secondbeatsongs · a day ago
yoo if you're not too bogged down with requests could you please do Jolene by Dolly Parton
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the time has finally arrived
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boogara-bassguitara · a day ago
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the-sugar-crash · 2 days ago
what about headcannons/a fic for a streamer!listener x alphonse or seth(or both!)
Hello! Ii decided to go for the poly version, cause I was working on that couple right before, so it was an easy switch lol. I hope you enjoy!
cw: slight mentions of nsfw, mentions of Al possibly being a cam-boy, like he is in some of the videos.
Okay, you probably know this already, but yuurivoice is planning on doing like a V-tuber Al video soon, and I thought that was interesting
Anyway, back on topic
Sugar is famous for playing Cooking Mama
Hear me out
Their ‘bit’ that got them popular was streaming cooking games or baking games, and then streaming themselves recreating the real recipes
Huh? Huh? Cute right?
Also if we put streamer listener and camboy Alphonse in the same universe, then they both use the same studio
It’s the same room, except there’s a duct taped line down the middle to separate the two sides
Each of their cameras are facing different directions, so no in has figured it out yet
Plus this way they get to save money on LED lights
Speaking LEDs, they put some up in the kitchen as well
They usually stay off, even with streaming in the kitchen, but they are in fact there
Sometimes the three of them will turn them on and have little dance parties late at night
Sugar doesn’t just play cooking games, but if they do play something else, then there’s a good chance either Al or Seth are there too
I’m taking a lot of enjoyment of imagining them being forced to play a horror game and both of them completely freaking out
It’s up to you if the listener wears the cat ears headset, but both the boys do
Al’s is pink, Seth’s is black
They’ve each decorated their respected headphones with stickers. Al chose cupcakes and candy, and Seth of course found mothman stickers
They are both very supportive of Sugar, and want them to be happy
If there are ever days when Sugar has to stream for a couple hours at a time, they make sure they take breaks and drink water
Sugar does a lot of charity streams, but the money that they do earn goes into a savings account so they can have their own bakery one day
Bottom line is, the boys love them very much, and will support them no matter what
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entishramblings · 7 months ago
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heh...sorry guys
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visree · 4 months ago
everyone exempt philza is going through such radical changes with their content. tommy’s doing weekly vlogs. wilbur’s streaming less and focusing on music more. techno’s planning on uploading more regularly now. and yet throughout it all, philza minecraft continues to stream on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays and 1 pm est. truly legendary
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lesbianshepard · a year ago
just realized that tomorrow is election day. for the past several months i thought it was november 7th and i just realized i was thinking of the vastly superior mass effect day.
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coconi · 4 months ago
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insp (x,x)
I blame @heleentje for this 💙
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messy-gguki · a month ago
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late night fishing
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nubs-mbee · 7 months ago
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Martin should have been more aware of selkie courting rituals
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bunnyelven · 2 months ago
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rabbit hearted girl
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pizzacakecomics · a month ago
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One of those days
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princedorianstorm · 2 months ago
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it's 12:41 am but i saw this post and i have brainrot for them
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theluckiestlb · 2 months ago
Luka watching his ship become canon, but then the apocalypse happens
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iguanamouth · a year ago
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this is almost five years old now but i still like it
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lokisboyfriendowenwilson · 5 months ago
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loki + text posts p20 [prev] [next] [+]
+ bonus:
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wormw00ds · a month ago
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Fearne has avoided homework for weeks so Orym has to help her finish it
Orym is kneeling on his chair
They would go see Dorian but he works at Claire’s and Fearne is banned for shoplifting
also dont tag as ship
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archervale · 10 months ago
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this is so dumb lol 
Jack goes back to the past by accident and finds his dads, it doesn’t go well 
Dean has a crush on the angel and has no idea how angels work can you blame him? 
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kittysonya · 5 months ago
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a7estrellas · 5 months ago
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Daniel Brühl - #FOR SCIENCE 
+ bonus
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linwritesif · 28 days ago
writing prompts
mostly angst, hurt/comfort, some rivalry/enemies-to-lovers banter, some intense romance, just a mix. Those quotes were in my head for just too long. Enjoy writing if you want to use them, I suppose?
“I will make you wish you could feel such a thing like love.”
“Your lies used to be more believable.”
“Will you give up? If you won’t be able to break down my walls?”
“You know better than to ask me this.”
“I would ask you what is your reason for this, but I fear the answer would be more disturbing than the lack of it.”
“Whether I tried to have you killed or not is of no relevance to our current situation.”
“I’m no fool, [Name]. Everyone has a limit, and when you reach yours — whatever we had will end.”
“Is there any authority you respect?”
“Your voice would make even the guardian of Hell bend to your will.”
“Desperation kills morality, even in the strongest of us.”
“Accepting help doesn’t make you weak.”
“I would burn all that is sacred and pure just to keep you safe.”
“Do not presume to know me — you don’t.”
“You’re bleeding — why are you bleeding?”
“Is your learning curve a horizontal line?”
“I’d rather make you scream a bit differently, but this will do.”
“I will never say these words to you, I told you that before.”
“Please, speak modernly, I feel like a mob of Puritans will jump me at any moment.”
“I had a nightmare, you were in it.”
“Why do so many people dislike you? I mean I know why they dislike you, I’m curious why so many.”
“Every time you open your mouth, a lie follows.”
“I have known you your entire life — did I ever turn you away when you needed help?”
“Your mind must be a very scary place.”
“You never had the time to really stop and care for yourself, have you?”
“Would you say you have difficulty at following orders?”
“I’d make a deal with the Devil himself if that would’ve saved you.”
“I can see the cracks in your mask, every time you say you don’t love me.”
“I do not need sight to know someone’s beauty.”
“The day I realised I love you, was the day I first feared death.”
“Leave you alone? Perish the thought, you’d die without me.”
“Acting tough will not make it hurt any less, you know this, yes?”
“How do we keep getting into these situations? Oh yes, because of you.”
“Your morals are like a legend — rumoured to exist but no proof to back it up.”
“Loving you is more time consuming than I thought.”
“I barely know you, and yet I already regret it.”
“I guess it would be fitting — for such a cruel being to have such a beautiful mask.”
“Protecting you will get me bald before I reach my 40s. I already have grey hair!”
“I could never leave you, not that I’d tried.”
“When I said „pick your battles” you’re aware I did not mean „pick all the battles”, yes?”
“I know it hurts, but it will stop soon.”
“I’d never guess that I’d end up here with you.”
“You look red — is there a reason for it?”
“This was… an attempt.”
“Bold words for someone who can be defeated by a bit of sunshine.”
“I am not angry that you assumed the worst — I am angry because despite everything I’ve done you still do not trust me enough to believe when I say I would never abandon you.”
“Neither Heaven nor Hell will keep me from you, [Name].”
“Normally it is the thought that counts but what on earth was going through your head when you tried to do this?”
“Your hands are so cold, let me help.”
“Why do you never give up?”
“Will we be okay?”
“Look at us, getting along. Who would’ve thought?”
“I promise, this is the last time I drag us into a situation like this.”
“You are ridiculous when you’re jealous.”
“We are not alone.”
“Will you tell me when you’re ready?”
“Have you no soul?”
“Are you capable of cutting back the snarky comments for one minute?”
“The dramatic mannerism — is it an aesthetic or books were your only friend when you were a child?”
“I want to strangle you majority of the time, why are you so shocked?”
“This escalated rather quickly.”
“If you keep being so loud, we will have an audience soon.”
“I stare into your eyes and I see nothing.”
“Admitting defeat takes strength.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d ask if you knew what you’re doing.”
“[Deity], why must I love an idiot? Why this idiot in particular?”
“Reminder to self — never let [Name] have the final say.”
“I could’ve been drinking mimosas right now — instead I’m stuck here with you.”
“If I wanted you, you’d know.”
“Stay still or this will hurt much worse.”
“You really do have low standards, huh.”
“Well, you look rather dashing.”
“My expectations for you were low, but somehow you still failed to meet them.”
“If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do was ask.”
“You’re a complete brute.”
“I want to regret knowing you. I want to, but I can’t.”
“Were you crawling the sewers for the past six days? You look like you did.”
“You test my patience every single day.”
“Be honest — was this a part of your plan?”
“How am I supposed to breathe when you are so close?”
“It would be better for all of us if you were a better liar.”
“Tell me, do you really think I’m stupid?”
“If you keep doing this, you’ll get us killed.”
“Your eyes… they look different now.”
“Could you truly feel the love of another, if you have no soul?”
“You never should’ve kissed me.”
“Have you no shame?”
“Not to ruin the mood, but I think you broke my rib.”
“Did you ever truly care?”
“Do you ever stop to think about other people?”
“Whatever makes you think I care for you?”
“Stop lying to me.”
“I wouldn’t put it past you.”
“Keep assuming things about me, see how well it will go.”
“You will have no ally in me, but I won’t be your enemy either.”
“It must be cruel, to suffer immortality when you hate yourself so much.”
“Life without companions is a dull one. Still, I wish you had a stronger survival instinct.”
“Please, tell me you did not try to pet a wild beast again.”
“You’re insufferable. Sit down, stop wincing, you did this to yourself in the first place.”
“I’m glad I didn’t kill you.”
“Once you said you’d never love another, would you say that again, now?”
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