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// You know what??? Once I make this into a quality digital art, ANARCHY BERYL MILES IS GONNA BE IN DA HOUSE!

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Whenever you see this picture you know some avatar news has just dropped


[image I.d. A promotional picture for avatar the last air bender with Aang, momo on his shoulder, Katara, sokka, and appa standing on the wall of ba sing se. The gang stand with determines expressions. End I.d.]

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I’ve been talking to myself for the last two hours, I think I’m going mad-

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I’m still not coping well so i made some shitty memes about my constant hyperfixation

Well I have been fascinated with these animals since I was a literal 8 year old bc of a book my mom gave me about animals (they’re all drawn as opposed to pictures too it’s pretty cool i used to trace over them all the time)


They’re cool marsupials that went extint in 1936

I am a dumbass with one braincell so for some reason it didn’t sink in that when the text said ‘disappeared 70 years ago’ it meant DISAPEARED FOR REAL. I also was too dumb to realize it was under the 'extinct’ chapter

Anyway. These animals are fascinating to me and I have been obsessed with everything related to them ever since. I love how close they look to dogs and wolves despite not being related bc evolution works that well, i love their cute little faces, I love how they managed to survive way longer than they were meant to (more on that bellow), how they move, their lower ankles that look like someone fucked up a dog drawing, everything about it

And I absolutely HATE what they have become a symbol of

I would like to think human activity alone isnt enough to actually drive animals to extinction. That, while it helps, it merely speeds up the pace of an inevitable fate. But that’s not true. There have been countless animals that died out bc of humans, and that would have been just fine without us around - be it by hunting, destroying habitats, introducing new species or bringing disease

Thylacines were hunted with no mercy bc they were thought to kill farm animals. People offered money for each one that was shot. Animals that humans introduced to their habitat infected them with disease and made food less avaiable. And just a few decades later, they were gone, forever

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the last one we have record of died bc of NEGLET. In a zoo, he was left out in the cold night and didn’t make it. They probably threw the body away with no care, thinking they could just get another one to use as exibition, and then realized too late it was the last

ON TOP OF THAT, rules to protect them were set in place about 50 days before the last one died. 50 DAYS!! Talk about too little too late. Maybe if they had done it earlier, things would have been different, but no. They didn’t care until they realized hey we havent seen one in forever, fuck

ON TOP OF ON TOP OF THAT, the picture that was used to get farmers to kill them of a thylacine with a chicken in its mouth was most likely faked using a mounted one. It was fucking propaganda?? To??? Kill animals?? Man, what the FUCK. Maybe kill the ones around your property (still wrong but fine) but why lie to people to make them go out of their way to kill animals in the wild??

Everything about thylacines’ extintion just highlights the worst parts of the human nature. How careless we are to everything but ourselves. How if it doesn’t make us money, we don’t care. How we care too little too late. How we can destroy something so easily. And how we don’t care about lying about something to get what we want, no matter how bad the consequences might be to someone else

I honestly think the fascination people have with finding these animals in recent years is due to guilt, at least some of it. Yes it’s a cool animal, but most important of all it makes us feel bad. So finding a new one maybe would make it ok. We can still save it. We’re not that bad.

But that ever happening is unlikely

Thylacines lived short lives (up to 6 years in the wild, 9 in zoos) so to have them survive would require large populations constantly breeding. So to think we wouldnt have found a bone, a dead body, or run over one in over 70 years (also everyone has a phone now, why cant there ever be GOOD pictures taken of these sightings?) just seems like the kind of thing that can’t happen

Not only that, but before human intervention they already suffered from low genetic diversity due to its population getting smaller over centuries due to disease and few individuals. It’s sad to think that they were always doomed to fail, but it’s likely the path they were going towards

So it just makes it way less likely that they would have survived in the wild. They were already failing to reproduce and survive with the individuals they had - imagine after we kill 99% of them. Even if some did make it past the year we recorded, it probs died out shortly after

BUT they could still be alive today, or at least gotten a few more decades. Some people think they did. And maybe we could have helped them if they made it to today with the technology we have

But we’ll never know

There’s a bunch of footage (with some newly discovered one) of the last one, and while that is cool, it just makes me sad :( to see it pacing around its small cage, with nothing to do, no other one to keep it company (they were often depicted in pairs, idk if they were social animals but it seems like it), not knowing it would never again have another one like it. There’s also footage of someone rattling its cage?? Probs to get it worked up to make it walk around or react or something. DONT DO THAT

It’s just a sad footage overall, and becomes painful to watch once you know everything else. A sad pacing stressed animal, that would die alone in the cold and go down in history as the last one ever. All while being oblivious to everything we have done to its kind, bc it was just a scared animal

Some people think they survived into the 90’s, a lot of people claim to have seen one since 1936 (with no proof) and february 2021 one expert said they had proof they saw one and that it was a baby. It has been debunked by another expert, i have yet to see the pics, but until we have DEFINITE proof, i’ll keep on believing they’re gone

But it’s nice to hope every once in a while. Every sighting makes me a bit happy. This is a big world, with so much of it unexplored, and animals though extinct have showed up again or even been cloned recently. So who knows!

It has been pretty shitty to live through a major historical event that is bad. For a moment I hoped I’d witness one that was actually a positive one

And honestly, if they are still out there, maybe a small population that learned to hide very well, I hope they keep hidden. I’d love to see them, but maybe they’re better on their own

We’ve seen what happens when they’re not

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The older I get, the more I realize that what I really, really love in stories are strong friendships. Characters who understand and trust each other, who are happy to spend time together, who would throw themselves in danger without a second thought to get their friend to safety.

For a long time, I thought that close relationships like that had to be romantic. In my own stories, that meant me writing wonderful friendships and then making the characters kiss occasionally, which always turned out incredibly awkward because I don’t enjoy writing about kissing at all. So it was pretty neat for me when I realized that oh, wholehearted, devoted, enthusiastic friendship stories are also a thing!

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying here is that Knight Rider gives my heart all the warm, fuzzy feelings. And KITT and Michael are one of my favorite fictional friendships ever.

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This is called ‘“Be There.”’ A lot of work has been worked. 


You walked into your life and asked for a job. Why? 

     The person who hired you ended up becoming your best friend until his wife divorced him and you crumbled under the stress of having to “be there” for him. 

      There was a news snippet the other day of an alligator eating a wealthy elderly woman’s small prized poodle. 

       Your rent is late. 

       The doctor called and left a vague message about the test results. 

       Somewhere, ages ago, a horse-drawn carriage thudded through the forest on a stormy night until it plummeted off a cliff. The only survivor was your great-great-great-great-grandmother. She lived a different kind of life… 

        But don’t we all?      

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wip wednesday babies!!!

it’s not technically still wednesday in england but i’ve never been one for following rules (a lie) so have som gottrose!!!


“We need to stop meeting like this,” Rosé gushes, ducking into the stall as the blonde from earlier smokes out of the tiny window by the sinks.

They let out a huff of smoke, the almost orange lighting showing the way it curls through the air. Heels click against the sticker-covered counter and their black hoodie falls off their shoulders onto the taps.

She backs out of the stall, shaking her hands around before she sticks them under the soap dispenser, frowning when they come up empty.

“The managers never refill it,” the blonde drawls, head lolling back against the mirror. Rosé snorts despite herself, they somehow manage to be both sophisticated and gauche, elbow on their leg as they wave the cigarette haphazardly.

Rosé shoves her hands under the taps and just hopes the cold water will wash away the rest of the bar. She shakes them dry, wincing as droplets fall onto the blonde’s bare legs.

“Can I bum one?” She asks and she grins triumphantly when they throw her the box. She wipes a hand across the counter and when she deems it dry enough she hoists herself up - legs dangling. “Light?”

There’s the pleasant flicker of the lighter and then the warmth of the smoke as it enters her lungs. She coughs on the first exhale as she always does and it makes the blonde grunt inelegantly in amusement.

“Do you have a name? O’ bummer of my fags.”

“If you’re so mad about it, maybe you shouldn’t smoke,” Rosé jokes, her voice purposefully high and self-righteous. She blows some smoke out of her nose, enjoying how it makes her look like a dragon in her half-gone state. “My name is Rosé,” she says, ”Rosie.”

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yeah idk why people somehow simp for me even if its just a little, all i really do is exist

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