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So fellas I know I’ve posted some of my art on here before but I just made this tonight and it was a result of me honestly upset worried I’d not be that good at art and that I wouldn’t be able to improve, needless to say I actuslly did better than I expected he’ll even the hands turned out good although I liked them a bit better before I had to fix the arms a little bit(too short) but looking at it I think I may actually be better than I give myself credit for.

Usually when it comes to my art the more I look at it as I make it the more I begin to hate it and then eventually I just stop doing it cause I feel that in the end I’ll be unhappy with the product. But this time I began to love it more and more.

I wanna let anybody know whether you’re a follower of mine or some random that the algorithm brought me to that you can do it.

You can create what you wanna create, and if you start to have a little faith and the daring to try you can fucking do it and I’m proud of you.

I fucking love y’all

Have my sleep deprived bitchass gremlin

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