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Pepa: *dancing in the hail*
Pepa: Come dance with me, amor!
Félix: Nah, I don’t wanna steal your thunder, sunshine!
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I liked the one about a ghost MC it was a really cute idea! I wanted to request something similar, where the MC who has a the appearance of the Japanese slit mouthed woman. She is a regular human and you can decide if she got the scar's from an accident or not, but she always where's a face mask to hide it and eats alone rather then with the brothers. When she's asked why they say "People can't eat when I they see my face." But one day she finally trusts the brothers enough to show her face.
OH MY GOD I KNOW THIS GHOST. If I'm not wrong, this ghost is called the Kuchisake Onna, kuchi meaning mouth.
This is so wholesome I love it. Your asks are so adorable :')
Tumblr media
It has been forever since the accident. And yet the scar makes it feel like yesterday. Two scars running up towards your cheeks, making it look like you're constantly smiling. You hated mirrors at this point, without your mask especially.
You hear loud talking from the dining room downstairs as you stare at your meal on your study table. When was the last time you ate a meal with other people?
"What do you mean you won't eat with us MC?" Mammon and Asmo parotted every other day.
"People can't eat when they see my face." You left with that reply, refusing to answer the follow up questions.
Yours was a face only a mother could love, they said. Some screamed, some smiled sympatheticallly, the others nervously scattered away from the last time you tried to eat out by yourself. The restaurant requested you to leave since they were losing customers.
You walk up to the stairway, watching the brothers in their usual chaos. Maybe - just maybe, they won't be repulsed. Surely they've seen more horrifying things than you?
"Um..." You cleared your throat loudly. All of them stopped and looked at you. You usually never showed up until half an hour after meals.
But today you called out to the one of them. "Would you mind eating with me tonight...?"
"Of course I wouldn't mind MC."
He promptly got up with his plate as if he was already prepped for this day. Swiftly follows you into your room.
He sat down across you and began eating normally. "Thank you for inviting me in MC. To what do I owe the pleasure?"
"Nothing just..." You said untying your mask. "It felt like a good day." The mask fell off your face into your lap.
You paused and stared at Lucifer. He only looked shocked for a split second before a hidden rage clouded beneath his eyes. "Did someone deliberately-"
"No it was an accident. I was getting my teeth fixed when the lights went out and I moved. And something cut through my- well you can see." You explained.
"I see. Well that's quite unfortunate." Lucifer said and began picking at his plate.
You felt uneasy as chewed your food."You can leave if you feel repulsed. I wouldn't force you to-"
"No such thing MC. I was just thinking of consulting Satan and Solomon. Surely they know of spells that can heal your scars if you want them gone." Lucifer replied promptly. "And it's going to take a lot more than scars to scare us demons away."
"Lucifer...thank you." You said quietly.
"If possible I'd like to eat dinner with you from now on, MC. Frankly it's much calmer and it's a relief from my brothers."
After a long time, you laugh without your mask on.
"I'll be right there, MC!"
Hurriedly grabs whatever food he has making a mess and jumps to his feet. He is in such a hurry, it's a miracle he didn't drop half of his dinner.
He plops down across the table from you, grinning ear to ear. "Of course you'd choose the Great Mammon to eat with ya!"
You nodded and chuckled, "Of course. But would you choose to eat with me?" Your pulled your mask away from your face.
His eyes went wide and then watery in the same instant. Is he..crying? "I-Im sorry..." You feel horrible so you hurry and tie the mask back up. Mammon grabs your hands and holds them down.
"I'm not crying stupid human! I'm just...you..you must have been in pain..when that happened." He said. "Who did this to you..."
"It's okay it was an accident, Mammon." You try to calm him down.
"Then why do you hide it? It's not even your fault!" Mammon said pouting. You looked down, "People get uncomfortable..."
Mammon shot up from his chair. "WHO DARE MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT IT? Show me I'll get them all! Noone messes with my human! I'm yer protector ain't I?! You never have to wear that thing around me!"
You blushed as he moved forward and hugged you, burying your face into his shoulder. "Mammon..."
You knew he was the best protector out there.
"I'm coming right away, don't worry MC!"
Stumbles around with his plate at your sudden invitation. His day has come. He is the chosen one.
He struggles to sit down, feeling estatic and nervous at the same time. "I didn't think you'd want to eat with me of all people, MC..."
"After tonight, maybe you'll feel that way about me Levi..." You said, taking off your mask. His face lit up as he let out a loud "Woahhh!"
Thinking he was scared you tried to hide it again before he screamed, "MC you look just like my favourite character from that horror romance anime "I fell for my best friend's scarred smile! That's so cool!"
You blink at him, blushing. What is with him and his oddly specific anime names!? Levi was oblivious to your shock ,going off at his own tangent. "You could pull off the perfect cosplay, come to my room tomorrow I can design it for you and then I'll make my own to go with it and we can go to the next convention-"
"Levi Levi calm down you'll run out of breath!" You couldn't hold in your laughter.
He stared at you awestruck,"So cute...why would you hide that cute face MC?" You shake your head, "Not everyone sees it as cute Levi."
"Well sucks for them to be such stupid normies." Levi blushed and scoffed.
Levi was the best friend everyone deserves and you were glad to have him.
"I'd be delighted to join you MC."
Was slightly taken aback at first but quickly composes himself and his dinner and follows you. His pace faster than usual.
Pulls out your chair for you like a gentleman and sits down himself. You smile and blush at the action. "So how was your day MC?" He asks like a gentleman, avoiding the elephant in the room, choosing it normalise it. You let the mask fall off your face.
"Oh..." Satan sat up straight, his shoulders stiff, his eyes going wide in anger. "Who dared to-"
"No no no Satan it was an accident!" You had to explain the whole thing for him to calm down. Then he nodded and held out his palm. "May I see how the deep the scar is MC?"
That was new. Noone has wanted to touch your scars before. When you nod, he reaches out and runs his fingers softly across your scars. "Hmm don't worry. They're not too deep. I can have them gone in a matter of days. That is if you'd like to me to."
It's like he knew. As much as you hated that scar, it kind of helped you see people's true intentions. You looked down unsure. Satan held your hand. "It's normal to get attached to scars you have for too long. None of us here will treat you any differently with or without it."
You smiled at him and held one of his fingers playfully. He laughed, his cheeks turning pink. "Ah now that's a smile I'd love to see everyday. May I have dinner with you more often MC?"
"Of course." His words and his presence were always calming to you.
"I was wondering when you'd ask MC!"
Daintily picks up all of things and paces after you. He was excited but he restrained himself but he didn't want to scare you off.
Sits down close to you, smiling gleefully. He's just happy to be there with you. Grabs something off your plate with a fork and holds it upto your mouth. "MC come here let me feed you!"
It was probably the most nerve wracking to open your mask in front of him. The Avatar of Lust, the most beautiful being in Hell, and you- ugh, what's the point? You've come this far, let's get it over with. You put your mask down, bite off the potato off his fork.
You'd think Asmo would probably gasp and act all dramatic and hysterical. But instead he cupped your face, his eyes filled with worry and tenderness. "MC how long have you had this...?"
"A little over three years." You answered honestly. Asmo looked like he was about to cry. "You've been hiding away your pretty face from people for three years..." Asmo pulled you in a hug. "Noone deserves that. It's too lonely."
"Oh I'd hardly call it pretty-" Before you can even retort, he is glaring and pouting at you, holding your shoulders.
"I think I know beauty a little better than you, MC. And I say you're gorgeous and I'm going to eat with you everyday now." Asmo huffed to which you laughed.
Everyone deserves a hypeman like Asmo in their lives.
"Oh? Me? Sure MC!"
Is surprised but happily goes along with you with all his food. You know he loves you when he gets midway from eating just to eat in your room.
He sits across, already muching away at his food. "Thank you for asking me to eat with you MC." You nod and tentatively take your mask off, trying not to draw too much attention for it.
Beel looks up shocked, his mouth full of food but he stopped chewing. He involuntarily reaches out to touch you, "Does it hurt MC?"
You shake your head. "It's years old Beel. It's okay. " Beel looks genuinely relieved at that and goes back to eating again. He doesn't seem bothered by it at all after that.
"Say MC will you be free next week? I could use your help in the new workout I'm doing. I need to train particular muscles for the big game they said." He switched to a whole new topic just like that. "Also this means I get to eat with you every day right?"
You felt warm inside. You were more than just your scar and Beel made you feel like that by hardly saying anything at all.
"...me huh? No I wouldn't mind."
Has a smug grin on his face as he gathers up his meal and slowly heads upward with you, making sure his brothers see how you chose him over the others. Cheeky cow.
He sits leaning into you cause he's too lazy to sit up straight. "So what's the special occasion MC? A face reveal?" Wow this one is direct.
He is staring right at you, as you pull off the mask slowly, thinking if it was a bad idea. His eyes grow wide for a split second before his fingers are already near your mouth feeling the scars.
"Deliberate or accident?" He asks. "Accident." You answer. He nods, "Good. I'm too tired today, wouldn't be able to take appropriate revenge." His fingers never leave your face.
"Is that why you keep it covered? You're embarrassed of it?" He asks. You think about it for a while. "I think I accepted it, it just seemed to make people uncomfortable and scared, if I smiled or opened my mouth to eat." You answer.
He smirked. "Then smile more. Let their cowardly selves feel uncomfortable. It's their problem that they can't see how cute your smile is."
That was surprisingly thoughtful. You smiled at him. "Thanks..."
He smirked back, "Also I'm going to be eating here from now on. My brothers annoy me."
He's cheeky but he has a good heart. Smiling never felt so easy.
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You’ve Always Been The One | Miya Osamu
Pairing: Osamu X Reader (gender neutral) 
Genre: fluffy, college au 
warning! timeskip osamu! but no spoilers to the main plot of the story, also suggestive at one point 
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose​ 💛
“’Samu?” You turned your head toward your husband as half of your body was sprawled across his lap as the two of you watched tv
But really, the two of you were half paying attention as your mind wandered as well as your husband’s as he played with your hair, clothes, and even your body as you laid on him like a picky child playing with their food
“Hm?” He hummed as his actions never hesitated once, continuing his rhythm
“Was there ever a time you knew you wanted to marry me?” You turned your body in his lap, facing him, looking up to him as his charcoal eyes met yours
“What makes ya ask?” His lips pulled to a smile as his hand cupped your cheek
“No particular reason, I just realized I never asked or really knew..”
“Mhm… I would have to say that second year of Uni around finals that semester I moved back home…”
The bedroom looked so cramped yet so empty at the same time
There were still a few boxes of Atsumu’s things left in there as well as other belongings of his still lying about yet his top bunk was empty
And now osamu’s luggage filled the space
It was hard to believe that he had shared the room with his brother for so many years, all the way up to their third year
And now Atsumu was gone, going pro as a volleyball player whereas Osamu was back
He cleared Atsumu’s the old desk, moving the pile of magazines to elsewhere to make room for his own studies
It was a bright morning, the sky was clear, and the sun was still rising
He ate a delicious breakfast he made and now all he had to do between now and the end of summer break was to get through the hell week of finals
Through it was stupid how some of his own professors were giving out big tests and papers that weren’t even the final but almost equivalent
He spent the day going about, studying, forcing himself to focus because if he knew he didn’t, he surely wouldn’t be studying
He continued to grumble to himself as he shook his head reading over the text
He just wanted to be done with school and to focus on his plans for his restaurant
He could see his future just out of reach and you were there too
That was all he could ask for for his future: to have you and his restaurant
It was all he ever wanted since graduating from Inarizaki
But the longer he also thought about you, the more guilt he felt for not texting you for the past few days as he studied, not giving himself a chance to breathe
Time ticked by minute by minute, page my page, hour by hour as his fingers typed rapidly over his keyboard
“Osamu, you need to do your laundry, honey,” his mother chimed in as she barged into the bedroom as he was in the middle of his thought
“I know, mom. Please leave, I’ll do it later,” he tried his best to not sound annoyed at his mother since he was well aware that she was doing and saying these things for him
Though she did have the tendency to repeat things for him to do even if he said he would do them eventually
But he couldn’t help but feel annoyed since he had lost his train of thought
The day went on and still no laundry or unpacking had been done, except for his backpack for all his school stuff combined with his computer stuff
He needed to finish the two papers whereas one had already been submitted around early dinner time but he still had one more to complete and he only had about a quarter of the day left
His stomach growled, his eyes didn’t want to even look at another screen
But he had to to his dismay
The closer he was to finishing college, the sooner he could get to practice of his culinary skills and open his restaurant
He leaned back in the old seat as his creaked beneath his weight
His eyes burned as he massaged them through his eye lids, sleep calling for him, his stomach calling for food  
He just wanted to be done for the night. That was it
He could care less about the grade at this point, even though he knew he should at least try to give the bare minimum
A subtle knock on the door caught his attention but he didn’t even Bothe rot look up
“Mom, I told you I’ll do my laund-“
“Uh, I’m not your mom,” you laughed a bit as your face and figure appeared through the ajar crack in the door you made
Osamu sat up in his seat as he opened the door more for you
But before you could even step in, he threw his arms around you, nuzzling his face into your shoulder and neck as he rocked side to side
“Hi. I missed you, oh my god hi,” was all he could sat as he snaked his hand around your waist, the other holding your shoulders from behind
He didn’t want to let go now that you were actually here
In just this moment with you, holding you close, feeling your skin against his, your hair tickling his face
Your presence
The stress was washing away the longer he held you and if he could, he wanted to just bring you to bed and sleep
You laughed as you rest your chin on his shoulder, rubbing his back with one hand
“Oh! I brought this for you.” You sadly had to break out of his embrace but he did the best he could to keep holding onto you as all he did was move his head so he could see what you held
“I figured this would be more meaningful than texting you and asking how you were doing?” You looked down to your fruit platter, wishing you cut the legs of the stars better but also hiding your bandage wrapped fingers
“Thank you, it’s cute.” He smiled down to the fruits you had decoratively put onto the platter as he took it, setting it down on an empty spot on his desk beside his laptop
“Wait, aside from the fruit, what’re you doin’ here? Don’t you have a final tomorrow?”
“No, silly. It was today but I’m done since my other courses didn’t require any finals.”
He escorted you in as you plopped onto his bed, while he sat backwards in his spinny chair
“You’re so lucky,” he groaned again as he spun, grabbing the plate of fruit
He undid the  saran wrap you had over the fruit as he stuck a slice of pineapple into his mouth, using another toothpick to stick a strawberry for you to feed you
“Thanks.” You bit it off as you looked around the old room though you had only been in here for a few times from high school
“What’re you working on?” You stood yourself up form his bed, leaning on the edge of his desk to read over whatever he had on his laptop
“Oh, that. It’s just one of my papers I have to do before my finals. They’re so dumb and annoying,” he groaned
But also thinking back, he never understood how he did what he did these past few years for school
“When’s it due?”
“Midnight, but now that you’re here, I don’t wanna finish,” he sighed the truth 
“Oh wait! I can help you if you want. This professor uses the same exact prompts every semester and I had her last semester, remember?” You excitedly scrolled through as you glanced at the time 
there as just enough where there was a little less than four hours to 11:59pm but he had gotten far enough where you could help him wrap up his thoughts 
“I could even just type what you want for you if you don’t even want to touch your laptop.” 
Osamu just sat still, silently staring at you 
You couldn’t even make out what he was thinking or feeling with that look on his face 
before you could even ask anything more, he set the fruit platter down, slowly brought his arms into your waist 
“I love you, so much.” His stress melted as a new wave of motivation 
He grabbed his laptop and guided the two of you to his bed on the lower bunk 
His fingers moved over the keys as you laid beside him, your leg draped over his as you rest your head against him
You caught his errors to which he rapidly backspaced to fix 
and before the two of you knew it, the fruit platter was empty and his paper was submitted 
“I’m free,” he groaned in relief as he shut his laptop, setting it on the nightstand, and turned back to you 
He melted his lips to yours, his own lips curling in glee 
He saw the smile on your lips, the rosiness on your cheeks with your eyes closed as you kissed him and he kissed you 
“You’re so pretty,” he mumbled into your lips, his arm propping him up beside you, both his legs on either side of you 
He deepened the kiss as time now slowly passed, minute by minute and now he could finally taste you after being away for so long 
You stayed with him all night as he showed you how much he truly adored you - though all he could show you how was through a physical way 
there weren’t enough words in his vocabulary he could use to string together a sentence or phrase that truly told you how much you meant to him 
“So me bringing you fruit was what made you want to marry me?” you looked up to him and smiled, the same smile he fell in love with and the same smile he loved just as much, if not more 
“Well, yes and no...” He was deep in thought. “I think that point was more of like a solidification to my confirmation that I wanted to marry you.” 
“‘A solidification to your confirmation’?” 
“Yeah. I knew for the longest time I wanted to marry you, Y/N.” He combed his fingers through your hair, lifting his legs onto the couch as a way to bring you closer so he could kiss you all over 
“You’ve always been the one for me, Miya Y/N,” he chimed, his lips ghosting over yours as he said your name, something he would never get over how good it sounded to him 
~~~~~ Thanks for reading! Masterlist for more! Please do not repost anywhere else!
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SCENE 2: Babysitting Damian Wayne and Jon Kent
(jason todd x reader)
A/N: OOC of the super-boys and even just Jason and Damian having a 'normal' sibling relationship. But we need smiles and wholesome shit once in a while so why not (age of the boys would be around 12-14; depending on your liking.)
- rather than babysitting a mini Wayne and Kent
- it's more like taking care of three kids all together
- of course, you and Jason are young adults
- but there would be no peaceful moment when you put the second Robin and the baby Robin together
- You had the weekend off work
- Dick found out Jason was in town
- and had to ask both of you to look after the munchkin and the 'little demon'
- Some thrown defenses on why he is "not available" before actually saying yes
- "That's your brother Jason, not a heathen."
- "Well, that demon still ruined date night."
- "Jon will be there too you know."
- some more grumbling before you all decided to go to the movies together to watch 'Sing 2'
- Jason squints and gives you a look
- "Oh please. As if you didn't watch the first movie twice." You chided.
- going to a cafe after that also has vegetarian options
- the boys being comfortable with you despite age difference
- also you giving the usual big sister reminders to be careful even if its normal for them when they update you of their recent superhero stories
- Jon having star eyes with Jason whenever Jason inserts his stories
- 'being attacked by aliens and assassins? Yeah right children; I was in a spacecraft and even fought your dad kid."
- Damian provoking Jason whenever he does a 'boyfriend' gesture to you
- like his arm around your chair when you guys are seated
- or when Jon is talking he puts another scoop of food on your plate before his
- the usual few minute bantering duo and you chatting with Jon
- also occasional elbowing Jason or lightly slapping his thigh
- when his comebacks are making Damian close to flinging himself to Jason with a table knife on hand
- Arcade time!!
- both of you having an updated photo-booth picture
- Besides shooting games
- both of you would definitely play those games that makes you win tickets
- afterwards all of you needed to pick up Titus and Ace from the grooming store before getting ice cream
- Clark fetching Jon
- Jason covering your eyes to prevent u from wooing
- you slapping his hand away and snarling at him while he jogs back to his car
- Jason finding out Damian took candid photos of both of you and uploaded it to the BATFAM group-chat
- photos include:
- (1) when all of you were in the car on the way to the cinemas and Jason's hand is on your thigh
- and another shot of that is having both of you holding hands in that same position
- (2) all of you walking through the parking and Jason's hand at your back and you half paying attention since you were texting
- (3) you leaning to him and kissing his shoulder while he luckily won the claw machine;
- with you also wearing his jacket which was too oversized for ya
- (4) when both of you were waiting the other side of the store for Jon and Damian who went to the restroom then to a game store (Jon dragging Damian to be exact lol)
- it was a picture of Jason kissing your forehead then another picture same position
- of you playfully smacking his chest and Jason with his cheeky boy smile looking down at you
- you would usually feel bashful about having found these 'paparazzi' sorta pics
- but you weren't in front of his family to feel embarrass so you just ended up giggling
- they were all really good you wanted to alternate them as your lock-screen
- while Jason angrily replies to all the reactions and teasing
- but he himself also changed his lock-screen to one of them immediately
- his ears all red and you laughing even harder that both of you should thank Damian
- late afternoon both of u decided to go buy drinks and buy take away
- finally for a proper date night alone
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rintaroll · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
— as your daughters serve you food at a mock up of onigiri miya, you and osamu fall back in love all over again.
Tumblr media
⊱┊pairing. miya osamu x gn!reader ⊱┊tags. fluff, timeskip spoilers (osamu and akaashi), you and osamu are married with two daughters (unclear whether biological or adopted), food mention ⊱┊wc. 1.3k ⊱┊note. um.... baby fever... yeah. also thank you @luvnami for beta-ing ily. also for reference he looks like this after work 😞 hot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s uncharacteristically quiet in the miya household. instead of the usual giggles and wholesome, curious conversations, the low buzzing of the air conditioner keeps you company. you squint at your laptop screen, ignoring how the bright light glaring back has been contributing to your minor headache. the words start to blur together the more you force yourself to read and you don’t even notice the click of the door lock at the entrance.
familiar padded footsteps draw near, and osamu places a kiss on your crown before moving to place his bag on the table. “still working?”
you nod with a sigh. you finally let your eyes stray away from the screen, to where your husband is taking his cap off and brushing his dark hair back with his deft fingers. the onigiri miya logo lays proudly on the left side of his chest as he smooths down the wrinkles on his black t-shirt.
osamu catches your tired eyes staring before you look back to your laptop. "s'getting late. ya should get some rest." he walks to the spot behind your chair and you let his hands rest on your stiff shoulders, rubbing them to ease the tension there.
when he leans forward, your head falls to rest on his shoulder. "i know." your husband scans the endless paragraphs in front of you while you continue. "i just need to read over it again since akaashi is expecting me to send him this before tomorrow."
"well, ya can read over it again tomorrow mornin'."
you hum, eyes closing in content when osamu presses another gentle kiss to your temple. "where are the kids?" he asks, voice low enough to give rise to goosebumps on your neck.
"upstairs. i told kanako to play with her sister a bit since i'm busy."
"really?" you chuckle at the surprise laced in his tone.
both of you have spent hours scolding kanako for leaving out keiko—the former has been leaving out and ignoring her 5-year-old sister the past few weeks, leaving keiko to cling on to your leg for the whole day. the familiarity in their behavior is undeniable once you see your husband, brother in law, and kids in the living room playing uno one night. you shake your head at the memory.
"are you doubting my kids?"
he catches your lazy grin and presses soft kisses to your forehead. "our kids."
"hmm... is that a yes?"
osamu pauses for a moment. "maybe."
you laugh softly before kissing his cheek. "do you wanna go and check on them?"
"i think we should." osamu offers you his hand, helping you rise up your seat and finally stretch your legs out.
his palm hovers over the small of your back as both of you walk upstairs to your children's sanctuary, where muffled talking is heard from beyond the closed door. osamu places a few gentle knocks to the door before asking, "can we come in?"
you can't hide the fond smile on your face when you overhear a high-pitched squeal and someone shushing them. the door creaks open, only to reveal kanako with keiko in tow, both with wide grins on their faces.
"papa!" keiko runs towards her dad, and osamu effortlessly catches her in his arms once she jumps. "missed ya!" the small hint of kansai dialect she picked up from her dad and uncles makes osamu grin.
"missed ya too, baby." osamu nuzzles her cheek, making her giggle.
"keiko! you're forgettin' somethin'!" kanako scolds her while she lets you brush away the baby hairs from sticking onto her forehead.
"oh right!"
what comes next surprises both of you. keiko squirms in osamu's arm, begging for him to let her down. when he does, she and her sister scramble over the opposite side of the room and unrolls a large sheet of paper.
"welcome to onigiri miya express!" both of them yell in unison, the apples of their cheeks more prominent than ever.
the proud smile that crept up osamu's face is priceless; you watch the lines of crow's feet at the corners of his eyes get deeper as the corner of his lips tug upwards. kanako doesn't wait for you to process everything, instead she grabs both of you by the wrists and drags you to the mini table and chairs they have set up beforehand.
you take a seat, folding your legs in a way that it won't topple the table over. "what's all this for?" looking over to osamu, you stifle a laugh when you see the way this six foot something adult man is awkwardly positioned on top of a light blue miniature chair.
"for yer anniversary!" kanako grins while her sister serves you platters of assorted candy.
it takes a moment for their words to register in your brain. you and osamu share a look, and you see in his eyes that he's just as lost as you.
"our what now?" you blink.
"anniversary!" kanako repeats herself, letting her sister parrot her and failing to pronounce the same word.
"it's... today?" the guilt seeps through his voice as osamu talks.
"papa! yer so silly!" kanako giggles. keiko looks confused as to what her sister's giggling about, but she giggles along with her anyway. "it's marked on the calendar, remember? that's why we're surprising ya with this!"
you're unable to fight back the smile on your face, touched that they planned and thought of this themselves. osamu looks over to you, the apologetic look in his eyes as clear as day. "'m sorry. it completely slipped my mind." he reaches over and takes your hand in his. you marvel at the way his hand completely envelops yours, and the way the lighting hits the gold band around his ring finger.
"no, it's okay. i forgot that it was today, too." you squeeze his hand back, chuckling to yourself.
tilting her head, kanako comes up to you. "what're ya talking about?" you pull her onto your lap with a kiss on her cheek.
"nothing, baby." you reply before keiko waddles over, demanding your attention by clambering onto your lap. you welcome her and balance the two on top of your thighs. she lets out a giggle when you plant a kiss on her cheek.
"try it, papa!" keiko exclaims when she watches osamu eye the gummy worms on his plate.
after plopping a red one into his mouth, he scratches his chin as he ponders on his review. "i'll give this..." keiko bounces on your lap in anticipation. "a ten out of ten."
now squealing, she hops off your lap and runs over to osamu's open arms, where she's greeted with another kiss to her cheek. “thank you, keiko.” he chuckles when he hears kanako grumble under her breath. “you too, kanako.” she tries not to grin, but you catch the glint of her baby teeth before she nuzzles her face into the crook of your neck.
“are you gonna share your toys with keiko more often now?”
she pulls back from you at lightning speed, and you instantly keep a steady hand on her back before she manages to fall backwards. “no!” she exclaims with a horrified look on her face. you glance at keiko, who’s peacefully munching on a strawberry pocky stick without a care in the world. “uncle atsumu doesn’t share either!”
startled, you watch as osamu’s eyes widen at her exclamation. “i told you he’s a bad influence.”
you snort. “that’s rich coming from the same guy that cursed in front of his daughters.”
“that was a slip-up!”
Tumblr media
vocabulary !
the name kanako (加奈子) means child of great blessings. osamu asked you to consider this name because his mom was going to name her daughter that (but she ended up with an annoying pair of male twins... sigh).
keiko (宮 慶子) means happy child. kanako used to keep you up at night with her crying and so you think naming her sister this would bring her as much joy as it did you and osamu.
Tumblr media
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sleepwalkersqueen · a year ago
Tumblr media
(Ignore this post, it’s just fucking... headcanon fluff.)
- Let’s just imagine... what it’d be like, if Enji had been a wholesome dad!
[Calculating 16 years back in the canon: Enji was 30, Toya was 9, Keigo was 7 (Rumi was 11) ]
- Enji saved Keigo from an abusive home, but when the HPSC notices Keigo’s bloody potential and wants to buy him... Enji just - adopts Keigo.
- Rei was angry about his sudden desicion: Because they already had huge responsibility with their other children! - But then she saw the tiny malnourished child who just escaped the abuse, without a home or anyone to turn to- and her heart just snapped. 
- Tiny Keigo knew he wasn’t wanted, so he made himself smaller and bowed to her. - But Rei just fell to her knees and hugged him really, really close.
- Toya next to them was like: “Yeah... actually, I wanted a dog - but a bird’s fine too.”
- The whole family went shopping to buy a bunch of wing-fitted kid-clothes. Kei’s just happy to have clothes and’s still too shy to ask for anything specific so fucking Toya ends up deciding what he tries on. Fuyumi next to them is like: “Tou, That’s just black. There’s no color- Wait- I think thats a mini-skirt, what the- What do you want with the lipstick!?” - Enji has to bring half of the clothes back.
- Enji starts to read guidebooks about therapheutic parenting for Keigo, but ends up overwhelming all of his kids with love and attenttion. He talks with Keigo that its okay to cry when he feels like it, but Keigo still just swallows everything down and is scared to make noise.
- Rei and Enji made sure Keigo’d eat and sleep enough, helped him preening his wings and constantly reasurred him that his accidental lil chirps are nothing to be ashamed of.
- But in the first month, instead of playing with his new siblings, Keigo constantly helps with hard work in the house and gardens without getting asked and doesn’t stop until they tell him to. Toya asks him about it at night. Keigo admits that he loves this place more than anything and is horrified of being tossed out again, so he tries to be worth their money.
- Toya punches him (softly, with love) in the face and tells him that he’s part of the family, even if he’d burn down down their house.
- Keigo feels like a stone falling from his chest, but the fear just doesn’t go away. One day he helps Enji do the dishes and he breaks a plate. And his whole world just cracks with that plate. He’s starts trembling and is like- “You can hit me and all, but please don’t toss me out!”
- Toya heared that and he’s like :O And Enji’s like >:O
- And then Toya stares at his father, grabs a plate and smashes it to the floor so it breaks. He grabs Keigo’s hand and screams: “If you wanna punish Kei, you gotta punish me too!”.
- Enji just hugs both of them, holds them really close: “Kei, we won’t ever toss you out, we love you and you’re a Todoroki now. That was just an accident. And Tou- I’d never hurt one of you!” - Touya’s like: “I know, I just wanted to smash a plate”
- After that Enji takes a day off and they all just play in the gardens. And one moment, Keigo just stops and looks at them laughing about a really bad joke he just made and he thinks: “Woa, I’ve a family now!” And he’s so happy, he starts crying. It’s the first time he cried since a long time, and it’s because of joy.
- Enji isn’t the no. 2 hero, since he spends more time with Rei and his kids. So he moves between 2nd and 4th place in the rankings, but he really doesn’t care. 
- He is still a kinda-dick to the public, but he actually talks about his family, when you ask him about them. (”Yes, my family is way better than yours. Are you blind?” *Pulls a picture out of his wallet* “Just look at my amazing sons and this pure-hearted angle of a daughter. Now out of the way, my wife said I should grab milk on my way home.”) And when he comes home can’t but smile when he sees Rei and his kids. He is really proud of them.
- Enji helps Natsuo with his homework and he makes soba with Fuyumi, plays referee for a sparring-match between Keigo and Touya. But neither of them accepts their limits or defeat, escalateing their fight until it get’s so heated, that Enji has to put a end to it, because he can’t see his kids hurting each other like this. So he let’s them fight him instead, forcing them to team up, and even though he just fakes defeat, he sees their potential.
- The kids are super scared sometimes that he doesn’t make it home after a huge fight, but Enji always returns to read the bed-time story before giving good-night-hugs, So they don’t have nightmares.
- Shoto is born and he’s allowed to sleep in his parents bed. So the other siblings want the same and they fall asleep in a puppy-family-pile. Enji sleeps half on the floor that night.
- Natsuo sees in a TV documentary that male baby-chickens get often killed instandly after they hatch... And so he freaks out, cries and hugs Keigo, like wanting to protect him. - They need the whole night to reassure him, that Keigo is in fact, not a chicken.
- One day the kids should help move some boxes up the staircase to Enji’s study. - And Keigo’s is like: “We can do that later, right guys? Let’s go see what’s inside first, play with it and then try if we can make it look like we never opened it. That’ll be fun!”; And Toya’s like: “Fucking finally” - Inside were reports about unsolved crime cases in the city. Toya and Keigo talk about it the whole month. They decide that they wanna become heroes together. 
- Enji “trains” with Fuyumi, Natsuo, Toya and Keigo - But it’s actually just goofing around and playing villan-attack. (So they know what to do if someone tries to harm them, but he always watches so noone gets hurt.) Toya and Keigo are the only ones to take the play seriously, since they want to become heros for real.
- Enji tells Toya that there’s no need for him to become a hero, if he isn’t fitted for using his quirk. Toya thinks about this, but works out extremly reffined techniques where he uses his fire more defined to avoid burns.
- Toya and Keigo constantly fight about who’s the strongest. (But they are careful not to seriously hurt each other and instandly stop when the other is down. They also teamed up, when a guy in Natsu’s class stalked and tried to bully him. There isn’t much stronger in this world than their big-bro-insticts.)
- Natsuo always cares for their injuries and then Rei gives the two household chores as punishemt.... - And then they fight about who should do the dirtier work.
- Later they met Rumi hanging around in the dangerous parts of the playground and started a fight about a last soda-can. Rumi just obliterated both of them. (since she is 3/6 years older.)
- Toya and Keigo go to UA and both win the sportsfestival first place in their year. They sparr and work-out together with Rumi. They go to different agencies during their internship and try to out-do each other in solved cases.
- They were supposed to babysit Shoto once. The kitched burned.
- Toya becomes a top ranked hero and the todorokis have a big family dinner twice a week. They always cook together and everything is chaotic but in the good way. 
- Toya pierces Keigos ears, because Keigo lost a bet. They start a big fight about it on the stage of the Hero-billboard-charts, live on TV. (- But they do team ups on every big mission to keep their backs safe. They’d litterally die giving the other cover.)
- Enji always tries to get team-ups with Toya, but Toya always dodges. (Because it’s kinda fucking embrassing to work with your dad, who has your baby-pictures in his wallet.)
- They are super fucking happy and nothing will ever change that.
EDIT: If anyone feels like writing this into a fic or something... I’d kiss ya feet and read the crap outta that!
EDIT 2: Like, really man. I need that fluff.
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toiletwipes · a month ago
More wholesome diner au? You ask and you shall receive!
It's midday, bit after 2pm when you head into the dinner.
A smile on your face as you fall into a booth inside of the seat by the coffee maker.
You deserve the break. A morning exam that had kicked you ass, but you kicked it right back.
So now you deserved a break to relax, and watch you're cute server bo-
"Hello! How I can I help you?"
"Hello Y/N!"
"Aren't you supposed to be in school?"
"Well yes, but we got out early, and Phil said if I came in early I could get off early!"
You laugh at his enthusiasm, you have a feeling the entusiasm isn't for heading into work early, but getting off early and potentially skipping out on cleaning.
You've heard him bemoan about having to clean enough to know it's his least favourite task.
"Well are you going to order?"
You watch as Tommy turns his head away from you, pulling a face at some other teenagers in the corner of the diner. Probably his friends.
Most likely how friends, you have heard about the short green shirt wearing genius and the tall sharply dressed amnesiac enough to know it's them.
You wave Tommy off.
"Just put in a lunch special and a coffee please."
"Ugh, why are you so predictable?"
"Yeah yeah Tommy, just put it in."
"Got it, see ya in a moment, or not, loverboy is here!"
Tommy is quick to scurry away at his last words, letting everyone in the dinner know that.
"Loverboy is here."
You rub your hands on your face, feeling its warmth. You want to sink into your seat at the embarrassment.
"Hey", Wilbur!
Be cool!
Be normal!
Say something a normal person would say.
"Good morning Wilbur." F u c k
"Morning?" Wilbur laughs, and offers a smile as he pours you a cup of coffee.
"Mhmm, time is just a social structure."
There is that laugh again, it's a melody to your ears.
"Well, since you're here on a Friday, and I'm off in a-"
"WILBUR!" He gets cut off by a loud voice from the kitchen. Techno.
Wilbur sends you an apologetic smile as he hurries off again.
You relax in the kinda comfy booth seat, sipping on your coffee and letting all thoughts leave your head.
You are so not doing any college work the rest of today. Maybe neither tomorrow or Sunday, you could take a walk on Sunday. Yeah you shou-
A plate gets put down in front of you.
"Oh thank you!" you smile up at the waiter. It take you a second to realise it's Wilbur.
But he's wearing normal clothes instead of his uniform. He usually only is when he locks the door behind the dinner and you walk a bit of the same path away from it.
"You're quite in your head today."
You send him a smile.
"Been a long day, had an exam most of today, and I've been studying so much I nearly missed it because I passed out a bit after 3am this morning."
He shakes his head disappointingly, as he slides into the seat opposite you in the booth.
Stealing a small sausage under your nose.
"Hey what?"
He has a certain glint in his eye today, you noticed it earlier but you didn't think of it then.
"Techno’s cooking has no right being this good."
"Will I swear, if you comment on his cleaning abilities I will cry."
"Well then I'm going to change subject."
You hum as you poke around the food on your plate. Wilbur waves down Tommy and gets himself a plate.
"Don't you ever get tired of the food here?" the question flies out of your mouth, and is met with a melodically laugh.
"Don't you ever get tired of the coffee?"
Wilbur smiles at you as you tell him about the exam, and he listens closely as you talk about how you're planing to relax all weekend. No school just relaxation.
"Well, I was thinking, since it's Friday, and my shift is over. Would you maybe want to do something?"
You halt.
"I mean not that you have to at all! It's just I would like to try and meet you outside of here, and I just thought maybe you would want to, but it's cool. I know this is weird since I'm just a waiter, and-"
"Wilbur I would love to."
Now it's his turn to halt.
"You would?"
"Mhmm, I think it would be fun, maybe get to eat another place with you, that isn't here."
His face beams at you again, as the glint returns to his eyes.
And you smile back at him.
And then three teenagers in corner of the dinner shouts "Loverboy!" and his face heats up, and you laugh.
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mypoisonedvine · a year ago
Home for the Holidays | Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) x reader
summary: robert is tired of pretending to be normal, he’s tired of the shitty holiday known as christmas and he’s really fucking tired of watching his adorable, innocent next door neighbor without getting a real taste.  luckily, he has a plan to solve all three of these things.
word count: a bit over 5k
warnings: smut (noncon, vaginal and anal), gunplay, bondage, stalking, kidnapping, slight-to-medium breeding kink, innocent!reader, lots of degradation, blood mention, pain kink, spitting, implied age gap (??? kinda), cringy and disturbing dirty talk, maaaaybe the darkest thing I’ve ever written… proceed with extreme caution
Tumblr media
Robert hated the holidays.  The fact that it was too cold to sell ice cream was a factor, sure, but he didn’t like anything else about them either— the cheesy music, the stupid advertisements on TV, the gaudy decorations everywhere… he wasn’t sure if there was anything he liked about this time of year.  Getting gifts would be nice if he actually had any friends or family to do that with.  Giving gifts sounded like too much fucking work anyway.  He was sick and tired of this stupid holiday and the way it started sooner every year, too.  
This year, when he heard Jingle Bell Rock on the radio for the first time of the season, something snapped.  He wasn’t going to just sit idly by and let the holidays come and go.  He wasn’t going to avoid and half-tolerate all the dreaded ‘cheer’ and ‘spirit’ like he had for the past few years.  No no, this year was going to be different.
This year, he was going to get a Christmas present for himself: you.
He’d been watching you for a long time, since the day you moved in next door.  It wasn’t often that a young woman lived alone around here, and for good reason.  Still, you had this air of blissful ignorance about you— you never caught him spying on you, for one, and when he was spying you were always off in your own little world, listening to your records, daydreaming about god-knows-what.  He wished he could know, because he figured it was something innocent and wholesome.  
You weren’t all innocent and wholesome, though.  He’d seen you doing the things you did when you were totally alone (or at least, you thought you were), late at night, cuddled up under the covers…
He wanted to see more, though.  He wanted to see everything.  And he was tired of waiting.
He was on his porch when you came home, and he waved; you waved back, your hands obscured by big fuzzy mittens.  Damn did he miss the summers, when you would wear tank tops and short shorts and wash your car in the sunlight.  Now you were all bundled up in coats and scarves, and even though you looked sort of adorable like this, he missed that perfect body he knew you were hiding under there.  
You were bringing groceries in from the car, and he could see you had a few bags in the backseat.  “That’s a lot to carry, lemme help you,” he offered as he jumped up from his seat and walked towards you.
“Oh, it’s fine, I’ve got it,” you dismissed, but you started to stumble and he had to catch you so you wouldn’t fall and drop your stuff.  “Thanks,” you mumbled awkwardly as you caught your footing— you felt so good in his arms he could barely stand it.  
“What is all this?” he asked as he glanced into the bags.
“Oh, uh, just Christmas stuff,” you explained.  He furrowed his brow as he saw you had bought enough food to feed a whole family.  
“Your folks comin’ into town or something?” he pressed, pulling one of the paper bags open to see inside.  “Or are you hosting a party I didn’t get invited to?”
“Uh, neither,” you laughed, “my family doesn’t… no, they’re not coming.  And there’s no party.  I just love cooking Christmas food and I thought, why not?  I mean, I’ll freeze whatever I can’t finish and have meals for the next month…”
“So you’re gonna make this whole ham just for yourself?” he clarified, admiring your ambition.
“Yep!” you grinned.  “I know it’s stupid, but I just love Christmas and I don’t think I need to justify celebrating it to a grinch like you.”
“A grinch?  Says who?”
“Freezy, you’re the only house on the block that hasn’t put up lights yet,” you smirked.  “It’s sort of obvious you don’t like this time of year.”
“Are you kidding?  I love Christmas!  I’m just subtle about it, that’s all,” he decided sternly.
“Really?  Are you going to see anyone for the holidays then?” you pressed.
“Uh, no, I’m sort of an… orphan, I guess you could say.  No parents or siblings or anything like that.”
“No girlfriend?” you grinned, elbowing him playfully.  
“I don’t have a girlfriend,” he laughed, “I just know a few women who would be really mad if they heard me say that.”
“You’re such a dog,” you rolled your eyes.  “Will you help me carry these in or not?”
He sighed as he picked up two bags and carried them up to your porch, pushing the door open with his back to set them on your counters.  He’d been inside your place a few times— mostly with you there, a few times when you weren’t— and he noticed how much you’d changed in the spirit of the season: an enormous, real pine covered in lights and ribbons; decorative ceramic figures all over the place including Santa, elves, reindeer, and even a nativity on the dining table; stockings on the mantle, god knows who those were even for. 
You had literally decked your halls with boughs of holly.  
“Damn, woman, you went all out!” he observed with wide eyes.
“Well, I thought it would be nice,” you smiled, although it was a somber smile, “you know, Christmas like it used to be…” you trailed off as your gaze became distant.  You snapped back to reality with a little sigh, shaking it off and heading back to the car for another load of bags.  He understood that emptiness he saw in your eyes, it was all he felt anymore.  Maybe you could change that for him; maybe he could change that for you.
Aw, who was he kidding?  He didn’t care about that.  He just wanted to figure out what you were hiding underneath those puffy winter clothes.  If the smell of your stolen panties was anything to go by, it was going to be worth the wait.
Christmas Eve was just as boring and cold as any other day, except that it was filled with a riveting anticipation.  That was probably true for most people, but for Robert it was for something much more exciting than presents under the tree.  
Nightfall came early, it being winter and all, so it was already pitch dark outside when it was just about time for him to go over for dinner.  He considered smashing a window to get in, but then you might call the cops before he had time to explain, so he decided the easier method was just to knock on the front door.  He didn’t really care who saw at this point— besides, who’d be staring out their window to spy on their neighbors the night before Christmas?  Aside from Robert, that is.
“Oh!” you gasped when you answered the door.  The dark red turtleneck looked even better on you up close, like you’d jumped right out of a Norman Rockwell postcard— or a festive pin-up.  He didn’t wait for your approval before stepping in and shutting the door behind him, relishing the adorable look you wore as you stared up at him with the perfect mix of confusion and concern.
“I know you didn’t invite me,” he smirked, “but I figure two people alone on Christmas ought to be together, don’t you think?”
“Robert, I—”
He pulled his gun out from his belt, watching you freeze as he pointed it at you.
“I think you should start making dinner, sweetheart,” he instructed darkly.  You nodded quickly, walking to the kitchen as he followed you closely.  “What are you making?”
“H-ham,” you stuttered nervously as you turned on the stove before slipping on a cute little apron with white lace around the edges.  “With green bean casserole, and some gingerbread for dessert.”
“Sounds delicious,” he grinned, taking a seat at the bar and keeping his gun pointed towards you.  
Your hands were shaking as you tried to chop the ingredients, and he tutted a little in sympathy.  “Don’t be scared, honey, ‘m not gonna hurt ya.  It’s gonna be a great Christmas— just like the way it used to be, huh?”
“Y-yeah,” you shivered, lip quivering, “I… I wish you just would’ve asked if you could have some dinner, Robert, I would’ve happily had you.”
“Oh, you’re gonna have me either way.  Up to you if you wanna be happy about it.”
He laughed as he watched your eyes start to water, a meek little sniffle 
“Aw, don’t cry, pretty baby,” he cooed, “it’ll make me wanna skip right to the good stuff.  But, let’s just have dinner first.”
You stayed quiet after that, cooking in silence as he unabashedly undressed you with his eyes.  You looked like a perfect little housewife in that apron; he wanted to see you wearing just that, so he could bend you over the counter and— 
Damn, he was already hard, just like that.  You’d always had such an effect on him.
He went ahead and took a seat at the table once you were nearly done with the meal, leaning back to let you drape the fancy napkin over his lap (and smirking when you gasped a bit, obviously noticing the bulge in his jeans).
“I hope you like it,” you offered weakly as you set his plate in front of him.
“I’m sure you do,” he grinned, picking up his fork.  “You won’t like what’s gonna happen if I don’t.”
You just stood beside him for a moment as he took the first bite, smiling weakly when he hummed in content at the taste.  “Aren’t ya gonna eat?” he asked, looking you up and down.
“I’m not hungry,” you explained quickly.
“Suit yourself,” he shrugged, “it’s good.  You’re quite the little chef, aren’t ya?”
“Um, I suppose…” you deflected awkwardly.
“Learn to take a compliment,” he hissed, “say ‘thank you.’”
“Thank you,” you replied dutifully.  
“That’s better,” he announced firmly, shovelling the last bite of casserole into his mouth before working on the slices of ham.  Your ability to follow instructions was a good sign for how tonight was going to go— apparently for all your naivete, you still had a self-preservation instinct.  He couldn’t wait to exploit it.
He continued his meal in silence, delighting in the way your eyes watered and your lip quivered.  “Alright, sweetie, dinner’s over,” he announced when he was finished.  “Time for dessert.”
You shivered slightly as he stood up and approached you.  “You want gingerbread?” you asked innocently.  He frowned and shook his head, watching you start to cry again as he roughly grabbed your arm and pulled you closer.  
“I had something even sweeter in mind,” he informed you with a low growl, taking a big whiff of your scent— that same shampoo smell he was used to by now, mixed in with the new perfume you’d gotten a few weeks ago along with the warm, spicy smells of Christmas.  “Been waitin’ so long for this,” he groaned lowly as he leaned down to stare right into your fear-widened eyes.
“N-no, please,” you whimpered, weakly attempting to twist out of his grip, “you wouldn’t—”
“I would,” he disagreed as he turned his gun backwards, whipping you across the head with the handle.  He caught you before you collapsed, and hoped you wouldn’t be hurting too much when you woke up.  But he would deal with that then.  Right now, he had a present to wrap.
There was a radiating ache in your skull.  You felt that first as you groggily opened your eyes.  The next thing you noticed was that you weren’t in your bed.  Looking around, you couldn’t see well because the only light was from your Christmas tree, but you could see that you were naked and bound with ropes.  Oddly enough, on top of the ropes was thick red ribbon, gathered in a big bow right at your chest.
What the fuck is going on? you were about to ask yourself, but then it all became clear.
The shadows shifted, and your neighbor emerged from them.  You struggled against the ropes as you remembered everything, realizing what was happening.  Of course you had always thought he was a bit creepy (who didn’t?) but you were nice to him and he was nice to you.  How could you have known he was this disturbed?  
“That’s my favorite part,” he purred as he stooped down to be eye-level with you.  “The moment when they realize what’s going to happen.  You were so peaceful just a moment ago, knocked out and without a care in the world, and now you’re fighting for your life.”
You whimpered into the gag as he smiled at you, running his hands over your skin.
“I mean, not fighting very well, but fighting.”
You tried to kick him as he stepped closer but the ropes made it impossible.
“I think it’s time to open my present, hm?” he grinned.  You shook your head but he ignored you, slowly pushing your legs apart and growling a little when he saw your exposed pussy, ripe for the taking.  “Look at that, you’re wet,” he laughed.  You wrenched your eyes shut, refusing to believe this was happening.  “Don’t be embarrassed, that happens a lot.  Although I’ll admit, I don’t think any of them were ever this wet before…”
You jumped when his thumb started to rub your clit, the pressure much too intense and unexpected.  He laughed at your struggle, and you could feel your walls throbbing in response to the stimulation.
“I know I didn’t need to do all this to get you in bed,” he continued his taunting rant.  “I know you wanted me already— don’t think I didn’t notice you makin’ googly eyes at me like a dumb little schoolgirl.  If I’d’ve asked you out, I could’ve had you under me after a few drinks… but it’s better this way.  You probably would’ve made me wear a condom, would’ve made me be all gentle with ya, some wholesome missionary shit,” he laughed.  “I don’t have time for that crap.  It’s so much better with your body at my disposal, and you cryin’ those pretty tears.”
The shocks that shot up your spine from the way he was touching you made you feel like your body was betraying you.  How could this actually feel good?  How was it that the fear burning in your gut was actually adding to your pleasure and not nullifying it?
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he groaned as if he were reading your mind.  “I know you love it, little girl, don’t act so innocent.  I know you’re not the good girl everybody thinks you are.  You’ve been naughty this year, haven’t you?”
Even though logic told you not to play into his twisted game, you felt compelled to shake your head ‘no.’
“Don’t lie,” he warned, “I’ve seen you.  I’ve watched you play with this pretty pussy every fucking night.”
You couldn’t watch this any more, you couldn’t look at him while he did this to you.  Forcing your eyes shut, you tried to find a place in your mind to run away to.  Instead, he slapped you right on your clit and your eyes shot open as you whined.
“Keep looking,” he instructed.  “I want you to see it.  I want you to know that it’s me.  I want you to see what I’m about to put in you.”
He stepped back and hastily discarded his shirt, making quick work of his boots and trousers, too.  Then it was just his boxers, and you could see the outline of his erection already.  You hoped it wasn’t as big as it looked, but then he grinned as he pulled the fabric down and yep, it was— you tried to squirm away, uselessly.
“Aw, don’t be scared, baby,” he pouted, “I know it’s big, but with how wet you are I bet it’ll fit like a glove.  A really, really tight glove…”
He leaned down and pressed his lips right against your ear, rubbing his swollen head through your slick folds as you whined.  
“Gloves can tear,” he chuckled.  “Gloves can rip.”
Tears stained the ribbon of your gag as you tried to beg him not to, but it was too late— he was pushing forward and spearing you onto him.
“Fuck!” he groaned as he pushed all the way to the hilt, and your eyes rolled back as the stinging, burning pain shot up your spine.  “So fuckin’ tight, fuck, can’t believe I waited this long to get my hands on you.”
He pulled the gag down, smiling at you tenderly when you coughed out a cry of pain.  “Please,” you sobbed, “please stop…”
“No no, babygirl, I’m not gonna stop.  I wanna fill this slutty little cunt with my come.”
Renewed sobs shook your chest as your nails dug into your own palms, each thrust somehow going even deeper than the last, somehow hurting even more.
“Want my come, pretty girl?” he pressed, refusing to let you ignore him.  “Want me to shoot my load into this sweet pussy a’yours?”
“No,” you sobbed weakly, shaking your head, “no, no…” you trailed off, chanting it like a mantra as you felt like you might pass out.
“Aw, you’re not on the pill, are you?” he realized with a toothy grin.  “Never saw any empty packs in your trash.  Are you worried I’ll knock you up?”
“Please, please don’t,” you shivered.  There was nothing quite as demeaning as having no recourse but to beg even when you knew it would do nothing.  The only thing that came close was the knowledge that your orgasm wasn’t so far off— his cock was slamming right into your spot with every movement, his hips rubbing your swollen clit, and it was impossible to avoid the pleasure that was making your walls tighten around him.
“How could I not?” he countered.  “Fuck, you feel so good, how could I not breed this dripping, desperate cunt, hm?  There’s no way I’m pulling out now when you’re squeezin’ my dick so good like this.”
“Please,” you repeated, so quiet you couldn’t be sure he heard it at all.  You could hardly breathe with his weight on your chest, black static dancing at the edges of your peripheral vision.
“I’ll be honest— I hate kids,” he growled, “never wanted ‘em, but it does sound like a lot of fun to get you pregnant.  Would you like that, pretty baby?  Bein’ full of my kid?  I’d be so nice to watch you get big and know it was all my fault.  Think of it like a Christmas gift, from one neighbor to another.”
“Robert, please!” you cried, although it sounded a lot like you were begging him for more as opposed to begging him for mercy.  You weren’t sure how that happened, except that you could feel the coil in your gut tightening and tightening and tightening until it finally fucking snapped and you choked on nothing, your walls fluttering as a gush of wetness seeped out between your bodies.
“That’s it,” he groaned, “fuck, what a nasty little skank you are, Jesus… coming so hard from being tied up and abused by your neighbor, who knew you were a total freak?”
You couldn’t say anything, you couldn’t even think as hazy pleasure flooded your brain and you went limp in his oppressive grasp.  Exhaustedly, you slumped down and let him use you— all you could do now was hope he would finish soon.
“I mean, I knew,” he laughed, “but damn… you’re somethin’ else.”
He said it with pride in his voice, as your entire body burned with shame.  How had you already given in so quickly, accepted your fate and come harder than you ever had before?  It sort of made sense that this would be more intense than what you got from getting yourself off at night (and the thought that he’d been watching you made your stomach churn), but why was this so much better than the sweet, loving sex you’d had with your boyfriend way back when, before he’d run out on you?  Why was Robert, as disturbed as he was, the best you’d ever had?
“God, you’re so wet, I can fucking smell you,” he grunted through his teeth.  “You made such a pretty mess on my cock, babygirl.”
You could hear that he was right, you could feel the wetness that had dripped down to cover both of you— the wet slapping of his balls against your ass was disgusting, yet arousing, and you hated yourself for it.
“Shit, I’m close,” he moaned, “fuck yeah, just like that.”
You weren’t sure what he was referring to until you realized you were arching your back, forcing his cock to hit your overstimulated spot directly.  It made jolts of electricity course through your veins, pleasure sizzling just beneath your skin.  
“Kiss me,” he instructed, and you were too far gone to disobey as you turned and captured his lips in a kiss, instantly accepting his tongue into your mouth.  It was sloppy and forceful and kinda gross and he tasted like Christmas dinner and cigarettes, but it made your walls tighten around him again anyways.  Something about his beard against your face made you moan a little, the sound lost into his mouth but unfortunately not unnoticed.  “Fuck, I know you love my cock so much,” he purred, pulling back only as much as he needed to to speak— he was so close that his lips brushed yours with every word, those dark eyes staring right into yours until you felt entirely helpless to his gaze.
“Please,” you whimpered, not even sure what you were asking for.
“Best pussy I’ve ever had, you know that?” he praised, grinning as you bit down on your lip.  “Yeah, you love being my good girl, you love pleasin’ me, don’tcha?”
“I— I don’t—”
“Just nod your head, dumb baby,” he grunted coldly.  After a moment of hesitation, you nodded ever so slightly and he moaned above you.
“Fuck— gonna come,” he informed you breathlessly, “gonna fill up your wet fuckin’ hole, ‘m so close, ah fuck—”
The first pump of his cock painted your insides and you cringed as you tried not to moan at the feeling.  His come was hot and thick as it filled you, the faltering thrusts of his hips making your swollen walls flutter weakly.  It felt like it would go on forever— his weak groans in your ear, his thick cock pulsing inside you, your breathing quick and fast until it felt like you weren’t getting any air in your lungs at all.  It stopped, finally, as he sighed and relaxed a little bit.
“Goddamn,” he breathed as he pulled out of you, making you both wince.  Already you felt soreness radiating from your opening, and your face burned as he looked down between your legs.  “Look at that, what a perfect little pussy I just ruined.  It’s all stretched out and red and covered in my come,” he announced proudly.  “There’s a little blood, too, but you’ll be better in no time,” he assured with a smirk.  “Red and white— it’s sort of festive, don’t you think?”
You swallowed down the acid threatening to come up your throat— of course he was disturbed, but did he have to be so disgusting?
Again, it was like he read your mind as he grabbed your jaw and forced you to open your mouth, spitting onto your tongue before commanding you to swallow it.  Just when you thought you’d reached the limits of his depravity, he found some new way to up the ante.  What worried you most, though, was the fact that he’d already come and hadn’t left yet.  Deep down, you knew it wasn’t over yet, but you hadn’t accepted it consciously.
“Such a good slut for me,” he praised through his teeth, “I bet I can go again, fuck, you turn me on so much.”  Pulling back a bit and gripping his cock at the base, you squirmed a little as you looked at it.  “You see this?  I’m still hard.  You make me feel like a fuckin’ teenager again, I swear.”
“I can’t…” you sighed weakly, your voice sounding all cracked and whiny as it moved through your sore throat.  “I can’t take it again…”
“Don’t worry,” he soothed, “I’m gonna give your poor cunt a break… so I can rape this cute little ass.”
“No!” you yelped.  “Please!  Not there!”
He slapped you quickly before maneuvering two fingers to your other hole, teasing it as he laughed at your pre-emptive wince.
“It’s not gonna be so bad, baby, I’m gonna get you ready for it first, see?  I bet you’ll love it, nasty little thing like you.”
The first finger slipped in with a little pop as the tight ring of muscle shifted to accommodate him.  You’d never had anything go up that way before, and it was nothing like you could’ve imagined.  Hissing in a breath through your teeth, you whimpered as he added a second finger already.
“Just relax,” he instructed.  “Not that I don’t love you gripping my fingers with your tight little hole, but it’ll hurt less if you just let it happen.”
You willed your muscles not to tighten even as he twisted his fingers inside you, moving slowly until he was buried all the way to the knuckle and then finally pulling back.  The third was a bit more of a challenge as he opened you wider, your fists clenching at the sting of pain.  He let his come drip down from your pussy to use as lube, which was undoubtedly the filthiest thing you’d ever experienced.  You tried to keep quiet and relax as he told you to, but your fight was renewed slightly as he pulled his fingers out and lined up his cock with your hole.  
“Please,” you shivered, “don’t do this…”
“When are you gonna stop fucking fighting it, huh?  How stupid are you?  You’re tied up on the floor, I already made this pussy mine and you fucking loved it, how much more obvious could it be that I’m gonna do this?  You’re fucked.  It’s over.  Just accept it and I’ll make it good for you.”
“This can’t be good for me,” you hissed through your teeth.
“Well, in that case,” he groaned, interrupting himself as he roughly shoved his cock into your ass.  The air was punched from your lungs as pain burned white-hot through your body— it didn’t feel like his fingers had done much to prepare you at all, with the way this hurt.  As soon as you had the oxygen needed to do so, you were crying again, loud sobs echoing around your dark, empty living room.  “I was gonna be gentle,” he taunted you darkly, “but you had to run that mouth of yours.”
You tried to choke out an apology, but it was useless as he shoved his fingers into your mouth. 
“Suck on ‘em, show me what your mouth is good for,” he demanded as you closed your lips and swirled your tongue around his fingers.  “Fuck, that’s better.  See how good it is when you know your place?”
You couldn’t really process his words, though, as you spent all your energy on trying not to think about how his cock felt in your ass.  It was like being full in a completely different way than before, like being opened wider than you knew was possible.  He pulled his fingers from your mouth and you hated the moan that spilled out after them.
“Your cunt is getting wet,” he sing-songed mockingly as he leaned back and looked down at it.  “You love it up the ass, huh?  Dirty bitch.”
You shook your head in denial (even though you could feel that he was right, at least about the first part), but he grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him.
“Say it,” he grunted.  “Admit it, slut.  Admit you love getting fucked up the ass.”
“I…” you whimpered, barely able to get the words out even though you knew you needed to if you wanted to prevent him from hurting you worse.  “I love… getting fucked—” you stopped to swallow the lump in your throat— “up the ass.”
He backhanded you, hard, right across the face.  You cried and gasped all at once, choking on air from the force of the hit.  “WHORE!” he yelled right in your face.
You sobbed uncontrollably as he fucked you with more brutality than you’d known was possible.  “Please,” you tried to beg, even if you knew it was useless, but it was totally incomprehensible as you shook with the force of your cries, hissing in breaths through your teeth to try to cope with the pain.
“Thought it would take me a while to come again, but your ass feels so goddamn good— fuck, I’m close already.  Want me to fill up that tight little ass?”
You shook your head as you sobbed, shaking violently against the confines of the ropes.  Distantly, you heard the chimes of your clock in the other room.
“You hear that?” he whispered.  “That means it’s midnight— it’s Christmas.”
He leaned in until his hot breath tickled your ear and neck, making you wish you could turn your head away more than just a few centimeters.
“Merry fucking Christmas,” he purred, just as you felt his cock swell and pulse inside you.  Your eyes rolled back as you wondered if you’d ever been so full before.
It was a haze after that as he gently untied you, getting his gun out again and keeping it trained on you as he followed you to the bathroom and forced you to shower.  Force was a bit of an overstatement, though, considering your desire to clean him off of you as much as possible.  “I’m not gonna tell anyone, Robert,” you tried to calm him down as you shivered under the stream of water that hadn’t quite warmed up yet.
“Yeah, well, just in case,” he insisted as he waved the gun pointed in your direction.  “Wash between your legs real good, push my come out.”
“Not gonna matter if you knocked me up like you said,” you reminded him.  “A paternity test will be evidence enough.”
“Shut up,” he grimaced.  “Can’t prove you didn’t want it, anyway.  We both know you did.”
You didn’t respond to that, opting to shower silently instead and wincing every time you tried to clean between your legs.  You were going to be sore for days, if not weeks.
“We both know I’m gonna be back for more real soon,” he added darkly.  “Too good for just one night.” 
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kai-uh-arcadian · 6 months ago
hey! could you write something about reader which always overworks itself so much that they barely is able to stay on their feets and Pieck which is worried and tries to stop them doing this while always taking care of them anyways?
Pieck x Reader
Hi!! I really really reaaaaally hope this is what you meant, I was not quite sure (‘:
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1.7k
Cw: Minor cursing (if any?)
Disclaimer: This is my first ask and my second story/fic/head canon/ whatever/ type thing ever, so feedback is appreciated :D
I’d LOVE to do more of this so asks are also appreciated :DDDD
* Wholesome fluff!!!!*
Ships involved: Pieck X Reader, Minor Sasha and Niccolo
- “Darling, where are you?” Your phone read as it lit up
- Her name in your phone is “Pieck <3”
- Short and simple ik
- You were about 5 minutes away, she has your location, no need to respond plus you’re too tired to even move your arms from the steering wheel
- (I imagine you’re about 21-23 years old)
- You arrive at your shared apartment
- “Piecky I’m home” you manage to chirp out
- She greets you with a kiss
- “Welcome home,” (((‘:
- (You’ll never get over her greeting,,,, your heart is going to explode)
- “11:30 again? Honey.. don’t you think this is a lot of overtime?”
- You came in at 11 this morning 😀
- “It’s the busiest time of the year for Hange and Co, Mr. Acker-Smith seems to be very adamant on getting things done and he needs me” You sigh and pull her into an embrace
- “Even though I’m so proud of you my love, I need you too ya know” she pouts
- ))):
- She gave you the puppy dog eyes
- (You almost quit your job right then and there 😳😳)
- “I need you too” your hands lightly massage her back, snuggling your chin onto her shoulder
- You’re completely engulfed in the smell of her fresh shampoo mixed with a bit of food smell
- “Did you eat?” You pulled away
- “Yeah a while ago, I couldn’t wait for you but I just made you food”)))):
- (Babygirl is pouting again)
- “You truly are the best” you gave her a quick peck and she led you to the kitchen
- Pieck makes you sit down at the table after you insisted helping yourself but she likes serving you
- She sits with you as you eat, talking about everything yet nothing at all. You’re complaining about how Eren fucked up something so you and Mikasa had to do damage control for 20 minutes while Pieck is complaining about how Porco kept micromanaging/nitpicking everything everyone did today— he’s apparently “not even the boss!?”
- You finish and Pieck takes your plate
- “Baby, I can wash it” you try reaching for the plate which ends up with you getting a light slap on the hand
- “Honey, just go take a shower. I’ll take care of all this don’t you worry about any of this!!!” She gives you one of her signature genuine smiles— absolutely nothing but pure love in those eyes
- (You just wanted to cry from pure joy and true love)
- ?????How did you get so lucky?????
- Well you couldn’t do anything BUT shower, so you did
- You came out in your pajamas you daydreamed about this afternoon on your lunch break
- Pieck sat on the couch in one of your shirts with two wine glasses on the coffee table in front of her
- “Want to watch a few episodes?” Pieck said from the loveseat as she scrolled through CrunchyRoll before selecting Attack On Titan season 4
- Hehe aka the show that you’re binging together((;
- You made your way to the couch and just melted into her arms
- About 20 minutes and 2 1/2 glasses in, you’re laying in between Piecks legs with your back against her front while she’s absentmindedly raking her fingers against your scalp
- Did you just die??? Is this heaven and an angel is stroking your hair??
- Yes you are dozing off 🥰
- Pieck finds your little head bobs here and there adorable
- She finds your light snores even more adorable
- Yes she’d take a quick selfie before gently kissing your temple because she wants this moment forever
- As if your soul was ripped back into reality, your alarm for 9:30am (you have work at 11am)
- You’re confused as fuck
- Your shared bed is empty
- You don’t remember setting an alarm
- You didn’t even drink that much to black out but what the fuck happened?!?!?
- You slip on your house shoes and begin to search for Pieck
- The search quickly ended after you opened the bedroom door and was slapped in the face by the smell of food
- You’re about to enter the kitchen but stop before fully making your presence known because you hear Pieck humming to the music lightly playing(((((,,,:
- You rest your shoulder on the frame just admiring your lover with messy hair, in no pants, in your favourite t-shirt, slightly dancing to the music as she is cooking some eggs
- “What are you doing my darling??” You giggled as she jumped at your sudden morning voice happily interrupting her song
- “Ah~ Good morning dove” she walks over to you for your daily morning kiss “I was going to bring your some breakfast in bed” she motions to the tray on the counter
- ))): baby looks so sad she couldn’t surprise you
- “You were just so tired last night that you just fell asleep. You were out cold, I tried waking you up but it was no luck so I just carried you to bed, I wanted to do something nice for you I feel so bad you’re overworking yourself” she’ll say while she lightly grabs your face and traces your chin to your jawline
- ????bitch is strong
- Canon 97 pounds of pure muscle
- Ok so what did you do to find someone like her??????
- “I love you, I don’t know what I did to deserve you” you’ll rub the small of her back as you begin to grab some plates for the both of you
- “You being you is enough honey” she’ll reply
- Ahsjdhdhdh
- As you both eat, Pieck will catch you up on what you missed on the few episodes she watched while you were absolutely zonked last night. She’ll show you the few snapchats she took of you and sent to Annie, Ymir(who showed historia), and Reiner
- Living with Pieck is an absolute dream. Chores with her do NOT feel like chores. You guys have a system, you’ll wash the dishes and she’ll clean up all the dishes you used to make food and she’ll put the leftovers away (of course you switch off time to time)
- You’ll sing and dance along with each other in the own comfort of your shared kitchen
- “Ah I’m gonna go get ready” you’ll say putting the last dish on the rack
- Pieck is a sly dog. She knows what she’s doing when she gives you those puppy dog eyes
- “No you don’t” shed wrap you in her arms tightly
- 🥺🥺🥺🥺 type of bitch
- You seriously consider quitting like you don’t need to pay rent or any other bills right????
- )))): “baby I have to. I don’t want to. But I’ll be back tonight”
- With that you went to go change and came down in business casual attire
- “Okay my love I’m going I’ll see you tonight I love you! Thank you so much I really appreciate everything you’ve done ” You’ll pepper her with face kisses before she hands you your lunch that she packed
  - 2 1/2 weeks have past. It’s the end of the month. You know what this means
- You knew that this Friday was the end of literal hell month
- Your insane amount of effort did not go unnoticed though. The second you stepped into the office today, Mr.Acker-Smith pulled you into his office and gave you a performance review
- It resulted in a $2 raise :D
- Today was Friday, you get to go home at a regular time today since you prepared to finish up all your work late last night so you could spend some time with Pieck
- After work, you stopped by Niccolo and Sasha’s local restaurant to pick up Pieck’s favourite pizza, then you got her favourite wine and flowers from the grocery store
- You arrived home about an hour before Pieck
- She doesn’t know that you get off early (aka normal time) today, so you wanted to surprise her
- You quickly changed out of your work clothes
- You got everything set up/cleaned up. Dishes were washed and put away, your guys’ laundry was folded and put away, the kitchen was quickly vacuumed and everything in the house was straightened up
- You went full maid mode so maybe Pieck could put on a maid outf—
- Anyways
- By the time you were about to plate the pizza, you’ll hear her walk in
- “Darling I’m home” she’ll say
- 😭😭😭 I HC her saying “I’m home” to you even when you’re not there🥺🥺
- She’ll arrive in the kitchen, hands full of wine, pasta from Sasha and Niccolo, and YOUR favourite flowers
- You both crack up laughing and are just like this
- Great minds think alike😀
- She’ll place everything down and say “darling!!!! When did you get home?!” As she goes to hug you
- “About an hour ago, I wanted to surprise you just to thank you for being my biggest supporter this past month. I say it all the time but I am the luckiest to have you. You absolutely do go the extra mile”
- She’ll tear up a bit
- “I was just so worried about you, I’m so glad you didn’t have a burnout. I know you’re tough my love but I almost offered my boss if I could get more hours so you wouldn’t have to work so much”
- ))))):
- You’ll both go take a shower together, just to enjoy each other’s touch/presence and make up for some lost time
- You’ll change into comfy clothes and go to the kitchen to grab pizza and pasta
- You don’t care that it’s room temperature now. You’re just glad you’re with each other
- Pieck will turn on AOT for background noise as you both munch and drink
- You guys get too caught up in conversation, laughs, and lots of kisses to realize that your bottle she bought you is empty and about 1/4 done with the bottle you bought Pieck
- Next thing you know, Piecks laying on your chest on the couch as you both snooze away
- Tomorrow will be a bit of a hassle to clean up but neither of you will care
- If only someone could take a picture of you guys as you are now
- It’s trivial moments like these that make existing so much better <<3
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shuichiswritingcorner · a month ago
HCs for kokichi x GN!S/O when it’s their birthday, but they usually get kinda down on their birthday because of past associations ? My birthday is this Wednesday and I have that problem hdhdhdhdh
I'll do ya one better, bro! I put lots of effort into writing this, so I really hope you enjoy it. Happy birthday, Norman. You deserve it, along with all the happiness and love in the world. Please keep on being the king that you are! You've been nothing but one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest, funniest, and wholesome dudes I've met on this shitty website. I hope my shitty ass present brings you some joy. I love you, little bro! <3 🥳🎉🎊
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mention of 'bad past memories'. Also, wish @ohlookitsnormannn a happy birthday, or be banned from this blog/jk
Tumblr media
Knock knock
Kokichi jolted from the sudden sound from the door, but raced towards it. He threw the roll of black streamers on the couch and swung open the door. It revealed Kirumi on the other side with a black tote bag filled with what appeared to be cooking supplied and ingredients such as sugar, flour, eggs, etc.
“About time you got here, Mom! Come on!” Kokichi gestured her inside, practically grabbing her by the hand. He yanked her into the kitchen, slamming the door behind her. After he let go of an already irritated Kirumi, he smiled cheekily and brushed out the black and white checked apron he was already wearing himself
“Not so loud too. We don’t want to wake up my precious Norboy. Since it’s his special day, I’m letting him sleep in. So be quiet!” He cheekily snapped, making Kirumi sigh and get the cooking supplies out of her bag. She placed them on the marble countertop, the regret already sinking into her face
“Kokichi, you were the one who yanked my inside and slammed the door quite loudly when you pulled me in. However, I am very fond of Norman, so I shall prepare his cake and waffle tower,” She responded, plugging in the waffle iron into a spare outlet and preheating the oven. She eyed Kokichi’s apron, cocking a brow in the process
“Will you be baking with me? I never took you for the type to cook,” She stated, making Kokichi snort and chuckle
“Nishishi! What a funny joke, Mom! But nope. I just wore this to make it seem like I did the cooking. Don’t worry. I’ll give you some credit as well,” He…..er, reassured her, patting her back. Kirumi mentally rolled her eyes, mumbling something inaudible underneath her breath. Nevertheless, she got started mixing batter into a bowl, neatly preparing both the cake and waffles at the same time, while still focusing on each separate recipe
While Kirumi was baking the food, Kokichi ran upstairs and smiled seeing Norman still passed out in bed. He blew a small kiss at his sleeping form and ran back downstairs. He continued his previous task of hanging up black streamers with tiny spider charms on them and purple and black blooms taped to each corner. In addition, he strung up a black banner that had "Happy Birthday my beloved Norman" painted in white letters. Kokichi took a step back, grinning at the party scene that as before him
Norman is going to love this!
“Kokichi, the waffle tower is finished and the cake is in the oven,” Kirumi declared, keeping the red velvet cannoli cake in the now turned-off oven. She presented Kokichi a small tray in her hands, a pink waffle stack in the shape of hearts was in the middle of it. At the top was a large swirl of whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles. French toasts sticks, fresh fruit, and a large glass of orange juice also surrounded the elegantly made breakfast
“Ah, that’s perfect! Thanks a much, Mom! Really, I mean it!” He flashed her a smile and nearly snatched the plate from her
“You can go now. Unless you wanna see me and Norman act like those sappy couples and start making out while feeding each other your food. Bleh, disgusting right?” He playfully gagged, which just made Kirumi sigh as she packed her bag with the appliances she brought in
“Just…….try not to kill him, please. Treat him well,” She half warned-half sighed at him. She left through the front door without another word. Kokichi decided it it was time to finally wake up Norman and present him the special birthday breakfast that awaited him. With excitement and joy, the purple-haired supreme leader ran towards his shared bedroom with Norman and started to sing Happy Birthday
Was he off-key to intentionally annoy Norman? Yes. But was it cute? Yes
“Happy birthday to you~!!! Happy birthday to you~!!! Happy birthday to my beloved Norboy! Happy birthday to you~!!!!” Kokichi cheered, as he smiled at the sight of his boyfriend rubbing his eyes and waking up from the bed. Norman yelped at Kokichi throwing himself on the bed, careful not to spill the contents of the tray. He gave Norman a kiss on the forehead and showed him the breakfast with a warm smile
“Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Here is your special birthday breakfast. I totally made it by myself and didn’t ask Kirumi for help! Can you tell from my apron?” He silently motioned to the checkered printed apron that he still wore. Kokichi still wore his smile with pride, but it gradually faded as he made out Norman’s expression. Kokichi planned out every interaction that could’ve played out, but this wasn’t one of them. Norman didn’t have any of the surprise or awe that Ouma hoped he would
Instead…..tears started to roll from Norman’s eyes, dripping to his cheeks. Sobs were choked out from his mouth, as he buried his head in his hands. Kokichi’s eyes widen, as he set the tray down on the drawer. He pulled Kokichi into a hug, shushing him quietly. He made the decision to move Norman onto his lap, rocking him back and forth
“N-Norman? Norman, sweetheart. What’s wrong? Did you not like the breakfast? I……I’m sorry…..” Kokichi knew that Norman’s tear weren’t fake. He knew a lie when he saw one, and this wasn’t the time for it. He felt his scarf being soaked in Norman’s salty tears, but his first priority was to comfort his boyfriend. He held him tightly against his body, cradling him in his arms
“Take as long as you need, darling,”
A few minutes has passed, but it felt like an eternity. Norman lifted his tear-stained face from Kokichi’s chest, red puffy cheeks and eyes were presented on his face. Kokichi took off his scarf and used it to dab away any excess tears that were still lingering on his face
“N-No…..Koki, the breakfast looks nice….it’s just……I really don’t like my birthday,” Norman choked out, his throat tightening at the very mention of his ‘special day’. Kokichi kept his lover in his lap, stroking his back and listening with his very rare serious expression
“You….hate your birthday?” The violet haired man raised the inquiry
“Y-Yeah……I just have really bad associations with it. What was supposed to be the most special day of each year for me turns out to be the worst. Lots of shit happened on that day. Every single year, someone and something just fucks it up. It’s never a good time for me………”
“Darling…..” Kokichi started. He cupped Norman’s cheek with his hand, making him look at him. He stroke his cheek with his thumb, giving him a stoic face. Kokichi never has a blank poker face unless he’s actually genuine and sincere
This was one of the times
“Darling, I’m so sorry. Let me just tell you that it’s okay. It’s totally fine to have bad associations with something that was supposed to be the best day of your year. But it’s okay…..at least….it will be now. I want to change that,”
“K-Kokichi…..” Norman crooked out, but Kokichi shushed him to allowed himself to continue
“I’m going to change that. I prepared lots of fun activities for us. And have lots of your favorite snacks prepared. I would hate to let this all go to waste. It’s not easy to let go of the past, but things change. This will be your first birthday that you celebrate with me. I understand if you don’t want to celebrate it, but…..can you at least let me spoil you today? After all, you are the co-king of DICE,”
Norman paused, taking in the speech. He gulped, but nodded, giving his boyfriend a weak smile. He composed himself and sat up on the bed, motioning for Kokichi to sit next to him. Ouma took this as a sign to scoot close to him, and grab the tray filled with the yummy breakfast foods from the drawer
“Let’s do it, babe,”
Kokichi beamed happily to his answer and stabbed a fork into a piece of the waffle tower. He cut that piece from the tower and held it up to Norman’s lips. He smirked and waited for him to open his mouth
“What? Is it a crime to feed my beloved on his birthday? C’mon! Open up and say ahhhh~,”
Norman rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s playful nature, but opened his mouth for him. The two spent the morning doing exactly what Kokich playfully warned Kirumi of: Them feeding each other and maybe—just maybe—having a small makeup session before heading downstairs for the rest of the itinerary
After hours filled with video games, bad movies, making jewelry pieces together, and maybe pulling some pranks on their mutuals friends, Kokichi was cuddling Norman in a makeshift pillow fort. He held him close, snuggling in the fuzzy blankets that surrounded him. He smiled and painted his nails a black and white checkered color, admiring his work. Not to mention, he was also feeding him the leftover cake that Kirumi had prepared earlier
“Did you have fun today, sweetheart?” The supreme leader asked, making Norman blush. He smiled shyly, but nodded
“I………really did. You made this day really amazing, babe. I may start to warm up to the idea of my birthday…..and it’s all thanks to you,” He complimented him, leaning in to kiss his forehead. Kokichi felt a blush dusting upon his cheek as well, but he still managed to paint a coy smile on his face and wink playfully at his boyfriend
“Of course it’s all thanks to me! The ultimate supreme leader never fails to make his beloved feel like the king he is!” He cheered, focusing his eyes back on the last nail. Just as the couple was about to end their night, the door burst open, making them peek out from the pillow fort
“We know you guys posted love memes around our house!” A familiar voice boomed through the house. It was their mutual friend, Alexis covered in rose petals. She placed her hands on her hips, annoyance plastered on her face
“Not to mention, your ‘bucket filled with rose petals’ on top of your door was…..quite a surprise,” The other person added. It was Shuichi Kagehara, Alexis’ husband. Just like his wife, rose petals also scattered his hair and clothes. While the couple before them were irritated, Norman and Kokichi just snickered and gave them malicious smirks
“It’s Norman’s birthday, though!!! You can’t be mad at him~!!! And since we’re basically closed to married, you can’t hurt me either!” Kokichi defended his boyfriend and pouted at the married couple. Alexis rolled her eyes, crossing her arms
“Never say you are ‘closed to married’ unless you are actually married. Or even officially engaged,” Alexis rolled her eyes, some of the annoyance fading away into a playful smile. Her expression soften as she saw Norman, enjoying his time with his boyfriend
“Happy birthday, Norman! You deserve only the best!” She said, making Shuichi give him a smile of his own
“You absolutely do. I hope Kokichi treated you well today,” He said, making Norman smile at the nice comments
“Thanks, guys. I really did have the best birthday…..” He sighed happily, which made Kokichi pull a face and snub Norman away from the married couple. He held him possessively and cuddled with him in front of their friends
“Bleh, this lovey-dovey stuff makes me sick. I already do it with my beloved, but not in front of you lovebirds! Be gone!” Kokichi pointed to the door, making the couple chuckle and head out. Kokichi sighed in relief, turning to his lover. He gave him one last kiss on the forehead and lied down on the pillows on the floor
“Finally, I thought they’d never leave! If you have any other things you wanna do, that’s fine by me. You got about one more hour of your special day,” The supreme leader gestured to the digital clock on the wall, 11:03 pm was in bright red numbers. Norman just sunk in deeper to the cuddle, holding Kokichi closer to his frame
“Just having a good night sleep with you is enough. I love you, Kokichi….” He yawned, using Kokichi’s chest as a pillow. Normally, Kokichi would teasingly call him a sleepy ass or something like that, but he just smiled and stroked his hair. He muttered one last thing before he was out like a light as well, his arm lazily draped around Norman’s waist
“I love you too, Norman……..”
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autumnywinter · 11 months ago
Okay so I’m a total slut for yan!hawks like... that man DOES THINGS to me. Maybe he invites his darling over before a big snowstorm (assuring them it’ll be totally fine - there’s no way it’ll actually snow 5 feet tonight) except he knows it’ll be a horrible blizzard and they’ll definitely get snowed in together. Darling has no sleep clothes because they were just planning on some take out and a movie marathon, so you KNOW Hawks lends some of his big clothes for them to sleep in and he’s just ECSTATIC to see his darling wearing his stuff (maybe some bed sharing/accidental sleepy cuddles???)
thank you for the request! i made it pretty wholesome until the end so i could still make it yandere, so i hope you don’t mind!
TW: Kidnapping, sexual references, drugging
Tumblr media
It took a while for Keigo to assure you it was no hassle, that you were more than welcome to his home.
In fact, he started pleading after the second time you declined and you felt somewhat pressured into it.
That’s how you ended up covered in snow and shivering at his front door.
“Oh, you poor thing, you’re freezing! Come in,” Keigo says in a tone you rarely hear. It wasn’t a patronizing tone but a genuinely worried one.
“Th-- thanks for inv-- viting me over,” you blurt, your whole body shaking.
Keigo offers you a smile. “No problem! There’s a bathroom in the room next to the bedroom so you can get changed, I imagine you wouldn’t want to stay the night in your freezing clothes.”
Pausing, you echo, “Stay the n-- night?”
The hero nods with his usual lazy grin. “Of course! You didn’t think you were gonna go out there in the cold again, did ya?”
You shrug. “Well, I didn’t bring any spare clothes...”
“Well that’s a problem easily solved, sweetheart,” he says, you blushing at the unfamiliar nickname. “I’ll be right back. Stay there, yeah?”
You do so nervously and he comes back with an oversized t-shirt that advertises KFC. You also see baggy sweatpants that has a chicken pattern on them.
“You want me to wear... that?” For the first time today, you can’t help but giggle.
Pouting, Keigo sighs dramatically. “You hurt me, Y/n. This,” he says, gesturing to the t-shirt, “is art. Take it or leave it.”
With another laugh, you grab them. “You’re so weird,” you chuckle. “I’ll be back, but don’t make fun of me when I come out looking like an idiot.”
Keigo winks at you. “I think it’ll make you look sexy.”
You roll your eyes playfully at the joke.
When you come back, trying to hide your flushed face from the ridiculous outfit, you notice Keigo staring at you as if you’re dressed for a ball.
“Woah,” Keigo says.
Your snicker. “Only you could get off to a KFC t-shirt.”
He snaps back to reality. “O-- oh, that isn’t it! It’s just cute on you is all! Should you really shame little old me for having a weak spot for you?”
You can’t help but loosen up. “I can and I will.” You sit next to him on the couch. “So what do you wanna do?” When you see his sly smile you add, “and nothing perverted.”
He groans. “Geez, you really think of me as an unholy man,” he says with yet another pout. “I was thinking we could order something and watch a movie.”
You nod. “That sounds good. Better than playing a board game.”
“Hey, board games are fun! You’re just mean.”
“Yeah, yeah. What do you wanna watch? And make it something wholesome, please.”
He chuckles. “You decide.” He grabs his phone out of his pocket. “I’m gonna order us some takeout.”
You flip through the movies on the menu impatiently. “You know what I like, right?”
“Mmhm, how could I forget?” he asks, beaming too happily for your liking.
After around forty minutes your food gets there and Keigo sighs. “It’s cold. I’m gonna go put it in the microwave for us. Keep watching the movie.”
His tone was almost dark that you felt like you had to silently agree.
He comes back and offers your food.
Around two hours later he notices how you’re asleep, curled up to him.
He puts your empty plate aside.
“So it worked,” he quietly murmurs to himself. “I hope I didn’t put too much in...”
He pulls you into his arms and puts you on his bed before leaving only to come back with restraints.
He stops himself to stare at your sleeping form with a large smile. He leans down to kiss your forehead.
“I love you, baby. Thanks for giving me the perfect opportunity, I really owe you one.”
He curls up to your side and wordlessly admires you.
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hopelesshawks · 9 months ago
Love and Admiration Part 11- Good Morning
18+ Bakugo x fem!pro hero reader
Summary: (Y/n) has known Bakugo since middle school, admired him since high school, and had a crush on him since the first time they met. Even now, a top pro hero in her own right, she can’t shake her school girl crush. Too bad Bakugo literally has no idea she exists. Well that’s not entirely true… He does know pro hero Mercury exists, but (y/l/n) (y/n)? Never heard of her.
Warnings for male masturbation, oral (male receiving), dom/sub dynamics, cumshot
Masterlist Help Lulu <3
Bakugo curses under his breath as he strokes his aching cock faster and faster. His mattress squeaks under him as he fucks into his own hand but it’s not enough. Not even sort of. Sweat glistens off his nude body, muscles flexing as he tries desperately and fruitlessly to reach orgasm. “Need help?” a voice asks and immediately his eyes shoot to the doorway. You’re standing there so enticingly in a lacy black lingerie set and god it makes Bakugo want to wreck you but for some reason he can’t fucking move from where he’s sprawled out on his bed. “What do you need me to do Katsuki?” you ask, head quirking to the side inquisitively. Bakugo is too focused on how good his first name sounds dripping off your lips to question when you started calling him by it. “Come here,” he demands and your immediate obedience has his already painfully swollen dick absolutely weeping precum. You carefully climb onto his bed until you’re directly in front of him, eagerly awaiting further instruction as you eye his hardened length like it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. “I want you to suck my dick like your life fucking depends on it,” he growls and you have the audacity to lick your lips before replying “Yes sir,” and leaning down to wrap your pretty mouth around his waiting cock.
Your mouth is like heaven and he immediately takes the hand he’d been fervently jacking himself off with to grasp hold of your hair instead, using the leverage to help you sink lower down. The tight, wet heat of your mouth finally starts pushing him over the precipice of ecstasy. Closer and closer he gets to climax, his hips jerking up into your waiting mouth as you take his thick length with ease. At one point he swears he feels the tip of his dick kiss the back of your throat and that’s the last push he needs to finally go flying over the edge into orgasm with a growl. At first you eagerly suck down his seed but then he wrenches you off his dick by your hair, a trail of saliva connecting your mouth to his still erupting cock as he paints your cheeks, hair, and eyelashes white with his cum. “Bakugo,” you groan as he catches his breath and takes in your lewd state, attempting to commit it to memory, “turn off your fucking alarm.”
Bakugo jerks violently awake and becomes aware of two things almost simultaneously: 1. the two of you must have fallen asleep on his couch while watching movies the previous night 2. his underwear is very, very sticky right now. “Shower,” is the only explanation he barks out as he abruptly stands, dislodging you from where you’d been sleep on his shoulder, much to your displeasure. “It’s too early,” you groan after him but he ignores you in favor of storming into his bathroom and slamming the door behind him. Having a wet dream for the first time since high school is mortifying enough on its own. Having one while the star of said dream sleeps obliviously beside him is an entirely different level. He strips down and runs the cold water at the sink, splashing his face in hopes of banishing the dream from his memory to no avail. Even as Bakugo turns off the sink and instead turns to his shower, he already knows it’s going to have to be a long one.
You stare at the closed bathroom door a little too long, admittedly curious what it would be like to be on the other side of it with him right now as the shower starts running. He seemed so disgruntled when he woke up and you can’t help but wonder if it’s because he nearly slept through his alarm, because he slept on the couch in what was probably an uncomfortable position, or because you’re still here invading his space past your welcome. You pray it’s one of the first two options and not the third but try not to get your hopes up. It takes a bit of searching but eventually you find a phone charger laying around and plug your phone in to let it charge. You groan as you notice the time. If you try to swing by home you’ll be late for work, which means you’re going to have to walk of shame into the office. You’re already dreading it considering how nosy some of your sidekicks can be. You really don’t feel like explaining to them why you’re wearing the same thing you left work in the previous day.
You hear the sound of a door opening behind you so you turn around but whatever words you were about to say die in your throat as you take in the sight of Bakugo fucking Katsuki completely bare chested, hair still wet from the shower, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist to protect his modesty. You try very, very hard not to stare or do something even more embarrassing like pass out from the sheer sight of him. As a result you don’t even notice the way Bakugo seems equally as flustered by you. “Use the shower if you want, I’ll leave something outside the door for ya,” he tells you gruffly before storming into his room presumably to get dressed. “At least I won’t have to do a walk of shame after all,” you think as you head into the bathroom.
Bakugo is a surprisingly hospitable host. When you walk into the bathroom you find a disposable toothbrush still in the packaging waiting for you by the sink and a towel laid out. You try to remind yourself not to think about it too hard as you borrow his soap but your simp brain keeps telling you that you’re going to smell like him all day. By the time you walk back out into the living room of his apartment, dressed in a gray pair of his sweats and a white tee, you’ve finally gotten yourself back under control enough to interact with him without completely flustering yourself. You go over to check the charge on your phone and then pocket it until you wander to find Bakugo to say goodbye and give him the space he’s probably craving. You’re surprised to find him setting two plates down at the marble island in the center of his kitchen. “You made breakfast?” you ask curiously. “Got a problem with that?” he replies defensively but you quickly shake your head. “No this is way better than anything I would’ve grabbed on my way to work thanks,” you gush gratefully, the smell already making your stomach rumble in anticipation. At first you can’t seem to make Bakugo look you in the eye but by the end of breakfast the two of you have stumbled right back into the odd yet seamless rhythm you seem to share only with each other. As the two of you clean your dishes and prepare to head your separate ways, you offer one last thank you to him for inviting you over and making a concerted effort to make up for lost time. “Wait a second,” he stops you at the last minute, causing you to turn back to him again. “Give me your number. So I can stop messaging you on fucking Twitter or whatever,” he grumbles and between the request and the slight flush to his cheeks your heart does somersaults in your chest. “Ok,” you reply breathlessly before rattling off the number to him as he puts it in his phone. He fires off a quick message to you, your phone buzzing in your pocket to indicate as much, before finally nodding his farewell. You stare after him for a long time before finally recovering enough from your shock to make your own leave, even as your heart continues to race in your chest.
A/N: Y’all can thank @oliviasslut for the spicy start to this chapter. I originally had a wholesome start, came up with the idea for this beginning instead, and then couldn’t decide which I liked better so I asked her to blindly choose between wholesome and spicy and now here we are 🥵🤪 also happy fucking birthday to our favorite explosion murder god, have another double update
Taglist: @pixelwisp @oliviasslut @larkspyrr @heroacadema @kozukatsuki @captaincyberqueen @undead-nyx
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haikyuufairy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Title: The Fox Witch - One
Pairing: Kitsune!Inarizaki/Reader (fairly platonic, but I’ve hopefully sprinkled in some flirting and special treatment. I don’t flirt right pls do not judge me).
Summary: A tale of a town with a Kitsune infestation. As a newcomer, neighbors and local townspeople warn you of the dangers of the night, but having been called a danger one too many times yourself, the whispers intrigue you. What unfurls is a supernatural, yet wholesome relationship between you and an odd, misunderstood skulk of foxes.
Word Count: 4k
Warnings: Supernatural, Yōkai, threatening, harassment, bullying, fairly graphic depiction of blood, kids are little shits but so are the adults, graphic depiction of torture.  
A/N: Please take my Yōkai, deity, and Japanese myth knowledge with a grain of salt. There were/are so many stories given, it was difficult for me just to classify the different kinds of Kitsune bc every website said something different.
To kick this off, I used prompt #73 from THIS Halloween Prompt list that Jan sent me!
Tumblr media
There is an eerie silence that ripples across the town at night when the fog rolls in. The frogs don't croak; the crickets don't chirp, and the owls don’t hoot. The people in town know not to leave their houses—double, triple checking the locks and leaving an offering outside their doors with a request to be left alone. Midnight is nothing but dead, cold silence and the thickest fog one has ever seen.
Tales of fox spirits that slink around at night, seducing their way into the beds of married men. The mysterious sickness and misfortune that befalls those that speak ill of them. And their powers of possession that equates to the painful experience of housing a demon.
They all have been muttered in hushed tones around the crackling of a fireplace and the dim illumination of candlelight. You have heard them first hand, warned by the elders that live around you not to go out at night, and maybe it’s the boredom in your eyes or the apathy in your smile, but they know you won’t listen.
It’s why they shun you. It’s why they scurry away from you in the aisles of the grocery store; why mom’s snatch their children’s hand, dragging them towards the cash register in a fluster. It’s why the rumors about you start.
She’s possessed by one. She must be.
A witch.
More like a bitch.
You’re used to it. The vitriol having been a normal occurrence since childhood. Being a little different, a little less scared of the unknown, and the ghouls and ghosts that inhabit the dark have marked you as unique. Uncommon. Unusual. Peculiar. Odd. Everything antonymous with the word normal has been used to describe your character in some shape or form.
During childhood, it was only you and your mother, and occasionally the chitter chattering in the walls that followed the two of you wherever you went. The twin-tailed cats that slinked across your mother’s shoulders while she cooked dinner—Kuroo, you remembered, and his leisure companion, Kenma. They would come around with their own tiny pack, each having told their names to your mother whenever they agreed through a contract to stay.
In the gardens of the backyard, snakes would come and listen to the stories of the boys that teased you at school. Witch, they would chant, you’re a witch!
At school, in the fourth stall of the bathroom, you blinked at the masked man asking, “red paper or blue paper?” Your mother had burned the following words into the back of your mind: Do not answer it. Keep your talisman close and leave. Never use that bathroom again. Answering red or blue could leave the skin of your face flayed, or the breath strangled out of you.
Cucumbers were left by riverbanks when you wanted a friend. Kappa, with their deep green scaly skin and webbed minor appendages, would rise from the water and keep you company. They are kind to you once befriended. They bring fresh fish for you and your mother, and show you how they open mollusks with their beaks, dropping them into the container you always bring.
They even set the bone in your arm the time someone pushed you off the jungle gym, yelling about how your family was cursed, and you broke it. After that incident, they asked if you would bring the classmate by for a picnic. After all, children are the only things Kappa enjoy more than cucumbers.
So, despite the whispers and the warnings and the rumors, you’re currently sitting in the front yard, teacup in hand, in the middle of the night watching as the fog rolls in.
There are the whispers that turn into laughing, and shadows that turn into solid forms. You see them, young men that emerge from the fog like a pack of trained dogs with their white and black-haired leader guiding them forward.
Closing your eyes, you lean back in your chair and inhale the calming night air. The days are brash, and much too taxing on your six senses not to take advantage of the dark tranquility the fox spirits bring along with them from the shrine.
“Do you think keeping yer eyes shut will keep ya safe?”
The voice comes from all around you like a curling smoke; the words accompanied by a heckling laugh and a stern reprimanding from one of the others.
“Atsumu, leave the poor human alone.”
When you open your eyes, a pair of large hooded ones are staring back at you with a smirk. “Well, little one? No offerin’ for yer Kitsune spirits?”
“You look cold,” is how you respond, sipping your tea.
The fox’s nose twitches as a wind kicks up. The sharp glint in his eyes indicates that he is bothered by your lackadaisical attitude towards him.
Another speaks up. He has a blank expression on his face. “Hurry up, I’m hungry.”
“I agree with Suna, ‘Tsumu. There are other houses, let’s leave this one alone.”
As he turns to follow his friends, you speak once more. “You’re all well over 100 years old, then?”
Kitsune, when they turn 100, get the ability to shape shift into humans. Although, the tales say the forms are usually that of beautiful and seductive women, not men pretending to be in their twenties.
The one with the blank expression—Suna, twitches his head to the side. “You know yer stuff, huh?”
With a hum, you nod. “Feel free to come back after if you haven’t eaten your fill.”
The twin with the darker hair grins sharply and with too many teeth, “We’re insatiable.”
The tall, dark-skinned fox with the golden brown eyes chuckles, “Are ya crazy, lady?”
“That’s what they tell me.”
The leader, the one with the strongest aura that brought them forward out of the fog, smiles and something, like a whisper in the wind, tells you an expression like that is few and far between.
Tumblr media
Not that you normally leave your front door wide open for random men to traipse through at night, but you let the smell of the food you were preparing waft out into the streets for them to follow. The feeling you got from the foxes was nothing short of benevolent. They were all Zenko foxes, all in possession of nine tails, yet the younger ones seemed to pose as more mischievous beings. Perhaps they emoted the characteristics of the Yako fox spirits the town believed them to be.
Floor boards creak, and there is the soft tuft of the front door being gently closed. They are trying to be as quiet as possible. In your peripheral you can see a shadow, small and quick as it darts through your home. Another weaves its way between your legs, it is nothing but a tickle against your skin before it disappears.
When you turn around in the kitchen, away from the pots of food filled to the brim, the oldest Kitsune is sitting calmly on the couch between the one with thin, scary looking eyes, and the other previously noted with golden brown eyes. Names. You need names.
“What do you all go by?”
“I go by Kita,” the eldest speaks, “Kita Shinsuke.”
“Ojiro Aran. Please, call me Aran.”
“Omimi Ren.”
A delighted smirk curls up the corner of your mouth. “Did you give yourselves those names?”
They nod, watching as you bring forward plates of food for them. “You know we don’t eat.”
“In order to live, yes, but I’ve already made all this food. With the tales I was told by the townspeople, I expected to stumble upon a few Nogitsunes running around causing havoc and possessing family lines.”
In a playful tone, another one of the older foxes pops their head in from a dark hallway of your house, and plops himself down in front of the couch, legs crossed and back straight up.
“What are we then?” His question is laced with curiosity. He seems genuinely interested in how much you truly know. The friendly grin on his face is evidence of that. “I’m Akagi Michinari, by the way!”
You feel them out, fingers twitching slightly. “The four of you are Tenko Kitsune. All varying in age; one of you feels to be on the verge of becoming a Kūko, retiring out of your duties to serve the deity Inari.”
“Shinsuke ranked quicker than I did, although I’m older.” Aran bumped his shoulder into Kita. “He’s about 300 years away from retirement.”
“So soon,” you laughed, jokingly sarcastic, given your own short lifespan.
Omimi clears his throat, “The others are snooping through your house. Are you alright with that?”
You shrug. The four foxes are already tucking into the food you supplied them and you are happy they look to be enjoying the taste despite its lack of necessity.
“It doesn’t bother me. They’ll get bored, eventually.”
Another shadow peeks itself around the corner before shifting into a physical form.
“Ya cooked so much.”
It was one of the twins. The one with the darker hair, but same inquisitive eyes as his brother. He hovers around it, unsure if he’s allowed to indulge the same way those older than him have been permitted to.
“Tell me your name and you can help yourself.”
“Miya Osamu. My brother is Atsumu, but you can call him any insult ya want.” You chuckle while Osamu piles his plate up as high as it allows him without food tumbling off of the edges. “Inari-sama named us.”
“That’s wonderful. Your last names mean ‘shrine.’” He nods. “Were the two of you born there?”
Around a mouth full of food, he says yes.
“Is there a reason he acts more like a little delinquent?”
Osamu stops chewing and his eyes glance up at the other foxes like he’s requesting permission to tell or asking them to take charge themselves.
“He’s upset that the humans fear us.” The one called Suna comes from the stairs, a fluffy blanket wrapped around his shoulders as he, too, fixes himself a plate. “Atsumu decided that if they saw him as a terrifying, devious fox, then he’d pretend to be just that.”
Suna, wrapped up in one of your blankets and his plate settled on his knees, scoots close into your personal space.
“Thanks for the food.”
There’s a twinkle in your eyes as you beam at him. The wood chimes hanging from the corner of your ceiling softly bump into one another from the burst of energy.
“I’m glad!”
“You can call me Rin,” he mutters under his breath, shockingly bashful.
“Ya talk too much.” Atsumu, having heard Rin, looks perturbed.
His footsteps are loud across your wooden floorboards and there is the sound of the others following close behind. The golden-haired Miya pays you no mind even as he makes his plate and sits on the floor close to his brother to eat.
“Ya whine too much,” Osamu retorts.
“Do not!”
“Do too!”
“Shut yer trap, ‘samu!”
“Quiet, both of ya,” Kita intervenes. “Eat the food that—,” he suddenly stops and looks at you with wide eyes. “I’m sorry, what was your name?”
“Y/n,” you grin, soft eyes roaming over the skulk of fox spirits sitting around you. “But the townspeople love to call me a witch.”
This is the way someone like you gains a companion; a familiar to help with tasks, both innocent and malevolent. A familiar partakes in magical services, and a Kitsune with its ability to shape-shift, possess, or simply play tricks, is a wonderful investment.
Although, all you really want is their company.
Tumblr media
One by one, each of them finds refuge inside your home on different days of the week. This began three weeks after you welcomed the Kitsune into your house. Osamu came by first, hungry little animal that he is, knocking at your door in his human shape, asking for food.
“I can eat more in this form,” he reasons. “The offerings left outside are always so old and stale.”
You’re sure that they do it on purpose, hoping the offerings are just the bare minimum to keep the big scary omens away from their homes. Yet, Kita has told you he just hates when humans waste food, especially rice.
“Okay,” you titter. “Come sit and have lunch with me.”
He sits at the table and waits patiently. Comfortable enough that his fox ears and tail appear suddenly; his ears are twitching and turning toward far-off sounds while his tail swishes through the back of the chair from side to side.
“Comfortable?” You inquire, placing a dish in front of him as you surround with a few other side dishes.
“I am.” Osamu tilts his head and his ears almost flutter. It’s honestly really cute to look at. “What makes you ask that?”
Before sitting down across from him, your fingertip boops the very tip of one of his ears. “You’re cosplaying in front of me.”
“Cosplay?!” His hands shoot up to hold down his ears and there is a bright blush that pinks his cheeks. “Does it freak ya out?”
“Not in the slightest. It’s endearing, actually. I’m honored that you feel comfortable enough around me that you subconsciously let out your ears and tail.”
“It’s the food,” you hear him mutter around a mouthful. “Haven’t had anything this fresh in a long time.”
“Mm, feel free to stop by for a bite to eat whenever you’d like. I’d love the company.”
Osamu’s eyes sparkle widely with full, round cheeks trying to move into a smile. He digs into the food with a newfound vigor, knowing that despite his lack of need for the resource, his desire for good food will be fulfilled through his new companion.
When he swallows around the mouthful there is a playful look in his eyes. “You’re gonna regret offerin’ to feed me, Y/n. I told ya I was insatiable, remember?”
You chuckle, “Yes, I definitely do.”
Tumblr media
Atsumu, on the other hand, holds a different hunger than his brother. It’s the competition that keeps him coming around. Each time he comes by, he requests that you go against him in some sort of game.
He hates losing. He becomes solemn, a quiet anger bubbling right behind his eyes like a geyser waiting to blow. One day, you beat him at pulling weeds—yes, he demanded the two of you compete to see who could get rid of the weeds on their side of the garden the fastest—and it brings upon an odd turn of events.
“Magic or no magic?”
“Magic, I’m tryin’ t’ win by advantage.”
“How tacky, Atsumu.”
“Whatever, if you’re not confident, you can admit defeat right now.”
You wave his agitation off. “Let’s start on the count of three.”
One, two, three.
With a simple lift of your index finger, all the weeds pull themselves from the soil, roots and all, and fall limply against the surrounding blades of grass.
When you turn to look at Atsumu’s work he is trying to set the weeds ablaze with his fox fire.
“Miya, you’re going to set my yard on fire!”
“Stop yer oinkin’, the yard is fine!” He rebukes.
Your nostrils flare as you watch him singe patches of grass much larger than necessary. This wasn’t like him. Sure, the two of you were fairly new to this relationship of sorts, but he wasn’t a cruel fox, he wouldn’t normally ignore your distaste for his actions and continue on. It’s obvious something must’ve happened to put him on edge.
“That’s enough, you’re ruining my grass, and you lost anyway. I didn’t even have to get my hands dirty.”
Atsumu immediately spins around noticing you’re finished and he had lost. The anger you were so used to seeing deflates and his shoulders drop. “I can’t do a single thing right.”
Lazily, you blink back at him and gently chop the top of his head with your hand. “Follow me inside. I have some fatty tuna fresh from the market this morning. Hopefully that’ll stop your grumpiness!”
Atsumu grumbles before settling his eyes on the black patches of dead grass. He runs his hand over them, letting a bit more magic flow into the ground, restoring them to their once healthy glory before following you inside. He’d be damned if you beat him and found him to be a nuisance. Besides, fatty tuna sounded very much like a winner’s reward.
It’s when he sits that he peers up at you. “Can ya stop callin’ me Miya when you’re pissed at me? I’d much rather you call me a foul-mouthed pig or somethin’.”
With a hand on your hip, you set a plate of fatty tuna in front of him, laid nicely on beds of rice. “That sounds much harsher than me calling you by your last name.”
“My last name sounds scarier when you’re mad. We’re friends, aren’t we? Just insult me like ‘samu does.”
Friends, you thought. That’s nice.
“We’re friends.” You chirp, ruffling his hair giddily. “Do you want to talk about why you’re grumpier than usual?”
“Not really.” Atsumu says it almost too softly for you to hear. “Just fought with ‘samu is all.”
You understand that although the two of you are friends, maybe this level has yet to be unlocked. You let him know that whenever something is bothering him, he can seek you out whenever he would like. He doesn’t have to talk about it, he can just stop in and take a break from anything that is stressing him out.
It’s the first time you see a genuine smile on his face.
Tumblr media
Ginjima doesn’t come to you like the others. It is always in his animal form in the early evening hours, just before the sun has tucked itself away for the day. His fur is a glossy black with a tail that looks to have been dipped in powdered sugar. When he arrives, he yips once for attention at your back door and crinkles his eyes when you peek your head out of your workspace. You like to think he’s smiling at you.
“Come in, you little silver fox.”
With the opening of the door, he slinks in, bumping his head against your calf and disappears into your work room where you keep a cocoon of blankets for him to curl up in.
Sitting back at your work table littered with jars filled with assorted items and lit candles, you scribble in the journal kept for charms and organic remedies. Pressed tightly inside are pieces of dried leaves, herbs, feathers, flower petals, and even a fingerprint of blood left behind accidentally.
On the shelves above the desk sit the journals created by your mother, her own spells and enchantments used for healing the wounded animals that came to her, and the occasional brave human. Gazing at Gin, your eyes track the steady expanding of his rib cage and your ears hone in on the subtle puffs of breath through his muzzle.
Leaning back in the chair, you decide to take a rest as well.
“Y/n, darling, pass me the candle.”
The melted wax pooled around the bending flame and you passed it off to your mother with care, staring at it the whole time, willing it to not spill.
She poured the wax out onto the tiny cork of the jar despite your best efforts, but it must’ve been crucial to the spell jar.
“This is yours to wear.” She waited until the wax had cooled before tying the suede cord around the back of your neck. “Keep it on at all times. I’ll make you another when the protection power dwindles, alright?”
The magic and intention nestled inside the tiny glass jar felt like it buzzed against your skin. It was an odd sensation, rather distracting to be around a child’s neck, but it was necessary.
“Yes, mother.”
“And, if it ever breaks, I want you to close your eyes and imagine me.” As if commanded, you shut your eyes and the pads of her thumbs smoothed over your eyelids. “Imagine me and I will come get you before anyone or anything unpleasant happens.”
It broke when an older girl shoved you down in a patch of grass, ripped at your protection jar and crushed it beneath her shoe.
“Freak!” She snarled while two other girls worked to hold your arms down. “You and your mom are ugly freaks!”
Close your eyes and imagine me.
You tried. With your eyes closed you tried to imagine your mom, but the girl started to kick you, and her two friends cackled nastily in your ears.
“You both deserve to rot in hell!”
Because of the sharp force of one of her kicks, your eyes had flown open and leveled heavily on the bully. She was now pinned in place. You could see her trying to struggle, to tug her limbs out of their stagnant state, but she was unlucky. Then, with eyes welled up with tears, she finally looked at you and terror contorted her features.
Her friends called her name. Their laughter had died out as they watched her shake. Their joking tones ceased to exist as they became frantic.
You imagined not your mother, but the girl's worst fears. And it was you. You were there in her mind’s eye, controlling a gaggle of yōkai with a maniacal grin on your face. They descended upon her, tearing her apart slowly at your command. First it was an eyeball, then her fingers and toes. Her screams were too loud, too revolting, so they took out her tongue and had her choke on it. Then, they yanked a shoulder out of its socket before slicing into the meat of her arm.
Outside of her mind, it looked as if she was petrified, lost in her own waking nightmares. Yet you had never felt more powerful. The hot rush of being in control flooded every nerve, every vein, until it felt like you, too, were being consumed.
Then the lights went out. A hand, the gentle scent of incense all too familiar to be anyone other than your mother, had covered your eyes. There was a thud after she muttered a slight incantation.
It was then you realized the two girls that held you down had already gone. You were standing, back pressed against your mother’s front as she slowly let you see light again.
“What happened?” You asked as you blinked away the spots in your vision, only to see the girl passed out on the ground.
“You, darling. You happened.” Her tone wasn’t accusatory, merely informative, but it still bubbled shame in your chest. “But don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”
She left your side to rest her hand over the girl’s forehead, most likely to rouse her and make her forget what had occurred.
It was then that you understood what the protection jar had really been for. It wasn’t made to protect you from yōkai or other evil spirits; she made it to protect people from you.
Opening your eyes, you quickly realize you are no longer in your chair, but lying cozily on the carpet of the room next to Ginjima’s blankets. Except, instead of him being tucked away inside them, he has his body draped across your chest and nestled his head into your neck.
Gin had most likely shifted back to his human form to settle you next to him before cozying back down onto you. For whatever reason, seemed to hold a powerful sense of responsibility towards you whenever he slept in your house. Oftentimes he’d follow behind while you went about your tasks for the day, waiting until you settled down so he could do the same. Perhaps he was worried about your well-being.
“I’ll make you meat-wrapped fries as thanks when you wake up,” you whisper.
There is a small rumble in response that makes you smile. Gently, you give the fur behind his ears a nice scratch and allow yourself the luxury of falling back to sleep.
I’ll Take Care of It (Next)
Tumblr media
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sugardaddykenma · a year ago
Can I request hc’s for atsumu, iwaizumi, and akaashi if their crush asks them to pretend to be their s/o at a family function. Thanks!!
mel u rly out here coming clutch as always, ty
warning: alcohol? simping? i mention malala???
••• fake s/o at a family event•••
✧ Miya Atsumu ✧
i’d like to start by saying, if miya atsumu has a crush on someone, they know
this man is hitting on the person often, mostly teasingly/jokingly but its there
so their crush starts whining about a family bbq they have to go to, and that they have to deal with horrible cousins who just bully them for not having a s/o
atsumu goes “so bring me ill be your boyfriend” sksksks you know hes got a deadpan face on i hATE HOW THIS MAN MAKES ME SIMP
of course their crush thinks “oh yeah a fake boyfriend? thats such a smart idea atsumu. usually osamu has those”
their crush just texts them the details and goes “dont do anything drastic just follow my lead. and STAY AWAY FROM MY MOM”
gets there and tells them “i dont half ass anything” bro but he do be a full ass
this man dresses Way Too Nice for a bbq. the man is wearing a damn dress shirt, and LOAFERS
his hand is on their waist the entire time, and he has the biggest smug face on
he feeds them 
he pulls them onTO HIS LAP
mind you there is about 10? people there. like he is being EXTRA extra
he keeps giving temple kisses and smiling at family members
“yeah (f/n) definitely hard to get, but you know what they say, the good stuff takes work ya know” he says this to his crushes MOM. THEIR MOM. THERE IS NO RESPECT, ONLY ATSUMU’S THIRST.
he told their mom that they were the ONE
hes in the kitchen getting grilled out because of his dramatics and atsumu hears someone coming it and decides to mAKE OUT WITH THEM, MESSING WITH THEIR HAIR AND CLOTHES
their cousin - who is fucking 8 years old mind you - yeets the HELL out of there to gossip with the other children and adults
that was atsumu’s plan, to be so rooted into the family that there is no going back
but he’s also making jokes about the family to his crush and making them laugh, and even plays a little volleyball with the youngest two cousins
he brought a cake by the way. (he didnt make it osamu did, but the family doesnt need to know that)
this touchy little shit does NOT stop
after the horrible bbq is done, atsumu just texts them going “we should do that again sometime, but without all those family members. i prefer privacy on dates”.
he literally tweets about his “date meeting my s/o’s family went so good today #feelingblessed”
their crushes family cant even hate him because hes so damn charming
and his crush? just entered a relationship with him without even really knowing it was happening
i hate this man but i am a simp 
✧ Keiji Akaashi✧
i know that this good, wholesome man would agree to this as long as two conditions are met:
they are close friends with their crush
their crush even mentions the concept of inviting boukuto
its a wedding on their dads side? perhaps a cousin they never speak to. mostly its family they hardly ever see nor care about, and the idea of going alone is horrifying to them.
they just go “akaashi will you please be my plus one im terrified of my older cousins theyre all married with REAL jobs and REAL lives and i dont even have a s/o”
“yeah ill be your date i guess”
“no like can you pretend to be my boyfriend, youre the only person i know whos actually boyfriend material and would pass.”
the man would be blushing so hard but would agree
he mostly agreed because they said “if youre not comfortable i can ask bokut —”  “no of course ill pretend to be your boyfriend. not bokuto. horrible idea really. the worst idea youve ever thought of. im definitely better suited”
he’s a gentlemen, mostly following his crushes lead rather than setting the pace. but after a few glasses of wine, hes asking his crush to dance
my man got NERVES OF STEEL, he be swaying to the music, throwing his crush around, with his hand on their waist
their crush be catching feels ON SITE.
hes so good with parents and family
now hes forever in this persons wedding photos so technically his crush HAS to date him because then its embarrassing ya know
he’s asking their uncle to take a photo of them doing a prom pose and then a silly pose, and immediately changes their phone background to a it (and his, but this is his power move ok)
he talks them up to the aforementioned hated cousins, hes making his crush sound like the model-hot version of stephen hawking with a dash of malala.
his crush catches the bouquet and everyone is screaming and yelling at him and he just goes “guess we have to start talking about the next step” and he MOTHER.FUCKING.WINKS.
they have so much fun dancing and winning wedding games, he keeps pretending to do the tango with them to get close to them and to hear them laugh
in the taxi ride home, his hand is still in his crushes hand and he is vaguely drunk and just spills all his thoughts
“i just really like you? and being at a family event made me realize i want to be there for you at those kinds of things. like i want to dance with you. i want to talk shit about your cousins with you. i dont know i just really want us to see if it could work between us”
then he spills his stomach by puking all over his crush.
their crush is left both disgusted and feeling loved and mostly laughing their ass off because HOLY SHIT AKAASHI IS SO DRUNK HE PUKED??? DO WE SNAPCHAT IT TO BOKUTO? DO WE ASK IF HES OKAY?
akaashi is apologizing over and over again
he obviously pays the taxis cleaning fee
this was not part of his 23 step plan to get his crush to like him
his crush agrees to go out with him of course. this is akaashi were talking about. the man is the sweetest man alive, he is a male model, he is the perfect specim —
✧ Iwaizumi Hajime ✧
 (aged up bc forreal give me a break)
for context, this boy has tried confessing several times to his crush. once with a letter that he foRGOT TO SIGN. once over text that was misinterpreted as Just Friends Being Friends. and one drunk but his crush was passed the fuck out on the couch and he didnt realize.
his crush talks about a fmaily reunion theyre going to and how their parents are so sad that they “are being single at the family reunion for the 23rd year in a row”  sksksks this is my parents btw
and they go “iwaizumi, you’ve got the tough boy thing going for you. if you pretend to be my boyfriend they will never bug me again”
first off OUCh, oikawa literally yells “POOR IWA-CHAN”
he just nods and goes “yeah ill do it but dont be surprised if they love me and then we have to get married to keep up the joke”
this man comes dressed so clean, so crisp, his hair is fixed and gelled nicely (thanks trashykawa)
ffs, he brought his crush’s family FLOWERS
he’s acting all sweet, talking about the kids volleyball team he coaches, and hows he’s doing a professional degree to become a physical therapist and his crushes parents ARE HOOKED
one of the aunts tries to match him with their daughter
his crush pulls him aside and is basically like “bro wtf are you doing they love you”
and hes just like “yeah i would hope so dont want to make a bad impression in front of my s/o’s parents” 
and theyre like ????????????????
he spends all of dinner with his hand on his crushes thigh but like respectfully
he also plates their food? 
“did you want another slice of chocolate cake?”
“you have a, ah ill just clean it with my finger” and he’s cleaning their face from the cake and LICKS IT
iwaizumi enters Clown Mode after dinner, and starts playing with the younger kids, dancing with them and playing games
essentially this was the closing act in his grand scheme to get his crush to confess to him, REVERSE UNO 
of course it works have you seen iwaizumi, hes hot, and sweet, and smart, and his thighs. 
anyways his crush after, a little tipsy, tells him how fun it was and that theyre really happy they invited him
and he just goes “okay so if your parents like me, we kind of have to date for real now”
and their crush just nods their head because iwaizumi has some controlling dom energy that makes people speechless
1K notes · View notes
one-boring-person · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
You forced this upon yourself😂 you forced this rambo simp.(and i dont mind)
Okay this may not be as good! But! Im giving you the liberty to take it where you want!(because i love your little details and how you express the feeling in your writing i- AH! Its great. I cant say it enough, it’s great. I mean it.)
How about Rambo finally getting enough courage to show The rancher around the tunnels, in a date sort of way!(they don’t know thats actually where he lives. Aka that photo i showed you before.) i really saw how the rancher was so happy to have him at their house, I’d love to see rambos side of scheduling a house tour and date type deal!! Maybe him even sitting and showing the rancher through all his old photos, and them just in awe because wow. He’s so much cooler than they even thought! He just so nervous and surprised seeing them so interested in him after all this time alone, and them just- in awe of him.
( i also really think it would be funny seeing rambo go through his friends house and seeing-“why the hell you have so many plants???” And just. Adorable assassin living with a wholesome and loving hardworking s/o)
Ah! Im sorry if that’s not as good!! But hey, you feel free to describe their antics and relationship as you will!!
I think I may have run a bit with this, but I hope you like it regardless!😊💛
I've Got Your Back, You've Got Mine.
John Rambo (Rambo IV/V) x reader
Warnings: mention of death, mention of war, mention of injury, mention of PTSD, mention of violence, (possible flash warning for gif?)
Tumblr media
The heavy knock on the door surprises me where I'm sitting, the sharp sound snapping me from my thoughts. Looking over at it from my position at the table, I frown and set down my spoon, standing to go answer, unsure of who it is: I'm not expecting anyone today. Colt looks up from his place on the floor, the dog just as curious as I am as to whom it may be, though he doesn't bark, so it must be someone we know. He watches me as I cross the room, going straight to the door.
Opening it, I'm somewhat surprised to see my neighbour, John, standing there, a tentative smile on his face as he looks me over appreciatively, his gaze drawing a blush to my face. 
"Mornin' (Y/n)." He greets, rough voice friendly as he waits for me to let him in.
"Morning John." I smile back, delighted to see him, "What can I do for you?"
I step back, waiting for him to enter, which he does so with a nod of thanks.
"Since when have I needed a reason to see you?" The veteran chuckles, the sound reverberating within me, my brain subconsciously storing the action away for later recall. Gently, John moves into my space, one hand coming to lightly rest on my hips as the other cups my face, drawing me in for a slow kiss. 
Kissing back, I feel a glow of happiness flare up in me at this contact: he's never really one to initiate touch like this, so it's a whole lot more intimate when he does. Relaxed, I loosely wrap my arms around his neck, languidly caressing his dark hair as our lips move together. 
Being the killjoy he often loves to be, Colt pushes in between us, nosing at John's leg, tail wagging enthusiastically as he recognises the familiar man, the dog as fond of his company as I am. Chuckling, John and I pull apart, looking down at the large canine between us, the dark eyes staring up at us imploring us to pay attention to him. Still smiling, John lowers a hand to scratch Colt's head, ruffling his floppy ears a little as the dog instantly allows his mouth to hang open, tongue lolling in content.
"Hey, Colt." The veteran greets, biting back a laugh as the dog pushes me out of the way, nudging at John's stomach.
"He never gets that excited to see me." I complain jokingly, standing back to watch the two interact, a smile playing at my lips.
"Sure he does." John replies, eyes fixing on mine with an expression of fondness, one that had me weak at the knees.
"He really doesn't, he just sits in the corner and whines at me until I feed him. Isn't that right?" I address the dog himself, giving him a light slap on the rear, his ridiculous height meaning I can quite easily reach it, "Anyhow, did you need something? Or did you just come here to kiss me? I can't say I'll complain if that's the case."
Cheekily, I wink at the veteran, leaning back against a nearby counter.
"As nice as that sounds, it's not the reason I came by." He chuckles, blushing lightly, "Though that does sound good."
Grinning, I nod my agreement, only now taking in his body language: he's nervous. His hands fidget, rubbing his fingers over scars and lines on his palms, and he shifts from foot to foot every now and then, small tells he's never quite managed to hide from me.
"Is something up?" I ask him, slightly more serious this time, unnerved by his discomfort.
"No, no, not at all. I, err, well, I just wanted to ask you something." He rubs the back of his neck, head tilted to the side as he regards me, dark eyes fixed on mine.
"Ok, go for it." I prompt him, curiosity sparking my interest.
"Well, do you wanna come to mine? I mean properly, like in the house." John cocks his head to the side, lowering his arm again.
Blinking, I feel shock flood my system, before it turns to unbelievable happiness that he's trusting me enough to come into his private space. Initially, I can't find the right words, somehow struggling to respond, until I find my tongue again.
"I would love to, John." I agree, features lighting up as my mood brightens, "There's nothing I've really got to do today except train up one of the younger horses, so I've got as long as you want after that."
"Great. Is four o'clock alright?" The veteran smiles broadly, though he still looks somewhat nervous.
"Yeah, should be. I'll be there." I promise him, taking up my Stetson from the table as I briefly turn away to put away the plate I was using, having lost my appetite in my sudden excitement.
"I'll get it tidy." He says, looking around the room again, "I'll never understand why you have so many plants in your house. It's like a damn jungle."
At his comment, I laugh loudly, glancing around at the variety of different houseplants I have placed on various shelves, the greenery practically covering every available surface. 
"Because it's way too dry to grow anything like this outside all the time. Anyway, they look nice." I shrug, calling Colt to my side as I follow John from the house, grabbing my jacket from the hook as I pass.
"But why so many?" 
Once again, I shrug, following him over to a nearby post, where he's hitched Bandit, the horse I gave him a few months ago. The buckskin stallion paws at the ground, his pale coat looking as clean as ever even as he noses at the dust, the dark colouring around his eyes (the reason for his name) and legs standing out much more in the bright sun. As we approach, he looks up, snorting in greeting.
"He's looking good." I acknowledge, admiring the strong stallion appreciatively - I had reared Bandit from a foal, before I had given him to the veteran as a gift four months ago, hoping it will help him to grow his own ranch. My plan had worked, and John now has four horses, including Bandit, as well as a couple of other animals, such as a cow, a pig and five chickens. I'd sold him a couple of goats as well, but we soon found out that John and goats just didn't get along. At all.
"Yeah, he's doing well, too. Takes the training very well, too." John runs a hand through the stallion's dark mane, untying the reins.
"That's good. Reckon he'll be ready for a competition soon?" 
"Should be." 
Snorting again, Bandit pulls at the reins, clearly eager to get going, especially as Colt moves up to sniff at the horse's back legs. I quickly whistle him over, knowing Bandit has always been shifty around the dog.
"I'll see you at four then." I finally say, unwilling to say goodbye, even if it is only for a few hours.
"Yeah, see you then." John smiles, leaning in to kiss me again, keeping it brief this time, leaving me wishing for more, as he always does.
"See ya." I grin, watching him climb into the saddle, still somehow fluid in doing so despite his age. 
Gathering the reins in hand, John adjusts himself in the saddle, before he smiles down at me again as he gently urges Bandit into motion. Obediently, the stallion moves into a swift trot, which turns into a faster canter as the two move off down the driveway, heading towards the split in the fence separating our land. I watch as they go, still finding myself enraptured by the sight of the muscular man sat astride the horse, Colt eventually snapping me from my mind as he barks at me. Shaking my head, I follow him towards the stable.
Hours later, having showered and cleaned up, I feel a sense of relief go through me as I hoist myself into the saddle secured into place on Leo's back. It's relaxing, the stallion beneath me more relaxed than the youngster I've been trying to train all day: she never gave me a break. Seemingly sensing this, as he always does, Leo flicks his ears back and nickers softly, very lightly pawing the ground as I give him a pat on the neck, glad to have a more reliable horse taking me where I need to be.
Tilting back my Stetson, I take the reins in hand and ease the stallion into a trot, intending to let him pick up his own pace, my trust in this horse far greater than in the mare from before. Obediently, Leo moves into the correct gait, the two of us moving as if as one, years of riding together having made it easy for us to become in tune with each other. Together, we start off down the road towards John's ranch, the new path we've created beaten and well-used, allowing for relatively easy riding. Leo's hooves pound the dry ground rhythmically, my hips moving in time with his every stride, the relaxing movement helping to calm the nerves that have sprung up inside me.
A part of me is still unconvinced about going into John's home. Yes, I had helped him rebuild it and had seen very little of the inside rooms, but it still feels as if I'm intruding upon the veteran's safe space, his reprieve from the cruelty of the world he lives in. Something about that doesn't sit right with me, but I tell myself it's John's decision to make, not mine, so I should trust him, which I do, wholeheartedly. 
I'm still torn by the time I reach the main house, where John is already sat waiting for me in his rocking chair, dark eyes fixed on me as I approach. Lifting a hand to him, I smile and slow Leo to a halt, praising the horse as I climb down, the gray stallion nosing affectionately at me. Swiftly, I tie him to a nearby post, only to stop when John calls out to me.
"Put him in the stable for the night." He instructs me, gesturing for me to follow him as I try to fight back the sudden onslaught of racing thoughts at his implications: he wants me to stay the night?
"Sure, thanks." I smile back at him, walking after him with Leo in tow.
"Don't worry about it. It's not fair on him if he has to stay out all night." John waves me off with a short grin, "How'd training go?"
I groan.
"Not great. That horse has it in for me, I swear." I complain, rubbing at my arm, remembering the moment I got the new bruise forming there.
"Oh yeah?" He muses, looking amused.
"Yeah. She threw me off eight times!"
"Eight times? Wow, must be a new record." The veteran jokes, something that stirs up the familiar fondness inside me at his more personable behaviour.
"I reckon so. Painful one to set, though, I'll tell you." I remark, smiling broadly as we enter the stable, where I quickly house Leo next to Bandit, removing his tack and other gear.
"Must be." John watches me work, leaning against the door to the large building, muscular arms crossed over an equally muscular chest. Turning back to him, I have to stop and admire the bulging of his biceps as his hands grip his forearms, the veins I've come to love laying out a pattern on the tanned limbs. Everytime I see them, I imagine his strong arms wrapped around me, holding me safe and secure against his solid body, wishing I could feel his hands splayed against me more often.
"Like what you see?" John interrupts my thoughts, voice teasing as he lifts an eyebrow at me, almost smirking at me.
Blushing furiously, I avert my gaze, lifting a hand to gently tap the brim of my Stetson out of my vision.
"You know I do." I laugh nervously, before I look back up at him, "Anyway, since when do you use pickup lines?"
"Since I figured out they get you all flustered." His playful tone is new to me, though it's gone almost as soon as I see it, his guarded expression falling back into place as he returns within himself, probably thinking he overstepped some invisible boundary.
I still can't help stammering for a response, his gruff tone awakening something within me.
"Heh, I guess you're right." I stutter, going over to him.
Nodding, he keeps his expression straight, leading me out back to the house, where he quickly welcomes me inside.
"I tried to tidy it as much as possible, but it's still a bit messy." The veteran apologises, observing the interior of his home critically, even as I do so in awe.
The rooms, from what I can see, are mostly filled with sparse furniture, a few chairs here and there, an old sofa, a couple of vanities and dressers, with a mantlepiece in most, if not all, of them. He hasn't used much colour, but what he has used is tasteful and works well with the overall appearance. The walls, however, are what really draw me into the place.
They are littered with photographs and memorabilia, frames and objects cleaned and polished so they shine brightly in the afternoon sun, many smiling faces visible in them. Curious, I go over to one wall, looking over the array of pictures, which I now recognise to be images of John and his friends from the years he spent here. Amongst them is a creased black and white photo of a young John sat astride a horse not unlike Bandit, a broad grin on the boy's face as he stares at the camera from under a mop of thick black hair. I can feel a small smile creep onto my face at the sight of the veteran looking so happy and carefree, something I've not seen very much of at all in my time around him.
"That was my first horse, Hector. I had him until I left for the army." John says from behind me, sounding somewhat quiet, eyes softened from nostalgia as he stares at the picture along with me, "I loved him a lot, but my father always said he wasn't good enough."
His words hang in the air as I stay speechless, listening intently to what he's saying to me: it's the first I'm hearing about his life before he came here again.
"What happened to him? Hector, I mean." I ask him quietly, tearing my eyes away to look up at John.
The veteran shrugs, appearing somewhat remorseful.
"I'll never know, but I reckon my father sold him as soon as I was gone."
"Oh." I frown, glancing back at the photograph.
"The horse was getting old by that time, though. He probably wasn't much use." John chuckles wryly, moving away towards the stairs nearby, "Do you want to see upstairs?"
"Yeah, sure." I nod, following him as he ascends to the second floor, which I now see consists of three different rooms.
He takes me to the farthest, opening the door to reveal an old study, which looks as if it hasn't been used in a good few years.
"This was my father's study, where he did all his business. I was never allowed in here as a kid." John sweeps his arm around the room, staying by the threshold, as if abiding by a rule that no longer exists, "Not that I go in here that much as an adult."
I look around, finding the neat area interesting: images of a young John hovering by the door, waiting for his father to finish business entering my head.
"It's nice, I like it." I remark, turning to find him smiling very slightly at me.
"It's the only room in the house that's exactly as it used to be. I haven't had time to do up the others properly." John says, leaving the study and going back down the hall, where he opens the other two doors to reveal a bathroom and an empty room.
A dull curiosity flares up within me as I realise one thing about the top floor, but I easily find a solution to it, following John back down the stairs. As we go, however, I realise that my assumption is wrong, as the only other rooms down here are missing the one thing I'd expect in any house.
"Where do you sleep? I haven't seen a bed or anything anywhere." I ask him, cocking my head to the side as he takes me to one final door.
"I'm gonna show you." He smiles at me, before he opens the door.
I blink as I see the dark steps descending into the ground, unease biting at my throat as I flash John a hesitant look. A cool draft wafts up from the black depth, but John only chuckles and moves down into the space below, gesturing for me to follow.
"It's perfectly safe, don't worry." He calls to me, a light flickering on as he reaches the bottom of the steps, illuminating the path to me.
Swallowing, I gingerly step down the stairs, emerging into a tunnel of sorts, my curiosity piqued as I take in the chiselled walls around me, the rock cast in an odd light from the naked bulbs positioned along the length of the cavern. Struts of wood hold the ceiling steady, wiring hanging off of them in places where he's had to hastily put it all together. John watches as I take in the passage, a thoughtful look in place on his face.
"What is this place?" I wonder aloud, still taken aback by the oddity of having a tunnel beneath the house that stretches off in both directions.
"This is my safe space." The veteran informs me, urging me along with him as we go further into the tunnel, walking together for a minute before we emerge out into a larger room of sorts, which is well lit. 
My eyes widen as I realise exactly what he means.
The room acts as his bedroom and bathroom, and also has space to sit and relax, the whole area having a homely feel to it. What was missing in the rooms in the house can be found down here, including more photographs, though these ones seem different to the others. They adorn the walls, all except one, which is decorated with a variety of weapons, both guns and knives. Going over to it, I look over the rifles and shotguns hooked onto the wall, struck speechless as I then turn my attention to a machete, the blade honed but chipped from use, seemingly out of place as it hangs beside another, smaller hunting knife. 
Moving on, I regard the photographs, only now realising that they're military pictures, many of them containing images of a youthful John in fatigues and uniform. A smile creeps back onto my lips as I feel my eyes land on a particular image of a group of men, where I can see John standing amongst them, a triumphant grin on his face, long locks of dark hair held back by a strip of fabric around his head. The others also smile, though there's something bittersweet about the inscription at the corner of the photo: Baker Team, Vietnam. As I look past the other pictures, I notice that the team slowly dwindles, beaming faces becoming drawn and solemn, eventually just leaving two people behind. Beneath this image is another inscription: Baker Team Survivors.
"That was my team in 'Nam." John says suddenly, voice husky as he remembers the friends he had, "None of them made it back. Not really."
Eyes wide, I look back at him, taking in the distant look in his own eyes, the barely concealed grief still raw in his expression as he stares at the photographs. Noticing my gaze, John gestures for me to come sit on the edge of his bed with him, the veteran pulling another photograph from it's place on his bedside table. Doing so, I make sure I'm not touching him, but am close enough to reassure him, waiting patiently for him to start talking of his own accord, knowing that this is a sensitive subject for him.
After a moment, he starts, his voice low as he pulls me into his stories, taking me through suffocating jungles and blistering heats, through recon and rescue missions, through bloody gunfights and hellfire,  through hours spent in torturous situations. He puts me in his shoes as he loses every single member of his team to the gruesome fight he should never have fought, the harrowing grief and pain of letting go of a comrade, someone who's supposed to be by your side for as long as the two of you can stay alive, laid bare for me to see and experience. And even as he moves on, back to familiar territory in the States, the fight never leaves him.
Facing harassment in what should be his safety and security, I can feel every bit of betrayal, of anger and grief that he felt as he is let down by his own country time after time, used again and again by the authorities to do their dirty work, only to be cast aside when it doesn't go their way, the old catchphrase he once lived by, "I've got your back, you've got mine" completely meaningless in this hollow life. His disgust in humanity is plain to me as he outlines his most recent forays into warfare, where the rage he felt is once again transferred to me, and I experience the violent need to take out the parasites in the world that destroy anything good that he did. It's as if I'm there with him, through everything, his description and memories so vivid they chill me to the core, keeping me hooked on his every word.
After a long while, he eventually trails off, and I realise there's a tear rolling down his cheek, his body shaking a little as he holds himself back. My heart breaking, I have to fight the urge to reach out and pull him into an embrace, not wanting to make him uncomfortable. I place my hand on his shoulder instead, rubbing the tight muscles soothingly until he looks up at me with the most heart-rending gaze I've ever seen in my life. At that point, my resolve breaks.
Carefully, I lean in and wrap my arms around his shoulders, pulling the veteran towards me. He goes willingly, sobs wracking his body as he wraps his own hands around me, burying his face into my neck, tears flowing freely now as he lets himself go, each pained sound agonising to hear. Tightening my grip, I lay back onto the bed, allowing him to press his body around me, holding me against his muscular form as I rub his back, whispering soothing things to him as his breathing starts to calm a little. It takes time, but eventually he starts to relax, body going limp as he lays in my arms, his larger form awkwardly wrapped around mine as he depresses his face into the crook of my neck.
I barely hear his broken voice as he whispers to me.
"Thank you." 
Breathing in his familiar scent, I just mould myself closer, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead as he does the same to my neck.
"I'm here for you, John. I'm here, and I'll never leave. Not as long as I live, I promise."
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wannabespacesmuggler · a year ago
Small Talk and Mediocre Coffee | Empty Booth
Chapter Three | Masterlist
Summary: You recently moved to Storybrooke and began working the morning shift at Granny’s diner. Meanwhile, Killian Jones has been working the night shift on the docks of Storybrooke for years. When his routine gets turned upside down, he begins to understand the simple joy brought by an early cup of coffee, as long as you’re the one pouring it.
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1.6K
Author’s Note: Happy New Years! Hope y’all enjoy yet another chapter of this simple, fluffy coffee shop-esque au with our favorite devilishly handsome pirate. Also, my ask is always open for your guys’ suggestions. Would love to continue this fluff and incorporate some of your ideas. Hope you enjoy some much needed wholesome fluff to end this terrible year.
Extras: Playlist -- A playlist for two idiots in love: a gruff outcast who hates coffee but now drinks it every morning because the waitress at the diner keeps smiling at him as they pour it.
Tumblr media
You like routine and consistency. Working the morning shift at Granny’s has allowed you to realize that. You wake up in your small apartment before the sun rises every morning and drink a cup of coffee on your windowsill before bundling up for your short walk to the diner. You always open the diner. Ashley, the other waitress that works the morning shift with you, always comes in around ten minutes after you open and promises she’ll open the next day; she has never lived up to that promise in the months that you’ve worked with her, but you’re not going to complain about it. You serve the same customers every morning and listen to their stories, often the same stories you’ve listened to before. It may seem mundane and repetitive to anyone else, but, to you, it’s an enjoyable start to your day.
The biggest change in your routine occurred when Killian Jones walked into the diner for the first time, but even he has become a consistent part of your everyday life. 
Maybe that’s why you feel so distraught this morning. 
The bell above the diner’s door rings, signaling that a new customer has entered the establishment. Your attention immediately gets drawn to the sound, pulling you from your thoughts. A wave of disappointment washes over you once again as you watch yet another regular walk into the diner and greet the other patrons. And the disappointment only deepens when you find no tan pickup parked outside.
You sigh before returning your attention to the table in front of you, covered in dirty dishes. You slip the tip they left for you in the pocket of your apron before gathering the dishes and bringing them to the back of the diner. On your way back to the front counter, you pick up a new rag and begin to wipe down the surface. Without thinking, you check your watch again.
“Alright, what’s going on with you?”
You close your eyes and try to get yourself back in check. He cannot be the reason that you feel so frazzled this morning, that doesn’t make sense. He’s just like any other customer you serve at the diner. 
Except he’s not. You know that. There’s something special about him. 
“What are you talking about?”
You move to stand in front of Emma from behind the counter, leaning your elbows on the surface. You were hoping that no one would notice your strange behavior; however, David had decided to go into the station early which gave Emma the morning off. This now allowed her to sit at the diner and watch you get in your own way.
“You seem distracted this morning.”
“Guess I just feel thrown off is all.”
You shrug nonchalantly and turn around to make some more coffee. 
“He got called into the night shift today, ya know?”
You stop in your tracks. Your eyes squeeze shut as you take a deep breath. She read you like a book. Not that it was hard.
“He called David this morning to reschedule their plans. You didn’t scare him off.”
Emma’s tone is playful, she means nothing from the jab. But, nevertheless, you turn around to face her with a furrowed brow. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
You cross your arms over your chest as Emma raises a brow at your words.
You turn back around and actually start to make another pot of coffee. It is quiet for a couple of seconds, but, before you can even hope that Emma dropped the subject, she speaks up again.
“You two just seem to be getting close.”
You sigh and turn to face her again, leaning against the back counter.
“It’s not like that.”
“It’s not bad. It’s actually really good.”
“C’mon, he’s just one of my customers.”
Emma raises a brow at your comment.
“I know Killian. He doesn’t get close. So this is something…”
“He’s just a friend, Emma.”
You know you shouldn’t have cut her off, but you don’t need Emma saying something that might get your hopes up. He’s just a nice guy who comes in for a cup of coffee in the morning and you just so happen to be a waitress at the diner he goes to. All the small talk and smiles and laughter are just part of the job. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. 
“Okay. So you wouldn’t mind if I gave one of my friends at the library his number? She’s been asking about him.”
“No, I think that’d be great.”
Emma nods and seems to let it go for now. You’re glad - you just wish your heart didn’t ache so much at the idea of Killian out on a date with someone else. 
Emma stands and places a few dollars next to her plate before grabbing her jacket off the back of her chair. You smile at her and she returns it before heading toward the exit. Before she gets too far away, she turns back to you abruptly.
“It’s just, I think he wouldn’t mind if he saw you outside the diner. That’s all.”
You should have just let her comment go and went about your day as normal, but, instead, you found yourself at the docks after sunset looking incredibly lost.
“Can I possibly help you out?”
The young man who offers his assistance can’t be older than twenty. He seems sweet, with his floppy brown hair and gentle smile -- a stark contrast to the man you’re actually here to see.
“I’m looking for Killian Jones. Is he here?”
“Yeah, let me call him for ya.” 
You immediately feel uncomfortable. Maybe you shouldn’t have come. What if he’s busy? What if he doesn’t want to see you?
“Yo, Jonesy! You’ve got a visitor.”
Well, it’s too late now.
Killian wanders over to you and the young man. All of your worries seem to disappear as he flashes you a bright smile. He can’t hide the look of surprise on his face. You were the last person that he expected to see today, not that he’s complaining.
“Hey, Jonesy.”
Killian rolls his eyes at you, but his grin doesn’t falter.
“Not you too.”
He practically groans out the words. Obviously the nickname was not picked out by him.
“What? I like it. I think it suits you.”
He cocks his head to the side and continues smiling at you. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other and shoves his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.
“What’re you doing here?”
You hold up two travel mugs and look up at him excitedly. The look of pure joy on your face warms his heart, he just wishes it would stop doing backflips in his chest at the sight.
“You didn’t come in for coffee today, so I brought coffee to you.”
You hand Killian one of the mugs and he takes it with one of his gloved hands. It’s a small gesture, but it touches Killian. He just didn’t expect anyone to notice that he didn’t show up to the diner this morning. Obviously, he was wrong. His absence was noticed by you. 
Killian turns around and searches for the boy that had called him over.
“Hey Herc, I’m taking my break.”
He faces you again and flashes you another smile.
“Want to go for a walk?”
You nod and fall in step beside Killian. For a while the two of you just walk next to the ocean, listening to the waves crash against the coast and drinking your coffee. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind hits you both and sends a shiver down your spine. Killian glances at you, worry etched into his features.
“It’s chilly. I don’t know how you work out here.”
Killian doesn’t know if you meant to move closer to him while speaking or if your subconscious was simply moving you toward the nearest source of heat, but, nevertheless, you were now walking close enough to brush your shoulder against his arm.
“I guess it just doesn’t bother me that much.”
You hum at his words.
“Is this what you want to do?”
Killian shrugs his shoulders. He wonders if that’s enough of an answer, but you continue to walk quietly beside him, waiting for him to continue.
“Not really. It’s not bad though.”
“What would you rather be doing?”
“I’d rather be sailing.”
The surprise in your voice isn’t patronizing. No, he’s heard that before more times than he can count from others he’s told this to. But your surprise seems to stem from your curiosity.  It makes Killian chuckle. You’re always so curious; asking him questions about him and his life. It almost seems like you’re invested.
“Yeah. I’ll buy a boat one day and I’ll spend the rest of my days traveling the waters. Nobody bossing me around. Just me and the sea.” 
“I could see that.”
Killian glances at you. You’re already looking up at him.
“Captain Jones.”
Killian nudges your arm gently with his as a small smile plays at the corners of his lips. You look up at him again. In the soft glow of the street lamps your gaze is almost adoring. Killian has to stop himself from leaning in closer. He clears his throat and takes another sip of his coffee.
“Do you like the ocean?”
“I think it could grow on me.”
Killian smiles at your answer. He thinks it could too. Once you get out there and experience it yourself. Maybe when he buys that boat of his he could take you himself. There he is getting hopeful again.
Instead of playing further into that fantasy, one that will surely work its way into his dreams when he eventually dozes off in the morning, Killian simply enjoys how content he feels right now enjoying a cool night, a warm cup of coffee, and your presence beside him.
Tag list: @ladylizzieofdarbyshire​
(Message me to be added to or removed from the tag list)
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shiny-self-shipping · 5 months ago
oh hi,, i also self ship with characters that would be unhealthy to be in a relationship with irl. but like.... that’s... that’s the whole point ya know? its not real life!! it all happens from the safe comfort of my own brain. and i think people beee to realize that. also i don’t know if it actually helps me heal from my past abuse but it does make me feel better and feel safer honestly so i dont care what people think, but i also understand people being uncomfortable with it. so yeah i feel you. also idk if you meant joker from dc but i self ship with bruce/batman so... solidarity :-)
^^^^^ this
People can argue over what is and isn't a good and healthy coping and/or healing strategy (I used to be VERY against consuming less-than-wholesome media because in my experience at that time of my life, it did me much more harm than good, and I hadn't grasped that not everyone processes trauma the same way) but the point is to just let people do what they want as long as nobody is getting hurt and nothing illegal is happening. And I know a lot of people would argue about those last two points, but unfortunately it's all subjective. To some people, any fictional abusive ship is spitting on actual abuse survivors. To others, it's harmless.
Not to get into my own personal baggage, but for me, some of my f/os offer me a way to deal with unhealthy relationships in any way I want without consequence.
((CW from here on out for abuse mention))
Some days I'm bitter and angry about what happened to me and I take it out on these fictional characters; I let them treat me the same way my abuser treated me, then I get even. I get even in ways that would have me locked up for a very long time in real life (because women defending themselves in abusive situations often get put in jail regardless of whether their claims of self defense are legitimate or not). It's cathartic, and it's fictional, and it's not a reflection of who I am as a person or what I would condone. Even if I had the chance, I would have never acted the same way towards my abuser in real life, because I know better.
(It's similar to how there are places dedicated to letting people destroy rooms and break things to release their anger. Most of the people who go there and use that method to deal with their emotions aren't going to go home and throw plates on the ground whenever they get angry. It's just a fun and cathartic way to occasionally relieve stress, not a behavior that is encouraged in everyday life.)
Other days, I take a less violent approach. I let myself imagine what could have been had my abuser reformed and repented and made an effort to right his wrongs. He never could have, but still, the effort would have been appreciated. To have him realize that I was deserving of respect and honesty and to be treated as more than a s*x object and a punching bag wouldn't erase the past, but it would have drastically changed my future and how I would have healed from the past. Certain f/os can offer me that reality (the "reality" being just in my mind, of course).
To keep this post from getting obscenely long, I'll leave you all with this: Nobody should be policing what others do online, and nobody knows more about what a person needs to cope and heal than the person themselves. And a licensed and qualified therapist. To assume otherwise is self-righteous bullshit
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frogsandcookies · 9 months ago
My Thoughts on Lego DC Batman Family Matters
-Disclaimer: I watched this on clips on YouTube so if things are out of order, oh well- 
-“Damian? Are you done with your math homework???” Bruce is actually acting like a normal dad
-DAMIAN’S SMILING AND ACTING LIKE A NORMAL KID (or as normal as you can be after everything he’s been through) BASICALLY HE’S HAPPY :D
-Oh my god he used the classic phrase of “When am I ever going to use ___ in the real world” I love it
-We get wholesome interactions between Bruce and Damian
-I half expected Damian to call Tim something along the lines of “Asshole” or “Bitch” 
-I just want to comment on how short Damian is 
-“In fact, I wanted to ask you to change my name to Dangerlad”
-Damian is acting like Dick from the Lego Batman movie (and it’s amazing)
-“Cross contamination is nothing to laugh about” As a person with celiac disease, I completely agree
-Ace’s chew toy is Superman
-“Next subject” Ah, back to avoidance
-Barbara just ignoring Dick and going straight to talking to Bruce XD
-The reason for this XD
-Catherine is awesome
-And at this point I realized why Damian sounds so familiar: He’s voiced by the same person who voices Robin on TTG
-Robin sneaking out to go meet them lol
-Barbara and Dick’s interactions XD
-“Oooh burn”
-Jason’s villain-ensue clapping
-I just noticed Dick’s hair. …I don’t know what to say
-I feel like if this wasn’t a PG movie, Jason would have said “Not shit, sherlock” when he’s talking to Damian
-ThE tRuSt FuNds (aka Dick worry about the trust funds) 
-Killer croc looks like the hulk with scales
-The way Catherine just beats Killer Croc’s sexist butt is amazing ; we Stan
-Jason’s kinda acting like a bitch ngl
-Dick and Damian interactions! :D
-Dick’s telling an old man story (ie. “Back in my day…)
-Damian just falls off a train XD
-“Something fishy’s going on for sure” A fish with TNT proceeds to be thrown at the two
-The Riddler’s voice is snakey
-Dick: *fails at telling a joke* | Damian: *disappointed sigh*
-The penguins have no eyes???? What the???
-THE TEN YEAR OLD IS DRIVING A CAR *proceeds to crash into a train*
-Jason proceeds to crawl out of the shadows in a totally not creepy way
-*sees graphling hook* Mabel Pines?
-Jason sounds a bit like Bill Cipher (voice-wise)
-“Not bad old man” -Jason to Dick
-Is that Haly’s circus???
-Gotham citizens are so neutralized to seeing the villains and bats running around that instead of running away, they just take photos lmao
-We Stan protective Dick 
-Don’t fuck with Alfred
-The license plate reads “yeahboi1”
-Billy Batson :D he sounds vaguely like Steven from SU *looks it up* HE’S VOICED BY THE SAME PERSON
-The mirroring of the movie fighting
-*Ominous bat shadow* *pan to see Bruce holding out his cape*
-“Or should I say…Jason Todd” *shocked Pikachu face reaction from everyone else* 
-How does Jason not have hat hair
-“I thought you were dead!” “You said I was dead?!”
-Obligatory Talia mention
-But they met at a train station?
-I love that Jason and Bruce met because Jason stole the wheels of the bat mobile 
-“You stole the wheels of the bat mobile? Oh dude that is so cool!” “Yeah, he was not happy” Damian and Jason friendly interaction :D
-I love the shared exasperation at Bruce
-Dramatic “he’s betrayed us. Again” from Damian who didn’t even know of Jason’s existence until several hours ago
-Two Faces’s suit is nasty looking
-“Fortune favors the bold” -Pliny the Elder right before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and now Two Face (the only reason I know the former is because of puppet history)
-The How To videos will one day take over the world
-“Truth, justice, and the destruction of Batman”
-“He’s a narcissistic jerk who has no regard for his family’s legacy or his own responsibility to Gotham” Not wrong kinda
-Damian and Barbara team up!
-Damian and Barbara falling out of the sky
-Damian being productive while the three adults fight 
-Dick: *weird rocket noises* | Barbara: “My insensitive boyfriend, everyone”
-“Listen to my gruff voice and be intimidated” 
-Two Face just eating Bruce out of the building
-Jason kinda reminds me from Michael from BMC b/c of the scene where he says “This is just like my favorite video game” as he shoots cyborg things
-Jason celebrating beating his video game and being happy and not angsty for once :D
-“…chum” “I looked up chum by the way. It means fish cut up into shark bait.” XD
-I like the parachutes
-Meetings are boring to be fair though
-Jason’s internal voice: “ya’ done fucked up Batman”
-Ace literally says “Bark”
End thoughts: So Damian’s obviously not in character too much but I like seeing him as a genuinely happy child so I don’t really care. It was also fun seeing Jason happy and the squabble between Dick and Barbara was amusing since it seems kinda accurate. I don’t know much about Catherine but she’s awesome in this movie (though she and Barbara look almost identical). Overall it was pretty good and an enjoyable experience :D Though I wish Tim, Steph, Cass, and Duke were in it. I can only imagine the heightened chaos 
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Meeting and Dating Ron Slater
Tumblr media
(Not my gif)(Requested by anonymous)
“Ayyyy the pizza goddess is here!”
- Out of all the things you’ve been called as a food delivery person, that has definitely got to be your favorite.
- Working the late shift at your local pizza place was not what you had in mind when you began looking for a job but the pay was decent and the tasks were easy so you really couldn’t complain. Sure, you had to deal with a few creeps, but there were also some much more wholesome customers.
- The stoners were your favorite and you were quite sure they always would be. Calm, good natured, very thankful; they were the perfect people to deal with when you were tired and just wanted to go home.
- So you met Slater pretty early into your pizza delivery career. Him and his friends were frequent customers of yours and were always the highlight of your night.
- You sort of figured out that the long haired boy was at least attracted to you, but you were completely unaware of just how hard he was crushing on you.
- It took months of him ordering pizzas just to see you before he finally gathered up the courage to ask for your phone number. You thought he was cute, even while high as a kite, and he was as sweet as could be during all of your interactions so you obliged, writing your number on his arm before you left.
- He called you up the next day, inviting you over to his house for a movie marathon and some takeout. Halfway through a particularly boring film, he asked if you wanted to see something cool to which you agreed. Fast forward a few minutes and the two of you are sitting atop the moon tower, gazing at the stars.
- He nervously reached for your hand in the dark and you let him take it, a small smile finding it’s way onto your face. The two of you walked back to his house hand and hand, a relationship blooming between you. 
- You shared your first kiss after about a week of dating. It may not seem like it but Slater’s actually a pretty nervous dude, at least when it comes to girls, so it took him a bit of time to make a move. 
- The two of you had spent an entire night together and were sitting on a random curb in the early hours of the morning, watching the sun start to rise. You had your head leaning against his shoulder when he placed a tentative hand against your cheek and leaned in.
-  It was short and sweet but it did the trick. After that he was free to kiss you whenever he wanted and you were granted the same privilege. ...Boyfriend and girlfriend.... He was ecstatic. 
- Having long, deep and sometimes rambling conversations. There’s no stopping once the two of you start, you can hop from one subject to the next in a matter of minutes.
- Handholding. 
- No matter how you’re sitting or laying, he’ll find a way to fall asleep on you. 
- Hugs, just lots and lots of hugs. He always pulls away saying that you smell good.
- Braiding his hair, he loves it and he’s hardly afraid to admit it.
“Hey do you think you could like, do one of those twirly things to my hair?”
- Sometimes he’ll just randomly come over to you and hand you a flower he found, they’re usually just dandelions and other weeds but you think it’s adorable.
- Cutting class together. 
- Sitting outside the school with him every morning and during breaks. His friends will usually come and join you.
- Letting him copy your homework.
- You either get high with him or just have to deal with a stoned boyfriend sometimes.
- Leaning your head on his shoulder whenever you’re standing/sitting with each other. It always makes him really happy but he can’t figure out why. (It’s because you’re proving to everyone around you that you’re together and showing him that you actually like him.)
- Late night snack runs.
- The two of you are constantly sharing food with each other, and he’s constantly stealing food off your plate like you wouldn’t just give him one of whatever you’re eating.
- Since he’s usually not too sober during parties, he rarely realizes that whoever is talking to you is actually flirting with you. He’s pretty laidback regardless though so he doesn’t get too upset over it. He usually just lets you do what you have to do, waiting for you to excuse yourself from the situation on your own.
- Finger guns, just constant finger guns. 
- If you don’t smoke, he does try to refrain from doing so whenever you’re planning to hang out. Being around you is fun enough without the weed and he “wants to be a good boyfriend” even if you assure him it doesn’t really bother you.
- Comedy movie marathons. 
- Concert dates. 
- Dancing with him to your favorite songs.
- Driving around with him and his friends.
- Double dates with Pickford and Michelle. You hang out together constantly. 
- Keeping a lighter and an extra hair tie on you in case he needs one.
- He tries to impress you whenever he can even if the things he’s trying to impress you with are somewhat made up. They aren’t outright lies just... little exaggerations, that’s all. 
- He’s honestly really caring and sweet, always checking in with you to see if you’re having fun or if you’re okay wherever the two of you go. 
- He’s very happy that he can officially brag to Don about how girls do in fact want to hear “check ya later”. 
- He laughs at all your jokes, whether that’s because he genuinely thinks you’re funny or because he’s just a little bit stoned is anyone’s guess. 
- Getting told little scary stories and cautionary tales. He thinks it’s fun to try and spook you a little bit. 
- Sitting on top of cars and stargazing/watching the sunset together.
- For someone who gets blazed a lot, he sure remembers a lot. Your birthday, anniversary, favorite color, animal, that movie you wanted to see; nothing slips his mind, especially when it comes to you. 
- To be fair, I don’t think Slater gets high constantly, we just saw him on the last day of school and while he was attending a party. So don’t worry, you won’t have a constantly baked boyfriend. 
- Watching Saturday morning cartoons together.
- You cuddle hugging each other. You usually wind up with your face pressed against his chest and his arms wrapped loosely around you. 
- Wearing his shirts.
- Talking about conspiracy theories and other weird shit. 
- Lets be honest here, your parents probably don’t like him. He’s a long haired hippie who wears weed shirts, not exactly the kind of person most people want their daughters hanging around, especially people who were teenagers in the 50′s. 
- Cheap but fun dates. He rarely has much money so the two of you find different inexpensive ways to entertain yourselves.
- Slater’s a very friendly person even if most people don’t give him the time of day. He could have a conversation with just about anyone so you’ll sometimes just have to wait for him to finish talking to whichever random person he’s become friends with.
- A lot of the time the two of you just do your own thing while enjoying each other’s company. You both agree that you don’t have to be doing something together, it’s just nice to have each other around.
- Innocent affection, you’ll learn pretty early on in your relationship that he’s a big softie.
- Holding his cigarettes for him whenever he has to do something, i.e. tie his shoelace, fix his hat, show something off, etc.
- Slater simply vibes too much to fight with you. The two of you have, maybe, gotten into two arguments during your relationship and small ones at that. They’re those little whisper “fights” that couples get into when one of them is unknowingly doing something wrong.
- Spontaneous dates/hangouts. Out of nowhere he’ll decide he wants to do something specific and you’ll just go along with it.
- He’s a clumsy boy, sometimes you’ll just pretend you didn’t see him trip as to not embarrass him.
- It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re with him. He’s adorable, animated and hilarious; it’s like hanging out with a cartoon character. 
- A true feminist. You’re a strong independent woman and he loves you. You inspire him, he’s so proud.
- He tells you he loves you constantly and he means it from the bottom of his heart. 
- Behind every good man is a woman and he wants you to keep on being his for the rest of time. 
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How They’d Be As Mukbangers:  Harry Potter Characters
Tumblr media
How They'd Be As YouTube Mukbangers
Tumblr media
James: Every video has a theme.   Like, I'm not even playing.   Holidays?  All kinda of holiday themed food.  Quidditch World Cup coming up?   Things inspired by the country of his favorite team.   Just a random day?  Everything is blue.   He's that type of way.
Tumblr media
Sirius:  If a mukbanger was a thirst trap.  I could easily see him really getting into.  Dark background, black gloves, aesthetic as fuck and like, he doesn't even talk.  He just sits there, looks hot and somehow makes eating looking incredibly sexy.  And he fucking knows it.   Bitch also one hundred percent rolls his eyes back when it hits his taste buds.  Licks his lips and his fingers.  Takes way too big of bites.   Most people would say it's cringy how sexual his videos are...but everyone is secret subscribed anyway.  With notifications on.
Tumblr media
Remus:  This goes one of two ways.  If he's in a good mood and things are chill, he'll find a recipe, make it to the mother fucking 't' and then have a little mukbang slash review on said recipe.  Nice lil chat.  Sweet tol bean.   Precious. If it's near the full moon there ain't none of that.  Ya boy, brings in his monstrous plate of food, sits it down and just tears into like a fucking beast, no talking.  Just nom nom nom.  Unintentionally thirst traps and people opening talk about when Remus goes beast mode.  
Tumblr media
Peter:  Candy and sweets channel! Small mukbangs with reviews from different candies from Honeydukes!
Tumblr media
Lily:  Lol, Lilypad.  She ain't playing around.  Her videos are planned out, edited and just generally finessed to perfection.  Even had music added to it with tiny vlog segments as it's set up.  It's a little pretentious but she does have a good following.
Tumblr media
Marlene:   This bitch.  Fucking competitive eating queen.  Tiny ass lil ho can eat you under the table, bro.   Think RainaIsCrazy on YouTube.  She can fucking smash.  Usually does eating challenges from different resteraunts and competitions.  Often, challenges Remus on his wild days.   He's a beast but she still wipes the floor with him.  
Tumblr media
Dorcas:  The collab.  Dorcas always has good food and good company.  She's all about sharing a meal with someone and talking about random things.
Tumblr media
Alice and Frank:  The couple channel.  It's generally filled with so much fucking cute and the food is always tasty.  It's sickening they feed each other but you also can't help but awww.
Tumblr media
Molly Prewett/Weasley:   Family recipes.   Molly's channel are tried and true recipes from the Prewett family.  Cook with me and tons of kitchen life hacks.  Also, that woman can turn a ham sandwhich into a full course meal. Bet.   Always taste tested by Daddy Weasley.  Yes, I said Daddy Weasley.  
Tumblr media
Lucius Malfoy:  The most pretentious fucking channel to ever exist.  It's a whole fucking production that admittedly he does put a lot of work into.   Somewhat thirst trappy like Sirius' but instead of just having a plain black background he goes out of his way to shove as much of his manor into.   Only eats the most expensive food fucking on the planet and of course, it's prepared by House elves cause he's a twit.  (Yes, I know this is Thranduil but honestly wouldn’t put it past Lucius to be this fucking pretentious.) 
Tumblr media
Severus Snape:  Actually pretty solid content.  His exquisite skills in potions actually made him a rather good chef.   Tasteful shots, edited well with music over everything and subtitles.   Simply audio for the eat portion at the end.  Nothing too fancy for the background.  Often just a very clean kitchen. Solid content though.
Tumblr media
The Black Sisters: Mass chaos.  Part vlog, part drama channel, half the time the food never even gets finished because of fights.  
Tumblr media
Bill Weasley:  The Traveler.   A lot of egyptian food.  Some made by hand.  Some vlogs from street food while he's out just generally doing his job.   Short videos but solid.  He's hot and he picks good food.  It works for him.
Tumblr media
Charlie Weasley:  This extra ass bitch.  He's the bitch that does all that outdoor cooking.  You know what I mean.   Shots in the woods, roaring fire.  Lit by a precious dragon child no doubt.  Dragons lounging in the background like those bitches who always have their dogs there.  Yes, I'm jealous.  Close up shots of him cutting things on a custom wood cutting board. Everything he makes causes your mouth to water.  God damn, scarred, freckle faced bastard just gobbles it up and ends every fucking video with a wink.   Charlie Weasley is the ultimate thirst trap and he fucking knows it.
Tumblr media
Percy:  Percy's channel could be epic but instead is boring as fuck.  Why?  Because he insist on having the most snooze worthy meals that are 'sensible' and THEN he proceeds to talk about politics.   He actually had a pretty decent following of other like minded individuals but my god- politics and porridge, Percy?  Really?
However, once he chills the fuck out, leaves the ministry to do something else - it’s a game changer.  Brings the family on for mukbangs.  Does videos with mummy weasley.  Percy grows his hair out and Bill teases him for being a copy cat.  Much better.  Still talks politics but it’s fucking hiliarous and now the food is poppin. 
Tumblr media
Fred and George:  Alright, this shit right here.   Every fucking bit of it is a self promo for the shop.  Meals inspired by and that would go well paired with 'this product'.  Like, that's the whole thing.  And then they run an add for their shop at the end featuring the product.  It works for them because they're smart, they're hot and they're also wildly entertaining with their constantly sibling squabbling. But yeah.  Big promo for the shop.
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley: Honestly, out of everyone.   Ron probably has the most followers and it's because he doesn't say shit while he's eating. He sits down with a massive fucking turkey.  Nods at the camera and just tears it up.   It's literally so satisfying.  All the food is prepared by his mother.  So it's obviously fantastic. ( I just had to use this gif.) 
Tumblr media
Ginny:   Gin's channel is usually team building videos with the Harpies.  'Cheat Day: Vlog and Mukbang w/the Harpies' type of vibes.  It's cool though and since it's a famous quidditch team the fans enjoy the behind the scenes action and actually drop all kinds of recipes for them to try in the future.
Tumblr media
Hermione:  Hermione could easily veer off into Percy's channel of misery when she gets started on her rants but mostly they're really chill videos.  Mukbang and Book Review type of vibe.  Or sometimes even the playing of an audio book while she does her thing.  All in all, wholesome.
Tumblr media
Harry:  Lol, I swear.  Fucking awkward bean.   Harry's videos are literally of him making the simplest of things and being so fucking awkward. "Er, well, hi guys.  So I'm about to head out for work.  Running a bit late.  But we're having a bit of toast and jam."  Like it's literally just little videos of him eating whatever throughout the day.  But of course, since he's Harry Fucking Potter- his follower count is astronomical.  
Tumblr media
Neville:  Now, this boy.  This boy is a goblincore gobbo's wet dream.  Gardening videos with homegrown veg.  Recipes from Grandmother.   Have a nice Veggie Pot Pie with Professor Longbottom in the Hogwarts Greenhouse.  There is a fanbase and it is huge.  
Tumblr media
Luna: Honestly, the weirdest fucking channel in the world.  Like she finds the weirdest things to eat and goes from there.  But Luna is bae so it's cool.  Also, a thousand percent does Smoke Sesh + Mukbang videos.  You know it's true.
Tumblr media
Dean and Seamus:  Literally, eating in the most crowded pubs as they visit football games around the country.  Seamus will definitely pull the Irish card from time to time to have a drinking competition.  He wins everytime.  He may be a little dude but shit- homie can hold his own.
Tumblr media
Cedric:  Honestly, it's so fucking pure.   Straight up did videos during his time at Hogwarts in the Hogwarts kitchen.  Such kind little conversations with the house elves.  "Hey, guys.  Thanks for coming back to another video.  Today we're making some really tasty biscuits.  Whispy, one of the talented bakers here in the kitchens, is here to help us today so please say hello to her in the comments."  He'll also always make extra and leave them in the Hufflepuff common room for everyone to enjoy.  Like, it's honestly so pure and he's such a soft boi and oh my fucking geeeeeeerrrrrrdddd!!!!!
Tumblr media
Draco: Actually takes it really seriously and put a lot of hard work into it.   Nothing like his father's ego-tistical recipes.   Surprisingly, every. single. recipe. is a muggle recipe.  How would he know?  Because he cross referenced with Granger of course.  Cooks it himself.   No magic.  Lots of random talks.  Just like a monologue of things and it gets kinda deep sometimes.   Like, it's the channel to go to when you need advice that you didn't even know that you needed.   Still eats incredibly proper.   It's that pureblood raising of his.  Old habits die hard.
Tumblr media
Tonks:  Pure chaos.  "Hey, today we're having Mum's homemade lasagna and I'm also getting a new tattoo.  Might dye my hair.  Don't really need to since I can do this  but whatever. So yeah, there's that.  Like it's just all over the place and you'd think it would take but the chaos is too good not to watch.  Literally gives herself beaks and snouts while she eats.  It's iconic.
Tumblr media
Dumbledore: Mother fucker just sits at his desk, stares straight into the camera and eats a lemon drop.  Like a weirdo.  The video usually no more than a minute and each video is just some variation of that.  Meme lord.
Tumblr media
Hagrid:  Tea With Hagrid.  Also, so the recipes suck, they too, but Hagrid is a peach and it's relaxing to see his gentle half giant there in his hut, pumpkin patch out the window and Fang laying by the fire.  It's a mood and he's just like the comforting Dad figure. 
Tumblr media
McGonagall:  Honestly the best one in the entire world.  She makes a full course traditional Scottish breakfast... and then transforms into her animagus the cat...and promptly knocks it off the table.   A fucking legend.
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