. And then I feel the cool metal gentle tickly my clit. He adds more pressure to the bundle of nerves, making tight circles. I feel the coil in my belly pulls tighter, panting out a breath before it snaps, I bite on his shoulder, muffling the moans and screams that threaten to come out.
"One more for me, doll. And later I'm fucking you with no clothes on." I speed up my rhythm desiring for his hot cum buried deep in my walls, and the look of his face when he comes undone under me. My favorite drug is Bucky's face when I make him cum.
Steve's POV:
I jolt awake, realizing I had fallen asleep while reading to Maggie. The book is still open, flat on my chest. Her head lays on my arm, and my body is contorted and halfway off the bed. She needs a bigger bed. I slide the tiny girl off my arm. Smiling down as I watch her sleep. I made a mistake. I should have never left Maggie. She needs me, even though Charlie doesn't anymore. I'm still conflicted on how I feel about Charlie. I put Peggy up on a pedestal, ignoring the woman I had in front of me. Making Peggy out to be the perfect woman that I built in my mind.
She's not perfect. We've definitely had our arguments. Most of them include Charlie and Maggie. While I wasn't faithful to Peggy, up until that point it was never about wanting to be with Charlie again. Even after Bucky left and I saw Charlie's light fade more and more, I never wanted her in that way. I wanted to comfort her, but never sexual, until I did. And that's when my feelings became conflicted. Bucky's right, jealousy isn't a good look for me. And Charlie never looked at me the way she did Bucky. And I never treated her the way that Bucky does.
Rolling my eyes, I stand to stretch, closing the music box that tinkles out a soft melody of Brahms Lullaby and it stops with a click of the lid. And then I hear them. I sigh, I was once the one that would get her going. Every time we had a free moment, she was ready to let me fuck her until she was cock drunk. I should stay in this bedroom and give them some privacy. This is their space. I should respect it. And yet, there's a part of me that can't. I'm curious. I haven't watched them fuck in so many years. And I feel myself harden thinking about that night. The night Bucky and I both destroyed her. Causing her to scream out. I have had a longing to repeat that night on multiple occasions.
Against my better judgement I quietly walk out of the bedroom, knowing Bucky may freak if he catches me, but they're fucking in the living room. I hear both of their breaths pant out. When I reach to the edge of the hallway, I look down into the living room, watching Charlie quickly riding on top of Bucky. His mouth linked to her neck, already red bruises painted on her skin, his too. They're drawing the line. They're in this together, and I'm not. Rolling my eyes at that thought and the fact that I'm getting even harder watching them.
A soft whimper leaks out of her throat, and his throat rumbles to her in return. "So good for me, doll. You were made just for me." Fuck. I watch her body react to his praises to her. My words were more demanding and possessive of her. His are sweeter, encouraging to her, and she fucking loves it.
She pushes his head to fall on the back of the couch. His eyes roll back as she speeds up her movements, almost making them deeper and rougher on top of him. I didn't allow her to ride me nearly enough. "Honey, I want to fuck you. Can I fuck you now?"
"P-please, James. I want you to fill me up." Her voice is so breathy and panting. I move further in the shadows while he lifts her on top of him to lay her flat on the couch. Her legs wrap tightly around his waist and he hits her hips with his own. Fucking her hard and fast into the couch. With each thrust her dress moves further and further up her body, fully exposing her hips and the reddened thumb print marks on them. Gripping her a little tight Buck.
"Can't wait to fuck a baby in you. See you swollen with my child. Experience all that with you." Turning away. I shouldn't look at this, but I can't deny how fucking hot it is, and how fucking hard I am. I begin palming my hardened cock through my pants. My own personal porn. Sickeningly it's my ex and best friend. Fucking on a couch that Charlie picked out with me.
"You'll get to fucking call me daddy then. Drives me crazy when you call him daddy." Oh really? Very rarely does Charlie refer to me as daddy, but typically it's when she's talking to our daughter.
"J-James. I'm so close." Her voice is so much more desperate. Begging for him to take her completely over the edge.
"Me, too. Can feel you squeeze me like a fucking vice." His words come out in grunts, and he ruts deeper and rougher into her cunt.
I watch her eyes roll in the back of her heads and she fully let's go, grasping tightly to his forearms. His lips crash hard against hers, surely leaving a bruise. And I watch his back stiffen and his movements slow down while he spurts deep in her. Even with their clothes on that was a satisfying experience. Hopefully they don't linger down there so I can take myself to the guest room to take care of myself.
"You're so perfect for me, doll. I love you so much Charlie...Barnes." Her sweet face smiles up at him. Eyes heavy and lidded, looking up at him with pure love and joy. In the beginning her eyes did shine at me like that. I was too stubborn and set on the past to realize it. In trying to protect myself from loving again, I hurt myself, and someone I truly cared about more.
"I love you, James. You're too perfect. Our life is so good." His arms pull up her dress. Fully exposing her dripping cunt as he watches his seed slowly seep out.
"Do we have to wait until we're married?" His eyes focus on hers.
"James?" She whispers. She knows what he's asking.
"I know. I's not a guarantee even when you do try. I don't want to wait. I watch Maggie with Steve. And even though I know she loves me. I want that. I didn't get to watch you become a mom. Get to hold your hand while you pushed out your child. Be your coach, and anything that you needed. I didn't get to see her in the early stages. Scared, not knowing what you're doing. But I get to have the experience with a second child with you. I mean we don't have to try, just not be careful."
She huffs out a laugh. "When have you ever pulled out? Ever used a condom?" She looks at him. "Nothing has ever been careful with you. If it wasn't for my birth control, I'm sure at this point I would be pregnant."
"Yeah, but...?"
"I'll make a deal with you. Ask me to marry you and let's do it. The day after you ask me, I'll go to the doctor that day or the next." So, they're making a deal to become parents.
"Really?" She nods at him.
"Is the ring here?"
"I'm not telling you that, brat." His hands wind closer behind her body. He already has a ring what is he waiting on? The day I bought the ring I couldn't wait, just asked her. Oh yeah, to ask her dad and Clint. "There's a few things I need to do first. Can you give me a week? And you still go to the doctor?" I watch his brows wiggle around looking at her. "We're not getting any younger."
"Yeah, I know old man." Charlie's hand smacks at him playfully.
"You're right. You're my perfect little goddess." His lips kiss along her skin.
"Sweet Jesus, Bucky. You been saving that one for a while, haven't you? And I think technically I would be a demigoddess."
"Same thing. Hey, I'm being serious though. I want to experience all the parts of life with you. Even if we have to babysit Steve." Babysit? Really? "It doesn't bother you, him being here?"
"No. He knows my boundaries with him." I do. She made that perfectly clear. With that being said after we had sex, is when she started to create those boundaries. Each visit I felt she had more. I did fuck the pain away. Snapping her back into reality and what she needed to do to get back on track. "Does it bother you?"
"No. So long as he respects our space. It's nice having him here. You know, when it's not awkward. I've missed the jerk, though."
"It's because you're both alpha males. He's threatened that Maggie loves you, and has taken so well to you." She starts to answer. "Even though he also likes knowing he can trust you with her. You'll protect her and guide her." She knows me too well. I have so many conflicting emotions with Bucky being in Maggie's life, and being in her life full time. "He's jealous the time you spend with her. I think he's really dealing with some things. Choosing to leave her seemed like the best option and the only option. He's realizing now how wrong he was." She reads me perfectly.
Now that my cock is finally softened, the almost too sweet of conversation between my two best friends, give you that affect. I guess it's okay for me to go downstairs. I softly walk back to Maggie's door, closing it softly, but loud enough that Bucky will hear, I walk down the hall and down the stairs. Bucky and Charlie look up at me as I walk down the stairs. Her thighs are pressed tightly together, no doubt her cunt is still leaking some of Bucky's cum. Her body is placed in between his thighs. One of his legs, on the floor, while the other is pressed against the back of the couch. Charlie's back leans up against his chest, and it doesn't take much to realize his pants are still opened and low on his hips.
Once I arrive to the lower floor, I spot her panties. A part of me wants to bring it to their attention, but a bigger part of me wants to sit on the couch with them for a bit. Watch them squirm as they try to keep their heated exchange from me. The fact that they have sex was literally said quite clearly earlier, but I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be watching them and enjoying it, BUT...they don't need to know that. I'm fucking fucked. I highly doubt Bucky would ever show me the same courtesy I showed him back in Vienna, but I can dream. Not sure how I could possibly even bring it up to him without him wanting to kill me, and he's been too kind for allowing me to stay.
I walk over to the opposite side of the couch where they are. "Did you have a nice nap, Stevie?" Charlie's voice is too sweet. While she might not be in love with me, I know she loves me, cares about me, and wants me to be happy.
"I did. Pretty sure our daughter needs a bigger bed." I watch Bucky's eyes darken towards me. I shouldn't have said that. I see how much he loves and cares for Maggie. He considers her his own. I also see the love she has for him. "Sorry, Buck. I didn't mean anything by that." Charlie turns glancing back at him. Pulling his left arm in hers, wrapping her fingers tightly against his, gently kissing the back of his vibranium hand.
"On Monday, let's go to the doctor. Or maybe Bruce can help." She calls sweetly up at him.
I have to pretend I don't know what's going on. "Is there something wrong?" She calmly shakes her head at me.
" don't...we can discuss this later, okay?" His cybernetic fingers caress her gently. I watch their eyes carefully. They're talking in their head. Keeping things from me.
Bucky's POV:
I know Charlie saw the effect on me when Steve said our daughter. That sits in the back of my throat uncomfortably. No matter what, Maggie will always be his and Charlie's daughter. It hurts to think that no matter what I can't change that. I love that tiny girl. I want those experiences with Charlie. And I get angry at Steve because he just left her, I could never leave my child. Even if for some reason that Charlie and I went our separate ways, I would still remain in our children's lives.
Charlie's eyes look at me, pulling my metal arm, the arm that has disgusted me in the past, brings her so much joy. Her fingers gently caress the rare metal. Her lips touch softly against the metal. She treats it like it's the most delicate thing, when it's the most formidable part of my body. And then her sweet voice, "On Monday, let's go to the doctor. Or maybe Bruce can help." Slowly my eyes close. Moments earlier we set forth a plan. I feel Steve's words have made her want to jumpstart this. Not that I don't want to get things started sooner rather than later, I just don't want her to agree to something for the wrong reasons.
"Is there something wrong?" Steve asks her, genuine concern in his voice.
" don't...we can discuss this later, okay?" I tell her, returning her calming gesture of rubbing my cybernetic fingers against her. I love the fact that I have feeling in this arm. Her skin is so much more tender and softer on the pads of the smooth metal.
"James, what is one extra week? I did just agree to that."
"I know, but don't say things just because you see how Steve's words affect me."
"I saw they affect you. I also see how you're ready. I want to give that to you. I'm the one keeping us from this. I don't want to be the one that holds us back. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you Bucky. And like I said. What's one more week? Seven days is nothing. Maybe even Steve will still be here. He can help watch Maggie."
"You sure?" I know my eyes have got to be lighting up.
"You're going to be amazing. You already are. So, I'm more than sure, James." Her sweet hazel eyes look at me with a smile. My smile is so wide is almost hurts my cheek. Quickly I kiss on her still swollen lips. We're doing this. My girl and myself.
"You guys good?" Steve asks.
"Yep. Me and the dame are going to bed." I throw her over my shoulder carrying her upstairs. "I'm fucking you again in celebration. This isn't something we can do here is it?"
"No. It's not. It's an IUD, the doctor has to remove it."
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