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Whilst Nicholas Schnee made a grievous error in handing over the SDC to Jacques, I like to think that Winter is the one closest to him in terms of her outlook on life. What I liked about the WoR segment on him was that it emphasised he set out to make Atlas independent and sustainable. Remembering that Mantle/Atlas was still recovering from the Great War, an economic depression might have sent them into a death-spiral straight toward another conflict. In other words, he did heroic deeds in pursuit of what he saw as his duty.

Why I like the writing of the Schnee sisters is how it splits Nicholas Schnee’s legacy between them. Weiss’ primary motivation in V1 was to restore the legitimacy of the Schnee family name, but in the end found that she had to chart her own course and make her own place in the world. In this aspect, she certainly represents Nicholas’ desire to better himself and carve his own path. Her lofty goals from V1 and 2 become smaller, more focused on standing by her team and following her team leader’s direction.

Winter’s goal on the other hand was to become independent of the Schnee name, and she did so by making a home for herself in the military, where her personal excellence made her a rising star. In the reverse of Weiss, she starts off with a personal goal but then sublimates that to the greater good, protecting Atlas itself. She represents Nicholas long term goal, to ensure safety and prosperity for the kingdom.

In V7 we see how these two aspects clash. Weiss stands with Ruby and the very laudable goal of standing their ground, defeating the villain and saving everyone. She does as a hero should do and takes strength from her ‘personal feelings’. Winter, on the other hand, sees the tactical and strategic picture because she can look beyond her first impulses. She can see that withdrawal still saves a sizeable chunk of Mantle’s population, preserves what’s left of the Atlas military and most importantly keeps two Relics, two of the keys to ending the world, out of Salem’s hands.

What you have then is a conflict between the hero and the tactician, the heart and the mind. Both have their reasons. Weiss’ course of action could doom everyone in Atlas and Mantle both. Winter’s will definitely leave half of Mantle to die. Neither is ideal. Both have pledged their loyalty to leaders who they believe in, but Ruby has made an increasingly poor series of decisions and Ironwood is breaking under the strain of his duty. Heart and mind are clearly not in alignment.

Perhaps it will take a third Schnee to unite them? Nicholas was a businessman after all, and there’s one Schnee just sitting on the sidelines…

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Aliens (1986)

1) Raven Branwen as Ellen Ripley (reasoning: warrior leader and also because of who I have Yang cast as) 

2) Taiyang Xiao Long as Corporal Dwayne Hicks (reasoning: Raven’s love interest and being an all-around good guy) 

3) Whitley Schnee as Carter Burke (reasoning: let’s say that the Schnee Dust Company replaces the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. In that case, it made sense that Whitley took the role of the slimy corporate exec) 

4) Penny Polendina as Bishop (reasoning: android assistant) 

5) Yang Xiao Long as Rebecca “Newt” Jordan (reasoning: Raven’s daughter. Although in this AU, Yang would be Raven’s daughter-figure) 

6) Cardin Winchester as Pvt. Hudson (reasoning: the arrogant, douchebag bully) 

7) Peter Port as Lt. Gorman (reasoning: I was thinking who among the adults could be an incompetent commanding officer and for some reason, Port kept coming to mind) 

8) Winter Schnee as Pvt. Vasquez (reasoning: badass female soldier who hates incompetence) 

9) James Ironwood as Capt. Apone (reasoning: the competent military officer)

10) Clover Ebi, Caroline Cordovin, Vine Zeki, Harriet Bree, Elm Ederne, Marrow Amin and one extra Atlas soldier as Drake, Frost, Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Dietrich, Crowe, and Wierzbowski aka the marines who get wiped out by the Grimm-Xenomorphs in the first ambush (reasoning: Atlas soldiers under Ironwood’s command) 

11) The Grimm take the place of the Aliens/Xenomorphs


Scarface (1983)

1) Adam Taurus as Tony Montana / Scarface (reasoning: minority facing discrimination, power-hungry asshole who becomes a violent leader / EDIT: Oh, I just realized, the name ‘Scarface’ could also reference the branding on his face)

2) Ilia Amitola as Manny Ray (reasoning: member of the White Fang. Also, I have Ilia as Manny mainly because of who I have Blake cast as)

3) Neopolitan as Elvira (reasoning: to keep with the themes of human-faunus relations, Elvira had to be a human character. Also, Neo is a crazy criminal, so she fit the role)

4) Blake Belladonna as Gina Montana (reasoning: one, to reference Adam’s unhealthy obsession with Blake and Blake’s initial fascination of Adam. Two, since Manny and Gina get together and Ilia has a canon crush on Blake)

5) Roman Torchwick as Frank Lopez (reasoning: Roman’s connection to Neo and Roman being a criminal mastermind) 

6) Jacques Schnee as Alejandro Sosa (reasoning: the big-name supplier, just switch cocaine with dust. Also, since Adam is the main protagonist, it made sense to have the Schnees as the main villains) 

7) Klein Sieben as the shotgun-wielding assassin who kills Tony (reasoning: works for the Schnee family) 


The Breakfast Club (1985) 

1) Cardin Winchester as John Bender (The Criminal) - reasoning: the asshole bully who harasses everyone

2) Weiss Schnee as Claire Standish (The Princess) - reasoning: the snobbish girl who thinks she’s all that 

3) Sun Wukong as Andrew Clark (The Athlete) - reasoning: this was a surprisingly hard role to fill in. Eventually, I just went with the character who I thought fit the mold of the “stock high school athlete”, which was Sun.  

4) Ruby Rose as Brian Johnson (The Brain) - reasoning: the goodie-two-shoes nerd who has trouble socializing with people

5) Blake Belladonna as Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - reasoning: the shy, introverted goth (well, closest to goth) girl who is seen as an outcast 

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Finally got a request for Whitley so now my dysfunctional Schnee collection is complete!

Requests are still open but if I get more Schnees i might have to keep it as a sketch. this style is very dependent on color theory and practice. I really need to plan out the background color to make up for the Schnee’s limited color pallet.

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And in its place there’s nothing
Just an endless empty hole
The light that showed the way is gone
And darkness takes control
Bitterness and anger
Are quick to fill the void
The path to isolation
Is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed

anyone else think that Path to Isolation fits Whitley more than Weiss? 

anyway imagine hating on a 13-14 year old child who grew up with an abusive father, an emotionally distant, alcoholic mother and two older sisters who got out when they could but also left him behind in a cold and abusive family so he had to conform to his father’s wishes and do as he was told and only had his father as a role model so he became a cold and cruel as a survival method but in reality is just a lonely and isolated child. 

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[Winter stumbles out of a pod , her entire body aching , she hits the floor , breathing heavily]

Jacques - [walks past Winter, to Whitley , who walked out of his pod as a full grown man] Hello son

Whitley - Father ? Am I ready ?

Jacques - Not yet. There are a few things left to do before we install you as the new head of the Schnee Dust Company [looks down at Winter] Such as pay off the right people to recognize you as the oldest Schnee child]

Winter - What did you DO ?!

[Jacques kicks her over]

Jacques - Quiet child ! You were a worthless as an adult, but I’ll put you in your place this time.

[Jacques rips her up by the arm and drags her out of the room]


[Winter stood in a line of other young teens , her hair tied into two pigtails. She had tried to tell the staff that she was an adult, but they didn’t beleive her . That or they refused to

Headmistress - [lifts Winters head with a ruler from underneath her chin] Head up girl. A lady must carry herself with poise

[Winter stayed quiet, knowing that it was rude to interrupt an adult when they were speaking]

[The headmistress had the girls in front of her walk In a straight line , balancing a book upon their heads. Winter watched each girl walk perfectly , trying to disconnect herself from the situation as much possible]

[An attendant came to the headmistresses side and whispered in her ear]

Headmistress. - Ms Schnee ?

[Winter walked forward like the other girls had ]

Headmistress - No child , you have a visitor]

[The other girls laughed]

Winter - [curtsies] My apologies headmistress

[The headmistress clapped, prompting Winter to join her by her side as she led her through the school , into a backroom where she saw the most welcome site she had seen in a while]

Weiss - [concern]Winter ?

[Winter started crying , releasing the pent up stress]


Writing Requests are open

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Tai:So…you’re the boy who wants to date my daughter?

Whitley:Yes sir?

Tai:Gotta admit, I never really expected to bring someone home to me. She’s more of a weapons girl, my sweet Ruby.

Whitley:Yeah I’ve noticed. I’m surprised myself. *sweating*

Tai:Hmmm, at least you seem to have humility; but this is my daughter we’re talking about here. What exactly were your expectations on meeting me today?

Whitley:Frankly I’m surprised I’m still on your couch. I really hope you approve of me and like me.

Tai:Give me one good reason why I should consider you part of the family.

Whitley:Well…if I’m being honest….*red* it would mean the world to me. A whole new avenue would open for me. I’d be thrilled. I could finally fill in a part of my life if you accept me.

Tai:All that from having a girlfriend?

Whitley:What? I was talking about having a good father figure.


Whitley:…. you want a hug?

Whitley:*hugs him* Hmmm, this is nice. New even. So this is what that’s like. *sniffling*

Tai:…There there *patting his back*


Ruby:Hey, how was meeting Whitley?

Tai:Wanna help me beat up his dad?


Ruby:Nothing will make me happier.

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