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#who remembers this song
shane-west · a year ago
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I wanted to do a video that was mature. And [director] Sam Taylor-Wood said, “I’ve got an idea of just doing it very simply, one person, not you, lip-syncing to the song. An actor, maybe.” I came up with the idea of Robert. I thought, “God, the lyrics are very close to home. I wonder if he’ll do it?” He was very interested. It all came together in five or six days. We sent him the album, and he said, “Yes.”.  I love the fact that it is a one-shot video. He did 16 takes. They used the very last take because he was completely relaxed by then. It’s so pertinent to what he’s going through, and the way he underplays it is fantastic. - Elton John about picking Robert Downey Jr for the ‘I Want Love’ music video
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filmeslut · 3 years ago
Happy oscars day here’s some history about asians at the academy awards:
No asian producers have ever won best picture (although six have been nominated)
Ben Kingsley is the only asian to ever be nominated for or win best actor
No asian woman has ever won best actress, and the only time an asian woman has ever been nominated (Merle Oberon in The Dark Angel) was almost a century ago
Out of seven nominated over the years, only one asian has ever won best supporting actor (Haing S. Ngor for The Killing Fields in 1984)
In 1957, Miyoshi Umeki became the first asian woman to win best supporting actress for her role in Sayonara. No asian woman has won since then, although four have been nominated. 
Ang Lee was the first (and so far only) asian person to win best director, and he’s done it twice. Once in 2005 for Brokeback Mountain, and again in 2012 for Life of Pi. 
No asian has ever won best adapted screenplay, and only two have ever been nominated (Wang Hui-ling and Tsai Kuo Jung for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in 2000).
An asian has never won best original screenplay, but that could change tonight since Kumail Nanjiani is nominated (with Emily V. Gordon) for The Big Sick. He is also the only asian nominated in a major category at this year’s oscars.
I don’t have a profound note to end this on. All I can say is that the system is broken from the ground up. The problem isn’t really that asians aren’t being recognized for the work they do in western media. The problem is that asians generally aren’t being given the chance to do that work in the first place.
EDIT: A couple notes that I wasn’t gonna add cause I didn’t think anyone would keep reblogging this after the Oscars but here we are, so - 
Obviously Kumail Nanjiani didn’t win. An Asian has still never won best original screenplay. Bummer (although I am extremely happy for Jordan Peele), but I know it’ll happen someday.
It has been brought to my attention that Merle Oberon may not have been Asian. If anything this just means that no Asian woman has ever been nominated for or won best actress, which is even worse.
OKAY HERE’S THE LOW DOWN ON BEN KINGSLEY: Yes he is British. He is also of Gujarati descent on his father’s side, making him part-Asian. You can be British and Asian at the same time. You can be American and Asian at the same time (like me!). When I say “Asian” in this post, I didn’t just mean “people who live in Asia”. I was referring to all people of Asian descent. I hope this clears things up for anyone who was confused.
Lastly, two Asians (that I know of) did win Oscars last night! One was Kazuhiro Tsuji, and he (along with David Malinowski and Lucy Sibbick) won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for Darkest Hour. The other was Robert Lopez, who won Best Original Song (with Kristen Anderson-Lopez) for “Remember Me” from Coco.
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gayfirebender · a year ago
Merlin and Leon finding out they’re both immortal:
Tumblr media
50 years post-Arthur:
Merlin: why do you still look young?
Leon: it’s just a uhhhh face cream... why do you look so young?
Merlin: well, since my destiny is complete, stress doesn’t wrinkle my skin. Wait, are you...? you know...
Leon: no, I’m ace
Merlin: I meant immortal
Leon: oh... yeah I am.
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ktaebwi · 3 years ago
Q: What sets BTS different from other idol groups?
Bang Shihyuk PD: This is quite a difficult question. To answer this, I want to talk about the time I first met BTS members. I— (laughs) I laughed a lot when I saw these photos during the rehearsal this morning too. I still remember vividly the moment I first heard RM’s songs. His depth of thoughts in handling the subject, his refined use of language, his creative way of pulling off the rap with Korean, all were superior for a 17-year-old. I remember telling Producer Pdogg, who showed me the song, that I needed to set up a meeting with this boy immediately. I’m taking caution since I might sound like I’m showing off my kid, but at that time I thought I could not miss out such a talented boy. I felt like it’s some sort of mission for me. J-hope was also well-known for his great dancing in town at that time and Jimin enrolled in an arts high school as one of the top students. All 7 members had different talents and abilities and with this as the foundation, BTS started with the determination to make something awesome. I hoped for BTS to take a step further from being shining, great cool stars. I wanted them to become artists who can communicate closely with fans like between humans and humans, give and take positive influence and carry not a vertical, but a horizontal leadership. Ever since the making of the first album, I only asked for one thing in BTS members. BTS’ music must be stories from the inside of BTS. We didn’t force practice time on them and we didn’t control their personal lives either. We gave them freedom and let the members participate voluntarily in everything. The reason why a lot of BTS’ early songs were about schol is also because at that time, many members were students. At that time, we received lots of criticism like “why coming up with a concept about students’ rebellion now”, “such an old concept”. But I believed the most important thing is them doing their own stories.
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inkskinned · 12 months ago
i was a girl that he liked saving. i was set into his pocket so he could talk about how scary it was to watch me burn out the fiber of my lungs. he wrote poetry where i died and read it to me at night, asking if i felt any different. he would take my arms and kiss my scars and say he loved me in despite. 
the work of mental illness is not a song lyric. i would call him, deep in a panic, and he’d tell me to just calm down. he would get annoyed when i wasn’t able to take trains anymore; said i was faking. i’d break down crying in the bathroom, he’d complain about the volume. i hounded him for validation; he said he didn’t want to praise me too much or i’d learn to expect it. “real life is different” was said so often i thought i’d never finish hearing it.
he loved my hipbones and skinny wrists but would get annoyed when i’d freak out about calorie contents. he called me “the party type” for getting drunk every night. he wrote a screenplay. in it i stab myself with a knife. he finds me on the floor and cries over me and goes on to be a doctor, saving lives.
he liked to joke that he “caught” ocd from me every time he straightened something. he loved talking about depression but never liked when i stopped functioning. it took me a long time to learn some people just want to be in your life to juice your story like a lemon into a glass jar. he wasn’t interested in being there; he was interested in being a savior. it wasn’t about me, it was about the story he could tell later. he didn’t love me. he loved the control.
all the work i did, i did alone. 
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yesokayiknow · a year ago
s9!twelve on a trip w clara river & missy except all three of them are from the future and trying not to let him realise and by trying not to let him realise i mean missy is 100% just dicking around while the other two are frantically trying to keep twelve unaware
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thewitchersdaily · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What am I supposed to do now, hm? It wasn't supposed to go this way. I'm gonna write you the best song so that everyone remembers who you were, what we did, everything we saw.
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